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2004 Summer - To Dragma

Vol. LXIX, No. 11

Summer 2004
VOL. LXIX, No.11
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To Dragma Memories
To Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi
Published sines January, 1905 by Alpha Omicron Pi Fnaternity, Inc
Mariellen Perkinson Sasseen, Alpha Delta (U of Alabama)
Graphic Design Rebecca Brown Davis, Delta Delta (Auburn U)
To Dragma of Alpha Omicron K, (USPS-631-840) the official organ ofAlpha Omicron R, is published quarterly by Alpha Omicron Pi, 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN. fferiodical class postage paid at Brentwood, TN, and additional mailing offices.
The following passage, by Elizabeth Heywood Wyman, appeared in the Summer 1970 issue of To Dragma. Bess was described as a gracious, gentle person with lovely blue eyes and a delicate com- plexion. Following graduation from Barnard, she taught High School German and English in Bloomfield, New Jersey, and was the first woman appointed to the Bloomfield Board of Education. Bess won first prize in a national essay contest, wrote children's plays and regularly contributed poems and book reviews to the local papers. After years of dedicated service, she was elected AOII National President in 1929 and ably led the fraternity through two of the most difficult years of the Great Depression. Bess was stricken with an illness at the 1953 convention and never recovered. She passed away on October 5,1953.
Alpha Omicron Pi
Let Us
Give ourselves loyally to our fraternity's service Remembering its high purpose.
Envy none since none can play our role. Endure disappointment with courage and Confidence in good to come.
Try the new when success in it means greater strength. Imitate any man's wisdom, but no man's folly.
Never lose faith in eternal righteousness.
Grow more tender with the years.
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$3.00 per year.
Show good will to all men.
Send address changes to:
To Dragma of Alpha Omicron H,
5390 Virginia Way., Brentwood, TN 37027.
Address all editorial communications to tie Editor at the same address.
Founded at Barnard College in New York City, January 2,1897, by: Jessie Wallace Hughan, Helen St. Clair Mullan, Stella George Stem Perry &Elizabeth Heywood Wyman.
International President
Sally Wagaman, Sigma Tau (Washington College)
Executive Director
Melanie Nixon Doyle, Lambda Sigma (U of Georgia)
International Headquarters
5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
Onr Missions:
To Dragma of Alpha Omicron PI
The mission of To Dragma of Alpha Omicron Pi is: to inform, educate and inspire our readers on subjects relevant to our Fraternity, our chapters, our members, or Greek life; to encourage lifetime AOII involvement; to salute excellence; and to serve as a permanent record of our Fraternity's history.
Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity, Inc.
Alpha Omicron Pi is an international women's fraternity promoting friendship for a lifetime, inspiring academic excel- lence and lifelong learning, and develop- ing leadership skills through service to the Fraternity and community.
Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation, Inc.
The mission of the Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation is to reflect the love and sisterhood of Alpha Omicron Pi through the funding of educational and charitable programs.
To Dragma [ Summer 2004 ]
Elizabeth Heywood Wyman,
Furthermore, on page 19, read an excerpt from the May 1930 Silver Anniversary edition of ToDragma. Wilma Smith Leland reminisced about her early years as ToDramga's editor. At the time, she was three years into a 19-year-term -the longest tenure of any of the magazine's editors.
phone: 615/370-0920 fax: 615/371-9736
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Alpha Omicron Pi is a member of
the College Fraternity Editors Association.

To Draema
*^of Alpha Omicron Pi
5 Fraternity News
News and information from the Fraternity.
6 Leading the Fraternity to Success
New resources will aid collegiate and alumnae chapters in their
pursuit of excellence.
8 An AOII Experience in Baghdad
Army 1st Lieutenant Christina Adams, Epsilon Chi (Elon College) carries a bit of AOII with her to Baghdad.
9 A n International Experience in Oregon Candy Pierson-Charlton, Alpha Rho (Oregon State U), and her family experience life as a Faculty-in-Residence family.
11 AOII Establishes the Roller Award
AOII establishes a new award to salute collegians for their out- standing service to their Panhellenic, college or community.
12 Collegiate News
Collegiate chapters salute leadership from their alumnae advisers.
20 AOII Foundation
The spotlight is on scholarship, arthritis research and Sharing the Legacy of Sisterhood.
22 Bragging Rights
A salute to our collegiate leaders and scholars.
27 AlumnaeNews
Alumnae chapters honor an outstanding member of their chapter.
3 2 Remember, Recollect, Reminisce...
A collection of thoughts from some of our 50-plus year members.
34 AOII Directory
An abbreviated directory of AOII's International V olunteers.
3 8 AOII Emporium
A sample of the merchandise available from the AOII Emporium.
To Dragma
[ Summer 2004 ]

Sally Wagaman International President
AOII Perspective
ToDragma [Summer2004]
Have you ever read a quote which is so inspiring that you feel a need to go back and read it again?
I recently came across a quote by Rosa Parks that reminded me of so many successful AOIIs that Iknow. She said, "Each person must live life as a model forothers." As I read about the AOIIs in the following pages, I am reminded of some of my other favorite quotes.
Margaret Mead could have been talking about our Founders when she said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the is the only thing that ever has."
"You just don't luck into things as much as you'd like to think you do," said Barbara Bush. "You build step by step, whether it's friendships or opportunities."
To our leaders of tomorrow, our graduating seniors, this Eleanor Roosevelt quote remains appropriate, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Mary Pickford reminds us of one of the qualities of a great leader or a great organization in her quote, "You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down."
"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? W e must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. W e must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained." Marie Curie's wise words remain as relevant today as they were in the early 20th century.
This issue features many inspiring AOII leaders. They are continuing on the path that our Founders set more than 100 years ago, and contributing to Alpha Omicron Pi's success. Alpha Omicron Pi's sisterhood is thriving because of all of our dedicated members who remain true to our ideals and committed to constant improvement. As Past International President, Mary Louise Roller, said, "Progress is always the result of doing a thing not as good - but better." Thank you to all of our members who are "doing a thing better" for Alpha Omicron Pi.
Sally Wagaman

Fraternity News
11 Hi
New Executive Board Member ofAlumnae Announced
The Executive Board
is pleased to announce the appointment of Kathy Jensen as the Executive Board Director of Alumnae. She will replace Kimberly Carson McGowan who recently resigned. Kathy'sterm will begin immediately and will expire on July
1, 2005.
Kathy was initiated into Theta Omega Chapter (Northern Arizona U) where she had the honor of serving as Chapter President. She currently works as a consultant and trainer specializing in management development. Kathy has served as a volunteer for Alpha Omicron Pi for several years in many capacities. Her most recent position with the Fraternity was serving
as one of our veteran Alumnae Network Directors. She and her husband, Wayne Case, live in Houston, Texas where Kathy is an active member of the Houston Alumnae Chapter.
She is also a member of AOII Always.
Middle Tennessee Now Home to
Three Greek Headquarters.
On January 15,2004 AOII Headquarters Staffhosted a reception for the staffs of two NIC member groups, Sigma Pi Fraternity and Chi Psi Fraternity. The
event was held to welcome both organizations move to the Middle Tennessee area. Sigma Pi moved
from Vincennes, Indiana to Brentwood, Tennessee on December 31,2003. Sigma Pi Fraternity was founded at Vincennes University in 1897. Chi Psi Fraternity operations also recently located to nearby Hendersonville, Tennessee. Chi Psi was founded in 1841 at Union College in Schenectady, New York.
More Than A Building
AOII International Headquarters is a magnificent facility, designed and maintained for efficient support of
our members and chapters. But "headquarters"is more than a building, it is also a working business environment
for more than two dozen professional emplogees. Over the next several issues, the Executive Board would like to highlight some of the outstanding employees who work
at AOII International Headquarters.
Spotlight: Rebecca Brown Davis
For more than 10 years, she has helped define the fraternity's image through the design of ToDragma and the website to the fraternity's promotional materials and letterhead. Rebecca Brown Davis, Delta Delta (Auburn U) is AOH's award winning Graphic Designer/Web Architect. She has lent her enormous design talents to virtually every phase of fraternity operations including extension presentation materials; Emporium merchan- dise design, photography and promotion; conference materials, and the AOII Biennial Report.
Her most visible contributions are, of course, ToDragma and the AOII website. ToDragma has undergone two extensive redesigns during her tenure, and has regularly been honored with design awards from the Collegiate Fraternity Editors Association (CFEA). She has also designed and maintained an award winning website since its inception and worked tirelessly on the exciting new site design scheduled to roll out in late July of this year. Both communication vehicles benefit from her talent and vision.
She is well respected among her interfraternal peers and has regularly offered her design talents, on behalf of AOII, to the National Panhellenic Conference and CFEA, notably designing NPC's Centennial promotional brochure, numerous logos and many other contributions.
AOII Executive Director Melanie Doyle states, "AOII is extremely fortunate
to have Rebecca and
her extraordinary talent on our staff." Through Rebecca. AOII shines to our members and our publics because she is passionate about her work and about AOII. She is a valuable member of AOH's professional Headquarters Staff.
(left to right) Sam Bessey, Chi Psi Executive Director;
Doyle, AOII Executive Director; and Mark Briscoe, Sigma Pi Executive Director.
Brick Walkway Honors
AOII Members and Chapters
Commemorate your lifelong commitment to Alpha Omicron Pi by purchasing an engraved brick for the walkway at the AOII Headquarters. Because AOII will always be a part of your life, we invite you to remember your special bond and recognize yourself, your sisters or your chapters. Please call (615) 370- 0920 for more information on the brick walkway.
AOU Launches New Fraternity Website
In late July, AOII will launch an exiting new website. The website address will not change, but the look and the feel of the site will change drastically. The site
will include an e-communities feature which will be added to the myAOII portion of the website. E-com- munities provide a communications and resources link between chapters, individual members, like- officers and committees. The potential of this new web feature will be limitless and will help to ensure continued success for Alpha Omicron Pi. Visit the new site at
To Dragma [ Summer 2004 ]

to Success
New resources will aid collegiate and alumnae chapters in their pursuit of excellence.
Resources are one of the best gifts we can offer our collegiate and alumnae chapters and the volunteers who work to support them. Resources include training sessions for officers and volunteers and manuals for chapter operations; educational programming for the chapter; and qualified staff available at all times to all chapters. Regardless of size, geographic location, or age of a chapter, providing these resources is critical to every chapter's success. In recognizing this obligation to the Fraternity, last year we created the Education Department at Headquarters and this year we are adding more resources to this department. W e expect that all chapters will be encouraged in their pursuit of excellence.
The Aclministrative Director of Education is responsible for developing an Educational Plan for AOII Fraternity including both curriculum development and oversight of its implementation. She works with the Networks, Committees, and Executive Board to ensure our educational goalsarebeingmet.Sheistheprimaryliaisonforalleducational sessions at Leadership Institute and Convention and all educational trainings held at Headquarters, including Leadership Academy. The AdministrativeDirectorofEducation(ADE) positionoverseesthe Collegiate Services Department and ihe Alumnae Services Department and guarantees that our chapters receive the best educational programming possible.
Hie Fraternity Resources Administrator, a new position starting in June 2004, assists in the development and update of alumnae and collegiate resources including manuals and workshops. She is the contact for
our chapters about all Fraternity resources. In addition, this position supports the preparation of Leadership Academy, Leadership Institute, and all other training opportunities for collegiate and alumnae women. In addition, the FRA will help maintain eCommunities on the newly revised AOII web site, which will increase resource sharing among sisters with similar positions and a locale to serve as a single compre- hensive source of information for each officer and volunteer. Through this process, she will ensure that our members have all the necessary knowledge to achieve the Standards of Excellence. The Fraternity Resources Administrator is the chapter's "help desk" when it comes to AOII support materials.
The Alumnae Services Administrator serves the alumnae chapters
by working with the Alumnae Presidents and Alumnae Network volunteers. The ASA provides assistance to chapters in all facets of their operations and supports them by gathering information needed to contact local alumnae. She is responsible for the development of alum- nae programming, including worthwhile programs such as Senior Kits and From Initiation to Eternity. In addition, this position promotes and coordinates the AOII Always program available to all alumnae of AOII.
The Collegiate Services Administrator works directly with the Collegiate and Colony Development Network to support all areas of collegiate chapter operations. The CSA provides recommendations and solutions for issues impacting our chapters. She gathers, compiles, and analyzes trends that the Fraternity must address. In addition to answer- ing numerous questions daily from collegians and Network volunteers, she reviews collegiate reports and prepares overall collegiate depart- ment reports on a regular basis. The Collegiate Services Administrator position takes a hands-on approach to assisting every chapter.
ToDragma [Summer2004]

