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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2016-07-13 22:04:35

2004 Winter - To Dragma

Vol. LXX, No. 1

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"AOII Cares About the World"
Education and programming has long been a part of our Fraternity's history. Good programming reflects the current needs of the membership a n d changes as needs change. I n the Winter 1991 issue of To Dragma, International President Barbara Hunt wrote,
"The Executive Board of AOII, upon the recommendation of the Fraternity Development Committee, voted to adopt the issue of protection of the global environment as our concentration ofservice in the '90s. The theme selected is "AOII Cares About the World." AOII is now asking all of our members to reach out - globally - by supporting environmental and ecological projects of their choice. Bg making at least one change in daily living, we can protect our environment - from buying onlg recycled paper to recycling aluminum products to joining the Audubon Society to working to reform energg conservation, to saving the Pandas. AOIIs can make the difference. We are following in our Founders'footsteps when we participate in projects and activities which improve the human condition and upgrade the planet on which we live."
Building on that successful service theme, AOII proudly introduced "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" as the Fraternity's environmental program in 1993. Funded with 1990-91 Year of Service Project pennies and a generous grant from the AOII Foundation, th e Fraternity published A Guide to Establishing Waste Reduction Programs in Colleges and Universities.
AOII Cares About the World and Reduce. Reuse, and Recgcle met pressing needs i n th e early 1990s. Today, AOII continues to develop educational programming that addresses what our mem- bers needs. Read more about the Fraternity's Lifelong Learning goals on page 6.
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Alpha Omicron Pi is an international women's fraternity promoting friendship for a lifetime, inspiring academic excel- lence and lifelong learning, and develop- ing leadership skills through service to the Fraternity and community.
the official bg Alpha
ToDragma [Winter2004]

To Dragma
*^of Alpha Omicron Pi
5 Fraternity News
Read about the latest AOII News and Announcements.
6 Committed to Lifelong Earning
AOII is continually developing educational materials for all members.
8 Alumnae News
Alumnae highlight their chapter activities and plans.
2 0 AOII Foundation
A Foundation Update on the Legacy of Sisterhood
22 Collegiate News
Collegiate chapters proudly share highlights of their year.
3 6 To Dragma Profile Writing Contest Four winning profile articles about inspiring AOIIs will be published in next year's To Dragma issues.
3 8 AOII Emporium
Presenting a few of the great merchandise items available from the AOII Emporium.
ToDragma [Winter2004]

Sally Wagaman International President
Like many of you, the holiday season is a time of reflection and celebration for me. As I take a moment to look back on the past, I am amazed at how many of my personal memories include Alpha Omicron Pi. I am blessed to have so many siste;s who share my life and the many memories that I cherish.
It is also during this time of year that we all reflect on the founding of Alpha Omicron Pi. AOII members across the United States and Canada will soon draw together at Founders' Day celebrations to pay tribute to Stella George Stern Perry, Helen St. Clair Mullen, Jessie Wallace Hughan and Elizabeth Heywood Wyman. It is a time to remember our AOII past and the legacy created by our Founders, look toward our future, and celebrate the sisterhood that is Alpha Omicron Pi.
As we commemorate Alpha Omicron Pi's 108* anniversary, let us honor our Founders' vision by reflecting on their wonderful gifts to us. especially the gift of sisterhood. Sisterhood and the celebration of friend- ship is the cornerstone of our Fraternity. Perhaps Stella said it best when she wrote in her 1927 Founders' Day greeting "Of all the blessings we count over, it seems to me, none is greater than the consciousness of belonging to a family of thousands of sisters..." We belong to each other and to Alpha Omicron Pi. Together we laugh, cry, share, work, play, and love. We cherish each other in our hearts and we let our lights shine in the world about us by doing good works and loving others.
Sisterhood is more than a sharing of friendship, love and mutual respect ... it is also an obligation. Just as our Founders so long ago established our sisterhood, it is up to us to continue in their foot- steps. In Stella's final Founders' Day message in 1955, she tells us that we are "the founders of the future of Alpha Omicron Pi." What an awesome responsibility we each have to continue the traditions and values that our Founders set for us. I can think of no other women on earth with whom I would rather share this responsibility than my AOII sisters.
I want to thank each of you - the "founders of the future of Alpha Omicron Pi" - for embracing our sisterhood and for sharing this spirit with others. I know that in the coming weeks you will join me in giving thanks to our four Founders. Their vision gave us the sisterhood which we celebrate and their wisdom still guides us today as we build on this great gift.
In Fraternal love and holiday spirit,
7bDragma [Winter2004]
Sally Wagaman

Fraternity News
More Than A Building
See You in Atlanta!
Plan your family vacation to Atlanta. Georgia, June 29-July 3.2005 and
be a part ofAOll Convention 2005. Complement the traditional AOII Convention events with a tour of the World ofCoca Cola, a dinner down- town at Mary Mac's Tea Room, golfat Charlie Yates GolfCourse, or shop Underground Atlanta. Don't forget a side trip to Zoo Atlanta to see the giant pandas! Special post-conference hotel rates for an extended stay are available with the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. For more information, go to, or e-mail: [email protected].
Greek Housing Institute Set
The 3rd Annual Greek Housing Institute is scheduled for April 1-3,
2005. AOII co-sponsors this event with Kappa Alpha and Delta Delta Delta Fraternities, and hosts the event in our lovely Headquarters. AOII is requesting that a Corporation Board or AAC member from each collegiate chapter attend. For information please contact Lisa Pearson at lpearson@a
Honor a Sister or Chapter
Honor a sister with an engraved brick at AOII International Headquarters brick walkway. What better way to show your support and encouragement than with a message that will last for generations to come? Look for more information on our website under "shop" or contact Sara Hotchkiss at [email protected].
To Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi StatementofOwnership,Managementand Circulation
AOII International Headquarters is a magnificent facility, designed and maintained for efficient support of our members and chapters. But "headquarters"is more than
a building, it is also a working business environment for more than two dozen professional employees. Over the next several issues, the Executive Board would like to highlight some of the outstanding employees who work at AOII International Headquarters.
Spotlight: Jackie Lynch
AOII's longest serving staff member is Jackie
Lynch. Accounting Administrator. Jackie joined Headquarters staff 17 years ago. in 1987. and was initi- ated as an alumna initiate in 1991. Our vendors love Jackie, as she is responsible for accounts payable.
Our members and chapters love her, too. She is the staff member who processes new member and initiate paperwork, records information from monthly chap- ter records and makes all necessary changes to HQ records for collegiate chapter rolls. Jackie runs and mails fall and spring registers and is the person who orders all initiation badges. Most of the statistical information in the AOII database about members or chapters pertains to some aspect of Jackie's job. It is safe to say, she is a vital link to the day to day opera- tions of the Fraternity.
Until a few years ago, Jackie was also responsible for maintaining the jewelry inventory, as well as fulfilling and shipping orders. In our new headquarters, she is responsible for all maintenance of the building and grounds. In her spare time, Jackie is an avid runner and tennis enthusiast.
AOII Executive Director, Melanie Doyle has worked with Jackie for many years. She states, "Jackie is one of the most organized employees we have ever had. Her love for AOII is evident in her daily work and we are fortunate to have her as a member of our headquarters team."
it of Ownership. Management, a
11T.:. :14TV"/1 ,,.„
ToDragma [Winter2004]

Committed to
When Alpha Omicron Pi began 107 years ago, our founders were women who aspired for the best and inspired those around them. Alpha Omicron Pi continues to be dedicated to supporting the efforts of all members to be women who strive to grow intellectually and be vital participants in the world around them. Through active involvement in a collegiate and. later, an alumnae chapter, women are challenged to learn and to lead. To assist in these efforts. AOII is continually developing educational materials to be shared within individual chapters so that these members can influence and impact their communities.
Io aid in this commitment to lifelong learning, AOII has developed an educational and training matrix. The needs of different phases of membership from new member to initiated member, new alumna to mature alumna will all be addressed in different learning categories such as leadership, wellness, academics and service. The matrix also helped us identify and prioritize our needs.
Some of the areas identified involve educational sessions at conferences or new/ revised officer manuals. Specific topics were also identified for programming emphasis such as suicide awareness, hazing, image workshop, alumnae recruit- ing, and much more. A 4-year education and training plan has been mapped out that will address each learning category and membership phase. The first step in this aggressive plan was F.A.I.T.H. which was completed this past spring. AOII's awarding winning F.A.I.T.H. (Fostering Awareness in Teaching Hope) program addresses issues surrounding depression and suicide. Over the next four years, more programs will be developed in the areas of leadership, wellness, academics and service.
Leadership Academies and Leadership Institute provide numerous opportuni- ties for leadership development and training. Both events provide specific training for ol liters so that they can deepen (heir understanding of their job and expand the skills and knowledge they bring to it. More importantly the training received ai these events is applicable to more than a specific office. The purpose behind leadership training is to enable members to become leaders throughout their lives by developing skills in a variety of areas such
as goal setting, action planning, marketing, and team building. Participation in a Leadership Academy or Leadership Institute also provides individuals an opportunity to connect to the bigger picture of AOII and identify their role as part of an international organization of over 1 2 0 , 0 0 0 members.
ma [Winter 2004

Wellness and personal dignity are other important areas explored in many educational resources. The F.A.I.T.H. program is a suicide and depression awareness resource that includes a cd-rom and journal with group activities
and information aimed at de-mystifying and de-stigmatizing this topic. Other materialsexplore arangeofissuesfromalcohol awareness education in"When Women Drink," to negotiation and communication skills in "Dealing with Group Conflict." Money management is yet another module called "Personal Finances."
Academic development is another important focus area that is supported by programming in AOII. The emphasis on these pursuits was instilled by our four founding members of AOII in 1897 at Barnard College of Columbia University in New York, and this commitment remains a strong part of AOII today. Many programs have been designed to assist women in achieving their academic goals. Expectations are high, but the support provided by scholarship programs, academic development officer resources, and fellow members makes success attainable.
Service is another key area ofpersonal development as we each grow through serving others. Understanding and educating others about what it is like to live with arthritis and learning how we can work tofightthis disease is just one part of the service related education offered. A segment provided about the American Juvenile Arthritis Organization is also important as this disease can strike at
any age. Information also explains how to plan fund raising events that provide money for arthritis research and camps, as well as raise awareness of this issue.
Education that enables each member to grow and contribute to the world around us is the goal of programming in AOII. Personal development as leaders, scholars, sisters, and service focused individuals is a strong step toward living the message our founders began.
Education that
LnMircj (HIT inspires our Fraternity.
ToDragma [Winter2004]

Alumnae News
To Dragma [ Winter 2004 ]
Our chapter consists of wonderful Sisters of diverse agesandinterestswhoshare a love for AOII. We enjoy gathering for sisterhood, AOIIbusiness,potluckdin- ners, happy hours, pottery painting and our enormously popular Holiday Cookie and Ornament Exchange.
W e have a philanthropic event at each meeting and support our local collegiate chapter, Delta Beta, during recruitment and throughout the year. This year, w e will also adopt Kappa Chi
at Northwestern State U
and support them from a distance. If you are an AOII inAcadiana,wewantyou to join us and see how rewardingbeinganAOII alumna can be. Please call Mary Kay at 337-984-9376 for further information.
Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor has recently renewed its membership with some outstanding women. We have a great calendar put together for this year
and we are working hard
on keeping the momentum going. This pastjune,
we were very proud to
have received a Standards of Excellence Certificate. This year, we would like
to continue improving our membership, strength, and positive progress.
This will be a busy year for the Atlanta Alumnae Chapter. Members will be participating in the Jingle Bell Run and the Arthritis
Walk, both projects working in the fight against arthritis, and also Race for a Cure fortheSusanKomenBreast Cancer Foundation. Taking part in Hands On Atlanta, thenation'slargestcitywide day of service, we'll be painting and planting at an Atlanta public school. Our group will join the Atlanta Panhellenic Association
with the Childkind/Holiday House event and sup-
port RAINBOWS, Inc. Scheduled for spring is a night of fraternity education bingo with collegians invited to join us.
W e are a fun-loving and diversegroupofwomen who enjoy getting together. Our year ahead is filled with exciting activities. From the Arthritis Gala to the crawfish boil, our calendar is loaded with plenty of good times! In addition to our social activi- ties, we will continue with our philanthropic service. Our December event will
be "Charity and a Movie". We will stuff bags with
items we have collected
for our charity, Braveheart |an organization providing foster children with needed items] and watch a comedy. Whether socializing or serv- ing others, we're sure to have a great time!
Bloomington- Normal
From making Halloween crafts and goody bags for Epsilon Sigma collegians, volunteering for the area Jingle Bell Run/Walk, learn- ing more about Arthritis to
Beadin', a healthy cooking class and our yearly AOII Book Club it will be a fun- filledyear. Wewelcomeall members to our monthly AOII Lunch Bunch, and always needvolunteerstocleanour Adopt-A-Park area once a month. W e look forward to putting on Illinois AOII Day
in February 2005 with lota Chapter. Please contact Sheila at 663-3365 if you have questions. Watch for our new chapter web site to go up soon!
Bowling Green
W e have increased our mem- bership by 30% over the past year. Wewouldliketothank all of our newest members for theirsupportandwouldlike to invite everyone in the area to join our growing chapter.
Our best attended events every year include AOPie Night in November honor- ing New Members and
the Senior Salad in April honoring new graduates.
Our Annual Sorority Girls' Garage Sale helps us with house cleaning at the Alpha Phi house and our own homes. All proceeds are used to enable more collegians to attend Leadership Training and Convention. Montana
is the third largest state with less the a million population. We have members who
live locally and some who live 3 0 0 hundred miles away. W e even have one member in New Mexico. Bozeman Alumnae meetings focus on fun, sisterhood, and philanthropy.
Bucks County
Our sisters are very involved
in community activities here. ManervaLescherandJean Green are active in AAUW, Manerva is also active in the ESLprogram. PatAntrobus
is involved in the week long folkfest, and also Audobon Society. Kathleen Kuffel and Betty Sykes volunteer each year at the Philadelphia Flower show; Kathleen also volunteers at the Bucks County Playhouse. Jane DeKorte
is producing a play for the Community theater. These sis- ters are only a few examples of our community involvement.
W e have had a very full calendarthispastyear. We started off with our annual Summer Sizzler BBQ, fol- lowed by our general meeting in September. W e supported Kappa Lambda's recruitment efforts by hosting a Bid-Day Dinner to celebrate all of their great new members. Our Pottery Night was a hit, and we saw great creativity from all who attended. Several members supported our local Arthritis Foundation by running or volunteering for the Jingle Bell Run. Lastly, our annual Silent Auction generated
over $1500 in support of Canadian Arthritis Research and Educational Grants.
Central KY Bluegrass
Our chapter works closely with the Epsilon Omega chapter and we are currently assisting with the redecoration of their floor. The activities we have planned for the year include dinners out at local

