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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2016-04-25 17:13:47

The Piper - April 2016

The Piper - April 2016

TheP i p e rAlpha Omicron Pi | April 2016

Members of Omicron (U of Tennessee) at
their first Strike Out Arthritis! Wiffle Ball
Tournament held in March.

Values-Based Recruitment 101
Nominating Trustee Applications Available
Arthritis Event News... and more!

SAVE THE DATES BFoaorudndMataesiosange

MLB EVENTS Koren Phillips
Check AOII’s website for
specific dates (Phi Chi/U of Chicago)

June 24-26

Dear Sisters,
It’s hard to believe that it’s already
springtime – and before you know it,
collegiate and alumnae sisters from
across the U.S. and Canada will be
gathering in Tennessee for Leadership
Institute 2016: Be the Story. This will
be an incredible opportunity for all of
us to share training and educational
opportunities that will allow us to
articulate our own stories and to tell the
world why we are AOIIs!
The AOII Foundation is thrilled to report outstanding progress at the
midpoint of our 2015-2017 biennium. We have been so pleased to welcome the
leadership of our new Executive Director, Kristie Ryan (Rho Omicron). Under
her guidance and in collaboration with our staff partners and Foundation
Board, we anticipate another year where we will award even more in
scholarships, leadership and educational grants, and philanthropic grants than
ever before. The AOII Foundation is only able to award these dollars through
gifts from our generous donors.
I invite you to click on the link below to view our 2014-2015 Annual
Report. Throughout the pages of the report, we celebrate our donors and
the accomplishments that have been made possible through their ongoing
support. Please take a moment to read about our journey this past fiscal year,
and be inspired by the stories of sisters whose lives have been changed because
of collegiate members, alumnae and friends who are Securing the Future of
Alpha Omicron Pi.
I look forward to seeing many of you during Leadership Institute and sharing
stories of our journey of sisterhood this year.

1 Click here to read our 2014-2015 Annual Report: The AOII
Journey of Sisterhood.

It’s Worth Talking About

AOII Culture Principles

Alpha Omicron Pi’s Culture Principles were created to provide our
membership with a consistent approach to “how” we do things. Their
purpose is to help all members achieve the meaning of Fraternity as outlined
in our Ritual. Engagement is a key component of AOII’s culture. We impact
the hearts of our members and promote an exceptional membership
experience by building relationships and creating emotional connections
to AOII and our goals. We keep the ideals of AOII fresh in our minds
through association with sisters, service to our organization and striving
to always reflect credit upon our Fraternity. We forever honor the
obligations, which we have voluntarily taken upon ourselves, and will
remain devoted to Alpha Omicron Pi throughout our lifetime.

How do you keep members of your collegiate or alumnae chapter engaged with AOII?

Ritual Moments

Spend some time with AOII’s Founders! The Rituals, Traditions and Jewelry Committee
(RT&J) has recorded and developed a monthly podcast series called “Ritual Moments,”
where members can learn, understand and reflect on AOII’s rich history. A new podcast
will be released on the AOII Facebook page on the second Monday of each month.
April’s recording is the “Founders’ Day Greeting” from 1942. Watch for a new “Ritual
Moments” installment on the second Monday of each month! Members can also access
a transcript of each recording in the Ritual section of the Officer Resource Library on
Fulfilling the Promise ( > Officer Recourse Library > Ritual >
Ritual Moments & Ritual Moments Transcripts).

Experience, Service, Advancement and Growth! 2

Did you see the new videos on Facebook emphasizing these four important FOCUS areas? If not,
check them out on the AOII YouTube page.

Nominating Trustees Committee
Now Accepting Applications

The Nominating Trustees are delighted to announce that we are
accepting applications from alumnae sisters interested in applying for
the 2016-2018 Nominating Trustees committee.
The Nominating Trustees facilitate the Executive Board election
process. Please review the Nominating Trustee Position Description
prior to applying.
All information regarding the NT process can be found on AOII’s
website at
Applications are due May 1, 2016, and should be sent directly to the
Nominating Trustees at [email protected].
2014-2016 Nominating Trustees
Barbara Hunt, Past International President
Nancy Clark, Member of Rituals, Traditions & Jewelry Committee
Shauna Cavins, Chi Lambda Chapter Adviser
Anna Guerra, Baton Rouge Alumnae Chapter President
Chris Miller, Member-at-Large and Chairperson

Did you know that all AOII merchandise must be
purchased through an official, licensed Greek vendor?

The Greek Licensed Product seal is an indicator that companies are an approved
vendor by our partner Affinity Consultants. In collaboration with Affinity, AOII
is committed to raise awareness for our protected trademarks. Affinity has
launched the Official Shopper Program to help protect AOII's trademark and
ensure all products are being purchased through licensed vendors. It's easy to
participate and be rewarded for doing so! Chapters and members can turn in

receipts from any Greek-related purchases from licensed vendors and
earn merchandise credit for future purchases. The more receipts
you submit, the more merchandise credit you can collect! For more
information visit
program or email [email protected].


