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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2016-08-08 10:09:43

2002 Summer - To Dragma

Vol. LXIX, No. 3

To Dragma of AlphaQmicron Pi
SUMMEK 2002 SvMHEK 2002
VOL. LXIX, No.3 VOL. LX1X, INo.3
s wit

To Drapma
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
salute excellence; and to serve as a permanent of our Fraternity's history.
Alpha Omicron PiFraternity,Inc.
Alpha Omicron Piisan international women's fraternity promoting friendship for a lifetime, inspiring academe excellence and lifelong learning and developing leadership skills through service to the Fraternity and community.
Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation, Inc.
The mission of the Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation is to fund programs, which promote the intellectual, ethical and leadership development of members of Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity and, through its philanthropic efforts, benefit the larger society. The vision of the Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation is to ensure the continuation of Alpha
Omiaon PiFraternity as we look ahead to the challenges of the 21st Century.
Oh Canada!
Learn more about our Canadian sisters and the beautiful country they call home.
Omicron Celebrates
A celebration for the first AOII chapter to reach the centennial milestone.
V_>7YF A In
of Alpha Omicron Pi
5 12
Our Missions:
7b Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi
The mission ofTo Dragma ofAlpha Omicron Pi k
to inform, educate and inspire our readers on subjects relevant to our Fraternity, our chapters, our members, or Greek life; to encourage lifetime AOTT involvement to
Fraternity News
AOII news, notes and announcements.
Collegiate News
Our collegiate chapters share their successful scholarship incentives.
Maintaining a Legacy
A history of the development of the Fraternity's jewelry.
The 2002-2003 CC's
Meet the young women who will spend the next nine months representing Alpha Omicron Pi on our college cam puses.
The AOTT Foundation
Read how the AOII Foundation is reaching out and touching lives.

Alumnae News
In this issue, chapters
were given the opportunity to salute an outstanding chapter member.
Alumnae Bulletin Board
News, notes o r stories about our alumnae chapters and alumnae members.
2002 Leadership Academies
Highlights from both success- ful Leadership Academies held this spring.
Bragging Rights
AOII salutes the outstanding individual achievements of our collegiate members.
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
To DragmaofAlphaOmicronPi
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Graphic Design
Rebecca Brown Davis, Delta Delta (Auburn U)
42 43 46
Mu Lambda Installation
AOII installs our 178th colle- giate chapter at Rollins College, Winter Park, F L
75 Year Members
A salute to our members initiated during th e school year 1926-1927.
AOII Emporium
A glimpse at a few of the great items available from the AOII Emporium.
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Carole Jurenko Jones International President
A O I I perspective
To Dragma/SUMMEH 20(12
AOIFs oldest active chapter, Omicron, celebrates its Centennial, while the newest, Mu Lambda, celebrates
It was truly a great privilege for me to be on the campus of the U of Tennessee in Knoxvifle April 26 and 27 as Omicron Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi celebrated its
100th birthday. Omicron is cur- rently the oldest active collegiate chapter in AOII and the first to cel- ebrate its Centennial.
One week earlier I had the joy of installing AOIFs newest collegiate chapter, M u Lambda, at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla. I h e chapter members have accepted many leadership positions on campus and have established AOII as a group that searches for and achieves the finest possible results.
Despite the difference in their age, Omicron and Mu Ijambda are most definitely experiencing sisterhood for a lifetime. The collegiate members are niching for excellence and both chapters are fortunate to have dedi- cated alumnae who are giving them consistent and solid support These women, by serving as advisers, Corporation Board members and mentors, provide the continuity and wisdom our collegiate chapters need in order to be successful
Over the years, the Knoxville alum- nae have touched the lives of so many sisters and have helped guide Omicron and its members along the road to excellence.
The newly initiated members of Mu Lambda have been charged with securing the future of the chapter through their shared ideals, commit-
ment and service to others, and the Orlando area alumnae are helping to establish a strong foundation by guiding them along the way.
AOII for a lifetime was truly evident during both weekends as alumnae and collegians gathered for weekends of sisterhood and celebration. Fond memories were shared, "remember when's" provided for lots of laughter, and new friendships were forged. But, most importantly, the bonds of sister- hood grew stronger.
Omicron has blessed Alpha Omicron Pi with many generations of dedicat- ed and loyal members including Past mternational President Janie Linebaugh Callaway ; past Executive Board members Dorothy Greve McAllister, Dorothy Whitaker Allen and Anne Witt .Allison; past To Dragma editor Patricia Batchelor Penning; Nancy Horner Betn's,a past Regional Vic* President, and Mary Jane Bell Sharp, HT&.I member and past chairman, to name a few.
I predict that M u I.ambda, named for Past International IVesident Mary Louise Roller, will do the same.
Carole Jurenko Jones

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PlansAvailable AOII Group Insurance
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lb Dragma wins awands
Second Place
NIF Writing Award
"Ecstasy -A Dangerous Gamble"
— To Dragma, Spring 2001. This article was honored for its content The National Interfraternal Foundation presents these awards to recognize outstanding magazine articles featuring issues relevant to student life and/or the fraternity system.
AOII was honored with three publication awards during the 2002 College Fraternity Editors Association (CFEA) Annual Conference in May. Entries were produced between January 24,2001 and January 23,2002.
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
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We need each and every AOII
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buildingwithazeromortgage Toursofsomeofthenew
balance! Your gift will help to ensure that AOII flourishes in the years ahead, offering the opportunity for membership for many more generations
to come. For additional information,log onto and enjoy the Virtual Tour
of our new facility. Pledge cards are available on the VirtualTour or by phoning International Headquarters at 615-370-0920.
facilities at UNL will be available. Special guests will include International President, Carole Jones and former Foundation Board President and Zeta AlumnaJeanieSells.
For more information, please contact Shelly Smith, Chapter Adviser at [email protected] or call 402-438-1003.
100 years at the U of Nebraska - Lincoln
A Zeta reunion celebration weekend has been planned for March 28-30,2003. Plans include a reception
for alumnae and university officials, a decade luncheon, a banquet and Formal RituaL
Certificate of Merit
Feature Article Layout
This award honored the design of "Aging Gracefully," a feature article appearing in
Certificate of Merit Annual Report
This award honors the design and content of our 1999-2001 Biennial
Report that was distributed at the 2001 convention.
To Dragma,
Summer 2001.

To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
Since AOII became an International Fraternity with the installation of Beta Tau Chapter at the U of Toronto in September, 1930, there has been a truly special relationship between AOIFs American and Canadian sisters. Every year at Leadership Institute or Convention, there is a strong contingent of Canadian sisters present - collegiate and alumnae presidents, advisers, and network specialists. Through an O u t p o u r i n g of support in the wake of September 11th, our special bond of sisterhood
has transcended limitations - a true sisterhood without borders.
A Brief History On The Nation Our Neighboring Sisters Call Home
Although not quite as old as the United States, Canada has had a long and varied history since 1498, when John Cabot discovered the eastern shores of Newfoundland. There were many batdes between the English and the French over control of'Canada', and even included a war won by Canada against the US in 1813 (The War of 1812.)
Canada became a self-governing dominion in 1867 while retaining ties to the British crown. Economically and technologically the nation has developed in parallel with the US, its neighbor to the south across an unfortified border. Canada celebrates its independence from Great Britain each year on July 1st, Canada Day.

ji link Farts-
Population of Canada: over 31 million.
• Canada is the second-largest country in the world (after Russia); it holds a strategic loca- tion between Russia and US via north polar route; approximately 85% of the population is concentrated within 300 k m of the US/Canada border.
• As opposed to 'states,' Canada has ten provinces and three territories, each with its own capital city (in brackets): Provinces west to east: British Columbia (Victoria); Alberta (Edmonton); Saskatchewan (Regina); Manitoba (Winnipeg); Ontario (Toronto); Quebec (Quebec Gty); New Brunswick (Fredericton); Nova Scotia (Halifax); Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown); Newfoundland
(St John's); Territories: Yukon Territory (Whitehorse); Northwest Territories (Yellowknife); and Nunavut (Iqaluit).
• The Bicameral Parliament consists of the Senate (a body whose members are appoint- ed to serve until reaching 75 years of age by the governor general and selected on the advice of the prime minister, its normal limit is 104 senators) and the House of Commons (301 seats; members elected by direct popu- lar vote to serve five-year terms).
• The Chief of State: Queen Elizabeth II (since 6 February 1952), represented in Canada by the Governor General Adrienne Clarkson (since 7 October 1999).
• The Head of Government: Prime Minister Jean Chretien (since 4 November 1993).
• The Cabinet: Federal Ministry chosen by the prime minister from among the mem- bers of his own party sitting in Parliament
• Elections: The monarch is hereditary; governor general appointed by the monarch on the advice of the prime minis- ter for a five-year term; following legislative elections, the leader of the majority party in the House of Commons is automatically designated by the governor general to become prime minister.
Government system
The federal Parliament deals with matters that affect all of Canada, such as interprovincial trade and commerce, national defense and criminal law. As well, the federal government has responsibility for Aboriginal people and lands reserved for Aboriginal people.
The provincial legislatures have the authority to make laws in such areas as education, property rights, the administration of justice, hospitals, municipali- ties and other local or private matters. In addition, the provinces may create local or municipal governments that can deal with matters such as parking regulations or local building standards.
Two official languages:
The Official Languages Act makes French and English the official languages of Canada and provides for special measures aimed at enhancing the vitality and supporting the development of English and French linguistic minority communities. Canada's federal institutions reflect the equality of its two offi- cial languages by offering bilingual services.
Cultural Policy:
Canada's official policy on other cultures in Canada is that of
Multiculturafism, as opposed to the "melting pot' - cultures are expected to be cherished, celebrated, and enhance everyday life.
Unlike many other industrialized countries, Canada has no federal education- al system; the Constitution vested the responsibility for education in the provinces. Each provincial system, while similar to the others, reflects its par- ticular region, history and culture. The provincial departments of education - headed by an elected minister - set standards, draw up curricula, and give grants to educational institutions.
Responsibility for the administration of elementary and secondary schools is delegated to local elected school boards or commissions. The boards set bud- gets, hire and negotiate with teachers, and shape school curricula within provincial guidelines.
For most of Canada's history, post-secondary education was provided almost exclusively by its universities. These were mainly private institutions, many with a religious affiliation, but now are publicly funded. During the 1960s, however, as the demand for greater variety in post-secondary education rose sharply and enrollment grew, systems of publicly-operated post-secondary non-university institutions began to develop. Today in Canada, some 200 technical institutes and community colleges complement about 100 universi- ties, attracting a total post-secondary enrollment of approximately one million students. Student fees, owing to substantial government subsidies, account for only about 11 percent of the cost of Canadian post-secondary education.
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002

AOII in Canada
Greek life in Canada is the exception, not the rule. There are only 26 campuses that have Greek life, and only 14 NPC groups have chapters in Canada.
Only Alpha Gamma Delta and Alpha Phi have chartered more chapters in Canada than AOII (9 and 7 respectively). AOII has chartered 6 collegiate chapters and 5 alumnae chapters:
can advertise on campus. Only 2 universities have a faculty Greek Adviser, but not a proper staff/department and only 3 other cam- puses have volunteer Panhellenic advisers.
Financially, most Canadian collegiate AOII's are going through school on student loans and working part-time. Statistics show that in most AOII Canadian chapters, 85 to 100% of chapter members
Collegiate Chapters
• U of Toronto (Toronto,ON)
Beta Tau Chapter - chartered September 27,1930 (72 years old. The oldest continuous chapter in Canada) • U of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC) Beta Kappa was chartered October 17,1931, returned charter 1985 •McGfflU (Montreal QU) Kappa Phi was chartered March 25,1939, returned charter 1973; Rechartered November 11th, 1989 • U of Calgary (Calgary, AB) Kappa Lambda was chartered November 30,1985 • U of Western Ontario (London,ON) Iota Chi was chartered
October 25th, 1986
• Carleton U (Ottawa, O N )
Gamma Chi was chartered November 21st, 1992
Alumnae Chapters
AOII currendy has five alumnae chapters
BanffNational Park, Canada'sfirstnational park,features many natural cultural and his- toric sites. Elk, bighorn sheep, black and grizzly bear, and carilxiu make their homes there. The natural landscape is composed of rugged moun- tains, glaciers, icefields, alpine meadows, beauti- ful blue cold-water lakes, mineral hot springs, and deep canyons.
currently have a part-time job of 15 hours and up. I n all the provinces, there are rules to where you can apply and still receive a full-ride student loan, which has limited students going to school in their home city/province, and not 'going away to college'. Most students will still live in the same city and at home during college.
The drinking age in Alberta and Quebec is 18, and in Ontario, 19. By the time most students come to university, much less AOIL the novelty of "going out drinking" has dissipated. By Canadian law, you are a legal adult at 18 years of age. Thus the university's responsibility for the safety & welfare of their students is different from that of an American university.
AH of the Canadian Alumnae chapters have very diverse membership and activi- ties for their members. Whether they are doing a silent auction, a golf tournament, a food theme event, or celebrating Founders' Day, each alumnae chapter has a lot of fun, and wants you to be a mem- ber... sisterhood is more than 4 college years. Contact H Q at shaman@alphaomi- to get the contact information of your nearest alumnae chapter.
in Canada: Toronto Area Alumnae
Chapter, Vancouver Alumnae Chapter, Montreal Alumnae Chapter, Ottawa Alumnae Chapter, and Calgary Alumnae Chapter.
Only 2 chapters (Beta Tau and Iota Chi) own housing, and Kappa Phi rents their apartment/townhouse. Neither Gamma Chi nor Kappa Lambda own houses as where the universities are located for Carleton, McGiH, and Calgary, the housing is in fairly upscale communities where housing is at a premium and, thus the cost is too high.
Chapter size averages between 20 and 35 members, with the exception of Iota Chi, where chapter size can range between 40-75 members as campus total is higher. The tradition of going Greek is not well developed in Canada, and the universities do not recognize nor control Greek Life. More often than not, Greeks are recognized as limited student groups - they can have free meetings rooms and
Canadian collegiate chapters are having fun, but they also need adviser support. Some chapters have 6-8 advisers, but most have 2- 4 advisers. These chapters lacking in alumnae support are having difficulties in keeping the advisers they currendy have as they get burnt out very quickly. If you only have a few hours a month, please give back to your local collegiate chapter - they need our support to succeed in the future
Canadian AOII's have served as volunteers for many years as welt From Regional Directors and Vice-Presidents and Chapter Consultants to today's Collegiate Network Specialists, AOII has enjoyed the varied experiences that these women bring to their chapters in Canada and the United States. Canadian AOII's are also very proud of Joan MacCallum, AOII's first and only Canadian International President Joan served from 1979-1981, and is the current International Historian.
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002

Canadian sisters attending AOIFs 2001 International Convention.
Two American members share perspectives on what AOII and Canada has been to them:
"I have warm and wonderful memories of my first experience with Canadian sisters when I attended my first International AOII Convention held at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C. in 1959! My roommate was a Canadian, and she made sure that I met lots of my Canadian sisters.,jt was a tremendous sisterhood experience for me, and as a collegiate president, broadened my AOII experience significantly! I truly embraced the 'internation- al' aspect of our fraternity at this convention! Everything about the convention was amaz- ing....the beautiful hotel and surroundings....the warmth of the welcome extended to us by our Canadian sisters..."
- Rosalie Barber, AOII Executive Board, VP/Extension
"Traveling for AOII allowed me to see Canada for the first time. I visited four chap- ters during my year as a CC (Iota Chi, Beta Tau, Kappa Lambda and Kappa Phi) and each chapter made sure that I saw their favorite parts of their campuses, cities and so on. Everyone was very gracious to help me learn more about Canada and appreciate their traditions."
- Monica Ramey, Chapter Consultant 99-00
Since September 11th, we all have become more aware of what is UnpOrtHIlt and the bonds that hold us close. There is a lot of pride that each Canadian member of AOII has, not only for this organization, but also being Canadian. In being International (not "National"), AOII is not only a bond of sisterhood, but also a bond that transcends borders as well
By Simla Schiveitzer Berry, (Kappa Lambda - U of Calgary) earned her BA in Canadian and US History. Shala serves as a Collegiate Nehvork Specialist, and is the President of the (Canadian Interfraternal Ass<xiation.
amoiis Canadians
• Jim Carrey - "Ace V entura"
• Matthew Perry - "Friends"
' Christopher Plummer - "Sound
of Music"
• Michael J. Fox - "Family Ties",
"Back to the Future", "Spin G t y " • Eric McCormack - "Will & Grace"
• Mike Myers - "Austin Powers" •James Cameron - director, "Titanic" • Kim Cattrall - "Sex and the Gty"
• Jill Hennessy - "Crossing Jordan",
"Law and Order"
• Neve Campbell - "Party of Five"
• Pamela Anderson - "Baywatch", " W • Keanu Reeves - "Matrix"
• Wayne Gretzky - hockey
• Gordie Howe - hockey
• Louis B. Mayer - Studio executive,
producer, co-founder of
Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer
• Jack Cooke Kent - owner of the
Washington Redskins and the
Los Angeles Daily News
• Lome Michaels - producer of
"Saturday Night live" • Celine Dion
• Alanis Morrisette • Shania Twain
• Sarah McLachlan • Diana Krall
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
• Anne Murray
•The Guess Who
• Cowboy Junkies
• Crash Test Dummies • Bryan Adams
• Leonard Cohen
• Joni Mitchell
• Neil Y oung
• Barenaked

An AOII "First'-
Une Lmtiuy 01,
oisternood Celebrated at Omicron
More than 450 Omicron Chapter alumnae and collegians from the U of Tennessee - Knoxville gathered April 26-27,2002, to cele- brate a century of sisterhood at AOITs oldest active chapter.
The weekend of events featured a welcome reception in the University's skyboxes at Neyland Stadium on Friday, April 26 and a day of events commemorating the chapter s her- itage on Saturday, April 27.
Saturday's events included a Ritual and Memorial Service at UTs Panhellenic Building: the dedication of a marble sculpture donated by AOII to U T s Hodges Library; a series of "decade lunches" lor new member classes of different eras; and a Centennial Banquet featur- ing the history, legacy and shared memories of Omicrons alumnae.
Omicron's Centennial proved to be as much an inspiration for the future as it was a celebra- tion of the chapter's past accomplishments.
"What a joy it was for me to be a part of Omicrons wonderful Centennial celebration, which is just the beginning of many more to come." said International President Carole Jones. "Chapters reaching this tremendous milestone have faithfully carried out the pur- pose of AOII as our Founders envisioned it, and

they stand as a living monument to the hopes and dreams of those special ladies and to each of us who has followed."
According to Jones, the weekend's events held many special moments for all who attend- ed, with Ritual holding a particularly meaning- ful place for alumnae and collegians alike.
"Saturday morning s Ritual ceremony
was very significant since many of those in attendance had not participated in Ritual since their college days." Jones said. "What a beautiful time it was as the collegians and alumnae celebrated and shared the common philosophy that is a part of their daily lives as members of AOII."
Led by Centennial Chair Becky Duncan Massey (Omicron 74), members of AOITs Knoxville Alumnae Chapter joined with Omicron's collegiate leaders to plan the lull event, starting last summer.
"The most special part of the reunion was seeing all the smiles as sisters reconnected and caught up on each others lives after not having seen each other for many, many years," Massey said.
The Omicron cxJlegians served as outstand- ingrepresentativesof AOIFs future and played a significant role throughout the event, such as performing a New Member Recruitment skit during the opening night rcxKptiori and serving as hostesses during the "decade lunches."
Salutations from Washington, D.C. and Tennessee Legislature
Attendees felt especially proud that Omicron received letters of commen- dation from several state and U.S. congressmen, including U.S. Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr., UJS. (Congressman Bob Clement (whose daughter Elizabeth, an Omicron collegian, was recently elect- ed as U T s Student Government Association President), and State Representative John Tanner. The letters were read during the Saturday night banquet festivities, along with several greetings from former and pre- sent AOII International leaders.
Slate Representative Jamie Roberts Hagood (Omicron "91) pre- sented Omicron Chapter President Sara Pottinger with a framed Resolution on behalf of the Tennessee Slate Legislature, congrat- ulating Omicron on the Centennial and recognizing AOITs wealth of contributions to the U of Tennessee campus, to Tennessee communities and to philanthropic good.
by Mary Beth Chunn West, Omicron VI (V of Tennessee)
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002

