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Published by Alpha Omicron Pi, 2015-10-05 15:13:10

2010 Summer - To Dragma

Vol. 74, No. 3


s• ~ eKriCe

MM 7

'tt : IN •

< i Siq of California,
rkeley) members
ombine sisterhood and
vice activities during
r annual photo shoot

^<r—N Contents

1 o Brasilia\ | \
f /\ o f A l p h a O m i c r o n Pi

Service 6 Fraternity News
8 Viewpoint
mm < 9 Service - Shining Light into the World
i 10 International Day of Service - AOII Goes Blue
14 Profiles: Retiring Epsilon Omega Advisers
i% 18 Profiles: Congressional Gold Medal Winners
22 Profile: Charlotte Duniphan Beck,
- iir • B * ^ ^
Sigma Omicron (Arkansas State U)
26 Rising to the Occasion
28 The CHAIRity Project
29 AOII's ELC Program Takes Flight
32 Profile: Dallas Jessup,

Nu Omicron (Vanderbilt U)
35 AOII Installs Beta Zeta (Kennesaw State U)
36 Leadership Institute 2010
44 Collegiate Chapter News
51 In Your Own Words
54 Practice Safe Sun
58 Safe Nail Tips
60 Foundation Focus
64 Things We Love
66 From the AOII Archives
68 Life Loyal AOIIs
70 AOII Structure Implementation

SUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2 0 1 0 T o DRAGMA • 3

T O ( 2 £ J ma From the Editor

nn This past spring, AOII's first International Day o f Service Project, called
A O I I Goes Blue, was embraced by chapters all over the US and Canada.
To Dragma is the official magazine of Alpha Omicron Pi Thousands of women have selflessly given their time to volunteer and
Fraternity, and has been published since 1905. The mission serve A O I I through the decades, but on March 4 t h , A O I I chapters and
of To Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi is: to inform, educate and individuals were encouraged to "march f o r t h " and participate in events to
inspire our readers on subjects relevant to our Fraternity, our raise funds and awareness for arthritis research and juvenile arthritis.
chapters, our members, or Greek life; to encourage lifetime
AOII involvement; to salute excellence; and to serve as a O n the heels o f that successful initiative, t w o member profile suggestions
permanent record of our Fraternity's history. crossed my desk about ladies w h o had recently received the Congressional
Gold Medal for their service to country during W W I I . About the same
How to Contact To Dragma: time, the amazing service program launched by AOII's Dallas Jessup was
brought to my attention and member profiles were planned on all three.
To Dragma, 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN 37027 After reading their stories, I have no doubt that you w i l l be proud that
(615) 370-0920, fax: (615) 371-9736,, these ladies are your A O I I sisters.
[email protected]
As all the stories that we intended to cover i n this issue continued to fall
How to Update Your Name or Address: into place, it became obvious that the theme o f the issue was going to be
service. I hope you are inspired by the level o f service you'll read about
Go to Update Profile on the private side of the AOII website in this issue - service to chapter, college, community, Fraternity, country,
(, email your new address to and, yes, even to the world!
[email protected], or call (615) 370-0920.
There is a group of women who I especially want to acknowledge for their
How to Subscribe to To Dragma: service to A O I I and To Dragma this summer. Five current collegians f r o m
four different chapters served as summer interns at A O I I Headquarters and
Subscriptions are $25.00 annually and can be paid by check their assistance in helping this issue spring to life was invaluable. Trisha
or credit card. Checks, made payable to AOII, should be Thompson, R h o Omicron ( M T S U ) served as our communications intern
mailed to 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN 37027, Attn: doing research, w r i t i n g and proofreading. Jordan Ferguson, R h o O m i c r o n
Accounting. Credit card subscribers (Visa, Master Card or ( M T S U ) served as our archives intern doing cataloging, purging and
Discover only) should email [email protected]. sorting in addition to w r i t i n g an article for this issue. Katie Wright, Sigma
Gamma (Appalachian State U ) was our graphics intern w h o worked on
A Note to Parents of Collegians: numerous design projects, one o f which was next year's convention logo
that you w i l l be seeing a lot more o f in the near future. Covering multiple
Your daughter's magazine is being mailed to her home departments including marketing, events, education and chapter services
address while she is in college. If your daughter is no longer was Sara Nour f r o m N u O m i c r o n (Vanderbilt U ) . Sara wrote the profile
in college or living at home, please send us her updated on Dallas Jessup, her own N u O m i c r o n sister. Last but not least, Courtney
address, as indicated above. Schiller, Omicron ( U of Tennessee) provided great support for Leadership
Institute this summer as a marketing and events intern. O n behalf o f the
Director of Communications entire H Q staff, we thank these talented and charming collegians for their
volunteer service to A O I I .
Mariellen Perkinson Sasseen, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)
In closing, you may have noticed that this issue is arriving later i n the
Graphic Designer summer than usual. We shuffled the publication dates just a bit i n order to
communicate certain types o f information in a more timely manner. This
Whitney Frazier, Rho Omicron (Middle TN State U) change did not effect the distribution schedule detailed at right. I hope
you w i l l consider j o i n i n g Life Loyal A O I I just like I did a few years ago.
W o m e n Enriched through Lifelong Friendship. Obviously, I have access to To Dragma w i t h o u t needing a Life Loyal A O I I
membership, but being Life Loyal is not about what A O I I owes me. It's
Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College in New about what I owe A O I I . Life Loyal A O I I is about the promise I made and
York City, January 2, 1897, by Jessie Wallace Hughan, Helen the oath I took many years ago. I f you want to learn more about Life Loyal
St. Clair Mullan, Stella George Stern Perry & Elizabeth A O I I and how you can give back, visit
Heywood Wyman.
International President

Barbara Dunn Zipperian, Kappa Kappa (Ball State U)

Executive Director

Troylyn LeForge, Beta Phi (Indiana U)

Alpha Omicron Pi is a member of the National Panhellenic
Conference and the Fraternity Communications Association.

FRATERNITY Mariellen Perkinson Sasseen
COMMUNICATIONS Alpha Delta ( U of Alabama)
ASSOCIATION Director of Communications

4 • T o DRAGMA ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2 0 1 0

The 2010-2011 Founders' Day Message

To be read at your local Founders' Day Celebrations.

Founder Stella George Stern Perry once wrote, "That which would be better through the friendships and bonds we
m a k e s o u r b o n d is p r o m i s e c e r t a i n of success. Let us f o l l o w have w i t h each other. W h a t an i n c r e d i b l e t h i n g it is t h a t 113
our ensign devotedly, utterly and bravely. For our purpose years a n d many g e n e r a t i o n s later, their d r e a m is still b e i n g
cannot fail." realized whenever AOIIs pledge t o each other, delight in
the recognition of a new friend and sister, or are comforted
Our Founders were musicians, writers, educators and by a h u g o r a p h o n e call. They w o u l d b e p r o u d t o see us
philanthropists. They were four very different women with realize that our friendship is our b o n d .
a common purpose and bond that was important enough
t o share a n d g r o w . It was a friendship d e e p e r than t h e t i m e O u r b o n d is lasting, o u r b o n d is t r u e , o u r b o n d is
spent at Barnard College and something that they wanted s i s t e r h o o d a n d love in A l p h a O m i c r o n Pi - a n d it's
to last forever. ours forever.

W e believe that the Founders envisioned lofty goals Fraternally with love,
for us and today we hope that they would be proud of
our a c c o m p l i s h m e n t s a n d success as individual w o m e n The 2009-2011 Executive Board
a n d as an international organization. W e are w o m e n o f
achievement who have a heart for service and we love Barb Zipperian Karen Galehan
the instant connection that only comes with membership Susan Danko Krista Whipple
in A l p h a O m i c r o n Pi. W e have b e c o m e the friends u p o n Linda Grandolfo Allison Allgier
w h o m you have no fear to call. We listen, we share, we Rebecca Herman Gayle Fitzpatrick
give, we care, we go, we laugh, we cry and we love. Kathy Jensen

W e are confident that what Stella, Bess, Jessie and Helen
envisioned for AOIIs t h r o u g h o u t the years was that our lives

To Dragma D i s t r i b u t i o n I n f o r m a t i o n

If y o u are: 1) an AON collegian, 2) a Life Loyal AOII m e m b e r , 3) an alumnae chapter dues p a y i n g member,
or 4) an annual To Dragma subscriber, y o u will c o n t i n u e t o receive all t h r e e issues o f To Dragma. If you are
not a m e m b e r of one of those four groups, you will begin noticing a reduction in the number of magazine
issues you receive each year based on the following schedule:

Fall 2008 - Summer 2010 Fall 2010 - Summer 2012 Fall 2012 and Forward

All members will receive 2 issues. All members will receive 1 issue. Only Collegians, Life Loyal AOIIs,
Collegians, Life Loyal AOIIs, Collegians, Life Loyal AOIIs, Alumnae Chapter dues paying
Alumnae Chapter dues paying Alumnae Chapter dues paying members and annual subscribers
members and annual subscribers members and annual subscribers will receive the magazine.
will receive all 3 issues. will receive all 3 issues.


FCA Awards and Recognitions We're Growing! AOII Welcomes
Five New Alumnae Chapters
A O I I is extremely honored to have received six awards
during the Fraternity Communications Association • O k l a h o m a C i t y / M e t r o A r e a A C - Installed A p r i l 18, 2010.
Recognition Banquet this past May i n N e w Orleans. W i t h • C e n t r a l C o n n e c t i c u t A C - Installed April 25, 2010.
more than 600 award nominations from 53 different Greek • K a l a m a z o o A C - Installed May 2, 2010.
organizations, A O I I is very proud to have been recognized • Tallahassee A C - Installed M a y 15, 2010.
for excellence i n the following areas: • U p s t a t e S o u t h C a r o l i n a A C - Installed June 13, 2010

First place - Critics' Choice Cover Milestone Anniversary Celebrations

To Dragma's Spring 2009 cover featured AOII's Margaret The following chapters are celebrating milestone anniversaries
Bourke W h i t e atop the Chrysler Building. This cover was during the 2010-2011 school year. A O I I salutes your success!
singled out by F C A conference judges, presenters and fellow
FCA members as the best cover design of2009. Installation Date

Second place - Persuasive Essay 2 5 t h Gamma Theta ( U of South Florida) 09/07/85

To Dragma's Fall 2009 "From the Editor" by Mariellen Phi Chi ( U of Chicago) 11/23/85
Sasseen received second place honors in the persuasive
essay category. Kappa Lambda ( U o f Calgary) 11/30/85

Second place - Story Packaging C h i Psi (Cal. Polytechnic State U ) 03/08/86

Honoring excellence in writing and design, "A Woman's 5 0 t h Delta Omega (Murray State U ) 02/18/61
Place i n History," To Dragma, Spring 2009, was AOII's Acadiana Alumnae 03/12/61
entry in this highly competitive new category. Mariellen
Sasseen, author; Rebecca Davis, designer. 7 5 t h East Bay Alumnae 11/6/35

Second place - Annual Report 100th Lincoln Alumnae 1/14/11
Iota ( U of Illinois) 2/27/11
AOII's 2007-2009 Biennial Report, designed by Whitney
Frazier, received second place honors i n the Annual Report Help Us Find Lost Sisters
category for its overall design and content.
Over 37,000 AOIIs are currently not connected to A O I I and
Second place - Multi-Media Presentation we need your help. Visit the A O I I Foundation website at w w w . to submit contact information for
O u r "AOII...One W o r d " video was singled out for creativity a lost sister.
in combining humor w i t h great video composition, picture
and sound. Courtney Dillard worked as staff liaison w i t h an Each time you send contact information on a lost sister, we'll put
outside vendor on the project.
your name i n a quarterly drawing for an A O I I signature necklace!
Second place - Specific Purpose Website
We all win... you get to ®SPY
Under the guidance o f Lee Boone and Erin Burcham, reconnect with a friend
AOII's " F u l f i l l i n g the Promise" website was singled out for and A O I I finds a
excellence i n presenting educational content. LOST SISTER!

A O I I remains an active member i n FCA as Mariellen LOYAL FOREVER
Sasseen, Director o f Communications, was re-elected ALPHA TO THEE...
to the F C A Board o f Directors for a t w o year term as
Director o f Recognition. Whitney Frazier, A O I I Graphic ISSUE N O . 3 • SUMMER 2010
Designer, was reappointed to a second term as FCA Awards
Chairman after being named 2009-2010 Most Outstanding
Committee Chairman.