Volunteering for AOII
Network 1
The Human Resources HR Ambassador Network 1
Committee always accepts Network Specialist–Leadership**
volunteer applications. To speak Network Specialist–Recruitment**
to a member of the HRC team Network 2
about which position is right for Network Specialist-Development–Kappa Delta/Wright State U (vacancy 6/15/2016)
you, please email Network Specialist–Leadership**
[email protected]. To Network 3
complete a volunteer application, No vacancies
visit Network 4
volunteer-opportunities1 and HR Ambassador Network 4 (vacancy 6/15/2016)
click on the link at the bottom of Network Specialist–Finance**
the page. Network 5
The positions listed here are No vacancies
currently open - HRC is actively Network 6
recruiting to fill these vacancies: Network Specialist–Recruitment**
Network 7
** Indicates a new position in the Network Specialist-Development–Missouri State U (Fall 2016 colonization)
Network. Please reference the Network Specialist–Finance**
Network Structure Update on the Network Specialist–Leadership (vacancy 6/15/2016)
AOII website. Network Specialist–Recruitment
Network 8
Network Director
Network Specialist-Development–Zeta Theta/California State U, Chico (vacancy 6/15/2016)
Network Specialist–Finance**
Network Specialist–Leadership**
Network Specialist–Recruitment**

Stay Connected:

AOII’s social media outlets are the best way to stay up-to-date on AOII news. From recruitment results
and photos, to Strike Out Arthritis! and other philanthropic events, to notes of congratulations to
exemplary members and chapters for accomplishments and good works in the community, we are
always sharing the latest information. If your chapter has news or photos to share with us, please send
them to [email protected]! Photos to be considered for To Dragma should be sent to
[email protected] and must be 1MB or larger in size.
Instagram: @alphaomicronpi

NPC Information
Values-Based Recruitment 101

What is values-based recruitment all about?

• To ensure the future of collegiate chapters
• To make connections and build relationships between chapter members and potential new members (PNMs)
• To discover shared interests and values among chapter members and PNMs
• To display the high standards held by all NPC member organizations
The National Panhellenic Conference is a values-based organization. Its 26 member organizations are bound together through
the shared values expressed in the Panhellenic Creed. Those values must be portrayed in the activities of College Panhellenics
and individual chapters. That said, College Panhellenics and individual chapters must ensure that recruitment events are
values-based and reflective of the NPC sorority experience. A values-based approach should be used with all recruitment styles.
The Values-Based Recruitment Policy was submitted by the NPC Recruitment Committee and voted on by the 26 NPC
Delegates representing the 26 NPC organizations.

Policy (2015): All College Panhellenics and their member chapters shall incorporate the following policies into their
membership recruitment programs:

• Focus on conversations between chapter members and potential new members about organizational values and member

• Establish guidelines for membership recruitment budgets and set a cap on membership recruitment expenses, including the
value of all donated goods and services.

• Keep decorations to a minimum and confined to the interior space used for recruitment rounds.
• Determine recruitment event attire for chapter members that reduces individual financial burden and eliminates costuming.
• Eliminate gifts, favors, letters and notes for potential new members.
• Eliminate recruitment skits.

Consider the following when implementing a values-based recruitment:

• The purpose of recruitment is for potential new members and chapter members to get to know each other well enough for
both to take the first step toward an important lifetime choice.

o By eliminating costuming and matching outfits, chapter members display their individuality and authentic selves to
potential new members.
o By eliminating skits, there is more time for conversation during recruitment events.

• Recruitment events should accurately portray the values, benefits and obligations of sorority membership.
o By focusing on conversations, chapter members will have more time to share the benefits they experience from
sorority membership.
o By eliminating skits, the chance of performances that do not portray the values of AOII, chapters and NPC as a whole

is removed.
• Recruitment should not create a financial burden for the College Panhellenic, the chapters, individual chapter members or

potential new members.
o By keeping decorations to a minimum for recruitment events, the financial burden for chapters is less.
o By eliminating costuming and matching outfits, the financial burden for individual members is less.
o By setting budgets for chapters, the chapter financial burden is less.
o By including donated goods in the budgets, the financial burden to individual members and alumnae is less.


What should values-based recruitment look like?

Each campus’s primary recruitment schedule is determined by the number of invitational rounds it includes. Below are
three suggested models:

One Invitational Recruitment Two Invitational Recruitment Three Invitational Recruitment

Day 1: Open house focused on Day 1: Open house Day 1: Open house
sisterhood and philanthropy Day 2: Sisterhood and philanthropy Day 2: Sisterhood
Day 2: Preference Day 3: Preference Day 3: Philanthropy
Day 4: Preference

How can organizational values be shared during each round of recruitment?

In order to provide PNMs with an overall picture of your chapter, a selected leader within the chapter should plan to present
them with information about the theme of the event.

• Open House Round: The chapter president or vice president of membership recruitment shares why she chose the campus,

what activities members are involved in on campus and accomplishments of the chapter.

• Sisterhood: The scholarship chairman discusses academic standards for AOII, chapter awards and notable internships held

by chapter members. In addition, chapter member financial expectations are shared.

