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A comprehensive look at AOII including policies, programs and opportunities for members.

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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2020-09-01 11:22:29

2) The AOII Experience

A comprehensive look at AOII including policies, programs and opportunities for members.



4 The Perfect Match: AOII & Villanova University
5 AOII At A Glance: Information & Statistics
6 AOII At A Glance: Defining AOII’s Purpose
7 Founded on Friendship: Our History & Founders
8 Philanthropy & Service: A Promise to Serve
10 Philanthropy & Service: Our Chapters Answer the Call to Serve
12 Developing Leaders: Training & Programming
13 Developing Leaders: Inspirational Members
15 Lifelong Learning: Fulfilling the Promise
16 Lifelong Learning: AOII Specific Programming
17 Academic Excellence: Academic Development & Expectations
18 Academic Excellence: Sisters Making a Difference
20 AOII Foundation: Securing the Future
21 AOII Properties: Inspiring a Legacy
22 AOII Policies: High Expectations
23 Risk Management: Safety & Well-being

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In addition to the general contents page to the left, we want to point you directly to the specific
information you requested in the NPC bulletin.

1. An official letter of intent from the inter/national organization explaining the appeal of Villanova University
and how it fits into the organization’s strategy for growth. This letter should also explain the approach and
support from the organization as it pertains to pre-charter recognition.

2. History of the organization - Flip to page 7

3. Organization Statistics:

a. Current number of chapters and colonies - Flip to page 5

b. Current number of undergraduate members and alumnae - Flip to page 5

c. Average chapter size - Flip to page 5

d. Number of chapters closed in the last five years and their reasons for closing - Flip to page 29

e. Membership costs: new member, initiation fees, insurance, member dues - Vision book pages 12-13

4. Policies, Documentation and Program Review:

a. Verification of appropriate liability coverage by the national headquarters - Available through the

submission link

b. Documentation of the risk management policy including hazing, alcohol and substance abuse,
and health education - Flip to pages 22-23

c. Position on diversity, equity, access and inclusion within the organization - Flip to pages 8-9

d. Length/focus of new member education - Vision book pages 6-10

e. Minimum standards for potential new members, active members and chapter leaders
Flip to pages 4 & 17; Vision book page 5

f. Documentation on academic emphasis and scholarship programs - Flip to pages 17-19

g. Community service and philanthropy programs/requirements - Flip to pages 8-10

h. Constitution and by-law highlights - Flip to page 6

i. Documentation of programming related to the new member process, member education and
leadership development - Vision book pages 8-10

j. Code of conduct/Standards/Judicial procedures - Flip to pages 24-25

5. Pre-charter recognition:

a. List and status of newly established chapters the last five years - Flip to page 28

b. Procedures for Pre-charter recognition - Vision book page 6

c. Ongoing support for pre-charter group - Vision book pages 6-10

d. Installation requirements and proposed timeline - Vision book pages 6-7

6. Organizational Support:

a. Description of the assistance provided by the inter/national organization to a newly established
chapter including financial support - Vision book pages 12, 14-17, 19-21

b. Volunteer support structure including chapter advisory board structure - Vision book pages 14-16

c. Nearest chapter(s) and location(s) (30 miles) (60 miles) - Vision book pages 17-18

d. Number of alumnae in the Philadelphia area (30 miles) (60 miles) - Vision book pages 17-18

e. Contact information of committed alumnae - Flip to page 17

7. Resources:

a. Foundation scholarship/loans - Flip to page 22

b. Leadership schools or conventions - Flip to page 14

c. Publications - Flip to page 5; see latest copies through submission link

d. Awards - Flip to pages 26-27 Page • 3 •


Alpha Omicron Pi & Villanova University

Alpha Omicron Pi would be honored to join your
prestigious Villanova University Panhellenic community.
Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi, Chi
Omega, Delta Gamma, Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Delta,
and Kappa Kappa Gamma have already established a
strong tradition of excellence at Villanova, and we hope
to be the next addition to your campus community! As a
proud member of the National Panhellenic Conference,
AOII takes great pride in our commitment to promote
the values of Greek organizations and our Panhellenic
sisters everywhere. With more similarities than
differences, AOII is eager to work with your Panhellenic
community in order to strengthen the entire Greek

The ideals expressed in Villanova mission statement
and core values align well with the values of AOII. Both
AOII and Villanova University challenge students to
achieve academic excellence, develop leadership skills
and devote service to the community. Like Villanova,
AOII encourages members to develop individual
talents and be proud of our differences. Villanova University provides an environment in which an AOII
chapter would succeed, and in turn, we provide an organization we believe would enhance the campus
culture and excel through Villanova's Values in Action Accreditation Program. Through education, social
awareness, leadership opportunities and ongoing philanthropic commitment, AOII members have proven
to make a significant impact on the campuses where our chapters are installed.

Our Values Your Values

• inspiring ambition Villanova University's Fraternity/Sorority Life
• trusting and respecting each other mission and vision:
• developing strong leadership and mentoring
The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life strives
skills through collaboration to holistically develop Villanova students by
• promoting and building lifelong friendships cultivating an environment that empowers our
• encouraging creativity, innovation, character community to embody Augustinian values, serve
others, embraces differences, lead ethically, and
and dignity ignite change.
• dedicating service, time, talents and resources
To be a welcoming, caring, and supportive
to the fraternity and sorority community environment for students participating in fraternal
• inspiring academic excellence and organizations. Through varied programming,
educational efforts, challenging experiences,
lifelong learning and predictions of future trends, Fraternity and
• supporting the best interests of the college Sorority Life provides students the opportunity to
become contributing members of the overarching
community Villanova community.
• acting philanthropically

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Information & Statistics

General Information International Headquarters Location:
Brentwood, Tennessee
Name: Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity Founded: January 2, 1897 at Barnard College,
Symbol/Flower: Jacqueminot Rose Columbia University, New York
Color: Cardinal Badge: A monogram of the Greek letters AOII
Jewel: Ruby New Member Pin: A gold sheaf of wheat
Mascot: Panda Chartering Chapter Pin: A gold rose
Magazine: To Dragma
Website: Number of Active Alumnae Chapters: 156
Number of Active Collegiate Members: 11,617
Organization Statistics Total Number of Initiated Members: 196,732

Total Number of Collegiate Chapters: 214
Number of Active Collegiate Chapters: 141
Number of Active Chartering Chapters: 0
Average Collegiate Chapter Size: 81

Additional statistics can be found in Alpha Omicron Pi’s 2017-2019 Page • 5 •
Biennial Report, which is included in our submission packet.


