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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2016-01-21 18:02:51

The Piper - January 2016

The Piper - January 2016

TheP i p e rAlpha Omicron Pi | January 2016

Toledo Area Alumnae Chapter at their annual
holiday ornament exchange and potluck.

NPC Legislation Updates & Information
AOII Foundation Executive Director Announcement

Leadership Institute Awards Information & Reminders... and more!

SAVE THE DATES BFoaorudnMdateiossnage

Statistics Report
Due within 24 hours (Phi Chi/U of Chicago)
of Bid Day for our
spring recruiting AOII Foundation
chapters Board President
Collegiate Chapter
SOEs due Dear Sisters,
February 1
Leadership Happy 2016! It’s hard to believe that the
Academy 2016 holiday season is behind us and that we’re
February 5-7 already nearing the end of January. The
Alumnae Chapter greatest gift that the AOII Foundation
SOEs dues received this season, other than the
March 1 incredible generosity and support of sisters
2016 Leadership and friends, was the arrival of our new
Institute Award Executive Director, Kristie Prichard Ryan, a
Submission 1992 graduate of our Rho Omicron Chapter
Deadline at Middle Tennessee State University.
March 1 After a 5-month exhaustive national search in partnership with a well-respected
AOII Foundation fundraising consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA, we were fortunate to find our
Scholarships Due best candidate within our sisterhood and living in our headquarters’ backyard in
March 1 Brentwood. This position represents Kristie’s return to the headquarters staff, having
previously served as the Foundation’s Director of Development from 1995-1997.
1 Kristie is a seasoned fundraising executive with the Certified Fundraising Executive
(CFRE) designation and experience working at the American Diabetes Association
and the Saint Thomas Health Services Fund. Her background includes annual/
planned/capital giving, programs, events, and cultivation efforts – all areas of focus
and opportunity for our AOII Foundation.
Kristie’s first week of work culminated in the arrival of the Foundation Board of
Directors for our January Board Meeting, where we focused on donor stewardship
and reviewing our 2014-2017 Strategic Plan. While we have accomplished so much
since designing this Strategic Plan, there is still much to be done. I look forward to
sharing our refreshed Strategic Plan with all of you very soon.
What remains our constant is our Foundation’s mission statement: “The Alpha
Omicron Pi Foundation is committed to enhancing the lives of our members and
Securing the Future of our Fraternity through leadership development, scholarships,
and philanthropic endeavors.” Using this as our guidepost, the members of our board
and staff look forward to advancing our Foundation in partnership with Kristie and
each of you.
With all best wishes for a wonderful spring semester!

Alpha Omicron Pi’s Culture Principles were created to provide our membership with a
consistent approach to “how” we do things. Their purpose is to help all members achieve
the meaning of Fraternity as outlined in our Ritual.
The First Principle: Accountability & Ownership
We personally accept responsibility for our actions and explain those actions in a
straightforward manner. We take ownership of the outcomes of those actions.
The Second Principle: Collaboration
We work together, practicing consensus and teamwork. We collaborate so that our members
feel valued, a part of the bigger picture, and to ensure a better result is achieved because our
members are partnering and working together.
The Third Principle: Engagement
We impact the hearts of our members and promote an exceptional membership experience
by building relationships and creating emotional connections to AOII and our goals. We
keep the ideals of AOII fresh in our minds through association with sisters, service to our
organization and striving to always reflect credit upon our Fraternity. We forever honor the
obligations, which we have voluntarily taken upon ourselves, and will remain devoted to
Alpha Omicron Pi throughout our lifetime.
The Fourth Principle: Innovation
We have the courage to embrace new ideas that will create value for our members. We
challenge the status quo when appropriate and are open to smart risk-taking in order to
meet our short and long-term goals. We leverage new technologies and practices to connect
and share information with our members.
The Fifth Principle: Open & Honest Communication
We communicate openly, honestly and transparently. We listen first and solve later; we act
on facts and understanding of the actual situation. We are inclusive and value different

Schedule a Visit!
Recruitment or Training Ambassadors

In it’s first year, AOII’s team of Recruitment Ambassadors are volunteers
trained to help facilitate workshops and recruitment training for collegiate
chapters by request. AOII’s second team of Training Ambassadors are
also available to provide support to Alumnae Advisory Committees, with
additional focus this year on Ritual Education. Questions or visit
requests for recruitment or AAC trainings should be directed
to Sherry Dutton at [email protected].