Mary Jane Bell Sharp Presents an Oral History of Omicron
The following are excerpts of a speech present- ed by Mary Jane Bell Sharp (Omicron "46) at the Omicron Centennial Banquet on Saturday evening April 27,2002:
Over these years, Omicron Chapter and the U of Tennessee have enjoyed a very close relationship established by the circumstances of Omicrons beginning at TJT.
Even though Alpha Omicron Pi was the second sorority to come to the University, it has the distinction of being the first, and perhaps only, sorority to have been invited to come to the University and to have been established by the faculty and administration.
Dr. Brown Ayres came to UT as president from New Orleans, and his daughter, Mattie, had been an AOII in Pi Chapter at Newcomb College. So Dr. Ayres was aware of the values and standards of this new group based at Barnard College. He and others felt that those principles were compatible with those of the University.
Therefore, letters and petitions were sent from faculty of UT urging our founders to char- ter a chapter here. The Dean of the University, Dr. Cooper D. Schmidtt and his wife, took the lead and were the main supporters of
Omicron s beginning, as related in the first min- utes of the chapter.
Years later, Nina Gookin BushnelL who later became Dean of Women at Virginia State Teachers College in Frederickburg wrote, "On April 14,1902, Mrs. Helen St Clair Mullen and Miss Florence Danville of Alpha Chapter installed Omicron as the fourth chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi here at the University of Tennessee. The four charter members were: Ailsie Kyle Powell, class of 1902; Nina Jackson Gookin, 1903; Fannie Lee Caulkins, 1904; and Dorothy Greve, 1905."
Down through the years, daughters and sis- ters of faculty have chosen AOII and we them. Omicron Chapter has grown exceedingly strong and fine not because of her long existence, but because of the unobtrusive love, contributions, and leadership given by her members - both collectively as a chapter and ind ividually - to thefraternity,University, and many communi- ties across the state and country. This giving in accordance with the general purposes of Alpha Omicron Pi began for Omicron with her four founders using AOII standards as an incentive and a measure of their achievement
Harriet Cone Greve was initiated in 1903. She went on for advanced degrees and became Dean of Women here at UT for some 21 years. The University honored Dean Greve by naming a dormitory for her, Greve Hall.
Omicron honors her memory each year by awarding three Harriet Greve Scholarships to UT students with a portion of die monies raised by the chapter's annual Barbecue - now in its 42nd year - which also benefits Arthritis Research.
Omicron Chapter has been a fine one for Alpha Omicron Pi. She has lent support and members in establishing more than 15 chapters of Alpha Omicron Pi, beginning with Kappa in
1903. then many followed such as Vanderbilt Rhodes. Birmingham-Southern, Michigan, Northwestern. Florida, Louisiana. Duke, others in Tennessee, and the list goes on.
Omicron Chapter has been great for the U of Tennessee, also. She has provided this campus with hundreds of leaders, scholars, musicians, queens and beauties, and loyal alumnae over these many years.
Omicron AOIIs have been volunteers true to the Tennessee spirit active in their communities in all kinds of ways. Over the years many awards have been given to our chapter including the JWH cup three times, other AOII awards, University awards and various community recognitions.
However, Omicrons consistent desire to be the best she can be comes from her heritage. Those four young women initiated in 1902 had the high expectations of faculty to live up to, and Omicron has set for herself high standards and goals since.
IntematmnaQy-Known Artist and Omicron Alumna Presents "Centuria'' Sculpture to UT
When Omicron celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1952, the chapter donated two stained-glass windows with beautiful rose depictions to UTs Hoskins library, which can be admired to this day.
To celebrate its Centennial, Omicron Chapter recruited one of her own - Julie Warren Conn (Omicron '62) - to create a unique sculpture for display in UTs newer main campus library.
The artwork Conn created, named "Centura." in honor of Omicron s 100th anniversary, was presented at a formal dedication at Hodges Library on April 27 and depicts a woman in white marble. Formally accepted by UT FVesident Emeritus Joe Johnson, whose daughter Kelly is an Omicron alumna, the sculpture will be dis- played in the library's main atrium.
"Since Julie is an Omicron alumna as well as the first UT graduate in sculpture, it was most fitting that she create our gift to the University," said Pat Medley (Omicron "64), coordinator of Omicrons Centennial gift.
Conn's work is internationally known. One of her previous sculptures, 'Terra," was commissioned by the U of Tennessee in commemoration of the University's 1994 bicentennial and is on display along the prominent Cumberland Avenue on campus.
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
Mary Beth West Kmxvik Alumnae Chapter President; Sara PoWn^tOnicron Chapter President: Cook jurenko Jones, International President:julieWarren Conn artist Becky Massey. Centennial Event Chair: and Pat Medley, Coordinator of Ormjoris Centennial Oft
Video Captures Memories, Pays Tribute
A 30-minute video helped conclude the events Saturday night banquet by sharing reflections and memories of Omicron sisters, representing multiple: decades. Still photo presen- tations interspersed with interview footage captured details of Omicrons history over the years. Despite the changing times and the evolution of life on the UofTennessee campus,
the video proved that AOII sisterhood at Omicron Chapter has remained constant and steadf ast Anyone wishing to order the video should contact
BBB Communications (865)483-8112.

Idea Sharing Scholarship Incentives
W e know that chapters which consistently acknowledge outstanding scholarship efforts show improved results. In this issue, our chapters share creative
scholarship incentives that benefit their members as well as their chapter:
Alpha Chi
Western Kentucky U
The Alpha Chi Chapter promotes scholarship in several ways. Each member sets a grade point average goal, and a total chapter GPA goal is always set (usually at 3.14 - or Pi). Members who receive a 4.0 are rewarded a $400 scholarship ($200 scholarship il they have already received the scholarship twice or carry less than 15 hours.) Our sorority also challenges another sorority each semester to a grade point average competition. The sorority who has the higher GPA pays for an ice-cream social with the other sorority. To encourage academics weekly, the chapter awards a "Smarty Pi" award for someone who has done well in class- es throughout the week. A "Skippy Pi" award is given to a member who has attended all classes for the previous week
Alpha Delta
U ofAlabama
Members attend study hall to maintain excel- lent grades. The assistant scholarship chair rewards for good grades by passing out certifi- cates and other prizes at chapter meeting. We also award scholarship checks each semester for outstanding grades.
Alpha Gamma
Washington State U
Our chapter has study tables 4 times a week beat the grade, A and B bag and the skippy jar. Beat the grade is a new program which gives the sister with die highest test, paper or quiz a prize. The skippy jar is for the sister who does not skip class the whole week and she also receives a prize.
Alpha Lambda
Georgia Southern U
We have study hours for those sisters whose GPA's are below a 3.0. We also reward those at chapter who have either received an A on a test or not skipped a class. The "no skippy jar" and the "super scholar" jar are passed around and sisters put their name in if they apply. The one that is drawn gets candy and recognition of her hard work. We also have a "test bank" for sisters to see what kind of work load or for- mat a certain teacher uses before we register.
Alpha Phi
Montana State U
We have smart cookie awards. Each week awards are handed out to girls who have done well on tests, projects, or quizzes.
Coe College
In the past year, we achieved the highest GPA of all Greek organizations and we were above die independent average. We have an excellent scholarship program in which sisters have study buddies to help them out and motivate and encourage active studying. Our goal is to main- tain the highest GP\ on our campus.
Beta Gamma
Michigan State U
Beta Gamma has had tremendous success with improving scholarship. In one semester, our house GPA jumped up 7 spots on the Greek roster! l b achieve this, we started study hours and also give out Study Bucks. At the end of the week everyone puts their Study Bucks in a raf- fle and a small prize is given to the winner.
Beta Phi
Indiana U
We hold daily study tables as well as promoting scholarship by rewarding A papers and tests with gift certificates.
Beta Tau
U ofToronto
We record our Academic Grade Point Averages
all the time. People with the highest GPA's win awards, as well as other fun stuff.This gives
everyone incentive to do well. Wednesday nights are always study nights, and we encour- age our sisters to stay in and study with us. We have the highest GPA on campus!
Chi Lambda
U of Evansville
We have study tables. Each grade point average has a number of hours they must complete in the library in a three week time. Everyone must sign in and be there to receive the hours. We also have study tutors if anyone needs help in a specific class. At the beginning of the year we list what classes we would be able to tutor someone. We are then paired with a person who needs help in our area.
Northeastern State U
With a new plan in the works our scholar- ship is sure to excel. Every member has given our Vice President of Academies a copy of her schedule. This project will involve grouping girls who have similar classes. Our chapter is also using progress reports, as well as study hours, to implement our scholastic achievement
Tufts U
We have group study hours at the library twice a week We also give a prize each week to a stu- dent who attended all their classes that week
Delta Beta
U of Louisiana at Lafayette
Our chapter has implemented reward systems in order to encourage scholarship among our members. Every week during our meetings we have "Alpha As" and the "No Skippy Jar." "Alpha A's" is a way to reward members for making A's during the week The "No Skippy Jar" is along the same line, if a member has not skipped a class during the week their name is placed in an empty jar of Skippy peanut but- ter. Several names are picked and the winners receive points for our point system.
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Delta Delta
Auburn U
We have been working hard to maintain and improve our scholarship. Study hours are assigned based on each girl's GPA, and "brag bags" are given out when someone receives an "A" on a test At the end of each semester awards and gift certificates are given out to each sister who achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher. Wehavealsocompiledafileofoldteststohelp give an idea of what to expect Recendy we have had tips on time management, study skills, and test taking skills, which have been very helpful
Delta Epsilon
Jacksonville State U
We use positive reinforcement to maintain our scholarship goals. Each week at chapter meeting we present a Scholar of the Week Award to a sister who has shown the greatest effort in her studies. We also have a bulletin board outside the chapter room with cameras made of construction paper posted on it. Sisters write on the cameras their "picture- perfect" grades of the week. These accom- plishments are read aloud at the chapter meeting. We also have study hall twice a week, and once a month at chapter meeting we "punch the panda" for every class that we skipped that week. This is used to show that our individual actions affect the whole chap- ter, and it is important to go to class.
Delta Omega
Murray State U
Delta Omega has had the highest overall initi- ate and new member GPA for the past six con- secutive semesters. For those girls who need a boost in academics, we have study hours where girls can go to the library with other sis- terstoget help on certain subjects.
Delta Pi
Central Missouri State U
Delta Pi's scholarship program is unique at CMSU. Instead of the traditional proctored study hall hours, we believe that each girl should be responsible for her own studying time. We are given the freedom to have a study buddy who signs a sheet every week stating how many hours they saw us study. The amount of hours required is on a sliding scale according to GPA This system has worked
well for us. Since adopting it four semesters ago,we have had the top sorority GPA and last spring we set a record for the highest ever GPA of a greek organization at CMSU.
Delta Psi
State U of New York
Girls in Delta Psi form study groups with other sisters that share the same classes. We also ask our older sisters who may have taken some of the classes for their input and help.
Delta Rho
DePaul U
We host Group Study Hour Sessions 3-4 times a week, we have planned an AOII/Professor Luncheon, and we share suggestions for vari- ous classes and professors
Delta Sigma
San Jose State U
We have a study fairy who gives prizes to those who study. We also have study files which con- tain old notes, teacher hand outs, and quizzes for help with studying. Also our study room is full of A+ papers as motivation, and filled with books for reference.
Delta Upsilon
Duke U
We encourage girls to keep up in their studies. Particularly around midterms and finals, we try to promote good study habits. We hand out pencils, we offer leadership from upperclass- men for good study habits and for advice.
Cornell U
Our chapter recendy jump-started an exciting new program for scholarship, the "Alpha Mentors PVogram." The program helps mem- bers among the chapter communicate together about scholarship programs and opportunities. Sisters are divided into groups according to the academic program of study they are pursuing, and work together to recommend classes and professors to their sisters. The Epsilon sisters guide and help each other through Cornell's very rigorous academic life. In addition, in the chapter house there is always a multitude of information about internships, majors, fellow- ships, scholarships, and other aspects of acade- mic life that enable sisters to excel gready.
Epsilon Alpha
Pennsylvania State U
Each semester we set a GPA goal for our chap- ter as well as for ourselves. Then at the begin- ning of the next semester our scholarship chairman returns to us our individual goals and our chapter goal and what our actual GPA was. We also have a stuffed "study owl" that is awarded each week during chapter to the sister who has worked the hardest on their school- work or did well on an important test
Epsilon Chi
Elon College
In order to maintain our standards of excel- lence, the Academic Development committee regularly awards individual sisters they feel go above and beyond in their classes. Also, at
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Taking a break from studies, these Delta Delta (Auburn U) members participated in the chapter's annual Walk of Roses, a walk- o-thon to benefit arthritis research. Held April 7 in Auburn's Kiesel Park the event raised in excess of $13,000 for philanthropy.

collegiate nam
every chapter meeting, the "A" bag is passed around, for sisters to put their name into for every A they received that week. One sisters name is selected at random, and that sister receives a prize. The chapter also sponsors the "Pi d u b Dinner" every semester for those sis- ters that received a GPA of 3.14 or better.
Epsilon Gamma
U of Northern Colorado
Each week we are required to attended a study table for a certain amount of time. With all of us together in one place to study, we are able to help one another and support each other to keep our grades up. At the beginning of each semester we set personal goals for ourselves, if we reach our goal GPA the VP/AD rewards us with gifts. Every girl that gets a GPA of Pi (3.14) or above gets a Pie party the following semester.
Gamma Chi
Carleton U
Scholarship is an important aspect at every university. We have created a special tutorial program directed towards those within our sorority with difficulties in making the grade. Big and little sisters meet every week and help each other out in subject areas such as Math Science, law and languages in order to fully understand the curriculum and help each other pass each course.
Gamma Delta
U of South Alabama
We have a wonderful study room where our members study. We have study files to help our members, and if anyone needs extra help, she is paired up with another member in the same major.
Gamma Sigma
Georgia State U
The Gamma Sigma Sisters encourage each other to study, especially during midterm and finals week. We have held study sessions as well as get together on our own with other sis- ters or classmates. Our VP/AD encourages us to do well in school by giving a special sash to a
different person every week who has excelled in school.
U of Illinois
There are numerous ways our chapter encour- ages scholarship. Panda Pals are pairs of sisters who have taken similar classes or are within the same general major. There is also a weekly "No Miss Kiss", which is a raffle at chapter that you can submit your name to ifyou attended all your classes that week. The winner of the drawing receives a goodie bag of Hershey's Kisses. Each member is required to fulfill a cer- tain number of study hours. However, the assigned study locations are more than just the chapter house. They include local coffee houses and various libraries on campus.
Kappa Alpha
Indiana State U
Our chapter has started a peer monitoring pro- gram where each person has somebody to watch over and be responsible. We also have mandatory study hours in the library.
Kappa Chi
Northwestern State U
During meeting, if von do not miss any classes during the week vou acknowledge your pres- ence by saying ALPHA. It is a good way to show our commitment to an education. Also, we now have a file for old tests. This helps if another sister needs help in the subject or they have taken the same teacher.
Kappa Gamma
Florida Southern College
Sisters who earn either an A or B put their name and grade on a piece of paper and place it into a box passed around during chapter meet- ing. Every other week one person wins a prize. We currently have the highest GPA on our cam- pus and this is a very fun way to maintain i t
Kappa Kappa
Ball State U
In the past year we have been awarded numer- ous scholarship awards by Ball State Panhellenic Council. Sisters are awarded for improvement of grades, 3.14 (Pi) GPA, Deans list, and the highest GPA of 4.0.
Kappa Omega
U of Kentucky
We have an excellent scholarship program that includes big/litde sister study nights and moni-
tored study hours by our 1X1 We offer tutor- ing programs within our sorority and place strict regulations on maintaining a 2.65 GPA for collegiate members.
Kappa Omicron
Rhodes College
We honor the women in our house who have a grade point average above Pi (3.14), usually with bags of candy. We also honor those women who have attained a 4.0 GPA with a rose. Most recendy, we have added faculty advisers within our house to offer support and guidance. We are developing a Scholastic Big Sister program, in addition to the list of majors and minors.
Kappa Rho
Western Michigan U
We have study hours each month. Also we have Rose roll, maintaining an overall CPA. of 3.5 or higher; and Pi club, maintaining 3.14 or higher, hanging up in our den as an incentive. We hand out progress princess awards, and we have our academic goal hanging in a clothes line form to remind us of them.
Kappa Tau
Southeastern Louisiana U
Every Monday night, we hold a study hall night for the whole chapter. We have a "Pi Pizza Party" every semester for everyone who made a 3.14 GPA or higher- We give certifi- cates and recognize everyone who made Dean's List. We also get t-shirts made for those who make a 3.0 or higher.
Lambda Beta
California State U - Long Beach Our chapter has organized weekly study hours to encourage our sisters to maintain their scholarship. At the beginning of the new semester we hold a scholarship dessert where we invite our parents. The ladies who have the highest G P A Strive for Pi (3.14) and most volunteer hours get certificates.
Lambda Eta
Grand Valley State U
We have study tables as well as keep track of study hours. We also have an academic room
just off of our chapter room. It's a room where old text books and lists of majors and minors are placed.
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Lambda Omicron
Cumberland U
We won the Highest GPA Award for Greeks, and most of our ladies are on academic schol- arships. As for AOITs is one reward program which acknowledges sisters who received As, to keep the encouragement going.
Lambda Sigma
U of Georgia
To maintain excellence in scholarship, our chapter has study hours and a list of each girl's major/minor. With this list, girls that have the same field of study can call up some- one i f they are having problems and need help studying.
Nu lota
Northern Illinois U
Nu Iota has a very elaborate scholarship pro- gram that uses incentives. We do weekly scholarship reports that let the VP/AD know how many hours we study per week, what classes we missed and why, if we received any
As or B's for the week and if we attended any extra speakers, study sessions, or tutorial ser- vices. Based on these reports we receive points and for these points we receive tokens that can be used to bid on items at our auc- tion during the chapter's finals bash. We also have a smarty pants clothes line for those above a 3.0.
Omega Upsilon
Ohio U
We have implemented a mentoring program that enables women of the same major to meet and discuss classes and professors. This gready aids the scheduling process and helps us earn better grades by taking classes taught by better professors.
U ofTennessee
Older Girls in the same major have helped out the younger girls in studying and plan- ning for future years. There is always a sister who wants to help someone study or help type a paper.
Phi Beta
East Stroudsburg U
We have study hours and award a scholarship cup. We also have the Ruby Badge for the member with the highest GPA.
Phi Chi
U of Chicago
Phi Chi is working to improve scholarship files and to put younger sisters in touch with older sisters with similar interests and goals. This is so they can help guide and encourage each other in their academic pursuits.
Phi Sigma
U of Nebraska - Kearney
Phi Sigma strives to maintain excellence in scholarship in many ways. Awards are given for different GPA levels to recognize sisters that excel in academics. Tutors and teacher files are also available. Mid-term grade reports and study hours are required to help members along with a successful semester.
Pi Alpha
U of Louisville
This semester, Pi Alpha is assigning all mem- bers and new members a study buddy according to major. We have several rewards with members with the highest GPA for the semester and for the most improved.
Pi Delta
U of Maryland
Pi Delta holds a scholarship banquet each semester. Awards are given for highest GR4, most improved GR\, and for obtaining a GPA above Pi, 3.14. A guest speaker comes and talks to us about mamtaining academics. We also just began a program called study buddies. Two members are matched together and whichever pair receives the highest GPA com- bined, wins a prize.
Rho Delta
Samford U
Our Academic Big/Litde Program is in full swing. Older sisters are meeting with younger ones and providing advice regarding professors and classes for the upcoming year. We enjoyed late-night study sessions complete with giggles and popcorn. We are very proud of our acade-
mic accomplishments that we celebrated at the annual awards banquet
ccfegjate rms
U of California - Berkeley
Sigma Chapter recognizes the importance of maintaining high academic standards. We make Wednesday Study Nights a regular occurrence, providing an established block of time to devote to studying. Study Nights have been extremely beneficial and productive for the members of Sigma Chapter! We honor the members of our chapter for their academic excellence with the "Smarty Pants" awards.
Sigma Alpha
West Virginia U
One of her most recent awards is Smartie Pants. Every meeting the VP/AD brings smar- ties candy and gives it out to the girls that are doing well on their tests and other assignments. We also have study groups in which girls from similar majors are put together to lend one another help as well as support in their classes.
Sigma Delta
Huntingdon College
In order to get everyone on the right track this school year, Sigma Delta has begun a mentor- ing program for those sisters in the same areas of study. Our new members have been matched up with actives with which to study and get help.
Sigma Omicron
Arkansas State U
Our chapter participates in an integrated study hall program with another sorority. We take turns monitoring and you can go anytime between the given hours on a day to day basis.
Sigma Phi
California State U - Northridge The Sigma Phi Chapter has started to empha- size scholarship in many different ways this semester. Besides our study hours that we make with other sisters, we have worked with our members by providing them with certifi- cates of accomplishments at various meetings, for getting good grades. Some of these certifi- cates even recognize members for improving their CPA's.
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cdlegiate news
Sigma Tau
Washington College
We are very proud of the scholarship demon- strated by our sisters in Sigma Tau Chapter. Last semester, we set a record for number of girls in honor societies.
Tau Delta
Birmingham Southern College AOIIs are very respected at BSC for our emphasis on scholarship. We stress the impor- tance of academic excellence to our new mem- bers and make every effort to support their academic endeavors. Matching the new mem- bers with an older member of the same or a similar major has been a common practice with us. This gives each new member a partic- ular person to rely on for help with choosing classes, etc. We also are always updating our test files that are used as references for many classes on campus.
Tau Gamma
Eastern Washington U
We have various awards for those who excel in their academics. We have the Smarty Pants
Award. Every quarter we buy a pair of boxer shorts. Every week at chapter they are passed around and the women will sign their name on the boxers if they went to every class for the week The woman with the most signatures receives the boxer shorts at the end of the quarter. We also have Pi club. If a lady in the house gets a 3.14 GPA then she doesn't have to do study tables. Every week we have the Scholar of the Week bag passed around. Women put a note in describing how well they did in a class, whether it be on a paper or test The winner gets a little AOII present
Tau Lambda
Shippensburg U
As a chapter goal, we are devoting more time to improving our study habits. Getting a higher chapter GPA is important to each sister. We are implementing mandatory study hours for those who havebelowa2.0GPA
Tau Omega
Transylvania U
This year we are striving for Pi (3.14) as our chapter cumulative GPA Also, we have study
buddies, where each person writes down what subjects they need tutoring and which ones they would be willing to help tutor. We also have the "skippy jar." At meeting on Mondays every sister who has not missed class in the past week puts her name in and then a "win- ner' is drawn for a special prize.
Tau Omicron
U ofTennessee Martin
We have a test file set up in the lodge, which is updated every semester. Also, at weekly meet- ings we have a skippy jar. You put your name in the jar if you have not missed class in the previous week and if your name is drawn you will receive a prize.
Theta Beta
Towson U
This semester our chapter is striving very hard to maintain excellence in scholarship. We have set up study hours within our sorority, where we can either study among ourselves or participate in peer tutoring with other sisters and new members.
Theta Chi
Morningside College
We have study halls every Monday and Thursday nights. You have to study there at least two hours a week The sister who logs the most time gets smarty pants for the week We also post smart apples (cut-outs of an apple) to recognize A's and B's on tests, quiz, and paper; and stars (cut-outs of a star) for every week you don't miss a class. At the end of the year each name is entered in a drawing for how many stars received!
Theta Omega
Northern Arizona U
Theta Omega has been keeping busy with our scholarship program! We have tutor hours, where the girls can go and receive help in a certain class if need be. We also give awards out to keep the chapter motivated, such as a 'Smarty Pants' award for the sister who has been studying the most in the week
We put on a pie party for girls who have a GPA of3.14orabove.
Theta Psi
U ofToledo
We have study tables and rewards for those who achieve the study hours given. The study hours per week that are required are based upon GPA When a person is caught smdying one of their sisters may turn them in for the "library lurker award" where they receive a certificate and candy.
Upsilon Lambda
U ofTexas San Antonio
Upsilon Lambda holds weekly study hours in a variety of locations in order to satisfy the differ- ent study habits of our members. We also have the weekly Study Bug award and the No Skippy Jar to the sisters who have shown com- mitment to their personal academic goals.
U of Nebraska - Lincoln
The Zeta Chapter is always working at making our all-house GPA better and better each year. We have a list of all the girls' majors and that way some of the new members can also ask questions if they have them. It can be about professors, if it's a good class, etc. We just had a scholarship banquet for 3.5's and above and that is always a honor to attend We have AOII Aces for those that receive good grades on test, quizzes projects or homework
Zeta Kappa
Southwest Texas State U
We offer study hours due every week, incen- tives for those who don't skip class ("Skippy Jar"), those who make A's on exams, and those who are Pi Pandas (GPA of 3.14 or greater).
Zeta Psi
East Carolina U
We have monthly scholarship workshops for our new members and sisters with low GPA's. These workshops address issues such as study skills and time management We also have a Star Chart which recognizes sisters who have made an A or B in their classes. We have the Superstar of the Week This sister's name is drawn from those names who have been put in for receiving an A or B for that week
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Adherence to foundingideals. Commitment to excellence. Tradition.
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Those words describe Alpha Omicron Pi through the years. They also apply to the philosophy that has guided the development of the Fraternity's jewelry.
It is not only to the Fraternity that such principles have been the determining factors in our jewelry offerings and design. The Fraternity's officialjewelers and the Emporium, which sells the jewelry, have worked hand-in-hand to ensure constancy of purpose and quality.
It's a story of remarkable partnerships, attention to details, response to changing times, and an encompassing legacy that permeates every aspect of our jewelry - from concept to manufacturing to sales.
As is true with the principles of AOII, the story of our jewelry originates in the beginning — with our Founders.
From Stella George Stern Perry's sketches of the monogrammed AOII letters, jeweler Theodore B. Starr and his designer created the first badges.
Stella told the story: "Theodore B. Starr was the 'Carrier of that period, and the Starr designer of insignia was the foremost artist of his kind. We engaged Starr and this designer to arrange the proportions. We went to see them about it on our bicycles... Fancy girls going down Broadway and Fifth Avenue [in New York Gty] on bicycles todayf
AOII's first pledge, Anne Richardson Hall, was sent to
pick up the badges from Starr when they were completed They were to be worn for the first time at a cotillion (dance) hosted by AOII, of which the Dean of Barnard College, the wife of the President of Columbia College, and the donors of two campus halls were patronesses. Anne stopped to talk to friends on her way to get the badges and then said to them anxiously, "I must go.
I am going to get our badges. We have nothing else to wear at the cotillion."

