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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2015-09-21 17:17:28

1979 Fall - To Dragma

Vol. LX, No 9






on the job,
& in the fraternity

TODRAGMA Inside. .

P of alpha omicron pi

Fall, 1979 Vol. LX, No. 9

Published since January, 1905, by k I' New leaders elected at Con-
Convention award winners
ALPHA OMICRON PI vention P a g e 11
page 4
F R A T E R N I T Y , Inc.
New Field Staff "hits the
Founded at Barnard College,
January 2, 1897 Mary Stallings Coleman, trail" page 19

Founders Chief Justice page 16
Jessie Wallace Hughan
Helen St. Clair Mullan Also. . .
Stella George Stern Perry
Elizabeth Heywood Wyman The Editor's Place 3
The Founders were members of Alpha
Chapter at Barnard College of Colum- Champaign Mayor is an A O n , too! 18
bia University and all are deceased.
Alpha Omicron Pi Development Fund 22
Alpha Omicron Pi Central Office
2401 Hillsboro Road, Suite 103 Some Keys to Your Security 26
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Telephone: 615-383-1174

Administrative Director: Sue
Edmunds Lewis, T A , (Rex)

Accountant: Kay'Saunders, A l l
Communications Coordinator: Becky

Montgomery, KU
Office Manager: Jeanne Ascolese
Receptionist/Secretary: Charlotte

Shipping Coordinator: Mary Ann

Shipping Clerk: Kim Vaughn, A I
Accounts Receivable: Mary Ann

Caldwell, TA
Bookkeeper: Ben Hollins
Editor: Becky Montgomery, K f l

The Readers' Page: Letters to the Editor 28

TO DRAGMA OF ALPHA OMICRON Diamond Jubilee Foundation Scholars 30
PI, (USPS-631-840) the official organ
of Alpha Omicron Pi, is published The Historical Society 34
quarterly by Alpha Omicron Pi, Com-
polith Graphics and Dixon Publishing Monterey County Installed 35
Co. Subscription price is $1.00 per
copy. $3.00 per year. Life subscription: Directory of International Officers 36
$25.00. Send change of address and
correspondence of a business nature to In Memoriam 37
Alpha Omicron Pi, 2401 Hillsboro
Road, Suite 103, Nashville, Tennessee Eighty-Three Years of Heritage: Founders' Day... 39
37212. Address all editorial com-
munications to the Editor in care of
Central Office. Second Class Postage
paid at Nashville, Tennessee.

O N T H E C O V E R : What could be a more appropriate introduction to this
issue devoted to leadership than a cover photo of our Past International
Presidents? Those who were able to join us at Convention are pictured on
the winding staircase in the main lobby of the Opryland Hotel. Front row:
Carolyn Huey Harris, A Z ; Wilma Smith Leland, T ; Dorothy Bruniga
Dean, P; Katrina Overall McDonald, N O ; and Edith Huntington Ander-
son, B<t>. Back row: Nancy Moyer M c C a i n , P; Mary Louise Filer Roller,
A l l ; Ruth Lee Leichtamer, QV; and Eleanore Dietrich MacCurdy, I A . —
Cover photograph and all other Convention photographs by Chris Kelly.

Carolyn Huey Harris, AZ, International

June Bogle, seated, third from right, served as Local Convention Chairman for A O n Philanthropic Chairman, accepts on behalf

Country. Because of her capable leadership and the help of several Nashville alumnae. of AOn the plague that was presented by

Convention '79 holds a special place in the memories of all who experienced it. Nashville James Thompson, representative of the

alumnae pictured above, seated: Nancy Duvier, Lula Estes, Mary Ann Caldwell, June Arthritis Foundation. The plaque was in

Bogle, Elizabeth Bogle, (special assistant to her mother); and Joanne Bracewell. Stand- recognition of the leadership the Fraternity

ing: Susan Nally, SueAnn Moore, Fran Hammond, Mollie Spain, Nancy Bowers, Jane Kopf, has shown in contributing toward Arthritis

PlacaMary McClure, and MaryAnn Andrews. Research, our international philanthropy.

CO As the deadline for this issue tagged vention is synonymous w i t h leader-
ship: Convention is workshops that
along the heels of Convention, I develop the potential of both alum-
nae and collegiate leaders. Conven-
struggled with how to share the tion is recognition of the out-
standing leaders in our Fraternity.
w h i r l w i n d of AOU Country i n Convention is the election of new
leaders. Convention is leadership.
Nashville with all of you. It was my
Thus, was born this issue devoted
very first A O n Convention . . . and to leadership. Pictured on this page
are but two facets of the leadership
to see it i n the eyes of a Central Of- we experienced at Convention. As
you flip the pages, you w i l l see a vir-
fice staff member made it doubly tual scrapbook of A O n leadership
. . . Convention award winners, the
intriguing! But how does one neatly Chief Justice of the Michigan
Supreme Court, the Field Staff of
wrap-up such an experience . . . 1979-80, DJF scholars, and much,
much more. I hope you enjoy this
stimulating seminars (morning, issue; I have! A n d as an editor of A l -
pha Chi Omega's Lyre wrote several
CD noon, and night!) . . . the pride and years ago: " I f you like it, tell us so.
joy i n each of the award winners Please sit right d o w n this very day
and write us all about it. If you don't
. . . the thrill of seeing the democra- like it, w h y oh dear! write us any-
way, but why not put it off until
cy we cherish so dearly i n action t o m o r r o w ? " See you next issue . . .
same time, same Place.—RSM.
. . . As I stared at the blank piece of

paper that was supposedly to be the

first step i n pulling this issue togeth-

er, my thoughts wandered away to

other, n o n - A O n , concerns. I

couldn't help but drift back to

everything that was happening in

the news . . . new Cabinet mem-

bers, gas prices that were going f r o m

high to higher, the President's asser-

tion that he was what we needed in

leadership . . . leadership . . .

leadership . . . That was it! That

was Convention in a nutshell! Con-

)h < fir /

CO Cooperation Cup

Distinguished Service Awards

Collegiate Leaders Honored

Collegiate award winners reflect their see, Barbara Sue Messer. Standing: A l -
pride and happiness in being recog- pha Gamma, Washington State Univer-
nized as the best i n the w o r l d of AOF1. sity, Nora O'Neil; Delta Pi, Central
Philanthropic Awards: The highest Missouri State, A m y Hake; Alpha C h i ,
philanthropic award went to Kappa Western Kentucky, Susan Mabry; A l -
Kappa at Ball State University, Barbara pha Rho, Oregon State University,
Dunn (center). Receiving citations were Tally Pusvaskis; Kappa Kappa, Ball
Delta Pi, Central Missouri State, A m y State University, Barbara Dunn; and
Hake (left) and Alpha Chi, Western Chi Lambda, University of Evansville,
Kentucky, Susan Mabry (right). Anne Buchlein.
Central Office Cooperation Cup, Tau
Omicron, University of Tennessee- Philanthropic Awards
Martin, Leslee Donnell.
Scholarship Awards: Kathy Millard, Scholarship Awards
center, proudly accepted the McCausIan
Cup, the highest scholastic award, for
Beta Tau, University of Toronto. Also
recognized for their leadership in schol-
arship were, from left, Phi Omicron,
Hanover, Denny Whiteside; Iota, Uni-
versity of Illinois, Sandy White; Tau
Delta, Birmingham Southern, An-
namarie Bruno; and Nu Lambda, Uni-
versity of Southern California, Melanie
Graper. Also recognized, but not pic-
tured: Nu Iota and Beta Phi.
Distinguished Awards: Ah, yes, to be
one of the top ten . . . the smiles on the
faces of these collegiate presidents tell
the story. Receiving the distinguished
service award at Convention this bien-
nium were, kneeling: Iota, University
of Illinois, Sandy White; Omega, Miami
(of Ohio) University, Debbie Busch;
Zeta, University of Nebraska, Claire
Wefso; Omicron, University of Tennes-

f ft ' ••' "

ft ^*

f Rose Awards: Phyllis Gilson, I ; Gin- Massey; and Greater Kansas City,
ny Struble, <t>; Judit Spence, B K ;
Nashville Alumnae Project Karen Towell, A X ; Martha Suter, <J>T; Geniece Tyler.
and Mary Diaz, I1K. Not pitured: Dor-
• •. thy Begovich, D ; Jane Boitano, T ; Pat- Philanthropic A w a r d : Mary Enwell ac-
ti Broggi, N I ; Penne Ferrell, N A ; Ann cepts the Philanthropic award for the
Distinguished Service Awards Gilchrist, 0 ; Ruth Maggeity, X ; Joyce Denver Alumnae Chapter from
Hall, An,• Marilyn Haugen, T ; Barbara Carolyn Huey Harris, International
Marsh, T ; Mary Marx, B<t>; Helen Philanthropic Chairman. Receiving
Pierce, F; Carol Robinson, A T ; Lois philanthropic citations but not pic-
Schmidt, X A ; and Janet Spomer, P. tured: Evansville Alumnae Chapter
Mary A n n Caldwell, T A ; presents a and Palo Alto Alumnae Chapter.
plaque on behalf of the Nashville Alumnae Chapter Achievement Cer-
Alumnae Chapter to Dr. Robert tificates: First row: Chicago Beverly-
Oldham of the Ontology Ward of Van- Hills, Lynne Parker; Knoxville, Becky
derbilt Hospital. The plaque is to be Massey; San Antonio, Marie Cooper;
placed in the ontology patients' lounge Chicago-West Suburban, Sherry Bren-
which the Nashville Alumnae Chapter nan; Atlanta Tri-County, Donna Cor-
has redecorated. This project was bet; Fort Wayne, Susan Sheetz; Little
undertaken as a memorial for Adele Rock, Bonnie Dineen; and Monroe,
Hinton, and the plaque presented at Janice Brown. Second row: Tulsa, Carol
Convention is to be hung i n the lounge Barrow; Syracuse, Margaret Henry;
in her memory. Rockford, Dora Meredith; Dayton,
Distinguished Service: Muncie, I N , Connie Fox; Columbus, Jean Kreisher;
Barbara Ottinger; Detroit North Subur- Oklahoma City, Elizabeth Hunt;
ban, Pam Mooradian; Knoxville, Becky Greater Pinellas, Marion Clouse; Mun-
cie, Barbara Ottinger; Lafayette, Lela
1 Carter; Bloomington-Normal, Joyce
Keller; Topeka, Jeannie Barry; San
Philanthropic Award Diego, Reba Traber; and Jonesboro,
Brenda Posey. Third row: Baltimore,
Barb Green; San Jose, Virginia Good;
Greater Kansas City, Geniece Tyler;
and Champaign-Urbana, Sandra
Futhey. Fourth row: Palo Alto, Lori
Castellucci; Northern Virginia, Mary
Converse; Shoals Area, Patty Lewis;
Evansville Tri-State, Anne Schleper;
Monroe, Susan Mele; St. Louis, Rita
Hastings; Detroit North Suburban,
Pam Mooradian; Phoenix, Jane Norris;
Pullman, Susan Schell; Sacramento,
Martha Bayne; Diablo Valley, Stell
Eriksen; Indianapolis, Ann Edwards;
and Washington, D.C., Helen Gilbert.

I Debbie Busch, chapter president, proudly This, the highest award attainable
accepts the JWH Cup for Omega Chapter for the collegiate chapter of Alpha
I of Miami University of Ohio. Omicron Pi, is the oldest of our
Founders' Awards. Named after our
1• Founder who dedicated herself to a
l i f e of service, Jessie Wallace
Hughan, it is fitting that this award
is presented to our collegiate chapter
that is most outstanding in service
to its campus, community, and to
A O n . This biennium's recipient is
Omega Chapter of Miami Univer-
sity of Ohio. What sets Omega off,
making it the very best in the colle-
giate w o r l d of A O n ? Omega has a
strong and consistent history of ex-
cellence. This past summer it re-
ceived several awards at Regional
Meeting —including being named
the outstanding chapter in Region
II. Last Convention Omega received
a Distinguished Service Award.
Omega's strongest point is its em-
phasis on our sisterhood. Because of
the chapter's strong belief in our
sisterhood, everything else falls i n
place . . . an excellent pledge pro-
gram, a strong scholarship program,
and exceptional participation in
campus activities. Omega also util-
izes an excellent committee system
which keeps each of the one hun-
dred plus members strongly in-
volved in the chapter's activities.
Omega members believe in the ba-
sics—our ritual. A n d w i t h that as its
focus, it is no wonder that this Con-
vention f o u n d Omega at the top!

•3 Mullan
Norma Ackel, Past International President, presents the Mullan Award to Dorthy
Bogen Farrington, A. Awarded to an alumna w h o has
served AOFI for several years in an
outstanding manner, the Mullan
A w a r d was first presented at Con-
vention i n 1959. Since that time, it
has been the privilege of the Execu-
tive Board to select the recipient of
this highly coveted award. Dorthy
Bogen Farrington began her
illustrious career i n A O n when she
pledged Lambda chapter at Stanford
University. Dorthy served Lambda

as vice president and has continued certs and operatic performances, inforced during Connie's term of of-
her service to A O I 1 throughout her plus an outstanding record in music fice and that had much to do with
alumnae years. She has served as education, we feel Elizabeth is a the amazing growth and develop-
president of the San Jose Alumnae credit to Alpha Omicron Pi, her pro- ment of this young chapter. This
Chapter, president of the Delta Sig- fession and humanity. We believe past year under Connie's leadership

a corporation, and as head ot the she is deserving ot the hhzabeth saw the development ot a needed
elta Sigma Advisory Committee Heywood Wyman Award for 1979." scholarship program and a hold
for six years. In addition, Dorthy has over pledge program. Perhaps the
served as International Treasurer for Elizabeth's accomplishments best term to describe Connie's
six years and was national adviser to speak for themselves —it was with leadership, said award presenter,
both Lambda Beta and Gamma Tau. great honor that Nancy McCain, P, Edith Anderson, is B.I.O.N.I.C
It was one of the most delightful Past I n t e r n a t i o n a l President, B.l.O.N.I.C. was a program devel-
oments of Convention when Nor- bestowed this most prestigious oped by chapter relations this past
a Ackel, Past International Presi- award upon Elizabeth during this year to foster the growth of the ties
ent, presented the Mullan Award Convention's Rose Banquet. of sisterhood in the chapter.
B.I.O.N.I.C, which means, "Believe
her good friend, Dorthy. No one Perry it or not, I care" most certainly sums
seemed quite as surprised as D o r t h y Award up the attitude and dedication of
w h o thought she had been invited this year's most outstanding colle-
Given annually to the most out- giate president in the world of
Convention to serve only as this Standing collegiate chapter presi- Aon.
ear's Rose Banquet speaker. The dent the Perry A w a r d is named for
ose Banquet speech that followed our Founder, Stella George Stern
and the challenge it contained mir- Perry, w h o enjoyed so much the col-
rored the loyalty and dedication of legians. Selected by three Past Inter-
this year's most deserving Mullan national Presidents, this year's re-
Award recipient. cipient is Connie Jo Harris of Phi
Sigma Chapter of Kearny State Col-
Wyman lege i n Kearny, Nebraska.
During Connie's term of leader-
Elizabeth Heywood Wyman, dis- ship, Phi Sigma experienced the Jeanne Blausey, Phi Sigma chapter
tinguished teacher and writer, is the g r o w t h of several new programs as
Founder who lends her name to the the Leaders' Council worked togeth- adviser, shows her pride in Connie Jo Har-
award given to an alumna w h o has er to access the chapter's needs and
distinguished herself in her profus- develop programs to meet these ris, past chapter president of Phi Sigma
ion, in the arts, or in service to hu- needs. Connie's example of fol-
lowing through on her own duties chapter at Kearney State, this year's Perry
anity. This year's Wyman Award served to stimulate her officers to do
was presented to Elizabeth Mosher, the same. A strong relationship w i t h Award winner

MA r h p AiHvic;nrv m m m i t r p p alt;r> was. r p -

"Elizabeth Mosher is k n o w n i n -
ternationally in the music world for
her solo ability as well as for her
success i n music education. Since
1970 she has been Associate Pro-
fessor of Music at the University of
Michigan in Ann Arbor. During the
current academic year, she is a guest
professor in Voice at the University
of Arizona in Tucson. In addition,
she has also served on the music"

f ^ j ^ n l f t r f n f ft e n r v \ m o r e r\ f fKo

. J l l C VVCJ3 Elizabeth Mosher, NA, weli-known vocalist, is the proud recipient of this biennium's
Wyman Award. Nan McCain, P, Past International President, presented the award-
a winner of the prestigious Walter
Naumburg Award for concert
artists and a winner of the American
Dpera Auditions and two Martha
Baird Rockefeller Grants and one
uilbright scholarship for study in
Germany. . . . With her many con-

Phyllis Arner Westerman, ?, receives warm congratulations from Adele K. Hinton
Joan Deathe MacCallum, International President. Sue Lewis. Award
Central Office Administrative Director looks on from the back-
ground. The Executive Board instituted two new awards this
biennium, one of which has been named i n the loving
Ginger Banks, Vice President/Operations, presents the Regional memory of Adele K. H i n t o n , P, who-served our Frater-
nity tirelessly and devotedly throughout her lifetime.
Director Award to Ginny Zenishek Struble, *. The first recipient of this award has also served our Fra-
ternity in several capacities throughout her membership
in A O O . Phyllis Arner Westerman, P, outgoing Vice
President/Development was chosen by her fellow Execu-
tive Board members for this much deserved honor.

Regional Director

The Regional Director's Award was also presented for
the first time this biennium. The Regional Director is
playing an increasingly vital function in communication
links in fraternity operations, and the Executive Board
wanted to recognize the outstanding contributions of
women in this position. G i n n y Zenishek Struble, <t>, was
selected as the first recipient of this award. D u r i n g her
service as RD for the past three years, Ginny has served
four different collegiate chapters and six alumnae chap-
ters. Says RVP Karen Smith, Ginny has helped to "devel-
op programs to assist activities and duties of her chapters
to make them the best." Her "positive spirit and suppor-
tive attitude" led the Executive Board in choosing Ginny
for this most deserved recognition.

Muriel T. McKinney

Jo Ann Gibbons, KA, and Dianna Pressey, The Muriel T. McKinney A w a r d is Dianna Taylor Pressey, F1A, re
riA, were recognized for their outstanding given biennially in memory of one ceived honorable mention this bien-
service as chapter advisers. of our Past International Presidents n i u m for her w o r k w i t h Beta Tau
and is in recognition of outstanding chapter. Under her guidance Beta
service as a chapter adviser. Jo A n n Tau has emerged as one of the
Bohn Gibbons, K A , has served Kap- strongest chapters i n Region 1. She
pa Alpha chapter for nine years and has organized an Alumnae Adviso-
has been instrumental in guiding ry Committee that meets every week
the chapter to excellence which is with both Leaders' Council and the
demonstrated by their receiving chapter. This strong relationship led
Distinguished Service Awards, the Beta Tau to being named as the
Perry Award, and scholarship "Most Improved" chapter in the re-
awards. For her leadership, she was gion last year.
selected as the outstanding chapter
adviser i n AOFl.


