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1920 September - To Dragma

Vol. XV, No. 4

Vol. X V SEPTEMBER, 1920 No. 4
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Chapter Roll
Directory of Officers
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Published four times a year, September, November, February, May, at Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Annual subscription $1.00. Life subscription $15.00.
Application for entry at Minneapolis, Minn., pending.
Entered as second-class matter, at the postoffice at Menasha, Wis., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided for in section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, autho- rized February 12, 1920.

September SO. A ll material from active and alunmie chapter editors for the Novem- ber issue of To Dragma must be in the mails to the editor or assistant editor. No material accepted after October 10. $5 fine.
MarchSO.Allmaterialfromtheactiveand alumna? chapter editors for the May issue of To Dragma must be in the mails to the editor or assistant editor. No material accepted after April 10th. $5 fine.
October 1. Chapter Panhellenlc delegate send report to National Panhellenlc del- egate. |2.50 fine for tardy report.
April l. Chapter Panhellenlc delegate send report to National Panhellenlc Delegate. April 1. Corresponding secretary send scholarship report to her District Super-
Corresponding secretary send scholar- ship report to District Superintendent.
April 3. Reports of corresponding secre-
October 3. Reports of corresponding secre- tary and treasurer must be mailed on this date to the Grand Secretary.
October 20. H a s everyone a song book? If so, have you learned all the new songs? Remember this is convention year and all should know the songs.
tary and treasurer must be mailed on this date to Grand Secretary.
October 27. Alumna? advisers send reports to District Superintendents.
April 15. Chapter Presidents begin work on Convention reports. Find out nnmber going to convention and the number of proxies you hold and the opinions of your chapter on the various rulings. Active chapters shall pay the Grand Treasurer a Convention tax of $15 for the Convention to be held in June.
April 27. Alumna? advisers send report to District Superintendents.
May 1. Election of chapter officers in- cluding alumna? adviser (who is your Grand Council member). Notify Grand Secretary of any changes. Chapter send in nominations for your District Super- intendent.
.May 3. Reports of the corresponding sec- retary a n d treasurer must be mailed on this date to Grand Secretary.
May 15. Annual report for the Executive Committee from the active and alumna? chapters due the Grand Secretary. This includes chapter By-Laws. A l l com- mittees and District Superintendents and national officers report to Executive Committee.
See that yon are a life subscriber to the magazine. This means every mem- ber of A. O. P.
November 3. Reports of corresponding secretary and treasurer must be mailed on this date to the Grand Secretary.
November 10. Treasurer send Grand Coun- cil dues to Grand Treasurer.
December L Chapter Panhellenlc delegates send report to National Panhellenlc Del-
egate. $2.50 fine for tardy report.
December 3. Reports of corresponding secretary and treasurer must be mailed on this date to the Grand Secretary.
December 8. Founder's Day. Alumna? and actives reunion.
December 27. Alnmnee advisers send report to District Superintendents.
December 30. A ll material from the active and alumnae chapter editors for the Feb- ruary issue of To Dragma must be in the mails to the editor or assistant edi- tor. No material accepted after October 10. $5 fine.
.January 3. Reports of the corresponding secretary and treasurer must be mailed on this date to the Grand Secretary.
January 16. Prepare for the fraternity ex- aminations.
June 1. Chapter Panhellenlc delegate send report to National Panhellenlc Delegate. June l . Chapter presidents have conven-
February 1. Chapter Panhellenlc delegate send report to National Panhellenlc Del-
this date to Grand Secretary. Before Commencement see that your books are in order, that new officers know their duties, that as many as possible are to attend convention. Convention held this month.
February 3. Reports of corresponding sec-
retary and treasurer must be mailed on
this date to Grand Secretary.
February 27. Alumna? advisers send re-
June 12. Business Managers see that you have your seniors and as many others as possible entered as life subscribers to the magazine.
June 27. Alumna? advisers send their re- report to District Superintendents.
July 30. A ll material for the magazine, in- cluding reports a n d special articles from convention must be mailed to the Editor
ports to District Superintendents. February 28. Chapter historians or secre- taries begin work on chapter exhibit for convention. Have the chapter picture taken. Have a separate group of the
.March 3. Reports of the correspondng sec- retary and treasurer must be mailed on this date to the Grand Secretary.
March 7. All nominations for the Grand Officers must be submitted to the Nomi- nating Committee on this date. Look the fraternity over carefully and base your decisions on efficiency.
of T o
Dragma. $5
tion report ready—send by delegate if
personal attendance Is Impossible. June 1. Chapter historian or secretary
have convention exhibit ready.
June 3. Reports of the corresponding sec retary and treasurer must be mailed on
The post mark on letters Is taken as evidence in case of late letters and re- ports, when there is a question of fines.

To Dragma
Alpha Omicron P i Fraternity
Alpha—Barnard College—Inactive.
Pi—H. Sophie Xewcomb Memorial College. New Orleans,La. Nu— New York University. New York City. Omicron—University of Tennessee, Knoxvillc, Tenn. Kappa—Randolph-Macon Woman's College. Lynchburg, Va.
Zeta— University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. Sigma—University of California. Berkeley, Cal. Theta— De Pamv University. Greencastle, Ind. Beta—Brown University—Inactive.
Delta—Jackson College, Tufts College. Mass. Gamma—University of Maine, Orono, Me. Epsilon—Cornell University. Ithaca, N. Y .
Rho— Northwestern University. F.vanston, 111. Lambda—Leland Stanford University. Palo Alto, Cal. Iota— University of Illinois. Champaign, 111.
Tau—University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Minn. Chi—Syracuse University, Syracuse. N. Y .
Upsilon— University of W ashington, Seattle, W ash.
Nu Kappa—Southern Methodist University, Dallas. Tex. Beta Phi—University of Indiana. Bloomington, Ind. Eta—University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.
Alpha Phi—Montana State College. Bozeman. Mont. Nu Omicron—Vanderbilt University. Nashville. Tenn. Psi— University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. Pa. Phi—University of Kansas. Lawrence. Kan. Omega—Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.
New York Alumna?—New York City.
San Francisco Alumna?—-San Francisco, Cal. Providence Alumna;—Providence, R. I.
Boston Alumna?—Boston. Mass.
Los Angeles Alumna;—Los Angeles, Cal.
Lincoln Alumna;—Lincoln, Neb.
Chicago Alumna?—Chicago, 111. Indianapolis Alumna?—Indianapolis, Ind. New Orleans Alumna?—New Orleans.La. Minneapolis Alumna?—Minneapolis, Minn. Bangor Alumna?—Bangor. Me.
Portland Alumna;—Portland. Oregon. Puget Sound Alumna;—Seattle. Wash. Knoxvillc Alumna?—Knoxville. Tenn. Lynchburg Alumna'—Lynchburg, V a.
Washington Alumna;—Washington, D. C. Philadelphia Alumna;—Philadelphia, Pa. Dallas Alumna;—Dallas. Tex.
Kansas City Alumna;—Kansas City. Mo. Omaha Alumna?—Omaha, Neb.
Tacoma Alumna?—Tacoma. W ash.

Tessie Wallace Hughan, Alpha '98. 378 Grand Ave.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Helen St. Claire Mullan (Mrs. George V.)> Alpha '90. 118 W. 183rd St.,
New York, N. Y.
Stella Stern Perry (Mrs. George H.). Alpha '98. 45 \V. 35th St., New
York (Hotel Collingwood). N. Y.
Elizabeth Heywood Wyman, Alpha '98, 456 Broad St., Bloomfield, N. J.
Grand President. Lillian MacQnillin McCausland (Mrs. N. L . Jr.). 517 Angell St., Providence, R. I.
Grand Secretary, Merva Dolsen Hennings (Mrs. A. J.), 2714 Central St., Evanston, 111.
Grand Treasurer, Viola C. Gray. 1527 S. 23rd St., Lincoln. Neb.
Grand Vice President, Roehelle R. Gachet, Hammond. La.
Grand Historian. Stella George Stern Perry (.Mrs. G. IL). 45 W. 35th St.,
New York City. N. Y.
Extension Officer, Rose Gardner Marx (Mrs. Ralph). 1421 Scenic Ave.,
Berkeley, Cal.
Examining Officer, Avaline Kindig Scifres (Mrs. Ben), Lebanon. Ind. National Panhellenic Delegate, Isabelle Henderson Stewart (Mrs. B. F.,
Jr.), 2655 Wakefield Ave.. Oakland. Cal.
Editor of To DRAGMA, Etta Phillips MacPhie (Mrs. E . L), 49 Daniel St.,
Lowell, Mass.
Business Manager of To DRAGMA, Carolyn Fraser Pulling (Mrs. A. C ) ,
100 Malcolm Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
Editor in-chief, Etta Phillips MacPhie (Mrs. E . I. ), 49 Daniels St., Lowell, Mass.
Assistant Editor—Elizabeth Hiestand, care of Gallatin County High School. Bozeman, Mont.
Business Manager, Carolyn Fraser Pulling (Mrs. A. C ) . 100 Malcolm Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
N. Atlantic District (X, A, r , E , X, * )
Edith Dietz, 217 W. 105th St., New York, N. Y.
Southern District (II, K, O, N K, X 0)
Margaret Bonner Bentley (Mrs. W. P.), 4214 Swiss Ave., Dallas.
N. E. Central District (6, P, I, B II, fi)
Mate Giddings, care Woman's University Club, 1010J^a W. Cali- fornia Ave., Urbaua, 111.
N. W. Central District (Z, T, A 4>, $)
Marguerite P. Schoppe (Mrs. W. F.), 602 S. 3rd Ave., Bozeman,
Pacific District (—, 2, A, T)
Laura Hurd, 419 Queen Anne Ave., Seattle, Wash.

Nu—Margaret Wardell. 61 W. 10th St.. New York City.
Omicron—Lida Moore, Washington Pike, Knoxville, Tenn.
Kappa—Anna Atkinson Craddock (Mrs. Gilmer) 300 Norfolk Ave.,
Lynchburg, Va.
Zeta—Helen Fitzgerald, 1971 D. St., Lincoln, Neb.
Sigma—Pearl Bailey, 1639 Euclid Ave.. Berkeley, Cal.
Theta—Edna McClure Forrest (Mrs. C. C ) , Box 251, Oxford, Ohio. Delta—Helen Rowe, Library, T ufts College, Mass.
Gamma—Marion Jordan, Oldtown, Maine.
Rho—Elizabeth Hiestand, Gallatin County High School, Bozeman, Mont. Lambda—
Iota—Anna Hoffert Kirk (Mrs. B. L.). 1011 W. Clark St., Champaign, 111. Tau—Margaret Wood, 315 11th Ave. S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. Chi—Elizabeth K. Zimmer, Northville, New York.
Nu Kappa—Lura Temple, 4912 Worth St.. Dallas. Texas.
Beta Phi—Mildred Begeman, Terre Haute, Ind.
Eta—Marion Roth. Harper House, Rock Island, 111.
Alpha Phi—Ruth Noble Dawson (Mrs. Elmer), 1510 5th Ave. N., Great
Falls, Mont.
Nu Omicron—Mary Harrell Rogers (Mrs. Walter), 1855 Post St.. Jack-
sonville, Fla.
Psi—Avis Hunter, Westville, N. J.
Phi—Helen Rhulandt, Osawatomie, Kansas.
Omega—Emily Nash, 2501 N. Penn. St., Indianapolis, Ind.
7th St.. New Orleans, L a .
Nu—Elizabeth Underhill, 38 Linden Ave., Ossining, N. Y. Omicron—Grace McDougal, Luttrell St., Knoxville. Tenn. Kappa—Eugenia Moore, R. M. W . C , Lynchburg, V a.
Zeta—Mildred Hullinger, 500 N. 16th St.. Lincoln, Neb.
Sigma—Claire Crum, 2721 Haste St.. Berkeley, Cal.
Theta—Hazel Kilbourne, A O Pi House, Greencastle, Ind. Delta—Rosalie Cobb, 8 Professor's Row, Tufts College. Mass. Gamma—Alary Perkins, Mt. Vernon House, Orono, Maine. Epsilon—Alice O'Neill, A O Pi House. Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Rho—riileen Daugherty, Willard Hall, Evanston, 111.
Renaud, 1637
Iota—Annetta Wood. 712 W . Oregon St., Urbana, 111.
Tau—Ruth Jones, 315 11th Ave. S. E . , Minneapolis, Minn.
Chi—Florence Barker. 1017 Harrison St., Syracuse, N. Y.
Lpsilnn—Edith Chapman, 2724 17th Ave. N. E., Seattle, Wash.
Nu Kappa—Lucille Bradford, S. M. University, Dallas, Texas.
Beta Phi—Rosella Stoner, A O Pi House, Bloomington, Ind. Eta—Elizabeth Hiestand, 735 Sommers Ave., Madison, Wis.
Alpha Phi—Minnie Ellen Marquis. 700 W. Alderson St., Bozeman, Mont. Nu Omicron—Helen Hawkins, 2134 Jones Ave., Nashville. Tenn. Psi—Marian Ludden. 618 E. Woodlawn St.. Philadelphia. Pa. Phi—Jacqueline Gilmore, 1247 Ohio St.. Lawrence, Kansas. Omega—Margaret Westfall, New Hall, Oxford, Ohio.
Pi—Cecilia Slack, Newcomb Dormitory, Newcomb College, New Orleans, La.
Nu—Gertrude Birmingham. 79 Sherman Ave., New York City.

Omicron—Marion Lognc. University of Tennessee. Knoxville, Tenn. Kappa—Lenora Perkins. R. M . W . C , Lynchburg, V a .
Zeta—Mildred Dotem, 500 N. 16th St.. Lincoln, Neb.
Sigma—Jeanette Fishburn. 2721 Haste St., Berkeley. Cal.
Theta—Judith Sollenberger, A O P h i House. Grcencastle, Ind. Delta—Ruth Earle, 45 Sawyer Ave., Tufts College, Mass. Gamma—Dorothy Smith. M t. Vernon House, Orono, Maine. Epsilon—Gertrude Lynahan, A O P i House, University of Cornell. Ithaca.
New Y ork.
Rbo—Marion MacKay, 720 Clark St., Evanston, 111.
Lambda—Wanda McMurtry. A O Pi House, Stanford University, Cal. Iota—Elsey Gayer. 712 W . Oregon S t.. Urbana, 111.
Tau—Irene Noggle, 708 15th A ve. S. E.. Minneapolis, Minn. Chi—Gladvs Ames. 1017 Harrison St., Syracuse. N . Y .
Upsilon—Mary Helen Arkley. 1906 E. 45th St., Seattle, Wash.
Nu Kappa—Elizabeth Burgess, S. M.University. Dallas. Texas.
Beta Phi—Rosella Stone, A O P i House, Bloomington. Ind. Eta—Katherine Baird, 626 N . Henry St., Madison. W is.
Alpha Phi—Dorothy A n n Holland, A O P i House, Bozeman, Mont. Nu Omicron—Florence Tvler, 1706 Sweetbrier A ve.. Nashville, Tenn. Psi—Mildred Beyer, 3459 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Phi—Hazel Dugger, 1247 Ohio St., Lawrence, Kansas.
Omega—Sophie Nickel. 48 Hepburn Hall, Oxford, Ohio.
New York—Dorothy C . Mills, 117 Featherbed Lane. Bronx. N. Y . Boston—Octavia Chapin, 102 Sumner St., Mtdford, Mass.
San Francisco—Grace Morin, 1540 La Loma Ave., Berkeley, Cal. Providence—
Los Angeles—Jess McKenna, 1622 Rockwood, Los Angeles, Cal. Lincoln—
Chicago—Melita Skillcu. 1.340 Thorndale Ave.. Chicago, 111. Indianapolis—Mildred McDonald (M rs. Win.), 2645 College
dianapolis, Ind.
New Orleans—Mary Raymond, 1450 State St.. New Orleans, La.
Ave.. In-
Minneapolis—Margaret Kendall. 2221 Langford A ve.. St. Paul. Minn. Bangor—Mrs. Harold W . Wright. 188 E lm St., Bangor, Maine. Puget Sound—Marguerite Uhler, 4540 15th Ave.N. E.,Seattle, Wash. Portland—
Knoxville—Mrs. J. O. Hunt, 518 West Cumberland. Knoxville, Tenn. Lynchburg—Elizabetih Bryan Williams (Mrs. S. H.), 465 Rivermont Ave.,
Lynchburg. V a .
Washington—Rebecca Lamar. Rockville, M d.
Dallas—Olga Sheppard Thomas, 5104 Gaston Ave., Dallas. Texas. Philadelphia—Violet N. Abbott. 3913 Spruce St., Philadelphia. Pa.
Kansas City—Charlotte Hall Uhls (Mrs. Kenneth), Overland Park. Kan. Omaha—Blanche Potter (Mrs. Herbert), 3419 Davenport St., Omaha. Neb. Tacoma—lone Wright, 3020 N . 32nd St., Tacoma, Wash.
Alumna;- Work—Rochelle R . Gachet, Hammond, Louisiana. Finance—Viola C . Grav. 1526 23rd St., Lincoln. Neb.
Fraternity Organization—Edith Dietz, 217 W . 105th St., New York City. Vocational Guidance—Mary Danielson, 315 11th St. S. E., Minneapolis,
Nominations—Josephine S. Pratt, c/o O.Hundson, 68 W . 162nd St.. New
York City.
Examinations—Avaline Kindig Scifres (Mrs. Ben), Lebanon,Ind. Song—Mae Knight Siddell (Mrs. Robert). Lakeport, California. Ritual—Lucretia J. Bickley (Mrs. W . G.),1516 Laurel Ave., Knoxville,
T enn.

T o VOL. X V
The Fraternity Directory
N o . 4
f^ N C E more the directory is ready for the press and once more there will doubtless be astonishment at the number of mis- takes. The roll is as accurate as can be made from the information at hand; many of the chapters followed the instructions as to the directory sent early in the spring and returned material that was
valuable; others were most careless, submitting data that was of little help; Pi and Lambda did not get their material in in time to be included in this directory— naturally accuracy on the part of the Grand Secretary is almost impossible under such conditions. But we can all remedy the faults as much as possible by report- ing any corrections or changes to the (irand Secretary so that her address files at least may be as accurate as possbile. M . D. H .
To Dragma
TOURING the past year the magazine has undergone a strenuous struggle for existence. A s with all other lines, the printing and paper concerns find it hard to live up to their contracts. At least that is what has been found true with T o DRAGMA and finally it has seemed wise to change publishers. It has taken a great deal of consideration to bring this about and now the Executive Com- mittee and the Editorial Staff trust that such conditions as delays in publication of issues, unforeseen advance in prices and inability to keep term s of contract m ay be avoided. It is w ith regret that a change had to be made from the firm which has served our fra- ternity so long, but it was really forced upon us by the conditions
of the past year.
When the change was made, it seemed a fine opportunity to
change certain other features. This new paper has several ad- vantages over the former kind. It will take cuts, it is lighter in weight and cheaper. The magazine will contain the same amount of material as in the past year but the size of the magazine will
be thinner.
How do you like the cover? This change was made in order
to use a lighter weight paper and also to give the magazine a little brighter colored gown. Then, too, without being crowded, it con- tains more printing and pages are precious now-a-days. If there are any members who do not like the cover, please offer sugges- tions to the Editor.
Subscription Renewals
Send your annual or life subscription to Mrs. A. C.Pulling, 100 Malcolm Avenue, Minneapolis. Minn. Do it now! Please
add exchange to checks.

