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In this flip book you will find a handful of the many social media posts that were used to promote the 2016 Jingle Bell Run and AOII's $150,000 fundraising goal.

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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2017-02-20 16:30:41

Social Media to Promote JBR

In this flip book you will find a handful of the many social media posts that were used to promote the 2016 Jingle Bell Run and AOII's $150,000 fundraising goal.

Social Media
Sn ap sh o ts 2-12

Social media played a prominent role in AOII’s 2016 Jingle Bell Run efforts.
Through multiple social media outlets, AOII encouraged participation in different
Jingle Bell Run events, provided education on the effects of arthritis, promoted
incentives for taking part and presented updates throughout the entire Jingle Bell
Run process. From announcing AOII’s International President Gayle Fitzpatrick
as the 2016 Jingle Bell Run National Chair, to sharing photos of fun incentives
for chapters, social media updates were a key element in helping us reach our
fundraising goal of $150,000 for the Arthritis Foundation.

Announcing Our Chairman


Gayle Fitzpatrick

AOII International President

2016 Jingle Bell Run
National Chair

Alpha Omicron Pi and the Arthritis Foundation are pleased to support AOII’s
International President, Gayle Fitzpatrick, as the National Chair for the 2016 Jingle Bell
Run series. Gayle will serve as a spokesperson for the event and lead a team of AOII staff and volunteers on
a National AOII Jingle Bell Run Committee. The committee will lead the Fraternity toward a fundraising
goal of $150,000 for 2016 events as the Arthritis Foundation strives to achieve a national goal of $9,000,000.
Are you interested in joining AOII’s National Jingle Bell Run Committee? Contact
gayleaoi[email protected] or [email protected] for more information.
In order to meet AOII’s commitment, all members and individuals are encouraged to participate!
Information will be updated throughout the year.

Form a team. Run or walk for a great cause.
Become a part of Team AOII National.
Step Up Today!

International President Gayle Fitzpatrick has
participated in numerous Jingle Bell Runs over
the years as an AOII. Pictured here are photos
from the 2015 Portland, Oregon Jingle Bell Run.

PDF posted to website, shared via Facebook and published in AOII’s monthly e-newsletter, The Piper

As an extreme honor, AOII International President, Gayle Fitzpatrick, was asked to serve as the National
Chair of the 2016 Jingle Bell Run. We met an aggressive goal of raising $150,000 through Gayle’s leadership,
the AOII Communications Department and a 20+ person national volunteer leadership team.

Event Sign-Up Promos

Instagram post

Facebook post

Using the fun 2016 JBR logo and graphics supplied by the Arthritis Foundation, we promoted event
locations and team sign-ups during the fall. This festive image also appeared on the official event t-shirts!


Promoting AOII Champions

Meet our

Jessie Wang-Grimm (Phi Chi, U of Chicago)

Meet Jessie Wang-Grimm. Jessie was diagnosed at age 35 with Rheumatoid Arthritis,
right after her daughter was born. Her disease progressed very quickly after onset,
with severe inflammation and pain that she describes as “feeling like a 90-year-old in
a 30-year-old’s body.” She found it very difficult to walk or to do the simplest things
like hold her newborn baby.

Jessie was very saddened, but not surprised, when she learned of her diagnosis. She
was almost 6 weeks into the pain and she hadn’t had a break yet, so she was relieved
to know that treatment was available to help improve things. Her family became concerned and they wanted to
do whatever was possible to help her.

Since her diagnosis, Jessie has learned to slow down when the symptoms come back. Some days are better
than others. When the fatigue and pain hit her she knows it’s time to slow down and rest. She has not allowed
arthritis to stop her from achieving her goals with her career and other things in her life. It is a reminder to her
that not everything in life has to be done in a day. Sometimes it’s okay to say no. Jessie stays active with tennis
and other forms of exercise, which allows her to manage through the harder days in better health. Her worst days
include fatigue, hours of joint stiffness (especially in the
mornings), and she feels run down. Often this leaves her
with challenges like walking, typing, and other mobility
demands. Luckily and thankfully, those days are much
fewer and farther between with effective treatments.

She was lucky to receive aggressive treatment with
an early diagnosis. As a result, she was able to protect
herself from great permanent join damage. Her
treatment began with a series of medications before
landing on one that was very effective for 10 years. Since
then, she has transitioned to another medicine which
she hopes that will be the right fit for the future. Her
side effects have been minimal. Biologics have helped
her to regain a lot more function, but can increase risk of
infections and illness.