Defining Alpha Omicron Pi's Purpose

AOII uses several components to communicate our purpose. These include The Object of the Fraternity,
our Mission Statement, our Tagline, and our Infinity Rose. Although individually unique, each component
works together to guide and inspire our membership and Fraternity leadership.

The Object of The Fraternity

The object of the Fraternity shall be to encourage a spirit of Fraternity and love among
its members; to stand at all times for character, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty;
to strive for and support the best interest of the colleges and universities in which chap-
ters are installed, and in no way to disregard, injure, or sacrifice those interests for the
sake of prestige or advancement of the Fraternity or any of its chapters.

Our Culture Principles

Accountability and Ownership, Collaboration, Engagement,
Innovation, and Open and Honest Communication.

AOII believes in a fraternal culture based on our values, and our Culture Principles were developed to
provide our membership with a compass to help all members achieve the meaning of Fraternity in our

Our Tagline

AOII’s tagline, Inspire Ambition, speaks to our mission and communicates to members and non-

members that Alpha Omicron Pi is filled with passionate and powerful women who are impacting the world
through a shared vision of inspiring ambition to achieve what the heart desires.

The Infinity Rose

AOII’s symbol, the Infinity Rose, is comprised of four infinity symbols woven together to symbolize the
following: AOII’s four founders; the four pillars of the Fraternity: live, learn, lead and serve; the four
principles found in The Object of the Fraternity: character, dignity, scholarship and college loyalty; and
four significant elements found within our Ritual.

Page • 6 •


Our History & Founders

The rich history of Alpha Omicron Pi began at Barnard
College of Columbia University when four young
women made a promise to one another to keep
their friendship forever strong. Barnard was the first
college in New York, and one of the first in the nation,
where women could receive the same rigorous and
challenging education that was available to men. The
idea for such a place as Barnard was bold for its time,
and it was with equally bold inspiration that AOII was
established. Barnard’s Class of 1898 included four
amazing women: Stella George Stern (Perry), Jessie
Wallace Hughan, Helen St. Clair (Mullan) and Elizabeth
(Bess) Heywood Wyman. These women were destined
to leave a great mark on both their college and the
new fraternity they would soon create and embrace
long after their collegiate years. They were a grand
testament to friendship, scholarship and service that
was to define Alpha Omicron Pi.
On December 23, 1896, Stella, Jess, Helen and Bess climbed the stairs in a small gallery of the old
Columbia Library which led to a seldom used old stockroom. Seated on a broad window seat with snow
gently falling outside, they pledged their loyalty to each other. On January 2, 1897, they gathered again at
the home of Helen St. Clair (Mullan) and Alpha Omicron Pi was formally organized.
Over the next 120+ years, AOII has added to its ranks more than 200 collegiate chapters and initiated over
190,000 members. AOII has thrived and continued to grow throughout the changing 20th century and
currently has over 16,750 collegiate members. Despite several wars, the Great Depression, social changes

and unrest, AOII has continued to hold true to its ideals. Founder Stella Perry once wrote, “That which
makes our bond is promise certain of success. Let us follow our ensign devotedly, utterly
and bravely. For our purpose cannot fail.”

Bound by Ties of Friendship Our Founders

As represented by one of our symbols, the sheaf Our four founders were women of strong
of wheat, AOII’s greatest strength is our members. character. Progressive beyond their time, these
Each uniquely individual, we are all bound by a women were extraordinarily accomplished.
common purpose within AOII. Because of their bonds of friendship and
constant encouragement from one another,
AOII’s Beta Delta chapter at Villanova would be each developed many talents and different life
the same as the goal for all AOII chapters - to passions to follow. Today their accomplishments
be comprised of individual thinkers, diverse serve as great examples for our members
personalities and women of all talents. This to follow their dreams with poise, grace and
balance creates a stronger whole and enhances persistence.
our Fraternity.
Page • 7 •


A Commitment to Action

As a Fraternity, AOII is committed to Inspiring Ambition
in all that we do, not just through our words, but also
through action.

Our Position on Racial Injustice

In Alpha Omicron Pi, we stand for Inspiring
Ambition in all we do. We cannot fulfill this
ambition by staying silent. Silence is a privilege
that does not acknowledge deep injustices
against Black Americans, Black Canadians
or citizens of any other nation. We ask our
members to stand with us in condemning acts
of hatred, bigotry and violence; to speak out
against racism and join us in educating our-
selves on the issues at hand. The purpose of
AOII is to carry into the world a spirit of love.
Bigotry and hatred have no place in such a world.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Education Workgroup

This workgroup is charged with creating and gathering educational resources for members, volunteers,
and chapters in collaboration with volunteers and staff. Working together to create resources for AOII's
membership, this group assists chapter leaders in creating spaces for difficult dialogue, helps members
understand privilege and how it can be leveraged to stand up for the oppressed, to guide members in
furthering their advocacy efforts, and much more.

