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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2016-08-08 10:18:50

2003 Winter - To Dragma

Vol. LXIX, No. 9

•r °f
[Chapter News]
Sharing triumphs,
ing back
is always the report fe and toward their fraternity."
"The best part oiToDragma
they give to Alpha Omicron Pi and to the worWtli

ToDragma to Celebrate 100th Birthday in 2005
ThefirstnumberofToDragma waspublishedinJanuary,1905. Over the next several issues, we will be honoring the magazine's centennial by reprinting selected material from early editions. The first selection appears on page 7. A special commemorative ToDragma will be published in Spring 2005.
AOIPs first editor, Helen Hoy, N u (New York U), proudly wrote in that first issue, "The appearance of this first number of ToDragma marks the fullfilment of a hope long deferred. It has, indeed, seemed that of making a magazine there is no end, and much editing is a weariness of the flesh. However, here the little magazine is at last, and as it starts out in life let us say with heartiness:
"Here's a health to you, Dragma! May you live long and prosper!"
The first issue of To Dragma contained a brief history of the fra- ternity and of Alpha Chapter, biographies of the founders, Grand Council Meeting highlights, chapter correspondence from all
six collegiate chapters, alumnae personals, and a directory of the entire membership. It also featured "Alpha's first songs," and pro- claims, "No one needs to be told of the good feeling which a good song brings out." Helen Hoy composed the following treasure:
Vive La A. O. Pi
Oh, come, all uc sisters, and tune up your throats, VivelaAO. Pi;
And lustily siny to the jolly old notes,
Vive la AO. Pi.
Vive la. vive la, vive la. Phi, Vive la, vive la, vive la, Chi, Vive la, vive la. vive la. Psi. VivelaAO. Pi.
Away with the tons ofthe dusty old tomes, VivelaAO. Pi;
And let us stop delviny like so many gnomes, VivelaAO. Pi.
NowJoy to each other, let's siny one and all, vivelaA O.Pi;
In Alpha toyether whatever may fall. VivelaAO. Pi.
Our Missions:
ToDragma ofAlphaOmicronPi
The mission of To Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi is: to inform, educate and inspire our readers on subjects relevant to our Fraternity, our chapters, our members, or Greek life; to encourage lifetime AOII involvement; to salute excellence; and to serve as a permanent record of our Fraternity's history.
To Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi
Mariellen Fterkinson Sasseen,
Alpha Delta (U of Alabama) Graphic Design
Rebecca Brown Davis, Delta Delta (Auburn U )
To Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi, (USPS-631-840) the official organ of Alpha Omicron Pi, is published quarterly by Alpha Omicron Pi, 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood TN. Periodical class postage paid at Brentwood, TN, and additional mailing offices.
Subscriptionpriceis$1.00percopy. $3.00peryear.
Send address changes to:
To Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi,
5390 Virginia Way., Brentwood, TN 37027.
Founded atBarnardCollegeinNewYorkCity,January 2,1897, by: Jessie Wallace Hughan, Helen St. Clair Mullan, Stella George Stem Ferry &Elizabeth Heywood Wyman.
International President
Sally Wagaman, Sigma Tau (Washington College)
Executive Director
Melanie Nixon Doyle, Lambda Sigma (U of Georgia)
International Headquarters
5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood Tennessee 37027
Alpha Omicron Pi is an international women's fraternity promoting friendship for a lifetime, inspiring academic excel- lence and lifelong learning, and develop- ing leadership skills through service to the Fraternity and community.
The mission of the Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation is to reflect the love and sisterhood of Alpha Omicron Pi through the funding of educational and charitable programs.
phone: 615/370-0920 fax: 615/371-9736
E-mail: [email protected] Web Site:
Mailing Address Updates [email protected]
Alpha Omicron Pi is a member of
the College Fraternity Editors Association.
To Dragma [ W inter 2003 ]

To Dragma
^ o f Alpha Omicron Pi
5 Fraternity News
Quarterly AOII News and Announcements.
6 JWH Cup Reception
Omicron (U of Tennessee) is honored for excellence
during the past biennium.
7 To Dragma - Looking Back
A BitofCampus Life by Helen Dickinson, Gamma (U of Maine). Reprinted from To Dragma, November 1911.
8 Alumnae News
Chapters highlight their activities and share plans for the coming year.
2 0 AOII Foundation
The spotlight is on scholarship, Strike Out Arthritis, and the AOII/AJAO partnership.
2 2 Collegiate News
Our collegiate chapters share briefs and highlights of their year.
3 2 NPC Highlights
A recap of the National Panhellenic Conference's 58th biennial meeting in Rancho Mirage, California.
3 5 AOII Days
Sisterhood shone brightly during Kentucky's successful AOII Days event in November.
3 8 AOII Emporium
Preview a few of the great merchandise items available from the AOII Emporium.
Dragma [ Winter 2003 ]

Sally Wagaman International President
AOII Perspective
As members of Alpha Omicron Pi we each voluntarily accepted the lasting obligation of lifetime membership on the day of our initiation. But as the years pass and our lives become increasingly more involved, it is some- times easy to forget that promise. A recent collegiate chapter visit put me in touch with the reality of my life- time commitment. During that visit, 1 was asked if I had envisioned serving as AOII's International President during my college days. Thinking back to that time, I had no idea that I would end up where 1 am today. "AOII for a Lifetime" was a phrase that I learned during new member education but I really didn't comprehend the full meaning of those words.
I joined Alpha Omicron Pi for the sisterhood and friendship that I found in my local collegiate chapter, but quickly learned that AOII was much more than that. Like so many collegians, my chapter adviser was my
first real exposure to AOII beyond college. I marveled at the time and patience she devoted to AOII and our chapter. At that point I began to understand that AOII was more than just my collegiate experience. As I con- tinued my AOII journey, I met more and more AOIIs. Each and every member with whom I came into contact touched my AOII life and helped show me what it means to serve AOII and honor my initiation promise.
Are you honoring your initiation promise? The opportunities for you to be an active, connected member are endless and varied. Wear your badge proudly. Join an Alumnae Chapter. Accessorize with AOII Jewelry. Become an AOII Always member. Drink out of an AOII coffee mug at work. Renew your magazine subscrip- tions through the AOII magazine program. Put your grocery list on an AOII notepad. Plan an AOII Reunion. Volunteer as an advisor for a collegiate chapter. Wear an AOII t-shirt during your workout. Make a donation to the AOII Foundation. Display To Dragma on your coffee table. Browse the AOII website. Shop online at the Emporium. Fill out an AOII international volunteer application. Display an AOII decal on your car. Call or e-mail a sister to renew a friendship. Live the ideals of our Ritual.
If you are already giving back to AOII in some way, thank you! If not, it's never too late to start. W e have each been afforded a truly unique opportunity to be a part of a wonderful organization, and it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to honor our lifetime promise to Alpha Omicron Pi.
Sally Wagaman
ToDragma [Winter2003]

Fraternity News
New Executive Board Director of Programming Appointed
The Executive Board is pleased to
announce the appointment of Kimberly Altemus Carroll, Delta Chi (U of Delaware) to the Executive Board as Director of Programming. She will replace Kathy Brakefield Sowell who recently resigned
due to increased professional commitments. Kim's term will expire on June 30,2007.
As an AOII volunteer, Kim has served mostrecentlyasanAlumnaeAdvisory Committee Network Specialist, a Collegiate Network Specialist and a Collegiate Network Director. She has also facilitated many adviser and leadership trainings ses- sions. She is a former collegiate chapter president and an active member of the PhiladelphiaAlumnaeChapter.Kim earned a BA in History Education and
a Master of Instruction in Curriculum Development and Administration from St. Joseph University. Professionally, she is an 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher. K i m and her husband, Rich, have two young children, Nathan, 5 and Emily, 3, and live in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia AC honors New International President
A reception to honor the installation of Sally Wagaman, Sigma Tau (Washington College) as AOII's International President at the June 2003 Convention was hosted by the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter.
The reception was organized by Catherine Connelly Wieand, Gamma Beta (Indiana U of Pennsylvania) on October 26,2003 at the home of alumna, Brooke Laumer Huebner, Delta Chi (U of Delaware) in Landsale, Pennsylvania. Collegians from the Epsilon Alpha and Lambda Upsilon chapters
were in attendance as well as numerous alumnae from the Bucks County, Greater Harrisburg, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and State College Alumnae Chapters. Current Executive Board members, Kimberly AltemusCarroll,DeltaChi (UofDelaware) and Kimberly Carson McGowan, Phi Beta (East Stroudsburg U) were also present for the celebration. In honor of Sally's position as International President, the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter presented her with a signed copy of the book, Suzanne's Diary for NicholasbyJamesPatterson. Sallyusedthe metaphor of the glass balls from this story
in her Rose Banquet speech at Convention 2003 as well as in her President's letter in the last issue To Dragma.
Affordable Medical
Plans Available
Benefit packages for AOII members:
• Medical Plan #1 - Major Medical Package (Comprehensive Health Benefits Policy): National Networks; $3 million lifetime maximum; doctor's office and prescrip- tion copays; life, accident and wellness included; alternative medicine coverage.
• Medical Plan #2 - Basic Mini-Medical Package (Indemnity Benefits Policy):
Benefits paid directly to you; up to
$800 per day daily hospital benefit; doctor's office visits and wellness;
life, accident and surgical
schedule included.
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AOII receives 40% of the gross sales from this program. If you have any questions please contact Julie Hacker
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Every order helps AOII!
Brick Walkway Honors
AOH Members and Chapters Commemorate your lifelong
commitment to Alpha Omicron Pi by pur- chasing an engraved brick for the walkway at the AOII Headquarters. Because AOII will always be a part of your life, we invite you to remember your special bond and recognize yourself, your sisters or your chapters. Please contact Julie Hacker at [email protected] for more information on the brick walkway.
Guests attending the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapters reception included Karen Weigel, Cathy Wieand, Kim McGowan, Sally Wagaman, Melissa Carson and Nancy Gilbert.
ToDragma [Winter2003 ]

InternationalPresidentSally Wagaman {center} with Omicron chapter members (I to r): Neety Butler, Ashley Lumpkins, Anna Clare Snyder, KimJones, (Sally Wagaman), Sarah Wilhite, Tyra Tucker, Katie Bondurant and Chapter Advisor
Julie McWhorter.
Recognizing Excellence 2001-2003 JWH Cup Recipient
Numerous Omicron Alumnae attended the reception, including II to r): Gale Pettit, Bandy Leake, and Nancy Bettis. (lop row}: Joy Smith, CindySecherandMary BethWest.

The Jessie Wallace Hughan Cup honors the collegiate chapter within AOII that exemplifies the highest standards of perfor- mance for the biennium. Omicron (U of Tennessee) Chapter received this award at our International Convention this past June, because they represent the best of Alpha Omicron Pi within the fraternity, on their campus, and in their community.
AOII International President. Sally Wagaman, hosted a reception honoring the chapter on Sunday, September 14 in Knoxville, Tennessee.
In remarks to collegians, alumnae and invited guests, Sally stated, "This chapter's commit- ment and determination to achieve excellence in every realm is unsurpassed. They are recog- nized for strong college loyalty, extensive cam- pus involvement, and superior scholarship."
Omicron excels in community service. Their annual AOII BBQ is a much-anticipated event on campus each year and raises significant funds in support of AOII's international phi- lanthropy. Arthritis Research.
The past biennium has not been without chal- lenges to this chapter. Shortly after the start of the spring 2002 semester, one of their chapter sisters passed away as a result of her battle
with leukemia. All 170 members traveled by bus across the state to support this sister's family and attend her memorial service. Later they participated in a Light the Night two- mile walk in her memory and raised $7000 to support cancer research. The day before the reception, Sally Wagaman had the plea- sure of joining the chapter for 2003's Light the Night walk, a fantastic event where AOIIs make a difference.
AOII has had a proud tradition of leadership for over 100 years on the university's campus. From their Risky Business workshops to their leadership in making positive changes to a long-standing campus event that was called into question regarding its political correct- ness, these AOIIs are proactive in ensuring the continued success of their chapter, and Greek life,on the University ofTennessee campus.
Most importantly, Omicron Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi exhibits a strong sisterhood - in a chapter with over 150 members. They show love and respect for each other and for AOII.
AOII is very proud of Omicron, and are appreciative to the university administra- tion, Greek community, and local alumnae for their continued support.
ToDragma [Winter2003]

by Helen Dickinson, Gamma (U of Maine) '¥. [Reprinted from ToDragma, November 1911]
The freshman sat at her third story window, in the AOII house, and stared into the heart of the yellow sunset over the redwood-pierced sky line of the Coast Range. The sun had disappeared behind a clump of the huge trees, and for a few moments their shadows were projected mightily against the sky. To her high window came the manifold notices of "The Row," which is most alive at dusk, on warm evenings, between dinner and the time for really settling down to study.
Up the Row, the Sigma Chis and Kappas vied with each other in the latest songs, varied now and then, with a lively college tune. A n obedient Beta freshman arduously watered the Beta lawn, while his "brothers," from the comfortable seclusion of the vine-covered porch offered advice and encourage- meni. Across the street the Phi Delts, with their ever present baseball, madly raced their game with the fading light, loath to give up their friendly monopoly of the Delta Gamma lawn.
Below, in the Alpha Theta yard, under the protecting shade of a walnut tree, the quiet mumble of voices told of the arrival of some upperclassman's caller. From the open windows of the second floor the calls of the giris - broken into by the joyous song of piano and mandolin - made, altered, and made again their plans for the evening.
Surely, thought the freshman, nowhere else in the world was such a street of youth, leisure and light heartedness. This was an eddy where the swift and troubled waters of the worid did not enter. This realization of her long cherished dreams of college was a thousand times greater than any picture her imagination had painted.
The shadows came out and took possession of the room. The Row was quiet now, save for a few stragglers hastening to the library, and every window gleamed with light. Reluctantly, the freshman pressed the switch by her table, took up her Greek epic and began to work.
It may have been half an hour later, when the electric lights grew suddenly red and dim, flickered for a second and went out. Instantly, from all over the Campus, went up howls of rage from hundreds of baffled pursuers of knowledge. They were formless yells of protest at first, but then from a nearby "frat house" was roared a magic word by a throat that must have done mighty service in cheering on the hosts of the Cardinal.
"[Parade!]" was the shout, and house answered house as roosters crow at night, across a county township. A big French horn, next door, sent forth a tremendous rallying cry, and a deep basedrum further up street boomed a hearty promise of support.
There was noise of swift running, descents down dark stairways, and hurrying feet on the side- walks. Instantly, unpremeditated, spontaneous, the "[parade]" was under way, winding up the Row, back down Salvatierra, gathering strength in noise and numbers at every step. The din of cowbells, shouts and drums echoed from every comer of the Campus, as recruits started for the central body.
Suddenly, with a sputtering and flicker, the lights glowed, darkened, and burned again, with a sure, strong light.
Quickly, as it had come, the noise ceased; the "[parade]" disbanded - each turning homewards, with a good natured taunt to some suddenly recognized friend The Co-eds hastily withdrew from their now lighted windows and quiet ruled, undisturbed. The Campus again had but one thought - study.
Over the next several issues, we will be honoring the magazine's upcoming
centennial bg reprinting selected material from earlg editions. This beautifullg written article gives us a glimpse offraternity life in
the earlg 20th century.
To Dragma [ Winter 2003 ]