Step Upand become a


Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the world which greatly affects more women than men,
including many of our members. A committee of AOII Arthritis Champions was formed to share the daily

PDF posted on AOII’s website

One of her biggest struggles isn’t related to pain. It’s dealing with pharmaceuticals
and insurance companies. She has to have special authorization to take these
specialty medicines, but is thankful the issues have been minimal.

Jessie’s triumphs are big and small. She has big ones in being able to have enough
mobility and functionality to be an active volunteer for the Arthritis Foundation and
fundraise for AOII. Small wins are going pain free, going to work, being active, and
carrying on with daily life.

Jessie hopes that others find as much success with treatments as she has and she hopes the choices in terms
of how to effectively curb their symptoms continues to grow as well. On the flip side, Jesse has also been very
involved with the Arthritis Foundation since 2003 and has volunteered for numerous events in the Chicago
area. She is especially proud to have partnered with the AF through her work on the AOII Foundation Board of
Directors. She now volunteers as a member of the AOII Executive Board and the Jingle Bell Run Committee. As a
Champion she tries to stay a positive, supportive voice for arthritis. She says she won’t let arthritis stop her from
furthering her career as an attorney or a leader in the many organizations she cares so dearly about. Jesse hopes
you will say yes this year by supporting your local Jingle Bell Run or the Arthritis Foundation.

Join AOII International President Gayle Fitzpatrick, the 2016 Jingle Bell Run National Chair, and thousands of AOII
sisters across the country by participating in your local Jingle Bell Run. Start a team! Join a team! Or, if an event is
not in your area, Jingle in Your Jammies! To learn how, click here.

Step Upand become a


struggles of living with arthritis. Photos and inspirational stories from each champion were shared via social

media every other week between September and December. 5

Promoting AOII Champions, cont.

Links posted on AOII’s website that were shared to social media

The Champion stories were also available on our Jingle for Arthritis page on the AOII website.

Team Incentives Promos

Facebook post

To generate participation at a higher level than in past years, we implemented team incentives for
recognition and appreciation. The results proved successful as Team AOII National more than doubled
our fundraising efforts year over year – from $67,500 in 2015 to over $150,000 in 2016! The campaign ran
throughout the fall and concluded on December 31, 2016, with revenue continuing to roll in for counting
into the first week of January.


AOII Jingle in Your Jammies Day Promos

Facebook post

Because many JBR events are held after chapters break for the holidays, being present for the event can be
challenging. The Arthritis Foundation encourages donors who cannot attend to “Jingle in Your Jammies”.
We took the idea a step further by creating a custom image and promoting a fun AOII Jingle in Your
Jammies Day to encourage Fraternity-wide donations on December 5th. The creative promotion generated
dozens of first-time donors!

AOII Headquarters Staff Jingle in Your Jammies Day

Facebook post

Members everywhere uploaded photos of themselves participating in the Jingle in Your Jammies Day
promotion using #JingleInYourJammies. AOII Headquarters staff joined in the fun, too, showing support
for a great cause!


Chapter Participation Photos

Instagram post using photo from
an alumnae chapter

Facebook post

Retweet from participating member

These photos represent a few of the dozens of photos we received from our chapters participating in their
local Jingle Bell Run. This great event is not only a fabulous fundraising opportunity, but a fun sisterhood
event too! Collectively, AOII fielded more than 127 teams in more than 100 Jingle Bell Run locations!


Hot Chocolate Sisterhood Packages

Reposted Instagram from collegiate
chapter account

Facebook post

This incentive gift was promoted to all collegiate and alumnae chapters that raised at least $500. Fitting
into our Jingle Bell Run theme, “Hot Chocolate Sisterhood” kits filled with goodies for everyone arrived to
each chapter in January, and were received with great enthusiasm. The kits included a thank you note, hot
chocolate packets, marshmallows, coffee cups, lids and custom designed AOII coffee sleeves.


Congratulations Posts to each AOII Network

Facebook post

Every AOII collegiate and alumnae chapter that formed a team and raised at least $250 received a shout out
on social media. More than 70 chapters were recognized for gifts ranging between $250 and an amazing
$24,900. Collectively, AOII chapters and members raised more than $150,000 for the 2016 Jingle Bell Run.
Collectively, AOII chapters and members were the third highest performing national JBR team in the

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