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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2020-01-23 10:26:54

6a) To Dragma Chapter Adviser Edition

Our award winning magazine.

Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

In this issue... Founders' Day & Ruby Placing the AOII Ends into
Fund Messages Practice as Alumnae Advisers
The AOII CA: Mentors,
Counselors, Leaders, Friends

2 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019 Delta Tau (U of Alabama in Huntsville)



10 18

35 38

4 Editor’s Letter 18 The AOII CA: Mentors,
7 Viewpoint Counselors, Leaders, Friends
8 Fraternity News 34 Interested in Advising: Open CA
10 Placing the AOII Ends into Positions
Practice as Alumnae Advisers 35 Foundation Focus:
12 Founders’ Day Message My Ruby Fund Story
13 Ruby Fund Message 36 NPC News
14 Inspire Ambition Series Salutes 38 Things We Love: Self-care
AOII Sisters 40 Shop the AOII Emporium

On the cover: Northeast Weekend 2019 was hosted by Iota Theta Chapter (Monmouth U) in West Long Branch, New Jersey 3
and was attended by AOII board members, Network 1 volunteers, chapter members, and advisers, with 15 Chapter Advisers in attendance.

from the editor

About Alpha Omicron Pi: We are so excited to be digitally publishing this edition of To
Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College Dragma as a salute to some of AOII’s most important volun-
in New York City, January 2, 1897, by Jessie teers – our collegiate Chapter Advisers. We have so many amazing
Wallace Hughan, Helen St. Clair Mullan, Stella women serving in this capacity and we are thrilled to be recogniz-
George Stern Perry & Elizabeth Heywood Wyman. ing them. All Chapter Advisers were offered the opportunity to be
The Object of the Fraternity: profiled and while we did not have participation from everyone,
The object of the Fraternity shall be to encourage we do have a great sampling of CAs from all across the U.S. and
a spirit of Fraternity and love among its members; Canada. I encourage you to take a few minutes to learn more
to stand at all times for character, dignity, scholar- about these fabulous women who support our chapters. And if you
ship, and college loyalty; to strive for and support are inspired by their passion, please check out the list of open CA
the best interest of the colleges and universities positions on page 34.
in which chapters are installed, and in no way to
disregard, injure, or sacrifice those interests for the While writing up their stories, it was only natural
sake of prestige or advancement of the Fraternity I was thinking about my own Chapter Adviser,
or any of its chapters. Carolyn Diener, Beta Lambda (Illinois Wesleyan U).
Culture Principles: Mrs. Diener was a steady rock for me and my Alpha
A look at “how” we do things: Accountability Delta (U of Alabama) sisters. She was there every
& Ownership, Collaboration, Engagement, week to have dinner with us and attend our Mon-
Innovation, Open & Honest Communication day night chapter meetings. While I was Chapter
How to Join Life Loyal AOII: President, she was always available to offer advice
Visit the Life Loyal page of the AOII website or and coach me to make the best decisions possible, Carolyn Diener and
contact [email protected]. and when we needed a chaperone for a formal or Mariellen Sasseen at
How to Join an AOII Alumnae Chapter: philanthropy event, she was there – often with her
Visit the Chapter Locator page on the AOII web- U of Alabama 1982
site for contact information on an alumnae chapter Awards Banquet.
near you.
International President kind husband in tow. She gave me encouragement and confidence
Crystal Grafton Combs, Nu Beta (U of Mississippi) that I have benefitted from throughout my entire life and I am so
Executive Director grateful. You will notice as you read the profiles that almost all of
Troylyn J. LeForge, Beta Phi (Indiana U) the CAs shared that the most rewarding part of being a CA was
Alpha Omicron Pi is a member of the National making a difference in the lives of their collegiate women. As a
Panhellenic Conference and the Fraternity collegian, I highly doubt I ever told Mrs. Diener how much we all
Communications Association. appreciated her. Lucky for me, I had a chance to tell her not long
ago, many years removed from my collegiate days. I ran into her
4 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019 at a Founders’ Day banquet for the Kentuckiana Alumnae Chap-
ter where I was speaking and she now lives. What a tremendous
blessing it was to see her and have that chance to say thanks!

If you are a collegian, don’t let several decades pass like I did to
show your appreciation. Be sure to tell all your advisers how much
they are appreciated. If you are an alumnae, is there an AOII chap-
ter nearby you could offer to serve? There are dozens of ways to
make a difference and the benefits can be as rewarding for you as
for the collegians. And if you are reading this Mrs. Diener, thanks
again for everything!

As 2019 comes to a close, we wish you all the best and a Happy
New Year ahead!


Mariellen Perkinson Sasseen, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)
Director of Communications/Editor

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About To Dragma:
To Dragma is the official magazine of Alpha Omicron
Pi Fraternity and has been published since 1905.
The mission of To Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi is: to
inform, educate and inspire our readers on subjects
relevant to our Fraternity, our chapters, our members
or Greek life; to encourage lifetime AOII involvement;
to salute excellence; and to serve as a permanent
record of our Fraternity’s history.

Director of Communications/Editor
Mariellen Perkinson Sasseen, Alpha Delta
(U of Alabama)

Creative Director
Hillary Brewer, Sigma Gamma (Appalachian State U)

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6 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019 Chi Psi (California Polytechnic State U)


As the seasons filled your heart, and a quiet happiness has
turn from autumn temporarily replaced the daily “reminders” list
to winter with the that has taken up space in your mind. Now,
holidays on the take a moment to think about the people who
horizon, I am often were part of creating this experience for you.
reminded of all that Chances are that list includes a chapter adviser.
I have to be thankful Our advisers are so often the unsung heroes
for. Of course, this of our respective stories. They are the women
thankfulness brings who lead us, coach us, and encourage us. They
about thoughts are the women who pick us up, brush us off,
of our sisterhood and dry our tears when we have fallen short.
and the friend- And they are the women who clap and chant
ships I have made and cheer us on as we celebrate our successes.
over these many In short, every aspect of our sisterhood is
years. While each impacted by these women, our advisers, and
of us are unique as this impact often extends far beyond the colle-
individuals, we are giate experience.
bound together by Serving as an adviser to a collegiate chapter is
our common bond one of my most cherished experiences as an
of friendship; and, alumna. It was during this time that I had the
as illustrated by the sheaf of wheat, we are opportunity to travel with the members of one
stronger together. chapter to participate in the first formal recruit-
As you reflect on things for which you are ment of a newly chartered chapter. I loved every
thankful this year, think back to your fondest minute of it, even the ten-hour bus ride! I still
memory as a member of Alpha Omicron Pi. For have such a special place in my heart for these
some of us, it is when we opened our bid day two chapters, as I do for all of the chapters that
card to discover our invitation to membership I have had the opportunity to serve and connect
in our Fraternity. For others, it may be when with in such a way.
we became a Big Sister. For still others, it may During this season of thanksgiving, I want to
be when we celebrated a recruitment victory, say “thank you” to all of our advisers in Alpha
reached an academic goal, or reconnected with Omicron Pi. Without our advisers, our Frater-
sisters at an alumnae gathering in the years nity could not accomplish all that we have in
since graduation. these 123 years. You capture what it means to
As you remember this moment and relive the INSPIRE AMBITION.
details of this day, I would imagine that a smile
has made its way to your face, a warmth has


Crystal Grafton Combs, Nu Beta (U of Mississippi)
AOII International President

Fraternity News

Save The Date(s) 2019 Walk To Cure Arthritis Events

AOII Foundation Scholarships Available December 1 Walk To Cure Arthritis (WTCA) is the largest arthritis gath-
AOII Foundation scholarships will be available on the ering in the world, raising funds for research, resources
Programs page of the AOII Foundation website on Decem- and a cure. AOII collegiate and alumnae chapters and
ber 1! Applications are due March 1. Both collegiate and members are encouraged to form teams and participate
alumnae members are eligible to apply. in events near them! WTCA events are held in cities all
across the U.S., mostly in the months of April and May.
International Badge Day – March 2, 2020 Go to to register a team today! Please reg-
International Badge Day was established in 1997 by the ister all AOII chapter teams under Team AOII using your
National Panhellenic Conference to set aside a day for chapter name.
sorority women, in all different umbrella organizations
throughout the world, to wear their sorority badges or let- Founders' Day Planning Tips
ters in celebration of sisterhood. Join us for International
Badge Day on March 2, 2020 by wearing your badge If you are looking for a new idea to launch or improve
along with our Panhellenic sisters to celebrate sisterhood. your Founders’ Day event, check out the Founders’ Day
Make sure to share a photo of you wearing your badge In A Box planning toolkit on Fulfilling the Promise. This
and use #BadgeDay20! resource walks you through five different event op-
tions to plan an event perfect for your chapter size and
Leadership Academy – February 7-9, 2020 budget.
AOII is looking forward to hosting New Member Educators,
Vice Presidents of Chapter Development, and either the
New Member Educator Adviser OR the Chapter Develop-
ment Adviser to participate in a fun-filled weekend training
in Brentwood, TN. The registration deadline is January 10,
2020. Click here to read more about the event!

Leadership Institute – June 18-20, 2020
Registration will open in late spring.

8 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

Milestone Anniversaries

Congratulations to the following chapters (not previously featured in the
Summer 2019 issue) celebrating milestone anniversaries:

25th Anniversary

• Jersey Shore Alumnae Chapter, installed November 10, 1995

50th Anniversary

• Ames Alumnae Chapter, installed December 1, 1969
• Alpha Theta Chapter (Coe College), installed April 12, 1969
• Beta Sigma Chapter (Boise State U), installed April 26, 1969
• Bloomington-Normal Alumnae Chapter, installed September 10, 1969,

photo on right

• Gamma Delta Chapter (U of South Alabama), installed March 29, 1969
• Kearney Alumnae Chapter, installed May 10, 1969
• Phi Sigma Chapter (U of Nebraska at Kearney), installed May 10, 1969
• Orlando Area Alumnae Chapter, installed June 11, 1969
• Ottawa Alumnae Chapter, installed June 10, 1969
• Southern Orange County Alumnae Chapter, installed April 30, 1969
• Tallahassee Alumnae Chapter, installed December 7, 1969

75th Anniversary

• Theta Psi Chapter (U of Toledo), installed November 11, 1944

100th Anniversary

• Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter, installed February 8, 1919

Alumnae Dues Reminder 2019 Fraternity Communications
Association Awards
Have you paid your 2019-2020 alumnae dues yet?
Click here to visit the AOII website to easily pay your 2nd Place, Design - Single Page
dues online! If you have already paid, please be on the Share Your Story, To Dragma Summer 2018
lookout for the upcoming email newsletter! 3rd Place, Printed Materials Education
2018 Training Ambassador Guide
Get the latest Fraternity News by visiting 9

Fraternity News “Hethlpetobhueersmtssivseetlervsresiosb.n”escoofme


AOII shifted to a Policy Governance model in 2019 as a means to move the AOII Executive
Board toward greater visionary and strategic leadership. The AOII Executive Board seeks to
ensure its decisions and policy development is in accordance with the identified AOII Ends. The
Ends are described as goals or outcomes.
While the Executive Board is focused on long range planning for the Fraternity, our local leaders
help ensure that the AOII Ends are actualized at the grassroots level with collegiate chapters.
The Executive Board’s Membership Connection Committee hosted focus groups regarding the
AOII Ends at the 2019 International Convention to obtain feedback from members.

What impact should AOII membership have upon our sisters?

The Global End of Alpha Omicron Pi is that AOII members are enriched through lifelong friend-
ships and an exceptional membership experience rooted in our Rituals and Culture Principles.
These benefits are achieved with good stewardship of resources. The identified AOII Ends also
include Ambition, Sense of Belonging, Leadership, Character, and Service.

How can our Alumnae Advisory Committee Members translate the AOII Ends in everyday
practice at the chapter level?

Feedback from the focus group discussions at International Convention was synthesized to
provide the following sample suggestions to help alumnae advisers translate the AOII Ends into
practice at the chapter level.

GLOBAL END: AOII members are enriched AMBITION: AOII members are confident,
through lifelong friendships and an excep- ambitious, and high performing.
tional membership experience rooted in our
Rituals and Culture Principles. • Pursue the attainment of AOII’s motto
through chapter programming and service
• Be a base of continuity so chapter activities.
programming remains rooted in the values
in AOII Ritual. • Encourage members to augment their AOII
experience through campus involvement.
• Experiential learning helps collegians and
advisers develop transferable skills for • Support academic pursuits by providing
future careers and for life. balanced expectations.

• Operate from a growth mindset by • Use the Standards of “Weave AOII into every
reflecting on chapter and individual Excellence to raise the member’s ambitions."
performance and identify priorities for the quality of our membership
future. experience versus
treating it like a checklist
• Be compassionate so even missteps can of mandatory tasks.
provide life lessons.