Over the next twenty years, the women of Alpha Omicron Pi had their badges produced by several different jewelers. These included J.F. Newman, Shreve and Company, and Harriott and Company.
In 1917, AOII signed a contrart with L G . Balfour Co., which was founded by Mr. L.G. Balfour in 1913. Mr. Balfour was a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. While at a Convention, he was seated with a brother from Columbia University in New York Gty, as well as a brother from Missouri. The two men had vastly different badges. The Columbia brothers badge was fromTiffany and was intricately decorated with jewels and diamonds. The brother from Missouri had a plain badge from a different jeweler. LG. Balfour was inspired to create one jeweler, specializing in Greek jewelry, from which all fraternities could purchase their badges. Balfour wanted to provide a consis- tent level of quality for Greek organizations.
In 1913, Mr. Balfour began his company in Attleboro, Massachusetts. At that time,
it was known as the jewelry manufacturing capital of the country. Providence, a nearby city located halfway between Atdeboro and New York Gty, was the old world trade city. Many jewelry companies opted to locate nearby.
Since AOII signed on only four years after Balfour's founding, the Fraternity was a very important client AOII and Balfour maintained a working relationship for seventy years.
As L.G. Balfour Co. grew, it began focusing on other arenas of jewelry manufacture. The company added sports championship jewelry, as well as high school and college rings. A division of the company still remained focused on fraternity jewelry, but it was difficult for the small specialty group to compete with the attention the larger, growing divisions received. In 1987, AOII terminated their contract with Balfour and began working with another jeweler, Burr, Patterson, and Auld.
During this time Buddy Cote, a long-time employee of Balfour, decided that Balfour fraternity division needed to take an entre- preneurial approach to the business. Personal attention needed to be given to customers, and Cote was willing to take that leap. In 1994 Cote and another business associate acquired the fraternity division
of Balfour. They took all of the division's clients with them, as well as a number of employees. The new company's name, Legacy Fine Jewelry, was a tribute to Mr. Balfour and preserved the legacy of the company he left behind.
Legacy only manufactured badges and pins and contracted with Balfour to supply rings. The relationship was too difficult, however, and Legacy began searching for an alternate ring supplier. They found Masters of Design, practically in their backyard in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts. Marc Forbes and Bob Bourbeau founded Masters of Design in
1987 as a small ring manufacturer. They were doing very well with ring manufactur- ing in sports, military, and scholastic markets, but were interested in adding pin manufac- ture to their repertoire. The two companies merged, creating the Legacy division of Masters of Design. The Legacy division was to remain focused only on Greek organiza- tional jewelry.
In the summer of 2001, AOII went "back to Balfour" so to speak by affiliating with the Legacy division of Masters of Design. Balfour/Masters of Design's average employ- ee tenure is twenty-one years. Many of their current employees originally worked for Balfour and either joined Legacy when it split from Balfour, or have come on board with Masters of Design since then. .Approximately 75% of Masters of Design employees were trained by Balfour. Masters of Design continues to carry on the legacy of L.G. Balfour's dream of servicing fraternities and sororities.
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Whole paint ..,.1
IV »i'i' >II.HIMIIIU ulimms... Rulm •».) •luum«> »fi.rii*n
U.5B ifc-fl P.JO
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I0JS 7Jt e.m
Kntur pin, p h
MMMJMI **tra prr (MM
When AOII was organized at the home of Helen St Oair on January 2, 1897, the form of the official badge was agreed upon by the four Founders. Their love for the Greek language and devotion to upholding the values of Greek simplicity and truth were stressed i n our official jewelry.
Stella wrote, "One of the first decisions we made was to have one emblem only and that [it be] a direct reminder of our essential purpose. We felt that would give us enough to live up to, and would identify us at least as well as would numerous supplemen- tary devices.. .We did not want a design that showed some little object and resembled a breast pin or broach or lace pin, and we did not want one that looked like a school pin or could be mis- taken, if not SCTutinized, for the badge of many other societies." Trie Alpha Omicron Pi badge was to represent ..our deter- mined simplicity: one motto, one badge, one bond - and single- ness of heart"
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A ovi '" 1-.'•I..
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#.«t mli. Wiiii» ,.•••!.!. rfMpMM iMfac. MMfa bwlvc
I*K tVhifr *4.1. pLilui'im - n m g . . tuurm h»l|[r. *JU.IW M M Vtmn lit* m'jwn il •ID \m •em \h*l Ut oibliim luKctlici Iht i' • ai Ihc *urimi» k»4. nf Irlirm, ihr |nl« <•••] mm-
HMMI mir " ••i>U nMnliml.
Tin full- I,. MM Wn IMMI MIIw ihr mtml widtt
X.. <f>. Itnlfuur (Corapmiti •. M : Hii 'in • MAMACIH,'IICTT*
M* Official J*w*Ja»to Alpltji (Pmirron \}\
..-.i.I i>.|<aUi cuHiMnaikM*:
AH iMa d«H A. U »»d m AllJull.,....,-,.!A,O .N.II'l
Ml m-l Ix.ll |««rl A it *mi Vi
M rniwnm MM n-arlA.llautlIS
I• ••i .al Aj plain at *a«fj>«<1A *wl1*> rMpMinMM 4VU.OIwblKttoS%T«
J . S O
„ * . »

The Founders were so committed to maintaining their original concept of the badge, they personally made decisions regarding jewelry. In 1923, the Committee on Jewelry was formed to make those decisions. Two years later the committee was combined with the Rituals and Traditions Committee. The resulting Rituals, Traditions and Jewelry Committee (RT&J) today continues to recommend policy regarding official jewelry.
In keeping with that "determined sim-
plicity," the first badges were plain ten
karat gold. The only jewel was a ruby in
the apex of the Alpha. In later years, members were permitted to personalize badges using various styles of engraving. I n addition to engraving, the monogrammed letters could be ornately decorated with rubies, half pearls, whole pearls, and diamonds. Half pearls had a closed setting, while whole pearls were in a crown setting, similar to that which is used in today's initiation badges.
RT&J ended the practice of allowing a member to custom-design her own badge in 1965 because it had become rather expensive. Additionally, elaborate decoration of the badge was determined to be a violation of the Founders' original ideals of simplicity. The committee selected several of the more popular styles of badges and designated these as the only ones that would be ordered. The same styles are offered today by our official jeweler, who like the Fraternity, carefully adheres to founding ideals, a commitment to excellence, and tradition
Talk about tradition. Masters of Design utilizes the original dies that were made by Balfour craftsman over forty years ago. The quality and durability of these dies are superior. The same might be said about the painstaking process used to produce the badges.
Each Alpha Omicron Pi badge is custom made to order. There are over 30 separate hand operations required to make one Alpha Omicron Pi badge. When crafting the AOII badge, the gold in the badge is specified to be precisely .095 inches thick when stamped by the die. Each layer of the badge must be created separately, begin- ning with the "PL" Our officialjeweler utilizes ten karat gold to make the badge, which is an industry standard. The badge is struck by a heavy metal press. It either drives the gold into the recessed areas of the die by force of blow (similar to an anvil dropping), or with hydraulic pressure (a "squeeze press"). Over 200 tons of pressure is required to make the AOII badge.
Once the essential badge is struck any excess gold surrounding the "Pi" is trimmed by a special cutter die. The raw stamped badge is drilled on a press if it is to contain pearls or rubies. The sides of the badge are then drilled and sawed out by hand so that the stones can be seen from the sides of the badge, as well as the top. The back and edges of the badge are then polished with a polishing wheel to remove any rough areas or debris.
The pin, hinge, and safety clasp are soldered to the back of the badge, either with a hand-held solder torch or in an atmospheric oven. The pinstem is placed into the hinge with a common pair of tweez- ers and is crimped into position by a craftsman. A karat mark featuring the quality of the product, and the manufacturer's logo are stenciled on the back of the badge.
Individual genuine pearls and rubies, most of which are sourced by Masters of Design in Japan, India, or elsewhere in the Far East, are individually maneu- vered by hand into each drilled setting. The stones are held in place only by the surrounding gold "crown setting." As in any true piece of jewelry, no
glue or any other substance is ever applied to hold the stone into place. The entire piece is polished all over with a much softer felt wheel to bring about a beautiful shine.
The "Alpha" and the "Omicron" of the badge have traveled completely separate paths through the production cycle, although they went through many of the same operations already described. These pieces are then riv- eted or "beaded" through the base. An initiated member's initials, chap ter, and initiation date are engraved on the back of the badge to complete the production. The completed badge is washed, the pin and clasp are inspected, and the piece is delicately placed in a custom leather box and shipped to an eager recipient
As previously stated, the original AOII badges were only offered in ten karat yellow gold. Over the years, however, these guidelines changed. The Governing Documents of Alpha Omicron Pi states that badges must be karat gold, which does not rule out the use of 10K gold plating. In 1981 RT&J approved the making of gold electroplate badges. Electroplate is the process of affixing a plate or layer of fine gold onto a base of metal by an electrolytic process.
This type of jewelry was originally referred to as "Balclad" when it was introduced by Balfour. In 1987, when AOII transitioned from Balfour to Burr, Patterson, and Auld, the terminology changed to "Gold Klad." Today, Masters of Design refers to this same gold electroplate as "Gold Gloss." Gold electroplate badges were attractive to Fraternity members because of their lower cost However, in the 1990s, trends shifted away from Gold Gloss badges. The popularity of sterling silver and white gold urged AOII to introduce a white gold badge. This quality, too, fell under the Founders' guidelines of "karat gold." Although white gold badges were officially approved in 1990, they were not added to the modern- day jewelry brochure until 1997.
It is veiy important that each member of Alpha Omicron Pi understand the significance of her badge and have pride in i t The badge is a beautiful piece of jewelry that we lease from AOII for our lifetimes. The Governing Documents of Alpha Omicron Pi state that ".. .each member is required to purchase a life leasehold on a membership badge at the time of her ini- tiation. The badge of a deceased member should be returned to International Headquarters." It is our responsibility as members to make sure our families are familiar with this policy. Doing so will prevent badges from turning up in estate sales, pawn shops, or even flea markets.
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Above; A Masters of Design craftsman performs a step in the painstaking processes of creating a badge. Below left An early Balfour AOII jewelry brochure listing options and prices.