Alumnae News
ToDragma [Winter2003]
Our chapter started the new year with a n e w name. Our focus this year will be on sisterhood a n d having fun together. Activities included: Dinner a n d a Movie, our Holiday Cookie and Ornament Exchange, Founders' D a y (with Delta Beta), State Day in New Orleans, a IIOA Appreciation Dinner, a Beauti-Control Spa Experience (and elections) and our Celebration of Ritual. At our first meeting, we collected stuffed pandas and donated them to University Medical Center's Pediatric
Clinic. Everyone really enjoyed finding that special panda to contribute and the
over 170 beautiful sculptures. W e even have a "Girls Playing w / Makeup" Mary Kay Party scheduled. In addition, we hope to share time with our sister alumnae chapters at Founders' Day & AOII Day. With these events, we will be able to achieve our goal by receiving the Standard of Excellence award given by HQ and start this tradition again year after year!
This year, our chapter has greatly expanded our social events to appeal to the diverse interests of local sisters. Some of the activities include dining out, happy hours, a Game Night at the home of a sister, a "Day at the Races" at Pimlico racetrack, and a mother and child outing to the Maryland Science Center. W e have something new almost every month! For philanthropy, w e are participating in the Jingle
Bell Run for Arthritis Research as well as taking collections of winter garments for the McKim Center in Baltimore and non-perishables for the Maryland Food Bank.
Baton Rouge
planned from painting pot- tery, to star gazing at the new Planetarium, to a zoo visit and crawfish boil. In between we have saved time for our closest collegiate chapters and for Louisiana Day being held in N e w Orleans. A Founders Day Banquet and Spring Installation of Officers Luncheon round out another exciting year for the Baton Rouge Alumnae.
Our chapter is still recruiting sisters from the metro area! To become involved, emaiham [email protected]. W e would love to have you join us at our next social event!
We are working hard to keep in contact with all local alumnae. O u r membership chairmen have spent many hours contacting all AOlls on our list received from head- quarters to verify information and solicit membership. Our chapter has diverse events each year a n d wonderful sisterhood. W e are con- stantly working on keeping a positive AOII name in the Bloomington/Norma! area in hope that Beta Lambda can some day return to IWU.
Bowling Green
Our chapter is growing tremendously as each month passes. This wonderful group of women has more than doubled from August to October! W e meet for Lunch Bunch the first week of every month and hold a variety of
nighttime events during the middle of the month. Alpha Chi, the local collegiate chap- ter, will have joined with us for three different activities by the end of this year. The diver- sified backgrounds and ages of the alumnae women make BGAAC the thriving, growing group it has become.
Bucks County
We always have a fantastic time each time we get together, and always enjoy each others' company. However, two of our meet- ings last year, really stand out. In December we had an ornament exchange. Everyone went home with a great ornament, and had a fun time. This has become a tradition we will repeat each December. Our other special event, last year, was high tea at a very elegant tea room in the area. W e were served delicious sweets and savories of all kinds on lovely china, and felt w e were treated to a very wonderful a n d
pampered afternoon.
Our chapter hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner. This event was a huge success. Everyone came in costume and had a blast. W e are planing a mystery trip where the groups get glues from place to place and w e will all end up together at the end.
From pottery
bowling with the local col- legiate chapter, to sharing a Founders' D a y brunch with our sisters, the Calgary
kids at U M C loved
them. W e have
other philanthropic activities planned this year. The AOII Girls in Acadiana "just want to have fun" and we want all of our sisters in the area to join us. For more information, call Mary Kay Thomas at 337-984-9376.
Our motto for this year is "SOE in 2003!" With this in mind, w e have planned a year full of fun sisterhood events. W e will focus on philanthropic events such as the Arthritis Research Jingle Bell Run; fund raising events like garage sales; local community events such as the artwork we have created to raise money for underde- veloped Texas children; programming events such as a Breast Cancer Awareness presentation, as well as an educational garden tour of
getting several
W e began a "striking"
in September by bowling for AOII. N o records were broken but fun was had by all. W e will continue our philanthropic projects of col- lecting pandas for the Juvenile Arthritis summer camp and making "goodie bags" for the women of Myriam House (a local women's shelter). Many fun sisterhood activities are

Alumnae Chapter has kept busy so far this year. W e are looking forward to a wine tasting seminar, our annual silent auction to raise funds for arthritis research, Kappa Lambda's Rose Banquet... there are too many to mention here! There are great events for everyone, so if you are new to the Calgary area or just visiting, please join us for a fantastic night out!
Central Kentucky
This will be our first year as an alumnae chapter and we started our year off with a pofluck at the home of Brenda and Jenny Stratman. Several of our members assisted with recruitment for Epsilon Omega Chapter at Eastern Kentucky University. W e are also assisting with the Kentucky State Day being hosted by Epsilon Omega Chapter in November. Other events planned for the year include celebrating Founders' Day, eating out at local restaurants, a Christmas party, our fund raiser, a scrap- book party and the year end dinner and alum ceremony for the Epsilon Omega seniors.
New Mexico
Our chapter spent our September meeting enjoying sinful deserts while tying two quilts for the new Epsilon Gamma Chapter in Greeley, CO. Our next meeting will be an Ornament Exchange & Potluck. We'll also be hold- ing elections. Anyone in the area is welcome to join us!
In September the Charleston AOII chapter began its 2003-2004 year with a well-attended dessert/cof- fee. In October, members enjoyed a tour of historical
ToDragma [Winter 2003
Georgetown conducted by one of our alumae. O n a more somber note, Charleston alumnae were saddened by the loss of one of our 50-year members. Joan Cochran Whitlach (Alpha Tau) passed away unexpectedly after a brief illness. Joan will truly be missed. In November, members attended a wine tasting. The Founders' Day Luncheon in December included the Make It, Bake It, Grow It, Sew It Fund raiser. Several members volunteered their time at Barnes & Noble to wrap gifts. On the calendar for January is a Stingrays hockey game. Another breakfast/coffee meeting is planned for the end of the month. Dinner out is planned for February. In March, Charleston AOII traditionally volunteer at the MUSC hospital. In April, we plan to conduct Ritual with collegiate members from Georgia Southern.
Again the Charlotte Alumnae Chapter is committed to helping others in need. We have adopted a classroom in a local school and are donating various items, such as school supplies, throughout the year. W e will adopt a family during the holiday season again this year. Our chapter has also been creative in devising new fund raising activities. In addition to selling Entertainment books, gift cards, and our own cook- books, we will be sponsoring a Pampered Chef party to have fun while raising money for our chapter. Our chapter is also planning many activities that are designed to increase participation and motivation to be active in
the chapter.
Chicago City
Our chapter is excited about
_Hi New York City Alumnae
11 I! I!
Orlando Area Alumnc
Little Rock Alumnae 9

z s
starting another new year of events. After returning from a successful convention, our President and officers met over the summer to brainstorm ideas and events that we felt would continue to improve our sisterhood and increase membership. We planned to keep some of our favorite events like our Silent Auction and a Cookie Exchange in addition to adding some educational events centered around the topics of safety and nutrition. The chapter recently made donations to local organizations that sisters volunteer time with and we have a food drive planned for the month of December. In January, we look forward to the Founders' Day celebration with other local alumnae and collegiate chapters. Finally, we are very excited about our monthly email update
"The Rosevine" that will keep usconnected.
Chicago NW
Our chapter has always believed that the best way to say "thinking of you" to a collegiate chapter is through candy, especially at Halloween. A special time is always allotted at the October meeting to dump all of the candy on a table and package it up in small Halloween bags. Sometimes the bags are even decorated in a "Stampin' Up" activity. It is a great time to laugh, talk and maybe even sneak a piece of candy.
Chicago West
SuburbanThis chapter is comprised of a great group of ladies. W e get together once a month, September thorough July, to socialize and donate to a local charity. Our book club is still going. We are trying two new things
this year: a play group and a 1 night out with our significant
others. Our two big fund
raisers are our annual nut sale
and holiday auction. If you are an alumnae in a western suburb of Chicago, please look us up on our website, AOII. W e always welcome new sisters.
Our chapter proudly celebrat- ed our 75th anniversary this year. W e enjoyed our 75 years of sisterhood at a lun- cheon at one of Cincinnati's scenic riverfront hotels. In addition to this celebtation, we also did several other activities including Italian Food Night, Pottery Night, and a Summer Potluck.
Cleveland Area
Our chapter has big plans this year for fun, charity and sisterhood. Our traditional salad potluck in September was followed by a meeting in October to organize a philan- thropic project for the whole chapter to help local home- less women and children. In November, we toured one of Cleveland's historical, architectural and horticultural treasures, Lakeview Cemetery. Of course we held our traditional holiday Make-it, Bake-it, Sew-it, Grow-it auction in December! In February, we will be indulg- ing ourselves with High Tea at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. In March, we will be going to the theater with spouses and friends. In April, we will have some good conversation and pizza at a local restaurant. May will be celebrated with a Kentucky Derby party, and
in June we will visit the new Glass House at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. Join the fun by contacting Linda Standish at 216-765-0739 or [email protected].
Greater Pinellas Alumnae
Triangle Alumnae
Monroe Alumnae
To Dragma
[ Winter 2003 ]
Charleston Alumnae

The Dallas Alumnae Chapter is made up of great women who have taken their com- mitment for AOII to heart. Dallas, like our chapter, has a lot to offer. Diversity is what makes our chapter so wonderful. Our members have come here from all parts of the country, work in various fields and live in different parts of the city so we try to incorporate a little something for everyone into our program- ming. We have a lot of fun at our meetings, whether we're at a professional baseball game with our families and friends, touring a business, or socializing in someone's home. We'd love to have you join us.
Our chapter is kid friendly! Becky Rastetter (Beta Phi), a pediatrician, researched how we could best help young people with arthritis. On her recommendation, we now underwrite an annual "camp- ership" at Camp WeKanDu - a camp for young people with arthritis. Additionally, each year, on the Saturday before Palm Sunday, alum- nae and their children gather to create Easter Baskets for the local women's shelter. For more than 10 years, Ann Schmitt (Beta Chi] has collected baskets, toys, and stuffed animals all year round to make this possible. Most recently, we built more than 20 baskets for both women and children. Afterward, the basket makers celebrated with ice cream. This is one of several kid friendly events the alumnae group schedules each year in order to make it easier for AOIIs with young children to participate.
Denton County
W e have incorporated monthly lodies lunches into our calendar of events this year. We have also unveiled our new website at This site is filled with news, message boards and updates. Potential members can submit requests for membership infor- mation through the website. W e are very excited about all of our upcoming events this year!
wonderful array of annuals, perennials, herbs, and veg- etables, and also had chap- ter members willing to share some plants from their own gardens. All in all, a success- ful fund raiser. W e have a busy social calendar planned for the coming year, as well as several charitable events. W e are hosting Founders' Day this year, scheduled for
chapter is trying to mix up our events schedule to include some favorite traditional events and add some new activities in the hope that we can keep our loyal members and entice others who have not been active in the past to participate in the alumnae group. The chapter has also created a new tiered membership dues plan that is allowing for more flexibil- ity and incentive in choosing what level of participation you want to have in the chapter. Development of a new website (www.ftlauderd is underway. This site will allow everyone to keep up-to-date on our local chapter activities, as well as give links to the collegiate chapters in Florida, and other popular sites.
Grand Rapids
Our chapter is full of fun and crazy ladies. This year we have 4 events planned throughout the year to entice women of all ages and time availability. W e concentrate on community philanthropy, helping out our local col- legiate chapter, Lambda Eta, at Grand Valley State U and taking time along the way to stop and smell the roses. . . Jaqueminot roses of course!!! W e are looking forward to our new calendar of events and seeing familiar and new faces throughout the year.
Greater Harrisbury
Our chapter continues to focus on contributions to local philanthropies and sharing wonderful times with each other. W e continue to support our local collegiate chapter and raise funds through yard sales and chapter auctions. There is always time for doing fun activities, bringing families together and creating new sisterhood memories.
ToDragma [Winter2003]
The Denver Alumnae has incorporated several philanthropy projects in pro- gramming this year. W e collected pandas (with Chi Delta and Epsilon Gamma Chapters] at Founders' Day that were given to a local child advocacy organization. At some of our meetings we collected new clothing items that were donated to N e w Garments Only through Denver Area Panhellenic. W e also collected women's toiletry items that were given to a local women's shelter. In December, we helped the Arthritis Foundation with their annual fund raiser-Jingle Bell Run. In the spring, we sponsored our annual geranium sale-the proceeds were donated to the Arthritis Foundation Rocky Mountain Chapter and AOII Foundation for Arthritis Research. This year one of our very special sisters, Edith Cope Lockard, (Omega '32) celebrated her 90th birthday! At our Rose Tea in September we honored Edith with a basket filled with tea items. Edith is a role model and mentor for all of us in the Denver Area Chapter.
In May of 2003, we held our annual Flower Sale Fund raiser. We worked with a local grower to provide a
East Bay Alumnae Chapter is hoping to greatly increase its membership, attract new offi- cers and stage a comeback to the world of AOII.
Evansuille Tri-State
W e have organized activities into three different groups: Lunch Bunch Club, Fun Outings and AOII Activities. The lunch bunch meets the second Saturday of every month at either a restaurant or sisters home just to eat and share news. The locations are planned for the entire year. The fun outings include a cooking class, scrapbook- ing, discussing women's health issues with a local OB-GYN, visiting a holistic library, meeting at a movie, and participating in the local breast cancer run/walk. The lunches and outings are open to all of our family and friends, too. The AOII activi- ties are coordinated with the local collegiate chapter for Founders' Day celebration, Ritual with seniors and going to Homecoming. W e do not expect sisters to attend every- thing, but to pick what fits into their schedule, family life, and sharing with friends.
Fort Lauderdale
Our membership has a range of 2 to 65 initiated years of dedication and loyalty to AOII. Because of this, the
Saturday, March 27, and invite all to attend!
East Bay
2 0 0 4 ,

