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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2016-03-22 14:23:45

The Piper - March 2016

The Piper - March 2016

TheP i p e rAlpha Omicron Pi | March 2016

Members of Beta Nu (Illinois State U) and Iota
(U of Illinois) celebrate Founders’ Day together.

Network Structure Update
Resolution 1 Task Force Update
LI Registration Information... and more!

SAVE THE DATES BoaErxdeMcutievsesage

April 5 @ 8:00 pm Central
(Phi Chi/U of Chicago)
Strategic Plan Updates
International Vice President
April 16 - Chicago Cubs Dear Sisters:
April 17 - Texas Rangers As we “spring” forward with the time
LI REGISTRATION change, and many are excited about
March 28 - April 14 March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day, I
hope you are all considering the ways in
Selected Officers (see page 7) which March also begins a special time
of year for those of us in AOII!
April 18 @ 10:00 am Central We just celebrated AOII Goes Blue
on March 4th, a day honoring our
Additional Officers until commitment to service, and especially
capacity reached (see page 7) to the Arthritis Foundation. Perhaps your chapter dedicated time to sharing
awareness of the arthritis cause, or raised funds important to future arthritis
1 research efforts or the camps that enrich the lives of our friends with juvenile
arthritis. Or maybe you chose to serve a local cause dear to your chapter’s
heart. No matter what your philanthropic spirit inspired, we’re grateful for the
ways you’ve gone blue for our sisterhood!
How else will you “march forward” with AOII this Spring? I’m so excited
to see that some have already registered for the Arthritis Foundation’s Walk
to Cure and 5k run in their local areas. If there is none in your community,
consider doing a virtual walk and bringing friends together online to support
our national AOII walk team! If you’re planning for formal recruitment, there
are so many creative ways to bring the Arthritis cause to the forefront with a
creative new philanthropy day activity to wow those PNMs-check out Pinterest
for some fantastic ideas.
Speaking of arthritis, did you know that Strike Out Arthritis turns 15 this year?
Together, we have raised over $3 million through our signature philanthropic
platform. Perhaps you’re busy brainstorming your next Strike Out Arthritis
event, or signing your alumnae chapter up for one of the fantastic upcoming
Strike Out games that we’ve partnered with Major League Baseball to host this
season across the country! While pitchers and catchers are warming up their
throws, AOIIs across the US and Canada are shining AOII’s light so brightly as
Champions of Yes!

Our dedication to service extends beyond the letters we all cherish. With International Badge Day on March 8th,
we proudly joined Panhellenic sisters and wore our badges on campus, at work, and in our communities. The
lovely pictures all over social media reminded us of our common values of sisterhood, scholarship and service.
With Past International President Carole Jones leading us at the helm, as NPC Vice Chairman these next two
years, let us rededicate ourselves not just on Badge Day, but every day, to reflecting the very best of the National
Panhellenic Conference. Whether you are a Panhellenic Delegate, officer, or alumnae volunteer, consider how
you can make that special difference for a young woman thinking about Greek life. We hope you are actively
supporting Panhellenic events that raise significant scholarship funds for our college women. Or, will you give
time and talent to a new alumnae Panhellenic group starting in your community?
When we give to others, and lead through our service, we “march forward” with the singleness of heart that our
Founders first envisioned in 1897!

It’s Worth Talking About

AOII Culture Principles

Alpha Omicron Pi’s Culture Principles were created to
provide our membership with a consistent approach to
“how” we do things. Their purpose is to help all members
achieve the meaning of Fraternity as outlined in our Ritual.
Collaboration is part of AOII’s culture. We work together,
practicing consensus and teamwork. We collaborate so that
our members feel valued, a part of the bigger picture, and to
ensure a better result is achieved because our members are
partnering and working together. Is true collaboration part of
your chapter’s culture? How?

It’s worth talking about!

Shop the Emporium!

The Emporium is your one stop shop for AOII
spring gear. Visit to fill
your beach bag with AOII tees, hats, shorts,

cups and sunglasses.