jewelry featured above from top left The AOII badge in white gold as offered by Masters of Design today, the Mothers Pin,the new silver 25- Year Member Pin and the newly redesigned 50-Year Member Pin in ten karat gold.
Below are three examples of Balfour's jewelry design proposals, found in the AOII archives.
TheAOIIpledgepinwascreated in
1903. Before then a red ribbon was used to pledge AOII members. The pledge pin was the second piece of official jewelry and typified a sheaf of wheat on a small stick pin measuring 1/4 X 1/8 inches. In 1905 it was permissible lor initiated members of the Fraternity to w ear this pin if it was attached to the badge. (By 1915 this was prohibited, as no accessories may ever be attached to the badge.) The pledge pin was enlarged and a clasp was affixed to the back in 1 9 0 8 . Todays new member pin is larger than the aforementioned pieces.
TheChapter Presidents Ringwas
According to the AOII history book, Celebrate the Century, "Stella asked Miss Tritt to design a flat decorative rose to be used for recognition and, of course, told her that AOII would pay her for her work. Miss Tritt replied that she charged prices that were too high for the sorority to pay, but that she would donate to AOII a rose design''
TheRose Recognition Pin, designed in 1 9 2 5 , was originally offered in both gold and red enamel By 1 9 2 7 only the gold rose was offered. The Greek letters "AOIF' were added to the pin in
1947 and the originalrose recognition pin (without the letters) became the AOII Colony pin. Only mem hers of an Alpha Omicron Pi colony are permitted to wear this pin.
hi many instances where other Panhellenic groups might display their crests, AOII proudly displays the rose. In 1970 an additional recognition pin was introduced. It had the letters "AOII"
in sequence and is n o w called the Monogram Recognition Pin.
Until 1932 , the only jewelry piece permitted to show the AOII letters was the badge. It was this year that the letters weretrademarkedforjewelry.Inearly years, jewelry items that were approved to display the Greek letters were Carelully selected. For quite some time, the only approved items were the badge, rose recognition pins, and fine quality rings.
In upcoming years, RT&J would approve various other items, the first of these a piece that honored mothers of AOIIs. It started, as many early jewelry stories did, with Stella - or at least, with
her mother.
designed in L y Z o .
sheaf of wheat set over an onyx stone. The ring is the property of the collegiate chapter and is worn by the chapter president during her term. At the end of her term, the president has the option of purchasing her own Presidents Ring. Beginning in 1 9 9 6 chapter presidents were permitted to order their Presidents Rings in white gold.
iheInternational Presidents Ringcame later. In 1932 Stella
George Stern Perry designed the ring to
be identical to the Chapter Presidents Ring, but featured a m b y , rather than an onyx. On the inside of the band, each ring is engraved w ith the President's initials and a Roman numeral which represents
her term(s). Each International President receives her ring as a giftfrom
the Fraternity.
When Fraternity members Wanted a piece of jewelry that they could wear to distinguish themselves as AOIIs when they weren't wearing their badges, Stella thought of her friend, Olga Tritt, who designed jew- elry for the world's leadingjewelers.
It is a gold ring with a
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Carolyn Silhurstein Stern, Stella George Stern Perry's mother, was always a strong Supporter of her daughter's love for AOII. In 1940the "Founders Mothers
d u b " was established by Stella and the othertwoFounderswhowerestilllivingat the time, Jessie Wallace Hughan and Elizabeth Heywood Wyman. Stella's mother was named the president, secretary, and sole member of the club. Soon the Mothers Club Pin was approved, created by Balfour, and the first was presented to
Stella's mother. The pin is a delicate, golden leaf adorned with the Greek letters for "mother." It may be plain, or may feature a ruby and two pearls.
The pin was originally intended for mem- bers of AOU Mothers dubs, but as years went on, many chapters began having "Parents Clubs" which would involve both mothers and fathers. Today's pin is referred to as a MothersPin,and may be worn by the mother of any initiated member of Alpha Omicron PL
In addition to honoring mothers, the Fraternity also wanted to honor alumnae who had demonstrated Outstanding service to AOII on the local level Consequently, the Rose Award was created in 1 9 5 7 . Originally, the recipients were given freshly ait red roses, which, in later years, were replaced with a pearl bracelet that had a small rose dangle on i t Since 1 9 6 5 , Rose Award recipients have been given a gold charm that combines a sheaf of wheat with the rose recognition pin design.
Fraternity members requested additional jewelryandclothingitemswith the letters "AOII" on them for many years.
In 1957 several new items were approved mcluding vertical lavalieres, AOIIflagsand banners, as well
as letters o n blazers, sweatshirts, and cardigans.
By 1968, the Fraternity wanted a way to recognize their Outstanding pledges (nowcalled"newmembers"). ThePledge Honor Pin (now referred to as the New Member Award Pin) was developed for chapters to honor these individuals. It consists of a yellow gold, open circular disk. The New Member Pin (a sheaf of wheat with the AOII letters) is placed in the lower ri"ht-hand side of the disk. The New Member Award Pin andtheNew Member Pin are the only pieces of jewelry permitted to display the official Pledge Pin with AOII letters. In March 2002 RT&J approved looking into revising the designoftheNew MemberAward Pin. Masters of Design is currendy pursuing potential designs.
Msoin1968,the50YearMember Pin was approved It was designed to rec- ognize the fiftieth anniversary of an individ- ual's membership in AOII. These pins are offered in both ten karat gold and gold elec- troplate. In March 2002 RT&J approved the redesign of the 50-Year Member Pin, which will become available during the Leadership Institute in June 2002. (More infonnation about the Fraternity's new anniversary jewelry appears below.)
Alumnae wanted to display their badges in ways other than wearing them on their clothing, so in 1975, RT&J authorized alumnae onlv the option of attaching their badge to a charm and permitted attaching thebac^etoaringin 1979. When AOII began working with Burr, Patterson, and Auldin1987,thejewelerencouraged the Fraternity to introduce two pieces of
jewelry. As a result, the badge ring and badge charm holder were added to the jewelry line with the introduction of the new officialjeweler.
As mentioned earlier, members were histori- cally permitted to purchase their badges in a wide variety of designs. As early as 1916 there are records of 18K white gold plat- inumplatingofdiebadge,aswellas18K white gold platinum badge settings. The white gold badge was not officially approved until 1990. By 1997, AOII was regularly offering ten karat white gold badges to those who requested i t
White gold badges were shown in the AOII jewelry catalog for the first time in 2 0 0 1 with the introduction of Masters of Design as Alpha Omicron Pi's official jewel- er. White gold badge sales skyrocketed. Additionally, AOII made available the first tWO-tone badges. Approved by RT&J in 2001, there are two styles of the two-tone badge.rlTie first has a polished, white gold "Alpha" and "Pi" and a polished, yellow gold "Omicron." The second design has a polished, white gold "Alpha" and "Pi" and a chased yellow gold "Omicron."
In addition to AOII members' interest in white gold, Sterling silverhad been growing in popularity for years. Masters of Design brought many silver accessory jewel- ry to the line. However, there had still never been a piece of Official Jewelry that was available in silver. In March 2002 RT&J approved the first piece of sterling silver Official Jewelry. The 2 5 " Year Member Pin went into production and is scheduled to be presented and become available for the first time in June 2002 during the Leadership Institute. The 25-Year Member Pinisthefirstnew piece ofOfficial JewelrythatRT&Jhasauthorizedsince
by Shelly Straker, Nu Beta (U of Mississippi) Emporium Marketing Administrator.
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Meet the 2002-2003 AOII Chapte
These young women will spend the next nine months representing Alpha Omieron Pi on our college campuses. Whether visiting collegiate chapters or working with new colonies, these women will be providing a valuable service to our chapters. They have been trained to assist with recruitment, new officer workshops, financial guidance, and risk management issues, just to name a few. Each will complete extensive training sessions at AOII Headquarters and attend a risk management seminar. The Fraternity genuinely appreciates the commitment each of these women has made to Alpha Omieron Pi.
Rebekah Adams Delta Epsilon Jacksonville State U
Rebekah isa History/English major from Heflin, Alabama. As a collegiate member of Delta Epsilon, she held the offices of Chapter President, Vice President of Administration, Risk Management Chairman, and Activities Chairman. She served the University as Panhellenic 1st Vice President, Panhellenic Treasurer, Panhellenic Scholarship Officer, SGA Senator, President of
Rho Lambda, Vice President of Order of Omega and Treasurer of Phi Alpha Theta. Rebekah was also on the 2001 Homecoming Court, and was named 2000 Greek Woman of the Year.
Erika Boyd Sigma
U o f California, Berkeley
Erika's hometown is Placerville, California and her degree is in Sociology . As a collegian, Erika held the offices of Philanthropy Chairman, House Manager, Vice President Administration, and Keeper of the Ritual. On Berkeley's campus, Erika was Panhellenic President and Vice President of Programming. She ako participated in the Amerieorps Tutoring Program, Student Government Volunteer, Mentor for Women and Youth Supporting Each Other. Additionally, she received the Apple Hill Scholarship and the California Alumni Association Scholarship.
j J
Jessica Burger Kappa Alpha Indiana State U
Jessica is a Radio/TV and Film major from Lafayette, Indiana. In AOII, Jessica served as Chapter President. Chapter Treasurer, Alumnae Relations Chairman, Assistant Recruitment Chairman, Awards Chairman and on the Chapter Relations Committee. On campus, she was Order of Omega Treasurer, Public .Affairs Director for WJSU 89.7
FM, and Student Candidate Rep. for the Publications Board. She was also a member of Mortar Board, Golden Key and ODK. She has been honored by her chapter with the Presidential Award and Angel of the Year, and by Panhellenic as the Most Outstanding Chapter Member. She is also a DJF Scholarship Recipient
Ashley Boone Alpha Phi Montana State U
Ashley is a Family Science major from Beaverton, Oregon. In her chapter she was a two-term Recruitment Chairman, New Member Educator, Keeper of the Ritual and Song Leader. On campus she was the ASMSU Public Relations Director, General Studies Peer Leader, Orientation Leader, General Studies Peer Advisor, and a Rho Chi Ashley was also honored as a MSU Ambassador, Day of Student Recognition nominee and a Student of the YearNominee.
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onsultant Team
Abby Epps
Rho Omicron
Middle Tennessee State U
Abby is from Nashville, Tennessee and is a Marketing major. In Rho Omicron she was Vice President of Membership Recruitment, Community Service Chairman, Awards Chairman and Chaplin. On her campus she was Vice President of Golden Key, Tau Omicron Honor Fraternity, Executive Committee of "Up Til Dawn" campus fundraiser,
and Secretary of the University Awards Committee. She also served on the Homecoming Planning Committee, Beta Gamma Sigma, Honors Service Learning Project, SGA, MTSU Judicial Board and
the University Relations Committee. Abby has been selected to Who's Who,
is an MTSU Student
Leader and a recipient of numerous honors from her chapter.
Mary Hethcox Delta Delta Auburn U
Mary graduated with a degree in Business Administration and her hometown is Cumming, Georgia. As a member of Delta Delta, she served as Alumnae Relations Chairman, Formal Chairman, on
the Greek Week Committee, and Spirit Committee. On campus she served two years as Rho Chi and was involved as chairman for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. She also was a member
of the College of Business Executive Society, a Nursing Home Volunteer, Pi Sigma Epsilon, and a Special Olympics volunteer. She was part of the Central European Study Abroad Program. Delta Delta has honored her with
numerous chapter awards.
Melissa Lang
U of Toledo
Melissa, from Dover, Ohio, holds a BA i n Political Science and Communication. In school she held the offices of Vice President of Education, Chapter Relations, and
Panhellenic Delegate. She also served as Panhellenic VI' Membership, Recruitment Counselor, University Ambassador's President, Mortar Board President, O D K Vice President and Founder
and Co-chairman of their campus Dance Marathon. She was also a member ofBlueKey,NHS,and Student Government Cabinet Among numerous honors,
Melissa was selected to study abroad in Turin, Italy and selected to intern in Washington, DC
Are you interested in becoming a CC?
.Applicationswillbe mailedto all chapters presidents by November L Forms are also available on Alpha! ink.
The application deadline is January 15,2003. For more information, contact Jennifer White, CC Administrator (615)370-0920 or [email protected].
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Foundation Donor Profile
Rebecca Shook Weinberg, Chi Delta, U of Colorado
Through naming the AOII Foundation as a beneficiary- in her will, Becky is a member of the Second Century Society, the Foundations planned giving donor club.
Becky, what prompted your gift?
I became a member of the Second Century Society in 1995. As my husband and I began our estate planning that summer, we discussed many issues related to wills and bequests. Foremost was the development of a plan and a lasting legacyfor our three children. Secondly, I expressed my desire to be able to make a planned gift to those organizations that have been an important part of my life.
Since tlie moment Ipledged A Oil, the ideals and values of our sisterhood as expressed in our ritual have impacted me daily. Not only have I been embraced by those who care for me as a sister, but I have had many opportunities to grow and mature as a woman because of our sisterhood. By supporting me in my request and through giving a portion of our estate to the A Oil Foundation, Frank has joined me in giving the gift of continu- ance to the Foundation and Fraternity and to those women who will become members in the years ahead
What is the importance of your gift for
the future of AOII?
During the time I was a member of the Foundation Board of Directors (1991-1999) and the time I served as President (1997- 1999), I came to understand hoiv vital the Foundation is to the well-being of the Fraternity.
Planned gifts to the Foundation are designated to the Endowment Fund You become a member of the Second Century Society through a bequest in your will, the gift of an insurance policy, or theformation of a trust.
These legacies are our commitment to and our belief in the future of A OIL These gifts provide an avenue for each of us to
contribute to tlie long-range financial stability of AOII. Your planned gift will enrich not only your oivn life, but also the lives
of those who uHl come after you.
Remembering Others You Care About
Did you know more than 50% ofadults die without a will? In today's fast paced world, it's easy to procrastinate about planning for the future. Every woman should have a will, and review it periodi- cally to make sure it reflects her wishes. Ifyou don't have a will, put it on vour to do list.jnake it a priority this year. If you do have one, it's important to occasionally take time to see if your will still reflects your wishes.
7 Reasons to Revise Your Will
L Changes in Family and Friends. Have you married? Had children or grandchildren? Divorced or become widowed since you last reviewed your will? The people in your life that you wish to include may have changed.
2. Financial Changes. Have you bought or sold land, stocks or personal property such as valuable jewelry or antiques? Retired? Won the lottery? If you have experienced financial changes, it may be time to look at your will.
3. Review Your Personal Representative. This is an important commitment Is your personal representative still
suitable, able and willing to carry out your last wishes?
4. Living in Another State. Ifyou have moved, you should have your will reviewed under new state laws to see if any alterations are needed.
5. Appoint a Guardian for Minor Children. Are financial arrangements for the children's support appropriate and protected? 6. Charitable Giving Plans. Do you have organizations that are special to you? You may want to consider a bequest to these chari- ties. You can leave a specific dollar amount, or a percent of your estate. Your will bequest is a lasting legacy that helps ensure the future of an organization important to you today.
7. Changes are Easy to Make. Changes to your will (an usually be made with a simple amendment called a codicil which becomes a part of the will.
Contact the AOII Foundation for a will codicil form you (an use to make your charitable bequest orfor a general brochure on Estate Planningfor Women and Second Century Society information. Bequests are placed in the Foundation Endowment
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Jilhha 6m i

• I am pleased to enclose my check. $
(Make check payable to the Alpha Omieron Pi Foundation.)
• Please send me information about making a regular gift through an automatic bank draft.
• AMERICAN EXPRESS • I wish to charge my annual gift as follows: • VISA • MasterCard
• A single payment of $
• Twelve equal monthly payments of $
Account* Expires Signature
cr Donate on-line at Thanks.
UPTO$124-Friend $2 .5 0 0 -pearlClub $125-SustainingMember $5'000 "Rubyclub
$250 -Sponsor
$500 - Wheat Club $ 1,000 - Rose Club
$ 10,000 - Pi Circle $25,000 - Omieron Circle
$50,000 - Alpha Circle
Maiden Name
Member Number
• I have included the Alpha Omieron Pi Foundation in my estate plans. • Contact me to discuss gifts of appreciated stocks or securities.
• My company will match my gift. (Please provide us with the company form.)
Zip. Init. Year.

Ashley Nicole's Story
Since I was the mother of two older children,
I had experience to realize that something was
wrong with my youngest, Ashley Nicole. Shortly after she began walking, I would notice that she often stopped and stared down at her feet My husband commented that her shoes must be too small, but I knew that wasn't i t
By the age of 14 months, she would "give out" by about 5 pm each afternoon and just lie down on the couch, lisdess. That's the best way I can explain her energy level or lack of it Any experienced mother knows thatjust is not normal for a toddler that age.
Within a few more weeks, she started to wake up screaming between 1 and 4 in the morning. 1 eventually learned about something called the "peak time" for children, when symptoms are the worst When I would try to pick her up and soothe her, the screaming
Rho Omiavn (Middle Tennessee State U) held an annual BBQ that raised over
$ / 6,000 for arthritis this year Congratulations to this outstanding chapter for its support of arthritis research, which has helped children like Ashley Nicole!
Make an Arthritis Mini-Grant this year to help a child
like Ashley Nicole!
Your chapter can support a local arthri- tis organization and also receive "credit" forFoundation givingby making an arthritis mini-grant Mail in your chapter gift (designated for mini-grant), a o n e page form available on AlphaLink under resources tab, and an additional $15 administrative fee. Your chapter receives recognition for your gift that is then sent right back to your local arthritis group. Call the Foundation for information!
Your next donation to the AOII Foundation
is just a point and click away!
Tammy Carpenter, mother ofAshley Nicole(left), Bobby Stanton, and Sofia Deigodo at the T ennessee Arthritis Foundation annual meeting.
became even more intense. She couldn't even bearto be touched. When the rash and 106 degree fevers started, it was time to get help. To make a long story short, after many many tests and weeks of frustrating visits to doctors to learn what she didn't have, we received Ashley's diagnosis: systemic
juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA). She was 16 months old and had a disease with no cure.
To manage her symptoms, Ashley took 9 teaspoons per day of ibuprofen, adult doses of prednisone that caused her to swell to literally grotesque proportions, and several other drugs with too many syllables to spell out here. It was a bad time, but, after 8 or 9 months, she started to show some improvement In May of 2000 the FDA approved a new drug called EnbreL It'snothingshortofamiracleforchildrenlikeAshley. Hersymptomssubsided,she "shrank"to her normal kid size, reduced her dosage of other medicines, and we felt a bit more optimistic.
One night on television I happened to see an interview with a local mother with a child like Ashley, promoting the local Arthritis Jingle Bell Walk/Run. I went to that event and met that mother. She sent me a family scholarship application for the American Juvenile Arthritis Organization (AJAO) Regional Meeting, and m y family was selected.
Our family scholarship was funded by a grant from AOII Foundation. I really cannot tell you and thank you enough for that wonderful experience. AOII, I want to tell you from my heart that your scholarship to this meeting gave us hope. It takes people and organizations like you to support such a valuable educational experience, for like many in our situation, the exorbitant cost of treatment, even with insurance, limits the budget for extras. B u t thanks to AOII, we know there is support and hope for a better future for Ashley.
Thank you, simply, thank you and bless you. Please keep doing what you are doing for all the other Ashleys out there. It makes all the difference in the world
made using a secure online
1. Visit the Foundation at
2. Click the Donate Online button at the right of your screen
3. Complete the form adcling any comments such as memorial,
i n f o r m a t i o n i n t h e c o m m e n t b o x 4. Click Submit button,
5. Your acknowledgement letter will b e sent from the Foundation.
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
-- Tammy Carpenter, mother of Ashley
Your Foundation annual campaign gift must be received - postmarkedJune 30 (the end of trie fiscal year) - in order
for you to be listed in the annual donor report published in the fall To Dragma.
to the Foundation donationform:
can be

Idea Shoring: n A Salute to an Outstanding Member
Forthisissue,we haveofferedouralum- nae chapters the opportunity to salute one of their own members. Whether she has given outstanding service to her chapter her community or her family these members are worthy of our praise. W e salute them.
We recognize one outstanding alumna annually by nominating her for the City Panhellenic Outstanding Sorority Woman award. This year we have nominated Ann Edwards. In years past, 5 local Atlanta AOII s have won this award out of the 15 years it has been presented.
Diane Doran Walters. Rho Sigma, is larger than life! In her lifelong quest for knowledge and the understanding of what makes people tick, she has earned numerous degrees and volunteered for coundess organizations. She has been a clinical psychologist specializing in family abuse cases. In her "spare" time she volunteered as a herpetolo- gisl for the local aquarium; affectionately know as the Turtle Lady. She also volunteered widi a local primate sanctuary. All this while providing a haven at home to 20+ disabled tats and feeding a backyard legion of raccoons! Faced with the situ- ation of having to become self-sufficient. Diane recently reinvented herself yet again and (hanged careers. Now she is a financial advisor specializ- ing in women's issues.
Teresa Mitchiner is an alumna from the I of Kansas. She is beyond dedicated in everything that she does. In her professional life, as an ele- mentary school teacher, she has shown her excel- lence by achieving National Hoard Certification. Personally, she is very involved with her family and church. She has l>een an active member of our alumnae chapter for several years. Currendv. Teresa serves as secretary and is our liaison with the local Arthritis Foundation. Additionally, she has served as our Panhellenic delegate and was responsible for helping to create the local
Panhellenic organization. Internationally, she serves as a Collegiate Network Specialist Our chapter is proud to have Teresa as a member!
Chicago City
Chicago City Chapter is very proud of our mem- ber. Aileen Wright-Bacon. Not only is she an active member of our chapter, but she also has reached out to other Panhellenic alumnae groups and has helped to create the Chicago Alumnae Panhellenic. Aileen has been appointed the first President of this organization.
Chicago N W Suburban
Chicago NW Suburban honored Susan Smith Dunmead (Theta Psi) with a Rose Power Award. As the current membership chairman. Sue has used technology to recruit new members. The chapter now has a web page and uses e-mail to notify members of meetings. Ihanks to Sue, the (hapter's annual holidav auction is alwavs a great success. Her hand crafted items are always well received and often the cause of bidding wars between sisters. Sue's willingness to help, her kindness to others and her laughter are all reminders of the true meaning of our sisterhood.
Chicago South Suburban
The Chicago South Suburban Alumnae Chapter honored Jini Coolidge last year for celebrating 50 years with AOII. She's been a member of the chapter since 1956 and has served AOII in many capacities. Jim is the artist in our group who paints beautiful watercolor paintings. She paint- ed landscape of the Chicago skyline for our four PIP's who were our guest speakers at the Founders' Day celebration in Chicago last year. Jini exemplifies sisterhood in every sense ol the won! and we are fortunate to have her as part of our group.
Chicago W est Suburban
Lisa Hahn O'Reilly is an outstanding member. In spite of her busy life outside of our alumnae group she has taken on so many res|M>nsibiIities in our chapter and gives so much to us with her great ideas and unending friendship. She is presendy serving her second term as our alumnae chapter Treasurer.
Denton County
Tiffanv Bowers is an outstanding member for Denton County. She not only holds VPA for Denton County, but she is also the Chapter Adviser for Delta Theta (Texas Woman's 11) When Tiffany is not spending all of her time with AOII, she is busy finishing up her Doctorate Degree from TWli in Adapted Physical Education.
Detroit N Suburban
Our newest member, Andrea Hilverda (Beta Gamma) attended her first meeting in September and in October volunteered to chair our largest community service project, the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis. Her organizational skills and friendly manner made many new and old members say "YES" to working that day. We are proud to have Andrea lead our D.N.S.-AOII team.
Evansville Tri-State
Rita Mengon is a very active member- even after 50 years! She continues to support our chapter by coming to monthly activities and volunteering her time to call our other members. She is alwavs willing to help o u t
Greater Harrisburg
We salute the dedicated school teachers in our group who had to handle the difficult challenge of assisting their students through the September 11th events and aftermath. Not that their jobs aren't hard enough already !
Greater Jackson
Angela Ladner continues to be a supportive and active member of our group. Vt"e hope she con- tinues her participation even after she delivers triplet girls in June.
Greater Lafayette
The sisters of Greater Lafayette would like to rec- ognize an outstanding member who has excelled in her career as well as her continual support to AOII. Charlotte Stemmans Clavier, Pi, is in the political spotlight in Carencro. Ix>uisiana. She is currendv serving the third year of a four year term as Mayor-l"ro Tern. Through her position, Charlotte maintains a busy schedule serving on the Drainage, Utility and Public Service Committee, which is all a part ol the Lilavctte In Century Strategic Planning Board. This group focuses on anticipating the needs of the commu- nity for the next 100 years.
Greater Lee County
We honor Christi Roos. for her undying love for the organization and her constant selfless efforts to keej) the organization afloat
Greater Los Angeles
Greater IA salutes Megan Kiessling for her out- standing dedication to AOII. Megan currently serves as the Membership Chairman for Greater I A Megan also coordinated last years Holiday Tea at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She also keeps Greater L \ in touch with the local Arthritis foundation where she coordinates special events.
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002