restaurants, a scrapbook party, a Christmas party
with the collegians, and an alumnae ceremony for the seniors in the spring. W e are planning two fundraisers-a
yard sale and a Longaberger Open House.
New Jersey
The chapter has a fun year planned. Between our Panty Raid meeting, Founders'
Day Luncheon, Summer Social, and more, we want the central NJ alumnae who haven't reached out to us
to give us a call. Be on the lookout because we may be knocking on your door soon.
Join us for a meeting or just a social event. Some of our fondest AOII memories have been made as alumnae. Come out and don't miss another minute of fun, sister- hood, philanthropic work, and lasting AOII memories.
Central New
Charleston is a very diverse group of women. As our chapter grows in members, we are also trying to expand our activities to encourage alumnae in the area to join. This year we are trying to establish yearly "landmark events" to encourage continuity from year to year.
Such events include our Champagne, Chocolate, and Craft event which featured
a real diva feel, our annual Christmas Make It, Bake It, Sell It fundraiser/holiday get together, and we are hoping one of our spring events will be added to the list.
Chicago City
We have been mixing things up a bit in the past year. While continuing our tradition of monthly dinner outings, we've started to have a weekend brunch once each quarter. Thisallowsmoresis- ters to attend, as many have difficulty making it to evening
events. W e are also hosting more events in members' homes for a more casual, welcoming atmosphere and a chance to brush up on our AOII knowledge and deepen our connection to Ritual.
Chicago NW
Chicago Northwest
Suburban decided to make
a community difference this
year. The Palatine Township
"Apple Tree Campaign"
serves families most in need • of school supplies. The cam-
paign received over $8,000
in cash donations and more
than enough new school supplies to provide each child with their required supplies.
W e donated paper, pencils, pens, markers, etc. and then
Central New Mexico AC honors their 50-Year Members
We have been very busy!
W e have no collegiate chap- ter in New Mexico upon which to spend our energies, so we spend them on colle- giate chapters in other states. We have recently made tied comforters for the deserving sisters of Epsilon Gamma
in Greeley, Colorado; sent money to Xi Chapter at the
U of Oklahoma; and raised money for the local food bank and animal shelters.
W e are all learning to quilt. Proceeds from the raffle of
those quilts will go to another adopted collegiate chapter. W e recently spent most of our funds on pins for our four 50-year members, so we are fund raising for ourselves, too!
ToDragma [Winter2004]
Suburban Maryland alumnae

volunteered our time. "Apple TreeCampaign"wasable to provide new backpacks and school supplies to over 925 children. It was a very rewarding service project andafunday. Wehopeto make this a yearly event.
Chicago South
The Chicago South Suburban chapter is busy sharing fond memories of collegiate days by celebrating a different decade of initiations at
each meeting. The years 1949 through 2000 are all represented by this unique
group of women! Through stories and pictures, old pledge books, composites, and record boob, the ladies are having fun while learning how AOII has changed and evolved through the years. A session has been planned at the local scrapbooking and stamp store, where everyone can learn how to make memory pages using their pictures. The group is olso looking forward to some new events this yeat which include helping with the Arthritis Research Foundation display booth at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, and a
"night of pampering" to help us all unwind and relax.
Chicago West
This yeat our chapter is focused on relationship build- ing, utilizing our fund raising events to reach out not only to the West Chicagoland com- munity, but to the AOII com- munity, as well. Our Holiday House in November, 2004 is set in a community hall, high- lighting AOII home business consultants as the vendors. It is a great way to advertise in the community, support out Sisters' businesses, and invite prospective members, friends,
and family to see what CWS AOIIisallabout. Weare looking forward to hosting
a Strike Out Arthritis Event in July, 2005. All local AOII alumnae and collegians ate invited, with friends and fam- ily, fot a pre-game picnic and baseball game at a minot
league park, with fund raising through ticket sales.
We started off our year by thanking out local firefighters by filling their tummies with three laundry baskets full of goodies. Next, we educated our members on the chal- lenges of living with arthritis and its related diseases
by meeting at the tegional arthritis headquattets. As a thank you membets brought pandas to be given to atea children sttuggling with juvenile arthritis. The test of out calendat finds us learning to knit caps fot newborns, sending supplies to Iraq and sampling sisters' cooking skills with a cookie exchange. As you can see we are having a great time and look for more sisters in the Cincinnati atea to join us.
Cleveland West
We have an exciting year planned for 2004-2005. Next month is movie night and in December we are going to see the Pennsylvania Ballet perform The Nutctacket. In January, we will host the Founders' Day luncheon and later that month go see Tuesdays with Morrie at the Cleveland Playhouse. W e also have plans to
catch a show at Hilarities downtown and enjoy an evening of jazz at Fat Fish Blue. Out last meeting will be a wine tasting. Anyone intetested in joining us for any or all of these events should contact Laura Miller: AOII
TheMiamiValley(Ohio) Arthtitis chapters operate Camp 'We Kan Du' fot juveniles with arthritis. For the third year, Dayton alumnae sponsoted a 'campership' here. Many times, this is the only opportunity these young
people have to experience going away to camp. The alumnae group established a grant fund in honot of AOII's centennial to support philanthropic efforts such as this. Each year, the Dayton group solicits donations from all area alumnoe through a Charti-Tea'.
Great things ate happening with the Delawate Alumnae Chapter. W e will be partici- pating in Founders' Day with Sigma Tau fot the third year
in a row. Exciting events have been planned for this calen- dat year. W e look forward to gteat times ahead.
Denton Countg
W e received great ideas at Leadership Institute this past
June, and are ready to hit
the ground funning! Out calendar is filled with activities including our annual Wine and Cheese Party, monthly Lunch Bunches and sisterhood get-togethets. W e have also added several new activities this yeat such as "Make A Difference Day," the Alum Chum program for Delta Theta's New Membets and a Frisco Rough Riders Baseball game. Our members
have many opportunities to
participate in everything from a simple lunch to welcoming Delta Theta's seniots into alumnae status.
Denvet's Matgot Crowe was awarded the Denver Area Panhellenic Alumnae
Achievement Award! This is awardedtoagreekwoman who is committed to her fraternity and community. Margot's "passion" is pteserv- ing Denver. She has been very insttumental in preserving and "cleaning-up" the Colfax Avenue atea and the major appointed her to the Board of the Colfax on the Hill Business Improvement District.
Detroit N
For years now, we have par- ticipated in the Jingle Bell Run fot the Arthtitis Foundation, and this year is no exception. We are a sponsor of our local event, financially contrib- uting to the event. As a result, out name appears on the commemorative t-shirt, which is great PR! W e have a number of members who staff the sign-in and registration tables. Additionally, chapter
members, as well as friends and family of members, par- ticipate by gathering pledges and running (or walking) in the event, to raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation.
Fort Lauderdale
On February 18, 1955
the AOII Ft. Laudetdale
Area Alumnae Chapter
was installed. Fot the past
5 0 years the chapter has stood the test of time and continued to flourish with out strong sisterhood. Thank you to ever/one that has continued to suppott this chapter as well as our beloved Alpha Omicron
Pi. We have a full calendar of activities that will help us celebrate all year long.
Grand Rapids
W e are very busy women wearing many different hats. . . and we love each one of them. Each lady who
To Pragma [ Winter 2004]

#e alumnae participate in Arthritk
The Harrisburg Alumnae Chapter is a diverse and loyal group of women who enjoy the fellowship of sister- hood. Throughout the year we gather for social activities such as football tailgating, fun and games night, a family picnic or a night at the mov- ies. Recognizing that charity begins at home, we are com- mitted to philanthropic giving within our community. And throughout all our activities, we strive to strengthen our AOII bonds.
As a chapter, we have a meeting each month. This summer we thought it would be fun to include our families, so we had a family picnic
at an area park. Everyone brought food to share, and there were games for the chil- dren. Itwassuchasuccess that we plan on having more family events!
Kansas City
In an effort to inform graduating seniors from area collegiate chapters about
is a member of the AAC
and Corporation Board
for Lambda Eta Chapter at Grand Valley State U is also a member of the alumnae chapter. A large amount of our time is spent working with or for the collegians as we socialize amongst ourselves. W e are very excited in the recent recruitment of alumnae to join the AAC who are interested in joining the alumnae chapter as well. W e are a small chapter with a lot of love for AOII.
our chapter's activities we
put together "Welcome to Alumnae" kits. These kits contain homemade cookies from our chapter members along with a copy of our most recent newsletter, a list of alumnae officers and emails, an invitation to our spring BBQ, and a postcard for them to mail to us with their contact information.
Lee County
In AOII style, the dinner table turned out to be a great place for us to get together! Our first event of the year was dinner at a local restaurant, and was a great success. There were 12 sisters in attendance, including our ANS Lori Goede who drove from Tampa to be with us.
A wonderful time was had by all - laughing and telling stories about our AOII experi- ences. While reminiscing, we all realized how different our experiences were, but that we have the common bond of our AOII sisterhood to bring us together. We look forward to our future events and meeting sisters in our area I
Los Angeles
The Greater LA Chapter's membership is very eclectic. One of our amazing
sisters, Jill Garelick, associate produced The Mansion, a reality TV show. It first aired on October 2nd. Tune in to TBS on Saturday mornings at 10am! She is now working as an associate producer on TLCs Clean Sweep. Way
to go!
Nashville Area and Murfreesboro Area alumnae at the Nashville Panhellenic Luncheon
[ Winter 2004 ]
San Antonio alumnae at their kick-off meeting

Greater Pinellas
Three of our members ore on their communities board, one is the mayor of her commu- nity. Gay Gentry is serving Clearwater Panhellenic
as President. We will
be working with the local Arthritis Foundation on their annual fund raiser to help fight children's arthritis. W e have
a Founders' Day luncheon planned in January, hopefully two local alumnae chapters and the local collegiate chap- ters will also celebrate with us. We are looking forward to a busy year and extend
an invitation to any AOII alumnae in Pinellas County, to join us.
Greater Portland
W e met in August for a delightful luncheon at a local seaside restaurant. We are a small chapter with a core of
8 members. We all have a career outside the home. Our October event included din- ner at a local restaurant and
a tour of the Portland Museum of Art. We will meet again in December to hold Ritual and to enjoy the Christmas season with desserts and carol singing. We are celebrating our 27th year as an alumnae chapter.
Greater Tarrant
We are actively trying to recruit alumnae to our chap- ter. We are a small group,
all ages, but have activities planned that all should enjoy. We will be painting ceram- ics, having a Sweethearts Dinner in February, visiting the Cowgirl Museum and the Purple Cow Diner. Founders' Day will be with the col- legians at Delta Theta and we will be a Texas AOII Day in Dallas.
Houston is working hard at community involvement. Our own Texas Rose (aka Judy Rose) is the Houston Area Panhellenic President this term, thereby spotlighting AOII to the entire city. The alumnae chapter is also planning events with I Have A Dream, the Arthritis Foundation, sup- porting our Dallas sisters with their planning of Texas AOII Day in February, and support- ing our Xi collegiate sisters in Oklahoma.
We continue to work towards increasing member- ship by having a wide variety of programs to appeal to everyone. Some examples of our meetings are pottery painting, dinner & a movie, self defense semi- nar, and our annual Arthritis luncheon/fashion show, and wine tasting. We also have a tradition that whenever
a new member attends a meeting, they receive a spe- cial gift. We have a new tradition of beginning our meetings with an ice breaker so we can get to know our sisters even better.
We have a great year planned! We've worked hard to get the chapter up and going again and we're all very excited. We have
an AOII story night planned where we'll share stories of the different traditions each of our collegiate chapters had. We have members from all ages and walks of life and it truly makes our sisterhood a wonderful experience!
To Dragma
[ Winter 2004]
Chicago West Suburban's 'Team Alpha-O" at Arthritis Foundation Walk 2004
Phoenix Alumnae Chapter panda donation