Brides, Please Take Notice! The hardest thing to keep up in the roll books is the marriage dates. Please send your wedding announce- ments to the Grand Secretary so that there may be no possibility of error in either name or date.
To Dragma Files: Again comes a call to furnish some back num- bers. The Grand Secretary's files lack the following numbers: Vol. IV., No. 3 and 4, Vol VIII, No. 4. Can any one supply the missing copies?
The Calendar: The calendar for 1920-1921 is printed on the front cover of this issue. Please see that you do not overlook it, but rather look it over carefully and heed it at the proper time during the com- ing months.
Chapter Editors: Read the calendar carefully as to your time limit for chapter letters. It was stated in the May issue that there would he no letters or notes for September issue. Please read. There will
* be letters for the active and alumna? chapter editors to write for the November issue. There will be notes due from the Alumna? Assistant Editors for the November issue. If you have not received the Style Sheet and Letter Form by the time you are reading this, send to the Editor for them. All material submitted must be typewritten on one side of 8j^xll inch paper.
The Executive Committee has decided that the magazine may place a notice in the September number to the effect that all pictures, music, memorial pages be printed in the magazine at the expense of the chapter, person, or committee so desiring. The price of the magazine will not be raised until after full discussion at the next convention. The cost per page will be four dollars and twenty-five cents. Be sure to have check forwarded when sending material.
Where to Send Material for To Dragma: Active Chapter and Alumna; Assitant Editors of Pi, Zeta, Sigma, Theta, Rho, Lambda, Iota, Tau, Upsilon, Nu Kappa, Beta Phi, Eta, Alpha Phi, Omega; also Alumna; Chapter Editors of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Lincoln, Chicago, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Portland, Puget Sound, Omaha, Tacoma, send all articles to Miss Elizabeth Hiestand, care of Gallatin County High School, Bozeman, Mont.
Active Chapter and Alumna; Assitant Editors of Nu, Omicron, Kappa, Delta, Gamma, Epsilon, Chi, Nu Omicron, Psi, Phi; also Alumna; Chapter Editors of New York, Providence, Boston, Bangor, Knoxville, Lynchburg, Washington, D. C , Philadelohia, Dallas, Kan- sas City, send all articles to Mrs. E . I. MacPhie, 49 Daniels St., Lowell, Mass.
Mail articles for the November issue, so that they will arrive at the proper place on the tenth of October.
Chaperons: Alpha Omicron Pi graduates are wanted as chaperons in several of the chapters: if you are at all interested in the possibilities of the situation please communicate with the Grand Secretary at once.

In manv ways the past year in Alpha Omicron Pi has seemed on the surface an uneventful one. No new active chapter has entered the ranks though three alumna? groups—at Kansas City, Omaha, and Tacoma—have been quietly installed and are already occupied in making themselves an integral part of the fraternity. Some clouds have loomed on the horizon; we have been threat- ened with the loss of our chapter house at Stanford University, California, thru the unfavorable action of the Trustees of the university against all women's fraternity houses; we have also seen our Psi chapter at the University of Pennsylvania suffer thru the rigid enforcement of the National Panhellenic ruling against High School fraternities. But on the whole even our outward troubles have been but few.
Inwardly the officers and committees have all been busy. The Grand Secretary's office has been made more efficient thru the addition of a large steel file whose capacious depths are already groaning with the accumulated records of the years. An alphabetical directory7 has been added to those already in use, and the chapter and geographical directories brought up to date. (The first issue of the geographical directory has been exhausted and the printing of another will depend upon the extent of the demand from the fraternity.) Thru the sustained efforts of the Song Committee the long-desired song book will make its appearance in the fall and will, we trust, prove better than we have even dared hope. At an)' rate now we can sing and sing! The work of the other committees is best shown in the other reports in this issue—those of the Vocational Guidance, Examination, and Fra- ternity ()rganization Committees. Y o u have already been advised in practically every issue of the magazine as to the progress of the National Alumna? Work and we feel confident that the committee will stir you up still further this coming year so that at the next Convention you may be able to decide wisely on the exact work you wish to institute and foster. Likewise the report of the Busi- ness Manager of To DRAGMA speaks well for the careful man- agement of the magazine funds—you have seen what a creditable magazine the editor has been able to put out four times during the past year. The report of the Grand Treasurer shows in what a fine shape we are financially. Could you but read with us also the splendid annual reports of the chapters, showing as they do thrnout an increasing interest in the affairs of the college and of the world, and could you also read the vitally interesting reports of your efficient superintendents, we feel sure that you would feel with us that in spite of the lack of surface excitement the past year has been well spent in steady internal growth.

This growth of course has not been without its growing pains —'there has been the constant struggle to make one month's finan- cial report check with that of the preceding month; the Grand Secretary has added figures until her brain has whirled—we can only guess as to the heads of the poor chapter treasurers! It is not amiss at this point to say that we are hoping to install this fall some simple system uniform in all the chapters so that the work connected with the financial reports may be considerably lessened for both chapter treasurer and Grand Secretary. Another thorn has been the matter of fines—the Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer both hope that all chapters will be prompt in every par- ticular during the coming year so that we may all be spared the vexation that comes thru fines—imposed, or imposing.
There are some definite decisions passed by the Executive Committee during the past year which have been reported to the chapters but which as a matter of ready reference we wish to report to the whole fraternity at this time: we have decided
1. That the practice of sending lists of Grand Council mem- bers for insertion in the chapter books be discontinued since the chapters no longer need such a list for purposes of nomination and election.
2. That old lists already in the bonks may be discarded, but that the lists of Grand Officers shall be kept and shall be kept up to date thru the lists of officers published in To DRAGMA.
3. That we oppose the use of A O Pi stationery by the pledges with the suggestion that upper-classmen in the chapters help create a definite feeling against such use.
4. That no jewelry authorizations for pins for newly initiated members be sent in until the initiation blanks have been received by the Grand Secretary.
5. That By-Laws, Art. TX, 1 c. be interpreted to mean that any member enrolled on the list of chapter members during the collegiate year shall be held for the annual fee to the Grand Council, and that members enrolled after November 15 shall pay this fee at the time of enrollment.
6. That the one dollar per year paid by actives for To DRAGMA during the time that they are in school cover only their school year and that no attempt be made to send them the balance of the magazine due them after leaving school: this decision ap-
plying especially to those cases where members leave during the school year or are initiated late in the year.
7. That we oppose the use of shields or skins by the various chapters until the question can be more thoroly considered at the next Grand Council Meeting.

8. That subscriptions for Banta's Greek Exchange be taken out in the fall of the year for each of our active chapters and paid for by the Grand Treasurer, and that then the Grand Treas- urer be empowered to collect the recpiisite sums from the several chapters with the penalty of fines for lack of promptness.
9. That no excuse for late reports from the chapters be accepted in lieu of the fine unless such excuse accompanies the late report, or precedes it.
10. That the chapter Panhellenic delegate, report every other month to the National Panhellenic Delegate, beginning October
1, and that fines be imposed for late rq>orts.
11. That the active chapter presidents and advisers confer with the Dean of Women of their college at least four times a year.
12. That no member of a chapter may be suspended unless such suspension is concurred in by the Executive Committee.
The year has ended—a mixture of work and laughter—always interesting to us, and one that we sincerely hope has been of some ultimate benefit to the whole fraternity. We hope that as chapters and individuals you will always feel free to come to us with sug- gestions, and that we may all continue to work together for the good of our fraternity.
Respectfully sumbitted.
Executive Committee. Alpha Omicron Pi.
Per M. D. HENNINGS, Grand Secretary.
Balance forwarded, July 1. 1919 Initiation new alumna; members Dues from active chapters
Dues from alumnae chapters Fines
Song-books, directories, certificates
M oney refunded
Royalties—Newman 882.79 Royalties—Balfour 24^.40 Charters 10.00
Closing offices of last administration Printing (Constitutions, paper, etc.) To Dragma
$41.25 530.40 795.00
?967.29 80.00 3,005.63 304.00 39.05 21.65 41.74 59.79

Editor and Grand President to National Panhellenic Meeting
Inspection Drake
Inspection chapters A O
Salary Grand Secretary
Expenses Grand President
Expenses Grand Secretary ($100 spent for new filing cabinet; Expenses Grand Treasurer
Expenses Song Committee
Expenses Alumna? W ork Committee
175.00 76.19 304.39 500.00 24.35 209.18 13.32 26.80 175.00 61.50
$2,932.38 1.500.00
$4,432.38 1,222.96
P i
Amount deposited in Lincoln State Rank Amount deposited in Nebraska State Bank
J u n e
12, 1920.
( S i g n e d )
When I judged that the district superintendents had had time to become acquainted with their chapters, at least by correspond- ence, I wrote to them asking what had been the chief difficulties submitted by the various chapters, and whether any problems had arisen whose solution would interest the fraternity as a whole, and what suggestions for committee work their visits had brought
forth. So far I have received but one reply—from Laura Hurd, who was then on an inspection tour. The letter was extremely interesting as it proposed topics I had found needed attention in my district, and offered valuable suggestions for our work.
Both of us found a general demand, from active and alumna? chapters, for a complete history of the fraternity, and a hope that the song book would appear very shortly. The history would help to make chapters more national-minded, and the song-book would raise the tone. She found that singing chapters were noticeable
for general excellence of attitude, and I know it is true of Delta, which makes a practice of singing and has furnished several songs. We also agreed on the need for a pooling of information on the financing of building or buying chapter houses—not only general plans, such as share-selling or mortgage, but special money-raising schemes that had been found effective in different localities.
I should like the committee to take up the question of the standard for house-mother seriously. Many chapters, I know, have women of personality and social position, but in others.

TO DRAGMA OF ALPHA OMICRON PI 261 where the ideas of the communities to which the girls belong are
not clearly formulated, there is a lack of appreciation of this position, both to the resident girls and the fraternity as a whole.
Respectfully submitted,
This is going to be a very informal report of the Vocational Committee of Alpha Omicron Pi. The work done so far has been merely to collect material from various sources. I have had opportunity to see Miss Ball,, the Vocational Adviser for the Women of the University, and from her I have received a lot of valuable information and pamphlets. I have visited the head of the Vocational School for Girls here in Minneapolis and she has been able to help me a lot concerning the starting point of our scheme. We have here in Minneapolis a new Vocational Bureau, and from there I have received some valuable material.
I have a cataloged list of all alumnae I could reach; their voca- tions and addresses are listed. It was a job to sort them out according to their various chapters and according to alphabetical order. Incidentally the mechanics of starting takes more time than getting material. A circular was sent out to all the active chapters except where an alumnae chapter was organized, asking for a list, of alumnae and their addresses and vocations. Then, too, the slips that went with To DRAGMA brought good results, tho many were but duplicates.
The above is all that the committee has been able to accom- plish, considering that we live in the four corners of the earth. Outlines have been made for the future progress of the work; everything is in excellent shape for a real beginning of what will without doubt prove a work of real value to the fraternity.
The chapters made the following averages on the examination given in March and April, 1920.
Nu Omicron Zeta
Alpha Phi Psi
95.27 Nu Kappa 94.03 Delta
93.10 Kappa 92.55 Beta Phi 92. Theta
91.10 87.50 86.10
86. 85.

Omicron Pi Omega Kpsilon Rho
Eta Iota
North West Central Southern
North East Central
84.50 C h i
84.18 Tau
83. Upsilon
83. Gamma
80. Sigma
79. Lambda
79. *Nu 71.
78 50 78.50
89.25 North Atlantic 81.5 88.25 Pacific 75.6
•Note: Only five members of Nu took the examination. The average by districts was:
The members of the Examinations Committee were: Clare Graeffe, Epsilon. North Atlantic; Lucille Curtis, Lambda, Pacific; katrina Overall McDonald, N u Omicron. Southern; Mary Neal Mcllveen. Beta P h i, North East Central; Jennie Piper, Zeta, North West Central. T o these members should go the thanks of the fraternity for to them fell the arduous task of grading the papers.
In general the work w as as well done as in previous years, but there is room for a marked improvement, particularly in the grasp of facts, which seem to elude the average chapter member, such as details of the fraternity history or organization and those concerning inter-sorority organization. It is to be hoped that the study plan, submitted by the Executive Committee to the chapters will be followed faithfully, for if it is, each chapter member will certainly have much more information concerning fraternity affairs.
It is a pleasure to announce that this has been a profitable year for To DRAGMA. In the first place, I wish to say that To DRAGMA is entirely self-supporting. O u r income is made up from the money received for subscriptions for active members, annual sub- scriptions of alumna?, the interest on life subscriptions and ad- vertisements.
The new ruling in the Constitution regarding the subscriptions of active members, i. e., that the Business Manager receives one dollar from the Grand Council dues of each active (instead of $100 an issue as by the old ruling) has proved satisfactory, for we have over five hundred active members. There h a s been a
78. 77. 75. 74.

TO DRAGMA OF ALPHA OMICRON VI 263 great increase in subscriptions from alumna? this year, due partly
to the regulation making subscriptions compulsory for members of alumna? chapters. T h e efforts of the Committee on National Alumna? Work in sending a copy of the November T o DRAGMA to all non-subscribers has added materially to our subscription list. Several alumna? responded with subscriptions to a circular letter sent from this office in April. Many of the chapter alumnae assistant business managers have raised the number of subscribers in their chapters.
On lulv 1, 1919, w e had $1,161.12 in the Life Subscription bund, today (July 1. 1920) we have in this fund: $2,000 in Liberty Bonds and $181.99 in a savings bank. The Liberty Bonds were purchased for $1,713.20. giving us an annual interest return
of about 5 per cent and, of course, netting us a profit of $286.80 when the bonds go to par or at maturity. A ll chapters but one are represented on our Life Subscription Roll; Rho leads with 23 life subscribers, Delta comes second with 16.
We have added two full-page advertisements this year. Below is a comparison of the cost of printing vols. 12-15:
Vol. 12 $871.26-
Vol. 13 $724.06
Vol. 14. $860.80
Vol. 15 SI.278.00*
•This includes the estimated cost of the Sept., 1920, number.
The only expenses the magazine has besides the cost of print- ing are for postage and stationer}- of the Editor and the Business Manager, amounting this year to $110. Y o u see the average cost of an issue this year is $347. W e are running the magazine under a budget system.
As to the future policy of financing the magazine: the cost of printing is high, the price of paper is soaring and we have no indication that it will not go higher, so it m ay be necessary to raise the price of annual subscriptions. W e are anxious to keep the price down to one dollar, and let me say,we would not have- to consider raising the price if seventy-live per cent of our alumna? subscribed, so each one of you try to get non-subscribers on our list. Now, I want to mention a plan that 1 am most enthusiastic about and which I hope to work up for Convention. We'll call it the "Life Subscription-Chapter House Fund." It is this: that each new active member upon initiation takes out a fifteen dollar life subscription to T o DRAGMA a n d th e money is turned over to the Business manager at once. This money is to be kept as a loan fund for the active chapters that want to borrow money to purchase or build chapter houses, the chapters paying interest on the loan to the magazine, and the Business Manager using this interest, plus the income from other sources.

to finance T o DRAGMA. O f course if this plan was adopted at Convention, all the life subscription money could be used for the chapter houses. In a few years we would have a large sum and just think of how much benefit would be gained both by the active chapters and the magazine!

Adams. Jeannette Wick (Mrs. Perrv). '04. 3 5th Ave.. N ew York Citv. Allan. Alice Ruth, '09, 209 Midland'Ave.. Montclair, N . J .
Anderson Helen Beatrice (See Moses. Mrs. Henry C .)
Aron. Beatrice Marguerite (See Coolidge, Mrs.Geo. P.)
Becker. Klsa Gertrude, '14, 232 VV. 137 S t.. N ew York Citv.
Blaisdell. Hetty Dean (Mrs. Ferren). '10, McLaren St. Red Bank, N . J . Bolger, Julia Virginia, ex. '14. 1891 Madison Ave.,New York City.
Boss, Anna (See Campbell, Mrs. Clarence)
Bracken. Mary Morrell. '99. 604 \V. 115th St., New York City.
Bragg. Jennie Florence Preston (Mrs. Chas. M .), '01, 151 Irving Place.
South Orange, N . I.
Brodie. Eleanor VanCott (Mrs. O. L.),'02. 240 Fiske Ave..West New
Brighton, S. I., N. Y .
Brown. Fannibelle Leland (Mrs. Oswald), '05, Box 14. Bryn Mawr, Wash. Burchenal. Emma Howells. ex '07, 2790 Broadway, New York City. Burgess. Esther (See Hadscll. Mrs. Irving W .)
Burrows. Edith May. '08, 26 Hamilton PI.. Tarrytown. N . Y .
Campbell, Anna Boss (M rs. Clarence), '05. 14 W . 95th St., New York
Chadwell. Elizabeth (See Pitney. Mrs. F. V .)
Clark. Margaret (See Sumner, Mrs. F. B.)
Cochran. Jessie Isabelle (See Reymond, Mrs. Robert P .)
Coddington, Elizabeth Cadmus. '02. 11 Elm St., Passaic, N . 1.
Conant, Bessie Scott (Mrs. F.B.),'05,190Passaic Ave.. Passaic. N.1. Coolidge. Beatrice Marguerite Aron (Mrs.G. P.).'09, 35 Washington
Square, N ew York City.
Cowell, Beatrice Ritch (Mrs. Wm. H.).'10. 651 Laurel A ve. St. Paid. Minn. Curdy. Anne Hall (Mrs. R.J.),'98,15 E.56 Terrace, Kansas City.Mo. Dean. Hattie (See Blaisdell. Mrs. Ferren)
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de Villavilla. Maria Diaz. '13. 536 W . 113th St., New York City. Dickson, Agnes Lillian. '99. 52 Summit Ave.. Jersey Citv. N . J .
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Dorrance, Marv Maxon (Mrs. W . C ) , '08, 171 5th St., Ridgefield Pk..
N. J .
Downes, Helen Rupert. '14, P . 74 Saratoga A ve., Yorkers, N . Y .
T. c / o Union Medical College. Pekin. China.
Drew, George Mary, '99,342Gregory Ave.,E. Orange. N. J.
Druley. Eugenia C. Lee (Mrs. W . P .). Sp. c/o U. S. Einb. Tokyo. Japan. Earle. Ruth (See Laurence. Mrs. R. W .)
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House, E.Orange, N. J.
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Fettretch. Edith (See Marsh. Mrs. Hiram)
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Frame.Jean Loomis (Mrs.J.E.).'04,606W.122dSt..NewYorkCity. Garvin,CeceliaSillcox (Mrs.W.C),'08.c/oKing'sParkStateHospital.
King's Park.L.I.,N. Y.
Geraty. Constance Mary (See Phelan. Mrs. Edward)
Glenn. Helen (See Ellyson. Mrs. — )
Grunow. Edwina Mary Dearden (Mrs. W . R.). ex. '15. 52 E . 89th St.,
New York Citv.
Hadsell. Esther Burgess (Mrs. I. VY.), "13. 5151 Cornell Ave.. Chicago. III.

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St., New York City.
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L L, New York.
Henry, Margaret Elliman (Mrs. J. B.), '02, St. Mary's Convent. Peeks-
kill, N. Y.
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Lawrence. Ruth Earle (Mrs. R. W .), '02, 2205 Sedgwick Ave., University
Heights. N. Y.C.
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Baltimore, Md.
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F . T . ) , ex. '06, 93 St. Mark's Place, New
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19th St. and Beverly Rd.. Brooklyn. N. Y.
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Morristown, N. J.
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Robinson, Elizabeth (See Marriott, Mrs. Wm.)

Rockwell. Ethel Hughan (Mrs. E . E . ) , '04. R. F . D. Xo. 2, Putnam, Conn. Rusk. Hester M., '12. 1478 Bedford Ave.. Brooklyn, X. Y.
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La Jolla, Calif.
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N. Y.
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Byrnes, Julia (See Carrico, Mrs. John)

Caffre}', Mary Frere (Mrs. J.), ex '11, Franklin. La.
Carrico, Julia Byrnes (Mrs. John), '07, New Orleans, La.
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ville, Tenn.
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Criippen, Josephine (See King, Mrs. Stanhope).
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Davis, Huntington, W . V a.
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Charleston, W. Va.
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Orleans, La.
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Institute, Auburn, Ala.
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Goodwine, Marjorie, '20. Locust Ridge,
Grevenberg. Helen, ex '19, (Deceased).
Gurley, Helen (See Carter, Mrs. Chas. C.)
Guyol, Caroline (See Cook. Mrs. Abner H.)
Hall, Clara W.. '16, 2411 Napoleon Ave.. New Orleans, La. Hamilton. Clara Lee Snyder (Mrs. Peter) ex. '17, New Orleans. La. Handy, Jose (See Sutherland, Mrs. Wm. S.)
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Howe. Eva M. (See Conery, Mrs. J.)
Ivy, Alice Palfrey, '03, 1556 Calhoun St., New Orleans, La. Jett, Ellen, ex. '20. Colierville. T enn.
Jung Lilian (See Stanton. Mrs. Gideon)
L a .

