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2014 Fall/Winter - To Dragma

2014 Fall/Winter - To Dragma

To Dragmaof Alpha Omicron Pi
Vol. 79 No. 1 Fall/Winter 2014

Tips from Top Chapters
Fall Photo Gallery
Why We Stay

Omicron Chapter at the U of Tennessee has long been
a part of a campus community with no sorority housing.
Proving that a 112 year wait is still worth it, AOII’s
magnificent new home was officially dedicated on
November 8th. Returning for the dedication festivities
were 1997 initiates (l to r): Ginger Kennedy Smith, Amy
Owens Fendley, Amy Hart Mills, Mary-Hannah Blaine
MacCurdy, and Megan Steinle Daniels.


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9 Viewpoint 38 2014-2015 Volunteer Directory
10 Founders’ Day Messages 42 AOII Foundation News
12 Tips from Top Chapters 44 Living Arrangements
24 Why We Stay 46 AlphaLink Rebranded
28 Installation - Gamma Phi 48 Fall Photo Gallery
30 Installation - Alpha Mu 58 From the Archives
32 Beta Phi Reunion - Coming Together Again 64 Life Loyal AOIIs
36 Things We Love 66 For Further Discussion

On the cover: Rho Omicron (Middle Tennessee State U) members take a break To Dragma • 3
during their annual fall Smoke Out Arthritis BBQ. Top (l to r): Lauren Stanley,
Tori Sullivan and Kelley Benson. Bottom (l to r): Allie Patterson and Hannah Scott .

Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

To DragmaofAlphaOmicronPi From the Editor

To Dragma is the official magazine of Alpha Omicron Pi The passion we have for coffee sometimes amazes me. Don’t get me
Fraternity, and has been published since 1905. The mission wrong, I love coffee. I pretty much never start my day without a cup
of To Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi is: to inform, educate and brewed at home in my Keurig. I’m not particularly loyal to any brand.
inspire our readers on subjects relevant to our Fraternity, our I usually just buy something on sale, brew one cup and drink it hot.
chapters, our members, or Greek life; to encourage lifetime It’s only been recently that I have discovered my coffee routine is not
AOII involvement; to salute excellence; and to serve as a normal. Fueled by today’s coffee-addicted society, there is a new
permanent record of our Fraternity’s history. “coffee” normal, and it is impressive.

How to Contact To Dragma: Brand loyalty to Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Seattle Coffee and others
To Dragma, 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN 37027 is extraordinary. On a recent AOII colonization trip with a group of
(615) 370-0920, fax: (615) 371-9736,, staff and volunteers, we all had access to one of those in-room coffee
or [email protected]. machines, complimentary coffee in the lobby, and even a counter-style
restaurant in our hotel selling Starbucks coffee. Yet we still needed to
How to Update Your Name or Address: make a coffee run after arriving at our destination because several in our
Go to Update Info tab on the AOII website crew absolutely needed a “Dunkin.” And by that I mean the coffee, not
(, email your new address to the donut! You have to admire these companies for their development of
[email protected], or call (615) 370-0920. brand loyalty. Since this just happened to be an AOII colonization trip
when we were recruiting for new members, I couldn’t help but wonder
How to Subscribe to To Dragma: how much brand loyalty we have developed within AOII.
Subscriptions are $25.00 annually and can be paid by check
or credit card. Checks, made payable to AOII, should be If you are a collegiate member, are you at least as loyal to your collegiate
mailed to 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN 37027, chapter as you are to Starbucks? I’m serious. I’ve observed some pretty
Attn: Accounting. Credit card subscribers (Visa, Master Card intense coffee addictions. In the time it takes you to walk across campus
or Discover only) should email [email protected]. to buy your iced vanilla latte, how about inviting a sister you have not
seen in several weeks to join you and find out what’s going on in her
How to Join Life Loyal AOII: life? Or meet a new friend (and potential new member) from class at
Visit the AOII website (, or contact Starbucks to tell her more about AOII and Greek life. You are AOII’s
[email protected]. living, breathing brand identity on our college campuses. What are the
How to Join an AOII Alumnae Chapter: ways you can help AOII and your chapter become the brand that others
Visit the AOII website for contact information on an alumnae can not get through the day without?
chapter near you.
As an alumna, are you as loyal to your vow of lifetime commitment to
Director of To Dragma and Archives AOII as you are to your favorite coffee brand? Do you support the AOII
Mariellen Perkinson Sasseen, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama) Foundation with your gifts? Are you a member of an alumnae chapter
or the new International Alumnae Association? Do you volunteer your
Creative Director time at the local or international level? Do you write MIFs or talk to
Whitney Frazier, Rho Omicron (Middle TN State U) high school seniors about Greek life? Do you occasionally wear your
badge or still own anything that says Alpha Omicron Pi? You can read
Women Enriched through Lifelong Friendship. through this magazine or visit the AOII website and find the solution
to every one of those questions. You are AOII’s living, breathing brand
Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College in identity on the home front and in the workplace. I’ll ask you a similar
New York City, January 2, 1897, by Jessie Wallace Hughan, question: How can you help AOII become the brand that others can not
Helen St. Clair Mullan, Stella George Stern Perry & live without?
Elizabeth Heywood Wyman.
Alpha Omicron Pi is a great brand. Let’s all have a cup of coffee and
International President ponder how we can make it even better.
Allison Allgier, Epsilon Omega (Eastern Kentucky U)
Executive Director
Troylyn LeForge, Beta Phi (Indiana U) Mariellen Perkinson Sasseen

Alpha Omicron Pi is a member of the National Panhellenic Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014
Conference and the Fraternity Communications Association.

4 • To Dragma

It’s time...

for an Alpha Omicron Pi

Canadian Foundation

AOII’s who live in Canada have made donations to the AOII
Foundation for years without enjoying the same tax benefits that
our American sisters have received with their donations. The time truly
has come to establish the Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation Canada (AOIIFC).
All AOIIs in Canada are invited to become charter donors.

With the support and guidance from the AOII Foundation, AOIIFC has been sourcing
pledges to endow our initial scholarship and provide start-up funds to become a
registered foundation in Canada. We need to raise $25,000 to accomplish this step
- and we are almost there. Can you help us go over the top?

CANADA Frequently asked questions

Pledge now, pay later Will I get a tax receipt?
Yes! Once AOIIFC is a registered charity in Canada, tax receipts can be issued for donations.

We are asking for your pledge now I have been donating to AOII Foundation for years. Will my giving to AOIIFC
so we can reach our $25,000 goal to be recognized by Foundation or do I start over from zero?
endow our first scholarship ($20,000) When you donate to AOIIFC, this will count towards your giving levels with the AOII
and fund start-up costs to become a Foundation, and will be recognized.
registered charity ($5,000). You will not
have to pay until AOIIFC is registered Will Canadians still be eligible for Ruby Fund support or apply for the
and confirmed with the Canadian research grants?
Revenue Agency because only then Yes! Canadians can still support/request Ruby Fund assistance and apply for
can we open a bank account. This research grant. The basis for the AOIIFC, at first, will be for scholarships only.
milestone is expected to be reached in
mid-spring 2015. Once registered, we Is there a minimum donation?
will contact you to discuss payment All amounts are welcome, but to reach our goal by this March, we ask that alumnae
options that work best for you! pledge a minimum of $365 ($1/day), and collegians pledge a minimum of $100.
These charter members will be recognized on a plaque to be displayed in the AOII
Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014 Foundation offices in Brentwood, as well as online.

Our Volunteer Board
It is no small feat to bring this to fruition, so we are proud to dedicate our time and
talents to see this dream come true for our fellow Canadian sisters.

Joan MacCallum, Kappa Phi (McGill U),
Past International President 1979-1981, International Historian
Jin Hu, Lambda Epsilon (U of Waterloo),
Network Specialist-Leadership, Network 1
Karen Seeley, LLB, Kappa Phi (McGill U)
Shala Schweitzer Sweet, Kappa Lambda (U of Calgary),
Network Specialist-Finance

To Dragma • 5

FraternityNews Duquesne University
Alpha Mu
Fall 2014 Colonizations
• Colonization Dates: September 12-14
Seton Hall University • Colonizing Officer: Krista Whipple
Gamma Phi • Colonization Team: Kaya Miller, Heather Hays, Krista Whipple,
Amy Simonini, Clarke Erickson, Zoe Gertner, Kelli Gatti,
• Colonization Dates: September 12-14 Kathleen Donohue
• Colonizing Officer: Gayle Fitzpatrick • Collegiate Chapter Assistance: Phi Lambda, Theta Psi
• Colonization Team: Meredith Dunn, Mariellen Sasseen, Mallory Stratton,
Jaynellen Jenkins, Koren Phillips, Gayle Fitzpatrick, Catherine Jennings,
Katie Mullins, Emily Murray, Mary Kate Sweeney
• Collegiate Chapter Assistance: Alpha, Iota Theta, Theta Pi

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Austin Peay State University
Phi Delta Pi Omicron