Greater Pinellas
Greater Pinellas salutes Marion Clouse, Chi, who has worked so diligently for AOII and G-Pac for over fifty-five years. Our chapter is so thankful for her unselfish generosity in donating her time and talents on our chapter's behalf.
Hilton Head
This spring our alumnae chapter contributed to the Fortieth Anniversary Fund of the Women's Association of Hilton Head Island in honor of for- mer AOII alumnae chapter president Helen Rush. The Women's Association of Hilton Head Island is recognized for their continuous dedica- tion and exemplary service to the island commu- nity, and we are proud to honor one of our own, Helen Rush for her many tireless efforts.
We were honored to nominate and then have presented the Elizabeth Haywood Wyman Award to Dr. Suellen Reed, Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Indiana, at convention this past summer. Congratulations.
Jersey Shores
Sandy Pagano has been an inspiration to the members in our chapter. Despite past health issues, the loss of her husband and father all with- in the last 3 years, Sandy found the motivation and courage to train to walk the Jersey Shore Marathon, along with fellow Alumna Cheryl Wild in April 2001. Sandy's spirit of sisterhexd exemplifies what our pledge urges us to do. The Jersey Shore Alumnae Chapter is very proud to have Sandy Pagano as a model sister.
Sandra Bowlin served as chapter president from
our books in excellent status and managed to also coordinate several events for our group. Jane is always a member that can be counted on lor her attendance and support
Long Island
(Kir chapter would like to salute Pamela J. Botka. She is the 2001 recipient of the New Jersey Governor's Merrit Award for Excellence in Nursing in the category of Professional Nurse. We are all very proud of our sister.
Middle Georgia
We would like to salute Dot Williams. She is a very dedicated member of AOII. She does allshe? e-an lor AOII through the' Foundation Board and helps the local alumnae chapter without hesita- tion. Thanks,Dotforallyou do.
Minneapolis/St. Paul
We wish to salute Courtney (Cornell) Bernal for this honor. Courtney is definitely one e>f the most dedicated Chapter \dvisers Tail Chapter has ever had. He'r father passed away this fall in the Pentagon explosion and even when she was in DC dealing with it, she emailed and left phone messages constantly making sure' e-very- thing was running smoothly at the house. She always puts the chapte'r at the- forefront of all she eiocs and will bend ove-r backwards to help any officer. She also is very motivating, uplifting and always has a word of encouragement for the chapter. Courtney truly puts her heart in our ehapter and all of the women here appreciate her work very much.
We would like to congratulate our very own Joan MacCallum on becoming AOIEs Inte'rnational Historian! (ioed luck and best wishes in this wry important position!
We salute Judy Thornburg, Kappa Kappa Corporation Board president instructor at Ball State U, and committed member of Muncie Alumnae. Chapter.
Nashville Area
You'll find many Alumnae' Chapter Presidents and members in AOII, but yew won't e;asily find one as dedicated as our Donna Kumar. This dear sister is no! onlj an effective' le-ader, she is a true and loving friend. It is because of her incredible quiet strength anel consistent leader- ship that our chapter has accomplished so much in the last three years. He-r light shines bright Thank you, Donna!
New York City Area
Gina Basich served as our VP Recruitment last year and also took on the role of Historian. She organized scrapbook meetings and also worked on various nwmbe*rship recruiting efforts incluel- ing an Open House and phone call chain, reach- ing out to area alumnae. Gina attends almost every event and is one of the most spirited anel dedicated sisters in our group. She was just voted Sister of the Year for our alumnae' ehapter, anel given a special certificate and flowers at the spring business meeting.
Northern Kentucky
We would like to salute Bar!) Kruetzkamp as an outstanding member. She is currendy holding the' offices of secretary and chapter programming. While being very busy with work and family activities, she also finds time to type and se^nd out our ne'wsletter. plan chapter activities and coordi- nate the RSVPs of these events. Thanks Barb!
Northern Virginia
Mary Munchak - Mary is our secretary and she has always l*en there to do anything when it is
1999-2001, doing an outstanding job. ciate everything she has done.
Lake County of Illinois
We appre-
Judy Ressner is saluted because she has done a wonderful job of getting our group on email and keeping us in touch with each other.
Las Vegas
Las Vegas would like to salute Liz Amudson. Liz has been an active member since this chapter has been reinstalled. She has never missed a meeting! Liz has served as Founders' Day chairman, held several meetings at her house (hiring a babysitter so every- one could attend), and always keeps us informed of events happening at International Headquarters. Liz says the only songs she knows are AOII songs and she sings her kids to sleep with them!
Jane Brooks, our past treasurer, is a huge asset to our chapter. She has kept
Nashville Alumnae and their families during Zoo Walk The event supports the Nashville Branch of the Arthritis Foundation.
To Dragma/SL'MMER 2002

alumnae news
Sacramento Valley
Alpha Omicron Pi has always held a special place in Blanche's heart. Over the years she has pro- vided a great deal of support to the Foundation. Blanche's contributions include, but are not limit- ed to: monetary and stock donations and under- writing the Second Century Reception for our 1997 Centennial Convention.
St. Louis
Melania Harris is currendy our Membership Chairman. She is also a Collegiate Network Specialist Last year she was the Vice President of the chapter, as well as fulfilling her CNS duties. She was the Chapter President the two years prior to that! She has been an outstanding mem- ber of our chapter, and involved in nearly every activity. We hope to keep her around and very involved for many years to come. Thank you for your hard work, Melania!
Suburban Maryland
Liz Mulliean has been called "the glue that holds SMAC together." As one of SMACs founding sis- ters, Liz has dedicated countiess hours to SM\C She has served as President VT of Membership, and is currently VP of Programming. Aside from her VP of Programming responsibilities, Liz is constandy keeping the other board members on top of things, and is always initiating new ideas to improve SMAC!
Tampa Bay
Stacey Richards is an outstanding member of the TBAC. She serves as secretary, but usual- ly wears many other hats, as well. She takes up a lot of the slack when volunteers are scarce. Stacey is a great asset and keeps this chapter going!
T oledo Area
In 1959, the Helen St. Clair Mullen Award honoring an alumna who has served AOII in an outstanding manner was presented for the first time, hi the 42 years since that time, the award has been presented to only 21 other outstanding AOII alumnae. The most recent honoree is our own Fudge Haney Skaff. Her work includes holding virtually every office in the Toledo Area Alumnae Chapter and the Alumnae Panhellenic. She served as a colle- giate adviser for nearly 20 years, as a member of Theta Psi Corporation for over 30 years and as a charter member of the Alpha Psi Corporation. She served on a regional level as a Regional Director and Leader- ship Conference Chairman. She served Internationally as Nominating Chairman, on the PR Committee, and Centennial Committee, as well as being a session leader at Convention.
Toronto Area
Reesa Dowe (BT "93) jumped eagerly aboard when the Toronto Area Alumnae Chapter regrouped in 1997. As our Collegiate Liaison/MIF Chair, she has been an integral part in the core executive ever since! Reesa was responsible for major reorganizing of the BT
needed. She gives of herself at all times and truly shows sisterhood to each and every sister she comes across.
NY/NJ Metro
Bridget Scanlon was one of our two Rose Award recipients at the International Convention this past June. She is a very loyal alumnae chapter member who participates in every activity and has always held an office. She is also a Theta Pi adviser and currently the president of the Theta Pi Corporation Board. She is married to Dennis and has two daughters, Jacqueline and Alyssa. Her love for AOII shines through all she does.
Service to AOII comes naturally for one of our outstanding members, Cathy German. Over the past 15 years she has served continuously as our VP as well as provided active support to our local Collegiate Chapter, Gamma Chi. In this capacity she has served as Recruitment Adviser and Chapter Adviser, and currendy is President of the Gamma Chi Corporation Board. She is amazing and we love her!
Palo Alto
Palo Alto would like to salute Gail Walulis Thompson (Rho). Gail trained for many months to participate and complete the Bay Area Avon Breast Cancer walk. This was a 60 mile walk over a three day period from Santa Clara to San Francisco in July, 2001.
The Philadelphia AC salutes our Corresponding Secretary, Amy Hoffstetter Toth. As we've launched into the electronic age, this position has become more demanding, and Amy has risen to the additional challenge. She has created and maintains our labulous web site, which contains everything anyone would ever need to know about our AC, from history to our upcoming events. In addition to the traditional "snail mail" newsletters and reminders, Amy also makes monthly updates to the web site and sends meet- ing reminders via e-mail. Thank You, Amy - we couldn't do it without you!
Quad City Area
Miriam White Beitel inspired our group at our first meeting by sharing her scrapbook of her AOII days. Included among the many pho- tographs and mementos were her program and photograph of our Founders whom she met at two conventions. What a joy it was to hear of her meeting these special ladies long ago. Miriam, suflering from Parkinson's Disease, is still active in AOII today.
We awarded a 50 year pin to Anne Meyer who has held numerous offices in the chapter and been active in our activities as well as in the com- munity with her support of environmental issues.
Janet Dallas has been elected to serve as the Sacramento Panhellenic Alumnae President for the 2001/2002 year. Janet has worked tirelessly for years supporting the Sacramento Valley Alumnae Chapter as President and Panhellenic Liaison. She works full time and is raising two wonderful children, including one legacy! We are proud to have her as a loyal chapter member.
San Antonio
The San Antonio Alumnae Chapter (SA\Q was recolonized in July 2001. ALL our members are outstanding because it is taking all of them to get SAAC back on its feet Here's to all of you!
San Diego
The San Diego Alumnae Chapter lost our dear sister, Bonnie Berger (Tau), after a battle with cancer July 25, 2001. She gave countiess hours of service to AOII over the years and was a men- tor to many AOII leaders. Bonnie was also a model volunteer in her community. Most recent- ly, Bonnie served as the President of the Assistance League of Escondido Valley where she regularly visited retirement homes to play the piano for their sing alongs. She also worked on a number of Assistance League philanthropy pro- jects. A Celebration of Life was held in remem- brance of Bonnie on August 11. More than 45 AOII sisters attended the memorial service.
San Fernando Valley
Mary Ann Kenney is there to help every time we turn around. Be it stepping in as Treasurer, Panhellenic delegate, Public Relations, Sigma Phi's AA.C, Sigma Phi Corporation, or getting Pro Bono work donated. Her vocabulary does not include the word "No." Her heart and soul is more into AOII than anyone else we know.
San Gabriel Valley
We salute Mary Ann Jenkins, Kappa Alpha. Upon relocating to California, she immediately immersed herself in the Pasadena community, serving on the Boards of the Pasadena Symphony and Caltech Woman's Club, joining the Junior League of Pasadena, and sustaining memberships in the Friends of Beckman and the Friends of the Huntington. She exemplifies AOn in all that she does, donating her time and resources wherever they are needed. At Convention, she was elected to the Board of Directors of Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation, and continues to educate AOIIs as a Foundation Ambassador. She lets her light shine and others follow.
Southern Orange County
Blanche Franklin Chilcote, (Alpha Phi, Montana State U 1945) has provided a shining example of what one sister can do to make a difference in the world around her. Blanche, along with her late husband Bill have always been passionate about their philanthropic projects. Their love of marine life inspired them to organize and endow the Chilcote House, a center for marine research and education in Dana Point California. However,
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002

AAC and as their G \ taught the chapter to wel- come the wisdom of advisers. She currendy divides her time as New Member Adviser and Alumnae Relations Adviser - a perfect balance for a sister who applies sisterhood to her daily life! Always wearing a smile and taking the posi- tive side of every situation Reesa reminds us of the Golden Rule and her light truly shines as a modern woman.
Shawn Fenimore is Triangle's Chapter Treasurer and she is also the Financial Adviser for the Delta Upsilon Chapter at Duke. Shawn is not only one of our most active members, but she is the kind of member who supports Triangle in a behind the scenes way. She is always one of the
first to volunteer to host a meeting at her house. She has also designated her house as the AOII collection spot! She houses all of our chapter memorabilia, records, and any donations we collect to be taken to one of the local agencies in the Triangle. Shawn is always looking for ways to recruit new members, and to help out with our member retention.
Ventura County
Dodie Linn, Kappa Theta, was a longtime Diamond .lubilee Foundation Iward member and an active volunteer in her Thousand Oaks com- munity. Most important to us, she keeps us con- slandy amused with the lively sense of humor she has retained throughout her 91 years!
Virginia Tidewater
Each one of our members is special, but one who continues to make a difference at each and every meeting is Kathy Arn. She is there for us when we have a big decision to make, whether it is about fundraising or how to plan a meeting. She shares funny stories with us about her stu-
alumnae b
Dear Sisters:
I am an AOII from West Virginia and graduated in 1996.1 am writing to you because I want to share with you an amazing experience I recently had with sisterhood and a bond that lasts well beyond the college years.
Several months ago I lost my brother to suicide, an event I never expected to experience in my lifetime. It has been very difficult and as anyone who has lost a loved one this way, it leaves you with a lifetime of questions. Healing from the death of anyone is always hard, but even worse when you know that it could have been prevented.
My brother, Shaun, also attended WVU several years before me. He met his wile there and she was also an AOII and one of the reasons that I wanted to become a sister. Michelle and Shaun had 2 children together, Sara, 7, and Colin, 4, whom he left behind.
After my brother's sudden death, his fraternity brothers decided to host a memorial event in honor of Shaun that would raise money for his children's education. It was held on April 20,2002 at a park near thecampusof WVU.
In the planning stages of the event, I had contacted AOII's Sigma Alpha Chapter to see if they woidd be interested in volunteering their time to help during the barbecue and silent auction. Their enthusiasm was ovemhekning. On the day of the event, 40 young women from the chapter whom I had never met showed up to sell raffle tickets in the pouring rain.
I cannot say enough thanks to these young women. I was so impressed by their willingness to help and their generosity. I write this letter in hopes that you will find a way in which to acknowledge their efforts as well It is not often that you find 40 young girls who want to give up their Saturday to stand in the rain and help a family out that
theyhadnevermet Mytamilywillneverforgettheirkindness.These girls truly understand sisterhood.
One other final note that I would like to add is that I thought that the timeliness of our To Dragma article was impeccable in relation to this event I really appreciate that AOII is trying to educate people on the subject of suicide and to spread the word about something that can be prevented if enough people are given the resources they need to get help for someone. I wasn't fortunate enough to get the chance to help my brother, but I hope through this article and awareness, someone else might get that chance. Keep talking about i t It's the only way to prevent suicide.
- Erin Autrey, Sigma Alpha (West Virginia U)
Winning Ideas
Joyce Cannistraci Riemersma, Kappa Gamma (Florida Southern College)and member of the Orlando Alumnae Chapter has received the 2002 A & E/History Channel Cable Ideas Award. She teaches Gifted elementary students in Florida's Seminole County Schools System. She combined cable programming with a unit she created stressing the Economic impact of The Gold Rush and the importance of gold today. She has also been a recipient of many local, state, and national awards using "Cable in the Classroom" and teaching Economics to elementary students. Some of these include the Florida Cable Teacher of the Year, a three time recipient of the Disney Teacherrific Awards. Florida's Social Studies Teacher of the Year, Florida State Economics Award, and Time Warner Crystal Apple Award Winner.
The 50 Year Member listing in the Spring 2002 To Dragma failed to correctly identify Hartwick College as the location of our Sigma Chi Chapter. We apologize for the omission.
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
dents, her
our sisters and the commitment which we have made to help our community.
husband and her two beautiful She remind us of the importance of

Leadership Academy
"We are all working fora common
goal in our VP/MR positions. We want torecruitthe best possible women for AOII!
We were able to come together this weekend and learn how to do that and
so much more." 30
The second annual Leadership Academy for Chapter Presidents was held February 15-17, at AOII Headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee. 87 Chapter Presidents attended. Leadership Academy is a unique opportu- nity for CPs to get the necessary informa- tion and resources and hit the ground run- ning in their office. It is an avenue for AOII to educate, train, and create a peer network for our collegiate leaders. And, ultimately, it is about AOII raising the bar and creating a higher standard for our
chapter presidents and collegiate chapters.
A collegiate member corning on the scene in such a visible office as chapter president is often viewed as the "glue" of the chapter. She is the person everyone looks to for interpretation of AOII policies, procedures, and resolution of chapter issues. She is called on by her college/university admin- istration, alumnae, and by AOII interna- tional personnel to answer questions about the chapter and to be accountable for the actions of her chapter and its members. The office of president is a tough one —but as those alumnae, who served their chap- ters as the president can attest, it is one of the most rewarding experiences an AOII member can ever have.
Presenters and volunteers for the weekend included: Carole Jones, International President; Sally Wagaman, Vice President of Operations; Renee Smith, Vice President of Finance; Pam Pieriotti, Education and Training Committee member; Susan Bonifield, Chairman of the new ftogramming Committee; Ix>ri Hart Kl>ert Education and Training Chairperson; and Ginger Banks, Past International FVesident and chairman of the RT& J committee. Grace Dav, Assistant Director of the AOII Foundation, was present throughout the
weekend and talked with the presidents about the AOII Foundation, Senior Challenge, Strike Out For Arthritis, and the Foundation scholarship program. Additionally, the AOII Headquarters staff including Melissa Parsons, Donna Kumar, Julie Hacker, Mariellen Sasseen, Linda Fuson, and the Emporium staff, provided invaluable support throughout the weekend.
The following weekend, February 22-24, another Leadership Academy was held of Vice President/Membership Recruitment (VP/MR) Officers. 82 VP/MR's attended.
This officer position was selected because of the importance of membership recruit- ment to the goals and objectives for AOII in this biennium. The VP/MR is a highly visi- ble officer and much of the future of the chapter depends on her ability to plan and organize an effective Recruitment from start to finish. The VP/MR wears many hats while working with her ajmmittee, the entire chapter, her advisers, and the Panhellenic Council on her campus. The officer must also be forward thinking and constandy aware of trends on her campus as well as what potential members are looking forwhen they come to campus.
Presenters and volunteers for the weekend included: Kathy Sowell, Executive Board Director of Collegiate Chapters: Julie Christensen, Education and Training Committee member; Fergie Lewis, Programming Committee member; Toni Morgan, CNS; and Linda Mahfouz, Recruitment Specialist. Additionally, the AOII Headquarters staff including Melissa Parsons, Donna Kumar, Julie Hacker, Mariellen Sasseen, Linda Fuson, and the Emporium staff, provided invaluable sup- port throughout the weekend.
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002

This year's theme for both Leadership Academies was FISH. On the opening night of the weekend, the chapter leaders learned about the FISH Philosophy. This popular philosophy, used by many busi- nesses and other organizations worldwide, was explained through a video and interac- tive session. This session (led by Dr. Lori Hart Ebert) gave these leaders the tools to inspire the women in their chapters to see that each and every person has the power to create a more interesting, playful, and energetic chapter for the good of AOI1.
Other session topics covered during the Chapter Ftesident's LA weekend included: project and personnel management, Website Training, fiscal responsibility, risk management, confronting risky behaviors, voting and discussion, and values based leadership. Time was also scheduled for tours of HQ and to shop in the Fjnporium.
Likewise, other session topics covered dur- ing the VP/MR L A weekend included: Defining the Product, Developing, plan- ning, and executing your Recruitment Plan, Public Relations, Conversation,
Continuous Open Recruitment, Reporting, Songs and skits, and goal setting. Time was also set aside for HQ tours and to shop in the Emporium.
A change to this year's program (for both weekends) was the incorporation of small group meetings throughout the weekend. These group meetings which were offered throughout the weekend after the large group sessions allowed the officers the opportunity ask questions and share their experiences with a small group of their peers. Each group also had the help and guidance of a small group facilitator who was there to answer questions and offer feedback and encouragement
We are pleased to announce that AOII will sponsor two more Leadership Academies in the 2002-03 academic year. Each acad- emy will be held at AOII headquarters and will be focused on three different offices. The last weekend each February will be reserved for collegiate presidents. T h e focus for the other Leadership Academy will be announced this summer.
''This weekend gave me confidence to go back to my chapter and help them learn more about AOII.
It helped me see the 'big picture' and taught me how to do my best at being Chapter President"
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
AOII Collegiate Chapter Presidents

Bragging RigWtf
4.0 s
(* indicates both semesters)
Alpha Chi Laura Allen Madelyn Anetrella Erin Brothers * Marilyn Bungo Merida Foster Marci Graham Amber Hurt Kristin Kozman Tennille Leigh Alison Lenhart Brittney Ixmg* Kellie Rithardson Jaime Rone
Holly Skidmore Andrea Warwick Abbigail Wegenka
Alpha Delta Catherine Alford * Mandy Davis
Leah Deramus Molly Dyrsen
Jaime Haggard Kimberly Harrison Leigh Hart
Kelly Hauer Joanna Hudson Katie Humber
Lisa Brecciaroli Melissa MeLure Lisa Miller
Rebecca Myers * Erinn Rafalsky Jennifer Sapp
Jodi Teaford •Ashley Thomson Kathryn Wallace Brooke West Kathryn Yarbrough Jamie Zarilli *
Alpha Lambda Andrea Bethel Kerry Breedlove Kerry Breedlove Kristen Brewer Carrie Forrester Carrie Forrester
The following information has been gathered from chapter officer reports in AlphaLink. We salute each member and chapter
for these outstanding achievements!
Epsilon Chi PatriciaBasial* Suzanne Finch Sarah Hoelter Tiffany Johnson Shaunda Legg Melissa Martchek Megan Trumpler Katherine Wicke
Epsilon Omega Christina Dickey Kimberly Mills Sara Pace Jennifer Stratman Amy Wells
Epsilon Sigma Dawn Burns Cindv Martin
Gamma Alpha Jackie Allder Sahar Greeley Jo-Elsa Jordan Leslie Tobin
Gamma Delta Rebecca Bond Lindsev Brom Debbie Corcoran Kim Griffin Ashley Hood * Lauren Huff* Ashlee I^eath Lisa Oswald Cathy Spahn Kristin Weaver *
Gamma Omicron Nicole Albrecht * I.aura Carmen Kimberly Caspare Heather Faillace Desiree Hood Spehanie Hotte
Mlison Hunt
Melissa Mazer * Allison McDonald Alexandra Menchise Misha Nasr
Katie O'Neil Cathryn Outzen
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
Emily McDaniel Emily McDaniel Kiley Mickel Elaina Philipps
Delta Pi
Gillian Allen Leah Clingman Jamie Cook
Katy Eyberg Tara Freeman Crystal Geisler Danielle Geisler * Theresa Helfricb NinaMertz
Erin Murphy Chrissy Nagel Sheila Pascball * Cathy Petrich * Alison Pleser * Megan Rich * Jennifer Wolf
Delta Rho I^ori Heideman Heather Tullio
Delta Sigma Melissa Barreto Stephanie Strozer
Delta Upsilon Melissa Devine Lauren Hinkle Meredith Messmer
Dana Cohen
Kelly Erikson Rebecca Fishman Rebecca Fuchs Nicole Hamilton Angela Marchesi Courtney Moskowitz Katie Osborn Colleen Reiss
Heidi Sicherman
Epsilon Alpha Amy Nawrocki Amelia Peterson Elise Rogers Erica J Schneider Heather Timbie *
Alpha Phi
Nicole Chinadle Kelsie Eggensperger Elizabeth Johnston Kirsten Madsen shawmia Raider Jessica Strohecker
Alpha Psi
Jaime Brechel Kristen Colella Jennifer Mosel Jennifer Ozello Gina Paponetti * Elizabeth Schroeder Jennifer Walls
Alpha Theta Erin Herwig Jane Lehmann Rebecca Molle Janelle Wagg
Beta Gamma Kelly Megel Kali Reichert Nichole Weber
Beta Phi
Amanda Field Courtney Henson * Andrea Layman *
Chi Delta
Jaclyn Bradley Renee Hill Caroline Hult Casey Ippen Jessica Naughton Megan Young
Chi Epsilon
Bradi Downard Lindsey Heflelmire Jen Paris
Jamie Secor
Chi Lambda Audrey Betz
Cris Brannock Marisa James * Molly Kellams* Courtney Kissel Lori Mathis Amanda Schroeder Jennifer Schwenk Alicia Wilderman
Chi Psi
Lindsey Ewick Jennifer Fauerbach Stacy Hawkinson Rachel Osofsky
Chi Theta
Emily Biffle Jennifer Claborn Holly Clay Melanie Eubanks Jessica Fisher
IJz Hays * Amber Johnson Michelle Marston Brooke MiGlellan Tonya Reale Betsy Thomas Sarah Weaver Wendy Zuege
Delta Beta Anna Maragos
Delta Delta Stephanie Brown* Sarah Callaway Kristin Cantrell Lindsey Christian Kathleen Donovan Lisa Farris
Joy Gettys * Elizabeth Gillis Heather Halley
Kathryn Kollefrath Kathleen Lathram Megan Lawrence Katherine Mitcbell * April Owens Jennifer Parker Andrea Quick Kristin Rice
Stacey Rockwell Lauren Smith Haley Thames Emily Walsh Nicole Weekley Katie Williams
Delta Epsilon Joy Boyd
Robin Goodwin Heather Miller Sara Thompson
Delta Omega Jessica Barnes Melissa Barron Laura Bowland *
1 >eah Bowland Jillian Brittain Vibitney Bushart Whitney Coleman * Ryan Fondaw * Cynthia Glass Courtney Griffiths KelliHall
Whitney Holland * Lisa Holt
Brandy House * Haley Hudson Katie Konrad Stevie Lowery Stephanie Minix * Shae Newsome .Ashley Olson Angela Renfrew Hillary Spain Tonya Traylor Mindy White