Kastler. Ruth. '20. 3125 Chestnut St., New Orleans, La.
King, Josephine Crippen (Mrs. Stanhope). '02, 6029 Perrier St. New
Orleans, L a .
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Madison, Lessie. '17 P. Bastrop, La. T. Lake Charles,La.
Many, Anna Estelle, '07, 1352 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, La. Marshall, Lilian Chapman (Mrs. Carl), ex '16. Bay St., Louis, Miss. McLees, Angie L. (See McMichael, Mrs. Jerome)
McLellan. Anna, '19, 2108 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans. La.
McLellan, Marie Ernestine Bres (Mrs. Chas.), '06, 552 Walnut St., New
Orleans, La.
McMichael, Angie McLees (Mrs. Jerome). '14, Orangeburg. S. C. McNees, Cleveland Dupre, (Mrs. Oswald), Bordeaux and Prytania Sts.,
New Orleans, L a ,
McSweeny, Kathleen O'Niell (Mrs. Tobin). '17.
Meader, Bertha E . (See Patten. Mrs. Avery)
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Morris, Innes (See Ellis, Mrs. Carey Jay, Jr.)
Mvsing Lilv (See Fairchild, Mrs. E. H.)
Newman. Mattie Ayres (Mrs. J. W .), '04, 4324 S. Lookout Drive, Little
Rock, Ark.
Norman. Mary Marguerite ex '06, Aurora Plantation, La.
Norton. Mildred (See Waterman, Mrs. Geo. A.)
O'Neill. Laura (See Himel, Mrs. R. V .)
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O'Niell. Kathleen (See McSweeny. Mrs. Tobin)
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ville. S. C.
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Pigott. Evelyn, '19, 3706 Prytania St., New Orleans, La.
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Renaud. Lucy. '21. 1637 7th St., New Orleans L a .
Renaud. Mary (See Owen. Mrs. Miller)
Renshaw. Dagmar (See LeBreton. Mrs. E . L . )
Renshaw. Gladys A., '14. P. 741 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans. La. T.
University of Oklahoma. Norman, Okla.
Renshaw, Mildred, '17, P. 741 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La.. T.
300 Pine St.. Monroe. La.
Renshaw, Solidelle Felicite (See Fortier. Mrs. Louis) Roane. Jessie B., '20, 2231 Marengo St.. New Orleans, L a . Safford. Dorothy (See Barker. Mrs. A. L . )
Sanders. Flora (See Hardie. Mrs. Eben)
Sandige. Alice (See Carter. Mrs. Thomas)
Saunders, Marguerite A. (See Davis. Mrs. Eugene)

Savage, Jennie Snvder (Mrs. Egbert). '16, 154 Audubon St., New Orleans. La.
Sinclair, Mary Colcock (Mrs. F. W.), "02, Short & Burke St., New Orleans, L a .
Slack, Caroline Louise, '19. 221 Winn St., Alexandria, La. Slack, Cecilia Benjamin. '22, Alexandria, La.
Snyder, Clara L. (See Hamilton. Mrs. Peter)
Snyder, Jennie G. (See Savage, Mrs. Egbert)
Sompayrac, Irma, '20. Natchitoches. L a .
Spearing. Cora (See Demarest. Mrs. Frank)
Stanton, Lilian Jung (Mrs. Gideon), ex '08, 1314 Jackson Ave., New
Orleans, La.
Sumner, Mary C , '17. P. 1020 Audubon St., New Orleans, La. T. 600
Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y .
Sumner, Theodora D., '15, P. 1020 Audubon St.. New Orleans. La. T.
Kent Place School, Summit, N. 1.
Sutherland. Josie Handy (Mrs. W.), "07. 11724 95 A St., Edmonton,
Alberta. Canada.
Thomas. Mary (See Whittington. Mrs. G. C.)
Tobin, Eliska Provosty (Mrs. J. F.) ex '05. c/o Mr J. F. Tobin, 601
Liverpool, London & Globe Bldg., New Orleans, La.
Wallace, Marjorie Fell (Mrs. Lee A.), ex '20
Walker, Audree Provosty (Mrs. C). '06. 4746 Dover Ave. Chicago, 111. Waterman. Mildred Norton (Mrs. G.), '05, Baton Rouge. La.
Whaley, Edna Reed (Mrs. M. A.). 03, Universitv Place, Columbia, S. C. White, BIythe (See Rand. Mrs. P. K.)
White, Willie W., '14, Alexandria. La.
Whittington. Mary Thomas (Mrs. G. P.), '11, Alexandria, La.
Wilson Alma (See Gimper. Mrs. E. H.)
Winn. Adele Mercier (Mrs. Wm.) ex '02, 611 Mission St.. San Rafael.
Withers, Louise, '20, Greensboro. Ala.
Withers, Virginia R., '09, P. Greensboro, Ala. T. 2340 Prytania St. New
Orleans, L a .
Wood, Marguerite Cope (Mrs. B.). ex '12, 1839 Carrollton St.. New
Orleans, La.
Young. Mary M. (See Menise. Mrs. John)
(Mrs. H . ) . 'f7,
D. C.
Arnold. Blanche Hammett grad (Deceased)
Arthur, Helen Van Tych, '01, c/o Neighborhood Playhouse, 466 Grand
St., New York City.
Ashley. Jessie, '02, (Deceased)
Baldwin, Madeline Dotv (Mrs. Roger), '02.
Barnhill. Alice Clark (Mrs. Wm. R.). '13. 947 Park Ave.. New York Citv. Baker, Theodore Wadsworth (Mrs. Frank C ) . Sp. 509 W. 121st St.. New
York, N. Y.
Bennett. Angeline, '19, 167 Crary Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y .
Birmingham, Gertrude. '22, 79 Sherman Ave., 70 Westerburg, Apt. 3c,
New York City.
Booth, Laura B.. '04, 125 Washington Place. New York, N. Y . Bovce, Florence (See Brvant, Mrs. Fred H.)
Bruning, Florence Edith. '07, 1925 7th Ave., New York, N. Y.

Brvant, Florence Boyce (Mrs. Fred H.), '05, 51 Ft. Covington St., Malone, N. Y.
Buchanaji, Jessie G., '18, 473 W. State St.. Trenton. N. J. Burd, Adelma Helene, '03, 165 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Burnett, Jean (See Tompkins, Mrs. Leslie J.)
Burnet. Margaret May, '01, 2 Rector St., New York, N. Y. Byrns, Elinor, Sp., 165 Broadway. New York, N. Y. Calhoun, Emma (See Stephens, Mrs. Wm. C.)
Carson, Alice S. (See Minton. Mrs. J. M., Jr.)
Cassasa, Ida. '10, 419 W. 147th St., New York, N. Y. . Chapman, Edith, '13, 37 Clinton Ave., Jamaica, L. I., N. Y Clark, Alice L. (See Barnhill. Mrs. Wm. R.)
Cornish, Ruby Norton (Mrs. R. G.), '10, 1403 Wistaria Ave., Portland, Ore,
Cothren, Marion Benedict (Mrs. Frank H.), Sp., 144 E. 40th St., N. Y. City.
Day, Alice (Sec Jackson, Mrs. Percy)
Dillingham, Alice (See Morrison, Mrs. F . Stanley)
Donegan, Sara Cecelia, Sp., 5 Henderson Place, New York City.
Doty, Madeline Z. (See Baldwin, Mrs. Roger)
DuBois, Alison G. (See Murphy, Mrs. Deacon)
Dunford, Elizabeth A., '20, 110 Morningside Drive, New York City. Du Pont, Charlotte H., '22, Wadsworth Hall, Arrochan, Staten Island.
New York.
Earp, Emma Miller (Mrs. W . F . ) , '07, 67 Riverside Drive, New York
Eastman, Catherine Crystal (See Fuller, Mrs. Walter)
Eastman, Ida Rauh (Mrs. Max). '02. Croton-on-Hudson. New York. Edgerly, Lilian II., ex '18, 67 Watsessing Ave., Bloomfield, N. J. Fitzsimmons, Jean, '21, 256 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y .
Fuller. Crystal Eastman (Mrs. Walter), '07. 126 Washington Place, New
York City.
Fuller. Flora Todd (Mrs. Bert C ) . '03. 380 Lewis Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y . Fyfe, Helen Wheeler (Mrs. H. W.), ex '21, 270 Garfield Ave.. Jersey-
City. N.J.
Garland, Olive Rosamond, '02. 34 E . 40th St., New York Citv.
Gaus. Daisv. '04. 497 Halsev St.. Brooklvn. N. Y .
Greeley. Helen Hoy (Mrs. Harold D.) '03. 17 W. 8th St.. New York City. Grout, Katherine, ex '17, 88 Central Park West. New York City. Hansen. Helen Potter (Mrs. Bert), '08, P. 3 W. 87th St.. New York Citv.
T. Watchung. N. J..R. F. D.
Hammer. Mabel, ex '20, P. Bronxville, N. Y. T. Wahington Inn, Capi-
tol Hill. Washington, D. C.
Harrison. Elizabeth, '19. 103 86th St.. New York City.
Hartshorne, Elizabeth H. (See Vreeland, Mrs. Hamilton, Jr.)
Hascall, Florence K., '02, 120 E. 31st St.. New York Citv.
Herzog, Sadie Rothschild (Mrs. S. A.), '04. Tarryton. N' Y .
Higgins. Mary O'Connor (See Mathews, Mrs. Hush)
Hoag. Florence G.. '17. 625 W. 156th St., New York City.
Hoagland, Inez. '22, 2671 Boulevard, Jersey City, N. J.
Hoy, Helen (See Greeley, Mrs. Harold D.)
Hoyt, Dorothy Vandewater (Mrs. Francis. Jr. ). '12, Cedarhurst. L.I.,
N. Y.
Humiston. Mary Grace Quackonbos (Mrs. Howard), '03, 512 5th Ave..
New York City.
Iselin, Cecile, '16, Hotel San Remo, Central Park WesV N. Y. City Ives, Edith Prescott (Mrs. F. A.), '05, 157 W. 81st St.. New York City. Jackson. Alice Day (Mrs. Percv). '04, 63 E. 52d St, New York City Kenyon, Dorothy, ex '17, 321 W. 82d St., New York Citv.

Langley, Marjorie (See Ryan, Mrs. B.)
Lehing, Gara, Sp., 22 Cornelia St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Lynch, Margaret, '20, Acklison Ave., l-archmont, N. Y.
Mallory, Cecelia (See Sheil, Mrs. Peter A.)
Marshall, Frances Worstell (Mrs. Clifton G.). '02. 155 W. 58th St.. New
York City.
Mathews, Mary Higgins (Mrs. Hugh), '19, Charleston, S. C.
McCrackcn, Elsie, '19. 127 Glenwood Ave., Jersey City, N. J.
McKeen, Helen Josephine, '05.
Merritt, Mabel Witte (Mrs. J. F.), '10. P. 575 2nd St., Brooklyn. N. Y.
T. P. O. Box 2. Farmingdale. L.I.,N. Y.
Miller, Emma (Sec Earp, Mrs. W. F.)
Minton, Alice Carson (Mrs. J. M., Jr.), '19, 66 VV. 10th St.. Now York
City. ^ . Mollenhauer, Virginia, '20. 167 Hewes St., Brooklyn, N. Y. MollenJiauer, Virginia May. '15, 2178 Grand Ave., New York City. Monroe, Elizabeth J.. '17, 172 W. 105th St., Now York Gity.
Morrison, Alice Dillingham (Mrs. F. S.). '05, 239 Broadway. New York
Moss. Elizabeth J., '05. 23 E. 127th St.. New York City.
Murphy, Alison DuBois (Mrs. Deacon) ex '17. 32 Liberty St., New York
Myers, Priscilla N., '09. 840 Riverside Drive, New York City. Ncuhaus. Henriette, '20, 432 7th St.. Brooklyn, N . Y .
Norton. Ruby ( Soo Cornish. Mrs. I\. G.)
Norman, Winifred (See Prince, Mrs. D. C.)
Ordway. Helen (Sec Van Riper, Mrs. C. K.)
Peaks, Mary B., '17, 165 Broadway. New York City.
Pope. Elizabeth Sophia. '07, Westwood, N. J.
Potter, Helen (See Hansen, Mrs. Bert)
Potter, Mary G., '07, 50 E. 42nd St.. New York City.
Prince, Winifred Notman (Mrs. David C ) , '16, 1306 Union St., Schenec-
tady. N. Y .
Quackenbos, Mary Grace (See Humiston, Mrs. Howard)
Quimby, Aldana R. ( See W'hite. Mrs. Wm. Lee)
Radtke, Eve Pauline, '07. 1947 Broadway, New York City.
Ranlett, Helen A., '09, P. 106 E. 52nd St., New York City. T. 40 Com-
monwealth Ave., Boston, Mass.
Rapallo, Edna. '18. 129 E . 29th St. New York City.
Rauh, Ida (See Eastman, Mrs. Max)
Rembaugh. Bertha, '04, 165 Broadway. New York City.
Rice. Frances Martin (Mrs. ), Grad., 670 Madison St., Brooklyn. N. Y . Rothschild. Sadie (See Herzog, Mrs. S. A.)
Ryan, Marjorie Langley (Mrs. Byford), '19, Locust Valley. L. I.. N. Y. Shaw, Mabel Elizabeth, ex '19 (Deceased)
Sheil, Cecelia Mallory (Mrs. Peter A.), '10, 3239 Olinville Ave.. New
York City.
Silberhorn. Rosina Josephine, '07, P. 89 Midland Ave.. Montclair, N. J.
T. 816 2nd St. N.. St. Petersburg, Fla.
Smart, Elizabeth A., '14, Cambridge. N. Y.
Sommer, Catherine, '21, 156 Heller Parkway. Newark. N. J.
Stark, Nora Irene. '15. 67 Spencer Ave.. Lynbrook, L. I., N. Y. Stephens, Emma Calhoun (Mrs. Willis C ) , ex '09, 580 St. Nicholas Ave..
New York City.
Swift, Margaret Barron (Mrs. Fred), '21, "Overledge," Grandview-on-
Hudson, N. Y».
Todd, Flora (See Fuller, Mrs. B. C.) Tompkins. Jean Burnett (Mrs. Leslie
New York City.
J . ) ,
ex '11, 55
Park W .,

Towle, Mary R., ex '10, 165 Broadway, New York City.
Underbill, Elizabeth S., '21, 38 Linden Ave., Ossining, N. Y. Vanderwater, Dorothy (See Hoyt, Mrs. Francis G.,Jr.)
Van Emden, Clara E,, '22, 337 W. 20th St., New York City.
VanRiper, Helen Ordway (Mrs. C. K.), '21. 23 W. 12th St., New York
Vollmer. Helen Gertrude. '15. 887 Ocean Ave.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Vreeland. Elizabeth Hartshorne (Mrs. Hamilton, Jr.),''18. 145 W. 4th St.,
New York City.
Walker, Helen Mary. '19, 124 Pelham Dale. Pelham. N. Y .
Walters, Francos Louise, ox '18. 5 Lodge St.. Albany, N. Y.
Wardell. Margaret. '20, P. Cadillac. Mich. T. 61 \V. 10th St.. New York
Wheeler, Helen (See Fyfe. Mrs. H. W.)
White, Aldana Quimby (Mrs. Wm. L . ) , '15, 278 W . 86th St., New York
Williams, Helen I.', '20. 1264 Boston Road. New York City.
Williams. Helen M. (Mrs. W. K.), '17, 132 W. 12th St., New York City. Witte. Mabel Elva (See Merritt. Mrs. J . F . )
Woodelton, Grace A.. '10. 1112 Melrose Ave.. Melrose Park, Pa. Worstell, Frances (See Marshall. Mrs. C. G.)
Albcrs. Emma (See Hunt. Mrs. J. O.)
Armstrong. Nettie Belle (Sec Wade. Mrs. Geo.)
Ayres, Elizabeth (See Link, Mrs. J . V . )
Banks. Holmes Smith (Mrs. E. L.) ex '07, Amarillo. Texas.
Berghauser. Ailsie Powell (Mrs. A. S.), '02, P. Greenville. S. C. T.
Rogersville. Tenn.
Bickley, Lucretia Jordan (Mrs. W . E . ) , '08. 1516 Laurel Ave., Knoxville.
Black, Mary Neal. '23. 1113 Luttrell St.. Knoxville. Tenn.
Bondurant. Nolle Louise. Hickman. Ky.
Bralv. Melba (See Morton. Mrs. Kelly)
Braly. Wista (See Ogle. Mrs. A. W .)
Bruce. Johnetta Hancock (Mrs. M. K ) . '19. P. Favcttevillc. Tenn. T. 60
G St., Carneys Pt.. N. J. Bryant, Mary. Sp.. l.owisburg. Tenn.
.Bryant. Sarah Sue, '18, Lewisberg, Tenn.
Buchanan, Lois Waggoner (Mrs. Sumner), ex '05, Fayettcville, Tenn. Buchanan, Mary Hart (Sec Thomas, Mrs. B. F , Jr.)
Burke, Eleanor, '20, 1635 Laurel Ave., Knoxville, Tenn.
Bushnell. Nina Gookin (Mrs. C. L.) '03, 414 Kim St.. Greensboro. N. C. Caldwell. Harriet Moore, ex '07. 410 W. Main Ave.. Knoxville, Tenn. Caldwell. Katherine. ex '07, 600 W. Main Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. Calhoun, Alice (See Cox. Mrs. H. M.)
Caulkins. Edith, ex '08 (Deceased)
Caulkins, Fannie Lee. ex '04, 436 McCallie Ave. Chattanooga, Tenn. Clinton. Elizabeth, '23, 91 N. Willett. Memphis. Tenn.
Coit, Lillian Wells (Mrs. Burton) '08. Decatur. 111.
Conover, Margaret. '16. 1693 Dandridge Pike. Knoxville, Tenn. Converse, Ellen (See Cross. Mrs. L . F .)
Cox. Alice Calhoun (Mrs. H. M.) ex '17, P. Nashville. Tenn. T. Bristol, Tenn.
Cromer, Jess Edmunds (Mrs. Carl), Sp., 736 27th St., Des Moines, Iowa.