Network Structure Update

The Performance Committee of the Executive Board is pleased to
update and share with you the following Executive Board approved
recommendations regarding our Fraternity’s Network structure. While
changes will be made across all Networks, we are recommending a
strategic and measured response as Network rosters fluctuate and
grow over the next several years. At this time, we are not suggesting
an increase in the overall number of Networks. The Performance
Committee will continue to partner with staff and Network volunteers
to review and evaluate the structure on a regular basis to allow for
ongoing feedback and improvements as identified.
The Performance Committee, in our efforts to review and make
recommendations regarding the Network structure, began by
compiling and deploying a survey in the fall of 2015 that was completed by volunteers and staff. These results were
summarized and shared with participants. We then hosted a series of focus group calls in October and November 2015.
The calls offered an opportunity to capture feedback, suggestions, and reinforcement about the current Network structure
from those currently serving in and supporting all areas of Network volunteer and staff leadership.
After reviewing feedback from the survey, focus group calls, and Performance Committee discussions, staff led a
Network by Network review that included consideration of the strength of current volunteers and chapters and shared a
proposal with the Performance Committee in late 2015. All of this data informed the proposal that was shared with the
full Executive Board and Network Directors in January 2016. Network Directors received specific Network by Network
recommendations and were able to discuss these proposals with their teams and offer feedback for what is now the final

Highlights of the Network structure changes include:
• Network Specialists need to be added in different specialty areas, but the timing varies depending on Network
growth. Therefore, a timeline is provided based on when specialists would need to be added over the course of the
next three to five years for each Network. (See Appendix 1)

• While it is not felt that sweeping changes need to happen at this point, we are recommending a few state moves to
assist in balancing Network sizes which would impact both alumnae and collegiate chapters.
Those include:
• Moving the state of Missouri from Network 6 to Network 7; and
• Moving the states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico from Network 8 to Network 6.

• Continued integration and engagement with colonies, new chapters, and Network Specialists of Development
were also key areas of review and focus for the Network structure. Staffing realignment will now allow for both
NS-Ds and geo Network volunteers to be partnered with one Assistant Director of Collegiate Experience (ADCE)
for each Network. This change alone should help increase and improve communication. Additionally, we have
provided some best practices to assist in increased collaboration throughout the tenure of the NS-D.
(See Appendix 2)

The impact and effectiveness of our Networks are important to overall Fraternity success and strategic plan achievement.
We remain committed to ensuring volunteers have positive experiences and chapters have needed resources. Please reach
out to the Performance Committee at performancec[email protected] with questions or feedback about the
Networks and volunteer experience.

Fraternally, Troy Leforge
The AOII Performance Committee: Krista Whipple

Susan Bonifield
Crystal Combs

3 Amber Countis, Chair

Volunteer for AOII
Network 1
The Human Resources HR Ambassador Network 1
Committee is alway accepting Network Specialist–Leadership**
applications. To speak to a Network Specialist–Recruitment**
member of the HRC team about Network 2
which position is right for you, Network Specialist-Development–Kappa Delta/Wright State U (vacancy 6/15/2016)
please email Network Specialist–Leadership**
[email protected]. To Network 3
complete a volunteer application, Network Specialist–Leadership
visit Network 4
volunteer-opportunities1 and HR Ambassador Network 4 (vacancy 6/15/2016)
click on the link at the bottom of Network Specialist–Finance**
the page. Network Specialist–Leadership
Network 5
The following positions are No vacancies
currently open - HRC is actively Network 6
recruiting to fill these vacancies: Network Director
Network Specialist–Recruitment**
** Indicates a new position in the Network 7
Network. Reference page 3 for Network Specialist-Development–Missouri State U (Fall 2016 colonization)
more information. Network Specialist–Finance**
Network Specialist–Leadership**
Network Specialist–Recruitment**
Network 8
Network Specialist-Development–Zeta Theta/California State U, Chico (vacancy 6/15/2016)
Network Specialist–Finance**
Network Specialist–Leadership**
Network Specialist–Recruitment**

Ritual Moments
Spend some time with AOII’s Founders! The Rituals, Traditions and
Jewelry Committee (RT&J) has recorded and developed a monthly podcast
series called “Ritual Moments,” where members can learn, understand
and reflect on AOII’s rich history. A new podcast will be released on the
AOII Facebook page on the second Monday of each month. This month’s
recording is from 1966 and is titled “Four Girls and Forty Thousand.”
Members can also access a transcript of each recording in the Ritual
section of the Officer Resource Library on Fulfilling the Promise



April is sexual violence awareness month.