IP* but is Nashville, ready for us?"—Execu- "I'm International Pilanthropic Chairman, and no one told me that
the Arthritis Foundation had such handsome men working for
"We're ready lor Nashville, it!"—Carolyn Huey Harris.
live Board, 1977-79



"So this is what she's been working on all "Does anyone know of a good home for a
'has-been' hobo?"—Claire Edgington, A X ,
of these months!"—Boyd Bogle, husband Traveling Consultant '78; Karen Towell.
A X , Regional Director; and Rachel Allen,
if Local Convention Chairman, June A X , chapter adviser.

logle, NO.

"Well, shucks. I'm already to go, but where

are my passengers?"—Ginger Banks, UK.

Vice President/Operations.


r J

The Executive Board 1979-81: Jo Beth Heflin, Secretary-Treasurer; Kay Sutherlin, Director; Marilyn Herman, Director: Joan MacCallum,

President; Ginger Banks, Vice President/Operations; Sharon Martin, Director; Pat Hardy, Director; and Peg Crawford, Vice President/Devel-


Profiles of Leadership:

The Executive Board, 1979-1981

Skyrocketing housing costs, infla- lem is profound. It reaches from characterized as a group of
tion cutting ever-deeper into the presidency down through state optimists "who see the oppor-
operating funds, and the need for and local governments to school tunity in every difficulty."
increased training of the fraternity boards and neighborhood associa-
volunteer are but a few of the tions . . . The renunciation of pub- The decisive leadership by
awesome challenges facing the lic life and public involvement has which the Fraternity is going to be
leaders in the fraternity world. The now become so pervasive as to be guided this biennium was high-
college fraternity has a rich alarming." lighted in International President
heritage of over 200 years in Amer- Joan MacCallum's Rose Banquet
ica. And, the college fraternity, The election of the Executive address. Declared Joan, "Now is
like other American institutions Board at Convention this past sum- the time to focus on the future. We
needs strong, vital leaders now mer was a welcome contrast to the must set our long range goals and
more than ever. In the August 6, pervading state of leadership, or begin working toward their
1979 issue of Time magazine, Lance lack of it, in America's society. The achievement. Our centennial cele-
Morrow wrote: "It sometimes ap- wholehearted support of the Fra- bration is only 17 years away, and
pears that Americans in the '70s ternity in its newly chosen leaders although seventeen years seems a
have developed almost a psy- was obvious when Council elected long way off, it really is but a step
chological aversion to leading and the Executive Board by acclama- away from tomorrow. The
being led, even while they com- tion. Also, in contrast to Morrow's challenge is before us. The time is
plain that no one seems in charge observation, was the visible deter- now . . . " Yes, the challenge is
any more. Simultaneously, the mination and dedication with before us, and the time is now.
very scarcity of leadership is used which this Executive Board ac- And, as you will see in the fol-
as an all-purpose excuse for cepted its responsibilities. Re- lowing "Profiles of Leadership,"
lethargy and privatism. The prob- alistic about the challenges ahead the leadership we need is also here.
of them, this Board can best be


Joan MacCallum, K<I> quarters would come the space to alumnae director and colony super-
President adequately display the memorabilia visor. Peg's first international office
which traces our rich heritage in was that of International Rush
Joan Deathe MacCallum brings a A O f l . A permanent headquarters Chairman and later Vice President/
wide variety of Fraternity experi- would also make more detailed Extension on the Executive Commit-
ences with her for her term as In- training sessions for our volunteers tee. During the past two bienniums,
ternational President. Joan's mem- possible. This, increased training of she has been AOFI's second alter-
bership in A O f l began with her volunteers at all levels of A O i l , is nate to NPC. In that capacity, Peg
pledging of Kappa Phi chapter at Joan's third goal. Regional Direc- has been the area adviser for the fif-
McGill University. A n early leader tors' training sessions for the past teen campuses in Illinois where
in the Fraternity, Joan served Kappa two summers and augmented train- there are Greek women.
Phi as chapter president. ing for our Field Staff this summer
are steps in the right direction. Peg's return to the Executive
As an alumna, Joan has served as "But," asserts Joan, "We can do Board this biennium finds her in a
Montreal Alumnae Chapter presi- more, and with a permanent head- position which she is most fami-
dent and Vice President of Region I. quarters which would provide us liars-extension. The Vice President/
Her service as International Philan- with temporary housing facilities, Development is responsible for our
thropic Chairman was the first office we could greatly increase the train- expansion of both alumnae and col-
on the international level of A O n ing of our volunteers. With this in- legiate chapters. Peg's goal this bien-r
that Joan held. She has since that creased training, we would increase nium is to help educate all of our
time served as Vice President/Devel- the leadership possibilities members, both alumnae and colle-
opment, a position at the time which throughout all levels of A O R . In giate, in their role in the continual
made her responsible for collegiate addition, we would be providing growth of A O n . Peg states, "Every
operations and regional operations. some very positive self-development collegian upon learning she has a
This past biennium Joan was an Ex- for our members which is an impor- friend attending college where there
ecutive Board Director. She was in tant goal in all of our programs." is no A O n chapter should automat-
charge of fraternity education, re- ically ask about the Greeks and ex-
gional meetings, and convention Besides A O n , Joan is kept busy pansion possibilities there. She
seminars. Joan was instrumental in with her family. Husband John is a should then notify her Regional Ex-
the development of an international principal at West Hill High School tension Officer or me. Each alumna
fraternity education program and a in Quebec. Joan and John have two should not only do the same with
unique fraternity education test. children, Bill, 16, and Sherri, 13. her friends but should also keep a
Joan was also the creater of the new close eye on the campuses in her
Convention format this year in Peg Crawford, I area. And, for an alumna who lives
which the majority of Convention Vice President/Devel- in a town where there is no alumnae
time was dedicated to training ses- opment chapter, she should write to her
sions, and the fraternity business R E O to obtain the names of A O I l s
was condensed into one session. The second spot on the Executive living in her area with the plan in
Board belongs to Peg Kramer mind to organize a group that will
Joan's conversance in both alum- Crawford, I , who also began her enjoy activities together —made
nae and collegiate affairs is a strong leadership in A O IT as collegiate easier because of the bond we share.
attribute in the decisive leadership chapter president. Since Peg's colle- Extension," concludes Peg, "is
with which she will guide the Fra- giate days, she has actively sup- everybody's business, and it's my
ternity. As International President, ported the Fraternity in several foremost goal as V P / D to lead our
Joan has direct responsibility for different positions. membership to that understand-
Convention and Central Office. She ing."
is a member of the Constitution, While her husband, Dick, was in
Interpretations, and Revision Com- law school at the University of Colo- Peg, who obtained her B.S. and
mittee, the Nominations Committee, rado, Peg was a member of the M.S. from the University of Illinois,
and the Rituals, Traditions, and Denver Alumnae Chapter as well as has been engaged in medical re-
Jewelry Committee. Joan is also on a member of C h i Delta's advisory search for the past 16 years at the
the Philanthropic Foundation Board committee. After Dick's graduation, University of Chicago. She and her
of Directors. One of Joan's goals is to they moved back to the Chicago area attorney husband, Dick (who is an
combine both the business aspects where Peg first was a member of the 2 A E ) , have a daughter, Nancy, who
of managing a large corporation West-Suburban Alumnae Chapter is a high school teacher and a son,
while still maintaining the funda- and now a member of the Beverly Rick, who is a student and newspa-
mentals of sisterhood and with her Hills Alumnae Chapter. Peg has per editor in Olympia, Washington.
supervision of Central Office, she served as president of the alumnae Besides A O n , Peg also is an active
will be in the position to see that this chapter as well as the Chicago volunteer with the community
is done. Council. theater and the Jr. Women's Club.
Dick and Peg also belong to the
Another of Joan's goals for this Peg also held the positions of Gourmet Club, the Community Ski
biennium is to see AOFI's dream for Club, Grand Beach Social Club, and
a permanent headquarters become a Couples Bridge Tourney for charity.
reality. With the permanent head-


Ginger Banks, UK include people, politics, plants, and emotional maturity. Thank you
Vice President/Opera- photography, music, and sailing. for your confidence, support,
tions And, most important of all, a friendship, and love." Specific
favorite niece named Amy! duties that come under Jo Beth's car-
Continuing as Vice President/ ing leadership are the chairmanship
Operations for a second, term, Jo Beth Heflin, FIK of the Budget Committee, supervi-
Ginger Banks, I1K of the University Secretary/Treasurer sion of the Regional Finance Of-
of Texas, has made several strides ficers, chairmanship of C O A F - D e -
during her term in office and has Rounding out the officers of this Ex- velopment Fund, and membership
several goals for this term. For the ecutive Board is Jo Beth Walling on the Philanthropic Foundation
first time in AO II history, training Heflin who moves from a Director's Board of Directors.
seminars for our Regional Directors position on last biennium's Execu-
were held in the summer of '78 and tive Board to Secretary/Treasurer Jo Beth and her husband, Hugh,
also this past summer immediately this biennium. Jo Beth offers a rich have two grown children. Jo Beth is
following Convention. "The role of A O n background to this Executive a registered pharmacist and is em-
the Regional Director is becoming Board. ployed part-time as a staff phar-
an increasingly vital link in frater- macist at St. David's Community
nity operations," maintains Ginger. Jo Beth served her own chapter, Hospital. She is a member of Kappa
It is one of her goals this biennium FIK at the University of Texas, as Epsilon and the American Society of
to develop more training oppor- pledge adviser for a year and then Hospital Pharmacists. Jo Beth also
tunities not only for regional direc- accepted the positions of both finan- volunteers her services to the
tors but also other regional officers cial adviser and corporation treas- Messiah Lutheran Church of which
and chapter advisers. urer for 20 years. She is also active she is a member and also to the
in the Austin Alumnae Chapter and Arthritis Foundation.
In addition, Ginger plans to con- was Alumnae Pahhellenic President
tinue her constant review of the T C / one year. Jo Beth also has a strong Pat Hardy, T2
SCA programs to insure that these background in regional operations Director
programs are meeting the needs of as she served as Region VII's
the collegiate chapters. Already she Finance Officer and Vice President. Gamma Sigma Chapter at Georgia
has instituted an exciting concept in State must have had some extra-sen-
the S C A program. Previously, all What are Jo Beth's goals this bien- sory perception when they elected
Special Chapter Assistants were nium as International Secretary/ Pat Cowley (now Hardy) as their
graduate students during the time Treasurer? "The Bylaws of A O n Rush Chairman. Since that time, Pat
that they were also serving as SCAs. list ten duties of the International has been extensively involved in
However, this year several of the Secretary/Treasurer. Some are rush, one of the most important and
SCAs are working at jobs outside of routine, such as taking minutes. exciting facets of fraternity opera-
the fraternity instead of attending Some are exciting, such as signing tions.
graduate school. Also, this year for charters of brand new chapters and
the first time, the SCAs have re- being part of the very beginning of Pat, a new face on the Executive
ceived two full weeks of training to our new Philanthropic Foundation. Board, is the third Executive Board
better prepare them for their work Some are awesome, such as prepar- member who has also served as In-
with the chapters. ing and presenting budgets and ternational Rush Chairman. In
being familiar with all of the finan- addition, Pat was in the middle of
Besides training programs, Ginger cial aspects of a very large business. her second term as Regional Exten-
has plans for publishing three new sion Officer for Region III when she
manuals. A procedural manual for Of course, our business is some- was elected to her post on the Ex-
chapter advisers heads the list of what different in that it is our Fra- ecutive Board this summer. Active
publications for this biennium. ternity, but it is a business. We have in alumnae chapter work, Pat has
Also, a colony operations manual obligations and responsibilities held various offices including presi-
and a manual for SCAs are impor- which we must meet, and my big- dent of the Atlanta Alumnae Chap-
tant projects. gest responsibility is to you, my ter. Regional affairs has also gained
sisters in AOIT. much from Pat as she has served as a
Developing a transfer student regional director in Region III and
program and facilitating com- My goal has not changed since I co-chaired the 1976 Region III Meet-
munications between all levels of first served as an adviser, a corpora- ing. Pat still is active with her chap-
A O n round out Ginger's plans for tion officer, a member of the re- ter and has served as chapter adviser
the biennium. Being responsible for gional team, and as a member of Ex- and on the corporation board of di-
collegiate chapter operations, re- ecutive Board—and that is to do the rectors.
gional operations, and the traveling very best I can and to try to give
consultant and special chapter as- each job a new dimension. You have As an Executive Board Director
sistant's programs is a big job in honored me many times in a variety this biennium, Pat supervises alum-
itself, but Ginger also maintains a of ways and have offered me the nae chapters and To Dragma. In
full-time career as the editor of the opportunity to grow in knowledge addition, she also is a member of the
Texas Bar Journal. Outside interests Loan Committee and the Budget


"I want to give leadership to the development of a year
round rush program which provides the Fraternity growth
in quality, life-time members. I want to aid in the develop-
ment of a program which builds a mutual support system
and a spirit of team work between collegiate and alumnae
members of AO n and which contributes to the personal
development and career preparation of every collegiate
member/'—Marilyn Rose Herman, Director

Committee. Much of Pat's energies contracting company. They have tinue her supervision of rush and
are going to be directed toward our two sons. Mark, a Chi Psi, is a junior history. In the area of history,
alumnae chapters this biennium. at Georgia Tech and David is a Marilyn wishes to "facilitate the ac-
She hopes to start a quarterly flyer senior at Woodward Academy. The tivities of the International Histori-
to chapters to share different pro- family loves to spend time (year- an and the Historical Society in pre-
gramming ideas among chapters. round) at their cabin at Lake Burton serving, cataloging, and sharing the
Prompt and responsive communica- in the northern Georgia mountains. fraternity history with the current
tion with alumnae chapters is im- Everyone loves boating and all other membership." Supervising rush is a
portant to Pat as is developing and activities at the lake, football in the challenging and creative respon-
implementing a program to assist fall, and skiing in Colorado in the sibility for Marilyn. She sees rush as
chapters that have had difficulty winter. a basic life-time skill that enriches
dealing with the increasing mobility all of our members' lives. Her goal
of their membership. Pat sees a need Marilyn Herman, T in this area? States Marilyn, "I want
for increased commitment of our Director to give leadership to the develop-
membership beyond the collegiate ment of a year round rush program
years and will serve as an excellent Re-elected for a four year term as an which provides the fraternity
example of enthusiasm and inspira- Executive Board Director, Marilyn growth in quality, life-time mem-
tion to that end. Finally, Pat will be Rose Herman brings a dynamic bers. I want to aid in the develop-
working to develop the criteria and creativity to our international ment of a program which builds a
procedures to establish the alumnae leaders. Since her introduction to mutual support system and a spirit
colony program that was adopted of team work between collegiate and
by Council this summer in Conven- AOIl, Marilyn has been a leader. alumnae members of AOn and
tion. which contributes to the personal
She served her pledge class at the development and career preparation
In addition to her work with University of Washington as presi- of every collegiate member."
alumnae chapters, Pat is committed dent and was activities chairman as
to assisting the To Dragma editor to a collegian. Marilyn who received her B.A. in
continue to develop a magazine of Speech and Communications from
quality that is interesting as well as Marilyn has been active in alum- Washington and an M.A. in political
educational for our entire member- nae chapter work since her gradua- science and an M.A. in English from
ship. She also will strive in her posi- tion. She was the president of the the University of California, is the
tions on the Loan Committee and Seattle Young Alumnae and has Director of the Secondary School
the Budget Committee to facilitate been active in the San Diego Alum- Improvement Program for San
the operation of the Fraternity on a nae Chapter since 1972. Marilyn Diego city schools. Her husband,
sound financial basis. was the Southern California Coun^ Gerry, is an urban planner, and they
cil President in 1973. Conversant in have two grown sons. Marilyn is a
Pat has worked for several years regional affairs, Marilyn has been a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, an
with the Atlanta Golf Classic. Start- Regional Director for Regiona VIII international women teachers' hon-
ing out as a volunteer score-keeper as well as the Regional Vice Presi- orary. Volunteerism plays an im-
for the players during the tourna- dent. In addition, Marilyn founded portant part in her life. In addition
ment, she is now Ticket Director and Lambda Iota chapter at the Univer- to her A O O work, Marilyn is active
one of the Tournament Secretaries. sity of California-San Diego and was in the League of Women Voters, the
Pat's husband, Jim, a Delta Tau the AOn Panhellenic delegate for Arthritis Foundation, Art Museum
Delta, is the founder and former Coachella Valley. board of directors, the A A U W , the
owner of a large commericial sub-
This biennium Marilyn will con-


Urban League, the Junior League, on the Foundation itself as well as toward "enhancing the pride mem-
and Jaycees Wives. continued education on this number bers feel in AOF1 by providing sig-
one crippler will help to bring about nificant information to chapters on
Sharon Martin, An the anticipated end result of in- historical and present day fraternity
Director creased contributions for Arthritis education materials." Kay con-
Research. Sharon also will strive to tinues, " I want to also lend leader-
Sharon's professional experience in continue the education of our mem- ship in enhancing the expression of
the Trust Department of the Mis- bership about the Ruby Fund and that pride through training at Re-
souri Bank and Trust Company will Diamond Jubilee Foundation. gional Meetings and Convention.
be an invaluable asset as she joins When the knowledge is there, then
the Executive Board for the first Sharon will be working closely our members are ready and able to
time. As with the other Board mem- with Neen Neale, International talk about the special qualities of
bers, Sharon has a strong back- Scholarship chairman, to help Neen AOn."
ground in both collegiate and alum- reach her goals of all chapters at-
nae operations. taining a GPA of at least 2.5 and re- Kay has expressed her personal
searching criteria used for scholar- pride in AOFI through her loyal
Sharon was initiated into Delta Pi ship awards by other N P C groups service to the Fraternity since her
chapter at Central Missouri State and developing a new system to be initiation into Theta chapter of
and served her chapter as both introduced in the 1981-83 bien- DePauw University. As a collegian,
pledge trainer and president. She nium. Kay served as pledge trainer . . . a
has served on the Delta Pi corpora- fitting background for her work
tion board and gained even more As mentioned earlier, Sharon now in membership education.
collegiate chapter operations experi- works in the trust department of the
ence when she assisted with the col- Missouri Bank and Trust Company. Since graduation from DePauw,
o n i z a t i o n a n d i n s t a l l a t i o n of She is the executive secretary for the Kay has been active in alumnae
Lambda Omega chapter at North- chairman of the board and president affairs. She served as Indianapolis
west Missouri State. and assists in trust department Alumnae Chapter president (and is
operations and accounting. She still an active member) and has
Alumnae chapter experience has loves swimming and boating and is served in virtually every office in
been gained in Sharon's member- a super sports fan. Traveling, music, Region IV—including five years as
ship in the Greater Kansas City movies, and theater going are also Vice President.
Alumnae Chapter. She has served as favorite pastimes.
both treasurer and president of the Kay is employed by the Indianap-
chapter. Active in regional affairs,
Sharon served as a Regional Rush "I want to also lend leadership in enhancing
Officer and was Regional Vice Presi- the expression of that pride through training
dent for five years. Most recently, at Regional Meetings and Convention. When
Sharon has served the Fraternity as the knowledge is there, then our members are
chairman of the Ruby Fund. ready and able to talk about the special
qualities of AOn."—Kay Hansen Sutherlin,
Under Sharon's supervision as Director
Director are corporations, philan-
thropy, and scholarship. To aid our Kay Sutherlin, G olis Public Schools as a school social
corporations to become more effec- Director worker. Husband Steve, who Kay
tive Sharon is going to concentrate met at an A O F I - P h i Delt exchange
on streamlining and organizing cor- Completing her four year term as in school, is a lawyer. They share
poration operations in compliance Director, Kay Hansen Sutherlin, 0 , their home with a calico cat who
with AOn regulations. In addition, rounds out this biennium's Execu- "seems to rule with an iron will and
she is going to strive to improve tive Board. Kay's quiet and assured a velvet paw . . . Steve and I are
working relationships and com- leadership was directed in the areas shaping up nicely!" Other activities
munications with the collegiate of alumnae chapters, To Dragma, and include Indiana Young Audiences,
chapter, the alumnae advisory com- NPC last biennium. This biennium Inc., Indiana State Symphony Socie-
mittee, and regional and interna- Kay will be supervising NPC, mem- ty, and the Alliance of Indianapolis
tional officers. Finally, Sharon bership education, the International Museum of Art. Tennis and all types
wants to lend the leadership to cor- Regional Meetings chairman, and of needle work are favorite hobbies.
porations assuming the respon- Convention seminars.
sibility of promptly meeting all 15
financial obligations locally and na- Kay's goals for this biennium are
tionally. going to target in on membership
education. Kay is going to Work
As a member of the Philanthropic
Foundation, Sharon Will help to es-
tablish a Foundation that will serve
AOn in our support of Arthritis
Research. Increased public relations