W e have many new and exciting events planned
for the year to peak our members' interest including "Sisters Do Ceramics" where we try our hand at painting ceramics, tailgating for Arkansas State's homecom- ing game and the annual "Lingerie Christmas Party" where we bring women and children's undergarments to donate to the local battered women's shelter. Also three fund raisers are sure to be
a success for the year. First we will sell goody bags to Sigma Omicron member's parents. We are also plan- ning on selling Rose Tributes to sisters for Founders' Day Banquet. Finally another very popular fund raiser is our geranium sale right before Mothers' Day.
The Kearney Alumnae Chapter was founded when Phi Sigma Chapter was established on the campus
of Kearney State College.
W e strive to field a complete AAC and Corporation Board for the chapter. W e have held many types of meetings over the years: potluck for the new members and seniors, auction, garden walk, day at the races, and many more.
W e continually work to keep members involved in the alum- nae chapter and in contact with Phi Sigma Chapter on campus. Although we are small, it is our love of AOII that keeps us going.
One of our most successful events is our annual "AOII Day At The Downs." This year's event will take place on Sunday, May 15, 2005 at historical Churchhill Downs in Louisville. Each ticket will include admission to the Skye Terrace (a.k.a. Millionaire Row), a racing program and
box lunch. There may also be tours of the facilities. We're asking that AOIIs wear their favorite red dress or pant suit, so that they stand out among the crowd. If you have any questions, please don't hesi- tate to email President, Sarah Krans at gssarahaoii@cath or Event Coordinator Kathy Meyer at [email protected].
Lake County ofll
The Lake County IL Alumnae Chapter is pleased to announce that we have completed our first cookbook. Our members submitted
their favorite recipes during the past two years and
a great cookbook wos developed. Please visit our website for more information.
Lehiyh Valley
Lehigh Valley Alumnae Chapter is growing, slowly, but surely. W e enjoy getting together at members' homes for business meetings, holiday card signing parties, fund raising events and movie nights. W e also meet at
area restaurants and enjoy our annual Night at Musikfest in Historic Bethlehem. Our chapter covers a large geographic area that includes Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and surrounding areas. W e invite all sisters in our area to join us!
We are looking forward to another wonderful year in Lexington. Our year kicked off with a tailgating event at Keeneland, the race track, on October 23rd.
W e are actively working on increasing our membership this year by not only having fun activities but also great philanthropic events.
Little Rock Area
The Little Rock Area Alumnae Chapter started the year off right with a Kick-Off Party
in late September. It was
a great night of sisterhood and a chance to get to
know a few new sisters. Our Silent Auction was held in November at Tricia Greene's home. W e have many fun events planned for the upcom- ing year. Christmas will be
a real treat with a luncheon at Frankie Nordlund's home. We will pamper ourselves after the Christmas rush with a Spa Night, make cards for the local Ronald McDonald house, enjoy an evening at the theater, and have fun in the sun with our families at a Pool Party.
Lony Island
The Long Island New York Chapter has sisters who travel anywhere from 15 minutes
to an hour to get to an event. Therefore, we try to schedule our events where the same sis- ters do not have to travel the farthest each time. It can be hard to plan a program when the location is a major factor. However, this chapter is willing to travel once a month to get together. This says a lot for this group of women who take time out of their busy lives for AOII. Last year we had to reschedule our Founders' Day dinner three times because
of all the snow storms. We finally had our dinner in late
January and even exchanged gifts we had been holding since December.
Macomb County
Macomb County alumnae are delighted to increase
our membership from fifteen toeighteen! We warmly welcome three recent Kappa Rho graduates who have joined our ranks... Alyia Hakim, Pamela Majewski
ToDragma [ Winter 2004 ]
L i
Winston-Salem alumnae at a bridal shower
Sarasota alumnae honor new 25, 40, and 50-Year Members

and Nicole Meyer. Our phil- anthropic program, financed by proceeds from the 2003 Christmas Auction, distrib- uted funds to Beta Gamma, Kappa Rho and Lambda Eta, to AOII Foundation's Funds and to seven local philanthro- pies, in Aptil, we wete off to Beta Gamma to welcome 40 seniors to alumnae status. At LI 2 0 0 4 were were proud to win thtee awatds: Standards of Excellence Performance, Ruby Award for Distinguished Chapter and Foundation Award for Highest Per Member Giving.
Our AOII party was held at Olbtich Botanical Gardens. W e told a little about outselves, enjoyed conversa- tions with new and past members, and ate delicious desserts prepared by our members. Some members strolled around the beautiful fall gardens. Members of all ages attended, including one in her 90s and two in their 80s, so AOIIs of all ages still enjoy a fun patty!
In the last year the Mobile Chaptet has gotten back
on its feet again. W e have elected officers, set goals, adopted The Arthtitis Walk as our philanthropic project, and published a newsletter which includes our calendar of events and list of paid mem- bets. We have also planned a fund raiser, a girls night out, a Graduation Seniot Btunch to recruit new alumnae, continue to help with fall tecfuitment and increase our membership!
The Muncie Alumnae Chapter has evolved into a group that holds monthly "events", whetein business
is kept to minimum. Most of these events are held during the day and include lunch and an activity, community facility, ot shopping. We are using this format to explote opportunities not only in,
but around our community. Out best activity duting the 2003-4 year was going
to a member's lake house
on Morse Reservoir for the day, having lunch, taking a marvelous boat fide, and planning this season's events. We always enjoy food, fun, laughter ond sisterhood I
Murjreesboro Area
The Murfreesboro Area Alumnae Chaptet is growing! We welcome all AOIIs living in the Middle Tennessee Atea to join us for fellowship and fun! Please contact President Nikki Nichols at [email protected]
Nashville Area
How can we recruit membets? How can we
get them to pay on-time?
A giveaway may be just
the answet! The Nashville Area Alumnae Chapter
has, fot the past two yeats, offered a drawing for a fabulous prize for all mem- bers who pay their dues by a specific early date. This prize giveaway has encour- aged new chaptet mem- bets to join and all chaptet members to pay theit dues on-time! The Nashville
Area Alumnae Chaptet wishes to congratulate Metedith Anne Higgs, NO, fot being named the MTSU Distinguished Young Alumni of the Year. Each year, only one alumnus is selected from all of MTSU's alumni undet the age of 35 for
this honot. Congratulations Metedith Anne!
New Orleans Area
We encourage all area alumnae to join us for a telaxing "AOII Experience," as we enjoy well-deserved sistethood time, pamper-
ing, and a few small indulgences. We will once again hold Founders' Day
at Commander's Palace in New Orleans in January. We are also looking forward to a brand new May event,
"Chocolate at Twilight," to help welcome collegians into alumnae status. We are very proud of Kalli Blackwell- Peterman, the winner of the Woman of Leadership Awatd at Leadetship Institute '04. We are also happy to claim several sisters serving the fraternity in various capacities: Sky Louopte, ANS; Tania Fuselier, Extension Committee; and Crystal Combs, Properties Boatd President.
New York City
The NYC Alumnae Chapter celebrated its 100th Annivetsary this yeot with a traditional afternoon tea at the historic Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Members met in the Palm Court to absorb the elegant and refined Baroque dining room, while listening
to the harpist play duting out afternoon tea setvice. W e feasted on English tea sand- wiches, freshly baked scones, miniature pastries, and hetbal aromatic teas.
Orange Co.
North Orange County Alumnae celebrated their 30th year anniversary on June 8, 2004. Five of the fifteen ptesent were charter members-Carole Dovala, Karen Watson, Carol
Lamar, Judy Kaufmann and Kay Dougherty. Othets in attendance wete Sandra Aitto, Janet Andetson, Yvonne Giovannis, Janie Crawford, Pat Halibozek, Janice Histon,
Mary Koenig, Marilyn Marthens, Virginia Michael and Barbara Penland-Maun. W e enjoyed a wonderful din- ner in the private dining room of a restaurant known for its good food and service.
Northern Virginia
The Northern Virginia Alumnae Chaptet began 2004 by celebrating Founders' Day with the Gamma Alpha and Pi Delta collegiate chapters and the Suburban Maryland Alumnae Chapter. Our own Helen McMahon gave a wonder- ful keynote addtess. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day togethet and gathered again
in May at a Kentucky Detby Day party to feast on tradi- tional Derby fate and watch the horse race. The autumn
is filled with many fun events
- our annual pofluck dinner dinner out at an Italian res- taurant, our holiday auction, and a toad cleanup under Virginia's Adopf-A-Highway program, which is one of our service projects. We will end 2004 with an English High Tea at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in December.
NY/NJ Metro
Our chapter's efforts
on behalf of Strike Out Arthritis were recognized
at Leadership Institute June 2004. Out Ptesident, Bridget Scanlon, had the opportunity to participate in the panel dis- cussion duting the Strike Out Arthritis Break-Out Session.
W e are also very proud to have two members of our chapter setving as Network Specialists. Laura Haran
is cuttently a Collegiate Network Specialist and
Kay Welch is an Alumnae Network Specialist. We also continue to support Theta Pi Chaptet as members of their Alumnae Advisory Committee and Cotporation Board.
To Drayma [ Winter 2004]

Orlando Area
W e held our first meeting at the Lakeridge Winery to meet new sisters and to make new friends. We have reached out beyond our Orlando area, to a part of town about 45 minutes away. When
we meet in Mount Dora, we hope to meet even more
new members.
An energizing Yoga evening began our fall events for 2003. We were instructed in the correct methods of bend- ing, stretching, breathing and relaxing the body as well as healthy foods to supplement the exercise. Founders' Day was a highlight with Gamma Chi Chapter from Carleton
U joining us at Trinity United Church for a formal tea and Candlelighting Ceremony.
The Palouse Area Alumnae Chapter helps support the local collegiate chapter and still finds time to enjoy social outings as a group. We have a wide range of ages represented in our member- ship and enjoy getting together. Our activities range from meetings with the new collegiate members to our annual couples pond picnic in June.
The sisters of the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter continue to enjoy AOII membership through an eclectic collection ofeventsthisyear. Weare having a ghost tour, spa night, and wine tasting/ fondue party, in addition to our perennial favorites, the holiday party, Founders' Day celebration, and Chinese dinner. W e are also very excited about the spring 2005 colonization at St.
Joseph's U in Philadelphia.
W e are looking forward to showing them the meaning of AOII sisterhood.
Palo Alto, San Mateo, and San Jose alumnae with Delta Sigma (San Jose State Uj collegians
Palo Alto
Palo Alto alumnae welcome any member in the area
to join us for an event this coming year. Sisterhood and fun is the main aim
of our alumnae chapter.
Our monthly programs this coming year include social, Panhellenic and philanthropy projects. In February we will be organizing an AOII Day at the Second Harvest Food Bank. Last year 35 AOIIs from three local alumnae chapters and the Delta Sigma Chapter at San Jose State helped sort food and
a good time was had by all. Other program dates include a Holiday Open House, a weekend retreat in a Carmel beach house, visit to a local museum and afternoon tea in a heritage garden.
at the Second Harvest Food Bank Volunteer Day
Murfreesboro Area Alumnae Chapter Christmas dinner
January found us skating
on the Rideau Canal and enjoying a potluck dinner. Our Welcome to Alumnae evening was a big success. Our final event of the year, the Spring Luncheon, held at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club is always a well attended event in a beautiful setting reminding us all how fortunate we are to live in this beautiful, free country. The Chapter
will also contribute money this year to the Paul Menton Center at Carleton U to help special needs students.
Palm Beach
Palm Beach County Alumnae Chapterincludessistersof
all ages representing 12 different chapters. W e meet four to five times yearly for
fun and fellowship. Our local philanthropy is Foster Parents Association which we support by filling Christmas stockings and Easter baskets for chil- dren in foster care. Highlights of our year are our annual Founders' Day Luncheon and Out-T-Tea, a high tea lunch at a local tea house.
New York/New Jersey Metro alumnae president, Bridget Scanlon, at leadership Institute 2004
ToDragma [Winter2004]