Alpha Omicron Pi AOII to Colonize Two Chapters This Fall!
Strategic Plan 2008-2011
Last September, A O I I accepted an invitation to re-colonize our
Focus Areas: Beta Kappa Chapter ( U o f British Columbia) in the fall of 2010.
Organizational Structure/Process Located i n Vancouver, British Columbia, the U of British
Outcome # 1 - DEVELOP EXCEPTIONAL A N D Columbia is a public institution w i t h over 2 4 , 0 0 0 undergraduate
VISIONARY LEADERS students enrolled, 5 3 % o f which are female. The University
W o r k our best w i t h body, brain, spirit and substance. offers baccalaureate degrees i n arts, science, commerce,
• Recruit the best volunteers, chapter leaders and staff engineering, education, human kinetics, nursing and pharmacy,
• Train consistently and effectively along w i t h Masters and Doctorate degrees. The Panhellenic
• Flawless execution community on campus has experienced significant growth over
• Evaluate our processes and make corrections the past few years. There are currently seven N P C groups on
campus: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi, Delta
Outcome # 2 - USE DATA F O R DECISION M A K I N G Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta and Kappa
Dedicate to a creative task w h i c h calls forth talents o f Kappa Gamma w i t h chapters ranging in size from 5 3 - 6 6 . O u r
leadership, patience, courage and enthusiasm. Beta Kappa Chapter was established at the University o f British
• Invest i n technology as required to support the needs o f Columbia w i t h the granting o f their charter on October 17,
1931. Quick to develop into a top-rate chapter, in 1946 they
our organization and membership were a runner up for the J W H cup, AOII's most prestigious
• Provide reporting that is timely, useful and reliable for award presented to chapters. The chapter's charter has been held
in trust since 1985, and alumnae are enthusiastically supporting
decision making the return o f this fine Canadian chapter to our active roster.

Financial UBC a place of mind
Protect our order and keep the Fraternity vibrant
and growing. This spring, A O I I accepted the invitation to colonize a new
• Build financial reserves chapter at The University o f Alabama - Huntsville. The
• Solid financial management for all levels o f University is an outstanding public institution, which enrolls
5 , 0 0 0 undergraduate students and an additional 2 , 0 0 0 graduate
the organization students, 5 0 % o f which are female. UAHuntsville offers
• Financial stability for A O I I baccalaureate degrees in business, engineering, liberal arts,
science, and nursing, along w i t h Master's degrees and PhD
Outcome # 4 - INCREASE BY 10% T H E N U M B E R degrees i n several specialized areas. There are two N P C groups
OF MEMBERS C O N T R I B U T I N G TO THE on campus: Delta Zeta and Kappa Delta w i t h chapter sizes
Honor the lastingness o f our obligations. UAHuntsville
• Increase the financial assets o f the Foundation
• Increase Life Loyal membership to support To Dragma T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F A L A B A M A IN H U N T S V I L L E
• Support approved Fraternity marketing programs
Please contact A O I I Headquarters i f you are interested in
Membership w o r k i n g w i t h either o f these t w o chapters during their
Outcome #5 - INCREASE T H E TOTAL N U M B E R colonization process.
O F C O L L E G I A T E M E M B E R S B Y 6%
Focus on the vitality o f our collegiate chapters upon To DRAGMA • 7
which the continued effective existence of our
organization depends.
• Consistently increase N e w Members yearly
• Deliberate and purposeful extension
• Increase member retention rates
• Increase the number ol chapters .it Total

Outcome #6 - INCREASE T H E N U M B E R OF
Keep alive the inspiration o f our Fraternity.
• Increase the number o f alumnae serving A O I I
• Increase the number o f dues paying alumnae members
• Deliberate and purposeful extension

ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2 0 1 0


I've f o u n d that the best times for me to t h i n k are w h e n I ' m r i d i n g on the back o f
my husband's motorcycle as we cruise around M i d d l e Tennessee. I guess staring at
the back o f someone else's helmet as I glance f r o m right to left and feel the w i n d
on my face gives me time to reflect on my many blessings and ponder about either
my banking life or my responsibilities in Alpha O m i c r o n Pi. So, on a recent ride,
I found myself t h i n k i n g about a conversation I had w i t h a fairly n e w employee at
w o r k . H e asked me about m y career goals when I was first starting out and i f any
plans or goals I had then had been realized now later i n my banking life. I've always
been a driven person but I ' d have to say that I only had one goal w h e n m o v i n g up
the ladder i n m y career — to be the best at what ever j o b I had at that time.

So n o w I ' m t h i n k i n g as I ride on the motorcycle, " H o w does this relate to A O I I ? "
W h a t i f E V E R Y member o f our fraternity could say that she was w o r k i n g to be
the best? M a n y o f us are goal oriented and driven w o m e n w h o multi-task and wear
lots o f hats i n our daily lives. We are college students, wives, mothers, daughters,
sisters, employees and volunteers, to name but a few. I n all o f the roles we play, we
are also always A O I I s . I f we choose each and every day to practice our fraternity's
values, we'd not only reap benefits for ourselves but our organization. W e ' d show
those around us that being an A O I I makes us better w o m e n and h u m a n beings.
O u r fraternity vision to "Be the Best" is very personal. We chose n o t to define it
but instead have left it to each member and chapter to make i t their o w n . So as y o u
go about your daily life, choose each day to be the best i n body, brain, spirit and
substance f o r yourself and f o r Alpha O m i c r o n Pi. Y o u are ours f o r a l i f e t i m e and
we A R E the BEST!

Speaking o f the best, Leadership Institute 2010 was a w o n d e r f u l
time of learning, sharing, fellowship and fun. Our theme o f
" W a l k the T a l k " was a perfect reminder for us to "practice what
we preach" and behave according to our values. The speakers
were outstanding, the learning paths inspiring and valuable and
the company was, o f course, perfect! I found that there is never
enough t i m e to just chat w i t h sisters and could have spent the
entire weekend just talking with new and old friends. I think
that those i n attendance felt the wonderful new momentum
that we have i n the fraternity as we move f o r w a r d w i t h our
mission and vision.


(kJ^ '
Barbara Zipperian, International President

8 • T o DRAGMA ISSUE N O . 3 • SUMMER 2010

The following statement, reworded many ways, was repeated over
and over throughout the writings of our four Founders.

"By serving others, we become useful to the world."

Stella, Helen, Bess and Jessie believed strongly that "the mainspring
of our fraternity is service." In today's digital world, mainspring is
a word that is not frequently used, but refers to the principal spring
in a watch or a clock. "The mainspring of fraternity is service"
are mighty words when you consider that figuratively speaking,
a mainspring represents the force that triggers action and moves
something forward. It is through service that AOII can shine our
light into the world around us, thereby bettering our Fraternity,
our colleges and universities, our communities, our countries, and

Would our Founders be proud of how well we have fulfilled their
expectations for AOII? Judging from the stories that fill the pages
of this issue of To Dragma, we believe so. After reading these
heartwarming stories of service on many levels, take a few minutes
to pauseforpersonal reflection. How have you served the Fraternity
and the world about you since the day of your initiation into AOII?
As we tally up the countless ways, we should remember to thank the
four ladies who inspired us all to exceed the expectations for what
they dreamed their young Fraternity would one day become.

ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2 0 1 0 To DRAGMA • 9

s college & c o m m u n i t y

AOII Goes Blue Brings
out the Best in Sisterhood

By Jordan Ferguson, Rho Omicron (Middle Tennessee State U) Communications and Archives Intern

Thousands of collegians and alumnae came together on
March 4, 2010 to "march forth" for AOII's first International
Day of Service. Members from across the United States
and Canada showed a united AOII force dedicated to
serving the greater good. Service is a cornerstone of our
Fraternity and something that all four of AOII's Founders
kept close to their hearts. Elizabeth Heywood Wyman,
a Founder of AOII, stated beautifully the importance of
service when she said,

"Let us grow old together, uplifted by the
consciousness of younger hands that will carry our
banner on to greater heights of idealism and service"

It was reminders of that nature that prompted AOII's
action and creation of the International Day of Service with
the theme of "AOII Goes Blue" this year. The first annual
AOII International Day of Service was designed with three
separate parts of a greater whole in mind: awareness,
service, and raising money.

10 • To DRAGMA ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2010

When collegians or alumnae think of a color To DRAGMA •
association w i t h A O I I , it is naturally the deep,
true cardinal o f our Fraternity that is brought
to mind. However, for this International Day of
Service, blue was chosen as the primary color and
theme because o f its association w i t h the Arthritis
Foundation. Members were encouraged to wear
blue on March 4th to show outward support for
arthritis related illnesses, as well as for research
and education done by the Arthritis Foundation.
The main purpose o f this endeavor was to help
raise awareness for the Arthritis Foundation and
about arthritis itself. One o f the many chapters
that participated i n raising awareness was Tau
Omega Chapter at Transylvania U . They began
asking people on campus, by word o f mouth
and posting flyers, to wear blue on that day to
promote advocacy and awareness. According to
Tau Omega Chapter President Natalie Carpenter,
on the day o f March 4th there was great response
and support from other sorority women, IFC
men, and the campus i n general. She said, " I
think it was refreshing for a lot o f the campus to
see us doing a philanthropy event without asking
for money. Instead we were telling them where
the money they have donated, thus far, has gone
to and hopefully encouraging them to donate to
future events that we hold." Lambda Eta Chapter
at Grand Valley State U had each o f their members
blue ribbons to wear on the day o f March 4th.


ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER. 2 0 1 0


L 3t Oklahoma)

Tau (U of Minnesota) They also set up t w o tables on their campus and held their first annual A O I I Goes Blue: Ruby
12 • To DRAGMA sold blue ribbons for a dollar. A t each table, there R u n 5K, which had to be rescheduled for April
was educational information about the Arthritis due to inclement weather. R h o O m i c r o n Chapter
Foundation and arthritis research available. (Middle Tennessee State U ) visited a local nursing
home and assisted w i t h their meals on wheels
As reiterated by Bess's insightful quote, going program, served lunch, and aided in making
out and serving the community in a hands-on decorations for their upcoming St. Patrick's Day
way is an integral part o f the spirit o f A O I I . This party. The Southern California C o u n c i l sisters,
was the second part o f the three step approach to which consists o f Alumnae Presidents, Collegiate
the International Day o f Service. Chapters from Presidents, and their Chapter Advisors f r o m Santa
all over pulled together and went forward into Barbara to San Diego, j o i n e d forces to support
their communities to better it or serve in various the Northern Orange County AC's Alumnae
manners. Lambda Beta (California State U , Long President's College w i t h a business clothing drive
Beach) held a food drive involving each sorority on March 6th.
and fraternity on their campus and then donated
the food that was raised to a local food bank. Sigma Beta Chapter o f Saint Joseph's U took a
Lambda Chi (LaGrange College) collected bottle more labor intensive approach to the International
caps and donated those to the Ronald McDonald Day o f Service and worked one day as a chapter to
House. Zeta ( U o f Nebraska) made panda restore Cobbs Creek, w h i c h is a local park that had
hand warmers for arthritis patients at their local been damaged due to the severe winter weather
Children's Hospital and delivered them on March that hit the area. The chapter divided into four
4th. Omega Upsilon (Ohio U ) crafted cards to groups and tackled different areas i n need o f repair.
send to the Children's Hospital i n Columbus and As a whole, the girls of Sigma Beta collected over
twenty bags o f trash and leaves, replaced over ten
individual fence posts, saved various trees, and
removed all o f the fallen branches and tree limbs.
In a quote f r o m Danielle Silipena, Sigma Beta's


Philanthropy Chairman, she perfectly captured
the true meaning of service and purpose of A O I I
Goes Blue. "We, as a sorority, were able to do
something extraordinary for our community,
while at the same time, found our inner strength
to do things that we never thought were possible."

The third component o f the first International "Dollars for Dodgeball" and collected dollars
Day o f Service was monetary donations and to donate to the Arthritis Foundation. Kappa
fundraising to also emphasize the philanthropic Omicron, at Rhodes College, held a coin drive
aspect o f the day. As well as wearing blue for on campus and donated the money they raised
awareness and serving the community, members to the Arthritis Foundation through the A O I I
were encouraged to donate $5 to the International Foundation mini grant, too.
Day o f Service Fund directly through the A O I I
Foundation. Imagine i f all of A O I I pulled The purpose of the International Day o f
together w i t h that much zest and generosity Service was mainly to j o i n together collegians
everyday o f the year! and alumnae i n an effort to reconnect to our
communities, our philanthropy, and our spirit
In addition to donating money directly through o f service. A O I I Goes Blue was a huge success.
the International Day o f Service Fund, various Women from the Pacific Ocean all of the way to
chapters held philanthropic events around their the Atlantic marched forth and positively impacted
campuses and donated the money raised to the communities everywhere in between. Every
Arthritis Foundation through an A O I I Foundation chapter took a different approach to A O I I Goes
m i n i grant. Delta R h o (DePaul U ) Chapter hosted Blue, but that was the beauty o f the concept. N o
a M a r y Kay makeup party on their campus on matter how small a capacity we serve i n , i f we all
March 5th and donated $100. The ladies of Phi band together, it makes a monumental impact.
Sigma ( U of Nebraska Kearney) participated in


college & c o m m u n i t y


QJ J Years of
4W Secvice
yet respected, and most importantly one that has
fD dedicated her life's time and talents to the service o f
sisterhood is a true gem i n the eyes o f the Fraternity.
By Courtney Alexander Dillard, Tau Omicron (U of Tennessee-Martin) At Epsilon Omega (Eastern Kentucky U ) , they
have been fortunate to have been led by four such
Serving as an A O I I adviser is one o f the most m u l t i - remarkable women.
faceted volunteer roles available for alumnae even
though having the requirements o f numerous sets Since its installation i n 1987, four women f r o m four
o f hands and the ability to simultaneously wear a different A O I I chapters discovered the true meaning
generous selection o f hats are noticeably absent i n o f volunteer service through an opportunity to
the j o b description. A n A O I I adviser is a tireless see A O I I beyond the borders o f their collegiate
and unfaltering light that shines in the forefront o f experience. Chris Collier Campbell, Lambda
our organization's future - molding, teaching, and Sigma ( U o f Georgia); Mary Anne Dewey, Beta Phi
mentoring the alumnae o f tomorrow. (Indiana U ) ; Anne McKay Smith Jones, O m i c r o n

Indeed, chapters consider themselves fortunate, and
blessed to be led by even one such extraordinarily
devoted woman. A n adviser w h o is patient, yet
persistent, enthusiastic, yet reserved, a confidant,

14 • T o D r a g m a Brenda Stratman, Mary Anne Dewey, Anne Jones and Chris Campbell have built great friendships and lasting memories
while serving as Epsilon O m e g a advisers for more than two decades.