" I was there a thousand years ago, and I still see some of
we get together, and it's just like the day we left off. . . "

Talking with her, one quickly dis- and patient. A leader not only needs husband and also served as a pro-
covers a delightful sense of humor, to make decisions but must also ac- bate and juvenile court judge.
an even temperament, and a quiet cept the responsibility for seeing "That," she laughs, "threw me in
self-assurance— all essential that the decisions are implemented. w i t h all kinds of people!"
qualities for the Chief Justice of a Respecting others' opinions is
Supreme Court in a large industrial another essential quality. Chief One might think that it has been
state such as Michigan. The position Justice Coleman also sees common an uphill battle for Chief Justice
is one of almost constant crisis . . . sense as a vital ingredient i n leader- Coleman to become so successful in
and this day was no exception. Min- ship. She says, " I stress common the legal field, but she feels she's had
utes before our conversation, Chief sense because I've seen quite a few to deal with little prejudice. How-
Justice Mary Stallings Coleman, n A, other people blow it when they've ever, when she served on President
had been working w i t h other state tried to be blatantly aggressive and Ford's International Women Year's
officials to figure out how to keep step all over the people w h o m Committee i n 1975, she was made
the Wayne County court system they're trying to lead. I've also seen acutely aware of the discrimination
operating at least minimally. Out of failures of those who are in the rear that other women have encountered
funds, the system verged on a com- in professional life. Also, through
plete shutdown, and assistance f r o m A Conversation this experience and through her
the State Finance Commission was legal career, Chief Justice Coleman
doubtful. "It's poor management," With Chief Justice realized the extent of discrimination
she asserts. "They over estimate in regard to widows and divorcees.
their revenue and budget up to the Mary Coleman Since that time, however, she has
over-estimated revenues. I don't also seen strides i n the equalization
know what's going to happen next, By Becky Montgomery, K n of the law.
but that's just one of the complex- Editor, To Dra^ina
ities . . . " She sees the legal profession now
ranks and aren't out front." opening up for women. Although it
Strong leadership is necessary to Leadership is developed through wasn't long ago that women strug-
handle the mind-boggling complex- gled just to get into law school, em-
ities that are an integral part of a different experiences asserts the ployers are now scurrying to find
Chief Justice's position. The com- Chief Justice. In her o w n case, sever- competent women. There is talk that
plications of the judicial system are al experiences have molded her jobs for lawyers are becoming
awesome and are difficult for the av- leadership abilities. Law school def- scarce, but Chief Justice Coleman
erage citizen to even comprehend. initely played a part in that growth. believes that with the increased
An additional challenge for this She attended George Washington duties that the U.S. Supreme Court
Chief Justice is the strong per- Law School after her graduation and other courts are requiring of
sonalities and often-differing opin- from the University of Maryland. lawyers that positions are still
ions of the other justices who com- Being one of few women ("They available. She maintains that w o m -
plete Michigan's high court. " I have thought maybe there were thirty en may be i n a better position i n the
to work very hard to achieve what I women there, but I never really did job market than men because of re-
perceive something worth fighting see them," she chuckles.), definitely cent affirmative action programs. Is
f o r , " she says, "and sometimes just had an affect. Another experience there a danger of reverse dis-
to get four votes in one direction is a that shaped these abilities was living crimination? "That's quite possi-
little difficult." Chief Justice Cole- in Germany for two years after ble," admits Chief Justice Coleman.
man attributes her success to the World War I I . Her husband, " I don't know when all of this ends
fact that she respects others' opin- Creighton, was in the Navy and a at what point we can say we don't
ions even if she doesn't agree w i t h member of a top level committee of have to pay any attention to race,
them. "Effective leadership," she the Big Four Powers. While there color, or whatever . . . and we'll
contends, "is a great part the prac- she learned much about other peo- just take the most qualified people.
tice of diplomacy: listening to others ple and varying points of view. Maybe there'll be a leveling out, and
and bringing together the best of all Before her ascent to the Supreme everyone w i l l be brought up." H o w -
ideas i n a way that enhances agree- Court i n 1973 and her subsequent ever, she hastens to add, " I would
ment." election as Chief Justice this past never want to see a leveling d o w n as
January, she practiced law with her far as women are concerned. I think
She believes there is a lot involved the leveling is up."
in being a good leader. A leader
needs to be disciplined, courteous Although a typical work day is
fourteen hours long, Mary Coleman

my sisters . . . Maybe not as often as I would like .

and husband Creighton, a Circuit ly (She is the mother of t w o other this much needed support and
Court Judge, also are involved i n daughters who are doctors.), we strength. Also, to me, was very im-
their community. The theatre is es- talked about the correlation she saw portant the fact that here you really
pecially dear to them and to their between family and the sorority ex- begin to feel as if they were sisters,
credit is the founding of the Battle perience. Says Chief Justice Cole- and you form these lifelong friend-
Creek Community Theatre. A l - man, "When young people leave ships. I was there a thousand years
though there is little time for that home . . . , they need a home port. ago, and I still .see some of my
now, Chief Justice Coleman main- Some place where you have a family sorority sisters. Maybe not as often
tains that it is important to take away f r o m home because you're ac- as I w o u l d like —they're in many
some time for the "pure enjoyment customed to having that support parts of the country—but we get to-
of living." She still finds time to and strength . . . From my own ex- gether, and it's just like the day we
volunteer her efforts to the Ameri- perience, sorority sisters lend each
can Legion Auxiliary and P.E.O. (con't on next page)
Working with others in community
oriented projects has given her the
opportunity to "know and appreci-
ate a great cross section of Ameri-
ca." She says, " M a n y have differing
needs and aspirations. We band to-
gether to focus on a particular need.
There is a great deal of satisfaction
in isolating and meeting community
needs and resolving them."

Chief Justice Coleman also has an
active interest in higher education
and serves on the Board of Trustees
of Albion College, a small, four year
liberal arts college in southern
Michigan. Although she doesn't be-
lieve one can give a blanket recom-
mendation to a private institution
over a state institution, she is com-
mitted to a liberal arts based educa-
tion and believes it is essential for
everyday living as well as career
preparation. With the coming
enrollment decline, some small col-
leges are going to be forced to close
their doors. Albion, however, has
enjoyed an increasing enrollment.
Their secret? Good administration,
practical classes w i t h liberal arts as
the foundation, and good oppor-
tunities for growth and develop-
ment outside of the classroom.

For Mary Coleman, AOn pro-
vided much opportunity for her
own personal growth and develop-
ment when she was an undergradu-
ate at Maryland. Painfully shy when
she entered the University, the
Sorority helped her to become more
at ease i n social situations. K n o w n
for her great concern with the fami-


left off . . . " H o w d i d she select Chicago Convention. much as expected, she also thinks
AOn to provide that needed that affluence tends to make people
security and support? " . . . it was When asked what advice she somewhat lazy. She feels that as jobs
what I perceived to be the best one would offer to her sisters just begin- become more difficult to find that
there. I liked the women best as a ning their careers, she responded perhaps people will also become
whole, felt very close to them; [we without hesitation. "Be pleasant," more willing to work. Chief Justice
had] common interests. Certainly she states w i t h assurance. "It's most Coleman concludes, " I think the
AOn was the one on campus where important that you try to do more person w h o goes in w i t h the attitude
the president would bring senators than is expected. I've always worked that ' I ' m going to do my share at
and governors and people he a little harder because I've felt that if least and more' and w i l l accept criti-
wanted to entertain, we would take I failed, people w o u l d say, 'Well, cism and correction and w h o is
care of them. So I t h i n k it was per- what do you expect from a cheerful as can be is more likely to
ceived in other's eyes as prestigious, woman?'." She contends that valua- get along and be promoted . . . "
too." AOn, also, has been proud of ble employees are hard to find Pretty sound advice so it seems . . .
Mary Coleman. I n 1975, she was today. Although this may be a at least it has worked for Chief
awarded the Wyman A w a r d at the throwback to the '60s when the Justice Mary Coleman.
prevalent attitude was to do only as

Joan Zagar Severns, Theta, flashed §W
this w i n n i n g smile when she
learned that she had polled sixty- M 11
one percent of the vote in the April
city of Champaign election and \•
would become Champaign's first
woman mayor. Of major Illinois igrf May
cities, only Champaign and Chicago
have female mayors. •

She was the second w o m a n
elected to the Champaign City
Council and served six years before
assuming the mayoral duties. Joan
currently serves on many boards
and commissions including the
Champaign County Regional Plan-
ning Commission, National Associ-
ation of Regional Councils' Envi-
ronment and Natural Resources
Policy Committee, Champaign-
Urbana Urbanized Area Trans-
portation Policy Committee,
Champaign County Development
Council, Champaign County
Historical Museum, YWCA at Uni-
versity of Illinois Endowment Com-
mittee, Women's Political Caucus,
League of Women Voters, and
Champaign-Urbana Business and
Professional Women's Club.

She received her B.A. and M . A .
from the University of Illinois and
has taught political science at the
University of Illinois and Parkland
Community College.

She is married to Champaign
architect, John E. Severns, and they
have three children: Karen, a senior
at the University of Illinois; John, a
sophomore at Beloit College, and
Christine, a freshman in high


Field Staff "Hits the Trail"
After Training in Nashville

Serving on our Field Staff this year are, front row, Karen Kremer, A A ; Jerri Parker, A T ;
Jeanine Dugan, Mi Troy Johnson, B<1>, and Suzanne Colgan, A T . Back: Leslie Welch,
<PT; Deb Strickland A K ; Debbie Brewton, A A ; Ellen Kinch, I ; and Brenda Mcintosh, A2.
Absent: Debbie Packard, BO.

If you tried to find the definition of "field staff" in the Chapter Assistants, on the other hand, attended gradu-
dictionary, you would find that it isn't there. If you tried ate school and worked w i t h one specific chapter for the
to define "field staff" after spending two weeks of inten- entire year. Well, this year we have made several exciting
sive training w i t h the group of women w h o make up our modifications i n the SCA program and some changes in
Field Staff this year, you w o u l d f i n d that the definition the TC program, too. Special Chapter Assistants received
still alludes you. If you would then decide to use some of the same two f u l l weeks of training that the Traveling
the definitions by which this group refers to themselves, Consultants did. As the two weeks progressed, the
you would find that they are unprintable. Let it suffice to differences between the SCA program and the TC pro-
say that "Field Staff" can best be described as eleven gram blended to form the Field Staff program. As TCs
young alumnae who have dedicated a year (and even and SCAs worked side by side and burned the midnight
more as t w o are veterans f r o m last year) of their lives to oil learning more about AOn and each other, a unified
work with various collegiate chapters throughout the team was built.
world of AOn.
It is w i t h great pride that we introduce to you the
In previous years, we have not had the dilemma of try- eleven women who compose this team. The Field Staff
ing to define "Field Staff." It was easy then because we has great aspirations and goals, and we know that be-
had Traveling Consultants (TCs) and Special Chapter cause of the women w h o make up this special team that
Assistants (SCAs). The Traveling Consultants traveled these goals and aspirations are going to be realized
about the country teaching collegiate chapters more throughout the coming year.
about AOn and how to make the best better. Special


Debbie Brewton, 1979 graduate of versity of Illinois, Ellen majored in Debbie Packard w i l l be pursuing
the University of Alabama, holds a elementary education. She served a masters in business administration
bachelor of arts degree in history Iota as fraternity educator. Famous while working with Phi, our re-
and a minor in public relations. (or should we say notorious . . . ) colonized chapter at the Univeristy
Debbie, w h o w i l l be visiting chap- for her f u n fraternity facts, Ellen de- of Kansas. Debbie also is a 1979
ters i n the midwest and on the east veloped an excellent program for graduate of Indiana Univeristy. She
coast for the first half of her travels, her chapter last year. Rumor has it served Beta Phi as pledge trainer
enjoys both watching and playing that Upsilon is i n for a delightful and Panhellenic delegate. While in
football, basketball, and softball. She year of learning all about A O n . school, Debbie was a member of a
also relaxes by listening to music Ellen also was keeper of the ritual business honorary and the I U . Stu-
and playing the piano. Debbie and co-chairman of Initiation Week. dent Foundation. She enjoys needle-
served Alpha Delta chapter as cor- work and arts and crafts.
responding secretary, philanthropic Another graduate of the Univer-
officer, homecoming chairman, and sity of Alabama, this Field Staff Terri Parker, will begin her Field
a chapter relations committee member is heading north to work Work i n January. Presently she is
member. w i t h Omicron Pi chapter at the U n i - finishing up her work at North-
versity of Michigan. Karen Kremer, eastern Louisiana State University
Suzanne Colgan, traveling for the past president of Alpha Delta, has a to obtain her degree in pharmacy.
second year, is spending this half of lot of practical experience to offer Terri has been chapter president of
the year in the South . . . quite a this chapter in their second year of Lambda Tau, pledge trainer, and
change for this West Coast native! A operations. While working with the keeper of the ritual. A member of
graduate of Washington State U n i - chapter, Karen w i l l also be holding a Kappa Epsilon Pharmacy sorority,
versity, Suzanne was Panhellenic job outside of the Fraternity. She Terri was also involved in the Stu-
President and house manager for hopes to work in the Student Affairs dent American Pharmaceutical As-
Alpha Gamma chapter. She also Department at M i c h i g a n . Law sociation. Favorite hobbies include
served as social chairman, parlia- school or graduate school in student water skiing, bowling, and needle-
mentarian, and by-laws chairman. personnel are thoughts for the point.
She enjoys golf, swimming, tennis, future for Karen.
music, and kite flying. Suzanne was Deb Strickland is the third Ala-
a physical education major and Brenda Mcintosh, a 1979 gradu- bama lassie to round out the Field
hopes to pursue a career i n that area ate of the University of Oregon, w i l l Staff. A graduate of the University of
after this year of traveling. be w o r k i n g w i t h N u Iota chapter at North Alabama, Deb majored in
Northern Illinois University, Theta interior design. This summer she re-
Jeanine Dugan w i l l be attending at DePauw University, and Omega ceived a practical taste of her future
Foothill Community College while Xi at Morehead State University i n career when she worked in an
working primarily with Lambda, Kentucky. Brenda served Alpha Sig- internship i n a furniture store. Deb
our colony at Stanford. Jeanine, a ma as pledge trainer and a chapter was Panhellenic president at U N A
1979 graduate of the University of relations committee member. She and also served her chapter as
California-San Diego, majored in enjoys snow skiing (she should f i n d pledge trainer. She w i l l be visiting
psychology. She is going to be pick- plenty of snow in Chicago . . . ), chapters throughout the Midwest
ing up some classes i n physiology sewing, quilting, camping, and during her travels this fall. Deb
this year so that she can pursue a music. Brenda majored in manage- enjoys music (she was the resident
nursing degree next year. One of ment.
Jeanine's favorite hobbies, as the
rest of the Field Staff can attest, is IS '
Troy Johnson, a Germanic lan-
guages major, is a 1979 graduate of Traveling Consultants, 1979-80: Deb Strickland, AK; Troy Johnson, B<t>; Suzanne Col-
Indiana University. Troy was pledge gan, A T ; Leslie Welch, <PX; and Debbie Brewton, A A .
trainer, philanthropic chairman,
and religious chairman for Beta Phi
chapter. While pledge trainer, she
also worked with Panhellenic i n
coordinating all of the pledge
trainers campus wide. With her
father a retired Lieutenant Colonel
in the A r m y , travel is nothing new
for T r o y . She w i l l be visiting our
chapters on the West Coast this fall.

Ellen Kinch is also heading west.
She w i l l primarily be w o r k i n g w i t h
Upsilon chapter at the University of
Washington but is also making
other visits. A graduate of the Uni-


pianist during Field Staff training Special Chapter Assistants, 1979-80: Terri Parker, A T ; Karen Kremer, A A ; Jeanine
this past summer), art, needlepoint, Dugan, A I ; Ellen Kinch, t ; a n d Brenda Mcintosh. A I
photography, and ballet.
Have you ever thought about apply- lots of love are important attributes
Leslie Welch is the second ing to be a part of A O f l ' s Field of a TC. You can find out more
veteran on this year's staff. A gradu- Staff? Open to recent graduates, about this position of the AOn
ate of Purdue University with a both the Special Chapter Assistant Field Staff by clipping the form
major in public relations and a and Traveling Consultant positions below and sending it to Central Of-
minor i n business, Leslie is investi- offer exciting challenges. fice.
gating various career options for
after the completion of her travels. Within the SCA position, there Why spend a year working as a
This fall Leslie w i l l be visiting some are several options. Beginning your Field Staff member for AOn when
Midwestern chapters and is going to career and w o r k i n g for AOn as an you need "real w o r l d " experience?
be w o r k i n g extensively w i t h Debbie SCA, attending graduate school, or There is nothing more real than
Packard on training the new pledges working full-time for AOn and learning to be more adaptable and
at Phi. Leslie enjoys music, tennis, being responsible for three or four dealing with different situations and
swimming, photography, and dogs. chapters are all possibilities. A n different people. There is nothing
SCA needs dedication, loyalty, and more real than discovering
After an extra special loving patience. strengths you never knew you had.
Graduation, Why not clip the form below and There is nothing more real than
What Next? write to Central Office for more working to help others grow and
information today? mature. Being a Field Staff member
for AOn provides you with a real
The Traveling Consultant pro- life experience that w i l l be marketa-
gram also offers a unique challenge ble i n whatever your career aspira-
to recent graduates. Spend a year tions may be. A n d besides all of that,
visiting chapters and teaching them it's a once in a lifetime experience to
more about AOn and chapter share all that love and loyalty and
operations. The TC position gives knowledge about AOn that you've
you the opportunity to share your gained. Clip the form below and
knowledge and love of AOn with a find out more about this special
broad spectrum of sisters opportunity.
throughout the collegiate world of
AOn. Flexibility, dedication, and

I am interested in the SCA Program CHAPTER
I am interested in the TC Program
Mail to: AOn Central Office

2401 Hillsboro Rd. Suite 103
Nashville, T N 37212
Please send information to:




Alpha Omicron Pi Development Fund

Last year AOTl contacted all alumnae members through a special mailing. In that mailing, alumnae were asked for infor-
mation and support-?information about their activities and interests and financial support of the Fraternity's programs
and plans.