Greater Hartford
We welcome women from all around Connecticut! Our events vary in location around the state. Our members have various backgrounds, careers, and interests, but all share in their commitment to AOII. Please contact Linda Stroud at 860-651-6765 or [email protected] if you are interested in joining us! We'd love to hear from you!
while we'll be going as a
group to help out Harvesters
- a local food pantry - during
a different month. We'll
continue an event we began and Nadine are active
several years ago in which we assemble "Finals Kits" of goodies we send to col- legians at a nearby university. Similarly, toward the end of the yeat, we'll assemble cookie kits to send to the graduating seniors.
members of the Greater Pinellas Alumnae Chapter. Both are active members of Clearwater Panhellenic. Gay has served as tteasurer, secretary, is currently Vice President, and in the spring will become the President of the Clearwater Panhellenic. She is also a member of St. Petersburg Panhellenic. Nadine and her husband, Bob, were awarded the Community Leadership Award for Tampa Bay by the local Arthritis Foundation last year; she is also on the Pinellas Co. Planning Council. Pam is a full time teachet and member of Clearwater Panhellenic. She founded Florida Women to help help women in need. GPAC is very proud of these AOIIs and the contribution they make to their communities.
Greater Portland
Our chapter enjoyed a visit
from Alumnae Specialist, Rene
Fitzgerald. Rene assisted
our chapter with chapter
reports and shared ideas
of improving and growing
our chapter. Thanks Rene!!!
Our chapter has blossomed
with potential future AOIIs.
Angela Ladner was blessed
last year with triplet girls and
Bethany Harless had twin
girls in Octobet of 2003.
Members Renee Boyd, Stacy
Burt and Johanna McMullan
welcomed delightful baby
boys last year as well. In
other news, our chapter wel-
comes new members, Carrie
Thomas and Lisa Murphey.
W e encourage all AOIIs
in the Jackson area to The Greatet Miami Alumnae Lauren Huffman-Mchalik, contact our president, Chapter is a growing chapter ANS, was able to attend our
W e are looking
to a "Year of Smiles". All of our events for 2003-2004 are based on the theme of smiling! We were so honored to be a Distinguished Chapter that we can't help but have those smiles on our faces! Our first meeting was a suc- cess, and we have already welcomed in three new members. And, we have recently launched our gor- geous new website (http:// This is sure to be a year that our sisters will not forget!
Greater Portland Alumnae is very proud of our 25th Anniversary celebration.
Greater Miami
Rene Boyd 845-1967; with many new members, celebration during her bian-
[email protected] about our chapter.
Kansas City
We are making a renewed effort to focus on more philanthropic activities this year. As a result, we have many charitable causes with which we'll be helping out. For example, we'll learn more about the Arthritis Foundation when a speaker from that organization comes to talk to our group and give us ideas of ways we can help them out. We'll collect canned goods at another meeting,
most of which are recent Pi Theta graduates. We would like to have more members join us, specially those from other chapters in order to share AOII memories and increase our diversity. We can learn a lot from one another
AOII can be very proud of three alumnae in Pinellas County, Fl. who are very active in the city government of their communities. Gay Gentry, Kappa Omicron 63, is a City Commissioner for Largo, Fl. Nadine Nickeson, Pi Kappa '69, is a City
nual visit to our chapter. We held the event at DiMillo's, a floating restaurant in Casco Bay. Our program started with welcoming words from our President, Nancy Pistaki Chard. Claudette Powers Simms & Barbara Koerifz Wentworth shared our 25 year history with a 2-part dialogue and skit. W e had a candlelight ceremony along with Ritual. After din- ner, we formed a circle and sang AOII songs. Each member was given a rose, sheath of wheat, a program, handmade bookmark & AOII note pad, luggage tag & pen. About 25 of us had a
Commissioner for Safety Harbor, Fl. and Pam Corbino, Lambda Tau '67 is the Mayot of Safety Harbor, Fl. Gay
wonderful evening together. What was remarkable about this event is that each chapter member took a small part in planning this event which turned into a BIG, successful celebration. Thank you to all!
The Houston Alumnae Chaptet started the year off with a presentation on "Updating Your Wardrobe with Jewelry and Accessories", by our own Mary Klein of Fashion Artwear. W e were provided with the opportunity to also purchase items, and the proceeds will help benefit Arthritis Research. We have a full year planned, including a Christmas party for the "I Have a Dream" for Houston kids, and a Shrimp Boil. If you are in the Houston area, contact Laura Segers, Houston AP, at [email protected] or 281-353-8306. We'd love to see you!
We are happy to report that growth was not just the goal for the year, but is the reality. Our chapter meetings have grown from having 10-15 sisters attend, to consistent attendance of over 20 per meeting. Our exceptional programming, allows every- one to be interested and participate with the activities. And when fun is had by all, the result is repeat atten- dance. The alumnae have been keeping the collegiate chapters in mind, and we have visited campuses as well as sent care packages. We are gearing up for our annual nuts fund raiser, as well as the Jingle Bell Run, a 5K walk/run benefiting Arthritis Research, held in downtown Indianapolis in early December.
To Dragma
[ Winter 2003 ]

Central Kentucky Bluegrass
The Jonesboro Alumnae Chapter has a fun schedule planned for this year. Activities will include a N e w Member dinner for Sigma Omicron, Bunko Night, AOII Coffee House, a Christmas party, Founders' Day ban- quet, educational program & dessert with Sigma Omicron, salad supper for graduating seniors, an alumna cookout with guests and a pool party picnic for Sigma Omicron during their recruitment workshop next summer. Our alumnae chapter raises money each year to help fund our two scholarships. The Excel Scholarship is given through the Arkansas State University Foundation and the Lou Meginess Couch Scholarship is given through the AOII Foundation. All Sigma Omicron alumnae are encouraged to contribute to either of these scholarships by contacting the Jonesboro Alumnae Chapter. Carolyn Wyatt, 3629 Blueridge Circle, Jonesboro, AR 72401
Lake County of 111
We are proud to announce the creation of our new web page! Please visit and let us know what you think,
Lehigh Valley
Lehigh Valley had another great year! Our schedule included get togethers at restaurants, sisters' homes for movie night, Holiday card signing, and an impromptu party to watch AOII on Trading Spaces! Our hostess, Michele Byrne, themed our time around home improve- ments and decorating pots for plants! Convention was exciting as always and several of our members were able to attend. W e invite all who live in the Allentown/
Bethelem/Easton area of PA (Lehigh Valleyl to join us!
Little Rock Area
The Little Rock Area Alumnae Chapter was off to a great start this year with a successful Silent Auction fund raiser in September. Frankie Frazier Nordlund (Nu Beta] hosted the event in her beautiful home. The red and white roses added a special touch as sisters and friends had a fun evening bidding on great items. Our pictures were in a local social magazine! This year we will participate in the local Panhellenic, donate items to an agency that helps the homeless, and help the local Arthritis Foundation when asked. We have planned fewer meetings for our busy group this year, but will have several after work gatherings so we can keep in touch. We enjoyed our Christmas Luncheon combined with Founders' Day at a local restaurant, and look forward to a Mardi Gras Potluck at Tricia Greene's (Pi) house, and the end of year picnic at Jane Prather's (Kappa Alpha] cabin.
Long Island
The Long Island alumnae group is a diverse group. W e are all surrounded by fund raisers whether it be through school, work, or friends and relatives. So for our fund raisers we have parties and bring guests. Our parties reflect our interests and often involve a member or friend as the demonstrator. Pampered Chef, Scrapbooking, Interior Home Designs, and Stamping fund raiser parties have been successful. It is especially enjoyable when hands-on materials are provided and we show off our distinct artistic talents. The summer of 2004, we plan to work a concession stand at the local
San Antonio Alumnae
ToDragma [Winter2003]
Rockford Alumnae

zCD 03
minor league baseball game, the Long Island Ducks, where we'll receive a percentage of the days sales. Should be fun.
Macomb County
parties, family picnics, and lunch bunches in different areas. No matter what level of involvement you desire we have a place
for you I Our website ( contains information on our chapter or contact Chris Berquist, President at [email protected].
This past summer, we were happy to share our sisterhood with Ginger Banks and Robin Beltramini at our potluck din- ner. They were in Montreal visiting Joan MacCallum, who acted as tour guide. It was an evening we will long remem- ber - good food, stimulating conversation, great fun!
Muncie Alumnae is continu- ing to enjoy strong sisterhood within our group which has been together through many years. Our most successful event was a beautiful uncheon themed "Hats off to Sisterhood." W e asked each sister to wear or bring a hat with a "story." We had a wonderful response with everything from a wedding veil to a hat worn for Habitat for Humanity projects! W e had great fun sharing our hats and stories!
Napa Valley
The N a p a Valley Alumnae Chapter is a small, but dedicated group of women. W e enjoy sharing all that the valley has to offer includ- ing fine foods, wines, and entertainment.
Nashville Area
We started the 2003-2004 academic year with our traditional Potluck Dinner which was quickly followed by another popular event.
Greater Los Angeles Alumnae
Our year began in August with a couples pot-luck at Jan Gerstenecker's home on Emerald Lake where we enjoyed boating, beautiful gardens and visiting. President Marilyn Andreini and Robin Lee Beltramini brought us Convention news in September. Barbara Zolnierczak's Rose Award delighted us. She is the seventh Macomb alumna so honored. Macomb was host- ess for Detroit Area Founders' Day 2003 held at Grosse Pointe Hunt Club. "AOII: Always In Style" was the theme and table centerpieces were ladies' hats representing the decades. Fifty year pins were presented to JoAnne Nelson Novak and Mary Lou Kierdorf Sloss and, later, to Sylvia Leach Bock. Nancy Moyer McCain shared personal remembrances of
her sixty-two years' of AOII membership.
St Paul
Our alumnae chapter is made up of local and non-local AOIIs all working together to get to know each other, have fun, and support our local chapters and philanthropic activities. 'We have a variety of events for a variety of people. Tau and Kappa Sigma Chapters have fully functioning corporation boards and advisory commit- tees but can always use more help. We support our local philanthropies by participat- ing in walk-a-thons and toys for tots. In the past, we have had dinner out with the girls, cookie exchanges, couples
ToDragma [Winter2003]
Chicago Northwest Suburban Alumnae
Salt Lake City Alumnae

These two events will prove only to be a small "taste" of another exciting year for the chapter. W e have also undertaken a conservation of our heritage. Sisters with any involvement with the Nashville Area Alumnae Chapter, Nu Omicron, Rho Omicron, or Lambda Omicron collegiate chapters are asked to submit stories or pictures to the chap- ter historianatsilverpooh@bl for the chapter's historical conservation project.
New Orleans Area
Our chapter is very excited about the fun-filled year we have planned. Our calendar is composed of some new and exciting events as well as some that have become favorites of years past. We had our kick off "Pajama Party" themed meeting in September and it has already been suggested to make it an annual event. The NOAAC welcomes all sisters in the Greater New Orleans Area and beyond to attend our events, we have a great time together and would love for them to share in our fun and sisterhood.
New York Capital
We are starting our 3rd year as an alumnae chapter. We remain actively involved with two local collegiate chapters and added two new mem- bers bringing our membership to fourteen. Our calendar has included a variety of activities: coffee nights to encourage area alums to get to know us, a Founders' Day Lunch and a Senior Tea in conjunction with both local collegiate chapters, a walk to raise money for Breast Cancer, a day at the Saratoga Racetrack, apple picking at a local orchard, and an evening of tasting the goodies made from the
apples. W e are planning to try a few new events this year such as wine tasting, pottery painting, and a Valentine's Day bake sale at the college campus as a fund raiser. The future looks bright for us!
New York
City Area
The New York City alumnae chapter is made up of sisters from 20 different collegiate chapters. This year, we've grown our chapter by 20% and increased the number and variety of events. W e host monthly week-night dinners as well as plan one social or service event. This year we collected per- sonal care items for a local women's shelter, raised over $ 4 0 0 at the NYC Arthritis Walk, and supported NYCs performance arts by touring "42nd Street" backstage on Broadway. Additionally, each spring we name one "Member of the Year." This year's award went to Karen Reynolds. And since we hail from around the country, we sent financial support to 5 collegiate chapters to show them that Sisterhood lasts a lifetime, even if you move far from home to the big city.
Northern Kentucky
Northern Kentucky sisters - come join us! W e would love to meet you. This year we plan to celebrate Founders' Day, make beaded jewelry, possibly attend chocolate school, donate toys to a local charity, dine together and enjoy our common bond of sisterhood. If you would like to join us or learn more, please contact Angie Ziegelmeyer at 859-727-4577 or [email protected].
Northern Virginia
We had a wonderful time at International Convention and were so pleased to receive many awards. NOVA, along with Gamma Alpha, won the AOII for a Lifetime Award. W e also received a Ruby Standards of Excellence Award, a Membership Retention and Recruitment Award, and a Philos Award citation. We are also proud to boast that Sherri Clark received a Rose Award,
Jackie Dinwiddie received the Barbara Daugs Hunt Award, and our own Joanne Earls was elected to the AOII Foundation. Congratulations to everyone on all of their accomplishments.
NY/NJ Metro
W e are a close-knit
with a genuine feeling of sis- terhood. W e have numerous and diverse events throughout the year including our annual Bowling Party to raise money for arthritis research, a gour- met food party, and nights out with families including a Yankees game. Our chapter enjoys spending time with the local collegiate chapter, Theta Pi. W e have a great group of dedicated women!
This spring we have several great events planned includ- ing a philanthropy dinner at the Ronald McDonald House, our Founders' Day luncheon, a relaxation night, our spring fund raising through flower sales, and our June Brunch celebration. W e welcome sisters to join as at any time of the year. Our group includes sisters of all ages who enjoy getting together for a fun time.
Orlando Area
Our chapter just started another great year with a strong turn out for the first meeting, which tends to be all business. The remainder of the activities are just for fun, except for our Founders' Day celebration, which we take very seriously. The calendar has many events to meet the tastes of all the members. W e are very excited about having Mu Lambda, nearby at Rollins College, to help and support. W e are a strong chapter due to the strong commitment of our members to AOII for Life.
This past year was par- ticularly memorable for the Ottawa Alumnae Chapter. More than 30 years ago, an AOII Alumnae Club was established in Ottawa, which eventually became an Alumnae Chapter in 1969; composed of sisters from Kappa Phi in Montreal, Beta Tau in Toronto and Beta Kappa in Vancouver, as there was no collegiate chapter in the area. That all changed in 1991 when a local sorority at Carleton University petitioned AOII Headquarters to become an AOII Chapter. In November 1992, this chapter, Gamma Chi, was installed with the dedicated support of many of the Ottawa Alumnae Chapter members, who agreed to serve, and con- tinue to serve, as advisors and Corporation Board members for Gamma Chi. Last fall, we were there, with a strong sense of pride, to celebrate Gamma Chi's 10th anniversary, their accomplishments and to share their sisterhood.
To Dragma [ Winter 2003 ]