The Membership Development Adrninistrators work directly with the Chapter Development Program, which assists selected chapters to attain high standards of excellence. These women travel to the chapters, help develop action plans, and monitor the progress of the chapters. The Membership Development Administrator (MDA) positions offer that extra guidance in the Collegiate Services Department.
The Membership Recruitment Consultants, two new positions, provide recruitment support for all chapters and establish weekly communication with the VPMR and Recruitment Adviser for specified chapters. Through continuous contact with these chapters, the Membership Recruitment Consultants help prepare action plans that enable the chapters to be competitive on campus and execute a smooth and successful recruitment. These women travel to the chapters and meet with the chapter and advisers,
the Greek Adviser, and the Panhellenic. They maintain regular contact with the chapters to follow the year round recruitment calendar. The Membership Recruitment Consultants (MRC) positions are dedicated to promoting AOII's growth into the future.
The Technology/Finance Adrninistrator, another new position, supports the Fraternity's advances in technology through her work with Alpha Link, iMIS, and the AOII web site. However, her direct link with the chapters is through collegiate finances. In the financial area, she works with the Networks to better understand collegiate accounts. In addition, the TFA provides training and will facilitate the planned implementa- tion of new financial management software for collegiate chapters. This new software will offer uniformity for the management and reporting of collegiate finances and we project implementation in the coming year. This Technology/Finance Administrator will visit chapters as necessary to help with intensive budget development and field questions from the Network on financial matters. The Technology/Finance Administrator not only works to improve AOII's cutting edge use of technology but also works to help our collegiate chapters maintain solid financial accounts.
It is the hope of the Executive Board that all of our members utilize the great support network that has been established in the Education Department, as well as all of the tremendous Staffat Headquarters. Everyalumnaeandcollegiateofficer,member,adviser,Networkvolun- teer, and Standing Committee member should feel free to call upon the resource people we have assembled. Their purpose is to serve every chapter and to reach the highest Standards of Excellence for Alpha Omicron Pi!
By Kimberly Carroll, Delta Chi (U of Delaware) Executive Board Director of Programming
Contact Information All AOII Staff can be reached by phone at 615-370-0920.
• Administrative Director of Education
Lee Boone, Omega Omicron [email protected]
• Fraternity Resources
Cam Catalfumo, Epsilon Chi [email protected] • Alumnae Services
Sherrg Haman. Sigma Omicron [email protected]
• Collegiate Services
Amanda Smith. Omega Omicron [email protected]
• Membership Development
Rebekah Adams, Delta Epsilon radam [email protected]
Abbg Epps, Rho Omicron [email protected]
• Membership Recruitment Consultants
Erin Burcham, Zeta [email protected] Julie Ann Walter, Omega
• Technology/Finance Administrator
Rebecca Myers, Alpha Delta rmyers@alphaomicronpiorg
Sampling ofResources
• Governing Documents
• Strike Out Arthritis Fund raiser • AOII Days Planning Guide
• FAITH-SuicideAwareness
• Creating a Mission Statement
• Book of Ritual Instructions
Alumnae Resources Available
• ABC's of Fund raising Ideas • Recruitment, Retention, and
Recognition Booklet
• From Initiation to Eternity
Collegiate Resources Available
• C C O M
• Staying Power: Keeping Seniors
• Fraternity Education Manual • Academic Development
• Show Me the Money:
Chapter Finances
• Chapter Relations Handbook • OfficerTransitionWorkshop • Parents' Club Guide
ToDragma [ Summer 2004 ]

[Member Profiles]
An AOII Experience
in Baghdad
Shortly after the September 0, 2001 terrorist attacks, Epsilon Chi (Elon U) chapter members created an American Flag using their handprints and footprints stamped on a full-size bed sheet. The flag proudly hung outside their chapter house throughout that academic year.
That flag now hangs in Baghdad,
behind the bunk of Army 1st Lieutenant Christina Adams, who had been an Epsilon Chi collegian at that time. Following her graduation in May, 2002, the chapter pre- sented Christina with the flag to carry with her during her upcoming military service.
A native of Poolesville, Maryland, Christina majored in Social Science Education at Elon College. The summer before her senior year, Christina attended and graduated from airborne school in Fort Benning, Georgia. This was a highly intensive training course and required that she complete 5 jumps from a plane in order to graduate. In November 2002. after graduation from Elon, she branched Transportation and was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. One year later, in November 2003, Christina's company received orders to deploy in support of OIF II (Operation Iraqi Freedom II).
Christina is officially a member of the
1st Cavalry Division, in A FSC (Forward Support Company) 215th Forward Support Battalion. Her company supports 1-9, an infantry battalion. Christina is the company XO/SPO (Executive Officer)/(Support Ops). She is next in command ifher commander
is not available to manage the headquarters section. As the SPO, she works closely with the maneuver Battalion to ensure that they have all the support they need This includes everything from tracking the food cooks, and mechanics, to transportation, ammunition and fuel-inand outofthe company. Additionally, she coordinates with the 215th to make sure they have enough supplies and assets to support them. Christina added, "Basically, I provide logistic support to the
infantry guys and am the direct link between the Support Ops at 215th and 1-9. Anything they need for support - they go through me and I coordinate it."
Christina reports that she is currently located in Baghdad just outside of the "green zone"
or safe zone. She has been on a few convoys so far and confesses, "it blows me away what a mess thisplace isand howbad Ifeelforthese people." She is expected to be stationed there between 13 to 21 months.
The AOII flag lifts her spirits and morale everyday, and the other soldiers think it's "pretty cool." She added, "this flag is a warm reminder of AOII." In a message to her chapter's current members, Christina wrote, "I am doing fine and I appreciate all the support. Cherish this time together in college because
it goes by quickly and those friendships are the one thai will last"
Christina's Epsilon Chi sisters call her a "bom leader," and "a model sister." They concluded, "Christina is a sister who truly lives out our chapter's motto everyday."
To Dragma
[Summer 2004 ]

[Member Profiles]
An International Experience in Oregon
West International House
is one of several "theme" residence halls at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. Candy Pierson-Charlton, Ed.M., Alpha Rho (Oregon State U), her husband, David, and their 16-year-old daughter Caroline are currently serving as a Faculty-in-Residence family.
The role of the Faculty-in-Residence Program is to work with student residents to create a compelling Uving/learning experience within the West International House. Students inter- ested in living with someone from a different culture and learning what it means to be a global citizen are encouraged to apply to live in West.
This role means that the Pierson-Charlton fam- ily lives in an apartment in the West residence hall, regulariy interacts with students, creates programs, and tries to foster an atmosphere of caring and support for students and staff
Candy is a third generation Oregon Stater who graduated in 1973 with a degree in liberal studies with an emphasis in journalism. In 2002, she earned a master's degree in educa- tion through the College Student Services Administration (CSSA) program as prepara- tion for the student affairs profession.
financehergraduatestudiesatOSU Candy acknowledges "I am very grateful for the won- derful support this scholarship provided and appreciate the special AOII sisters I've met over the years."
She currently works for the English Language Institute (ELI) at Oregon State University. The ELI offers an intensive English program for international students who want to improve their English ability.
So why is a 53-year-old recent CSSA gradu- ate living in a university residence hall? The opportunity resulted from her work with University Housing and Dining Services and she jumped at the chance to be involved. David and Candy were married in Norway, lived in London, and have enjoyed many friends from around the world. They thought this would be an excellent opportunity for her to gain valuable student affairs experi- ence and learn more about students and different cultures. They entered the program last September and have agreed to continue throughout the summer and through the 2004-05 school year.
Their two-bedroom apartment is furnished with items collected from their travels or are gifts from students - a brass table from Morocco, wooden carved animals from
Kenya, electric candle lights from Norway, a brass plate from Kuwait, miniature Chinese theater masks, a carving from Indonesia, and on and on. They've tried to create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere where people can sit,
talk and enjoy each other's company. They love visitors and ask only that they remove their shoes before stepping inside their door
- something international friends do automati- cally and something American friends are learning to do!
The family opens their apartment for students every W ednesday evening. They attend weekly hall council meetings, staff meetings, meetings with the international student gov- erning organization, and weekly meetings with the resident director. Each term has been a whirlwind of activities. W eekly programs have included conversations about dating customs around the worid with students from Italy,
Sri Lanka, Burkina Faso, China, and Japan. Students from Thailand, Japan, and Colombia shared games, origami, and Japanese cal- ligraphy, and students from Jamaica, India, Argentina, and Japan presented a program
on their cultural dress and special traditions. Candy says, "There is much to do, but we rel- ish the chance to help bring international and American students and faculty together for opportunities to share cultures and special interests." Her only challenge seems to be how to squeeze 48 hours out of each day.
She pledged Alpha Omicron Pi in the fall
of 1969 and loved being a part of Alpha Rho Chapter. After graduation, she worked as a traveling consultant for AOII for 18 months (1974-75), and had an incredible time meet- ing wonderful sisters throughout the United States and Canada. She later served as
the Lincoln, Nebraska Alumnae Chapter President and was a member of Zeta's AAC at the University of Nebraska. In the summer of 2000, she was awarded the Helen Haller Diamond Jubilee Scholarship, which helped
7b Dragma [ Summer 2004 ]

2004 "Chapter President
Leadership Academy emy
Alpha Omicron Pi International Headquarters and the Franklin- Cool Springs Marriott Hotel were the sites for the 2004 Chapter Presidents Leadership Academy held February 27-29. Eighty-nine chapter presidents attended the weekend event organized by the AOII Education and Training Committee and Headquarters Staffand partially funded by a grant from the AOII Foundation.
Leadership training was the focus of the annual academy held twice a year for Chapter Presidents and one other chapter officer. The weekend proved to be much more. It was filled with fun, friendship, and a life skills learning opportunity. One chap- ter president summarized her experiences this way. "Not only did I learn things that I need to implement into my chapter, but things I need to start implement- ing into my live."
In addition to the entenaining, informative and value-packed sessions, LA participants were given the opportunity to idea- share with others in small group sessions. Participants were treat- ed to a "Ask the IP" session with AOII's International President, Sally Wagaman, a tour of Alpha Omicron Pi's International Headquarters and time to shop the Emporium. AOII Movie Night gave members "down-time"
to visit and meet new sisters and make new lifelong friends.
On Friday, Melissa Parsons Healy led LA participants in learning the art of motivation using the FISH! philosophy. FISH! Is a parable - an invented story and best-selling book by authors Dr. Stephen C. Lundin, Henry Paul and John Christensen - about finding the deep source of energy, creativity and passion that exists inside each of us by learning to love what we do, even i f at the moment we may not be doing exactly what we love. Melissa reviewed these life skills with the CPs and correlated them to chap- ter-specific needs.
Saturday morning began with the "Win As Much As You Can" game hosted by Healy and Lisa Moore. Not only was the game great fun, but stirred enthusiasm and challenged the CPs in how to attain a healthy balance of com- petition and collaboration within the chapter structure.
"The Big Picture: AOII" was
the next focus. Rissa Welcher,
W eekend Facilitator said, "Just because you are the chapter president, does not mean you are expected to know all the answers off the top of your head." W elcher detailed the many resources available to chapter presidents. Participants reviewed common
situations that often occur on college campuses, then selected, researched and applied their new skills to locate resources and find the much-needed information.
Lisa Moore took the group through an in-depth review
of AOII's Book of Policies dur- ing a session tided "The AOII Crisis...A.H.D." Special attention focused on risk management issues such as alcohol, hazing and drugs (A.H.D.)
Past International President and RT&J Chairman Ginger Banks facilitated two sessions. The
first session was "Living Life
with Values". Ginger combined humorous stories, personal touch- es and her love of Ritual to help chapter leaders see Ritual as not just a ceremony, but the Fraternity philosophy. Her "Top Ten Things Chapter Presidents Should Know
About Our Initiation Ritual" brought a realism to the AOII Ritual that many of these young women had never known.
Following breakfast on Sunday and a brief presentation by
Grace Day, Foundation Assistant Director., Ginger Banks con- cluded the Leadership Academy Session with "How to Put a Giraffe in a Refrigerator". Ginger used entertaining scenarios to encourage participants to look for the obvious, stay focused and keep it simple while facing new challenges head on.
One participant summed up the weekend this way, "I have learned that no chapter is perfect. The challenges that my chapter faces are also challenges for others. I did learn many new things I can do to help my chapter succeed."
Leadership Academy is partially supported by a grant from the AOII Foundation ToDragma [ Summer 2004 ]

The Roller Award
New biennial award will honor AOIFs past and present.
During her lifetime of AOII service, Mary Louise Filer Roller, Alpha Pi (Florida State U) was
also committed to Panhellenic service. Initiated in 1933, she served as her collegiate chapter's Panhellenic Delegate and Panhellenic President at Florida State U. She organized the Miami Alumnae Chapter and served as alumnae president while also beginning her involvement on
an international level. Mary Louise was AOII's 1955-1957 International President. She served
for twenty-two years as AOII's delegate to the National Panhellenic Conference (1957-1985) and Chairman of the Conference from 1967-1969. She is one of only two AOIIs to have served in this prestigious position. Often lovingly referred to as AOII's royalty, Mary Louise is remembered for her grace, charm, common sense and high ideals.
In tribute to this outstanding lady, The new Roller Award will honor a collegian who has pro- vided outstanding service and leadership to her local panhellenic, campus and/or community. It will be presented once each biennium during a convention year, beginning in June 2005.
AOII has numerous collegians who excel as leaders in their panhellenic, on their campus or in their community. Though Mary Louise passed away in 2002, she would have been pleased that AOII has chosen to recognize these individuals for their efforts.
ToDragma [Summer2004]
"Hflr" -
"Mary Louise Roller was one
of the most classy, yet down-to- earth, leaders of the Fraternity that AOII has ever been fortunate to have. Because of the way
she carried herself and her
quiet demeanor, Mary Louise projected a feeling of regality to many members. Even with that being the case, Mary Louise was a 'real' person who had a great warmth and sense of humor."
- Joan MacCallum International President, 1979-1981
"I heard members who served with her in various capacities
say that Mary Louise would sit quiedy during discussions, taking it all in. After considering all
the points made, Mary Louise would offer cogent, insightful, and knowledgeable words of wisdom that were always right
on target. Her comments always conveyed her astute assessment of the human condition, her high standards, and her unrelenting belief in Alpha Omicron Pi and Panhellenic principles. When Mary Louise spoke, everyone listened.
"This new award would delight and flatter Mary Louise. At the sam e time, I can imagine her wanting to shift the focus from the honor that the award bestows on her to the honor it bestows on the recipient of the award"
- Ginger Banks International President, 1981-1985