Sarah Peirce Kristen Petters Andrea Ranon Amy Rottmann Lauren Rusinik Ashley Saltzman Nicole Santom * Laura Sherman Lauren Swann * Johanna Wood
Gamma Sigma Ashley Campbell Lacey French Jennifer Helbnund Kim Jarrard Lindsey Martin Amanda Payne April Stermole
Gamma Theta Carlene Brown Courtney Ellis Jennifer Kotek Michelle Tetor
Carrie Abramson Nicole Benoit
Sara Churchill Andrea Clinard Tracey Janik Shannon Kelly *
Liz Kuhn
Judie Levy
Lauren Markovic Mary Padgham
Laura Range
Sarah Stredney
Iota Patricia Valassis * Meghann Walk * Tracy Walsh
Iota Sigma Courtney O'Connor
Kappa Alpha Alison Antes Lacey Frye Heather Glaspie Susan Gordon Jessica Hogue Amber Langsdon Katiri Mahoney Missy Miller
Kappa Chi
Susan Gaidan Mindy McConneD
Kappa Gamma Sabrina Forte Carmella Frederick Korri Piper
Kappa Kappa Ijura Allen Kimberly Klepfer Amy Leman* Joanna Lute Kelly Nofzinger
Kappa Omega Kristin Brown* Abbey Cahill* Kylene Qaucherty * Kara Feder
Tarah Hawkins Kendra Kremer Amber Lee Stephanie Lucchese Erin Mcbride Nicole Owens* Jodee Pride * Michelle Ray
Ali Robison Amie Sells Katherine Smith Nika Wilcox
KappaOmicron Katie Cox Natalie DuMont Emily Ramsey
Kappa Rho Erin Carroll* Kristin Hill Delores Ward
Kappa Tau
Anne Bellanger Cady Breyel Katherine Cascio Jennifer King Candice Sanders Courtney Thompson
Lambda Beta Heather Norman Jennifer Vargas
Lambda Chi Tasha Aides Tamara Beckman * Melissa Cavalin * Crystal Hammond Anjali Kamath Windy Williams
Lambda Eta Erin Burgess Rebeckah Duffey Megan Llamas KelleyMaki*
Lambda Omicron Lane Crockwell Bethany Griffin
Lambda Sigma Allison Acree Gina Addington Amy Alexander Emily Askew Jessica Bailey Made Bowen Carrie Brady Brooke Brown Erin Brown Kristine Calandra Rachel Carter Christine Cohen Katie Davis *
Kris Dondero
Kay Dowis
Anita Elguera
Anne Eshelman Kelly Frantz
Kristin Gann
Paula Gentry
Katie Gibbons Virginia Girardeau * Ann Marie Goggins Carol Gore SarahHale* Breanne Johnson Stephanie Langston Elizabeth Lee * SheUey Long * Dorielle Ludwig Susan Maples
Jamie Martin Kathryn Mathis* Kate McLaughlin Melissa Millikin Allison Minner Kristin Mitcham Elizabeth Molyson Sarah Moses
Kristen Ozburn Betsy Richwine * Kimberly Sapp Allison Scott
Lauren Simms
Kelly Stevenson Ashley Waldron * Lauren Weidman * Mary Beth Wiggins * Mary Wolfe
Lambda Tau Yvie Edwards Britni Leblanc Anya Morris * Sonya Murphy Kelly Piatt Brooke Wood
Lambda Upsilon Deanna Carloni Katherine Ives Laury Jones Patricia Kurz Kimberly Porpora Christina Schindele Kyra Specht *
Kelly Allison Caroline Cahill Alicia Cole Jennifer Crain Amanda Earnshaw Marie Harkins Ashley Heinz Ashley Hood Angela Jenkins Cindy Jones
Corby Mason Amanda Milner Corey Palmer Kelly Smith Beecham Tracy
Jessica Anderson Kristie Koike Linnea Schrowang
Nu Omicron Karina Cummings Catherine Higgs LaurenHoward Angela Kimbrell Andrea Kotys
Laura Mathis
Alexis Nesbit * Alison Rigsby Caroline Roche Stacey Schrecengost Katharine Smotherman Nicole Taylor Kasey Wymer
Julie Young
Omega Heather Bailey Rachel Blom Amy Fisher Emily Grubbs Christy Hill Beth Pasko Jennifer Young
Omega Omicron Jenny Hayes Bobbie Williams Tracy Zambo
Omega Upsilon Ambria Arden Alyson Bandi Kathryn Barnes Robin Bremner Renee Casteel Emily King Suzie Paden Jessica Robb
Stephanie .Allen
Jada Butler
Rachel Houingsworth
Frances Kirkland Nikki Lowe
Sara Pottinger Courtney Roberts Mandy Skaggs Kim Vincent Martha Jo Willis
Phi Beta
Dawn DeCandido
Phi Sigma Bridget Abboud * Elizabeth Doll Tarnina Eshleman Aimee Gloystein * Katie Hoffman Jessica Linn* Kara Meinke * Jill Merklin Elaine Nelson Ande Ruliffson Anya Trumler Jessica Vossler
Phi Upsilon Jilliann Armstrong Elizabeth Goodrich Kristin McFarren Willow King
Pi Delta
Abby Danielle Adler Jessica Daniels Katie Hall
Kathryn Iannicelli Megan Kost
Alena Krzywicki Elizabeth Messick Joyce Sanchez
Pi Theta Sandra Mira*
Rho Delta Rebekah Bureh Amber Craft Rachel Holladay Bashan Hok* Susan Kenoyer Melissa Martin Melanie Money Carrie Montgomery Holly Morris
Shelli Nobles
Laura Oakley Rachel Riede * Marian Smith * Amanda Weigt
Rho Omicron Carrie Hunsaker Angie Perkey Charlotte Reece Amanda Russell
Gail Abbey Sasha Cervantes Kristin Esbeck Erica Kishi Sarah Krygier Audrey Ohara Ana Stojanovska
Sigma Alpha Alex Bragg Kiely Sweatt
Sigma Chi Noel Pierson Larissa Wasyl
Sigma Delta Morgan Goodwin Mary Henderson * Kelly Long
Leah Nesbitt Amanda Pinkard
Sigma Omicron AprilAdams
Amy Eoff
Gretchen Kaufman * Megan McDonald Amy McKennon Shay Nanke
Kelli Parks Courtney Rowe
Sigma Phi
Ana Hernandez* Christine Rodriguez
Sigma Rho Angela Derringer
Tau Delta
Sarah Beth Coffey Lindsey Crook Virginia Dyson Charlotte Edwards Mandy Janis
Erin Kendrick
Laura Latham Allison Lee
Jennifer Marcilliat Sarah Marshall
Mary Elizabeth May Alicia McCaghren * Adriane Montgomery Lark Patterson Andrea Rogers
Nikki Rogers
Katy Smith
Lindsey Thomas Kristen Ziel
Lindsey Thomas
Tau Omega Stephanie Barger Tamara Bentley Clark Amye Day
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002

Molly Dean
Dawn Harper
1 -indsay MeWilliams Debbie Shuttleworth Jennifer Wagenmaker
Tau Omicron Leanne Austin I^auren Browning* Amanda Burton Stephanie Carruth Casi Fleming Amanda Garner * Missy Godfrey Amanda l^amberth Amanda Mann Jennifer VlcDaniel Amy Parks
Melanie Rose Brandi Stephens Margaret Watson Kristin West
Amy Wilson Karen Wilson *
Theta Beta Erin Keneddy Christina Miller
Theta Omega Michelle Barlish Annette Berg Diana Elston * Kate Harcid Maggie Heard Jill Paddock Susan Rian Melissa Richey
Theta Pi
Marisa Trabanco
Theta Psi Jennifer Burke Amity Woirol Ondi Yang
Upsilon Lambda Jennifer Montemayor
Nicole Anslover Tiffany Bose Andrea Deichert Abby Ferraro Brady Fritz Christa Hamilton Jacqueline Hill* Alecia Ingram Kristy Keller Rhiannon Kenner Ann Mulligan Jennifer Peterson Jen Rajewich Stacy Thomlison
Zeta Pi
Jennifer Davidson Amy Dill *
Katie Mitcbum Sheryl Roque Karen I^eigh Samples *
Kassi Webster
Zeta Psi
Cynthia Anderson Melissa Bennett Jennie I>amont * Jessica I^ang Jennifer McCloskey
Alpha Lambda Delta
Alpha Delta Emily Bishop Pasha Dickson (Courtney Cover Kelly Hauer Emily Marlar Rebecca Myers Tonita Romero Kathryn Rutledge
Julia Sisson Ashley Thomson Brooke West Maury Wilkinson Jamie Zarrilli
Alpha Psi Knsten Colella
Alpha Theta Jessica Fritzsinger Alexis Heffern Jane Lehmann Rebecca Molle Nora Robinson Katrina Schultz Janelle Wagg Laura Wenk Alana Lesley Kristie Workman
Beta Phi
Jessica Bair Elizabeth Beltramini Abby Keeping I-auren McVicker Jessica Resch
Kate Schott
Delta Beta Jennifer Beslin Renee Dronet Renee Dronet Anna Maragos Carrie Roques
Delta Delta l^eigh Armistead Stephanie Brown Leah Creen Katie 1 athram Katie Mitchell Amy Morris Amanda Mussig Alison Reiland Jen Turner
Delta Omega Natalie- Bringham Michelle Byassee Jessica Cherry Whitney Coleman Megan Douglas Amber Henderson Shelly Hill
Emily Miller Hillary Spain EUy Wells
Gamma Alpha Jackie Allder Gamma Alpha Julie DeCicco
Kristina Dorville Sahar Greeley Caitlin Knowles Jen Shue
Sanaz Sohani
Gamma Omicron Noelle Anderson
1 >aura Carmen Heidi Dias
Iota Sigma Jessica Wonderlich Sarah Wood
Kappa Alpha Alison Antes
Erika Edwards Krista Frost
Elissa Thompson Ussy Jhompson Meghan Fblgate Amy Morris Andrea Hieneman Katherine Orange Michelle Williams
Kappa Rho
Erin Carroll
Ah/ia Hakim Andrea Hornak Meredith Ijeeson Laura Norgren Jennifer Schuhnecht Delores Ward
Lambda Tau Yvie Edwards Ashley Fisher Lynn Gibbs
Kavla Haltom Jennifer Henry Penny I^awrence Lori Santoro
Ashley Slocum Jennifer Stephenson JillWarren
Nu Omicron Sarah Eayrs
Amy Gordon Elizabeth High Aubrey Hunt Katharine Hurst Alison McElroy Alexis Nesbitt Soha Patel Martha lYesley Kristen Quirk Katharine Shister Katharine Smothennan
Jennifer Canali Andrea Miller Julia Poccia Becky Turek Elizabeth \ereker
Omega Upsilon Alissa Cardone
Erin Donnelly Kacey Goertz
Kelly Harkrader Kim Interliggi Amanda Kinseth Meghan McClelland Kara Schvartz Elaine Severs
Rho Delta Vmelia Hall Bashan Holt
Susan Kenoyer Vickie I^ally Gabbie Porter Gabrielle Porter Bachel Riede Sarah Wilcox
Tau Delta
Kim Ajidrews Jaime Burkett Sarah Coffey Caroline Jones
1 .aura Lilham Amy Lavender Allison Lee
Sarah Marshall Betsy Mcljeod l^uren Murphy Morgan Robinson Niki Rogers
Meg Seibert
Katy Smith Jennifer Snell
Lindsey Thomas Libby Van Pelt Ashley Zerull
Theta Chi Shannon Schmidt Nicole Winders
Upsilon Lambda Brandi Banks Marissa Gonzalez
Erin Bader Andrea Deichert Emily Eisenhauer Crystal From Megan Heald Maggan Kitten Laura Martin Jenny Peterson Molly Skoog Katie Sup
Jackie Troester Jodi Vaccaro
Zeta Pi
Amanda Biship Jennifer Davidson Amy Dill
Sarah Henry Jessica King Lindsey Martin Rashmi Murthy Shama Patel
Mila Sanderson
Alpha Delta Janet Golen
Alpha Psi Katie Fucik
Alpha Theta Meredith Bacon Kelly Benda Molly Charley Kathryn Deatsch Kay Friebel Rebecca Molle Katrina Schultz Tamara Shafer
Beta Gamma Amanda Mcginnis
Beta Phi
Mlison Bordeaux Maria Delimata hi Amanda Field \manda Field
Chi Epsilon Lindsey Heffelmore
Chi Lambda CrisBrannock Brooke Hoener JessicaJetton Sam Siegfried Crystal Stock
Eryn Blum
.Anna Brennan Melissa Faulbert
EUi Resnick Amanda Scheinfeldt
Delta Epsilon Kelly Dove Robin Goodwin Heather Miller
Delta Omega Meador Ashley Ashley Meador
Delta Rho
Debbie Coligado Michele Hargreaves Ann Mayhan
Delta Upsilon Andrea Buckwalter Sissy Buckwalter Lisa Nagomy Carrie Starr
Epsilon Danielle Byno Miriam Fischer Colleen Reiss Alethea Wait
Epsilon Chi EmilyGoodman Amy Johnson Nicole Richie
Gamma Alpha Andie Ogden Jodi Santo
Katie Swearinger
Gamma Chi Jennifer Dool Julia Gardner
Gamma Theta Kristen Orsage
Sarah Anderson
Kappa Alpha Melissa Buback Erin Reynolds
3 I
To Dragma/SliMMER 2002

Kappa Kappa Christine Velgersdyk
Kappa Lambda Marni Beninger Taryn Lazenby Sarah Webb
Kappa Omicron Andrea Coleman Caroline Dale Michelle Eacret Phaedra Fisher Whitney Carman Lauren Holmes Mary Johnston Shannon Keeling Sarah May
Paige Mossman Libby Shea Kathryn Taylor Nicole Vazquez Katie Walsh
Kappa Phi Laura Caperonis Rosalind Howe
Lambda Chi Tammy Beckman
I^ambda Eta Lindsay Wallace
Lambda Omicron Lisa Malone Oriana Serena Jessica Washburn
Lambda Sigma Jenn Berger Rebekah Henson
Lambda Upsilon Ijacey Anzelc Chrissy Boyd Christine Boyd Jennifer Clayton Meggan Dencker Molly Forte Valerie Jackson Kathryn Mannion Maggie Miller Jessie Richter Kristin Sherry Rosemary Sherry
Omega Brooke Paul
Omega Omicron Jennifer Craig micron Jenny Hayes Andrea Kuhlman Amy Murphy Cerissa Sanderson
Phi Chi Dorothea Hunter Lisa Kahan Emiko Kurotsu Rina Martinez Nina Prasad
Phi Sigma Sara Enninga
Rho Delta Ijauren Cole Stephanie FTarity Emily Nunnally
Rho Omicron Erin Russell
Katie Cochrane Sheryl Kolansky Deanna Malvesti
Sigma Omicron Sara Gresham
Sigma Tau
Erin Alessi
Jaime Bills
Kristen Bozzella Lindsay Carter Paige Heller Samantha Hunt Margaret Wag Allison Lamarca Erin Mcmahan Carolyn Meyers Robin Necker Kerry O'keefe Juliane Olbers Katie Orga Yianna Patronas Catherine Piringer Sarah Polhamus Theresa Pyzik Heather Reader Allison Weisbrod Kathryn Zajac
Tau Omega Samantha Shockley
Tau Omicron Angela Reynolds
Tau Omicron Stephanie Sedberry
Theta Chi
Becky Donaldson Kristin Hinkle Jackie Kinnetz
Theta Pi Danielle Flanigan
Theta Psi
Shawna Buchanan
Alecia Ingram Andrea Mullen Stephanie Schaefer
Alpha Chi Kristen Jones Jamie Rone
Alpha Lambda Ashley Rosavear
Alpha Phi Laura Bruner Erin House
Alpha Theta
Mini la Buckingham
Jane Ixhmann Andrea Mcrobbie Rehewa MoUe Kim Schnurr Rohbyn Umland
Chi Epsilon Lois Hadley Jamie Secor
Chi Lambda Beth Harmon
Dara Friedman Amanda Scheinfeldt
Delta Delta Leigh Armisted
Delta Epsilon Ana Alas
Delta Epsilon Leslie Cossett Jenny Green Alison Prather Ginny Wyatt
Delta Pi Allison Pleser
Delta Sigma Erin Osborne Rena Wilson
Delta Upsilon Rebecca Ballard
Epsilon Terry Zelasko
Epsilon Gamma Melissa Morrison
Gamma Theta Kristina Beecher
Christie Hussey Sarah Needham Joan Powers Katie Taube
Ann Vanblaricum Rachel Wiandt Ashley Wood
Kappa Chi Elizabeth McNeil Ginny McNeil Sarah Osborn Heather Smith Angela Warnock
Kappa Gamma Katie Kodzis Nicole Maassen Joanna Werisma
Kappa Lambda Stephanie Bumstead Fredeen
Kappa Omega
Mary Hannah Cinson
Kappa Omicron Meg Brodman Phaedra Fisher Katie Franklin Evan Beth Goss Rebecca Held Terese Holm Beth I\irves Nicole Vazquez
Kappa Rho Sarah Boehms Dee Ward
Kappa Sigma Lauren Maiden
Lambda Omicron Channing Bailey Rachel Gunther
Joy Lynn Garriga Emily Rawlings
Omega Omicron Kristy Dyer Ashleigh Martz Cerissa Sanderson
Lanie Blankenship
Phi Upsilon Catherine (Joodrich Elizabeth (kxxlrich Shannon O'shea Dawn Parks
Pi Alpha Kate Dupin
Rho Delta
Rachel McWhorter Gabbie Porter Marian Smith Laura Smitherman
Rho Omicron Rebecca Davidson Coty Wells
Phaedra Booth Elizabeth Keiser Emily Sanderson Leah Thompson Ginger Tissier
Tau Omega
Greta Hicks Rebecca Huyck Katherine I,obe Rachael McCartney Courtney Meade Amy Musterman
Theta Omega Katie Cuder Amy Kam
Zeta Pi April Lent Karen Ijeigh Samples
Cheerleaders/ Dance
Alpha Chi Elizabeth Glenn Alyssa Meadors
Alpha Lambda Maria Fricks
Alpha Phi Sarah Basta
Alpha Theta Stephanie Adkinson .lime Lehmann Tamara Shafer Katie Shedek
Beta Gamma Leah Jenkins
Beta Phi Alexis Jordan
Beta Tau Marissa Bushe
Chi Lambda Jessica Ewing
Lori Hughes
Sarah lamar Megan Meyer Leslie Payne Amanda Schroeder
Nichole Bosson Dara Freidman Toni Migliori Katie Razin
Alexis Russo Lorraine Vigilia Laurel Ziedman
Delta Delta Jane Brooks Ellisa Harbuck
Delta Epsilon Leslie Gossett
Delta Omega Elizabeth Hawkins
Delta Pi
Emily Bezy
Katie Filla Teressa Guestello Chrissy Nagel
Delta Psi
Gina Marie Rocco
Delta Sigma Shannon Birt Tiffany Quintana Meredith Rucker
Delta Upsilon Rosie Canizares Suzanne Lieb Sarah Stogner
Laura Weatherbee
Epsilon Chi Sara Beggs
Cara Catalfuomo Rory Mcfatridge
Gamma Alpha fish Decoud
Gamma Delta Katie Sullivan
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
Bragging High