( U o f Tennessee); and Brenda W o l f f Stratman, Theta "An adviser should always
(DePauw U ) defined the rules for what lifelong remember to advise using the
service to A O I I really is and have honored our great same qualities which made you
organization through their continued commitments. the AOII you are today."

Each o f these ladies became involved as advisers
through a myriad o f different circumstances. For the
Fraternity, installing a new chapter is always a huge
accomplishment, and to have a new colony form i n
your area is a great opportunity for involvement on
many different levels. This proved true for Mary
Anne and Chris as they read about
the new chapter in the student
newspaper at Eastern Kentucky
where they both worked in the
library. Brenda Stratman joined
the f u n after receiving a phone call
asking for her help with the new
chapter. A t that time, she was a
young stay-at-home mom with
small preschool-aged children,
Brenda's musical background made
her the perfect fit for a recruitment
adviser. Then there was Anne Jones.
Having come from a rich tradition
o f A O I I at our O m i c r o n Chapter,
Anne welcomed the opportunity
to get involved with the Epsilon
Omega Chapter when a move
relocated her family to Richmond,
Kentucky in the early 1990s.

The A O I I connection between these Chris, Brenda, and Anne (seated, front row), along with Mary Anne (not pictured) feel that building strong connections
women was so strong - even though and relationships with collegiate w o m e n is an a d d e d bonus that comes with serving as an AOII adviser.
they were initiated at four different
A O I I chapters.

Over the course of their advising experiences within Brenda remembers, "the old way was a lot more fun!"
Epsilon Omega, the favorite memories are all too Both Chris and M a r y Anne also single out a favorite
numerous to count! Each of the women, first and memory was seeing one o f their Epsilon Omega
foremost, recite initiation as one o f their most prized women was honored with the Perry Award. I n their
moments w i t h i n serving i n an adviser capacity. eyes, watching these women earn honors for their
Anne Jones tells us, "there is just something so sweet hard work was and still is very fulfilling. Twenty-two
and touching about watching them in candlelight years of memories is a long time!
as they hear our A O I I Ritual for the first time," a
sentiment that is probably shared by each and every W i t h each o f these experiences, the insight and
A O I I adviser f r o m coast to coast. A true lover o f wisdom acquired by these women is priceless and
recruitment, Brenda affectionately pinpoints the unmatched. Like Brenda Stratman says, "an adviser
late nights o f bid matching as her favorite memory. should always remember to advise using the same
Although now lost to the ease o f technology, this qualities which made you the A O I I you are today."
former manual process allowed advisers o f all Additionally, advising is a cyclical process, and one
sororities to come together around a big table, and that is essential to sustain the future o f our great
very orderly match women w i t h their first choices Fraternity. "There's so much to do and so much
(hopefully). The electronic process used by most
schools now is definitely much more efficient, but as

ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2010 To DRAGMA • 1 5

Epsilon Omega shined at International Convention 2009 being honored with the Pearl Award for Excellent Chapters, Total Honor Roll,
Senior Challenge and Strike Out Arthritis! Chapter Adviser Anne Jones (3rd from right) was honored with a Rose Award.

knowledge and tradition to pass on," adds Chris Campbell. I never thought I would ever want to be involved w i t h any
Mary Anne Dewey stresses the need for volunteers w i t h i n our chapter other than m y collegiate chapter... W h a t I discovered is
organization and encourages everyone to find their service niche that we are all bound by the same ideals and Ritual. A n d that I
within A O I I , even i f it's not i n an advising role. absolutely L O V E these women!"

Some people might pose that favorite three-lettered question, This year marks a bittersweet milestone for these women i n

why? After all, with family, work, and the other daily their roles w i t h i n the Epsilon Omega Chapter. A f t e r all serving

obligations that constantly whole-heartedly within the

pull at us, w h y continue to "I believe that every AOII has A A C of the twenty-two year
be so involved after so long? something to give back when it old chapter, each o f the ladies
The answer to this question is w i l l retire their advising role
different for everyone—and and move on to the next phase

the same holds true to these is the right time in your life." of their AOII journey. With
four women. Although retirement decisions made after

Mary Anne and Chris were careful thought and heavy

able to maintain their adviser hearts, the ladies have decided

positions for twenty-two years, there were times when others to leave their roles to younger alumnae w h o they have mentored

needed a break. W h e n the constraints o f family and work and are eager to f i l l their very, very large shoes.

limited Brenda's free time, she was able to take a break, only to

recommit a few years later w i t h a fervor and dedication just as Their combined years o f service w i t h i n the A A C o f Epsilon
strong as before. Anne Jones didn't begin her advising role until Omega show that there are no rules to h o w you fit advising or
1998, but her commitment was iron-clad. A O I I volunteer service into your life. After all, whether you

are young or old, and regardless o f where you live or where you

Anne Jones highlights, " I believe that every A O I I has something were initiated, A O I I offers a place where you can serve.

to give back when it is the right time i n your life. Honestly,

16 • T o DRAGMA ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2 0 1 0


country & mankind

Service to Country


By Stacey Lawrence, Beta Phi (Indiana U) Assistant Director of Chapter Services
and Rachel Boison, Kappa Kappa (Ball State U) Assistant Director of Chapter Services

The Women Airforce Service Pilots from 1942 - 1944 often considered
themselves to be sisters; unbeknownst to them, two of these
women were also sisters in AON. Jane Baessler Doyle, Omicron Pi (U
of Michigan) and Mildred Eckert Carder, Pi Kappa (U of Texas - Austin)
share their stories about making history.

The Women Airforce Service Pilots, known as WASPs, were
pioneers for women in flight and broke the mold of male-female
gender roles at a crucial point in US history.

When the United States entered World War I I i n military status, even though this dangerous war-time
1941, the US A r m y A i r Service (now the United job cost 38 o f these w o m e n their lives. For many
States A i r Force) began sending male pilots overseas years, their achievements i n military aircraft and
for combat duty. I n 1942, after nearly a year o f flight were unacknowledged and u n k n o w n .
battle, they were faced w i t h a shortage o f pilots to O n March 10, 2010, these trailblazers o f aviation
test, fly and train others to operate military aircraft were finally afforded the recognition they
on home turf. sorely deserved over 60 years ago. A t one o f the
largest events the Capitol has ever seen, over 200
The WASPs were the answer to this problem during WASPs and families o f those deceased crowded
a time when women were not afforded the same Emancipation Hall for the presentation of the
military career opportunities as men. Over 25,000 Congressional Gold Medal. Many of them were
women nation-wide applied for the program; 1,083 proudly donning their official uniforms and wings
were accepted, and 1,074 graduated f r o m training. as they received a replica o f the medal. Meanwhile
They began i n 1942, hired initially under Civil Speaker o f the House Nancy Pelosi unveiled
Service, although they performed tasks and acquired the official medal which w i l l be housed i n the
skills that were formerly reserved for military men. Smithsonian's "Women i n Aviation" exhibit.
They even instructed and trained men, and boasted
better flight records than some men. They desired W h i l e the Congressional Gold Medal is the highest
the same benefits and designation that military men honor Congress can award a civilian, recognizing
received. It would require an act of Congress to the WASPs for their service to our country has been
make these women a part o f the military right away, a long journey. Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison
so they began the program w i t h the intentions o f of Texas and Barbara M i k u l s i o f Maryland as well
militarizing the WASPs later. as Representatives Susan Davis o f California and
Ilena Ros-Lehtinen o f Florida recognized this void
Just as the bill to militarize went before Congress, and led the charge for a bill to honor the American
the need for pilots lessened. The WASPs were heroes w i t h the Congressional Gold Medal. A l l
deactivated i n December 1944 and never awarded four women spoke during the ceremony and

18 • T o DRAGMA ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2010

noted that not only did these pioneers sacrifice Above: In March, Jane Doyle, along with the other WASPs
for our freedom, they also made an invaluable was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.
contribution to women's rights as well. Lt. Col. Left and below: Jane in her pilot gear serving as a WASP
Nicole Malachowski knows firsthand the impact of during WWII.
this contribution. As the first female pilot i n the A i r
Force's A i r Demonstration Squadron (better k n o w n ! 4g
as The Thunderbirds) Nicole had this to say about
the WASPs: T o DRAGMA • 1 9

"Today is the day when the WASPs w i l l make history
once again [...] I f you spend any time at all talking to
these wonderful women, you'll notice how humble
and gracious and selfless they all are. Their motives for
wanting to fly airplanes all those years ago wasn't for
fame or glory or recognition. They simply had a passion
to take what gifts they had and use them to help defend
not only America, but the entire free world, from
tyranny. A n d they let no one get in their way."

ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2 0 1 0

A charter member of Pi Kappa Chapter (U of Texas - Austin), Mildred Carder served as a W o m e n Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) from
when the program began in 1942 until it was disbanded in 1944.


T w o members o f A O I I were honored that day, Mildred Eckert "To be successful you have to
Carder and Jane Baessler Doyle. As a charter member of Pi
Kappa Chapter ( U o f Texas - Austin), Mildred Carder had have the desire to try new things
already started her aviation career when she was initiated into
A O I I . D u r i n g her sophomore year, she obtained her private and work hard to succeed."
pilot's license in a government sponsored program. Mildred's
father was a plane mechanic during World War I in England, Jane Baessler Doyle
which helped develop her passion for flying at a young age.
W h e n she and a friend heard that the only requirements for After the program ended, Jane's husband was reassigned and
the license program were to pass a physical and be eighteen the family was sent to Japan. They returned to the US i n 1946,
years o f age, they both j u m p e d at the opportunity. Even with where Jane became involved w i t h the Grand Rapids Alumnae
the support o f her family, M i l d r e d had to persevere through Chapter. A t the time, the size o f the group o f alumnae women
significant gender barriers. "We even had to get special fluctuated as families moved around w i t h the military, and she
permission f r o m the Dean o f Students i n order to wear pan ts on eventually lost touch w i t h the chapter.
campus!" she exclaimed.
Jane credits a part of her success i n the WASP program to her
A t Commencement, M i l d r e d was approached by a recruiter who involvement i n A O I I . She joined A O I I after a friend she met i n
was looking for a recent graduate w i t h a private pilot's license. the dorm became a member and invited her to meet the women.
After beginning her tenure as an instrument flyer on a Navy Prior to this, Jane didn't know anyone else at school and her new
simulator and even instructing movie star Tyrone Power, the sisters became her circle o f friends for the next two years.
WASP requirements were lowered to allow those w i t h a private
license to apply for the program. Mildred again jumped at the " I wasn't a member o f the chapter for very long before I joined
opportunity, was accepted, and transferred to Stuttgart A i r Force [the WASP program], but being i n A O I I and living in the house
Base i n Stuttgart, Arkansas. After the program was disbanded really prepared me to live w i t h a group of new people and make
in 1944, M i l d r e d married her husband, who she says w i t h a friends when I met the other WASPs," Jane said. She lived w i t h
chuckle, "happened to be m y commanding officer," and moved six other women i n one room during training. "By then I was
to Johnson City, T N . N o w , she is an active member o f the used to getting along w i t h a new group and it was a
Williamsburg Alumnae Chapter, and they hosted a special event good transition."
honoring Mildred for her service.