• Colonization Dates: • Colonization Dates: September 29-October 1
September 25-27 • Colonizing Officer: Grace Houston
• Colonizing Officer: • Colonization Team: Grace Houston, Becky Rogers, Ashley Dumat,
Amber Countis Sarah Elliot, Courtney West, Kara Mantooth, Emily Murray, Zoe Gertner,
• Colonization Team: Mary Kate Sweeney
Andrea Theobald, • Collegiate Chapter Assistance: Nu Omicron, Delta Omega, Rho Omicron
Amber Countis,
Heather Hays,
Linda Grandolfo,
Jessie Wang-Grimm,
Amanda Gilpin,
Payton Ramsey,
Addie Dyer
• Collegiate Chapter
Phi Upsilon, Tau

6 • To Dragma Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

U of Nevada - Spring 2015 Colonization Northeast Weekend a Success

After a busy fall of collegiate chapter colonizations, AOII wraps up the The ladies of Network 1 came together for the annual Northeast
school year with another colonization at the University of Nevada in Weekend at Hartwick College from October 25 -26th. A total of
Reno, Nevada this spring. Contact Kara Mantooth at 144 sisters were present.
km[email protected] if you are interested in working with
this new chapter or want to learn more about colonization plans. The weekend incorporated educational sessions for both
collegiate and alumnae members. Among the presentations
Founded in 1864, the University of Nevada-Reno is a public institution were updates from Crystal Combs, President of the AOII
offering more than 145 degree programs to nearly 16,000 students. Foundation Board; Gayle Fitzpatrick, AOII Executive Board; and
AOII is pleased to be joining this community as the 5th NPC Julie Bishop, AOII Properties Board. Sigma Chi, the host chapter
organization, which already includes Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, welcomed all attendees to their chapter house for breakfast.
Kappa Alpha Theta and Sigma Kappa. Evening activities included pizza, a bonfire and a haunted trail for
collegians, and dinner and a wine glass exchange for alumnae.
It was a chance for collegians to connect with alumnae from all
over the northeast. All left with a renewed sense of love and
admiration for AOII’s bond of sisterhood.

Save These Dates! AMSluOamE rDnaeceahdClhina1e,pt2er015

Feb 1, 2015

Collegiate Chapter March 1, 2015
SOE Deadline

Wingate University Wright State University
Alpha Epsilon Kappa Delta

• Colonization Dates: October 3-5 • Colonization Dates: October 10-12
• Colonizing Officer: Susan Danko • Colonizing Officer: Karen Marchese
• Colonization Team: Susan Danko, Heather Hays, Susan Bonifield, • Colonization Team: Kimberly Sons, Amy Jo Gabel, Jenny Meade,
Tracy Lyons, Abby Mason, Kendyl Trail, Rebecca Easterling Karen Marchese, Becky Rogers, Haley Mruz, Katie Clark,
• Collegiate Chapter Assistance: Chi Phi, Epsilon Chi, Sigma Gamma, Mary Kate Sweeney, Becky Ziga
Zeta Psi • Collegiate Chapter Assistance: Chi Lambda, Nu Omega, Omega,
Epsilon Omega, Chi Epsilon

Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014 To Dragma • 7

Bid Day excitement
at Epsilon Omega
(Eastern Kentucky U)

Founders’ Day Message

During a variety of Founders’ Day events across the US and Canada, AOIIs will pause to pay tribute
to the founding of our great fraternity and to the four young women who started it all. Stella
George Stern Perry, Elizabeth Heywood Wyman, Helen St. Clair Mullan and Jessie Wallace Hughan
hold special places in all our hearts. We are grateful to these four for founding a fraternity whose
Rituals are timeless and ideals are based on friendship, service, humility and simplicity.

Alpha Omicron Pi came into being because Stella, Bess, Helen and Jess were determined to be a
part of an organization in which the joys of membership would last a lifetime. From the very start,
establishing a society based on FRIENDSHIP was one of their greatest desires. AOII proved worthy
of the love and devotion they maintained for one another throughout their entire lifetime. Their
FRIENDSHIP was truly inspiring.

For 118 years, AOII has been of SERVICE to the world around us. Millions of dollars have been
raised for our international philanthropic mission of arthritis education, awareness, and research, as
well as a number of causes that are of importance to our chapters and members at the local level.
The number of service hours is limitless as passionate AOIIs contribute countless hours to causes
near and dear to our hearts every year. We are a sisterhood that continues to give back with both
our time and our dollars. AOII’s passion for SERVICE is certainly inspiring.

It takes great maturity to establish an organization that emphasizes HUMILITY. Our founders never
sought for AOII to be better than other sororities or groups of the day – merely different. There
was never a certain type of member that they desired, in fact, the four of them were as different
from one another as could possibly be. Their differences often brought forth passionate debates,
but always with the greatest sense of respect and admiration for each other. That strong sense
of individuality with empathy remains part of AOII today. Their desire for HUMILITY in all things
remains inspiring.

We all recognize there is great SIMPLICITY in Alpha Omicron Pi. From the design of our elegant
badge to the selection of our single jacqueminot rose, we were never meant to be showy or
ostentatious. In our crazy, busy lives, simplicity is often what we need to ground us. Because of its
discerning SIMPLICITY, our marvelous Ritual remains unchanged and still holds the same respect
today as it did in 1897. That is definitely inspiring.

As we consider all that AOII has accomplished in the past year, we are inspired. Our growth proves
the world is full of others seeking what AOII has long possessed. So it is with great appreciation
for all who have come before us that we continue to embrace the values of friendship, service,
humility and simplicity, which help define our sisterhood.

Fraternally, Gayle Fitzpatrick, Vice President

2013-2015 AOII Executive Board Karen Galehan, Vice President
Allison Allgier, International President
Krista Whipple, Vice President of Finance Rebecca Herman, Vice President
Amber Countis, Vice President Grace Houston, Vice President
Susan Danko, Vice President

10 • To Dragma Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

Ruby Fund Message

Happy Founders’ Day! “It is often said that the Ruby Fund is the Heart of AOII. While I love
this statement, and believe it to be true, I beg to differ – if only slightly.
When we pledged ourselves to Alpha Omicron Pi, whether it was a We, as individual women, are the collective heart of AOII. We, as
few or many years ago, we followed in the steps of four incredible individual women, do our very best every single day to be ladies,
women. These women founded our Fraternity based on four ideals leaders, motivators, and doers. And we make a difference! Through the
- Friendship, Humility, Simplicity, and Service. Not only Service to the generous donations of AOII sisters, and the incredible love of the AOII
world around us, but Service to each other. Millions of dollars have Foundation, I was given the financial assistance that I needed during a
been raised and thousands of hours have been donated, but it is the time of incomprehensible crisis. It is not an understatement to say that
words of those whom we have assisted through the Ruby Fund that the gift of the Ruby Fund has changed my life forever.”
truly make an impact on us.
Imagine, now, being a sister who donated last year and knowing that
The Ruby Fund has granted over $800,000 to AOII sisters in significant you literally changed the life of a sister and her three young children.
need - need that most of us can’t even imagine. Clothes because they Imagine, now, there are other sisters whose story you don’t know.
were all washed away in a storm, food for our very young daughters, Imagine, now, the help other sisters need. Imagine, now, the
or help with attorney fees because the person you trusted most is the lives you can change. Imagine, now, how good you will feel
one who dragged you through things most unimaginable. One of our knowing you helped a sister. With your generous donation
recipients this year shares these words: to the Ruby Fund, our sisters can know that even through
the worst of circumstances, we are here for them.
“When my world came crashing down around me, the only words that
I could utter on that fateful day were, ‘Everything I know to be true, is Roses,
not.’ What do you do when you literally have nothing, and don’t know
how to move forward? 2013-2015 Ruby Fund Committee
Tracy Herand McCarty, Chairman
“The answer: You call upon those whom you should have no fear to Debbie Welsh Koenig
call. When I pledged AOII in 1993, and fell in love with everything that Antonia (Toni) Flowers Morgan
it represents, little did I know it would become one of the many things
that has brought me back to life, and given me hope for the future.

12 • To Dragma Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

Tips from Top

What does it take to win a chapter award at Convention? What
separates award winning chapters from runners-up? After all, each
year dozens of AOI chapters achieve Ruby level accreditation status
and exceed expectations in specific areas of operation. Over the next
few pages, we take a look at a few of the creative ideas that award
winners from Leadership Institute 2014 did that caught the judges’
attention. These single ideas are merely one part of comprehensive
award winning applications. Some may even be used by other
chapters, but remain examples of how good ideas combined with
outstanding programming helped lift these winners
to the top in last year’s award competition.

Here’s why AOI’s award winning
chapters were right on target.

Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014 To Dragma • 13

Excellence in Alumnae Relations Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U)
Kappa Tau believes strongly in establishing relationships
Pi Alpha (U of Louisville) between members and local alumnae and has three active
Pi Alpha made a big push to reconnect and locate local alumnae last programs in place to emphasize this annually. “Local
year and hosted several alumnae events as a result. One of their most alumnae members are asked to serve as Alum Chums
successful endeavors was “holding our spring Initiation during our to graduating seniors. Aunt Stellas are recruited to help
Founders’ Day celebration. All the alumnae present were encouraged welcome new members and Reliable Rubies serve as
to stay while our special guest and Past International President Ginger academic mentors to collegiate members following their
Banks performed the Ritual. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity professional career path.”
and it was a unique way for the local alumnae to reconnect with AOII.”