Trigger warning: material below deals with sexual violence
Title IX, sexual violence, and bystander intervention are terms all students are becoming familiar with on their respective
campus these days. Title IX is a federal civil right that prohibits sex discrimination in education. Primarily known for its
application of equal access/participation in sports, it also addresses sexual violence, sexual harassment, and all forms of gender-
based discrimination.
The increased visibility of Title IX enforcement has made sexual violence THE safety concern for today’s student and their
family members. By now many of us know that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted during their time in college.1 Thirty-
one percent of first-year women will experience some type of sexual assault, and 80% of survivors suffer with chronic mental
and physical health issues2. The statistics are only a small glimpse of the true nature of sexual violence in our campus
communities as may acts go underreported3.
As Panhellenic women, it is incumbent upon us to bond together to challenge rape myths, and established norms on our
campuses. We must engage our community in a larger, deeper conversation and acknowledge that each of us has a role to play
in changing a culture that has been allowed to thrive in the shadows.
So what can you do to promote a safe campus environment free from sexual violence?
1. Employ Bystander Intervention techniques. In 2013, following the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act,
via the Campus SaVE Act, called for campuses to increase their training and education efforts on bystander intervention.
Campuses are providing different workshops and programs (Green Dot, Bringing in the Bystander, Step Up!, etc.) to raise
awareness as to simple steps students can take when they see someone in trouble to possibly prevent sexual assault from taking
place. Don’t just encourage your members to participate, but commit to participating as a chapter. Push for a joint Greek
community program. Don’t let the conversation stop there, commit to one another how you will use the techniques learned to
protect one another.
2. Acknowledge the role of alcohol and other drugs. Seventy-five percent of students who had experienced unwanted sexual
intercourse had been drinking or using drugs shortly before these incidents.4 It’s time that we acknowledge that our late night/
weekend behaviors have wide-ranging, and sometimes long-term consequences. Whereas we have set up safety systems or
have reinforced messages regarding drinking and driving we have not given the same attention to situations that may lead
to sexual violence. How often do we leave a sister at a social event because she’s fine and she has her phone on her if she gets
into trouble? Have you ever stopped to consider how ineffective your phone really is if you find yourself incapacitated? Could
you even get to your phone if you’re in trouble with an individual who has been drinking heavily and is acting in a sexually
aggressive manner? While men are not the only perpetrators of sexual violence, they are 4 times more likely to sexually
perpetrate on days when they used alcohol compared to non-drinking days.5 It’s time to begin thinking pro-actively about the
safety of our sisters beyond a safe ride home.
3. Stop blaming the victim. How many times after you hear of an incident taking place do you hear others begin to blame
the victim? Perhaps its comments about what they were wearing, how they were clearly intoxicated, or how they were acting
towards the offender earlier in the evening, “what did she think was going to happen…” or “she was so drunk, how can she now
claim that he raped her?” If no really means no, and if she cannot give consent how is it her fault? Were you not also wearing
a low cut top or short, tight skirt? Would it not be your fault as well if it happened to you? Victim blaming exists because
we’re too afraid to acknowledge that this type of violence can and does exist in our world. We speak from what we truly do not
understand, as we grapple, consciously or subconsciously, with the very thought that it could have been you and not her.
4. Be open, honest, and unafraid to support a survivor. Survivors of sexual violence have experienced some of the most
psychologically damaging trauma one can experience in their lifetime. It is on par with attempted murder. Science has
proven that nearly 50% of survivors experience a complex, automatic neurological response to sexual violence that renders the
individual unable to move, speak, respond, or fight back against her assailant. Following the assault, due to the rush of different