Like M i l d r e d , Jane Doyle started her journey in the WASP For Mildred, Jane and their WASP "sisters," the journey has
program w i t h a private pilot license in Michigan. She attended a been far f r o m easy since the Women Airforce Service Pilot
c o m m u n i t y college before enrolling at the U of Michigan where program began i n 1942. It wasn't until the 1970s that the
she was initiated into O m i c r o n Pi Chapter i n 1942 and joined women were given veteran status, and those 38 women who lost
the C i v i l A i r Patrol to train and gain flight hours. That same their lives i n the line o f duty were buried at the family's expense
year, she responded to a public announcement calling for all without military honors. They were only paid around $200 a
women pilots w i t h a private license who would be interested in month without benefits and famously had to pay for their o w n
the WASP program. She applied and received her notice to do an bus fare home after de-enactment. Despite all of this, Mildred
interview and physical for the WASP program while still living and Jane never lost their dedication to the cause and their passion
in the O m i c r o n Pi chapter house. She finished her degree early, for flying. Jane adds, "To be successful you have to have the
in the summer o f 1943, and reported to training in Sweetwater, desire to try new things and work hard to succeed. For me w i t h
T X upon her acceptance into the program. flying, once I experienced it, it just takes over and gets i n your
blood. You just have to try." For Mildred, flying has always
After initial training, Jane was assigned to Freeman Field in been about passion as well. She offers this advice to AOIIs
Seymour, I N where she "flew every plane that the A i r Force had." everywhere;
She met her husband, an instructor pilot in the Air Force, while at
Freeman Field. "Take advantage of your dreams and

After the disbandment o f the WASP program i n 1944, Jane hang on to them. Reach for your goals.
explained, "We could go into the A i r Force, but we couldn't
fly — we w o u l d have to start over," The women were faced I wanted to fly, and I got to do that."
w i t h going through officer candidate school, even though they
had already accrued hundreds o f hours o f flight experience and Mildred Eckert Carder
trained at over 120 airfields throughout the US.

ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2010 To DRAGMA • 21

college & community

Sigma Omicron's Alumnae
Initiation Brings Pride in
Sisterhood to Beck Family

By Pam King, AOII Foundation Volunteer and Former Interim Director of the AON Foundation

Charlotte and Buddy Beck

The word "legacy" just took on a whole new
meaning for three newly initiated family members
o f A O I I sister, Charlotte Beck! O n April 17th,
the ladies o f Sigma O m i c r o n (Arkansas State U ) ,
initiated three generations o f the Beck legacy ...
all on the same day! Imagine.. .grandmother,
daughter, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter...
A O I I sisters for a lifetime!

Charlotte Duniphan Beck was initiated into Sigma
O m i c r o n i n the Spring o f 1957 and was an active
leader i n her chapter and on the campus o f ASU.
Almost 50 years later, in 2007, Charlotte and her
husband, Buddy Beck (Retired Army Veteran and
Sigma Pi Alumnus), are serving their community
well through the establishment of the Beck P R I D E
Center for America's Wounded Veterans on that
same campus.

The PRIDE Center created the
opportunity for wounded or disabled
veterans to return from active military

service and complete their college
education in the face of adversity.

22 • To DRAGN

As alumni o f Arkansas State U , Buddy, Charlotte In honor o f her tireless commitment to Arkansas
and the Beck Family chose to honor the brave men State U , to its Greek organizations and most
and women o f the armed services on the campus o f importantly to wounded/disabled veterans,
their alma mater. The Beck P R I D E Center was a Charlotte Beck received an honorary Ph.D. from
2008 award recipient from The American Council the university in 2009. Following graduation
on Education and the Wal-Mart Foundation, ceremonies, the sisters o f Sigma O m i c r o n honored
receiving the "Success for Veterans Award." I n Charlotte in a tribute reception which included
2009, the Center also received the "Newman's her daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and
O w n Award" f r o m the Fisher House Foundation. life-long A O I I friends, Rosalie Barber, Emilie

April 17, 2010 was a proud day for Charlotte Duniphan Beck (2nd from right) when her granddaughter Emily M. Nolan,
daughter Deborah Beck Corbatto and daughter-in-law Beverly S. Beck also became her sisters.

Initiation with Sigma Omicron (Arkansas State U)

Statler, and Dana Robbins. Charlotte's family, Their momentous decision was culminated
traveling from Virginia for the commencement following eight months of paperwork, preparation,
celebration, was deeply touched by the outpouring and planning. Rosalie Barber was pleased to
of affection from the collegiate and alumnae of coordinate the initiation arrangements and pre-
Sigma Omicron. Granddaughter Emily M . Nolan, and post- education for the three candidates. She
grew up in the city o f Washington. D.C. and shares, "Everything came together beautifully
recalls that her first glimpse ofjonesboro came as a on Saturday, A p r i l 17, 2010, at 3:00 p.m. i n the
bit o f a shock. She admits to wondering what the A O I I suite at Arkansas State U . " She recalls that
women ofjonesboro would be like. D u r i n g the "Charlotte and I both had tears i n our eyes."
course o f the weekend festivities, Emily was moved During the ceremony, Charlotte sponsored
as the Sigma Omicron sisters gathered to sing to daughter, Debbie, while Emilie Statler served
Charlotte. Emily reflects, " M y first thought was as sponsor o f her namesake, E m i l y Nolan; and
that these women were rather unusual." A n d as the Rosalie served as Beverly's sponsor. Rosalie noted
tender singing continued, she realized, ". . . these the emotion expressed by Beverly i n a thank you
women were unusual . . . they were unusually card, "Thank you for standing beside me...
caring and loving . . . and they made a special I feel blessed."
moment i n my grandmother's life seem even more
so." Daughter Debbie observed, " i t was amazing The Beck Family has established a "legacy" o f
to watch A O I I members o f all age groups come P R I D E in the men and women o f the armed forces
together to celebrate my mother's achievement." and n o w the family also takes pride in adding three
"Many o f these young ladies have never even heard new "legacies" to the sisterhood of Alpha Omicron
o f m y mother, but they were so happy to help our Pi. In reflecting on the unique occurrence
family celebrate this event." of the triple alumnae family initiation on April
17th, Charlotte remarked, "It's not every day that
A n d so it came to be that daughter, Deborah you can become a SISTER to your daughter,
Beck Corbatto, daughter-in-law, Beverly S. Beck, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law!"
and granddaughter, Emily M . Nolan chose to
join Charlotte in A O I I sisterhood. The life-long The Beck women hold to a wish granddaughter,
observation of the "spirit of sisterhood" between Emily, once made i n seeing the friendship and
Charlotte and her dear A O I I friends, and realized laughter Charlotte shared w i t h her A O I I sisters.
"bonds o f support" demonstrated so poignantly by Emily proclaimed, " I hope I have good friends like
the women o f Sigma Omicron, had left them w i t h you do when I am your age, Nanny." As a mother,
a yearning to experience the " A O I I ties that bind" mother-in-law and grandmother, Charlotte takes
in their own lives. comfort in knowing that wish will now certainly
come true.

2 4 • T o DRAGMA ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2010



visit or call


A. Snake Chain, 18 #SNAKE G. "Sincere Ring, #1022
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B. Peace Charm, #1454 H . Founders Ring with diamonds, #1000D
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C. Garnet Ring with rose mounting, #0452 I. Founders Ring with rubies, #1000R
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D . Silhouette Rose Necklace, #SLD141 J. Pulse Bracelet, 7 1/2", with Greek Letter Tag, #BY244
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E. Silhouette Rose Earrings, #ER141 K. Coil Bracelet, 7 1/2", with Greek Letter Tag, #0903A
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F. "Silhouette Rose Ring, #RD141 • Whole sizes 5-9
SS,...$30 •• Whole sizes 4-9

Prices subject to change without notice. Colored stones are synthetic. K - karat yellow gold, K W - karat white gold, SS ~ sterling silver, G F - gold-filled, GP - gold-plated

sister & community

Rising to the Occasion

On May 2, 2010, Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding of water in our house when he left. We ended up staying at
areas near AOII's International Headquarters were the Embassy Suites that night, as well, because we had
devastated by what has been labeled a 500 year flood. nowhere else to go.
Fortunately, our beautiful headquarters was spared
damage, but thousands of people were not as lucky. The entire day we watched the news, of course, and around
Hundreds of homes, businesses and several lives were 6:00 we actually saw our house via the Channel 5 helicopter
lost all across the area. that was in Bellevue. Water was almost touching the gutters
- it was a horrible experience. The next day, we were able to
W i t h so many homes damaged or destroyed, the stories make it to my house around 10:00 am by wading through thigh
o f need were many. One such story involves an A O I I deep water. We worked, relentlessly, removing our personal
sister Kelly Oakley, her husband, Brent and daughter possessions from the house and into the yard. The rest of the
Ella. I n her o w n words, Kelly described what she week is a blur spent gutting the house.
experienced the day o f the flood and the early
weeks afterward. We have moved in with my parents and have been there since
then. It has been trying on us all. With the baby, d o g and
On Saturday, May 1st, my brother was getting married. The the two of us, it has been a huge adjustment for everyone.
wedding was scheduled to happen at Legends Golf Club. We Throughout the last few months, we have had a roller coaster
left our house, boarded our dog, and headed to the Embassy of emotions; sadness, anger, frustration, joy, and gratitude.
Suites where our out-of-town guests/family were staying for the These have been met with many tears and thoughts of doubt
weekend. We had booked a room to visit longer with family as to how d o we move on. We have leaned tremendously on
the next morning instead of driving home that night after our friends and family for support! While I cannot change the
the reception. past, I can shape tomorrow. Each day gets a little better, and I
am confident that we will be able to move back into our house
I received a phone call at 5:30 that evening from Legends. in the next couple weeks.
The course was flooding and the wedding would have to be
cancelled. We worked relentlessly to move the wedding to June 3, 2010, one m o n t h after flood waters rushed
the Embassy Suites. The wedding turned out beautiful and through the home of Kelly and Brent Oakley, A O I I
the reception was remarkable - other than the last 30 minutes, International President Barb Zipperian heard about
which we spent in the central ballroom with the rest of the hotel Kelly's loss and, together w i t h the A O I I Headquarters
guests due to a tornado warning. staff, organized a shower for 15-month-old Ella to
replenish some o f the basics that were lost i n the flood.
Brent called a close friend and neighbor on Sunday morning
around 8:00. He told him water was about 6-7 feet from our The shower for Ella provided toys, clothes, shoes, and
back door. Brent left the Embassy Suites immediately to go diapers to help replace just a portion o f what they once
to the house. Unfortunately, every back road to our home was owned. It was a cheerful and heartwarming event w i t h
flooded and he ended up stuck in traffic on the interstate. By Ella opening gifts and squealing at the sight o f one o f
this point, it was around 11:00 and our friend let us know that he her favorite friends, Elmo! Kelly wrote to Barb after the
and his wife were evacuating.. .there was already around a foot shower and described how the promise o f sisterhood i n
A O I I is a g i f t that continues to amaze her.

The Oakley's living room Ella's Bedroom

Ke% and Ella Oakley with AOII
'-national P r e s i d e n t ^ * ™ ,

Barb, was for me. I never had to say anything to her because she knew if roles
I cannot thank you enough for everything that you did for Ella and I were reversed I would be doing the same thing. But it comes full circle...
yesterday! It was such an overwhelming amount of love and support I would not have the friendships that I have if I would not have pledged
that I felt in the room! Words cannot even express how happy yesterday AOII. It is a life lesson that you hear throughout the rush process but I am
made me. My first priority throughout this entire ordeal has been making living proof that it is not made up, it is real!
sure Ella was happy, healthy, and was affected minimally by this tragedy
to our family. I personally have struggled with this battle internally, To walk into a room full of women that I had never met before and
beating myself up to make sure she is completely normal and her life be showered with the support and hospitality that you showed us is
unchanged. I think it was a way for me to start healing, to focus all energy sisterhood at its best. I was speechless driving home as I tried to describe
on her! Yesterday made me so thrilled to see the look on her face when the encounter to my husband. It was remarkable, I kept telling him, it was
all the attention was on her and all the gifts that she was given. She like we had known each other for years!
played late last night, literally until she could not fight her exhaustion
anymore, and went from toy to toy laughing so loud! It was at this AOII is a lifelong commitment and I have not held true to my end of the
moment that things fell into place within me, she is completely happy deal. Over the years life has gotten in the way of my pledge. Yesterday
because she is surrounded by the people she loves! not only reminded me of how wonderful my sorority is, but it made me
want to get involved again! A n d hopefully one day influence my daughter
When entering college I had no intention of pledging a sorority at all. of this valuable choice in life.
My parents were both Greek in college but for some reason the thought
did not appeal to me. My mom made me go through rush just to give Thank you for everything you personally have done for myself and my
it a try and it was a great way to meet people. So I did and of course, family! And also thank you for organizing the shower yesterday! It was
I fell in love. I p l e d g e d AOII and was thrilled! I met the girls that are a pleasure meeting each and every one of the women and inspiring to
currently STILL my best friends twelve years later. We have been in know how many people are supporting us each step of the way!
each others weddings, a shoulder to cry on in hard times, and anxiously
awaited the births of our children in the hospitals. A n d when my home Love,
was destroyed, I looked up that first day and there she was cleaning my Kelly Oakley
kitchen with tears strolling down her face and she knew how hard this Alpha Chi (Western Kentucky U)

ISSUF.NO. 3 • SUMMER 2010 To DRAGMA • 27

The C H A I •nil



gig il

AOII's Educational
Leadership Consultant
Program Takes Flight

"Women Enriched through Lifelong Friendship." It's not just a phrase serving as

the mission statement for Alpha Omicron Pi; it is a commitment that we make to

our members in every advancement that is made, development opportunity that

is planned, and Ritual that is conducted. This is no small commitment! AOII's

new Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) Program

was born from AOII's desire to provide the best collegiate

experience possible for every member of A O I I . It is the

EducationalBecomeD c > - y ^ x - — —-i quality of experiences in those four short collegiate years that
form the foundation for what a member expects of A O I I for
Want her lifetime. Whatever those expectations may be, it is our
further commitment to exceed them.
Consultant Last winter, we put out the call to all our collegiate

chapters, looking for outstanding young women to be

a part of our first team of ELCs. The response was

tremendous and the candidates were impressive.

to our collegitae chapters During the 2010-2011 academic year, the following
.travel across +thi-,eo 1UIbSaannud Canada group of ELCs w i l l serve as AOII's ambassadors, liaisons,
•sleiarivseona,sc raaefs^roaueterrcrnnel,it^yann audmebd uaCsasat odorr, and educators to our collegiate chapters and members.
Working with fraternity volunteers and under the
l , , l , m t s hiredfor.he direction of the Chapter Services Department, these

ladies w i l l travel across the United States and Canada to
provide one-on-one comprehensive operational support
to all collegiate chapters.

