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The Piper - May 2017

The Piper - May 2017

TheP i p e rAlpha Omicron Pi | May 2017

NPC News: Summer Do’s & Don’ts Theta Iota (California State
Walk to Cure Arthritis Info U, San Marcos) members
Women’s Health Week Info & more! enjoy spending time together
during their annual Strike Out
Arthritis! event.

SAVE THE DATES BoPardropMerteiesssage

MAY 12 Lacey Bowman
Foundation Candidate Forum
Questions Due (Chi Delta/U of Colorado Boulder)

SEE PAGE 8 Properties Board Vice President

MAY 14-20 Dear Sisters,
Women’s Health Week It’s hard to believe that another school year has come to
an end! Over the past year, I have had the opportunity
SEE PAGE 6 to join our Alpha Psi (Bowling Green State U) and
Tau Omicron (U of Tennessee at Martin) sisters for
SUMMER 2017 the dedications of their new facilities. In each case, I
Strike Out Arthritis! with Major have had the pleasure of meeting university officials,
League Baseball Games AOII alumnae, parents, collegiate members, staff
and representatives of many other groups who all
SEE PAGE 5 collaborated to turn the concept of these facilities into
1 The “Service for Dedicating an AOII Facility” is one of the handful of Services in our Ritual book
that is open to non-members. One of my favorite sections states, “We dedicate this facility to the
loyal friendship of our members, to their joys and achievements, to the dreams and ideals of youth,
to the ‘pursuit of excellence’ in scholarship and conduct, that we may dwell here with pride.” I
find this so compelling, as you can take out the references to facilities and it would still hold true
for the AOII experience. All of our chapters, regardless whether they have facilities or not, value
friendship, the chance to celebrate our members’ joys and achievements, the freedom and time
to pursue their dream and ideals, highest levels of scholarship and conduct, and representing
themselves with pride. While the first thing that may come to mind when you think of AOII
Properties are chapters that have a house, suite, or lodge, we work with AOII chapters to achieve
these thing for their members as they are universal to the membership experience.
Celebrating members’ joys and achievements is evidenced during our awards ceremonies at
Leadership Institute and International Convention. While many chapters include funds for
additional attendees in their chapter budgets, corporation funds can also be utilized to send
members to these events where they will be able to learn best practices, meet AOIIs from across
North America and be recognized for all the work they do over the year.
Above all, collegiate members are students, first and foremost. It is important to recognize
scholarship at their colleges and universities. Corporation funds can be used for things such as a
AO Pi Party to recognize women who achieved above a 3.14 GPA or a recognition reception for
those professors and instructors who have made a profound impact upon our members.
A continuous project that our Properties Staff and Board is working on are five-year plans for all
chapters, housed and unhoused. By definition, pride is a “feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction
derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely
associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.” By looking forward and
trying to anticipate the needs for new facilities, facility enhancements or other ways we can build
upon the member experience, we hope to help instill a sense of pride in our membership.
As we enter the summer months, I encourage you all to consider how the section from the AOII
service can impact you, whether you are within four walls of an AOII facility or representing AOII
in your outside life. I look forward to welcoming you this June to Washington for our International

Executive Board Excerpts

What to Expect at International Convention 2017

It is such an exciting time of year! Not only is the weather getting warmer and the academic year
coming to a close, but AOIIs are preparing to gather in Washington, D.C. to celebrate, collaborate and
do the business of the Fraternity. It is one of my favorite events to attend, and this year will be my 14th

There are only two months before the official start to Convention, and it will be here before we know
it. Here are some of the of things to look forward to as you get ready to join over 900 sisters from
across North America in D.C. this June.