Excellence in Finance Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U)
Kappa Tau’s Treasurer and Financial Adviser
Zeta (U of Nebraska) met with every new officer during their officer
Transparency is the key to Zeta’s financial transition workshop and led a “how to” session
success. “Each week in the minutes we on effective budgeting. “Because BillHighway’s
submit a report of our general account budget listing does not match ours exactly,
balance, the total outstanding account we created a color-coded spreadsheet which
balances, the percent of overdue accounts, outlines how each cost center is broken down.
and a fun fact detailing our largest monetary For example, cost centers like Activities (which
purchase for the week. We also send a actually includes budgets for Greek Week,
detailed document of officer budgets to Homecoming, Mocktails and Intramurals)
members weekly. By doing this, we highly are colored green, with breakdowns for
encourage all members to become involved corresponding functions in a lighter shade
in our chapter finances. Sending out budget of green. This spreadsheet has been a true
information demonstrates Zeta’s character, lifesaver, especially when writing checks and
as we believe that members should have the financial management.”
ability to monitor and assess the distribution
of their dues.”

Excellence in Campus Involvement Zeta Pi (U of Alabama Birmingham)
Zeta Pi members are often found serving others as
Lambda Sigma (U of Georgia) well as leading others to serve. “All of our members
Organizations like CURE International and For Loving Yourself (FLY) are both participate in the biannual “Into the Streets” day of
new organizations at the U of Georgia that were started and led by AOII service hosted by UAB’s Leadership Service Council. It
members. CURE is an organization that delivers spiritual and financial help is a wonderful day long event in which we all meet on
to third world countries. FLY is a volunteer group dedicated to increasing our campus “Green” early in the morning. They have
awareness about issues surrounding body image, self-esteem and eating 15-20 service sites established and students get to pick
disorders in an effort to positively influence society’s definition of beauty. A which one they want to go to. At each event we have
senior AOII member started FLY because of her passion for helping young always had at least one of our members serve as the
women feel confident in their own bodies. Recently, an AOII freshman site leader.”
created another campus organization devoted to raising awareness for
suicide prevention, and another AOII member began an initiative to organize
and execute a student food pantry for the campus community. This student
pantry now operates 5 days a week and provides food for UGA students
who are in need.

Epsilon Omega (Eastern Kentucky U) Excellence in Community Service
Overall, Epsilon Omega takes community service hours very seriously
and thoroughly enjoys completing them. “Some of the many events Kappa Alpha (Indiana State U)
that our members participated in over the last year were Berea Parks and This year, Kappa Alpha chapter reached out to the Terre Haute
Rec’s annual Valentines Day Dance, Relay for Life, and a Grandparents community to establish four new philanthropic endeavors. Several
Day Celebration at a local nursing home. At the Valentine’s Day Dance projects supported Gary’s Place, a local not-for-profit safe house
our members were paired up with a person with special needs for a fun for teenage girls in need of assistance. “We were introduced to this
night of dancing. At Relay for Life, our girls helped work different stations organization during the Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service
and walked the course to encourage other people at the event to do the and had a wonderful dialogue with the director concerning the
same. At the Grandparents Day Celebration, our members had a variety ongoing needs of the population that they assist.” In addition, Kappa
of different jobs such as setting up tables and chairs, handing out drinks, Alpha hosts an annual canned food drive. “This year, in an attempt
decorating, and interacting with the participants.” to improve our event, we reached out to Indiana State University’s
Union Board. We collaborated for a successful, annual “Jam the Bus”
canned food drive event.”

Epsilon Sigma (Quincy U)
Many women in the chapter are Franciscan Service Scholars at Quincy University. In fact,
many women are drawn to AOII during recruitment because of the Fraternity’s strong
emphasis on service to others. “During 2013, the women of Epsilon Sigma Chapter
completed over 700 service hours, especially impressive when you consider that averages to
nearly 46 hours completed per member.”

Excellence in Operations

Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)
Allowing for individual announcements during chapter meetings for a 350+ member chapter can
be time consuming and overwhelming. To minimize this problem, a Facebook page devoted to
member announcements was created, personal announcements were moved to dinner, and a weekly
video shown during chapter meeting was created just for announcements. The creative video called
“Megan Lately” became a regular addition to the agenda. “Our LC members were asked to send all
announcements to our VP of Chapter Development, Megan Miller. Our VP Administration worked with
Megan to film a “talk show” each week for announcements. This entertaining and memorable method
also helped cut our chapter meeting’s time down, often to less than an hour of time.”

Kappa Omega (U of Kentucky) Excellence in Communication
Most chapters use Twitter to
broadcast major chapter events. Sigma (UC Berkeley)
Kappa Omega takes it a step further Communication at Sigma is a shared responsibility among several officers. For example, the VP of
by tweeting about the big and Chapter Development creates flyers that are hung around the house to advertise sisterhood events and
small things going on within the provide important information at a glance. The VP of Education sends out chapter-wide “This Week at
chapter. From sisterhood events AOII” emails to create excitement about the week’s events, while the VP of Communications sends out
to acknowledging each fraternity weekly “Opportunities and Announcements” as a means to transmit information about job and internship
serenade and Valentine’s Day card opportunities and campus events. Furthermore, the Recording Secretary submits photos of AOIIs at recent
received, it’s all one of the fun ways events along with the meeting minutes to share chapter involvement with the wider AOII community. “In
to communicate. “We also reach the largest collaboration, each of our officers are asked to submit blurbs about the resources and activities
out to other chapters via social they provide to the chapter as part of the three-page Parent Newsletter that is sent out to AOII families.”
media to help them celebrate
accomplishments of their chapters Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U)
and members.” Kappa Tau has found a creative way to streamline internal communication. To communicate with
chapter members, they send a weekly email, which is color-coded to match their calendar (like
mandatory chapter events, campus events, and bonus events). It’s emails like this that have helped
members stay above the required participation points. “One of our favorite PR traditions is our A-O-Pride
Week, which is held at the beginning of each semester instead of just once a year. During this week, we
have a table in the union that we do something each day like giving out free baked goods to help raise
awareness for arthritis or handing out sports schedules to encourage attendance and school pride. A-O-
Pride week is our way of sharing a piece of our sisterhood to everyone on Southeastern’s campus!”

Lambda Chi (LaGrange College) Excellence in Sisterhood
What better way to celebrate the beautiful season of fall
than to carve and paint pumpkins with your sisters like they Pi Alpha (U of Louisville)
do at Lambda Chi? “After the scheduled chapter meeting Once Spirit Week for recruitment begins,
one night, each of our members lugged in an orange sisterhood becomes a vital part of everything
pumpkin, and we provided carving knives and paint sets. that Pi Alpha does. They are intentional about
Trash bags were spread, sweatpants were thrown on, and starting and ending their days on a positive
the fun began. From the sisters who are obsessed with note. There are no “everyone better be here on
Disney, carving Cinderella and Woody in their pumpkins, to time tomorrow or else” closing remarks here!
the sister getting her degree in art, who would put Pinterest “We began each day with a fun sisterhood
to shame with her burlap inspired pumpkin, our diversity activity such as ‘Captain Says’ or ‘Insanity.’
creatively blossomed. Afterwards, we had fun posing with Then each day ends with a reflective activity
our pumpkins to take pictures of our creations to proudly that really emphasizes the importance of
post on Facebook and Instagram.” recruitment to our sisterhood.”

Omega Sigma (Oklahoma State)
A memorable activity was held at Omega Sigma that brought out creativity and
sisterhood. “Each woman wore a plain white t-shirt and shorts, and many different
colors of paint were provided around a tarp. All of the women were instructed to
stand on a tarp and cover their hands in paint. They would then be prompted to
‘Touch someone who makes you smile’ and other statements. Then the women
would go around and place their painted hands on each other, leaving a painted
handprint behind. This was a fun way to see how every one in our chapter
‘touches/brings color’ to each of our lives and to the chapter.”

Kappa Phi (McGill U) Omega (Miami U)
Every week Kappa Phi provides opportunities Omega has several landmark
for sisters to appreciate other sisters who exude sisterhood events that are incredibly
sisterhood. “One way to honor a sister is our ‘Roses popular with the chapter. “One event
to…’ box. Throughout the week, girls submit ‘Roses is our Progressive Dinner, hosted the
to…’ a sister who may have done something kind, first weekend after recruitment, which
sisterly, or admirable. As VP of Chapter Development, allows our upper-classmen to host
I am so proud to say that the number of submissions groups of new members and their
I receive every week is overwhelming. ‘Roses to…’ heart families as they progress from
are read aloud every week at the end of Chapter appetizers to dinner to dessert at
Meeting. It is a wonderful way to end meeting on a various ‘AOII Pass-Down’ houses. The
sisterly note.” Other weekly awards include the “Spirit event garnered over 95% attendance
Tiara” for the sister who demonstrates the most AOII this year and is a great way for everyone
spirit, and the “Support Bra” to recognize a sister who in our chapter to get to know many
needs a little extra support that week for any reason. new members quickly.”

Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U) Beta Zeta (Kennesaw State U)
Kappa Tau’s annual Spring Sisterhood Week is always filled As a chapter with over 150 sisters and no live-in housing, Beta Zeta
with activities that bring out the smiles. “Last year events has to be creative with chapter sisterhood event locations. And
included girls bringing in baby pictures of themselves creative they have been. “For our annual sisterhood retreat, sisters
for others to guess, ‘Milk n’ Cookies Monday,’ ‘Workout gathered at a nearby gymnastics gym for activities, food, and bonding
Wednesday,’ and the week ended with Melon Ball, where at a giant sleepover! The VP of Chapter Development assigned
everyone enjoyed watermelon decorating and partner teams prior to the event to encourage girls to break out of their usual
relays to conclude a fun-filled sisterhood week. We even groups and spend some quality time with sisters whom they may
had our own Instagram hashtag #sisterhoodweek13 so that not be close to. The team activities included Panda Olympics where
everyone could follow the activities!” sisters competed in human wheelbarrow races, dizzy bat, and relay
races! Sisters also broke into their groups for a puzzle activity: each
sister decorated a puzzle piece which was eventually added to the
completed puzzle, demonstrating the power of unity and that we are
all ‘individually unique, together complete!’ Most of all, sisters enjoyed
free time to play in the foam pit, jump on trampolines, and just goof
off with their sisters.”

Excellence in Ritual Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U)
Every week, Kappa Tau has a Ritual Word of the Week that relates to
Chi Lambda (U of Evansville) everything going on in the chapter at that particular time, such as
Ritual excellence boils down to attention membership selection, mid-terms, or Greek Week. “This is one of our weekly
to education, execution and everyday use. reminders to incorporate our principles and values into everything that we
Last semester, Chi Lambda’s Keeper of the do. Our Word of the Week is sent out in the weekly email from our President
Ritual and VP of Chapter Development and also shared at LC and business meetings.”
collaborated on a fun new ritual activity
for their sisterhood retreat. “We decided Pi Alpha (U of Louisville)
to make beaded key chains. Each of the One of many ritual workshops held at Pi
colored beads stood for important parts Alpha occurs before formal recruitment.
of our Ritual with a red heart bead at the “We started our recruitment preparation
top. We all carry around this fun craft as a week with a workshop about why Ritual
reminder of our Ritual on a daily basis.” is important in Recruitment. We looked at
specific parts of Ritual as we answered several
Lambda Sigma (U of Georgia) questions such as, ‘How does this piece of
One of Lambda Sigma’s favorite Ritual traditions Ritual influence how I view and interact with
takes place during Initiation. “Before the potential new members?’ And ‘How does
ceremony, our new members meet in groups this piece of Ritual guide the decisions I
with our seniors and discuss what AOII means make during recruitment about the
to them and how Ritual has impacted their future of our chapter and AOII as a
lives. The seniors are careful not to go into detail whole?’ Members were given the
about Ritual, since Initiation hasn’t yet begun, opportunity to reflect and share
but they are able to speak to our new members their opinions.”
about how they have learned to portray our
Ritual’s values outside of AOII, and within. This
is a special experience for our new members as
well as the seniors. It allows our newest chapter
members to feel more comfortable going into
the ceremony, while also establishing unity
between the new members and our seniors.”

What else goes into a

1. Applications should be truthful (false 2. Pay attention to the category you are entering.

statements are typically caught), well-written and Excellence in Community Service is not where you would
prepared by a collegiate chapter officer. Advisers highlight your Strike Out Arthritis Event. That event falls
or outside sources are NEVER to write or prepare under Excellence in Philanthropy. You won’t score points
any part of the award application except the in the Excellence in Philanthropy category for working on
requested letter of recommendation. Advisers other Greek philanthropies. Excellence in Philanthropy is
should only review or offer suggestions, but never the category that honors AOII led and/or spearheaded
write the submission. activities. Excellence in Fraternity/Sorority Relations is
where a chapter gets to highlight consistent involvement
in other Greek sponsored projects and/or ways to
improve Greek relations on campus. Read the category
instructions carefully.

Excellence in Membership Recruitment

Lambda Sigma (U of Georgia) Chi Lambda (U of Evansville)
Even great recruiting chapters know there is always room for improvement Creative monthly recruitment workshops give
so Lambda Sigma made the most of a conversation workshop conducted by Chi Lambda a leg up on the competition.
Phired Up. “We put our newly improved skills to the test by inviting another “We hold monthly workshops to emphasize
Greek organization over to help us learn during a successful and fun mock the basics of recruitment and build spirit
recruitment party. Then we took a necessary risk in our recruitment plans in within chapter. During early workshops,
order to facilitate more meaningful and substantial conversations. In the past, rotation groups were formed and team
names selected. Each group came up with a
Round 2 (House Tours) has been our most difficult round, garnering our chant or song to represent themselves. These
lowest return rates of the week. However, redesigning our house smaller groups helped develop friendships
tours route in such a way that fostered better communication and trust that made practicing difficult skills,
opportunities with PNMs was extremely successful. This like conversations, easier for new recruiters.
communication-focused approach helped to raise our It also provided for more personal attention
Round 2 return rate to 98.83%, the highest percentage for new recruiters. During our fall retreat,
we have had in that round in five years.” Further we even compete in a fun rotation group
evidence of success - 100% of the 69 women in Olympics. Once recruitment began, the
the 2013 new member class listed AOII first on bond within these groups was evident, which
their recruitment agreements. strengthened our discussions of sisterhood
during membership selection.”

Rho Omicron (Middle TN State U)
One of the many outstanding aspects of Rho Omicron’s preparation for formal recruitment
is its successful summer retreat. “This past year we decided to make it an actual getaway
weekend. We traveled to nearby Center Hill Lake, and stayed in cabins and hotel rooms right
on the water. We packed a great deal into those two days. Everything from song practice
to clothes checks to mock membership selection sessions were held. We were especially
touched by reflecting on AOII’s Colonization Ritual that most of us had never heard. It
helped us to think about how we wanted to continue our chapter’s legacy. What did we
want women of Rho Omicron to be like years from now? On top of all that great recruitment
practice, we had so much fun together. We played games where we laughed until we cried,
laid out by the lake, and ate a lot of junk food. When we came back to Murfreesboro we
were a newly invigorated, highly motivated chapter. We’ve often talked about how those
two days of preparation, sisterhood and Ritual emphasis were the reasons we performed so
well during fall recruitment.”

successful awards application?

3. For Excellence in one of the operational 4. Fluff and rambling answers are not impressive,

categories, be aware that every chapter entering has even if you are tossing in all the right words. Get to the
achieved Ruby level. Do not waste time emphasizing point and offer specific examples.
things your chapter does that every chapter is
already expected to do. That will not set your
chapter apart.


Tips from Top Chapters

Excellence in Operations

Chicago NW Suburban AC Excellence in Community Involvement
Monthly chapter meetings are scheduled each year with one
designated as a Ritual or Ritual workshop. The meetings include Chicago NW Suburban AC
social time, a business meeting with agenda, and a program. The For the past six years Chicago NW Suburban AC has supported the
calendar year includes three chapter fundraisers, five book club Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood Foundation to help a member’s
meetings, five social events such as a Murder Mystery, Botanical daughter who suffers from this rare disease. “Judy Zawacke, one of our
Garden Tour, Couples Bowling or Pot Luck, three arthritis fundraisers, members, is in charge of getting volunteers to organize and walk in the
three Panhellenic events, several dinners out, and special events. annual Emma’s Walk held in Lake Zurich. Chicago Northwest Suburban
“Our nineteen member Executive Board meets at least three times a Alumnae chapter supplies eight to ten shift workers every year. We also
year to conduct chapter business, set goals, plan for the future and make an annual donation to the Foundation and we helped secure a
establish a budget. The diversity of these meetings helps meet the research grant by encouraging members and friends to vote for AHC in a
needs of our members with a wide range of ages and interests.” Pepsi sponsored contest. In 2012 researchers identified the gene causing
AHC in approximately 75% of patients. We like to think we are helping make
Chicago West Suburban AC a difference for children like Emma!”
Chicago West streamlines its meetings with three important tools:
Executive Board consensus, emailed agendas, and their Paw Prints Toledo Area AC
e-newsletters. With eight business meetings, including formal Ritual Members of our Toledo Area AC can be seen showing their AOII pride
in April, and increased attendance, orderly, relevant exchange of while supporting local events such as Relay for Life, Race for the Cure, and
business information is essential. “This efficiency leaves us plenty of the Jingle Bell Run. “As we do each year, we also collected pandas at our
time for the more fun activities that we all love.” Founders’ Day luncheon. Our typical collection is approximately 50 stuffed
animals, which are then donated to the Toledo Children’s Hospital.”
Excellence in Communications

Chicago West Suburban AC
Chicago West Suburban successfully uses social media for member engagement
and recruitment. “Our blog ( has had 9,600+ hits
since it launched in July 2011! Sisters use our blog and Google calendar to gather
information about our chapter. We provide an interactive virtual sisterhood
experience by posting pictures and information immediately following events.
And we use our Facebook group to communicate between meetings and to
communicate with collegiate and alumnae chapters for recruitment.”

