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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2016-07-13 21:21:41

1999 Summer - To Dragma

Vol. LXVIII, No. 3

D Cancer

a pink warrior's story

a salute to our President
Linda Peters Collier, Chi Omicron, Central State U
Two years ago, AOFI council elected Linda Peters Collier International President of Alpha Omicron Pi. Linda and the entire 1997-99 Executive Board have served our Fraternity magnificently over the past biennium - the first biennium of AOITs second century and the last biennium of the 20th Century. We bid this board farewell with heartfelt thanks and gratitude for their countless hours of service, their enthusiasm,
and their love for AOFI.
In her 1997 President's address, Linda said, "We must have the courage to dream and to dream BIG. Without dream- ing and planning for the future, without thinking about how things could be better, we won't grow... and we won't be able to meet the challenges of the future." She shared her hopes and dreams with AOn and we are a better organization because of her leadership.
During this biennium, the Executive Board along with the Fraternity Management Committee, finalized and implemented a 3-year Strategic Plan for the Fraternity. It has guided us with direction and purpose and gives us the
building blocks for future growth and strengthening of the Fraternity.
We are positioning for our future with the relocation of our International Headquarters building. You can read more about this exciting endeavor on page 11 of this issue of To Dragma. Our alumnae department has experienced tremendous growth with the addition of 20 new alumnae chapters installed this biennium. This spring, we installed our 174th collegiate chapter, Epsilon Sigma, Quincy University. It is with joy we announce the recolonization of three of our collegiate chapters for the 1999-2000 school year. These include Beta Phi Chapter, Indiana U; Pi Chapter, Tulane L ; and Rho Chapter, Northwestern U. Our programming and services have expanded and our Leadership Institute remains one of the finest educational confer- ences in the Greek world. It is a wonderful time for AOFI.
On behalf of the entire Fraternity, we thank you Linda, Julie, Caroline, Joanne, Carole, Rosalie, Mary and Kim for your dedication and leadership.
The 1997-99 AOFI Executive Board Linda Peters Collier, International President Julie Brining, VP of Operations Caroline Craig, VP of Development Joanne Williamson Earls, VP of Finance Carole Jurenko Jones, Director Rosalie Gorham Barber, Director Mary Matarazzo Bryant, Director Kimberly Carson McGowan, Director
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To Dragma/SUMMER 1999

Botning breast Concer
37 R/ghts
ti wo . cue; i 9673
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T o DoQr a g nm a 1%.
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3 pin k w 3 m o r s s t o r y by Roso/ie Gotham Barber, AOflExecute Board Dinxtor,
Sigva Orrkron (Atkansas State l/),JonesfxroA/umnae Chapter
Sunday,April7,1991,beganasatypicaldayforme....wewenttochurch, had lunch, then my husband headed for the golf course for his usual Sunday afternoon game of golf. I decided to spend a leisurely afternoon watching a good movie, so I headed for the nearest video store, where I selected a film about a friendship between two young women. I had heard nothing about this particular movie, but decided to rent it anyway.... well, it turned out to be a film about two young women who met at a cancer treatment center where both were receiving treatment They became very good friends during the months of their treatment, but the movie had a sad ending, because one of the young women survived, and the other died. This film touched my heart, and I wept many tears while watching these two young women battling to live.
To Dtragma/SUMMER 1999

That night, as a result of watching this film, when I took my bath, I performed a breast examination, and discovered a lump in my right breast... I immediately told my husband. This was nothing new for us, because I had experienced my first lumpectomy when I was only 24.... other lumps had been aspirated, another mass removed just 5 years previous- ly... each time the tumors were benign... but when I examined myself on this night I knew this lump was different, and expressed my concern to my husband.
The next morning, I called the surgical oncologist who had performed my previous surgery, and made an appointment to see him in Memphis on Friday. When he examined me that day, he said, "I think we've got prob- lems this time." We discussed my options, and I elected to have the lumpectomy and lymph node axillary dissec- tion, which was done on Tuesday, April 16th. The tumor was malignant, as we suspected, but the oncologist was fairly certain there was no lymph node involvement, so we made plans for me to begin radiation treatment.
I was still in a positive state of mind. I wasn't surprised that the tumor was malignant.... remember, I had dodged the bullet several times previously, and 1 felt confident about receiving the radiation treatments... but when we received the results about my lymph nodes, I learned that
one of twenty-two nodes tested positive, which indicated that the cancer had spread to at least one lymph node. I was devastated.... I would now need both radiation and chemotherapy!
When I met with the oncolo- gist who would supervise my chemotherapy, he informed
me that the tumor in my breast was quite small, only 0.5cm in diameter, but because it had already spread to my lymph nodes, it was considered to be an aggressive type cancer, and needed to be treated aggressively.
ToDragma/SlWMER 1<)<W
What is Breast Cancel
Most kinds of cancer are named after the part of the body where the cancer first starts. Breast cancer begins in the breast tissue. Inside the breasts are glands that produce and release milk after a woman has a baby. The breast itself is made up of milk-secreting glands; ducts; and fatty, connective, and lymphatic tissue. The glands that make the milk are called lobules and the tubes that connect them to the nipple are called ducts.
There are several types of breast tumors. Most are benign; that is, they are not cancer. These lumps are often caused by fibrocystic changes. Cysts are fluid-filled sacs, and fibrosis refers to connective tissue or scar tissue formation. Fibrocystic changes can cause breast swelling and pain. The breasts may feel lumpy and sometimes there is a clear or slightly cloudy nipple dis- charge. Benign breast tumors are abnormal growths, but they do not spread outside of the breast and they are not life-threatening.
A tumor that hasn't spread beyond the area where it began is called in situ. It is confined to the ducts or lobules. Here are some terms that describe the most common types of breast cancer:
X Lobular carcinoma in situ (LOS): Although not a true cancer, this condition increases a woman's risk of developing cancer later.
X Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS): This is breast cancer at its earliest stage (stage 0). Nearly 100% of women with cancer at this stage can be cured.
X Infiltrating (or invasive) lobular carcinoma (ILC): This cancer starts in the milk glands (lobules), breaks through the wall of the gland and invades the fatty tissue of the breast Between 10% and 15% of breast cancers are of this type.
X Infiltrating (or invasive) ductal carcinoma (IDC): This cancer starts in the milk passage or duck,breaksthroughthewalloftheduct,andinvadesthefattytissueofthebreast IDCisthe mostcommontypeofbreastcancer.Itaccountsfornearly80%ofbreastcancer.
X Node-positive and node-negative breast cancer: Node-positive means that the cancer has spread (metastasized) to the lymph nodes under the arm on the same side. Node-negative means that the lymph nodes are free of cancer.
Note: There are several other less common types of breast cancer, You can get more information on these from the American Cancer Society.

To Dragiiia/SUMMER I'M)')
As 3 pink
[try glv\qys
to remember
that cancer
is 3
WOrtt grid
out mv treatment. Mary
kathrvn sal with me during my
first chemotherapy treatment,
and I know this must have In-en
verv difficult emotionally for
her, because she had experi-
enced terrible side effects when
she had her own chemo treat-
ments. Another friend and
"'pink warrior" brought her
favoriteloungingrobesformeto I was able to continue
s e n t e n c e ! ! i/
Rosalie Goitiam Barber has served on the AOT1 Executive Board since (997. and served as AOnFoundation Board President from 1995-1997.
As 1 lay awake those first nights after my diagnosis, I faced my own mortality... "my body is carrying a dis- ease from which 1 may recover, or I mav not...\\ill I have the opportunity to see my grandchildren grow op? Will I live to see my son marry? Will [ get to enjoy those golden years of retire- ment with my husband?"
I consciously resolved to light this cancer that invaded my body with every weapon available to me! Wanting to be as informed as possible about this disease I would be fighting, I read numerous books on breast cancer... some were informative and comforting, but others caused me more fear. Amazingly, you soon dis- cover that your greatest enemv is not the disease, but subtle, slippery feelings of despair, the thief of peace. God gave me the strength to get through each day, and the raanv prayers that were sent Heavenward in my behalf began to bless me. and to give me the peace I needed to begin my fight against cancer.
Shortly after I began radiation treatments, I received a call from Mary Kathrvn Berry, the founder of the Northeast Arkansas Breast Cancer Support Group in Jonesboro, inviting me to attend their meet- ings.. .. this support group was such a source of positive encouragement to me through-
to be opened only after 1lost my hair! Kay will always have a special place in my heart for the way she minis- tered to me during this diffi- cult time in my life.
enjoy while 1 was recuperating. We call ourselves pink warriors because of the color of the pink ribbon associated with breast cancer awareness and our battle to overcome this disease.
Other than my family and local friends, one of my great- est sources of support throughout mv eight months of radiation and chemothera- py was a dear AOI1 sister, Kav Cameron Yount, who is also a breast cancer survivor. Kav called me frequently from her home in Ft. Worth, TX, and sent many gifts to cheer me. She knew just when I would be feeling the lowest, and sent a box of gifts
teaching at Arkansas State University throughout my treatment...I sailed through the six weeks of radiation, and began six months of chemotherapv I had heard many horror stories about chemotherapy, but again, the Lord really blessed me. because I never experi- enced any of those terrible side effects....however, I did lose all my hair, and was
bald for six months!
I lost mv hair exactly three weeks after my first treat- ment, and the week before it came out, every hair on mv head actually hurt... to lie down was actually

Wh^t 3retheriskfgcte for breast cancel
According to the N^tion^l Canoar Institute's 'W/Wf You Need to KnowAbout Breast Cancer, thefollowingareknownriskfactorsforbreastcancer:
AcjC: The risk of breast cancer increases as a woman gets older. Most breast cancers occur in women over the age of 50; the risk is especially high lor women over 60.
Family hiStOfy: The risk of getting breast cancer increases for a woman whose mother, sister, or daughter has had the disease. The woman's risk increases more if her rela- tive's cancer developed before menopause or if it affects both breasts. About 5 percent of women with breast cancer have a hereditary form of this disease. These women usually devel- op breast cancer at a younger age (before menopause) and they have multiple family members with the disease.
Personal history: The risk of breast cancer is greater than average in women who have had lobular carcinoma in situ. About 25 percent of women diag- nosed with this condition develop invasive breast cancer. Also, women who have had breast cancer face an increased risk of getting breast cancer again. As many as 10 to 15 percent of women treated for breast cancer (or ductal carcinoma in situ) get a sec-
ond primarv (new) breast cancer later on.
Other risk factorsforbreast cancer include starting to men-
struate at an early age (before 12) or having a late menopause (after 55).
The risk is also "reater
in women who had
their first child after
the age of 30 and
those who never had children. These factors are all related to a woman's natural hormones. At this time, no one knows for certain whether the risk of breast cancer is affected bv taking medicines that contain hormones (either to treat infertility, or as estrogen replacement therapy to control symptoms of menopause). Scientists hope to find the answer to this impor- tant question bv studying a large number of w omen taking part in hormone-related research.
Many WOrnen are concerned about benign breast condi- tions. For most women, the ordinary "lumpiness" they feel in their breasts does not increase their risk of breast cancer. However, women who have had breast biopsies that show cer- tain benign changes in breasttissues,such as atypical hyperpla- sia, do have an increased risk of breast cancer.
Scientists are exploring other possible risk factors for breast cancer. For example, research is in progress to deter- mine whether the risk of breast cancer is affected by environ- mental factors. Pesticides, electromagnetic fields, engine exhausts, and contaminants in water and food are some of the
environmental factors under study.
Some aspects of a woman's lifestyle may affect
her chances of developing breast cancer. For example, some studies point to a slight- ly higher risk of breast cancer
among women who drink alcohol The risk appears to go up with the amount of alcohol consumed, so women who drink should do so only in
Scientists are trying to learn whether having an abortion or mis- carriage increases the risk of breast cancer. Thus far, studies have pro- duced conflicting evidence, and tins
question is still unresolved
Ol4<ei" WOmen who are over- weight seem to have a greater risk of breast cancer. Although the possi- ble link between diet and breast cancer is still unclear and under study, some scientists believe that choosing a low-fat diet, eat- ing well-balanced meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and maintaining ideal weight may lower a woman's risk. Also, recent studies suggest that regular exercise may decrease the
risk of breast cancer in younger women.
For more information on risk factors, call the Cancer Information Service at f-800-4-C\NCER, or see the National Cancer Institutes publication What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer.

Last fall, Rosalie and fellow pink warrior, jane McDamel,
participated in the Race for the Cure for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer
Foundation of Little Rock.
painful... no one had told me about this, so it came as one of those little unwel- come surprises. The week- end I lost mv hair was extremely traumatic. I thought I was mentally pre- pared, but when mv hair began to come out by hands full on that Labor Day weekend, I lost it!!! My husband, Michie, was so wonderful as he held me close numerous times over
the week-end, letting me cry, and reassuring me that he loved me just as much bald, and even complimenting me on my nicely shaped bald head! To this day, I do not understand why the hair loss meant so much, especially since I was fighting for my life! I was shocked that the loss of my hair affected me so strongly.
I can trutlifully say, in retro- spect, that having breast can- cer was not all bad.... the sen- sitivity and loving ('are shown
bv mv family as they minis- tered to my needs, both physi- cally and emotionally, was a continuous blessing through- out my treatment. I made lots of new friends, also pink war- riors, who are very dear to me, with whom I share this common bond....sadly, over the years, I've attended sever- al funerals for some of these friends who lost their battle against breast cancer, but my life has been forever changed by the courage and grace with which these pink warriors faced death. As a result of having had breast cancer, my outlook on life has changed somewhat.... I've always been an optimist, but now, every day I awaken is a cause for celebration, and each year I am cancer-free is a wonderful milestone.... life is precious! As a pink warrior. I try always to remember that cancer is a word and not a sentence!!
I have been extremely blessed, and consider myself indeed fortunate to be a breast cancer survivor. I cele- brated my years as a survivor by participating in the Race for the Cure for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation of Little Rock, Arkansas last fall. 17,000 par- ticipants including hundreds of "pink warriors" along with family and friends, finished the 5K race.... this was truly an emotional and inspira- tional event, as we wore the names of friends who had lost their battle against breast can- cer, on our backs coming
through the special lane for survivors the last few yards of
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999

Guidelines for Detecting Breast Cancer Early The earlier breast cancer is found,
the better the chances for successful treatment. Because early breast cancer does not produce symptoms, it's important for all women to follow the guidelines for finding breast cancer
early. These include a regular mammogram, a clinical breast examination and a breast self examination.
A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast done with a special type of machine. The breast is squeezed between two plates for a few seconds while pictures are taken. Very low levels of radiation are used. While many people are worried about exposure to x-rays, the low level of radiation used for mammograms does not significantly increase the risk for breast cancer. For example, a woman who has radiation as treatment for breast cancer will receive several thousand rads, the unit that measures radiation. If a woman has yearly mammograms beginning at age 40 and continuing until she is 90, she will have received only 10 rads The American Cancer Society recom- mends that all women age 40 and older have a mammogram every year. The doctor may suggest earlier screen- ing if you have a history of breast cancer in your family.
Clinical Breast Examination
You should have a breast exam by a doctor, nurse, or other health professional every year if you are 40 or over. If you are between 20 and 39, you should get this exam every three years. The doctor will gently feel your breast and also examine the area under both arms.
Breast Self Examination
If you are 20 years old or older, you should examine your breasts every month. By doing this, you will become aware of any unusual changes in your breasts. You should see your doctor if you notice any of these changes: a lump or swelling, skin irritation or dimpling, nipple pain or the nipple turning inward, redness or scaliness of the nipple or breast skin, or leakage (other than breast milk). Most lumps are not cancer, but all lumps should be checked out by a doctor.
For more information, contact the American Cancer Society at 1-800-ACS-2345
or visit their website at
the race and having supporters smiling, shaking our hands, offering congratulations, is a special memory.... I will run this race again!!!
Along with 500 women from throughout our state, I recent- ly had the privilege of attend- ing IN THE PINK, a lun- cheon in Little Rock sponsored by the Arkansas Affiliate of the Komen Foundation. As the musical artist, Clarissa Dane sang "We Will Always Survive", pink carnations were given to
each breast cancer survivor present. This beautiful song, included on the CD "Friends For Life" that Clarissa, along with many greats including Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Lionel Richie, Amy Grant and Olivia Newton John, is being sold with a portion of the pro- ceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Cap Cure, the Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate.
The highlight of the luncheon was hearing Dr. Steven Harms, Internationally renowned
Professor and Director of Imaging Research, Department of Radiology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences talk about his research for breast cancer. Laser lumpec- tomies are now being done at UAMS as part of a clinical trial, with great success. Dr. Harms states " there is great promise that in the future, breast cancer can be treated without surgery... maybe it can be treated while it is still in the breast!" He said that tumors 1 cm or smaller can be treated now with the laser
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999

lumpectomy instead of surgery.. .there is no cosmetic defect as a result of evidence that breast cancer was ever there! He shared with us that the television show, Dateline, will follow one of the laser lumpectomy patients at UAMS next fall.
He also said that 89% of the women whose breast cancer
tumors measured 1 cm or smaller are free of cancer at 20 vears out! This was an exciting bit of information which reinforces the need for early detection!
Our local hospital, St. Bernards Regional Medical Center, received a grant from the Susan Komen Foundation to provide worksite mammog- raphy- A mobile unit has been purchased, and thus far, approximately 600 women have received mammograms at
the plants where they are employed. Breast cancer was discovered in 5 of the women tested.... early detection and treatment offer the best chance of surviving breast cancer!!
Please perform your breast self-examinations on a regu- lar basis, and have that yearly may save your life!!
Why aren't more women worried! about Breast Cancel
They should be. Often, it is easier to make excuses or play offfears about the screening process. Theseexcusesarenomatchforthetruth:
"Breast Cancer Isn't In my Family"
Family history is a risk, but 80% of women who get breast cancer have no family history.
"I'm Too Old to get Breast Cancer"
The risk increases with age. By the time a woman reaches her mid sixties, her risk has doubled from age 40.
"I Don'tthink Ican face Cancer"
"I've Heard MAMMOGRAMS Hurt"
A mammogram lasts only a lew seconds, and anv minor discomfort is worth its benefits.
"1 Don't Have a Doctor" 4 Any woman who does not have a doctor can (all toll-free
1-877-670-CARE for help.
It's Breast Cancer ancj ft kills!
Breast Cancer is the second most common type of cancer among women in the Lhited States. In fact, over the course of a Metime, one in eight women will develop breast cancer. In America, it strikes over
180,0<K) women every year.