1. AOII Rituals: Convention is a unique opportunity for sisters to participate in multiple AOII Rituals
from Opening and Closing Ritual, which incorporates our beautiful Memorial Service and Election of
Officers and the magnificent Candle Lighting Service which highlights our collegiate chapters. Being
part of our Rituals reminds us of our purpose and renews the vows we took during our Susan Danko
(Phi Upsilon/Purdue U)
2. Celebrating our Success: Who doesn’t love getting dressed up in their AOII finest
to celebrate our sisters and all we have achieved over the biennium. We have a lot to International Vice President
celebrate and the Awards Banquet will certainly be a fun and exciting event!

3. Business Sessions: As members of Council (a voting delegate) you have ability to help shape the future of our organization.
The business sessions are similar to a very large formal chapter meeting where decisions for the organization are made. By
now you should have received a copy of The Call to Convention, the reference book for all business sessions. It details every
decision that will be made throughout the business sessions. Please review it prior to Convention, ask questions, listen and be
informed. Be ready, as we have a lot to accomplish during these sessions!

4. Electing our International Officers: During the business sessions, we will elect our Fraternity and Foundation Board. This
will be the first year that we elect the officers of the Foundation; in years past, we elected the directors and they elected their
own officers. Information about the candidates can be found in your Call to Convention and on the Fraternity’s website. You
can also take time to meet and ask questions of the candidates at Convention.

5. Strike Out Arthritis! Event with the Washington Nationals: AOIIs will be hard to miss as we support the Arthritis
Foundation at the Nationals game. This is sure to be a great SOA! event, as we watch the Washington Nationals take on the
2016 World Series Champions, the Chicago Cubs. So let’s all go out to the ballpark and enjoy an afternoon of sisterhood and
fun, while supporting our philanthropy!

6. Sisters Uniting: Convention is always a time to connect with old friends and develop new bonds of friendships. Take time
to meet new sisters during events, meals, in educational sessions, or even in the elevator! I always leave Convention renewed
and inspired for what lies ahead in AOII!

7. Exploring Washington D.C.: Washington, D.C. has much to offer with many notable monuments, museums and
attractions. You won’t want to miss seeing the large pandas at the National Zoo, which is just a few steps away from our hotel.

8. Rose Banquet: Our convention activities culminate with the Rose Banquet. AOIIs gather to celebrate our newly elected
officers, recognize AOIIs with our highest honors and ring in the new biennium with words from our newly elected
International President. The event caps off a fabulous and meaningful week together!

9. Convention Surprise: Now I can’t tell you what it is! I am certain you won’t want to miss it!

10. Finally, you will want to leave room in your suitcase for new purchases, as there are plenty of opportunities to shop
til you drop in the AOII Emporium! If you are looking to add some new AOII bling to your collection, you can also shop for
official AOII jewelry!

On behalf of the executive board we look forward to celebrating, connecting and making memories with you in Washington,
D.C. in June. See you soon!


RT&J News

This year, RT&J has taken initiative to reach out to collegiate KORs and alumnae chapter officers to encourage all AOIIs to
ask the burning questions you’ve always had about our Ritual, but didn’t know who to ask. We have conducted conference
calls that have covered such questions as: Where do we get the “things” we use for Ritual? Are our orders fulfilled by an
AOII manufacturing company? What’s secret and what’s not secret about Ritual? How do I get my chapter excited for
Ritual? What is the best way to help sisters of all religious or spiritual backgrounds connect with Ritual? We’ve provided
answers, guidance, insights and opinions based on the combined experience of many many decades of AOII membership
and leadership by our committee members.
This summer at International Convention, we are happy to continue these efforts to make our Ritual accessible and
personal for all members of AOII. Seven of the eight RT&J committee members will be at Convention 2017 this summer
in Washington, D.C. We hope all attendees will seek us out to discuss our Ritual and your own burning questions. We will
have quiet places for private Ritual chats, and we invite all chapter delegates to stop us in the hall, sit with us at meals or
find us for private conversation. You will be able to schedule private appointments on site with RT&J members outside of
official Convention activities and meetings.
A common bond we all share is our love of Ritual, and each member of RT&J loves to talk about it. If you will be at
Convention, find us.
You can contact RT&J at any time with questions at [email protected].