neurological chemicals, the reality of what happened is a jumble mess. This is why it’s difficult for survivor’s to recount a step-
by-step account of what transpired. Their body and mind is still affected by the trauma they experienced that they cannot fit
all the pieces together. Listen to a survivor. Don’t judge. Help them identify confidential resources on your campus or in the
community to assist them in processing what happened. It’s not her fault.
April is sexual violence awareness month. Your campus will likely be hosting a variety of activities aimed at empowering and
speaking out against violence in all forms. Challenge yourself and your sisters to attend, participate, and advocate for safer
environments. Take advantage of programs aimed at educating and training members of the campus community to intervene
when someone is in trouble. Have open, honest conversations as a chapter with regards to how you’re going to support each
other before and after something happens. Push for comprehensive programming for the entire fraternity/sorority community
on sexual violence. Offer up AOII’s program, “Just Yell Fire” to your Panhellenic community. Don’t approach trainings or
programs with the idea that all men in the room are potential perpetrators. This paints them into a corner and eliminates any
hope of collaboration for a safer community. Be sure your members are aware of your institution’s policies regarding Title IX,
confidential advisors, and reporting options on and off campus.
Sexual violence is a community-wide issue on your campus. It’s bigger than the fraternity/sorority community. It is not
a problem that can be solved or fully addressed through increasing or improving response efforts. It has to begin with
prevention. As Panhellenic women, join the fight to prevent sexual violence, in all its forms, from occurring in your

1 “Not Alone”. The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. April 2014.
2 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Sexual Violence: Consequences.”

violenceprevention/sexual violence/consequences.html. Accessed September 2015.
3 Kristina Mastropasqua. “Sexual Assault and Rape on U.S. College Campuses.” Journalist’s Resource,

4 Core Alcohol and Drug Survey, 2013
5 Shorey, R.C., Elmquist, J., Zucosky, H., Febres, J., Brasfield, H., & Stuart, G.L. (2014). Experiential

avoidance and male perpetrated dating violence: An initial investigation. Journal of Contextual \
Behavioral Science, 3, 117-123.
6 Rebecca Campbell, Ph.D. “The Neurobiology of Sexual Assault.”
presenter-campbell/pages/presenter-campbell-transcript.aspx December, 2012.

The Ease of a Single Sign On!
We are excited to announce that your AOII chapter website and GINsystem are now integrated
with AlphaLink! What this means is that chapter members can now login to your GINsystem
with their AlphaLink username and password and only have to remember ONE login.
From this point forward, your chapter members’ login information (username and password)
for GINsystem will be the exact same as their login information to AlphaLink (via Groopt).
Please be sure and pass this information along to all chapter members as soon as possible so
that they are able to log into their GINsystem account successfully without interruption. As
always, you can email GIN at [email protected] if you have any trouble. If any of your
chapter members have not registered on AlphaLink and are unable to sign on, please have them
email us at [email protected] and we can resend them their invitation email.

Stay Connected: 6

AOII’s social media outlets are the best way to stay up-to-date on AOII news. From
recruitment results and photos, to Strike Out Arthritis! and other philanthropic events,
to notes of congratulations to exemplary members and chapters for accomplishments and
good works in the community, we are always sharing the latest information. If your chapter
has news or photos to share with us, please send them to [email protected]!
Photos to be considered for To Dragma should be sent to [email protected]
and must be 1MB or larger in size.

Arthritis News
Walk to Cure Arthritis!
Are you registered to Walk? Walk to Cure Arthritis is the Arthritis
Foundation’s annual community fundraising 5K walk event. Go to to learn
where walks are being held. If there is not a walk near you, visit the site
above and contribute virtually to “Team AOII National” knowing you are
being a “Champion of Yes!”

Strike Out Arthritis with AOII!

Since 2010, Alpha Omicron Pi has partnered with 25 of the 30 MLB teams across North
America to host fundraising events for our Strike Out Arthritis! initiative. Each year ticket
sales and attendance grow which allows for our donation to our international philanthropy,
the Arthritis Foundation, to increase significantly. In addition to these Fraternity wide Strike
Out Arthritis! events, our collegiate and alumnae chapters host local SOA! events that also
contribute to AOII’s overall goal to Strike Out Arthritis. This year, the Fraternity is aiming
to host fundraising events with all 30 individual MLB teams in our ongoing effort to secure
an AOII-Major League Baseball partnership. This goal will become a reality with the help,
support and attendance from each of our collegiate and alumnae members! We hope to see
you at the ballpark!
To find an AOII sponsored MLB event near you, please contact Alex LeForge at
[email protected].