Philadelphia AC
Philadelphia has branded their social media accounts the same, AOIIPhilly, so
it’s easier to find them. Accounts begin with AOII, so they can use sort methods
in Google, for instance, to make certain they are listed first. “Our streamlined
approach of using website, Facebook and Twitter accounts helps us remain
consistent and well-organized for chapter operations. For example, each officer
is given an email address, guaranteeing her privacy and ensuring that while the
officer may change, the way to contact her will not. Send an email to president@ and you’ll always reach the current president since we have a
behind-the-scenes method of connecting a domain address with an officer.”


203 Chapter Installation
Gamma Phi -Seton Hall University

Alpha Omicron Pi was elated to welcome our have not only learned about the organization and its
203rd collegiate chapter on November 8, 2014. values, which include character, dignity, scholarship, and
Allison Allgier, AOII’s International President, was college loyalty, but we have learned about each other as
the installing officer for the Gamma Phi Chapter at individuals, and have grown in sisterly love. I remember
Seton Hall University. Alumnae and collegians from the indescribable feeling I felt during Preference Night
the surrounding area celebrated the Initiation and during the Rose Ceremony and knowing in my heart
Installation of the chapter with the newest members and soul that AOII was where I belonged. It was the
of AOII. warmest feeling I have ever experienced.'

Seventy-three collegiate members were initiated into She continued “Since then, you all have further proven
AOII membership after a semester of connecting and to me that my feelings were right. Alpha Omicron
growing as a colony. Having chosen the submotto Pi and each one of you have already left a special
“Forever United through Dignity and Grace,” mark in my life, and I cannot wait to see what the
the chapter’s notable characteristics have resonated rest of our collegiate time here together has to bring.
throughout the Seton Hall campus and community. I look forward to watching this chapter grow to its
Erin Lott, Gamma Phi’s first Chapter President said, full potential as we begin a legacy here at Seton Hall
“To be finally initiated as a member of this beautiful and set a shining example for the rest of this campus,
sisterhood is an honor and a blessing. Eight weeks while supporting each other in being the most genuine,
ago, we came in almost as strangers. Since then, we dignified, and passionate versions of ourselves.”

28 • To Dragma Issue No. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014


Forever United through Dignity & Grace

Charter Members

Campus & Kayleigh Adams April Martin
Community Involvement: Alexa Amoroso Amanda McGovern
Nida Ansari Briana Minutillo
• Silly String a Gamma Phi chapter fundraiser event Riya Arora Leanne Mocniak
• Phi Kappa Theta’s Pirate Queen Kathryn Barcellona Gianni Napoli
• Delta Phi Epsilon & Alpha Gamma Delta’s Powderpuff football game Nora Baron Natalie Niles
• World Arthritis Day (table to raise awareness) Shannon Batt Paige O’Flynn
• Sigma Pi’s 5K for Suicide Awareness Hayley Bava Emily Ozimek
“• Greeksgiving” PB&J Sandwich Making Contest Sarah Bayat Jessica Page
Jessica Bertonazzi Jasmine Paragas
DeAnna Bifalco Brianna Paton
Amanda Boyer Jessie Plummer
Tarriya Carter Megan Rafter
Olivia Cormier Brittany Rockenfeller
Tara Curry Allyson Rudd
Jordan DeAndrea Gabrielle Salerno
Dana Dellavalle Vanessa Sanchez
Kristian DeStefano-James Christina Santiago
Ariana Dispalatro Mackenzie Scibetta
Jessica Dow Jordan Scrape
Marianna Eboli Nicole Sgherza
Nicole Economu Alisha Sharaballi
Alexandra Erhardt Samantha Slavetskas
Eldridge Etienne Kathryn Smilowitz
Shauni Figueroa Christina Stanhope
Mallory Finch Rosemary Sweigart
Jennifer Flint Veronica Valencia
Nadia Hanson Savannah Watts
Katherine Hearn Stephanie Wiant
Alicia Heintjes Chelsea Wilson
Emily Hoff Jess Woloszyn
Alexa Hoppes Krystyn Wypasek
Holli Hornlien Jasmine Zamora
Maura Jones Amalia Zuna
Morgan Kadash
Erin Lott
Kerry Luttrell
Prachi Makkar
Melanie Manalo

Issue No. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014 To Dragma • 29

Chapter Installation
Alpha Mu - Duquesne University,

Alpha Omicron Pi was filled with excitement on
November 9th, 2014 as our 204th chapter was installed
as the Alpha Mu Chapter at Duquesne University.
Allison Allgier, International President, led the beautiful
Installation Ceremony with a Rose Reception that
followed Initiation.

Sixty-eight new members were initiated, along with
one alumna initiate, Amy Gross, who also serves as
AOII’s Faculty Advisor for the chapter. The Duquesne
colony chose Alpha Mu as their chapter name and
“Forever Yours and Always Mine” as their submotto.

Submotto: Forever Yours and Always Mine

30 • To Dragma Issue No. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

The submotto was chosen to signify the chapter’s Campus & Community Involvement
allegiance to their Greek community, Duquesne and Recognition
University and Alpha Omicron Pi.
• Prior to Installation, the colony participated in three
The weekend’s festivities began on November 8th philanthropy events for other sororities and held its first philanthropy event at
with the Ceremony of Transition, which was a a Homecoming event called “Autumnfest.” Students, alumni, and parents were
time for the new members of Alpha Mu to come given pink ribbons and “Pied a Pi” for Breast Cancer Awareness.
together and reflect on the eight-week journey
from Colonization to Installation. Krista Whipple, • The women of Alpha Mu participated in Alcohol Awareness Week put on by Greeks
AOII Executive Board member, led the transition Advocating for the Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA)-their favorite event
and several AOII alumnae serving as advisers for was “Mocktails.”
the colony were present to celebrate the weekend’s
events with the new members. AOII alumnae Charter Members
and collegiate members joined members of the
university community along with friends and family Sara Allego Taylor Ioriatti Morgan Ricker
members at the Rose Reception to celebrate and Cara Answini Rachel Irvin Catherine Ruscak
officially welcome AOII to Duquesne University. Barbie Balzer Devyani Joshi Janelle Schmidt
AOII Chapter President, Jaclyn Fiedor, spoke at the Danielle Bautista Jennifer Krajnik Sarah Sheffield
reception on behalf on the rest of the chapter. She Hayley Bergell Chelsea Kwong Emily Shemanski
stated, “We started with just this idea of the Alpha Brandi Berger Elizabeth Ladd Deidra Smith
Mu Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi. This support is Nicole Bruneel Natalie Leonard Emily Squiller
just like any other family. We’re all sisters no matter Madison Brunner Kathryn Malloy Clare Stem
what and I know we can make this a home away Nicole Bruno Hannah McCandless Lisha Tan
from home for so many women.” Brooke Calta Caryssa McCool Evelyn Tebay
Floretta Chambers Megan McDonald Erin Teutsch
During their colony period, AOII was able to Nupur Charyalu Debbie McGinnis Molly Thompson
participate in several campus wide events, along Maggie Connelly Lori Melikian Emily Tripi
with colony meetings and sisterhood gatherings. Sarah Cousino Victoria Mettin Nicole Van Arsdale
The chapter members have also been preparing Addie Crossen Erin Mulrooney Jasminne Velandia
for their first formal recruitment, which will be in Maya Davis Faith Musinski Paige Wensel
January 2015. They have already exceeded AOII’s Amanda DeJames Charli Muszynski Katie Westley
expectations and we know they will continue to do Kasey Edwards Melissa Nester Amanda White
so in the future. Nicole Eiben Chelsea Noss Bridget Wiberg
Emily Emsurak Annie O’Donnell Gabrielle Zuccaro
Bragging Rights Hayley Farbacher Jillian Power
Jaclyn Fiedor Emily Reilly Alumna Initiate:
• The chapter has a cumulative GPA of 3.44, which is above Sami Flynn Elisa Reiner Amy Gross
Duquesne’s All Women’s GPA- 3.41 & Panhellenic GPA-3.3. Aimee Hart Emily Ricard

• Three days after colonization they planned, participated, and To Dragma • 31
recruited for the first time at an event called “Meet the Sororities”
hosted by Panhellenic. Through this event they successfully
recruited three new members to add to the colony class.