Ritual Moments

Spend some time with AOII’s Founders! Watch for a new “Ritual
Moments” installment on the second Monday of each month! April’s
recording was a “Founders’ Day Greeting” from 1984. Members can also
access a transcript of each recording in the Ritual section of the Officer
Resource Library on Fulfilling the Promise ( >
Officer Resource Library > Ritual > Ritual Moments & Ritual Moments

Past Due Account Notice

Does your chapter have all outstanding bills paid in full with AOII Headquarters?

Expenses for delegates will be denied and the Council votes lost if bills are not paid (See Bylaws, Title I, Article II, Section
3, in addition to Bylaws, Title I, Article III, Section 4.d. of the 2015-2017 Governing Documents of Alpha Omicron Pi).
Please check with your Chapter Treasurer, and review the May and June statements from Headquarters. Invoices with due
dates on or before June 18, 2017 must be paid in full.


Walk With Us!

Join a Walk to Cure Team! TJoeoiaunrm!

Are you registered to Walk? Walk to Cure Arthritis is the Arthritis
Foundation’s annual community fundraising 5K walk event, typically held in
cities across the US in April and May. The funds raised from the 5K support
their nonprofit mission and research aimed at finding a cure for arthritis –
America’s leading cause of disability and AOII’s international philanthropy.
Throughout 2017, AOII will celebrate our 50-year partnership with the
Arthritis Foundation. One of many collaboration projects between the AF
and AOII is our extensive involvement with Walk to Cure Arthritis! In
honor of this milestone, let’s make our participation in this year’s WTCA our
best ever!

Get Involved Now:
Go to to find
an event near you, or give through Team AOII National by clicking the “Find
A Team” box and type in Team AOII National.

Volunteering for AOII

Standing Committees

Education Committee Member
Network 1

No Vacancies
Network 2
The Human Resources Committee always
accepts volunteer applications. To speak to No Vacancies
a member of the HRC team about which Network 3
position is right for you, please email hrc@ To complete a volunteer No Vacancies
application, visit Network 4
volunteer-opportunities1 and click on the
link at the bottom of the page. Network Specialist-Development, Pi Omicron (Austin Peay State U)
The positions listed here are currently open
- HRC is actively recruiting to fill these Network Specialist-Recruitment
vacancies: Network 5

Network Specialist-Finance
Network 6

No Vacancies
Network 7

No Vacancies
Network 8
No Vacancies 4

2017 MLB Strike
Out Arthritis! Dates

The spring and summer Strike Out Arthritis! Chicago Cubs: September 10
schedule is officially set! Join AOII and your Cleveland Indians: September 17
favorite team at the park this season! To purchase Tampa Bay Rays: September 17
tickets for the games listed and all 30 MLB teams, New York Yankees: September 17
check out our website! If you have questions Detroit Tigers: September 22
regarding these events and this initiative contact Baltimore Orioles: September 24
the Assistant Director of Marketing & Events, Houston Astros: September 24
Monica Grandorff at Pittsburgh Pirates: September 24
[email protected]. Los Angeles Dodgers: September 24
Atlanta Braves: June 10 San Diego Padres: September 24
Chicago White Sox: June 25 Boston Red Sox: September 28
Seattle Mariners: July 22 San Francisco Giants: September 30
St. Louis Cardinals: September 9 Kansas City Royals: October 1
Toronto Blue Jays: September 9 Miami Marlins: October 1
Texas Rangers: October 1