Cross,EllenConverse (Mrs.L.F.),ex'15.Tilton.X.H.
Cullen, Jess McFarland (Mrs. Goddard), '13. P. Memphis, Tenn. T. R.
D. 9, Cynthiana, Ky.
Cunningham, Myrtle (See Tompkins. Mrs. G. W.)
Divine, Roberts Williams (Mrs. J. M.), ex "09, 1510 Faust St., Chatta-
nooga, Tenn.
Douthat, Kathleen Mavoureen, '07 (Deceased)
Edmunds, Blossom Swift (Mrs. Clarence), ex '14. 109 Moruingside
Drive, Knoxville, Tenn.
Edmunds, Jessie Mary (See Cromer, Mrs. Carl) Faulkner, Aubry (See Jennings, Mrs. J. J.) Francis, Sallie, (See Harris, Mrs. Ed.)
Gibson, Anna Williamson, ex '07, Cor. 7th and Chestnut Sts., Chatta- nooga, Tenn.
Gookin, Nina Jackson, (See Bushnell. Mrs. Chas.)
Graf. Alice Hayes (Mrs. J. R.), ex '14. 703 Seventh St, Knoxville, Tenn. Gresham. Katherine (See Harrison, Mrs. Raymond) "
Greve. Dorothy (See Janiiigan. Mrs. M. I'.)
Greve, Harriet Cone, '06, Furnald: .Hall, Columbia University, N. Y . Gronig, Laura Waggoner (Mrs. Pete), ex '08, 2524 W. Chestnut St.,
Louisville, Ky.
Hancock, Johnetta (See Bruce, Mrs. M. K . )
Hancock. Ola. '23, Fayetteville, Tenn.
Harris, Sallie Francis (Mrs. Ed), ex '05, Fayetteville. Tenn.
Liarrison. Katherine Gresham (Mrs. R. B.), '07 (Deceased)
Hayes, Alice N. (See Graf. Mrs. J. R.)
Herbst, Berenice Taylor (Mrs. Albert), Sp., Hereford, Texas.
Hobson, Pauline, '16, P. Somervillc, Tenn. T. 1536 16th St., Washington,
D. C.
Horner, Mary, '23, Union City. Tenn.
Houston, Mary Dora (Transferred to Nu Omicron.)
Hunt, Emma Albers (Mrs. T. O.), ex '05, 518 W. Cumberland Ave.,
Knoxville, Tenn.
Hunt. Minn Elois, ex '12, 509 E. Hill Ave., Knoxville, Tenn.
Jarnigan, Dorothy Greve (Mrs. M. P.), '05, Athens, Ga.
Jennings, Aubrv Faulkner (Mrs. J. J.), '16, Tacksboro. Tenn.
Jernigan. Laura' Mayo (Mrs. T. P. Jr.), '09, R. F. D. No. 8. Paris, Tenn.
Johnson, Josephine, Sp.. 713 W. Cumberland Ave.. Knoxville, Tenn. Johnson. Katherine. '17, P. 713 W. Cumberland Ave.. Knoxville, Tenn.
T. 303 Laurel Ave., Newport. Ark. Johnson, Selma Josephine, ex '22. 1405 Linden Jones. Martha Lou, '18, Bailey. Tenn. Jordan. Lucretia (See Bicklev. Mrs. VY. E.)
Ave.. Nashville.
Kennedy. Elizabeth. '19. P. 728 N. Central Ave.. Knoxville. Tenn. T. Greenville, Tenn.
Kennedy, Helen, ex '13, P. 728 N. Central St., Nnoxville, Tenn. T. Selma, Alabama.
King. Marjorie Pease (Mrs. Chas.) ex '12. 3613 Pine Grove Ave., Chica- go, 111.
Kyle, Ailcy (See Peet, Mrs. A. S.)
Landy, Mary Annie. '16, P. Columbia, Tenn. T. 1536 16th St.. Washing-
ton, D. C.
Link. Elizabeth Avres (Mrs. J. V .), Sp., P. Knoxville, Tenn. T. 228 Court
St., Rockford, 111.
Logue, Marian, Sp., T. Charleston, W. Va. Logue. Vivian, '22, T. Charleston, W. Va. Mayo, Janie, ex '08 (Deceased)
Mayo, Laura Swift (See Jernigan, Mrs. T. P.) McAnulty, Margaret, '20, Bolivar, Tenn.

McConnell, Queenie (See Owensbv. Mrs. W. S.)
McDaniel, VVallis Smith (Mrs. C F.), ex '07, 109 N. 105th St.. Poplar
Bluff. Mo.
McDonald. Elizabeth, Sp., 30 Kenyon St., Knoxville. Tenn.
McDougall. Grace. '21. 1123 Luttrell St. Knoxville. Tenn.
McFarland, Jess Sue (Sec Cullen. Mrs. Goddard)
McLeiuore. Willia, '23. Circle Park. Knoxville. Tenn.
McNutt, Anne Lynn, '19, P. Concord, Tenn. T. Lynnvillc. Tenn. Melton, Harriette Williams (Mrs. H. E.).ex '12, P. Chattanooga. Tenn.
T. 204</2 E. Park Ave., Barberton. Ohio.
Mctcalf. Felicia, ex '09, P. Fayetteville. Tenn. T, 221 I-;. Holmes St..
Huntsville. Ala.
Moore. Lida McMillan, ex '19. Washington Pike. Knoxville. Tenn. Morgan, Edna Fay (Transferred to Pi)
Morgan, Lucy, ex '21, Kingston Pike. Knoxville, Tenn.
Morton, Melba Braly (Mrs. Kelly), ex '21. P. Lewisberg, Tenn. T . S. E .
Cor. Fifth and Vine, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Nolan. Dorothy. '18, 44 N. Belvedere Blvd., Memphis, Tenn.
Ogle, Wista Braly (Mrs. A. W.), '17, P. Lew&berg, Term. T. Paris
Island, S. C.
Owensby, Queenie McConnell (Mrs. W. S.), '07, 1418 Van Ness Ave..
Los Angeles, Calif.
Pease, Marjorie Hewitt (See King, Mrs. Chas.)
Peavy. Tanie, Sp., 1510 Austin Ave., Brownwood, Texas.
Peet. Ailcy Kyle (Mrs. A. S.). ex '11. 309 8th St.. Knoxville. Tenn. Powell, Ailsie Kyle (See Berghauser. Mrs. A. S.)
Powell, Mary Queen, ex '13. 616 Oak St.. Chattanooga, Tenn.
Quincy, Groce Ware (Mrs. F. B.), Sp.. Panther. W. Va
Ramsey, Sadie Rice. 19, P. Somervillc. Tenn. T. Whitehaven, Tenn. Rankin. Jesse Swann (Mrs. Lamar), '06, Jefferson City. Tenn.
Rather, Julia. '22, 121 Kmg St., Jackson, Tenn.
Rogers, Margaret (See Stone, Mrs. Porter)
Rust, Mary, ex '14, P. Wolfville, Nova Scotia. T. Nurses' Home. St. Luke's Hospital. N. Y.
Scott, Eula. ex '21, Fayetteville, Tenn.
Shea. Helen. Sp.. P. 'llll N. Broadway. Knoxville. Tenn. T. Shevlin
Hall. St. Mark's & Rochester Aves.. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Shea, Leah Genevieve, '21, 1111 N. Broadwav, Knoxville, Tenn.
Smith, Alfa. '16. 408 W. 2nd St.. Roswell.'N. M.
Smith, Holmes Mary (See Banks. Mrs. E . L . )
Smith. Margaret. '23. Newport. Tenn.
Smith, Wallis Angeline (See McDaniel. Mrs. C. F.)
Sonner, Helen, ex '22. 1166 N. Broadway. Knoxville, Tenn.
Stokely, Anna Mav, '06. P. Newport, Tenn. T. Casilla 1717. Santiago,
Chile. S. A.
Stone. Margaret Rogers (Mrs. Porter), ex '18. Pulaski, Tenn.
Swain. Marian, ex '19, Lemon City, Fla.
Swann. Jesse (See Rankin, Mrs. Lamar)
Swift, Blossom (See Edmunds. Mrs. Clarence)
Tarpley, Elizabeth, ex '20. 1017 Villa Place. Nashville, 'IVim.
Tarpley, Ruth. Sp.. 1017 Villa Place. Nashville, Tenn.
Ta\ lor, Keren ice < See I lerbst, Mrs. Albert I
Terry, Ethel, ex '17, 1344 Jackson Ave., Memphis, Tenn.
Thomas, Mary Buchanan. (Mrs. B. F., Jr.), ex '10. 707 Clayton St.. San
Francisco. Calif.
Tompkins. Myrtle Cunningham (Mrs. G. W .). '10, Toms Creek.^ Va. Vaughan. Kathleen, ex '19, Winchester, Tenn.
Verran. Edith. '16. Williamson Rd., Roanoke. Va.

Wade, Nettie Armstrong (Mrs. Geo.). Sp.. Roanoke, Va. Waggoner, Laura Moore (See Gronig, Mrs. Pete) Waggoner, Lois (See Buchanan, Mrs. Sumner)
Ware. Grace (See Quincy. Mrs. F. B.)
Wells, Lillian (See Coit, Mrs. Burton)
Wiley, Louise Manning, '13, P. 922 9th St., Knoxville. Tenn. T. 116
Federal St., Greenfield, Mass.
Wilkev, Kathryn, ex '17, 456 Vine St., Chattanooga, Tenn. Williams, Harriette (See Melton. Mrs. H . E . )
Williams, Roberta (See Divine. Mrs. J. M.)
Wilson, Edith. '22, Lynnville, Tenn.
Acree, Christine, '22, Darlington, S. C.
Adams, lone Mathis (Mrs. A. A.), Sp., 221 Cochran Place. Memphis.
Allen, Evelyn Merritt, '20. 1012 Federal St., Lynchburg, Va. Allen, Frances M., '13. 1012 Federal St., Lynchburg, Va. Allen, Virginia, '16, 1012 Federal St., Lynchburg, Va.
Argue, Laura, '13, Woodville, Miss.
Atkinson, Anna Field (See Craddock. Mrs. G. G.)
Atkinson, Margaret B. (See Roller. Mrs. John)
Bane. Grevson Hoofnagle (Mrs. Frank), '12, P. Ashiand, Va. T. Drivers, Va.
Paskerville, Mary Hurt (Mrs. G. B.), '09, 1616 10th Ave., Birmingham, Ala.
Baskerville. Margaret Lewis, '08. P. Mason, Tenn. T. Furnold Hall. 115th & Broadway, N. Y . C.
Bedford. Huella (See Thurman. Mrs. Beverlev)
Berry. Clarice Watkins (Mrs. L. F.), ex '09. Cliff Rd. & Glenwood Ave.,
Mt. Terrace, Birmingham, Ala.
Best. Linda (See Terry, Mrs. W. L.)
Blackwell, Virginia Strother (Mrs. Henry), '17, P. Norfolk Ave., Lynch-
burg. Va.
Blair. Marva Thompson (Mrs. J. M.), '12. Carthage, Mo.
Bouldin. Louise Tyler. '19. Houston. Va.
Bowman, Genevieve (See Morrow, Mrs. W. F.)
Bradshaw. Blanche (Sec Mendez, Mrs. A. A.)
Brame, Lida Belle (See Joyier, Mrs. C. W.)
Brown, Saidee Hardy (Mrs. D. A.), ex '15, 420 Eagan St., Shreveport, La. Bryan. Mary Elizabeth (See Williams. Mrs. S. H.)
Bullitt, Margaret (See Camblos. Mrs. James L.)
Butler. Elizabeth Buttcrfield (Mrs. D. S.), ex '20. 202 East St.. Pitts-
field. Mass.
Butler. Ella Lilian (See Price. Mrs. C. W.)
Butterfield, Elizabeth (See Butler. Mrs. D. S.)
Buttcrfield. Fannie Westgate, '17, P. Brookhaven, Miss. T. 420 W. Bath
St.. Covington, Butterfield. Louise Camblos, Margaret
V a .
L . , '22,
Brookhaven, Miss. (Mrs. J . L . ) . '11,
P. Big
Gap, V a.
T .
Norton, Va.
Campbell. Mary (Sec Jackson, Mrs. C. F .)
Carscadon, Mattie Biggs (See Orrick. Mrs. F. C.)
Cary. Katherine Gordon (Mrs. J. B.). '14, P. 5 E. Franklin St., Richmond,
Va. T. 6 Hampton Ct., Richmond. Va.

Chapman, Lilian Donovan (Mrs. W. A.), ex '08, P. 112 Buford PI., Macon, Ga. T. 129 Magnolia St., Macon, Ga.
Chatham, Courtenay (See Mohrhardt. Mrs. L . E . )
Cherrv. Frances (See Parks. Mrs. Frank)
Clark, Flora (See Foulke, Mrs. C. F.)
Clark, Nell Streetman (Mrs. H. O.), ex '16, 2616 Louisiana Ave., Houston,
T exas.
Cleland, Clara Murray (Mrs. James), ex '08, 1 Arlington Place, Lynch-
burg, Va.
Cleveland, Lucie Mabry (Mrs. G. W.), ex '10. 706 Polk Ave., Houston,
T exas.
Coleman, Clara Smith (Mrs. Randolph C ) . '17, P. 1420 Harrison St.,
Lynchburg, Va. T. 915 16th St., Lvnchburg, Va.
Crabb, Juno Wright (Mrs. C. G.), '12, P. Orlando, Fla.
Craddock, Anna Field Atkinson (Mrs. Gilmer), '13, 300 Norfolk Ave.,
Lynchburg, Va.
Craddock, Martha Barksdale, '21, Houston, Va.
Craig, Mary (See Crenshaw. Mrs. H. D.)
Crane, Carrie (See Kearney, Mrs. R. W.)
Creagle, Genevieve Smith (Mrs. J. W.), ex '08, 530 Tremont St., Selma,
Creem, Anna Wannamaker (Mrs. W. C ) , ex '10, Orangeburg, S. C. Crenshaw, Mary Craig (Mrs. Hal), ex '14, Crenshaw, Miss.
Davies, Marion (See Singleton, Mrs. E . H.)
Dexter. Annie Leland Lauve (Mrs. Charles), ex '14, 3841 Mockingbird
Lane, Dallas. Texas.
Donaldson. Ada Beatrice (See Montgomery, Mrs. Frank)
Donovan, Lilian (See Chapman, Mrs. W. A.)
Dozier, Elise Lamb (Mrs. Nathan B.), ez '06, 5149 Westminster PI., St.
Louis, Mo.
Eady, Virginia Nunn (Mrs. G. M.), '09. 18 Walden Place, Louisville, Ky. Echols, Grace Harris (Mrs. D. S.), ex '06, New Decatur, Ala.
Echols. Mary (See Elliott, Mrs. Council B.)
Elliott. Mary Echols (Mrs. C. B.), ex '06, New Decatur, Ala.
Foulke. Flora Rachel Clark (Mrs. C. F.), ex '10, P. Texarkana. Ark.
T. Foulke, L a .
Frith, Mary Buie, '19, Bunkie, La.
Gannawav, Susie Mann (Mrs. M. W.), '16, 2017 Izard St.. Little Rock,
Gibbs. Iris Ross Newton (Mrs. F. D.), "11, 2730, Copper St., El Paso,
Gilbert. Annie Kate, '13, 4810 Gaston Ave., Dallas, Texas.
Glasgow, Genevieve M., ex '19, 2107 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. Gleaves, Hilda, ex '17, 1120 Roanoke St., Roanoke, Va.
Gordon, Katherine R. (See Cary, Mrs. J. B.)
Gwathney, Mary Vaden (Mrs. Robert), ex '12, Hanover, Va.
Hamilton, Frances, '18. Lexington, Va.
Hardy, Alice W., '20, Boykens, Va.
Hardy, Frances G., '18, P. Bovkens, Va. T. 420 W. Bath St.. Covington,
Hardy, Helen E.,'17, Boykens, Va.
Hardy, Saidee (See Brown, Mrs. D. A.)
Harris, Grace (See Echols, Mrs. D. S.)
Hatcher, Gertrude Claiborn, ex '19, Ashland, V a.
Heard, Bernice Sheppard (Mrs. Brvant), ex '10, 208 N. Main St., Dan-
ville, Va.
Hearne, Marian Virginia (See Jeter. Mrs. R. N.)
Hicks, Marjorie Robbins, ex '15. 807 Main Ave., San Antonio, Texas. Hodges, Kathryn Withers, '22, 22 Princeton Circle, Lynchburg, Va.

Hoofnagle. Greyson (Sec Bane, Mrs. Frank)
Hopson. Willie (See Williams, Mrs. I. S.)
Hurt, Mary (See Baskerville, Mrs. G. B.)
Jackson. Mary Campbell (Mrs. C. E.), ex '11, P. Warrenburg, Mo. T.
Tullahoma, Tenn.
Jeffries, Mary Little (Mrs. Guy B.). '10. 1416 So. 4th St., Louisville, Ky. Jennison. Ruth Williams (Mrs.), ex '10. 805 Vineville Ave., Macon, Ga. Jeter, Marian Hearne (Mrs. R. N.). ex '15, 1500 Fairfield Ave.. Shreve-
port. La.
Jones, Eileen (See Marshall, Mrs. Edgar A.)
Joyier, Lida Belle Brame (Mrs. C. W .), '14, 1768 Linden Ave., Memphis,
Kearney. Carrie Crane (Mrs. R. W.), ex '16, 3 High St.. Alameda. Calif. Keebler, Elise Paxton (Mrs. R. S.), '14, 315 S. Broadway. Greenville,
King, Carle Blackshear, ex '19. 60 Gilmorc St., Waycross, Ga.
King, Delia (See Petti-bone. Mrs. H.)
King. Helen O'Rear (Mrs. H. J.), ex '12, Frankfort Hotel, Frankfort, Ky. Lamar, Rebecca Barrett, '16, Rockville. Md.
Lamb, Elsie (See Dozier, Mrs. Nathan B.)
I-auve. Annie (See Dexter, Mrs. C.)
Linn, Anne, ex '13, 10 Wendell St., Cambridge, Mass.
Little, Mary (See Jeffries, Mrs. G. B.)
Mabry, Lucie (See Cleveland, Mrs. G. W.)
Major, Frances H., '19, Monroe. La.
Mann, Harriet Deal. '22. 914 Hickory St.. Texarkana, Ark.
Mann, Susie T. (See Gannaway, Mrs. M. W.)
Manning. Eleanor Frances. '19, 3900 Miramima Ave., Dallas, Texas. March. Katherine (See Thomas, Mrs. Stanley J.)
Marsalis. Lucille M., '16, Centerville. Miss.
Marshall. Eileen Jones (Mrs. E. A.), ex '06, 1424 Washington St.,
Columbia. S. C.
Massie. Claudia, (Transferred to Sigma)
Mastin. Bessie. '13, P. 30 Williams St.. Pontiac. Mich. T. R.M.W.C.
Lynchburg, Va.
Matheson, Lola Wannamaker (Mrs. R. E . ) , '08. Box 602, Hartvvell. Ga. Mathis. lone (See Adams, Mrs. A. A.)
Matthews. Wingate (See Walker, Mrs. J. S.)
McBride. Linna Mae. '19, P. 3906 S. Stonewall. Greenville. Texas. T.
C.I.A. Denton, Texas.
McCaw, Marie Agalice, '08. 4618 Prytania St., New Orleans, La.
MuDavitt. Shirley. '14. 5539 Waterman Ave.. St. Louis, Mo.
McFaden. Frances Talbot. '21, 807 W. Grace St.. Richmond. Va.
Mendez. Blanche L Bradshaw (Mrs. A. A.), ex '06. Boner, Prienle. Cuba. Minkwitz. Mollie Josephine, '14, 127 Cook Ave., Meriden, Conn. Mohrhardt. Courtenay Chatham. (Mrs. L. E.). ex '16, Aledo. Texas. Montgomery. Ada Beatrice Donaldson (Mrs. Frank), '09. Knoxville, Tenn. Moore, Annie. '20. 1504 Phelan St.. Birmingham. Ala.
Moore, Eugenia. '22, 4946 Reiger Ave.. Dallas, Texas.
Morrow, Genevieve Bowman (Mrs. W .
F . ) .
Hillsboro, Texas.
Murray. Clara (See Cleland. Mrs. James)
Murray, Mary (See W ooley. Mrs. Price)
Nelson. Katherine Braxton, ex '09. Winchester. Ky.
New. Minnie Woodward (Mrs. H. W.). ex '06. 898 Willett St.. Memphis,
Newton. Iris (See Gibbs. Mrs. Frederick)
Noell. Eleanor Terry (Mrs. John), '11, Apt. 5, 1520 Delaware Ave..
Wilmington. Del.