Their contributions to the specially-established Loyalty Fund enabled the Executive Board to develop new programs and
expand existing ones. With enthusiasm and gratitude the names of these financial contributors are listed below.

This fall alumnae members will be contacted through a similar mailing. Financial contributions resulting from this mail-
ing will go into the Development Fund (formerly named the Loyalty Fund). The fund was renamed so that its title
would be more indicative of its intent: to provide a conduit for alumnae support of AOfl's future development.

Alpha Nancy Ruth Stenson Moore Jean Rhosa King Brown Louise Marie Celest Mouat Dorothy Lucille Clarke
Barnard Grace Orid Campbell Morphey Anna Elizabeth Callahan Grant Whitmore
Hester Rusk Ethel Patricia Rend: Orlich Ruth Ann Ford Denhart
Marjorie W. Spaulding Marie Annabell Dray -Anne Ridsdale Mott Geneva Winifred Crayden
Alpha CM Daryl Davis Todd Betty E. Dumbaued Anne Dorothy Walker Rutledge Wiseman
Western Kentucky Cecil Walker Wiilson Janet Rettig French Barbara Bea McTavish
Charlotte Bates Gilliam Cannon Grace F. Mclver Alice Shizue Kurohara Fujimoto Frances Proud Saunders
Jane Violette Fergus Cherry Margaret Simpson Nolan Frances Emily Riebel Fullerton Thurston Kay Gilbert Linson
Brenda Gail Clark Gottula Gretchen Thornton Frisby Josephine Arthur Hedges Elizabeth Margaret Q. Bown Lucille Gust Bluhm
Kathleen P. Rutherford Carol Irene Maxwell Kolsti
Alpha Pi Dorothy Elma Hartshorn Wolfe ' Beta PI
Malinovsky Florida S t Eastern Michigan
Susan Diane Ward Nally Cheryl Lee Bender Kortepeter Beta Lambda Kathleen Ann McKinney Dusel
Elizabeth Arrnin Soil Helen Elizabeth Bisz Julia Ann Mills Littlejohn. Illinois Wesleyan Joyce Elaine Service Ensign
Karen Towell Angela Amelia Griley Creed Beverly Louise Berman Mack Catherine Helen Boon June Ellen Heck Knabusch
Rachel Allen Sharon Joan Shores Danyluck Margery Wiltgen Male Karol Geanne Jepson Coffin Carol Marie Hart Lyon
Alpha Delia Helen Morris L. Davis Anne Matthews Morlan Roxella Boal Hauman Sally Ann Gustavson Taylor
Alabama Julia Kennon Dunn Irma Grace Hudson Morrow Mary Ellen Janas Suzanne M. Yagerlener
Betty Jo Miller Holshouser Cora Evelyn Case Noges Roberta Knoderer Minnihan
Ann Hale Aday Katharine Louise Martin Marjorie Jeanette Hazen Price Suellyn Ann Brosmer Peck Wozniak
Nattalie Ann Albert Mary Katherine Mask Natalie Elizabeth Cowan Kathleen A. Dusell
Mary Lynn Isler Judith Lesley Baldwin Beta Phi
Cynthia Rhea Lewis Scharre Indiana Beta Rho
Pam Faye McGinity McGinty Peckham Doris Ruth Gregg Smith Portia Lee Abbett Montana
Frances Marie Ross Robertson Lula Sylvia McAdam Elizabeth Rosalind Mosher Maude Arthur Nancy Ann Long bebarathy
Mary Kathryn Atkins Barbara Jean Hanson Penner
Alpha Gamma Richardson Steck Connie Jo Heckley Badgley
Washington S t Janet Marie Crosby Rou Mildred Hull Sweeder D. Ellen Young Basham Beta Sigma
Elm'a Lenofe Morse Adams Marjorie Faye NOrman Salis Jane Hastings Scully Taylor Rosemary Patricia Vioni Boise St.
Polly Joa'nn Wright Bietz Aitsa Ellen McKelvey Tjaden Helen Lucille Krueger Wahlers Lori Loder
AdriaVeleke Hubbard Cynthia Alice Hilker Wargo Benson
Agnes Genevieve Smick Knott Alnhaflao Jane Sweeder Gina Louise Bertig Beta Tat
Linda Kaye Panasuk Oregon St. Juliana Nancy.Bane Bordner - Toronto
Kathleen Nealey Paterson Alpha Thata Yvonne Jean Park Boseker Elsie Graham Sumner Cuddy
Carol Louise Garr'etson Redman Marilyn Lee Struebing Asher Cot Margaret Alice Thompson Barbara Anne Walls Frewin
Jane Marie Morton Tresko Natalie Louise Essig Gantrell Barbara Kussow Davies Mildred Jean Snyder Hoadley
Mildred Hum Vatnsdal Barbara Ellen Walter Carlson Samantha Anne Baxter Bowles Donna Patricia MacKenzie
Mary S. Webb Carol Joyce Clark Alda Jane Woodward Carson
Edna L. MCKee Patricia Jo Ames Coulthard McGinnis Susie Lee Trueman Cummings BetaTbeta
Suzanne Colgan Olive M. Dietlein Rosalie Dee Hasewinkle Butler
Alpha Kappa Georgena Pettingel Samson Beta Chi Mary Elizabeth Hall Butz
Kentucky Weslejan Dellinger Dorothy Lucille Powers Curtis
Wanda Ann Williams Dougherty Knapp Daisy Smith Birk • Ryta Lynn Craig Doepker Dorothy Louise Swift Deitsch
Laiira Highsmith Tinsley Scott. HelenKnips Martha Ann Lackey Mildred Bodine Douglass Melba Gertrude Bray Fisher
Mary Louise'Bames Leslie Ann Moyer Susan'Claire Chamberlain Mary Elizabeth Hoople Downs Mary Alice'Burch .Fizer
Vada Morfitt Snider Jean D. Drevenstedt Gladys E. Hawickhorst
Alpha Omicron Christine Marie Kennedy Shirley , Rose Evelyn Ellis Ava Louise Reddick Newlin
Louisiana S L Sally Jane Magruder Frances Elizabeth Luke Katherine Eugene Murphy
Marian Alice Melanson Baker Wheeler
Lyle Vivian Maier Bayle Ethel Rodgers Yantis Standiford Ferguson Pelham
Mary Susan Metz Cornier Alpha Sigma Catherine Lawrence Graeffe Virginia Katheryn Sheely
Deborah May Brown Gentry Oregon Beta Epsilon Oma Davis Grater
Pamela' Ann Meyer King • Bemidji St. Amy Jo Gordon Greiner Thompson
Susan Ethel Parry Joan Claire Herbranson Agerter Vicki Sue Schoonover Dona Beatrice Coombs Harris
Victoria Louise Robichaux Joanne Maxfield Anderson Analie Frances Shaw Hepley Chi
Elizabeth Ann Whitney Russell Dorothy Josephine Jensen . Beta Gamma Audrey Jeanne Smith Hiller Syracuse
Virginia Lee Maddox Shepherd Michigan St. Ruth Harpole Mueller Phoebe Danzelle Goodwin
Sheila Ann Vanderbrook Ayers Cynthia Hall Baker
Lillian Jean Race Carpenter Kleymeyer Bibbens
Trahan Patricia McKenna Beard Elizabeth Yvonne Brunt Margery Carole Laycock Ruth Elizabeth McNees
Alpha Phi Verna Elizabeth Wilson Borup Betty Jo McFarren Lemon
Montana St. Helen May Anderson Chown Freemark Pamela Ann Liston Burgess
Helen WaiteAdam Margaret Yvonne Torgler Davis Marilynn Yvonne Heim . Pamela Mae Jessup Macri Myrtle Munson Ciccarelli
Marsha Louise Bell Peggy Jane Peebler Decker Eunice Elizabeth D. Herald Cynthia L. Poffenberger Marcia Lynette Bond Evans
Cheryl Lynn Platisha Helen Scott Cantine Dunn Jeanne Gamble Hillmer Jane Anna Flynn
Deborah Lynne Strauss Eason Joyce Eileen Thurow Lidke Mainord Helen Bogosta Gilbert
Bruskotter Ethel Goeldner Egge Sharon Ruth McKee Carol Jean Makielski Martha Lois Garrahan Hazard
Nancy Diehl Dear Anita Kellogg Gibson Barbara J. Spehar Mtllington Mary Elizabeth Rogers Wilma Esther Fabian
Mila Margaret Parkin Divers Betti Kessi Goodwin Irene Florence Wager Oestrike • Martindale
Etta Verna Haynes Dobbin Dorothy Dodge Griswold Barbara Louise Grabill Ratcliff Fae Trible Maxedon Keeperman
Jane Jaccard Dodge Harriett Anna Banbury Holland Susan Dana Elder Roach Miriam Frances McCoy Marjorie Frances Kincaid
Karen Lee Olson Egged . Jean Marion Boggs Knight Barbara Ann Y. T. Hew Tanner
Eleanor Avilda Rice Loran Elizabeth Moser Sandra Lee Biro Wilson McBride Mclntyre.
Marcia Martin Ruhling Winner Mary Helen Smith McCoy Thelma S. Robertson Mitchell
Engelbrecht Meidinger Ellen Holstein Nelson Laura Eleanora Gilliam Constance Marilyn Myer
Judith Kay Castles Golberg Linda Cherie Upham Moulton Louise M. Roehm Mildred Janet Sittser Olsen
Jean'Leverich Lenham Hansen Helen Dorothy Hoefer Olsen Carol Wolfe Mendrick " McDowell Marjorie Ruth Tonks Pacino
Katherine Teresa Kane Helppie Norma Jean Beeten Ragsdaie Carol Jardins Wilcox Ruth McKorkle Edna Lupton Faust Rignall
Betty Jean Kountz Hennessy Roberta Bernice Wilcox Roe Joan Bonewitz Minsel Anna Lucy Spaulding
Lillian Georgina Krulatz Hughes Marilyn Archibald Smith Beta Kappa Ann Victoria Mooney
Eunice Jone Hunt Hutton Ann Herrenkohl Yoder . British Columbia Sandra Kay Baechle Raben Schneider
Kim Laden Cathrina Liyesley Wage Lynne Alison Newman . Gail Geneve Glenn Ramsey Kathryn Amelia Gilcher
Bernlcetoretta Crane Lowman Tia Moore Coker Rosella CelestiaStoner Ross
Carmichael Helen Groenier Thomson Thomasmeyer
Alpha Tan Maureen Eleanor Farr Eagan Joan Ann Wallace
Deolson Florence Adeline Barbaree Russell Marcia B. Evans
Edith Lillian Breining Mary Margaret Schrader Margaret W. Dow
Graham Joanne Bowlby Speyer
Mary Ellen Jenkins Whitlock Chi Delta
Ruth Irene Stewart Anderson

Deborah Henderson Arney Eloise Killion Sweeney Gayle Dorene Moyer Whitley Lois Ellen Dungan Bohon Elizabeth Lee Johnston
Gloria Winiired Hunter Berry Terri Lynn Freeman Wetherbee Eleanor Masae Moreseiye Wilma May Allen Bredar Kennedy
Marilyn Ruth Cersonsky Burger Joann Jones Wilkerson Wilhelmi Rosemary Brill Donna Mae Thompson Kuiken
Jane Anderson Mannweiler Nancy Carr Garrett Marjorie Day Cousley Winkler Helen Hood Brown Mary Jane Buckholz MacMillan
Louise Mirium Suckfield Yalch Jean Lorraine France Ellis Mary Collins Thompson
Cardeza Delta Omega Barbara Beatty Phillips Maureen Ann Ennis Filippini
Julia Bernice Scilley Clark Murrt) St. Anne Patterson Fitzpatrick Patricia E. Gleasner Goetz Kappa Kappa
Carmen Billington Coghlan Nancy Dalene Sharp Burton Alice Winthrop Margaret Aileen Hagan Ball St.
Imogene HadleyDodson Sandra Lee Wallace Cicely M. Hindenauch Nancy Jane Hesse Betty Jean Vickers Adee
Lenore M. Dolph Cunningham Jane Patricia Wilson Hurter Sandy L Chapman Coffman
Julia Christine Gustafson Ruby Carolyn Allen Dunavant Epsilon lota Beatrice Esther Levy Johnston Barbara Joan Griffiths Erickson
Jamie Carol Frank Eastern Illinois Deborah Ann Lee Cheryl Lynn Fellwock
Douglass Pamela Anne Mumford Hay Charlotte Casey Hays Margaret Helen Waldo Lewis Kelli Susan Fitzpatrick
Ruth Ann Olson Gatchell Marian Lee Webb Hutchinson Margaret Andrea Moeck Mathis Peggy Ann Sheets Gay
Marilyn June Kennedy Goss Jan Dupree Simmons Eta Anne Louise Davis Meyer Marilyn Joyce Hart
Ann Marie Hansen Hickman Julia Lee Lane Thompson Wisconsin Ethel Jane Nickey Morberg Mary Ellen Moore Lurtey
Elaine Beverly Sterling Sally Jo Harris West Winifred Inglis Baumgartner Patricia Jean Nold Jane Elaine Nierman Martin
Gwen Kay Vanscyoc Margaret E. Heinecke Ladwig Jann Ellen Osterland Christine Elizabeth Genier
Lindquist Westendorf Leone Claire Glau McMillen Deborah Ruth Olson Read McQueen
Florence Belle Miller Lynch Helen Susan Barron Moss Wanda Luan King Sabien
Nancy Louise Nordlie Catherine Marie Brown Young Evelyn Rasmussen Rundsted Annabel Jean Scott Schmelzle Mary Ann Myers Meyer
Joanne Inez Bruland Odwyer Henrietta D. Tegtmeyer Stege Eliza Bonita Garman Schoening Connie Sue Trent O'Maley
Lois Marie HobsonSwope Delia Pi Carol Isabel Schmitt Woerpel Betty Ann Schickedanz Seppi Maria Alexandra Brownlee
Elizabeth Louise McCarver Joan Harriet Locker Sheppard Pagano
Central Missouri St. Gamma Laurie Jean Baer Smith Janet Sue Royer Parsons
Tolson Jamie Lynne McKinney Harris Mains Dorothea E. Creighton Strand Susan Kirkwood Sheetz
Mary Rebecca Shook Weinberg Debra Rae Justice Zoe De B. Pettengill Alexander Mary Elizabeth Jens Williams Carol Sue Loudenback
Ruth Pauline Kanavel Wolfe Rebecca Ann Zobac Mauch Phyllis Richett Phillips Bemiss Carol Ann Zralka Sommers
Maria Victoria Venegoni Unger Marion Helen Carter Laverne R. Kruggel Mary Strange
CM Lambda Debra Ruth Garside Clark Jene Fellows Eckenfelder
Ewnsville Delta Sigma Edna Louise Harrison Dempsey Joan Bevacgua Marilyn Kay Garrison Sweany
Marianna Andres San Jose St. Jane Dyer Ellsworth Janet Ann Thomas
Wilhelmine SusanStirn Sherril Lynn Lercari Barber Carolyn Imogen Wormwood' lota Alpha Janis Vanderweele Wagner
Nancy Claire Schlpsser Idaho S I Mary Wright Wrightdauper
Borders Batsford Ingal Is Cheryle Geesey Barker Helen Sue Hollingsworth Young
Catherine Marie Fondong Eugenia Ann Ziegler Brady Elizabeth Gardner Kimball Barbara Ann Pratt Beebe
Maria McQueen Keppler Winifred Brooks Desch Langlois Eleanore D. MacCurdy Kappa Omicron
Carolyn Emma Ruschmeier Linda Lorraine Hill Doherty Carolyn Emily Currier Lombardi Sue Ellen Olehy Southwestern
Barbara Jean Delman Flora Adelaide Howard Mayo Joan Betty Miller Smith Ann Carolyn Oewar Blecken
Marcus Grebmeier Sandra Jane Page Menezes Linda K. Drummond Anne Elizabeth Riley Bourne
Deborah Brooks Knopsnyder Marilyn Lucilla Wylie Hart Gladys Gage Reed Merrill Martha Biggs Cage Edge
McGregor Marilyn Ann Myers Lieber Nancy Knowles Moore lota Shjma Carolyn Elaine Holbrook
Mary Antoinette Reitz Barbara Jean Serpa MacArio Jeanette Marie Roney Pero I n n St. Jenkins
Marilyn Goeke Engle Simms Patricia Mae Welch Newton Marie Ethelyn Hodgdon Sawyer Jo Lynn Jane Jenkins Baltzley Virginia Huntingto Mangum
Sharrqn Diane Crofts Watkins Irene Rose Woodworth Martha Anne Lowden Scarlett Rhonda Stevenson Bjornsen Tate
Mary Niednagel Wilsbacher Shephard Katherine Dudley Stewart Carol Morotti Morottimeeker Mary G. Yonts
Nancy B. Heard Charlotte Chipman Quimby Kay Diane Thornton Rebecca C. Marshbanks
Carol Thompson Silliman Stuart Pfitzenmaier
CM Omicron Jean Harrell Weaver Stone Donna Mary Kelling Sorensen Kappa PM
Central St. . Nancy Blake Mairs Elizabeth Jane Barker Taverner Sally Ann Jackowell Stutsman McGill
Mary Kathleen Frew Adams Marguerite Crawford Lloyd Mildred H. Berdeen Colleen Carole Foley
Mary Louise Jennings lota Tau Charlotte Isabel B. Grieve
Katschke Epsilon Gamma Alpha Stout St. Oline Marion Hall Knubley
Cornell Gsorgo Mason Carolyn Diane Olson Joan Frances Deathe
Delta Anne Laura Dershimer Nancy K. Foster Mildred lona Turney MacCallum
Jackson Armagno Helen Mary Megan Megan
Ina Carney Busboom Caroline Kelsey Dawdy Bacon Gamma Beta Kappa Jill Beverly Moll
Marie Barrett Carney Norma Alice Leversee Botkin Indiana Randolph-Macon Anita Oamato Neale
Marian V. Sears Chaff in • Helen Gowee Laforge Denise Amy Papon Anthony Louise Tyler Bouldin Edmunds Jane Collyer Wandachowicz
Sarah Louise Clark Brousseau Mary Ann Helen Hritz Bisaha Jean Carroll Grigg Jill Moll
Ellen Rhoda Cogen Lewis Ethel Bissell Hanson Michelle Frances Smith Boesler Rebecca Barrett Lamar Harmon Barbara Webb Lewis
Etta Marion Phillips MacPhie Rosalie Louise Weiss Anne Elaine Willison Lucy Somerville Howorth Anita Neal
Margaret Lewis Baxter McArdle Hemingway Genevieve Mullen Glasgow
Beth Marion Ringer Moran Joanna Magaret Donlon Gamma Delta Krapp Kappa Pi
Letitia Doble Rader Huntington S. Alabama Ohio Northern
Marion Christine Shorley Elinor Baler Kennedy Donna Gay Hare Cunningham Adelaide Carleton Sterne Lentz Karyl A. Adams
Marie B. Carney Ellen Shirley Norton Mahan Maria Bonita Moss Sparks Virginia Vashti Boggess Charlotte Warner Deiderich
Isabel Lucetta Thro Towson Marsha June Knight Stewart Mylander Deborah Lea Hunter
Delta Beta Calista Jane Hoffman Warne Edwina Alta Frazer Rollo Deborah Lynne Meyer
S. W. Louisiana Ruth E. Smith Wilson Gamma Omicron Mary Allen Hazen Tucker Janet Lucille Cole Sekerak
Barbara Abdalla Black Florida Mai Adair Lovin Williams Janice Holland Streit
Helen Garland Boagni Epsilnn Alpha Heidi Anne Sturmer Anders Lorene Terry Quick Jennifer Sue Allen Wipert
Nancy Lynn Tuttle Boisture Penn St. Ann Colburn Hall Cavitt Rebecca Lamar Harmon Pamela Henry
Carroll Cecila Campbell Mary Carolyn Leworthy Laura Gotschall Rebecca Montgomery
Helen Etheredge Chieri Bachmann Deborah Anne Tillis Keller Kappa Alpha Armina Davis
Marie T. Delaureal . Elizabeth Semon Bonczar •Mary Priscilla McKee Martin Indiana S t
Eleanor Catherine Terrell Dore Sally Ann Oberle Colby Rose Marie Parham McCall Patricia May Armstrong Kappa Rho
Florence Sanders Jones Debra Ann Trueax Eilert Peggy Ann Hock McCalley Katherine P. Eastabrooks Western Michigan
Lynda Lauve Lyles Marian Luanna Terwilliger Faith Lee Tulino Myer Eastabrooks Charlotte Rose Levecque
Jan Marie McCormick Elliston Deborah Lee Bootsman Jane Brunner Grob Rebecca Dragos Massie
Kim Theresa Kopcke Payne Norlander Jane Elizabeth Hall Gloria Schaefer Phillips
Debra Celia Savoie Richard Florence Mabel H. Drummond Carolyn Faye Motsinger Judith Ann Tokasn
Mary Patricia Robinson Frankhouse Carolyn Blakely Richards Hendricks Karen Lee Tompkins
Scofield Nancy Louise Baier Gilbert Robinson Jane Kyle Kenner Hoffman Elaine Zian
Jane Sarah Wickizer Gomlick Patricia Francis Cilley Cynthia Lou Tesanovich Judy Ann Johnston
Beverly Ann Bertrand Yount Phyllis Ann Herr Grobert Southward Johnson Joyce Sustr
Dorothy Jane Jennings Nancy Alston Wallace Linda Kiraly McCann
Delta Delta Marion Mae Eberts Johnson Marilyn Lisa Krekel Walton Linda Gail Duggleby Smith Kappa Tau
Auburn Liselotte Weihe Kinaman Vicki Krezdorn Williams Patricia Ellen Uhde Spencer S. E. Louisiana
Susan Jo Ronilo Caraway Marie K. Knoll Judy Knoll Janet S. Andres Kathryn Lee Marquess Steel Dawn Lea Brewster
Angela Ruth Catledge Anne Marie Markiewicz Marcia Lee Whitaker Denise Ann Clements
Culpepper Eleanor Gwynn Merrifield Gamma Sigma Helayne Elizabeth Culotta
Grace Miller Herndon Johnson Marjorie Ann Porter Penfield Georgia St. Kappa Gamma Deborah Newsome Wunder
Mary Elizabeth Morgan Klein Edith Louise Hoffeditz Porter Rebecca Ellen Hunt Crouch Florida Southern
Gayle Lee Miller Magill Dorothy Fox Hull Reinhart Patricia Jane Cowley Hardy Jean Marie Galloway Connell Kappa Ttieta
Katherine Jackson Marshall Rosemary Clare Short Root Nancy Lambeth Ford UCLA.
Julia Nelle Smith Mizell Sally Ann Menke Snyder lota Mary Richardson Harris Kemp Norma Louise Marshall Ackel
Martha Carol Bullard Rhodes Madge Luella Terwilliger Illinois
Olivia Darlene Woodall Riggan Suzanne Ruth White Anna Treadwell Austin
8renda Joyce Duke Roberts Winifred llona Timmohs Baker
Elizabeth Darien May Roche