Commemorative AOII Badge

In October 2017, AOII Past International President, Carole Jurenko Jones, Alpha Delta
(U of Alabama) will begin a two-year term as chairman of the National Panhellenic
Conference. To recognize this milestone occasion, the AOII Executive Board and the AOII
Rituals, Traditions, and Jewelry Committee have approved the sale of a limited edition
emerald badge to recognize NPC’s signature green color. The badge will only be available
through October 2019 when Carole’s term as NPC Chairman ends.
The following options are available:
• 10K yellow gold or 10K white gold with alternating pearls and emeralds in the “O” and in

the corners of the “II” (plain or chased, $299)
• Sterling silver with alternating pearls and emeralds in the “O” and emeralds in the corners

of the “II” (plain or chased, $175)
This badge is considered a secondary badge only. It will be available for purchase by initiated members of AOII who are in
good standing. Initial orders placed before mid-May 2017 will be available for anyone attending Convention at the Herff
Jones Table. Orders for non-Convention attendees will be mailed to home addresses immediately following Convention.

To Order: Visit the Herff Jones website at: Then search for Alpha Omicron Pi.


Join us for a week full of fun health-centered events! Whether you’re an exercise and nutrition enthusiast, or you’re
interested in becoming a healthier woman, we’ve got great things planned for women at every end of the health spectrum.
May 14th: Fact vs. Fiction Webinar*
There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding different forms of exercise. For example, is it true or false that yoga helps
with strength and flexibility, and it can torch up to 600 calories per hour? Is it true or false that women should stick to
lifting lighter weight and primarily cardiovascular exercise, as heavier weights will make their muscles bulkier? Tune in to
the May 14th webinar at 8 p.m. CDT with Education Committee member and Westchase Jazzercise Owner Lori Goede and
Certified Personal Trainer Haley Cahill for answers to these fitness questions and more!
May 15th: Social Media Takeover by The Strong Movement’s Ailis Garcia
The Strong Movement is dedicated to empowering women by helping them learn to exercise, eat nutritiously and become
their best selves. Founder and Certified Personal Trainer Ailis Garcia will take us through a day in her life, sharing her
favorite recipes, workouts and self-care tips. Follow our Instagram story throughout the 15th for motivational tips
from Ailis and a chance to win great prizes for you and your chapter!

May 16th: Trailblazers Day of Exercise
Lace up your tennis shoes and commit to being fit on May 16th! Grab a sister and try out that new fitness class at your
gym, or head to a nearby trail for a jog or hike in the great outdoors! Snap a pic with your sisters, and be sure to include
#AOIIHealthySelfie in the caption for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

May 17th: Crushing the Female Food Trap Webinar*
Women have unique nutriton needs at different phases of life, and often find themselves responsible for preparing food
for others as well. Dr. Joe Malone and Registered Dietician Sarah Harris will share information on food cravings during
the female menstrual cycle, the effect on certain foods on the female body and how to shop for and prepare wholesome
foods, whether you are cooking for just yourself or your whole family. Join us May 17th at 8 p.m. CDT for more info on the
female food trap.

May 18th: Say Yes to Exercise: Exercising with Arthritis
We know that arthritis is one of the most debilitating diseases, but did you know that exercise can actually help alleviate
symptoms associated with arthritis? Check out our social media accounts on May 18th for more information on exercising
with arthritis!

May 19th: Namaste Friday
Whether you bounce from class to class during the day, or work a 9-5 desk job, we all experience times of significant stress.
We’re excited to share some self-care tips and hear about your favorite ways to relax. Share your strategies for de-stressing
and you could win an awesome prize package full of nutritious goodies! Watch our social media accounts for more info.

May 20th: Put Your Athleisure Wear to Use 6
Those Nike shorts and Lululemon leggings aren’t just great for late nights in the library or quick trips to the grocery store!
Put your favorite workout apparel to good use and tag us in a photo, whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a bike ride
or logging a few miles on a scenic running path. Be sure to include #AOIIHealthySelfie in the caption for a chance to win
some awesome prizes!