PI 279
Nolan. Sarah (See Williams. Mrs. H. E.)
Nunn, Virginia (See Eady. Mrs. G. M.)
O'Rear. Helen (See King, Mrs. H. J.)
Orrick. Mattie Carscadon (Mrs. F . C ) , '14, Ashburton
Apts. Baltimore,
ington, D. C.
Sheppard. Olga (See Thomas. Mrs. C. F .)
Singleton. Marion Davies (Mrs. E. H.), ex '11, Magnolia. Ark. Smith, Clara Mason (See Coleman, Mrs. R. C.)
Smith, Genevieve (See Creagle, Mrs. J. W.)
Smith, Julia Anna, '15, 3314 Pasco, Kansas City, Mo.
Smith, Rose McGuire. '21, 915 16th St., Lynchburg, V a. Somerville, Eleanor (See Shands. Mrs. A. W.)
Somerville, Lucy Robinson, '16, 509 Central St.. Greenville. Miss. Stacy, Augusta. '17. Hotel Oakland, Cal.
Stirling, Jean Baxter. 21, 29 W. Tabb St.. Petersburg. Va. Streetman. Nell (See Clark, Mrs. H. O.)
Strother, M. Virginia (See Blackwell. Mrs. Henry)
Summerlin, Olive (See Whitfield, Mrs. I. G.)
Swift. Frances Louise (Sec Sandford, Mrs. Edwin)
Taylor, Anna Frost, '19, Ivor, Va.
Terry, Eleanor (See Noell, Mrs. J. J.)
Terry, Linda Best (Mrs. Memphis, T enn.
W . L . ) , '13, 231 Avalon PI., Avalon

Palfrey, Bernie Peyton, '18, 1808 White St., Alexandria, La.
Parks, Frances Cherry (Mrs. Frank), ex '08, Halls, Tenn.
Paxton, Dorothy, ex '20, Greenville, Miss.
Paxton, Elsie (See Keebler, Mrs. R. S.)
Payne. Elizabeth Boswell Webber (Mrs. Gordon), '12, Princeton Circle,
Lynchburg, Va.
Perkins, Leonora, '22, Lake Charles, La.
Pettibone, Delia King (Mrs. Hawley), ex '11, 60 Gilmore St., Waycross,
Pillot, Nadine D.. '20, 1803 McKinnev Ave.. Houston, Texas.
Price, Ella Butler (Mrs. C. W .), '06, Coat. Kansas.
Purdy. Sallie Simmons, '22, R.M.W.C., Lynchburg, Va.
Radford. Laura (See Yates, Mrs. Richard)
Ramsay, Margaret, ex '11, Camden, Ark.
Rayland, Mary Bailey, '21, Ashland, Virginia.
Reed, Annie Earle, '17, Yazoo City, Miss.
Reed, Marv Buie, '21, Yazoo City, Miss.
Roberts. Lillie Belle, ex '10, 200 Wells St., Valdosta, Ga.
Roller. Margaret Atkinson (Mrs. John). '16. Apple Grove. Louise Co., Va. Rust. Clara. '22. 935 Russell St.. Nashville. Tenn.
Rutherford, Harriet Wilson (Mrs. Blown), ex '09. Tuscola. 111.
Sale, Elizabeth Goodrich. '19. 2618 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va.
Sale, Louise Mosely, '20, 2618 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va.
Salley, Helen Wilson, ex '10, Orangeburg, S. C.
Sanderson. Lucile (See Sheppard, Mrs. Morris)
Sandford. Louise Swift (Mrs. Edwin), '17, Covington. Tenn.
Scott, Helen Lisle, '18. 418 Raleigh Ave.. Norfolk, Va.
Shands, Eleanor Somerville (Mrs. A. W.). '12. Cleveland. Miss. Sheppard, Bernice (See Heard. Mrs. Bryant)
Sheppard, Lucile Sanderson (Mrs. Morris), ex '10, 1814 19th St., Wash-
Thomas, Ella Stonestreet, ex '19, 526 Campbell Ave., Roanoke, Va. Thomas. Katherine March (Mrs. S. J.), ex '12. 1520 Regent St., Apt. F.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Thomas. Margaret Elizabeth, ex '18, 4939 Worth St.. Dallas. Texas.

Thomas. Olga Shcppard (Mrs. Cullen F . ) , '09, 5104 Gaston Ave.. Dallas, T exas.
Thompson, Marva (See Blair, Mrs. J. M.)
Thompson, Maude (See Waters, Mrs. A. K.)
Tluirman. Huella Bedford (Mrs. Beverley), ex '07, 203 Lindsay St.,
Highpoint, N. C.
Toomhs, Ruby Starling (See Turnhull, Mrs. Steve)
Trabue, Gladys, ex '12, Carthage, Texas.
Turnhull. Ruby Toombs (Mrs. Steve), ex '14, 1428 Monroe Ave., Memp-
his, Tenn.
Upthegrove, Ella Mae. '20. T. 1711 R.R. Exchange Bldg., St Louis. Mo. Vaden, Mary (See Gwathney, Mrs. Robert)
Vaden, Nannie Porter, ex '14, 1716 Grove Ave., Richmond, Va. Vaughan, Margaret (Transferred to Nu Kappa)
Walker, Annie Laurie, ex '11. 38 Gilmore St., Waycross, Ga.
Walker, Wingate Matthews (Mrs. J. S.). '10, Oak Hall. Va.
Wallis, Eliza D'Arlington, ex '19. Brevard, N. C.
Wannatuaker, Anna Ellen (See Creem, Mrs. Wm. C.)
Wannamaker, Lola Matilda (See Mathcson, Mrs. R. E . )
Waters. Maude Thompson (Mrs. Albert R.), ex '11, 8 E. 55th St.. Kan- sas City, Mo.
Watkins. Clarice (See Berry. Mrs. Lyman)
Watkins. Daisy Cummings, ex '10, 1109 Hickory St., Birmingham, Ala. Webber, Elizabeth B. (See Payne, Mrs. Gordon)
White, Julia. '20, Lee St.. Alexandria, La.
Whitfield. Olive Summerlin (Mrs. I. G.), ex '13. 466 Main St., Orange,
N. J.
Wilcox, Theresa May, Sp., 23 Cascade PI.. Cascade Apts., Atlanta, Ga. Williams. Elizabeth Bryan (Mrs. S. H.), '15, 465 Rivermont Ave.,
Lynchburg, Va.
Williams, Ruth (See lennison. Mrs.)
Williams. Sarah Nolan (Mrs. H . E . ) , '08, 1632 Pearl Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla.
Williams. Willie Hopson (Mrs. I. S.), ex '06, Quitman, Ga. Wilson, Harriet Elizabeth (See Rutherford, Mrs. Brown) Woodard. Minnie (See New, Mrs. H. W.)
Wooley, Man- Murray (Mrs. Price), ex '07. Newman. Ga. Wright, Juno (See Crab, Mrs. C. G.)
Yates. Laura Radford (Mrs. Richard), ex '06, 308 Madison St., Lynch- burg, Va.
Abbott, Arline Sara. '21. 1119 S. 36th St., Omaha, Neb.
Abbott. Mercedes Virginia, '23, 3328 Center St.. Omaha. Neb.
Adams, Janet. '19, Eagle, Neb.
Alden, Meta Nunemaker (Mrs. Chas. Niles). Sp., Ceresco, Neb. Alderman. Madge (See West, Mrs. Rhea M.)
Anderson. Ella Toomey (Mrs. Oscar Allen). '12. Zartman. Montana. Andrews. Katharine Lee (Mrs. R. McConnell), Sp., c/o Sears. Roebuck &
Co., Chicago, III.
Avers. Helen, ex '18. 509 S. 27th St., Omaha, Neb.
Baer, Florence Durbin (Mrs. T. W .). '08. Malvern, Iowa.
Baker. Frederique Caroline Stenger (Mrs. Oscar), Sp.. Columbus, Neb. Barnett. Katherine Bcnner (Mrs. Frank), ex '20, McCook, Neb.
Barnum, Laverna (See Cheney. Mrs. Ward)

Barton. Irene. '22. Pawnee City. Neb.
• Bauman, Eunice (See Stuefer, Mrs. Otto) Bauman, Minnie (See Force, Mrs. Carl E . )
Beachly. Mabel Williams (Mrs. Wm.), ex '07, 1500 Washington St., Lincoln, Neb.
Beaumont, Lauree Bemer (Mrs. F. A.), Sp., 2202 Washington St., Lincoln, Neb.
Beckman, Emma Bennett (Mrs. Alfred), Sp., 1425 So. 15th St.. Lincoln, Neb.
Beemer, Luree (See Beaumont. Mrs. Fred.)
Bell. Martha. '10, P. 4746 Friendship Ave., Pittsburg. Pa. T. 921
Monterey Rd., So. Pasadena, Cal.
Benner, Katherine (See Barnett, Mrs. Frank)
Bennett. Emma (Sec Beckman, Mrs. Alfred)
Bigelow. I.ula King (Mrs. C. G.). '04. (Deceased)
Bi'hler. Lillian Dickman (Mrs. Ernest), ex '18. 2311 No. 16th St.. Apt.
No. 3, Omaha, Neb.
Birkner, Alma (See Rawlings, Mrs. Floyd)
Birkncr. Gisella. '12, 2009 Sewell St., Lincoln, Neb.
Black. Maurine, '22. Creston, Iowa.
Bollard. Frances, ex '19. 2115 Sherman Ave.. Omaha, Neb.
Boynton. Bedi (See Phelps. Mrs. Vernon)
Bratt. Frances (See Gorman, Mrs. Bernard)
Bratt, Lourene, Sp., 1505 C. St., Lincoln, Neb.
Bratton. Salome Schwertley (Mrs. Lester), '13, 5020 Cuming St.. Omaha,
Brehm. Esther, '22. Talmadge, Neb.
Brehm. Mildred Margarite, '23, Talmadge. Neb.
Bridenbaugh, Nell, '08, 2501 Kansas Ave., Omaha. Neb.
Bryant, Mabelle A. Roper (Mrs. Glen A.), '04. David City. Neb. Buchanan. Laura (See Shockey, Mrs. Geo. C.)
Burgen. Thelma Elizabeth (See Pottarf, Mrs. Ernest)
Burkitt. Pauline (See Reynolds, Mrs. Ameral)
Burr, Grace (See Winnett, Mrs. J. R.)
Butler, Agnes Fern, ex '15, 734 Sherman St.. Pocatella. Idaho.
Butler. Stella (See Collier, Mrs. N. T.)
Buttcrworrh. Mildred Anna, ex '15. Box 733. Dow City. Iowa.
Campbell, Nettie Chapline (Mrs. Burnham). ex '11. 1971 Sewell. Lincoln.
Carnaby. Margaret, ex '21, 1919 Emmt'tt St., Omaha, Neb.
Carter, Miriam (See Smith. Mrs. S. M.)
Chace, Ethel M.. '17, Stanton, Neb.
Chace. Gladys Dominy (Mrs. A. C ) , '16. c/o Empire Xat'l Bank, Lewis-
ton. Idaho.
Chace. Lou Belle (See Shultz, Mrs. Henry)
Chamberlain. Esther, ex '20. P. Nelson, Neb. T. 911 Maryland Ave.,
Washington, D. C.
Chambers, Bessie May. ex '10. (Deceased)
Chapline, Nettie (See Campbell, Mrs. B.)
Charlton. Ruby D., '08, P. Loupe City, Neb. T. 1003 Franklin St., Cedar
Palls, Iowa.
Chase. Rose Krause (Mrs. C. H.). ex '14. Schuyler. Neb.
Cheney. Laverna Barnum (Mrs. Ward), ex '07, Union, Neb. Chittick. Florence, '21, Stuart. Neb.
Clark. Winifred. '22. 1450 Garfield Ave.. Lincoln, Neb. Clement. Amanda, ex '10, Hudson. So. Dakota.
Collier. Stella Butler (Mrs. N. M.). '13. Arion, Iowa.
Collins. Beulah Rush (Mrs. Merrill), ex '17, 50th & Holdredge St..
Lincoln, Neb.

Coman, Carrie M. (See Potter, Mrs. H. M.)
Cook, Hazel Irene, ex '19. P. 4120 So. 25th St.. Omaha, Neb., So. Side
Sta. T. 2037 Franklin St.. Denver. Colo.
Cook, Nina Belle. '21. 4120 So. 25th St.. Omaha. Neb., So. Side Station. Correll. Florence Jessie (See McKenna, Mrs. \V . J.)
Cram, Bess, '20, Burwell, Neb.
Crapenhoft, Lucille. '21, 4838 Farnam, Omaha. Neb.
Crites, Marion Hart (Mrs. Fred), '09, Chadron, Neb.
Curry, Faye. '21, Garrison, Neb.
Dale, Mathilde Stenger (Mrs. E . E . ) . ex '14, Kyle, So. Dakota.
Damon, Corris (See Peake. Mrs. Edmund J.)
Damon. Lucy P.dna (See Keeler, Mrs. Burt C.)
Davis, Lorene Fmerv (Mrs. W. W.), Sp., 3929 Florence Blvd.. Omaha.
Dawson, Lydia E . , '18, Linwood^ Neb.
Devalon. Esther (See Smith, Mrs. Victor)
Deyo. Doris, ex '18, Bradford. 111.
Diehl. Breta E. (See Wenstrand. Mrs. W. W.) Dickman. Lillian Kathryn (See Bihler. Mrs. Ernest) Dominy. Gladys (See Chace. Mrs. Arthur)
Doten. Josephine Marion, '23. Albion, Neb.
Doten, Mildred. '22, Albion. Neb.
Dow, Jeannie Isabelle, '21, 5008 California St.. Omaha, Neb. Durbin. Cora (See Hall. Mrs. Roland L . )
Durbin. Florence (See Baer. Mrs. J . W .)
Eckles. Helen Vivienne (See Hoppe. Mrs. Albert)
Emery, Lorene (See Davis. Mrs. Wm. W.)
Erickson, Leta Thompson (Mrs. Rollin). Sp., York, Neb.
Evans, Eloise Harper (Mrs. Robert), Sp., 1950 Washington St.. Lincoln,
Farquhar, leannette. '23. 138 So. 28th St., Lincoln. Neb. Farquhar. Ruth. '21, 138 So. 28th St.. Lincoln, Neb. Fiske. Helen (See Stecklev. Mrs. Edwin)
Fitzgerald, Elsie. '15. 1971* D St.. Lincoln. Neb.
ritzgerald, Helen, Sp.. 1971 D St., Lincoln, Neb.
Follmer, Katherine, '10. Oak. Neb.
Force, Minnie Bauman (Mrs. C. E.), Sp.. 510 E. 12th St., Portland. Ore. Ford, Harriet. '22. Bertram!. Neb.
Fordyce. Mabel Ritchie (Mrs. Glen), ex '14, Chapped. Neb.
Foster, Wilma, '23. 210 Peach St., Lincoln, Neb.
Fredericks. Altroda Powell (Mrs. K. P.), '10, P. 1600 B. St., Lincoln,
Neb. T. 3127 Vista St.. Long Beach. Cai.
French. Marjorie Helen. '22, 320 E. 14th. University Place, Neb.
Frovd. Edna. '16. 978 Hilvard St., Eugene, Oregon.
Froyd, Sarah Herringtoii (Mrs. E. A.), '11, P. Wakefield, Neb. T.
Camp Upton. New York. Inland Traffic Service. Gannon, Grace. '12, 509 S. 27th St., Omaha, Neb. Gibbons, Eva, '19, Comstock, Neb.
Gilcrest. Leila L . (See Long, Mrs. A. L . )
Gillilan, Mildred Margaret (See Potter, Mrs. Laird)
Good, Anabel (See Paine. Mrs. C. K . )
Gorman, Frances Bratt (Mrs. Bernard D.), '07. Genoa, Neb.
Graham, Charlotte Wallace (Mrs. H. S.), Sp.. 127 N. Dillon St., Los
Angeles, Cal.
Gray. Viola Clarke. '02. 1527 So. 23d St.. Lincoln, Neb.
Griswold, Florence. '20. Gordon, Neb.
Hagenbuch. Helen Piper (Mrs. Clark). Sp., 97 Chatterton Ave.. White
Plains. N. Y .
Hall, Cora Durbin (Mrs. Roland L . ) , '08, Malvern, Iowa.

Hall. Edith (See Lansing. Mrs. Harry)
Harper. Helen (See Lavelle. Mrs. P. M.)
Harper. Eloise (See Evans, Mrs. Robert)
Harpham. Edna May. Sp., 1546 So. 22nd St.. Lincoln. Neb.
Harrison, Estella Stephens (Mrs. Benjamin). '15. 306 So. 51st St., Omaha,
Harrison. Marjorie Louise. '23. Sidney. Iowa.
Hart, Marion S. (See Crites. Mrs. Frederick)
Hathaway, Edna M. (See Hess, Mrs. Harvey)
Haupman, Irma (See Latch, Mrs. Jerry)
Hayes, Helen, '21, Denison, Iowa.
Haynes, Ethel (See Skeen, Mrs. Don)
Heck, Maud Williams (Mrs. C McG.), ex '06. 219 Forrest Road. Raleigh,
No. Car.
Hendricks. Lorene. '20, Wahoo, Neb.
Hendricks. Madalene. '22, Wahoo. Neb.
Herringtoii, Sarah (See Frovd, Mrs. Erwin)
Herzing. Mary, '22, 1534 S. 19th, Lincoln. Neb.
Hess. Edna Hathawav (Mrs. Harvey W .), '18. Hebron, Neb.
Higgins, Mattie Woodworth (Mrs. L. A.), ex '09, 6547 N. 24th St.,
Omaha. Neb.
Hill. Florence Parmalee (Mrs. R. T.), '07. Ml. Vernon. N. V.
Hill. Vera M. (See Phillips. Mrs. Clark)
Holland. Veva A. Young (Mrs. J. J.), ex '16. Superior, Neb.
Hoppe, Helen Eckles, (Mrs. Albert), ex '17. 1207 S. 27th St.. Lincoln,
Hostetter, Doris, ex '21, Douglas, Neb.
Hullinger, Mildred. '23, Villisca, Iowa.
Hullinger, Valora Ida, '23. Villisca. Iowa.
Hunter. Emma Schreiber (Mrs. F. M.), '06, 644 Fairmont St.. Oakland.
James. Nellie Kitchen (Mrs. J. A.), Sp., 857 Kings Highway. Springfield,
Jeffrey. Georgiana (See Westover. Mrs. Edward)
Jobes, Helen. '23, Tecumseh. Neb.
Johnson. Anna Lucile (See Maus. Mrs. Elmer J.)
Johnson, Helen, '19, 235 N. 16th St., Lincoln, Neb.
Jones, Annie Elizabeth (See Rosborough, Mrs. John M.)
"Kean, Verna, ex '18. 412 W. 18th St.. Uni. Place. Lincoln, Neb.
Keeler, Lucy Edna Damon (Mrs. B. C ) , ex '07, Mason City. Iowa. Killen. Ethel, ex '18. Beatrice, Neb.
King. Edna Browning. '07, Byron, 111.
King. Hazel (See Pearson. Mrs. Morley)
King. Lulu (See Bigelow. Mrs. C. G.)
Kirchman. Helen, '23, Wahoo, Neb.
Kitchen. Nellie O. (See James, Mrs. J. A.)
Kline, Carrie Marshall, (Mrs. Ernest), ex '17, Weeping Water, Neb. Koutz, Amy, ex '12, Ponca, Neb.
Krajicek. Gertrude Mohler (Mrs. Stanlev), Sp., 542 High St., Denver,
Krause, Rose K. (See Chase, Mrs. Chas. H.)
Kreidler, Jessie Gertrude, ex '10, Fullerton, Neb.
Kroigard. Elna Nissen (Mrs. Adolph), Sp.
Lanigan, Gertrude Swain (Mrs. Thos.), Sp., Greely Center, Neb.
Lansing. Edith M. Hall (Mrs. H. W.). ex '13, 505 Metrepolitan Apt*.,
Lincoln, Neb.
Latch. Emma Hauptman (Mrs. Jerry), '16, 2125 Bradfield Drive, Lincoln.
Lavelle, Helen Harper (Mrs. P. M.), ex '13. Wallace. Neb.