Every October the twenty-six delegations of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) gather to conduct
business to advance the sorority experience, discuss trends and reflect on accomplishments. Each member
organization is represented by a delegation composed of a delegate and three alternates. AOII’s delegation
members are: Carole Jones (Alpha Delta) Delegate & Vice Chair of NPC; Mary Ann Stark (Delta Delta),
1st Alternate; Kerry Fleming Soller (Phi Sigma), 2nd Alternate; and Lisa Ruster Moore (Chi Lambda), 3rd
Alternate. Each organization’s inter/national president and executive director also attend the annual meeting. In
October 2015, AOII representatives at the annual meeting included: AOII’s NPC Delegation; Gayle Fitzpatrick,
International President; Troy LeForge, Executive Director; Kaya Miller, Assistant Executive Director; and
Mariellen Sasseen, Director of Communications. This representation ensures the groups have key leadership on
sight to review and provide input for legislation being considered by the conference.
Significant recruitment legislation was presented, discussed and ultimately adopted at the most recent Annual
Meeting. NPC’s “No Frills” policy was last updated in 2003. The NPC Recruitment Committee determined the
policy needed language more in line with values-based recruitment philosophy that has become the focus of
our member organizations. After collecting information and data from a variety of campuses, the committee
proposed legislation to ensure organization and chapter values are the focus of recruitment presentations and
communications. The legislation has eliminated the term “no frills recruitment” and replaced it with “values
based recruitment”. This change encompasses the elimination of all recruitment skits.
In 2013, the Conference implemented a policy to automatically adjust campus total. After studying the effects of
the 2013 policy, it was determined additional refinement could further assist Panhellenic communities in their
efforts to achieve parity. The policy has been revised and now requires an adjustment for each academic period.
This will allow for the most accurate reflection of each Panhellenic community’s size.
The policies adopted at the annual meeting are expectations and a Panhellenic vote on each is not required. The
new legislation should be placed into College Panhellenic bylaws and recruitment rules automatically. Before
submitting chapter recruitment plans in February, chapter leadership and advisers should review the new NPC
policies as the changes could significantly impact your plans. If your Panhellenic bylaws and recruitment rules
do not reflect these changes, the Network NPC liaison should be alerted. Below is a complete summary of the
legislation passed including the rationale for each revision. Please review closely and direct any questions or
comments to your Network NPC Liaison. The revisions have all been incorporated into the newly revised NPC
Manual of Information (January 2016) which is available for download on AOII’s Fulfilling the Promise Officer
Resource Library (ORL).


Alumnae Panhellenic Dues (2015) Unanimous Agreement III. The Panhellenic Compact

Alumnae Panhellenic dues shall be increased effective the first day 1. A woman who is or who has ever been an initiated member of
of the 2016 fiscal year, which begins July 1, to $50 per annum. an existing NPC sorority shall not be eligible for membership in
another NPC sorority.
Rationale: The additional revenue will allow NPC
to continue providing quality services and programs to 2. To be eligible to participate in Panhellenic recruitment and
Alumnae Panhellenics. pledge an NPC sorority as a collegiate member, a woman must:

AOIIs… Revise chapter budgets to reflect increase. A. Not be simultaneously enrolled in high school and
attending college.
College Panhellenic Dues (2015) B. Be an undergraduate regularly matriculated according
to the definition of matriculation established by that
College Panhellenic dues shall be increased on an adjusted tier institution.
system, effective the first day of the 2016 fiscal year, which begins 3. An undergraduate woman may pledge an NPC sorority only
July 1, as follows:
during a regular academic term and not during any school recess
• College Panhellenics with nine or fewer chapters shall have or summer academic term, except during a primary membership
dues of $55 per chapter per annum. recruitment period and the ensuring continuous open bidding
• College Panhellenics with 10 or more chapters shall have dues (COB) process when held immediately before an academic term.
of $65 pre chapter per annum.
Rationale: The additional revenue will allow NPC to Rationale: Provides further clarification to College
continue providing quality services and programs to Panhellenics on the requirements for pledging an NPC
College Panhellenics. member organization.