*The link to the webinar meeting room is:
Click on the link above to access the online meeting room on the date of the webinar. At that time, you will be prompted to start audio
conferencing (select yes) and enter a phone number at which our conferencing service will call you. This will allow you to hear the
audio and participate in the conversation. A recording of the webinar will be posted on Fulfilling the Promise for sisters who have a
conflict or could not stay on the entirety of the presentation.

AOII Foundation News


1 - Convention Matching Challenge

We are doing it again! Make your donation count double during our Convention Matching Challenge – donate to the AOII
Foundation during Convention 2017 and have your gift matched dollar for dollar. It is your opportunity to get more bang
for your buck – a $10 donation becomes $20! The more you give, the bigger the match!
We are still looking for sisters who would like to be one of the official donors who establish the Matching Challenge. Please
contact Kristie Ryan at 615-695-2626 if you are interested in becoming one of these donors.

2 - Honor a sister with a Rose Tribute!

Rose Tributes are a special way to honor your sisters at Convention and make your contribution to the Loyalty Fund, the
fund that supports all Foundation programs. For each $5 contribution, you can send a sister a Rose Tribute—she will
receive an acknowledgement card and an embroidered rose for her name badge.
Rose Tributes can now be purchased online under Donate Now/Donate Online at, by mail and
throughout event registration. Please make sure to include the Rose Tribute order form, which will be on our website, as it
is required to complete your order. Please contact Sydney Talley at [email protected] with any questions about
your order. The deadline to purchase Rose Tributes for them to be included in the on-site Convention registration
packet is Tuesday, May 30.

**Please note that Rose Tribute purchases will not be counted toward the Matching Challenge**

3 - Please Submit Chapter Ruby Fund Donations

Please mail your Founders’ Day donations for the Ruby Fund no later than May 15. Ruby Fund donations go directly to
support our Ruby Fund program. The more donations we receive, the more applicants we can award Ruby Fund grants to.
Mail your check(s) with a supporting letter stating the donation is for the Ruby Fund to:
Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation
5390 Virginia Way
Brentwood, TN 37027

4 - Join the 1897 Society!

In honor of the founding year of our Fraternity, the AOII Foundation established the 1897 Society. This leadership giving
society is for members who donate a minimum of $1,897 annually to the Loyalty Fund by June 30 of each year.
Members of the 1897 Society will be invited to an invitation-only breakfast during Convention and will receive a special
gift. Contact Jana Adkins at [email protected] prior to Convention or visit us at our table during Convention to
join the 1897 Society.


5 - 2017-2019 Foundation Board Candidate Forum

The Foundation Nominating Committee will facilitate a Candidate Forum where AOII members may interact with
Foundation Board candidates through a question and answer format. All AOII members will be able to participate in
this Forum through their Council representatives. This format is aligned with that of the International Executive Board
Candidate process.

The Foundation Candidate Forum will include ONE round of Questions & Answers. Here is the process for participating:

Q&A Process:
• Council members may submit questions about topics related to Foundation Board leadership via email message
to the Foundation Nominating Committee members at [email protected] through May 12.
• The email must include your name and Council position, as well as your question(s).
• Only questions sent from Council members to the Foundation Nominating Committee will be considered.
• From the submitted questions, the Foundation Nominating Committee will choose four to six questions most
reflective of the range of submissions, and will then solicit answers to those questions from the candidates.
• Candidate answers to the questions will be posted on the Foundation web page and on Fulfilling the Promise
website in the Officer Resource Library on May 31.

Please send all candidate questions to the Foundation Nominating Committee at [email protected].
Remember, the deadline for questions is May 12, 2017.

AOII Suitcase Diaries

by Educational Leadership Consultant Miko Guzzardo, Upsilon
(U of Washington)

As a collegiate woman, I often heard and was challenged that some women
attend universities to get their “MRS” degree. This idea that you are supposed
to find your college sweetheart and get married is something that can certainly
be a goal for a lot of young women, but many use it as a joke when they have
not quite decided on a major. I think many women are out there looking for
happiness and a successful relationship, and though we may not be trying to
get married directly out of college, it may be the end goal in mind for some,
myself included.