TuOragma/SUMMKR 1999

Over the past ten years, the methods of communication have undergone unimag- inable change; and we are pleased to report that AOFI is a leader among Greek organizations in this area. State of the art, integrated computer systems link AOFI HQ to our chapters and members with the tap of a few keys. The AOFI website was one of the first of its kind, and this fall the Fraternity will launch on-line reporting. We will be the first Greek organization to offer this long desired opportunity. Our Fraternity magazine, To Dragma, and all other publications are now produced in-house saving both time and money. Our technology needs require more space.
Over the past ten years, the AOFI archives has multiplied as the Fraternity has made concerted efforts to better preserve our past In 1992, the scope of what we classi- fied as archival materials expanded. Before that time, most of the items related
MARKED BY growth.
To Drapna/SUMMER 1999

only to our Founders or very early days of the Fraternity. Today, we are also com- mitted to preserving the histories of each individual chapter and to the countless outstanding women who we have been privileged to call AOITs. Our archives need more space.
Over the past ten years, the AOfl Emporiumhasgrownbyover600%mak- ing it the third largest in volume and the largest in sales per member of all the NPC merchandising programs. In 1989, the Emporium was managed by one staff member who also held other job responsi- bilities and brought in revenues of $40,000. This year the Emporium has brought in revenue of $260,000 and is operated by two full time and two part time staff members. Revenue from the Emporium goes directly back into AOEI to hind training and educational programs for our members. Our Emporium needs more space.
Over the past ten years, our membership has grown by approximately 25,000 mem- bers pushing our total initiated member- ship over 110,000. Staff has increased from 14 employees i n 1989 to 27 i n 1999. AOfl maintains one of the most profes- sional staffs in the National Panhellenic Conlerence, trained to service the ever growing needs of our chapters and mem- bers. Our growth requires more space.
In short, we have vastly outgrown our current home. A feasibility study was conducted on the current Headquarter's facilities and determined that moving to
another location would be more cost effective than attempting to add on to our current building. The lack of avail- able surrounding land, the current build- ing configuration, and the city building codes requirements were all unsur- mountable obstacles to renovation. If our current Headquarters building would sell at fair market value, profes- sional counsel advised us that would be the best course of action. The market conditions this spring were perfect and the building did sell, without ever being officially placed on the market. The new owners are leasing the building back to us for one year to enable us time to com- plete our new home.
The site which has been selected is locat- ed in the scenic area of Maryland Farms in the town of Brentwood, just south of Nashville, Tennessee, and only a couple miles from the current building, ft offers plenty of space for our current needs and has plenty of room for future expansion.
This new building is central to the future of our Fraternity. With this new home, Alpha Omicron Pi will be able to keep pace with the ever growing demands from our members for new programs and ser- vices. It is right that our members should demand excellence from us, and we are prepared to meet these expectations. Initial plans project completion of the building by the summer of next year. We hope you will help us make this dream become a reality. More information will be forthcoming.
To Dragma/ SUMMER 1999
A ground breaking ceremony was held on April 24, 1999 at the future site of our new International Headquarters.
The Executive Board, the Vice Mayor of the city of Brentwood, and other AOUs were in attendance.
T-Ml\i !

>bu have seen the Emmy Awards, Blockbuster Movie Awands, and the Academy Awands. Now AOTT is sponsoring our very own AOTTRush PartyVideo Awards.
the Alpha Omicnon Pi
What: A contest to select the best Rush Party Videos
When: Deadline to enter is December 1, 1999 for fall rushing chapters and March 1, 2000 for spring/deferred rushing chapters
Your chapter could be one of the recipients of the best Rush Party Video at Leadership Institute 2000! The winning videos will be on display in Los Angeles at Leadership Institute 2000. Your participation will also help the Recruitment Network build an outstanding rush party resource file for your use. Start planning now to video tape your best skit/party and submit to the Recruitment Network by December 1, 1999 for fall rushing chapters and March 1, 2000 for spring/deferred rushing chapters.
We are looking for all types of parties ranging from philanthropy to preference parties, including entertaining skits. Each chapter can submit no more than three different parties forjudging.
The winning entries will be featured on a video that will be shown during LI 2000! Copies of these tapes will be available for purchase to take home to your chapter.
Each entry must be accompanied by a video of the skit Professional taping is discouraged. A clear picture of the skit on video is mandatory. The video may be made during a rehearsal Still photos andscriptcanbeusedtosupplementthevideo,ifnecessary.
1. To be considered forjudging, all entries must include:
a the skit script and song words (a cassette tape of the music is not required, but helpful) b. thetimelength ofthe skit
c. the budget of slot
2. The deadline for all entries is December 1,1999 and March 1,2000 as stated above. 3.SendentriestoACOInternationalHeadquartersandmarktheoutsideoftheboxwith
Rush Party Video Contest
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999
W h o : All AOn chapters are invited to enter
The winning videos will be featured at LI 2000 in Los Angeles, CA!

Idea Sharing
Sisterhood Building Ideas
Many of our chapters plan wonder- ful activities to strengthen sister- hood within their chapters. Retreats are traditions with most chapters, but there are numerous other events that are unique and meaningful. The following chapters have submitted som e of their favorite sisterhood building ideas.
Alpha Delta
U of Alabama
To keep moral high during rush, members present "Secret Stella" gifts during the week. From pandas, to flowers, to encouraging notes, these anonymous gifts express appre- ciation for individual contributions to the chapter. Similarly, each week, we award a "Sister of the Week." Members write notes of thanks when a sister does something nice for them. They are read in chapter meeting, and one name is drawn for a small gift
bers attend and speak
new members to get to know each other and feel more comfortable in the chapter. It has been a huge success the past two years and we will continue to do this.
Alpha Phi
Bowling Green State U
We held an Oscar sisterhood night where everyone tried to pick the winners before-
Alpha Delta, (J ofAlabama
Beta Gamma
Michigan State U
For Halloween, we carved pumpkins for each fraternity and they loved it It was a good opportunity to show the Greek com- munity that we cared about them.
Beta Lambda
IllinoisWesleyan U
Beta lambda put true sisterhood to the test when we decided to go camping. Completely roughing it, we dragged tents, sleeping bags and food into the woods for a cold night of bonding. We shared stories and songs around a warm campfire.
U ofToronto
At Beta Tau, we have a tradition called "pass the candle." It not only builds sisterhood, but boosts chapter moral. Each girl takes a turn to hold the candle and express her feel- ings about AOFI. Though this can be quite emotional, we leave with the feeling that our bond as sisters has been renewed and rein- forced. Another tool is our Inspiration Book, which is given to a different girl every week. The new entry is read at the end of weekly meeting and sends us off on a positive note.
Alpha Gamma
W ashington State U
The past two years we have held a new member retreat Many of the older mem-
paper to our backs and then write nice things on each other's paper. Retreats always seen to remind us of what AOFI is all about and how important it is to each of us.
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999
Alpha Gamma. Washington State U
hand and win a prize for the most correct guesses. We also had a Super Bowl sisterhood and one to watch Titanic. We also made holiday cards and decorated pumpkins at Halloween.
Coe College
Every year we have a sister- hood retreat. Some of our favorite activities are candle passings and trust walks. We also enjoy playing a game where we attach a sheet of
It is a time for the

Chi Delta
U of Colorado-Boulder
We share "roses" at our meetings, meaning a sister is given a rose for doing something special. We also have a "Let your Light Shine" box letting members
know what special and
unique sisters we have.
Chi Epsilon
Ohio State U Participating in other Greek philanthropies is a fantastic way to increase our chapter's sisterhood. Whether we are competing as a team, against another sorority or spending time going around to collect donations, this is a different way to spend time together. It is fun, because we are with our sisters and it helps out our fellow Greeks.
Chi Lambda
U of Evansville
Chi Lambda is always expanding sisterhood. Last year, birthdays were celebrated every week. One meeting a month was turned into a sisterhood activity, and the chapter also held two retreats.
Chi Psi
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
During rush, our chapter was divided into spirit groups and held ongoing competitions to see which group could show the most enthusiasm for AOFI. We held a sisterhood meeting where we passed a candle and spoke of what AOFI means to us. It was an emotional and amazing experience.
Chi Psi, Col Poly Son Luis Obispo
the-tail on the Donkey and Duck Duck Goose.
Delta Sigma
San Jose State U
Our chapter loves going out for ice cream after any event. We also enjoy camp- ing retreats and fun spon- taneous events.
Delta Theta
Texas Women's U Once or twice a month we have a day set aside for sister time. We all meet in the chapter room and watch a move, play games, or sit
Tufts U
Our Sisters Connection Chair orga- nizedpackagesandtreatsforsisters studying abroad. She also passes out treats during meetings to add some cheer, and "crowns" sisters who are celebrating birthdays.
Delta Delta
Auburn U
This quarter, Delta Delta sisters
decided to have a pot luck dinner alter chap- ter meeting one night All sisters brought a dish with them and we all ate together. This was a great way to get to know the new members. Once each month we have a sis-
Delta Omega
Murray State U
Our chapter holds retreats focusing on team building and interaction. Plus we hold weekly sisterhood activities such as AOfl Jeopardy Night and Sister Says.
Delta Rho
DePaul U
Delta Rho's latest sisterhood event took each of us back to our childhood. The CR Chair hosted a kindergarten party. Each sister dressed up in overalls, pulled their hair back in pigtails and brought their favorite stuffed animals for fun. The party included games such as Bozo Bucket, Pin-
Delta, Tufts U
terhood night This is a time when sisters talk about what is going on with them and if there is a problem they see in the chapter. Last spring, we had a great trip to Six Flags.
Delta Epsilon
i :-v le !tate U
The trick to having the best rush on cam- pus is to have the best sisterhood. We make sure to have sisterhood part of rush so we keep everything positive by break- ing to play various games, such as red rover, duck duck goose, painting cars, having water balloon fights, and pass the panda. We always have lots of fun.
around and talk. It is a time for us to enjoy each other's company and unwind from our busy lives.
Delta Upsilon
Duke U
Some of our favorite events are sister lunch- es in the dining hall, Thursday night TV events, and runs to Ben and Jerry's.
Alpha Theta, Coe College
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Gamma Delta
U of South Alabama
Once a month we meet in the chapter room to have a pot luck dinner. Also we enjoyed an event when we brought in an instructor to teach us how to swing dance.
Gamma Omicron
U of Florida
Toward the end of rush week we all went to a movie to relax from the busy activities. We all wore our AOll t-shirts and had a great time enjoying each other's company.
Gamma Theta
U of South Florida
When Halloween comes around, youH find the Gamma Theta sisters at Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights. We take over Universal as we hold hands, close our eyes and run as fast as we possible can through the haunted houses. You'd
be surprised at how experiencing absolute terror together can help
bond a chapter.
lota Chi
U of Western Ontario
At times when sisterhood seems to
be at a low,we stop and ground ourselves by lighting a candle. We
each take a turn holding the candle
and stating an AOFT special moment This undoubtedly makes us all realize why we are here, brings us closer together and allows the true principles of Sisterhood to resurface.
Kappa Gamma
Florida Southern College
Kappa Gamma has been working to strengthen our chapter and our sisterhood this fall by promoting togetherness through panda power hour activities. We also held a workshop led by our chapter consultant out- lining ways to strengthen our overall appear- ance on campus.
Kappa Kappa
: i.
Kappa Kappa has a sisterhood chapter once a month. Some successful activities are miniature golf, karaoke and bingo. It relives
the chapter from business and lets sisters enjoy the company of sisters they don't see often enough.
Kappa Omega
U of Kentucky
Our strong sisterhood is something we are proud of. We feel sisterhood is what happens everyday when sisters help each other or, simply, go to dinner together. We hold chap- ter events, such as lock-ins, to continually strengthen our sisterhood.
Kappa Omicron
Rhodes College
One of Kappa Omicron's newest ideas is spe- cial sisterhood philanthropy day. Once a month the members get together to do com- munity service work We can work together while making a difference in the community and spreading the AOfl name.
Gamma Sigma, Georgia State U
Cornell U
"Roses" are weekly notes sisters write to each other in chapter meeting. These range from birthday messages to little notes of encouragement. We also have "Alpha Angels." Members are anonymously assigned to a senior to give her weekly notes and/or gifts. The secret sister is revealed at the end of the semester.
Epsilon Alpha
Pennsylvania State U
Our sisterhood building usually takes place in the outdoors. Often times we have a retreat and go canoeing or rafting. We also take advantage of the beauty of our location and climb Mount Nittany. When we get to the top, we have a retreat and eat lunch. This is great sisterhood building event
Epsilon Chi
Elon College
Epsilon Chi is pleased to announce plans for recycling old and unwanted clothes with a clothes swap. Everyone brings clothes they don't want or don't wear. The clothes are arranged by size and hung on clothes racks. Sisters can swap as many articles of clothing
Kappa Omicron, Rhodes College
Kappa Rho
W estern Michigan U
Once a month, we have a "Love your Big Sis" day. Girls cook dinners, bake cook- ies, and give flowers and notes to their big sisters. We also have rose buddies who are anonymous sisters who give notes to special sisters to help recognize them for special things.
Kappa Sigma
U ofWisconsin, River Falls
Sisterhood comes from friends who trust one another. One event that seems to unite our chapter is a retreat We come to share our dreams, fears and sisterhood. Only then does the bond become deeply engraved in AOfl.
as they brought new wardrobe.
It is a great way to get a
Gamma Chi
Carleton U
Sister's night is something Gamma Chi con- siders important. Each sister is asked to bring something special and discuss it It is an excellent way to learn about each other.
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Lambda Beta
California State U, Long Beach
To relieve the stress prior to rush, there is no better relief than to go shopping. Not only was it a great time, but a fantastic way to show offyour AOll spirit in a mall filled with opportunities.
Lambda Chi
LaGrange College
One event that has become a tradition for us is our sister's night out event They are held once a month and can involve anything from watching movies to going out for din- ner. We also include roses at our meetings and have a sister of the week. We also pass our Rose Poem book each week during our meetings. Each sister adds a new poem or saying and dedicates it to someone who has been special to her that week.
Lambda Sigma
U of Georgia
To get to know our new members better, we hold a cookout; a "Friends" party and other get togethers. We also honor a sister of the week and send care packages to our sisters participating in internships.
Northeast Louisiana U
We often have a special Sunday out of the month to go to church together and after- wards go to dinner. This is a really good
way to keep everyone involved and what a better way to spend a Sunday with all of your sisters.
Nu Beta
U of Mississippi
We have our annual sisterhood retreat at the AOn house and play fun games. We have fun, make memories
and pig out... what could be
more fun?
Nu lota
Northern Illinois U
We held a hayride at a pumpkin patch and decorat- ed pumpkins that were donated to our local hospi- tal's children ward. We had fun and brought smiles to the faces of many children.
Nu Omicron
Vanderbilt U
We held a chapter retreat at Camp Nakanawa where we swam held a scav- enger hunt and played capture the flag. At night we focused on our sisterhood with bonding activities ending with smores over a bonfire. It was a wonderful break for the chapter.
played a game where you had to guess what sister had what interesting unknown talent or characteristic. We also have a senior sendoff in spring and spirit week before rush begins.
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Rho, Western
Omega Miami U We hold lots of activi- ties ranging from watching Thursday night T V shows
together to having breakfast in the suite. We are also taking pictures of two mem- bers at each meeting and having them tell the chapter some- thing unique about themselves.
Omega Upsilon Ohio U
We do our best to hold frequent sister- hood events. We have ice cream socials, pizza parties, and
Omicron, U ofTennessee
U ofTennessee
We held a sisterhood meeting at the Roller Skating Rink. It was a blast!
Phi Beta
East Stroudsburg U
Our chapter always finds time to strengthen our relationships with each other. Several ideas that we have enjoyed include a Halloween hayride and sisterhood retreats. We discuss upcoming events and brainstorm for ideas for rush. We also listen and learn about what our sisters are up to over early breakfasts and late dinners
Phi Sigma
U of Nebraska-Kearney
Since sisterhood is the heart of AOll, Phi Sigma tries to nurture this as much as possi- ble. The CR committee organizes one sister- hood retreat each semester. East retreat has a different theme from Shamrockin' Sisters to Pajama Party. On Thursday night of pre- miere week this fall,we all met in the lounge and had a FRIENDS party. Sundae Sunday has also been popular.