Issue No. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

Coming Together Again

An over-simplified definition of a reunion is Arizona, and Florida to Washington returning
coming together again after a period of separation. to their beloved town of Bloomington, Indiana,
The simple concept requires a great deal of for three days of reconnecting, reminiscing, and
planning, but without exception, results are renewing the bonds of sisterhood. The group
especially meaningful. AOII reunions are often wound up spanning 10 years of initiation,
planned to recognize milestone anniversaries, yet inviting opportunities to build relationships with
some of the most successful reunions simply blossom Beta Phis from the surrounding years.
from a single idea shared among sisters. A successful
Beta Phi (Indiana U) reunion in Bloomington on The chapter house that the women called home
August 1-3, 2014, unfolded just that way. during their collegiate days is now an academic
building. So when housing for the event turned
The idea originated from Beth Kaser Clark,’79, out to be in Beta Phi’s magnificent newer home
when it became evident that her daughter, Kristen on campus, everyone had the fun opportunity
Clark, would be attending IU in the Fall of 2013. to live in the world of a current Beta Phi. The
The event really took on momentum when accommodations may have been different, but
Kristen pledged AOII. Beth posted a question many of the experiences they shared were not
to sisters on Facebook about interest in holding so very different after all - sleeping on bunk
a reunion, hoping 10-12 might gather at some beds, staying up to the wee hours of the morning
yet-to-be-determined destination. The end result immersed in conversation and being serenaded by
was approximately 100 sisters from New York to gentlemen from a neighboring fraternity.

32 • To Dragma Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

One of the highlights of the weekend was a group shared, “ I can’t tell you how much this weekend
tour of Cook Hall, which is the new basketball will pay forward in the future with these special
training complex at Indiana. This state of the art friendships. What an event; it’s something I will
facility was made possible by a generous donation remember forever.” Sisterhood was reinforced and
from Bill and Gayle Cook to the university. Gayle renewed, and everyone left with the knowledge that
Karch Cook was a Beta Phi from 1953 and joined a new tradition of Beta Phi reunions was created.
the group for the tour. Her generosity and devotion
to the university and community was made Our reunion weekend gave me the opportunity to remember why I
apparent that weekend. pledged AOII. “Life” has a way of getting in the way and I had definitely
forgotten my connections to my class, my chapter and my sorority. How
No trip to Bloomington would be complete often do we get the chance to go back in time and relive a bit of our
without trips to their favorite campus hangouts, youth? From “moving into” the house on Friday, being excited to find my
Nick’s English Hut and Mother Bear’s Pizza. roommates, set-up our room and then go downstairs to help others move
Luckily, as the reunion was held in between in - even the first hours far exceeded my expectations for the weekend
summer school and the fall school sessions, both reunion! Nick’s was a great way to start the festivities! It was like we never
restaurants were able to accommodate the large left! We fell into easy conversations and reminiscenced. Honestly, who would
group. AOII Executive Director, Troy Johnson have known that it had been 40 years since I had seen most of these girls?
LeForge, ‘76, was even able to join in the fun for
part of the weekend. Becky Lawson Bartosz
Beta Phi ‘74
During the weekend, funds were collected for the
chapter and even included a raffle of a beautiful
piece designed by glass artist, Anne Eikenberry
Burtt, ‘76. The donations will be used to fund
several items, including a portable stage to use
during recruitment for many years to come. An
additional collection of more than 60 stuffed panda
bears was spearheaded by Kathryn Norris Allen,
’75. These bears were delivered to patients at
Riley Hospital in Indianapolis who are undergoing
treatment for juvenile arthritis.

The event culminated in a special and stirring
service on Sunday morning that was coordinated
by Anita Still Klein, ’78. Many sentiments were
shared, many tears were shed, but in the end, all
realized that the bonds that were made 30 to 40
years ago have not been broken. As one attendee

Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014 To Dragma • 33


Over the biennium, AOII has been a attendees will be able to integrate in the
trendsetter in our approach to recruitment, trends of fashion, sports, entertainment
retention, and operations as well as and culture as AOII celebrates our place in
support for our members. We’ve been setting trends for the Greek community.
tracking trends in higher education and
in society and have been modifying our In addition to celebrating the trends from
strategic plan to match and exceed the the past biennium, we will participate
expectations of our chapters, our members, in the history of the Fraternity through the
and the universities with which we partner. Rituals of AOII, in the acknowledgement
of all that our chapters and members have
What better place for our 2015 biennial accomplished through the awards ceremonies,
convention to be than in Los Angeles, the and in the democratic process of our
city at the center of trends, changing the Fraternity that will determine how we’ll set
rules and breaking down barriers! With the stage for future goals and standards for
grand attractions from the sports and AOII and the Greek community.
entertainment industry such as the Nokia
Theatre, the Grammy Museum, and the So mark your calendars to be part
Staples Center just steps from the hotel of this trendsetting event!
and the fashion district just blocks away,

Registration will begin in early Spring 2015.

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Plaid Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

Plaid is in - again, and we’re
mad for it! From skirts to
shirts, scarfs to leggings, it’s
everywhere this year in bold
patterns and colors that
are sure to make the winter
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36 • To Dragma

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Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014 To Dragma • 37

AOII Executive Board Past International Presidents

Allison Allgier, International President, Epsilon Omega Joan MacCallum, Kappa Phi, 1979-1981
Krista Whipple, Vice President of Finance, Omega Ginger Banks, Pi Kappa, 1981-1985
Amber Countis, Vice President, Pi Peg Crawford, Iota, 1985-1989
Susan Danko, Vice President, Phi Upsilon Barbara Hunt, Phi Delta, 1989-1993
Gayle Fitzpatrick, Vice President, Alpha Rho Mary Williams, Phi, 1993-1995
Karen Marchese, Vice President, Phi Lambda Ann Gilchrist, Theta, 1995-1997
Rebecca Herman, Vice President, Chi Lambda Linda Collier, Chi Omicron, 1997-1999
Grace Houston, Vice President, Lambda Tau Carole Jones, Alpha Delta, 1999-2003
Sally Wagaman, Sigma Tau, 2003-2005
AOII Foundation Board Susan Danko, Phi Upsilon, 2005-2009
Barb Zipperian, Kappa Kappa, 2009-2011
Crystal Grafton Combs, Foundation Board President, Nu Beta
Koren Phillips, Foundation Board Treasurer, Phi Chi Committee Chairmen and
Jessie Wang-Grimm, Foundation Board Secretary, Phi Chi Appointments
Phyllis Austin, Foundation Board Director, Nu Lambda
Kathleen Donohue, Foundation Board Director, Epsilon Chi Ginger Banks, Rituals, Traditions, & Jewelry, Pi Kappa
Judy Flessner, Foundation Board Director, Iota Julie Brining, CIRC, Gamma Delta
Linda Grandolfo, Foundation Board Director, Nu Iota Barbara Hunt, Perry Award, Phi Delta
Allison Allgier, International President, Epsilon Omega Carole Jones, NPC Delegate, Alpha Delta
Joan MacCallum, Historian, Kappa Phi
AOII Properties Board Sandy Stewart, Education, Alpha Chi
Sally Wagaman, Parliamentarian, Sigma Tau
Jane Tessmer, Properties Board President, Gamma Theta Dana Moreland, Human Resources, Delta Alpha
Lisa Hauser, Properties Board Vice President, Upsilon Alpha Natasha Sherwood, Public Relations, Gamma Omicron
Krista Whipple, Properties Board Treasurer, Omega
Julie Bishop, Properties Board Director, Gamma Theta
Barb Zipperian, Properties Board Director, Kappa Kappa
Gayle Fitzpatrick, Properties Board Director, Alpha Rho

38 • To Dragma Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

2014-2015 staff and volunteer directory

AOII Fraternity Headquarters Staff Educational Leadership
Troy LeForge, Executive Director, Beta Phi
Rachel Boison, Assistant Director of Public Relations, Kappa Kappa Mary Catherine (Katie) Clark, Rho Omicron
Don Brown, Office Administrator Addie Dyer, Chi Psi
Mandy Doyle, Corporation Relations Manager, Omicron Rebecca Easterling, Epsilon Omega
Meredith Dunn, Assistant Director of Chapter Services, Tau Omicron Kelli Gatti, Kappa Tau
Sherry Dutton, Director of Lifetime Engagement, Sigma Omicron Zoe Gertner, Beta Upsilon
Whitney Frazier, Creative Director, Rho Omicron Haley Mruz, Tau
Amy Jo Gabel, Director of Membership Experiences, Epsilon Omega Katie Mullins, Zeta Psi
Roger Gallivan, Director of Finance Emily Murray, Xi Omicron
Kandyce Harber, General Counsel, Omicron Rhiannon O’Coin, Gamma Alpha
Jodie Hassall, Events and Public Relations Manager, Alpha Chi Payton Ramsey, Omicron
Heather Hays, Assistant Director of Extension, Chi Psi Kendyl Trail, Delta Rho
Ally Howard, Assistant Director of Chapter Services, Alpha Lambda Jordan Travis, Delta Omega
Tim Humphries, Information Systems Manager