10 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019


SENSE OF BELONGING: AOII members have CHARACTER: AOII members have values-
a strong sense of belonging through friend- driven character, honoring the "Object of the
ships and a genuine connection with the Fraternity."
• Recruit alumnae volunteers who
• The future of AOII is in our hands and this demonstrate character, dignity, scholarship
is best executed when members find their and college loyalty. Encourage the
home away from home in AOII throughout collegians to do the same during
their collegiate years and for life. membership selection.

• Chapter development considers the • Align the values we expound during
evolving interests of members throughout recruitment and the experiences we
their collegiate experience and supports provide in practice.
members as they transition for life after
college. • Keep AOII values relevant by continually
asking ourselves if chapter, individual and
• Serve as a bridge between the collegiate AAC decisions are driven by our shared
experience to alumnae life by encouraging purpose found in our Ritual.
relationships with alumnae before
graduation. • Be engaged and working in partnership
with alumnae volunteers across Greek Life.
LEADERSHIP: AOII members have relevant
leadership and life skills that yield impactful SERVICE: AOII members have a commitment
results. to meaningful service to the Fraternity, cam-
pus communities, and the world.
• AOII membership is a means towards
women’s leadership development. See the • Capitalize upon AOII service projects so
potential in our sisters and develop it. All they further develop our members’
members are potential future leaders. leadership and bonds of sisterhood.

• Encourage networking and partnerships • Demonstrate college loyalty by being a
across campus organizations for greater sorority our university is proud to claim as
impact. its own. Make it clear about what AOII
stands for.
• Be knowledgeable of university and (inter)
national trends in Greek Life. Ensure • Service is more than fundraising.
officers collaborate with other student Meaningful service occurs when we are
leaders to make safe decisions and making an impact and building
provide values based experiences. relationships with our partners across
• Utilize the resources of the Network
Specialists and the Assistant Directors of
Collegiate Experience who provide an
objective vantage point and can guide
chapter vision.

How do Alumnae Advisory Committee Members directly impact the AOII Ends?

Alumnae advisers stand in a pivotal role in the attainment of the “Foster love and
AOII Ends. Ideally, these volunteers serve as a guiding light for understanding among
a chapter as the torch of leadership is passed from one genera-
tion of officers to the next. Highly effective alumnae advisers members.”
will consider AOII’s Ends and assist the collegians as they work
strategically toward long term goals. These skilled volunteers
work day to day by providing inspiration to officers while guid-
ing operational tasks with their eyes toward the future.

Founders’ Day Message


As we gather to celebrate the founding of Alpha As we celebrate 123 years of sisterhood, we honor
Omicron Pi, we have the opportunity to reflect on
our Founders and how they inspired ambition. During a Helen, Stella, Elizabeth, and Jessie, women who lived
time when women were just beginning to be heard, our
Founders were breaking stereotypes and redefining the their lives unafraid. We, too, must live our own lives
roles of women in society. They were on the forefront of unafraid, exemplifying what it means to be members of
women in education, women in politics, and women in Alpha Omicron Pi – living our lives with character, dignity,
business. They crafted a sisterhood that empowered our scholarship and college loyalty – while seeking to inspire
members to seek and maintain relevance in academic ambition in our thoughts, our words, and our actions. Our
circles, in political and business arenas, and in the arts. Founders would have expected nothing less!
They sought to make their world – and ours – a better
place in which to live. Fraternally,
When asked how our Founders felt about establishing
our sisterhood amidst the challenges of their own times, Crystal Grafton Combs, International President
Founder Stella George Stern Perry shared that “we did Susan Bonifield, International Vice President of Finance
not know to be afraid.” Today, while our challenges are Jaynellen Behre Jenkins, International Vice President
different, we are still striving toward so many of the same Ashley Dumat, International Vice President
goals, including our right to freedom of association; sup- Lee Gray, International Vice President
porting women in professional, philanthropic, and leader- Lisa Niedenthal, International Vice President
ship roles; and empowering our members to become role Koren Phillips, International Vice President
models for positive change on their campuses and within Jessie Wang-Grimm, International Vice President
their communities. Our Founders embraced courage as Gayle Fitzpatrick, Past International President
they set out to redefine their roles in history. Now, we
must do the same. Our very existence depends on it.

12 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

Ruby Fund Message


As we celebrate 123 years of sisterhood, we To date, more than one million dollars have been
honor our Founders and the lives they led as granted to sisters like Stella since the inception of
confident, strong, and devoted women to them- the Ruby Fund. Your donation to the Ruby Fund
selves and Alpha Omicron Pi. As we think about ensures that sisters in personal crisis receive finan-
the courage and determination that each of our cial support in their most vulnerable times. As AOII
Founders exemplified, we reflect on the strength sisters, we are there to uplift one another and build
that it takes to ask for a helping hand in dire times strong, confident leaders, while striving to inspire
of need. Fittingly so, Stella was the first unofficial ambition. When you give to the Ruby Fund, you do
recipient of the Ruby Fund. just that.
Even as the strong and independent woman that
she was, she found herself looking to her sisters for Fraternally,
support, and because she knew she could count on
AOll – she did so unafraid. Serena Bell, Chairwoman,
In 1946, International President Dorothy Dean, Beta Gamma (Michigan State U)
asked 10 fellow AOII sisters to contribute $100 each Laura Plummer, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)
to a fellow a sister who had become very ill and Allison Bassett, Theta Omega (Northern Arizona U)
was living without basic necessities. This outreach Samantha Buente, Chi Lambda (U of Evansville)
Vicki Menna, Theta Pi (Wagner College)
of unconditional love, joined with the wish to support Kandy Bernskoetter, Board Liaison,
Sigma (U of California, Berkeley)
a sister in dire need, was the beginning of what
would evolve into the Ruby Fund. What a legacy
those first 10 sisters left us.
A past Ruby Fund recipient recently contacted the
Foundation, asking how she can give back to the
sisterhood that did so much for her years ago. This
sister's story is one of both physical and mental
abuse, divorce, and bankruptcy, all while raising
three small children. This sister shared that she
had often thought of the best way to say thank-you
and now, she was reaching out to do just that. Not
only was she in a financial place where she could
begin to give through the Foundation, she wanted
to share her story and inspire current and future
sisters to not be afraid to count on your sisters.

To be read at your chapter Founders’ Day
celebration or reprinted in your newsletter.


Inspire Ambition Series Salutes Sisters
by Madison Smith, Kappa Delta (Wright State U), Assistant Director of Multimedia

AOII’s Inspire Ambition Series is a web series highlighting inspirational and ambitious AOII alumnae. The first epi-
sode aired in early January 2019 on AOII’s social media and will continue throughout 2020. The women featured
in videos five through eight are highlighted below, with more inspiring sisters being featured in upcoming magazine

Lee Crowe

Animation artist and Lambda Chi (LaGrange College) opment, where
alumna Lee Crowe shared her ambitious journey to the artists come
Disney in the fifth episode of the Inspire Ambition Se- up with the initial
ries. Right before graduating from LaGrange College, look of the film.
Lee had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. But the thing I
“I had one very wise teacher that said, ‘If you could teach the most
do anything, what would it be?’ and I said, ‘Well I’d is introduction to
like to be a Disney animator, but that’s never going to hand-drawn ani-
happen!’” Less than eight years later, Lee would be mation.” Teach-
making her Disney debut. “Between the time of my ing has been a
teacher asking me what I wanted to do and getting very rewarding
into Disney was really just eight years, maybe less. career for Lee,
And I had to submit my portfolio to Disney I think 5 explaining, “My
times before I got accepted.” favorite part of
Lee has had a very diverse career in animation, from working with
projects she would describe as being able to find “in students is see-
the dollar bin at Walmart” to iconic childhood films ing that light come on!”
like "The Little Mermaid." Lee says that the most diffi-
cult projects she’s worked on were all Disney movies, When asked about her AOII experience, Lee lit up,
including "Rescuers Down Under," "Brother Bear" and “I’m wearing my AOII badge right now!” Lee has
"The Little Mermaid." She adds, “It would take maybe deep roots in her connection with AOII. She has
like an hour and a half to do one King Triton drawing. two nieces who are also initiates of the Lambda Chi
And that’s only one-twelfth of a second of film.” Chapter, and her AOII little sister is an adviser for the
When she’s not making pixie dust or drawing iconic chapter as well. Lee’s favorite AOII memory is from
animated characters, Lee is inspiring young students her recruitment. “With AOII I just felt at home.”
to do the same. As an adjunct professor at California
State U, Northridge and Woodbury U, Lee teaches a What "Inspire Ambition" means to Lee: “My first
variety of classes to aspiring animation students. “I thought was that, it’s really part of my daily
have taught a wide range of things that are related work. Because I teach college, I really try to
to hand-drawn animation, from animation history to inspire ambition in all of my students. I like to
character design and storyboarding to visual devel- think that I inspire others with my passion, and
with stories on how persistent I had to be, and
they are going to have to be.”

Click here to watch Lee's Inspire Ambition video!

we have t give back

Sidonie Sansom

Sidonie Sansom, hero of aviation and Kappa Omi- honored and
cron (Rhodes College) alumna, is the definition humbled. I sort
of ambitious. While studying at Rhodes, Sidonie of felt like I
had hoped to be a history professor. That quickly had somehow
changed after she joined the Coast Guard. She snuck in there,
shared, “I went to flight school with the Navy in and someone
Pensacola, Florida. I got my first helicopter ride by was going to
accident, and I couldn’t find a phone fast enough to go ‘You! What
say, ‘You must change me to fly helicopters!’” While are you doing
she enjoyed her time flying helicopters, Sidonie also here?’” Sidonie
said it was a very rewarding job, “It was a wonderful has also been
career – nothing beats the high of being able to save recognized as a
somebody.” Rhodes College
After 20 years in the Coast Guard, Sidonie jumped Distinguished
the fence to work at the San Francisco International Alumnus and
Airport doing emergency planning and operations. has received an
A year later, she applied for the Director of Home- AOII Alumnae Women of Leadership award.
land Security position at the Port of San Francisco. “I
never thought I’d get it because I kept following all AOII is still something that is very dear to Sidonie’s
these people that had ‘Homeland Security’ tattooed heart. “I love the values the Founders set and are still
on their backs, but they hired me!” During her 12 being carried through today.” When asked what her
years at the Port, she spent most of her time prepar- favorite part of being an AOII alumna is, Sidonie said
ing the Port to respond in an emergency since it is an it was the sisterhood aspect. “There’s so much in this
earthquake-prone area. Now, she works as the Chief world that can tear us apart, especially with politics,
Security Officer at Transbay Joint Powers Authority, so to have a group of sisters that are there to sup-
which was chartered to design, build and run the port you and that you can support – it’s just invalu-
Transit Center. Sidonie says the project has been able.”
incredible: “We’re standing in a 2.2-billion-dollar
building. For the average person that walks in here, Sidonie had one last piece of advice for young
it just looks like a really beautiful building, but it’s a women who are entering a male dominated field: “Be
very secure building as well.” While Sidonie claims yourself. In flight school I would wear fingernail polish
she “fell into security by accident,” she also says she and perfume. You have to be true to yourself, and if
has really enjoyed her time with it. that’s wearing fingernail polish or coloring your hair
Sidonie has received many awards for dedicated ser- some odd hair color, then do it!”
vice in her career. She was nominated by the Coast
Guard to be recognized as one of the “100 Heroes of What "Inspire Ambition" means to Sidonie: “I don’t
Aviation” for being the first female officer to lead the think ambition is a dirty word, and a lot of the
first all-female flight crew through Antarctica. Sidonie time I hear that it is. I think we have to be ambi-
described it as an amazing experience. “I was very tious in our lives with what we are interested
in, but at the same time I think we have to give

Click here to watch Sidonie's Inspire Ambition video! 15


be in peple's crners,
cheer fr them

Julianna Shamel

Julianna Shamel, the 2019 Perry Award Winner and napolis, and
Kappa Kappa (Ball State U) alumna, discussed how still keeps in
her AOII journey led her to job shadow motivational contact with
speaker Erin Fischer and how it has paved the way her. “She’s
for her to follow her dreams in the seventh install- definitely
ment of The Inspire Ambition Series. As a graduate somebody
student working towards her masters in Vocal Per- that is always
formance, Julianna has a unique plan for her future. in my corner.
“The plan hopefully is to perform on a main stage Hopefully I’ll
somewhere in Opera. My hope is to audition at the work either
end of my second year of my Masters, and then after part-time with
that I would love to be a professor and teach voice her or full-time
students.” While Julianna’s aspirations are truly inspir- later in my
ing, her leadership and desire to have deep con- life.”
nections with people is what makes her the perfect
young alumna to highlight in this series. When asked Not only did
how she thinks she inspire others, Julianna respond- Julianna cre-
ed, “I hope that I inspire others by being vulnerable ate this successful event during her presidency at
with them. I feel like if you’re vulnerable with people, the Kappa Kappa Chapter, but she was also nomi-
they are vulnerable with you… and that develops a nated by her chapter for the Stella George Stern
really personal relationship, and I think personal rela- Perry Award, which she ultimately won at the 2019
tionships could solve so much in the world.” International Convention. “I was so awestruck and so
It was this same passion that landed her the oppor- humbled, it almost brings me to tears, because that
tunity to work with motivational speaker Erin Fischer. is something I think every chapter president dreams
“I saw her at Leadership Institute… she was doing about and works for because they want to pour their
her Radically Unfinished talk, and I fell in love with it heart into their chapter.” “It hangs on my wall beside
and was like, that has got to be at Ball State. And on my bed to remind me that I make an impact, and it is
a whim, I decided to call her, and I thought maybe I just something that is very special to me.”
wouldn’t hear back... and then the phone rang, and
she was like ‘This is Erin Fischer!’” Julianna then Congratulations again to Julianna on a well-deserved
coordinated with the other Panhellenic presidents award, and we can’t wait to see how she continues
on Ball State’s campus, and over 200 people came to inspire ambition as an alumna.
to the event to hear Erin Fischer speak. After the
event, Julianna met with Erin for coffee and told her What "Inspire Ambition" means to Julianna: “To
about her dreams to pursue motivational speaking. me {Inspire Ambition} means to be in people's
“I sweetly turned to her and said, ‘Man, I would love corners, to cheer for them, to root for them and
to be a motivational speaker one day’, and she was be there for them because ultimately if you pour
like ‘Let’s get you started!’” Julianna was then offered into people, I think people will pour into you... If
to job shadow Erin at a Greek conference in India- you're inspiring ambition in other people they
are ultimately going to do the same for you."