gma Alpha /estVirginia U
Sisterhood in our chapter is one of the many important details of our daily life. Our chapter is filled with sisters who spend almost every day with each other. We have all grown very close. Sisterhood activities i n our chapter have included such fun events as horseback riding and a trick or treat for Arthritis Research.
Phi Sigma, U of
Sigma Delta
Huntingdon College
This year our new sisterhood build-
ing activity was called "Awesome Alpha's". This activity allowed each new member and an initiated member to be paired up for a week to get to know each other better. Your activity could be having lunch together, tak- ingastudybreak,goingshopping,orplaying on the green. It didn't matter what you did as long as you were together and bonding, which was awesome.
the seniors part, was well as maintain mem- bership retention. Another great idea is focusing on the sister spotlight Each meet- ing, a senior stands and is congratulated for her outstanding contributions to the chap- ter. Our sisterhood retreat is always a suc- cess and provides a great atmosphere away from the chapter house.
Tau Delta
Birmingham-Southern College
Several times during the year, we "Pass the Panda". Only the sister holding panda may speak. This allows each sister the opportunity to tell the others how much they mean to her or share a story. Each week we write happy notes and jokes to each other in the Rosebag. They are read aloud at the end of the meeting and everyone enjoys this sisterhood tune. The chapter also has a sister of the week jour- nal that is passed along from sister to sis- ter. A passage is written about a special sister and presented to her during meet- ing. This girl then chooses the next recip- ient and the tradition continues.
Tau Gamma
Eastern Washington U
At the beginning of the school year, we par- ticipated in a ropes course. The course taught us to trust each other and use team- work to solve problems. Everyone had a lot of fun and came out of it with better com- munication and problem solving skills.
Phi Upsilon
Purdue U
Retreats are always a great way to form a stronger sisterhood bond. Atour retreat, we had a lot of fun with just us girls. We had on unusual talent show, took lots of pictures, and had a campfire. We stayed up until dawn talking and sharing ideas about what we love about our chapter and what could use improvement. Canoeing helped us show off our athletic skills and helped us work on teamwork
Pi Alpha
U of Louisville
Our rush retreat was awesome. The girls camped out at Camp Piamingo for 2 nights. While there, we played games that encour- aged the chapter to rely on each other. One such activity involved a girl being guided by another sister. This helped build trust in each other.
Pi Delta
U of Maryland, College Park
We use the Panda Pals program with new members. When they are coming closer to initiation, we pair them with a sister other than their big sister. The two participate in various activities together for the remainder of the semester.
Rho Delta
Samford U
Rho Delta has started an affirmation time for a few sisters. During chapter meeting we are taking only a few minutes to remind one another of how wonderful they are.
Tau, U of
Sigma Rho
Slippery Rock U Our chapter goes camp- ing for a weekend and has a blast We also plan many slumber parties, have letter days and have dinner together in the dining hall.
U of Minnesota
We have a senior secret buddy program where all of the seniors have a secret buddy for the entire year. This will increase participationon
Tau Delta, Birmingham Southern College
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Tau Omega
Transylvania U
Tau Omega has a sisterhood retreat every spring. We have other sisterhood events like chapter dinners, ice cream sundae night and movie nights in the chapter room. All these events help to strengthen our sisterhood.
Tau Omicron
U ofTennessee-Martin
If there is one thing our chapter is most proud of, it is our sisterhood. From great CR programs to socials and sisterhood events, something is always gong on. Some of our
the sting must say one thing that she loves about an AOFI sister. Theta members find that such activities greatly promote closeness and trust among their sisters.
Theta Chi
Morningside College
Sisterhood is a stong pint with our chapter. In addition to our sisterhood meetings and bondings, we hold candle passing to allow our sisters to talk freely and openly in strict confidence. At our weekly meetings we hold roses and thorns to let members express good things and the stresses and problems they face anonymously. Finally, a
Tau Omiaon, U
\ •
tight)!). The chapter then attempts to move from one room to another using team work and leadership skills. A n another idea is called a string toss. Here chapter members sit in a circle with one member holding a ball of string. Before passing it on to another sister, the member with
everyone's birthdays and have a little gift for every birthday girl at meetings. Another fun idea is dinner and a movie in the chapter room. We have cereal night every Wednesday in the chapter room. On a seri- ous note, we have a silk rose that is passed around weekly, in secret, to recognize sister who show an extra special side of themselves and lets their light shine.
Theta Psi
U ofToledo
We have a friendship book that is passed from sister to sister each week. The book is given to a sister who has shown the fun- damental principles of AOFI.
Upsilon Lambda
U ofTexas-San Antonio
One fun way to build sisterhood is for everyone to draw someone's name from a hat. Then describe to whomever you get what they mean to you. It is always a bonding moment when you announce at the end that you are describing. This is also a great way to learn about people who you don't know as well.
Zeta Kappa
Southwest Texas State U
One of the best ideas for sisterhood is a sis- terhood retreat which includes having someone come to do make overs. It makes everyone feel good about themselves and is a great time to take pictures! Another idea is the famous pass the panda where we tell what we love about AOn and what has been going on in our lives.
favorites are AOFI lunches in the cafeteria, cotton rides, rose items and AOFI dinner and a movie. Each month we try to plan a sisterhood event where we go do something fun together - no planner allowed!
DePauw U
Throughout the year, Theta members actively participate in f u n activities in order to increase sisterhood. One great idea is when one member lies the chapter together with string or rope (but not
Theta Omega, Northern Arizona U
fun activity that we enjoy is "Getting to know Your Sister." Sisters make notes of their likes and dislikes, they are read aloud and everyone tries to guess who it is.
Theta Omega Northern Arizona U 1lie great thing about sister- hood is that there is no end to the creativity. It is great to always have a calendar with
Zeta Kappa, Southwest Texas State U
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alumnae new,
Idea Shoring-,
Salute to an Outstanding Member
You will enjoy reading these tributes that our alumnae chap- ters have submitted to salute outstanding members of their chapters. W e also salute each of these women for their efforts to make a difference in AOIl and the world about them.
We wish to salute Beckie Walker who is currently representing our chapter very well as President of the Arlington, Texas Panhellenic Association.
The Atlanta Chapter has many outstand- ing members who work diligently for our sorority. However, this year, we would like to recognize a sister who has spent days and weeks chairing our enormous "Roses to the Rescue" event Jenny Neal Duffey has directed and followed through on this important project Although Jenny and her husband own a large communi- cation company, she has donated many business hours to provide leadership for this special event Jenny is a very special AOn. We salute her and send a very big "thank you" for a job well done.
Our alumnae chapter is proud to have Rene Strong Fitzgerald as a member. Rene is currently an Alumnae Network Director and has served AOIl in various other roles such as Zeta Kappa Chapter Adviser and Zeta Kappa Corporation Board President. Rene attends a great majority of chapter events and meetings despite her busy schedule. Her positive
attitude and dynamic personality inspire all those around her to be their best, or in her words, "to sparkle!"
Baton Rouge
Our chapter would like to salute an out- standing lady, Elaine DeFrances Ellis. Elaine has been actively involved with our chapter since 1969, and has served in numerous local and regional posi- tions. She has also contributed count- less hours to many community activities. We salute her for her to generosity to AOn and to others.
Many of our members have done so much for our area collegiate chapters that it is difficult to chose just one to honor. Mary Yount has spent numerous hours serving Beta Lambda as Financial Adviser and more recently as Corporation Board President. She also helps our alumnae chapter by volun- teering at philanthropy events and host- ing programs. Sheila Kaurin has served both the area collegiate and alumnae chapter in more positions than can be listed. As President, she worked hard to incorporate fun membership education themes into all monthly events, and has made newsletter publishing an art.
The Bozeman alumnae salute Edith "Edie" Johnston Wright, Alpha Phi, '50. Her loyalty and service have not wavered since she served as chapter president, married a rancher and raised five chil- dren. Edie is always there to help the chapter through difficult times with her wise guidance and warm moral support serving on their Corporation Board, AAC, and as a member of the Bozeman Alumnae Chapter. Many members have attended A O n conventions, regional meetings, and Leadership Institute with support from Edie's steady management of corporation funds. Edie has been a guiding force behind the scenes for nearly half a century and she is highly respected.
Gretchen Zollendeck's dedication to AOFI is like no other. Grethchen attends every alumnae and collegiate meeting and activ- ity. She is a selfless and caring woman who we are all proud to call our sister. When we think of sisterhood, we all think of Gretchen (and we know she is always thinking of AOFI and us, too!).
Central Louisiana
We would like to salute our Treasurer and Charter Member, Sheryl Laing. Sheryl is a wife, mother of two, an Assistant District Attorney and has a private law practice. She is an active volunteer in our community for the Pineville Youth Baseball Association, the Rotary Club, the Reinnance Home for Youth, and the Rapides Children's Advocacy Center, just to name a few. Sheryl is one of the ni<;est and sweetest sisters you could ever want to know.
Kathy Rippel Holmes is definitely our most outstanding member. She is our President and has been for the past four years. She instituted our monthly newsletter and has continually updated and refined it into the fantastic tool it is today. Kathy is the secretary of Iota Corporation and Historian Adviser for the chapter. She has won the top alum- na sales award in the AOFI magazine program for the past two years. Kathy also supports the collegiate chapter, attending and participating in Iota Chapter activities, including rush and philanthropic events. She averages three trips to Champaign-Urbana on AOFI business each month from her home in Mattoon - that's over 250 miles. Aside from all this, Kathy is the heart and soul of the alumna chapter. Her unflagging enthusiasm and unfailing optimism will continue to bolster our chapter into the new millennium.
Chicago City
Chicago City salutes several members. Julie Shepherd ran the Chicago Marathon and Lisa Fromm completed the AIDS Ride. We are also pleased that
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Tammi Miller and Chris Graves were named network specialists.
Chicago Northwest Suburban
Our chapter is proud to have Vicky Piatt as an outstanding member. Even when she was new to the group, Vicky brought fresh new ideas and seemed to find her niche in our chapter. She has held several offices, most recently as Chapter President. Currently, she is our Ways and Means Chairman, which means she has the job of getting mem- bers involved with the fund raisers and making them successful. She is also the Chicago Area Council President and an Alumnae Network Specialists. Vicky puts so much time and enthusiasm into everything, yet makes everything seem effortless. We salute Vicky for all she does for AOIl.
Chicago South Suburban
Elaine MacKenzie, our Chapter President 1996-98, recently led our chapter in its mission to increase mem- bership. Through her persistence and encouragement we were able to increase our membership by 25% and compile a list of sisters who responded they wished continued contact. Now, Elaine has undertaken the job of mem- bership for the next two years to contin- ue our mission.
Cleveland Area Alumnae would like to salute Kathleen Alexander Goebel, a tireless volunteer to our chapter. She has served as our President too many times to count. Aside from being President, she regularly organizes our spring plant sale, volunteers her home for meetings, volunteers her family to help us with our community service projects, lends her artistic creativity and her family computer to all our endeav- ors. And if there were not already enough busy hours in the week, she devotes equal enthusiasm and commit- ment to causes her husband and sons support. A true driving force.
Carol Miller Stevenson was a member of the Dallas Alumnae Chapter for over 15 years. Her last role as a member before she moved away was President. As presi-
dent, the chapter raised the most money for the AOn Foundation, received Performance Certificates and had a record number of members. Carol has had other duties including: Membership Education Chairman, Collegiate Relations Liaison, Panhellenic delegate and Centennial promoter. She also worked with the Delta Theta Chapter at Texas Woman's University and is a mem- ber of the AOIT Foundation. Carol and her husband, John, moved to Pennsylvania last year. She is dearly missed. The Dallas Alumnae Chapter salutes Carol Stevenson for her dedica- tion to us over the years.
Our chapter would like to salute Audrey Siefer this year. Audrey became involved with our chapter shortly after graduation from Ohio University and we have been thankful ever since. Audrey brings a great deal of enthusiasm, love and humor to our chapter. She became involved at the officer level serving a term as Vice President of Membership and currently chairs our Holiday Fruit and Nut Sales and assists our VP/Philanthropic in the plans for our Fall Family Walk for Arthritis. No matter what task is asked of her, Audrye is always willing to take the challenge and complete the task with an enormous amount of creativity and her ever-present smile. Audrey is a great asset to Alpha Omicron Pi and we are truly gratefulthat she is a mem- ber of our chapter.
Greater Harrisburg
Greater Harrisburg salutes an outstanding member, Deborah Wirth, Tau Lambda, for being awarded the Pennsylvania Humane Teacher of the Year. This award includes a $10,000 grant and goes to a deserving teacher. We are very proud of her accomplishments.
Greater Kansas City
No single person has contributed more than the officers of our chapter working together. Each has contributed toward expanding the chapter's goals and encouraging new membership partici- pation. Kate Swingle, President, requested that officers develop specific goals and personally called many area alumnae to encourage this participation. Vice President Marti Adams surveyed
members for their interest and devel- oped a calendar of programmed to appeal to everyone. Publicity Director Gina Kellogg Hogan produced a profes- sional 6-page newsletter to inform members of chapter events and began work on a web site.
Hilton Head
Our chapter would like to recognize Jane Wonders Stitt as an outstanding member. She is loyal, dedicated, and organized. She is the glue that keeps us together; without her we would not be the chapter we are. A big salute to you, Jane Stitt, you are greatly appreciated.
Hopkinsville Area
Linda Durham Ledford continues to be a shining example of AOfl and an out- standing educational leader in our area. She is a former class room teacher, ele- mentary school principal, and middle school principal. After her retirement from public education, she was named Headmaster at a local private K-12 school. She is also a church leader, a mother of 3 (one AOIT), a community leader and a wife.
The Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter would like to salute Ann Gilchrist. Throughout her term as International President for Alpha Omicron Pi, she remained active with the Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter. She has always been an extremely proactive member of our chapter, helping out with both the alumnae chapter and Theta Chapter at nearby DePauw U .
We would like to salute Marlene Brown who is an active member and was recent- ly selected as a Collegiate and Corporation Finance Network Specialist. She will do an outstanding job in serving the collegiate chapters and corporations nationally. Congratulations, Marlene!
Kentucky Area Lakes
President, Dottie Kraemer, is an inspiration to the alumnae chapter. Dottie has remained a true leader throughout her time of recovery after serious knee surgery. She is an encouragement to us all.
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alumnae news Las Vegas
The Las Vegas chapter would like to salute Cynthia Darcy. Even though this is her first experience as an alumna member, she has served as Vice President for two years. She is in charge of the Sees Candy fund raiser collecting orders, sorting through the cartons to assure accuracy and distrib- uting. She has help from the best nOA husband, Chris, who finished their pool in time for our IlOA Pizza Pool party. Thanks!
Lake County
Vicki Biarnesen is truly an outstanding member of our group. She has served a variety of offices and balances her fami- ly, a new job, volunteer work and her devotion to A O n well. She has offered her home for our annual garage sale and is always ready and willing to serve wherever needed.
Lehigh Valley
We have two outstanding chapter members to recognize. Kim Kenney and Michele Zellner have been doing an outstanding job working as Advisers to our local collegiate chapter - Phi Beta, East Stroundsburg U. Their ded- ication and hard work is inspiring and greatly appreciated.
Little Rock
We have a special member who is always involved in AOIl despite a very demanding job selling dialysis equip- ment and supplies. Frankie Frazier Roberts, Nu Beta, finds the time to have garage sales and meeting at her house, to help with our state-wide luncheon, to attend Conventions as a non-delegate, to hold an office in our Chapter (cur- rently Collegiate Relations) and to sup- port her AOn sister business' when ever possible. She has contributed both her time and money to support AOIl and we appreciate her love of AOFI.
Macomb County
Macomb County Alumnae cheer the day in 1971 when Gini Shaw let us know she had moved to our corner of Michigan. In no time at all, Gini became a vital member of our chapter who, most generously, shared her time and talents with our chapter. We are particularly pleased that her basic
design was chosen for AOITs official Centennial logo. During her twenty- eight years, Gini has served as our Secretary, Treasurer, President, and as a twelve year delegate to the Detroit Alumnae Panhellenic Association. It is with pride we applaud her exemplary- service. She is very special to us.
Minneapolis/St. Paul
We would like to honor Annette Scroggins, Tau '36, for her donation of $50,000 to the Tau Corporation Board. With this gift, the Tau Corporation Board was able to complete the much needed rewiring of the Tau chapter house. All members of Tau Chapter and the Minneapolis/St. Paul Alumnae Chapter would like to thank Annette for her generous gift.
The Nashville Area Alumnae Chapter would like to recognize Anna Eubanks Wilson (Nu Omicron '87) for her enor- mous contributions to our alumnae chapter and to the Nashville Alumnae Panhellenic. Anna contributed many hours to organize, plan, and execute the Alumnae Panhellenic's annual fund raising event - a Panhellenic Luncheon, Silent Auction and Fashion Show. Anna's efforts helped raise over $9000 during the event to provide scholarships for area high school women. Thank you, Anna, for your generous donation of your time and talents and for vour love for AOn.
New Orleans
It is hard to choose just one member, but the New Orleans Chapter salutes our own 50-year member, Carolyn Kitchin. Carolyn was initiated at Psi Chapter at the U of Pennsylvania in 1948. Carolyn has been an active member and serves as Telephone Committee Chairman. She has made phenomenal success in cleaning up our 500 plus membership list. She was also instrumental in initiating a series of "Coffees on the Northshore" for our chapter. Carolyn and her family are avid travelers. Roses to you, Carolyn!
New York City
Our chapter has voted Kari Kjontvedt as the Outstanding Alumnae Member. Kari works tirelessly and is continually
taking on new tasks. She is devoted to A O n and has continually gone well beyond what is required by her office with our alumnae chapter. Her unde- fined level of commitment to the frater- nity is extraordinary. Kari actively recruits members and makes them feel comfortable at each event. In addition, she is a true friend. She always has a smile or a word or encouragement and we are proud to call Kari our sister. Congratulation also to Beth Hardy, Tracy Kamens, Heather Lynch and Melissa Mayes for the nomination they received for Outstanding Sister.
NC Piedmont
In addition to her duties as wife and mother, Jane Vondy has devoted her time to be the initial Chapter Adviser to the women of Epsilon Chi at Elon College, N C ; the first and continuing President of Epsilon Chi Corporation Board, Chairman of their 10th anniver- sary celebration, and was instrumental in establishing the NC Piedmont Alumnae Chapter.
Ottawa Chapter lost one of our out- standing members in January 1998, when Isabel Huehn Peppier, Beta Tau, succumbed to cancer. She was inter- nationally know as the author of From the Ground Up. considered the bible of the aviation industry and basic manual for thousands of pilots. From 1992- 1994, she was president of the May Court Club at 100 years, the oldest women's service club in Canada, and she was an executive member of a number of local organizations. As an AOFI, Isabel regularly hosted our Founder's Day Tea, and was a much loved sister. May your beautiful voice now sing with the Angel's choir, dear sister, Alpha Love forever!
Palm Beach County
Our chapter salutes Helen Zientek who is co-president for the State of Florida AAUW. Helen has been presi- dent of Palm Beach County Alumnae for ten years. Her state AAUW Directors of Public Policy is also an AOfJ, Margaret Hyde.
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Our chapter salutes Michelle Raybin Campbell, Nu Omicron 1990. She first served our chapter as secretary, then philanthropic chairman where she expanded our involvement with the Laurel House and the Jingle Bell Walk/Run for Arthritis. In 1997 she became the VP/Membership officer set- ting ambitious goals for membership recruitment and retention. She works for the duPont Hospital for Children and is enrolled in the Thomas Jefferson University School of Nursing accelerated program. Because Michelle is so dedi- cated to attending meetings, we have even met her visiting mom at a few of our meetings.
Our Elaine Smith is a busy lady! She is employed by the Pocatello School District as the Volunteer Services Partnership in Education Co-coordina- tor. She is a past president of the Pocatello Chapter of Soroptimists International and serves as the Rocky Mountain Region Public Relations Chair. As a member of the American Association of University Women she has held all local offices and served 14 years on the state board. She is presi- dent of Beta chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma International Education Society and nominated for a state office. She is on the PTA Board and Vice President of the foster Grandparent Advisory Council, immediate Past President of the YWCA Board and Treasurer of the Sister City Committee. She is a member of the Children's Advocacy Network, the Community Services Council, a Stephen Minister for her church, moth- er of three and grandmother of 2. And best of all, she is President of our Alumnae Chapter.
Martha Smith has been an active mem- ber of our group serving as President and every other office we have. She is very active in Westminister Presbyterian Church having served as clerk of session and is currently co- chairman of the stewardship campaign. She is immediate Past President of PEO. She serves on the women's board of the Rockford Art Museum, the
board of the Rockford Illini Club and the steering committee for the Woodsong concerts at the Arboretum.
Saint Louis
We would like to salute Ellen Duncan for all her hard work. She was a char- ter member of Delta Alpha Chapter at the U of Missouri, and served as President of that chapter. As an alum- na, she has held several offices, includ- ing Public Relations Chair, Fund Raiser Chair, Philanthropic Chair, Social Chair, Vice President and two terms as President. Ellen has attended various AOFI conventions, and has been a strong influence in getting younger alumnae involved. She is a junior high school teacher and working on her Doctorate. She does volunteer work of Habitat For Humanity. Ellen is an ideal AOFI and were are honored to have her part of our chapter.
San Diego
"Where in the world are you?" is a typi- cal greeting for Michelle Merwitzer whenever she calls. In addition to being Vice President, she is a producer at Multi Image Production. Michelle has coordinated production crews in the US, Barcelona and Tel Aviv. Switching gears, she has also worn a director's hat for ESPN's X-Games. Best of all, Michelle has allowed AOFIs to intern with her and learn from her vast experi- ence. As a collegiate at UC San Diego, her offices helped lay a solid foundation of skills which have served her well. Note to collegians: Rush workshops 1)0 pay off in many ways! Michelle consid- ered herself shy when she joined!
State College
Judy Moyer puts in many long hours as the owner of a fabulous store called "The Animal Kingdom." The store spe- cializes in stuffed animals and is a favorite of Penn State students. Judy and her husband also own a Penn State clothing store, "Lion's Pride" and "Moyer's Jewelers". Judy is awonderful example of a gracious, competent, busi- ness woman.
Suburban Maryland
Liz Mullican, Zeta Psi, is one of AOITs outstanding members. Liz's love for AOFI shows in everything she does. She is one of the founding sisters of the
alumnae news Suburban Maryland Alumnae Chapter
and instrumental to its installation. Liz works at the National Institute of Health and attends the University of Maryland at Baltimore's Master of Social Work program. Even with work and school, Liz always makes time for AOFI.
Our president, Jennifer Carito, has been instrumental in building a greater sisterhood. Jennifer goes above and beyond the call of duty to organize specular events. She also is so well organized, that she can not only get her many reports completed in a time- ly fashion, but also gives the other offi- cers' aid in completing ours. Jennifer is a model sister.
We would like to salute Laura Harshbarger Cobel. Laura has been involved for twenty years and has held a variety of positions. Laura donated many hours to the Delta Upsilon Chapter, currently serving as Chapter Adviser. Laura is also a member of the Delta Upsilon Corporation Board. Laura, we thank you for your tireless dedication to the Triangle Alumnae Chapter and the Delta Upsilon Chapter.
Toledo Area
We would like to recognize Beverly Hatcher, Theta Psi '71. Bev served Theta Psi as Chapter Adviser for several years, served as an RD, then returned to her position as CA. She has held many positions in the alumnae chapter and produces our directory each year. She keeps accurate records of every- thing and helps produce the newsletter. Bev even recruited her husband to serve on the collegiate Corporation Board and her mother as an active asso- ciate member.
West LosAngeles
Our chapter salutes Treasurer, Beryl Arbit. Beryl is part of the glue that holds our chapter together. She is a Charter Member of the chapter and keeps our accounts in the black. She tracks our Phantom Tea donations, cre- ates our budget, supports all our pro- grams and inspires everyone. She is also a master 5K-er. Beryl is a shining light for all her sisters.
To Dragma/SUMMKR 1999