After completing a four-week long training program, the following six outstanding
college graduates, spotlighted on the next two pages, have begun their travels to
become the face of AOII to our collegiate members across North America.

ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2010 To DRAGMA • 29

I N D I A B O U N D S , Gamma Sigma (Georgia State U )
Encompassing a diverse list of A O I I experiences, India prides herself in being;an
eternal optimist and carries an enthusiasm w i t h her that was always evident to her
Gamma Sigma sisters and to the rest of her Panhellenic community. She is a devout
believer i n AOII's ability to enrich lives and uses that belief to positively seek ways
for improvement.

Favorite Movie: Heavyweights
Who Inspires You? My Dad
What song makes you want to dance? "Got to Give it Up"
by Marvin Gaye
What song makes you want to sing? "You and I Both" by Jason Mraz

Favorite quote: "A woman's true value counts most when she shines of
beauty and peace."

~ Gabrielle "CoCo" Chanel

M O L L Y F E N T O N , Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U )
Excelling at action-oriented leadership and motivation, Molly polished her skills
while serving t w o years as Chapter President for Kappa Tau and President of the
Student Government Association o f her university. Matching similar accolades
in academic accomplishments and awards earned, Molly's forward-thinking and
visionary demeanor coupled w i t h her ability to relate to others, makes her an
ideal mentor for A O I I members everywhere.

Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Who Inspires You? Kappa Tau's A A C
What song makes you want to dance? " O M G " by Usher
What song makes you want to sing? "Dinosaur" by Hank Williams, Jr.
Favorite quote: "Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all

things, endureth all things..."

~ 1 Corinthians 13:7

K E L L E Y S c H i L L i G , Kappa Omega ( U o f Kentucky)
Holding multiple A O I I offices and equal leadership roles w i t h i n Panhellenic,
Kelley had the unique pleasure of serving as the Panhellenic coordinator for
another N P C organization's colonization on campus. Kelley was a pivotal
participant and leader i n positive change w i t h i n her chapter and believes strongly
that the strength ot any chapter should be sisterhood.

Favorite Movie: You've Got Mail

Who Inspires You? Mary Jo Gabel, Epsilon Omega

What song makes you want to dance? "Pocketful of Sunshine"
by Natasha Beddingheld

What song makes you want to sing? "Bennie and the Jets" by Elton John

Favorite quote: "It's nice to be important, but it is also important

to be nice."

~John Templeton

M A R Y CATHERINE STEWART, Delta Delta (Auburn U )
Mary Catherine's heartbeat is that of service and philanthropy. She founded a
program called "Sisters for Soldiers" on her campus that has been instrumental
in ensuring that over 1,800 servicemen and women stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan
received care packages during holidays. Mary Catherine is an outstanding student
and a self-proclaimed do-er who also excels at identifying opportunities and
creating solutions.

Favorite Movie: Christmas Vacation

Who Inspires You? Alexia Claborn, Delta Epsilon and Rachel Poovey

What song makes you want to dance? "Single Ladies" by Beyonce

What song makes you want to sing? "Come Together" by The Beatles

Favorite quote: "We make a living by what we get, we make

a life by what we give."

~ Winston Churchill

BAILEY T A T E , R h o Omicron (Middle Ter

For Bailey, her great love in A O I I is recruitment! Majoring i n organizationa
recruitment, Bailey has superior communication skills and excels in building
relationships. In addition to helping members communicate more effectively, she'll
also teach members how to recruit more successfully. Bailey looks
forward to helping chapters recruit women who share the values on which
A O I I was founded.

Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Who Inspires You? My Rho Omicron sisters
What song makes you want to dance? "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder
What song makes you want to sing? "I'll Stand By You" by Bryan Adams
Favorite quote: "Tough times never last, but tough people do."

~ Robert Schuller

A N D R E A T H E O B A L D , Epsilon Omega (Eastern Kentucky U)
A n instrumental Chapter President and member of the Panhellenic community
at Eastern Kentucky, Andrea is known for her ability to lead by example, in
addition to her ability to always understand the big picture. Her engaging and
down-to-earth personality w i l l allow her to connect with members, while
teaching them how to put their best foot forward.

Favorite Movie: Wedding Crashers

Who Inspires You? The lovely ladies of Epsilon Omega

What song makes you want to dance? "OMG" by Usher

What song makes you want to sing? "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey

Favorite quote: "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself

in the service of others."

~ Mohandas Gandhi

country & mankind

Changing a Million Lives

By Sara Nour, Nu Omicron (Vanderbilt U), Education, Marketing, Events and Chapter Services Intern

" D o you t h i n k today's teens lack drive or don't care By 15, Dallas had expanded her Just Yell Fire
enough about the world around them?" According service project into a non-profit organization that
to Gretchen Carlson o f F O X News, "Dallas Jessup has empowered a million girl revolution in 45
w i l l prove you wrong." The list of honors this 18- countries. Dubbed by many "American's Most
year-old N u O m i c r o n (Vanderbilt U ) collegian has Inspring Teen Keynote" speaker, she focuses on
received for her efforts to change lives is lengthy educating and training young women, parents,
and impressive. She is a recipient of the Presidents' teachers, coaches and others about sexual assault
Youth Service Award, Seventeen Magazine's 2009 and abduction. Last year, at 17, Dallas published
Mission Award Winner, Elle Teen Girl Hero - D o her first book. Young Revolutionaries Who Rock
Something Winner, Teen Choice Award Nominee which highlights what inspired her and nine other
and an Inductee into the Hall o f Fame for Caring teens w h o are attempting to save the world one
Americans. Dallas feels blessed to have received revolution at a time. The book has been praised for
these honors, but her motivation does not come its groundbreaking call to help ordinary teenagers
f r o m awards. find their passions.

Dallas is fueled with a passion Dallas has travelled all over the globe, averaging
for service and a committment 10,000 miles a month, as a motivational speaker.
to change the world. She has appeared everywhere f r o m Congressional
hearings to M I T to rural India. Dallas notes,
Dallas was just 13-years-old when she saw security "Always, at least one girl, sometimes six or seven o f
video footage of a young girl named Carly Brucia them, w i l l wait to speak w i t h me after the event and
being abducted by a predator on TV. Inspired to let me k n o w she is an abuse or other assault victim
research the issue further, she learned some frightening and didn't know that she could make it stop or how
statistics — 1 in every 4 girls w i l l become a victim o f to do it until that day. Those direct connections
sexual assault or abuse in their lifetimes, and there are with amazing girls of my own generation motivate
114,000 attempted abductions i n the U.S. each year. me." Dallas's compassion and genuine devotion to
These facts inspired Dallas to put her black belt in service are obvious to anyone who speaks with her
martial arts to good use - an achievement she earned about her cause.
after her mom, jokingly, told her was required before
she would be allowed to date. So what's next for the C N N Hero and Vanderbilt
sophomore? Dallas is currently working on a
For a school project, Dallas created a film intended second film. "Just Yell Fire: Campus Life" w i l l
to teach self-defense and street fighting techniques focus on the unique dangers faced by girls in
to her classmates at St. Mary's Academy H i g h college," she says. "Dating violence, parking lot
School, Portland, Oregon. Using the tools that she dangers, predators breaking into dorms - we'll let
learned f r o m martial arts, Dallas created a home girls k n o w they have the right to fight back and
video to empower young girls to fight back. As exactly how to do it."
w o r d spread, volunteers and money started pouring
in along w i t h endorsements f r o m celebrities such Her non-profit organization continues to offer
as Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly o f ABC's the first Just Yell Fire film for free download
"LOST." Her 46-minute film "Just Yell Fire" or a free D V D to any girl, worldwide. Dallas
quickly became one of the 10 most downloaded plans to continue g r o w i n g the organization and
production length films worldwide i n 2007. At empowering young women globally. Once she
completion, she was just 14-years-old.

ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2010 T o I ) RAO MA • 33

A Groundbreaking Call For Youth Activism graduates f r o m Vanderbilt w i t h a double major her A O I I sisters positively impact her life as an issues
in Political Science and Communication Studies, advocate. "It's easier to take on impossible social
Dallas plans to attend law school. True to form, problems when you're a daily part of a community
she aspires to apply that law degree to service. " I of girls k n o w n for speaking out against injustice and
hope to be involved in the media at a level that backing the plays o f sisters w h o are doing the same."
permits me to direct its spotlight onto causes
that need attention and resources," she explains. A O I I w i l l always be an important part o f Dallas'
" I learned the power of the media when Good life. The experiences she has w i t h her N u
M o r n i n g America, Fox, A B C , People Magazine, Omicron sisters give her valuable tools for the
the Today Show, and scores o f others featured the future. "There is a strong focus on personal
Just Yell Fire project. Overnight we were making achievement with impressive role models in every
a measurable worldwide impact on a crisis social direction, but what impresses me most is the life
problem, w i t h an effective solution that costs balance my sisters master. History's highest-impact
almost nothing. I really enjoy producing cause- leaders all seem to master life balance, and that's a
based films, and it's always great to hear from girls valuable lesson i n leadership I'm learning f r o m the
who read my book and write to say it motivated sisters o f A O I I . "
them to launch a service project. When I find
a way to m i x all those things together, I ' l l have For more information on Dallas or her service work,
found my spot." visit:,
Dallas believes that everyone has a bit of a social
activism i n them. "Certainly that's true o f A O I I , "
she says. "We are a caring community of service-
oriented girls." The connections that she has with

K T H aim •in una K I M ULAtS





On March 25, 2010, Dallas testified before the Human Rights
Commission of the US House of Representative on steps t o
protect against the increasing threat of human trafficking.
She proposed that Congress take the first steps toward
making self-defence classes a mandatory part of middle and
high school physical education curriculums.