Arizona is known for its luxurious spas, so Phoenix Alumnae kicked off our
new year bringing the spa to our annual Fall Brunch. Our members were treated to massages, facials, make- overs, food and fun during our annual girlfriend event. Fall also is the time for our annual Panda Presentation. This tradition, now a part of several AOII chapters and International Headquarters, began in Phoenix during the
1995 convention. Phoenix alumnae have continued the tradition presenting hundreds of pandas to the Fire Department so that children may be comforted during emergencies or other times of crisis.
Piedmont, NC
The Piedmont Chapter is looking forward to another exciting year. Besides our fun calendar planned for the year, we have also been able to share in some special moments in each others' lives. Three new legacy's were born this year to members of our chapter, and several of our members are planning theirweddings. Itisalways nice to share these moments with your sisters and friends.
Portland Alumnae Chapter is in planning mode again this year. Last year we mixed up our events a bit and had a great turnout and tons of fun at our pottery painting night and flower arranging workshop. This year we're planning on doing a winery tour.
In September, the Rochester Alumnae Chapter kicked off its 2004-2005 year with a salad luncheon followed by
a business meeting led by chapter co-president, Helen Holler (Val Murphy serves as our other co-president.)
In October, members enjoyed a Panhellenic "Potluck" dinner with a guest speaker from The Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic of Rochester. In November, we had dinner and attended 'Mame." Our Founders' Day Luncheon will include donations to "Alternatives
for Bartered Women", and
a gift exchange. Activities for the new year include a Panhellenic fruit sale, a visit to Artisan Works studio and lunch, our annual Panhellenic Spring Event, and an end- of-year picnic. Our chapter is proudly celebrating our 75th anniversary this year. We lovingly welcome new members into our group.
Salt Lake City
The Salt Lake City alumnae are having fun hiking in the mountains, scrap booking each month, and meeting
for casual dinners. We have events throughout the year and include family at some activities. It's a small group of sisters, but we always have a great time together.
San Antonio
The San Antonio Alumnae Chapter is growing stronger every year since our reorga- nization in 2001. We cel- ebrated our 60th Anniversary with a brunch. Live jazz
music, mingling and award certificates filled the program for our event. Plans for the nextanniversary include dinner on a river barge on
the San Antonio Riverwalk. Philanthropic activities sprinkle our calendar from Race for the Cure, Juvenile Diabetes Walk, Great Strides Walk for Cystic Fibrosis. Our star event will be the upcoming Arthritis Walk in 2005 in which the SAAC has been asked to help put on this
Northern On
embers at Arthritis Walk
Chicago Northwest Suburban 50-Year Members
New Orleans Area High Tea and panda collection
To Dragma [ Winter 2004]

event paired with the Arthritis Foundation. From dinner to movies to shopping, w e just love to be together!
Tours of San Francisco and festive holiday get togethers. Truly, w e offer something
for everyone.
SanGabrielValley SarasotaArea
The San Gabriel Valley Alumnae Chapter includes many enjoyable opportunities to gather in creative ways.
To start our year off right,
we gathered together for
our "Ooh La La" French-
style brunch and enjoyed many delicious treats. Our
fall brunch was a great opportunity to honor our newest fifty year members. On October 23rd, our "Boo Ha Ha" outing will include a thrilling lunch and a haunting visit to the historic Aztec Hotel in Monrovia. The holidays would not be complete
without a little "Fa La La"-fun including a cookie exchange, on December 5th. W e warmly welcome anyone interested in joining from the San Gabriel Valley, Santa Clarita, and Valencia areas. If
you're interested in joining or learning more, contactJody Thomas: (626) 441-8869 or [email protected].
San Mateo
Are you looking for fun, friendship and good times? Our Sarasota Area Alumnae Chapter offers this and more with a variety of programs. Our diverse group of sisters from different areas of the
country share their AOII stories, support our collegiate and local Arthritis chapters, celebrate family and live by our AOII ritual.
Savannah Area
Savannah Area Alumnae Chapter continues to meet every other month at different restaurants. November and April we meet in someone's home for sisterhood and worked on Goody Bags which we sell to parents of
Alpha Lambda collegians.
W e delight in delivering them to the members before exams each semester. W e also enjoy meeting with the chap- ter to perform their Welcome to Alumnae Status Ritual.
Seattle Alumnae chapter started last year off with pot- tery painting and a Mariner's game. Ifwasagreatwayto enjoy time with the families. October was an International dinner where everyone brought their favorite dinner
or dessert from a place they've been and then shared
stories or pictures from their trip. A trip to the pumpkin patch rounded out the month. November was "Spa Night" where you had a choice of a facial or massage. Our annu- al Christmas Auction fund raiser was held in December.
The New Year was brought in with our Founders' Day luncheon. Awards were presented, members recognized, gift items raffled, and the President of the
Suburban Maryland
alumnae at their summer
San Mateo Alumnae Chapter draws our membership from a 25 mile radius which includes San Francisco and many communities in the Bay Area. Our members enjoy support- ing our nearby chapters Sigma and Delta Sigma
with hand crafted mementos and holiday treats. W e find a reason to be together
each month from September through June with events
that include hands - on craft events for gifts to the col- legians and name tags and place cards for the Northern California Founders' Day Luncheon. W e assist at the Second Harvest Food Bank, support a local Women's Shelter, participate in the Panhellenic Scholarship Fund raiser and enjoy Walking
To Dragma [ Winter 2004 ]
Ventura County and Riverside County alumnae at their joint luncheon and antique house tour

Alaska/Washington chapter of the Arthritis Foundation was our guest speaker. The spring was filled with a scrapbook- ing party, Membership Ed combined with Ritual, dinner night out at the Cheesecake factory, and our annual salad social to end the year.
South Bay/
Palos Verdes
Our chapter is strong on sisterhood and philanthropy. W e have quadrupled our membership and are continu- ing to grow. Come and join us! W e have a year planned with fun activities. Join us for wine tasting at Friends of the Vine, the Jingle Bell Run, our Holiday Boutique, A Formal Tea or a Phantom one, and many others. W e have also started a book club and a walking club. For information please contact Cher Serhal at [email protected].
Orange Co.
This year the members of Southern Orange County Alumnae happily celebrated the chapter's 35th anniversary with AOII tiaras and a big cake. Three charter members were present for the evening: Penne Benson Ferrell,
St. Louis
W e have a great year planned. W e had a private tour of Grant's Farm (historic home of U.S. Grant]. W e have slated a cooking class, pumpkin picking/bonfire, fon- due and bunko night, class at the Botanical Gardens, wine tasting, lunch & shopping, and a trip to the Zoo. W e are also holding our annual Holiday House to raise
funds for arthritis research
and scholarships. W e are planning a large participation in the Arthritis Walk. W e are celebrating 75 Years with
a fabulous Founders' Day with Leigh Perry as our guest speaker!
State College
State College Alumnae have held some fun meetings. Trick or Treat for AOII brought sisters together for dinner in October. Each alumnae member brought "treats"
for the area food bank. In February, at a breakfast meeting, "Have a Heart for AOII", we will be wearing red and our badges and collecting donations for the local Women's Resource Center. These are just two ways we plan to contribute to our community.
What an exciting time we have had this summer and fall. Suburban Maryland enjoyed a wonderful fall and the alumnae chapter, SMAC, was no exception. Our activities included a tour of the DC Pandas on Parade, our Annual BBQ, a hike at Sugarloaf Mountain, Ornament Making, and of course our Famous Holiday Party and Appetizer contest. W e also have great events planned for the winter and spring; ice skating on the mall, a wine and cheese
fun and games? No, we give back as well. Our mem- bers participate inJingle Bell Run, collect toys for Toys for Tots and we make gift bags for a local woman's shelter.
If you're interested in more information, try our website at
Terre Haute
Members of the Triangle Alumnae Chapter recently volunteered for the first annual Arthritis Walk in Chapel Hill. W e hope to be able to par- ticipate as both walkers and volunteers next year. W e will also be continuing with our semi-annual goody bag sale for the Delta Upsilon Chapter in December and April.
The Tucson Alumnae Chapter is looking forward to a fantas- tic new year. Activities that prove to be special this year include Homecoming events at the U of Arizona, a Henna party, the Jingle Bell Run for the Arthritis Foundation and a Spa Day. W e are especially excited about our plans for a Southern Arizona Founders' Day event in February 2005. Details about these events and other news about the TAC can be found at the Tucson Alumnae Community Page on the AOII website.
W e look forward to having you join us!
The Tulsa Area Alumnae Chapter recently celebrated
its 75th anniversary as a chapter. W e celebrated with a cake and reviewing mem- bers college scrapbooks.
The chapter also assisted with the local Arthritis Chapter's Camp Diversity for local Girl Scouts. This is an all day program looking at the effects of Arthritis on children and general education on ways
to reduce the effects of arthritis and how to deal with others with disabilities. The Tulsa chapter is also participating with the local Tri-Delta
Sorority in their annual pansy fund raising drive for the Ronald McDonald House.
Our chapter is fortunate to get to participate in a new golf tournament which raises funds
i — i
The alumnae hosted a special evening of " W i n e and Roses" for the col- legiate members w h o are in their senior year. Formal invitations were sent to each senior designating this as a celebration of their last year with the
KA chapter. Following
a period of socializing, there was a discussion of the importance of seniors' leadership, mentoring skills, and participation. Each senior in attendance was given a gift, a "Children of the Inner Light" angel pen. A friendship circle ended the evening, and each girl received a red rose
To Dragma [ Winter 2004]
Marlene Peterson Adams and Shirley Frenk Fritzler. Penne remains the backbone of the chapter, volunteering when- ever and wherever needed; Marlene is currently co-presi- dent; and Shirley has been the inspiration behind many creative Holiday Boutiques, which yearly raise thousands of dollars for AOII philan- thropies, support of local collegiate chapters including Lambda Beta, Sigma Phi, and Chi Psi. It also supports a yearly team entry in the local Arthritis Foundation Walk in Huntington Beach, California.
This past March, the Toledo Area Alumnae Chapter sponsored its first annual Baskets 'n Brunch Benefit. Proceeds were donated
to the Arthritis Foundation of Northwest Ohio to benefit Camp Busy Bee, a camp for kids with juvenile arthritis. The benefit was
a great success! W e also had a mug raffle. Guests purchased coffee mugs, which were decorated with colorful helium balloons
and filled with treats and a raffle ticket for a beautiful gemstone bracelet donated by Broer-Freeman Jewelers! W e raised over $ 4 , 0 0 0 for Camp Busy Bee. It's such a great feeling knowing we're able to help so many children have a fun-filled week at camp!
party and more.
Are w e all
as she left.
Toledo Area

for the arthritis foundation.
W e are currently looking forward to the "Wreath Revival" held at a local florist shop. This not only allows us to prepare for the holidays, but also gives us a fun girls' night out.
The Vancouver Alumnae Chapter is having a great yearsofar! InJunewe
held a wine tasting course, facilitated by Jim and Paula
M o r a n |BK). In September we had a high tea, complete with scones and Devonshire Cream, at the Secret Garden Tea Company. AOIIs from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s were there, representing Beta Kappa Chapter, Kappa Kappa Chapter, and Beta Tau Chapter. W e held an evening of chocolate deca- dence, in late November, and sisters also brought pandas or teddy bears to donate to the Victim Services in Vancouver. Check out our web site at http://aoiivancou for the latest information.
Ventura County
In June, 2004, Ventura County Alumnae went to
visit a sister who moved to Redlands, about 2 hours away. She had a meeting of the local alumnae in Riverside County at her home that same day. W e all enjoyed sharing the sisterhood and making new friends.
Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis Research, but w e also enjoy our monthly meetings which always involve food and fel- lowship! W e are excited that our new chapter president, Wendi Adkins Varvel, will be able to attend Convention in her home state of Georgia. She is looking forward to bringing back new and excit- ing ideas that will help our chapter grow and prosper!
The Williamsburg Alumnae Chapter has embarked on another year of fun activities and continued sisterhood. Some of our favorite annual programs have returned, like our Founders' Day potluck, Cinco de Mayo bunko with the Delta Gamma alumnae, and theater night. In addition, we're adding newer activities like volunteer support for the local Arthritis Foundation Walk. We'd love to hear from any sisters in the area
or college graduates moving to this area of Virginia that haven't yet joined an alumnae chapter..AOII sisterhood can last a lifetime!
A diverse group of women are members of the Winston- Salem Alumnae Chapter.
W e have new brides, young mothers, single ladies and Grandmothers in our member- ship. W e offer support and friendship to each other. W e learn from each other's life experiences. W e have fun
Greater tee County alumnae at their September dinner
Virginia Tidewater together!
The Virginia Tidewater Alumnae Chapter is a
small chapter comprised of sisters with big hearts and personalities! This year our goal is to reach out to all alumnae in the Tidewater area and boost our chapter membership. W e are an active chapter that assists the local Panhellenic organization raise funds for scholarships, serve as support staff at the
Youngstown Area
This year, our chapter is
really trying to recruit new members. W e ' v e recently designed a website and have been contacting local news outlets to help get our name out and invite local alumnae to join us! W e hope that w e are successful and are excited to meet new members.
St. louts alumnae attend a cooking class
ToDragma [ Winter 2004 ]
Muncie Alumnae Chapter's "Day at the lake."