Leadership Institute Registration

Leadership Institute takes place from June 24-26, 2016 at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs in Franklin, TN, where
we will explore what it means to “Be the Story” of AOII! In addition to a specialized track for New Member Educators,
Leadership Institute will host incredible breakout sessions for collegians and alumnae in a wide range of topics from
finance life skills to Ritual, time management to the Governing Documents, the evolution of acceptance to succession
planning, and communication skills to philanthropy.

Registration will be open for the following groups on March 28th at 10:00 AM CDT until April 14th at 4:00 PM CDT:

International Volunteers International Standing Committee Chairs Chapter Officers
Executive Board Education Committee Members Alumnae Chapter Presidents
Foundation Board NPC Delegation Collegiate Chapter Presidents
Properties Board Network Directors Collegiate Chapter Advisers
Past International Presidents Network Specialists Collegiate New Member Educators

Registration will be available for all other officers and members not listed above on April 18th at 10:00
AM CDT! Mark your calendars! Space is limited! Registration will close once event capacity is reached,

7 and all others interested in attending will be placed on a waiting list.

AOII Foundation 1
1 Pi Day Goal Exceeded!
Thanks to the generous sisters who donated to Pi Day
this year, we raised more than $8,000 with gifts still
coming in! Your Pi Day gifts to our Loyalty Fund
directly support scholarships, educational programs and
the Ruby Fund. Thank you for joining us in our vision
of Securing the Future of Alpha Omicron Pi!
It’s not too late to make your Pi Day gift! Visit our
website at

2 Thank you Scholarship Applicants!

We are proud to announce that we have once again
received a record number of scholarship applications
this year! Thank you to everyone who submitted an
application. All applicants will be notified by May 31 as
to whether they received a Foundation scholarship.

3 Leadership Scholarship 3

We are pleased to announce that we will be granting
the first Julie A. Brining-Emerging Leader Fellowship
scholarship for Leadership Institute this summer.
In addition, the Foundation will also be granting a
scholarship for one student to attend UIFI this summer.
Thank you to the collegiate members who applied
for these leadership scholarships. All applicants will
be notified by April 1 as to whether they received a
Foundation leadership scholarship.

AOII Career Center Launch

Alpha Omicron Pi is excited to launch a new career center this week for all members! This database, accessible
through a link on the AOII website main toolbar ( will provide alumnae and collegiate
members with a safe and easy place to:
• search for potential employment
• feature internships or jobs
• upload resumes for employers to view
• find employment positions within AOII
• search for potential employees
Another added bonus to the new career center is our partnership with FinLogic and Lorman Education
to provide resources for continuing professional education for alumnae at a 10% discount! 8

Resolution 1 Task Force Recommendation
March, 2016

The Resolution 1 Task Force recommends to the Executive Board that the AOII Properties Board of Directors remain an appointed
body consisting of 6 total members: president, vice president and three directors, one of whom represents the Executive Board.
The Vice President of Finance of the Fraternity serves as the sixth Board member by virtue of her office. The Task Force further
recommends that the Director position not have a term limit. At this time, no appointed positions in AOII have term limits.

While the Task Force is comfortable with the current process, we believe the current Position Description leads with “soft” skills
versus “hard” skills; the position of AOII Properties Board Director requires more than a loyal sister/member; it requires a
specialized skill set due to the enormity of the oversight. Therefore, the Task Force submitted a revised Position Description for the
Executive Board’s consideration to pass on to the Human Resources Committee. This was outside the scope of the Resolution.