Beta Zeta Chapter Installed at Kennesaw State University

Alpha O m i c r o n Pi is pleased to announce the installation of its 188th chartered CHARTER. MEMBERS:
chapter. Beta Zeta Chapter o f Alpha Omicron Pi at Kennesaw State U was installed
on April 24, 2010. Barbara Zipperian, A O I I International President, served as the Laura Allen, Tanya Ardalic, Kathryn Barta,
installing officer. Brittany Begley, Heather Berry, Courtney Bobo,
Ashley Boyd, Autumn Brannan, Courtney Brooks,
Collegiate members from Delta Delta (Auburn U ) , Lambda Sigma ( U of Georgia), Stephanie Brown, Heather Byrd, Porsha Castillo,
and Gamma Sigma (Georgia State U ) , as well as area alumnae, participated in Caitlin Chriszt, Brittany Cook, Leah Cunningham,
the installation o f the new chapter. Saturday's initiation and installation activities Kim Dao, Brianna Davenport, Lauren DeVore,
concluded with the traditional Rose Banquet that evening to honor the ninety-five Elizabeth Dize, Kelly Dotson, Kaitlin Dowiat,
members of the new chapter at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, GA. Bethany Downey, Morgan Eckart, McKenzie Eller,
Catherine Farmer, Lyndsay Fleming, Emily Ford,
The guests included members of the Greek community as well as family and friends. Kelsie Galvin, Jenna George, Krystal Grau,
Notable guests included Brooklynn Parrott, Director of Greek Life; Kathy Alday, Kaley Harbin, Jessica Harris, Ashleigh Hodge,
Director o f Student Life; Barbara Zipperian, A O I I International President; Brandi Katelyn Ingram, Victoria Jackson,
Nunnery, Colony Development Network Director; Aimee Rivera Meyers, Colony Elizabeth Janowiak, Amanda Jarrett, Kristen Johns,
Development Network Specialist; Beta Zeta's Alumnae Advisory Committee and Aubrey Johnson, Sarah Jomaa, Caitlin Kennedy,
Corporation Board; Beta Zeta's Installation Committee; Jenna Lutz, A O I I Consultant; Amber Kimbrell, Wimberley Larkey,
Stacey Lawrence, Alumnae District Administrator; and Teri Forsythe, Cynthia Leath, Lauren Ledford, Laura Leggette,
Resident Consultant. Hilary Lew, Melody Lien, Jaime Loizzo,
Kristan Long, Chelsey Lynn, Emily McDougald,
After selecting Beta Zeta as their chapter name, i n honor of A O I I International Caitlin McKenna, Sarah Murphy, Maggie Newton,
President Barbara Zipperian, the chapter selected "Live Simply, Love Always" as their Regina Ortiz, Clarissa O'Shea, Maria Pacheco,
sub-motto. The members were impressed with AOII's focus on simplicity and how Lauren Parker, Paloma Pena, Gina Perleoni,
it keeps the focus on sisterhood and fraternal love and chose these words for their Traci Perry, Laura Philpott, Rebekah Prater,
public sub-motto i n order to capture those feelings. This group of outstanding young Kelly Randolph, India Robinson, Courtney Roy,
women has already made a positive impact on campus and has a fall calendar filled Anna Sharp, Maggie Siddons, Lauren Smith,
w i t h exciting activities for service, sisterhood, scholarship and fun. The Fraternity Miranda Snyder, Kimberly St. John, Stella Stark,
looks forward to watching our newest chapter blossom and exceed all our expectation. Ashley Steely, Alexandra Steinwachs, Jena Stephens,
Brittany Stovall, Sheree Swilley, Sarah Vanderslice,
Meghan Van Pelt, Sandy Vo, Allison Wade,
Amber Wallace, Melisa Warbington, Amanda Watt,
Crystal Webb, Mollye Webb, LorieWehunt,
Cheyenne White, Christina White, Elizabeth White,
Skye W o o d and Morgan Woodbury.

ISSUE NO. 3 • S U M M E R . 2 0 1 0 To DRAGMA • 3 5


at Leadership Institute 2010

Learning to "Walk the Talk" of leadership during June 25th
- 27th proved to be the experience of a lifetime for over
600 motivated members of Alpha Omicron Pi from across
North America. Hosted at the Franklin Marriott Cool
Springs, just a few miles away from AOII's International
Headquarters, these collegiate and alumnae leaders
gathered for three days of skills-sharpening, battery
recharging, and celebrations of our sisterhood. It was a
winning combination!

Events and training began on Thursday as the
fraternity leadership collaborated before the official
festivities began for planning and development
meetings. W i t h an enhanced structure for
collegians and alumnae underway, advisers i n the

areas o f finance, recruitment, leadership, and
alumnae participated in enhanced training and
team building w i t h their peers. Leadership
Institute officially kicked o f f at 5:00 p m w i t h
a dinner for all attendees. Greeted by the
Education team, Kathy Sowell, Sandy Stewart,
and Sherry Ford, the ladies taught attendees that
" W a l k i n g the Talk" is about bringing out the
character that you already possess w i t h i n . What
great motivation to get us started!

After dinner, A O I I International President Barb
Zipperian welcomed all attendees to the Franklin
Cool Springs Marriott in her o w n hometown!
The programming moved right into the first
Power Session o f the event led by Jordan Christy,
author o f How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World. Her
inspiring message for all attendees was to embrace
confidence, intelligence and self-respect - all
helping us to leave a legacy o f class to those people
and situations w i t h which we encounter. This was
a great message to start our weekend of "Walking
the Talk!" W i t h a quick wrap-up f r o m Jane
Tessmer of A O I I Properties, the session was closed
and attendees were dismissed to attend their first
two Learning Path sections o f the weekend. W i t h
20 different Learning Paths offered throughout
the weekend, there were a variety o f topics from
which attendees could choose. After an hour and
a half o f Learning Paths, attendees mixed great
music w i t h a little bit o f sweat and a lot of sisters
during A O I I Exercise.

ISSUE N O . 3 • SUMMER 2010

3 Friday started o f f with our second Power
Session. Led by David Coleman, otherwise
k n o w n as the Dating Doctor, the session
focused on making relationships matter.
Best-selling author, award-winning speaker,
and relationship guru extraordinaire, Mr.
Coleman motivated attendees to expand
their relationship potential, both personally
and professionally. Since M r . Coleman
has personally shared his message w i t h
over 2 million listeners, he can now add
A O I I to his distinguished list of audiences!
The remainder of the morning found
participants attending another Learning
Path and Network Meetings to interact
w i t h the volunteers they w i l l be working
w i t h this year. Next on the agenda.. .lunch
and the annual panda donation from the
A O I I Foundation and Fraternity. Since
1995, AOIIs have collected these f u r r y
toys at International events. This year,
the pandas were donated to the Arthritis
Foundation, where they are used at the
organization's summer camps to explain
treatment methods and to ease fears o f
juvenile arthritis patients and siblings.
The Executive Board presented a halftime
update during the Power Session as a
progress report for the halfway point o f our
biennial 'race.' A O I I is constantly striving
to Be the Best, and the Executive Board
helped everyone to get involved in the







Pi A



I 7

• CM

\I i 1)

• •• ! ft

3 « 1

J «



40 • To DRAGMA

The fourth and final installment of the Learning \\1
Paths and more Network Gatherings rounded
out the afternoon. The evening began w i t h
a gorgeous setting on the outside terrace
overlooking the scenic grounds of the property.
It was the perfect ambiance for another
International event-favorite, Forever Friends.
Honoring old and new friends alike, the intimate
reception gave attendees a chance to show their
appreciation and affection for their designated
peers. W i t h the day's festivities still in motion,
the attendees gathered together for dinner and
the A O I I After-Hours event.

A O I I likes to celebrate our sisters! W i t h the
dinner drawing to a close, attendees were
treated to the best A O I I has to offer - through
awarding sisters for their accomplishments.
The AOII Foundation recognized a number
of sisters for their outstanding commitment to
service. A number of deserving collegians and
alumnae were also recognized w i t h a W o m e n o f
Leadership Award, in addition to the recognition
of our highest collegiate award, the Stella George
Stern Perry Award.

ft 7 1 fitting to have a local band feature our A O I I After-
Hours event. The Hummingbirds, a group of
elcome talented professionals, rocked attendees throughout
the evening. A O I I was even witness to one o f the
to \h<L* band's star singers, A O I I International President
Barb Zipperian!

Sunday morning began with a hearty and welcoming
brunch and our last Power Session, Do You Have
What it Takes to be a Founder? Led by Malinda
Sharp, an alumna of the Omicron ( U of Tennessee)
Chapter and stemming from a long line of dedicated
AOIIs, Malinda showed attendees how to instill
a heritage o f service to A O I I . Following her
heartwarming message, attendees linked hands
to sing the traditional Epsilon Chapter song in
unison. It was the perfect complement to the close
o f a fantastic weekend of showing members how to
"Walk the Talk" of leadership, service, stewardship,
and of A O I I .

2010 Stella George Stern Perry Award •oar-

Linda Dinh, Delta Omega (Murray State U) Alpha (Omin-un g j
tmtu Ann ftu,
Named for AOII's first President, t h e Perry Award is t h e
highest honor given to a collegiate member of Alpha
Omicron Pi. The award recognizes t h e collegiate
chapter president w h o has served her chapter and
community with exceptional commitment and
inspirational leadership. Alpha Omicron Pi is pleased
to announce this year's recipient is Linda Dinh, Delta
Omega (Murray State U).

Under Linda's giving and loving example of
leadership, her chapter has g r o w n and prospered.
Through goal setting, she encouraged the chapter to
reach higher than ever before and w o r k as a team. In
just her first three months, the chapter set 62 goals
and achieved 40 of them by working together in a
united spirit. The results of their efforts were evident
as t h e chapter w o n t h e Chapter Excellence Award
on their campus along with numerous chapter
and individual honors. As Chapter President, her
sisters admired h o w she lived Ritual in her daily life,
set priorities for cooperation with other groups on
campus, helped promote Greek life, and encouraged
improved alumnae relations. Linda's chapter adviser
wrote, "She always made a point to lead by example
and encouraged officers and members to have
faith in themselves and their talents. She always
encouraged them to exceed expectations."

Since graduation, Linda is currently pursuing t h e
fulfillment of another goal, attending medical school.
AOII proudly congratulates Linda Dinh and Delta
Omega Chapter on this outstanding honor

Alumnae Woman of Leadership Awards Collegiate Woman of Leadership Awards

Rita Conway Hurtt, Kappa Alpha (Indiana State U) Laura Jones, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)
Laura Jones Dunlap, Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U) Kirby O'Donoghue, Delta Omega (Murray State U)
Anne KooThornquist, Lambda Beta (Cal State U, Long Beach) Mary Webster, Lambda Tau (U of Louisiana at Monroe)
Laurel Latto, Lambda lota (U of California, San Diego) Micah Johnson, Omicron (U of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Kandyce Morgan Harber, Omicron (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) Amanda Olson, Phi Sigma (U of Nebraska, Kearney)
Meagan Smejdir, Phi Sigma (U of Nebraska, Kearney)

ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2010 T o DRAG MA • 43

Spotlighting Collegiate Service

A motivating reason why many young women join a sorority today
is the opportunity to serve others. AOII collegians are outstanding
citizens within their colleges and communities and display enormous
compassion for the people and the world around them. Whether
helping raise money for arthritis research, participating in AOII's
International Day of Service called AOII Goes Blue, or participating in
an event on their campus, we know you will enjoy reading how our
collegiate members are keeping AOII's light shining brightly.



Alpha Chi, Western Kentucky U Chi Epsilon, The Ohio State U Chi Psi, California Polytechnic State U
We co-hosted a Montgomery Gentry Concert last Chi Epsilon has started a new, fun and exciting It's been a busy year! We volunteered with Delta
year which raised $64,490, half of which was donated philanthropic event called Make Your Mark with AOII. Chi at the Growing Grounds, a nonprofit wholesale
to the AOII Foundation. We also hosted an AOII One evening in the fall we opened our house to the nursery and farm in San Luis Obispo. We also hosted
Goes Blue event at a local restaurant with 10% of Greek community and sold Mark Makeup. In doing a Bake Sale and a Woodstock's Pizza event that raised
all proceedings going to the AOII Foundation then so, we got to know the other great girls that are part almost $700 for the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund. In
stayed "Up 'Til Dawn" with the Greek community and of The Ohio State Greek community, all while raising addition to this, we had a volunteer day at Manse on
participated in Relay For Life. money for our philanthropy. Marsh, came in first place in a fraternity's philanthropy
event, raised money for the AIDS support network,
Alpha Gamma, Washington State U Chi Lambda, U of Evansville and many others.
in May 2009, our chapter lost Tanya Guseva, a recent With our annual philanthropic event, Survival of the
graduate who died in an alcohol related car crash. In Fittest, we were able to raise over $3,000 for arthritis Chi Theta, Northeastern State U
her honor, Alpha Gamma hosted Anti-Drunk Driving research. This last Winter, the sisters organized a Every Fall semester the chapter hosts a Mr. Chi Theta
Awareness week on the WSU Campus. We helped Project Runway event to raise funds for Holly's House. Pageant. Throughout the week the contestants from
raise awareness with a mock crash with local police the fraternities compete in making the best AOII spirit
and firemen, simulating the horrific effects drunk Chi Phi, U of South Carolina Aiken T-shirt, best panda picture, sexiest eyes competition,
driving can have on innocent lives. Also, this spring This year our chapter raised $1,956.25 at our two-day etc. They win these competitions by having the most
we held our first annual event to raise money for the Strike Out Arthritis event. Earlier in the year, the chapter money donated in their jars during that day by the
AOII Foundation: Smash Out Arthritis by coordinating held "I Spy an AOII" followed by "AOPie In the Face." student body. This year we had raised over $1,000 for
a campus-wide Super Smash Brothers tournament. arthritis research.

Alpha Lambda, Georgia Southern U i
This year's Stick It Up for Arthritis event was a huge :
success for our chapter, raising money for juvenile
arthritis. The community and campus really came 1
together and supported us.

Alpha Phi, Montana State U
Run for the Roses is one of most exciting events that
we hold. Last fall we raised over $1500 for arthritis
research and followed up by raising another $1500
during our Parents Brunch silent auction. Montana
State also offers us opportunities to give back to our
community through service Saturdays. We are also
having a Dream Date Auction to help raise money
for a disease that one of our sisters suffers from called
Pompe Disease.