Palm Beach County
Pi. W e have the privilege of getting to know the next generation of sisters.
W e made great progress in 2003 and have an ambitious calendar planned to maintain our momentum. W e continue to focus out efforts on incteas- ing member participation by hosting special events that strengthen the bonds of sisterhood and by combining new programs with some chapter favorites. One of those is our annual Founders' Day luncheon held each
January. This year's event, themed "AOII through the years," was organized by Kimberly McGowan, XB Dir. of Alumnae. Brooke Huebner and Kyla Possinger received special awards for their outstanding setvice, and we honored Johnna Adamczyk with her 50 year pin during Ritual. W e were delighted that one of our members, Sally Wagaman, was elected International President of AOII. In the Fall, we held a reception at celebrate Sally's terrific accomplishments.
The Phoenix Alumnae Chapter kicked off its season of community and sisterhood with the annual Fall Brunch. It was a rejuvenating afternoon as 3 0 sisters, representing every area of the Valley of the Sun and numerous collegiate chaptets, experienced the "one singleness of heart" that founder Stella George Stern Perry wrote of so many years ago. W e welcomed special guests, Alumnae Network Coordinator Ann Lampe and speakers from the local Arthritis Foundation, who educated us on Juvenile Arthritis and the toll it takes on children. The chapter is
looking forward to a busy season including, our Panda Presentation to a local fire station, our Strike Out Arthritis Auction, Founders' Day, and numerous social events which include our II O As.
Piedmont, NC
The Piedmont Alumnae Chapter was very pleased to receive a Pearl Award at Convention in Norfolk, VA. And we are excited about our second annual Founder's Day event cohosted with the Winston-Salem Chapter in which we look forward to getting to know Alumnae from around the State. We hope that the Triangle and Charlotte chapters will be able to join us!
As always, it was wonderful to gather for anothet year of AOII fun and sisterhood. The Salad Luncheon has become a tradition for our group. We honored 4 members and presented them with their 50 Year Pins: Susan Home Feasey (Alpha Tau '52), Valerie Bickterman Murphy (Gamma '52), Joan Wallick Vanzo (Chi '51), and Helen Blanchard Yake (Omega '51). W e now have nine "50 Year Club" members! Chapters are enriched by all of our members, and we trea- sure our members who have stayed the course. Thank you for your knowledge, guidance and most of all for your love of AOII.
Each December we gather for a Christmas potluck. At our 2002 potluck, we had 5 fifty year members in attendance. Our fifty year membership will increase by one in December of 2003.
SaltLake City
Since our installation in January 2002, we have developed friendships and memories of special times together. Our calendar of events is established and includes events like Dining, The Arts, Summer BBQ, Scrap-booking, and more. The officers have worked hard to create an interesting calendar and to keep things running smoothly. Our alum- nae sistethood is comprised of AOIIs from many different collegiate chapters. This is due to the fact there is no collegiate chapter in Utah. We are a small, but grow- ing alumnae chapter having lots of fun getting to know
each other.
San Antonio
We held out Kick Off Meeting to plan out events for the year. Helping our little sistets of Upsilon Lambda during Recruitment was meaningful and fun. The AAC and Corporation Board members for Upsilon Lambda come from our chapter Currently, work on Upsilon Lambda's 25th Anniversary is keeping us busy but the hands on planning will assist us on our upcoming 60th Anniversary. The SAAC was installed on March 11, 1944 and we invite all founders and members to help us celebrate this grand event! Active in the community with the Arthritis Walk, Juvenile Diabetes Walk, and the Battered Women's Shelter the alumnae are being seen everywhere. We have many members who go above and beyond and that is our magic. Contact us at [email protected].
W e
philanthtopy, Children's Hope Inc., by filling Christmas stockings and Easter baskets for children in foster care. Our Founders' Day Luncheon is always our most populat event. Last year each member was asked to bring memora- bilia from her collegiate days and we had "show and tell." Another popular event was having "High Tea" at a charming tea house. An advi- sor from our nearest collegiate chapter was invited and brought us up to date with news of the chapter.
Palo Alto
hold five meetings per W e support our local
and friendships are the key ingredients of the Palo Alto Alumnae Chapter. In addition to supporting our three area collegiate chapters, a full program of nine meetings from October to June tries to encompass the vision of something for everyone. This years' program includes a Fall Brunch, lunch and tour of an historic local home, Holiday Christmas Party, a volunteer day at the Second Harvest Food Bank, Foundets' Day, a trip to the new San Francisco Asian Art Museum and the Annual Summer BBQ at a local winery. Our Hiking Group adds an additional informal way to meet, with a group of us getting together each month for a short local hike. W e welcome any AOII to join us.
Our chapter is very involved with the collegiate chapter. Our members work tirelessly to help collegians enjoy all of the benefits of Alpha Omicron
g o o d
To Dragma
[ Winter 2003 ]

San Diego
schedules of our members and increase our member- ship. O n e of our new ideas is to create smaller interest groups for members to get together. After each event member surveys are sent out to find out what members enjoyed, what they would like to see changed or why they were unable to attend. Our alumnae chapter is also working more closely with Delta Sigma. Along with inviting them to many of our events we are planning a joint "Strike our Arthritis" fund raiser in the spring. Also, the board is going to become a "big sister" to graduating seniors so they can begin to feel more comfortable coming to our events.
The Savannah Area Alumnae Chapter was chartered in January 2002. We are still getting acquainted and enjoy- ing the sisterhood involved. W e are selling goody bags to the Alpha Lambda parents to be delivered to their daughters during exam week first and second semesters. Parents are encouraged to send their own personal notes to be a part of the bags. The chapter sent President Allison L. Hiers to Convention in Norfolk in June. Kristi Kiene and Barbara C. Lansford also attended. We welcome any new members from the Savannah Area to contact us.
[email protected].
South Bay/
Palos Verdes
Our chapter is made up of j diverse group of women irom around the country. Our members professions range from Senior Director at DIRECTV, Neonatal ICU nurse, A N S , Procurement Director at Boeing, Lawyer,
Did you know that the largest Founders' Day celebration each year takes place in Southern California? The San Diego Alumnae Chapter is proud to host the 2004 Founders' Day Celebration for collegiate and alumnae sisters from all over Southern California. This year's cel- ebration which is themed "A Walk Down Memory Lane" will take place at the Del Mar Hilton Saturday, January 31, at 11:00 am. The event features a social hour for renewing friendships, the candle lighting ceremony in honor of our Founders, shar- ing of favorite AOII memories, musical entertainment from our collegiate chapters, and an awards presentation. To share in our theme, sisters may bring photos, scrap- books, & stories of special
AOII memories to share over lunch and on special display tables. In addition, there will be an AOII "Boutique" with Emporium items and items handcrafted by alumnae chapters for sale. Funds will be raised for the redevelopment of Lambda Beta Chapter at CSULB through the sale of a special sisterhood card produced by San Diego artist and AOII, Laurel Lotto. A special block of sleeping rooms is available for sisters who wish to continue their sisterhood experience throughout the weekend. To join us for this "memorable" celebration, please contact Marilyn Herman at 858-259-2034 or [email protected].
San Jose
This year our theme is, "welcome back to AOII." We are being more assertive about sending out newsletters, evites and surveys. W e want to accommodate the varied
Phoenix Alumnae
Dayton Alumnae
To Dragma [ Winter 2003 ]
Ottawa Alumnae

Southern Orange County Alumnae
We are inviting any sister liv- ing anywhere in Delaware or the surrounding areas to give us a call. Our chapter consists of women from a variety of backgrounds and collegiate chapters. SDAC has great activities planned for the year. We started our year off with a Catch-Up Chatter in September. Upcoming events include a Dessert Exchange and Tea where people can share delicious desserts just in time for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, our annual Walk-a-thon for MS, and a Pizza "Fun-raiser." Lastly, we are looking forward to celebrating Founders' Day with Washington College.
Orange County
In October, the Southern Orange County Alumnae Chapter devoted two eve- nings to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Foundation. Blanche Chilcote, the first recipient of the Barbara Daugs Hunt Foundation Award, opened her home to host our regular monthly meeting, plus a second night to visit with our sisters from Lambda Beta Chapter at Cal State Long Beach. Best of all, Barbara Hunt was our special
Foundation is to the success of the fraternity and its com- mitment to leadership training of young women, our chapter has pledged to continue its financial support of the AOII Foundation for many years to come.
St Louis
New OrleansAreaAlumnae
Reproductive Nurse Specialist, Marketing Manager, Flight Attendant, Volunteer Docent, Nonprofit Consultant, and stay at home mom. W e enjoy meeting once a month to share stories, laugh and have fun. W e emphasize Philanthropy by supporting AOII Foundation, Arthritis Foundation and St. Marys Hospital neonatal area. If you would like more information about our chapter, please contact Cher Serhal at [email protected] or contact Dana Miller at [email protected].
guest! During our alumnae meeting, she shared her personal experiences working with the Foundation, and after we viewed a short informative video, she led a lively discus- sion and answered questions about the fraternity and the Foundation. As attendees left, each received a copy of the lovely 25th Anniversary Packet. On Thursday night, the collegians enjoyed a light buffet and learned about the Foundation. The collegians received a special gift from Barbara Hunt and a copy of the Anniversary Packet at the end of the evening.
Southern Delaware Learning how important the
W e are trying
closest collegiate chapters more this year, the closest being 2 hours away. And we were really excited about our Holiday House fund raiser in November. Hopefully it will grow to be a bigger event each year. And our membership has been wonderful! W e increase by over 10% from last year by the September meeting. W e have lots of fun things planned this year, and are looking forward to fun
and sisterhood!
State College
A lot of snacks and goodies went into bright pastel bags as a surprise to the sisters of Epsilon Alpha Chapter from the State College Alumnae. The bags, delivered during Finals Week at Penn State, also had a rose greeting from alumnae members and par- ents who provided financial
to help our
Charlotte Alumnae
ToDragma [Winter2003]

contributions to the project. Profits from the "goodie bags" helped fund a scholarship for a senior collegiate member.
This summer, our chapter lost a beloved member. Helen Bogosta Gilbert, 84- years-old, died of complica- tions from a heart attack on July 13, 2003. From the time she was initiated with the Chi Chapter (Syracuse U), Helen was an active AOII. As an alumna, she worked closely with the Pi Delta Chapter (U of Maryland). She was a long-standing member of the AOII Washington, DC Alumnae Chapter and Washington Area Panhellenic. She was also a charter member of the AOII Suburban Maryland Alumnae Chapter. Helen was honored at our 2003 Founders' Day Luncheon for her more than 5 0 years service to AOII. Helen was a true example of what it meant to be an AOII for a Lifetime and will be missed by all that knew her. SMAC will be purchasing a brick in memory of Helen, which will be displayed in the Founders' Circle at Headquarters. For those that would like to donate to the memorial fund, please contact SMAC at
[email protected].
Toledo Area
W e have a great year of activities planned. This year, Ohio is celebrating its bicentennial, so we have chosen to use a spin-off of our state slogan and theme this year's programming as "AOII - The Heart of It All." In addition to all of the fun activities planned, we have also kicked off our Helping Hearts and Hands program, which will enable us to sup- port the Ronald McDonald
House through donations Delta's annual Backyard of kitchen items, personal Bash BBQ fund raiser
raising Adopt-a-Poll program. Other events included a holiday cookie and ornament exchange, a speaker from the Arthritis Foundation, book reviews, theater night and pro- gressive luncheon. This small but mighty chapter is proud to be a recipient of the AOII Gold Award for Outstanding Chapters and another oword for outstanding support of the Foundation during 2001-03. Alumnae interested in attend- ing a meeting are invited to contact Mary Newman, (805) 492-3854.
Mrs. Jacqueline Atkinson Arnold (Gamma Delta '83) of the Williamsburg Virginia Alumnae Chapter was crowned Mrs. Virginia International 2 0 0 3 ! She was also among the top ten finalists for the Mrs. International 2 0 0 3 pageant. Her platform included inspira- tion for everyone to meet our President's Lifetime Volunteer Hours Challenge, support of the Freedom Corp, and sup- porting the Spirit of America. As a mother of five children and a military spouse, Jackie is an inspiration to all of us. Way to go, Jackie!
Winston-Salem Area Alumnae Chapter has donated items to the Alzheimer Day Care Center each year instead of exchanging gifts for our chapter birthday month.
Youngstoum Area
Our chapter was installed last February. W e had a great time sharing fond sisterhood moments. The diversity of our chapter is special, because w e have members from various chapters as well as members ranging in age.
To Dragma [ Winter 2003 ]
use items, and other items needed by the residents of RMH. We are also very excited about our March event "Charity - The Heart of AOII. " Our all new charity fund raiser, called "Baskets, Baubles, and Brunch" will replace our annual auction and all proceeds will ben- efit the Arthritis Foundation of Northwest Ohio. This will be THE event of the year! This year's events promise to be full of fun, sisterhood, and charity!
October 25. ANS Marie Newberry visited the chapter at our November social in the home of Gloria Hamner Stewart. Our "Holiday Wreath Revival" event held at a local florist shop was also in November. Exam Survival Goodie Bags were assembled for Alpha Delta in December. Upcoming events include Founders' Day with Alpha Delta, dinner out evening, and assisting Alpha Delta with their Strike Out Arthritis event. In April, we plan to continue the tradition of hosting a party honoring graduating seniors following the Seniors to Alumna Ritual. In early summer, we will host a brunch honoring all area collegians and their moms. All area alumnae are warmly invited to all events.
This year we have said goodbye to an amazing chapter president, Carolyn Rhee-Thompson w h o has served well and is starting a new job as mom. We are welcoming the new
The Triangle
Chapter uses one of our spring meetings to participate in the making of panda bears at Build-a-Bear in the Raleigh- Durham area. W e then collect the bears from the members and transport them to convention or leadership institute for the charity the fra- ternity chooses for that year.
The Tucson
Chapter has been having
a great year! We received
two recognitions at the president, Leigh Newlands
Convention in Norfolk this summer and we couldn't be prouder. Our new website is up and running. It is full of great information about what is happening here in Southern Arizona. You can reach the website through the alumnae link on the AOII website. Many new sisters have joined our chapter and we are looking forward to growing even more. W e encourage any AOIIs in the area to get in contact with us so that they can join the fun I
This year we have some really fun events scheduled. W e participated in Alpha
from Calgary. We have some exciting events planned such as a Death By Chocolate, AOII Day Road trip, Wine Tasting and a Learn to Sail day in the spring. We are always looking for AOIIs who have moved to Vancouver so this year we are concentrating on introducing women to our chapter.
Ventura County
W e launched the season with a picnic-style luncheon. In October, we collected Halloween friendship treats for the Northridge collegians and also worked as clerks at the California Gubernatorial recall election under the fund-