Click here to watch Julianna's Inspire Ambition video!

set an example fr
thers t strive fr

Aisling Gregory

Interviewed on the 80th floor of 3 World Trade Center, tion or fancy
Aisling Gregory, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama) alumna, careers. He
acknowledged that she has known since high school said it’s not how
that she wanted to work in marketing and advertis- many resources
ing. After college graduation, Aisling was offered both you have in life,
a full-time job with an ad agency in New York and but rather what
an internship at Silverstein Properties, a real estate you do with the
development, investment and management firm that resources that
owns and manages the new World Trade Centers. you do have.”
At that time, they were preparing to open 4 World Aisling’s mother
Trade Center, the first office building on the World also taught her
Trade Center complex. “In that moment, I made a to “get comfort-
very bizarre decision, at least to those that know me able with being
well,” Aisling smiled. “I knew I would probably never uncomfortable,
get a chance again to work on such a monumental, because you
iconic and globally recognized project, so as crazy as don’t grow when
it sounds, I turned down my dream job, the job I had you’re in your comfort zone.”
been preparing for my whole life, the one that was
actually a paid position with health benefits, for an These core values and her passion helped Aisling win
internship.” a Stevie Award for Marketer of the Year. The Stevie
Aisling hasn’t looked back since. A few months into Awards recognize the accomplishments and contribu-
the internship, Aisling asked her boss if he would tions of companies and business professionals. She
consider her for the events director position. “{He} adds, “It was an absolutely incredible and flattering
gave me a trial period to help him out until he found moment in my career.” It was actually an Alpha Delta
the full-time position. I was able to bring in a number sister who nominated Aisling for this award. She
of very notable, high profile fashion shoots, and a $16 claims that AOII has been major influence on her life
million Bud Light commercial with Don Cheadle all and career. “It has been the organization that has giv-
in two weeks, and I was ultimately offered the job on en me access to a number of incredible connections
the spot. So, I think in that moment I proved to myself, that extend far beyond my college years or even my
‘You know what? Maybe I’ll make it in New York after own chapter. Whether it was Bid Day in 2008 or just a
all.’” In the last six years, Aisling has been promoted month ago when I got married and I had my sisters by
six times and now serves as the Vice President of my side as my bridesmaids. I will always cherish the
Marketing for Silverstein Properties. lifelong friendships AOII has allowed me to make.”
Aisling attributes a lot of her success to the values
and mentality that her parents raised her on: “Growing What "Inspire Ambition" means to Aisling: “I think it
up, my father drilled the military motto into my brain. means setting an example for others to strive for,
He taught me that in life you’ll never feel like you have and always encouraging your sisters to pursue
enough resources, whether that is money, or educa- their dreams. Be their source of confidence and
encouragement, and they will be yours.”

Click here to watch Aisling's Inspire Ambition video! 17

Volunteer Spotlight: Chapter Advisers

The CA

Mentors, Counselors, Leaders, Friends

The women below represent a few of those who we consider to be the essential ingredients of collegiate chapter
successes, these are our grassroots volunteers who have one of the most important positions in the Fraternity.
They are our CAs, our Chapter Advisers. We salute these women, and all the others, for their commitment to AOII and
for the love they have for our collegiate women.

Pat Rine Antolosky, Epsilon Alpha (Pennsylvania State U) Michelle Maddox Ayers, Delta Delta (Auburn U)

Adviser to Epsilon Alpha (Pennsylvania State U) Adviser to Delta Delta (Auburn U)

Pat is the recipient of AOII’s 2019 Muriel T. McKinney After moving from Atlanta in 2017 as empty-nesters,
Award that honors one alumna adviser for outstanding Michelle and her husband, Scott, were living their dream
guidance and service to a collegiate chapter. She has of returning "home" to Auburn, where they met in 1988.
lovingly served Epsilon Alpha for 37 years. In 1982, the Her Delta Delta experience was a great part of her col-
chapter was recolonizing after a 10-year period of being legiate years so she quickly reached out about working
off campus. Pat explains, “Local alumnae approached me with the chapter. Though they had a very active AAC,
and several other ‘younger alumnae’ in the area asking if the help they needed was for the CA position. Eager to
we would be advisers for the chapter. I felt like this would learn, Michelle jumped in head
be something that I would enjoy doing. Helping my chap- first! Michelle loves being a CA
ter of initiation to come back on campus seemed like a and calls the Delta Delta women
challenge I wanted to accept. I was the only one of the “fierce and fabulous!” She adds,
'younger alumnae' who was able to attend Convention “I am continually amazed at all
in Kansas City in 1981, so I was made Chapter Adviser. they do as collegians, leaders,
The rest is history!” What Pat loves the most is seeing volunteers, sisters and young
the young women become women on Auburn's campus.
the leaders they were des- They are busy and make the
tined to be. She inspires AOII most of their opportunities.”
for a lifetime as she wants all Though she calls herself semi-
collegians to know being an retired, Michelle stays very MORE ABOUT
alumna can be as rewarding active. AOIIs in the area are in MICHELLE:

as their AOII collegiate experi- the process of chartering the Even though she
is deathly afraid of
ence was. She is a member new Auburn Area Alumnae heights, she took a hot
of the State College Alumnae Chapter. Michelle also stays
Chapter and a retired el- busy baking, working in her air balloon ride on a
sunrise trip over the
ementary school teacher. MORE ABOUT PAT: yard, walking her dogs, travel- Arizona desert! Why?
For fun, Pat loves outdoor ing, reading and enjoying fam-
activities, especially fish- “The collegians I work ily and friends. Because “You only live
with have helped keep once” is her motto!
ing with her husband in me young. They make
locations all across the
U.S. and abroad. She also me feel like I am still a
loves to travel and read. part of the university

18 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

Katrina Barrett, Kappa Sigma (U of Wisconsin, River Falls) did! The aspect of advising
she loves the most is build-
Adviser to Kappa Sigma (U of Wisconsin, River Falls) ing relationships with chapter
members, the AAC and her net-
Katrina’s motivation to serve as a Chapter Adviser was work team. “I've made so many
wanting to help guide her chapter to a better place. By friends with other Chapter
continuing as an adviser, she felt she could achieve that Advisers around the coun-
goal. Katrina says, “What try. It's been a very special
I have enjoyed most is time.” For her career beyond MORE ABOUT
watching our chapter AOII, Lauren is a criminal LAUREN:
grow and seeing how MORE ABOUT research specialist, a role
proud our AAC is of the KATRINA: which involves doing criminal She is a cancer survi-
girls and all they ac- searches for background vor approaching her
complish.” Giving back When asked to describe checks. In her downtime, one-year anniversary of
to AOII is a constant joy, a fun fact that others do you’ll find Lauren reading a being cancer free!
but Katrina finds time to not know, she replied, good book!
enjoy sports, bowling “Most sisters don't know
and spending time with that I am double jointed
in my elbows.”

friends. Carmen Poole Boehme, Rho Delta (Samford U)

Carly Bella, Omega Upsilon (Ohio U) Adviser to Rho Delta (Samford U)

Adviser to Iota Theta (Monmouth U) Carmen is enjoying her first year as CA for Rho Delta.
While serving as a member of the AAC, she saw needs
that she wanted to help improve and defines herself as
Like many Chapter Advisers, Carly’s collegiate experi- a fixer. She describes the
ence was an exceptional one. She explains, “Alpha
Omicron Pi was an essential component of my college women as genuine and
thankful for alumnae support,
experience, and for that alone, I would have been forever making it fun to be involved.
grateful for this Fraternity. Now I've been an AOII for
more than half of my life, and it has remained one of my Carmen was a member of
Rho Delta during their early
constants. Whenever and wher- years on campus, and finds it
ever I have moved or gone, AOII
has provided a home, friendships rewarding to see the values
which the chapter members
and purpose. As Chapter Adviser, had are still being upheld.
it's inspiring to mentor our ambi-
tious collegians and see where She is a member of the Bir-
mingham Alumnae Chapter
they take their journey.” Beyond and works for Jack Henry MORE ABOUT
mentoring collegians for the past and Associates, a financial CARMEN:
two years, she is grateful for the software company, as man-
friendships she has formed with ager of corporate trainers Wanting to help out
fellow AAC members. She takes and quality assurance. In when her house was
MORE ABOUT CARLY: her alumnae involvements her free time, she loves being built, she learned
trying out new Pintrest to wire electrical outlets.
Beyond volunteering for further by being a member of recipes, reading, listen- Her husband provided
three alumnae chapters: Central ing to podcasts, spending the initial instructions,
AOII, Carly also works New Jersey AC, Northern New time with her husband and then she listened to
with the Girl Scouts, friends, and working out hours of podcasts, en-
loves traveling, reading, Jersey AC and Jersey Shore at Orange Theory Fitness. abling her to install over
AC. Following a 17-year career She’s almost 800 classes 70 outlets in her new
outdoors and spending in corporate communications, home!
time with friends and
family. she is now a second-year urban

Lauren Ulm Blackman, Brittany Fallon Carter,

Zeta Pi (U of Alabama at Birmingham) Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U)
Adviser to Zeta Pi (U of Alabama at Birmingham) Adviser to Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U)

Two years ago, Lauren was approached to be Chapter Brittany is a third year CA who is a member of three
Adviser during a time when the chapter needed an AAC alumnae chapters: Hammond Area, New Orleans Area
member to step up. After some encouragement from and Baton Rouge. She says she advises because “AOII
the NS-L, she agreed to give it a shot and is so glad she


Volunteer Spotlight: Chapter Advisers

has provided me with Rachael Chapiewski, Beta Gamma (Michigan State U)
so many opportunities
to grow as a person, a Adviser to Beta Gamma (Michigan State U)

leader and a professional. Rachael’s motivation to serve as a Chapter Adviser
I want to share what I've
learned and provide comes from wanting to see her chapter of initiation flour-
ish. This second year adviser explains, “I saw the poten-
those same opportuni- tial we had and knew that
ties to my fellow sisters.”
Brittany is the Vice with the right guidance the
chapter could be propelled
President of Internal forward. I enjoy being able
Audit at a financial insti- MORE ABOUT to add to my AOII story every
tution in New Orleans, BRITTANY: day as a Chapter Adviser. Ev-

Louisiana. She loves Her favorite part of serv- ery brainstorm, ritual, formal
ing as a CA is watching
spending time with her and coaching members business meeting or philan-
family which includes
three very active boys. as they grow as indi- thropy event that I get to be
a part of as an adviser adds
You can usually find her viduals and leaders. a new sentence that story.”
Rachael is a member of the MORE ABOUT
running from scout- Macomb County Alumnae RACHAEL:
ing events to baseball
tournaments, and everything in between. You can even
catch her playing in one of her intramural softball league Chapter and enjoys hiking, She works in advertising
hammocking, powerlift-
games every Friday night with family and friends. ing, journaling and trying as an Assistant Planner
with GTB Agency work-
as many new coffee shops ing on the Ford Motor
as possible. When asked
Lauran Evans Chadwick, what others may not know Company account. She
works on the Warriors in
Tau Omicron (U of Tennessee at Martin) about her, she shares that Pink, STEAM and Perfor-
Adviser to Pi Omicron (Austin Peay State U) she was a huge choir kid
mance teams.
Lauran is in her fifth year as CA for Pi Omicron. She and captain of her acapella
describes her collegiate AOII experience as amazing!
“It has taught me how to not be afraid of being myself. choir.