3 AOIIs… Revise chapter budgets to reflect AOIIs… Confirm your College Panhellenic documents include
these updates.

Unanimous Agreement VI. College Panhellenic Association Agreement Automatically Adjusting Total (2013, 2015)

E. A College Panhellenic Association shall conduct business only To allow chapters to achieve parity as quickly as possible, total will
during the regular academic year and primary recruitment if held be automatically adjusted every regular academic term. This is to
outside of the regular academic term. be done no later than 72 hours following bid distribution in the
academic term that primary recruitment is held and within one
Rationale: A College Panhellenic should conduct business week (no more than seven days) from the start of the academic
during the regular academic year-not summer and break term(s) in which primary recruitment is not held. The adjustment
periods-when chapters are also in session and can will be to median chapter size unless the College Panhellenic
appropriately discuss and vote on business matters. adopts an acceptable alternative method according to the Manual
of Information.
AOIIs… Confirm your College Panhellenic documents include
Rationale: Even though NPC implemented the auto-reset
these updates. policy in fall 2013, College Panhellenics continue to see
variances in total due to retention and midyear graduations.
Values-Based Recruitment (2015) Having total readjusted every regular academic term (i.e.,
fall and spring terms for semester schedules or fall, winter and
All College Panhellenics and their member chapters shall spring terms for quarter schedules) will allow for the most
incorporate the following policies into their membership accurate reflection of true Panhellenic size.
recruitment programs:
AOIIs… ACCURATE roster numbers must be submitted.
• Focus on conversations between chapter members and Options in Determining Total (2009, 2015)
potential new members about organizational values and
member organizations. College Panhellenics can use one of the following methods to
determine total:
• Establish guidelines for membership recruitment budgets and 1. Median chapter size
set a cap on membership recruitment expenses, including the 2. Average chapter size
value of all donated goods and services. 3. Largest chapter size (recommended for College Panhellenics with

• Keep decorations to a minimum and confined to the interior three or fewer chapters)
space used for recruitment rounds. Proviso: Effective immediately but no later than fall 2016,
giving College Panhellenics the remainder of the academic
• Determine recruitment event attire for chapter members that year to update their recruitment rules with this policy.
reduces individual financial burden and eliminates costuming.
Rationale: After studying how total is implemented, it
• Eliminate gifts, favors, letters and notes for potential new is evident that in most cases median chapter size is the most
members. appropriate size for chapters after the primary recruitment
period. Therefore, the method to determine total has been
• Eliminate recruitment skits. changed to 1) median chapter size, 2) average chapter size and
Rationale: After a two-year study of all aspects of recruitment, the 3) largest chapter size (recommended for College Panhellenics
NPC Recruitment Committee-whose members represent 13 NPC with three or fewer chapters). Having total readjusted every
sororities (including AOII)-determined that the 2003 No-Frills regular academic term will allow for the most accurate
Recruitment policy needed language more in line with the values- reflection of the true Panhellenic size.
based recruitment philosophy that has become the focus of the
committee and the member organizations. The committee found AOIIs… The method for determining should be reviewed with
overwhelming evidence that skits rarely give positive information
to potential new members (PNMs). NPC liaison for the network.

AOIIs… Confirm your chapter recruitment programming is in Two-Tier Total (2009)

compliance with “values based” guidelines above. Eliminated Completely
Rationale: In order to pass and implement the policies
Total Review (2003, 2015) Total Review and Automatically Adjusting Total, this policy
was eliminated.
Panhellenics will review total every regular academic term.
Proviso: Effective immediately but no later than fall 2016, AOIIs… If a two-tier total has been in use on your campus; confirm
giving Panhellenics the remainder of the academic year to
update their recruitment rules with this policy. this policy has been removed from College Panhellenic documents
and replaced with the updated 2015 Auto Total Adjustment policy.
AOIIs… Confirm your College Panhellenic documents (bylaws &
recruitment rules) include this update.


Save 8:00 Pm cst Save the Date for our
AOII FOUNDATION Senior Tribute Webinar!

WEBINAR The Young Alumnae Council will be
presenting the NEW Senior Tribute program,
the Date tuesday, february 23INTRODUCINGTHENEW which will replace Senior Challenge, on
SENIOR TRIBUTE PROGRAM Tuesday, February 23 at 8:00 pm CST.
We encourage all chapters to have a
representative attend the webinar to learn
about this exciting new program!

The Deadline is Approaching for
Scholarship Applications!

The deadline is approaching to apply for a Foundation
scholarship. Diamond Jubilee Scholarships are available for
undergraduate, graduate and returning alumnae; several named
scholarships are also available.
Visit the Foundation website at and
click on Programs/Scholarships to apply. Applications are due
no later than March 1.