MIF Address Changes
The following changes need to be made to the rush adviser list from the Spring To Dragma. Please submit MIF's for these
New Alumnae Chapters AOFI is proud to announce the installations of the following alumnae chapters this spring:
Long Beach, CA
Southern New Jersey
Central Louisiana
Jacksonville, FL
Greater Hartford, CT
San Gabriel Valley, CA
Murfreesboro, TN
Scholarship Opportunities
* The Rochester Alumnae Panhellenic will be awarding two $1,000 scholarships for the academic year 2000-2001. Eligibility is active membership in a NPC sorority for the entire 1999-2000 academic year, a per- manent address in the greater Rochester area, and demonstration of Greek leader- ship. For more information, contact Sarah Hartman, 181 Culver Road, Rochester, NY
14607, (716) 473-7240. Application due by Feb. 7,2000.
chapters to the adviser indicated
Kappa Omega, U of Kentucky Ellee Humphrey (Early Aug) 517 Brook Farm Court Lexington, KY 40517
Omicron, U of Tennessee Melissa McKay (Late July) 12915 Buckley Road Knoxville/FN 37922
Or Trish Cosby
7708 Willmington Road Knowville, T N 37919
* JTie New York Gty Alumnae Pahnellenic is awarding one $1000 scholarship for next year. Applicants must be members of an NPC sorority pursuing graduate or profes- sional degree (full or part time) at a univer- sity located within 50 miles of New York Gty. The deadline is August 1, 1999 and more information can be maintained from Keren Solomon (212) 727-8290 or email: (Keren.solomon@bankerstrustcom).
Annual Meeting Set
The Lambda Iota Corporation announces their annual corporation board meeting for October 19, 1999, 6:45 at a place yet to be determined. For more information on the location, contact Lilys McCoy, (619) 702-6905.
Theta Psi Sets Meeting
The Theta Psi Corporation Annual Meeting will be held at the AOFI chapter house on Tuesday, August 31, 1999 at 7:00 p.m. Contact Melissa Wisniewski at (419) 727-0918.
Sigma Delta, Huntingdon College LuAnn Cobb (Mid August)
401 Gatsby Drive Montgomery,AL 36106
Tau Gamma, Eastern Washington U Linda Rust (Mid August)
4611 S.Schafer Branch Rd. Spokane, WA 99206-9225
• Moving? ^Changing your name? ^Reporting the death of a member? (Date of death: )
Zip/ Postal Code:
Maiden Last
) email:
Chapter/College where initiated:
Place of Employment:
Zip/ Postal Code:
Alumnae Chapter: Special Interests:
Year Initiated:
Please complete this form, indicating the change abcn^e and return to:
AOFI International Headquarters 9025 Overlook Blvd. Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone:( ) Current AOTT Office:
Please help AOT1 save money! Each issue that is returned to us due to an incorrect address costs the Fraternity 50<t, in addition to the original cost of mailing. If you are moving or changing your name please notify us in advance. If you know of others who are not receiving their magazine, chances are we have an incorrect address for them as well. Encourage them to notify us as soon as possible.
24 To Dragma/SUMMER 1999

Thank you from Gamma Delta Chapter
"On behalf of all the ladies of Gamma Delta Chapter (U of South Alabama), I would like to thank the Foundation for supporting our chapter and allowing us to make the donation of a tens unit to a local child with juvenile arthritis. This contribution kicked off a very successful Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Week. Our chapter sponsored a causal day where busi- ness women and men in Mobile wore "Kids Get Arthritis, Too!" shirts to work. We raised $5,670 and raised awareness in Mobile about JA Our chapter awarded Eva Maloy the tens unit at our Founders' Day Luncheon. We appreciate all that the Foundation continuously does, not just for our chapter, but for AOFI's spirit of charity."
Alpha love, Kellie Galloway
Message from the President
Foundation Update
Front row. Eva Maloy with check Second row: (I to r) FJyse Mariey, Director of Mobile Arthntis Foundation Branch; Ron Geutat, R.N., Children's Rehabilitation Services; Kellie Galloway, Gamma Delta jAAW Chairman; Emily Collins, Gamma Delta Philanthropic Chairman.
Helen's Heart
Third in a series of hand-painted porcelain boxes designed exclusively for Alpha Omicron Pi.
"Helen's Heart" is appropriately named after Helen St Clair Mullan who coura- geously rallied to forever adapt to the need and expectations of those closest to her. Helen was very generous in giving love and sympathy to others while almost never ask- ing for sympathy herself Her keen mind has left its imprint on AOFI, as well. Helen's kindness and generosity will live on and "Helen's Heart will be a constant reminder of her life as one of our esteemed Founders of Alpha Omicron Pi.
Each precious "Helen's Heart" porcelain box is a treasure-trove of handpainted detail with the Greek letters AOFI inscribed in gold on the inside of the box. When you invest in a Limoges box, you reward your- self with a piece of art unparalleled for its craftsmanship and charm.
"Helen's Heart" is being produced on a pre- order basis. If you wish to reserve a box, send (beck or call to place a credit card purchase, and the Limoges box will be mailed to you upon its arrival at the Foundation office.
The cost of "Helen's Heart" is $135 plus shipping and handling. Make check payable to Alpha Omicron Pi
Foundation and mail to:
9025 Overlook Blvd., Brentwood, Tennessee 37027, or phone: (615) 370-0920.
and I like to work in our gardens, visit our cabin on Green Bay in Door County, and trav- el Istanbul and Greece were our last destina- tions, and Spain and Portugal are our next We enjoy attending the Milwaukee Symphony concerts. I also enjoy relaxing at home with a good book and soft music.
a major role in my life ' select those that give me pro- action, positive feedback and
long term personal rewards."
Service is a word upon which we place great value - personally and as an organization. There is not a successful venture or organization that does not employ it And if you were to com- pare the mission statements of Greek letter organizations you would see "service to others" as a bond common to all.
Meaningful service is the giving of oneself to others through one-on-one, hands-on experi- ences. In doing so, we build relationships with others and develop within us character, humil- ity, compassion and perspective on life. When the Foundation expanded our philanthropy to include the AJAO, we wanted to provide an avenue for chapters and individuals to become actively engaged in hands-on service to others. We invite you to share those experiences with the Foundation, so we in turn can share your successes with others.
Service is love in action and is an outward expression of our belief in the principles and ideals of our sisterhood In an article I recently read, Philip White stated, "Service does not dimin- ish us. It unites us. It enhances the whole. In service, we become immersed in the life of humankind. We choose to join with others in creating more life.. .for all."
/ %
In sisterly love,
Becky Shook Weinberg, Chi Delta
Foundation Boand Profile Barbara Daugs Hunt
Foundation Director
Chapter: Phi Delta
U ofWisconsin/Milwaukee
Home: Grafton, WI
Husband: Cecil - CEO, Hunt Marketing Inc., Mequon, W I
Children: Jeff, Greg, Kathy and Kristine (AOIF- Iowa State)
The Foundation Board and staff would tike to express heartfelt appreciation to Becky for her leadership and many contributions during AOTTs previous biennium, 1997-99.
Grandchildren - Six with the youngest being Alexandra and Thomas who live in Cedarburg, WI.
Activities: President, Hunt Marketing, Inc. Mequon, WI; Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Board; Annual MSO Fund Drive Chair; Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra League Past President; T\PC Foundation Board -Vice President
Hobbies: "My greatest joy is babysitting my lit- tle grandchildren who live 4 miles away. Cec
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999

Advising Collegiate Chapters (aac) Alumnae
Collegiate Finance
Collegiate Programming Rush
Training & Education Extension
Long Range Planning (Fmt. Dev. Com.) Panhellenic (NPQ
Human Resources
Alpha Omicron Pi Application for Volunteer Position
Maiden Name:_
State/Province (office) Email:
Alumnae Chapter: mailing label)
computer (if so, IBM or printer fax machine
Name: Address:
City Phone: (home)
Chapter and year of Initiation:
Member # ( 7 digit number found on your To Dragma Do you have the following available for your use:
Please rank in order your major areas of interest:
Zip/Postal Code
Macintosh ) Internet access
Please explain why you are interested in those areas of service.
List any AOIT collegiate and alumnae experience related to the areas you indicated. Position/Chapter Term Dates Position/Chapter
List other applicable volunteer or employment experience/training. Position/Organization Dates Position/Organization
List members of Alpha Omicron Pi familiar with your activities.
Name Phone Name
Term Dates
Optional: Attach a resume or additional information as necessary. (Please limit to 3 additional pages)
Send completedform to:
Alpha Omicron Pi, ATTN: Human Resources Committee 9025 Overlook Boulevard, Brentwood, T N 37027
phone: (615) 370-0920 fax: (615) 371-9736 email: [email protected]
Date Acknowledged:

Because you asked...
Alumnae Membership
How to stay
Just what does
Alpha Omicron Pi
offer our alumnae
members today?
Membership in AOI1 provides friendship, personal enrichment, and professional networking opportunities, plus it enables you to develop leadership qualities, partic- ipate in community service projects, and assist our collegiate members. It also allows you to be personally involved in the continuation and growth of the organiza- tion to which you made a lifetime pledge on the day of your initiation.
The following are answers to the most commonly asked questions about joining the active alumnae ranks of AOIT:
• How do I find out if there
is an alumnae chapter in
my area?
The easiest way, is to peruse the list of alumnae chapters in this issue of To
Dragma. The name of each alumnae chapter president is listed with her phone number. Take the time, now, to call her and inquire about your local alumnae chapter. The list of alumnae chapters can also be found on the AOfl website.
• Why doesn't my alumnae
chapter ever contact me?
Almost all of our active alumnae chapters send out a newsletter to ALL of the alum- nae within a thirty-mile radius at least once a year. This newsletter usually includes a chapter update, calendar for the year, dues information, survey, etc. This is your chance to respond! Many of our chapters have hundreds of alumnae residing in their area and cannot afford to continually mail to those who never respond. Many of our alumnae chapters also contact the alumnae in their area via phone. W hen a local AOF1 alumna calls you, she is calling to extend an invitation to a chapter meeting or to inform
you of alumnae chapter happenings. This is another opportunity for you to respond - ask questions about the alumnae chapter and find out how easy it is to become an involved member.
• How can I keep in touch
if there is not an alumnae
We encourage you to organize an alumnae chapter in your area. The process is clear- ly detailed in our Alumnae Chapter Start- up Kit A ntinimum ofthree members is necessary to start an alumnae chapter. Each forming alumnae chapter is assigned an Alumnae Network Extension Specialist who will assist you every step of the way.
• Although it was a terrific experience, AOil membership took up a lot of time when
I was in college. Where am
I supposed to find the time forfull-time involvement
in AOIT now that I have so
many others things going
on in my life?
Active alumnae chapter membership does not require full-time involvement. Each member is different and chooses varying levels of involvement in her chapter. Some members enjoy taking on leadership roles and holding offices in the chapter, others prefer to attend only for the social aspects, while others prefer to support their local chapter financially and pay dues. Whatever level of involvement you
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999
Southern New Jersey Alumnae Chapter
HP!-';- °3F lb-•1

chose for yourself is up to you. Our alum- nae chapters usually meet anywhere from four to twelve times per year. Meetings are often held on rotating days at varying times to accommodate the schedules of their members.
• I would love to remain involved in AOI1, but my local alumnae chapter does not meet my needs. What can I do?
If your local alumnae chapter is not pro- viding the programming and/or support you are looking lor, it is up to you to let the chapter officers know this. Contact the chapter president and gently suggest ways to improve or change the current atmosphere. She will be grateful for your input.
• How do I know what kind of
involvement my heal alumnae
chapter is lookingfor?
Each of our alumnae chapters operates independently and has its own needs. One alumnae chapter might need some- one with some writing expertise to pre- pare its chapter history, while another might need someone with some publish- ing skills to compile the chapter newslet- ter. Many times an alumnae chapter is looking for someone with a profession or talent and willing to share it with others at a chapter meeting. Again, the best way for you to find out what your local chap- ter needs is for you to contact the alum- nae chapter president in your area and inquire.

• In addition tojoining my local • Read your To Dragma to stay current
alumnae chapter, how can Iget
more involved in AOI1?
If you are interested in working with a local collegiate chapter, there are often opportunities available to serve as advisers
on AOFI happenings and share some the of the award winning articles with your friends.
• Complete and submit a Membership Information Form (MIF) on a young woman in your area who is attending a
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999
or corporation board members. Our col- legiate chapters often need assistance with other programs such as recruitment, bid- matching, etc. To find out more about working with your local collegiate chap- ter, contact someone from the collegiate department at Headquarters. If service on the international level interests you, there are many opportunities such as serving as a Network Specialist or as a member of a Standing Committee. Complete a Volunteer Application Form and submit it to the Human Resources Committee. The application can be found in this issue of To Dragma and on the AOFI website.
Easy Ways to Maintain Your Lifelong Commitment to Alpha Omicron Pi
• Be certain your address is correct with International Headquarters. If you have moved, send in your address change. This can be done using the change of address form in To Dragma, or via the AOFI website.
college represented with an AOFI colle- giate chapter.
• Visit the AOFI website, www.alphaomi-, sign the guest book and chat with other AOITs.
• Join your local alumnae chapter.
• Start an AOFI alumnae chapter if there is not one in your area.
• Contact your local collegiate chapter and offer your assistance, whether it is for a single event (i.e. serving refreshments during recruitment) or in an on-going capacity as an adviser or corporation board member.
• Complete a Volunteer Application Form and submit it to the Human Resources Committee.
During the 1997-99 biennium, 20 alum- nae chapters were added to the roles of Alpha Omicron Pi's active chapters. This is an encouraging statistic that indicates a growing dedication to our lifetime com- mitment among our AOFI alumnae. Won't you accept the challenge to honor the voluntary vows you made on the day of your initiation? Make 1999, the last year of the millennium, the year you chose to renew your bond with the sister- hood of Alpha Omicron Pi. Now that is something to celebrate!
by Kimberty Carson McGowan Executive board Director, Phi Beta (East Stmudsburg State U), Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter
Installation of the

Lesley Ruault (403) 932-2999
British Columbia
V ancouver
Carolyn Rhee-Thompson (604) 609-7828
Mary Jane Refausse Jacobsen
(613) 837-3361
T oronto Kristina Hunt (416) 481-8225
Montreal Wendy Moon (514) 933-1657
Birmingham Kelly Wright (205) 491-7401
Marie Carlile Newberry (256) 883-0536
Cori Haygood (601) 762-1569
Montgomery Vonda Farris Wood (334) 279-8510
Northeast Alabama Marcella Williams (205) 435-7544
T uscaloosa
Krista Whited Poole (205) 750-0892
Anchorage Area Deborah Griffith Foster (907) 338-4453
Christie Newman (520) 213-1434
Lisa Hopsicker (602) 874-9505
T ucson Christina Flores (520) 795-2396
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999
Elesha Johnson Reid (870) 930-9466
Little Rock
Jane Kenner Prather (501) 663-2473
Northwest Arkansas KathiRichardsonWalker (501) 521-5727
Diablo Valley Mary Enemark (925.) 935-6279
East Bay Barbara Stehno (510) 523-0706
Long Beach
Veronica Luna Kentish (562) 439-2570
Napa Valley Pnscilla Kannarr (707) 255-9515
Northern CACouncil Karen Ryan
(408) 268-2831
Northern Orange Co. Carole Bloom Dovala (714) 970-5711
Palo Alto
Lisa Shemwell (415) 965-2041
Sacramento Valley Cynthia Ice
(916) 921-1395
San Diego Laurel Eatto (619) 587-9768
San Fernando Valley Marta Pemberton (805) 498-1799
San Gabriel Valley Nancy Yankura (626) 836-3931
San Jose
Beth Clarke Russel (408) 374-2071
San Mateo Chapter Jo Tartaul Hawley (650) 342-7085
South Bay/Palos Verdes Mary Floryan
(310) 374-2720
Southern CA Council Ann Lampe
(818) 995-6353
Southern Orange County Carin Sieff Adler
(949) 248-7983
Ventura County Gail Sullivan (805) 382-9793
West Los Angeles Jennifer Dalessandro (818) 981-2049
Denver Virginia Swift (303) 355-5272
Greater Hartford Kerry Dutkus (860) 747-6955
Southern Connecticut Alice Boulden Smith
(203) 329-1163
Boca Raton Area DonnaFlemingJenner (561) 997-6151
Fort Lauderdale
Mia Fabiochi Ahmed N/A
Gainesville Janet Kellar (352) 332-2143
Greater Lee County Melanie Rasnick (941) 561-1758
Greater Miami LaurenTurnerMehalik (305) 443-1645
Greater Pensacola Karen Cory Stewart (904) 434-1259
Greater Pinellas Betty Wright Dyer (813) 36(f-9831
Kristin Bichel Graham (904)221-5298
Okaloosa County Cecelia Byrd (850) 305-0441
Victoria Hammack (352) 750-4425
Palm Beach County Nancy Roberts Munson (561) 694-9984
Sarasota Area
Mary Lou Leininger (941) 727-8746
Tampa Bay Jennifer Carito (813) 960-5556
Pamela Mathis Thomas (706) 788-3771
Laura Brown McHan (770) 279-9820
Augusta Area Charlotte Tolliver Carr (706) 863-9914
Nicole Litzsinger Trawick (706) 561-9742
Elaine Pruett Smith (208) 237-1462
Malisa Word Rader (515) 827-5787
Des Moines
Shelby Smith Grabinslri (515) 327-1704
Bloomington- Normal Sheila Starkey Kaurin (309) 263-1434
Champaign-Urbana Kathleen Rippel Holmes (217) 235-4317
Chicago City Julie Shepherd (773) 477% 123
Chicago NW Suburban Michelle Hogan (815) 751-1996
Chicago South Suburban Catherine Brennan (312) 424-4151
Chicago West Suburban Elizabeth Hafner Pietsch (630) 357-6974
DeKalb-Kane Brigette Glenn (630) 584-8665
Lake County of 111 Jennifer Steininger (847) 816-0361
McHenry County Jennifer Marie Smith (815) 455-9468
Quad City Area Michele Leftwich Sapp (309) 797-1874
Rockford Jacquelyn Spelman (815) 397-5280
Indiana Bloomington Angela Scott
(8 L2) 339-1774
Evansville Tri-State Shana Stuntz Brownlee (812) 471-7187
Laurie Hazel Szabo (317) 773-6818
Lafayette Millicent Mitchell (765) 743-2054
Judith Myers McFarland (765) 284-9449
Terre Haute Karin Grunden (217)463-3519
Topeka-Lawrence Rhonda Beardsheard (913) 841-6850
Bowling Green Cynthia Stark Hines (502) 781-9982
Hopkinsville Area Carrie Joy Brookshire (502) 466-5589
Karen Tierney Toombs (502) 244-5310
Kentucky Lakes Dorothy Kraemer (502) 759-1850
Lexington Leona Box (606) 271-8959
QQQ A Arkansas
nae Chapter Presidents List