Collegiate News
[Idea Sharing] Saluting Leadership:
Chapters honor
one of their advisers
all Alpha Psi members. She is always supportive and continuously raises chapter morale, providing motivation and challenging members
to give nothing but their best when itcomes to running an organized sorority. Thanks to Beverly for helping Alpha Psi to see how great being a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi can truly be.
Beta Gamma
Michigan State U
Sarah Harlan is an awesome adviser! She inspires all officers to be their best. She gives great suggestions, and quite often serves as the
voice of reason when w e are loosing sightofa goal. She is always there to listen and she has a warm smile on her face. We would be lost ifshe was not there to help guide us.
Beta Phi
Indiana U
Our chapter adviser is Angie Lindauer and she is awesome! She has put so much work into our chapter and never lets us forget what we are working towards. She is there anytime we need guidance and truly cares about our well-being. This past fall she invited our entire leadership council to her home and had a cookout to welcome us back.
Beta Tau
U ofToronto
Roses to our chapter adviser, Jeanette Ciccone, who has
been phenomenal. She has stood by Beta Tau through thick and thin. She is the President of AOH's Toronto
Housing Corporation and is also a Chartered Accountant. Although she is extremely busy, she still manages to make time for Beta Tau when we need her most.
Chi Delta
U ofColorado
Tracey Maxwell, Chi
Delta's Chapter Adviser,
is extremely devoted to
our chapter. She strives for perfection by challenging Chi Delta to be our best
and motivates us to succeed in all our endeavors, from Recruitment to Homecoming and Formals. While simul- taneously working full-time, Tracy has stood by Chi Delta through success and when one of our sisters was tragically killed. Tracey is the epitome of a strong woman and a gift to Chi Delta.
The Ohio State U
Our chapter adviser is very dedicated to the well being of Chi Epsilon. She has devoted countless hours over the past few years to make sure that our chapter suc- ceeds. Most importantly she is very accessible and keeps our best interest at heart, while pushing us to achieve our chapter's goals. Our adviser is such an important part of the Chi Epsilon team. Without her selfless dedica- tion, Chi Epsilon would not be where it is today.
Chi Lambda
U of Evansville
Marisa James has worked as the Chi Lambda chapter
adviser this year. Marisa has been an amazing asset to our chapter. She has been a con- tinuous line of support through her attendance of meetings and her hard work to improve communication between col- legians and advisers. Marisa has also helped in recruiting many new members of the AAC these past few months. This young adviser's positive and efficient attitude set great examples for all of us and demonstrates that AOII is for
Tufts U
Delta's chapter adviser, Lora Strachan, is such a strong pres- enceintheAOIIhouse, bra is there for our sisterhood at every meeting and is involved in every decision the chapter makes. She sacrifices a lot
of time for our chapter and keeps pushing us to be the best AOIIs we can be. bra is Delta's biggest cheerleader and we couldn't do it without her. W e love you Lora!
Delta Beta
U ofLA at Lafayette
All our chapter advisers are wonderful. They are always there when we need them no matter what. They help
us promote events and hang out with us when we have get-togethers. These women are the reason our chapter is getting better day by day.
Delta Delta
Auburn U
Dina Kanellos is the Assistant Directorforthe Lowder Center for Family Business
Alpha Chi
W estern
Kentucky U
Alpha Chi's adviser, bura Harmon, is truly dedicated
to AOII and w e are honored to have her as our chapter adviser. Laura graduated from WKUin2001 and iscurrently a full-time nursing student.
One of her fondest collegiate memories was attending the AOII convention at Disney World in 1999 with some
of her best friends and sisters. This gave her the opportu- nity to meet many wonderful women. Laura says AOII is
an important part of her life, and she is an important part of ours. W e thank her and love her for all that she has done for Alpha Chi!
Alpha Delta
U ofAlabama
Our Adviser, Summer Steib, is such an asset to our chapter. She is always willing to lend a hand and is always around whenever we need her. Without her, we would not have accomplished most of our chapter's goals.
Alpha Lambda
Southern U
Alpha Lambda would like to thankjill Forehand for all of her hard work for our chapter. She is present at most of our meet- ings and is always there when we need her. She helped with our recruitment this year, and she has the best ideas that our chapter often incorporates into our sisterhood activities and
our retreats. So thank you Jill for all of the time that you put into Alpha Lambda!
Alpha Phi
Montana State U
Nicole Chinadle is one of our newer chapter advisers, and she always spreads encour- agement through the chapter. Through her own example, she reminds us all to live Ritual and inspires us all to let our Alpha Phi lights shine bright!
Alpha Psi
Bowling Green
State U
We are truly fortunate to have Beverly Hatcher for our chap- ter adviser. Beverly's positive energy and endless dedication to AOII is an inspiration to
ToDragma [ Summer 2004 ]

and Entiepreneurshipand has served as Delta Delta's adviser for almost two years. She is a fabulous adviser a n d Delta Delta would be so lost without her help. She is a wonderful (de-model for all
thesisters. Sheisfullofideas and loves to help each girl with any type of problem. She shows us what "AOII for Life" really means.
Delta Epsilan
Jacksonville State U
Our chapter adviser, Sharon Dasinger, has been with us for fourteen years. Over those years, she has helped our
meeting. W e all would like to thank her for her great work and awesome attitude.
Delta Psi
W e would like to salute Fran Harkess. Sheputs in so much time a n d effort to help us. W e would like to thank her for all
she gives to our chapter.
Delta Rho
Lea Larkin is a super chapter adviser. Sheisalways willing to assist us, as well as help us find resources within our AAC. In addition, she provided enor- mous behind the scenes help
during recruitment, inspiring us to b e our best.
Deha Sigma
Ourchapteradviser,Kathy Renolds, is a very dedicated woman. She is always ready to help out and to give her time to us. Her support
and love of our chapter is reflected in the spirit of the
chapter since becoming our Chapter Adviser only a few months ago. In that time, Shawn has connected Delta Upsilon Chapter with the alumnaechaptertobrainstorm some great new ideas.
work together asa team to lead our chapter in great directions. O u r financial adviser, Chris Campbell, has been with our chapter since
wecolonizedonourcampus. Without her dedication our chapter would not be in great financial shape! Our recruit- ment advisers work very hard year round to make sure w e have a successful recruitment.
Our N e w member adviser has jumped right in a n d is doinga greatjobalso!Our CA isdoing a great jobalso.
KimTriplet!dida wonderful job as our chapter adviser. We wereverysadtoseeher go. Thank you for all your help, support and enthusiasm!
W e are very happy to have one of our founding chapter members, Randi Ramsey, asournewchapteradviser. Randi did a fantastic job with recruitment and w e hope to
see her continue with us well into the future!
Gamma Alpha
George Mason U
Pamela Boley has been our chapter adviser for close to ten years. H e r efforts have often times gone unnoticed,
but are never
encourages the Leadership Cabinet to reach out to other sisters a n d through her support, our chapter has created a strong network of
committees that enables all the work to g e t accomplished. Pam lives by our ritual. Her continual patience has helped our chapter become what it
is today.
Gamma Chi
Our chapter adviser contrib- utes more time than w e could everasktothechapter. As
a fairly young alumna, Kim Pearcey hasmade an excel- lent asset to the A A C a n d a
wonderful chapter adviser.
Gamma Delta
U ofSouth Alabama
Cheers to Lani Kaiser! Gamma Delta is honored to haveLaniasouradviser. Her responsibilities as the adviser and gardener extra or din
are to our landscape are well
worth honoring. Thank you for all of your hard work and patience. W e love youI
Gamma Omicron
Shag Derazi is an angel. She iskindandcompassionate, unbiased a n d easy going. She knows when to be a
disciplinarian,andwhento console. Her unwavering dedicationtoourchapterhas made her a woman whom every sister desires to emulate. She is a best friend to some,
a confidant to many, and a mentor to all. Sheisa leader ofleaders. Forthesistersof Gamma Omicron, Shag
has been our rose, our sheaf of wheat.
Gamma Sigma
Georgia State U
Gamma Sigma's chapter adviser, Kara Creel, has been with us through thick a n d
thin this past year. Kara is a Gamma Sigma alumna and continues to give back to the chapter that gave so much to her. Kara keeps our chapter
active a n d o n the right track with the help of a great AAC. Kara Creel, Amber Delgado, Susie Griffin, Holly Kunkel, Michelle Nunnally, Alison Sanborn, Lesley Siler,Jill Soost, and Sara Weaver make up one of the strongest AACs
Gamma Sigma has had, and w e appreciate all they do for usl
Gamma Theta
U of South Florida
AfyceBrennan,oneof Gamma Theta's chapter advisers, takes on maydiffer- ent roles. N o t only is she the Chapter Adviser, but also the
very young chapter turn into one of the best on campus. W e love "Mama D" very much a n d appreciate all that she has done for our chapter.
Deka Omega
Murray State U
Our adviser, Debbie Carter, is great. She is not only there to lead us a n d advise us, but she is there for us to have a shoul- der to cry on or even just be one of the girls. She always has a funny story to cheer us
up when w e are down.
W e love her for everything she does.
Delta Pi
Central Missouri State U
Our Chapter Adviser is Michelle Buhovecky. She attended Western Michigan
from 1 9 9 0 - 1 9 9 5 a n d majored in Human Resources Management. Michelle has been the Chapter Adviser
for 2 years a n d thoroughly
enjoys it. She says that AOII is o n e o f the best things in her life a n d she wanted to give back something so that it could b e special for other members a s well. Michelle
has helped our chapter out with so many things ranging from recruitment, to building a better study program, to just being a positive energy at
Kathy is always
Empathetic a n d motiva- tional, ourchapter adviser, LisaCoffin,isa wonderful influence on our sisterhood. Herdevoutparticipationand caring nature with each a n d every sister are reflective of
her terrific personality. She is a leader, a sister and a friend.
Our chapter would be lost withouther.WeloveyouLisaI
State U
Our chapter adviser isan amazing woman w h o cares so deeply about Alpha Omicron Pi. She is constantly
giving her time and ideas to our chapter and expects no recognition in return. She is always helping behind the scenes with everything from recruitment to Ritual. She sets a great example for our girls and has really taught us that
AOII is forever.
U ofNorthern Colorado
W e would like to salute Jen Roberts. She is a new adviser
to usthisyear. Shewasvery helpful with recruitment and is a wonderful CR adviser.
EasternKentucky U
Epsilon Omega isvery proud to have a great AAC. They
To Dragma [ Summer 2004 ]
there when w e need her; to provide encouragement a n d guidance.
Delta Theta
Texas Women's U
Our chapter adviser works
so hard for Delta Theta.
W e are so proud to have Tiffany Bowers as our chapter adviser. W e have h a d marry chapter consultants tell us h o w lucky we are. She is always there to answer our questions
and make sure that w e truly understand everything. N o t only does Tiffany hold the position as chapter adviser but shealsodoubles asmanyof
our individual advisers due to the lack of AAC.
Shawn Fenimore has been instrumental in helping our
Shawn has also helped us update our Ritual materials and has been so helpful to in the past few months with all her input and advice. Thanks, Shawn, for all your
time a n d effort!

adviser to Alumnae Relations, New Member Educator, Vice President of Administration, and Vice President of Education. Without Alyce, Alpha Omicron Pi's Gamma Theta chapter would not run as smoothly.
U ofIllinois
We salute Cherylyn Henry, our alumnae adviser. Cherylyn does an excellent job of keeping in touch with lota and bridging the gap between our chapter and headquarters. She makes sure that she is versed on requirements, rules, and any regulations, and sees that lota follows correct procedures
to keep our chapter running smoothly. W e all realize how much Cherylyn does for us and we can't thank her enough! W e love you Cherylyn!
Iota Chi
U ofWestern Ontario
dedication into keeping our chapter thriving. There is no way to put into words how wonderful this woman is. She is greatly appreciated and loved. Glenna Timmons - we, the women of Kappa Alpha chapter, salute you.
Kappa Chi
Northwestern State U
Megan Gordon is the chapter adviser for Kappa Chi. She held many offices within the chapter before graduating and knows what and how
the chapter needs to run. As chapter adviser, she also runs the AAC and lends advice to all officers within Kappa Chi. Megan has been a great asset to our chapter.
Kappa Gamma
Florida Southern
Kim Valeski, the chapter advis- er for Kappa Gamma, does an awesome job! Although chapter adviser is a new role for her, she has the experience and expertise to help make the chapter successful. She
Kappa Lambda
U of Calgary
Our chapter adviser, Melanie Matthews, is an amazing woman. She always has advice for anyone in need, makes herself available to help out an officer whenever she is overloaded or confused, and
is a source of support for the entire chapter. She respects us all as leaders yet knows when to step in and help us out.
Her compliments also always make us smile.
Kappa Omega
U ofKentucky
Kristin Ingwell Goode truly exemplifies the model AAC member in Alpha Omicron
Pi. Kristin was named Kappa Omega's Chapter Adviser
last winter. She has done a wonderful job. Because of
her hard work, enthusiasm, positive attitude and her love for AOII, Kappa Omega has made vast improvements in all aspects of our chapter. She constantly strives to take our chapter to the next level while also appreciating the achieve- ments of Kappa Omega. W e are so thankful to have Kristin
to help us. This year w e wel- comed back Niki Carlson, Jan Manor, Barb Smothers, and are proud to welcome Jodi (Stiles) Byington, Jen Erickson, and Jen Punzel to the Alumnae Advisory Committee of Kappa Sigma Chapter. W e appreci- ateallthatyoudoforusladies and thank you for your love and support.
Lambda Beta
California State U
Long Beach
The Lambda Beta Chapter Adviser, Chris Evans, is everything we could ask for. She is always giving us great advise and is never more
than a phone call away. She recently treated us all to sun visors embroidered with AOII.
Lambda Chi
LaGrange College
Stacy Gorman is a wonderful adviser! She is always there for us willing to help out when needed or even just to listen
or talk. Stacy goes out of her way to make sure all of the sis- ters are doing well. W e know ifwe ever need anything we can call on her. The sisters of Lambda Chi are very proud
to call Stacy our sister, adviser, and friend.
Lambda Omicron
Cumberland U
Suzanne Link is our Chapter Adviser, and words can not begin to describe what she and her knowledge of AOII means to Lambda Omicron. Suzanne makes herself avail- able to us all and is there as an adviser, but mostly as a sister. She always has our best
interest at heart and never lets us give up. She believes in us and pushes us to believe in ourselves and our chapter. Sheisanexampleofone who lives our ritual in her everyday life.
Lambda Sigma
U of Georgia
Sis Budd is an amazing chap- ter adviser. Sis goes above and beyond her duties as
our chapter adviser. She has become very close with sev- eral members of our chapter and we appreciate everything she does for us.
Lambda Tau
U of Louisiana at
Our chapter has new adviser
this year and she is doing a
great job working with both
the active members and the
alumnae. Sarah Decker has
pulled in a new AAC to work
Thank you Linda Grandolfo
andjanine Hodgson! W e
reallyappreciatetheguidance isalwaysavailableforthe andtherestofourAAC. and support that you provide
us. W e love you!
Iota Sigma
Iowa State U
lotaSigmasalutesRunforthe Roses Philanthropy adviser, Eileen Muff, for nearly two decades of dedication and hard work. Her smiling face and helpful attitude make her an inspiration for all AOII's. Eileen has made a difference in so many ways and her contributions have forever impacted our chapter.
Kappa Alpha
Indiana State U
Our chapter adviser is awesome! She has been our Kappa Alpha adviser for many years now and has put a lot of hard work and
collegiate members when w e need her and she works hard to develop positive relation- ships with the sisters, as well. She continually makes AOII a
Kappa Omicron
Rhodes College
ToDragma [ Summer 2004 ]
by example, to do the same.
Ball State U
Randi Carmichael is our Recruitment Adviser and has
to be one of the biggest assets to our chapter for many years. She is the epitome of AOII in everything she is, does, and believes. She helps us recruit some amazing women year after year. W e can easify
soy that our chapter flourishes because of her and her strong AOII spirit. N o amount of words could ever describe
her worth or our chapter's gratitude towards her.
tor, authority, inspiration, and role model. Her enthusiastic participation in the house,
as well as her recruitment of additional advisers to fillour AAC are representative of the type of individual that she is. All chapter should be so lucky to hove such an adviser.
Kappa Sigma
U of Wisconsin
River Falls
If Kappa Sigma had only one terrific adviser it would be so very easy to salute her; however, Kappa Sigma has a whole council of advisers
Kelie Kidwell has been the New Member Educator Adviser for the past year in
the Lambda Eta Chapter. As on alumna of this chapter she brings so much to the new member program. Kellie's dedication and love for AOII shines constantly by her sup- port of our chapter and espe- cially our new members. She attends all new member and chapter meetings, supports all officers, and is always there for a sister in need. She is not only a great adviser and sister, but also an amazing friend.
excited to work with us.
Lambda Upsilon
Lehigh U
Bette Fisher is probably the best adviser anyone could
ask for! She aids us not only financially, but found us a great new cook, keeps our dues as low as possible, and works hard to ensure we have a fantastic Date Party and Formal. Parents feel comfort- able knowing their girls are under Bette's care because of her motherly nature, and all
of us girls adore her because
Rachel Allen is a blessing to
Lambda Eta
with us. They are all doing a priorityinherlifeandleadsus, ourchapter.Sheisamotiva- GrandValley wonderfuljobandarevery