Our Diversity Policy

Alpha Omicron Pi recognizes that diversity is integral to a well-rounded membership experience and that
each potential new member and member possesses special characteristics that they can contribute to
the organization. The Fraternity seeks to nurture merit, talent, and achievement by supporting diversity,
particularly acknowledging the need to remove barriers to the selection, retention, and advancement of
our potential new members and members.

Alpha Omicron Pi does not participate in or tolerate harassment of, or discrimination or retaliation
against, potential new members or members based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation,
disability, religion, or other characteristics protected by state or federal law. Because we are a women’s
organization, membership is open only to those who consistently live and identify as women.

The Fraternity believes that all individuals are unique, with inherent worth and dignity, and should be
treated with respect.

Page • 8 •

Align, Educate & Participate

Shortly after George Floyd's death in May 2020, with protests erupting throughout the world, collegiate
members from our Rhodes College (Kappa Omicron) and Vanderbilt University (Nu Omicron) chapters
shared their Align, Educate & Participate information with the Fraternity to share with our members and
the public.

Align Yourself With a Cause

• Examine your values and how your actions outwardly reflect upon those values.
• Listen thoughtfully to those whose experiences differ from your own.
• Hold yourself accountable to call out instances of bigotry.
• Be mindful to share images and videos that are appropriate and respectful.

Educate Yourself On the History of Inequality in America

• Take initiative to independently seek out knowledge without relying upon others to teach you.
• Read articles, books, speeches, and website from a variety of perspectives, ensuring to include

works written by People of Color.
• Reflect upon art, movies, comedy, and literature created by artists of color through a lens of

empathy and understanding.
• Encourage conversation among your peers and family.
• Attend campus events hosted by cultural organizations.


• Identify groups or organizations with goals and values similar to your own.
• Donate as you are able to organizations that support those impacted by injustice or violence.
• Sign petitions to express your voice.
• Exercise your right to vote for officials at every level who advocate for the principles in which

you believe.
• Use any platform at your disposal to raise awareness for injustice and violations of humanity.
• Remain committed to your own education and engagement over time, in the absence of heavy

news coverage.

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Strike Out Arthritis!

Arthritis & AOII Since 1967, AOII has raised millions
to create awareness, find a cure, and
AOII’s international philanthropy is arthritis and, make life easier for those afflicted
with arthritis, a crippling disease that
since 1971, we have enjoyed a long and beneficial so often affects women.
relationship with our arthritis partner - the Arthritis
Foundation (AF).

The relationship between AOII and the Arthritis Foundation is significant, so much so that the Arthritis
Foundation has awarded AOII with their 2019 Corporate Impact Award. This is the highest recognition
given to a company or organization dedicated to making a lasting impact in the fight to conquer arthritis.

Arthritis Foundation President & CEO Ann Palmer shares, "Since 1967, AOII has been a steadfast partner
in our journey to a cure. From your passionate involvement in Walk to Cure Arthritis and Jingle Bell Run...
to the distribution of pandas that comfort kids with arthritis... to your generous support of youth at juvenile
arthritis camps and the annual Juvenile Arthritis Conferences, AOII brings light and hope to everyone
battling this disease. The donations and awareness you raise have fueled our fight for the 54 million

Americans who battle the pain of arthritis evey day. Alpha Omicron Pi has made a tremendous
impact on the arthritis community - and we want to recognize your life-changing

Page • 10 •

Stepping Up to the Plate The AOII chartering chapter at Villa-
nova Universtiy will have the oppor-
• During the 2019-2020 fiscal year, AOII tunity to decide how they will Strike
chapters and members donated more than Out Arthritis! on their campus, while
$600,000 to the AF. also determining what local causes
they want to support.
• AOII’s signature fundraising events are
called Strike Out Arthritis! These fun events
are often baseball, volleyball, wiffleball or
bowling tournaments. Other popular events
are 5K runs, barbecues or other activities
incorporating “Strike Out” into the theme.

• AOII chapters support two AF national
events each year, Walk to Cure Arthritis,
1-mile events held in the spring, and
Jingle Bell Runs (5Ks) held around the
winter holidays.

• Strike Out Arthritis! with individual Major
and Minor League Baseball (SOA! with
MLB) teams is a themed partnership
chapters can host with MLB teams across
the US and Canada. These events provide
opportunities for arthritis fundraising and

• Using AOII’s branded philanthropic
awareness theme, AOII Goes Blue,
AOII chapters love to spread educational
information across their campus on World
Arthritis Day each October.

• Every child attending a JA conference is
presented a panda from an AOII volunteer along
with a handwritten note from an AOII collegian.
More than 800 pandas were donated to children
in 2020.

AOII Dollars Make a Difference

AOII donations to the Arthritis Foundation support all 40 Juvenile
Arthritis (JA) summer camps across the US, two annual JA national
conferences, a JA Power Pack program for newly diagnosed
patients, Connect on Campus patient programming, arthritis
research and much more.

Recent research dollars at work include “The ACL Initiative” funded
by AOII. Our two-year, $230,000 commitment helped change the
way medical science treats ACL injuries and enabled the Arthritis
Foundation secure corporate dollars for a multi-million dollar ACL
study. This critical need is in response to more than 150,000 ACL
injuries in the US each year. Without significant change, experts
predict a 600% increase in osteoarthritis related cases resulting in
$90 billion spent annually on joint knee replacements by the year
2040. AOII is proud to have played a significant role in
this major arthritis breakthrough.
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Our Chapters Answer the Call to Serve

In addition to supporting AOII’s International Philanthropy, AOII
chapters are also inspired to support numerous other causes in
their communities. From Habitat for Humanity and Relay for Life to
Adopt-A-Highway and March of Dimes, these efforts not only raise
significant dollars and create awareness, but participation often
offers our members invaluable leadership opportunities. The list of
worthy organizations receiving the time, talents and resources of
our members is endless.