Lee. Katherine (See Andrews, Airs. R. M.)
Le Gore. Lila M. (Sec Ritchie, Mrs. Chas. D.)
Logan, Janet McAllister (Mrs.), ex '13, Columbus, Neb.
Logan, Maud Pierce (Mrs. Wm.). Sp., 745 So. 15th St.. Lincoln. Neb. Long, Leila Lynne Gilcrest (Mrs. A. L . ) , '14, 1127 Main St.. Grand
Junction, Colo.
Lovejoy, Helen Westover (Mrs.), '14, 1030 Orange Ave., Burbank, Cal. Lowensburg. Gladys, '16. Albion, Neb.
Marshall. Carrie (See Kline. Mrs. Ernest)
Mauck. Lucille, '20. 1906 Prospect Ave., Lincoln. Neb.
Maus, Anna Johnson (Mrs. E . J . ) , Sp., Loupe City, Neb.
McAllister, Janet (See Logan, Mrs.)
McCutcheon. Laura Rhoades (Mrs. Dan), '08. Belle Fourche. S. Dak. McDermott, Edith Swaine (Mrs. J . F . ) , Sp., Greeley Center, Nebr. McEaohron. Allene (See Muman. Mrs. Sidney B.)
McGregor. Emma Lee, '23, Sargent, Neb.
McKenna, Florence Jesse Correll (Mrs. W. J.), Sp.. 1622 Rockwood St.,
Los Angeles, Cal.
McNernev, Margaret, '22. 2736 P. St., Lincoln, Neb.
Mitchell, Elizabeth Eleanor, '09, 3207 Castellar St., Omaha, Neb.
Mitchell. Margaret, ex 18. 1933 Park R<L Washington, D. C.
Mitchell. Nina Trover (Mrs. D. C). ex '13, 2120 Como Ave. W.. St. Paul,
Mohler. Gertrude (See Krajicek. Mrs. Stanley)
Moore. Pauline, '23, Tecumseh, Neb.
Moran, Winnifred Delpha, '18, Hyannis, Neb.
Morris, Helen, '21. McCool Junction, Neb.
Mosher, Jessie M. (See W'gton, Mrs. Harrison)
Muman. Allene McEachron (Mrs. S. L . ) , '05, 1923
Murphy, Esther. '19. Sidney. Iowa.
Murphy. Eva, '23, Sidney, Iowa.
Murty, Mabel, (See Stoker, Mrs. Leon)
Myers, Emily W. Trigg (Mrs. J. L.), Sp., 497 Dayton Ave., St Paul. Minn. Nelson. Ruby, '23, Pawnee, Neb.
Nesbit, Lois, Sp., Tekamah, Neb.
Nissen, Elna (See Kroigard. Airs. Adolph)
Nissen, Nelle, ex '19. Lei San Farl Apts., Lincoln, Neb.
Nombalais, Florence Amelia (See Thorp, Mrs. F . G.)
Nunemaker, Greta Marie, ex '18, (Deceased)
Nunemaker, Meta (See Alden, Mrs. Chas.)
O'Brian, Margaret, '23. 3502 Pine St., Omaha. Neb. Ohlsen. Marie Florentine, ex '19, Loupe City, Neb. Ohlsen, Orena Edna, ex '18. David Citv, Neb.
Olsen. Ethel, '16. 3826 Peters Ave.. Sioux City. Iowa. Paine, Anabel Good (Mrs. C. K . ) , '12, 623 Fifth Ave., Parker, Ruth, '21, 3422 Charles St., Omaha, Neb. Parmalee. Florence (See Hill, Mrs. Robert T.)
Iowa City,
Patterson. Anna Mary. '22, Ft. Morgan, Colo. Peake, Corris Damon (Airs. E . J . ) , '04, 644
E . State St..
Pearson, Hazel King (Mrs. Morley), ex '16. Sidney, Neb. Perkins. Esther, '22, Orleans, Neb.
Perkins. Ethel (See Warner, Mrs. Ernest)
Perry, Emma (See Thayer, Mrs. R. H.)
Perry, Margaret, '20, 2637 P. St.. Lincoln, Neb.
Peterson, Laura, ex '12, 515 Underwood Ave.. Omaha, Neb. Phelps, Beth Boynton (Mrs. Vernon), ex '11, Los Angeles, Cal Phillips, Vera Hill (Airs. Clark), Sp.. Dixon, Neb.
Airt St.,
Omaha. Neb.

Pickering. Roma E. Rush (Airs. D. T.), Sp.. 1935 Sewell St., Lincoln, Neb.
Pierce. Alaude E. (See Logan, Airs. Wm.)
Piper, Elsie Ford, '04, P. 1731 D St.. Lincoln, Neb., T. Wayne. Neb. Piper. Helen (See Hagenbuch, Airs. Clark)
Piper. Jennie Louise, '04, 1731 D St.. Lincoln Neb.
Pottarf. Thelma Burgen (Airs. Ernest), ex '19, New Castle, Wyo. Potter. Blanche W ood worth (A[rs. Herbert), ex '12, 3419 Davenport St.,
Omaha, Neb.
Potter, Carrie Alorna Coman (Airs. H. At.), ex '15, T. Seward. Neb.
Ramey, Janet (See Weissmiller, Airs. Ralph)
Rawlings, Alma Birkner (Mrs. Flovd). ex '10, 2001 Sewell St., Lincoln.
Rawls, Bernice Alargaret, ex '10, Kent. Washington.
Recknor, Halcyone, '22, Creston, Iowa.
Rennard. Elizat>eth, ex '18, Arlington, Neb.
Reynolds, Pauline C. Burkitt (Airs. Ameral). '09, 2939 Stratford St.,
Lincoln Neb.
Rhodes, Laura (See Alc'Cutchcon, Airs. Dan)
Ritchie, Lila LeGore (Mrs. C. D.), Sp., AlcCook, Neb.
Ritchie. Alabel (See Fordyce, Airs. Glen)
Rohman, Essabelle (See Pritchard, Airs. O. G.)
Roper. Grace Candace. '06, David City. Neb.
Roper, Alabel A. (See Bryant. Airs. Glenn A.)
Rosborough, Annie E . Jones (Airs John), '07, 2020 So. 25th St., Lincoln,
Rose. Genevieve, ex '20, 418 Central Park West, New York Citv.
Ross. Katherine Sterling (Airs. E . L ) . '04, 1929 Alorse Ave., Chicago. 111. Rush. Beulah A. (See Collins. Airs. Merrill)
Rush. Roma E. (See Pickering. Airs. Doane)
Ruwe, Florence, '23, Fremont. Neb.
Ryan, Kathleen. Sp., Columbus, Neb.
Ryan, Nelle Alarv. Sp., Columbus, Neb.
Sadler, Edith Taylor (Airs. C. B.), Sp., 101 Bread St.. Alonroe, La. Salmon. Alabel. '11. 2209 Spencer St.. Omaha, Neb.
Sanders, Lucile. '20, Superior. Neb.
Sanders. Alabel. '17, Superior. Neb.
Schoell. Grace Trigg (Airs. August), '06, Edgemore, Delaware. Scherzinger. Ruth (See Wehrman, Airs. Lawson)
Schreiber, Emma (See Hunter, Airs. Frederick M.)
Schumacher, Doris E..Scroggin (Mrs. W. A.), '18, Virginia. Minn Schwertley. Salome (See Bratton, Airs. Lester.)
Scroggin, Doris (See Schumacher. Mrs. W. A.)
Sears, Helen Mae Webb (Airs. W . C ) , Sp., c/o Landers. Frary and Clark,
New Briton. Conn.
Sheehy, Alice, ex '20, 3620 S. 26th St.. Omaha. Neb.
Shockev, Laura Buchanan (Airs. G. C ) , '06. 619 17th Ave.. Alelrose Park,
Shultz. Lou Belle Chace (Airs. H . J . ) . '14. Stanton, Neb.
Skeen, Ethel Haynes (Airs. Don), '06. 772 Filmore St., Gary. Ind. Slattery, Isabel Tyson (Airs. Henry), ex '13, Clearmont, Wyo.
Smith, Esther Dcvalon (Airs. Victor), ex '11, 1819 Lathrop St., Omaha.
Smith. Irene, '21, Wahoo. Neb.
Smith. Miriam Carter (Airs. S. AL) Grad.. 1471 E . 114th St., Cleveland, O.
Potter. Alildred Al. Gillilan (Airs. Laird), ex '19. Hardy, Neb. Powell. Alfreda (See Fredericks. Airs. Karl P.)
Pritchard, Fssabell Rohman (Airs. O. G . ) , Sp., 433 sha, Wis.
Exchange St.,

Spears, Alice Rebecca, ex '06 (Deceased)
Spears, Margaret Edna. '05, 630 N. 16th St., Lincoln, Neb. Steckley, Helen Fiske (Mrs. Edwin), Sp. (Deceased) Steiner, Helen M. (See Wallace, Mrs. A. H.)
Stenger, Frederique Caroline (See Baker, Mrs. Oscar) Stenger, Mathilde (See Dale. Mrs. Edwin E . )
Stephens, Estella B. (See Harrison, Mrs. Benj.)
Sterling, Katherine (See Ross, Mrs. Ellison L . )
Stuefer, Eunice Baumann (Mrs. Otto), ex '10, 181 Linden St.. Oak Park. 111.
Stoker, Mabel Murtv (Mrs. Leon). '15. Rising City, Neb.
Studts. Marie Margaret, ex '19, 728 So. 27 St., Lincoln, Neb.
Swain. Edith (See McDermott, Mrs. J . F . )
Swain. Gertrude (See Lanigan, Mrs. T. W.)
Taylor, Edith (See Sadler, Mrs. Clarence B.)
Thayer, Emma Perry (Mrs. R. H.). '09, 2531 Sheridan Drive, Norwood, O. Thompson, Leta (See Erickson, Mrs. Rollin)
Thorp, Florence Amelia Nombalais (Mrs. F. G.), '13, Norfolk, Neb. Toomey, Ella (See Anderson, Mrs. Oscar)
Toomey. Maude. '09, (Deceased)
Trigg. Emily Winifred (See Myers,
Trigg, Grace (See Schoell, Mrs. August)
Troyer, Nina (See Mitchell. Mrs. D. C.)
Turner, Darrina. '23. 619 Capitola Apt., Lincoln, Neb.
Tyson. Isabel (See Slattery. Mrs. Henry)
Vallerv. Doris Tane, ex '21. Mvnard, Neb.
Waite.' Edna, '09. McCook, Neb.
Wallace, Charlotte Jane (See Graham. Mrs. Harold S.)
Wallace, Helen Steiner (Mrs. A. H.), '11. Des Moines, Iowa.
Walton. Martha. Sp., 2745 P. St.. Lincoln, Neb.
Warner, Ethel Perkins (Mrs. Ernest), ex '09, Fort Collins. Colo.
Waters. Mary, '20. 1818 So. 23rd St.. Lincoln. Neb.
Waters. Nancy Melvina. '14. P. 1818 So. 23rd St., Lincoln. Neb. T.
Curtis, Neb.
Waters. Winifred B.. '10, 1818 So. 23rd St.. Lincoln. Neb.
W ebb. Helen M. (See Sears, Mrs. Win. C.)
Wehrli, Helen. '16. P. Mound City, Mo. T. Elk Point. S. Dak. Wehrman. Ruth Scherzinger (Mrs. Lawson), ex '20, Superior, Neb. Weidner, Ethel. '23.
Weissmiller. Tanet Ramev (Mrs. Ralph). '12. Brnning. Neb.
Wendstrand, Breta E. Diehl (Mr*. W. W.), '13. Stratton. Neb.
West. Madi?e Alderman (Mrs. R. M.), Sp.
Westover, Georgiana Jeffrey, (Mrs. Edward), ex '13, Norfolk, Neb. Westover. Helen (See Loveioy. Mrs.)
Wheelock, Ruth A., ex '14. Beatrice, Nib
Whitford. Gladys, ex '19. P.. Arlington. Neb. T. Murray. Neb.
Wigton. Jessie Mosher (Mrs. Harrison), ex '07. 1817 Vinton St.. Omaha,
Williams, Hazel, '12. Ponca. Neb.
Williams. Mabel (See Beachlev, Mrs. Win.)
Williams. Maud (See Heck. Mrs. Chas. M.)
Winnett. Grace Burr (Mrs. J. R.). Sp., Adair, Iowa. Woodworth, Blanche (See Potter, Mrs. Herbert ) Woodward. Dorothy. '22. 1728 So. 26th St.. Lincoln, Neb. Woodworth. Mattie (See Hi.ireins, Mrs. Leslie A.)
Young, Veva (See Holland. Mrs. T. J.)
Zumwinkel. Alvina Caroline W.. '12 (Deceased)
Mrs. J . L . )

Shanghai, China.
Avila. Isabel B., '22. 2905 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, Cal.
Bachman. Marion (See Winterer. Mrs. H . K . )
Bachus, Hattie Fish (Mrs. Geo. H.), ex '06, 443 41st St., Oakland, Cal. Bailev, Pearl Pierce (Mrs. Oscar), ex '14, 1639 Euclid Ave., Berkeley, Cal. Ball,'Margaret Weeks (Airs. Chas.). '15, 208 S. Bourland St., Peoria, 111. Bancroft, Evelyn H. (See Moore, Mrs. Justin H.)
Bancroft, Helen (See Gove, Mrs. Leon)
Barber, Alice M., ex '14 (Deceased)
Barker, Elizabeth Morgan (Mrs. Edgar E . ) , ex '06, P. Nevada
T. Chuiquicamata, Chili, S. A.
Batz, Grace (See Gulyes, Mrs. George)
Beal, Anna Miriam. '19. 36 Moss Ave., Oakland, Cal.
Beard% Bertha M., ex '21, Napa, CaL
Bell. Evangeline, ex '21, Los Gatos, Cal.
Bell. Rose Von Schmidt (Mrs. Geo. L . ) . '09. 2118 Marin Ave.. Berkeley,
Belshaw, Ada Shreve (Mrs. W. W.), '05, Antioch, Cal.
Bergland, Elois Forsyth (Mrs. Harvev), ex '15, Box 55, R.F.D. Dixon,
Bergland, Elaine Young (Mrs. L. R.), ex '17, 515 2nd St., Napa, Cal. Bieber, Grace Adams (Mrs.), ex 'l7. 620 4th Ave., San Francisco, Cal. Bingaman. Genevieve Kimball (Mrs. Jos. W.), '07, 454 Cresent St. Oak-
land, Cal.
Bishop. Elsie Melville, ex '22, 2628 Broderick St., San Francisco, Cal. Black, Emma Frances (See Kew, Mrs. S. D.)
Black. Marian Alice. '20, 2913 Fillmore St., San Francisco, Cal. Boardman, Esther (See Busby, Mrs. Leonard A.)
Booker. Virginia de Lorimier, '23. 1344 Seventh St. San Diego. Cal. Bowman, Verda, '22, Winters, Cal.
Bovd, Dorothy, ex '18. 2814 Prince St., Berkeley, Cal.
Boyd, Roberta (See Tyson, Mrs. R. J.)
Bright, Carie (See Kistler, Mrs. L. A.)
Britton, Gladys Courtian (Mrs. Tohn A. Jr.),'10, 2642 Derby St.. Berke-
ley, Cal. '
Brown. Flora Hazel, ex '22, 390 Perry St., Oakland, Cal.
Brown. Hertha Hermann (Mrs. Ernest C ) , '14, 509 Santa Rav Ave.,
Oakland, Cal.
Brownlie, Nora Tower (Mrs. John), ex '16, c/o Myrtle Arms, No. 18,
Marshfield, Ore.
Brownlee, Ruth (See Dixon, Mrs. David)
Bryant. Bernice McNeal (Mrs. Ober W.), '07, 420 E. Lemon Ave.. Mon-
rovia, Cal.
Busby, Esther Boardman (Mrs. Leonard A.), '07, 3118 Sheridan Road,
Chicago. 111.
Butler, Winifred Marie, ex '18. 1429 Oxford St., Berkeley, Cal. Cagurn, Alice De Veuve (Mrs.). '15, Larkspur, Cal.
Call. Una (See Jeffers, Mrs. J. R.)
Adams, Grace Mae (See Bieber, Mrs.)
Aiders, Blanche Evelyn (See Ward, Mrs. T. W.)
Ahlers, Viola (See Whelan, Mrs. John)
Alvarez, Florence, ex '11, 2180 W. 25th St., Los Angeles, Cal. Anderson. Myrtle, ex '13 (Deceased)
Armstrong, Jean, ex '17, 805 N. 3rd Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. Armstrong, Mabel Lothrop (Mrs. Claude), ex '15, Elko, Nev. Armstrong, Marjorie, '17, Fowler, Cal.
Arnold, Gertrude Davis (Mrs. Julian
I I . ) , '04,
American Legation.
City Cal.

Cameron, Mary Agnes (See Pierce. Mrs. Geo.)
Cardwell.- Ksther. '20, Chowchilla, Madera Co., Cal.
Carson. Ruth (See Yuill. Mrs. P. N.)
Cathcart. Bernice Helen (Mrs. W. E.), ex '22, 3335 Femside Blvd.. Ala-
meda. Cal.
Chase, Margaret Bernice. ex '17, P. Vacaville. Cal. T . 1737 Bass St..
Santa Barbara, Cal.
Clarke. Dorothy K. (See Mills, Mrs. F. C.)
Clarke. Ethel B., ex W, 2552 Hyde St.. San Francisco. Cal.
Clowes, Helen W., '17, West Lane. Stockton. Cal.
Connell. Corinne Martha, ex '23. 1706 Fifth Ave.. San Diego, Cal.
Cook. Mildred. '21. Peralta Apts., Oakland. Cal.
Cook, Virginia, '20. Peralta Apts.. Oakland. Cal.
Corlett. Frances (See Howard, Mrs. C. N.)
Courtian, Gladys (See Britton. Mrs. John A. Tr.)
Cowie, Charlotte (See Manzer, Mrs. "Tilden f . )
Cox, Catherine Virginia. '20. 2512 Etna St., Berkeley. Cal.
Cranston. Alice Beulah (See Jouvenat, Mrs. John B. Jr.)
Crawford. Ella G.. '18. 5631 California St., San Francisco, Cal. Crawford. Leona Mudgett (Mrs. David), '12. P. Pomona. Cal. T. 2483
Lower Manoa Rd.. Honolulu, H. I.
Crosett. Marion (See Strong. Mrs. Addison)
Crum. Catherine Claire. '22, 2240 F . St., San Diego. Cal.
Cullom. Ethel Porter (Mrs. F . B.), ex '13, Coram, Shasta Co., Cal. Cutler. Olive E. (See Towle. Mrs. W. T.)
Daugherty, Helen Thayer (Mrs. R. B.). ex '14. P. c/o Mrs. Mary D.
Thayer. E . Whittier. Cal. T . Cavite. Phillipine,
Davis, Clara Gertrude (See Arnold. Mrs. Julian H.)
Davis, Eugenia, '23, 2805 Kelsey St.. Berkeley. Cal.
Davis. Mary Adelaide (See Waring. Mrs. Robt. A.)
Dav, Gertrude B.. ex '19 (Deceased)
Dav. Margaret. '20. 661 First St.. Woodland. Cal.
Day. Mary Wight (Mrs.. John), ex '19. 753 24th St., San Diego. Cal. DeLong. Vema Rav (Mrs. R. C), ex '10, 2645 Benvenu Ave.. Berkelev.
DcVeuve, Alice (See Cagurn. Mrs.)
DeVeuve. Laura, ex '20. 776 Mandana Blvd., Oakland, Cal.
DeWitt. Mary. '13. 1221 Paru St., Alameda, Cal.
Dickenson. Edith H.. Sp.. 450 Monte Clair Ave.. Oakland.Cal.
Dixon. Ruth Brownlee (Mrs. David). '16, 311 York St. Vallejo, Cal. Donovan, Nadine, '20, 725 College Ave., Santa Rosa, Cal.
Donovan, Thelma, '19. 725 College Ave., Santa Rosa, Cal.
Doolittle, Anna G., ex '20, 3290 Park Ave.. San Diego, Cal.
Drake. Evalyn Homage (Mrs. B. H.). '14, 1235 N. Joquiam St.. Stockton,
DuBois, Blanche M., '03. 2044 Central Ave.. Alameda. Cal.
Dudley. Margaret Henderson (Mrs. M. H.), ex '03. 2655 Wakefield Ave.,
Oakland, Cal.
Dunn. Flora Miller (Mrs. W. A.), '05. 2262 W. 20th St, Los Angeles, Cal.
Duperu. Mabel M., ex '22, Crockett. Cal.
Eastman. Muriel (See Martin. Mrs. Wilsie M.)
Eddy, Margaret Stone (Mrs. J. A.). '15. 902 San Benoti Rd., Berkeley. Cal. Edson, Helen (See Wixon. Mrs. San ford)
Elliott, Elizabeth Frances. '17. 1722 Blake St., Berkeley, Cal.
Esterly, Virginia Judy (Mrs. Ward B.), ex '06, P. 244 Alvarado Rd.,
Berkeley. Cal. T . Colusa, Cal.
Etcheverry,'Celeste La Coste (Mrs. Michel H.), '05, 3233 Jackson St.,
San Francisco. Cal.
Evans, Alleen, ex '19. Pomona. Cal.