Foundation Update
a few questions only you can answer.
Sharing the legacy of sisterhood - what does it mean? What is your own legacy to your AOII sisters? O u r legacy o f sisterhood is the AOll heritage that passes from generation to generation, that extends from sister to sister in an unbroken chain. Our legacy protects a unique and cherished value and its meaning has no measurable price. Our legacy of sisterhood makes it possible to look forward to the new day ahead, instead of only to the past. Your annual Loyalty Fund gift to the Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation is part of this legacy. It sustains the present and provides for the future.
Why give to the Loyalty Fund? Your unrestricted gift literally supports every program and service area that receives Foundation funding. Every gift has meaning: every gift makes a difference... and makes a statement about your commitment to being that friend and sister. Read about the legacy that Loyalty Fund donors are creating for sisters, the AOII of the future, and those in need. Celebrate these legacies, and make your annual Loyalty Fund gift today.
The Legacy of Academic Excellence
"Dear Scholarship Committee,
It was an honor to be selected as the Carey Griner Memorial Scholarship recipient. This scholarship will ease the financial burden of my senior year. It could not have come at a better time because my goal is to be of service to Spanish-speaking families and so 1 (studied) in Spain this summer, improving my Spanish. Thanks to the AOII Foundation, I can reduce my loans for my senior year. 1 am very grateful.
Sincerely, Andrea Bunton, Kappa Kappa '01"
Congratulations not only to Andrea, but to an outstanding group of women who received AOII FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS for 2004-2005! The recipients have an average cumulative CPA of 5.58. Four recipients have a cumulative 4.0 CPA.
To Dragma [ Winter 2004 ]
• Min-li Wu, Sigma Tau
Muriel T. McKinney Scholarship
• Cristina Brannock, Chi Lambda
Martha Wilhoite Memorial Scholarship
• Andrea Bunion. Kappa Kappa
Carey Griner Memorial Scholarship
• Tara Cook, Chi Psi
The Angels of Kappa Theta Scholarship
• Jennifer Aldrich, Lambda Chi
Kerri Keith Memorial Scholarship (1 of 2) • Dylann Gould-Bowring, Lambda Sigma Kerri Keith Memorial Scholarship (2 of 2) • Jill Blount. Rho Omicron
Rho Omicron Chapter Scholarship
• Kirsten Billing, Lambda Sigma Langston-Purdy Scholarship
• Katie Van Lunsen, Chi Delta
Jaime Frantz Memorial Scholarship
• Jaclyn Riplinger, Nu Iota
Nu lota Scholarship in Memory ofJuliaV.Nelson
and in Honor of Elaine Nelson Mackenzie • Courtney Burger. Lambda Sigma
Karen Tucker Centennial Scholarship
• Margaret Klag, Sigma Tau
Rho Chapter Scholarship
• Leslie Knod. Sigma Omicron
Lou Meginness Couch/
Sigma Omicron Scholarship
• Linnette McCloud, Nu Omicron
Dottle Leek/Nu Omicron Scholarship
• Jennifer Alexander, Zeta
• Jana Clayton, Alpha Chi
• Mary Dobling, lota Sigma
• Vicki Goshert, Epsilon Sigma
• Kristen Johnston, Alpha Psi
• Amanda McCartney, Chi Delta
• Michelle McCain. Sigma Omicron • Jaclyn Mastromatteo. Theta Pi
• Dana Olson, Tau
• Sarah Price, Alpha Chi
• Ashley Wright, Beta Gamma Diamond Jubilee Scholarships
• Jessica Bednarz, Beta Phi
Helen Haller Scholarship
• Jennifer Allison, Upsilon
San Diego Alumnae Chapter Honor Scholarship in Memory of
Bonnie Somers Berger
• Kimberly Cook, Tau Omega Alpha Tau Chapter Scholarship • Summer Steib, Delta Beta Laura McDowell Scholarship
• Erin Lester. Alpha Gamma
• KimberlyMacaulay.Upsilon
• Kathleen Meyer. Pi Alpha
• Jennifer Peterson, Kappa Phi
• Katie Sup, Zeta
• Karla White, Chi Epsilon Diamond Jubilee Scholarships
Scholarship applicationsfor the 2005-06 academicgear are now available The deadline is March 1,2005. Please email Grace [email protected]
for more information.

The Legacy of Service
Thousands of volunteer service hours each year are given in local communities by collegiate and alumnae chapters, as well as individual members. A quick peek at the website shows a lengthy list of charities that are supported by dedicated sisters giving their time, as well as their dollars, to make a difference and change and save lives.
AOIIs volunteer at arthritis camps, help staff arthritis runs and walks, work in the arthritis office, and create philanthropy rounds that educate about arthritis. Members contribute amazing amounts of time, energy and, of course, dollars, to combat arthritis, our chosen international philanthropy. Since 1967 over $1,200,000 has been awarded to fund arthritis research. With the addition of juvenile arthritis in 1997, over $64,700 has been directed specifically toward children's camps, conference scholarships, and other American Juvenile Arthritis Orgamization programs.
The Foundation mini-grant program enables local AOII chapters to direct their arthritis dollars back to a local program, camp or project. Last year an additional $12,000 in Foundation mini-grants was given back to the community where AOIIs raised the funds.
The Legacy of Leadership
The program formerly known as Senior Challenge has a new name and a new focus. Sisters Developing Leaders Together is funded by gifts from the previous year's senior class. Graduating seniors are asked to make a $10 gift to the Foundation as pan of their legacy to the next generation of collegians. This senior gift provides grants for chapters to attend Leadership Academy. Each chapter listed below received a $100 Foundation grant toward registration for Leadership Academy VPMR in November 2004. What a great legacy of sisterhood! Congratulations to these 43 collegiate chapters selected as the first recipients of 2004-2005 Sisters Developing Leaders Together grants.
What a wonderful legacy!
Alpha Chi Alpha Phi Beta Gamma Beta Tau
Chi Delta
Chi Epsilon
Chi Lambda Delta Delta Delta Epsilon Delta Rho
Delta Upsilon Epsilon
Epsilon Gamma Epsilon Omega Gamma
Gamma Alpha Gamma Delta Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa Kappa Lambda Kappa Omega Kappa Omicron
Kappa Phi Kappa Sigma Kappa Tau Lambda Chi Lambda Beta Lambda Sigma Lambda Tau Lambda Upsilon Nu Omicron
Nu Iota
Phi Chi
Phi Sigma
Pi Alpha
Pi Delta
Rho Omicron Sigma Chi
Tau Gamma Theta Omega Theta Pi
Theta Psi Upsilon Lambda
ToDragma [Winter2004]
Sharing the Legacy of Sisterhood through Endowment Giving
Our AOII sisterhood is a legacy of outstanding women, incredible leaders, exceptional scholars, and caring volunteers. Your Foundation is striving to continue this legacy. Our new initiative, "Sharing the Legacy of Sisterhood" will increase the size of our endowment thus allowing us to provide AOII women with the tools they need to succeed in college and in life, but we need your support. Please consider a gift to our "Sharing the Legacy of Sisterhood" endeavor. With love, commitment and generosity, together we will create an exciting fut ure for Alpha Omicron Pi.
Mary Ann Jenkins, Kappa Alpha Major Gifts/Endowment Chair

8 Jfc

Alpha Gamma
Washington State U
This year our chapter participated in "Greek or Treat." Children and their parents walked around to all the sororities and each sorority had a different game for the kids to play. They bowled at AOII and it was awesome! The kids had a great time and we had a blast too! It was really fun to see the kids
dressed up and excited about Halloween.
Alpha Lambda
Southern U
W e have started the year very successfully! W e were able to recruit a great new member class this Fall which all of the sisters were very excited about. W e had an event- ful Homecoming with the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi.
Our annual Red Rose Bowl flag football tournament was also a success this semester. All the sisters put in a lot of effort to make it even more successful than it was last year! W e can't waif to see what else the year has in store for us!
Alpha Phi
Montana State U
During Montana State U's parent's weekend, Alpha Phi raised $900.00 from
a silent auction to be used mostly for public relations. W e recently acquired three professionally made ban- ners to hang up on campus to promote AOII. Alpha Phi's president w a s also introduced at the football
game during parent's weekend.
Alpha Psi
Bowling Green State U
This year has been busy for Alpha Psi. First w e had a contest with Theta Psi Chapter as to who could buy the most rose tributes at Founders' Day. W e sold over 485 and won
a dinner cooked by the Theta Psi sisters at their house! Next, we won the
Beta Gamma
Michigan State U
Beta Gamma worked very hard our first month back at school! W e partici- pated in an all-Michigan recruitment workshop with Lambda Eta and Kappa Rho. Our efforts resulted
in an amazing new member class. W e would like to congratulate Lauren Veraldi, our 2003 presi-
Alpha Gamma Lip Jam and dent, for winning the Stella
were the overall winners for Greek Week, along with our partners Delta Chi. W e received the Gold Standard Chapter Excellence Award at the BGSU Greek awards making us one of the top chapters on campus, and Kristen Weber won the
George Stern Perry Award this summer at Leadership Institute. W e also would like to thank our AAC, especially Mikaela Crosby, our recruitment advisor, Sarah Harlan, our chapter advisor, and our MRC, Erin Burcham. These w o m e n were extremely helpful and
Florence Currier award and supportive throughout the scholarship, for outstanding recruitment process!
junior woman. W e are also very proud of our 21 wonderful new members!
Alpha Theta
Coe College
The Alpha Theta Chapter has been having a great year. W e had the #1 GPA for sororities for 1st semester and then the #1 All Around GPA for 2nd
Chi Lambda
U of Evansville
The woman of Chi Lambda Chapter at the U of Evansville raised money through a yard sale ben- efiting theJennifer Combs Memorial Scholarship. The yard sale raised nearly $200 and was held on the front lawn of the chapter
Gamma Alpha (George Mason Uj Bid Day 2004
semester. We won "Red & suite October 16, 2004. Gold Week", a week-long Sisters and university faculty
competition put on by the
Phi Kappa Taus for all the
sororities here on campus.
W e also strengthened our
chapter's alumnae relations a passing vehicle while by hosting a tea party
during Homecoming for all our alumnae to celebrate our 35th anniversary here on campus.
donated items to be sold. The scholarship was in honor of a Chi Lambda alumna who was killed by
helping a stranded motorist.