Sisters for Soldiers

AOII also provides a very popular “In A Box” service project
opportunity to all our chapters called “Sisters for Soldiers.” A few
of the ways AOII chapters have embraced this heartwarming cause
and made it their own include:

• Beta Zeta Chapter (Kennesaw State U) hosts an annual Run for
the Roses 5K event to raise money for Sisters for Soldiers. This
past year the chapter raised $13,583 enabling them to send 20
care packages to soldiers serving overseas.

• Epsilon Chi Chapter (Elon U) puts a
different spin on their Sisters for
Soldiers project by inviting their
campus ROTC program to
participate in this care package
drive with them. Adding extra
meaning to the project and this
special collaboration, the
chapter sent packages to an
AOII member’s brother who
is a Captain in the 10th Mountain
Division as well as a campus
ROTC member already serving
in Afghanistan.

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Dance Marathon

The Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a movement uniting college, university and high school students
across North America. Three AOII 2019 graduates have been selected among a group of 20 student
recipients for the 2018 Miracle Network Dance Marathon Distinguished Leadership Awards. Annually, over
250,000 students on more than 300 campuses participate in Dance Marathon across the US and Canada
and raise millions for local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. These outstanding members represent
just a few of the hundreds of AOII members who generous contribute to this worthy cause.

Kat Alderguia, Alpha Pi (Florida State U)

Alderguia raised more than $8,000 during her four years with Dance Marathon. She served as the
Outreach Chair on the Executive Board from 2017-2018, and helped Dance Marathon at Florida State raise
over $2 million.

Hailey Cooper, Nu Beta (U of Mississippi)

Cooper was involved in Dance Marathon for three years and served as the president of RebelTHON at
Ole Miss during her senior year. The AOII team was the top fundraising team, raising over $35,000 for
RebelTHON in 2018.

Morgan Polizzi, Kappa Kappa (Ball State U)

Polizzi served on the Dance Marathon Executive Board at Ball State U for three years and was the
President during her senior year. She personally fundraised more than $13,600 during her four
years in college for Dance Marathon.

Serving the world around us is one of
our founding principles.

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Leadership Training & Educational Programming

AOII provides dynamic leadership training to our members
during international events and educational programing.

International AOII Events

Leadership Academy is an annual leadership conference

typically held in Brentwood, Tennessee (in 2021 AOII will
be hosting this event virtually) that provides education
for Collegiate Chapter Presidents, Advisers and targeted
collegiate officers. Leadership Academy is designed to
help every collegiate chapter develop leadership skills
and receive resources to help advance their chapter’s

Leadership Institute is typically held in each even

calendar year in Brentwood, Tennessee, but was hosted as
a virtual event in 2020. The educational leadership event
offers training, workshops, educational programming and opportunities to connect with members from all
over North America. At this event, attendees have an opportunity to exchange best practices and discuss
strategies that will help elevate their chapter experience.

International Convention is held in each odd calendar year to celebrate AOII’s biennium. At this

event, the business of the Fraternity is conducted and Council Members elect AOII’s Executive Board
and Foundation Board. All AOII members are invited to attend this exciting event where they have the
opportunity to network, engage in AOII rituals, celebrate chapter accomplishments and experience AOII
traditions and sisterhood! In 2021, members from our Beta Delta chapter will attend Convention in Palm
Desert, California.

Programming for Personal & Professional Development

Live. Learn. Lead. Serve.

AOII helps to cultivate learning and personal growth of our members through our “Live. Learn. Lead.
Serve.” educational programming. Members are offered education in numerous topics related to life,
health, leadership and much more.

Mentor Power Hours

Mentor Power Hours are virtual networking opportunities for collegiate and alumnae members in the same
career field. Members will be spilt up into small groups to ask and answer career-based questions, share
experiences and expertise, and begin creating relationships with sisters of different chapters, ages, and


In addition to our own programming, the Fraternity provides scholarships for members to attend
LeaderShape Institute and the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI). Both of these outstanding
Greek programs seek to identify and define leadership potential and skills.

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Inspirational Members

A Million Girl Revolution Combating
Violence Against Young Women

Dallas Jessup – Just Yell Fire

As a collegiate member of our Nu Omicron Chapter (Vanderbilt U),
Dallas Jessup was fueled by a passion for service and a commitment to
change the world. Her “Just Yell Fire” movement first emerged when she
was a 14-year-old, evolved throughout high school and exploded during
college into a 1.5 million girl revolution across 64 countries. The “Just
Yell Fire” message is that a girl who knows her rights and how to stand
up for herself is the front line defense against sexual assault, dating
violence, hate crimes, human trafficking, date rape drugs and other
dangers facing female high school and college students.
Jessup is now a global leader in the young women’s empowerment
movement and inductee into the Hall of Fame for Caring Americans.
Early in the movement, she gathered more than 120 volunteers and
donated resources to produce the film “Just Yell Fire” focused on
empowering high school girls, then a second film called “Just Yell Fire:
Campus Life” empowers college aged women. More than one million
DVDs and downloads of this powerful video have been given away.
Jessup found her AOII experience to “be a caring community of service-oriented women. It is easier
to take on impossible social problems when you’re a daily part of a community of women known for
speaking out against injustice and backing the plays of sisters who are doing the same.” As a collegian,
her AOII sisters were a constant source of inspiration. “My sisters constantly impressed me… history’s
highest-impact leaders all seem to master life balance, and that’s a valuable lesson in leadership I learned
from the sisters of AOII.”