Veronica Kentish, Director of Housing Initiatives, Lambda Beta

Alex LeForge, Assistant Director of New Chapter Development, Alpha Chi

Jackie Lynch, Accounting Administrator, Rho Omicron

Kara Mantooth, Director of Extension and New Chapter Development, Delta Omega

Abby Mason, Director of Events and Public Relations, Rho Omicron

Angela Matula, Administrative Assistant

Kaya Miller, Assistant Executive Director, Gamma Theta

Amy Poklinkoski, Corporation Relations Manager, Chi Delta

Kristina Richie, Archivist, Omega

Mariellen Sasseen, Director of To Dragma and Archives, Alpha Delta

Amanda Smith, Director of Administration, Omega Omicron

Kimberly Sons, Assistant Director of Education & Resource Development, Beta Phi

Lauren Stern, Assistant Director of Chapter Services, Pi Alpha

Hillary Stewart, Assistant Director of New Chapter Development, Sigma Gamma

Lindsay Stoltz, Assistant Director of New Chapter Development, Alpha Chi

Mary Kate Sweeney, Assistant Director of Extension, Omega

Andrea Theobald, Director of Chapter Services, Epsilon Omega

Whitney Waters, Corporation Relations Manager, Nu Beta

Courtney West, Assistant Director of Chapter Services, Gamma Delta

AOII Foundation Headquarters Staff

Currently Open, Foundation Executive Director
Jana Adkins, Foundation Campaign Director, Rho Omicron
Michelle Ceylan, Administrative Coordinator
Leslie Davidson, Foundation Database Administrator
Courtney Stafford, Foundation Director of Advancement, Chi Omega Fraternity
Laura Ward, Foundation Controller

Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014 To Dragma • 39


Network 1

Network Director, Melissa Schoenfeld, Delta
ADCS, Lauren Stern, Pi Alpha
NS-Alumnae, Bridget Scanlon, Theta Pi
NS-Alumnae, Kay Welch, Theta Pi
NS-Finance, Heidi Butler, Nu Delta
NS-Finance, Caroline Lazzara, Lambda Beta
NS-Leadership, Kelly O’Dwyer-Manuel, Gamma Chi
NS-Leadership, Jin Hu, Lambda Epsilon
NS-Recruitment, Amy Kumpel, Delta
NS-Recruitment, Mallory Stratton, Gamma

Network 2

Network Director, Susan Bonifield, Nu Beta
ADCS, Courtney West, Gamma Delta
NS-Alumnae, Jeannie Arbegast, Zeta Psi
NS-Alumnae, Ashley Sarna, Sigma Alpha
NS-Finance, Carey Unger, Nu Omicron
NS-Leadership, Jenny Meade, Omega Upsilon
NS-Leadership, Brooke Wesley Shivers, Kappa Omega
NS-Recruitment, Janet Evers, Theta Psi
NS-Recruitment, Tracy Lyons, Delta Delta

Network 3

Network Director, Shari Kagan, Nu Iota
ADCS, Lauren Stern, Pi Alpha
NS-Alumnae, Sharon Boison, Kappa Kappa
NS-Alumnae, Stephanie Mete, Delta Rho
NS-Finance, Allison Marshall, Iota
NS-Leadership, Christine Brown, Lambda Eta
NS-Leadership, Nicole George, Iota Sigma
NS-Leadership, Erica Mohai, Beta Gamma
NS-Recruitment, Mikaela Crosby, Beta Gamma
NS-Recruitment, Cat Aiple Smith, Alpha Psi

Network 4

Network Director, Becky Rogers, Epsilon Omega
ADCS, Courtney West, Gamma Delta
NS-Alumnae, Melissa Underwood, Tau Omega
NS-Finance, Sandi Chadwick, Pi Alpha
NS-Leadership, Ashley Dumat, Rho Omicron
NS-Leadership, Amy Pike, Alpha Chi
NS-Recruitment, Linnea Herbert, Nu Iota
NS-Recruitment, Stephanie Burdick, Kappa Kappa

Network 5

Network Director, Kathy Andrews, Gamma Theta
ADCS, Ally Howard, Alpha Lambda
NS-Alumnae, Kaelin Moore, Gamma Theta
NS-Alumnae, Marty Harrison, Lambda Sigma
NS-Finance, Jill Forehand, Alpha Lambda
NS-Leadership, Debbie Gardner, Alpha Kappa
NS-Leadership, Cayla Lanier, Gamma Theta
NS-Recruitment, Becky Gamble, Gamma Sigma
NS-Recruitment, Karey Windham, Delta Delta

2014-2015 staff and volunteer directory

2 Network 6

Network 1 Network 5 Network Director, Jen Hiebner, Zeta
Network 2 Network 6 ADCS, Meredeth Dunn, Tau Omicron
Network 3 Network 7 NS-Alumnae, Rene Fitzgerald, Pi Kappa
Network 4 Network 8 NS-Alumnae, Ally McArdle, Iota Tau
NS-Finance, Ashley Barras, Delta Beta
NS-Leadership, Stephanie Chandler, Delta Alpha
NS-Leadership, Meagan Smejdir, Phi Sigma
NS-Recruitment, Kristy Pacheco, Upsilon Lambda
NS-Recruitment, Jill Subera, Tau

Network 7

Network Director, Kimberly McCollom, Delta Alpha
ADCS, Ally Howard, Lambda Alpha
NS-Alumnae, Schuyler Ruhlman, Pi
NS-Alumnae, Patti Dowie, Kappa Tau
NS-Finance, Jennifer Moore, Gamma Delta
NS-Leadership, Anna Davis, Alpha Kappa
NS-Leadership, Megan Morris, Sigma Omicron
NS-Recruitment, Prim Escalona, Tau Delta
NS-Recruitment, Joelle McWilliams, Kappa Tau

Network 8

Network Director, Debbie Tam, Beta Phi
ADCS, Meredith Dunn, Tau Omicron
NS-Alumnae, Boualoy Dayton, Lambda Beta
NS-Alumnae, Phyllis Gilson, Sigma Phi
NS-Alumnae, Clara Tomsula, Alpha Omicron
NS-Finance, Shala Sweet, Kappa Lambda
NS-Leadership, Christina Kraft-Andersen, Kappa Lambda
NS-Leadership, Wendy Espinoza, Delta Sigma
NS-Recruitment, Theresa Ludvigson, Chi Psi
NS-Recruitment, Meghan Granito, Tau Gamma

New Chapter Development

NS-Development, Jamie Beck, Sigma Omicron
NS-Development, Melanie Blackwell, Delta Sigma
NS-Development, Melissa Daly, Kappa Omega
NS-Development, Laurie Deakin, Kappa Phi
NS-Development, Emily DeHaven, Zeta Psi
NS-Development, Laura Dunlap, Kappa Tau
NS-Development, Sarah Elliott, Delta Omega
NS-Development, Clarke Erickson, Xi
NS-Development, Kristi Fulgham, Zeta Pi
NS-Development, Amanda Gilpin, Iota
NS-Development, Morgan Harkrider, Gamma Sigma
NS-Development, Renée Hebert, Lambda Tau
NS-Development, Rachel Higdon, Tau Omega
NS-Development, Catherine Jennings, Delta Psi
NS-Development, Jenny Lavers, Chi Psi
NS-Development, Lisa Niedenthal, Beta Phi
NS-Development, Lindsay Poplawski, Phi Beta
NS-Development, Celia Reed, Alpha Kappa
NS-Development, Chantel Schieffer, Alpha Phi
NS-Development, Amy Simonini, Beta Phi
NS-Development, Rochelle Toth, Alpha Psi
NS-Development, Natalie Vacha, Kappa Lambda
NS-Development, Becky Ziga, Chi Lambda


Spotlight: AOII Scholarship Recipient

Claire E. Crider

Inspired by observing her mother’s courageous battle with Claire’s collegiate life has not been all about academics. She
Multiple Sclerosis since 2009, Claire Crider is a grateful and worthy has been an involved member of Zeta Pi since her freshman
AOII Foundation Scholarship recipient. As that disease turned year, being elected Corresponding Secretary and attending
her super-mom into someone severely debilitated, it ignited Leadership Institute. As a sophomore, she served as Vice
a flame of interest in Claire to pursue a career in neuroscience. President of Standards and was chosen by her chapter to
Claire, a Zeta Pi (U of Alabama Birmingham), impressively gained attend AOII Convention in Chicago. She shares, “Entering AOII,
acceptance into the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program at I was a mature young girl; however, through AOII I have been
UAB. This past summer, she was accepted to and completed transformed into an empowered young woman. AOII has
the Huntsville Rural Pre-Medical Internship of the UAB School of taught me to put others before myself, and to serve without
Medicine, which is a highly competitive program that provides recognition. Through AOII, I’ve learned to consider others’
15 students from rural areas across the state of Alabama with opinions, encourage, be patient, and trust. It has taught me that
a broad exposure to medicine. The experiences have now many times in life, one has to compromise. I’ve learned to refrain
further inspired Claire to pursue a career in rural medicine. Claire from judgment, see the best in people, make sacrifices, and help
will graduate from UAB this May with a Bachelor of Science in someone even when I didn’t feel like I have the time to do so.”
Neuroscience with minors in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology, Although the Vice President of Standards role was taxing and
and looks forward to hopefully hearing good news on her time-consuming, it suited Claire well because of her desire to
work with others in a way that involves using a cooperative and
acceptance to constructive approach to people and problems. She says, “AOII
medical school has taught me to exceed the expectation.”
this spring.
Beyond serving in officer positions, Claire’s commitment to
“Money for volunteer service involves many of her Zeta Pi sisters. “I serve
most college as a Site Leader for volunteering opportunities within AOII.
students Once a month, I take girls from my chapter to nearby counties
is scarce, characterized by high poverty rates and unemployment, low-
especially achieving schools, high teen birth rates, and most alarmingly
when your poor access to health-care services. We host medical mission
mom is no trips with the Spirit of Luke Charitable Foundation to a different
longer able county every month. We serve hot meals, distribute clothing, give
to work. away medicine, and serve as mentors for the day to kids. We also
Receiving help the acting physician, Dr. Sandra Ford, with whatever medical
an AOII help we can. This includes running triage (blood pressure, blood
scholarship has sugar, medical history, etc.) and presenting patients to the
made such a physician before the visit with the doctor.” Through charitable
tremendous causes like this and several others, Claire’s passion for medicine,
difference in service and AOII all merge together seamlessly.
my life and
the lives of The AOII Foundation has the ability to improve and truly make a
my family difference in countless sisters’ lives. Claire explains, “Without the
members by AOII Foundation, I am certain that many sisters would not be able
truly lessening to accomplish their goals and dreams. We are beyond grateful!”