I saw a group of women with the same core values. We Ashley Clark, Zeta Psi (East Carolina U)
could move mountains and encourage other women to
grow into the women they are destined to be.” Explaining Adviser to Theta Beta (Towson U)

what she enjoys the most about Ashley served as the VPA adviser for Epsilon Chi and
the position, she shares, “I love
seeing them attend Leadership Theta Beta before transitioning to Theta Beta’s CA three
years ago. She explains, “I always had incredible advis-
Academy, Leadership Institute ers during my time at ECU, and when the opportunity
and International Convention
because they see AOII on the came about to step into the role of Chapter Adviser, I felt
like I was ready to make a
grand scale that it is. These larger commitment to AOII.”
women don't realize, until they
see it, the impact that AOII has She believes the greatest
thing about being a CA is
in women's everyday lives and building relationships with
how many people it impacts.
MORE ABOUT Seeing them participate in ritual the collegiate members and
LAURAN: on an elevated level inspires the best gift is watching the
women excel after gradua-
She is employed as a me.” Lauren loves spending tion. Ashley is a sixth grade
time with her husband, Blake,
Deputy Clerk in the Cir- and their two children, Jackson Math teacher in Baltimore MORE ABOUT
cuit Criminal Division in City, and recently obtain- ASHLEY:
the Circuit Court Clerk's and Ada Grace. She also loves ing her M.Ed in Educational
movies, pool parties, reading Technology from Loyola She is a diehard Caro-
Office in Montgomery and having dance parties in her University. When she has lina Panthers fan and
County, Tennessee. It is spare time, she loves recently even traveled
a very enlightening job kitchen while she cooks. binge-watching new Net- all the way to London,
flix shows, shopping and England, to watch them
that she loves. enjoying college and NFL play.

20 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019 football.

Kayla Collins, Gamma (U of Maine) role is the opportunity to be a mentor and watching the
women change and develop. When not advising, Jennifer
Adviser to Gamma (U of Maine) works as an attorney.

Kayla is in her second year advising for Gamma. “I truly
enjoy getting to know the chapter members and lead-
ers,” says Kayla. “The indi- Sally O'Brien DeHekker, Omega Upsilon (Ohio U)
vidual relationships I've built
Adviser to Delta Kappa (Washington U in St. Louis)

MORE ABOUT KAYLA: and mentoring I've been able to Sally had previously served as
an adviser in Ohio, so when she
She works for the Uni- do has been so rewarding. On moved to Missouri last year, she
versity of New England a larger scale, I love learning immediately reached out to Delta
College of Dental Medi- more about how AOII functions Kappa. Her timing was perfect
cine as a professional as an organization and having because they were in need of
staff member. This the opportunity to interact with a Chapter Adviser. Sally shares,
role involves working HQ staff/network volunteers at “I decided to take on this chal-
directly with graduate conferences, and on a regular lenge because I love AOII and
students and supporting email basis.” Kayla is a member want to serve the Fraternity
their academic prog- of the Greater Portland AC and to the best of my ability. In my
ress. her favorite activities include case, this means taking on this MORE ABOUT SALLY:
reading, crafting, organizing leadership role and empower- In the name of charity,
and exercising. ing women to create the best she has rappelled down
chapter experience possible.” two buildings and won
Beth Metzger Conrad, Tau Lambda (Shippensburg U) In this position, Sally especially a free spot on a service
loves watching their Leaders trip to Jamaica!
Adviser to Tau Lambda (Shippensburg U)

An eight-year veteran adviser to Tau Lambda, Beth is also Council work through prob-
lems together. She finds it in-
a member of the Greater Harrisburg Alumnae Chapter. spiring to hear their respectful debates and witness their
Additionally, she served six years as CA before starting
her family. Beth volunteers because she wants to be sisterly love for one another. She also loves being asked
to write letters of recommendation, considering it an
able to give back and help Tau Lambda become the best honor to be able to support and promote the women. In
chapter it can be. She explains, “There is so much po-
tential in our chapter and I her professional life, Sally works in human resources at a
commercial real estate company, Cushman & Wakefield.
want everyone to know the She enjoys traveling, baking, painting, trivia, game nights
many things we do well!”
She also loves how this and spending time with her husband and her dog. She is
also a member of the St. Louis Alumnae Chapter.
position allows her to be a
role model to help inspire
collegians to become
advisers after graduation. Fiona Dobrik,
Beth is a sports mom to MORE ABOUT BETH:
two teenagers who play She works in govern- Lambda Epsilon (U of Waterloo)
soccer and lacross. She ment operations and Adviser to Lambda Epsilon
enjoys taking pictures of policy for the Common- (U of Waterloo)
them in action, reading wealth of Pennsylvania.
Fiona had previously been
and hiking. working as an adviser with the
chapter and loved seeing the
Jennifer Davis, Sigma Chi (Hartwick College) officer she was advising grow in
her role as a leader. As CA, she
Adviser to Sigma Chi (Hartwick College) enjoys watching Lambda Epsi-
lon put together great events
Jennifer is in her fourth year advising for Sigma Chi. She and continue the amazing
shares, “I wanted the opportunity to be involved with the sisterhood that she also ex-
chapter outside of my time as a perienced as a collegian. She MORE ABOUT FIONA:
collegian. The chance to become shares, “University is a time of She grew up in four
MORE ABOUT a Chapter Adviser arose and I growth and the young women different countries:
JENNIFER: wanted to step in and work with that make up the chapter go Indonesia, Venezuela,
through a lot of change in the U.S. and Canada,
She loves baking, spin new women.” Jennifer believes those four to five years. I find and has lived in seven
class, traveling and the best parts of this volunteer it very rewarding to help them different cities!
party planning.

Volunteer Spotlight: Chapter Advisers

work through conflict management, planning communica- enjoy seeing the members truly get what it means to be
tion and be able to develop these skills for their careers. an AOII, to figure out what Ritual means to them and to
AOII gave so much to me as a collegian that I love being live it out daily. It is incredible to see these women come
able to continue that growth for the next generation.” in as new members and watch them grow and change
Fiona is a Data Scientist for a tech startup company in into graduating seniors.” In her spare time, you can find
Kitchener, Ontario. She loves hiking, yoga, reading and Sarah involved with the Kentucky Lakes Alumnae Chap-
knitting. In fact, she is currently knitting a wedding dress ter, traveling or enjoying photography.
and is often found knitting between meetings.

Victoria Dubreuil, Gamma Chi (Carleton U) Jill Freeman Forehand,

Adviser to Gamma Chi (Carleton U) Alpha Lambda (Georgia Southern U)
Adviser to Alpha Lambda
Victoria was motivated (Georgia Southern U)

to become Gamma Chi’s Jill says she has always felt
Chapter Adviser to give a great need to give back
back to the chapter that to AOII. Her experience was
gave her some of her best such a blessing to her while MORE ABOUT JILL:
memories from univer- she was in college. She Her desire to serve has
sity. She explains, “Being elaborates, “As a collegian, certainly been signifi-
a part of Alpha Omicron I had one Chapter Adviser, cant as she has served
Pi has shaped me into Leslie Rowland, who was a as Alpha Lambda’s CA
the person I am today, wonderful influence on all of for over 12 years.

and I want to ensure the MORE ABOUT us. She saw such potential in
organization continues to VICTORIA: us as members and leaders. I
flourish for future genera- have always hoped to be able to give back the way she
tions.” She most enjoys In her free time, Victoria did for us.” Conveniently, Jill works right on campus as
watching members grow loves watching hockey, the Director of Donor Relations for Georgia Southern.
into inspiring leaders and football and trains in
keeping herself con- kickboxing and jiujitsu. Christine Graves,
nected to the next gen- She even plans to test
eration of AOIIs. “What a for her jiujitsu black belt Phi Chi (U of Chicago)
pleasure to watch these next year. Adviser to Phi Chi
(U of Chicago)
young women accom-
plish things they didn’t Explaining why she signed up
know they could with the help of their sisters.” Victoria to serve as Phi Chi’s CA, Chris-
works as a Financial Officer for the Canadian Govern- tine says, “AOII was instrumen-
ment at the Department of Natural Resources and is a tal to my happiness and suc-
member of the Ottawa Alumnae Chapter. cess in college, so I wanted to
ensure those coming after me
Sarah Elliott, Delta Omega (Murray State U) have the same opportunity for MORE ABOUT
Adviser to Delta Omega (Murray State U) a great experience.” Being an CHRISTINE:
adviser has honed her leader-
A recent recipient of the AOII ship skills too and she loves After giving birth she
McKinney Award for Outstand- working with the collegians. found she needed an
ing Adviser, Sarah has served as She finds their pure love of outlet, so she taught
Delta Omega’s CA for more than AOII energizing! Christine herself html code. She
eight years. She says she advises adds, “the University of Chi- created a website about
because, “I know what AOII has cago is a hard school and a the TV show, "Moon-
done for me, the leadership, the real grind. AOII is a very nec- lighting." Before Disney
opportunities, and a belief in essary diversion and outlet for released the show’s
me that I have not always had in our collegians. I enjoy keep- DVD set, they contacted
MORE ABOUT SARAH: myself. I hope I can help others ing it alive and thriving so it her to identify the clips
Sarah is not only full have that same experience.” She can continue to help balance in the last episode's
of passion for AOII but believes it’s priceless to have a collegiate life for our women. montage. To thank her,
pours an equal measure strong sisterhood to rely on and As the collegians graduate, they sent her a copy
back into her career to believe in you. Sarah adds, “I of the show’s "Atomic
as a Hospice Social Shakespeare" episode.

I am no longer their sister/adviser, but now their sister/ Jillann Henry,
friend!” Christine is a full-time volunteer, holding several
leadership positions with Girl Scouts and held a political Chi Epsilon (The Ohio State U)
office in her town for eight years. She is also a member of Adviser to Chi Epsilon
the Chicago West Suburban Alumnae Chapter, serves on (The Ohio State U)
several local boards, foundations and committees. When
she finds time for hobbies, Christine enjoys tennis, travel- Jillann adored her time as
ing and reading. a collegiate AOII! She adds,
“As cliche as it sounds, giving
back to this Fraternity – to
this specific chapter – was
Carly Grennor, Kappa Gamma (Florida Southern College) enough motivation for me to
become a Chapter Adviser. MORE ABOUT
Adviser to Kappa Gamma (Florida Southern College) I just knew that I wanted to JILLANN:
continue to be a part of the
A veteran Chapter Adviser legacy Chi Epsilon is trying She enjoys reading,
of six years, Carly initially to build and refine.” She watching crime shows,
signed up because she understands that being a playing with her dogs,
wanted to give back to her chapter officer is never easy, and hunting for the per-
chapter to help ensure the fect iced coffee.
members have a meaning-
ful collegiate experience.
She shares, “I truly enjoy so she especially loves the
opportunity to mentor Chi
watching the collegiate Epsilon's young leaders. She encourages the women to
women grow and devel-
op their leadership skills.” take risks and to develop confidence in themselves. Out-
Outside of her AOII vol- side of AOII, Jillann is a high school English and journal-
MORE ABOUT CARLY: ism teacher, and a basketball coach!

unteer service, Carly is a In 2017, Carly won a
World Championship in
Board Certified Behavior powerlifting for bench Lauren Hodge, Chi Phi (U of South Carolina Aiken)
Analyst for Alternative
Behavioral Concepts, Inc. press and deadlift! Adviser to Chi Phi (U of South Carolina Aiken)

She also enjoys powerlift- Lauren is a three-year CA veteran and a member of both
ing, playing softball and
spending time with family and friends. the Aiken Alumnae Chapter and Charlotte Alumnae
Chapter. She serves AOII because, “I want to give back to
an organization that has given so much to me. I often tell
the girls that my role as Chapter Adviser is to guard and
Natalie Wieber Gross, Iota (U of Illinois) guide each of them into becoming better AOII women
than I was.” Every collegian
Adviser to Iota (U of Illinois)

Natalie’s motivation to serve as Iota’s CA stems from her inspires her, and she loves MORE ABOUT
great appreciation of former Iota CA, JoAnne Zunich. She watching them grow as stu- LAUREN:
loved helping guide others to reach their goals, using dents, as well as launching
her AOII and life experiences. As
Chapter Adviser, Natalie says, “I their careers after gradua- For fun, Lauren chooses
tion. She also loves meeting to spend time with
have truly enjoyed assisting the women from other chapters family, play intramural
chapter leaders become the best
they can be! I love taking time to too! Accounting is her paid sports and watch col-
career path as she is a staff lege football, especially
inspire members to become fear- accountant in auditing at her SC Gamecocks!
less leaders and to see the chapter
grow.” Natalie’s favorite hobbies Burkett Burkett & Burkett
CPAs, P.A.
are playing with her five-year-old
daughter, hanging out with AOII
friends and shopping. She is also Kristie Joa, Kappa Lambda (U of Calgary)
MORE ABOUT a member of the Chicago West
NATALIE: Suburban Alumnae Chapter. Adviser to Kappa Lambda (U of Calgary)
Kristie’s time as CA with Kappa Lambda comes after
She is a high school having served another chapter in the same role. She
math teacher and the says, “AOII has added so much good into my life, from
Prom Sponsor, which in- my closest friends to leadership opportunities to net-
volves planning a dance working and building confidence. I love being able to
and seated dinner for
800 students!