I was in a relationship for the last year and a half of my collegiate experience, and I honestly thought that I had
unintentionally achieved the hope of that “MRS” degree. Long story short, my fairytale did not exactly end
in a happily ever after. We broke up the week before l left for ELC training in July due to some differences in
our beliefs that contradicted what we both were looking for in a marriage and our future. To be honest, I was
heartbroken then and now, eight months later, am just starting to move on. Going through a tough break up on
the road, I learned a lot about myself and how to lean on sisters more than I ever had before. I think our break
up and my role working with the Fraternity gave me an opportunity to salvage an important relationship that I
had put on the backburner: my relationship with AOII—a relationship that was already a lot like a marriage.

Hearing how a sorority membership is similar to a marriage may sound a bit ridiculous coming from a 8
22-year-old with no direct experience on the matter, but I think it shares a lot of key similarities of at least what
I view a marriage to be.

It all starts at the beginning with recruitment. Much like dating, you get to learn
about different organizations and people in order to figure out which one you
are capable with and see a future with during recruitment. Not every person or
organization is the best fit, but in the end, we are hopefully able to find the right
place where we feel a connection. So, after a few days or even occasionally a full
week of recruitment events, dates and plenty of discussions, we decide to make
things official with the right one and accept our bid, and in my case this was with
The next step in the process comes the proposal, or when you receive your new
member pin and accept a potential future with your sorority. Though it may
not be as flashy as a well-choreographed extravagant proposal, this beginning
of forever is still just as significant. The engagement period is alike to the new
member period, where you get to know a little bit more about the new family you
are joining and make plans for your future together. The new member gets the
opportunity to learn more about the organization as well as her role in the future
success of her sorority. The new member period is truly important because it sets
up the opportunity to find out what is expected of both parties and if that is the
right fit. Not every couple will make it to the altar, just as our organizations may
not always be the best fit for everyone.
Finally, we reach initiation. Like a wedding ceremony, we make our vows to each
other which will last a lifetime. You wear white and receive your badge, much
like a wedding band during a ceremony, to wear proudly and show the world
the commitment that you have made. This beautiful ceremony is what bonds
all members of AOII from our founders to our most recent initiated members.
Through the good and the bad, till death do us part, we are AOII members for
life and our AOII journey takes us to amazing places as we grow old together as
Being a member in AOII was not exactly the marriage I was expecting to come
out my college years, but it ended up being the relationship really needed.
Thankfully, AOII is the one relationship I can guarantee I will never have to experience a break up with, and
will forever inspire me to be better. I am eternally grateful for this organization and the wonderful people and
experiences it has brought me. If marriage is anything like my time with AOII, I cannot wait for what the future
holds for me.

Do you follow AOII?

Do you follow Alpha Omicron Pi on social media? Make sure to
follow us to keep up with exciting chapter information, Fraternity
News, events, programs, trainings, ELC travels and much more!
Check them all out by clicking the logos below.


NPC News

Summertime! Time for relaxation, rejuvenation and, in the later months, preparation for the new academic year. For many
AOIIs, the summer months will slowly give way to last minute preparations for the primary recruitment period which will
start in August/September. For other chapters the start of the new semester will bring a chance to recruit to a new total
through Continuous Open Bidding activities. Regardless, the mantra of recruiting 365 days a year includes the summer
months as well. But, how do we positively impact recruitment for our chapter during the summer months without running
afoul of NPC and Panhellenic policies?

What you CANNOT do:

1. Bid promising. During the summer months, you are going to make connections with plenty of potential new members
who are going to be interested in the sorority experience and hopefully in AOII! Be careful as you interact with these
women to not make any promises for membership in AOII. Just as you cannot promise a bid to join the chapter during
recruitment, you cannot promise membership outside recruitment.