Jane Francco Keenan Andre Emily Jane Huie Langston Murray Joan Wallace Gordon Frances Sullivan Brumback Eva Lodema Drumm Stacey
Letitia Marie Derus Bierschenk Cecelia Mary Shook McAuliffe Mary Penfield Curry Burnett
Betty Lou Schwab Bilyeu Patricia Diane Stewart Norris Mary Russell Robinson Herod Janella Ann Carpenter PU Alpha
Marilyn Louise Braun Born Lee Ann Palmer Elizabeth Simmons Wilson Eastern Tennessee S t
Julia Nixon Chase Sylvia Lee Edwards Powell Elizabeth Hopkinson Hutton Carter Beverly Nell Mackie
Mary Elizabeth Wallace Oavis Pamela Lee Smith Reeves Mary Witherspoon Talley Erwin Margaret Anne Huffaker
Barbara Jane Ryan Dunham Bobbie Ann Meeler Sahm Nell Fain Lawrence Emily Miller Mahan Faust Morton
June Lucille Hansen Ghaffari Meredith Ann Creel Taylor Frances Musgrave Frierson Kathy Jean Shepard
Jean Charlotte Herdman Barbara Louise West Florence Kathryn Kaeser Lee Margaret Ann Gleaves Judith A. Boggs
Graham Margaret Fulton King Nell Pickard Nowlin Haberley
Laura M. Aycock Bridged Leigh Luther Annabeil Ailor Harr Phi Beta
Judith Theresa Hasche Cathryn Henry Creasy Carole Lee Thomas Harreld E. Stnradstnirg S L
Mollie Milliken Hayes Elizabeth Davis Hughes Amie Forman Boyd Marks Mary Annette Baddour Hill Peggy Lou Condo Buntz
Florence Alice Peterson Holden Emily Huie Langston Margaret Sydney Spellings. Dolores Bonnie Flyte Gordon
Barbara Ann Dean Kapell Royanne Atkinson Moore Kimbrough Colleen C. Ciemiewicz
Elvera Marie Ostness Kringer Lambda Tag
Jane Marie Campion Leintnger Northeast Lauiaiiaa Suzanne Gail Duke Orebaugh Jane Fancher Evins Leonard Phi Delta
Dorothy Lee Woodbury Linn Susan Bright Duggins Marion Logue Wise-Milwaukee
Prances Anice Kildahl McGee Vicky Lynn Kelsoe Mary Horton Ormsby Elizabeth Rebecca Gabriel Mary Elizabeth Buck
Patricia Rosalind Lang Miller Margaret M. Land McGann Gayle Kathryn Dittmar
Cynthia Anne Dickranian Cheryl Ann Larrieu Sarah Ewing Parker Peay Nancy Susan Gilmore Fabrizio
Norian Wanda Kay Thrower Ramsey Carolyn Haltoran Cofer Miller
Alice Myatt Rogers Judith Amelia Chagon Reeves Frances Gunn Robison Phi Kanpa
Doris Jean Blunden Northrup Rosalie Herring Womack Nancy Virginia Stivers Rowland Morris H a m }
Gloria L Murphy Pena Susan Duggins Mary Kathryn Riley Mary Virginia Cecil Smith Mary Jean Murphy Kimble
Josephine Pelletier Pryor Marion Louise Malone Starr
Margaret Armstrong Conner No Nita Lanier Shanks Juanita Margarita Norris Phi Lambda
Rockwell New York Tallent Voungstown
Martha Jane Morrissey Albert Betty Jo Sweatt Shull Gertrude Bury Minneman
Doris Johannessen Ryder Enid Watts Busse ' Lois Littlefield Tarwater Rosemary Donahue Moore
Mignon Macurda Stannard Julia Frances Froatz Jacobsen Kate Clark Stockham 1 Margaret Collins Waller Donna Jean Restivo
Jacqueline Nina Scott Ullerich Valarie Crosby Lippman Jane Ellen Holli'ngsworth Watts Claudia Eleanor Ward Sansone
Mary Jane Walker Ruth Gloria Lawlor MacFadden Esther Gladys Hill Sturtevant Mary Ellen Robertson Virginia Krupa Shaw
Joan Elizabeth Landweer Waltz Edith Buffwin Ramsay Merrill Whittaker Deborah Paurich Sympson
Joyce Seneren Miles West Frances Fulton Welch Sommer Eleanor Gertrude Walker Virginia Fisher White Julia Ann Marie Smesko
Arlette Parma Westmoreland Tammaro
Elizabeth Jane Smith Wright No Beta Threlkel Omicnni PI Virginia Shaw
Patricia M. Eggers Hitslislppt Michigan
Marjorie Kennedy Lupton Phyllis Kay Lawrence Buck Jean Graham Whorley Tripp Mary Beth Godfrey Anderson PM Dnicnm
Alice Koestner Young Meianie Louise Sanders King Charlotte Evelyn Norred Whitt Jane Louise Burdett Hanover
Lydia Cable Phillips Nelanie Patricia Bernard Jean Byram Ratliff Williams Dorothy Madaline Odle Burger Nancy Eveline Flamme
Ladner Mattie Carter Wood Sarah Elizabeth Burroughs Shelley Lynn Pryse Gibson
Lambda Patricia Lynne Keister Lewis Jayne Ann Owens Woods Jeanne Elizabeth Prentice Susan Jo Hall Heitzman
Stanford Pamela Gene Parrish Milner Charlotte Ann Woods Wright Butler Wilma Katherihe Miller
Helen Elaine Peterson Ard Sharon Elizabeth Reece Neff Mildred D. Dodd Birdie Louise Hanson Julie Ann Hicks Nagel
Eunice Helena Force Barkell Rebecca Arm Moore Sein Ruth Markly Janice 0. Anderson Carolyn Louise Good Parson
Fanita Ewing Yoakum Druehl Donna Katharine Talley Kaczorowski Carol Hoy Romine
Dorothy Bogen Farrington Lajuana Jo Barton Thomas Katrina Overall McDonald Helen Elizabeth Gray Knight Ann Louise Cummings Shreve
Beatrice Freuler Harlowe Lynn Gray Treas Anne Meeks Davis Doris Pauline Koch Linda Marguerite Moran Tolkan
Marjorie Jea Schlichtmann Carole Bonita Frank Kropschot Patricia Jeanne Bard Wiggins
Herrero Nu loll KuZtta Donna Lee Reif Long Virginia King Hayworth Wilcox
Judith Catherine Boyle McOmie Cnatroa S L Nancy Anne Kuchta Mack
Dorothea Cavitt Hawkins Ruud Nartbero IIDnals Cynthia Elaine Studnicka. Irene Marie Doherty Matheson PhiSlpa
Carmalete Waldo Webb Rosarme Marie Snyder Burns Yantzi Ruth Sonnanstme Milks KearoBi S t
Dorothy A. Huft Connie Kay Schuett Heffron Pamela Ann Smith Mooradian Jeanne Marie Oeyle Biausey
Dorothy Hyatt Franz Janet Marie Groebe Her Omega Florence Alberta Light Kathleen Ann Winfrey Emken
Norma Adrienne Green Ireland Miami Neumann
Lambda Beta Patricia Lynn Grundmeier Juza Wendy Oleta Amsler PM Upsiloo
Cal.-Long Batch Nancy Lynne Obrecht Esther Schmidt Bohlender Judith Lee Blackburn Phillips Pnrdna
Diane Mary Jackson Boyle Osterberg Barbara Lynn Jones Brough Irene M. M. Porter Gail Jean Miles Anderson
Mary Crawford Ruth Ann Brotzman Price Penny Jo Dunfee Marion Tanner Rylander Lydia Celeste Botterff Bottorff
Nancy Ellen Hage Charlotte A. Kuebker Renafian Nancy Jane McConnaughy Leone Marguerite Lee Shaw Joanne Byerly Carper
Hageherrmann Susan Patricia Stanley Ehrman Virginia Louise vanZandt Rosalyn Frahta
Maureen Margaret Clark Debra J. Tenkash Nancy Ruth Lally Faux Snider Diana Knopsnyder Lehman
Kubasak Patricia Juza Pamela Sue Gedling Lillian M. Herman Stickney Lillian Smith McHenry
Mary Marcella Conover Haines Judith May Gustafson McHenry
Deborah Sloper Nethery No Kappa Alice Gertrude Peterson Treadwell Jane Julianne Geiger Niemeier
Victoria Allana Alvarado Sootharo Methodist Harrison Nancy Ellen Lewis Vandeusen Peggy Rillann Berchakas
Williamson Maxine Graves Price Abigail Roberts Vanwagenen Stuart
Martha Jaques Virginia Ann Weadock Judith Gail Wesner Warkentien
Lambda CM No Lambda Cynthia Sue Jirsa Mary Kokales Tower Jill Ann Williamson
LaGrange U.S.C. Janet Mary Nonemacher
Kathleen Jo Sheridan Camille Lamar Tribethorn Johnson Pol Pi
Crawford Ruth Reavley Drummond Jones Kansas Sophie Newcomb
Lambda Omasa Judith Ann Cochran Fortlage Jean Ballinger King Juanita Morse Baughn Ezrene Fisk Bouchelle
N. W. Missouri 11 Orlene Gail Klinker Murphy Sharon Kay Lowry Lang Emma Lou Montgomery Brandt Beulah Brown
Karen Alizabetli Basey Carol E. Emmerling Sawyer Jean Elizabeth King Lehmann Denyce Gracanna Gammell Mary Elizabeth Bolton Brown
Jerrlann Taraba Bernard Jane Ann Snider Hazel Engle Lowes Byas Patricia Ann Maxwell Burton
Karen Louise Haberichter Eck Carol Mann Blank Catherine Louise Cox Miller Maxine Aleta Earhart Dees Louise Church
Joyce A. Eisnaugle Newton Jo Elizabeth Waylan Denton Kathy Harmon Deluque
Lambda PH No OmicroD Sandra Jessamine Merry Nix Mary Lee Robbins Feil Caroline Johanna Horsting
WUcooalaSl VaiubrbiR Frances Cathenn Cenfield Pugh Maria Hadges Foy Eyster
Cynthia Jeanne Kellogg Helen Marie Tan ley Afford Theima Nickel Readnour Eunice Ellen Hanes Eleanor Jean Schupp Feitel
Fremling Sheryl Sue Stovall Barker Ora Champion Robishaw Florence 0. Longenecker Emily Elizabeth Sanchez Hall
Cynthia Senn Kunkel Anne Douglas Cowen Dorothy Ethelyn Jackson Houlditch Janie May Price Hewes
Patricia Elaine Dozler Manthey Beauchamp Shepherd Anna McLellan Kastier
Nancy Jane McAdam McAdam Louise Barry Cecil Bennett Helen Josephine Tatum Huyck Florence Beverly Walton Kerr
Jeanne Marie Morgan Tennant Angela Jo Berry Joyce Ann Eisnaugle Spriggs Mary Elizabeth Gilles Johnson Dagmar Adelaide Renshaw
Alice Williamson Bratton Mary Marjorie Hepburn Stahl Eva May Ireland Lamb Lebreton
i ^mhiia simoa lodis Robbins Carruthers Jeri Ann Emmert Stahr Sue Ann Stickney Lyons Schuyler T. Ruhlmman Louapre
Georgia Emily Elizabeth Oobson Andrea Irmgard Ailts Nancy Ruth Johannsen Meditz Joan Honey Robinson Mallory
Childress Timberlake Jean Louise Klussman Sally L. Bisso Morgan
Laura Mitchell Aycock Rena Lynn Drsskin Cheryl Lee Vol I met Vye Morehead Jan Gore Mounger
Cynthia Jean Allen Chitwood Katheryn R. Crockett Dunn Bettie Boesche Ketting Margaret Hover Odenwalder
Cathryn Francis Henry Greasy Alice Ann Mitchum Fitts Edith Cope Lockard Nancy Anne Johnson Morris Jacinto Margaret Lobrano
Glorana Loveridge Ghegan Glah Rebecca Brooks Foumier Ann Marie Bucher Moser Talbot
Gail Elaine Jasiewicki Higbee Omega Qmlcron Mary Joann Barr Nelson
Elizabeth Anne Davis Hughes Lamooth Linda Susan Torcum Pacini
Margaret Louise Fulton King Susan Elizabeth Bryan Sharon Louise Luxford Pearce
Natalie Patricia King Mildred Adams Harris
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Patricia Lynn Leathers
Cathie June Garter Walsh
Mary Emma Watlington
Phyllis Anne Blair Williams
Rheaetta Farrar Wilson
Martha Hicks Gilliam

Omega Xi
Rorabaad SL
Rebecca Suzanne Combs Bell
Terri Lynn Cook Brown
Michele Ann Chapman

0 micron
Baylor Anne McKay Bone

Rosalie Elizabeth Dufour Frances Kathryn Schnitzer Debbie Kouzes Burdick Tau Omicron Dorothy Ann Wedge
Wool f ley Loeppert Susan Mary Fioretti tenn.-Martin
•Dorothy L. Pool Marker Debra Cecil Jacobs Mary Nelle Coles Hardee Theta Psi
Pi Delta Mildred Emily Parker Martin Patricia Gail Sharp Kincheloe Toledo
Maryland Gretchen Baarsch McEwen Sigma Lambda Diana Lynne Skelton Sanders Lois Elizabeth Zeigler Blllig
Julia Virginia Hester Atchison Frances Dwight McNair Wisconsin S t Jamie A. Latch Dorothy Ann Leive Eberle
Elizabeth Cooper Phillips Baird Angela Serpe Metzger Karen Ann Dwyer Caesar Katherine Fitts
Nancy, Lee Crowther Berman Jean Elizabeth Hendrick Alicia Fleming Smith Schafer Theta Constance Louise Hepper
Dorothy Hilda Miles Blood Novotny Jane Burkum Severson DePaow Charlotte Schafer Hoekenga
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Beatrice C. Segsworth Kitchen Sigma lata Edna Reynolds Parks Kathleen Isabel Bair Person East Carolina
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Gwendolyn Ellen Everetts Lee Janice Joy Anderson Ingeborg M. Hartwig Snedeker Brenda Alleen Stocks
Laura Anne Falvey Vivona Shirley Katherine Wooten

Some Keys to Your Security

Editor's Note: This article was written in answer to a request to the National Panhellenic Editor's Conference for more informa-
tion on the safety and security of sorority women on campus. With the assistance of Gail Wade, chief of the police department at
the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, questionnaires were distributed at the 1978 meeting of the International Association of
College University Security Directors Conference in Quebec City, Canada. The answers of the security directors to a variety of
questions provided much of the information used in the following article.