Northern Kentucky Angela Ziegelmeyer
Baton Rouge
Elaine DeFrances Ellis (225) 751-5517
Central Louisiana Sandy Lee Oestriecher (318) 443-3353
Greater Lafayette Charlotte Hales (318) 896-9545
Hammond Area Janin Boos Johnston (504) 764-1319
Susan Griffith Donald (318) 396-8367
New Orleans Fernanda Gonzalez (504) 263-5275
Nancy Grimley Van Eron (410) 666-9381
Central Maryland Mary Pohahka Parr (4 Id) 531-2874
Suburban Maryland Elizabeth Mulhcan (301) 770-5305
M assachusetts
Claire Villavicencio (617) 724-9182
Donna Miles McCollum (734) 429-8106
Nora Hankinson (313) 278-4557
Detroit N Suburban Mary Jane Palo Levi (810) 645-5471
Grand Rapids Jennifer Moak Wolffis (616) 847-6084
Macomb County Robin Lee Beltramini (248) 828-1775
Minneapolis/St. Paul Theresa Workman Jones (612) 379-2780
Greater Hattiesburg Area Michele Keen
(601) 477-2494
Greater Jackson Bethany Harless (601) 956-6356
Oxford Area Crystal Grafton (601) 236-7080
Greater Kansas City Katherine Swingle (816) 453-6240
St. Louis Melania Harris (314) 530-7608
Heidi Pfeil Dougherty (406) 585-0237
Northwest Montana Aimee Heap Dugan (406) 257-7366
Amy Riddle Kuntz (308) 237-5983
Lois Heniger Clinton (402) 4673271
Emily Stevens (402) 491-0175
Las Vegas Cynthia Graves (702) 657-9092
New Jersey
Central New Jersey Laurie Slenker Stauffer (908) 754-9063
Southern New Jersey Michelle Hammel (609) 772-3924
New Mexico
Central New Mexico Jana Serwat Kading (505) 899-9681
New York
Heidi Schmalheiser (716) 839-1202
Long Island
Nancy Stefanik Elliott (516)588-2919
New York City Area Kari Kiontvedt (212) 721-9007
North Carolina
Amy Weyand Rawson
(704) 522-8390
Greater Greenville Angel Byrd
(252) 355-5466
Piedmont - NC Patricia Breider Floyd (910) 623-4487
Joy Tollman Lashley (919) 481-3697
Winston-Salem Barbara Hill (336) 722-4455
NY/NJ Metro
Kay Kettering Welch (718) 966-3585
Luanda Phinkett Rapp (716) 482-8018
Colleen Durkin Ruggieri (330) 633-8140
Cincinnati Suzanne Sowder (513) 777-9683
Cleveland Area Elizabeth Kaufman (216) 247-3406
Cleveland West
Chris Magill Wieland (216) 52F-5519
Katrileen Shakro Carder (937) 845-0505
Toledo Area Lisa DiClemente (419) 536-5778
Stacy Allen (918) 523-1994
Portland Patricia Bojinoff (503) 252-5182
Bucks County Kathleen Power Kuffel (215) 321-4193
Greater Harrisburg Marian Peifer
(717) 774-3944
Lehigh Valley Shawn Mengel (610) 588-8915
Amy Hoffstetter Toth
(215) 393-5376
Marnia Rober-Alexander (412) 276-3142
State College
Anne Hinkel Rohrbach (814) 237-1920
York/Lancaster County Theresa Cottrill
(717) 428-2494
South Carolina
Charleston Carol Beard (843) 884-4851
Hilton Head
Jane Wonders Stitt (843) 681-7513
Chattanooga Joanna Crews (706) 638-9463
Jennifer Bjornstad (423) 531-0625
Memphis Area Mary O'Ryan (901) 3277642
Murfreesboro Area Stephanie Jones (615) 731-8166
Nashville Area
Donna Nellums Kumar (615) 333-0651
Arlington/Mid-Cities Linda Cultice Webb (817) 468-4862
Karma Robertson (512) 250-9035
Beaumont JanetHillerShackelford (409) 722-2996
Marcia Granade Wehrle (972) 304-4317
Denton County
Paige Henson Callaway (940) 566-3458
Lynette Breedlove (281) 242-9344
N Houston Suburban Kelli Odle Reynolds (281) 361-7492
San Antonio Evangeline Loh (210) 567-4178
Northern Virginia Ami Cwalina
(703) 352-6595
Jodi Galbraith (804) 737-9520
Virginia Tidewater Jennifer Byrd Arthur (757) 853-7194
Williamsburg Audrael Chiricotti (757) 259-9229
Palouse Washington Nancy Shrope
(509) 332-6253
Alyson Turner
(206) 525-3188
Sheila Schultz Shultz (608) 825-1533
Milwaukee Kathleen Battles (414) 542-6866
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999

In this issue, we salute the memory of those sisters who have passed away during the last biennium. This list includes the names of those we received between April 1,1997 and March 31,1999. This list is published in the summer issue of each Convention year.
Heather Hensley Judy O'Hare Laguens
Mary Gillion Brown
Anne Steele Barbara Talus Vaughn Maude Bally Whitney
Martha Gladden Duff Mary Wible Goyert Laura Gilliam McDowell Margaret Current Moore Margaret Leroy Nelson
Mavis Jensen Brown Constance Kenney Chace Barbara MacLean Currie Eleanor Richardson Daly Janet Cone Merriam Caroline Conant Minnisch Jean Powderly Schiesser Olive MacPherson Sillers
Laura Kelly Cottrell Mana Amburn Fennell Charlotte Strickler Lesley Margaret Seymour Wade
Janice Goldhahn Sieler Was/urujtonsJiai&yiCatherineDorrisWilliams fAetu,S/cut DianaVonzlowskiStubban
. (//j/ia ffaffi/tia
Grace Greenawalt Becher Helen Jarrett
Frances Chadick Edna Kuhn Guice Nelwyn Bertrand Guillory
Helen Waite Adam Hazel Eathome Bartlett Mila Parkin Divers Ruth Undem Hughes Betty Brock Levandowski Bernice Crane Lowman Marjory Wampler Mayfield Nancy Stenson Moore Shirley Shoemaker Phelps Jeanine Hess Smith Rachel Strobel Geraldine Bowden Waite Catherine Byrnes Wickstrom
Angela Griley Creed Virginia Early Martha Whitaker Fleming Mary Sheldon Gourley Jessie Phinney Patriquin Aileen Harding Rochester Ruth Bryan Swanson Charlene Wohrley
« {//>/ia f/i/to
Florence Pearson Gronvold Coralie Crosby Hubbard Georgena Samson Knapp Audrey Wood Puntenney
Nellie Reader Atwell Sara Montgomery Baker Dorothy Pratt Collyer Helen Wilson Barbara Farrow Gund Merylin Miller Laird Helen Kinnamon Lindsay Mary Perry Barbara Robertson Harriet Vanhorn Doree Ernst Widdowson
Claudia Greenhoe Carol Wolfe Mendrick Patricia Snyder Smith Helen Ewing Vanderveld
Doris Betchley Magee Mary Proud Orton Rohan Peele Rush Prissilla Boyd White
3I/inom W&i/eua/i U
Annabelle IfoubenK Cordes
Emma Martin Aerne Doris Shumaker Bratten Qeo Thomas Butts Alda Woodward Carson Helen Hogan Cooper
Eleanor Willrihs Cullison
cl//of Toronto
Jean Dicker Devine Catherine Tripp Nixon Isabel Huehn Peppier Diana Hunter Sweetman
Ruth Lindenborg Hood
Phoebe Goodwin Bibbens Mildred McDuff Bittner Lucille DeWitt Brink Mary Kelly Daggett Marjorie Kincaid Mclntyre Nicole Novick Mildred SittserOlsen Edna Faust Rignall Charlotte Mahaney Sherman Gloria MillettUnger Shirley Mahood Vanderhoof
G/vMe/fa 9/o/(3o/orcu/o
Marjone Rankin Cowdrey Imogene Hadley Dodson Wanda Miskowiee Girard Betty Van Valkinburg Howard Winifred Ralph McKenzie Frances M. Shallenberger
Meredith Potter Helmerich Jenifer Raeber
&a/i/6fviia' gbffi^inioU
Helen Spinney Waddefl
Q)e/taQ&eta< 9//(^<Sout/uoestem/^/C
Helen Boagni Beatrice Dupuis Anna Hoffman Krewitz
Mary Blanton Tatum Barr Anita Putnam
Jane Deer Smith
yPlurrai/ t itateyCU
Gwenda Hughes
&eltw£7hetw 0eaxi^<Woman)sy'U Cynthia LeBlanc Hardeman
Helen Mordoff Campbell Betty Weldgen Eddins Ruth Defenbacher Hubbard Florence Belus Lawrence Eileen Norton Mahan
Grace Hanson Reeve Barbara Parker Shephard Hedwig Boyer Sloan
Rosamond Kaines Bratton Frances Duritsa Hazel Davis Heaton Pauline Esbenshade High Patricia T Kelly
ToDragma/SUMMER 1999
ara Babiasz

ToDragma/SUMMER 1999
ElaineThompson Cassady Beatrice Volk Colbert Marian Hamilton Doyon Ruth Baldwin Herdlein Beatrice Thompson Krasno Margaret Heinecke Ladwig Lois McKee Lowe Sarah Hardy Ward
Barbara Corbett Barker Aflegra Ingerson Black Betty Small Cumiingham Edith Hurley Hoyt Sherry Stetson Mannix Jessie Ashworth Miller Helen Philbrook Helen Clements Roderick Marie Hodgdon Sawyer
Manh/n Healy Anderson
Mahaska Skehon-Pool
Geneva Bostic
Helen Brauns Virginia Fisher Dolan June Mershimer DuBois Margaret Burton Harter Bern Wilson MacGregor Helen Granger Moore Winifred Dorsey Muller Ellen Jones Norton
Claire McQuillan Heffner Carol Cunningham Sanden
Mary Hansuld Moore
Elizabeth Mahan Ballenger Alice Bogart Christine Acree Gaillard Frances Germany Hale Lucy Somervifle Howorth Rebecca Wright Kennedy
Genevieve Glasgow Krapp Mary Marshall Reid
Harriet Brandon Tankard Shade Mann Thomas Mary Coe Fjpton Frances McFaden Witherspoon
Kathleen Collings Bosworth Florence Dodge Ennis Edith Palmer
Helen Reitzel
Nancy McLaren Bemhard Mildred Dorris Bonnett Elinore Vanfossen Harrison
Kathleen Henry
^am/H/a* fa/smi
HazelMixon Christie Gloria Averitt Ginn Martha McDougald Hutcherson Stella Darnell Johnson Judy Denard Loveless Virginia Pearson Reese
_/ivnix/a f^u/
Winifred Ashcraft Lois Bernstein Margaret Taylor
Enid Watts Busse Eileen Carroll Gere Marie Lenahan Morrison Jane Isbister Nelson Dorothy Roth Smith Muriel Sturtevant Teemsma
Corinne Anderson Watkins Jean Adams Wright
Clara Snyder Converse Jeanne Long Davison Elizabeth Edgar Dawson Barbara Ely Exum MaryLindsey Hazel Engle Lowes Lois Warner McNabb Irene Wilt Pence Lucy McCabe Shafer Florence Rench Smith Ruth Turley Vemotzy Betty Miller Wick Helen McLennan Wilson
Omega/Omicron/ jfimtutfi/U
Teresa Smith Haggard Victoria Penny
Julie Roberts
Omicron/ %o££fenne88ee/
Dorothy Pennington Cox Whitney Cozart Susan Locklear Hartwig Catherine Behnke Maclaren
. _ &$oridaxSoumem<
Jean Carey Ffynn Amanda Gill Juanita McCurdy Prater Valerie Green Whorton
Carol Weldy Vrydaghs Diana Young
(9micron/ (Sotfetjfe/
Martha Kelso Boyd Lillian Keese Fant Jo Meux Perry Ann Bradshaw Pordock Ida Banks Wright
Kathleen Grodi Famiano Jo Jarosik Postmus
Mary Bradford Braden Lori Soignet Serio
Elizabeth Banks M e n Dianne Peyovich Babbrick Phyllis McCary Beacom Barbara Ponto Cato Virginia Moore DePue Mary Leusinger Grigsby Marjorie Lenz
Mary White Siner
< mist/ofx/(t
Helen Hannah Anderson Eunice Force Barkell
Ethel Holmes
Valerie Benoist Adams Lillian Cox Ashby Eva Fulcher Cude Margarit Pannell
Astrid Carlson Doermann Joanna Acosta Jakway Gloria Tate Mills
< 4// Omicron
Ruth Baskette
Mary Eastes Bryan Ann Nail Curran Mary Faulkner Winifred Lynch Goswiller Betty Brown Graves Elizabeth Douglass L Kelly Ann Hearn Matthews Cornelia Cralle Parkinson
Kathleen Earhart Perry Judith Waddefl Sites Edith Sumners Tanner Louise Carrington Ward
Rebecca Weigel
Mane Walters Buder Mary Appleton Fralick Catherine Foster Heikkenen Josephine Norton Houssman Shirley Wood Ludington Florence Brady Schweiss
Leone Lee Shaw Mary Kent Miller Tennant
Jessamine Jackson Arnold Edith Williamson Brochu Helen Qeveland Neva Brown Conway Maxine Earhart Dees Loree Ferguson ThedaHerz
JocelynArnoldNorman J^/b^em/^linois/UHarrietParduePerotto

Helen Thompson Jones Dorothy Wilkerson Levine Lena Loomis MacFarlane Evelyn Rirkaple McConnell Dorothy Woodward Rush Melba Mather Swaim Lucille Evans Underwood
Carolyn Henderson Weiss
Jean Blair Winifred Krohn Poor Patricia Williams
Mary Pool Minor
Gertrude Middleton Harris Sara Williams Rankin Mamie Packer Stewart Marie Stouse Vankirk
Jean Reifsdhnercler Fisher Evelyn Brumbaugh Green Peggy O'Connor Howard LTga Jarbo McFadden Fanny Alderman Tait Gretchen Vanslyke Welsh Kathryn Siehler Willse
Mary Naranjo Jeanette Lesikar Vlasek Evelyn Summers Whaley
r^rence Kirmse Alder Marjorie Nixon Cryan Natalie Collins Haines Margaret Pennypacker Wisner
Doris Wheeler Bach
Mary Bailey Bennett Jane Rutherford Canterbury Nancy Vanmeter Colpaert Margaret Wolf Danielson
Marguerite Ford Drees Marta Parrish Driscoll
Eunice Getzelman Julia Thompson Griswold Phyllis Hammond Hardy Carol Anger Lee Susan Way Liston Phyllis Voorhies Lund Grace May
Helen Camp Olson Margaret Goble Robbins Janet Meditch M. Rommel Felicity Qarkson Sevy Mildred Boehm Slep Evalyn Gilpatrick Thumm Alice Ashby Wharton
Shelley Harmon
Karen Allen
Isabel Neil Baird Vivian Young Blevins Ardith Fluharty Carver Dorothy Davis Therma Duarte Frost Christina Gunnarson Anna Bowman Humphrey Jean Kennedy Innes Marion Power McGowan Virginia Lewis Persons Cynthia Kroesen Raymond Helena Mackall Skaer Marian Under Stevenson
t tia/t/a 0/1 Beverly Frye
Dorothy Gannon
Wilma Williams Leach
Beverly Faux
Washington (ob/kge*
Mildred Price Crane Barbara Panter Harris Leah Perry Polly Quigley Mary Russell Warfield
Mary Bowes Wetzel
Margaret McHugh Amberg Helen LeBlond Frey Catherine Cosgrove HaHberg Jean Hegel Johnson Jessie McAdam Lamed Wynifred Qark Lyon Jane Morine Nordquist Eunice Olson O'Reilly Vivian Stoner Pritchard Marguerite Lentner Pritchett Zelda Marquarte Rippe
? lout/tern (joZ/eya
Betty Keener Ailes
Ruth Carr Badeau Everette Elliott Clark Elizabeth Cowart Cunningham Patricia Collins Grover Mary Nash Schuster
Lea Lindholm Byrd Mary Coles Hardee
gfhetw <3)e£&wu>(U
Ruth Locke Booth Mary Lantz Costello Katherine Schmidt Cox Elizabeth Fay Engle EdnaFarber Margaret Betz Foster Lucille Kelly HaU
Ruth Kreutzinger Hall Margaret Tibbets B. Hargrave Jean Lave Hawley Margaret Loop Howell Ellen Balfour Hudson Jane Marshall Mansager Marilyn George Poluzzi Ruth Batten Robertson Bernadine Wiley Short Mary Alexander Stephens Mary Tinder
Irene Lumby Welker
Ruth Woolley Brumble Dorothy Kratzer Drake Margaret Spriggs Dirig
^heia Omegas
Rachel Robinson Lucille Duncan
Adelaide Cousino Deuble Jeanne Muntz Dom Dolly Penske Johnson
Marilyn Onweller Keller Patsy Dietz Tadlock
Jeanie Grant Anderson
Helen Bechen Connell Diane Bradbury Fredrich Frances Stauffer Hanson Frances Stiliman Hodges Muriel Johnson Annita Lindahl Livingstone Anita Mayrand Peterson Lise Finn Place Anne Reeves
KirstenBergquist Brundage
Dorothy Feyerhern Beeler Stella Fortier
Florence Griswold Barker Joan Rhodes Beattie Lillian Dickman Bihler Jean Sanders Daugherty Irene Dawson Detrick Kathryn Smith Fairchild Harriet Cheney Fitesimmons Elizabeth MacFarlane Jensen Mary Sweeney McCabe Jane Carr Miller Hedwig Schultz Neumann Betty Provost Palm Cheryl Young Rassfeld Doris Scroggin Schumacher Madge Cheney Smith Nancy Smith
Grace Johnson Woods Caroline Jones Worcester
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999