AOII Leaders Are: • Panhellenic presidents and executive
• Fulbright scholarship recipients
• Editors and reporters for campus
• Teach for America participants newspapers

• Student Government presidents • Leaders within other various campus
and leaders organizations and committees

• Members of Order of Omega, honor Page • 15 •
societies and professional

An Inspiring AOII Leader,
Mentor & Role Model

Chastidy Burns – Assistant Public Defender

As a collegiate member, Chastidy Burns, Phi Chi (U of Chicago) held
many leadership positions that she attributes to her success in her
current leadership roles, such as her career as an Assistant Public
Defender for the Cook County Public Defender’s Office in Chicago.
“I gained a lot of leadership skills from being a part of AOII. I felt
like being a part of that sorority was very enlightening for me, very
inspiring, and gave me a lot of the confidence I needed to have the
leadership positions I have now.”
Burns was installed as the Black Women Lawyers’ Association (BWLA)
President in June 2018 where she has since implemented a new
street law program for high school students in Chicago. “Be the
change was the theme for my presidency, so I’m happy we get to
live that.” Additionally, Burns is Chair of the Chicago Bar Association
Young Lawyers Section Criminal Law Committee and sits on the
boards for DePaul U College Of Law and the U of Chicago Alumni
Club of Chicago. This AOII mover and shaker truly lives AOII’s tagline
of “Inspire Ambition.”

Pursuing Dreams & Musical Aspirations

Haley Weed – HAYL

Haley Weed, Nu Beta (U of Mississippi) better known in the music
community has HAYL, is a rapidly rising singer/songwriter in Nash-
ville, Tennessee. With the support of her friends and her raw talent,
Haley has started an impressive music career as a pop artist with over
12,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her first single “Wire” hit over
170,000 streams and has been featured on numerous playlists on
both Spotify and Apple Music.
Inspire Ambition truly resonates with Weed. She shares, “To me,
Inspire Ambition means to follow your dreams and to always stay
hopeful. To live life through innovation. Always creating, always
starting something new and always bringing something new to the
table. And to do all of that through love.” She adds, “I try to apply that
with writing music and pursuing this dream and career, but I also want
to do it with relationships and new things that I try to do.” Weed credits
much of her inspiration to the relationships she found in AOII on day
one and continues to strengthen today.

Page • 16 •


Fulfilling the Promise

Creating a strong Sense of Belonging through friendships and a genuine connection to the Fraternity
is a primary goal of AOII. In early 2020 AOII, like universities and organizations around the world, faced
stay-at-home orders due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19. While our members were not able to be together
in person, the Fraternity felt it imperative to create connections virtually and continue to strengthen the
bonds of our sisterhood.

Our Promise To You: A Virtual Member Experience

As chapters were first beginning to close up for the spring semester, AOII almost immediately began
rolling out numerous virtual membership experience offerings to help maintain a genuine connection and

feel a Sense of Belonging to AOII. The words that Stella Perry wrote back in 1936 still ring true today, “We
were founded and constituted in a way so elastic that while holding fast to all essential
traditions, we are adjustable to changes and modern needs…”

Collegiate Virtual Member Experiences In addition to the virtual member experiences
offered, AOII had many contributors offering
Our collegians were invited to participate in support and advice for remaining connected
virtual member experiences as a reminder that throughout this time - and in to the future.
they are never alone on this journey! Numerous
opportunites were offered in the following areas: Virtual Engagement Ideas: Navigating a

Personal Development: Strong Effective virtual chapter experience

Leaders Consistently Take These 10 Steps; Being Productive While Staying At Home:
Understanding Your Enneagram; Selling Your AOII
Experience Resources for online learning and working from
Health & Wellness: Have A Pleasant Pandemic:
You Are Never Alone: Encouragement from
Wellness Tips For A Healthy Quarantine; Spring
Into A Fit Life then Educational Leadership Consultant

Mental Health: Caring For Your Emotional Stay Connected, Stay Happy: Connection

Wellbeing ideas from an AOII Executive Board member

Senior Programming: “Adulting” After College; Sisterhood Isn't Canceled: Virtual sisterhood

Senior to Alumnae Transition Service with AOII’s ideas & icebreakers
International President; Stay Connected After
Graduation Alumnae Member Connections

Membership Experience & Chapter Alumnae community and connection are a vital
Operations: Virtual town hall sessions with part of life, especially as we navigate these current
challenges. We are stronger together and alumnae
Chapter Presidents, Chapter Advisers, Vice were encourged to find community through an
Presidents of Chapter Development and New "AOII Night In", alumnae chapter Zoom meetings
Member Educators, VIce Presidents of Membership and sisterhood gatherings.
Recruitment, Vice Presidents of Communications, To view all of "Our Promise To You" programming
Vice Presidents of Standards and Philanthropy offered and watch recordings click here!

Page • 17 •


Women's Health Week

Alpha Omicron Pi has been celebrating and promoting Women's Health Week (WHW) events annually
for four years by hosting health professionals and subject matter experts to discuss different facets of
women’s health. WHW is a social media campaign that invites sisters, their friends and families along with
other National Panhellenic Conference members around North America to join us for a week fully focused
on women and most importantly their health. In 2020 AOII hosted a week full of events featuring video
sessions, blog posts and live workouts.

2020 Women's Health Week Table Talk Thursday: Four Of The Top Nutrients

Mental Health Monday: Emotional Fitness and Women Need To Know

Self-Care During Hard Times; Navigating Uncertain Fitness Friday: Live Full-Body Workout hosted
on Instagram; Put Time On Your Side
Talk To Your Doc Tuesday: Eight Simple
Self-Care Saturday: Skin Care Myths And
Tips On Keeping Your Skin Healthy; Six Tips For
Women’s Health Hacks
Click here to view all 2020 speaker bios, blog
Wellness Wednesday: Live Yoga Session posts, videos, and sponsor information.

hosted on Instagram; Live Women's Health
Presentation hosted on Zoom

Page • 18 •


Academic Development & Expectations

Our commitment to academic excellence results in chapters that truly value scholarship and members who
excel in their studies. AOII’s International Academic Development Program is designed to assist members
in reaching academic goals and exploring their potential, both in college and life after graduation.