Volunteer Spotlight: Chapter Advisers

give back to this amazing Maura Jones, Gamma Phi (Seton Hall U)
organization.” Her goal is
to inspire collegians and Adviser to Alpha Nu (Ramapo College)
give them as wonderful of
a collegiate experience as Maura began her advising experience with Alpha Nu as
she had. It brings her great the New Member Adviser and came to know and love
joy to watch the collegiate the new members. When the CA position opened up
women grow and succeed. last year, she knew she wanted to be more involved.
Kristie spends a lot of time She loves building relationships with the members and
volunteering within and shares, “I am blessed to
outside of AOII. She vol- advise a small chapter, so I
unteers as a Girl Guide have the opportunity to know
Leader, caring for infants, each sister on an individual
helping animal organiza- MORE ABOUT KRISTIE: level. Watching each of them
tions and more. She also When Kristie was thrive has been an absolute
loves to travel, and tries young, she was diag- pleasure.” Maura began an
to go somewhere new nosed with a kidney accelerated nursing program
every year, and she en- disease. Diagnostic this past August and nannies
joys membership in the imaging of her kidney two wonderful children. She
Calgary Alumnae Chap- identified a small hole in is a member of the North-
ter. She is also a mom to her spine. It eventually ern NJ Alumnae Chapter. MORE ABOUT MAURA:
three fur babies. Kristie closed, but her compli-
is a registered nurse cur- cated condition resulted In her spare time, she loves She lives in Bloomfield,
rently working in mental in a medical case study New Jersey, the same
health and addictions in that was based on her. to travel, spend time at the town as the first AOII
a community clinic for beach, read, volunteer at
patients with schizophrenia. the animal shelter and en- headquarters!

joy time with her sisters.

Allyson Alvey Jones, Alpha Chi (Western Kentucky U) Meredith Quast Kasian, Nu Omicron (Vanderbilt U)

Adviser to Alpha Chi (Western Kentucky U) Adviser to Sigma Beta (St Joseph’s U)

Meredith is new to the CA position for Sigma Beta after
serving in several different AAC positions. The CA posi-
Allyson was motivated to become tion has allowed her to grow more in her knowledge of
Alpha Chi’s Chapter Adviser AOII, while getting to know the collegiate members and
because AOII has given her so the AAC volunteers. The experience has allowed her to
many opportunities and lifelong grow as a leader and hopes to make the same impact on
friendships. She adds, “I love Sigma Beta members as the great advisers who served
seeing relationships between while she was a collegian. She says, “I love getting to
chapter members develop during work with my sisters regularly, whether it's through the
their time in AOII. And I truly enjoy LC and chapter or through
AAC and the Network
watching each young woman team.” Meredith is currently
MORE ABOUT grow into a fantastic leader and in a rotational program for
ALLYSON: seeing the impact AOII has on a pharmaceutical company
their lives for years to come.” and loves it, but also has
As a Structural Engineer, When not serving Alpha Chi, a side business for Beau-
she has been tapped she enjoys singing, spending tycounter, a clean beauty
to design the structural time with her dogs, traveling brand that she is passion-
components of the new and watching true crime docu- ate about. She’s an avid
dormitory buildings on mentaries.
Western Kentucky’s
campus. She then MORE ABOUT reader and traveler and
follows-up with inspec- MEREDITH: participates in triathlons
tions while the buildings due to her love of run-
are being constructed. She has eaten dinner at ning, biking and swim-
the world’s two tallest ming.
buildings – one in Dubai
and one in Taipei!

24 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

Kim Mazenko Kenney, Phi Beta (East Stroudsburg U) Kristina Lawyer,

Adviser to Phi Beta (East Stroudsburg U) Delta Xi (Rose-Hulman Institute
of Technology)
“I fell in love with AOII Adviser to Delta Xi
and its values when I was (Rose-Hulman Institute
pledging,” says Kim. It’s of Technology)
her AOII passion that drew
her to want to serve in an As a junior, Kristina joined
advisory role. She ex- Delta Xi as a charter mem-
plains, “I always knew that ber. As such, she explains,
I wanted to be an adviser. “I didn't get the complete MORE ABOUT
I became part of an AAC AOII collegiate experience KRISTINA:

shortly after graduation and I wanted to experience She loves cats and drag
racing! In fact, she has
and after raising my kids, MORE ABOUT KIM: more!” What she has loved driven her own racecar
I went back to advising. She is a classically- the most about her six years
That was 7 years ago.” trained musician. She of CA experience is helping over 220 mph on many
She especially loves plays the flute and the occasions!
watching the growth of piano and has been the collegians get through
the young women within singing for over 40 tough times. She’s moder-
her chapter. As CA, she years. ated disagreements, listened
gets to see them grow to heartbreak, and encouraged through frustration. She
knows the times that are the most stressful are the most
from PNMs to running for rewarding. Kristina has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineer-
offices to starting their ing and is currently a Professor of Engineering at Indiana
families. She believes the members have the opportunity State University.
to grow as women, and learn the values of AOII as AAC
members. As a career, she is a bookkeeper for two non-
profits. She loves it and says it helps make her a great Lenna Mallin Levitch, Phi (U of Kansas)
Financial Adviser too. For fun, she loves to read, cross
Adviser to Delta Pi (U of Central Missouri)

stitch, spend time with her girlfriends and participate in Advising, for Lenna, is an opportunity to give back to
the Bucks County Alumnae Chapter.
something that gave her so much joy as a collegiate
member. She says, “I really enjoy the connections I make
with the members and the
Michelle Lawrence, Lambda Tau (U of Louisiana at Monroe) opportunity to mentor these
young women. It is a big-time
Adviser to Lambda Tau (U of Louisiana at Monroe)

Michelle originally served as the Ritual Adviser for commitment, but I receive so
Lambda Tau, and after a chain of events the CA position much in return.” Lenna ad-
opened up and she accepted it. vised at Phi for four years and
She shares, “I love Lambda Tau is now in her first year as CA
and wanted to do what I could for at Delta Pi. Lenna has owned
the chapter. I really did not know her own company, DNAXPRT
what I was getting myself into, Consulting, LLC since 2006.
but looking back, God had this Her private practice group
planned all along. I needed them of board-certified genetic MORE ABOUT LENNA:

just as much and they needed counselors provide heredi- At an early point in her
career she studied graft
MORE ABOUT me.” Michelle shares that it has tary risk assessment services versus host disease
MICHELLE: been such a blessing to just for 17 hospitals in the United
love on each young woman in States. A member of the at the VA Hospital in
She loves sharing the chapter. For her career, she Kansas City. Her group
stories of her time as a is a Product Specialist for Allied Kansas City Alumnae Chap- was invited to present
collegian to show these Building Stores and loves spend- ter, Lenna loves to travel
young women that this ing time with family, arranging and garden. She collects a platform paper at the
is a sisterhood for life. flowers for weddings, bowling International Transplant
It’s an honor to be a role and watching football. contemporary art during her Society meeting in
model and live out our travels and enjoys a good
book if the weather keeps Helsinki, Finland. It was
a great opportunity for a
Ritual in front of them. her inside. 24-year-old!


Volunteer Spotlight: Chapter Advisers

Angela Scott Lindauer, Beta Phi (Indiana U) she is working at the Abercrombie & Fitch Home Office in
New Albany, Ohio as a Post Production Project Coordina-
Adviser to Beta Phi (Indiana U) tor in the photo studio. Stephanie also loves to hike and
explore the food and drink scene in major cities across
Angela is one of AOII’s America.
most veteran Chapter
Advisers. Her 19 years of
service is an impressive ac-
complishment. She recalls, Samantha MacKenzie,
“When I was a collegiate
member, we didn't have a Pi Alpha (U of Louisville)
Adviser to Pi Alpha

lot of advisers working with (U of Louisville)

the chapter. Our chap- Samantha is in her second
ter eventually closed,
and it was apparent stint as CA. She served for
that had we had more three years from 2014-2017,
involvement, maybe that MORE ABOUT took a break and then start-
ANGELA: ed back this past summer. MORE ABOUT

wouldn't have happened. She once met His She states, “I loved my ex- SAMANTHA:
Holiness, the Dali Lama,
I don't want any mem- during his visit to Indi- perience as a collegian, and She loves to read! She
ber to experience the it shaped me into who I am owns over 2500 books
closing of her chapter if ana University. today. I wanted to give back and even read 259 of
to the chapter and organi- those books in 2018!
I can help it. This is why zation that gave so much
I volunteer and why I
want the chapter to be successful.” Angela loves working
with students and watching them grow and develop over to me. It is a lot of time and
hard work, but it is incredibly rewarding!” Like many of
time. She also loves her involvement with the Indianapo- our CAs, Samantha loves getting to know the collegians
lis Alumnae Chapter. Outside of AOII, Angela is a strate-
gic architect for the Fee for Service Agency with Indiana and watching them grow and develop over the years,
adding, “I never would have had the opportunity to get
University. She determines what projects a client needs to know these women without being an adviser.” While
and works with their creative team to ensure they are giv-
ing the client the best possible product. In her down time, working on her doctorate in higher education administra-
tion, she works as a Student Advocate in the Dean of Stu-
you will find her cheering on her kids during their sport- dents Office at the University of Louisville. In this role she
ing events, cheering on IU sports teams and travelling.
oversees the compassionate withdrawal and complaint
processes for the University,
and assist students experienc-
Stephanie Luczkowski, ing a crisis situation. Samantha
is a bit of a thrill seeker in the
Omega Upsilon (Ohio U) form of skydiving, parasailing
Adviser to Omega Upsilon and whitewater rafting. She
(Ohio U) also loves reality TV, spending
time with her nieces and en-
Stephanie shares, “I have always joys the Kentuckiana Alumnae
had a strong passion to see my Chapter.
collegiate chapter succeed. That
STEPHANIE: paired with being able to stay McCain, Phi Upsilon (Purdue U) She is also an adviser to
She participated in a connected to my sisters and the men’s fraternity, Sig-
traveling children's cho- AOII as a whole made it an easy Adviser to Phi Upsilon ma Phi Epsilon, which is
rus from kindergarten choice to advise after I gradu- (Purdue U) recolonizing at Purdue.
through her senior year. ated.” Her favorite aspect of ad- She mentors their VP
She travelled to Scot- vising is being able to give back Lori was serving as the of Programming which
land, Austria, Germany, to her sisters in the same way Administration and Secretary includes the areas of
New Zealand and Aus- that so many others before her Adviser when the Chapter brotherhood, philan-
tralia. In Australia she gave back to her chapter. Plus, Adviser position became thropy, and recruitment
even got to sing in the she finds it immensely satisfying open. Elaborating on how events. Since AOII also
Sydney Opera House! to watch the chapter members she came to be CA, “I didn't recolonized just a few
grow into leaders and truly real- think I had the time available years ago at Purdue,
ize their potential. Stephanie nor the skills to be the CA she has much experi-
calls this role an honor. When ence to offer the men!
she is not volunteering for AOII,

26 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

even though other advisers were encouraging me to do Claire Barker Olson, Tau Gamma (Eastern Washington U)
it. Then one day during this period of consideration, I got
a fortune cookie that said, ‘Take a chance on something Adviser to Tau Gamma (Eastern Washington U)
you've been considering.’ So, I sent in my letter of intent!”
She most enjoys watching the officers develop their lead- When Tau Gamma needed
ership skills and work with their committees to execute a new CA, Claire jumped at
an event. Watching them succeed is so rewarding. She the opportunity because she
also loves working with the AAC and observing pure joy loves advising. She wrote,
on new members faces on bid day! In her day job, Lori “What a wonderful way to fur-
is a Process Engineer for Raytheon Company, a defense ther give back to the chapter
contractor where she has been for over 37 years. She is who helped mold me into the
a member of the Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter and loves woman I am today.” Claire
spending time with her two grandchildren, gardening, enjoys getting to know the
working in her yard, water skiing, going on mission trips members and thoroughly
and serving in her church. loves watching them come
out of their shell to be- MORE ABOUT CLAIRE:
Leslie Friedberg Michaels, come leaders. She praises She volunteers for a
Tau Gamma members for Miss Deer Park Scholar-
Nu Lambda (U of Southern California) learning to lead by example ship program as Trea-
Adviser to Theta Iota (California State U, San Marcos) and serve with grace. She surer and writes for the
adds, “the women allow local paper.