State U
Our Fall recruitment was very successful this year.
We pledged 30cuteand enthusiastic new members. On Philanthropy Day during recruitment w e made teddy bears for children at the Ronald McDonald House. W e also teamed up with Colleges Against Cancer, an on-campus club, a n d ran an information booth about Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Prior to our recruitment, 2 0
of our sisters traveled to the Lambda Beta Chapter to help out with their recruit- ment. It w a s a great sister- hood building experience. Currently w e are actively searching for a new chapter house. During winter quarter, we are having our second annual sisterhood camping retreat in Santa Barbara. Sisterhood is stronger than ever and we are looking forward to an amazing year!
Chi Theta
State U
The ladies of Chi Theta
at N S U Tahlequah, O K have been very busy. W e had our first philanthropy, Stick Up For Arthritis, in September. W e received
11 great new girls through formal recruitment and are looking forward to getting to know them better. W e already have several socials planned a n d are very excited about the upcoming year. Thanks
to all of the ladies and alumnae for a great start to the semester!
One of Delta's fall semes- ter traditions is our Italian Night philanthropy event. Using music, decorations, and great food, w e turn our basement into an Italian restaurant! W e
sell tickets to the other Greek houses and student groups on campus, and cook a yummy dinner for them. It's a great w a y to raise money for the AOII Foundation, help sisters bond with one another, and introduce members
of Delta to other Greeks on campus.
Delta Delta
Auburn U
We've got spirit, yes w e do, we've got spirit, how 'bout you? The Delta
Delta Chapter was ranked second in spirit on Auburn's campus this year. This is something that w e are very proud of, because we worked so hard to get it! Spirit points are given out for numerous things such
as winning p e p rallies, winning 1st places in floats to things like giving blood to our local blood bank. Every week at chapter we learn of different ways to earn more spirit points, a n d everyone in the chapter contributes to being top in spirit. Not only do we get to have fun with our sisters earning spirit points, we get to help the community as well!
Delta Epsilon
Jacksonville State U
W e recently w o n the regu- lar season Intramural Flag Football Championship. Our 2 n d annual Strike
Out for Arthritis was very successful. W e also h a d
an amazing recruitment. Our newskitwasa hitand
we pledged awesome girls - once again making quota plus. W e had seven girls participate in theJSU Homecoming Pageant. Out of those seven, three made the top ten. This year w e will b e participat- ing in Homecoming events with the men of Pi Kappa Phi. W e hope to continue our winning traditions dur- ing this week. W e also hold our annual alumnae brunch the morning of
Homecoming. It is always a well attended event for our chapter.
Delta Omega
Murray State U
This semester w e have
held several functions to promote our name on campus such as hosting
a free lemonade stand, decorating the football team's locker rooms, and washing faculty's car windows. W e are also having our first annual AOII Father/Daughter Day in which w e will tailgate with our dads a n d then attend
a football game. W e have held numerous events to build up our sisterhood.
For example, w e had a progressive dinner where the n e w members mingled with active members by visiting homes hosted by each n e w member class. Also, w e had a family dinner where each AOII family metatoursuiteand enjoyed a meal together.
Delta Pi
Central Missouri State U
W e are having a wonder- ful first semester at Central Missouri State U. W e recruited nineteen wonder- ful n e w members during formal fall recruitment
and COR and are now preparing for their exciting initiation week. W e raised
tons of money during our all night Rock-A-Thon. It was a lot of fun! Also, we had a blast at our first date party, "Anything But a Cup." W e are now focusing our attention
on preparing for the upcoming Homecoming week. W e are so excited about supporting our wonderful Homecoming queen candidate, Jennifer Wolf! W e are working on a cheer to perform
at the Homecoming pep-rally a n d a beautiful float for the parade, all with the 'Winning Friends and Influencing Others' theme. W e can't wait for Homecoming and also all the other wonderful activi- ties w e have planned for the rest of the semester.
Delta Psi
State U of
New York
Delta Psi is a small, but proud chapter at the U
at Albany! W e currently have about 3 0 girls in our chapter now. W e are an extremely close group of girls who would do any- thing for one another.
Our favorite nights are
when w e all sit around together watching our favor- ite TV shows. Member's
of other organization's
often come up to usand
say that they are jealous of how close we are with one another. But for us, it's just second nature.
Delta Theta
Texas Women's U
The Delta Theta Chapter did a phenomenal job
at recruitment and as a reward has DOUBLED its total amount of members! Everyone c a n agree that this semester has been amazing due to the awe- some bonding experiences shared, a n d it just keeps
Z• I — I J!
ToDragma [Winter2004]

Gamma Theta (U of South Florida! 2004 Bid Day
getting better. W e are looking forward to a very fun retreat, where w e will be camping out at a pri- vate lake. W e will be par- ticipating in many exciting activities during the retreat such as sand volleyball, paddle boats, capture the flag, a game of sardines, eating s'mores, campfire
food, and everyone's favorite, panda pass!
Epsilon Alpha
State U
The Epsilon Alpha Chapter at the Pennsylvania State
U welcomed in 21 wonderful new members
in September! This Fall, we met recruitment quota and
Epsilon Sigma
Quincy U
Epsilon Sigma was very excited to start back up their annual Mr. G Q contest on November 19,2004.TheMr. GQ contest is a male beauty pageant where 8-10 males go up against one another towinthetitleofMr. GQ and raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. This year the theme was Las Vegas. The males com- peted in many categories, two of which including talent, and formal wear.
W e had a great time.
U of Maine
At the end of last year we won the award for most improved chapter. Formal Recruitment went well for us. We have a new mem- ber class of eleven girls right now, five of which
w e got through formal recruitment. W e now have a total of 48 members, so we only need two more to reach cap. Greek week
is coming up, and we are excited to participate.
Gamma Alpha
George Mason U
Every fall semester for Gamma Alpha seems to be packed full of activities and this year is no excep- tion. W e are proud to have 2 4 beautiful, diverse new members from our
fall 2 0 0 4 recruitment.
They have been such an amazing group - showcas- ing their talents not only
at baseball (Strike-Out Arthritis is our philanthropy event), but also with fash- ion! The new members won plenty of honors at Sigma Chi's Crazy 80s mixer. The new members also attended their retreat in Pennsylvania where they were treated to hay rides,
Beta Tau (U of Toronto! new initiates
w e currently are the sorority on campus!
Epsilon Chi
Elon College
Epsilon Chi is proud of Shelby Peterson, our 14th Homecoming Queen
out of our 17 years on campus! Also, we have begun an exciting new philanthropy event called D o d g e Arthritis. This is
a dodgeball tournament in which the entire Greek system is invited to partici- pate. Each organization is extremely excited about this great new idea.
Epsilon Oincqa
Kentucky U
The sisters of Epsilon Omega do not have a house for all of us to share. At Eastern Kentucky U
our chapter has installed chapter dinners on Monday nights before meeting. Our chapter shares this time to sit around and talk to our sisters that we do not see every day. Of all the chap- ters on Eastern Kentucky's campus, Epsilon O m e g a was the first to start having chapter dinners.
To Dragma
[ Winter 2004 ]
Lambda Upsilon (Lehigh Uj collegians

roasted marshmallows, and manicures and pedicures. We plan to wrap the semester up in style with a winter-themed semi-formal in December.
Gamma Chi
Carleton U
After a summer filled with lots of volunteering and
fun, the sisters of Gamma Chi returned to Ottawa
and kicked off another
busy year with an outstand- ing recruitment week! With the largest new member class we've seen in years, roses go out to our incred- ibly organized VPMR, dedicated sisters and ever- supportive alumnae. N e w members along, we par- ticipated in another great year at Greek Olympics, competing in everything from tug-of-war to football against the other members of the Ottawa Greek Community. W e look forward to an exciting year filled with new memories for our scrapbooks!
Gamma Delta
W e have loved our new new member class this year, and had a great initiation gaining some awesome new members. Our new chapter advisor, Aimee Rivera, has also been a great addition to Gamma Delta. She has been encouraging and helpful, and we are lucky to have her!
Gamma O micron
U of Florida
This fall Gamma Omicron, along with much of the state of Florida, experi- enced what has been a history making hurricane season. We were hit by
Gamma Delta (U of South Alabama) new members
two severe hurricanes and touched by another, all within the time frame of about a month. Not only did this affect campus scheduling, but it affected morale. However, we were not going to let it affect us! During the storms, our house became a safe haven for all sisters as well as for friends, family, and members from other chapters and the community who had lost power. The situation was completely turned around. In the face of adversity,
our sisters smiled, carried on, and grew closer. W e also participated in a Greek wide canned food drive to relieve those w h o had been suffering worse conditions. W h a t came of this experience for Gamma Omicron? More "down time" to get closer to the sisters we love, and an opportunity to help and serve the community.
Gamma Sigma
Georgia State U
W e started off the year welcoming our fabulous new members! W e love them all and know they will make great sisters of AOII. The most anticipated event our chapter has
is our annua! Mr. AOII Pageant. W e look forward to this event all year
and we always have an excellent turnout from other Greeks! In this pageant, students from our school and surrounding colleges are invited to compete
for the title of Mr. AOII. Contestants participate in talent, costume and ques- tion & answer sessions. Everyone always has so much fun and there are lots of laughs. Also, we won our first flag football match recently! It was our first win in, well, a couple of years, so congratulations to our AOII football players!
Nu Beta (U of Mississippi!
To Dragma [ Winter 2004 ]

Gamma Theta
U of South Florida
To conclude our lost semester, our Social Chair Ashley Robert planned
an enchanting evening at the Florida Aquarium in downtown Tampa. This Fall, the ladies of Gamma Theta welcomed an outstanding new member class! O n October 24th, our new girls were initi- ated. Gamma Theta sisters also helped out St. Jude's hospital in St. Petersburg
to benefit children with
arthritis. The hospital hosted a Fashion Show that we helped plan and design. Our chapter held our annual date social, Woodser, in November to finish up the semester.
Iota Chi
U of Western
lota Chi had a very successful recruitment this term and not only did we achieve quota, but we invited some truly amazing young women to join our sisterhood. Special thanks go out tojulianne for all
of her wonderful ideas
and encouraging attitude throughout the recruitment period! This semester lota Chi looks forward to our October philanthropy for
the London Boys a n d Girls Club as well as sisterhood events like bowling and dinners together.
Iota Sigma
Iowa State U
This year w e have been very focused on recruiting quality new members. Through focusing on recruitment we have gained many new wonder- ful women to be initiated into Alpha Omicron Pi.
W e have excelled in many of our campus activities
from Homecoming to philanthropies. Right now we are in full swing for our annual Run for the Roses and once again it looks
be a great success. This year we have also formed a parents club to involve our families and allow
them to see what we are doing.
Kappa Alpha
Indiana State U
KA is extremely excited
for our new members.
W e have been working really hard to welcome them home! Also, our Homecoming was in November. This is a
really exciting time for us because of our Alumnae tent. W e have the tent outside the stadium, and we get to see our alumnae and enjoy the company of
our sisters and food before the football game. W e
are also in the process of organizing a philanthropy event in conjunction with Chi Omega to promote Greek unity on campus.
As always, we are looking forward to all the events second semester as well: Red Rose to honor our new members, spring week,
and our first spring informal that we are planning!
State U
The Kappa Chi Chapter had a very successful formal recruitment. W e did our skit of The Wizard of Oz and it was very fun. W e have a wonderful group of ladies that w e
all love. Also this year
we will be doing several philanthropies, such as President for a Day, where a student trades places with the president of the university. It is a fun event that will raise a lot of money for arthritis.
Kappa Gamma
Florida Southern College
W h a t could be better than just popping in a movie and enjoying it with sisters? The girls of Kappa Gamma know that after a long
day there is nothing better than relaxing in the lobby with some pizza, soda, and a comedy, having an impromptu sisterhood.
Kappa Kappa
Ball State U
To start the year off, we had a very successful recruitment and are very happy to welcome twenty- six new women to our chapter! For BSU's home- coming, w e participated in the campus wide lip sync contest, "Air Jam," and with our stellar performance
of "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend" came away with a first place! W e also made friends with the local firefighters when we rode on their fire truck in the Homecoming Parade. As a fantastic end to the Homecoming week, our chapter participated in a social with a pirate theme!
W e are currently getting ready for our fall philan- thropic event, Jail 'N Bail. W e are raising awareness for this event by doing "Pie in the Eye" at a busy spot on campus. Students pay $1 to pie an AOII in the eye and can also sign up to participate in our event. It's been a great start!
Kappa Lambda
U of Calgary
The chapter is proud to announce Kappa Lambda's 20th birthday. In 1984, a group of women at the U
of Calgary wanted their own Greek Organization. They called themselves Beta Kappa Lambda. Beta since they were
Tau (U of Louisiana at Monroe]
Gamma Sigma [Georgia State Uj sisterhood event
To Dragma [ Winter 2004 ]
Alpha lambda (Georgia Southern Uj bid day