Karen Murray
Iota Chi Shelley Matsos
Kappa Alpha Krista Frost Jennifer Johnson Erin Reynolds
Kappa Chi Heather Smith
Kappa Lambda Stephanie Bumstead
Kappa Omega Erin Brotzqe Suzanne Brownlee
Kappa Omicron Gorgianna Bowersox Lauren Holmes
Kappa Phi
Amy Ng Thow Hing Tara Taylor
Kappa Sigma Krista Fredrickson
Kappa Tau Melissa Deramus
Lambda Eta Becka Duffey Jenny Macracken Carolyn Malek Lindsay Wallace
Lambda Omicron Brandi Quinn Shelley Rowlett
Lambda Sigma Katherine Bugg Kathy Nash Kristin Owens
Lambda Upsilon Kelli Crabtree Shannon Grieser Michelle Hornung Laura Irace
Tricia Kurz
Leigh Anne Zangaro
Nikki Bender Mariah Mavromatis Lauren Mcgee Sarah Scheldt Laura-Catherine
Nu Omicron Lucy Hight Katherine Shister Katherine Wucher
Omega Omicron Katie Crump
Erin Dunn Katherine Finnern Katie Finnern Jenny Hayes Jessica Hunt
Julie Mchugh Krista Vaughn Bobbie Williams
Omicron Sarabelh Beekman Whitney Carter Elsie Collier
Kelly Eidenmuller Lindsay French Christy Smith Anna Clare Synder Sara Wilson
Phi Chi
Michelle Miller Bianca Sepulveda
Phi Sigma Brianna Duffy Valoree Hotz Amy Russell Jody Trautman
Rho Omicron Rebecca Davidson Christy Gentry Kirsten Holbrook Cindy Mcelroy Amy Midgett NikiOrr
Erin Pauls Carrie Smith
Sara Maunder
Sigma Delta Christy Smithart
Sigma Omicron Katie Higgins Kerri Turner
Tau Omicron Shara Lynn Hunt Katie Thorpe
Theta Chi
Jen Rold
Shawna Simmons
Theta Omega Melissa Richey
Theta Pi Elizabeth Miller Emily Moment Vicki Picarizzi Andrea Reese
Theta Psi
Andrea Eleck Carey Rennekamp
Zeta Psi
Brianne Cavanagh Emily Cox
Sara Teeters Melyssa Wilbur Kristen Winstead
Alpha Delta Rossi Morris
Alpha Phi
Kelsie Eggensperger Rebecca Tunkle
Alpha Psi Cyndi Redman
Alpha Theta Meredith Bacon Melissa Chapman Sarah Deatsch Adrienne Sandrin Tamara Shafer Kellie Spratt
Beta Gamma Jadri Tripi
Beta Phi
Liz Beltramini Jenni Green
Dani Holmes
Delta Omega Stephanie Elder Ryan Fondaw Jenn Lanning
Delta Theta Heather Holmes
Delta Upsilon Danielle Behr Elizabeth Sproesser
Epsilon Kate Cooper
Epsilon Chi Beth Bafundo
Gamma Alpha Lindsey Fuller Daniela Stevens
Gamma Delta Janet Bradshaw
Angie Leventis
Kappa Omicron Lisa Ditrolio Margie Hall Catherine Harris Josie Orlando Emily Ramsey Amber Shaw
Kappa Tau Ruthie Dukes
Lambda Beta Kari Schneider Melanie Taylor
Lambda Eta Rachel Izzo
Lambda Omicron Oriana Serena
Lambda Upsilon Regina Linskey
Aimee Bertrand Natalie Hankins
Nulota Linda Luk
Nu Omicron Stephanie Troutwein
Omega Omicron Katherine Barratt Brooke Birdsong Cathleen Cox Pam Latiano Kristin Puntenney Jessica Robb Megan Rose
Emily Adams Jennifer Allen Dabney Patterson
Phi Chi
Bianca Sepulveda
Pi Alpha Kristen Gentry
Pi Delta
Emily Dammeyer
Rho Omicron Holly Haggard Brooke Ponder
Elizabeth Renner
Sigma Omicron Meghan Hackney
Tau Omicron Karen Wilson
Theta Chi Jeanette Wiederien
Theta Omega Katie Shaw
Theta P i Jillian Higgins
Upsilon Lambda Delia Sanchez
Upsilon Lambda Delia Sanchez
Nikki Bruner
Golden Key-
Alpha Chi
Leslie Allen
Erin Brothers Marilyn Bungo Kristyn Hammond Kristin Kozman Meredith Sherrow
Alpha Delta Emily Bishop Melanie Carroll Kayla Erwin Kimberly Harrison Rebecca Meyers Jennifer Pridgen Tonita Romero Ashley Thomson Brooke West Rachel Wood
Alpha Psi
Jody Barr
Kristy Bruni Valerie Longfield
Beta Phi
Elizabeth Beltramini Ashley Fernandez Lynsey Fowler
Chi Delta Jennifer Backhaus Emilie Rinner
Delta Delta Meredith Balthrop Joy Gettys
Leah Green
Delta Psi Adrienne Lotto Katie Silvers
Delta Theta Kristin Benson Melissa King
Delta Upsilon Ashley Smith
Heidi Sicherman
Epsilon Alpha Christa Cavaluchi Lauren Gilmore Allyson Gross Dana Mogil Melissa Rosmarin lindsey Schneider Tara Ulezalka Andrea Weiner Amy Winheld
Epsilon Gamma Cara Friery Stephanie St George
Epsilon Gamma Kelsey Weber
Epsilon Omega Cynthia Parsons
Gamma Alpha Kristina Dorville Sahar Greeley
Gamma Delta
Sara Katherine Green Ashley Hood
Lauren Huff
Gamma Omicron Stephaine Allen Noelle Anderson Christy Cordo Lauren Edmonds Erin Golden Natalie Gonzalez Liz Hudson
Lara Koster Kiley Laughlin Cat Outzen Shannon Poole Melissa Rega Lara Roman KeDy Schuerman Julie Topic
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002

Gamma Theta Carlene Brown Emily Hansen Shannon Haremza Brooke McKnight
Iota Sigma Sarah Peterson Sarah Springer Sarah Wood
Kappa Alpha Jessica Burger Lacey Frye AnuH'r I -angsdon
Kappa Kappa Laura Allen Ashley Furnivall Olivia Griner Christy Myers Rebecca Summers Shaunda Young
Kappa Omega Kylene Oaugherty Jodee Pride
Nika Wdcox
Kappa Phi Leslie S|x>nder
Kappa Rho Erin Carroll I^aura Norgren Charlia Porath
Lambda Beta Jennifer Vargas
Allison Rennick
Jennifer Eberhardt April Harpp
Jenny Kershaw Beth Pasko
Omega Upsilon Ambria Arden Laura Clark
Kim lntrrliggi Julia Keith
Emilv King Amanda Kinseth Pam Ijtiano Meghan Leblanc Ashlea Morrison Lori O'Renic Kristin Puntenney Jennifer Reeder Jessica Robb Holly Setkinger Julia Sofka
taura Uksch Debbie Zembala
Emily Adams Jamie Ballinger Beth Barnes Sarabeth Beekman Kristen Beeler Brooke Bowlin Jenni Bradley Carrie Buckner Emily Garrett Ashley Gass
Gennie Gieselmann Kim Keighdey Frances Kirkland Emily Ijay
June Marable
Catie Martin (iiitlin O'Shea Courtney Roberts Mandy Skaggs
Pi Delta
Amy House Amy Klempner Jenn Legel Emily O'Neil Sarah Showaker Amy Taylor
Sigma Alpha Elizabeth Bragg Jessica I^ambert Regina Nagy
Theta Beta Erin Kennedy Lauren Mehr Marci Pinglora
Theta Omega Susan Rian
Upsilon Lambda Brandi Banks
Upsilon Lambda Mariss Gonzalez
Nicole Anslover Nicole Cotton Andrea Deichert Brady Fritz Megan Heald Maggan Kitten l^aura Martin Jenm IVt<'rson Joanna Vavricek Angjc Vinduska
Zeta Pi
.Andrea Aubrey Heather Chamblee Jennifer Davidson Amy Dill
lindsey Eubanks Jessica King Shama Patel
Sheryl Roque
Karen Leigh Samples Mila Sanderson
Homecoming Queens/Courts & Pageants
.Alpha Chi
Kristyn Hammond
Alpha Lambda Ginger Faucette Lauren Koch Italic Sharpe
Alpha Phi Rachel Cole Rebecca Tunkel
\ i1 >l ia Theta Sarah Deatsch Erin Herwig
Beta Phi
1 ,i/ Beltramini Rebecca Huffman
Chi Lambda Brianna Dunn Christina Girten
Chi Theta
Dana Drummonds
Eryn Blum Alexis Russo
Delta Delta Stephanie Brown .Amanda Head
Delta Epsilon Allison Jones
Delta Epsilon Ginny Wyatt
Delta Omega
1 indsay Chamberlain Wendy Davis
Ashley Olson
Delta Rho Ryan Nyby
Delta Sigma Shannon Birt
Epsilon Chi Lisa Fort
Epsilon Omega Sammye Jo Monroe
Gamma Delta Kim Griffin
Sara Churchill
Kappa Chi Haley Broussanl
Kappa Kappa Megan .Allen Ashely Fumivall Amy Leman
Kappa Omega Courtney Melton Brooke Wesley
Kappa Rho Heather Pangle Tonya Tibbs
Kappa Sigma Karen Ekmark Jennifer Imsdahl Peggy Swircek Sarah Vandeberg
Kappa Tau Nikki Broussard Melissa Deramus Jennifer King Selena l-andry Joelle Mcwilliams Laini Vogel
Lambda Chi Jenny Fletcher
Lambda Omicron Heidi Hooberry Shallev Rowlett Oriana Serena
Lambda Sigma Ali Acree
Nu Beta
Christie Bolen Laura Beth Boothe Mariah Mavromatis Katy Nailen
Nu Iota
Allison Rennick
Nu Omicron Bonnie Bargermeyer Lauren Howard Angela Kimbrell
Omega Omicron Katie Barratt Katie Crump Katherine Finnem .Amy Murphy Cerissa Sanderson
Phi Sigma Chara Howard
Pi Alpha Suzie Eastman
Pi Delta Joyce Sanchez
Rho Delta Stacey Foshee
Sigma Alpha Megan Cole
Sigma Delta Mary Gaunch Ashley Dobbs Whitney Dubose Ashley Dubuque Elizalx-th Frank Holle Hartzog Mary Henderson Michelle Lyons Megan Pierce
Sigma Omicron Lindsey Brown Meghan Hackney Lindsey Harmon Becky Koontz Lindsey Landreth Jamie Tidwell Amber Wooldridge
Sigma Phi Jessica Resnick
Sigma Rho Deena Mcgovern
Imee Cambrenero
Tau Omicron Whitney White
Theta Beta Michelle Portek
Theta Omega Susan Rian
Theta Pi Ellen Oleary
Theta Psi
Katherine Keyerleber Carrie Price
Sara Zimmerman
Upsilon Lambda Tiffany Cantu Kia Dirkson Sarah Garza
Brady Fritz Sara Johnson Katie Sup
Zeta Pi
Karen Leigh Samples
Zeta Psi Laura White
Mortar Board
Alpha Delta Catherine Alford Molly Dyrsen Melissa McLure Rebecca Meyers Rebecca Myers Ashley Thomson Brooke West
Alpha Theta Kari Behn Melissa Chapman Jessica Fritzsinger Alexis HelTern Erin Herwig Rebecca Molle Nora Robinson Alana Wesley Kristie Workman
Beta Phi
Kate McPheeters
Chi Delta Brooke Beasley
Delta Delta Stephanie Brown Joy Gettys
Ellen Gober Emily Pickard
Delta Pi Gillian Allen
Heidi Sicherman
Gamma Delta Tory Esde Ashley Hood
Kappa Alpha Jessica Burger
Kappa Omicron Laura Bauer
Katie Cox Stephanie Cox Brooke Foster Margie Hall Rebecca Held micron Sarah May
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
Bracing Righ+r

Emily Ramsey icron Daniela Seminara Kathryn Taylor Grace Williams
Nu Omicron I .aura Mathis Carey linger
Phi Sigma Bridget Abboud Jessi Linn
Kara Meinke
Sarah Krygier
Tau Delta
Kim Andrews Sarah Boshers Sarah Coffey Elaine Haslrins Emily Heck Allison Lee
Sarah Marshall Alicia McCaghren Lindsey Thomas
Brady Fritz
Omicron Delta Kappa
Alpha Delta Catherine Alford Molly Dyrsen Melissa McLure Rebecca Myers Erin Prillaman
V-hley Thomson Brooke West
Delta Delta Stephanie Brown Joy (Bettys
Ellen Gober Leah Green Jenny Parker Emily Pickard
Delta Epsilon Christa Collins Kim Mullendore Christie Ramsden Sara Thompson Deidra Tidwell Virginia Wyatt
Delta Omega Jessica Cherry Amber Henderson Julie Janes Stephanie Judy Meredith Vanderford
Epsilon Alpha Christa Cavalue hi
Epsilon Chi Partricia Basial Katie Gosselin
Sarali Hoelter Christan Kilgariff Jamie I'rivuznak Christine Sanlorenzo Katherine Wicke
Kappa Gamma Carmella Frederick Regina kardash
Kappa Omicron Laura Bauer Katie Cox Brooke Foster Katie Franklin Margie Hall Daniela Seminara Grace Williams
Lambda Eta Kelley Maki
Omega Upsilon Valerie Hillow Pam latiano
Sigma Delta Mary Gaunch Rolx-rta Necker Allison Weisbrod Toby Wilmet
Tau Delta Kim Andrews Sarah Coffey
Theta Pi (hristina I )eeieeo Lauren Garatano Michelle Sampson
Brady Fritz
Zeta Pi
Shama Patel
Sheryl Roque
Karen Ijeigh Samples
Order of Omega
Alpha Chi Marilyn Bungo Kristvn Hammond Kasey Jo Pelham
Alpha Delta Rebecca Myers kathry n Rutledge Ashley Thompson Brooke West
Alpha Lambda Andrea Bethel Michelle Bussey
Alpha Psi Martina Ambrosic Jody Barr
kristy Bruni Jackie Gilbert Valerie ljongfield Tricia Sendelbach
/Vlpha Theta Meredith Bacon louisa Beger kelly Benda Lvndall Buchanan Alexis I leffem Erin Herwig Meegan keller kristin Vloffat Brandi Nava
Keyli Schultz Arm SeM'rtsgaard Katie Shedek Anne Titus Janelle Wagg kirsten Weeks Jennifer ViiHock kristie Workman
Beta Gamma Tanya Hopkalo Tracy Okoniewski Iaura Re-instein
On Delta Jennifer Backhaus Brooke Bcasley kathry n Horton
Emily k\ler Ashley lJarsen Rachael Simms Julianna West
Chi Lambda Jillian Bisher Marisa James
Eryn Blum Carolvn I lores Stacey Hofflich Tobi Pinsky
Delta Beta rilTanie Marerum Elizabeth Prather
Carrie Roques
Delta Delta Stephanie Brown April Owen Emily Pidcard
Delta Epsilon Deidra Tidwell V irginia Wyatt
Delta Omega Jessica Cherry Wendy Davis Ryan Fondaw Whitney Holland Ijuren Johnston Stephanie Minix
Epsilon Alpha Christa Cavaluc hi krista Ciallella Lauren Collier lauren Gilmore Allyson Gross (jnstin Mann Jennifer Martin Erin Meyers Melissa Rosmarin Ijndsey Schneider Heather Timbie Andrea Weiner
Epsilon Chi Sarah Aurgemma Patty Basail
hi katie Gosselin hi Cristine Sanlorcnzo Iauren Shores
Epsilon Omega Tiffany Barr krvstal Dean kimberly Mills Cynthia Parsons
Gamma Delta kim Griffin Ashley Hood
Gamma Sigma Iindsev Martin
Gamma Theta Carlene Brown
Kappa Alpha Jessica Burger Stacey Carvey Jocelyn Eglen Katiri Mahoney Lissi Thompson
Kappa (hi Angela Warnoek Kristen Wilkens
Kappa Gamma Carmella Frederick
Kappa Kappa Anne Kraemer (Christy Myers
Kappa Omicron Laura Bauer Lauren Browder Stephanie Cox Meredith Davis Suzanne Fornier Brooke Foster Suzanne Fournier Suzy Fournier Katie Franklin Erin Gabbert Lindsey Hughes Ashley Kutz
F^rin Vlann
icron Sarah May Josie Orlando Emily Ramsey Daniela Seminara Bhianna Shabsin Grace Williams Amanda Womack
Kappa Rho Erin Carroll Iaura Norgren ( harlia Porath
Kappa Sigma Mona Barrada Jcmnifer Erickson
Kappa Tau
Jodie McWilliams
I>ambda Sigma B«;tsy Lee
Nancy Watson Rebecca Williamson
I^ambda Upsilon Emma Pankenier
Maggie Gerdes Tillany Moyer Vlichelle Basmussen Allison Rennicli
Nu Omicron katherine Hurst kristen Quirk katherine Shister Carey Unger
I.aura Johnston
Omega Upsilon kaytee Barnes Julia keith Ashlc^a Morrison Mary Petersen Jessica Robb Hollv Seckinger lJsa Viancourt
Phi Beta Courtney Coecaro Dawn DeCandido Mandy kowalski
Phi Sigma Bridget AblH)ud Marcy Young
Pi Delta
kathryn Iannicelli Amy Tavlor
Pi Theta Sandra Mira
Rho Delta Jennifer Can- Amelia Hall Bashan Holt
Sigma Omicron Candace Chronister Meghan Hackney Lindsey Landreth Beth Vacarro
Sigma Phi Rexhelle Connely Christine Hartman Jessica Resnick
Sigma Tau Courtney (^illin
Mlison Weisbrod
Tau Omega Jessica CampMl Katherine Lobe Amy Musterman
Tau Omicron Amanda Garner Kristi McK)re KristinWest Whitney White Karen Wilson
Theta Beta Joanne Green Erin Kennedy Lisa Lydic lauren Mehr Marci Pinglora
Theta Omega MicheUe Barlish Annette Berg
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002

Janay Cooks Myralita-Marie Cooks Diana Elslon
Abbey Glenn
Ashley Matehin Kristina MeKnight Shana O'Mara
Jill Paddock
Susan Rian
Melissa Richy
Katie Shaw
Kristin Stankus Alyssa Van Klaveren
Upsilon Lin ll x la Belinda Garza
Brady Fritz Jenny Peterson
Zeta Pi Jessica King
Zeta Psi
Cynthia Anderson Melissa Bennett
Jill Hastings
Jennie Ijamont Jessica l>ang
Ashley Lawson Jennifer McCloskey Allison Meconi Lian Oxenham Kelli Quelet
Panhellenic Officers
Alpha Lambda Andrea Bethel
Alpha Phi Nicole Peterson
Beta Tau Andrea Willemse
Chi Delta Krista Kastriotis
Chi Epsilon Elizabeth Bostdorff Lauren Buckingham
Chi Lambda Marisa James Sarah Iamar
Amy Fuller
Delta Beta Natile McElyea
Delta Delta Ashley Cox Caroline Hester
Delta Epsilon Elizabeth Davis Jennifer Foster
Delta Psi
Michelle Fiasconaro
Delta Theta Jennifer Pemberton
Epsilon (.annua Kimberly Harbert Corey Wingerter
Epsilon Sigma Amber Fasching Aimee Koblitz Elizabeth Mooney Amanda Wolk
Gamma Eileen Cronin
Gamma Alpha Alison Disanto
Gamma Chi MonicaHortness
Gamma Theta Jessica McQosky Brooke MeKnight
Rachel Williams
Kappa Alpha Emily Johnson Heather Upton Mindy Whalen Shannon Workman
Kappa Lambda Amanda Lavigne Melanic Murthison
Kappa Rho Christina McMullen Jennifer Thuma
Kappa Tau Regina Eschette Lindsey l^eBlanc
Lambda Chi Tammy Bedonan Missy Cavallin
Nulota Linda Luk
Omega Upsilon Debbie Auten Jen Kowaluk
Omicron Jenni Bradley Bnx>ke Mason
Phi Chi
Antonia Korduba Nicole \akes
Phi Sigma Jen Clausen
Pi Alpha Lorry Marvin
Pi Delta
Sarah Showaker
Rho Delta Christie Clark
Sigma Chi Rebecca Cachat
Sigma Omicron Megan Haines Lindsay Lingo Pam Strickland
Sigma Phi Jessica Resnick Erica White
Sigma Rho (jjrrie Amsutz
Sigma Tau Elizabeth Dunlap Kerry O'Keefe Katherine Orga
Tau Delta Kate Gower Betsy McLeod
Tau Gamma Nicole Morck
Tau Omega Drew Slone
Tau Omicron Tess Morgan
Theta Omega Shana O'Mara
Theta Psi
Lisa Eckhart Upsilon Lambda Kia Dirkson
Nicole Cotton Jenny Peterson
Zeta Pi
Jessi Gizzard Jackie Homm
Zeta Psi Cole Taylor
Phi Beta Kappa Chi Delta
Emilie Rinner
Kappa Omicron Laura Bauer Catherine Jones Rhianna Shabsin
Omicron Kristen Beeler Amy Owens Mandy Skaggs
Pi Delta Yael Zakai
Tau Delta Margaret Edwards Prim Formby
Mary Elizabeth May Ann Patton Nelson Scarlett Singleton Sharon Wos
Phi Eta Sigma
Alpha Chi
Emmie Bertelkamp Erin Brothers Merida Foster Lindsey White
Alpha Delta Emily Bishop Courtney Gover Emily Marlar Rebecca Meyers Tonita Romero Julia Sisson
Dana Taylor Ashley Thomson Maury Wilkinson
Alpha Psi
Gina Paponetti Beth Schroeder
Beta Phi
Jessica Bair Elizabeth Beltramini Courtney Henson Nycole Jones
Abby Keeping
1 .auren McVicker Jesska Resch
Kate Schott
Chi Lambda
Sara Hagadorn Molly Kellams Sarali Lamar Elizabeth Nimnicht Alicia Wilderman
Delta Beta Jennifer Beslin
Delta Delta Leigh Armistead Stephanie Brown Leah Green
Kali Lathram Katie Mitchell Amy Morris Amanda Mussig April Owen
Leslie Parker Alison Reiland Taylor Rigdon Jennifer Turner Nicole Weekly Jamie Wilson
Delta Epsilon Joy Boyd
Christa Collins Leslie Daniel Robin Goodwin Kim Mullendore Christie Ramsden Carrie Thompson
Delta Omega Shay Barnes Melissa Barron Stephanie Blackley Addie Bozarth Natalie Bringham Michele Byassee Lindsay Chamlicrlain Christy Clouse Whitney Coleman Megan Douglas Amber Henderson Jenniler Johnson Kim Lu<!cke
Emily Miller Stephanie Minix Jennifer Payne Amanda Peek Emily Pyle
Epsilon Alpha Jennifer Dumford Cristin Mann Erica Schneider Lindsey Schneider Shari Silver Heather Timbie Amy Winheld
Epsilon Chi
Patty Basail Jennifer Gilliam Chrissy Kilgarifl Cristine Sanlorenzo Katie Wicke
Gamma Alpha Lindsey Fuller Sahar Greeley
Gamma Omicron Heidi Dias
Lauren Edmonds Kristen Holt Alexandra Menchise Cat Outzen Shannon Poole Ashley Saltzmann Kelly Schuerman
Iota Sigma
Jessica Wonderlich Sarah Wood
Kappa Gamma Carmella Frederick
Kappa Omega Kara Feder
Tarah Hawkins KatherineOrange Nika Wilcox
Kappa Omicron Catherine Jones
Lambda Tau Ashley Fisher
Leslie Gibbs
Lynn Gibbs
Kayla Haltom Jennifer Henry Penny Lawrence Jennifer Stephenson
Lambda Upsilon Lena Andrews Heather Browne Fayth Burns Lindsey Carloni Shannon Grieser Jill Lagowski Regina Linskey Katie Mannion Maigaret Miller Emma Pankenier Carrie Pirano Kimberly Porpora Dawn Rocky Stephanie Rogers Lauren Russo Christina S<hindele Rosemary Sherry Kyra Specht Stephanie Sterret Leigh Ann Zangaro
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
Bragging Righ+f