The Task Force reviewed and discussed the following documents in consideration of this recommendation:

The first was the Resolution adopted by Council and specific language -
-Representation from 7 of the 8 Networks was achieved. (One representative resigned after being appointed.)
-Representation by International Staff Partners
-Representation from current Properties Board members
-Task Force was formed prior to October 1, 2015
-Other than the biennial budget and property worth, the language of Resolution was rather vague: “concerned
about decisions made by AOII Properties Board in spite of oversight by the Executive Board”

The second was an Oversight document prepared by Barb Zipperian, PIP and former Properties Board Director -
-Barb has experience in her professional life, working with Boards of Directors of holding companies and wholly-
owned subsidiaries
-Parent companies want to have representation on the board of a subsidiary.
-Representation by the Fraternity VP/F and one additional XB member achieve this
-Subsidiaries are a separate and distinct legal entity
-In making decisions affecting the subsidiary, the directors of the subsidiary are obliged to act in the best interests
of the subsidiary even when those interests conflict with those of the parent company.
-Any governance practices for the subsidiary need to be consistent with the purpose for which the subsidiary was

The third was an Opinion Memo written by AOII’s Legal Counsel, Kandyce Harbor-
-Properties is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fraternity and the relationship is clearly stated in both the Charter
and the Bylaws and is evident in its structure.
-Properties has no members
-Amendments to the AOII Properties Charter or Bylaws without approval of the Executive Board is prohibited.

The fourth were documents provided by HRC chair, Dana Moreland -
-Current Properties Board of Director Position description
-Candidate Information Form
-Summary of the most recent Properties appointment process. In the most recent appointment process
-Nine women expressed interest by either requesting an application or requesting a phone conversation to learn
more about the role.
-Eight applied, the ninth said she would be submitting her application the week following IC. Her application was
not received before the appointments were announced.
-Eight total applications were received.
-HRC also contacted the two individuals who had Properties Board applications already on file and invited them
to update their applications. One responded that she would like to be considered the next time there is a vacancy
and the other did not respond.

Although not reviewed or discussed on the initial call of the Task Force, the Governing Documents clearly
9 outline the purpose and responsibilities of AOII Properties Board members and the appointment by the
Executive Board.

During the discussion questions arose as to how we are finding volunteers and are we finding the best qualified women for all
positions. Staff that participated in the call stated that the new database will have the capability to search by positions/interests so
this may be an option as a “first pass” for future candidates/volunteers.

Caroline Lazzara, AOII Properties Director, Task Force Chair
Jane Tessmer, AOII Properties Director
Amy Kumpel, Network 1
Jennifer Meade, Network 2
Sharon Boison, Network 3
Stephanie Burdick, Network 4
Stephanie Chandler, Network 6
Sky Ruhlman, Network 7
Clara Tomsula, Network 8
Jackie Petrucci, Director of Properties, Staff Partner
Amy Jo Gabel, Director of Membership Experience, Staff Partner

Resolution 1 Regarding AOII Properties Board

Whereas, Alpha Omicron Pi Properties, Inc. has increased responsibility significantly since its inception, and
Whereas, the AOII Properties Board now oversees a biennial budget of almost $38,000,000 (with Properties and Corporations
combined) and property worth approximately $80,000,000, and
Whereas, the AOII Properties Board is currently a body appointed by the Executive Board, and
Whereas, some members of Council are concerned about decisions made by the AOII Properties Board in spite of oversight by
the Executive Board, and
Be it resolved, that a task force appointed by the Executive Board comprised of Network Volunteers (one per Network), two
Properties Board Members and two International Headquarters Staff members be formed by October 1, 2015 to investigate the
election of the AOII Properties Board by Council with specific required skills and term limits, and
Be it resolved, that the task force shall make a recommendation regarding changes to the Executive Board by February 1, 2016,
Be it resolved, that the task force shall submit a final report to Council by April 1, 2016, and
Be it resolved, that if amendments are needed CIRC shall develop said amendments for presentation during Convention 2017.

Submitted by:
Gail Hill, Ventura County Alumnae Chapter President
Caroline Lazzara, Network Specialist-Finance, Network 1
Catherine Smith, Network Specialist-Recruitment, Network 8
Trish Moxon, Delta Sigma Chapter Adviser
Kimberly Hamilton, Upsilon Chapter Adviser
Lisa Shemwell, Palo Alto Alumnae Chapter President
Heather Ferbert, San Diego Alumnae Chapter President

Town Hall Webinar Videos

Experience, Service, Advancement and Growth!

Did you see the new videos on Facebook emphasizing these four important FOCUS areas?
If not, check them out on the AOII YouTube page. Then join the next Executive Board
Town Hall Webinar on April 5th at 8:00 CST to learn more about each.
Watch Facebook for call in info.


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