20) • i-H
the second sorority on campus, Kappa referring
to their friendship with the Kappa Sigma fraternity
and Lambda because their group was composed of eleven women. After a
few months, Beta Kappa Lambda knew they wanted more. Alpha Omicron Pi filled this desire. AOII col- onized at the U of Calgary with the 11 members of Beta Kappa Lambda who became the founding mem- bers of the chapter, now
called Kappa Lambda. On November 30th,
1985, Kappa Lambda
was installed as the 142nd chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi. The chapter is proud
to be part of AOII and
will be celebrating on November 30th with a special sisterhood event and an unforgettable birth- day bash at our annual Roseball in April.
Kappa Omega
U of Kentucky
This spring. Kappa Omega raised almost four thousand dollars for arthritis research at our annual Pi-Athalon. This year, however, w e
got a chance to make a difference locally. Recently, one woman started the Kentucky branch of the Arthritis Foundation by herself. Her husband was afflicted at an early age, and she wanted to make
a difference. Our chapter was able to get a grant that allowed all of our proceeds to go directly
to her branch. W e also helped her with the Arthritis Walk, along with other AOII chapters in Kentucky. It is always amazing to know that we are making
a difference, but this year
w e felt even closer to
AOH's philanthropy.
Kappa Omicron
Rhodes College
After a successful recruit- ment this year, Kappa Omicron is proud to welcome twenty-two new members. We celebrated our success with a pool party on Bid Day at an area alumna's house.
The new members were initiated on October 24, and we are so excited to welcome them to
our sisterhood!
Kappa Rho
Michigan U
Kappa Rho had our Annual Haunted Forest with two other sororities on campus to earn money for our philanthropy. W e are also holding Trick
or Treat on Greek Street for the children in the community. Our sisters have been doing amaz- ing things this fall, Jackie Caldwell, is Western Michigan U's 2004 Homecoming Queen
and Lisa Tellish won the
should be what haven't
we been up to. Our chapter did an awesome job leading up to and going through formal recruitment. W e made quota, so cheers to Kappa Sigma. Along with the many events this fall ('04) that Kappa Sigma has hosted, we also have been trying to support Greek life in general on the UWRF campus. Also with all the events going on it has
been a big year for getting your name out on campus and I think Kappa Sigma
is doing an excellent job
of this. In short we are always busy whether it's for Kappa Sigma or Greek life at UWRF, but we are loving and enjoying every minute of it.
Kappa Tau
Louisiana U
Kappa Tau has done
many activities this year.
W e spent time with residents at the local nurs- ing home, raised money
for a local woman with cancer, helped out Florida residents with a disaster relief fund, held our second annual Strike Out for
Arthritis, and trick-or-treated for canned goods to help out the Tangipahoa Food Bank. We have also had many sisterhood activities to keep our chapter strong. W e are also pleased
to announce that Kacie Brummel won 2 0 0 4 College Miss Majorette of Louisiana and Tara Foshee was crowned Miss Baton Rouge. W e also supported these ladies in the Miss Southeastern Pageant last spring. W e also would like to congratulate Candice
Lambda Beta
California State U
- Long Beach
The Ladies of the Lambda Beta Chapter in Long Beach California had
the best recruitment week this fall semester. With
the help Chi Psi, Lambda Beta extended 25 Bids to some of the best women of CSULB and 24 of those Bids were excepted. We are very happy to say that we can't wait for these lovely women to be a part
of Alpha Omicron Pi.
Lambda Chi
LaGrange College
The sisters of Lambda Chi started the 2004-2005 school year with a bang. W e began by preparing for the week of recruitment by working on props and planning for the three nights of parties. By the time recruitment arrived, we were ready to recruit some amazing new members, and we did just that. W e celebrated Bid Day with a pool party and
cook-out. Our chapter's philanthropic endeavors are growing as well. Not only ore w e raising money for and supporting arthritis research, but we are also starting programs of men- toring elementary school children and volunteering at the Humane Society.
W e are very excited about Lambda Chi's involvement with the community.
Lambda Eta
Grand Valley
State U
Lambda Eta had an imme- diate impact on Grand Valley in the fall, when
the majority of the chapter could be seen around campus volunteering as Transitions Leaders (fresh- man orientation guides).
To Dragma [ Winter 2004 ]
the Year Award. And we're all so happy for our President, Erin Ziegler w h o recently became engaged. Recruitment went great and we have a new member class of 19 girls. This fall we met with the chapters from MSU and GVSU for
a recruitment workshop.
It went over great and everyone got to meet friends. W e recently had
a visit with our MRC, Erin Burcham, who gave us great ideas for the coming year.
Kappa Sigma
U of Wisconsin
- River Falls
Wow, what have we been up to here in the north woods? The question
W o m a n of
Sanders for making Homecoming Court.
2 0 0 4

For a week, sisters went through day long training sessions, followed by a few days of getting new students comfortable with their new school com- munity. For many students, the first mentor and smiling face they'll remember will be that of an AOII.
Lambda Omicron
Cumberland U
event in which the sisters opened their house to fellow students, faculty, and family, with an array of desserts, music, and conversation. Proceeds from this popular evening benefited the chapter's participation in Winter Park Relay for Life and the AOII Foundation.
Nu Beta
U of Mississippi
Each year N u Beta hosts a Women of Excellence Banquet. W e take nominations from the
Ole Miss and Oxford community. W e honor an outstanding Greek woman, female athlete, lady of
the community, and one outstanding female faculty or staff person. This is a wonderful way for AOII to honor exceptional women in our community w h o
do extraordinary things.
W e host the banquet at our house and have the winners and the person who nominated them over for dinner. They receive a plaque and roses. This is a wonderful way for AOII to thank these women. It also strengthens relations with people on campus and off campus.
Nu Iota
Illinois U
This year was Nu lota's first annual Run for the Roses event! W e worked very hard on the event
and had an awesome turnout. W e raised over
$ 1 0 0 0 for arthritis research and the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation! W e had a
ton of fun with this event and we are really looking forward to making it even stronger next year!
W e are very pleased to say that overall we had
a great year! Our yearly Rose Ball turned out fan- tastic. Our annual Easter egg hunt was great. W e participated in the college quiz bowl and had a blast. W e didn't get first place but it was a great event
for community service
and sisterhood. At formal recruitment, we played "AOII Candyland" which was very fun and unique. The game provided great conversation starters and helped to break the ice between the potential
new members and the members. And we have ini- tiated some awesome new ladies! Here at Lambda Omicron we have many dreams and aspirations for our chapter and the future success of AOII. Our entire group of ladies are truly dedicated, motivated,
and determined!
Mu Lambda
Rollins College
The sisters of M u Lambda Chapter were excited
to welcome their new member class into the sisterhood this past spring. The chapter also enjoyed a Valentine's Crush Party and the annual Red Rose Banquet and Awards Ceremony in April. One of the semester highlights for Mu Lambda, was the first annual "Pie with A Pi"
Delta Omega {Murray State Uj Crush Dance
Delta Delta {Auburn Uj Recruitment Philanthropy Day
To Dmqma [ Winter 2004 ]
Phi Sigma {U of Nebraska - Kearney!

Omega Omicron
were also so proud that two of the five women on Homecoming Court were our AOII sisters. It was such a great week of having fun and getting to know each other even better.
sororities compete in. W e are also looking forward
to Greek Ball, it gives us the opportunity to come together for an evening of fun as a Greek community.
Pi Delta
U of Maryland
The sisters of Pi Delta host- ed "Trick-or-Treat on Greek Street" on October 29th
the night a w a y at the Eagle Point Golf Course. In September, we had
a great recruitment and welcomed in an awesome new member class.
Rho Omicron
Middle Tennessee State U
The Rho Omicron Chapter has had an exceptional year so far, we are very excited about our suc- cessful recruitment a n d about our Greek awards received last semester, which included an award for our New Member Program. W e have had
an outstanding year so
far, and once again held our barbecue in early October. This event is for our Philathropy, Arthritis.
W e are very excited about our upcoming events and
about the excitement this new year brings.
U of California
- Berkeley
W e started this school year off strong, welcoming nineteen new members into Sigma Chapter.
W e have held several activities to help integrate our newest sisters into the
chapter, including string game, our traditional Big Sis/Lil Sis revealing, and the New Member Retreat
- an overnight camping trip held during the weekend
of October 8 at Tilden
Park in Berkeley. Other events include our annual Parents' BBQ, occurring on the same weekend as UC Berkeley's Homecoming, and Presents, where our new members are pre- sented to the chapter and our families and friends.
aDO o
Lambuth U
The Omega Omicron chapter has been very busy lately. As a fresh start to a new year at Lambuth U, w e have recently remodeled our chapter house. It was
Phi Sigma
U of Nebraska - Kearney
long over-due, and now
we have one of the best looking houses on campus. Also, our chapter has participated in lots of volunteer work. Several of our members just recently volunteered to help as serv- ers for the Breast Cancer Awareness Runway for a
Cure Fashion Show and Dinner at the local Carle Perkins Civic Center. The event staff gave our chap- ter kind words of acknowl- edgement in the show's program. From attending soccer and volleyball games, to supporting any- thing outside of AOII that our members participate
in, Omega Omicron is proud of how well-rounded our members are, and how much closer our chapter becomes everyday.
U of Tennessee
Omicron had a great recruitment this year and we celebrated with an awesome Bid Day. It was held at a sister's home in Knoxville. W e all ate lunch and got to know all of
the new members. After lunch we proceeded with one of our favorite Bid Day traditions, jumping in the pool with our dresses on. It is such a fun way to break the ice with all of the new members! During Homecoming, we paired up with the brothers of Sigma Chi and partici-
pated in Smokey's Howl, Anything Goes, and the Banner, Window Display, & Float competitions. W e
The Phi Sigma Chapter has become extremely strong
in many aspects of Greek Life throughout the past year. This was apparent as our chapter Advisor, Jean Barry, was named Outstanding Fraternity/ Sorority Advisor for the 2003-2004 year on the UNK Campus. With the help of amazing advisors, we were able to have a very successful recruitment
in which Phi Sigma inducted 29 amazing
new women. Phi Sigma exceeded campus total with 8 0 members. Not only is AOII the largest sorority on campus, the women of Phi Sigma
also had the highest overall GPA for the Greek Community. The 3.375 GPA was the highest GPA that a group in the UNK
Greek Community has ever had. The women of Phi Sigma are working hard
to uphold and maintain
the high standards that have been set for the rest of the 2004-2005 academic year.
Pi Alpha
U of Louisville
Pi Alpha has had a busy year competing in frater- nity days, intramurals, and doing community service. We have put forth a great effort to strengthen our sisterhood bonds, and our chapter is closer than it has
been in years. Currently,
we are looking forward to the step show that all of the
2 0 0 4 .
elementary schools partici- pated by listening to stories read by Pi Delta sisters, getting their faces painted, and trick or treating on College Avenue. This event was set up so children in
local areas would have a safe place to trick or treat. Sisters of Pi Delta dressed up in costumes and took the children down the streets to trick-or-treat and ensure safety. Children also received a free t-shirt and lots of candy. Everyone
had a great time especially the children.
ToPragma [Winter2004]
from area
Rho Delta
Sainford U
Our chapter has been really busy this past year.
In February, 2004 we kicked off the semester by participating in the annual Step Sing competition.
We won the community service award at Step Sing for the sixth year in a row!
In March, we went camp- ing and had sisterhood bonding as we roasted marshmallows and stayed warm by the fire. Many of the sisters participated in "Kicking it for Kids",
an all night dance party designed to raise money for Children's Hospital. Rho Delta took part in arthritis walks and selling lollipops to raise money for arthritis research. Our semi formal was in the Spring and we danced

Upsilon Lambda fU of Texas at San Antonioj Recruitment
Sigma Phi
U of Minnesota
Tau Chapter has h a d
an exciting year. At last spring's Greek Awards, Tau w a s honored with multiple awards including best Alumnae Relations and Chapter of the Year. We also did very well in "Spring Jam", a week long event full of competitions, concerts a n d games. In
addition, we've had a very successful recruitment a n d are so proud of our newest members! At Tau, w e
have a great opportunity for N e w Members every semester. O u r Philanthropy Chairman helps them
throw AOPizzaria, a
fund raiser for arthritis research and a great w a y for everyone Greek and University-wide to meet our new members while they help our philanthropy. W e have also had a lot of fun activities including formals and philanthropy, study
and social exchanges with other greek organizations on campus. Tau chapter continues to grow and learn, and we are having
a great time in the process!
Tau Gamma
Washington U
Our chapter received top grade honors with spring 2004. On top of that we are trying to stay busy, with recruitment right around the corner. The sisterhood is looking stronger than ever with daily workshops and secret sisters.
California State U
- Northridge
With a lot of hard work and excellent leadership from our hard working officers, our chapter w a s able to achieve our goal of a successful recruitment. Each and every one of
our new members is an amazing woman and a marvelous addition to our house. With the enormous increase in our house G P A and a sisterhood that is stronger than ever w e know
that 2 0 0 5 will b e
Sigma Tau
The Sigma Tau Chapter has been focusing on chapter/campus relations this semester. W e kicked off the semester with "Chill With AOII." W e set aside a hot September d a y to pass out free cold lemon- ade to thirsty faculty a n d
students o n their w a y to classes. The chapter also traveled to a local nursing home to play bingo with community seniors. The Sigma Tau sisters par- ticipated in Washington College's Greek Week
in late September. We're currently getting ready
for our annual Strike Out Arthritis campus-wide volleyball tournament,
in which we encourage students to put together teams a n d play to benefit Arthritis Research. The Sigma Tau Chapter would like to welcome our new CNS, Karen Weigel, and our new C N D , Katherine Leach Andrews!
Omega {Northern Arizona U) Recruitment Philanthropy Night
To Dragma
[ Winter 2004 ]
Theta PsiIU of Toledo) Bid Day