(I to r): Susan Shenefield, catering committee: jenny Duffey. chair: Greg Harris, vice£ S of development for Zoo Atlanta and Laura McHan, Atlanta Alumnae Chapter
I heard the good news. My office mate was laughing at me. I just can't tell you what a feel- ing it is to know we are going back to re- establish that chapter, which has meant so much to me
and to all Rho AOITs. Now, I'm starting to cry again! P^ase forward this to the staff and thank
February 6,1999. Also attending the luncheon were members of the Lehigh Valley Alumnae Chapter, the Rucks County Alumnae Chapter, and the Central New Jersey Alumnae Chapter. It was an honor to have Linda Peters Collier, AOn International President, as our guest speaker. Carol Miller Stevenson, (Foundation Roard) and Karen Galehan (ANS) were also present
Texas State Day
donated $250 to the Endowment Fund of the AOn Foundation through the sale of Texas Lone Star Tributes to honor our sisters. Plans include making this an annual or bian- nual event If you were initiated into a Texas collegiate chapter or were a long time Texas alumnae chapter mem- ber and no longer reside in Texas, please contact us so we can invite you next time. Contact Kathy Jensen, ANS
Zoo Atlanta is a success!
The Atlanta Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi raised $23,000forZoo Atlanta's Chinese Forest Exhibitforgiantpandas. It is the first fund raiser to be held to raise money for the pandas' new home.
Thefirstannual "Roses to the Rescue" fund raiser was held on Saturday, March 6,1999 at the Atlanta Athletic dub. More than 350 guests, including Zoo Atlanta's President and CEO, Dr. Terry Maple, attended the sit-down dinner/silent auction and enjoyed dancing and music by Gwen Hughes and the Retro Jazz Rand.
"We were very pleased with the over- whelming support of AOITs Roses to the Rescue fund raiser," said Jenny Duffy, event chair.
"We will continue to helpDr.MapleandZoo Atlanta with their efforts to help save pandas from extinction."
The Chinese Forest Exhibit at Zoo Atlanta is expected to open in the fall of 1999 withapair ofgiantpandas. Itis only one of three zoos in the country to have the giant pandas. Today, less than 1,000 of the ani- mals remain on Earth.
Rho Alumnae Have ReasonTo Celebrate!
"I am so excited! When I talked to my alumnae chapter Wednesday night about the Northwestern presenta-
tion, 1 told them that they would have to scrape me oft'the ceiling if we were selected to recolonize. I think I have now gone through the ceiling and am already up in the clouds! I did feel kind of funny crying here at work after
everyone who worked onthepresentationfor me. We will certainly do our best here to help out in every way we can.
In my opinion, this is certainly a glorious
day for AOFI, and Iam so proud!
Alpha love, Nancy dark
(713) 942-9402 AOITsfromaroundthe oremailat
To Dragma/SUMMER J999
PhiladelphiaAC Celebrates 80th Anniversary
The Philadelphia AC celebrated its' 80th anniversary and Founders' Day on
making new acquain- tances. The program was full of informative workshops, wonderful keynote and guest speakers, fellowship and singing. We also
morning. I opened the mail, which had been put to the side earlier today and I had the most incredible rush of love, sisterhood, peace, joy and completeness
State of Texas gathered at die U of Texas Alumni Center in Austin to cele- brate A O n Texas State Day on February 20, 1999. Nearly 150 colle- gians and alumnae had
a fabulous time reunit- ing with sisters not seen for many years and
[email protected]. ^
"It's 2 am and 1 can't j | sleep... I decided to come downstairs to try to get my mind off' of Rosamond's (an AOIJ friend) death this
A O n Texas State Day was held last February at the U offexas Alumni Center in Austin.

all rolled into one emo- tion. In the mail was a card postmarked from Brentwood, Tennessee congratulating me on my 15th anniversary as an AOn. The phrase, "Bound by ties of Friendship" was the highlighted message and until that very moment, I never knew the true meaning...
You all hold such a special place in my heart and I can not
... I shall forever treasure my anniversary card and always think of all of you and our times together."
Alpha love, Karen Anthony
Epsilon Sigma
Chapter Installed
Alpha Omicron Pi's 174th collegiate chapter at Quincy University in Quincy, Illinois, was installed on March 20, 1999. The new chapter was named Epsilon Sigma with a sub-motto of "Eternal
Sisterhood." AOFI welcomes each of our newest mem- bers into the bond of sisterhood we call ThePowerof Friendship. AOfl.
Epsilon Sigma (Quincy U) charter members were ail smiles on the occasion of their chapter's installation,
Centra/ New Mexico charter members (7 to r): Erlene Mazuronich, Sue F&eLJeanTenoklKathyOsborne.BonnieBerga-ANES,Dianefinicke,Kay Adams, Mary Harms, Stacy Red, Sue Quintana, Katy Sejana Kadmg.
imagine my life without you in it. It may be my maturity since college, or my wonderful appre- ciation of life through motherhood, or my desire to give to com- munity spirit; but what- ever it is that makes me feel like a part of some- thing greater than myself must be a com- bination of God, my family and AOFI...
Anyway, I just had to let you know how I feel about all of you and what our Fraternity means to me, because life is far too short to keep great feelings like that inside!
Central New Mexico A C Installed
The Central New Mexico Alumnae Chapter celebrated its installation on October 17,1998 at the
Albuquerque home of Suzanne Baty Fickel. Bonnie Berger, ANES, presided as Installing Officer and conducted an officer workshop. Eleven alumnae became Charter Members of the new chapter. Outofapprox. 90 alumnae living in the area, 30 have already expressed interest in joining.
20. 1999.
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999

75 Year Members
Alpha Omicron Pi congratulates the following women who, this year, will achieve AOITs 75-year membership status. These women were initiated during the school year of 1923-1924 and our records still indicate a current address.
Alpha Sigma, U of Oregon Frances Dodds
North Hollywood, CA Dora Gordon Huff
Beaverton, OR Georgie Davidson Lowden
Norwood, MA
Beta Phi, Indiana U Mildred Schneider Eichenseher
Harrisburg, PA Thetis Kemp Greenlee
Union Gty, IN
Olive Derbyshire Kortepeter
Indianapolis, IN Marjorie Ashley Link
Troy, OH
Chi, Syracuse U Helen McNees Burnham
Delta, Tufts U Margaret Arnold Giles
Scituate, MA Yvoone Taylor Howell
Culver Gty, CA Margaret Pettigrew Westbrook
Braintree, MA
Epsilon, Cornell U Ella Behrer Evans
Wayne, PA
Muriel Drummond Piatt
Forest Hills, NY
Eta, U of Wisconsin Jean Jewell Syke
Palo Alton, CA
Gamma, U of Maine Helen Peabody Davis
Durham, NC Mary Watt Horsman
PortJervis,NY Anna Torrens Robinson
Frances Sawyer Worcester
Jonesport, ME
Iota, U of Illinois Gertrude Moore Pierce
Batavia, IL
Pauline Thompson Urban
Riverside, IL
Nu, New York U Sallie Mitchell Burger Tappan, NY Edith Ramsay Merrill
Wilmington, NC Beatrice Everett Purdy
Warwick, NY Evelyn Helland Sprigg
Hilton Head Island, SC
Nu Kappa, Southern Methodist U
Roberta Blewett Harper Denton, TX
Helen Smith Dallas, TX
Nu Omicron, Vanderbilt U Frances Beasley Hudson
Nashville, TN
Omega, Miami U Nancy Cornell Cubbage
Gloucester, VA
Omicron, U of Tennessee Elizabeth Walker Bailey
Omicron Pi, U of Michigan Alda Weber
Lakewood, OH
Phi, U of Kansas Dorothy Leibengood Koch
Lawrence, KS FJenore Abich Naismith
Kansas Gty, KS Frances Kosar Snyder
Corpus Christi, TX Marie Isern Waggoner
Sigma, U of California-Berkeley Evelyn Kendall Fielder
Sharon, PA
Tau, U of Minnesota Dorris Bowers Garton
Avondale Estates, GA Elizabeth Mann Streich
Exeter, CA
Theta,DePauwU Louise Humphreys Combs
YTncennes, IN Helen Wells Cooper aarksvine,IN
Xi, U of Oklahoma Helene Brasted Godwin
Jackson, MS Helen Miles Landers
Oklahoma Gty, OK
Dora Deane Childress Newman
Nashville, TN Mary Fox Squyres Norman, OK
Helen Webb Houston, TX
Zeta, U of Nebraska-Lincoln Mary Davis Nuss
Aurora, CO Dorothy Hoy Roth
Omaha, NE Dorothy Gannon Smith
Englewood, CO
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999
Sun Gty, AZ

This springwe gave every A On collegiate chapter the opportunity to do some bragging. Thefollowingis a list of the information we receivedfromthosechapterssubmittingareportWesaluteeachmemberandchapterfortheseoutstandingachievements!
( indicates both semesters)
~K\p\n "V«Ha
Meredith Evans Katie Humber
Ashley Thomson Amy Boohacker)
Jennifer Dembinski
3?<?6a Tatr
Arda DerKevorkian Laura Inglis
Amy Riddell Brie Rogers
Laura Stephens Amy Bellis
Allison Bradley Knstin Brunell Dena Burge Elizabeth C o t h r a n Jennifer Elrod Chastity Farr Katie Gilbert Kara Gopmes Carolyn Healey Joy Icenogle Tracy N i x Amy Pickard Amy Reese Tiffany Robertson Catherine Ryals Kathenne Sitten MelissaVandiver Shelley Weaver LoriWIson
€)©Ha ®r$e%a Kathy Chitty
Daniel Glover Kim Jones
Adelle Ferrell Maria Geraldi Jennifer Gibson
Sarah Hawkins Allison Hill Rachel Hutson Jill Kennedy Sarah Sterchi DanaThomas
Laura W l d Sarah Spears Mindy White
^Dg'Ha Sfgtj-a
Nicole Cefalu
V,p%\\eti (9tj»ega Laura Baker
Austin Henderson
Christy Dickey
Qat^t^a ]sXp\a
Liz Schoonover
Mika Fulkerson Mary Beth McLaughlin
Qarprpn Orpxcxm?
Becca DeConcillio Allison Gruber
Erin Haung Sarah Jefferson
Ronya McGrady Traci Porter Missi Register Laura Roman
MalloyWood Whitney Woods
\%appa Alpha
Tonya Leismann Sara Rauscher Kelly Stall
\%appa Kappa Carley Hathcoat
Jenny Slavens Julie Stapelton Amy Zafren StephanieYoung Joanna Lute Kim Indelicate) Amy Jones
Sarah Wolff Megan Peresie Erin Schuhler Heather Kreger
Happa &f%>@g& Jessica Davis
Christy Dutton KaraFeder Erin Feldhaus Nikki Humphrey Bethany Lyles
Sarah Miller Amy Nienaber RebeccaReh
jenni Schuler Shalini Shah
Kristen WoKrom
\%appa Ot^xcxe-q
Laura Bauer Sally Mercer
l^aypa ^&q@ Angie Fielbrandt
Mappa Stgt>a Came Christensen Susan Lander Jessica Eaton
Ifeappa Tab
Lauren Dessommes Wendy Graham LauraJones
Reagan McMillan Sabrina Sanzone Came Weeks
Megan Pyder Cindy Jones Jacey Cook
A m y Jo Brownlee Sara Copeland Melody Drenning Sonya Krammer Sarah Rau Colleen Reilly Kristen Bell Rachel Cleaver Stacy Lacouture Rachel Utchford Joy McAfee Elizabeth Mlynarczyk Megan West
Jenn Chod Christina Camardese
Krista Gorman A m y Livingston
Laura O'Neill Melissa Parsons
Allison Simpkins Mary Beth Hock Laura Woodbum
Brook Beasley Erin Husk
Alison Taylor Mega Young
Megan Potochniak Gia DiStefano
C\x %f
Peggy Alpouford Danielle Davidson
Kristine Corcoran
^x 4?*6a Kristie Darnell
Mary Classen Rebecca CoK/in
Beth Conklin Stephanie DeCamp Amber Gloystein
M o
Erin Walker
CWI^a ^ d a
Jaime Barbe Kim Evans
^)Ma %)@Ua
Stephanie Brown Alyce Buchanan
Sarah Callaway Lindsey Christian
Jenna Clay HeatherCox DeAnn Dennis
Brandi Dominy Jennifer Rdler
Jennifer Gatlin Heather Goforth
Lorin Hillman Kimberly James
Lindsay Lewis
GeorgiaMay Jennifer Parker Elaine Piatt Lauren Reagin
LeAnn Green a Sarah Roth
Ande RulifFson Erika Seaquist
AnyaTrumler MarcyYoung Jamie Nelson
Megan Shelden
®\x C/psfW; Kathy Pickering Christie Holly Kristie Bastress
Sara Skaggs Jackie Rowland Melissa Smieelski
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999
Alison McDonald

$i <X><rf6a MeganTaliaferro
Maria Abele Julia Musiker Jeannine Pilla Megan Rickard Lindsay Rupp Meagan Shipley Barbara Romanski Leigh A n n Rerro Stacy Rosenheim
Anne Day Cherilyn Crowe
Rachel Winkles Autumne Bailey Angie Perkey Brianna Carroll Kelly Hall Micah Holland Allison Miller Tracy Walker Victoria Cassell
•Srgjj-a C\\ Katherine Scofield
Sigtj-a ^)eHn Amy McCafferty Genee Horton Melissa Burkett
Elisa Lowry Mary Claunch Anne C o x Dima Pacha Kristie Brewer Meredith Arant QuillianWall
Sigfj-a Ot^xcxe-q Amanda Hall
Laura Firestone Marlane Rynders Katie Bums Andrea Bennett
Nicole Weaver Kelly Bayne
Jolene Chnstensen Tanya Kossman
AimeeTanaka Melissa Schutte
Xs.lx Lat^W a Rebecca Hirty
Jodi Hutter
Lisa Paretti
Jackie Beck
jayme Gower Natalie Hurt
Ashley Jones Jennifer Painter
Tamara Bentley Courtney Meade Shana Spitzer Alison Smith Julie Gleim Molly Dean Summer Wlkes Laura Rice Rachel Zucker Natalie Gray Kate Nelson
Stacy Fuller Christa Hamilton A m y Hassebrook
Marie Holtmeier Angie Johnson Kristy Keller
Rhiannon Kenner Jennifer Stauffer
Jeana Seitzinger Jen Pajewich
Kristin Nathan Ann Mulligan
%e&a $x
Kimberly Adams Candace Kuby Mila Sanderson
Chrisy Congo
Erin Darnell Emily Hamilton Gina Holladay Jennifer Kiessling Jessica King Karen Leigh Samples
Allison Black
Jennifer Dembinski
CM^a %)eKa Laura Moore Brie Rogers
Ky Ragsdale
Ashley Witters
L,ar|>Wa Uf>9x\@fi Connie MeMoyer
Abby Lunn Wendy Kaneda
Kiera Anderson Allie Bassett Leslie Block Katie G e e Jessica T o n e r Usa Schaffner
a €>i?Ka
Julie Monte Mandy Davis Lauren Pilleten Lindy Lomenick Allison Black
Katie Humber Maris Sertic Cheney Brazeal Jennie Rodgers Melissa McLure Elizabeth Scott Ashley Thomson Rebecca Myers
Jamie Hunter Jennifer Mosel Jennifer Ozello JenniferVandenbuke Jill Farley
Emily Jungk JanelleWagg
^>sUn <S>«?I6a Lindsey Cortez Katie Hampton Katie Gilbert Melissa Home Lorin Hillman Lindsey Lewis
Ky Ragsdale Lauren Reagin Brie Rogers Julie Borders Kerry Wallace Amy Glass Lauren Yates Sarah Callaway Lindsey Christian Holly Skaggs Laura Beth Powers A m y Meadows Lindsey Allen
€><?I6a Ortega Jennifer Gibson Rachel Hutson Erika Johnson Stevie Lowery Cathenne Weems Jessica Cherry
Alison Gruber Halle Kananack Janeen Ursrtti
f©6a Sfgr^a
Liz Hikemann Barb Taylor KimWidman
l^appa $Jpl?8
Kelly Stall Sara Rauscher
l^appa l^ay>y>a
Anne Runden Sarah Truett Kelli Hahn Chnsty Myers Joanna Lute
LorieAgee Sharon Blackwell Stephanie Carruth Jessica G a y Karen Hoffman Jennie Jemigan Jennifer Moore Jessica Peccolo Amanda Rainey BeccaThompson Jamie Turner Susanne Watson Amy Wilson Amanda Allen Jennifer Diviney Kelly Lowry Suzanne Perry Stephanie Rister Melanie Rose
Tl^e^a C\x Tracy Brown Julie Mills
Tl?<?6a d?fj>^ga
Amanda Leisso Laurie Mcvoy
Carlye Phelps Leslie Castelli KatieGee
Jennifer Hayden Erica Heartquist
Jaime Weller Allison Bassett
Brady Fritz Leslie Grosshans Karlie Johnson Sara Johnson Laura Kreiger Laura McWIIiams Megan Mulligan Stephanie Scheeger Molly Skoog Katie Sup
Erin Walker
JodyAmbroz Anne Armitage Shannon D o w d
To Dragma/SUMMER 19<M