Farrington. Marion, ex '21. 1117 Morton St., Alameda, Cal. Finnell. Christine M. (See Wheeler. Mrs. Rollo C.)
Fish, Hattie (See Bachus. Mrs. Geo. H.)
Fishburn, Jeanette, '22, 2320 La Salle Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. Flanagan. Irene (See Gay, Mrs. Wm. W.)
Ford, Savory, '15, Nevada City. Cal.
Forsyth, Margaret, '19. 825 4tli St.. Santa Rosa. Cal.
Forsyth. Mary Elois (See Bergland, Mrs. Harvey)
Foskett. Ethel Mae. ex '14, Concord. Cal.
Foster. Kate B., '02, 427 North St., Oakland, Cal.
Francis, Loje Gertrude, '22, Ferndalc.. Cal.
Freuler, Alice E. (See Norris, Mrs. Homer A.)
Freulcr, Olivia, ex '16, 2946 Russell St.. Berkelev, Cal.
Furlong, Martha Rice (Mrs. Herbert W.), '04. 2305 Regal Rd., Berke-
ley. Cal.
Gallagher. Martha Estelle, ex '22, 354 Vernon St., Oakland, Cal.
Gardner, Rose (See Marx. Mrs. Ralph)
Garrett, Edna (See Wetherbee. Mrs. Wm. C.)
Gay, Alyce Adelaide, '23, 1424 West Pine St.. Alhambra. Cal.
Gay, Irene Flanagan (Mrs. Wm. W.), '12, 1504 Fernside Blvd., Alame-
da, Cal.
Georgeson, Claire lean, '22. 907 6th St.. Eureka. Cal.
Georgeson, Vira. '"16. 907 6th St.. Eureka, Cal.
Gertridge, Dorothy Pomeroy (Mrs. H. D.), ex '22, 242 29th Ave., San
Francisco. Cal.
Ginoux. Lucille Lillian. '22. 254 Perkins St., Oakland, Cal.
Glenn. Myrtle Dales, ex '22, 2729 Hillegass Ave.. Berkeley, Cal.
Goeggel. Gladys lrma. '17. 1328 Hvde St., San Francisco, Cal.
Gove. Helen Bancroft (Mrs. Leon M.), '10, 1073 Walker Ave., Oakland.
Graff. Gladys Schmidt (Mrs. Robert), ex '17. 2725 Prince St., Berkeley,
Graham. Lucile. '19, P. 247 Crofton Way. Merriam Terran. San Francisco,
Cal. T. c/o Hopkins Institute. Baltimore, Md.
Gray, Leonore Margaret, '23, 2201 Harrison Blvd., Oakland. Cal.
Greene. Jeanette. '05. 2014 5th Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.
Greig, Lucille Frances, '20, 2546 Etna St.. Berkeley. Cal.
Guyles, Grace Batz (Mrs. G. B.), 09. 724 N. K. St., Tacoma. Wash. Hacklev. Sarah Matthew (Mrs. Philip B.). ex '08. 2200 Los Angeles Ave.,
Berkeley, Cal.
Hall. Netha (See Hill. Mrs. Geo. C.)
Harlowe, Wynne Meredith (Mrs. Geo.), ex 13, 1727 San Jose. Alameda,
Hart. Claire (See Magill, Mrs. Chas I.)
Haseltine, Margaret, '13, 413 Grant St., Wausau, Wis.
Hefferman, Carmelita, '21, 1325 N. Hunter St.. Stockton, Cal.
Heller, Hattie Marie, ex 20. 2406 B. St.. San Diego, Cal.
Helm. Bernice (See Cathcart, Mrs. W . E . )
Henderson, Isabelle (See Stewart. Mrs. B. F. Jr.)
Henderson, Margaret (See Dudley Mrs. M. H.)
Henry, Helen Natalie, '03. 430 W. 119th St.. New York City.
Hermann, Hertha Adelaide (See Brown, Mrs. Ernest C.)
Hert, Julia, 23, Colton, Cal.
Hill. Elizabeth, ex 16. 1028 Third Ave.. Santa Monica. Cal.
Hill. Netha Hall (Mrs. Geo. C.) ex '11. 422 Rose St.. Oakland. Cal. Homage. Evalyn B. (See Drake, Mrs. B. H.)
Howard, Frances Corlett (Mrs. Carl N.), 16, 1117 Glenn Ave., Berke-
ley, Cal.
Howard, Margaret, ex '16. 5346 Virginia Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.

Hubbard. Hernice, ex '18, 2959 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley. Cal. Hubbard. Kathryn (See Switzer, Mrs. Lewis)
Hunter, Mildred, Sec Stahl. Mrs. Leslie \V.)
Hurley, Margaret Mae, '12, Box 462, Phoenix, Ariz.
Ish, Marion Howard, 2.3. 679 Fairmont Ave., Oakland, Cal. Jackson. Ruth Avenel. 22. 2432 Russel St., Berkeley, Cal.
Jeffers, Una Call (Mrs. J. R.), '06, San Bernardino. Cal.
Johnson, Elizabeth (See LaRue, Mrs. Morgan E.)
Jouvenat, Alice Cranston (Mrs. J. B. Jr.), ex '17, Sheridan. Wyo. Jory. Grace Weeks (Mrs. S. L.),'12, 1514 La Loma, Berkeley, Cal. Judy, Emily Virginia (See Esterly. Mrs. Ward B.)
Judy. Juanita (See Vitousek. Mrs. Roy)
Keane, Rita C . '19, 111 26th Ave.. San Francisco, Cal.
Kemp. Rosemarjorie (Transferred to LAMBDA)
Kew, Emma Black (Mrs. S. D.), '13. P. 2913 Fillmore St.. San Fran-
cisco. Cal. T . Bogota. Columbia. S. A.
Kewin. Mona. ex '21, 203 Magnolia Ave., Modesto. Cal.
Kimball. Genevieve (See Bingaman, Mrs. Jos. W.)
King, Zoe, 23, 1809 Lake St. San Francisco.Cal.
Kinney, Lorene. '23. 358 Hillside Ave., Piedmont, Cal.
Kistlef, Carrie Bright (Mrs. Lewis A.). '10, 1328 Spruce St.. Berkeley, Cal. Kistler, Lucile (See Wagy. Mrs. Earl W.)
Knight. Mae Isabelle (See Siddell, Mrs. Robert)
LaCoste, Celeste R. (See Etcheverrv, Mrs. Michel H.) Laidlaw, Margaret Alice, '23, La Mesa, Cal.
LaRue, Elizabeth Johnson (Mrs. Morgan E.), ex '15, 531 21st St., Sac- ramento. Cal.
Lawton. Claudia Massie (Mrs. Oswald) '14 (Deceased)
Lewis. Blanche Olive, ex '09. 2211 Fulton St.. Berkeley, Cal.
Lorenz. Alice Washburn (Mrs. Geo. B.), '06. 1822 G St., Sacramento, Cal. Lothrop, Mabel (See Armstrong. Mrs. Claude)
Lowell. Mabel Lillian (See Paine, Mrs. Frederick C.)
Magill, Claire Hart (Mrs. Chas. I.), ex '15. 1311 5th Ave., San Francis-
co, Cal.
Maguire. Phyllis (See Welch, Mrs. Eugene R.)
Mains, Kathleen (See Osborne. Mrs. Cheslev)
Mallon. Mildred. '20. 1007 Grand St., Alameda", Cal.
Maltby. Dorenda (See Sullivan, Mrs. Robert D.)
Manning, Cora Hilda (See Thompson, Mrs. T. F . )
Mansfield. Daisy (See Shaw. Mrs. Norman W.)
Manzer. Charlotte Cowie (Mrs. Tilden T.). '14. P. 148 N. 11th St.. Marsh-
field Ore. T. Lodi. Cal.
Martin. Florence Schultz (Mrs. M. M.). '09, (Deceased)
Martin. Muriel Eastman (Mrs. Wilsie M.). '01, 1727 Vine St.. Holly-
wood. Cal.
Marty, Eva Alia. '05, 601 W. 127th St., New York Citv.
Marx. Rose Gardner (Mrs. Ralph S.). '11. 1421 Scenic Ave., Berkeley, Cal. Massie. Claudia (See Lawton, Mrs. Oswald)
Massie, Elaine Standish (Mrs. Andrew M.), '12, c/o Mrs. Reed, 667 Rue
Ratard. Shanghai. China.
Matthew. Marian H.. ex '20. 308 Santa Inez St.. San Mateo. Cal. Matthew. Sarah (See Haclev, Mrs. Philin B.)
McGowan. Marjorie Selwood (Mrs. H. E.).ex '20. 1387 5th Ave., San
Francisco, Cal.
McNeal. Bemice (See Bryant. Mrs. Ober W .)
McPherron, Grace A., '04. 1016 Orange St., Los Angeles, Cal. McVey. Margaret, ex '20. 315 W . Walnut St., San Diego, Cal. Meredith, Georgia (See Oliver, Mrs. R. B.)
Meredith. Wynne (See Harlowe, Mrs. George)

Miller, Flora Josephine (See Dunn, Mrs. W. A.)
Miller, Jennett Laurie (See Schwartz. Mrs. Burton)
Mills, Dorothy Clarke (Mrs. F. C), '14, 117 Featherbed Lane, Bronx.
New York Citv.
Moore, Evelvn. Bancroft (Mrs. J. H.), ex '13. P. 400 Convent Ave.. Apt.
43. N. Y. C. T. 1067 Walker Ave.. Oakland.Cal.
Morgan, Elizabeth (See Barker, Mrs. Edgar E.)
Morin, Grace Evelyn, '10, 1540 La Loma Ave., Berkeley. Cal.
Moroney. Ethel, '17, 200 Laurel St.. San Francisco, Cal.
Morrill, Evelyn M. (See Woodland, Mrs. G. W.)
Morris, Frances, ex '21, 28.34 Russell St., Berkeley. Cal.
Morris, Marjorie. ex '15, 635 N. Ardmore Ave.. Los Angeles, Cal. Muckleston, Edith Wherry (Mrs. Harold S.), '07, 167 Stanley St.. Mon-
treal, Canada.
Mudgett. Leona (See Crawford. Mrs. David L.)
Naylor, Esther, ex '21, 1701 N. Hunter St.. Stockton, Cal.
Neelv, Marguerite, '18. 920 T. St., Fresno, Cal.
Norfis, Alice Frueler (Mrs. Homer A.), ex '15, T. 2709 N. 29th St.
Tacoma. Wash.
Oherdeencr. Elsa. ex '17. 2614 Hilgard Ave., Berkeley. Cal.
Olcese, Josephine, '21, Hornitos. Cal.
Olcese, Rosalinda Amelia, '17, Hornitos, Cal.
Oliver. Georgia Meredith (Mrs. R. B.), '13. P. 1004 Union St.. Alameda.
• Cal. T . Forminiere, Djoko Punda Kasai, Belgian Congo, W . Africa. Osborne, Kathleen Mains (Mrs. Cheslev), '16, 308 Canal Drive, Tur-
lock, Cal.
Osgood, Consuelo, ex '21. 103 Monte Vista Ave.. Oakland, Cal.
Paine. Lillian Lowell (Mrs. Frederick C ) . '01. Okanogan. Wash.
Parkin. Joyce, ex '20, San Rafael, Cal.
Parkinson, Dorothy Richardson (Mrs. J. B.), ex '14, Rancho Mirario.
Motor Route A, Box 1866, Sacramento, Cal.
Perin, Dorothy Weeks (Mrs. C. &), ex '19, P. U. S. Naval Air Station,
Rockaway Beach. L. I. New York. T. 123 Beach 149th St.. Neponsit,
L. I. N. V.
Periolat. Ruth B.. ex '18. 2202 Devisadero St.. San Francisco. Cal. Peyton. Eleanor, '21, 526 Sento St.. Spokane. Wash.
Pierce. Florence M., ex '16, P. Mission Canon. Santa Barbara, Cal. T.
410 Van Ness Ave., Los Angeles. Cal.
Pierce, Mary Cameron (Mrs. Geo. W.). ex '15. 35 21st Ave., San Fran-
cisco, Cal.
Pierce. Pearl Louise (See Bailey. Mrs. Oscar)
Pomerov. Dorothv Jessie (See Gertridue, Mrs. H. D.)
Porter. Ethel (See Cullom, Mrs. F . B.)
Potter. Dorothv. '23. 504 Crofton Ave.. Oakland. Cal.
Preuss. May. '16. 2541 Regent St.. Berkeley. Cal.
Pride, Katherine Virginia, ex '20, 2532 Albetros Ave., San Diego, Cal. Propfe. Eleanor Jurs. '23, Princeton, Colusa Co., Cal.
Ray, Verna (See DeLong, Mrs. Roscoe C.)
Reichman. Dorothv (See W'alker. Mrs. C. H.)
Rhodes. Katherine."'22. 2711 Woolsey St.. Berkeley, Cal.
Rice, Lillian Jeannette. '10. 740 E. 2nd St., National City, Cal.
Rice, Martha B. (See Furlong, Mrs. Herbert W.)
Richards, Eleanor Louise. '23, 217 South 11th St.. Salt Lake City, Utah. Richardson, Dorothy (See Parkinson, Mrs. John B.)
Rinder. Harriet Frances, ex '22. 2438 Bowditch St.. Berkeley. Cal. Robertson. Mabel Pearl, ex '10. 909 Center St.. Salem, Ore.
Robie. Edwina. '20. East Auburn. Cal.
St. John, Beatrice May (See Searls, Mrs. Goodwin)
Scbieck. Gertrude A.. '17. 2627 Haste St.. Berkeley, Cal.

292 TO DRAG MA OF ALPHA 0M1CR0N PI Schicck, Helen, '19, 2627 Haste St., Berkeley. Cal.
Schmidt, Gladys Margaret (See Graff, Mrs. Robert)
Schnabel. Hazel Skinner (Mrs. C. K . ) , '06, Yuba City, Sutter Co., Cal. Schultz. Florence Elizabeth (See Martin. Mrs. M. M.)
Schwartz, lennett Miller (Mrs. Burton), '11. Clarksburg. Cal.
Searls, Beatrice St. John (Mrs. G.), '20. 3127 Eton St., Berkeley, Cal. Selwood. Marjorie (See McGowan, Mrs. H . E . )
Shaw, Daisv Mansfield (Mrs. Norman VV.), *07, 2805 Stuart St., Berke-
ley, Cab
Shreve, Ada (Sec Belshaw. Mrs. W. W.)
Siddell. Mae Knight (Mrs. Robert). '06. Lakeport.Cal.
Singleton. Norma Harriet, ex '13. Pacific Grove, Cal.
Skinner, Hazel Anna (See Schnabel, Mrs. Carl)
Slaughter, Helen Elsie, ex '17, 1202 E . 18th St.. Oakland. Cal.
Stahl. Mildred Hunter (Mrs. L. \V .), '13, 704 E. 3rd St., Long Beach, Cal. Standish. Elaine (See Massie, Mrs. Andrew)
Stewart, Isabelle Henderson (Mrs. B. F . Jr.) '05, 2655 Wakefield Ave.,
Oakland, Cal.
Stoddard, Mildred (See Winton, Mrs. Gordon H.)
Stoddard. Minette. ex '11, 732 20th St., Merced. Cal.
Stone, Margaret G. (See Eddy, Mrs. J. A.)
Stovall, Ruth, ex '22, Williams, Colusa Co., Cal.
Strong. Marion Crosett (Mrs. A. G.), ex '13, P. 850 Mendocino Ave.,
Berkeley. Cal. T . 885 Clayton St.. San Francisco, Cal.
Sullivan, Dorenda Maltby (Mrs. Robert D.), ex '21, Concord, Cal. Switzer, Kathryn Hubbard (Mrs. Lewis), ex '16. 105 Parkside Drive,
Berkeley, Cal.
Taber. Edna May, '16. 451 Hudson St.. Oakland,Cal.
Thayer. Helen (See Daugherty, Mrs. R. B.)
Thompson, Cora Hilda Manning (Mrs. Ira F . ) , ex '10, 1602 Colorado St..
Los Angeles, Cal.
Thompson, Sara Alberta. '23. 1015 16th St., Modesto, Cal.
Tower, Nora Frances (See Brownlie. Mrs. John)
Towle. Olive Cutler (Mrs. W. T.), '11, P. Coast Guard Headquarters,
Washington. D. C. T. 305 West 102nd St., New York City • Tyson, Rol>erta Boyd (Mrs. R. J.). '09, 9 Sea View Ave., Piedmont, Cal. Van der Naillen, Gladys, ex '21, 6003 Ocean View Drive, Oakland, Cal. Vitousek. Juanita Judy (Mrs. Roy), ex '15. Healdsburg, Cal.
Von Schmidt. Rose (See Bell, Mrs. Geo. L.)
Wagv, Lucile Kistler (Mrs. E. W.). '11. P. U. S. Bureau of Mines, Wash-
ington, D. C. T. 1489 Newton St., Washimrton, D. C.
Walker. Dorothv Reichman (Mrs. C. H.). ex '21. Edgewood, Cal.
Ward, Blanche Ahlers (Mrs. Terrv W .), '11, Merced, Cal.
Waring, Mary Davis (Mrs. Robert A.), ex '10, Box 266, R.F.D. No. 3,
Sacramento. Cal.
Warren, Marie (Transferred to LAMBDA) Washburn. Alice (See Lorenz, Mrs. Geo. B.)
Watson, Geneva Elizabeth, ex '11, Fairoaks, Cal.
Weeks, Anna, '07. P. 207 N. Almansor St., Alhambra, Cal. T. 2116 Dor-
chester Rd., Brooklyn. N. Y.
Weeks, Dorothy (See P'erin. Mrs. C. E.)
Weeks, Florence Elizabeth, '09, 1514 La Loma Ave., Berkeley. Cal. Weeks, Grace Yale (See Jory, Mrs. S. F.)
Weeks, Helen F ., '06, T. 207 N. Almansor St.. Alhambra, Cal.
Weeks. Margaret G. (See Ball. Mrs. Chas.)
Welch. Phyllis Maguire (Mrs. Eugene R.), '13, 1245 Washington St., San
Francisco, Cal.
Wetherbee. Kdna Garrett (Mrs. Wm. C ) , ex '13, 810 N. Kellogg St.,
Galesburg, 111.