she genuinely loves AOII and does anything and everything to help us out. Cheers to Bette!
Rollins College
Laura Carroll continually reminds the sisters of the-Mu Lambda chapter of our potential as a new sorority at the Rollins College campus in Winter Park, Florida.
Nil Beta
U ofMississippi
Our chapter adviser, Miss. Katherine Muller, is always around and we thank her for that! She works very hard
to make sure everything is in place for events and activities w e have. She attends all social events as a chaperon. W e also salute Mrs. Kitty Walker Herndon, who is our Recruitment Adviser. M s . Kitty, as we all call her, helped us to obtain one of the largest new member classes on cam- pus. W e love both of them!
Northern Illinois U
Icannot say enough about our chapter adviser, Dawn Grivetti. She has been our adviser for eight years, and I cannot begin to list the number of things that she has helped our chapter with throughout the years. She is there through the thick and the thin, and always has what we need
to get us through! She is a great person and we admire her hardwork and dedication. Thank you Dawn!
Nu Omicron
Tiffany Robertson is Nu Omicron's fantastic Recruitment Adviser! She is always open to questions and comments. She is a wonderful mentor. Ifshe doesn't know the answers, she always finds it out as quickly as possible.
She is extremely knowledge- able about recruitment, always energetic, and so much fun to be around!
Omega Omicron
W e couldn't ask for better advisers to be working for
our chapter. Every single day, they go out of their
way to help us in any way they can. They've always been there for whatever w e needed and have shown true sisterhood in their constant commitment to our chapter.
W e want them to know how much we appreciate all they do and how much it means to every sister.
Omega Upakm
Meredith Ward is not only an adviser but she is also a friend, mentor, and confidante to our sisters. Her outstanding leader- ship skills and dedication guide us in a positive direction while silently reminding us about the virtues that have brought us to cherish Alpha Omicron Pi.
Omicron would love to salute two Chapter advisers. Trish Cosby (Aunt Trish) is our recruit- ment adviser. She is the back- bone of why our recruitment and our new member pledge class is wonderful and such a success. She is loved by each and every member in Alpha Omicron Pi. W e also salute Julie McWhorter. Julie also has helped out during recruitment. She has dedicated her time also into seeing that Alpha Omicron Pi makes the right decisions and choices.
W e would like to thank each and every one of our advisers. They teach us, they are there
for us, and most importantly they care for us. Our chapter is at its best because of their help. Thanks for everything they do.
U ofLouisville
Pi Alpha would like to recog- nize our Chapter Adviser, Lorie Leitner, for all of her hard work and dedication. She is always there to help out and does so much on our behalf. Whether it's helping out an officer with her reports or cheering us on at a flag football game, she
is there every step of the way. W e lave you Lorie!
U ofMaryland
Mary Barbuto is not only an excellent chapter adviser,
but a loving mother of two daughters. She w o n our campus Panhellenic award for Outstanding Chapter Adviser this past spring. She is always helping officers out by provid- ing suggestions and ideas. She attends all Corporation Board meetings, Suburban Maryland Alumnae meetings, as well as many of our Pi- Delta chapter meetings. W e would be lost without her.
Pi Theta
International U
Kristen Schwarts deserves a rose for everyday she has been there for Pi Theta. Every time w e need advise, she
is there. W h e n things don't seem possible, she tries the impossible to make it happen and succeeds. Above all of that, Kristen also knows how to be a true sister to her Pi Theta girls. W e love you, Kristen.
Rho Delta
W e would like to salute one of our wonderful advisers, Angela Spain. Angela has been with us for many years
and she always has new ideas for making our chapter even better. Even though she is expecting her first child
she still finds time to help us out with whatever w e may need. Her dedication and love for our chapter are evident in all that she does. W e love you, Angela!
Rho Omicron
State II
A wise person once said, "God does not surround us with those people we can live with, but rather, those people w e cannot live without!" This could be said for the Rho Omicron Chapter and the relationship we have with our adviser, Kristen La\/ett. Kris Lovett is an alumna of Rho Omicron Chapter and has been our adviser three years. Lovett, as w e call her, is kind, understanding, a good com- municator, funny, personable, and is a friend and sister to every girl in Rho Omicron.
W e truly have been blessed with an amazing chapter adviser w h o helps to make Rho Omicron what it is today.
U of California Berkeley
Although Mark and Kelly Jenson are not Sigma
Chapter's actual advisers,
our beloved House Directors have played a significant
role in advising and assisting the women of our chapter in many important ways. Mark and Kelly are always involved helping us with our activities and they have become
an integral part of Sigma Chapter! W e thank them for their dedication and commit- ment to our chapter and hope that there are many more months of fun and laughter
to come.
Sigma Alpha
West Virginia U
Abby Epps has been very helpful to each and every sister at the Sigma Alpha chapter. Abbey is very approachable, very friendly, and eager to see our chapter thrive. She took the time to
sit down with every officer and hear their ideas and goals before telling us what we should and shouldn't do. Abby also connects with each girl during her visits.
Sigma Chi
Hartwick College
W e would lite to thank every one of our advisers for all that they've done for us. Because of them, we have a newly remodeled kitchen, new carpeting and furniture, new wallpapering in our stairway, living and dining room areas. Thanks again for all that you have helped us achieve.
Sigma Delta
Huntingdon College
Sigma Delta salutes our chapter adviser, Glenda Allred. She is an alumna of our chapter and remains very loyal to it. W e know that
w e can call her for anything whenever w e need you. She is an inspiration for us to fol- low. Thank you, Glenda.
Sigma Omicron
Arkansas State U
The Sigma Omicron Chapter would like to salute two of our chapter's advisers. These two ladies have worked very hard during our time of recruitment. They have helped out of chapter by being there every night of recruitment to help it go by smoothly. These ladies showed Sigma Omicron
how dedicated and caring they are. Sigma Omicron would like to salute Mrs. Leith Hoggard and Mrs. Jennifer Penson. Thank you for all your support.
To Dragma [ Summer 2004 ]

Theta Beta
Towson U
Holly Snyder is our amaz- ing chapter adviser. There is nothing she can't or won't do for a sister of our chapter. She makes a huge attempt to participate in everything with us from our weekly chapter meeting
to homecoming. Her dedication to our chapter is extremely apparent and appreciated by all.
Theta Chi
Kim Fulfs is awesome and we knowthatifweever needed anything she would be right here to advise us no matter what it is. Kim
is also very fun and active. W e enjoy the fact that she is always willing to listen. AOII gave to her and now she is giving back!!! W a y to go Kim.
Theta Pi
Wagner College
Anne Marie Pascarella has been our chapter adviser for the past year, and Theta Pi could not be happier! Not only did we have
the chance to celebrate
the birth of her daughter, Teresa Anna, but we also had the advice of an experienced, open-minded Theta Pi alumna who honestly wants the best for our chapter. She has been there for all of us. One of the best lessons that she
has taught us this year is the importance of communica- tion and listening when trying to work as a team and as a family.
Theta Psi
U ofToledo
Our new chapter adviser, Kimberly Schaaf, was previ- ously a LC adviser. She
has worked her way up
to showing her leadership abilities for our chapter. She always has a positive attitude, and tries to make Theta Psi the best it can be with encouraging words.
Upsilon Lambda
U ofTexas San Antonio
Upsilon Lambda's Chapter Adviser, Esme Esparza, has spent endless hours helping & supporting our chapter. Over the past year, she has recruited 5 more advisers who have also contributed a tremendous amount of time towards our chapters success. Esme is available toallchapter members and officers almost any hour of the day. Words can not express the gratitude we owe Esme & our AAC!
U of Oklahoma
The chapter adviser for Xi Chapter is Gayle Fischer. She goes out of her way
to provide what we need and do what is best for the chapter. She has been
a carpenter, waitress, counselor and cheerleader for our chapter. Gayle always wants what is
best for our chapter and exemplifies what it means to be a dedicated alumna. The ladies of Xi Chapter want to thank her for her continued involvement and express appreciation for all that she has done!
U of Nebraska
Shelly Smith, our Zeta Chapter adviser, is devoted to the ideals of AOII and
to us as a chapter. Even though Shelly recently had her second child, she still finds time to be one of the most important persons in our lives with high hopes
for us. She is an attentive listener to everyone, encour- ages each one of us to be the best we can be, and gives positive suggestions without recriminations. Shelly models the epitome of grace, and integrity while promoting AOII.
Zeta Pi
U of Alabama
Adviser of the Year,
Honors Program Adviser, Zeta Pi Chapter Adviser,
Pi Kappa Phi Academic Adviser...these are just a few roles and recogni-
tions of Amanda Horton, Zeta Pi's chapter adviser. Amanda selflessly gives her time and energy to not only making sure the chapter can be the best it can be, but also making sure UAB is the best for her students. She constantly encourages us and other students to
get involved on campus and get the most out of our college experience. She is truly an inspiration to every
member and every person she meets.
Zeta Psi
East Carolina U
Our faculty adviser, Dr. Michael Brown, is wonder- ful. He helps out at every function that he is able to and is always here for us. He helps us get into the classes, and he's shown us some great stress-relieving activities! He also plays a big part in helping us keep our grades up!
sSigma i^iio
events and her willingness to help us with whatever needs to be done. Above all, she is always available with words of advice to help keep our chapter running smoothly and effi- ciently. W e could not do it without you Kassie. Thank you for everything!
Tau Lambda
Shippensburg U
Tau Lambda would like to thank Beth Conrad for her continued help and passion for her position. She has helped us to turn our chap- ter into something w e all can cherish and be proud of.Ittooka lotofenergyon everyone's part and thanks to Beth we were guided through it.
Tau Omega
Transylvania U
Our chapter adviser, Natasa Pajic, has been with us for many years. Natasa is on campus with us daily, allowing for us to always be in close contact with her. When she's not, she's only a phone call or email away.
Tau Omicron
U of Tennessee
Tau Omicron is very lucky to have such a patient, loyal, and hard working adviser as Mrs. Tracy Bell. She is always looking out for Tau Omicron's members and AOH's best interests. Mrs. Bell is always there
for our chapter with an open home and open ears. Under the guidance of Mrs. Tracy Bell, our chapter had reached higher levels of sisterhood and pride. W e will always be grateful to Mrs. Bell for making our college years so fulfilling.
Slippery Rock U
Sigma Rho has grown and changed so many times
in the recent years. With
SO old sisters moving on and new sisters coming through, one aspect of Sigma Rho
U that has stayed consistent has been our Adviser
April Longwell. April is a sister from the University
of Maryland and has
been the cornerstone of
our chapter. April has a way of guidance that is
not easily found. She has been a dependable tower of strength that has given so much to our chapter.
U of Minnesota
Tau Chapter would like to salute Jess Kramer our won- derful chapter adviser. She dedicates her time to us
and we all feelcomfortable going to her for anything. She is always there for us when we have questions about procedures or just need plain simple advice on life. W e are so lucky to have her because she is the
best adviser we could ask for. She is always smiling and is a great positive attitude and a wonderful role model. W e want to thank her for being such a wonderful AOII.
Tau Delta
Southern College
Our chapter adviser Kassie Doggett always goes far beyond the call of duty.
She truly cares about the Tau Delta Chapter and its future. This dedication is apparent through her efforts to always be at chapter
To Dragma
[ Summer 2004 ]