Eight years ago, Leslie received a call from an NS-D their sisters to shine in
asking if she would be interested in a position advis-
ing for a new chapter at California State U, San Marcos. their successes while lifting
each other up through the struggles. I also love work-
She shares, “I was intrigued, but I hadn’t been involved ing with our adviser team and learning from each sister.”
with AOII for close to 15 years while I raised my son and
helped my husband grow his company. I thought about She works for a franchise healthcare organization in two
states as the CFO over two corporations and three loca-
how I could work one-on-one with the development tions. Claire describes herself as an extroverted introvert
and mentoring of college women. When I was in col-
lege, I had a fantastic sorority experience. I wanted to who enjoys quiet time to recharge, as well as spending
time with family and friends.
help ensure that same experience to the women of this
chapter.” She said yes, and the rest is history. Leslie says
the greatest gift she receives from Alyssa Pennington, Zeta Pi (U of Alabama at Birmingham)
advising is when members tell her
Adviser to Alpha Mu (Duquesne U)

right before graduating that AOII Alyssa finds the most enjoyable part of being Alpha Mu’s
has completely enhanced their
collegiate experience. Knowing Chapter Adviser is getting the opportunity to have an im-
pact on the growth and development of their members.
they have grown personally and “Watching women in their
built meaningful relationships
from the experience is a highlight journey from new members
to eventually entering the
of their collegiate years. Beyond working world after gradu-
her volunteer experience and
her membership in the San ation is so rewarding.”
She adds, “I believe that
MORE ABOUT LESLIE: Diego Alumnae Chapter, Leslie we have a responsibility
is Vice President of Operations
She was an ELC (called for her husband’s nonprofit real as alumnae to ensure that
Chapter Consultants estate development corpora- our collegiate women are
then) in the mid-80s. tion. This nonprofit addresses granted the opportunity
She was on the team the critical needs of affordable to share in a positive so-
with Lisa Niedenthal, housing for low income families MORE ABOUT ALYSSA: rority experience. Becom-
now AOII Executive and seniors. They also create
Board Vice President. service-enriched programs such Her parents are retired, ing Chapter Adviser was
Leslie and Lisa were as job development, after school the perfect opportunity
roommates in California programs, nutrition along with full time RVers! They for me to share how AOII
when Lisa moved there money management classes travel the states visiting
to pursue her passion and wellness activities. Leslie as many national parks has impacted my life and
in the entertainment proudly says her favorite pas- how ritual can apply to
industry and they were time is cheering on her alma and places of interest your life beyond gradua-
bridesmaids in each mater, USC! as possible, and Alyssa
other’s weddings. takes the opportunity tion.” Through the highs
and lows, Alyssa consid-
to join them as often as ers it her privilege to

Volunteer Spotlight: Chapter Advisers

offer guidance, encouragement and support. Profes- Nicole says, “Their grace in handling the day-to-day du-
sionally, she holds a Master's in health administration ties and pressures of their roles is truly astounding. They
and serves as a Manager for Radiation Oncology at the are the glue that holds the chapter together and keeps
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. When she is not AOII going as a successful Greek organization on cam-
advising or working, she enjoys camping, fishing and kay- pus where others have failed.” When not volunteering,
aking, as well as Crossfit and dining out. Alyssa is also a she works as a Forensic Science Technician in the DNA
member of the Pittsburgh Area Alumnae Chapter. Section of the Iowa DCI Criminalistics Laboratory. She
keeps herself busy reading, watching movies, traveling,
Lindsay Schrader Powers, Iota Sigma (Iowa State U) cuddling her dogs and spending time with family and
Adviser to Alpha Theta (Coe College)

Lindsay was motivated to become a Chapter Adviser Jennifer Sandlin Stiver,
after serving as an adviser to two years with the same
AAC. She quickly became attached to the women in Al- Omega Upsilon (Ohio U)
pha Theta and truly enjoyed watching the members grow Adviser to Kappa Delta
into strong leaders. A member (Wright State U)

MORE ABOUT of the Eastern Iowa Alumnae Jennifer began advising
LINDSAY: Chapter, Lindsay has been for Kappa Delta when they
advising Alpha Theta for seven recolonized, first as Alumnae
years, five as CA. She shares, Relations then Educa-
She loves to help out on “I enjoy watching members tion Adviser. She believes
her family’s farm, which find their leadership style and being the CA for the past MORE ABOUT
is almost 100 years old. flourish within this organiza- two years has proven to JENNIFER:
She says there is noth- tion. It's a great feeling to hear be a positive next oppor-
ing better than a gravel that members continue their tunity for her to help the She and her two best
road and a John Deere AOII careers after graduation collegiate women further. “I friends from middle
tractor. as advisers, network volun- most enjoy seeing the col- school went to different
legiate women bloom dur- colleges determined
teers and members of alumnae ing their collegiate years to find their own paths.
chapters.” Lindsay’s career is in law enforcement, serving in leadership, personality, After sorority recruit-
as a police officer for over seven years. Her down time academics and character. ment at each school,
includes hanging out with her husky dog, Gunner and There is so much growth they were shocked to
taking yoga classes. that can take place during learn that they had all
that time in AOII. I also love pledged AOII.

Nicole Winders Schwalbach, seeing them continue to
succeed after graduation.
Theta Chi (Morningside College) It makes me incredibly proud to see our Kappa Delta
Adviser to Theta Chi (Morningside College)

When Theta Chi’s previous alumnae inspiring ambition in all that they are doing as
Chapter Adviser was un- alumnae, whether that be in careers, military service,
able to attend the 2017 In- graduate programs, becoming advisers in collegiate
ternational Convention, Ni- chapters, working at AOII Headquarters or in their grow-
cole attended in her place. ing families!” Jennifer is a member of the Dayton Alum-
That experience rekindled nae Chapter and works as the office manager at a large
her passion for AOII. Soon cemetery in the Dayton area. Her favorite hobbies are
after, she was presented reading, traveling, volunteering at her church and spend-
the opportunity to take ing time with family.
over the Chapter Adviser
role and jumped on it! MORE ABOUT NICOLE: Meghan Stringer, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)
She enjoys working with As part of her graduate
the collegiate officers and degree in forensics, she Adviser to Gamma Alpha (George Mason U)
seeing them develop into studied human identifi- Megan has been advising for Gamma Alpha for the past
smart leaders. Theta Chi cation and decomposi- two and a half years. Knowing how much an advantage
is a very small chapter, tion at the "Body Farm" great advisers, like Page Frey and Carole Jones, were
and each officer holds at the University of for her chapter, she was led to do the same for others.
anywhere from two to Tennessee. Meghan says, “The most rewarding part of being CA is
five offices per position. working with women to develop their skills as leaders

28 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

and chapter officers and Tyler Todd, Beta Zeta (Kennesaw State U)
supporting them as they
become confident in the Adviser to Lambda Delta (Dalton State College)
decisions they make. She
finds time to advise Gamma The collegiate women of Beta Zeta were the motivation
Alpha despite a busy Tyler needed to become a Chapter Adviser last year.
career as a political ap- Their determination, hard work and drive inspired her to
pointee at the U.S. Depart- take on more at the chapter level and for that, she has
ment of Labor. She is a so much gratitude. She adds,
Senior Policy Advisor for “What I enjoy most about be-
Workplace Health Initia- ing Chapter Adviser is being
tives. This work includes there for the Lambda Delta
coordinating the Depart- MORE ABOUT ladies, helping them reach
ment's response to the MEGHAN: their goals and getting to see
opioid crisis and advising them go from high school stu-
on policies and regula- In her spare time, she is dents to successful contribut-
tions that impact worker active in her church, the ing citizens of our community
health, including health Northern Virginia Alum- and beyond.” She loves her
insurance sponsored by nae Chapter and the involvement with the Chat-
employers and workplace University of Alabama tanooga Alumnae Chapter
safety. Alumni Chapter. and her career as a second MORE ABOUT TYLER:
grade teacher. In her spare She has travelled to 13
Angela Swanson, Sigma (U of California Berkeley) time, she enjoys cooking, different countries and
baking, traveling and design- counting.
Adviser to Delta Nu (U of Nevada Reno)
ing shirts and other items.

Delta Nu was chartered in May 2015 and Angela had Brittany Wagner, Xi (U of Oklahoma)
been part of the volunteer team that assisted with the
colonizing efforts. She found working with the collegians Adviser to Chi Theta (Northeastern State U)

to be fun and it helped her feel closer to her own daugh- Last year Brittany jumped at the opportunity to men-
ter who was an AOII at the University of California, Berke-
ley at the time. She began serving as the Administrative tor Chi Theta collegians, just like she received from her
Chapter Adviser as a collegian. She believes, “Strength
Adviser, moved into Standards and eventually into the comes from being held accountable and being pushed
Chapter Adviser role. “I enjoy working with the collegiate
officers and watching them grow to higher expectations. I knew I could provide that kind of
support and determination for Chi Theta.” Brittany loves
in confidence and competence watching individual members find a sense of purpose
in their offices. Every LC/Cabinet
team is different, and they bring in their college experience. Whether it be on campus,
within the chapter, within
unique skills and perspectives to Panhellenic or within their
their team. Serving in a leadership
capacity is so valuable to our col- individual college – watch-
ing a member grow into
legiate women! They continually a confident leader will
impress me.” Angela also enjoys
the opportunity to develop her never get old. In her day
own leadership skills working job, she is an Administra-
MORE ABOUT with the AAC members and tive and Human Resources
ANGELA: Recruiter with a staffing

She’s participated in loves her involvement with the agency in Tulsa, Okla-
yoga at daybreak in
the African savannah Reno-Tahoe Alumnae Chapter. homa, connecting people MORE ABOUT
For her career, she manages with job opportunities BRITTANY:
accompanied by the paratransit operations for a pub- that further their career
sounds of lions roaring.
lic transit system. and success. For fun, she Ever since she was a

enjoys running, her dog, little girl she has loved
playing volleyball on a peanut butter and sweet
social league and running pickle sandwiches. She
two small, in-home busi- assures everyone who
nesses: mobile spray tans questions it, don't knock
and t-shirt designs. it til you try it!


Volunteer Spotlight: Chapter Advisers

Laura Wilson, Alpha Phi (Montana State U) MORE ABOUT LAURA:
She loves just about any
Adviser to Alpha Phi (Montana State U) creative outlet! Painting
Laura says, “Like so many of us, AOII truly changed my life! and pottery, collecting
The friendships, professional development, personal growth vinyl records and find-
and the love that has come my way since my initiation has ing the perfect choco-
been immeasurable.” That’s why when her chapter of initia- late chip cookie recipe
tion asked her to take on the role of Chapter Adviser three are all high on her list of
years ago, she saw it as an opportunity to give back. Being favorite hobbies.
a Chapter Adviser comes with some great high points, but
Laura feels the greatest joy is forming close relationships
with our young leaders. Alpha Phi is comprised of many
incredibly ambitious, bright and fearless women. Laura
currently works for Montana State University as an Admis-
sions Counselor supporting the university’s undergraduate
recruitment efforts and new student programs. She is also a
member of the Bozeman Alumnae Chapter.