AOII’s Academic Development Program teaches:

• time management • career planning • eating disorders
• organization • health issues • mental health
• goal setting • personal safety • travel skills
• motivation • self-defense • etiquette
• stress management • drug abuse prevention

AOII chartering chapters have the privilege of setting a GPA requirement for membership, along with
writing their own bylaws. The expectation is for the determined GPA to be competitive with the Villanova
Greek community to ensure AOII’s presence enhances Panhellenic on your campus. Additionally, AOII
will recruit charter members who have a grade point average comparable to Villanova's Greek affiliated
womens GPA of 3.54.
To view the AOII Academic Development Policy in full, please visit
Click on ‘About,’ then ‘Policies.’
AOII academic expectations are high, but the support provided by scholarship programs, academic
development, officer resources and fellow members makes success easily attainable for our members.
The AOII Foundation awards scholarships to undergraduate, graduate and returning alumnae members
each year. Scholarships are awarded from the Diamond Jubilee Endowment as well as numerous named
scholarship funds. Flip to page 22 to read more about the AOII Foundation and scholarships offered.

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Sisters Making a Difference

Much like the students at Villanova, members of AOII hold themselves to a high standard of achievement.
We have many accomplished and outstanding members of whom we are extremely proud - here are a few
personal testimonies from AOIIs making a difference.

Fulbright Scholars & AOII Sisters

Kimber Guinn & Hannah Young

In the fall of 2018, two AOII collegians began prestigious Fulbright Scholar fellowship programs, never
dreaming that their experience would lead them to discover AOII sisterhood upon their arrival in
Bucharest, Romania.
After orientation, Kimber Guinn’s, Kappa Omega (U of Kentucky) Fulbright journey took her all the way to
Iasi, a university city in eastern Romania with minimal western influence and tourism. With a population
of 400,000, it’s the second largest city in Romania and features churches built during the Renaissance,
botanical gardens, ornate monasteries and grand palaces. Placed at A.I. Cuba University, Kimber taught
two English classes on conversion and another on textual analysis, both with a first-year audience.

Hannah Young, Chi Epsilon (The Ohio State U) has
always been transfixed with studying language and
culture. After being awarded her scholarship, she
was ecstatic to learn of her placement at Lucian
Blaga University in Romania’s beautiful city of Sibiu.
Coincidentally, it was her dad and an early primary
school foreign language teacher, who happened to
be an AOII, that inspired her pursuit of the Fulbright
Scholarship. Her dad passed away before she
received the scholarship, but he lives on through
handwritten journals he kept on his own collegiate
The world these two AOII scholars experienced
in Romania was made a bit smaller because of
their meeting during orientation and their shared
sisterhood. As Hannah explained, “Of all the places
to find an AOII, I did not think in my wildest dreams it
would be 5,000 miles away from home. I was anxious
and full of nerves at orientation, but all it took was
Kimber reaching out to me to help me feel at home
and ready to begin teaching.”
Kimber and Hannah represent two of many AOIIs who
have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships. As one
of the most prestigious award programs in the world,
the Fulbright Scholarship provides merit-based grants
and international education exchange for students,
scholars, teachers and other professionals.
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For the Betterment of Society

Allison Daniel

During a recent summer internship with the NASA DEVELOP
National Program, Allison Daniel, Delta Tau (U of Alabama in
Huntsville) dedicated her time to analyzing periods of drought
and flooding in the Mekong River Basin. This brilliant earth
system science major completed her research on agricultural
drought using NASA satellite datasets. She submitted her
highly technical research project to the American Geophysical
Union’s (AGU) first data visualization storytelling completion
and was impressively selected as one of five grand prize
Part of Daniel’s award package was a grant to attend the AGU
fall meeting with more than 24,000 attendees. Her future
interests lie in the areas of urban sustainability, environmental
policy or possibly even a position with NASA Marshall Space
Flight Center. Her opportunities are endless and the future is
bright for this inspiring AOII sister.

AOII Wins highest-paying
Literary Prize for undergraduates
in the United States

Shannon Moran

Shannon Moran, an AOII English major from Baltimore with
minors in music and creative writing, recently received the
largest undergraduate literary award in the nation. Moran was
awarded the 2019 Sophie Kerr Prize, worth nearly $64,000,
for her poetry and prose that examine family and romantic
relationships, and also the lasting trauma of sexual assault.
The award is in its 52nd year and was established with an
endowment that Kerr, a novelist, left to the school in her will.
Moran said the school’s strong literary legacy drew her to
Washington College and to AOII’s Sigma Tau Chapter where
she served as Vice President of Communications. Moran also
served as the poetry editor for the student literary review,
The Collegian, and the blog and social media editor for the
student newspaper, The Elm.
Sean Meehan, chair of the department of English and the Sophie Kerr Committee, said, “The committee
found Shannon’s poetry to be unforgettable and marveled at the creative and intellectual integrity of the
work overall, the ways that she deftly relates issues of gender, trauma, and the body across her poetry, her
senior thesis on Renaissance tragedy, and a screenplay.” Moran plans to take a year off before attending
graduate school. Admirably, she has chosen to invest her award money in a rehab house to help others.

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Securing the Future

The Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation was established in 1977 to support our Fraternity. Since then, the
AOII Foundation has contributed millions to philanthropic causes, scholarships, Fraternity grants, and
assistance to sisters in need. The Foundation provides funding for several different opportunities for
collegiate and alumnae members to learn, grow, interact, and support AOII through the Fraternity.