Cany Hathcoat Jill Unger Wendy Wittem Megan Peresie Amy Brin Kelly Lawhead Ashlee Fumivall ShaundaYoung Kellie Force Ashlee Adams
Kappa Otpegn Melissa Comstock Jennifer Kremer Megan Loomer Jennifer McCleese Sarah Miller SaraOrrill Rebecca Reh
Julie Olszewski Stefanie Stannard Tera White
L a t v i a Ta£t
Christina Giannobile Brandi Rodriquez Sonya Murphy Amy Santoro Chrisy Bourg JessicaWhitten Robin Bradley Allison Kendrick Jessica Laurence
Jacey Cook Kim Franks Cindy Jones Melanie Paulson Megan Ryder
V°h Qfgxcxeiq
Colleen Reilly AnnabelleThuan Abby Goldstein
Melanie Kotys VirginiaAlverson Cynthia Dougan Carey Unger Sarah McEK/ain Danielle Hardee Suzanne Clark Angela Kimbrell Jocelyn Knight Margaret Murphy Bonnie Bargmeyer Missy London
Mary Beth Hock Kathleen Krueger Amy Livingston Erin Obenauf MelissaParsons Courtney Protzer Abbey Sonnenberg Adrienne Thompson
$l\x t?pstl<s>f? Becky Hendzell Erin Clem JJFoster
Shari Navis
Ann Hardin
Lisa Berkemeiyer Lisa Lewis Angela McClure Cara Lindgren
Anne Day Cherilyn Crowe Christy Norris
Sfg^a 0r?xcv0q Amanda Hall
Leslie Hedge Candace Chronister JainaeTidwell Mariana Rynders
Holly Richards Kristen Bamberth Renee Henning Whitney Tenely Jennifer May Christina Rage
X\@t,n C\x
Tracy Brown Shannon Schmidt Nicole Wnders
Katie Gee Mandi Liessoo
Andi Brinley Anne Marie Bianca Chrisy Congo Bea Chaichamcheep Karmie Johnson Candace Kuby LauraTurpin Mila Sanderson
$.]pl?a %f
Jamie Hunter Jennifer Dembinski JenniferOzello JenniferVandenbuIke Jill Farley Kelley Pratt Stacey Balzega
€>«?Ha *D@Ua Holly Skaggs
Erika Schneider Laura Beth Powers Darcy Johnson Elizabeth Jackson Lindsey Cortez Katie Hampton Lindsey Allen Katie Gilbert Melissa Home Lorin Hillman Lindsey Lewis Ky Ragsdale Lauren Reagin Brie Rogers Julie Borders Amy Glass Kerry Wallace LaurenYates Sarah Callaway Lindsey Christian
*D©Ifia &r$>&ga Melisa Baker
Daniel Glover
Kelly Hope Rachel Hutson Rann Oppenheimer Alison Rhein Alison Smith
Jane Omohundro Lisa Fort Susan Wellendorf Stephanie Newbold Amanda Harrington Kristen Dango
C$-nf£tpa Ot^xc-veti
Heather Hatcher Halle Kananack Marisa Leibman
f ©6a §tgf|>a
Barb Taylor KimWidman
Kappa @tp@ga Megan Loomer Sarah Miller Rebecca Reh
L,afj>Wa Tatr
Brandi Rodriquez Babara Silman Allison Kendrick Robin Bradley
Christina Giannoble Sonya Murphy Amy Santoro
L,af2>Wa UfsxAe-q Stephanie Bailer
Abby Lynn
Sarah Swift
Sharon Mustaccio Wendy Kanada
Yh 6a Kim Franks Megan Ryder
V& @r£xcve>fi Colleen Reilly Annabelle Thuan Abbey Goldstein Melanie Kotys Vriginia Alverson Cynthia Dougan Carey Unger Sarah McElvain Danielle Hardee Suzanne Clark Angela Kimbrell Jocelyn Knight Margaret Murphy Bonnie Bargmeyer Missy London Shannon Bader
Mary Beth Hock Kathleen Krueger Molly Morrison Erin Obenauf Melissa Parsons Courtney Protzer Abbey Sonnenberg Adrienne Thompson
®\x Sig^a Bridget Abbound Rebecca Colvin Beth Conklin Stephanie DeCamp Amber Gloystein LeAnn Green Kara Meinke
Jill Merklin Brianne Reynolds Sarah Roth Ande Ruliffson Megan Shelden AnyaTrumler MarcyYoung
<Q)qt t^pstl©^ Becky Hendzall
Erin Q e m JJFoster Ann Hardin Robin Bognar Lisa Beri<emeiyer Lisa Lewis Angela McClure Cara Lindgren
®\x Stgf^a Bridget Abbound Rebecca Colvin Beth Conklin Stephanie DeCamp Amber Gloystein LeAnn Green Kara Meinke
Jill Merklin Brianne Reynolds Sarah Roth Ande Ruliffson Megan Shelden AnyaTrumler Marcy Young
Sfgtj>a 'QeHa Amy McCafferty Laury Howell Anne Cox
Katie Hancock Leann Bowdin Suzanne Jones Jackie Robinson Dima Pacha Courtney Mayberry Elisa Lowry Cindy Barnes Kristie Brewer Melissa Beck Casey Maugh TrinaAytona MendethArant Genee Horton Stephanie Wainwright
Sfgr^a &fpxcv@fi Helen Barry Andrea Bennett Amanda McNeely Sarah Polsgrove
Julie Grady
Alissa Harris
Leslie Hedge Meghan Hackney Heather Slinkard Candace Chronister JaimeTdwell
Lynn Zollman Terri Benner Marie Harville Chrystal Pakenen Kellie Schrope Melissa Schutte Kristin Brower Carrie Hovercraft
Holly Richards Kristen Bamberth Whitney Tenely Jennifer May Christina Page
Laura Ackerman
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999
Julie Monte Mandy Davis Jennie Rodgers Lauren Pilleten Lindy Lomenick Allison Black Katie Humber Cheney Brazeal Meris Sertic Melissa McLure Elizabeth Scott AshleyThomson Rebecca Myers

To Dragma/SUMMER 1999
Allie Bassett Andrea DiTullio Laura Drew Katie G e e Gabrielle Grimaldi Ericea Heartquist Mandi Leissoo Laurie McVoy Jill Spidell Jaime Weller
Alpl?a *D#l£a
Alison Black Tanya Gamer Cameron Wells
Alpl?a %i
MonicaTokich Susan Bedoch Jaime Hunter Laura Newsome
Alpfya T\@i>a Mollie Beard Anne Henze Emily Jungk
Ethnie Groves Megan Potochniak
Jennie Carlson Sarah Russell Meagen Gould
jesa'ca Branco Jamie Drogin Ayssa Dubin Amy Kumpel Erin Walker
fyerHa «®et,a
Laura Bourgeois Elizabeth Damans Janet Bishop
^DeHa W i a Lorin Hillman Melissa Home
^eHa Ortega
Kacey Buchanan Jill Collignon Christy Dowell Emily Forbes Elizabeth Fryer Alison Hill Emilee Dale Danielle Glover Natalie Peek Kris Crichton
€)<?Ha ivrgf^a
Joanne Elek
Fpgfl<9^ Ortega Kelly Wallace Marion Maile Whitney Oay
Laura Baker
Carrie Laws
Qat^t^a Alpfya Erin Ogbum
Qa?$i%a Ot^xcxe-q
Jennie Gumey AshleyTud<er
\ef>a "ssfgi^a BarbTaylor Kathryn S t Croix
Kappa Alpl?a
Denise Newland Amy Waggoner Monica Ramey Erin Briody Nicole Himsel Sara Rauscher Stacy Eskew
Yh tela
Jenny Smith BethWyman Nikki Schmidt
Julie Commons Megan Darling Dee Karras Erin Obenauf Courtney Pnotzer Valerie Kamer SteffanyWalter
Weft. 4?#6a Michelle Keating Kristie Darnell
tyqx Sfgija Mary Classen Rebecca Colvin Beth Conklin Kerry Fleming LeAnn Green Sarah Roth Megan Shelden
<s?i *$><rf6a Jeannette Mandycz Lindsay Rupp Alexis Rich Tosha Miller
Carmen Poole Cheriryn Crowe
^£qe Ot^xcxeq
Heather Biggers
Sigfj-a Ot^xcxeq
Katie Bums Andrea Bennett Jennifer Caddy
Sarrah Brace
Ta£i L,af2>Wa
Monica Hirty Jodi Hutter
Ta£r Qf%ega Amy Cates Kelly Hoskins
tah Ovgxcxe-q
Lesley Belote
Kelly Lockert Whitney Cates Julie Exum Jennifer koegler Jennifer Moore Susanne Watson Amanda Rainey Amanda Book Sharon Blackwell Suzanne Perry Jessica Peccolo
t\eisa Ortega
Amy Boster LisaFritche Erica Heartquist Mandi Leissoo Jaime Weller
%eta Hx
RashelKyle CheriWIIiams
Alpl?a €>©Ha
Cameron Wells Tanya Gamer
A5pl?a Tfy?6a Sarah Graff EmilyJungk
Cty *DeHa
Anne Kirks Lori Hermann Katy Rossiter
€><?Ha $>Ma Katie Gilbert Lorin Hillman Lauren Reagin Brie Rogers
Epsil©^ &t%@ga Austin Henderson
Melissa Parsons
$fyx Sig^a Mary Classen Rebecca Colvin Kerry Fleming LeAnn Green Sarah Roth Megan Shelden
Jenni Martin
Alpl?a ^DeKa Cameron Wells Allison Black Tanya Gamer Cheney Brazeal
^DeHa ^DMa
Brie Rogers
*DeKa Ortega Sarah Qark
Kris Crichton Emilee Dale Emily Forbes Alison Hill Sarah: Hawkins Danielle Glover Elozabeth Fryer Erika Johnson Natalie Peek
Epsfloi? C\x Emily Gatewood Ashely Lane Jane Omohundro
JenniferWright Amanda Harrington Sarah Porter Rachel McPhillips Amy Naudascher Alison Leslie
C&afpfpa Ot^xcx&ti
Julie Donaldson
Kappa Otpxcxe-q JessicaAnschutz Stephanie Boyd
Diane Faires
Laij-Wa t)f&x\@-q Karen ODonnell
Abby Lunn
L,afj>feeta Xah Amy Santoro
Yh Qi$xex0iq Colleen Reilly
JessicaAnschutz Rachel Bozynski KappaTau Yvette Schlenker
Carmen Campbell Stephanie Stannard Erika Dirts Kristin Hoschner Colleen Kirby Carrie Rochowiak Nicole Schneider Kelly Winkler
Kappa Sigf^a
Susan Lander Monica Mayer
lsat^Wa t^psffoi?
Vivian Fernandez Gail Freeston Karen ODonnell AfciaAmeida Jen Conigliaro Stephanie Henry Kate O'Brian Jamie Pumphrey
Yh ®@ta
Kim.Franks Amy Harrison MargauxViox
Tanya Phillips
Kappa Alp1?a
Amyu Waggoner Erin Briody Sara Rauscher
Kappa Kappa
Anne Runden
Kappa 0t%e%a Kelly Cecil
Jessica Anschutz Stephanie Boyd Diane Faires
Latjfeefa Tab. Robin Bradley
Yh ®<?£a
Jacey Cook Kim Franks
Yh te>£a
Lauren Delong Melissa Crouch

^\x Oj}%xle>-q
Christie Holly
Xah Ortega
Amy Cates Kelly Hoskins Claudia L e e UsaMerio Laura Rice Nancy Riley
Xlqe&a C\x
Tracy Brown
%ei»a fyx
Andi Brinley Chrisy Congo Rashel Kyle Cheri Williams
Alpfya €><?Ma Julie Monte Jennie Rodgers Allison Black Cheney Brazeal
Stacey Balsega
Qe&a Xah
Arda DerKevorkian
Elizabeth Berger Jessica Branco Alyssa Dubin Diane Lee Sarah Metre Jenny Rulli Lori Schnrtzer
^>&Ha ^D&Ha
Melissa Sutliff MelissaVandiver Carey King
ITpsfl©^ <9tj«?ga
Enn Ogburn Kristin Wa^drop liana Demko
Qat^rpa Or^xcxe-q
Becca DeConcillio Allison Gruber Allison McDonald Tanya Phillips Traci Porter
f<s>6a Stg^a
Amy Duin Emily Waller Kim Krogneier Barb Taylor
Milissa Oberman Gina Ruble
Kappa Alpfya Kelly Stall
Amy Roush
Kappa Kappa
Anne Runden Megan Peresie heather Kreger Amy Brin Raychelle Johnson Meredith Wertz
Kappa Ortega Kelly Cecil Jennifer McCleese Sarah Miller
Erin Mitchell
Sara Orrill
Shalini Shah Ashley Witters KristenWolfrom
Came Rochowiak Andrea Rscher Nichole Nelson
Yh Qeta
Amy Harrison Lauren Gent Jacey C o o k Kim Franks MargauxViox Amy Hopper
Christina Camardese Bridget Gannon Mary Beth Hock Molly Morrison Laura O'Neill Melissa Parsons Mary E. Sanders AdrienneThompson Steffany Walter
*j?%f t^pStl<S>^ Christie Holly Kathy Pickering
Kerry Lane Heather Biggers Rachel Wnkles
Jenni Martin Amanda Whitman Angie Kuhlman Anne A r m itage Christy Hamilton Molly Leeper Jennifer Stauffer
f.&{,a Qx
Andi Bnnley Chrisy Congo Susan Clausen Erin Darnell Beth Duncan Karmie Johnson Rashel Kyle Chen Williams
Susan Bedoch
Alpl?a X\>«f,a Meredith Bacon Kristen Moffat
•^ai,a L,afj>Wa Stacy Batterton (Pres)
^efsa Xah
Myra Kong VicentaTavares Lydia Pilch
C\x ®Ma
Tracy Williams Katie Ward
C\x % l Sarah Russell (Pres) Megan Zemny Kristin Vogt
Alyssa Dubin (Pres) Samantha Mine Sarah Puglia
€M6a Qeta Elizabeth Damans
OrlCva "Delta Karey Nelson Lindsey Frank €><?Ka % f Naomi Egerton Devon Ford
H ps f\eq &rp@ga Kelly Edlin Elizabeth Paulin
Erin Frey
Qa^a Alp5?a Ellen Rippon SashaThumann Heather Barley
f©6a C\x Jenn McCarthy (Pres) Sarah McKenzie
Kappa A^pfya Denise Newland
Kappa &r?@ga Jenine Gibbons Cheryl Pfenig DJTichy
Kappa Or^xcxeq Karen Kopitsky
Kappa ^qe Jamie Griggs Stefanie Stannard DaciaViles
Kappa Stgf^a
Jennifer Leverty Alison LaFountaine
Kappa Yak Susan Howell
IsSfj&eta Xah Knstin Robertson Misty Boyette Delta Omega Amanda White
L,arj>fea t)p&x\eq Jennifer Zeoli
Gail Freeston
Yh <Q<rta
Angela Wecke
Yh tela
Samantha Schnake Nikl<i Schmidt
Yh Ov^xcxeq
Anna Zonnenberg KaseyWymer Sarah Creekmore Brandy Singleton
Erin Kester Karen Obermeyer Melissa Parsons
tyqx Q@t,a
Michelle Keating
®\x Stg^a Kerry Fleming Jennifer Liakos Ande Ruliffson Megan Shelden KnstieWood
<Q\x Opsxleq
Enn Clem (Pres)
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999
Jennifer Beaman
lill Soost

DanaTolchinsky Shari Navis Liana Dutcher Julie Simon
®x %)eUn
Julia Musiker
Tanna Seever Kerry Lane
Sfgfj>a C\x Courtney Primarolo Katherine Scofield Wendy Magnuson
Sfgt^a €)©Ka
Lucy Lollar Jackie Robinson Came McDonough Casey Maugh
Srgf^a 0t%xcx0ti Sarah Hill
Hallee Hughes (Pres)
Kelly Maloney Knsten Hunsinger
Ta£r Cgnrprpa Sarah Drost
Ariane Steffan Bethany Schultz
Ta£t Lat^W a
Monica Hitty (Pres 98) Rebecca Hitty (Pres 99) Laura King
Taryn Merkins
Xah Otpxcxeri
Mary Jane Chunn Michelle Whiting
Xnh <9*j>e?ga Jenny Osboume
Laura Rice Laura Roberts
Tfye^a C\x Stecie Nichols Rebecca Heuertz Teena Dvorkin
Andrea DiTullio (Pres) Gabrielle Grimaldi BnannaVan Echo Jaime Weller Trinity Mudnc
Rhiannon Kenner
Kandace Copeland (Pres) Chrisy Downing
Andrea Carver Cheney Brazeal Lindy Lomenick Ashley Reid Teresa Arthur Brooks Cotton Marie Vercher Shannon Christensen Erin Prillaman
Alpl?a Tfy?6a Felicia Esters (Pres) Anna Kucena Anne Titus
Cathy Mousteris Heather Drew
C\x %)#Ua
Lynea Hansen Tara Friedman
Cfyx <$9i
Shannon Beckwith Suzi Clark Kerri Holden
Jessica Branco Robyn Herzog
€><?Ha €>«?Ha
Sarah Beth Brooks Kaney Nelson Kari Kirk
*D<rf6a &t?egn Jessica Cherry
Kris Crichton Emily Forbes Alison Hill
Lisa Holt Heather Howell Julia Krampe
Kim Lueke Keisha Lusk
Holly Miles Renea Renfroe Amanda Salpietra Mindy White
^)©I6a Srgf^a
Kristina Palos Joanne Elik
Epsf]©^ C\x Angela Olsen Christy Waterman Tracy Coumoyer JenniferWright Colleen Crotty Sarah Maccubbin Lisa Fort
TfFany Ehling Laura Baker AndreaYelton Erice Conley
Sahar Greeley
C&SLrptpa Ot^xcxe-q
Alexis Lambert Allison McDonald Cara Nobles Kristen Nimnicht Tina Pescatrice
t©6aSfgr^a Kelly Becker Sheni Strong Tracy Harling Liz Leonard
Jocelyn Eglan
l^ajapa Happa
Jill Unger Amy Brin Becca Michel
l^appa Ortega Samantha Beditold Lara Bovine
Kel^ Cecil
Jessica Davis
Jill Elder
Kari Hartenstein
Jen Hartman
Jill Manon
Jenni Schuler Shalini Shah
Betsy W e r t
Rachel Bozynski
Stefanie Stannard Tera While Vicki Zandarski
Happa Sigt^a
MandiWatkins Desiray Hinds
l^appa Xah Susan Howell
Rachel Cleaver Lauren Howard Missy London
Bndget Cannon Mary E Sanders
Q\x "Sfgtj-a Tracy Conaway Julie Cooper Kerry Fleming Kara Meinke
H\x t)f%x\eti
Jessica Martinez NadiaWendt Emily Brink Kim Hartman
Shannon Faulkner A n n e D a y Stacey Foshee Cherilyn Crowe Alison Collier Amber Craft Jenny Wlliams Melanie Money
fi&lqe Ot^xcxeni
Sue-z Fischer Fanessa Rscher
Sigr^a ^ei6a Melissa Beck Casey Maugh QuillianWall
Elisa Lowry Cindy Barnes Suzanne Jones Jackie Robinson Dima Pacha
Sfgtj.a C\\ Katherine Scofeld Kristin Manville Melissa Davis Kimberly Carbonelli Brenna Hill
Sfgf2>a Grgxcxeti Ashley Jones
Leslie Hedge
Josie Lamberth
Xah C$at%t£a
Rosemarie Herber
Xah Ortega
Dominique Brousseau A m e e Desai Kelly Hoskins Beth Tipton
To Dragma/SUMMER L999
Kim Franks Abby Rawlick Katie Wolcott LeslieVoisard
Arina Zonnenberg Colleen Reilly Abbey Goldstein