7bDraqma [Summer2004]

Clockwise from left.
Sigma Omicron (Arkansas State Uj Bid Day bowlers, Gamma Chi ICarleton
Uj members, Gamma Alpha (George Mason
Uj Chapter, Delta Delta's (Auburn Uj fund raiser
I'm w
-3 XUL

•—*w -

2C / 5 CD
• p—i
1 u•
ToDragma [Summer 2004 ]
Clockwise from upper left: Nu Omicron (Vanderbilt U) collegians, Omicron's (U of Tennesseel luau, and Kappa Kappa (Ball State U) members

By Wilma Smith Leland, Tau (U of Minnesota) To Dragma Editor 1927-1946
The May 1930 issue of To Dragma celebrated the magazine's Silver Anniversary. The editor at the time, Wilma Smith Leland. asked all previous editors to reminise. in writing, about their years as editor. Below is Wilma's own contribution to that issue. She was three years into what would be a lg-year-term as editor-the longest tenure ofang of To Dragma's editors. Wilma's dedication to the magazine and to the fraternity can not be measured, as she was one of only two editors to serve as an AOII International President
Dear Readers:
"I wouldn't take up space with my letter, for my experiences are not of the past; they are weekly trips to the printers, daily telephone calls, dozens of letters always before me to be answered - the experiences of one in the act of doing instead of in the act of having done. But 1 suspect that when another twenty-five years have swept past us, and the editor of To Dragma decides to celebrate our golden jubilee, she will be glad to rum to volumne twenty-five and find there the complete record of the first twenty-five years of its existence instead of the first twenty-two. Hence I write for those tocome;forthedaywhenmyeditorshipwillbehistoryinsteadofthelivingpresent.
"Betty Bond went to Europe in March, 1925, and I edited the May issue for her and went to Seattle convention in her place. She had declined the nomination for re-election, and so I was elected editor at that time.
"I wonder if there will ever be all the money an editor wants? I doubt it, for our wants and desires ever increase faster than our incomes, don't they? That's progress, they say. Of course, we've had more money than ever before, but I long for the day when the editor won't have the irksome job of haggling with printers over $2.00 items, thinking all the while that $2.00 would pay for one more cut! I long for the day when the editor won't have to clip together ten pages of proof and mark them 'run next time' because she had ten pages over the 128 allotted bythe budget. Oh, Ilongforlots of things, and 1 burn with envy as 1 watch other [NPC] editors spend their dollars without thought.
"But only those editors and business managers who have preceded me and those who are yet to come will know what real joy there is in the editing of this magazine of ours[_] Yes, it's hard work - long hours during nap time and night time when new books and magazine look so inviting; or min- utes snatched during the 'awake' hours, interrupted by a trip to see where [my] young four-year-old is, and ifshe isn't in sight to discover just where she has gone. There are disappointments, someone fails to send the article she has promised; another refuses to send a much-needed picture; a cut doesn't turn out as expected or the pressman won't use the right amount of ink.
"But it's worth it. In ten years I may agree with Mary Ellen Chase* - just now I'm having the experience!"
* Wilma was referriny to 1915-1919 editor Mary Ellen Chase's letter in the same issue which read. "I do not know that the fruits of those four years with To Dragma were particularlg nourishing, especially joyful, or very long in their effects. And yet. believing with Pater and the Epicureans that 'experience itself is the end.' 1 look back upon my editorship with pleasure and gratitude. Surely 1 do not wish to repeat the experience, but just as surely I would not have been without it!"
Silver Anniversary
the May 1930 Edition
ToDragma [Summer2004]
of To
from Drayma.

Foundation Update
Alumnae/Graduate Diamond Jubilee Foundation Scholarship
"My DJF scholarship came at a time when I truly needed it the most. Because of assistantship requirements, I took a year leave of absence from my teaching job, my family experienced the immediate loss ofmy income, and my studies necessitated that I move to Nashville, TN to live in a dorm room for a year. Thanks to the AON Foundation's Diamond Jubilee Scholarship, I was able to afford my tuition, and my husband and I were able to regain our financial footing. Every single day I am so thankful that the Diamond Jubilee Scholarship and the Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation were there for me when I needed them most."
Meredith Anne S. Higgs, Nu Omicron, 2002-03 DJF Recipient Your gifts to the DJF Scholarship Fund are making a difference. Please continue to support the
Scholarship program with your tax-deductible Foundation gifts.
$20,000 Jaime Frantz Memorial Scholarship Awarded
Jaime Frantz, Chi Delta '98, was killed in a hit and run accident in Boulder, CO, shortly before her graduation. Jaime's family held a golf tournament in June 2003, to raise funds for a scholarship to benefit Chi Delta Chapter, and as a way to honor Jaime's memory and love for AOll. The first recipient of this wonderful tribute to a very special sister is Katie Van Lunsen, Chi Delta '02, a Communications major from Snoqualmie, WA.
Jaime's brother Chris, a student at UC, joined Chi Delta members and local alumnae, to represent the family at a special ceremony and alumnae meeting on April 25. Katie was presented with the scholarship check for $20,000.' Congratulations to Katie, and thanks to the Frantz family for this generous tribute and for their continued support and love for AOII and Jaime's sisters at Chi Delta.
The Second Annual Jaime Frantz Memorial Golf Tournament is scheduled for June 7. Proceeds will fund the 2005-06 Scholarship.
Small Investments Made Larger: Making a Gift of Life Insurance
Thanks to the generous philanthropy of AOII chapters and donors, in 2003-04 the AOII Foundation awarded $35,000 per year for 3 years to Dr. Nathalie LeClerc at the University of Southern California. Her focus is osteoporosis, a major complication in arthritis patients treated with glucocorticoids (GC). Dr. LeClerc's work will lead to bone-sparing treatment choices, thus improving the outcomes of people with rheumatoid arthritis.
Dr. LeClerc was born in 1969 in Strasbourg, France, graduating in 1999 with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Neurosciences. She sent this update
on her research and findings, along with her deep appreciation for the support
of AOII in making her work possible.
"I have recently completed
two projects, using two different experimental approaches, which lead to a remarkably similar conclusion on GC action in osteoblasts... The first study will appear later this year in the Journal of Molecular Endocrinology and the second study will soon be submitted for peer-review ."
either fully or partly paid up, you can change the ownership to the AOII Foundation and receive a tax deduction for the cash value. Any remaining premium payments become tax deductible
gifts to the Foundation. Donors of life insurance are recognized as members of the Foundation's Second Century Society. Contact the Foundation
You need not be wealthy to consider making this special kind ofgift to support the AOII Foundation. Small investments through a modest annual premium can result in a larger gift in the future, with a charitable contribution of life insurance. It's practical, affordable, and meaningful.
Typically,adonorappliesfora insurance policy on her own life, and names the charity as irrevocable owner and beneficiary. Since the AOII
Foundation is the owner, premium payments are tax-deductible. When the premium is due, you send a charitable gift in that amount, which is used by the Foundation to pay the premium. You also receive credit toward your lifetime giving record. Additionally, your company may match your gift, either helping
ToDragma [ Summer 2004 ]
payforthepremium,orprovidinganadditional officeformoreinformation.Thisinformationisfor
annual gift to the Foundation. Ifyou already have a current policy that is not needed and
general information onlu. To learn more abemtmaking a charitable gift oflifo insurance andgour personalfinancial situation, please consultgi>urinsurancebroker,taxorfinancial advisor.
Dr. Nathalie
AOII Strike Out

Lntuiu Lat/eA ra en
jLMrj uv tiea t Omic/frtt Pi
Sharing the Legacy of Sisterhood
ha uv
"Sharing the Legacy of Sisterhood" is a special initiative to increase the size of r: Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation's endowment. Why?
A strong endowment secures and supports the future.
A strong endowment helps AOII expand from the expected to the exceptional.
The Foundation Board and Executive Board invite you to join in "Sharing the Legacy of Sisterhood" by making your endowmentgift: today. You may designate your gift for the Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Endowment or the General Endowment, or split it between these funds. Your gift will be permanentlg restricted to build the Endowment and AOII; only the earned income is spent for scholarships or programming.
Your gift is tax-deductible as a charitable gift, according to current IRS regulations. Please send your gift to the AOII Foundation, P.O. Box 395, Brentwood, TN 37024.
Stephanie Crews Sundock (Nu Omicron '84} holding Sophie Elizabeth Sundock (bom March 3, '03), Carol Ann Leslie Wilson (Omicron '64} and Paula Conaway Sandidge, A/ID (lambda Sigma '53}-
AlphkvDmicrbn Pi Foundation...where^me Legacy lives on!
This page underwritten with love bg Caroline Craig Lazzara. Lambda Beta, AOII Foundation Board Member
ToDragma [Summer2004] 21

bragging rights Kathryn Boyd
Thefollowing information was gatheredfrom chapter officer reports
in AlphaLink In this issue, we proudly salute our 4.0 students, our SGA campus leaders and our Student Ambassadors.
ToDragma [ Summer 2004 ]
* Denotes both Spring 2003 and Fall 2004 semesters.
Alpha Chi
Marilyn Bungo Jana Clayton* Merida Foster* Leah Lantry Brittney Long Tonya McCoy Lindsay Ousley* Kasey Pelham Kim Richarson* Stephanie Sellers Holly Skidmore Lindsey White Abby Lovan
Tara Robinette Jessica Bates Carley Hayden Lizzy White
Alpha Delta
Mary Kathryn Benefield Emily Bishop
Kristen Conner* Jamie Haggard* Randi Hall
Catherine McCord* Kelli Roberson Jennifer Sapp Deborah Sharpless* LeeAnn Wilson Rachel Wood
Jamie Zarilli
Lisa Brecciaroli Catherine Dewitt Shelia Mason Stephanie Wilson Megan Bell Deonna Dodd Kelly Johnson Kelly Bradbury
Alpha Lambda
Kandice Drake* Carrie Forrester Virginia Keenan Amy Swindell Lauren Tanner Allison Harris Lydia Murdock Amy Bunda Brittany McElroy Carley Prichard Janell Wilds
Alpha Phi
Keisie Eggensperger Tara Bangs
Rebecca Tunkel Valerie Forrest* Gina Paponetti* Kristen Colella Elizabeth Rausch
Alpha Theta
Jennifer Streck
Beta Gamma
Kelly Megel* Kristy Janson Lisa Choma Sarah Grossbart Ellen Sluka
Beta Phi
Leslie Malayter* Alexis Jordan Ashley Byers Marie True
Chi Delta
Dena Desantis Carolyn Furuya Mary Little Jessica Naughton Sarah Skolout
Chi Epsilon
Lindsey Biddle Jennifer Paris Kathryn Price Melissa Sands Ashley Shannon
Chi Lambda
Cris Brannock Laurie Bandos Courtney Cline Jessica Jetton Kylie Driggs
Chi Psi
Karen Brenner
Erin Moore
Jennifer Fauerbauch Julie Johnston Lauren Etcheverry* Lindsay Ewick Lauren Snodgrass Nicole Watterman
Chi Theta
Jennifer Dixon* Ashley Johnston Jamie Ray Michele Schmidt Brooke Anderson jae Wheeler
Delta Beta
Anna Maragos* Christine Bayma* Kathryn Green*
Delta Delta
Kathryn Foti Katherine Mitchell Haley Thames Dianne Beard
Mary Elise Carter Emily Chandler Brittany Estes Kathryn Foti Stephanie Jones Jennifer Lacharite Jade Lasseigne Morgan Lynch Katie Mitchell Amanda Mussig Ginger Norman Audrey Reyes Jennifer Turner Katie Williams
Delta Epsilon
Stephanie Shourds* Lacey Daniel
Leslie Daniel Courtney Goldenberg Amanda McKenzie Elizabeth Brodowski Jessica Moersch Melissa Barron* Ashley Beyl
Rebecca Boyd Natalie Bringham* Jenny Canaday* Wendy Davis Megan Douglas* Pamela Finley Courtney Griffiths Kelli Hall
Robin Hill
Jennifer Lanning Leslie Lyons
Laura Nixon* Jennifer Payne Hillary Spain Whitney Medley Kali Steiner Christin Yates Casey Humkey Amanda Carter Tera Rica Murdock Kayla Rudolph
Elizabeth Landon Samantha Malupe Cathy Petrich Kristi Prychitko* Cory Barbarick Jessica Muehling Jessica Barker
Delta Psi
Suzanne Montijo Wendy Hale
Delta Theta
Audra Rabroker
Colleen Reiss Dana Cohen
Epsilon Alpha
Stephanie Braverman Halite Grossman Beth Levitsky
Brooke Lipskin Rachel Papsin
Jamie Libeskind Rachel Papsin Danielle Sturtz
Epsilon Chi
Margurette Awad
Epsilon Gamma
Amber Armstrong* Kathleen Moore Catherine Huguenard* Gretchen Neel Catherine Sedalnick Cara Friery
Rory O' Connor
Epsilon Omega
Lindsay Blank Jennifer Butler Kristin Davis Sara Pace
Amy Jo Smith Emily Kassem Janessa Stevens
Epsilon Sigma
Jamie Friye Teresa Toney Amanda Wolk
Gamma Alpha
Rachael Silver Elizabeth Clark Sarah Gerstner
Gamma Chi
Jennifer Young Laura Bishop
Gamma Delta
Laura Cowan Meagan Davis Lauren Held* Kristin Weaver Natalie Sutton Lauren Evans
Katie Walls Danielle Stevens Lindsay Ann Parvin
Gamma Sigma
Courtney Carter Kristen Ethridge Ashley Matthews Edna McCraw Leslie Riddick April Stermole Ashley Petty
Gamma Theta
Michelle McGrath Virginia Wallis Leanne Whitley
Krista Diestel Jennifer Harris Sheri O'Brien Lauren Partyka
Jaci Pawlowski Michelle Pezzuto* Elizabeth Shapiro* Jillian St. Leger Susan VanBIaricum Nicole Wackerlin Rachel Williams Sarah Williams* Bridgette Blair Kristen Biaschek Angela Brosi
Sara Davidson Julia Dossett Elizabeth Giglio Alyssa Illian Krista Kimme Catherine Rooney Carlin Sarmiento Sarah Stredney Erin Vance
Kelly VanHaren
lota Sigma
Katie Farrell
Kappa Alpha
Alison Antes* Alissa Bamhart Melissa Buback Stacey Carvey Lacey Frye
Staci Hickman Ashley Armstrong Nichole Daniels Katie Trout Shannon Workman
Jennifer Stuart
Kappa Kappa
Andrea Bunton Meghan Pohland Amanda Summers Erin Buck
Jennifer Schneider* Laura Hoesman Michele Hudgins Aimee Melody
Kappa Omega
Jayme Brockman Amy Brockman Abby Cahill Courtney French Laura Galchick