77)eta Beta
Towson U
The Theta Beta Chapter at Towson U is excited to take 14 amazing new girls into our chapter.
W e are confident that these girls will keep our chapter growing strong. Our chapter is looking forward to our annual "Jingle Bell Run and Walk" to support the Arthritis Foundation this winter.
W e are also excited about sisterhood retreats, "Adopt- a-Highway" program,
Pi Guy, and our annual Greek W e e k festivities.
Theta Chi
Theta Chi has been having an amazing year so far. We had a very successful formal recruitment, giving bids to a total of eleven girls. W e have also had a very successful fund-raiser earlier this fall. Our first year of "AO Pie in the
Face" was the highest raising event our chapter has h a d in years. Students lined up to throw pies at professors, coaches, and college staff members over the lunch hour. Everyone had a great time, and the money we raised was given to arthritis research.
Theta Omega
Arizona U
The ladies of Theta
Omega had a wonderful recruitment week this year. We had four nights of
fun and excitement with a different theme every night that we got to have fun with. After a very success- ful recruitment, w e are off to a great start with a busy semester ahead. Every week w e have sisterhood dinners and Fabulous
Babes Night In, where
we all study for a couple of hours and then watch
a movie together. As a chapter w e are all looking forward to: new member sleepover, big sis/lil sis
revealing, senior week, and our annual formal, Ruby and Pearl.
Theta Pi
Wagner College
The Theta Pi Chapter of Wagner College has been keeping very active this past year with a variety AOII activities. W e recently participated in the "Make
a Wish" foundation where we sent the Theta Pi sisters all over northern N e w Jersey to help raise money for terminally ill children.
W e managed to raise thousands of dollars for both the "Make a Wish" foundation and arthritis research. This past year, a member had the privilege of winning Homecoming Queen, the chapter placed first in the Homecoming banner competition, Songfest Princess, and
we won first place in Songfest. We also won Alpha Bowl (a football game against another sorority at the college) this past year. After having such a great year, w e are looking forward to more successes in the future!
Theta Psi
U of Toledo
The Theta Psi Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi has had an awesome beginning
to the fall semester. W e had our formal recruitment in September, where we pledged 14 new girls; and our informal recruitment where we got 10 more.
W e are very excited to have such amazing new
• p—i
DO Jjj
Gamma Alpha (George Mason Uj graduation
Theta Beta [Towson Uj Chapter on Bid Day 2004
ToDragma \ Winter 2004 ]
Sigma Phi(CA State U-Northridgej before Mr. CSUN Pageant

members of AOII. During Homecoming, we worked with the men of Beta Theta Pi to create a homecoming float for a parade. W e are also getting very excited for our annual Bowling for Roses philan- thropy event. Our chapter raised over $2,500 for
arthritis research last year, and this year we hope to raise even more!
U of Nebraska
- Lincoln
Zeta Chapter has had an amazing year to say the least. The year started off with an outstanding recruit- ment in which we accept- ed a new member class
of 3 0 wonderful young women. Zeta was very proud this year to report that our GPA was a 3.34
Upsihn Lambdawhich was above the all campus GPA. W e have
U ofTexas - San Antonio
Upsibn Lambda has had one of our busiest years yet! Our calendar is full of events such as sisterhoods, F.B.N.O.'s (Fabulous Babes' Night Out), philanthropies, fund-raisers, mixers, retreats, and of course, formal. W e
are so proud of our chapter because we exemplify diver- sity and true sisterhood!
U of Oklahoma
members on the UNL Spirit 1 Squad, in student govern-
ment, on the swim team,
in the jazz band, in many
UNL academic honoraries, volunteering around Lincoln and involved in many stu- dent organizations. Zeta also had a very successful Hungry Hungry Husker
this year raising more than $1,500 to benefit arthritis research. W e have had an extraordinary time so
far and hope it continues to be the most successful year ever!
Zeta Psi
East Carolina U
Zeta Psi has started another great year. W e welcome our new house mother, Mama Lynn. Zeta Psi worked at the loca student book store to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. Parents' Weekend at ECU was
the weekend before recruitment. W e took our parents through a sample recruitment round. This was
something fun for them and us. Our parents got to go on a house tour and par- ticipate in the philanthropy activity. This years recruit- ment went great. W e now have a wonderful group
of new members. Zeta
Psi has many great things planned for the up coming semester and is looking forward to them.
Lambda Beta (California State U - Long Beach} collegic
Xi Chapter experienced a tragedy last March when one of our beloved sisters LisaWiedlerwas killedin a car accident. Lisa was such a warm, friendly girl and was always so fun to be around. She was very caring and spent her free time working with young
children. Lisa thought about others before herself and she was always there for anyone that needed her. On the Xi Chapter's lawn, a rose garden has been planted dedicated to the memory of Lisa. Xi is also working on a scholar- ship dedicated to Lisa.
She will be missed by
all her sisters.
Nu Beta (U of Mississippi! members in the 'O/e Miss' 2004 Parade of Beauties
ToDragma [Winter2004]

ToDrayma [Winter2004]
The following article is reprinted from the May 1950 Silver Anniversary Edition of To Drayma. Spring 2005 marks the mayazine's
Our Tfc JDm^nw By Wilma Smiih Leiand, Tau (U of Minnesota) To Dragma Editor 1927-1946
In May, 1915. upon the occasion of a report by the business manager of 7b Dragma, Isabelle Henderson (Stewart) prefaced her financial statement with the following: "I do not believe that Mary Chase of Gamma chapter, when she thought out and designed the attractive cover of this issue (1915). knew that she was making a birthday dress for a child of ten winters. 7b Dragma celebrated in January, her tenth birthday!
"You will pardon the femininegender - for,to the editor and contributors who have so ably molded and shaped her formative character, and the business managers who have striven to pay the bills for food, education, and wardrobe - why To Dragma is simply throbbing and pulsating with life!"
Fifteen years have swept past since Isabelle voiced the feeling that every editor has had of the magazine. Our 7b Dragma is no longer a little girl with pig tails and mother hubbards; she has achieved womanhood. Her development has been that of a human being, certainly, for she started out life causing those who had inspired her much worry, work, and financial burden, the desire of all. the care of a few. She passed through those baby years, a healthy child, yet sometimes undernourished by contributors and often too poor financially to make a quarterly appearance. Then came youth, and she began to thrive. Her contributors were generous - they had caught the spirit of the editors engendered during those younger years of trial and education. She began to have fewer financial worries. Adolescence found her recording the letters of knitting collegians, the names ofarmy brothers and sweethearts, articles from the front, forthe World War had quickened her pulse and made her patriotic. Then came the post-war days, and she came upon a firm financial footing through a life subscription plan. With her money problems less crucial, she began to show forth more decorations in the form of numerous pictures.
Each year as she becomes more affluent, we like to picture her in the future; we like to think of her appearing in public a bit oftener - we like to think of her gaining a bit more weight, and adding features which she cannot afford now. We sit and dream of the day when the editor need not think of the cost of her upkeep.
Yes. 7b Dragma does have life, for behind her pages are the dozens of the people who make her possible. Those who supply her allowance are no longer so personally prominent, for like any individuals or groups entering upon an automatic or compulsory system, they are known now chiefly as the initiates or the alumnae in groups rather than as Mary Jones or Susan Smith. But the contributors of content will always be individuals. They are the group who make this editorial game such a delightful one, for to the editor they have become close friends, though it may never be her privilege to meet them. They are the beings who keep life alive in the magazine
It is a joy to be the editor on this twenty-fifth birthday of To Dragma. May all of you enjoy this issue as much as your editor has enjoyed its preparation. She hopes it is a fitting climax for these twenty-five years of development.

Marketing AOII
WinningIdeas for REWARDS
- the AOII Magazine Program
Collegiate and alumnae chapters often ask for advice on how other chapters successfully achieve their goals in the AOII Magazine Program, REWARDS. The ideas, offered here, are winning solutions to increase magazine sales, and can be used to help promote other programs for your chapter.
Lisa Tarcynski (Beta Gamma) says "I have helped promote the AOII Magazine Program by working with Beta Gamma's Alumnae Relations Chairman to e-mail all our chapter's alumnae about getting involved in the fund raiser. I am also encouraging my sisters to use the program when shopping for holiday gifts and pro- viding an incentive to the top selling woman."
Set goals that are realistic but still challenge your members. We all know what is like to be average, but how great does it feel to reach beyond average and really excel. Any chapter, regardless of size, can excel at this program. We give awards to collegiate and alumnae chapters in two different categories. One is based on a chapter's total dollars in sales and the other is based on sales per capita (per member). Highest total dollars in sales may seem like a lofty goal for a smaller chapter, but highest sales per capita is an attainable goal. If you get friends and family involved, you will excel!
Joyce Daniels of the Dayton Alumnae Chapter reports, "we added a magazine sales link to our website and included the address in our newsletter that we just sent out!" There are so many ways to use the web which definitely helps with postage. You can even make a fun flyer that members can download and give out to friends and family.
Keep a positive attitude. The more positive and upbeat you are. the more positive responses you will get. If you act like this is something we "have to do" and are negative, no one will want to participate willingly. This is a great program for our members and our Fraternity, so sell it to your chapter. It is amazing how quickly one negative action becomes much more powerful then five positive actions.
Kelly Harris (Alpha Chi) reports "I just encourage the girls how easy it is to get someone to purchase a magazine. I mean everyone subscribes to magazines! Just selling a couple to your family is really easy to do. We start it early in the year, too, because that is usually when subscriptions end and people need to renew them."
Some chapters choose to have contests within their chapter. Y ou will need to budget for whatever the prize is for your chapter. Some chapters offer small prizes like a free magazine subscription, movie tickets, etc. Larger prizes have included a free dinner for a formal, a gift certificate to the Emporium, AOII Convention registration paid by the chapter, etc. The key is a high perceived value and a low cost to the chapter.
Andrea Savoie of the New Orleans Area Alumnae Chapter reports "I try to send [chapter members] weekly e-mail reminders to order their subscriptions." This is a simple, low cost way to reach a lot of people during your primary sales period.
AOII members not affiliated with an alumnae chapter, parents and even friends can also participate and have their purchases credited to the collegiate or alumnae chapter of their choice. Visit the "shop" link on the AOII website for information on how to order. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or just need some help, please contact Sara Hotchkiss at AOII International Headquarters at [email protected].
H IV ' j I I
To Dragma [ Winter 2004 ]

Do youknow ofanAOII whois deserving
of a feature profile in T o Dragma?
Are youan aspiring writer whowould like
to be published in To Dragma?
Ifyou answered "yes" to either of those questions, this is your opportunity. In each 2005 To Dragma issue, we will feature at least one profile submitted by
an AOII member about another AOII member. A contest will be held in four member profile categories, and the winning selection in each will be published. Other qualified articles may be published, depending on space availability, or posted on the AOII website.
•Article/should be informative and well written. Please limit article to 500- 750 warns maximum.
•Articles should be submitted in one of the following categories:
• A Successful Sister
• A n Inspirational Sister • A n Adventurous Sister • A Generous Sister
•Articles must be written by an AOII collegian or alumna about another AOII. •Articles may be accompanied by photos but it is not required for entry. How- ever, if the article is selected as a winner, you will be contacted and photos will be required.
•Articles may be submitted by mail or email to the editor: msasseen@alphaom
Mariellen Sasseen, Editor
Alpha Omicron Pi Headquarters 5390 Virginia W ay
Brentwood, T ennessee 37027
Articles must be received by January 31, 2005
ToDragma [Winter2004]
International Badge Day
is March 7, 2005
The 26 member organizations of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) will celebrate International Badge Day March 7, 2005. During the annual event, sorority women everywhere honor their Greek affiliations by wearing their badge or letters. The theme this year is "Remember Your Pledge of Loyalty... Wear Your Badge With Pride." International Badge Day
is co-sponsored by Burr, Patterson &Auld Co. Inc.
Celebrating 103 years o f excellence, partnership and Panhellenic spirit, NPC looks forward to the future because o f the continuing collaborative and dedicated efforts o f its 26 groups. International Badge Day honors this spirit and celebrates the pledge of loyalty each member has taken. NPC members are represented on over 620 college and university campuses in the United States and Canada and in 4.678 alumnae associations. There are over 3.7 million sorority women in the world.
Alpha Omicron Pi encouragesyou to "Remember Your Pledge ofLoyalty...
Wear YourBadge With Pride"
by wearing your badge or letters on March 7,2005.

Alpha Omicron Pi Application for Volunteer Position
Name: Address:
Maiden Name:
Alumnae Chapter:
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Fax Machine
LongItangePlannirig(Frai.rjev.Corn.) Panhellenic (NFC)
Human Resources
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Phone: (home)
Chapter and year of Initiation:
Member # ( 7 digit number found on your To Dragma mailing label)
Do you have the following available for your use:
Computer (if so, PC or Mac)
Please rank in order your major areas of interest:
Advising Collegiate Chapters (AAC) Alumnae
Collegiate Finance
Please explain why you are interested in those areas of service..
List any AOII collegiate and alumnae experience related to the areas you indicated.
Position/Chapter Term Dates Position/Chapter
List other applicable volunteer or employment experience/training.
Position/Organization Dates Position/Organization
List members of Alpha Omicron Pi familiar with your activities.
Name Phone Name
Optional: Attach a resume or additional information as necessary. (Please limit to 3 additional pages)
Send completed form to:
Alpha Omicron Pi, ATTN: Human Resources Committee 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN 37027
phone: (615) 370-0920 fax: (615) 371-9736 email: [email protected]
ToDragma [Winter2004 ]
Collegiate Programming Recruitment
Training & Education Extension
Internet Access
Date Acknowledged:.

Water Resistant Pull-Overs
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A perfect birthday gift
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