Alpha Psi, Bowling Green State U
We decided to switch things up last Fall and host a
midnight Pancake Breakfast to raise money for our
philanthropy. While serving pancakes, sausage, and
orange juice for four hours, we raised over $300! Our
chapter also hosted Family Feud during Greek Week.

Alpha Theta, Coe College »««» • Ml ft
This year we held our traditional Teeter-Totter-A-Thon
with Phi Kappa Tau. Half of the money we raised was iWMmMI ImI MiMI I Hi
donated to our local juvenile arthritis group of Cedar
Rapids. We also started volunteering at our local
hospital, St. Luke's, to make pain relief-related crafts,
such as pillows, heat packs, ice pack holders, with
juvenile arthritis patients. It's been a great experience!

Beta Gamma, Michigan State U - •
Beta Gamma hosts its Strike Out Arthritis event every :
Fall, then held a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings
this Spring. We handed out flyers and 10% of all
purchases on our day were donated to AOII and
arthritis research.

Beta Phi, Indiana U
Our first annual all-fraternity Whiffle Ball Tournament
and Home Run Derby last Spring was a huge success.
We had 17 teams competing this year for Champion
Sportswear prizes and the title of Whiffle
Ball Champion.

ISSUE N O . 3 • SUMMER 2010 T o DRAGMA • 45


Delta, Tufts U
We are very excited about our philanthropy event,
Mr. Fraternity. Men from each fraternity are judged in
various categories including: talent, formal wear, and
interview. It's an extremely popular campus event
which fosters a sense of the Greek community and
raises a lot of money for arthritis research.

Delta Beta, U of Louisiana at Lafayette
In Fall 2009, Delta Beta raised more than $1,500 from
Trick-or-Treat for Arthritis. Every dollar was gained
from our members going door-to-door promoting
arthritis research, and we are very proud of our
community for supporting our philanthropy. In April,
we followed up with a Strike Out for Arthritis
bowling tournament.

Delta Delta, Auburn U the participant a ticket to enter a raffle for gift cards extremely passionate about our philanthropy, for it
Delta Delta held our annual Run for Roses 5K around and prizes. All the money raised was sent to the AOII affects the lives of many of the women in our
campus. It is great fun as sisters are stationed along Foundation. The ladies had a blast wandering around own chapter.
the course cheering and supporting every runner. campus waiting to be targeted!
The event was extraordinary, very well planned Epsilon Sigma, Quincy U
and we were so proud to receive compliments on Delta Theta, Texas Woman's U We hold our Annual Strike Out Arthritis each Fall, but
campus about how remarkable our event was. Our Strikeout event for arthritis was fun and had a different twist this year- bowling! In the Spring
successful as we were able to raise over $1,000. we held our annual Mr. GQ, a male pageant, open
Delta Epsilon, Jacksonville State U Many thanks to the alumnae who remain actively to the men of Quincy U. We raised just over $1,000!
Delta Epsilon takes great pride in our philanthropic involved or work with our chapter. We were blessed We also got to advocate arthritis on March 4,2010
activities. Last Fall, the chapter hosted Smoke Out to be successful and can only hope to continue that with the first annual AOII Goes Blue for Arthritis with
Arthritis and sold barbecue, chips and a drink to other success in the future. fliers, posters, e-mails, and education. Many of our
students, faculty, and friends. We also provided facts girls have gone above and beyond this year, such as
about arthritis so that others could become more Delta Xi, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology helping out all over the country during spring break.
aware of this disease. Delta Xi hosted a male student pageant called Mr.
Rose to raise money for arthritis research. Twelve Gamma Alpha, George Mason U
Delta Lambda, Columbus State U male students put their talents, fashion sense, Last December, we teamed up with the National
Our Strike Out philanthropy event last spring was a and McGuyver-like gift creating skills to the test Juvenile Arthritis Chapter in DC to host a Juvenile
great success, doubling the amount we earned in in an attempt to become Mr. Rose. Sisters from Arthritis Carnival to raise money and awareness about
2009. In addition to signing up teams to bowl, we also Epsilon Sigma and Kappa Alpha came to judge the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. The carnival was held
held a silent auction and sold Strike Out Arthritis T- competition which included a raffle drawing for at George Mason U. The carnival had moon-bounces
shirts. Teams were awarded trophies for first, second prizes donated byTerre Haute area companies. and face painting, as well as snacks and prizes
and third place during friendly rivalries. for young children in attendance. The event was
Epsilon Alpha, Pennsylvania State U financially successful and raised awareness for JA.
Delta Omega, Murray State U We participated in many philanthropic events
Last September, Delta Omega held our 28th annual throughout the year, most notably helping raise over Gamma Chi, Carleton U
Mr. MSU pageant. It was another successful turnout $109,000 for Penn State's Dance Marathon benefitting The Ottawa Food Bank was in need of volunteers
with a crowd of over 1,200 raising $6,500 for arthritis pediatric cancer research. Additionally, our chapter who could donate time to assemble boxes that
research. We have also adopted the Big Brother/Big hosted our football challenge to raise money for would be sent out to local soup kitchens and
Sister Program as a local philanthropy! Our members juvenile arthritis. homeless shelters. We jumped at the opportunity
are positive mentors to youth in our area. This past and went downtown to give our time to help prepare
year, Delta Omega held a fall play day as well as a Spa Epsilon Chi, Elon U food boxes for 1200 hungry people in the Ottawa/
Night for young girls to participate in activities to help In September ,we participated in a walk for juvenile Hull area. The work at the Food Bank was rewarding
promote a healthy lifestyle. arthritis research in Greensboro and plan to attend and we hope to do more.
another walk for arthritis research this April. We also
Delta Pi, Central Missouri State U hosted a Strike Out Arthritis Dodge Ball Tournament Gamma Omicron, U of Florida
We recently held an event called Bowling for the this November. Not only has Epsilon Chi participated This spring, Gamma Omicron went philanthropy
victims of the Haiti disaster through the American in events that benefit our philanthropy, we have also crazy. We won first place dance at Sigma Chi's Derby
Red Cross. It was a fun night. We also served dinner participated in walks for Diabetes and ALS in order to Days. We won first place dance and best spirit at Phi
at our local Veterans Home, visiting with some support specific sisters and their family. Tau's Midnight Madness. We placed second in Fiji
amazing people who are true inspirations. Fastball with our wicked awesome Softball players.
Epsilon Omega, Eastern Kentucky U We put our heart and soul into our philanthropy, Mr.
Delta Rho, DePaul U We recently held our annual Bowl-A-Thon, to raise UF. For the first time, half of our proceeds are going to
During the fall, the chapter conducted a fundraiser money for arthritis research. We had around 28 the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of our sister
called I Spy An AOII. Throughout the week prior to teams participate and raised over $1,500. Also, on Samantha Grosse. We raised over $11,000 at the event
the actual event, AOIIs set up in the Student Center our International Day of Service, AOII Goes Blue, our thanks to hard working co-directors, Sarah Fialkov
and sold toy water guns. On a specific day AOIIs all chapter made shirts and wrote a fact about Arthritis and Brittany McCollum.
wore purple shirts with targets on the back. Those on the back and wore them around campus. We are
who purchased our water guns could squirt any AOII
wearing a target. If an AOII was squirted, she gave

4 6 • To DRAG MA ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER.2010

Gamma Sigma, Georgia State U Kappa Gamma, Florida Southern College Kappa Lambda, U of Calgary
Our annual Strike-Out Arthritis fundraiser benefiting Last February, we teamed up with Mongolian Grill March has been our busy month for philanthropy.
arthritis research was a huge success. We far exceeded for a fundraising event called Grilling for Arthritis. We joined forces with Alpha Gamma Delta to hold
our goals. Also, our chapter has been doing its best to The event showcased our ability to master the grill a 'We Want Your Pants' clothing drive. We also did
raise funds for Haiti by selling baked goods throughout under the hungry gaze of the customers as they our annual Skate-a-Kid to camp, which sends needy
the Greek system at Georgia State. After competing in anxiously watched their food being cooked by four children to a summer camp. We raised money by
a dance showcase, we split the proceeds between our of our sisters, Emily Behzadi, Era Keys, Sarah Sussman skating around the Olympic Oval for 4 hours. Luckily,
arthritis fund and our Haiti fund. We are also currently and Michaela Stockhill, who stood in as guest grillers we only had a few falls and everyone got to improve
working on a fundraiser involving date baskets to for the night. The sisters not grilling were mingling on their skating skills. We also held our 24-hour
increase our earnings for Haiti. with our guests and spreading the word about our foosball for arthritis event, working with our Student
philanthropy through conversation and brochures. Union to make it even better than last year.
Gamma Theta, U of South Florida One of our newest sweethearts helped raise money
Along with attending other fraternity and sorority by making balloon animals. Kappa Phi, McGill U
philanthropic events, we held our second annual We participated in AOII Goes Blue by holding a bake
"Kickin' it for the Cure" philanthropy event. After Kappa Kappa, Ball State LJ sale fundraiser in the music building at McGill U. We
collecting sponsorship money, raffling amazing Every semester we participate in numerous wore matching sets of blue shirts with AOII letters
prizes, selling T-shirts, and holding a successful philanthropies for other fraternities and sororities, that helped make students of McGill more aware of
kickball tournament, AOII at the U of South Florida such as Derby Days. Our own philanthropy, arthritis and raised $400.
raised $4,700 for arthritis research. dodgeball, was very successful this year with more
teams than ever. Kappa Sigma, U of Wisconsin River Falls
Our two main philanthropic annual events are
I both quite successful. Run for the Roses includes a
silent auction and is held in the Spring. This event
"~ 1 is something that we enjoy doing and that the
community loves to do each year. The pancake
feed is also held in the Spring. The turn-out for our
delicious all-you-can-eat pancakes was great.

Kappa Tau, Southeastern Louisiana U
During the first week of March, we had a
fundraiser at the popular frozen yogurt restaurant,
Menchies. We painted the windows with our
slogan, "AOII Goes Blue for Arthritis," and passed
out fliers around our campus. 20% of the
proceeds went to benefit arthritis research.

Lambda Alpha, U of LaVeme
This year, we have decided to make a goal of
achieving 300 philanthropy hours by the end of
the school year. We made Valentine's Day Cards for
the nearby retirement home and enjoyed helping
Habitat for Humanity.

Lambda Sigma (U of Georgia)

lota Chi, U of Western Ontario Kappa Tau (Southeastern Louisiana U)
Last Spring, we held our annual fashion show. To
support juvenile arthritis. We raised a lot of money
while having a blast with amazing performers and
talented sisters strutting their stuff down the runway
for a great cause.

lota Sigma, Iowa State U
This past fall, lota Sigma raised $10,000 for arthritis
research during our annual Run for the Roses. This
tied our all time high for dollars raised, and we have
already started planning for next year's race. All of our
members get very excited about Run for the Roses
because it is a great time to bond as sisters while
supporting a good cause.

Kappa Alpha, Indiana State U
Our 2010 Rosebowl was a huge success! We filled an
entire bowling alley and had so much fun. Some girls
made homemade cookies to sell, along with raffle
tickets to win prizes such as free tanning, Indiana
State apparel and plenty more.

ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2 0 1 0

CollegiateNews I

Lambda Chi, LaGrange College Nu Omicron (vanderbilt Ui
We participated in March of Dimes, Relay for Life, and
a unique philanthropy benefitting arthritis research,
entitled "King of the Hill," in which fraternity boys
dress up and compete in a beauty pageant.

Lambda Epsilon, U of Waterloo
We held our 2nd annual AOPie Eating Contest, in
which we collected donations from spectators. This
event concluded our pie sales to raise money for the
Arthritis Society. Our spring barbecue for arthritis was
a big success receiving lots of support from the Greek
and local community.

Lambda Eta, Grand Valley State U
In February, we hosted our annual Spaghetti Dinner
at the AOII house. In total, we raised over $1400
to benefit our local philanthropy, Lake Indian Trails
Camp, in Allendale, Michigan. In addition, our chapter
visited the camp in March to participate in a Spring
clean-up day.

hosted by other sororities and fraternities such
Paintbrawl, Cake decorating, and Anchor Splash, in
which our chapter took first place.

5§£i t Omega Omicron, Lambuth U
We've been busy raising money for arthritis research
over the past year. In October, mothers of chapter
members decorated tables at our annual tea to
raise awareness for arthritis. In February, AOII sisters
recruited men from campus to participate in a
Womanless Beauty Pageant, while other students
paid to watch these guys strut their stuff.