TO DRAGMA OF ALPHA OMlCRO.\ PI 293 Wheeler, Christine Finnell (Mrs. Rollo C ) . ex '18. St Helena, Cal.
Whelan. Viola Ahlers (Mrs. J . L . ) , '08, 3590 Washington cisco, Cal.
St., San
Whcrrv, Edith Margaret (See Muckleston, Mrs. Harold)
Wight," Marv R. (See Day. Mrs. John)
Williams. Amelia N., '20, 2030 Sunset Blvd.. San Diego, Cal.
Williams. Katherine. '23. 2030 Sunset Blvd.. San Diego, Cal.
Williams. Margaret, ex '23, 2030 Sunset Blvd., San Diego, Cal.
Winterer. Marian Bachman (Mrs. Horace K.), ex '17 (Deceased) Winton, Mildred Stoddard (Mrs. G. H.) ex '11. Livingston, Cal. Wixon, Helen Fdson (Mrs. Sanford), ex '11. 2710 Q. St.. Sacramento, Cal. Woodland. Evelyn Morrill (Mrs. G. W . ),'09. 2620 Stuart St., Berkeley. Cal. Young, Elaine Mary (See Berghmd, Mrs. L . R.)
Young, Lucile, ex '21, Oak St., Napa, Cal.
Yuill. Ruth Carson (Mrs. Peter N.), ex '16, Belle Vista Terrace, Sierra Madre. Cal.
Adomeit. Lucrctia Loring (Mrs. Erich), ex '10, 9920 Parkgate Ave., Cleve- land, Ohio.
Allen, Lucy Estile, '08, 3628 Birchwood Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Allen, Mabel J. (See Stevens, Mrs. Rufus)
Antrim, Elizabeth Delia (See Kendrick, Mrs. W. A.) Babcock. Blanche (See English, Mrs. W alter)
Babcock. Margaret Jane (Transferred to Eta)
Baker. Mary (See Ruffing. Mrs. E. L.)
Baker, Ruth, ex '17. 17 E . Raymond Ave., Harrisburg, 111.
Baney, Helen Sutton (Mrs. Irvin). ex '17, Kentland, Ind.
Barnes. Carrie Leavell (Mrs. Claude), ex '14. Winchester, Ind.
Barris, Delia Wintrode (Mrs. Mortimer), '03. Forest Home, Ithaca, N. Y . Bates, Celia. '12, P. Winchester, Ind. T. Tri Delta House, Cornell Univ.,
Ithaca. N. Y.
Beck, Maro Marguerite (See Mcrriman, Mrs. J. H.)
Beeson. Barbara. '23, Elwood. Indiana. R. R. 3.
Bceson. Ivah (See Gibeault, Mrs. losenh A.)
Bell, Nina Maple (Mrs. A. II.),''14.*748 Connecticut St., Gary. Ind. Benjamin, Mae, '22, Monticello. Ind.
Bennett, Margeriette, ex '18 (Deceased)
Bctz, Margaret, '21, Pawpaw. 111.
Betz, Mildred, '21, Pawpaw. 111.
Bicknell, Edna, '21, 110 E . Franklin St., Greencastle, Ind. Bicknell, lessie (See Grimans. Mrs. Paul)
Bicknell, Mary. '19, P . 110 E . Franklin S t . Greencastle, I n d T . Dept. of Zoology, University of Kansas, Lawrence. Kansas.
Bills, Lura Davis (Mrs. Elmer), '11, 719 University Ave., Laramie, Wyo Blair, Mary. '10. 1024 Madison St.. La Porte. Ind.
Bonham Lenore, '15, 1016 Franklin St.. Columbus, Ind.
Bowen, Minnie A. (See Travis, Mrs. Frank)
Brain, Olive Beatrice (See Wrightson. Mrs. W. H.)
Bray, Vera Kelly (Mrs. Roy), '15, Monrovia. Ind.
Britton, Elizabeth, '23, Anderson, Ind.
Brown, Janice, 23. 914 W. Sycamore St.. Kokomo, Ind. Bywater, Irma Horn (Mrs. J. Benjamine), '11, Berge, Wash. Cain, Ruth Marjorie, ex '15, Rockvford, Colo.
Canaday, Bernice, '22, 810 S. Maryland Ave., Glendale, Cal.

Canaday. Esther (See Day, Mrs. Chahner)
Carter, Avanelle Maurine (See Davisson, Mrs. Win.)
Carver, Ethel (See Martin. Mrs. Marion)
Case, Ruth (See Wilson, Mrs. Henry)
Cates, Mary Duncan (Mrs. Arthur), '08, Union City. Ind.
Chambers, Ivah Work (Mrs. Court) ex '13, 35 W. 24th St., Indianapolis,
Confer, Ixwise Kiefer (Mrs. Karl), '09, W. Seminary St., Greeucastle.
Conner, Eleanor Day, ex '15, Silver Hills, New Albany, Ind.
Coons, Daisy W. (See Stout, Mrs. Tilman J.)
Cooper, I.ida Leona Kelley (Mrs. Forest), ex '12, S. Locust St., Green-
castle. Ind.
Cossairt, Margaret Robbins (Mrs. Fred), ex '16, 201 S. Harrison St.,
Shelbj'ville, Ind.
Couchman, Jessie (See Diggs, Mrs. John)
Covalt, Juva (Transferred to Beta Phi)
Covalt. Vedah (Transferred to Beta Phi)
Creager, Ruth, '23, 115 S. Indiana Ave, Kokomo, Ind. Crimans, Jessie Bicknell (Mrs. Paul), ex '19, Detroit. Mich. Davis Lura (See Bills. Mrs. Elmer)
Davisson, Avanelle Carter (Mrs. W. M.), ex '19, Wingate, Ind.
Day. Esther Canaday (Mrs. Chalmer), ex '18, 810 S. Maryland Ave.,
Glendale. Cal.
Deberry, Ruthvene. ex '21, 418 Alton St.. Bicknell, Ind.
De Prall, Nellie (Transferred to Beta Phi)
DeWolf, Irene Newnam (Mrs. Leslie), ex '10, 6706 Greenview Ave.,
Rogers Park. Chicago, 111.
Dice, Mabel (See Manuel, Mrs. Virgil)
Diggs, Jessie Couchman (Mrs. John), '10, 54 Keating Ave.. Indianapolis,
DiltB, Clara Celia, '16, Winamac. Ind.
Dilts, Lenora Obright (Mrs. Russell A.), ex '15. Winamac, Ind.
Dodd, Esther Morris (Mrs. Paul), '18. Kansas, III.
Dorner, Frieda Pfafflin (Mrs. Fred H.), '07, 716 Prospect Ave.. Mil-
waukee, Wis.
Dotv, Wava. '22, Hudson. Ind.
Douthitt, Margaret. '18, 792 W. Market St., Akron, Ohio.
Downs, Elsie, ex '13, Idaville, Ind.
Driscol. Luella. ex '19, Liberty, Ind.
Duncan. Mary (See Cates, Mrs. Arthur C.)
Dunn. Dorothy (Transferred to Iota)
Edmundson, Nila (Transferred to Iota)
English, Blanche Babcock (Mrs. Walter), ex '14. 624 N. 6th St.. Lafay-
ette, Ind.
Etter, Avis Kelly (Mrs. Ralph), '10, 619 E . Anderson St., Greeucastle, Ind. Ezell, Bertha B. Walker (Mrs. Jas.), '05, Klamath Falls. Ore., Box 207. Farmer, Mary Jennie, '10. Greencastle, Ind.
Fee. Mary E . (See Palmer, Mrs. W . J.)
Fellows, Goldie E. Huffman (Mrs. Ray S.), "08. 411 E. 18th St.. Tulsa.
Ferguson, Geo L . (See Wood, Mrs. F . S.)
Fields, Florence, ex '11, 125 E. Wiley St.. Bluffton, Ind.
Forkner, May Harriet (See Schlaback, Mrs. B.)
Forrest, Edna McClure (Mrs. Cleon C ) . '17, Elwood. Ind.. R. R. 28. Foster. Florence. '16. Cloverdale. Ind.
Foster. Nell Hazel. '13. Albany. Ind.
Fouts. Bess Levering (Mrs. Arthur), '09. 607 S. Center St., Terre Haute,

Frazier, Cora Ellen, '07, P. Hillsboro, Ind. T. 305 S. 7th St.. Muskogee, Okla.
Frazier, Flora Olive. '10, P. Hillsboro, Ind. T. 305 S. 7th St.. Muskogee, Okla.
Fuller, Lela. '22, Wingate, Ind.
Gardner, Inez (See Scully, Mrs. Richard)
Gibeault, Ivah Beeson (Mrs. Joseph A.), '14, Villa Grove, 111.
Gilkey, Georgia L . , '17, Wingate, Ind.
Glascock, Laurabelle (See Moyer, Mrs. Walter A.)
Glendenning. Edna, ex '20, Bryant, Ind.
Greely, Hazel McCoy (Mrs. Leslie Wm.), ex '11, Yorktown. Ind.
Gricc, Edna Stafford (Mrs. John), ex '10, Albany, Ind.
Gwartney, Beryl Hawkins (Mrs. Hilbert), ex '15, Kokomo, Ind.
Harvey, Edna Roush, '13, Marklc, Ind.
Harwell, Ruth Searle, '15, Glenwood. Ind.
Hauck. Louise, '23, Greencastle, Ind.
Hawker, Cora Belle McCready (Mrs. Clarence), '11. Franklin. 111. Hawkins, Beryl (See Gwartney, Mrs. Hilbert)
Hays, Hazel, '15, Burns City. Ind.
Hazelett. Helen Savage (Mrs. Richard M.),'09, Marion. Ind.
Hedde, Mabell Elizabeth (See Van Arsdel, Mrs. William)
Hedde, Marie, ex '19, 309 7th St., Logansport, Ind.
Hedde. Wilhelmina. '19, P. 309 7th St., logansport. Ind. T. Crook>ton,
Henderson, Ethel Spang (Mrs. Wm.), ex '12, Georgetown. Ind.
Hendrix, Mclva, '19, S. Green St., Crawfordsville, Ind.
Henring, Edith Mary, '08, New Harmony, Ind.
Hester, Mary, '23, New Albany, Ind.
Hiatt, Mary Elizabeth Wright (Mrs. Edgar), '12, Portland. Ind.
Hieb, Elizabeth. '22. Muncie. Ind.
Hilhurn, Olive Young (Mrs. Geo.). '14, Bicknell, Ind.
Holman, Ruth, ex '15, 521 N. Main St.. Kokomo. Ind.
Horn, Irma (See Bywater, Mrs. J. B.)
Ilosman, Yev Yille. '19. Akron. Ind.
Hostetter. Florence Irwin (Mrs. Stewart), '12, 3944 Park Ave.. Indian-
apolis, Ind.
Houghton, Helen Louise. '22, Oilman, 111.
Huckleberry, Merle Huffman (Mrs. Nathaniel), '18, N. Jackson St.,
Greencastle, Ind.
Huffman, Goldie E. (See Fellows. Mrs. Ray S.)
Huffman, Merle (See Huckleberry. Mrs. Nathaniel)
Hughes, Florence Helen. '15, 217 E. Washington St.. Muncie, Ind. Ingersoll. Nell Jean (Mrs. Lee), ex '15, Worthington, Ind
Irwin, Florence (See Hostetter, Mrs. Stewart)
Jacques, Laura (See Leazenby, Mrs. Arthur)
Jayne, Gertrude Ethel, '19, 1318 S. Belmont Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Jayne, Margaret (See Reed. Mrs. Glenn)
Jean, Nell (See Ingersoll, Mrs. Lee)
Johnston. Estelle (See Lorenz, Mrs. Carl)
Jones, Anna McCarty, '21, Greencastle. Ind.
Jones. Florence Reed, '13. P. Greencastle, ind., R. R. No. 2. T. Arsenal
Technical H . S., Indianapolis, Ind.
Jones, Jessie, '18, Greencastle, Ind., R. R. No. i.
Jones, Ruby, '12, P. Greencastle. Ind.. R. R. No. 2. T. Knox. Ind.
Jones. Ruth Ritchie (Mrs. O. M.), ex '15, Peter Pan Apt., Indianapolis.
Jordan, Fern Thompson (Mrs. Parker), '12. 200 Waverlv Ave.. Detroit
Kelley, Clara Avis (See Etter, Mrs. Ralph)

Kclley, Lida Leona (See Cooper, Mrs. Forest M.)
Kelley. Lucille, '20. 619 EL Anderson St., Greencastle, Ind
Kelley, Vera Gertrude (See Bray. Mrs. Roy)
Kelly, Frances, '15, Winamac, Ind.
Kemp, Ruby Elizabeth, '22. Wavnetown, Ind.
Kendrick, Elizabeth Delia Antrim (Mrs. William Albert), '13, 6052 Ingle-
side Ave., Chicago, 111.
Kersey, Helen, '20, Lebanon, Ind.
Kibborn. Hazel. '22. Crown Point, Ind.
Kibele. Mary Louise. '18. 800 E. Adams. Muncie. Ind. Kiefer, Louise (See Confer, Mrs. Karl)
Kitterman. Thelma Sells (Mrs. Max), ex '21. Hagerstown, Ind.
Kreutzinger, Rose Whitaker (Mrs. Henry Indianapolis, Ind.
J . ) ,
ex '15. 665
E . 25th St.,
Kyle. Forest (See Wildman, Mrs. Clyde)
Lakin, Agnes Louisa, '19, Coatesvillc, Ind.
Laning. Verne, '13, La Grange. Ind.
Langc, Helen Louise. '19. North Vernon. Ind.
Langwith, N. Olive, ex '14, 760 E. High St., Davenport. Iowa. Largent, Agnes, '23, Crawfordsville. Ind.
Largent, Grace Smith. '21. Crawfordsville, Ind. Larkin. Golda. 23. Coatesvillc. Ind.
I^aync. Ruth Eugenia. Sp.. Wichita. Kan. Leachman. Nell Hope. '14. Coatesvillc. Ind.
Leamotl, Nelle Ringo (Mrs. Win. G.), ex '17, Box 185, Wooster, Ohio. Leavell. Carrie (See Barnes, Mrs. Claude)
Leavell. Jessie (See McCormick, Mrs. Roy)
Leazenhv, Laura Jaques (Mrs. Arthur), '11, 117 Fraser Ave.. Ocean Park.
Levering. Mary Bess (See Fours, Mrs. Arthur)
Little. Ruth. '19. Darlington. Ind.
Lockman. Lucille, '20, 624 N. Alabama St.. Indianapolis. Ind.
Lorenz. Estelle Johnston (Mrs. Carl). 13. 715 W. Central Ave.. Toledo, O. Luring, Lucretia (See Adomeit, Mrs. Erich)
Lynch. Maurine York (Mrs. Earl), ex '19. Cloverdale, Ind.
Lyons, Earla Mills (Mrs. Earl), '06. Andrews. Ind.
MacLachlan. Allison Maude (See Murphv. Mrs. Morris)
Manuel. Mabel Dice (Mrs. Virgil). '11. Crawfordsville, Ind., R. R. No. 1. Maple. Nina Victoria (See Bell. Mrs. A. H.)
Martin. Ethel Carver (Mrs. Marion), ex '09, 314 W. Penn St. Rockvillc.
Mavhugh. Ethel Pike (Mrs. HaroldL ex '18. Franccsville. Ind.
Maze. Pearl White. '08, P. Cloverdale, Ind. T. 513 N. Dunn St., Bloom-
ington, Ind.
McClure, Edna (See Forrest, Mrs. C. C.)
McCorkle. Bernice Ann., '19. W ingate. Ind.
McCormick. Jessie Leavell (Mrs. Roy), ex '10. Albany, Ind.
McCoy. Hazel (See Greely. Mrs. L . W .)
McCracken. Gladys Whitaker Mrs. Edwin). '10 (Deceased)
McCready. Cora B. (See Hawker, Mrs. Clarence)
McDonald. Ruth Stafford (Mrs. James Grover). '10, c/o G. McDonald.
132 W. 42nd St., N. Y. City.
McFarland, luanita (Transferred to Rho)
Mcjury. Pearl Wenger (Mrs. F. M.). '12. 294 Hancock St,. Portland, Ore. McLeod, Irene Miller (Mrs. LeRoy). '15. Browns Valley, Ind. Medbourne. Bessie (See Slonaker. Mrs. C. L . )
Meissner, Eva Thompson (Mrs. John F.), '09. 1704 E. 69th St.. Chicago.
Merriman, Maro Beck (Mrs. J. H.), ex '14. Craigville. Ind.

Miller, Irene R. (See McLeod. Mrs. LeRoy)
Mills. Earla (See Lyons, Mrs. Earl)
Mitchell. Bernice. ex '19, 205 E. 34th St., Indianapolis. Ind.
Montgomery Estelle, '10, P. Poscyville, Ind. T. Davtona H. S., Davtona.
Morris, Esther (See Dodd, Mrs. Paul)
Morris, June. '21, Crawfordsville, Ind., R. R. No. 1.
Morrison. Elizabeth, '23, Owcnsboro, Ky.
Mover. Laurahelle Glascock (Mrs. Walter A.), ex '16, Oilman, 111. Murphy. Allison MacLachlan (Mrs. Morris), '17, 230 W. Creighton Ave..
Fort Wayne, Ind.
Newnam, Irene Bell (See DeWolfe, Mrs. L.)
Norris, Grace Mae, '11, 434 W. Angelica St., Rensselaer. Ind. Norris, Marguerite Olivia. '20. 434 W. Angelica St., Rensselaer, Ind. O'Brien, Reggie, ex '21, Clayton, Ind.
Obright. Lenora (See Dilts' Mrs. Russell, A.)
O'Hair, Ivah Smith (Mrs. Fred L.). ex '13. 19 Park Ave., Maplewood, N.J. O'Rcar, Helen, '20, Greencastle, Ind.
Palmer, Mary E. Fee (Mrs. Walter J.), ex 11. 2314 E. Michigan St. In-
dianapolis. Ind.
Paulus, Lela D., '21, Rensselaer, Ind.
Pfafflin. Frieda (See Dorner. Mrs. Fred H.)
Pike. Ethel (See Mayhugh, Mrs. Harold)
Place, Pauline, '15. P. Pennville. Ind. T. Aoyama Jo Gakuin, Tokyo.
Puckett, Loey Read (Mrs. Troy), ex '12, Winchester. Ind.
Pyke. Margaret Learning, '09 (Deceased)
Read, Loey Carol (See Puckett, Mrs.,Troy)
Reed. Margaret Jayne (Mrs. Glenn), ex '16. Brookvillc, Ind.
Ringo. Elizabeth Nelle (See Leamon. Mrs. W. G.)
Risk. Rima Catherine, ex '15, Connersville, Ind.
Ritchie, Ruth Mary (See Jones, Mrs. O. M.)
Robbins, Margaret (See Cossairt, Mrs. Fred)
Roberts. Beulah Fern (See Swinford, Mrs. )
Robertson, Grace Anne, ex '17, Kansas, 111.
Rutting. Mary Baker (Mrs. Edwin L ) , ex '20.
Savage, Helen E. (See Hazelett, Mrs. Richard M.)
Schlaback. May Harriet Forkncr (Mrs. Bert), ex '11. Fort Wayne, Ind. Scully. Inez Gardner (Mrs. Richard), ex '12, 328 Pierced Ave., Cincin-
nati, Ohio.
Sells, Thelma (See Kitterman, Mrs. Max)
Sharp, Helen Augusta, ex '14, P. Edgerton, Ohio. T. 6022 Kenwood Ave.,
Chicago, III.
Shock, Mary Katherine, ex '13. 12 Winslow Place. Detroit. Mich
Slonaker, Hess Medbourne (Mrs.
Smith, Ada, '16. Mitchell, Ind.
Smith. Ivah (See O'Hair. Mrs. Fred)
Sollenberger. Judith, '22, 723 W. Taylor St., Kokomo, Ind. Spang. Ethel (See Henderson,. Mrs. Wm.)
Spaulding, Myrtle M. (See Thomas, Mrs. Evan)
Stafford. Anna Cordelia, ex '12, P. 918 W. Main St.. Crawfordsville,
Ind. T . 128 Andrew Place. W . Lafayette. Ind.
Stafford, Edna May (See Grice. Mrs. John)
Stafford, Roxie Edith, ex '14, Albany, Ind.
Stafford, Ruth, '22, 614 Jefferson St., Crawfordsville, Ind,
Stafford. Ruth Jane (See McDonald. Mrs. James Grover)
Stevens. Mabel Allen (Mrs. Rufus), ex' li. 2S79 W. 7th St., Los Angeles,
C. L . ) , ex '09, Leiters' Ford, Ind.

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