42 • To Dragma Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

Spotlight: AOII Foundation Ambassador

Marty Harrison

As a Lambda Sigma new member in 1954 at the University of during Founders’ Days to share the good that the Foundation
Georgia, Marty Leonard Harrison quickly fell in love with AOII and does from the Ruby Fund, Arthritis Research and Scholarships.
everything the chapter stood for. She realized early on that her Those of us who are Ambassadors spread the word to collegiate
new friends would be her sisters for life and enjoyed experiencing and alumnae chapters letting them know that all of this is
everything AOII had to offer throughout her collegiate years. possible through donor support.”
After she graduated, she returned home to discover that there
wasn’t an alumnae chapter nearby so she and her sister started AOII Foundation’s vision statement accurately sums up Marty’s
one. Through the years, Marty stayed involved in alumnae feeling of regular donations to the Foundation. “The Foundation
activities and kept her address up-to-date with Headquarters is committed to enhancing the lives of our members and
despite many moves. In 1977, she received a solicitation letter Securing the Future of our Fraternity through leadership
regarding the newly formed AOII Foundation. Marty explains, development, scholarships and philanthropic endeavors.”
“At that time, we had four children, I was a stay-at-home mom,
and my husband was a career Air Force Officer. There wasn’t
endless money, but I managed to save out a small donation for
the Foundation and I figured that if others made small donations
too, they might all add up to make a difference.” As the years
passed and her family moved around, Marty continued to make
donations adding a little more whenever she could.

Marty’s lifelong commitment and belief in the mission of the
AOII Foundation makes her a perfect fit for the AOII Ambassador
program. Marty says she became an Ambassador because she
wanted to spread the word about the AOII Foundation. She
had previously enjoyed being a part of the Foundation’s giving
campaign for Stella’s Wish. For both, she explains, “I enjoy sharing
with others all of the good things going on in the Foundation
because it is so exciting and fulfilling for me to be educating
collegians and alumnae. It is especially wonderful to have a
collegian say, ‘wow, I had no idea where the money goes and
the good that it does.’ It sends a tingle through your body.”
This is one of the many rewards of being an AOII Foundation
Ambassador. Supporting the various programs of AOII for a
lifetime is what Marty believes in and lives.

Marty is thankful to have had AOII in her life as her family moved
around the country during their 30 years of military service,
and even now as they enjoy retirement. “It’s an honor to be
encouraging AOIIs, young or old, to be a part of the big picture
and to support the Foundation in all of their good works.” She
goes on to say, “I love making the Ambassador presentation

Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014 To Dragma • 43

Living Arrangements

Each fall, many collegiate members anxiously pack up bedding and belongings to return to school to live in one of our AOII
facilities. The AOII chapter house is a member’s home away from home, and move-in day is always an exciting adventure. Even
chapter members living elsewhere call the AOII house “home” because it’s the place they gather with sisters. Move in day is
more complicated than unlocking the front door. Behind the scenes, AOII Properties begins preparations months in advance.
In January, AOII Properties Board Members and staff review information, including chapter wish lists, on every AOII facility
to ensure that we are operating safe, secure and competitive housing on every campus. Plans are solidified during the spring for
needed renovations or interior design work that kicks into high gear during the summer months. Each AOII house is unique in
style, size, age and décor. Some homes were originally built by AOII for our needs while other homes were acquired through
purchase. Sixty AOII chapters currently reside on a campus with chapter housing, while 46 others operate out of a lodge or
chapter room. All of these properties are maintained in some way or another by AOII Properties. This past summer, AOII
invested $2,450,000 into 48 of our facilities, which included structural changes or décor facelifts. Due to AOII’s strategic plan
commitment to an unparalleled membership experience, the current overall condition of our collegiate living facilities is stronger
than it has ever been. Below is a glimpse of the work completed on four of our new or recently renovated facilities.

Alpha Rho Omega Sigma

Our house at Oregon State is a Dutch Colonial-style house that Our newly constructed house at Oklahoma State is AOII’s newest
was originally built in 1939 by an OSU professor. The house, home. It is a traditional colonial sorority house with a grand
which is on the Register of Historic Places, was once referred to entrance. The elegant dining hall can seat all 220 members at once
as the Ira and Sadie Allison House or Allison House. Long before for meals, and showcases a living room, a TV room and a reflection
we purchased the home, it was used as a bed and breakfast room, which is utilized for studying and small meetings. The facility
known as the Harrison House located at the corner of Harrison also has a chapter room in the basement which also serves as a
and NW 23rd. The stately home was in excellent condition when storm shelter. Our chapter was able to recruit out of their new
we purchased it in 2014. The only renovation to this facility was home for the first time this fall.
to remove a single wall in the cottage and create a chapter room.
Our newly recolonized Alpha Rho Chapter was able to recruit out Date Built : 2014
of the house for the first time this fall. Number of members: 220
Number of Beds: 72
Date Built : 1939 Number of meals per week: 14
Number of members: 70 How long have we lived there? August 2014
Number of Beds: 10 Do we recruit in the house? Yes
Number of meals per week: 9
How long have we lived there? September 2014 Issue no.1 • Fall/Winter 2014
Do we recruit in the house? Yes

44 • To Dragma

Updated. Enhanced. Rebranded.

Alpha Omicron Pi officers, advisers Data access
and international volunteers have
known AlphaLink for the past fifteen • Update your information easily and see it
years as the home for chapter reports reflected automatically
and forms. Now, AOII is excited to
be introducing a new, rebranded • Update your chapter membership and officer/
AlphaLink that will have enhanced adviser roles in the same place without having to
capabilities that allow those chapter maneuver through two different locations
reports and forms to be linked to a
chapter or member profile. It also User-friendly
allows our entire membership to
stay linked to the Fraternity through • Database has a clean design with ease in manipulating
updating their contact information so throughout and finding what you need
they can stay engaged and informed.
To the right is additional information Updated reporting
regarding the amazing
things that the new • Officer reports and forms are easy to read and follow
database has to offer:
• Paper processes are now electronic - meaning no
more mailing paperwork to multiple places!
(Examples of electronic processes: affiliation form
and standards paperwork (such as status requests,
probations and suspensions)

46 • To Dragma Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

With this change, many Left: View of
of the processes and the Volunteer
procedures that were found Application form.
on AOII Portals and “old” Below: View of a
AlphaLink can now be member profile
found in one place – the
new database. In order Advantages of creating an
to assist our members in account include:
feeling comfortable with
this change, a variety of • Being able to update your contact information easily
educational opportunities and see it reflected in real time
have been made available.
This education started with • View past positions in AOII
eight live webinars for our • View and complete any forms that are available to you online
organization’s leadership • View any past donations or pay any current invoice, that you
hosted throughout the months of September and October.
The webinars were segmented to address how international have with the AOII Foundation
volunteers, collegiate chapter officers and advisers and alumnae
chapter officers will each utilize the database for their roles.

A user’s guide, educational videos and a Frequently Asked
Questions page have also been prepared to compliment the
webinars. We hope these educational tools will assist our leaders
in feeling fully prepared to navigate through all of the new
database’s many features. All of this information, along with
recordings of each webinar, can be found on AOII’s e-learning
website, Fulfilling the Promise.

In addition to all of the things previously mentioned, we want
to ensure that all members understand how they can utilize the
database, no matter their role. While our initial roll-out will be
to current leadership, it is our goal that over the next six months
ALL AOII sisters will be invited to create an account in the
new database.

Want to ensure that you’re invited into the database? All we need is your email address.
Please click the ‘Update Info’ tab on the AOII homepage ( to make
sure that we have your most up-to-date information.

Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014 To Dragma • 47

Fall Photo Gallery

Epsilon Omega (Eastern Kentucky U) Beta Zeta (Kennesaw State U)
Xi Omicron (U of Arkansas)

48 • To Dragma Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

Delta Kappa (Washington U) Alpha Chi (Western Kentucky U)
Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014 Delta Omega (Murray State U)

Chi Lambda (U of Evansville)

To Dragma • 49

Lambda Iota (U of California, San Marcos) Beta Kappa (U of British Columbia)
Theta Pi (Wagner College)

Upsilon Beta (U of Arkansas, Fort Smith)
Sigma Gamma (Appalachian State U)

50 • To Dragma Issue no. 1 • Fall/Winter 2014

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