Beth Givens AmyGoins
Tarah Hawkins Michelle Inzetta Jennifer Jenkins Miranda Kyser Nichole Owens*
Liz Richardson
Jill Phelps* Katharine Roeder Kim Skeene Katherine Smith Brooke Tonnoehlen* Leslie Davis
Jamie Brown Kelsey Fort
Susan Byars Sherri Madison Erin McBride Michele Narewski Laura Nelligan Kelly Poison Allison Rogers Kim Skeene
Kappa Omicron
Stephanie Cox Rebecca Held
Jessica Hoback
Paige Mossman Emily Ramsey Alexandra Chambers
Kappa Phi Kappa I
Sarah Moo
Kappa Rho
Rebecca Allen Jacqueline Caldwell Janel Gesinski Stephanie Wallace* Janel Gesinski Stephanie Gier Jessica Mok
Anne Wisneski
Kappa Tau
Cady Breyel
Jaclyn Broussard Michelle Lay Jeri-Lynne Murphy Rachel Gorney Cori Crochet Britai DiGeorge
Lambda Chi
Mandy Aldrich Sally Skinner Rebecca Teel* Jennifer Aldrich Sarah Harwell
Lambda Eta
Shannon Maki Heather Battle Brittany Stropich
Kristin Gann
Melissa Gentry
Dylann Gould-Bowring* Breanne Johnson* Lucinda Johnson* Annie Jones
Christina Keheley Stephanie Langston* Sarah Lewis
Jamie Martin* Katherine Morgan* Sarah Moses
Katie Olson
Nicole Pfleger*
Kaitlin Riley*
Katie Schickner*
Kelly Stevenson
Jessica Veil*
Lauren Weidman*
Mary Beth Wiggins Mary Wolfe
Michelle Adinolfi
V alerie Alva-Ruiz Audrey Bowles
Kristina Lopez
Abby Peck
Colleen Quirk
Leigh Tenewitz
Amanda Warmer Allyson Bames Katherine Brown Courtney Burger
Katie Dupree
Tammy Holder KyndalKilch
Andrea Lee
Jordan Magee Catherine McCoy Kristen Mitcham Caroline Norman Ashlee Roberts
Lori Sammons
Allison Scon
Kathryn Seal
Megan Shingler
Sarah Smith
Sarah Swingle
Lambda Tau
Ashley Fisher
Kayla Haltom Jennifer Stephenson Suzanne Thompson Lindsay Davis Brooke Owens Anya Morris
Lynn Gibbd
Mindy Sanders
Lambda Upsilon
Kimberly Porpora Lauren Russo Christina Shindele* Stephanie Sterrett Jennifer Benfield Tiffany Berman Lena Andrews Laury Jones
Marie Harkins Elizabeth Rainey Julie Benoit Sally Putt Tiffany Pannell Laura Baker Corey Palmer Emily Brown Elizabeth Eva
Nu lota
Cara Bonnell Kristie Koike Jennifer Porter Trudee Thielen Diana Varga Kimberly Weimer
Nu Omicron
Alison Bruckert* Courtney Curb Elizabeth Hales
Jessica King
Courtney McEwen Jennings Miller Alanna Patsiokas Caitlin Prouty
Kristen Quirk
Alison Rigsby Katharine Smothermon Anne Marie Townsend Catherine Clary Stephanie Frank Catherine Gallerani Petrice Mostardi
Alexis Nesbit Stephanie Trautwein
Rachel Blom Megan Moore Julia Poccia
Cory Wiseman Danielle Shoreman Nicole Freygang Grace Gordon Sarah Hennings Emily Mowrer Grace Schneider Alexandra Wolfe
Omega Omicron
Amanda Mueller Jenny Hayes
Kim Moore* Cerissa Sanderson Karen Van Horn
Omega Upsilon
AndreaBidlack Meghan Carter* Renee Casteel*
Kelly Hardgrader Jennifer Interliggi Emily King
Rachel Lewis Meghan McClelland* Jennifer Reeder Bethany Sanders
Erin Sutherland Amy Tortoriello Jamie Viox* Audrey Wilson Marcia Wood Anne Bookmyer Kelly Boyer Alissa Cardone Sara Guarnieri Alyssa Malchi Lauren Williams
Anna Laura Barnes Christia Brinkley* Megan Casey
Cara Johnson
Kylie Keller
June Marable
Rachel Matthews
Beth Meadows
Mary Catherine Moon Lauren Oliver
Kelly Owens*
Allison Reego* Courtney Roberts Ashley Smith*
Lauren Sutterfield Adrienne Waters Mary Keller Whirmer Wren Smith
Kaley Barnett Sara Roberts Rachel Royer Whitney Simpson Abby Weil
Emily Welchel Elizabeth Wilson Stephanie Yokley Rebecca Miller
Phi Sigma
Jada Bilau
Jessica Christo Tamina Eshleman Jessica Vossler Bethany Albrecht Suzanne Martin Sheila Bouc
Amber Kunnemann Jessica Vossler
Pi Alpha
Kate Dupin Katherine Visanescu Yelena Kozinets
Pi Delta
Lauren Ohno
Hallie Aaron* Maggie Lynch* Denise Grosberg AbbyAdler*
Erin Watkins
Erin Dieterich Keriann Evans Ellen Foody
Maya Graham Rebecca McDermitt Dawn Julian
Preeya Matthew Ashley Silverman Saleena Subaiya Tara Buckley Hannah Freymeyer Erin Watkins Theresa Wilson Colleen Tucci
Marisabel Armstrong
Rho Delta
Jessica Caroe* Vickie Lally
Laura Oakley Christen Saunders Marian Smith Jennifer Stark Vickie Lally
Carrie McCullough Erin Sutphen
Sarah Wilcox
Rho Omicron
Jessica Alexander Allison Fuqua Amanda Russell Laura Clark
Ahsley Fuqua Amanda McClellan Megan McRae Amy Midgett
Kavita Goswamy Jessica Higashiyama Mary Leroe-Munoz Jenna Leyton*
Jessica Higashiyama Theresa Mary Ortbals*
Sigma Alpha
Sheila Figel ElleyHigginbotham
Sigma Chi
Meghan DuBois Jessica Valluzzi Heather Yerkie* Megan Muzzy Lauren Ward Jessica Valluzzi
Sigma Delta
Charlotte Cooper Ashley Dubuque Hollen Hartzog Laura Sanders Ann Stroberg Whitney Dubose Leah Nesbitt Laura Tyree Lindsey Chappell Ashley Clark* Leann Mallory Mary Henderson Keri Till
Laura Shannon Cheney
Sigma Omicron
Megan McDonald AmyEofT
Jessica Williams Camille Hemund Leslie Knod Courtney Rowe Kristen Rowe
Sigma Phi
Irina Koll
Sigma Tau
Liz Dunlap Min-li Wu Katherine Orga*
Tau Delta
Virginia Dyson Susan Evans Cameron Jones Caroline Jones Laura Lee Latham Elizabeth McLeod Megan Seibert Kathryn Smith Ashley Zerull
Tau Gamma
Lisa Contreras
Tau Lambda
Emily Shank Laura Carbaugh
Tau Omega
Kim Clark
Wendalyn Prather Jennifer Wagenmaker Drew Slone
Tau Omicron
Britni Freeman
Keely Gaylord Stephanie Gray Dashawn Howell Kristi Moore
Jennifer Bartholomew
Laura Brandes Marikay Cook Amanda Gamer Sarah Allen
Amy Clement Stephanie Dowell Catherine Evans Ashley Greggs Amy Evans
Lillie Brewer Danielle Nunnery Valerie Gilliland Lauren Mangrum Rachel Mansfield
Theta Beta
Becky Gerkens Marci Pinglora Jessica Wohlmuth
Theta Chi
Ashley Dirks Jamie Cornelia
Theta Omega
Jessica Allison Lori Barraza* Tiffany Gray* Necole Brule Katie Hareid Adrienne Lopez Krisen Marquis
Theta Pi
Teresa Scardino
Theta Psi
Amity Woirol* Lindsay Pinkelman Jody Lomax Rebecca Marzec Jessica Peters Dawn Weimer Stacey Fryberger
Upsilon Lamda
Barrera Kristy Pacheco
Stephanie Benshoof Lauren Eddy* Vanessa Fields
Cori Fishell
Rachel Holland ChelseaHolmes Robin Maril* Maghen Petty Lyndi Porter Amanda Arnold Kristen Wilt Bria Moore Natalie Albert Laura Harolds Jocelyn Hunter Cam Mortonson Stacey Otzmann Brooke Sierer Erin Sullins Laurie Williams
Jennifer Edwards* Diana Fitzpatrick Maggan Kitten Christin Lovegrove Stephanie Mohr* Jenny Peterson
Laura Peterson Shelley Tifft*
Rachel Boeger
Sara Brostrom
Cheryl Halstead
Katy MichaeUs Jennifer Reifschneider Andrea Ihle
Lambda Omicron Kristin Polidori Rebecca Crockarell
Bethany GrifHn
Lambda Sigma
Amy Alexander Laura Bedingfield Kathryn Binder Elizabeth Cain* Rachel Carter Blair Cobb
Emily Craze* Lindsey Davison* Jessica DeJaraette Kristin Dondero* Sarah Dupree Alisa Esposito* Kimberly Evans Jackie Feit*
Mu Lambda
Emy Cardoza* Dakota Fiori Odile Perez
Stephanie Kemper* Ashley Hood Angela Acred* Lindsey Davis
Amy Waycaster Jena Phillips* Angela Jenkins Lauren McGee Ashley Hutton
Paige Douglas Meredith McKinney
To Dragma [ Summer 2004 ]