Saluting our 2018-2019 Chapter Advisers

by College/University

Appalachian State U (Sigma Gamma) - Amanda Ullmann, Sigma Gamma (Appalachian State U)
Arizona State U (Lambda Psi) - Ann Schmidt-Lampe, Phi (U of Kansas)
Arkansas State U (Sigma Omicron) - Whitney Robinson, Sigma Omicron (Arkansas State U)
Auburn U (Delta Delta) - Michelle Ayers, Delta Delta (Auburn U)
Austin Peay State U (Pi Omicron) - Lauran Chadwick, Tau Omicron (U of Tennessee Martin)
Ball State U (Kappa Kappa) - Rachel Boison, Kappa Kappa (Ball State U)
Birmingham-Southern College (Tau Delta) - Christine Lambert, Tau Delta (Birmingham-Southern College)
Boise State U (Beta Sigma) - Brenda Dunstan, Alpha Phi (Montana State U)
Bowling Green State U (Alpha Psi) - Jennifer Meade, Omega Upsilon (Ohio U)
Bryant U (Beta Upsilon) - Alicia Anthony, Sigma Chi (Hartwick College)
California Polytechnic State U (Chi Psi) - Melanie Mitchell, Chi Psi (California Polytechnic State U)
California State U, Chico (Zeta Theta) - Sandra Swanstrom, Zeta Theta (California State U, Chico)
California State U, Long Beach (Lambda Beta) - Laura Boyer, Lambda Beta (California State U, Long Beach)
California State U, Northridge (Sigma Phi) - Alyssa Paul, Sigma Phi (California State U, Northridge)
California State U, San Marcos (Theta Iota) - Leslie Michaels, Nu Lambda (U of Southern California)
Carleton U (Gamma Chi) - Victoria Dubreuil, Gamma Chi (Carleton U)
Coe College (Alpha Theta) - Lindsay Powers, Iota Sigma (Iowa State U)
Columbia U (Alpha) - Carrie Capron, Mu Lambda (Rollins College)
Columbus State U (Delta Lambda) - Lindsay Murillo, Delta Lambda (Columbus State U)
Cumberland U (Lambda Omicron) - Katie Martin, Lambda Omicron (Cumberland U)
Dalton State College (Lambda Delta) - Tyler Todd, Beta Zeta (Kennesaw State U)
DePaul U (Delta Rho) - Allison Marino, Beta Gamma (Michigan State U)

30 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

Duquesne U (Alpha Mu) - Alyssa Pennington, Zeta Pi (U of Alabama at Birmingham)
East Carolina U (Zeta Psi) - Emily Carter, Zeta Psi (East Carolina U)
East Stroudsburg U (Phi Beta) - Kimberly Kenney, Phi Beta (East Stroudsburg U)
East Tennessee State U (Phi Alpha) - Amber Brown, Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana State U)
Eastern Kentucky U (Epsilon Omega) - Dana Ecton, Epsilon Omega (Eastern Kentucky U)
Eastern Washington U (Tau Gamma) - Claire Olson, Tau Gamma (Eastern Washington U)
Elon U (Epsilon Chi) - Hannah Oxenford, Gamma Alpha (George Mason U)
Florida International U (Pi Theta) - Vanessa Franco, Pi Theta (Florida International U)
Florida Southern College (Kappa Gamma) - Carly Grennor, Kappa Gamma (Florida Southern College)
Florida State U (Alpha Pi) - Janette Tessmer, Alpha Pi (Florida State U)
George Mason U (Gamma Alpha) - Meghan Stringer, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)
Georgia College and State U (Phi Gamma) - Lesley Evans, Gamma Sigma (Georgia State U)
Georgia Southern U (Alpha Lambda) - Jill Forehand, Alpha Lambda (Georgia Southern U)
Georgia State U (Gamma Sigma) - Ashley Calhoun, Alpha Lambda (Georgia Southern U)
Gettysburg College (Beta Eta) - Christina Haiduck, Chi Epsilon (The Ohio State U)
Grand Valley State U (Lambda Eta) - Melanie Murray, Lambda Eta (Grand Valley State U)
Hartwick College (Sigma Chi) - Caitlin Rejman, Sigma Chi (Hartwick College)
Huntingdon College (Sigma Delta) - Laura Breldsford, Sigma Delta (Huntingdon College)
Illinois State U (Beta Nu) - Nicole Westadt, Iota Sigma (Iowa State U), NS-L
Indiana State U (Kappa Alpha) - Megan Maxie, Kappa Alpha (Indiana State U)
Indiana U (Beta Phi) - Angela Lindauer, Beta Phi (Indiana U)
Iowa State U (Iota Sigma) - Jessica Wonderlich, Iota Sigma (Iowa State U)
Jacksonville State U (Delta Epsilon) - Erin Adderhold, Delta Epsilon (Jacksonville State U)
Kennesaw State U (Beta Zeta) - Rebecca Gamble, Gamma Sigma (Georgia State U)
Kentucky Wesleyan College (Beta Chi) - Tina Kirk, Beta Chi (Kentucky Wesleyan College)
LaGrange College (Lambda Chi) - Laura Smith, Lambda Chi (LaGrange College)
Lehigh U (Lambda Upsilon) - Andrea Schmerin, Lambda Upsilon (Lehigh U)
McGill U (Kappa Phi) - Samantha Robinson, Kappa Phi (McGill U)
Miami U (Omega) - Dionn Tron, Omega (Miami U)
Michigan State U (Beta Gamma) - Jessica Kay, Beta Gamma (Michigan State U), NS-L
Middle Tennessee State U (Rho Omicron) - Margaret Secrest, Rho Omicron (Middle Tennessee State U)
Missouri State U (Delta Gamma) - Catherine Zacharias, Delta Alpha (U of Missouri)
Monmouth U (Iota Theta) - Carly Bella, Omega Upsilon (Ohio U)
Montana State U (Alpha Phi) - Laura Wilson, Alpha Phi (Montana State U)
Morningside College (Theta Chi) - Nicole Schwalbach, Theta Chi (Morningside College)
Murray State U (Delta Omega) - Sarah Elliott, Delta Omega (Murray State U)
Northeastern State U (Chi Theta) - Brittany Wagner, Xi (U of Oklahoma)
Northern Arizona U (Theta Omega) - Danielle Barkley, Theta Omega (Northern Arizona U)
Northern Kentucky U (Nu Omega) - Sarah Shepherd, Alpha Psi (U of Toledo)
Northwestern State U of Louisiana (Kappa Chi) - Kelli West, Kappa Chi (Northwestern State U of Louisiana)
Ohio U (Omega Upsilon) - Stephanie Luczkowski, Omega Upsilon (Ohio U)
Oklahoma State U (Omega Sigma) - Jennifer Chessmore, Omega Sigma (Oklahoma State U)
Oregon State U (Alpha Rho) - Leilani Lutes, Theta Omega (Northern Arizona U)


Volunteer Spotlight: Chapter Advisers

Pennsylvania State U (Epsilon Alpha) - Patricia Antolosky, Epsilon Alpha (Pennsylvania State U)
Purdue U (Phi Upsilon) - Lori McCain, Phi Upsilon (Purdue U)
Quincy U (Epsilon Sigma) - Nicole Westadt, Iota Sigma (Iowa State U), NS-L
Ramapo College of New Jersey (Alpha Nu) - Maura Jones, Gamma Phi (Seton Hall U)
Rhodes College (Kappa Omicron) - Dorothy Richardson, Kappa Omicron (Rhodes College)
Rollins College (Mu Lambda) - Ana Bernal Gomez, Mu Lambda (Rollins College)
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Delta Xi) - Kristina Lawyer, Delta Xi (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)
Saint Joseph's U (Sigma Beta) - Meredith Kasian, Nu Omicron (Vanderbilt U)
Sam Houston State U (Sigma Theta) - Lindsey Bouse, Xi (U of Oklahoma)
Samford U (Rho Delta) - Carmen Boehme, Rho Delta (Samford U)
San Jose State U (Delta Sigma) - Michaela Leonard, Zeta Theta (California State U, Chico)
Seton Hall U (Gamma Phi) - Jaclyn Healey, Alpha Nu (Ramapo College of New Jersey)
Shippensburg U (Tau Lambda) - Beth Conrad, Tau Lambda (Shippensburg U)
Slippery Rock U (Sigma Rho) - Shannon Kiley, Sigma Rho (Slippery Rock U)
Sonoma State U (Xi Rho) - Laura Flessner, Chi Psi (California Polytechnic State U)
Southeastern Louisiana U (Kappa Tau) - Brittany Carter, Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U)
Tarleton State U (Theta Sigma) - Sharon Bowers, Delta Theta (Texas Woman's U)
Texas A&M U (Tau Mu) - Patricia Cudney, Sigma (University of California, Berkeley)
Texas Christian U (Lambda Rho) - Jillian Ludwig, Delta Theta (Texas Woman's U)
Texas Woman's U (Delta Theta) - Courtney Tennyson, Xi (U of Oklahoma)
The Ohio State U (Chi Epsilon) - Jillann Henry, Chi Epsilon (The Ohio State U)
Towson U (Theta Beta) - Ashley Clark, Zeta Psi (East Carolina U)
Transylvania U (Tau Omega) - Denise Hall, Tau Omega (Transylvania U)
Troy U (Theta Delta) - Deb Davis, Alpha Kappa (U of North Alabama)
U of Alabama (Alpha Delta) - Deborah Dailey, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)
U of Alabama at Birmingham (Zeta Pi) - Lauren Blackman, Zeta Pi (U of Alabama at Birmingham)
U of Alabama in Huntsville (Delta Tau) - Debra Gardner, Alpha Kappa (U of North Alabama)
U of Arkansas (Xi Omicron) - Danielle Myers, Sigma Omicron (Arkansas State U)
U of Arkansas-Fort Smith (Upsilon Beta) - Emily Enis, Upsilon Beta (U of Arkansas-Fort Smith)
U of British Columbia (Beta Kappa) - Jillian Charlton, Beta Kappa (U of British Columbia)
U of Calgary (Kappa Lambda) - Kristie Joa, Kappa Lambda (U of Calgary)
U of California, San Diego (Lambda Iota) - Jessica Callan, Delta Sigma (San Jose State U)
U of Central Missouri (Delta Pi) - Lenna Levitch, Phi (U of Kansas)
U of Chicago (Phi Chi) - Jessica Kay, Beta Gamma (Michigan State U), NS-L
U of Connecticut (Lambda Lambda) - Andrea Morehouse, Delta Rho (DePaul U) NS-D
U of Evansville (Chi Lambda) - Shauna Cavins, Chi Lambda (U of Evansville)
U of Florida (Gamma Omicron) - Sandra McCloskey, Gamma Omicron (U of Florida)
U of Georgia (Lambda Sigma) - Heather Turner, Alpha Lambda (Georgia Southern U)
U of Illinois (Iota) - Natalie Gross, Iota (U of Illinois)
U of La Verne (Lambda Alpha) - Rachel Harvey, Lambda Alpha (U of La Verne)
U of Louisiana at Lafayette (Delta Beta) - Amanda Borne, Delta Beta (U of Louisiana at Lafayette)
U of Louisiana at Monroe (Lambda Tau) - Michelle Lawrence, Lambda Tau (U of Louisiana at Monroe)
U of Louisville (Pi Alpha) - Samantha MacKenzie, Pi Alpha (U of Louisville)

32 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

U of Maine (Gamma) - Kayla Collins, Gamma (U of Maine)
U of Maryland (Pi Delta) - Meredith Maple, Rho Beta (Virginia Commonwealth U)
U of Michigan (Omicron Pi) - Anne Marie Dornoff, Delta Rho (DePaul U)
U of Minnesota (Tau) - Julie Christensen, Alpha Phi (Montana State U)
U of Mississippi (Nu Beta) - Jenny Byrd, Nu Beta (U of Mississippi)
U of Nebraska at Kearney (Phi Sigma) - Helen King, Phi Sigma (U of Nebraska at Kearney)
U of Nebraska-Lincoln (Zeta) - Teresa Frazier, Phi Sigma (U of Nebraska - Kearny)
U of Nevada Reno (Delta Nu) - Angela Swanson, Sigma (U of California, Berkeley)
U of Northern Colorado (Epsilon Gamma) - Kayla Hamilton, Sigma Theta (Sam Houston State U)
U of Oklahoma (Xi) - Kendra Norman, Xi (U of Oklahoma)
U of South Alabama (Gamma Delta) - Emily Hughes, Gamma Delta (U of South Alabama)
U of South Carolina Aiken (Chi Phi) - Lauren Hodge, Chi Phi (U of South Carolina Aiken)
U of South Florida (Gamma Theta) - Kerri-Ann Allen, Mu Lambda (Rollins College)
U of Tennessee (Omicron) - Carrie Bowman, Omicron (U of Tennessee)
U of Tennessee Martin (Tau Omicron) - Hannah Alexander, Tau Omicron (U of Tennessee Martin)
U of Texas-San Antonio (Upsilon Lambda) - Brittney Liesmann, Sigma Theta (Sam Houston State U)
U of Toledo (Theta Psi) - Renee Charek Claar, Theta Psi (U of Toledo)
U of Toronto (Beta Tau) - Victoria Kuo, Lambda Epsilon (U of Waterloo)
U of Washington (Upsilon) - Linda Pyne, Upsilon (U of Washington)
U of Waterloo (Lambda Epsilon) - Fiona Dobrik, Lambda Epsilon (U of Waterloo)
U of Western Ontario (Iota Chi) - Dana Friedrichsen, Iota Chi (U of Western Ontario)
U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Phi Delta) - Cynthia Frounfelker, Phi Delta (U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
U of Wisconsin-River Falls (Kappa Sigma) - Katrina Barrett, Kappa Sigma (U of Wisconsin-River Falls)
Vanderbilt U (Nu Omicron) - Cynthia Tooley, Alpha Chi (Western Kentucky U)
Virginia Commonwealth U (Rho Beta) - Rhiannon O'Coin, Gamma Alpha (George Mason U)
Wagner College (Theta Pi) - Daniela Sottile, Theta Pi (Wagner College)
Washington College (Sigma Tau) - Courtney Price, Sigma Tau (Washington College)
Washington State U (Alpha Gamma) - Michaelanne DeMarco, Alpha Gamma (Washington State U)
Washington U in St. Louis (Delta Kappa) - Sally DeHekker, Omega Upsilon (Ohio U)
West Virginia U (Sigma Alpha) - Morgan Prunty, Sigma Alpha (West Virginia State U)
Western Kentucky U (Alpha Chi) - Allyson Jones, Alpha Chi (Western Kentucky State U)
Western Michigan U (Kappa Rho) - Katheryn Cook, Kappa Rho (Western Michigan University)
Wingate U (Alpha Epsilon) - Meghan George, Sigma Gamma (Appalachian State U)
Wright State U (Kappa Delta) - Jennifer Stiver, Omega Upsilon (Ohio U)
Youngstown State U (Phi Lambda) - Karen Marchese, Phi Lambda (Youngstown State U)


Available Chapter Adviser Positions



The Chapter Adviser serves as a liaison who fosters a positive relationship between the Alumnae Advisory Committee
and the chapter. The Chapter Adviser will advise the Chapter President and ensure that the CP fulfills all her duties as
an officer. Delegating and empowering each officer to embrace the responsibilities of her office is critical to overall
success and in preventing burnout on the part of the Chapter President.