Foundation Update Taking Control r
Financial Management for W omen
The AOII Foundation recently sponsored an educational seminar for Nashville area alumnae. The workshop, presented by representatives of Innovative Financial Group, LLC/John Hancock Financial Services focused on establishing a financial direction, setting objectives, tax strategies and the role of charitable giving in your personal financial plan. AOIIs also had a chance to socialize and enjoy a light dessert compliments of John Hancock.
Estate planning isn't just for the elderly or wealthy! Everyone who owns something of value has an estate. It might be your house, car or condo, a life insurance policy or retirement plan. It might be property, mutual funds, or appreciated stock.
Wills are important for protecting and passing along your estate or assets, according to your wishes. But does everyone need one? For example, a young single woman without children or a lot of money may say, "I don't need a will, do I?" The answer is "Yes!"
A will can help you accomplish several things. You can take care of the needs of loved ones, keep the tax collector at bay, or make a lasting impact on the charities or causes that are important to you.
Afteryour other commitments or interests have been satisfied, you can, through a bequest in your will, give a specific amount or percent, or all of what remains, to support charitable organizations or causes that you value.
If you designate the AOII Foundation i n your will, please use the complete legal name, Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation, and include our mailing address, 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN 37027. Contact the Foundation officewithquestions orforinformation.
If you already have a will, it's not necessary to make a new one. Y ou can easily add a will codicil with your instructions.
Please say, I WILL, to assure a strong financial future for AOII.
The role of women in managing and directing their own financial affairs is a timely topic that is assuming more importance as baby boomers move toward retirement. This session provided valuable information and provided a forum for sharing information and asking the experts.
1 1
If you would be interested in such a workshop for your alumnae group, please contact the Foundation and we'll provide information and contacts.
Foundation DonorProfile
Frances Shera Fessler, Beta Theta '27
Frances passed away in 2003 and the Foundation recently received a significant bequest from her estate, designated for the Foundation Endowment. As with all Endowment gifts, the bequest will be invested. The income generated from this investment will provide annual program support. What can be accomplished through Frances' legacy? It may be different each year - her bequest could help fund Leadership Academies to strengthen chapters, or new scholarships, or a convention keynote speaker, or a vital program such as drug and alcohol awareness for collegiate chapters or other Fraternity programs that haven't even been designed yet!
This is the meaning of Will Power. Her gift will have power far into the future, generat- ing income to strengthen AOII through needed educational programs and training of volunteers. By naming the AOII Foundation in her will, Frances extended her generos- ity to embrace both present and future sisters who will benefit from her gift.
VJ ToDragma [ Winter 2003 ]


• I am pleased to enclose m y check. $
(Make check payable to the Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation.)
• Please send me information about making a monthly gift through an automatic bank draft.
• Iwishtochargemyannualgiftasfollows: • VISA• MC•AMEX • A single payment of $
• Twelve equal monthly payments of $
Account # Expires Signature
US' Donate on-line at Thanks. A O n FOUNDATION - CUMULATIVE GIFT CLUBS
UP TO $124- Friend
$125 - Sustaining Member $250 - Sponsor
$500 - Wheat Club
$1,000 - Rose Club $2,500 - Pearl Club $5,000 - Ruby Club
Name Member # Address City Chapter Phone E-mail
$10,000 - Gold Club $15,000 - Pi Circle $25,000 - Omicron Circle $50,000 - Alpha Circle
$100,000 - Founders' Circle $150,000 - Diamond Circle

• •
Send me information about including the Alpha OmicronPiFoundation inmywill.
Contact me to discuss gifts of appreciated stocks or life insurance.
My company will match m y gift.
(Please provide us with the company form.)
Z ip Init. Year

Spotlight on Scholarships
Pop quiz: Name the one commodity whose average price tag has consistentlv outpaced inflation for the last to years running. If you answered "a college education," you are correct. The bottom line is that college is expensive.
AOII Foundation scholarships help with that need. If you are interested in supporting the Diamond Jubilee Scholarship program, please send your tax-deductible scholarship gift to the Foundation. You may further restrict your gift to a specific named scholarship. For the next few issues of ToDragma, the Foundation will spotlight some of these named awards. Please call the Foundation office for information.
Angels of Kappa Theta Scholarship: awarded annually to a rising junior or senior from a California chapter, with Southern California chapter applicants given preference. This award was started to celebrate the Centennial of Alpha Omicron Pi, to keep alive the name of Kappa Theta Chapter installed in 1925 and closed in 1973, and as a memorial for the deceased sisters of that chapter. This year's recipient is Michelle Wastaferro, Chi Psi '01, a senior majoring in Psychology. She plans to continue her education, working toward her Masters and PhD. Thanks to all the Kappa Theta donors who are helping Michelle achieve that goal!
Carolyn Huey Harris Scholarship: awarded biennially at convention to a junior or senior Lambda Sigma majoring in the field of Communications. This scholarship was established in 1991 by Carolyn's family and friends to honor her for her years of devotion to AOII and the AOII Foundation. Carolyn, a Past International President, passed away in 1991, but her memory is kept alive through this special tribute. This year's recipient is Susan Mentzer, Lambda Sigma '00, a senior with a double major in Marketing and Finance. Donors to the Carolyn Huey Harris Scholarship ensure that Carolyn's legacy continues.
AOII chapters raised thousands of dollars for artriritis research and juvenile arthritis last year. Thanks to their wonderful enthusiasm and energy, the Foundation was able to pledge $105,000 over three years for a research project studying artriritis and osteoporosis, and $14,200 specifically for children with arthritis and their families. (Read their "thanks" below left.)
AOII's new activity may enable even more to be raised. AOII's branded philanthropy event enjoyed a great initial year during 2002-2003. At least 5 chapters conducted official Strike O u t Arthritis! events and were recognized at Convention. These are: Gamma Delta, Pi Theta, Theta Psi, Epsilon Sigma, and NY/NJ Metro Alumnae.
If your chapter - collegiate or
alumnae - holds a named Strike Out
event, or uses the tag line, AOII Strike
Out Arthritis!, let us know so we can
recognize you at Leadership Institute.
Send us copies of your publicity
materials. And if you are interested in
knowing more, contact the Foundation.
We hope that more and more chapters
each year will incorporate this theme into their philanthropy planning and help build the identity of arthritis as AOII's international philanthropy.
"I learned so much at the AJAO Conference. The information will benefit my entire family. Jovita and Joel fell in love with their group session teachers and enjoyed all the wonderful children's activities. Especially the panda bears! We're looking forward to seeing our new friends we met at the conference next year. Everyone there felt like "family" although it was our first time together. Your kindness will always be remembered".
Warm regards, Joseph, Alberta, Joel and Jovita Wright
Thanks to the generous gifts of AOII chapters and alumnae donors, the AOII Foundation was able to grant $14,200 for support of two regional conferences in the summer of 2003. Families with children and young adults 18-25 were the recipients of family or individual "scholarship" support through AOII Foundation grants. Each 3-day conference provided information on the latest treatments for Juvenile Arthritis and offered breakout sessions on a variety of topics.
Foundation Update
AOII and AJAO... Making a Difference
American Juvenile Arthritis Organization scholarship recipients say Thanks, AOII!"
To Dragma [ Winter 2003 ]

Collegiate News
Alpha Chi
W estern
Kentucky U
Adventures amusement park in Valdosta, Georgia was a blast on November 15.
Alpha Phi
Montana State U
We built a five hole mini golf course for our philanthropy night of recruitment! W e worked extra long hours after recruitment practice, and it wound up to be the hit of all the sororities! The Pikes sponsored us $1.50 a hole-in-one to benefit arthritis research - and we made$200! Itwasablast, and the details of the course made all the potential new members so excited!
Alpha Psi
Bowling Green State U
W e had quite a bit of excite- ment over the past months. Thanks to our ever supportive alumnae and our own energetic chapter members, Alpha Psi made quota plus one during fall recruitment. We are so proud of our 17 new sisters, who were wel- comed to a newly redeco- rated home all dressed up for bid day by our wonderful alumnae. Alpha Psi also had the opportunity to get to know the sisters of the Theta Psi Chapter of AOII at the U of Toledo. We had a fun time sharing ideas and bonding with our Theta Psi sisters. There have been many events to keep us busy. We participated, along with our alumnae, in Race for the Cure, hosted a
Homecoming breakfast for returning alumnae, and were privileged to have AOII
alumna Lori Hart Ebert come to campus to speak about Greek life. W e have had great intramural participation with our flag football team and enjoyed taking part in the Haunted Hayride which benefitted children. Alpha Psi is also excited to report that we are the recipients of the Panhellenic Council Pan Award for our amazing alumnae who do so much on so many levels. For academics, Alpha Psi was recognized for having the most improved GPA out of all the Panhellenic sororities on campus. Alpha Psi has gotten off to a great start this fall and we are looking forward to a successful and
rewarding year.
Beta Phi
Indiana U
The first "Walk Off Arthritis" was held in November. We recruited members of other sororities and fraternities as well as girls from Chi Delta to be our models. A department store donated the clothes for them to wear. The event was held in a section of our University Memorial Center, which can hold 500 people. To raise money for arthritis research, we charged $8 at the door and invited other Greeks, as well as university students. Besides the catwalk, we had a silent auction with donated baskets, and a guest speaker whose life had been affected by arthritis. In all, the event was very successful.
Chi Epsilon
The Ohio State U
Our chapter volunteered at the W O S U telethon last Winter quarter to help raise money for our local non-profit television station. M a n y of our members gave five hours of their time to record donations. In the short amount of time our chapter was at the sta- tion taking calls, we raised over $11,000 for WOSU while building a stronger sisterhood and many last- ing memories.
Chi Lambda
U o f Evansville
Chi Lambda has begun this year with an amazing start! Twenty-two new members joined our chapter this year. Chi Lambda's new members are incredible, and we expect many good things
Alpha Chi has graced Western's campus since May 8, 1965. 2002-2003 proved to be an outstanding year for us. We placed first in many events such as New Member Olympics, PIKES peak week, the volleyball tournament, and the Softball tournament using our com- bined athletic abilities. W e placed first in Kappa Delta Shenanigans performing with our best dance skills and coordination. Alpha Chi also placed first in all of Homecoming week, and even crowned one of our very own sisters as
Homecoming Queen. This was an incredible year for us as sisters. We were also honored with placing sec- ond in Greek Week overall by winning numerous events from Spring Sing to Events Day. Alpha Chi members proudly wear the letters of AOII across campus. W e are extremely proud to be a part of such a wonderful sorority and group of girls.
Alpha Lambda
Georgia Southern U
Alpha Lambda was very excited about hav- ing Homecoming with Sigma Nu this year. We initiated our new members on October 19 and enjoyed parents weekend, November 7-9. Our parents attended a football game with us as well as participated in all sorts of fun activities. And finally, our sisters' retreat to Wild
Our chapter, once
held "Fiesta," one of our annual philanthropy events. It takes place each October. The proceeds are donated to Dance Marathon dancers that are raising money for Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Tickets are sold for $5 each and give admission to an all-you-can- eat taco bar from 11-3 am at our house. This event has become a hit and helped us raise a lot of money for a great cause.
Chi Delta
U of Colorado
Our philanthropy chairman took a new approach to our philanthropic event this year. Instead of our usual Casino Night, we tried something new with a fashion show.
ToDragma [Winter 2003 ]

from them in the future. Many thanks to our Recruitment Chairman, Lyndsi Chandler; Assistant Chairman, Jessica Jetton; and each one of the party chairmen. Chi Lambda looks forward to an exciting year filled with philanthropies, mixers, date parties, and so much more. W e also hope to surpass last year's 3.28 GPA with much of the same hard work from each of our sisters as last year.
Tufts U
The sisters of Delta Chapter are dedicated to raising as much money as possible for the AOII Foundation. Each semester, w e host a char- ity a cappella concert to benefit the AOII Foundation. W e have between five and six groups participate each time. Each group donates their time to this show. Since our chapter is small, we don't have the funds to pay each group to sing. The event has become so popular that we actually have to turn interested a cappella groups away. A Cappella is very popular on the Tufts U campus, so we always have a large turnout. Between the first two shows, we made about $2500,
which is great for our chapter. Another great philanthropy event that the we host is our annual Italian night. Each fall we serve up an Italian dinner to the members of the other Greek houses. This event works on a PR, Philanthropic, and Greek Community level.
Delta Beta
U of Louisiana at
Delta Beta Chapter had a great recruitment. This year we have received 19 new members. On Halloween night, we held our first
philanthropy of the year, Trick or Treat Arthritis. W e went around to different neighbor- hoods and passed out flyers announcing that we would be collecting donations. We are really excited about the fall semester. W e held a lot of events and enjoyed experiencing them with our new members.
Delta Delta
Auburn U
Delta Delta Chapter had a great recruitment! Many attri- bute the success to several new activities that made recruitment more fun. The "Secret Sister" idea helped lift the spirits of the members during the stress of recruitment. Each sister was given the name of another sister for whom they had to give a small gift to everyday. It was helpful in brightening the stressful day and helped the sisters to get to know each other better. Another success- ful idea was to have a theme for every night of membership selection. This was a way to lighten up this intense time of recruitment. The different theme nights included "Funky PJ's," "AU Fever," and "Mad Hatter."
The costumes were clever and it helped everyone to better enjoy membership selection.
Delta Omega
Murray State U
A lot of exciting things have happened for Delta Omega this semester. In August, we gained 26 great new girls. They are a wonderful asset to our chapter. Also, our chapter earned the highest GPA of all the Greek organizations on campus with a 3.22. In October, we held our annual Mr. MSU pageant and raised approximately $7500 for the
Juvenile Arthritis Foundation. They guys were very entertain- ing and we all had a great time! In addition to all of our
Gamma Theta (U of South Florida!
Omicron (U of Tennessee)
To Dragma [ Winter 2003
lota [U of Illinois]