Never underestimate the value of a key in providing protection for you and your possessions. It's up to you to use it.
A key will lock your car, lock your bike to a rack, lock your room, lock your house, and lock your valuables in a

strong box.
But, never leave your keys lying around in your room, and never lend a key to anyone. Keep your keys handy when

entering or leaving your car. Have your keys ready before you get to the door of your house. Don't endanger your
safety by wasting time in searching through your purse.

Furthermore, a ring of keys clenched in your fist with the keys protruding between your fingers can be an effective
weapon should you encounter a would-be assailant.

These admonitions come from chiefs and directors of campus security from Alberta to Alabama and Washington to
New Jersey. With campus crises increasing each year, there is deep concern for your safety. The experiences of these
security officials have led them to the conclusion that no woman on campus can take her safety for granted—she must
learn to protect herself. They have recommended some guidelines for women to follow in specific areas of campus life.

WHAT CAN SORORITIES DO TO in circumstances that could lead to others removing
Have officers trained in crime prevention from the local TIVE DEVICES?
or campus police department to make a security survey
of the sorority house or residence hall. Follow their rec- Your number one defense is a good healthy scream.
ommendations. Opinion is divided among security chiefs on carrying
such devices as whistles and hatpins. All are against
Request members of the police department to give devices which can be classified as weapons—many of
talks on self-protection, rape prevention, and safety pro- which are unlawful. All emphasize that firearms should
cedures to ensure that all members are aware of the never be carried.
potential threat of theft and harm. It is imperative to
maintain a continuing education program relative to Mack D. Stanhope, University of Washington crime
personal security. prevention officer, states, "Fingers are stronger than
eyes, knees stronger than groins, shoe soles stronger
Set up a "buddy system" for sisters attending events than shins . . . Protective devices and weapons can be
or working late in campus buildings. If there is a campus taken away and used against you."
escort service, encourage members to use it. Remind
members repeatedly of the need for personal security by Claude W. Spencer, director of safety and security at
keeping doors and windows locked. Provide a screening Miami University, also points out that statistics have
mechanism for visitors to the sorority, and challenge all shown that the would-be criminal tends to use hat pins,
strangers and ask them their business. tear gas, and similar weapons against his victim. He rec-
ommends that women carry a loud noise-producing in-
What should a woman do to protect her personal strument which can be squeezed "as the individual
property? Keep the door locked at all times when not in female through fright or other reasons" could become
your room. Maintain a detailed inventory of your mute when confronted by an assailant.
possessions and a record of the numbers of your credit
cards. Engrave major items with an identifiable mark, Police Commander Adam J. Zutaut of Michigan State
i.e., driver's license number and state. University cautions against wearing a whistle on a chain
or string around the neck as the string can be used
Do not leave your purse or billfold lying around, even against the victim. He recommends leaving one hand
if you are in the room. When walking, keep a firm grip free of books or packages to carry a whistle or sonic
on your purse. Take your valuables home with you dur- horn. A ball point pen or keys on a ring, or even a text-
ing breaks. Avoid displaying jewelry or other valuables book offer protection, according to Zutaut. "A woman's


natural protective devices—fingernails, teeth, knees, area. If you think someone is watching or waiting for
elbows—are excellent weapons, but must be used with you, lean on the horn. Lock your car when leaving it,
full intent to injure." and look in the backseat before re-entering it. Do not
pick up hitchhikers. Use pre-designated routes when
WHEN AND HOW SHOULD traveling and, if possible, telephone ahead so someone
LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON- will know when to expect you.
NEL BE CONTACTED? 3. As a bike rider on campus—Use the same precau-
tions as for a pedestrian. Ride on well-lighted, frequently
Any time a woman is a victim of a crime, any time a traveled paths and streets. Ride with one or more bikers,
woman is suspicious of persons, places, or events, any if possible. Use bike racks and locking systems. Avoid
time a woman has cause to be afraid—the police should using your bike after dark.
be contacted immediately by telephone or whatever else 4. A s a spectator at campus events—Do not go alone.
might be the most expeditious means of contact. Sit with friends. Do not become involved with strangers
or unruly crowds. Stay away from secluded areas of a
Though a potential threat may be real or imaginary, stadium or athletic facility. Do not go alone to restroom
contact the local law enforcement agency. It is better to facilities. Avoid anyone drinking or distributing nar-
be wrong and make a fool of yourself for a moment than cotics. Do not leave with people you do not know. A r -
be the victim of an attack and suffer a lifetime of regret. range ahead of time for return transportation if the event
is not within walking distance.
IN WHAT WAYS ARE YOUNG 5. As a student using a campus building—Abide by the
WOMEN MOST CARELESS RE- rules and regulations of the building. Know the location
GARDING THEIR PERSONAL of all exits and public telephones. At night, utilize only
SAFETY? those buildings designated for student use during the
hours of darkness. Travel to and from such buildings
"Two girls walk a well-lighted path at night. A male with friends or an escort.
stops them to ask questions. They stop—become Good
Samaritans. Result? They are mugged (assaulted) and Do not stay in a building alone after hours. If you
robbed." Robert T. Oche, assistant vice president of pub- must work in an office after hours, notify campus
lic safety at Rutgers University, cites this example to sup- security. Tell a friend where you are going and when
port his belief that young women "do not accept the you will be leaving. Lock the office door and do not open
potential threat in what appears to be a normal campus the door or admit anyone without first securing proper
incident." identification. Do not prop doors open for friends who
may be joining you later.
Claude Spencer deplores the tendency of young wom-
en "to believe the best in all males. This will include ac- 6. As a resident of a sorority house or d o r m i t o r y -
cepting rides, walks, and so forth with total strangers." Keep the emergency numbers of the fire and police de-
partments. Lock your door when sleeping or absent from
Walking alone at night and hitchhiking lead the list of your room. Be sure to use your shades and blinds—do
unsafe practices young women compiled by the security not walk around partially clothed or nude if there is any
officers. Others include failing to lock doors at night, way someone can see you. Do not stay in the laundry
admitting strangers to their rooms, driving alone in room alone if the house or dorm is open to outsiders.
areas that are either not familiar or remote, wearing pro-
vacative clothing, not being alert at all times to potential If residing on the ground floor or in below ground
dangers and problems, and failing to learn how to pro- level rooms, be sure that security locks are. installed on
tect themselves through organized programs of law en- all windows and security screens installed with non-re-
forcement agencies. movable screws. Make it a habit to identify yourself
when entering another's room and to expect anyone
WHAT SHOULD A COLLEGIAN entering your room to do the same. Cooperate in main-
DO TO PROTECT HERSELF IN taining visitation rules and hours.
1. As a pedestrian on campus—Do not walk alone, espe-
cially at night. Use public walks on well-lighted streets.
Avoid shortcuts, isolated or seldom traveled areas. Walk
on the curb side of the walk, not next to buildings or
shrubbery. If someone approaches you in a car, walk in
the opposite direction the car is facing. If you feel you are
being followed, head toward the nearest busy place
where there are other people. Dress for safety: avoid
tight clothing and wear shoes in which you can run if it
is necessary.

2. As a driver or passenger in an automobile—Keep
your gas tank filled and your car in good running condi-
tion. Keep your doors locked and windows up while
driving. Keep your purse out of sight. Park in a lighted

"The Readers' Page: Letters to the Editor" is
a new department in To Pragma. This de-
partment is for you, the reader, to share your
thoughts and ideas about To Dragma and the
"world of A O n . " What's on your mind?
Why not write and tell us?

Life Planning: What Color is your Thank You!
to Dragma arrived today, and I am
I had an opportunity to look over a writing immediately to tell you how
copy of To Dragma of Alpha Omicron very pleased I am with the article
Pi and was extremely pleased to about me. You did an excellent job
notice its focus on the life planning of editing. Your selection of infor-
and career search process. To see a mation from the ramblings I sent
Greek organization emphasizing you is just right. If there were an
this important aspect of an individ- award for editorship, it would be
ual's life was gratifying, particularly yours! Many thanks to you!
to those like me who work with a
campus fraternity system and in a It was exciting to read of other
college placement office. AOTls and their art careers. I loved
discovering how many of them also
The articles were particularly have tracks of time on their faces! So
informing and useful to current stu- much talertt!
dents. I hope you have additional
ones focusing on career planning I know you'll have even greater
and placement issues arid that you response to the second Creativity
receive good response on them from Contest.. And, what fun you'll have
your members. going through the entries!

Sincerely, Good luck to you!
John R. Mohr
Associate Dean of Students and D i - Fraternally,
rector of Placement Mary Helen Lanasa Horty, Tau
DePauw University
I received my copy of To Dragma
Creativity Contest yesterday and was pleased with the
fine job you did on my little con-
. . . As an A O n alumnae (Phi Kap- tribution. Thank you.
pa, Morris Harvey College '61), I do
enjoy receiving To Dragma. This Fraternally,
contest was a tremendous idea. The Jane Pursley Neal, Beta Phi
photography, art, and poetry win-
ning entries were of particular inter- Please accept a compliment from me
est. I had never heard of montage and my family on your very excel-
before! lent story about me. It was very well
written, and we were all impressed.
Mary Margaret Girod, Phi Kappa . I enjoyed reading the whole issue
'61 and thought how interesting it must
be for all alums.

Always in Sisterhood,
Helen Olds Halter, Omega

A Rose Without Thorns? Your discussion of E R A , directed AOn's position oh the Equal Rights
to simply one issue, did not do Amendment. You stated that it
. . . I've been intending to write you justice to the concept of the pro- would be "inappropriate for us to
since the summer issue arrived to posed amendment. I do not disagree 'take a stand' on the E R A issue
tell you how much I enjoyed it. I es- with the need to know how E R A . . . " since we are not a political or-
pecially loved the article on the may affect sororities, but this is only ganization.
history of our rose (you know, the one area in a woman's life. Oppo-
one without thorns!). We at Alpha nents of the E R A are noted for their . . . The word "politics" is a
Pi often wondered about that. . . one-issue editorializing; it is a grossly-misunderstood word. In ac-
slanted and negative view that does tual fact, it is quite simply the proc-
Sincerely, nothing to provide the needed infor- ess by which our country changes
Janice Arrowood, Alpha Pi mation for women to make an in- its way of life. And when that
formed decision on an issue that change threatens to harm or destroy
Alcohol Awareness will have a profound effect on their us as a special-interest group, it is
lives and the lives of future genera- time not only to "take a stand," but
After receiving my To Dragma today tions. I see your article as failing to bring our considerable resources
in the mail, I was intrigued on your prey to this type of response. to bear on the issue. . . . You live
response to Ms. Kay Kraatz's ques- most of your days in a fraternity-
tions. If I may, I would like to give Is not one obligation of a sorority oriented world. Most of the rest of
you some insight on the viewpoint I to help its members develop into us do not. We live in the real world
hold on alcoholism. . . . My in- functioning, educated members of of politics. We deal in a never-end-
volvement in the prevention of society? Then let us do our part in ing, almost daily fight for survival.
alcoholism stems back to my senior living this commitment by showing
year in high school when I worked what E R A can do for the broad . . . Obviously, it is distressing to
on Allagany County's Council on spectrum of society. me to see an organization that I
Drug and Alcohol Abuse . . . my deeply believe in—and one to which
second project in working with the Fraternally, I have given many hours as both a
subject of alcohol came while I was a Susan Gleason, Beta Gamma collegiate and an alumna member—
sophomore at the University of Del- sit smugly and watch the world go
aware and is still very much a part Worry about male invasion of by. The issue here is not the E R A ,
of my college curriculum. sororities seems terribly Victorian per se. It is the national attitude of
and as absurd as most anti-ERA AOn toward political movement
Let me know if I may help you in arguments. and change.
any way possible on initiating an
awareness program on alcohol for Any male, or female for that mat- Only a fool sits idly by while
my fellow AOn sisters. Please let ter, would be obliged to establish others control and dictate his very
me know if there is anything that I "the right to belong." And more im- existence. It is time to act in our own
might be able to do for you. portant, all members must be invited self-interest if we are able to insure
to join, a process that has been going our continuation for our daughters
Fraternally, on since the institution of both fra- and grand-daughters. It has been
Louise Masin, Delta Chi ternities and sororities. said that wise men act; fools react.
We are not fools . . .
Later this fall more work is planned on There is hardly any possible way
our alcohol awareness program. The that this threatened male virus can Fraternally,
workshop was received well at Conven- affect the sisterhood. But it might be Rachel Cobb Moehle, Gamma Omi-
tion, and we will be building from that. well to conside the establishment of cron '57
We will keep your most generous offer co-ed "Soroternities." Change is the
of assistance in mind; thank you!—Ed. tonic for new generations. Your letter brings out some excellent
points, Rachel. Politics is a misun-
Sincerely yours, derstood word, and I agree with what
Olive Byrne Richard, Delta '26 you say. But the fact remains that
Council, our governing body composed
ERA: Pro & Con Five Stars for the E R A article em- of collegiate chapter presidents and
phasizing the "no exceptions" and advisers, alumnae presidents, Regional
After reading your comments re- "federal enforcement" of that Officers and Directors, Standing Com-
garding the effects of the E R A , I misnamed movement! Any woman mittee Chairmen, the NPC delegate,
wish to express bitter disappoint- who thinks men's shorter lives, and the Executive Board, legislate the
ment at your avoidance of the real heavier work, and the possibility of rules and regulations of the Fraternity.
issue. Although I can appreciate life-long1 disability from combat For the Executive Board or any group in
your stand on not becoming in- duties as rights is blindly following AOn outside of the entire body of
volved in political issues, I believe as blind leaders into the ditch. Council to take a position on ERA or
an organization for women, you any other issue that may affect the Fra-
owe our sisters a more detailed dis- Sincerely, ternity would be inappropriate and a
cussion of the broad issue of Frances Carter, C h i '26 misrepresentation of our membership at
equality that the E R A aims to pro- large. I appreciate your candor and per-
vide. I read with interest your reply to ceptive observations. —Ed.
Mrs. Kraatz's question concerning

Diamond Jubilee
Foundation Scholars

The Diamond Jubilee Foundation was founded in 1959 The selection process begins i n January when applica-
at the Vancouver Convention. The Foundation was the tion forms are mailed to collegiate chapter presidents
brainchild of Muriel T. McKinney who saw the need for and advisers. Completed forms, signed by the chapter
scholarships to enable collegians to complete their edu- adviser, must be received by the scholarship chairman
cation as well as to provide for girls w h o transferred to by March 1.
another campus to work w i t h a chapter with special
needs. Since 1959, the DJF has provided thousands of Applicants are first reviewed by the chairman who
dollars to help hundreds of girls complete their educa- then sends them onto the other members of the commit-
tion. Because of the support of our membership, this year tee. The committee works together to then select the
the Diamond Jubilee Foundation is able to award 21 most worthy applicants. Financial need, scholarship,
scholarships. As usual, the selection was not easy as chapter activities, and campus activities are all important
there were several qualified applicants. considerations. A l l undergraduate applicants are
notified by May 15.
Are you introduced i n applying for a DJF scholarship?

Graduate Student—Muriel T. McKinney Award

Janeen Ellis, Farmington Hills, MI
Omicron Pi, University of Michigan, 1979 B.S.N.
School of Nursing, University of Michigan
Degree Sought: M.S.N.
Future Plans: Pediatric Nursing

Undergraduate Activities: Chapter: President
Campus: Co-Founder of Mothers of Clefted Chil-
dren (Ann Arbor) Galens Medical Society
Editor-in-Chief, Nursing School Year Book

Frances Blaho, Columbus, O H
Omega Xi, Morehead State University (Kentucky), 1980
Degree Sought: A.B. A r t and government
Future Plans: Continue studies in studio art and art history
Activities: Chapter: Administrative Vice President, Chapter Relations
Campus: Cardinal Key Parliamentarian, Phi Kappa Pi, Uni-
versity Senate, A r t Students' League

Deborah Burkhart, Indianapolis, I N
Kappa Kappa, Ball State State University (Indiana), 1980
Degree Sought: B. Architecture
Future Plans: Practice Architecture
Activities: Chapter: Parliamentarian, assistant rush chairman, pledge
song leader
Campus: Mortar Board, intramural sports, Students American
Institute of Architects


Christiana Flores, Tucson, A Z
Upsilon Alpha, University of Arizona, 1980
Degree Sought: B.A.
Future Plans: Graduate School in social w o r k — c h i l d welfare
Activities: Chapter: Chapter relations, scholarship committee, pledge
Campus: Spurs, University of Arizona Marching Band, Psi
Chi (psychology honorary)

Wendy Harmdierks, Liberal, KS
Phi Sigma, Kearney State University (Nebraska), 1980
Degree Sought: Home economics, business
Future Plans: Retail business
Activities: Chapter: Pledge secretary, pledge trainer, activities chairman,
Founders' Day chairman
Campus: Spurs, Rho Lambda honorary

Sherry Hinton, Tell City, IN
Kappa Alpha, Indiana State University, 1980
Degree Sought: B.S. Public Relations
Future Plans: Work i n non-profit organizations
Activities: Chapter: Activities chairman, Jr. Panhellenic delegate, histori-
an, writing scholarship award
Campus: State D.A.R. Citizenship, Dean's List, President Soci-
ety of Collegiate Journalists, President of Public Relations Stu-
dent Society of America, Vice President of Public Relations on
Blue Key, I.S.U. Blue Berets

Cecilia Jackson, Knoxville, T N
Alpha Delta, University of Alabama, 1981
Degree Sought: B.A.
Future Plans: Work i n television, production, and performing
Activities: Chapter: Chapter relations, pledge trainer, first vice president
Campus: National Alumni Leadership Scholarship, Univer-
sity Theatre roles and production, student intern in campus
activities office

Kay Kettering, Greenport, Long Island, NY
Theta Pi, Wagner College (New York), 1980
Degree Sought: B.S. in nursing
Future Plans: Work in N.Y.C. Teaching Hospital, secure masters
Activities: Chapter: Assistant treasurer, pledge trainer, corresponding
Campus: Coffee House Committee Chairperson, Community
Chest, A l u m n i Telefund, summer orientation student aid

Susan McConnell, Redmond, W A
Alpha Rho, Oregon State, 1981
Degree Sought: B.S. Finance major
Future Plans: Bank management
Activities: Chapter: Assistant treasurer, treasurer
Campus: Alpha Lambda Delta (honorary), Phi Theta, Talons,
intramural sports