The Chapter Adviser is the primary member of the AAC to receive AOII Headquarters’ communications. The Chapter
Adviser will distribute this information in a timely manner and discuss at the AAC meeting. This will ensure that every-
one on the AAC receives the critical Fraternity updates.

Chapter Adviser Duties:
• Attend Leaders’ Council weekly or find an alternate
• Advise Leaders’ Council, Chapter President and any other officers without a designated adviser
• Oversee the goals that the Leaders’ Council sets and evaluate them
• Monitor the completion of AAC reports in AlphaLink
• Attend International Convention, Leadership Institute and Leadership Academy, as requested
• Attend specialized training as requested
• Assist chapter in preparation for official visitors
• Attend campus Fraternity/Sorority Adviser meetings, or find an alternate Chapter Adviser

• Communicate with Fraternity/Sorority Adviser frequently
• Communicate weekly at a set time with the Chapter President
• Complete reports on AlphaLink
• Communicate frequently with the network team
• Communicate and follow through with AAC


Network 2:
The Ohio State U (Chi Epsilon), Columbus, Ohio
U of Toledo (Alpha Psi), Toledo, Ohio
Youngstown State U (Phi Lambda), Youngstown, Ohio

If you are interested in any Network 2 CA role above please contact Autumn Chalker,
Assistant Director of Collegiate Experience at [email protected].

Network 3:
Illinois State U (Beta Nu), Normal, Illinois
Quincy U (Epsilon Sigma), Quincy, Illinois
U of Chicago (Phi Chi), Chicago, Illinois
U of Western Ontario (Iota Chi), London, Ontario, Canada

If you are interested in any Network 3 CA role above please contact Bailey Read,
Director of Collegiate Experience at [email protected].

Tarleton State U (Theta Sigma), Stephenville, Texas
Texas A&M U (Tau Mu), College Station, Texas

If you are interested in any Growth CA role above please contact Joelle McWilliams,
Director of Growth at [email protected].

34 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

AOII Foundation Focus

My Ruby Fund Story

We often state that AOII is for a lifetime, and this sister’s story proves just that. Hannah Beth contacted the
Foundation recently to inquire how she could give back to the sisterhood that did so much for her just a
few short years ago. This sister was once a Ruby Fund recipient and found herself in a desperate situation
that needed immediate assistance. She’s back on her feet now and wants to extend that helping hand to
other AOII sisters in need. When you give to the Ruby Fund or another program of the AOII Foundation, a
fellow sister directly benefits from your generosity. You can read more about Hannah Beth’s story below.

by Hannah Beth Jacobs Millman, Zeta Pi (U of Alabama at Birmingham)
Fear is an emotion that I unfortunately know all
too well, as I am the survivor of an emotionally ward. My need
for a friend
abusive marriage. More about that in a bit, though. far exceeded
I’d first like to share the good stuff. I was initiated my fear, so I
into Zeta Pi (U of Alabama at Birmingham) in Janu- reached out,
ary of 1993, and immediately began to discover and the AOII
who I was and of what I might be capable of in this Foundation
world. I served as Chapter President, Panhellenic was there.
President and a Chapter Consultant after gradu-
ation with the most amazing women I have ever Fast forward to
known. Afterwards, I returned to Birmingham to 2019. I am hap-
serve as a Chapter Advisor for Zeta Pi as well as a pily re-married
Regional Officer. I also started a successful career and have sole
in medical sales that evolved into a successful custody of my
career as a fitness teacher, got married and had three children.
three beautiful children. On the outside, life was With much
good. On the inside, I was living a nightmare – and support, I have worked hard to provide the very
told no one. best life for us that I can. I am currently overseeing
the operations of four yoga studios in the Atlanta
In May of 2014, my 10-year marriage came to an area and am finding opportunities to give back as I
abrupt end as my three children and I were es- once did. To that end, I was thrilled to be selected
sentially rescued from my ex-husband. After years as an AOII Foundation Ambassador! I cannot
of emotional abuse, I learned that the destruction think of a better way to give back than to share
reached further than I ever imagined. With no my story, and raise money, for the group that was
home, no money and no future, I moved in with my there for me in my darkest time.
dad and stepmom. I applied for food stamps and
Medicaid and I slowly began to pick up the pieces So, join me and please give sisters. Give what you
of my life and figure out what to do next. I was not are able, as often as you are able. #GivingTuesday
comfortable taking any more money from my par- is December 3rd, and I implore you to make this
ents than absolutely necessary so I turned to the the year that you begin the habit of a monthly or
only place that I could think of – AOII and the Ruby yearly contribution to the Foundation. Your dona-
Fund. With help provided by the AOII Foundation, tion really does have the power to change – or
I was able to focus my efforts on how to move for- even save – a life. It did mine.


NPC News

A Grand New Tradition:
NPC Annual Educational Conference

by the National Panhellenic Conference

From Oct. 3-5, 2019, the National Panhellen- Everyone gathered Friday morning for the
ic Conference (NPC) hosted the inaugural first keynote session from Liz Murray who
NPC Annual Educational Conference at The shared the inspirational story of her journey
Peabody Memphis – The South’s Grand Hotel from being homeless at age 15 to graduating
– in Memphis, Tennessee. from Harvard in 2009. Relevant to the sorority
“In conjunction with NPC’s new organizational experience, her message stressed the impor-
and governance structure that took effect tance of finding a sense of belonging within a
July 1, we have introduced what is ‘Our Grand community and the transformational effects of
New Tradition’ – an annual educational event mentorship.
with programming of interest and value spe- Talkspace’s Elizabeth Hinkle, LMFT, then
cifically to those working for and with wom- spoke to attendees about the mental health
en’s-only organizations,” said NPC Chairman needs of young women as they transition
Carole Jones. “That includes member orga- from high school to college and provided
nization staff and volunteers, NPC volunteers resources to support the mental health of
and other interfraternal partners.” today’s collegians.

Jones noted this year’s event featured both During the Partner Marketplace, attendees
large and small group educational sessions, visited with NPC Partner Program represen-
with topics generated by the 2019-22 NPC tatives to learn about their products and
Strategic Plan and NPC’s Advocacy Building services that support member organizations
Blocks. The NPC Foundation provided signifi- and the sorority experience.
cant financial support for the educational ses- Attendees spent Friday afternoon in small
sions, as did many sponsors who supported group educational breakout sessions. Topics
programming, meals, refreshments and other included using data and patterns to grow the
meeting services. sorority movement, drug use trends among
This year’s event began on Thursday evening college-age students, building Panhellenic
with a kick-off reception on the roof of The sisterhood in alumnae organizations and a
Peabody that included networking time and day-in-the-life of a fraternity/sorority life cam-
special entertainment: The Peabody Ducks! pus professional.
(Visit for a video.) Next, NPC welcomed Christina Geist, brand
Attendees then gathered for the opening strategist, bestselling author and entrepre-
dinner to celebrate the NPC community and neur. Geist founded the company Boombox,
special Panhellenic women. The program in- an idea inspired while celebrating the 40th
cluded recognition of the 2017-19 NPC Execu- birthday of one of her Chi Omega sorority
tive Committee, introduction of the 2019-21 sisters. During a conversation with NPC Chair-
NPC Board of Directors and the presentation man Carole Jones, Geist shared her story of
of new badges designed by Herff Jones, a women’s friendships, sisterhood, empower-
memorial service, special presentations from ment and leadership.
NPC member organizations and an update
from the NPC Foundation.

36 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

Clark Brown, general counsel for the North the Board of Directors for the coming year.
American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), (Note: For more information, read the October
then presented an NIC litigation and health/ 2019 NPC Chairman’s Message found online)
safety update, including a discussion of newly A number of award recipients also were
adopted campus advocacy protocols and recognized.
NIC’s updated position statements. Afternoon educational sessions began with
During the NPC Foundation dinner, NPC the final set of breakout topics: personality
Foundation President Ann Brookshire pre- trends and member motivations within soror-
sented the Women in Higher Education ity chapters, creating a culture of well-being
Achievement (WHEA) Award to Dr. Darcy L. in organizations, technology and volunteers
Russell, dean of the college of arts and sci- and the benefits and outcomes of implement-
ences at Baker University. Dr. Russell is an ing a common read program in a College
accomplished researcher, professor, author Panhellenic community.
and presenter who has made it her lifelong During the final large group educational
quest to make difficult subjects understand- session, NPC Chief Operating Officer Jenny
able. She is also a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Greyerbiehl moderated a panel discus-
and a long-time NPC volunteer. sion with four local campus administrators
The evening concluded with small group to discuss higher education trends. These
educational sessions for NPC family members professionals shared their thoughts on how
on the topics of Release Figure Methodology sororities have contributed to their campuses
(RFM) and Extension. and what sororities need to do to remain on
On Saturday morning, attendees partici- campuses in the future.
pated in the large group session “Reflections With the educational sessions complete, the
From the Anti-Hazing Coalition” with Richard evening programming took a lighter turn.
Braham, Evelyn Piazza and Jim Piazza, three Attendees participated in a service activ-
of the parents who have lost sons to hazing. ity to assemble hygiene kits for use by girls
During the past two years, the Brahams, Piaz- participating in Girls Inc. Memphis-sponsored
zas and other members of the Anti-Hazing programs and at home.
Coalition (AHC) have become part of our in- That was followed by the closing dinner that
terfraternal family. This discussion, moderated included a program by Fran Becque, Ph.D.,
by NPC Chief Executive Officer Dani Weather- historian and archivist for Pi Beta Phi. Her
ford, provided an opportunity for the parents “The Power of 26” program helped attendees
to share lessons from their discussions about be more informed about and inspired by the
hazing with thousands of sorority women, history of the sorority movement; the story of
their legislative efforts to end hazing and the NPC; and the women who founded, joined
future work of the AHC. and built our organizations.
During the Saturday morning educational The evening closed with a dessert bar,
breakout sessions, attendees chose from four sponsored by Chi Omega and Kappa Delta,
topics: current membership expectations from both headquartered in Memphis. Attendees
potential new members, how and why women also were serenaded by an Elvis tribute artist,
haze, mentorship in today’s sorority world and they took pictures with him in the event-
and an exploration of bias in the Panhellenic themed photo booth.
sorority experience. “NPC is already looking forward to next year
The State of the Conference & Award Pre- and building on the success of this inaugural
sentations Luncheon followed. NPC Chair- educational conference,” said NPC CEO Dani
man Carole Jones delivered the “State of the Weatherford. “We’re already at work incor-
Conference” address highlighting the work porating feedback from this year to plan the
of NPC volunteers and staff to position NPC 2020 NPC Annual Educational Conference,
and the entire sorority community for a strong and we hope you’ll save the date, Oct. 29-31,
future as they execute on the NPC Strategic at The Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky.”
plan. She also highlighted the work plans of


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38 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019


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68 | Chapter Adviser Edition 2019

Long Sleeve Alumna Tee - $26.00



Click here to pay your alumnae dues!

Annual AOII alumnae dues of $35 ($19 for Life Loyal members)
contributes to the advancement of the AOII membership experience.
Dues will support various initiatives such as membership events
and programming, personal and professional development, and
increased involvement opportunities between our collegiate and
alumnae members.

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