AOII events, we've kept busy on campus and look forward to another great semester!
Delta Pi
Central Missouri
them a little better in a more relaxed atmosphere. W e have also started going to the football games on campus to cheer on one of the girls in our sorority because she is on the dance team. This semes- ter has been filled with a lot of fun sister events. There is even more fun awaiting for us this year.
Delta Rho
The Delta Rho Chapter has had an amazing year with recruitment. O u r current NME class is made up of 11 members. The chapter feels that part of our recruitment success is due to our won- derful campus involvement and visibility. Our sisters are involved in over 15 student organizations, with many of our sisters serving as executive board members.
Delta Sigma
San Jose State U
This has been a great semester for the Delta Sigma Chapter. W e were the only chapter on campus to go over quota at fall recruitment. W e have a wonderful new member class of 18 and are very proud and excited to have them in our chapter. They are very involved in AOII and cannot wait to get initiated. During Homecoming a n d Greek Week, October 6th through the 10th, all members partici- pated in House Decorating, Float Building, and supported Erin Osbourne who was on the Homecoming Court. The
semester ended with our popular philanthropy, Mr. Fraternity, and various other community service projects.
Delta Theta
Texas Women's U
Delta Theta is proud of our
Over the past summer the ladies of the Delta Pi Chapter experienced a great tragedy. On the way home from sum- mer meeting, Katy Henry was killed in a car accident. Katy was a wonderful asset
Gamma Alpha IGeorge Mason Uj
to our chapter.
greatly missed remembered.
of the Ritual, Katy always held Ritual close to her heart. Katy w a s a devout Catholic and an inspiring leader, and participated in many other activities. She w a s always willing to drop whatever she was doing to help anyone in need. She was also very active in intramurals. During Greek Games, she surpassed everyone and won the Taco Eating Contest. For the talent show section of Greek
Games, Katy portrayed the infamous Sean Connery in celebrity jeopardy. Delta Pi is working diligently to estab- lish the Katy Henry Average Student Scholarship Fund. We will also plant a tree in her honor. Even though her time here on earth was short, the impact she made on everyone she met will be lifelong. KatyHenrytrulywas a lady of style and grace.
She will be a n d always O u r Keeper
lambda Eta (Grand Valley State I)]
Delta Omega (Murray State Uj
To Dragma [ Winter 2003 ]
We will miss her.
Delta Psi
State U of New York
The Delta Psi Chapter at SUNY Albany has been busy this semester especially with recruitment. W e have been going to dinners on all of the dining halls and getting to know future girls who we would like to recruit. We have also been having barbecues at our houses
with some girls to get to know
twenty year
Gamma Delta (U of South Alabama)

celebration. Alpha Omicron Pi was the very first sorority to be established on the Texas Woman's U campus. With twenty wonderful years under our belt we are even more ready for the years to come. Our chapter is very proud of our great year. W e are a small chapter so improve- ments take extra work. W e have a very dedicated LC. This years LC has had many great new ideas that have brought great changes. Delta Theta has worked very hard to improve sisterhood, achieve chapter standards, and participate more on campus. We have been suc- cessful in all of these areas. In the words of our CR chair, "sisterhood is looking good!"
Delta Upsilon
So far this academic year, the girls of Delta Upsilon have been busy with all kinds of events, including fund raising, date functions, mixers, and sisterhood activities. W e have taken a trip to King's Dominion amusement park, hosted our annual Back to the Beach philanthropy event on Duke's main quad, attended our Decades Dance, and our semi-formal at the end of the semester. Delta Upsilon Chapter is also excited about our new Chapter Advisor, Shawn Fenimore.
Epsilon Alpha
Pennsylvania State U
This Fall the Epsilon Alpha members have been hard at work. We started off the semester with a great recruit- ment and ended up with 22 fabulous new members. The new girls immediately joined in the sisterhood fun as we paired up with Acacia for Homecoming. W e built a great float that made the front page of our school paper
and enjoyed Flintstone's themed events all week. In November we paired up with Delta Upsilon to perform our rendition of Mama Mia for Greek Sing. As always, we put on a great show. W e also starting raising money for Penn State's Dance Marathon, which is always our biggest event. Last year we raised $153,000 with the brothers of Acacia to help kids with cancer. We came in 3rd place in money and 1st place for spirit. We look forward to beating our total this year!
Epsilon Gamma
U of Northern
Epsilon Gamma has been verybusythisyear.Wewere able to acquire a huge house comparable to others on campus, which has helped us with recruitment and provided more living space for many more girls. Recruitment went well and we added wonder- ful new women to our sister- hood. Our AAC is finally in place, with advisors for every position. Our greatest accom- plishment was receiving the highest new member, and Panhellenic GPAs. This was a wonderful way to start off the year. We have so much more in store and can't wait for the rest of the year.
Epsilon Sigma
Quincy U
Our chapter has had many successful events so far this year. W e hosted a water balloon sling shot contest as a fund raiser for our chapter. Participants purchased two water balloons for $ . 5 0 or five balloons for $ 1 . The person who made the longest shot received half of our mak- ings, which was around $35. During the University's Alumni Homecoming weekend, we
hosted our second annual Rock-a-Thon. Each member took turns into two hour shifts for 24 hours. All of our proceeds were donated to arthritis research. Our first fall formal recruitment went extremely well and we welcome our 12 newly initi- ated members into the Alpha Omicron Pi family.
Gamma Alpha
George Mason U
tis. We also raised $3500 for cancer research by par- ticipating in our campus wide Relay for Life walk. In May, Gamma Delta won overall for the second year in a row at Sigma Chi Derby Days. The fall semester began with a successful recruitment. After much hard work, we gained quota and were honored with 20 exceptional ladies. To build unity, we continue to incorporate a sisterhood meeting once a month. We recently held a car wash to raised $350 for one of our sisters to go to Miss Deaf
To Dragma [ Winter 2003 ]
This year, our chapter had
the amazing chance to get
a glimpse al Greek housing.
We are the only Greek America. Gamma Delta
chapter on the GMU campus to have their own housing. Nearly 30 sisters live on a student hall with all new furnishings, our own storage room, and all our composites from the last twelve years. Being such a large chapter to begin with, the AOII floor has brought together not only the ladies living on it, but other sisters who can enjoy relaxing in our own space. This fall we held our annual philanthropy event, Strike Out Arthritis, that involved the entire Greek, GMU, and nearby com- munity in an all day baseball extravaganza. Fall recruit- ment went extremely well and the entire chapter has enjoyed getting to know them better. As an chapter, we make it our goal to be well-rounded in academics, athletics, social events and philanthropy and these new ladies seem to be the ones to carry on the tradition of excellence.
Gamma Delta
U of South Alabama
Gamma Delta made a remarkable impression in 2003 on the U of South Alabama's campus. W e hosted our 4th annual Help Kids Strike Out Arthritis softball tournament in April and raised over $2500 for juvenile arthri-
hopes to continue a spirit of giving in 2004.
Gamma Omicron
U of Florida
Recruitment 2003 was a great success. Every young woman in this year's new member class is outstanding. We are thrilled to have each and every one of them here with us. An interesting tidbit about this year's class - it has seven younger sisters of current AOIIs! Kristin Holt was their New Member Educator. She felt that it was extremely important to let every previous class have their own time with the new members. This proved to be invaluable. Each class was able to do something different with the new member class, including pizza parties, ice cream socials, and movie nights. It might just become a new tradition! Football season in Gainesville is about as hectic as New Years in Times Square. As soon as recruit- ment ends, school begins and everyone 'revs' into class mode. Our diligence has paid off though - we have the #3 GPA of all sororities and fraternities on campus.

Gamma Sigma
Georgia State U
increasingly involved on the Iowa State Campus and Greek community.
Gamma Sigma started off the year great by making quota during formal recruitment. The sisters have had a lot of fun getting to know our new girls with our Stella, Helen, Bess, and Jess groups. In these groups, sisters and new members do various activities from potluck dinners to going to the movies. W e love our new girls! W e are proud to have two sisters writing for the GSU newspaper, The Signal. Gamma Sigma's first big philanthropy event, a Mr. AOII Pageant, was a big hit. We had 28 Greek men from GSU and GA Tech compet- ing for the title of "Mr. AOII," and a huge crowd gathered to watch the pageant. The event raised money forThe Arthritis Foundation a n d canned goods for The Atlanta Community Food Bank. Sisters a n d n e w members
had a great time! W e can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings us!
Gamma Theta
U of South Florida
Gamma Theta had a very exciting semester. W e moved into out new house in August, and then proceeded to get 40 new members to initiate into our chapter. Our house has made our sisterhood grow stronger, because we are able to do more things together. W e have a "Friends" night every Thursday night to watch our favorite TV show, and we also get together and make dinner. Our new members are very excited to be AOIIs and can't wait to move into the house.
U of Illinois
lota has much good news to share!!! W e had a very
Kappa Gamma
successful recruitment in
September, and 52 fabulous
new lota AOIIs joined our
sisterhood. Members went
roller-skating at the local rink
on Sisterhood Day, and had
a blast. On September 26th,
lota hosted its second annual
Mud Olympics. With over
20 teams participating to
benefit both Arthritis Research
and The Alopecia Areata
Foundation, our philanthropy
event was a huge success!
Initiation of our 5 2 new sisters
took place in November. Improved Sorority." This KappaLambda We're looking forward to
fully welcoming them into our sisterhood and sharing every- thing that AOII means to us. We are all looking forward to what the future has in store for our chapter!
Iota Chi
U of W estern
year we are committed to serving the campus and the community and showing those on the Florida Southern campus what an awesome sisterhood AOII is. W e are very proud of our individual accomplishments this year, as we have several sisters who hold offices in major student organizations as well as some who have been nomi- nated for major awards. As a chapter we are busy get- ting ready for our next major projects: Red Ribbon Week and Walk for the Roses. W e are confident that this energy will continue throughout the year and cause our sister- hood to shine!
Kappa Kappa
Ball State U
Kappa Kappa hasaccom- plished many things this past year. In the Spring of 2003 at the annual Grand Chapter banquet, w e picked up eleven out of thirteen awards including: Philanthropic Award, Community Service Award, Philanthropic and Community Service Overall Award, Most Improved New Member GPA, Most Improved Member GPA, Chapter of Excellence in Philanthropic, Scholarship, Management, and Outreach, Overall Chapter of Excellence, and Outstanding Chapter President! This fall,
U of Calgary
This last year was a great one for our chapter. W e had some new events, such as a sister- hood retreat in October, and a 2 4 hour foosball challenge in February, to raise money for arthritis research. In recruit- ment fall 2003, our chapter was successful as w e received so many new members that we doubled our chapter size! W e have already enjoyed our trick or treat philanthropy, the campus food drive, and our annual Rose Ball.
Kappa Omega
U of Kentucky
Kappa Omega has had a wonderful start to our Fall Semester! W e had a great recruitment week which ran smoothly, with high returns at all of our parties throughout the week. Kappa Omega welcomed 47 lovely ladies on Bid Day at the end of August. W e are so excited to have all of our new members become sisters in our chapter. Our members are participat- ing in almost every intramural competition, and in countless other on-campus organiza- tions this semester. W e even have members who are actively working to campaign for some of the gubernatorial candidates of Kentucky.
Formal recruitment
smooth sailing here at lota Chi! W e immediately bonded with our new mem- bers, w h o will make such wonderful sisters! Everybody anxiously awaited finding out who their little sister was! These young ladies all embody ideal AOIIs - ener- getic, sweet, intelligent, and classy. W e feel confident that lota Chi's future is going to be asbrightasourpresent.
Iota Sigma
Iowa State U
The lota Sigma Chapter took a progressive step forward as we recruited Quota Plus for the first time in three years! We are proud to announce that over 800 runners par- ticipated in Run for the Roses, and in addition, members hosted an in-house brunch for alumnae before the Iowa State Homecoming football game. Our chapter is staying busy with continuous open recruitment while becoming
w a s
Florida Southern
The sisters of Kappa Gamma have started the school year with enthusiasm and energy! We ended last year on a very positive note, earning the titles of "Greek Week Champions" a n d "Most
AOII is jump-starting a new philanthropy. Jail 'n Bail was originally created by Sarah Ernstberger who has Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder that affects the muscles. In an effort to raise awareness and funds for research, the women will jail and bail people in and out of the Alumni Center to raise as much money as possible for this wonderful cause.
[ Winter 2003 ]

Formal Recruitment
brought Kappa Sigma quota plus 2 wonderful women, of which nine pledged AOII and were initiated. During our CR Retreat we had an early Thanksgiving Dinner followed with Inspiration Jars and a cool trust activity end- ing in a video for our soon-to- be alumnae. Our Walk for the Roses saw Kappa Sigma marching down one side of Main Street, River Falls while the Shriners, in their little cars,
paraded down the opposite direction on Main. They gave us a '21 horn' salute to make the day even more of a success. In the Spring, Kappa Sigma celebrated ourlOth anniversary a n d several new engagements. Congrats to all the sisters and alumnae who got engaged and married over the past year! W e would like to send some Alpha Love to Sheila in Colorado, Erica at Hamline, Jenna and Liz in Indiana, and
to Liz across the pond.
Lambda Chi!range College
Lambda Chi has had a great year! W e have doubled in numbers and continue to grow! W e are very proud of all of our sisters, new and old. We won the float contest for the Homecoming parade and also have the highest GPA of Greeks on campus! Our socials were fabulous; among them were Paint-A-Date,
Kappa Phi
Our chapter participated in Ca Marche, the AIDS walk in Montreal. It was a great day, w e raised money tor an important cause, and had a lot of fun.
Kappa Sigma
U of Wisconsin
- River Falls
the N e w Member Formal, Crush Social, and our end of the year Jacqueminot Rose Ball. W e also continued community service by visiting a nursing home, participating in the Halloween carnival, helping at the Panther Toy Store (a discounted toy store for families in LaGrange], and held our annual Philanthropy event, King of the Hill (a
male beauty pageant]. We also participated in lip syncs, step singing, a n d Greek Week. W e held events for our alumnae and a tea for our parents during Parents' Weekend. It's been a busy year, but it's been wonderful I
Lambda Sigma
U of Georgia
Lambda Sigma had an awe- some recruitment this year. W e recently initiated 6 0 amazing new sisters making us the largest sorority on our campus. Lambda Sigma's own Ginny Barton w a s chosen as a Homecoming Court attendant which makes this the third consecutive year an AOII has been on the Court. W e have lots of fun social and sisterhood events
planned for the year that we're very excited about!
Lambda Tau
U of Louisiana
at Monroe
Our chapter set up a booth in the grove during our Homecoming game. W e had face painting and Indian feathers for the kids. W e also sold food and drinks to help raise money for our philanthropy. Everyone in the chapter was very excited about the event. This not only gives us a chance to build school spirit but at the same time gives us a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our alumnae.
Omega {Miami Uj
2 0 0 2
Kappa Omega (U of Kentucky)
[Winter 2003 ]
lambda Tau (U of Louisiana at Monroe)