Theresa McKay, Baton Rouge, L A
Kappa Tau,. Southeastern Louisiana, 1979
Degree Sought: B.A.
Future Plans: Masters degree, teach i n public schools
Activities: Chapter: President, chapter relations, Panhellenic Council
Campus: Kappa Delta Pi (honorary), Southeast Louisiana
Teacher's Association, Student Advisory Committee, Student
Activities Board

Claranne McQuade, Youngstown, OH
Phi Lambda, Youngstown State University (Ohio), 1980
Degree Sought: B.S., Education
Future Plans: Teach elementary school, masters degree
Activities: Chapter: President, corresponding secretary, scholarship
committee, sports activities
Campus: Kappa Delta Pi (honorary), Winter Weekend Com-

Paola Mohlere, Glen Ellen, CA
Chi Alpha, University of California (Davis), 1980
Degree Sought: B.S. Physiology
Future Plans: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Activities: Chapter: Treasurer, pledge advisory committee, ritual keeper
Campus: Alpha Zeta (honorary), Chancellor's Administrative
Committee, Undergraduate representative; Natural Land and
Water Reserve System

Rosalind Noonan, Columbia, Maryland
Theta Pi, Wagner College (New York), 1980
Degree Sought: B.A.
Future Plans: Law School
Activities: C h a p t e r : C o r r e s p o n d i n g secretary, c h a p t e r r e l a t i o n s ,
"songfest" chairman
Campus: College newspaper feature writer, Chief Justice Col-
lege Court, freshman honor society, performer at campus
coffee houses

Patricia Phelps, Scottsdale, A Z
Theta Omega, University of Northern Arizona, 1980
Degree Sought: B.S. Legal Assistants
Future Plans: Law school or law office
Activities: Chapter: Parliamentarian, scholarship chairman, philan-
thropic chairman, efficiency vice president
Campus: University Trail Board, University Review Board,
Conduct Board, Cardinal Key, Arizona Special Olympics

Linda Rice, Indianapolis, IN
Kappa Kappa, Ball State University (Indiana), 1980
Degree Sought: B.A.
Future Plans: Sales or promotion marketing
Activities: Chapter: Pledge educator, parliamentarian, "Active of the
Year," pledge class award
Campus: Cardinal Corps, Blue Key, Distributive Education
Clubs of America, Who's Who in American Colleges, Orienta-
tion Corps

Claudia Saxer, Terre Haute
Kappa Alpha, Indiana State, 1980
Degree Sought: B.S.
Future Plans: Public Relations
Activities: Chapter: Secretary, public relations chairman, scholarship
Campus: Yearbook feature editor, Blue Key, Delta Sigma Chi
(honorary), "Who's W h o , " Blue Beret Society of Collegiate

Elizabeth Sigler, Monroe, L A
Lambda Tau, Northeastern Louisiana, 1980
Degree Sought: B.A.
Future Plans: Law school or other graduate work
Activities: Chapter: Activities chairman, scholarship committee
Campus: Junior class president, secretary of the pre-law club,
Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, intramural sports, Presi-
dent's List

Katherine Sigler, Monroe, LA
Lambda Tau, Northeastern Louisiana, 1982
Degree Sought; B.A. Pharmacy
Future Plans: Pharmacist
Activities: Chapter: House manager, treasurer
Campus: Lambda Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, N L U Wildlife
Club, N L U Student American Chemical Society, President's

Sherri Steig, Circle, MT
Beta Rho, University of Montana, 1981
Degree Sought: B.A. i n political science
Future Plans: Law school
Activities: Chapter: President, corresponding secretary
Campus: Student government, co-chairman; Honor Society

Debra Suponchick, LaVista, NE
Phi Sigma, Kearney State (Nebraska), 1980
Degree Sought: B.A. biology and chemistry
Future Plans: Teaching
Activities: Chapter: President, scholarship chairman, pledge class parlia-
mentarian, Panhellenic activities
Campus: American chemical society (student adviser), Cam-
pus Activities Council, intramural sports

Sharon Will, Winter Park, FL
Alpha Pi, Florida State University, 1980
Degree Sought: Dance, business
Future Plans: Professional dance career
Activities: Chapter: President, rush chairman, fraternity education
chairman, historian, chapter relations, scholarship chairman
Campus: Alpha Delta (freshman honorary), Florida State
University Theatre, Tallhassee Civic Ballet, Rho Lambda
(Greek honorary), Omicron Delta Kappa


A stimulating and informative When our dream of a home for terial and exhibit it. Please remem-
historical display was arranged at Alpha Omicron Pi in Nashville is re- ber: we cannot accept material until we
the Alpha Omicron Pi Nashville alized, we w i l l have space to exhibit have an AOFI home in which to put it.
Convention by International Histo- our memorabilia. Space, yes, but no
r i a n , E d i t h Anderson, B<t>; and shelves, cases, files, picture frames, What can you do now to help pre-
Margaret (Fran) Hammond, A K . Of or any of the things necessary to serve memorabilia until it is time to
the more than 500 delegates present, create an exhibit of w h i c h we can be send it? Save it. What should you
over 330 visited the exhibit. Many proud. save? Edith Anderson, International
expressed their interest by joining Historian, sent a directive to colle-
the Historical Society of Alpha Omi- A committee w i l l be formed in giate chapters i n A p r i l 1976 w h i c h
cron Pi, Inc. Nashville to work under the direc- should be i n your files. This out-
tion of the Executive Committee of lined materials that make up your
This Society was the brainchild of the Society to receive historical ma- history and so should be saved. If
Past International Presidents, Mary
Louise Roller, A n , and Edith Hist ft
Anderson. At the Scottsdale Con-
vention i n 1977, the Past Interna- - ciety; /
tional Presidents met to form the
Society and establish the rules of
procedure. The Presidents are con-
sidered the Executive Committee
and any initiated member of A O f l
w h o pays the $5.00 biennial dues is
a member-at-large. Wilma Smith
Leland, T, is chairman and Ruth
Leichtamer is secretary/treasurer.
Funds are kept in a separate interna-
tional A O n account.

Why do we need another organ-
ization and a separate f u n d within
the Fraternity? If you have studied
our budget, you will know that
there is no f u n d allocated to the col-
lection and preservation of our
historical material now on hand nor
for that which we hope to acquire
from chapters and individuals in the

• you know where some historical
material is at present, please make a
... list telling who has it, the address of
the place where it is, and of what it
m consists. Send this list to the secre-
tary/treasurer of the Society to be
placed in our files. When the time
comes for the display, the Interna-
tional Historian can call in the mate-

Our history includes not only
memorabilia of our Four Founders
but also the founders and history of
each A O n chapter—collegiate and
alumnae. Please help make the past
come alive to our future AOFI

Send your $5.00 membership fee,
check made out to the Historical So-
ciety of Alpha Omicron Pi, Inc., to
Mrs. M . P. Leichtamer, 3455 God-
dard Road, Toledo, O H 43606.


i I chapter by-laws. It only took two
short months to finalize the organ-
J ization of the group and to become
officially installed as an alumnae
Norma Marshall Ackel, Past International President, is seated beside Rosamond Craig chapter.
Castle (right), president of the Monterey County Alumnae Chapter. Also pictured are the
other charter members, middle row: Dorothy Visscher Litttle, Harriet Uleksuich Stewart, Officers and charter members of
Barbara Riese Temby, Joanne Benedict Honegger, Frances Eaurot Mauer, Cherrie the Monterey County Alumnae
Malcolmson Waldo, Marilou Sutter Tomblin, Ann Vaughn Logreci, Maria Rael Nowell, and Chapter are: Rosamond Craig Cas-
Gloria Kellogg Knickerbocker. Back row: Jane Mehl, Clare Thompson Riggs, Barbara Tor- tle, Z, president; Gloria Kellogg
rence Nelson, Jane Durham Rose, Susan Whaley Ozment, Marty Magee Worms, Merilyn Knickerbocker, A, vice-president;
Moore Hubbs, Patricia Tinsley Bordonaro, and Gyla Marmont Smith. Marilyn Moore Hobbs, Z, treasurer;
Maria Rael Nowell, A , correspond-
Monterey County Installed ing secretary; Marty Magee Worms,
Z, recording secretary; Marilou Sut-
By Rosamond Craig Castle, Z the luncheon. ter Tomblin, A, historian; Joanne
Monterey County Alumnae Monterey Alumnae Chapter Benedict Honegger, A, social chair-
Chapter President man; Eleanor Space Szaszy, E A , To
encompasses all of Carmel, Pebble Dragma reporter; Susan Whaley
The A O n rainbow touched the Beach, Pacific Grove, Fort Ord, Ozment, A A, membership chair-
western shores of California on June Salinas, and the surrounding valley. man; Jane Mehl, Z X , membership
4, 1979 when the Monterey A l u m - Over one hundred A O I l s live here, co-chairman; Patricia Tinsley Bor-
nae Chapter was officially installed. and for them, the new chapter rep- donaro, Z; Dorthy Visscher Little,
The twenty-four charter members resents a "dream come true." O F I ; A n n V a u g h n Logoreci, <P;
were honored to be installed by Frances Faurot Mauer, Y; Barbara
Norma Marshall Ackel, K 0 , Past I n - The impetus for the new chapter Torrence Nelson, E A ; Jane D u r h a m
ternational President. The installa- occurred when Rosamond Craig Rose, I ; Gyla Marmont Smith, A O ;
tion was held at the Beach and Ten- Castle, Z, moved to Carmel w i t h her Barbara Riese Temby, Z ; Marian
nis Club i n Pebble Beach. Following husband from their home in Pied- Kirby Hermann, BT; Clare
the ceremony, a reception and mont. A former delegate to San Thompson Riggs, A; Harriet Ulek-
luncheon were held in the beautiful Francisco-East Bay Panhellenic, suich Stewart, Ofl; Cherrie
clubhouse which overlooks the Rosamond was most anxious to Malcolmson Waldo, I ; Jospehine
ocean and the famous Pebble Beach contact A O I l s i n the area. With the Ley Auker, Z; and Janet Stultz
Golf Course w h i c h is the scene for invaluable help of Jean Maroder, Bruno, Z.
"The Crosby" and several other golf Regional Extension Officer, and the
classics. computer printout from Central Of- A n exciting wealth of talent exists
fice, Rosamond was able to contact in the new chapter: an authoress,
More than 65 A O n alumnae at- several alumnae. poetess, sculptress, architect, family
tended the celebration. Many came counselor, several lecturers, a fenc-
f r o m as far away as Berkeley and The first get-together was a cham- ing champion, and a professor at
Palo Alto. Present to assist in the i n - pagne luncheon in Rosamond's Monterey Peninsula College. Many
stallation were Sandra Rodgers home. Eighteen alumnae attended of the chapter members attended the
Markel, T, Regional Vice President; during which time they all enjoyed University of California and Stan-
Jean Hiler Maroder, A , Regional Ex- sharing special memories of their ford University, and there is high
tension Officer; Sandra Jaeger, Z , college days. During this initial interest i n the colony at Stanford.
Regional Finance Officer; and Leah meeting, the alumnae not only dis- Twelve other A O U chapters across
MacNeil, Z, Regional Director. cussed becoming an alumnae chap- the nation are also represented.
Marilou Sutter Tomblin, A, the ter of Alpha Omicron Pi, but also These alumnae hope to provide
chapter historian, was chairman of signed the charter, elected their of- names of local rushees to respective
ficers, and began work on their collegiate chapters as the alumnae
chapter becomes active in the M o n -
terey Bay Panhellenic.

Our heart-felt thanks go to Jean
Maroder, Regional Extension Of-
ficer; her devotion and outstanding
talent made it possible for this chap-
ter to be founded. Our many thanks
also go to Norma Ackel for hon-
oring us by serving as our installing
officer. Finally recognition goes to
all of the Region VIII Officers and
Regional Directors as well as to
Central Office for expediting our in-



Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity KEEP THIS DIRECTORY.
founded at Barnard College IT IS ONLY PRINTED
January 2,1897.


Jessie Wallace Hughan Accountant: K a y Saunders, ATI Chairman: Rosalie G o r h a m Barber (Michie), 2 0
Helen St. Clair Mullan (Mrs. George^ V . ) Office Manager: Jeanne Ascolese 1713 MacArthur Park
Stella George Stern Perry (Mrs. George H.) Communications Coordinator: Becky Montgomery, Jonesboro, A R 72401
Elizabeth Heywood Wyman
icn Telephone: 501/935-3393
Shipping/Supplies: Mary A n n Koss
•The Founders were members of Alpha chapter at: Bookkeeper: Ben Hollins Members:
Barnard College of Columbia' University and all are Membership: K i m Vaughn, A 2
deceased. Accounts Receh'able: Mary A n n Caldwell, T A Gwen Everetts Lee (W. D.), P
Receptionist/Secretary: Charlotte Boyd 1004 Eliot P r .
Urbana, I L 61801
Debbie Brewton, A A
President - Suzanne Colgan, AT Wilma Smith Leland, T
Jeanine Dugan, A I 4330 Minnetonka Blvd.
Joan Peathe MacCallum (John), K<t> Troy Johnson, B4> Apt. 310-A
Ellen Kinch, 1 .
13195 Edison Crescent Karen Kremer, B4> Minneapolis, M N 55416
Brenda Mcintosh, A 2
Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada H8Z 1Y5 Debbie Packard, B<t> Nancy Moyer McCain (Walter), P
Terri Parker, A T 38775 Byriver Prive
Telephone: 514/626-7690 Dei) Strickland/ A K
Leslie Welch, * T Mount demerits, Ml 48043 •
(Through July and August)
PARLIAMENTARIAN Mary Louise Filer Roller (George), A f l
do P . W. MacCallum
Florence Dodge Ennis (John D.), K A (See N P C delegate listing)
South Shore Road, RR #2 200 Gardendale
Terre Haute, IN 47803 Joan Deathe MacCallum (John), K *
Clarenceville, Quebec, JOJ IBO, Canada Telephone: 812/877-1355
(ex officio, see International President listing)
Vice^Vresident/Developmcnl , ' STANDING COMMITTEES Edith Huntington Anderson (Arthur K.), B *

Peg Kramer Crawford (Richard), I CONSTITUTION, INTERPRETATION,
9113 S. Massasoit Avenue (ex officio, see Historian listing)
(Please direct correspondence to the chairman)
Oak Lawn, IL 60453 Chairman: Sue Elder Roach (Eric), B T . Connie Jo Harris, 4>"£

Telephone: 312/422-5244 6065 Carriage Hill Dr. (ex officio, Perry A w a r d winner)
East Lansing, MI 48823
VicePresident/Operations Telephone: 517/351-5270 RUSH
Ginger Banks, I1K Jane A. Hamblin, W
Alice Rath Aderman.(Ralph),
3108 West Terrace Drive 2302 E . Newberry Blvd. 918-F Maxwell Terrace Apts.
Maxwell Lane
Austin, T X 78731 Milwaukee, WI 53211 Bloomington, I N 47401

Telephone: 512/454-8572 Iflgrid Latimer Schulz (Carl Jr.), B A

Secretary/Treasurer 1700 Lake Avenue Telephone: 812/332-0683
Wilmette, I L 60091
Jo Beth Walling Heflin (Hugh), I l K Joan Deathe MacCallum (John), K«J> SCHOLARSHIP
11200 Pinehurst Drive
Austin, TX 78747 (ex officio, see International President listing) Neen Demato Neele (Ross), K *

Telephone: 515/282-2655 • '•' Florence Dodge Ennis (John p.), K A 391 Brookhaven Ave.
Porval, Quebec
Directors T1 (ex officio, see Parliamentarian listing) Canada H9S 2N6
Telephone: 514/631-9796
Pat Cowley Hardy (James), Of Counsel:
3465 Somerset Trail SPECIAL COMMITTEES
Atlanta; Georgia 30331 Louise Ferrand, n
1148 First National
Telephone: 404/344-2091 ' . Bank of Commerce Bldg. DIAMOND JUBILEE FOUNDATION

Marilyn Rose Herman (Gerry), T New Orleans, L A 70112 President: Eleanore Dietrich MacCurdy (Robert), 1A
100 Norlen Park
8805 Cliffridge Ave. HISTORIAN Bridgewater, M A 02324

Lajolla, C A 92037 Edith Huntington Anderson, (Arthur K . ) , B<t> Telephone: 617/697-7855
836 S. Henderson, Apt. 1
Telephone: 714/452-8453' , Bloomington, I N 47401

Sharon Martin, AH Telephone: 812/336-1996 1st VP (Promotions Chairman): Helene Irish Johnston
(Carl B.), E
2212 Hall Rd. PHILANTHROPIC 1600 Royal Blvd.