Foundation Programs

Scholarships Arthritis grants Educational Ruby Fund
& Leadership


$242,000 in educational scholarships was awarded to 140 collegiate and alumnae members for the 2019-
2020 academic year. Leadership scholarships are also awarded for sisters to attend AOII’s Leadership
Institute and UIFI. Additionally, $1,550 in leadership scholarships was awarded to two collegiate recipients
for 2019. Scholarship funds are raised through direct gifts from individuals and/or chapters.


Grants are awarded annually to the Arthritis Foundation to fund essential programming and educational
programs. In 2018, the majority of AOII’s $705,000 raised went to sponsoring all 48 U.S. juvenile arthritis
summer camp programs, both juvenile arthritis family conferences, fully funded the Arthritis Foundation
Power Pack program, provided content for the young adult online Live YES! App, funded three research
grants related to the Childhood Arthritis & Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA), and funded one
grant for osteoarthritis research to the University of Maryland. Funds are primarily raised by collegiate and
alumnae chapters through AOII’s signature Strike Out Arthritis! (SOA!) events and direct gifts. Additionally,
chapters participate in Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run events and Walk to Cure Arthritis events with
donations going directly to the Arthritis Foundation. Collectively, AOII chapters and members donated
close to $1 million to the Arthritis Foundation in 2018.

Educational & Leadership Programming

For 2018-2019, the AOII Foundation awarded the Fraternity $105,450 in educational grants for programs
such as the Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) program, Behind Happy Faces mental health
program, Leadership Academy scholarships, training ambassadors and Leadership Institute training.

Ruby Fund

Since 1977, the AOII Foundation has been providing dollars to sisters in dire financial need. During
2018, $12,305 was awarded from funds raised primarily during Founders’ Day events. Direct gifts and
contributions to honor or memorialize sisters also contribute to the Ruby Fund.

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Inspiring a Legacy

Alpha Omicron Pi Properties, Inc. was established in 2001 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpha
Omicron Pi Fraternity, Inc. The purpose of AOII Properties is to support the Fraternity and its collegiate
chapters by promoting the health, safety and welfare of pledged new members and initiated members
of those chapters. AOII Properties also ensures the existence of competitive chapter facilities through
the coordinated management of the real property interests of the Fraternity, AOII Properties, and chapter

Supporting Chapters without Housing

While AOII recognizes that there is no housing at Villanova, the chapter will still pay Corporation fees to
support the longevity of the chapter. These funds can be used to purchase property that belongs to the
Corporation including furniture, Ritual equipment, and other similar items like tablecloths for recruitment or
other events. Corporation funds can also be used for educational purposes such as sending members of
the chapter to events like Leadership Institute and Convention. Below are examples of how chapters can
spend Corporation Funds:

• Tablecloths • Attendance at regional AOII events

• Pop-up tents • Camera or Go-Pro

• Décor items • Ritual items

• Chapter meals • Storage unit fees

• Educational funds such as guest speakers • Clickers (for voting during chapter meetings)
and conferences • Meeting space
• Scholarships
• Attendance at Leadership Institute/Convention

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High Expectations

When a woman is chosen to be a member of Alpha
Omicron Pi, she is presumed to be fully capable
of accepting the responsibilities of fraternity
membership. Because of this maturity, high
standards of achievement and positive behavior are
expected of her. Part of that maturity is the ability to
develop a concept of group and individual rights.
There is such a fine line between personal life and
sorority life, it is often difficult to determine where
one ends and the other begins.
Furthermore, actions of both the individual and
the group impact the global image of fraternal
organizations. For this reason, it is incumbent upon
Alpha Omicron Pi to provide guidelines for its
members. AOII encourages behavior that will not
only reflect credit on the Fraternity, but also on each
member and Villanova University.
Mature conduct is expected of each AOII in every
phase of her life. That goal can only be achieved
when each member recognizes that exemplary
behavior is the direct result of an individual’s respect
for herself and other people. However, there are
times when members' behavior must be addressed
and action taken. This internal review process occurs
within the Standards Committee which consists of
the Standards Adviser, Vice President of Standards,
and up to four women elected by the chapter.
AOII has developed the policies and statements
listed below on topics of importance. These policies
can be viewed in their entirety on alphaomicronpi.
org. Click ‘About’ then click ‘Policies.’

• Academic Development Policy • Financial Responsibility
• Alcohol & Drugs Policy
• Big Brother/Little Sister Organization • Hazing Policy

Policy • Housing Rules & Policies
• Diversity Policy
• Fraternity Jewelry & other AOII Insignia
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Safety & Well-being

It is imperative that the women of Alpha Omicron
Pi assume a proactive role in risk management,
responsible living and education in the areas of
health and safety.
An integral part of AOII’s risk management program
includes strict adherence to our policies regarding
alcohol and drugs. We expect our chapters to
support the efforts of the student affairs offices
on their campuses by developing and enforcing
sensible policies to manage usage of alcohol.

Hazing is not in conformity with the Rituals
of Alpha Omicron Pi and does not project
an image of sisterhood and fraternal love.

No chapter or individual of AOII should encourage,
authorize or engage in the practice of hazing
any member. Alpha Omicron Pi has established a
hazing hotline which may be utilized by anyone to
anonymously report a violation of our no-hazing
policy. The number for the hazing hotline is available
on the AOII website.
Any individual or chapter not in compliance with
AOII’s risk management program may be subject to
disciplinary action. Individuals can be considered
for probation or suspension of membership, while
the chapter can be considered for probation and/or
revocation of charter.
Our policies and risk management programs are in
place for the safety and well-being of our members.
In AOII, we promise to take care of one another, and the Fraternity honors this promise through its high
expectations of our members.