2. Panhellenic cannot hold votes regarding recruitment rules, recruitment schedules, changes to total and extension-
related matters. NPC policy prohibits a college Panhellenic from attempting to pass any rules, legislation, etc. during break
periods. While some women may be taking classes on campus over the summer months, if the chapter cannot be convened
in a normal meeting setting to review, discuss and vote on the proposed rules or changes then Panhellenic should wait until
the start of the fall semester. If your college Panhellenic is attempting to call a vote on any item please notify your NPC
delegation liaison immediately!
3. Actively recruit women to join AOII through continuous open bidding. The summer months are not sanctioned for
Continuous Open Bidding recruitment per NPC policy. Therefore, no chapter should be actively recruiting potential new
members outside the normal academic year. This includes promising bids to upperclass students upon the start of the fall
semester for deferred or delayed recruitment campuses.

What you CAN do:

1. Promote participation in recruitment. Build and strengthen the potential new member pool during the summer
months by sharing the benefits of sorority membership with incoming and returning students. By positively interacting
and promoting the sorority experience with potential new members you will likely make a favorable impression of both
sorority membership and AOII with someone who could one day be a sister.
2. Promote AOII & the positive aspects of our sisterhood. It’s ok to share why you love AOII and how it has positively
impacted your college (and alumna) experience with a potential new member and you should! AOIIs can openly share why
they love being a sorority woman and an AOII without crossing any lines. Just be sure not to promise a bid to join AOII,
provide gifts or notes that may be misconstrued as promises, or put undue pressure on the potential new member.
3. Work to connect potential new members with alumnae who can write a membership information form. Feedback
from other AOIIs is always a valuable tool during membership selection. Whether the potential new member will be
attending your college/university or another, do not be shy about connecting the potential new member with an alumna
from your chapter to secure that membership information form!
4. Maintain positive connections with your Panhellenic advisor. Panhellenic advisors are working over the summer
months preparing for the next academic year. If you are in the area, stop in and visit them to see how summer orientation
or recruitment promotion is going. Identify ways the chapter can help at the start of the academic year. Share experiences
from AOII’s International Convention in Washington, D.C., and see how their summer is going. Positive relationships with
your Panhellenic advisor can go a long way during the year.
5. Prepare to hit the ground running at the start of the new semester. Work closely with your advisors and network
specialist for recruitment so that your chapter is ready to hit the ground running at the start of the new academic year.
Whether your primary recruitment starts right away or not until the spring, there is always work to be done. Positive PR
plans, final preparations or simply passing along names of women to target for COB efforts at the start of the year will help

10your chapter get an edge on the rest.

The What to think about:

1. Does your Panhellenic automatically reset total twice a year? If it doesn’t, it should. NPC policy asks each college
Panhellenic to set quota twice a year regardless if they host their primary recruitment period in August or September, or
not until the spring semester. This should be written into your recruitment rules and should identify a timeline and method
for the automatic reset. The preferred method is median chapter size for Panhellenics with more than three chapters,
or largest chapter size for campuses with three or fewer chapters. However, average chapter size is also acceptable if the
method has been discussed with your NPC area advisor. Questions? Contact your NPC delegation liaison.
2. Summer Orientation Leaders, Peer Advisors or other campus
ambassador positions. If you do not have women applying for these types
of positions where they will have high visibility with potential new members
prior to your primary recruitment period you should. Identify women in
your chapter who would be great ambassadors for AOII and for the sorority
experience and encourage them to apply.
3. Social media profiles and chapter websites. As a potential new member,
you probably did your research online regarding the different chapters
on your campus prior to recruitment. Be sure to elect the right women in
your chapter to manage these profiles throughout the year so that other
potential new members have an accurate look at what AOII’s sisterhood is
all about. Do not just document philanthropy dollars raised, but the total
chapter experience. Celebrate accomplishments, connections with alumnae,
leadership positions on campus and the fun that you have throughout
the year.



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