Maggie Gerdes Allison Rennick Linnea Schrowang
Nu Omicron Sarah Eayrs
Amy Gordon Elizabeth High Aubrey Hunt Katharine Hurst Alison McElroy Alexis Nesbitt Soha Patel Martha Presley Kristen Quirk Katharine Shister Katharine
Rachel Blom Jennifer Canali Andrea Miller Julia Poccia
Sarah Stone Becky Turek Elizabeth Vereker
Jamie Ballinger Jenni Bradley Carrie Buckner Jordan Crihfield Emily Garrett .Ashley Gass Emily Graham Frances Kirkland Catie Martin .Amy Owens
Sara Pottinger Courtney Roberts Mandy Skaggs Sara Slayden Layne Waddell
Phi Sigma Bridget .Abboud Mindy Boehr Elizabeth DoU Jenna Fitzke Aimee Gloystein Shanna Held Katie Hoffman Kristy Kumm Jessi Linn
Kara Meinke Brianne Reynolds Marey Young
Sigma Delta Mary Qaunch Charlotte Cooper .Amy Crew
Holle Hartzog Mary Henderson Kelly Long Michelle Lyons
Sigma Omicron Amy McKinnon Kerri Turner Nicole Wagner
Tau Delta
Kim Andrews Jaime Burkett Sarah Coffey
Sara Doughton Caroline Jones Laura Latham Amy Lavender Allison Lee
Sarah Marshall Betsy McLeod Lauren Murphy Morgan Robinson Niki Rogers
Meg Seibert
Katy Smith Jennifer Snell Lindsey Thomas Libby Van Pelt •Ashley Zerull
Tau Gamma Christina Gahringer Nicole Morck Cortney Painter
Erin Bader Andrea Deichert Emily Eisenhauer Crystal From Megan Heald Maggan Kitten Laura Martin Jenny Peterson Molly Skoog Katie Sup
Jackie Troester Jodi Vaccaro
Student Ambassadors
Alpha Chi Britney Long Brooke Marshall Meredith Sherrow
Alpha Delta Kavla Erwin Courtney Cover Elizabeth Lowery Rebecca Myers Amy Peck
Jeanie Powell Erin Prillaman Tonita Romero Brooke West Maury Wilkinson
Alpha Lambda Sarah Williams
Alpha Phi Rachel Cole
Alpha Psi Kristin Collela
Beta Phi
l^ori Culbertson Jenni Jacobs
Chi Lambda Kristen Boldt Brianna Dunn Danielle Grecco
Chi Theta Brandi Mccarly
Sarah Axler Julia Buck Dani Holmes .Alexis Russo
Delta Beta Jennifer Beslin Candice Jacobsen
Delta Epsilon Rebekah Adams Amber Mange Ashley Rhodarmer Sara Thompson Deidra Tidwell
Delta Omega Bozarth Addie Bethany (hadwell Christy Qouse Whitney Coleman Nacy Gates Cynthia Glass KelliHall
Meghan Heine Amber Henderson Shelley Hill Ashley Meador Emily Miller Ashley Olson Jennifer Payne Amanda Peek Angela Renea Renfroe
Barnes Shay
EDy Wells
Emily Wells Bushart Whitney-
Delta Pi
Emily Bezy Lindsey Buckmann Kristan Hassler Amanda Miller Chrissy Nagel
Delta Psi
Michelle Fiasconaro
Delta Rho Alana Fearey
Susan Bimbaum Dana Cohen Miriam Fischer Rebecca Fishman nana Kramer Melissa Sarno Stephanie Specter
Epsilon Chi Chrissy Kilgariff Elisabeth Knier Nicole Richie Cristine Sanlorenzo
Epsilon Omega Erica Conley
Gamma Alpha Megan Sinks
Gamma Delta Daniela Renfroe
Gamma Theta Carlene Brown Jessica Mccloskey
Iota Chi
Olivia Dalton-Jez
Kappa Chi Angela Warnock Kristin Wilkins
Kappa Gamma Nicole Maasen Lisa Mcmullan Laurie Walker
Kappa Kappa Carissa Hen-
Kappa Omega Tarab Hawkins Brooke Wesley
Kappa P h i Rosalind Howe Leslie Sponder
Kappa Sigma Nicky Nohl
Kappa Tau Stephanie Robbins
Lambda Sigma Ali Acree
Katie Matbis
Amanda Clark Amanda Earnshaw Cindy Jones
Corby Mason
Nu Omicron Christy Eayrs Katie Garrety Erin Guy
Lauren Howard Christine Johnson Lauren Krei Ginny Robertson Virginia Robertson Emily Rosencranz Stephanie Sansing
Omega Omicron Katie Barratt Katie Barratt Brooke Birdsong Katie Crump Andria Russow
Omega Upsilon Mandi Franco
Omicron Jennifer Allen Keeling Baird Jenni Bradley Carrie Buckner Neely Buder Jordan Chrihfield Elizabeth Clement Tinsley Ellison Ashley Gass
Laura Haddock Abbie Lee Majors June Marable Sara Pottinger Shelton Swafford
Phi Chi
Meg Grala Koren Phillips
Phi Sigma Bridget .Abboud Chara Howard Kara Meinke
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Sigma Delta Charlotte Cooper Katie Davis
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Theta R Samantha Stuart
Theta Psi Deborah Bensch Lisa Dotto
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Erin Bader
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Student Government
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Kappa Kappa Ashley Furnivall
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Sigma Alpha Kyle Walden
Sigma Delta Katie Davis Ashley Dobbs Elizabeth Frank Michelle Lyons Megan Pierce Laura Sanders Ann Stroberg
Sigma Omicron Sally Hill
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Sigma Rho Carol Fink
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Tau Omicron Amanda Garner Melia Greene
Katie Griffin Cherissa Vandergriff
Theta Chi Gabriella Collignon Shawna Simmons
Theta Omega Katie Shaw
Theta Pi Catherine Kennedy Heather MelUn
Theta Psi
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Upsilon Lambda Sarah Chavarria Kristy Pacheco Delia Sanchez
Crystal From
Zeta Psi Missy Bennet Sadie Cox
Who's W h o
Delta Beta
Jenae Bass
Tracy Thibodeaux
Delta Epsilon Kim Mullendore Deidra Tidwell
Delta Omega Laura Bowland Jessica Harrison Kim Luecke
Gamma Delta Lauren Huff
Sigma Omicron Meghan Hackney Gretchen Kaufmen Linsdsey Landreth Shay Nanke
Nicole Wagner
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
Bragging Righfr

AOII Installs a new chapter
Mu Lambda
Rollins College
Mu Lambda Charter Members
The Installation of AOII's 178th col- legiate chapter was held April 20, 2002, on the campus of Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida
Mu Lambda's submotto is "Maintaining Love, Loyalty and Leadership" in honor and memory of Mary Louise Filer Roller, Past International President
Twenty-eight collegians and 1 alumna were initiated at the ceremony held in the Glimmer Graduate School on the Rollins College campus. Installing officers were International President Carole Jones, Executive Board Vice President of Development Rosalie Barber, and Colony and Development Network Specialist Melissa Parsons. The Rose Banquet was held that evening at the Westin Grand Bohemian in downtown Orlando.
Over 50 alumnae from the Orlando area and numerous collegians attended the installation, including members of Gamma
Theta (U of South Florida), Gamma Omicron (U of Florida) and AAC/Corp Board members from Pi Theta (Florida Inter- national U). One lega- cy, Kelley Johnson, was initiated and her
mother, Sally Reed (Phi Sigma), was in attendance.
AOII guests in attendance included Noddea Moore, Chapter Consultant for the new colony; Andrea Fulda, Chapter Consultant; Jennifer White, Extension/Chapter Consultant/Colony Administrator; Mu Lambda AAC and Corp Board; Marty Harrison, Alumnae Network Director; and Liz Ann McHale, incoming Orlando Mumnae Chapter President
Several special guests from the university attended the ceremony including: Steve Neilson, Dean of Students; Chris Zacharda. Assistant Director of Residential Life; Robin Gargano, former Panhellenic President; and Carol Mann, former Panhellenic Recruitment Chairman.
Natalie Aponte
Amanda Blair Barchfield Christine Margaret Bradford Rebecca Ann Brummett Lauren Elizabeth-Anna Candito Carrie Elizabeth Marie Capron Kelly Lynn Clayton
Lizzette Congora
Alexandra Melissande Doyle Dakota Marie Fiori
Beth Bronya Geller
Emily Anne Gironda
Natalee Page Hayes
Kelley Knowles Johnson Stephanie Rae Keller
Julie Anne Langheim
Mary Dorsey Meyers MaryellenAnn Quinlan Jennifer Lynn Neal
Reese Else Rechnitz
Shannon Noel Robinson Aubrey Lynn Scantlan
Sarah Louise Sedberry
Meghan Irene Sheleg Mary Eva Simpkins Margeaux Cannon Smith Sara Melissa Usher
Jodi Kay Wellman
Alumna Initiate:
Jasmine Fairrell Vinson
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002

A Salute to our
75 Year Members
Congratulations to the following women who have reached their 75th year of membership with AOII. These women were initiated during the school year of 1926-1927 and our records still indicate a current mailing address. Congratulations on this remarkable milestone!
Alpha Sigma, U of Oregon Barbara Crowell Wood
Olympia, WA
Beta Phi, Indiana U Margaret Weldy Baldwin
Chi, Syracuse II Marjorie Pease Burke
Rochester, N Y Katherine Murtagh
Syracuse, NY
Chi Delta, U of Colorado Geraldine Prince Parker
Gaithersburg, M D Dorothy Foster Ralph Los Angeles, CA
Delta, Tufts U Mary Adams
W innifred Chase Schultz
Franklin, NH
Epsilon, Cornell U Elizabeth Irish Knapp
Houston, TX
Eta, U of Wisconsin Alice Knauf Jackson
Madison, WI Helen Laird McPhee
Columbus, WI
Gamma, U of Maine Elizabeth Mason Carter
Bethel, M E Eleanor Clark Gesner
West Chatham, MA
Iota, I of Illinois Marian Olive Calvin
Hollywood FL Margaret Harkin Karnmerer
Hinsdale, IL
Kappa Theta, U of Cal L A Virginia Bailey Daniels
Gardnerville, NV Florence Davis Hines
Laguna Hills, CA Fxinc Dunn Logan
Greenbrae, CA
Nu Kappa, So Methodist U Antoinette Smith Baird
Amarillo, TX Rebecca Roberts
Dallas, TX
Wuanita Johnsen Schafer
Houston, TX Elva Perry Williamson
Arlington, TX
Nu Omicron, Vanderbilt U Virginia Goddard Dubose
San Antonio, TX Elizabeth Frazier McNamara
Nashville, TN
Omega, Miami U Pauline Priest Barney Indianapolis, IN
Omicron Pi, U of Mchigan Dorothy Odle Burger
Norfolk, VA Lois Cossitt Hampton
Cleveland, O H Doris Kuhn Severence
Cairo, WV Dorothy Letts Wiley Kingsport,TN
Phi, U of Kansas Bernice Reed Anderson
Garden City, K S Helen Gragg Fairchild
Carlsbad, CA
Eula Penwell Kauffnian
Eudora, K S
Lucille Woodward Shears
Zelma Snyder Myers
Oak Ridge, LA Geraldine Dyson Williams Kentwood, LA
Pi Delta, U of Maryland Alice Bonnet Cole
Columbia, MD Margaret Crunkleton Starkey
Baltimore, M D
Psi, U of Pennsylvania filizabeth Gaston Brodhead
Helen Packard Blaschke Lafayette, CA
Ruth Herriek Narfi Piedmont, CA
Theta, DePauw U Ruth Pickard Beeson Terre Haute, I N
Margaret McLean Irwin Gaithersburg, MD
Virginia Luckette Keseric Paoli, IN
Upsilon, U of Washington Grace Ginger MacDonald
Edmonds, WA Dorothy Benton Powell
Seattle, WA
Xi, U of Oklahoma Helen Cole Eason
Bradenton, FL
Zeta, U of Nebraska Lincoln Genevieve Smith Allen
Arcadia, CA Catherine Corcoran Berry
Omaha, N E Laura Perkins Dokken Omaha, N E
Mary Allingham Fitzgerald Omaha, N E
Janice Foote Luhn Hinsdale, IL
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
Marion, K S Emily Niblock Guest
Dayton, O H
Rho, Northwestern Dee Vogel Carriiglia
Santa Rosa, CA Dorris Bennett Johnson
Omaha, N E
Mae Hallberg MacKay
Bellevue,WA Queenie Broad Rosendahl
Federal Way, WA
Sigma, U of California - Berkeley
Delight Frederick Bennett Cbckeysville, M D

- Become A Rose Member -
If you are an alumna residing outside a fifty-mile radius o f an alumnae chapter o r are unable t o participate in an alumnae chapter becoming a Rose Member is the solution for you! Rose Members pay an annual fee of $ 15 and in return, receive two Rose Member newsletters, a printout of AOII members residing in their zip code area, and a small gift from AOII International. There is also a Rose Member Listserv which pro- vides an avenue for sharing and communicating with other Rose Members. For more information, go to the AOII website at, contact o u r Alumnae Services Administrator [email protected], o r call 615-370- 0920, ext 2645.
*Can be found on your Jo Dragma mailing label
Attention AOIIs and AOII family members:
• Moving? ^Changing your name? _J Reporting the death of a member? (Date of death: Please complete thisform, indicating the change above and return to:
Zip/Postal Code:. Chapter/College where initiated:. Place o f Employment:
Zip/Postal Code:.
Alumnae Chapter:. Special Interests:
) . email:
Year Initiated: .Occupation:,
AOII International Headquarters, 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, T N 37027 email the following information to: [email protected]
Current AOTT Office:
Please help ACM save money! Each issue that is returned to us due to an incorrect address costs the Fraternity 60c, in addition to the original cost of mailing. Ifyou are moving or changing your name please notify us in advance. Ifyou know of others who are not receiv- ing their magazine, chances are we have an incorrect address for them as well. Encourage them to notify us as soon as possible.
11 To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
PHONE (home) _ (work) EMAILADDRESS
(last) (first)
Please send your completed form and annual fee of $15 (made payable to "Alpha Omicron Pi") to:
Alumnae Services Administrator,
Alpha Omicron PiInternational
5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood.TN
YourRoseMembershipwillbevalidforoneyearfromthedateof receipt of your application form.
)_ email:
Headquarters, 37027

A mentor is defined as "a trustedfriend".I like to think of it in terms of another step - a trust- edfriendwho guards and guides another. You will remember that your sponsor promised to do those things for you both before and after initiation. She was your first mentor within Alpha Omicron Pi.
A mentor can be an older relative, business associate, a sister who wants to see a particular friend develop and become the best that he/she can be. In many ways a mentor is a teacher without the formality of a classroom, a guide without a tangible trail winding ahead.
What are the benefits of mentoring? There are many. To the mentor just the act of guiding someone else helps to clarify one's own thoughts and goals. It keeps one centered on day to day activities . It certainly helps to have another with whom one can discuss certain aspects of the job or of life. A mentor does not have to have all the answers. Far from it! But she does need to be able to discuss the whole situation and the alternatives available. She does need to know what the ultimate purpose of her job is, so that all steps, however small, are always leading in the same direction. .An obvious benefit is to know that there is some- one else who shares her point of view, has been through many discussions and situations with the mentor and who can carry on the work that has been done after she has stepped down. There is no better legacy than to have someone who will be able to carry your work further into the foture. It is a heady experi- ence to be able to guide another person and to see that person flourish and take your dreams to even greater heights.
To the "mentee," having a mentor can make the difference between having a future and falling between the cracks. How lucky is the young person in life who has had a trusted
grandparent or aunt who has talked about the past and even explained alternatives for the future. This person has a strong and informed base from which to make decisions and launch new ideas. Being guarded and guided by a knowledgeable person gives the "mentee" confidence in herself and in her ability to fol- low in the mentor's footsteps. Knowledge of the past and confidence in one's ability are two characteristics needed by todays leaders - gifts from amentor.
An organization which has a mentoring system working within it has a bright future. Leaders know that someone who assumes a new posi- tion not only has seen how it works from his/her mentor, but often has ideas and thoughts on how to proceed and improve. It is a natural growth system at work because there is progress with each tum-over of position. In organizations without a mentoring system a
By Joan Deathe MacCallum, Kappa Phi (McGill U), Montreal Alumnae Chapter, International Historian, Past International President 79-'8 /
that I was being mentored by our Collegiate Director. Janie Callaway, PIP, became a men- tor for me when I assumed the position of Regional Vice President She, too, gave me confidence and built up my knowledge of our fraternity, so that when she first approached me to allow my name to standforelection to the Executive Board, I knew I could do it Once again, it was knowledge and confidence. 1 could not have done what I have in AOII withoutmentors.
So, how do you become a mentor? Start by identifying one or two people who work in your department whom you would like to see progress. How do you know this? By their atti- tude, their work ethic, their skill in handling various situations. It is not their knowledge that you are looking for. That can be taught Look for the intangibles. When do you start the mentoring process? Just as soon as you are comfortable in your position. In other words, from the beginning you are planning to replace yourself. Some people have the mis- taken notion that the very act of mentoring will weaken their present position. In reality it is the opposite! AOII needs women in every office who have the knowledge of what has been done in the past and the confidence to build upon it By being an effective mentor you are seen as a person who can handle other offices.
Once you have identified your "mentees," spend time talking to them, not only about HOW to do something, but also theWHY behind it Suggest sources of information to each, such as AOII Ritual, Governing Documents, or non-AOII materials which relate to the situation. Don'tforgetthat as a mentor, you are budding confidence and knowledge. In the process you will surely find someone who does not live up to your expec- tations, but don't become discouraged. If one person is not "right," find another mentee with whom you can work. The iiltimate goal is, when it is time for you to move on, there is someone who has the knowledge and confi- dence to assume your position. You will know that you have done well if your successor tells you sometime that upon assuming her new role she said to herself "How would (you) have handled this?' What a wonderful gilt you will have given to Alpha Omicron Pi!
To Dragma/SUMMER 2002
new person has to learn about the and then "reinvent the wheeL"
Can AOII use mentors? We cannot progress without them! In order for thefraternityto progresswemustalwaysbestrivingtoimprove, to attain the next leveL The only way to do diis is lor every person who accedes to a position to have at least as much knowledge of that position as the person whom she succeeds and the con- fidencetoknow that she can build upon what she has been given. Knowledge and confidence - and who can instill these? The person present- ly in that position can! So, mentoring someone is the best the only, way to ensure that the progress you have made within an office, the changes you have made, the dreams and plans you have had for the luture will be carried on and built upon.
Have I been mentored in life? You bet! Starting with my own lather who was my role model instilling confidence within me, I have been mentored many times. I played in the Montreal Junior Symphony Orchestra as a young person and had an older, experienced flutist who mentored me for several years. Within AOII our Chapter Adviser was an out- standing mentor and one I strived to emulate. Upon becoming CA I found myself saying, "How would Shirley have handled this?" or "What would Shirley say?" At the time I start- ed working beyond my own collegiate and alumnae chapters we had Collegiate and Alumnae Directors and in hindsight I realized

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