Tah Ot^xcxeti
Courtney Green Glenna Franks Lesley Belote BeccaThomson Amy Wilson Jessica Peccolo Rachel Nance Suzanne Perry Melanie Rose Emily Johnson Stephanie Sedberry
Jennifer Burger
Christy Hamilton Erin Walker Becky Hyde Marie HoHmeier
Madhu Meta Rashel Kyle
Alpl?a €>#Ka
Tanya Garner Jennie Rodgers Lindy Lomenick
Jennifer Britton JoyTassin KimKarger Stacy Batterton
CM ®M*
Catherine Rawlinson Amanda Slakowski Becky Kokish
<$><rf6a €><?Ka
Lorin Hillman Carlyn McCullough Brooke Benton Julie Anderson Kim Roberts Wendy Kennedy Kristin Cantrell Alice Norville Stephanie Brown Danielle Rowers Amy Glass Betsy Brown Leah Green Shelly Davis
€)©Ha 0t$ega Kris Crichton Emily forbes Elizabeth Fryer Sarah Hawkins Emily Lanier Michelle Martini
CahterineWeems Amanda White KeenanWIIiams
Epsfl©^ 0rp@ga Kristen Shrout
Jill Soost
Kappa Kappa
Anne Runden
Kappa 0t%@ga Melissa Little
Kappa Orpxcxeri Diane Faires
Kappa Ta£r
Rachael Guarino Reagan McMillan Yvette Schlenker
Siobhan O'Brien Alicia Almeida
Yh ®eU
Whitney Canterbury Camille Collins
Yh 0f£XCX@fl
Alii Byrum Suzanne Clark Neely Davis Danielle Delancey Lauren Howard Courtney Kelsey Stacy Marie Lacouture Heather Moore Colleen Reilly Brittney Stewart Rana Husseini Danielle Hardee Merideth Helgeson Jamie Landau Missy London
QM Sfgfj»a Sarah Roth Megan Shelden
Q\o 0t%XC<?0fl Kealie Frazier
Jody McHugh
§fgt|»a QeMa Suzanne Jones Laurie Howell Genee Horton Lucy Lollar Jackie Robinson Leann Bowdin Madison Qayton Anne Cox
Sfgr^a 0i%xcxe>ti Josie Lamberth
Lesley Belote
trpsil<9t£ 0i%ega Carrie Laws
0t?xcveti Christina Cudnik
Amy Lai MalloyWood
Kappa Kappa
Becca Michel
Kappa 0t$&ga Danielle Battaglia Samantha Bechtold Kim Chaffer Chrissy Cole Melissa Comstock Tffany Disponett Jenine Gibbons Terra Greer
Emily Heath Kendra Kremer Alison LaCombe Melissa Little
Jenni Lorenz Allyson McKinney Sarah Mardon Sarah Miller
Amy Nienaber Kelley Oliver Karrie Ralston
Kelly Riggs
Laura Scheidt
jenni Schuler Shalini Shah KaraThompson Ashley Wall
Cindy White NikaWlcox
Kappa ^D%@ Carmen Camp[bell
Jamie Griggs Nichole Nelson Carrie Rochowiak Nicole Schneider Stefanie Stannard
Kappa §fgi|>a
Latvia t?psfl©^
Jen Conigliaro Abby Lynn Gail Freeston Alicia Almeida
Yh ®e£a
Sarah Roth
To Dragma/ SUMMER 1999
Hallee Hughes
Kelly Lockert BeccaThomson Rachel Holland Julie Exum Jennifer Koegler Mary Jane Chunn Heather Quick MichelleWhiting Amanda Rainey Angela Clement Amanda Book Sharon Blackweli Annie Little Jessica Peccolo
X\e^a 0t%ega
Leslie Block
Rhiannon Kenner Sarah Scheerger Steph Scheerger Erin Reigenbom Marie Holtrneier Amy Hassebrook
Andi Brinley Kimberly Adams Suzie Carter Sumita Chopra Chrisy Congo Emily Hamilton Jessica King Candace Kuby Rashel Kyle Shama Patel Patricia Lee Cheri Williams
JenniferVandenbuIke Jill Farley
AJpJ?a X\eha Mollie Beard
Jessica Branco Natalee Holt Elizabeth Mikesell
Janet Bishop
€><?16a ^Xrfia
Lorin Hillman
•©efKa 0t%&ga Kris Crichton
Emily Forbes
Jacy Cook
Jan Rpberger
Robin Bognar Karin Anderson
Susan Rexer
Sigfj-a CM Katherine Scofield Kimberly Carbonelli
Sigi^a ^D^Iia
Jackie Robinson Amy Raley Dima Pacha Qndy Barnes Elisa Lowry Melissa Beck Melissa Burkett
'Sigrpa 0f%xcx0i
Andrea Bennett Leslie Hedge Jill Sims Josie Lamberth Jennifer Caddy Jennifer Nance
Ta£i 0t£G ga Kelly Hoskins Laura Rce
Xah 0f?xcv0-q
Rebecca Delk Kelly Lockert Julie Exum Jennifer Koegler Susanne Watson Amanda Book Leanne Austin Angela Clement Jessica Peccolo Ashley Harrison Suzanne Perry Rachel Nance Sharon Blackweli
TJ?ff6a CM Tracy Brown Gabriella Collignon Kristin Dean Shannon Schmidt
Teena Dvorkin
%ei>a Qx Andi Brinley Chrisy Congo Mila Sanderson Rashel Kyle Cheri Williams
Missy London Shannon Bader
Megan Dill Mary Beth Hod< Dee Karras

Alpfya €><?I€a
Mandy Weathers Allison Black
Devon Novotony
Alpl?a T^<?ia
Angie McLemore Kristin Moffat Anne Titus Kirsten Weeks Beta Lambda Abbey Haag
Susan David-Rowing
C\x tTpsil©^ Allison Haas
Amy Fuller Kirsten Howell Samantha Mine Lisa Baxter Jamie Drogin Laura Perry Elli Resnick
Kpsfle>^ Clqx Ashley Lane Shaunda Legg
Qat^r^a Alp1?a A m e e Knutsen Katie Keegan Cathy Gross
Kappa Alp^a
Kelly Rupert Megan Bowers Melissa Dyal Kappa Omicron Stephanie Boyd Megan Gaylord
Sally Mercer ( N C A A Academic All- American)
Kappa §fgfj»a
Jennifer Kendall
Larj-Wa t/'psil©^
Bonnie Hoffman Colleen Glass Stephanie Rapel Patrice McNichol Trade Saucier Kori-Shafer Kreszecki Christi Harris Piper Hueffed Stephanie Henry
Yh ®&U
Paige Cochrane
Alpl?a ^>&Ha Melissa Kinsaul
Enn Richardson
Alpfya^sf KathyAmdts
Alpl?a XlgG-ta Elizabeth Hasley
A m y Severtsggard JanelleWagg Jessica Wildermuth JenniferWIIock
^5<?^a Xah Laura Inglis
Cfyx €>*Ka Heather Scambia Lexi Shuey Chelsea Jordan
Kyla Cormier Kim Evans
®Ma %)Ma
Julie Harbin Elissa Harbuck
^D&Ha Ortega
Adelle Ferrell
Jessi Harrison Mary Liz Lafferty Kate Lackey
€)<?Ma 'Sxgtpa Raya Ledford
Kpsf]<s>i^ C\x Ashley Post
Qrut^t^n. Alpl?a Erin Pawling
Sarah Capar
Pam Richmond
<Ja*2>*j>a &t>>xcx0ti Card.Grider
Jill Hotchkiss Omega Kaycee Coston
A m y Livingston AdrienneThompson
Kappa A?pl?a
Jessica Berger
Kappa Kappa
Wendy Wteem Shaunda Young
Kappa Ot^xcxeiq Suzanne Foumier Abby Bamett
To Dragma/SUMMER 1999
Yh teia
Erin Stanton
Whitney Tenery
<Q1r?i <®eta Kristen O'Dore
Qlqx §fgrj»a Allison Diers Ellen Schroth Monae Quincy
Jan Ripberger
Christy Carter Allison Collier
Sfgt^a C\x Bianca Bernardo Leslie Areman MaraAreman Kristi Coleman Sarah Bamberger Kim Carbonelli W e n d y Magnuson SueannTeal Kimberiy Carter Lindsay Ward
Sigf^a ^Del^a
A m y McCafferty Mary Claunch Dima Pacha
Nicole Weaver
X\eta C\x
Tracy Brown (All-American Scholar) Decky Donaldson Brianne Pierson
Xlqeta Ortega
Krista Earp
Xah Strega
Molly Dean Kim Ehret Natalie Hurt Kara Kleinschmidt Kim Painter Kelly Wales
Ta£rOrgxcxeri Amanda Lamberth Kristin West Sheila Sammons Elizabeth Scruggs Stacy Wright
Elizabeth Bahensky
Kappa Xah Angela Baldwin Jennifer G u m Erin Lyons
Blair Rispone
Latj^feeta Xuh Kim Liner Deanna Cruse Kristi Rabb Lesley Walters Lesley Rucker
LafjfeeTa t/psfl©^
Andy Danner Shannon Parks Andrea Vardaro Sharon Mustacchio
Yh "^s^a Stephanie Collins Ginger Goldreich Jenny Legge
Cary Saizmann Wendy Wahlquist
Yh Ov^xcxeri
KatyAkers Cynthia Dougan
Usa Kohl
Q\x t^psfl©^ KatieTucker
Shelley Moore
Xah Ot^xcxeti
Jennifer Scruggs Jill Hawks Whitney Cates Britney Powell Sheila Sammons
X\eisa C\x
Malibu [
Dana Callahan
%eta $f Lindsey Eubank Shannon Seals Kimberiy Adams Maiinda Blair Tiffany Hailey
Alpfya <Q"sx Lesley Sturgeon
Jennifer Brantner
^&i>a L,atj>Wa Betsy Frick
Heather Scambia Came Craft
Leesa Jones Angel Vail
^)Ma ^eHa
Amy Meadows
TSpsfl©^ &t%ega Allison Scott
Qa^a Alpl?a Enn Pawling
Jackie Miller
C&arprpa Or^xcx&iq
Lindsey Smith
X®t,a Sfgr^a KateWatkins
Amanda Mikesel
Kappa Ortega Tiffany Disponett
Yh t&U
Shana Smith
Kerry Lane Autumne Bailey Haley Hines
Sigrj-a C\x Kimberiy Carbonelli Kristi Coleman
§f gr$% ^DeHa Madison Clayton Melissa Beck
Amy Raley QuillianWall Courtney Mayben-y Elisa Lowry
Kim Keith Genee Horton Katie Davis
Xah C&ai%t>>a
Nikki Henwood JulieTaylor
Stgfj>a Ot^xcxeti Jennifer Nance
Kim Watson
Allison Hicks

$M t)-f>si]&i%
Elizabeth Goodnch
Sfgf^a CM Meghan Katcher Carrie Parks Alpha Delta Holly Grammer
Xah Ortega
Melissa mcDougal
Courtney Meade Amanda Pennington Nancy Riley Shana Spitzer Trad Wilde
Holly Richards Whitney Tenely
~t\@{s& CM Stacie Nichols Teena Dvorkin
Alpfya €)©I6a
Tiffany Hall
Alp}?a T%fr€s Felicia Esters
CM l»a*j>Wa Sarah Ziegele
€)«?Ma 'Se^a
Angel Mazurkiewicz
Britney Colagross
<D<ri6a Ortega Alison Hill
Qa^a Alpl?a Stephanie Gill Christian Muldoon
Kappa Alp^a
Melissa Dyal
Kappa Kappa
Becca Michel Suz Lewis
Kappa Ortega Margaret Andrus
La*2»Wa Xah Kelli Brian
Yh Gt%\cx0fi
Anne Williams
Stgfj>a ^)«16a
Melissa Beck Cindy Barnes
A m y Raley Courtney Mayberry Heather Merritt Michelle Lyons Elisa Lowry Leann Bowdin Genee Horton Jackie Robinson Suzanne Jones Kristie Brewer
Stephanie Curton Heather Smith
Xah Cj-ar^tfa
Sarah Drost
Xah Lafjfe'sfa Jodi Hutter
Xah Ortega
Eugenia Calkins
Xah Or^xcxe-q
Sheila Sammons Jill Hawks Whitney Cates jodi Bennett Hope Parrish Becky Howard
X\@{s,a CM
Gabriella Collignon Malibu Boyce
X&ta $t Andi Bnnley Cheri Williams
Kappa Gt%xcx0ti Carol Culpepper Greek Advisor of the Year
Melissa Parsons Outstanding Chapter President Award
<Q\0 Orpxexeti
Kealie Frazier GreekWoman oftheYear
Sfgtj-a CM Outstanding Greek W o m a n of theYean98
Xah Ortega
Amy Cates GreekWoman oftheYear
X\eha Ortega
Melissa Halter Chapter Advisor of the Year
X\@{-,a Ortega
Mandi Leissoo Prestigeous Order o f Omega Scholarship
X\ei>a Hx
Leslie Scamardella Student Leadership Award
7,«ta $ r
Leah McCarty Greek Woman of the Year Chrisy Congo Highest Greek Indiv. GPA Christy Pilkington Greek Advisor of the Year
Alp^a ^sf
1998 Dance Marathon Gold CupWnners
CM ^Ua
1998John GCopeland Award for Excellence
cm % t Highest sorority GPA 7th quarter in a r o w
1?psile>f£ CM Sorority of the Year Highest Sorority GPA 1998
f&ta Sfgtj>a President's Award for Fraternity Excellence - Cardinal Circle.
Kappa Ortega Highest sorority GPA - Sp 9 8
Kappa Or^tcx0-q Chancellor's Cup for Most Outstanding Chapter Highest G P A o n Campus
Kappa ^L\0 Chapter Standards o f Excellence Award
L,a*2»Wa CM Best Organization of the Year
Yh Gr%xcx0fi
1998 Chancellor Heard A w a r d
Campus Leadershipand Involvement A w a r d
HM <$@t,a
Most Improved Chapter
<QM Sig*j»a 1998 Most Improved G P A
Stgfj.a C\x Highest Greek G P A
Srgj^a Gtpxcxeti 1998 President's C u p
*Sfgf?a $l\0 Highest Greek GPA
Xah Gjatprga
1998 Spring Highest Sorority G P A
Xah Lafjfeeta Highest Sorority GPA-Fall 9 8
Xah Ortega
Highest overall G P A
X^qe&a Ortega
Best Chapter Award (I Oth Semester in a r o w ) Highest G P A
%sta $i
Best All Around Greek Organization Student Leadership Excellence Award HighestAIITime GPA on Campus
ToDragma/SUMMER 1999
Laura Bourgeois GreekWoman oftheYear
^)<?]6a Epsf]©^
Chastity Henley GreekWoman of the Year
Jamie Griggs GreekWoman oftheYear Panhellenic President and Student Leader of the Year

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SALE * 13.00
§5 A,
3! I .,i(--"'"
2 3 C
2 3 D
2 4 A
28 £ AOn Decal. '.50
2 8 A European Style Bumper Sticker.5 1.50 28B Long Window Decal. *1.00
Raised Letter License Plate.5 1 1.00 Bubble Letter License Plate.} I 1.00 License Frame. "6.50
1 9 A ! umna Decal.$.75
3 4 5 RingerT-shirt w/navy. (Also available in red, p. 3 ) M , L, XL.1 12.00
• 1 8 2
chest design. Lists meaningful A O n facts and phrases. L. XL. * 14.00
1 6 8 <£"A Rose Ever Blooming" T-shirt w/left chest design. L. XL. • 15.00
1 6 1 Panda T-shirt w / left chest design.
L,XL.' 12.00
3 3 5 Panda Mascot T-shirt. (Matches Panda
Ask about express delivery!
History T-shirt w/left
Mascot Mug,pg.I6)L,XL.' 17.00

Official Jewelry
Emporium Jewelry
t._v J17
: JZ2
•i m
CD oJM 3
10K GK ss — $10.00* $ - . -
—.— 10.50* —.— 35.00* 14.00* —.— 45.00* 18.00
60.00* 28.00 —.— —.— 5.00* —.— —.— 15.50* —.—
I4K 10K $160.00 $ 125.00 140.00 110.00 140.00 110.00 140.00 110.00 165.00 120.00 110.00 80.00 195.00 140.00 186.00 135.00 115.00 84.00
GK SS — $75.00 —.— 55.00 —.— 55.00 _ . _ 55.00 —.— 60.00 —.— 50.00 —.— —.— —.— —.— —.— 42.00
j 11 JI2A J12B J14 J15
J18 JM
J34 JBubble
Monogram Recognition Pin $ — Rose Recognition Pin —
50 Year Pin —.— Mother's Cluh Pin-Plain — — Mother's Cluh Pin-Jeweled —.— Pledge Pin (can only be ordered by chapter) —.— New Member Award Pin (not shown) — — tcan only be ordered by chapter)
Plain Badge (A, 0 and 11 Polished) —.— Plain Badge (Polished A and II; Chased 0 ) —.— Jeweled Badge
(Crown Pearl 0 ; Chased A and 11)
Jeweled Badge
(Crown Pearl A and 0 ; Pearl on tips of 11)
Honor Badge-Crown Ruhy A (Chased , 0 and 11) (can only be ordered by chapter)
Honor Badge-Crown Ruhy A (Crown —.—
Pearl 0
(con only be ordered by diopter)
President's Ring 220.00 Badge Guard (not shcmtl —.—
Chased II)
J43 Lavaliere Bracelet w/Rose Dangle J46 Octagon Rose/Pearl Bracelet
J47 Rose Bracelet
Bar Pins
J52 Pearl Bar Pin w/Tetite Rose [Tangle J53 Plain Bar Pin w/Jeweled Rose-
I4K $ — 336.00 360.00
14K $ —
10K $ 205.00 247.00 246.00
I0K $85.00 88.00
GK SS $90.00 $90.00 UJ.vY 112.00 140.00 —•—
GK SS $48.00 $-.-
Ail bodge orders must include initialed diopter, initials and miaaled date. •Emporium Item In Stock
Ste Kine-.'[ R.IJV-
I Initials Blta Only
hrctfthtvT^T* Ms^Onlv
HUM!; .ii. ii ipi, ' Pnce
EMPORIUM JEWELRY Lavalicres/Pendants
J01 PearlVertical Letter Livalicre w/18" GK or SS chain
J01RP Alternating Ruby/Pearl Vertical Letter Lavaliere w/18" GK or SS chain
J02 Mini Vertical Letter Lavaliere w/18" GK or SS chain
J03 Rose Lavaliere w/18" GK or SS chain
J03J Jeweled Rose Lavaliere w/18" GK
or SS chain
J04 Vertical Letter Lavaliere w/18" G K
or SS chain
J05 HeartLavalierew/18"GKorSSchain 55.00 38.00* J36 Badge Charm (Alumnae Only)
(Indicated Badge Style)
J36P Chased Badge Chann (Alumnae Only)
(Indicate Badge Style)
J44 OF or SS Round Filigtee Bordet Charm
J44E GF or SS Round Filigree Border Charm
w/Engraved AOll
J48 Pebble Border Charm w/Pctite Rose J50 Ribbon Border Charm w/Petite Rose
•Emporium Item
140.00 110.00 140.00 110.00
100.00 85.00
• Check Card No: Name Address City
• MC
• Vis
• Discover
Exp. Dale
J23 Onyx Imperial Ring w/o Pearl Shanks
(not shown)
J24 Onyx Imperial Ring with Pearl Shanks
I0K 180.00 140.00
POSTMASTER-Please send notice of undeliverable copies on Form 3579 to Alpha Omicron Pi, 9025 Overlook Blvd. Brentwood, TN 37027
14K 10K
$115.00 $95.00 130.00 100.00
45.00* 30.00* 55.00 35.00*
65.00 52.00
$75.00 $77.00 82.00
20.00* 22.00* 20.00* 22.00
20.00' 22.00* 20.00 22.00
34.00 35.00
25.00 35.00 25.00 25.00
GK SS $80.00
Subtotal Tennessee Residents Add 8.25% Sales Tax .
Shipping and Handling TOTAL
AW items must be prepaid.
AII riraers are non-returnable.
Cancelled orders arc subject to 25% penalty. Ail priors subject to change without nonce.
175.00 $135.00
55.00* 35.00*
•:..-- V [ W add SI 50 lot even- $25.00
In Stock
EFFECTIVE: September 1, 1997
^ 2
Rings conanued
J25 Wide Band Crest Ring
J28 Raised Letter Signature Ring J29 Oval Incised Letter Ring
J31 Vertical Incised Letter Ring
108.00 70.00 —.— 108.00 70.00 —.— 176.00 p ,
185.00 _._
205.00 —.— —.—
160.00 —.— —.— —.— 1.00*
J31RA Vertical Rose Crest Ring
J32 Mini Monogram Ring
J35 Badge Ring (Alumnae Only)
J55 Rose Ring w/Tearls
J56 Monogram Band Ring w/Pcarls Kingorderscannotbeprocessediridiumrmrage.FREEENGKAVIMi—Limit.> initialsONLY.
Send with payment to: AOII International Headquarters, 9025 Overlook Blvd., Brentwood, T N 37027, USA, (615) 370.0920, (800) 746-7264
Shipping& Handling
Up to $5.00
$5 01-$25.00 $25.01-$50.00 S5O.01-$75.0O $75.014100.00- „
Badge not included with J35, )36 or }36P. AuW eij>ht weeks for delivery.
Add S3.50 ...Add $5.50 ..Add $6.50 . .Add $7.50
Go\ldad (GK) is HK Heaxj Gold Electroplate. Add $10.00 to I OK prices /or VThite Gold.

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