Lambda Sigma, U of Georgia Omega (Miami U) Omega Upsilon, Ohio U
In April, we hosted the 6th Annual Run for the Roses This Spring our chapter held our first Ruby Run 5K
5K Race at Sandy Creek Park in Athens, Georgia. We Nu Beta, U of Mississippi Run/Walk for Arthritis. All proceeds of the Ruby
had 480 attendees and made over $10,000 through Last spring, Nu Beta had a great time for a good cause Run will go to the Arthritis Foundation. It was an
sponsorships and donations by 15 local businesses. by successfully supporting "AOII Goes Blue" with a outstanding turn-out from our students and friends
The race was followed by a Chick-Fil-A dinner and band and barbecue to help knock out Arthritis! outside of Ohio U.
over 30 raffle prizes. 100% of the proceeds are going
to the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation, Nu Omicron, Vanderbilt U Phi Chi, U of Chicago
This Fall, we hosted a talent competition titled We participated in our annual Valentine's Day Rose
Lambda Upsilon, Lehigh U AOII Live. Many campus organizations performed Sale from February 8 -14. We sold every rose and
This semester we had a first annual trunk show where songs and dances, including a popular version of raised $1,372.47 for juvenile arthritis. The Rose
local boutiques came and sold discounted clothing "Party in the USA" called "Party with the AOIIs." In Sale was led by Philanthropy Chairman, Fei Zheng,
and jewelry. We raised over $1000 for juvenile December, we participated in the 5k Jingle Bell Run. who added to the annual fundraiser's purpose by
arthritis. Last semester, we dual-sponsored a car We loved dressing up in tacky holiday sweaters while collecting donations for Haiti.
wash and held a 50-hour see-saw marathon. getting the chance to raise money for the Arthritis
Foundation! We also hosted our first annual Strike Phi Sigma, U of Nebraska Kearney
Mu Lambda, Rollins College Out Arthritis tailgate before the Vanderbilt vs. MTSU Our primary philanthropy event is our Strike Out
We partnered up with the ladies of Sigma Gamma baseball game. The gorgeous spring weather helped Arthritis Dodgeball Tournament. It has been held in
Rho to provide prom dresses to underprivileged make the benefit a great success! the Spring for the past four years and involves the
teenagers. We collected over 90 dresses then campus and community. Nearly $2,000 is raised each
donated them to Jones High School. The sisters also Omega, Miami U year. The chapter is also involved in Christmas caroling
participated in the shopping event, which included We recently held our annual Spring Puddle Pull event for nursing homes; Honey Sunday; the Red Cross
a DJ, food, and prom decorations. Because of this and received a lot of support from the campus. All SOUPer Bowl for Haiti relief, as well as many others.
project, the ladies from both organizations were the money raised from our event will go directly
proclaimed Channel News 13's Central Floridians of towards helping children living with juvenile arthritis. Pi Alpha, U of Louisville
the Week! We participated in various philanthropy events Each Fall, we host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner
and the money collected from those who come to
eat is donated to arthritis research. This past Fall, we
moved the event to a larger venue and were able to

48 • To DRAGMA ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2 0 1 0

serve 350 people. Reaching more people allowed us we co-hosted our first annual Pie in the Face with the about our philanthropy. Even if it is a small effort on
to raise $1,700 in monetary donations and 400 stuffed members of the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha. Everyone a fundraising scale, it was time well spent with our
animals to donate to children suffering from arthritis. who stopped by had a lot of fun. sisters, and raised a lot of money and awareness.

Pi Delta, U of Maryland Sigma Chi, Hartwick College Sigma Tau, Washington College
Raising over $500 for arthritis research, our chapter Our chapter participates in at least one philanthropic We hosted our 2nd annual Queen of the Roses 5k
held our annual AOPie In The Face event in April. activity per month, ranging from community clean- Walk/Run this past October in memory of their late
Strike Out Arthritis is another big philanthropy event ups to raising money for various causes. This year our sister Jasmine Dora Queen. Washington College
our chapter takes part in every Spring. This past two big philanthropic activities included our annual would grant us a scholarship in Jasmine's name if we
Spring, our chapter traveled to Washington, D.C., haunted house in October and our Strike Out for were able to raise $20,000 in afive-yeartime span.
to take in a Nationals game! We raised money for Arthritis event in March. We are proud to say that goal was already reached
arthritis by selling tickets to the game and sisters this year, which would have been Jasmine's senior
bonded while rooting for the Nationals! Sigma Delta, Huntingdon College year! It was a beautiful fall day and the whole college
The ladies of Sigma Delta were busy this year raising came together to celebrate Jasmine's life with her
Pi Theta, Florida International U money for arthritis! During the months of October sisters, family and friends.
We hosted the 2009 Rock-Out-Arthritis event in order and November, we held a Chik-Fil-A fundraiser which
to raise funds for arthritis research. A talent show was followed by our annual Jingle Bell Run. And to Tau, U of Minnesota
was hosted to seek the team that would put on the kick off the Spring season, we had fun hosting our Last Fall, we hosted our annual AOPizzeria event.
best show in support. The winning team amused "Stick Em Up For Arthritis" event. Greeks on campus were invited to AOII for pizza and
the audience with an original boy band creation. The musical entertainment. The event raised hundreds
other two events that also took place that week were: Sigma Gamma, Appalachian State U of dollars for juvenile arthritis and is something we
Pie an AOII and a spaghetti dinner. Last fall, we put on a dodge ball tournament in which always look forward to! Last Spring, we hosted our
we had twelve teams sign up. Many sisters went out other annual philanthropy feed, AOPanda Express.
Rho Delta, Samford U into town and had local businesses donate money, We are also active in volunteering at Feed My
For fifteen consecutive years, we have won the Step gift cards, and other prizes. For AOII Goes Blue in Starving Children, the Juvenile Arthritis March, and
Sing Community Service Award. This award is given March, every sister wore a blue ribbon and answered the Juvenile Arthritis Family Network.
to the group who raises the most money for charity questions about arthritis for anyone who asked. We
during the huge song and dance competition. This ended the year with an All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti Tau Gamma, Eastern Washington U
year, the proceeds benefitted Camp Smile-A-Mile, a Dinner in April. Last Winter, we participated in a "Survive the Night"
camp for children battling with cancer. Our chapter philanthropy that helps raise funds to collect pajamas,
has been honored by receiving this award ever since Sigma Phi, California State U Northridge small toys, and toiletries for kids who have been taken
our colonization in 1995, and we intend to continue We held our annual Mr. CSUN event to raise money into emergency care. It was a very fun and successful
our legacy of charity. for juvenile arthritis. The committee and the event for Tau Gamma and it was great way for us to
contestants met weekly to make this year's event a support the two AOII alumnae who lead it.
Rho Omicron, Middle Tennessee State U major success.
We held our 12th annual Smoke Out Arthritis Tau Lambda, Shippensburg U
barbecue last October and raised over $9,000! We Sigma Rho, Slippery Rock U For our philanthropic activities we participated in the
had it catered by one of Rho Omicron's very own We spend a lot of time doing small things for big Children's Fair where we helped younger kids make
family barbecue restaurants, Bad Bob's Barbecue. We changes, such as traveling to Pittsburgh several bracelets to take home. We also participated in Relay
also participated in several other local philanthropic weekends of the year to go canning for arthritis for Life, where different organizations raise money for
events such as Habitat for Humanity, Up til Dawn, research. This was a great opportunity to wear our American Cancer Society.
The Big Event, and many more. This spring, we are letters, and actually go up to strangers and tell them
so excited to host the "Rock Out Arthritis" Band
Benefit, which will be held at Middle Tennessee State
University's beautiful Walnut Grove, and we'll be
rockin' out all day and night for this excellent cause!

Sigma, U of California Berkeley i
We held our first annual Spring Fling Date Auction
where audience members got to bid on their favorite
participant to join them on a date that has been
generously donated by one of our great Berkeley
restaurants. All proceeds benefitted arthritis research.

Sigma Alpha, West Virginia U
Sigma Alpha organized a Battle of the Sexes
competition for the Greek community. Eleven
organizations participated and proceeds were donated
to the Mary Babb Cancer Center at the West Virginia
University hospital. In total, the event raised $1,010.

Sigma Beta, Saint Joseph's U
This past Fall, we hosted our fifth annual Strike Out
Arthritis kickball tournament. The afternoon included
food, prizes, and kickball, of course. Many teams
came out to play and we raised nearly $2,000, making
this our most successful Strike Out yet. This Spring,

ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2 0 1 0 To DKAGMA • 49


Tau Omega,Transylvania U Theta Pi, Wagner College Xi,U of Oklahoma
For AOII Goes Blue, we made it a campus wide This year we participated in a September 11th This past Fall, we hosted another successful Strike
awareness day by inviting the Transylvania U Memorial Service, Up 'Til Dawn Letter Writing Out Arthritis bowling tournament where teams were
community to wear blue for arthritis awareness and Campaign benefitting St. Jude's, and a Haiti Relief not only competing for the best score but for the
set up an information station near the Cafeteria to benefit. We've raised over $950.00 for arthritis best costumes! We followed that up with our second
give more information about Arthritis. For our Crush research between our Family Brunch and Cuts for a annual "Take the Stage" dancing competition. Groups
for your Crush Valentine's event, we set up a booth Cure, an event where hairstylists come to campus campus wide can hardly wait until it's their turn to
in the Cafeteria to sell cans of Orange Crush to be and offer haircuts. Off-campus, we participated take the stage again this year. The competition is
delivered with a note to a recipient. in Polar Plunge, raising over $350.00 for Special modeled after MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew,"
Olympics. We also participated in Breast Cancer, and so fun to watch!
Theta Beta, Towson U Autism, and African Refugee Walks, as well as others.
Our chapter has been knee-deep in philanthropy Xi Omicron, U of Arkansas
this year! In December, we participated in the Jingle Theta Psi, U of Toledo AOII's All-American Diner was open for business for
Bell Run, which benefited the Arthritis Foundation. Last Fall, we hosted a Whiffle Ball Tournament and in the students and friends of the U of Arkansas. Xi
We also organized an event called "Christmas with the early Spring, we hosted an event called Spike Out Omicron served our supporters hamburgers, hot
the Kids," where we give gifts and have fun with Arthritis- a volleyball tournament in which we raised dogs, chips, and cookies as they came to our house
less fortunate children in Baltimore City. This event about $750 for arthritis research. In April, we held our to help us support arthritis research. Our colorful
reminds us to be thankful for what we have and annual A-O-Potato event, where students and faculty letter shirts helped show AOII pride as we served our
reminds us to help others. In April, we hold an event can buy tickets and come enjoy a baked potato. guests, and everyone appeared to have a good time
called "Pi Guys" which raises money for the All proceeds from A-O-Potato benefit UT's Dance as they talked, ate, and supported a great cause all at
Arthritis Foundation. Marathon and the Children's Miracle Network. the same time.

Theta Chi, Morningside College Upsilon Lambda, U of Texas San Antonio Zeta, U of Nebraska Lincoln
In addition to our traditional philanthropies, like Best In January, we held a cleanup downtown at an area So far this year, we have participated in a number of
Legs, we implemented some new events this year school with Sigma Pi and got the opportunity to community service activities and other philanthropic
such as Pluck-A-Duck. Students pay one dollar for work with younger kids. We also held our Strike Out events. At the beginning of the Spring semester,
three picks of floating ducks. If the duck had AOII for Arthritis event which was a great success! We also we made heat pads in the shape of pandas for the
written on the bottom, they got to pick a prize from helped raise the most money out of all the sororities arthritis unit at the Omaha Children's Hospital. We
the prize table. This spring, we hosted a Strike Out on campus at UTSA to donate to Haiti. We have an have also participated in two outside community
Arthritis bowling tournament. ongoing project called Project Princess where we're events thus far, Dance Marathon and Relay for Life.
collecting dresses that are in good condition and
Theta Omega, Northern Arizona U donating them to girls who cannot afford dresses for Zeta Pi, U of Alabama Birmingham
We organized two philanthropic events. In the special occasions. This Spring semester, we held a huge benefit event
Fall, we raised money for Breast Cancer Awareness for Haiti disaster relief. Teaming up with a popular
through an event called Hoops for Hope. During the local venue, we invited everyone to come decked
Spring semester, we planned a new dodgeball event out in their finest red clothes to "Rock Red for Haiti."
to raise money for juvenile arthritis. Both events were All attendees paid a small entry fee, and we held
extremely successful! a challenge for the Greek group with the highest
attendance. As a result, we raised around $2,000 for
i1 • the American Red Cross for Haiti relief, and everyone
had a great time for an even greater cause.
Zeta Psi, East Carolina U
I Is it possible to help support arthritis research while
enjoying freshly steamed crabs with your friends on a
sunny afternoon? YES! Our second annual Fall "Crab
Crawl" was a success. For AOII Goes Blue, sisters visited
a local retirement home and educated the residents
about arthritis while making stress balls. We also
worked at the University Book Exchange in return for
a portion of the proceeds being donated to arthritis
research and held a carnival themed Strike Out
Arthritis event called "Pandamonium!"

Sigma Alpha (West Virginia U) ISSUE NO. 3 • SUMMER 2 0 1 0
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