New Executive Director

The AOII Foundation is proud to
introduce our new Executive Director,
Kristie Prichard Ryan, Rho Omicron
(Middle Tennessee State University).
Learn more about Kristie in the Message
from the Foundation Board on page one!

Ruby Fund Message

The Ruby Fund Message can be found on
our website under Programs/Ruby Fund
to share at your Founders’ Day celebra-
tions! In addition, donations to the Ruby
Fund can be sent to us at:

Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation
5390 Virginia Way

5 Brentwood, TN 37027

AOII wants to recognize all the amazing work YOUR chapter is doing!

Our 2016 Leadership Institute Awards Competition is underway! The deadline to submit
award nominations is March 1st, 2016 and meeting this deadline is an essential part of award
consideration. All chapters are strongly encouraged to review the award instructions and the
questions on each application (click "submit" to view application) well in advance. In all cases,
letters of recommendation are required to be attached to your application.

To apply: go to; click on the "Submissions" tab located at the top red bar.
Click on the box that reads "2016 Leadership Institute Awards Competition." All award
applications must be submitted by March 1st, 2016 at 11:59pm (Pacific Standard Time).


Collegiate awards are tied directly to the Standards of Excellence (SOEs), Both the awards applications and Alumnae
which are due February 1st. You may submit an award nomination before Chapter SOEs are due March 1st. Alumnae
submitting the SOEs, but we encourage you to do it in the reverse order chapters must achieve Gold level in SOEs to
since chapter awards are directly related to the SOEs. Collegiate chapters be eligible for awards. Detailed information
must achieve overall Gold level in SOEs to be eligible for awards. In about eligibility can be found on the awards
addition, all Individual Excellence categories require chapters to have website. Again, we encourage you to not
meet ALL Gold, Pearl and Ruby requirements in that particular area (i.e., wait until the last minute to submit your
Recruitment, Operations, etc.) in order to apply for excellence in that area. SOEs and/or award nominations, as no
Chapters applying who do not meet these standards, or who do not meet deadline extensions will be given.
the February 1st (SOEs due) deadline will be disqualified. Please do not Alumnae chapters should also review the
wait until the last minute to submit your SOEs and/or award nominations, individual award categories for potential
as no deadline extensions will be given for any reason. submissions.

Also, Collegiate Chapters are encouraged to consider nominations in the 6
three Individual Award categories that recognize collegiate members: Perry,
Roller and the Collegiate Women of Leadership (CWOL).

The Human Resources Committee is
alway accepting applications. To speak Network Teams
to a member of the HRC team about Network 1 Network Specialist–Leadership
which position is right for you, please Network 3 Network Specialist–Finance
email [email protected]. To Network 5 Network Specialist–Finance
complete a volunteer application, visit New Chapter Development Network Specialist-Development – Delta Nu (U of Nevada, Reno)
opportunities1 and click on the link at Special Committees
the bottom of the page. Perry Award Committee

The following positions are currently
open - HRC is actively recruiting to fill
these vacancies:


AOII’s social media outlets are the best way to stay up-to-date on AOII
news. From recruitment results and photos, to Strike Out Arthritis! and other
philanthropic events, to notes of congratulations to exemplary members and chapters
for accomplishments and good works in the community, we are always sharing the latest
information. If your chapter has news or photos to share with us, please send them to
[email protected]! Photos to be considered for To Dragma should be sent

7 to [email protected] and must be 1MB or larger in size.

A Jingle Bell Salute & Walk to Cure Arthritis! ADDITIONAL NEWS & INFO

Jingle Bell Recap!

Thanks to the dozens of AOII teams that
participated in a local Jingle Bell Walk/Run this
year! Together “Team AOII National” raised
$52,704 for the Arthritis Foundation and finished
in 5th place for all teams across the United
States. Let’s aim even higher for next year! When
registering your local team next year, make sure
you look for AOII’s “national” team name on the
registration site to connect your team’s efforts to
our overall team standing.

Walk to Cure Arthritis

Walk to Cure Arthritis is the Arthritis Foundation’s annual community fundraising 5K
walk event. The funds raised from the 5K support their nonprofit mission and research
aimed at finding a cure for arthritis, America’s leading cause of disability. Walk to Cure
Arthritis is a great way to get moving in support of a worthwhile cause!
Go to to learn more
about an event planned near you. Or contact your local Arthritis branch to learn how
to start one.


AOII is now accepting applications
for 2016 Summer Internships!

Go to and
click “Submissions” to apply or
learn more about our Summer

Internship opportunities.


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