Lambda Upsilon
Lehigh U
Our chapter has kept busy at Lehigh U this year! W e co-sponsored one of our biggest philanthropy events
a 50-Hour See-Saw Marathon with a fraternity on campus. Our group camped out in the middle of campus on a n 18-foot long see-saw and stayed on (in shifts] for 5 0 hours straight. The entire campus w a s invited for free pizza, live music, and to help raise money for arthritis research. W e solicited donations through local companies, friends,and families. Our past president, Lauren Russo, was named VP Education for Panhellenic this year, and our past Recruitment Chairman, Maggie Miller, was named VP Recruitment for Panhellenic. Both girls are doing a stellar job. In sister- hood news, we have had a ton of fun this year. W e enjoyed Laser Light bowling and group rock climbing. W e worked together, got in some exercise, and had a great time together!
Mu Lambda
Rollins College
Last year, the sisters of Mu Lambda Chapter h a d their very first formal recruitment, which w a s a success. The entire chapter bonded quickly and enjoyed both a Crush party and a Spring Formal. This fall, the sisters have participated in various phil- anthropic activities, including Halloween Howl and volun- teering at the local Orlando Arthritis Foundation. The most recent event for the chapter was a fall sisterhood retreat, which was well-attended.
Nu Omicron
Vanderbilt U
The Nu Omicron Chapter has had a very successful Spring and Fall 2003! Bid Day was amazing with our fifty-one new members. O n April 18th, during Vanderbill's Rites of Spring Festival, we held "AOII in the Face" where we sell Whipped Cream Pies to students to toss at willing campus volunteers such as traffic a n d parking officers. On March 15th w e held our Red Rose Ball. AOII sisters and their guests danced the night away on the General Jackson Riverboat and we awarded Sister Superlatives. AOII Oscars, our annual philanthropy, on September 20th, was a hit again this year! The show consisted of an outstanding performance and fabulous desserts, raising $3,500 for arthritis research. October 29th was Monster Mash, for Nashville school children to come trick-or-treat at all of the Greek houses and participate in lots of Halloween fun. Nu Omicron looks forward to another amazing year!
Miami U
Nine members of the Omega Chapter traveled to the U of Louisville, Kentucky to aid the Pi Alpha Chapter with their fall recruitment. It w a s a great learning experience for both chapters and wonderful bonding among sisters. This spring the Omegas will be hosting "Strike Out Arthritis," a philanthropic Softball tournament, which is receiv- ing outstanding support from the Greek community! This semester sisters have had a packed social schedule, from a "Golf pros and tennis play- ers" date party to "jailbreak" with a fraternity on campus. However, the Omegas do
lota Chi (U of Western Ontaric
Delta Delta (Auburn Uj
ToDragma [Winter 2003 ]
Alpha Lambda (Georgia Southern U)

maintain the highest GPA among Greeks at Miami U! Currently, the chapter is bus- ily preparing for recruitment, which will begin in January.
Omega Omicron
Lambuth U
This year has started off great for us!! Recruitment went really well and we got some awesome new members!! For Bid Day, we took a trip to Memphis, TN to visit the Panda exhibit and get to know some of the new members. It was a great day with lots of sisterhood and fun!! Since then, our chapter has been very involved in getting ready for our 1st annual "Strike-out for Arthritis" philanthropy event. W e will be hosting an all-day softball tournament in which teams from all overjacbon, TN are signed up to play and raise money. Women's and Men's
teams both with be fighting to win the tournament and raise as much money as they can! Our chapter is committed to doing all we can to work for this cause and strengthen our sisterhood along the way.
Omega Upsilon
A new school year at Ohio U marked a busy time for the women of the Omega Upsilon Chapter. The campus Greek Week champions completed a successful fall recruitment and continue to enjoy the close bonds estab- lished with each new sister. By renting out a local theatre, the women participated in a mid week break to escape from the everyday stresses of col- lege life. They also enjoyed a memorable night of bonfires, dancing and haunted hay rides at their date party, which took place at an entertaining country western themed venue. The release
of the first ever Men of Ohio calendar successfully sparked campus attention and raised tremendous donations for their philanthropy. Despite the hard work and dedication of each woman in the chapter, they continue to grow closer by exemplifying each virtue of Alpha Omicron Pi.
getting to know every new member and became more active on campus, placing in every fraternity philan- thropy day and in the Greek Goddess Competition. W e also received several honors from the Greek Awards Banquet: Highest Active Member GPA, Top Greek Freshman Loran Bernert, Most Community Service hours per member, and most improved
Seventh Annual Smoke Arthritis barbecue, Middle Tennessee Homecoming, and the Initiation of our new members. W e completed the semester with the Harvest Festival and transition of the new officers in November, and our Senior Banquet Formal in December. It is true that the sisters of Rho Omicron are always on the go, but ask any of us and we would all tell you there is not other place we would rather be than with our sisters
making memories.
U of California
The women of Sigma Chapter participated in a worthy philanthropic event with the men of Delta Chi on September 20th. W e enjoyed volunteering our time, effort, and smiles at a Bay Area soup kitchen. W e also had a wonderful Homecoming Weekend. Not only did we coordinate a delicious Parents' Barbecue prior to the football game on October 4th, but we warmly welcomed our new- est members to the chapter during "Presents" the next day! Next, we kicked off Greek Week with a bang! We created a beautiful banner for Homecoming, which won seventh place, and later designed and built an architecturally stunning
replication of the Golden Gate Bridge out of soup cans and other canned goods. The items from this Cal Can Competition were later donated to a local charity. This impressive feat, which garnered first place in the competition, was even mentioned on UC Berkeley's website! And congratulations
ToDragma [Winter 2003 ]
East Stroudsburg U GPA. This semester we
This semester our chapter is amazing. We had 29 girls come through rush and now have 10 wonderful new members. Our members are overwhelmed with what great girls we now have. It is amazing to see our chapter growing so fast right before our eyes. Now we are look- ing forward to next semester hoping to add more girls than ever. We are so happy to see that othergirls are finding AOII as special as we do.
Phi Sigma
have been heavily involved in intramurals playing flag football, tennis, softball, and canoe regatta and getting first place in Tug-O-War! W e are very proud of our new roses from fall recruitment and are looking forward to an awe- some year!
Samford U
The sisters of Rho Delta chapter have been very busy on campus this year. Last fall we held a Smoke Arthritis barbecue out on our quad. It was a campus-wide event including a live band and yummy barbecue! Parties have also been in full swing this year. Our fall party had a 1940s theme and it was fun to see our dates dressed up like World War II sol- diers. We also had a blast at our winter formal, spring semi-formal, and various mixers in between.
Rho Omicron
Middle TN State U
The Rho Omicron Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi is already back into the swing of things with our busy fall schedule. The sisters of AOII started the semester by gaining thirty- three beautiful new members from a very successful recruitment. The fall months proved to be very special and memorable as we par- ticipated in the Rho Omicron
U of
Enthusiasm is running through the Phi Sigma house. The women of Phi Sigma have been busy and very excited about all the activities going on in the chapter as well as on campus. Homecoming week has come to a close and the women of Phi Sigma are proud of their achievements in all the activities including coming in second place overall. Cow Pi, the first function of the year was a great one. W e are also looking forward to the exciting and wonderful year ahead of us.
Pi Alpha
U of Louisville
This year has been a busy one for Pi Alpha. W e started it off with a great spring new member class. We had fun

to Sigma Chapter and three other Greek organizations for winning second place during Greek Week!
Sigma Chi
Hartwick College
We started off this year hosting a Chicken Barbecue welcoming the new freshman class. Alumnae weekend was a success with seeing many of the sisters that w e miss. W e sponsored a band from North Carolina, which was open to the campus community. For Parents' Weekend we spon- sored a Trolley where parents were able to take a tour of the historic districts of Oneonta, including a tour of our house. In support for one of our advisors, we donated money towards the cure for Breast Cancer.WeheldaTeaParty for faculty and staff from our campus community including the President a n d Trustees of the college. W e held our annual Haunted House for Halloween that was open to the community. We've been keeping busy and are looking forward to many other events for the year
Sigma Delta
The Sigma Delta Chapter had a wonderful recruitment and has a beautiful new class of ladies! For our Fall Philanthropy event, w e held the annual AOPie in the Face during Huntingdon College Family Weekend. People paid a dollar for a whip cream pie to throw in the face of the AOII of their choice. At the beginning of the school year, Sigma Delta announced their new website We are the first gteek organization on campus to
have one. Academically, the ladies of Sigma Delta continue to hold a GPA higher than the Huntingdon women's average.
Sigma Omicron
Arkansas State U
Sigma Omicron Chapter at Arkansas State U would like to congratulate all AOII Chapters on a great recruit- ment. W e are thankful for such our awesome group of new members. And we are looking forward to a great year.
Tau Delta
Southern College
The Tau Delta Chapter has had an amazing semester. We began by receiving twenty-six wonderful new members who will add so much to an already diverse and unique chapter. Sisterhood events such as laser tag, roller skating, kickball tournaments, a n d one scary haunted house trip have helped bring everyone closer while having lots of fun. Our annual Sister Stroll was a wonderful time for alumnae to come back to the Hilltop and relive their days as Pandas. Mr. Hilltopper, a womanless beauty pageant and our annual philanthropy project, allowed us to once again make a substantial donation to the Arthritis Foundation. Finally, both of our fall parties, Riverboat and Mystic were a great time for the Tau Deltas to take a break from school and have fun!
Tau Lambda
Shippensburg U
Tau Lambda Chapter would like to thank everyone who helped us in our recent Philanthropy Recruitment. W e
were able to donate 15 pil- lows to comfort sick children in our area. Everyone's excitement and enthusiasm was wonderful to see. Thank you to all who were involved
and publicize our chapter and our outstanding sorority as a whole.
Theta Beta
Tow son U
It was great for our chapter to reunite after being apart for the summer months. During this fall, we were very excited to be having a car wash to raise money for arthritis research. W e also wel- comed a great new member class, and participated in one of our favorite events of the year, Homecoming. With our great new additions to our chapter, we hope to lift out spirits higher than ever and have a great year.
Theta Pi
Wagner College
We have hada busyand fulfilling year! N o t only have w e been recruiting great girls, w e have been really involved in community service events. Some of our most favorite memories of this past year include The Relay for Life in March and Songfest in April. At Songfest, AOII w o n the award for Most Original piece, and our very own Kristen Clark won Songfest Queen! W e attended the American Cancer Society's "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walk for the second yeat in a row, where we wore our letters with pride. W e remem-
bered and praised all those fellow sisters, mothers, and
and helped us make children smile.
Tau Omega
Transylvania U
Tau Omega, along with the Lexington Alumnae Chapter and the Lexington Men of War Hockey team, participat- ed in the AOII Drops the Puck on Arthritis (a version of Strike Out Arthritis), raising $200 for the AOII Foundation for arthri- tis research. Tau Omega also had another successful Dance of the Decades this past January that generated $500 for the Adrienne Dantin Memorial Award that was givenforthefirsttimelastyear to a chapter member. The Adrienne Dantin Memorial Award is endowed with the University and the fund is currently valued at $9,000. Last summer three collegians and two advisers attended AOII International Convention where Tau Omega received the Pearl Award for Excellence. This fall the chapter pledged 18 amazing new members. Tau Omega also enjoyed Kentucky AOII State Day with Ginger Banks,
Past International President as a special guest.
Tau Omicron
U of Tennessee
W e had an awesome recruit- ment this year! Our chapter is continuously growing closer and stronger through various sisterhood events. We also did a fabulous job representing AOII during UT Martin's Homecoming events. We are excited about and anticipate all upcoming opportunities to strengthen
that effects each of us.
w h o have been with the disease
Theta Psi
Theta Psi prepared all fall for our Philanthropy Event, Bowling For Roses, that was
ToDragma [Winter 2003 ]

held in late November. W e participated in the Race for the Cure, and have put up seasonal decorations at the Toledo Childrens' Hospital. Each member has been work- ing on 10 service hours either as a group or individually for community involvement. To recognize September 11, we made cookies and cards for the Toledo Firefighters. We also participated in the Halloween Walk where
recognitions at the Greek Awards Banquet, such as the Student Life Excellence Award, and Highest GPA of any organization on campus. Not to mention our very own
Jessi Grizzard was named Greek Woman of the Year. That was just the beginning of a great year for Zeta Pi. We have worked hard all summer to prepare for Fall Formal Recruitment 2 0 0 3 . We got an awesome new member class of 20 women, the largest new member class on campus. Our new girls are already showing their AOII and UAB spirit by planning and participating in Homecoming activities and getting involved in other organizations on campus.
We were also busy raising money by Trick or Treating for Arthritis in October. At UAB, wherever you go, you will always see an Alpha Omicron Pi!
Zeta Psi
East Carolina U
Recruitment went very well for the Zeta Psi Chapter this past fall! Everyday we showed the girls coming though what AOII is all about. W e gave bids out to great new mem- bers. The girls have already become great assets to the sorority. W e know that their dedication to AOII will stay strong! Our chapter is currently having a fund raiser on campus called AOII Links
Greek Life Together". W e sil on campus for a week and sell construction paper links for 25 cents. W e split the proceeds with which ever sorority buys the most links and we sober drive one night for which ever fraternity buys the most links. This is our second year doing this fund raiser and it's been very successful so far!
children come around and Trick-or-Treat. Theta Psi is always busy throughout the year with different events.
Upsilon Lambda
U ofTexas
San Antonio
The sisters of Upsilon Lambda are preparing for our 25th anniversary at the U of Texas at San Antonio. Plans include a Ritual followed by a formal reception. The most exciting part is contacting our alum- nae members and making connections! This semester we held our second annual Song Night. During Song Night we invited our alumnae to join us for a night of Ritual discussion and singing songs. Lastly, we are proud of our philanthropic accomplish- ments. After a successful fall semester with Rosebowl (a football competition), we've
decided to coordinate a baseball competition - Strike Out Arthritis. Locally, w e also adopted a new charity - Cystic Fibrosis. During our chapter retreat we completed 4 hours of community service at a fund raiser.
Zeta Pi
U ofAlabama -
The Zeta Pi Chapter at UAB is at it again. W e finished off the spring semester with several awards and
PhiChi IU ofChicago]
Chi lambda (U of Evansvillej
ToDragma [Winter 2003 ]
Nu Omicron (Vanderbilt Uj