• Moral & Ethical Behavior Statement • Transportation Policy
• Risk Management Policy • Whistleblower Policy (AOII Foundation)
• Statement on Human Dignity • Whistleblower Policy (AOII Fraternity)
• Technology Policy • Whistleblower Policy (AOII Properties)

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Recognizing Members & Chapters

Alpha Omicron Pi offers numerous categories for individuals, collegiate, and alumnae chapters to be
recognized at our annual summer event (either Convention or Leadership Institute). For information about
alumnae chapter and individual alumnae awards visit our website.

Collegiate Chapter Awards

For Collegiate Chapters to be eligible chapters must submit Standards of Excellence (SOEs) on time and
achieve overall Gold, Pearl, or Ruby Level SOE status, the chapter may not be 30 days or more past due
on any fees owed to the Fraternity, and the chapter must meet the award submission deadline. Award
categories are listed below.

• Excellence in Academic Achievement

Recipients of these awards automatically become finalists for the distinguished McCausland Cup.

• Excellence in Alumnae Engagement
• Excellence in Community & Campus Involvement
• Excellence in Communications
• Excellence in Finance
• Excellence in Membership Experience
• Excellence in Membership Recruitment
• Excellence in Philanthropy
• Excellence in Rituals
• Excellence in Wellness & Safety
• McCausland Cup

This award was named in honor of Lillian MacQuillan McCausland, AOII's eighth National
President, and honors the collegiate chapter whose overall academic development is determined
to be the most superior.

• Outstanding Alumnae Advisory Committee
• Outstanding Leader’s Council
• Collegiate Philos (Excellence in Panhellenic or Fraternity/Sorority Relations)
• Collegiate Chapter Excellence

Recipients must excel in all areas of operations and are automatically considered finalists for the
prestigious JWH Cup, awarded only during Convention years.

• JWH Cup

Named in honor of AOII Founder Jessie Wallace Hughan, the JWH Cup is awarded to AOII’s most
outstanding chapter of the biennium.

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Individual Collegiate Member Awards

Stella George Stern Perry Award

This annual award is presented to the most outstanding collegiate Chapter President. The Perry Award
is the highest distinction given to a collegiate member of Alpha Omicron Pi and is named after Founder
Stella Perry, the first President of Alpha Chapter and the first President of Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity. The
award recognizes a Chapter President for outstanding service to her chapter, exceptional inspiration to
its members, and recognition by administration and/or fellow students of her college or university. Only
collegiate chapters may submit a nomination in this category.

Mary Louise Roller Award

This annual award honors a collegiate member who has provided outstanding service and leadership to
her local Panhellenic, campus, and/or community. It is named in honor of Past International President and
Past NPC Chairman, Mary Louise Roller.

Collegiate Women of Leadership Award (CWOL)

This annual award is presented to collegiate women who demonstrate outstanding leadership. While
leadership within Alpha Omicron Pi is often recognized, this award primarily recognizes leadership within
a member’s campus, community, or intended profession.

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Recent Charterings

Alpha Omicron Pi has chartered 11 chapters since the fall of 2015, listed here in order of most recent
installation date.

Lambda Psi Chapter UNIVERSITY
Phi Alpha Chapter
Tempe, Arizona
Chartered Fall 2017 Johnson City, Tennessee
Installed January 21, 2018 Chartered Fall 2016
Installed November 6, 2016
Beta Sigma Chapter
Troy, Alabama
Chartered Fall 2017 Boise, Idaho
Installed November 12, 2017 Chartered Spring 2016
Installed April 30, 2016
Lambda Lambda Chapter GETTYSBURG COLLEGE
Beta Eta Chapter
Storrs, Connecticut
Chartered Fall 2016 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Installed January 29, 2017 Chartered Fall 2015
Installed February 3, 2016
Beta Nu Chapter
College Station, Texas
Chartered Fall 2016 Normal, Illinois
Installed January 22, 2017 Chartered Fall 2015
Installed January 24, 2016
Theta Sigma Chapter
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Chartered Fall 2016 Stephenville, Texas
Installed January 7, 2017 Chartered Fall 2015
Installed November 21, 2015
Delta Gamma Chapter

Springfield, Missouri
Chartered Fall 2016
Installed November 13, 2016

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Unfortunately, in the last five years Alpha Omicron Pi has withdrawan the charters of five chapters. All
remaining initiated collegiate members in good standing at the time of closing were welcomed to become
active alumnae for a lifetime.

Omicron Pi Chapter Delta Chapter

Ann Arbor, Michigan Somerville, Massachusetts
Closed Summer 2020 due to low membership Closed Fall 2017 due to low membership numbers.
Kappa Gamma Chapter Sigma Chapter

Lakeland, Florida Berkeley, California
Closed Winter 2020 due to low membership Closed Fall 2016 due to noncompliance with AOII’s
numbers. policies and regulations.

Kappa Omega Chapter

Lexington, Kentucky
Closed Spring 2019 due to low membership

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for the opportunity to continue
AOII’s legacy and become a part of

Villanova University!

We hope you are as excited about AOII as we are to have this opportunity to explore our
future together. There is much more to AOII than provided in this overview. Please do not
hesitate to contact us with any questions or for additional information. You can contact Kaya
Miller, AOII’s Executive Director, at [email protected] or 615-370-0920. She will be
happy to provide you with additional information or answer any questions.

Check us out on Facebook at Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity
and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @alphaomicronpi.

Alpha Omicron Pi will provide Villanova University with an opportunity for students to find lifelong
friendships, support to excel in their studies and opportunities for leadership development and community
service. More detailed information can be found by visiting our website at

Thank you fr your consideration!

Alpha Omicron Pi International Headquarters
5390 Virginia Way | Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

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