Zeta Pi
Amanda Bishop Jennifer Davidson Amy Dill
Lindsay Martin Katie Mitchum* Rashmi Murthy Kassi Webster BarbiAgricola Kelly Demuynck Deanna Orr Hailey Parr
Zeta Psi
Lindsay Adcox Karen Harry
Alpha Chi
Abby Loven Stephanie Sellers Sarah Murray Brittany Fausey Abigail Lovan
Alpha Phi
Paige Lester Tegan Malloy
Alpha Theta
Michelle Harman Becky Hession Kimberly Schnurr Andrea Sturm Katie Utter Allison Schue
Beta Gamma
Ellen Sluka
Beta Phi
Katie Diggins Lauren McVicker Lindsey Ruggiero Ashley Stern
Jen n ifer Goldstein Allison Dempsey
Beta Tau
Marissa Bushe Jennifer Francis
Chi Delta
Rebecca Nichols Kara Abbott Elizabeth Rogers
Chi Epsilon
Katey Price
Chi Lambda
Danielle Grecco Libbie Seward Molly McLaughlin Samantha Divine Jessica Fulcher Christine Rufkhar Lauren Dimmitt Kelly Crandall
Chi Psi
April Garon
Chi Theta
Jennifer Vivian Martha Bacon Renee Snoke Liz Haughey
Delta Beta
Anna Maragos Susan Gonzalez
Delta Delta
Kate Donovan Tiffany Bates
Christy Cohan
Emily Cangie AudreyReyes
KateW ehr
Christin Ridley Jessica Steinkampf Courtney Boeckmann Leslie Rosebrough Allsion Reiland AbbyTull
Adrinenne Coley Alex Strickland Ali Kimberl Allison Handley Allison Shaw Amanda Head Amanda Pope Amber Smoak Ashely Baker Ashley Marble Brittany Estes Brittany Roberts Caroline Norton Carrie Goodner Crysta Crabtree Cynthia Park Dana Bosso
Dare Guyer Eileen Kuletz Ellen Burge Ellis Burgess Emily Bowen Emily Chandler Emily Gober Emmie Mitchell Erin Mitchell Heather Searle Holly Howell Jaciyn Gaddy Jaime Bres Janye Hines Jenn Self
Jenn Turner
Julie Carter Katherine Jackson Kathryn Foti Kathryn Kollefrath Katie Houck
Katie Williams Kelly Pate
Kendal Smith Kimberly Burns Kristen Bass
Lauren Caraway Lauren Skelton Leslie Wallace Christen Ridley Leah Pasqualine Libby King
Lindsey Cagle Lindsey Phipps Lindsey White
Liz Garcia Mary-Peyton Penick Megan Bowman Megan Stroud Melissa Marshall Mirandy Hughes Rachel Wright
Sara Pickard
Shena Little Stephanie Jones Tracy Elleard Whitney Hall
Delta Epsilon
Laurie Davis Alison Pierce Elizabeth Davis
Delta Omega
Laura Holt Jennifer Payne Hillary Spain Meagan Rogers
Rebecca Boyd Megan Haverstock Kayla Rudolph Amanda Carter Jennifer Sutherland Amy Hille
Kayla Cunningham Tera Rica Murdock Stephanie McDaniels Sarah Clark
Susan Greene
Ashley Powell
Abby Miller
Jackie Hunter
Casey Humkey Brooke Fugate
Sarah Hobson Tiffany Snow Rebecca Boyd
Jenny Canaday
Kelly Drane
Pamela Finley
Michelle Houser
Missy Jenkins
Ashley Lanham Jennifer Lanning
Ashley Meador Amanda West
Delta Pi
Mallory Swift Elizabeth Finkle
Delta Rho
Liz Marcus Kristina Borrelli Micki Kams
Delta Theta
Lindsey Durham
Delta Upsilon
Maggie McGannon Brenda Bautsch
Lindsey Rosenthal Vanessa Sisto Courtney Blake Jade Goh
Meghan Cunningham
Epsilon Gamma
Sara McCarl Mariana Felix
Epsilon Sigma
Andera Obert Michelle Doellman Katee Dorsey Martha Gaitan Lindsey Freeman Stefanie Brezinski
Rachyl Coakley Kristen Sinclair Kelly Gendron
Gamma Alpha
Christina Logan Sarah Greshner
Gamma Chi
Michelline Neserallah
Gamma Omicron
Ysabel Cruz Tina Stengal
Katherine Burbank Samantha Murano Jamie Myette
Gamma Theta
Candice Wild
Karen Murray JoyDaniel
Kelly Paulini Elizabeth Nisbet
lota Sigma
Kappa Alpha
Pamela Fischer
Kappa Chi
Mindy McConnell Kelli Miller
Abby Brocato
Kappa Gamma
Jennifer Stuart Amanda Chin
Kappa Kappa
Alicia Dant Jennifer Cline Megan Chamness Kate DeHaven Olufunmbi Elemo Nikki Smith Annie Streit
Kori Knoll Jennifer Schneider
Kappa Omicron
Ashley Kutz
Amber Shaw MollieO'Dell
Juliet Pearl
Phaedra Fisher
Jane Anne Miller Cameron Rochelle Whitney Carman Georgianna Bowersox Casey Hail
Kappa Phi
Whitney Morrison
Kappa Tau
Christine Barrios Anne Belanger Megan Bello Rachel Bergeron Carrie Biggio Jaciyn Broussard Kacie Brummel Katherine Cascio Lawanna Crowe Dianne Donald Regina Eschette Brittney Faciane Colleen Fandal Tara Fooshee Emily Gallagher Emily Gerkin Rachael Gorner Heidi Hayes Megan Hoffman Brandi Jones Shannon Kimble Jennifer King Amy Landreneau Selena Landry Kathy Lancer Michelle Lay Elizabeth LeBlanc Lindsey LeBlanc Courtney Mahler Tamara May
Joelle McWilliams Randi Meche Ashley Merriett Brittany Miranda Jeri- Lynn Murphy Kristen Poor Kristen Ruiz Candice Sanders Cassie Schnell LindsaySharp Mandy Simoneaux Jessica Stone Ashley Tarver Lindsey Taylor Cassie Trahan Jessica Zachery
Lambda Chi
Amber Nolen
Amy Baxter
Hannah Bloodworth
Lambda Eta
Michelle Horvath Roberta Payne Allison Reynolds Melissa Springsteen
Lambda Sigma
Ginny Barton Allison Barnes Hawley Morrison Meghan Lewis Ashley Freeman Mallory Grebel Megan Shingler
Lambda Tau
Kayla Haltom Ashleigh Saucier Meagan Crump Amy Hart Amanda Colter Holly Post Jennifer Henry Allison Fisher Lizzie Marino Michelle Roy Kayla Miller
Lambda Upsilon
Kelli Crabtree Nicole Martini Victoria Conte Gina LefTler Laura Plunkett Courtney Junkin Michelle Paitich
Mu Lambda
Mary Meyers
Nu Beta
Aimee Bertrand Rebecca Bertrand Amanda Russell Alexis Ferrell Jenny W eeden
Nu lota
Jackie Riplinger Sarah Katz
Nu Omicron
Lisa Bryington Ashley Dameron Meg Martin
Kim McGinnis Addie Sherwood Dawn Steinhoff
Allison Kolodziej Justine Lelchuk Lauren Schilt
Omega Omicron
Lela Garrett Anna Brewer Cathy Bistolfi Jennifer Craig
Omega Upsilon
Corinne Hoover Rita Doherty Alisha Connors
Rachel Clement Whitney Morse Haley Haas Sutterfield Jamie Thomas
Phi Beta
Michelle Cassidy Katie Glowacki Meghan Copeland
Pi Delta
Brittany Tressler
Pi Theta
Alice Estevez Jenisy Leon V anessa Ruiz
Rho Delta
Sara Marshall Katie Gilbert Jennifer Clapp Vickie Lally Sarah Wilcox Caroe Jessica
Leah Beth Bean Michelle Butler Cindy McElroy Kristen Grantham Marti Lomax Mary McAdoo Misty Stephens Amber Grantham Lea Wilson
Bess Rickman Misty Cox
Jill Blount Candace Haynes
Therese Mascardo Deborah Bergstrom Amy Houghtelin Natasha Paracha Nisha Shah
Sigma Delta
Jessie Burris Brittany Dubose Leah Nesbitt Ashley Gervais Laura Tyree Emily W ebster
Sigma Omicron
Courteny Rowe
Sigma Rho
Janae Hammaker Christina Hamilton Brooke Schad Sarah Fisher
Sigma Tau
Linasey Eichner Courtney Devine Kim Dannenfelser Emily Cornette Laura Parr
ToDragma [ Summer 2004 ]

Janna Miller
Tau Delta
Jeris Burns Niki Rogers Amanda Latifi Emily Wood Mary Ivey
Tau Lambda
Katilin Marino Rosalind Jamison
Tau Omega
Drew Slone Greta Hicks Colene Elridge
Tau Omicron
Danielle Nunnery
Theta Beta
Lyndsey Hettinger
Theta Chi
Shawna Simmons Bridget McElderry Elizabeth Miller Allyson Stepp Angela Meyer
Theta Pi
Melissa Powers
Theta Psi
Ashlie Wion
Sarah Campbell Kelsey Gardner Sarah Dicke Katy Michaelis Rachael Weichel
Zeta Pi
Jessica lLemons Barbi Agricola
Zeta Psi
Sadie Cox
Student Ambassadors
Alpha Chi
Abby Loven Brittany Fausey Tara Robinette Caroline Fuller
Alpha Phi
Paige Lester Kristin Wamsley Joslyn Fillenworth Mandi Allsop Ashley Ellis
Alpha Psi
Jen Ciancio
Beta Phi
S tacyThompson Erica Hursh
Stacy Thompson Andrea Minarcek
Chi Lambda
Catie Taylor Ashley Sticht Andrea Langemaat Danielle Grecco Cris Brannock Rita Jung
Jessica Fulcher Catherine Taylor
Chi Psi
Chelsea Drennan Lauren Etcheverry Tiffany Laufer Chelsea Drennan Lauren Etcheverry
Chi Theta
Dusti Stone
Delta Beta
Susan Gonzalez
Delta Delta
Christin Johnson
Delta Delta
Caroline Norton Kate Donovan Tiffany Bates Leah Pasqueline Christy Cohan Janye Hines
Amy Morris Whitney Phillips Katie Mitchell Stephanie Jones Emily Cangie Allie Sprinkle Kelly Stinehour Christin Johnson
Delta Epsilon
Laurie Davis
Delta Omega
Kristen Larkins Ashley Meador Natalie Bringham Megan Douglas Amanda West Kayla Rudolph Leslie Lyons
Annie Leigh Cruse Amy Hille Meghan Heine Laura Nixon Jennifer Guthrie Meredith Gates Michelle Houser Abby Miller
Sarah Hobson Shay Barnes Whitney Bushart Sarah IClark Pamela Finley Megan Haverstock Missy Jenkins Ashley Meador Jennifer Payne Kayla Rudolph
Delta Pi
Elizabeth Finkle
Delta Upsilon
Lauren Lind
Kassie Doyle
Sarah Blum-Barnett Stephanie Roos Mary Ellison Baars Grace Tan
Jessica Rosenthal Gretchen Guzek Dana Cohen Jessica Welker Melanie Manoach ElyssaKoeppel Catherine Deneke Kate Walton
Epsilon Alpha
Theresa Kim Rachell Papsin
Epsilon Gamma
Sara McCarl
Epsilon Sigma
Michelle DoeUman Michelle Nester Katy Geppert Andrea Obert Aimee Koblitz Laura Bolger Stefanie Brezinski
Rachyl Coakley
Gamma Alpha
Marella Stephanie Allie Schenck Stephanie Marella
Gamma Chi
Brooke Wiggin Heather Stone Cassandra Jenkins Julia Gardner
Janna Belcourt Candace Quinlon Brooklyn Prior
Emily Mathiesen
Jess Larrera Michelline Neserallah
Gamma Delta
Elizabeth Hinson Beth Myers Deidre Riley Misty Wright
Gamma Omicron
Kelly O'Neil Michelle Meyer Carla Mortellaro
Gamma Theta
Kassandrea Worrel
Neeva Sandu Erin Paulini
lota Siama
Bethany Landon Elizabeth Ehlers
Kappa Chi
Brittany Jones Leslie Bean Jessica Akin
Kappa Gamma
Nicole Maassen
Kappa Kappa
Kelfy Nofzinger Nikki Smith
Lisa Oehl
Alyssa Ivanson Jenny Whitman Alycia Dant Jennifer Cline Jessica Kimberlin
Kappa Omicron
Ashley Kutz Whitney Garman Nicole Walker Erin Vickers Martha Cole Juliet Pearl
Erin Johnston Amber Shaw Mollie O'Dell Frances Rabalais Ashley Crosland Caroline King Erin Gabbert Lauren Bartling Jane Anne Miller
Kappa Rho
Heather Pangle Jackie Caldwell Kristen Sobieray Erin Beauvais
Kappa Sigma
Liz Ablett
Kappa Tau
Joelle McWilliams Brittany Fallon Ashley Tarver
Lambda Chi
Mandy Aldrich Rebecca Teel Carole Ann Clark Sara Gilreath Hillary Holder Katie Harwell Amy Baxter
Sarah Jarrett Megan Carroll Katherine Bailey
Lambda Eta
Beth Diehl
Michelle Horvath Jennifer McCracken Emily Sellers Rebeckah Duffey Ashley Ryan Heather Campbell Colleen Vesper
Lambda Omicron Lacy Denney
Lambda Sigma
Tiffany Davidson Ginny Barton Jamie Martin Andrea Lee Meagan Joiner Rachel Neeley Jenna Amelotte Libby Woodward Claire Petrone Katie Olson
Jennifer Henry Jennifer Stephenson Courtney Creekmore
Lambda Upsilon
Gina Leffler
Mu Lambda
Carrie Capron Hrisa Nicea
Nu Beta
Rachel McClure
Jenna Morrisson Meredith McKinney
Nu Omicron
Julia Phillips
Sarah Cross
Nina Cunningham Ashley Dameron Emily Davidson Dana Delisi
Paige Edwards Caroline Eick
Robin Fleishman Regan Madigan Courtney McEwan Jenny Moats
Petrice Mostardi Caitlin Munkley Caityl Prouty Kimberly Schraeder Carolyn Sloane Maggie Staton
Meg Stuk
Holly Wright Catherine Clary Emily Failla
Ali Hales
Christine Johnson Kristen Mason Katie Simpson Alison Skowronski Jane McKee
Undsayioung Justine Lelchuk Alexandra Wolfe
Omega Omicron Ashleigh Martz Emily Y oung Cathy Bistolfi Leigh Darby
Omeqa Upsilon
Sigma Tau
Linasey Eichner
Nicole Hines
Tau Delta
Sarah Cunningham Emily Duggan Jamie Gober
Lenor Harrison
Tau Gamma
Lori Gagnon
Tau Omega
Drew Slone
Greta Hicks
Julie Verax
Katie Bartlett
Jessical Hicks
Janey Watts
Janie Castle
Ashley Bostic Colenel Elridge Catherine Bartlett JenniferWagenmaker Cassandra Clark Ashley Koch
Jessica Hamlet Kim Cook Pamela Carrico Ashley Sanders Kimberly Clark
Tau Omicron
Kathryn Douglas Gina Wiggins
V alerie Gilliland Jenny Hayes
Theta Beta
Frani Leiberman Jody Nicholson
Theta Chi
Shawna Simmons Angelina Addison Bridget McElderry Elizabeth Miller Angela Meyer
Theta Psi
CourtneyWelch Lisa Dot to
Upsilon Lambda
Kristy Pacheco Brandi Banks Laurie Ritter Melissa Rodriguez Samantha Short Rebecca Mas Lizette Ballesteros Liliana Gonzalez
Erin Bader Elena Olson Erin Burcham Katy Michaelis Andrea Mullen Nicole Busboom Audra Soukup
Zeta Pi
Jessica Lemons Kassie Price Lizzie Pham
Zeta Psi
Sadie Cox
Elizabeth Goulding ToDragma [ Summer 2004 ]
Rita Doherty
Whitney Morse Rachel Parsons
Phi Beta
Claudia Cerrulli Serena Schuler Gretchen Vogt Kayla Burns
Phi Sigma
Jada Bilau
Loran Bernert
Pi Delta
Maggie Lynch
Rho Omicron
Cindy McElroy Beth Garrety Erin Pauls Brooke Ponder
Sarah Gaither Amy Houghtelin Natasha Paracha Nisha Shah
Sigma Delta
Elizabeth Frank Leah Nesbitt Laura Tyreel
Libbie Seward Danielle Washington

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Rewards theAOII
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2 6
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It has never been easier to purchase a magazine through AOII Magazine Sales Program! Simply go to type in your name, email address, select the alumnae or collegiate chapter of your choice, click submit, and start shopping! Look for more information about contests and prizes in the fall!