Promoting Excellence, Partnerships and Panhellenic Spirit - October 10-11,2003
In the warmth of the California desert amid lovely flower gardens and fairways, the delegates and representatives of the twenty-six member groups convened at the Rancho Las Palmas Marriott Resort and Spa, Rancho Mirage, California, to meet for the 58th Biennial Session of the National Panhellenic Conference. Serving on the NPC Executive Committee were:
Sally Grant, Alpha Phi - Chairman
Martha Brown, Delta Gamma - Secretary Elizabeth Quick, Gamma Phi Beta - Treasurer CarolWarren,PiBetaPhi - Alumnae Panhellenics Committee Chairman
Laura Sweet, Sigma Sigma Sigma - College Panhellenics Committee Chairman
In addition to campus/housing meetings, committee meetings, separate sessions for inter/national presidents, executive directors and editors, business time was given to the adoption of resolutions.
Significant resolutions included:
• Establishment of a Government Relations Committee to monitor con- gressional and federal activities related to fraternal organizations.
• Establishment of a committee to review university assessment docu- ments such as standards, expectations, relationship statements, assess- ments, accreditations and award applications, and make recommenda- tions to the NPC member groups regarding responses.
• Recognition of the NPC Foundation, Inc. in Conference bylaws. •UNANIMOUS AGREEMENT VII was replaced with the new Judicial Procedures to take effect no later than August 2004.
• Establishment of a protocol for campus exploratory visits.
• Establishment of a protocol for contact with local sororities and inter- est groups regarding extension education.
• Notification of the NPC Extension Committee regarding member groups' membership growth plans for re-establishment and re-coloniza- tion was adopted.
• Adoption of an alternative methodology for releasefiguresover a peri- od of up to three years and designating it as the National Panhellenic Conference process for Release Figure Management.
• Utilization of a Quota Range during recruitment with Quota being set after the final round of formal recruitment.
• Phasing out of Quota Setting Methods I and II over a period of up to three years.
• Acceptance of four recruitment styles for College Panhellenics and ifthe results of the Recruitment Assessment for a College Panhellenic indicate that a change in Recruitment Style is warranted, the College Panhellenic may upon consultation with the campus Panhellenic Advisor and upon approval of the NPC Area Advisor, vote to adopt the appropriate Recruitment Stylefortheir campus.
• Verification of proper authority for extension was clarified.
• Acceptance of four options for determining Total with the provision that College Panhellenics review Total annually and consult with the NPC Area Advisor before revising Total.
• Promotion and encouragement of Alumnae and College Panhellenics to use personal and informative Panhellenic-spirited contact with poten- tial members at all times, year round.
• Development of a separate Recruitment Handbook for College Panhellenic Associations.
• Establishment of a Committee for Recruitment to monitor trends and develop strategies which could be more effective and efficient in rapidly- changing campus and community environments.
• A commitment from the member groups of the Conference to work- ing with all ofthe stakeholders inaddressing the university presidents' document"ACallforValuesCongruence." NPCrepresentatives
will provide strategic input and collaborative leadership as they set standards and implementation processes to address the document
at the "National Summit to Implement Higher Values and Standards
in the Greek Letter Community - Changing the Culture of High Risk Drinking Environments." •AllowanceforthelimitedapplicationofbidmatchingtoPartially Structured Recruitment, Minimally Structured Recruitment and Continuous Open Recruitment in those situations.
• Adoption of a Marketing Plan for Recruitment based on the Recruitment Processes Committee Report that will encourage and
assist the NPC member groups, College Panhellenics and Alumnae Panhellenic in developing marketing programs and campaigns.
• Adoption of three classes of membership within College Panhellenics: Regular, Provisional and Associate. Each College Panhellenic shall deter- mine the criteria required to be met in determining Associate Member Status and shall incorporate those criteria into its bylaws. Each College Panhellenic shall also determine what privileges and responsibilities Associate Members will have once admitted to the College Panhellenic
Apanel of Senior Student Affairs Officers addressed the Conference; Highlights included: • Sororities make a big difference on campuses: they make a society greater and leaven a coarsened society.
ToDragma [Winter2003]

AOIIsattendingNPC2003fltorj:MaryWilliams,1stAlt.Delegate;RobinWright,2ndAlt. Delegate; Sally Wagaman, International President; Barbara Hunt, retiring NPC Foundation VP; Carole Jones, NPC Delegate; Mariellen Sasseen, To Dragma Editor; Phyllis Gilson, XB Director; Peg Crawford, retiring NPC Delegate; and Unda Collier, 3rd Alt. Delegate.
• Cooperation and support between institutions and Greek organizations has increased greatly over the past five years.
• V olunteers are critical for the growth and development of fraternity and sorority chapter members.
• Communication is vital between the vice presidents and the organizations if the Greek communities are to move ahead. Be proactive in communication and hold universities accountable.
• The complexity of our systems and chapters has to play out in the develop- mentoftheCallforValuesCongruence. Itisanotherattempttobringorder
to our relationship. Don't reject accreditation and certification out of hand
• Much more than just lip service must be given to diversity of mem- bership.
• If men's groups fold, the women's would not necessarily if they meet the standards.
• Assign NPC teams to contact Vice Presidents of Student Affairs yearly. Keep communications open both nationally and with local alumnae and the institutions.
• CPH Area Advisors should try to meet with the V P and with the Greek Advisor during their visits.
• W e share a commitment for progress.
Executive Committee members for 2003-2005 include: Martha Brown, Delta Gamma - Chairman
Elizabeth Quick, Gamma Phi Beta - Secretary
Julie Cain Burkhard, Alpha Chi Omega - Treasurer Linda Collier, Alpha Omicron Pi - Chairman of Alumnae Panhellenics Committee
Patty Disque, Chi Omega - Chairman of College Panhellenics Committee
AOIIs 3rd Alternate Delegate, Linda Collier, was appointment Chairman of the Alumnae Panhellenics Committee. Additionally, Dr. Marsha Guenzler-Stevens, Beta Lambda (Illinois Wesleyan U) was recipient of
the National Panhellenic Conference's Women in Higher Education Achievement Award. Numerous awards are presented to Collegiate and Alumnae Panhellenics during the conference. The Public Relations Award sponsored by Alpha Omicron Pi, was awarded to the University of Miami.
Alpha Omicron Pi recognized two outstanding AOIIs for their long- time service to NPC with gifts to the Conference. AOII's NPC Delegate, Peg Crawford, retired this year after 30 years of NPC responsibilities. Likewise, NPC Foundation Vice President, Barbara Hunt, retired after 20 years of ser- vice to the conference.
by Marilyn M. Fordham, Delta Gamma's 2nd Alternate Delegate
March l,2004
The twenty-six member organizations of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) are celebrating International Badge Day, an annual event during which sorority women everywhere honor their Greek affiliations by wearing their badge or letters. The theme this year is, "Promoting Excellence, Partnership and Panhellenic Spirit." International Badge Day is celebrated on March l, 2004.
Celebrating 101 years of excellence, partnership and Panhellenic spirit, the National Panhellenic Conference reflects with pride on the culmination of its centennial year in October, 2002 and eagerly anticipates the future because of the continuing collaborative and dedicated efforts of its 26 groups. NPC believes that fraternity is a social experience based on the fundamental right of a free people to form voluntary associations. It is one of the enrichments of college life. International Badge Day honors this spirit.
maRCH i, 2,004
pRomotiNCj exceLLeNce,
paRtNeRSHips aNK)
paNHeLLeNic spiRit
Co-sponsored by lite National Panttelteflrc Conference ind Burr. Pattersor &AuJd Co.. Inc
To Dragma [ Winter 2003 ]

IV real topics, real solutions, real lite.
June 25-27, 2004 • Franklin, Tennessee • Franklin Marriott Cool Springs
Make plans now to attend LI 2004 and learn about the realities of being an AOII in the 21st century.
Educational sessions will include the following topics:
Ritual for Collegians, Ritual for Alumnae, Chapter Relations KM, The AOll Crisis.. AHD, One Chapter Revolution, Foundation 101, Managing and Motivating Four Generations, and Alumnae Risk Management. Others include Omega Financial Services, Recruiting and Working With Volunteers, What is your REAL role?, Senior Programming, Handling Confrontation, AOII Resources, Strike Out Arthritis, Preparing for Convention 2005,990 Forms Session, and Finding and Recruiting the Best People.
This jam-packed weekend will help you discover your place within AOII.
Now is the time to register for LI 2004. Go to to find out more informationandtoregister.DeadlineforregistrationisMarch1forInternationalOfficersandvolunteers andApril1forallotherparticipants.
For additional questions, contact Julie Hacker at International Headquarters (615)370-0920 or email [email protected].

4* 1
ToDragma [Winter2003]

Kentucky AOII Dag drew membersfrom six collegiate chapters andfive alumnae chapters.
The purpose of an AOII Day (formerly known as State Day) is to create fun and sisterhood for all alumnae and collegians within a geographical area. AOII Day is a terrific way to renew old friendships, but is also especially effective in helping develop new friendships. It is an excellent opportunity to reach members who may not, otherwise, be involved in any aspect of AOII.
A successful Kentucky AOII Day was held November 8, 2003 on the campus of Eastern Kentucky U. Collegiate members from Epsilon Omega (Eastern Kentucky U), Tau Omega (Transylvania U), Kappa Omega (U of Kentucky), Pi Alpha (U of Louisville), Delta Omega (Murray State U) and Alpha Chi (Western Kentucky U) participated. Additionally, alumnae members were present from Bowling Green Area, Central Kentucky Bluegrass, Kentuckiana, Kentucky Lakes and Lexington.
It was a day of fun, sisterhood, and a chance to deepen the bonds of friendship. W omen from all over the state o f Kentucky were excited to join together to learn from one another and share their love for AOII!
In addition to a luncheon and AOII Emporium shopping, information sessions were presented on "How to work Effectively as an AAC," "AOII Always - The Importance of AOII Alumnae Chapters," "The Gift ofAOII and What We Do With It,"and "Who AmI in AOII." Past International President Ginger Banks also presented a session on "Ritual: Get Real With It."
Ginger Banks added, "From the chants that each collegiate chapter enthusiastically shared at the start to the closing friendship circle at the end, the Kentucky AOII Day was filled with reunions, sharing, and fun. The program was a great blend of fellowship and educational sessions. I hope AOIIs in other states and provinces will have similar gatherings. What a great way to get new ideas, make friends, and recharge the batteries!"
You too can plan a day of fun and sisterhood for AOII's in your area. The AOII Day Event Planning Booklet has been designed to help make planning an AOII Day event easy and fun. This booklet features a step-by-step guide that lists everything you need to consider when planning your AOII Day. It includes a supplies order form from the Emporium, sample invitations and registration forms, a list of suggested speakers, and sample budgets.
Take the first step in planning that luncheon, service project, training day or reunion. Contact Julie Hacker at AOII HQ (615)370-0920 or [email protected] to request your free copy today.
To Dragma [ W inter 2003 ]
AOn Days

AOII Always "Should old acquaintance beforgot and never brought to wind?
As we ring in the New Year, the words to the famous song, Auld Lang Syne, ring though our minds. The words to this song are credited to the renowned Scottish poet, Robert Bums. It is believed that he wrote the song in 1788 with words com- plied from fragments of an old ballad from as early as the mid 16th century. The title of the song can be translated into "for old long ago" and the meaning of the song gives us words spoken from one solid friend to another - friends who had a long history, friends who had been through the good times and the bad, and friends that had probably not seen each other since long ago. What a wonderful parallel this song is to our lifelong membership in AOII.
We can each recall at least one (and probably many more) solid friend that we trea- sured in our AOII collegiate chapter. This friend was there for us every step of the way and we were there for them in the same way. We vowed to stay in touch with them for the rest of our lives, just as we vowed to honor our lifetime commitment to AOII forever. Somehow time has gotten away from us and we have not kept in contact with this special friend and we have let our initiation promise to AOII take a low priority on our list of things to do.
The benefit of the concept of a new year is that we get to put the past year behind us and start fresh! We must promise ourselves today that in 2004 we are going to make it a priority to reconnect with that special AOII friend and also to reconnect and honor our lifetime promise to AOII. In fact, don't just promise yourself that you are going to do this, make it a priority on your list of New Year's resolutions to renew your past AOII friendships and to become an active AOII alumna member in 2004.
Becoming an active AOII alumnae member will be a simple resolution to keep and one that has great benefits. You can become an active AOII alumna member by joining your local alumnae chapter. Visit the AOII website, review the Alumnae Chapter President listing in your Fall 2003 7b Dragma, or contact our Alumnae Services Administrator at AOII Headquarters to get the contact information for the Alumnae Chapter President in your area. Ifforsome reason you are unable to join your local alumnae chapter, you can easily become an AOII Always member.
AOII Always is a program available to every AOII alumna to honor her life- time commitment to AOII through a $50 annual AOII Always membership. AOII Always members will receive a special acknowledgement packet, two electronic newsletters per year, and the opportunity to earmark their $50 to the area of Alumnae Leadership Development, Collegiate Leadership Development, Technology Development, or Overall Fraternity Development. In becoming an AOII Always member, you will be honoring the lastingness of the obligations that you voluntarily accepted on the day of your initiation. Simply fill out and submit the application form or visit the AOII website to register electronically for AOII Always.
In this season of new beginnings and resolutions for improving our lives, remember the powerful words of friendship of Auld Lang Syne that were written hundreds of years ago. Even in the modern times of 2004, these same words ring true. Maintaining solid friendships and honoring past commitments are resolutions that are paramount to a fulfilling life. Your AOII sisters and the Fraternity are counting on you to keep your resolutions in 2004. Happy New Year!
Please send a check with the form below, or visit Sisters Online section to electronically become an AOII Always member.
ToDragma [Winter 2003 ]
Member Number_ Name
Home phone_
Email Chapter/University_
Y ear of initiation
Type of payment: Visa Credit card #
Expiration date_
Designate my gift to the following area: Alumnae Leadership Development Technology Development Collegiate Leadership Development Overall Fraternity Development
Please check here i f above contact information needs to be updated at HQ.
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Statement of Ownership. Management, and Circulation
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ToDragma [Winter2003 ]
To Dragma
of Alpha Omicron Pi Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation
A TTENTION SISTERS: Are you organized and dependable? Do you enjoy working in small groups? Are you open to new ideas and approaches? Do you have some extra time and skills that you could give
to your fraternity? If you answered affirmatively, then AOII NEEDS YOU! Serving on one of the International Standing Committees (ISC) offers a terrific volunteer opportu- nity for alumnae members.
To learn more about these opportunities for service, the ISC Chairmen (ISCC) were invited to respond to a series of questions. At pres- ent, there are six Standing Committees: Constitution Interpretation Revision (CIRC), Rituals, Traditions and Jewelry (RT&J), Fraternity Development (FDC), Human Resources (HRC), Extension (EC), Education and Training (ETC), and Programming (PC). Each ISC has its own unique function. CIRC's responsibilities include interpreting the Governing Documents, presenting amendments to Council, and serving as the review- ing body for member and chapter suspensions. I f you're a detail-oriented individual with law experi- ence and knowledge of AOII procedures, then CIRC may interest you.
The FDC is AOII's "think tank." Researching issues and organizations, tracking trends and attitudes and
reviewing the Fraternity's operation and organiza- tion are some of this committee's assignments. If you have the ability to "think outside the box" and you enjoy long-range planning, the FDC may
be the place for you. The ETC is charged with ensur- ing quality education for all of our members. This committee coordinates Leadership Institute and Leadership Academy and secures educational speak- ers for Convention. If you enjoy public speaking and your professional work keeps you in touch with women, you might enjoy serving on the ETC.
ISCC responded, "Network responsibilities required me to be available daily, sometimes hourly, to answer questions. As my volunteer time became more limited, committee work became more appeal- ing because it is, for the most part, deadline driven and can be done on your own time." Other benefits of committee involvement include the development of long-lasting friendships and the chance to learn more about AOII from another perspective.
HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED? Every ISCC agreed that completing
an AOII application is the
place to start. The HRC
is responsible for review- ing these applications and recommending qualified personnel to the Executive Board for appointment to the various committees. Another suggestion is that interested alumnae should contact directly the ISCC to express interest in a par- ticular committee, to deter- mine what skills are neces- sary and to ascertain the time commitment. And finally, one ISCC wrote, "Be a positive contributor in whatever AOII opportunity presents itself. Understand that you may need more experience before you are considered for a position
on which you may have your eye. Don't turn down the small assignments
- they may be the turning point." Remember that a little time plus a little skill equal volunteer service.
By Suzanne Inabnit Bowman, Human Resources Committee, Delta Upsilon Chapter
(Duke U), San Gabriel Valley Alumnae Chapter
With special thanks to ISCC Chris Dodds, Lori HartEbert, Ann Gilchrist and Robin Beltramini for their contributions.

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