• Philanthropy: The philanthropy chairman provides information about the Arthritis Foundation (U.S.), the Juvenile Arthritis

Alliance (Canada), the chapter’s Strike Out Arthritis! event, AOII’s MLB events and local service activities.

• Preference: Individuals share personal stories about what AOII means to them, what makes them proud to be a member of

AOII and how their life has been impacted by their membership.

What are some activities to replace skits?

• Genuine conversations
• Words of welcome from chapter officers
• Philanthropy video
• Testimonials by members about chapter activities
• Panhellenic delegate presentation of chapter support of campus/Panhellenic events
• Presentations on AOII’s history, values and strengths
• Sharing financial obligations, academic expectations or new member requirements

Shop the Emporium!

The Emporium is your one stop shop for AOII summer gear. Visit
to fill your beach bag with AOII tees, hats, shorts, cups and sunglasses.


Drop the Distractions
April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and our partners at GEICO want to ensure all AOII sisters are
being as safe as possible. In 2014, 3,179 people were killed, and 431,000 were injured in crashes involving
distracted drivers. (, 2016)

The US Department of Transportation defines distracted driving as “any activity that could divert a person’s
attention away from the primary task of driving.” This can be any of the following:

Texting Personal grooming
Using a cell phone or smart phone Using a navigation system
Eating and/or drinking

Text messaging is one of the major causes of distracted driving accidents because it requires visual, manual and cognitive
attention from the driver. To combat this, put the phone down and do not text while driving. This is a sure way to keep
you and everyone around you safe.
GEICO would like to thank you in advance for putting down your phone and helping make America’s roads safer. To learn
more safe driving tips, as well as how GEICO could save you even more on auto insurance with your #MemberDiscount,
please visit Your completed quote also helps give back to Alpha Omicron Pi.

Disclaimer: GEICO contracts with various membership entities and other organizations, but these entities do not underwrite the offered insurance
products. Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. Discount amount varies in
some states. One group discount applicable per policy. Coverage is individual. In New York a premium reduction may be available. GEICO may not be
involved in a formal relationship with each organization; however, you still may qualify for a special discount based on your membership, employment
or affiliation with those organizations. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, One GEICO Plaza,
Washington, D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2016.

Arthritis News
Walk to Cure Arthritis!

Are you registered to Walk? Walk to Cure Arthritis is the Arthritis Foundation’s annual community
fundraising 5K walk event. Go to to
learn where walks are being held. If there is not a walk near you, visit the site above and contribute
virtually to “Team AOII National” knowing you are being a “Champion of Yes!”

Strike Out Arthritis with AOII!

Since 2010, Alpha Omicron Pi has partnered with 25 of the 30 Major League Baseball teams across North America to host
fundraising events in support of the Arthritis Foundation through our Strike Out Arthritis! initiative. Each year, ticket sales
and attendance grow, which allows for our donation to our international philanthropy to increase significantly. In addition
to these Fraternity-wide SOA! events, our collegiate and alumnae chapters host local SOA! events that also contribute
to AOII’s overall mission to Strike Out Arthritis! This year, the Fraternity’s goal is to host fundraising events with all 30
individual MLB teams in our ongoing effort to secure an AOII/Major League Baseball partnership.
This will become a reality with the help, support and attendance from each of our collegiate and
alumnae members. We hope to see you at the ballpark!

To find an AOII sponsored MLB event near you, please visit

or contact Alex LeForge at [email protected].

AOII Foundation
1 Rose Tributes Now Available for LI 2016 2

Rose Tributes are a special way to honor your sisters 2 Honor Your Graduating Seniors
at Leadership Institute and help raise money for the
Loyalty Fund, which supports all AOII Foundation As we near the end of the school year, now is the
programs. For each $5 contribution, you can send perfect time to honor your graduating seniors.
a sister a Rose Tribute, and she will receive an Support your sisters through purchasing Senior
acknowledgement card and an embroidered rose for Tribute e-cards!
her name badge. Each $10 donation allows the AOII Foundation
to continue providing scholarships, educational
Each Rose Tribute is $5, and they can be purchased grants to the Fraternity and Ruby Fund assistance
online under Donate Now/Donate Online at www. for our sisters., by mail and throughout event
registration. Please contact Michelle Ceylan at
[email protected] with any questions
about your order. The deadline to purchase Rose
Tributes for them to be included in the on-
site Leadership Institute registration packet is
Wednesday, June 1.


Click here to send a Senior Tribute
in honor of a special senior!

You may mail your donation to:
Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation

5390 Virginia Way
Brentwood, TN 37027

AOII Career Center Launch

Alpha Omicron Pi is excited to have launched a new career center for all members! This database, accessible 8
through a link on the AOII website main toolbar ( will provide alumnae and
collegiate members with a safe and easy place to:

• search for potential employment
• feature internships or jobs
• upload resumes for employers to view
• find employment positions within AOII
• search for potential employees
Another added bonus to the new career center is our partnership with FinLogic and Lorman Education
to provide resources for continuing professional education for alumnae at a 10% discount!

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