Independence, MO,64052 Mary Hansuld Moore (Wayne), I I
2601 Oakwood Road, Route # 3
Telephone: 816/252-0617 Ames, I A 50010 Glendale, C A 91207

NATIONAL PANHELLENIC Telephone: 515/292-8555 Scholarship Chairman: Mildred Ward Eldridge
(Raymon), A

(Collegiate correspondence should be directed to Mary Jane Thomas Ogle (Lynn), A n Newton Highlands, M A 02161
7309 North Euclid
1st alternate.)* Gladstone, M O 64118 HISTORICAL SOCIETY
Telephone: 816/436-0643
Delegate: Mary Louise Filer Roller (George), A l l REGIONAL MEETINGS Chairman: Wilma Smith Leland, T

P.O. Box 933 Becky Shook Weinberg (Frank), XA (See Rituals, Traditions, and Jewelry listing)
Mt. Dora, FL 32757 859 E . 9th Place
Mesa, A Z 85203
Telephone: 904/383-6376 : Telephone: 602/969-0114 PERRY AWARD COMMITTEE

(June 1-October 1) Chairman: Jessie Marie Senor Cramer (Wesley), 4>
P.O. Box 198 8830 Delrriar
Balsam, N C 28707 Prairie Village, K S 66207

Telephone: 704/456-6284 Telephone: 913/648-5335

1st Alternate: Jamie Linebaagh Callaway (George RUBY FUND

B.),0 Chairman: Marianne Davies Carton (W. A . ) , Y
2400 Craghead Lane
Knoxvjlle, T N 37920 1262 Upas Street
San Piego, CA'92103
3rd Alternate: Joan Deathe MacCallum (John), K * Telephone: 714/298-2150
(See listing under International President)


Administrative Director '

Sue Edmunds Lewis (Rex), T A
2401 Hillsboro Road, Suite 103
Nashville, T N 37212
Telephone: 615/383-1174


In special memory of those who gave so In Memoriam
selflessly of themselves to our Frater-
Josephine Smith Dorweiler, T, Past In-
ternational President
Adele Kuflewski Hinton, P, Past Inter-
national President

J. Ann Hughes, H , Past Central Office
Executive Secretary
Jdcinta Lobrano Talbot, Y\, Past Inter-
national President

Alpha Delta Elizabeth A. Anderson Hadden Francis Marion Salisbury Davis Mary Althea Andrew Ellsworth
Alabama Catharine Lucy Hawley Ruth McKinney Odom Joyce lllingwort Scannell
Alma Chadwick Stephenson Joanna Magaret Donlon
Phi Omicroo Gifford
Delta Delia Huntington Hanover Elizabeth J. Courant Klemer
Auburn Edith Chapman Robinson Ruth Derbyshire Miles Jean Elizabeth Crocker Lister
Mary Anne Jackson Morrison Carmen M.Schneider Savage Ruth Ann Murphy Etta Marion Phillips MacPhie
Lydia Lorinda Godfrey Sears Patricia Griffin Nelson Elizabeth C. Macleod Matheson
Alpha Jennie Mildred Rextrow
Barnard Alpha Tau lota
Grace Farrell Denison Illinois Maulsby
Wilma Vera Pollock Nancy Jean Meddough Bartley Louise Elizabeth Feldwisch Mary Elizabeth Sears Rhodes
Eleanor Sanford Holden Margaret Angela Tribble Horton Helen Blood Scott
Baer Joan Carlyle Lamb Spear
Stoddard Theta Abby Wellman Stevens
DePauw Joan Pixley Bruder Gladys Harrington Tasker
Tau Delta Ruthyne DeBerry Barr Velda C. Bamesberger Carver Alice Matilda Rich Wakefield
Birmingham-Southern Geraldine Delight Canfield Ruth Cardine Eversman Priscilla Mayo Watson
Catherine Lenore Briggs Avanelle Maurine Carter
Chisholm Phi
Callegary Davisson Sandra Pernell Seborg Kansas
DorisiRuth Holtzclaw Riley Lucille Lockman Edington Jessie Earlene Kinman
Alice Nelson Burton Thomas Blanche Llewellyn Babcock Christensen
Marjorie E. Berryman Demorest McKelvy
Beta Kappa English Florence Shinn Fluharty Helen Roberta Fay Murphy
British Columbia Virginia Amy Berry Hamilton Lynne Florence Tesar Giller Virginia Foree Smith
Ann Hutton Jeremy Grand Elizabeth Kingsber Thayer Frances Marie Steger Greene
Esther Dorothy Brauno Lash Beta Chi
BetaTheta Hands Wilma Louise Johnston Parham Kentucky Wesleyan
Butler Madonna Gail Harrington Maurine Lautz Risser Jane Brewer Forgy
Mildred Nancy Scull Eastman Ruby Fern Thompson: Jordan Bethel Srout Roggenkamp Frances Walker Harrison
Gladys E. Hawickhorst Helen Agnes Urban Kainz Frances Trost
Beaulah Belle Phillips Lois Elaine Lauks McGinnis Vera Edna Bean Weber Harrison
Nelle Deprall Ransom Cora May Lane Wiedman Martha Bosley Laswell
Sigma Jura Marie Covalt Richards Mary Kay Geake Lockridge
Cal.-Berkeley Alice Irene Sears Beta lambda
Harriet Fish Backus Daisy May Coons Stout Illinois Wesieyan Omega Omicron
Gertrude Briggs Day Lillian Imogene Cooper Anne Howell Gordon Lambuth
Mabel Mauffray Ouperu Martha Louise Hicks Gilliam
Celeste L Ettheverry Underhill Kappa Alpha Virginia Elaine McKnight
Nancy Sue Radford John Cleo Lillian Ferguson Wood Indiana St.
Betty Armstrong Johnson Christine Ann Brown Alpha Omicron
Joyce Parkin Meece Phi Beta Louisiana St.
Patricia Appleton Moon E. Stroudsburg St. Beta Phi Frances Ozelia Boyer Kuntz
Mae Isabelle Knight Siddell Jill Hunter Jackson Indiana
Jennett Laurie Miller Swartz Roma Kathryn Andersen Gamma
Selma Jeannette Holmes Taylor Phi Alpha Ethel Mae Mobley Anderson Maine
Kathryn Breitwieser Wemple Eastern Tennessee St. Leona Dorothy Huntington Frye Lilian Crosby Hunt Bolton
Martha Margaret Dugger Lillian Ruby Nesbitt Edith Mae Tate Brawn
Chi Sigma Torrey Stanley Harris Clara Gertrude Wilson Inskeep Florence Evelyn Greenleaf
Centenary Ellen Halley Ould Mabel Jane Cline MacPherson Caroline Delphine Andrews
Victoria Louise Horner Willis Barbara Ann Beasley Petro Mollie Aletha Messner
Vallie Lydian Messner Payton Hatch
Theta Eta Chi Lambda Gladys Carolyn Alger Robb Marion Corthell Estabrooke
Cincinnati Evansville Mary Elizabeth Miller Routon
Hilde Zugehoer Schmitt Ann Theresa Hawkins Cora Roselyn Beal Singer Hunt
Evelyn Beatrice MacFerren Ruth Jordan Huntley
Chi Delta Kapp8 Gamma Aileene Browne Hobart Libby
Coloralhi Florida Southern Taylor Julia Thompson Gilpatrick
Heoper Tucker Roberts Helen Cora Burright
Luru Ardell Halleck Thomas Manchester
Epsilon Alpha Pi Ruth Elizabeth Farris Wooten Mabel Frances Powell McGinley
Cornell Florida St. Florence Evelyn Macleod
Frances Eugenia Rehfeld Edith Agnes Ayers Delta
Rebecca Ann Hendon Magee Jackson Ramsey
Ahlers Hazel Morrison Marshall' Marjorie Phillips McCarty Ruth BartlettChalmers Rich '
Mary Honor Donlon Alger Marjorie Virginia Wylam Pool Frences Eleanor Rhoda
Helen Gowee Laforge Augie Rose Palermo Shea Bayliss
Laura Ann EilerWadsworth Kathryn Augusta Smith Richards
Brousseau Sybil Lolita GeerWidell Cynthia Lee Cheetham Riviere
Virginia Gladys Heuser Burger Brackett Sibyl Lois Russell Smith
Roberta Estelle Pritchard Butler lambda Sigma Leola Herrick Wagner Bucklin Mary Kathleen Young
Georgia Marion Hall Collins
Nanci Carol Campbell Adele Field Clark Danver Pi Delta
Ethel Davis Maryland
Josephine Mudd Blandford
Martha Aileen Brown Ray

Omega Nu Ruth Williams Jemison Ola Thurston Hancock Brookes
Miami New York Mary Alice Peebles Jester Florence Christine Foster
Janice Elizabeth Sloane Brown Edith Chapman Marian Hearne Jeter Dorothy Charlotte Dunn Foxx
Lura Mae Grant Brown Lucille Amanda Burton Elise Paxton Keebler Catharine Vaulx Wemyss
Mary Phemilla Heck Frances Swann Stokeley Moore Leseman
Nancy Kathryn Arnold Klinefelter Virginia Vashti Boggess Laura Williamson Noell Loeb
Helena Krauss Mylander Sara Ann Ussery Miles
Kostyshak Louise Croswell Flinn Overton Elizabeth Keener Moore
Edith Dietz Kratt Rho Frances Cary Wood
Josephine Lorraine Gaible Northwestern Kappa Tao
Mary Isabelle Campbell Aldrich S. E. Louisiana Pi Kappa
Mandlove Harriett Rossi Allison Elona Janene Young Texas
Virginia Lee Nobles Grace Pierson Gilbert Bovard Lila Junior Brumby Brown
Ruth Sheldon Seibel Goldie Halquist Buehler Delta Sigma Mary Katherine Graves Holt
Elizabeth Andrews Stivers Miette Marge Brugnot San Jose S t
Muriel Marie Ricker Swaim Joyce Annette Steiner Arends Theta Psi
Omicron Pi Cummings Nancy McGrath Tyler Toledo
Michigan Dorothy Blair.Debeer Janet Louise Zanes Burns
Ann Moore Gracy Eliot PI Adele Dolgner Toekrke Farrell
Winifred1 Benedict Dudley Adele Alice Kuflewski Hinton Sophie Newcomh Carolyn J . Lilly
Marion Leone Murray Elliott Nancy Ann Hull Jean Hill Boles Jean Carroll Collins Myers
Margaret A. Bonine Fox Ruth E. Kerns Kendall Lucy Lispeth Sinclair Gaudet Maxine Sage Smith
Monna Lee Glark Hartman Sandra Skow Kerrigan Dorothy Webb Haller
Virginia A. Smitti Keltz Grace Rose Agnes Burchard Edna Dorothy Lee Johnsen Beta Tau
Mary Lillian Greenshields Anna Estelle Many Toronto
Lapperre Nadia De La H. Stpaul Moise Dorothy Adelaide Dorman
Millard Betsy Dupre Pavy Margaret Irene Cowan. Hann
Mary Ann Collins Link Dorothy Potts Peterson Christine Isabel McBeth
Tau Alice Frances Kolb Mason Virginia Anne Freret Popham
Minnesota Grace Ann Degan Schultz Rosamond Agnes Hill Kappa Theta
Ethel Linnea Johnson Carlson Jean Laverne Ghristensen Schneidau U.C.L.A.
Josephine Lorraine Smith Jane Elizabeth Gallaher Sosa Mildred Augusta Hoecker Byrd
White Edna Lyman Reed Whaley Helen Bertha Shield Dixon
Dorweiler Jane Lewis Stowell
Mattie Stoner Ebeltoft Ruth: Esther Herberger Wussaw Delta Phi
Grace Elizabeth Moore Fawcett South Carolina Nu Omicron
Marjorie Ardis Jensen Xi Vandarhllt
Cornelia Dowling. Jernigan Florence Hayes Armstrong
Galbraith Oklahoma Vivian Ruth Warren Barnes
Vivian Lucile Watson Harkness Lois V. Howlett Nu Kappa Agnes Clary Cassels
Elizabeth Ann Volker Holtpn Florence Mary M. Robinson Southern Methodist Blackwood
Margaret Pryor King Koenig Aloha Rho Kathryn Mason Briggs Sarah Edmond Sawyer Stone
Irene M. Noggle Stevenson Oregon S L Macy Spurlock Hill
Regina Mary Whaley Myrtle Marie Sager Morikado Algene Chiles Metzler Alpha Gamma
Rita Louise Crandell Palmer Kappa Omicron Washington St.
No Beta Karen Gladys Rajnus Petrasek Southwestern Alice Janine Shepard Parkman
Mississippi Anne Mack Boles
Mary Gwen Bisig Alpha Sigma Myrtle Sloan Powell Bowld Upsilon
Oregon Hazel Joye Fourmy Cobb Washington
Alpha Phi Ruth Glenn Hansen Black Mary Otey McKellar Douglass Helen Agnes Nelthorpe
Montana St. Virginia Frost Burgess Mary Wesley Suit Defreece
Larae Marie Reynolds Alley Margaret Jean Counts Defoe Laura Ruth Moir Doner
Mary Genevieve Robinson Jung Mary Margaret Stevenson Lambda June Wilma Strate Elchek
Wanda Lee Henegan Elliott Stanford Dorothy B. Redmon Francis
Frances Jongeneel Bowers Emmy Lou Makinson Franz
Lindenberg Marion Elma Crary Fay Harriett Maines Causner Judith Elaine Calapp Glines
Dorothy Noble Scott June D. Clover Franzwa Louise Curtise Clawson Jessie May Jolliffe Hutchinson
Dorothy Adele Bowling Mary Alice Harber Lucile Rose Curtis English Jessie Gordon Cook King
Alice J. Dorman Southwell Ruth Lydia Single Finucane Susan Koke
Townsend Pearl Thelma Downer Zane Katherine Louise Ayres Folsom Ruth Margaret Lusby
Miriam Esther Asbury Wisdom Eva Louise Schwartz Fremlin Dorothy Adelaide Meyer
Epsllon Alpha Margaret Aileen Main Glen Margery Merle Miller Millar
Beta Rho Penn St. Evelyn Vanhorn Nelson Helen Evelyn Bogardus Nielsen
Montana Helen Josephine Boyle Fischer Alma Eaton Peters Mary Helen Reed
Candace Susan Miller Louise Pauline Zi'mmerer Lily Morrison Quinlan ' Barbara Helen Scott Rowe
Purcell Jeanne Stoddard Roduner Gladys Marie Long Schlager
Omega Xi Marjorie Florence Davies Helen Delatour Winter Virginia Marie Seale Scott
Morahead S t Tanner Marjorie Pleasant Woods Freda Dorothy Wing Vinikow
Mildred Bercaw Smith Gladys Marguerite Oathout Wirt
Eleanor Ann Yeckinevich Delta Beta
ThetaChi S. W. Louisiana Sigma Lamhda
Morninoslds Psi Helen Bittle Beaullieu Wisconsin St.
Carol Moore Pennsylvania Marjorie Carrol Broussard Mary Andrine Elstad
Alice Conkling Broussard
Lamhda Omega Marian Ada Culin Eta
N. W. Missouri St. Gladys Minnie Sulzer Gardner Chi Wisconsin
Janet Lynne Hawk Alma Clementine Scholz Syracuse Marguerite Lunceford Ascher
Herckner Emily Austin TarbelI Barhydt Catherine Fleming Frederick
Zata Dorothy M. Bottoms Odiorne Marjorie Townsend' Bartlett Julia Agnes Johnson Hedquist
Nebraska Phi Upsllon Ruth Roberta Dibben Eva Joann O'Dell Josephson
Ella Toomey Anderson Purdue Florence Farrington Hutt Emma Josephine Johnson
Marjorie Anna Austin Margaret Carolyn Kreisel Keyes
Amanda Clement Jamie Lynn France Elizabeth Gast French Mason Merva Jean Wilkins Lee
Helen Fitzgerald Marcia Isabel! Rosbrook Dorothy Louise Wiesler Ninman
Agnes Hentzen Friis Kappa Martha Bamber Eaton Snow Dorothy Gay Oakford
Wilma Foster Gustafson Randolph-Macon lantha Emmerling Stage
Cornelia Jane Ayres Hallam lone Augusta Mattiis Adams Phi Lamhda
Florence M. Parmelee Hill Alice Wortham Hardy Batten Omicron Youngstown
Elma Marie Rodweli Hooper Clarice Watkins Berry Tennessee Margaret Groves Raupple
Jessie Gertrude Kraidler Marva Thompson Blair Winifred Caldwell Blount
Dorothea Arvilla Kropp Lillian Donovan Chapman
Ethel Olsen Bessie Minor Davis
Louise Mosebey Sale Deloach
Mabel Romana Sanders Julia White File
Gladys Lowenberg Smith Margaret Brandon Jarmon
Alice Rebecca Spears
Corris Elizabeth Peake Starr .
Frances Louise King Weigei:
Jessie May Mosher Wigton

Eighty-Three Years

of Heritage:

Founders' Day 1980

Dear Sisters:
As we celebrate the founding of Alpha Omicron Pi, we are reminded that it
was four youthful college women who, in giving us their love and friend-
ship, provided a basis for our enduring and growing sisterhood. The Execu-
tive Board would like to share with you the 1944 Founders' Day greetings
written by Stella, Bess, and Jessie. Their words attest to the durability of the
heritage they gave us and inspire us to perpetuate the dreams which led to
the founding of Alpha Omicron Pi 83 years ago.

"When we were young, we felt, in our friendship for one another, that friend-
ship is love so sure of return within itself that it needs make no demands. Its object
and. reward are in giving—in the giving itself."

"Now, grown older, we know that in this giving all of oneself and gaining all of
one's friends is a paramount joy."

"That is the glorious and enduring blessing that Alpha Omicron Pi will bring to
i t "Because we keep young, we shall persist and succeed."

"The power of youth is hope. Youth is dauntless. As people grow older, the
clouds of life may obscure their hope, sometimes quite hiding it. Many lose faith in
its promise or that it is there at all. In Alpha Omicron Pi is a self-restoring, con-
stant supply of youthful hope that must grow brighter and stronger until there are
no clouds, until the ideal shows itself to be the shining real and darkness vanishes.
Let our Light so shine."

"Keep young. Be happy."

Joan MacCallum
Peg Crawford
Ginger Banks
Jo Beth Heflin
Pat Hardy
Marilyn Herman
Sharon Martin
Kay Sutherlin

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reply form and mail (with attached old label) to: Alpha Omicron Pi,
2401 Hillsboro Rd„ Suite 10S Nashville, TN. 3 7 2 1 2


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I I lUb wuiiivu ill u i i wiiu|iww

and sizes and prices. Demonstrate yours

with insignia and jewelry by B a l f o u r

Items ordered directly from Balfour Company 3030 • Flaring shank ring with rose mounting, 10K $34.50

• Sterling 18.00

Please put quantity in box. 3009 • B l a c k o n y x a n d p e a r l r i n g w i t h r o s e m o u n t i n g , 10K. 7 9 . 5 0

Code # Description prfce 39 • Raised Greek letter ring, 10K 45.50
• Sterling 20.00
148* • Jeweled Mother's Club Pin, 10K $27.75
20.50 Balclad is a gold electroplate finish.
603* • 50 year recognition pin, 10K 27.45 On all orders for rings, be sure to include ring size.
500* • Monogram double-faced charm, 10K Enclosed is my check or money order, made payable to the

808* • Chapter President's ring, 10K green gold Balfour C o m p a n y , in t h e amount of $ . Include appli-

cable sales tax of state to which delivery is to be made.

' W h e n ordering above jewelry directly from Balfour, be sure to • Please send me Balfour's Blue Book, the industry's most

include your name and chapter so that Balfour can obtain national comprehensive catalog of quality Greek jewelry and accessories.

headquarters approval of your order prior to shipping. Features many new items of AOTTjewelry recently approved by

No National approval necessary when ordering the following items: RT&J.

Code # Description p /r c e

26047B • Greek letter lavaliere,

10K with gold-filled chain $15.75 ADDRESS .

• Balclad with gold-filled chain 10.00 ZIP.
Mail to:
26055B • Rose pendant, 10K with gold-filled chain 22.50 Balfour, Fraternity Division, 2 5 County St., Attleboro, M A 0 2 7 0 3

• Balclad with gold-filled chain 10.00

1004-B • Rose link bracelet, Balclad 15.00

3037-B • Deep cut Greek letter ring, 10K 47.50

• Sterling Silver 22.00

Items ordered through National Headquarters Enclosed is my c h e c k or money order, made payable to the Alpha
Omicron Pi, in the amount of $

Please put quantity in box. NAME .

Code # Description p„ce
100/112/124 • Plain badge, bright finish A.O.TT, 10K ADDRESS.

101 /117/125 • Chased A &TT, Crown pearl 0 , 1 0 K 60.00 CITY.

602 • ACflTGreek letter recognition pin, Balclad. . 4.00 STATE. ZIP.

M a i l t o AOTT, 2 4 0 1 H i l l s b o r o R d . , S u i t e 1 0 3 , N a s h v i l l e , T N 3 7 2 1 2

600 • Rose pin (not pictured) 4.50

POSTMASTER—Please send notice Second Class Postage Paid at Nash-
of undeliverable copies on Form 3579 ville, Tennessee, and at additional
to Alpha Omicron Pi, 2401 Hillsboro mailing offices.
Road, Suite 103, Nashville, TN 37212

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