Alumnae News
[Idea Saluting Leadership:
Chapters were asked to honor one of their outstanding members
volleyball a n d still makes time for AOII. She say, "people make time for what they value." W e are lucky to have such a wonderful women in our chapter.
Raedee Saar is our philan- thropic chairman and this is only her first year as an alum- na member. In addition to
all of our philanthropy events, she also volunteered to help organize some social events like our Annual Pottery Night. Her energy a n d love for AOII is boundless - Raedee Saar, we saluteyou!
Central NewMexico
All our officers are outstand- ing. Their enthusiasm a n d dedication to the group have helped to keep us going and growing. Lisa Goodman is a meticulous treasurer, Marilyn Irvin is an enthusiastic in Panhellenic, and Julie Burnside makes a great historian. W e also salute our president Kay Adams.
Carol Armstrong Beard (Lambda Chi '82] is a walk- ing dynamo! After being married for five years to husband Russellandlivingin three cities with no AOII chap- ter, the yearning for sisterhood finally inspired her to take steps to build a Charleston chapter in November 1998. Carol has worked every year to make our chapter grow!
W e salute Shelly Stevenson. Shelly has long been a d advocate for our alumnae chapter and for AOII in general. A n e w mom, Shelly continues to help our chapter run smoothly and efficiently.
Chicago City
Our Vice President of Ways and Means, Kerri Caldwell has been dedicated to her position for several years. A s our officer in charge of fund raising, Kerri has consistently organized successful events like our Silent Auction a n d Raffle in the fall and our
Golf Outing and BBQ inthe spring.
Chicago NW Suburban
W e would like to salute and to thank our two secretaries for painting such a beautiful picture of our chapter, its members, activities and its history. They are: N a n c y Nye Brown (Beta Gamma) Recording Secretary
- directory and Lucie Meyer Kreidler (lota) Corresponding Secretary - newsletter Thanks to their creativity, diligence and attention to detail.
Chicago West
W e salute all of our current chapter officers. They help make our executive meetings run very smoothly.
Beth Hutchison isa new officer and a new member
already serving as Vice President of Membership.
She has become one of
our most active members, always at meetings, offering her home for activities, volunteering for many projects and helping out a collegiate chapter in need.
Cleveland West
W e would like to salute Jennifer Hennes for being our Treasurer, year after year, for
as long as w e can remember. She really does a great job, thanks Jennifer!
Dallas Alumnae
The Dallas AC is blessed
with such great officers that it's hard to spotlight justone; however, Marcia Wehrle has really done a great job this year. She always tells people that she can be called upon if they need to get something done for our chapter and she really means it! She is very appreciated.
The Dayton Alumnae
chapter salutes Terry Bevis (Omega), w h o has served
as Treasurer for the past 10 years. She has been an active member of an alumnae group since her graduation from Miami University in
1973. As Treasurer, her records are exemplary, bills paid promptly, and reports completed on time.
Our numbers are small, but growing. Due to our numbers, our chapter does not require
W e would like to salute Judy Corne, our Chapter Treasurer. She graciously volunteered
to b e treasurer even though she is "a people person, not a numbers person". Judy has done an outstanding job!
AOII is pleased to hold
the 2003-2004 Atlanta Panhellenic Association Presidency. Mary Ann Vaughan Stark (Delta Delta '711 has served many posi- tions throughout her AOII career and w e are pleased
to honor a loyal chapter mem- ber and Panhellenic Guru.
W e would like to honor Kathleen Campanella, Alpha Delta (1971|, w h o has
held several offices includ-
ing Recording Secretary, Treasurer, a n d twice serving as President. Kathleen
is Coordinator of Public Information with the Brethren Service Center, which is com- prised of non-profit relief a n d development organizations. Kathleen is an encouraging leader w h o brings warmth and sets an inspiring personal example to our sisterhood.
Baton Rouge
KellyJames Moore (Kappa Pi) is a n inspiration to the Baton Rouge Alumnae Chapter. She publishes our newsletter a n d updates our w e b page. She is the ideal officer who under- stands her responsibilities, fulfills them without question and goes above and beyond the call of duty.
Bowling Green
I want to salute our secretary, Laura Page, for being an outstanding alumnae officer! She makes attendance at
all functions and meetings a priority, a n d she restarted our annual newsletter.
Karen Stanturf Furu, Secr/Treas, is a community volunteer a n d has her o w n practice as an RN. LCPC. Initiated as an lota Alpha she has actively served on the Alpha PhiAAC,Corp Board, and Alumnae Chapter. She is an outstanding example of what it means to be an AOII.
Annette Mueller is a mother of four young children w h o finds time to work part-time, belongs to a band, plays
To Dragma [ Summer 2004 ]

a vice president. However, Jen Wagner took it upon her
self to take that role. Jen has created newsletters, mailings and even ran a business meeting because the presi- dent was out of town.
Denton County
Nearly every one of our cur- rent members gives tirelessly of their time and energy to
the alumnae chapter, as well as to on either Delta Theta's AAC or Corporation Board. The ladies of Denton County truly exemplify what "sister- hood for a lifetime" means and they should all be saluted for their time and dedication toAOt.
Jan Spomer has served
as President of Chi Delta Corporation Board for over ten years. She is truly a role model for the young women at Chi Delta Chapter. W e honor Jan for her undying love for the organization and her constant selfless efforts to keep the Corp Board afloat.
Amber Ackley (Kappa Rho '99| is a young member and one of the newer members of
corresponding secretary, has shared our mailing labels with the local collegiate chapter, came up with the idea to create an email list serve to communicate AOII activities, and recruits other sisters to join and participate.
Itwould be difficult to
choose just one officer to salute....all the officers of the Ft. Lauderdale Area Alumnae Chapter deserve to be recognized for their continued support of AOII!
I salute all who are in the chapter because all of us are working hard to keep this chapter the best it can be.
Greater Harrisburg
Although not an official "officer" for our chapter, we honor Kelly Schlieder. She gives her time on the national level by being an Adviser. If you looked up AOII in the dictionary, there she would be!
Renee Boyd has been an asset to our chapter. She has stepped up to become a leader of our chapter, Renee has been an excellent representative of our chapter in the Jackson Area Alumnae Panhellenic Association!
Greater Los Angeles
Beryl Arbit is truly one incred- ible officer! She has held
the office of treasurer since our inception. Under her leadership, the reports have always been on time, bylaws and budgets are always reviewed, and we are
fiscally sound.
Greater Pinellas
Gay Gentry, Kappa Omicron '63, our MIFs officer is a very busy lady. A retired teacher, she will become Clearwater Panhellenic President next year. Among her numerous community activities she is serving on the City of Largo Board of Commissioners.
Anne Scully Varney is our Vice President. She is a charter member. She has been an active member
of Greater Portland for 25 years. Professionally, she
is the Gifted & Talented Coordinator in the Westbrook (ME] schools.
W e salute Vice President of Membership/Programming, Amy Hahn Olivares. She has produced a new directory
by herself, reigns supreme
as database Queen, and always has time to listen to and provide feedback for thoughts/ideas. She's always willing to volunteer for duties and we thank you, Amy!
Karen Brewer is our chapter treasurer and she is an outstanding example of a dedicated sister. She is warm and friendly and interested
in her sorority sisters. She attends almost every meeting, and participates in the other activities, such as Jingle Bell Run, as well.
Our chapter would like to salute our treasurer Marlene Brown. Marlene is also the treasurer of Sigma Omicron's Corporation Board, and
is the financial adviser for Omega Omicron. Marlene
is our computer webmaster, designs our newsletters and sends out announcements.
Lake County of IB
Sue Bollinger has done a great job with our finances. She is very organized and keeps us all up to date on our budget. Sue also helps keep track of many of our fund raisers. Nancy Trattner has also done a fantastic job as our secretary. She never misses a beat with reminders for meetings and she makes sure that thank you notes are promptly sent.
Celeste Moore has done an outstanding job as secretary and now agreeing to take on the roll of treasurer as well. With Celeste around we are sure to always be heading in the right direction.
W e salute Frankie Frazier Nordlund (Nu Beta). Frankie is a leading sales person for Nextron Medical Technologies, Inc. that sells kidney dialysis equipment and supplies. Frankie has served our chapter as Collegiate Relations officer for many years, but is also on the Foundation Board
for AOII International. She travels a great deal for her job, but there have been several years she has not missed a meeting. This shows how dedicated Frankie is to AOII. I always think of her when someone tells me they are too busy to be a part of our group. Frankie is a great example of time management and commitment.
Long Island
The Long Island Alumnae saluteJoan Ritzheimer Munzing in recognition of
To Dragma [ Summer 2004 ]
our chapter.
our Historian, is chairing two of our charity events this year {Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis and the MS Walk in Birmingham, Michigan).
Evansuille Tri-State
Carole Montgomery, our treasurer, never minds the work associated with this responsibility. For her office, she receives dues, coordinates costs for events, finishes reports, and makes sure we contribute to both the AOII Foundation and local arthritis. Julie Bell, our
She is presently

her 5 0 year membership. She was a charter member of then Brooklyn, Nassau, Suffolk Alumnae Chapter of New York. She has served in many capacities over the years, and is still an active member of long Island Alumnae Chapter of N e w York, one of two chapters formed from the original.
Mammb County
We would like to salute Robin BdCramini, our secretary and goodfriend. She is on the City Council of Troy and a very busy person, but she still finds rime to support bo-local alum- nae group and all the endeavors ofourgroup.
St Paul
W e salute Joan Kees Wigginton for her long time dedication and involve- ment with Tau Chapter
and Minneapolis/St. Paul Alumnae Association.
Joan has been on the Tau CorporationBoardfor24 yearsandbeenpresident
on three different occa-
sions. She has always
been supportive of the local alumnae association and
held positions of President, Vice president, Secretary,
and Panhellenic Delegate.
In addition, she has been recruitment adviser to Tau and SigmaChapters.
We salute Mrs. Carol Robinson for all of her hard work and dedication to AOII. W e thank her for always giving 100% to AOII.
W e salute our Chapter President, Judy McFarland. She has served four consecu- tive two-year terms as presi- dent and continues to provide
enthusiasm, theme ideas, and promotion of sisterhood in
the Muncie Alumnae group. She is also secretary of the Corporation Board.
Napa Valley
Kathy Fitzgerald is our sister- of-all-trades. She continues
to lead our chapter with her experience and organization. Our chapter would not be the same without her dedication.
Nashville Area
Sarah Creekmore is our chapterpresident. Shehas previouslyservedasNAACs VP-Programming and was named AOII's Panhellenic GreekWomanoftheYear in2002. Shealsoserves the N u Omicron Chapter as Corporation President and has previously served as an adviser. Thanks to Sarah to making such a commitment to our chapter and to AOII.
New York Capital
KellyArmistoBaird hasheld the offices of Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Membership Chair, Programming Chair, and Public Relations Chair. She is responsible for coordinating and publishing our annual Newsletter as well as our calendar of events. Kelly also servesasChapterAdviserto Sigma Chi and as a member oftheirCorpBoard. Kellyis definitely an example of the AOII Spirit!
New York City Area
Our webmaster, Joy, has been such a saving grace toourchapter.Withoutan electedsecretarythisyear, Joy has picked up some of the secretarial duties, and has also redesigned our local chapter's website.
Northern Kentucky
W e salute Angie Johnson, our vice president. She is hard working, always willing to help in any way and very supportive of our chapter
and AOII.
Northern Vfryima
We would like to salute our treasurer, Kerry Ross. Kerry currently serves as the chap- ter's treasurer, ensuring all reports and fees are submit- ted on time. Kerry is also the Corporation Board President for the Gamma Alpha chapter. Kerry received a RoseAwardatthe2001 InternationalConvention,and we here in Northern Virginia are so very proud of her.
Elizabeth Malloy Hartell has been an active member of our alumnae chapter since she graduated from Wagner College in 1988. She has served as our alumnae chap- ter president in the past and is currentlyourVicePresidentof Programming. Sheisalsothe Thela Pi's Corporation Board President. In 2003 Liz was a Rose Award recipient.
Our chapter treasurer, Ann Broyhill-Schram, helped to revitalize our alumnae chapter first by serving as president andtreasurerandnowby continuing as treasurer. Ann is dedicated to AOII in many ways and does much to help welcome new members
to our group.
Orlando Area
The treasurer of our chapter, Marty Harrison, has been the treasurerforwhoknows how long. Sheletsthemembers know when dues are due and gentry reminds them when they are late. She
also has a great rapport with
the local collegians. Her nickname is Mom Marty.
The Ottawa Alumnae Chapter would like to salute several alumnae for their dedication to supporting
both the Alumnae Chapter and Gamma Chi Collegiate Chapter. Alisar Ibrahim Lachapelle is currently the Secretary of the Alumnae Chapter and is an adviser for Gamma Chi. Kim Pearcy is Collegiate Chapter Liaison and Assistant Membership Chair in the Alumnae Chapter,andisservingin hersecondyearasChapter Adviser for Gamma Chi. Diana Speaight Pilswworth isalongtimemember oftheOttawaAlumnae Chapter. She has been an adviser for Gamma Chi,
and Philanthropy Chair and
To Dragma reporter for the Ottawa.
Palo Alto
JanisNelson,has"raised thebar"inhercapacityas Membership Chairman of our alumnae chapter. She has developed a varied program, which appeals to members of all ages and interests, thereby significantly increasing our numbers. She edits an outstanding chapter newslet- ter which is published twice yearly, andsingle-handedly publishes our Membership Directory. Thankyou,Janis, for everything you do!
Kathy Dyer Borzell is proba- bly one of the most dedicated and hard working alums to grace our chapter. Kathy is our treasurer, often serves as chairman of our Founders' Day luncheon and continues to chair our Silent Auction. In short, she embodies every good quality of an AOII.
Piedmont NC
Even though she could not continue the position, Cathy Beebe, as a fresh graduate from Elon University offered to be our new Vice President. Shewassoenthusiasticand fullofideas. Unfortunately, due to a job search, she had to move back home to Florida. Weappreciateall shedidandwewillmissher.
W e are proud to honor Marianna Hahl Beers. She was recognized as a 5 0 - year member in 1996, but she did not rest on her laurels andstopworking! Marianna hascontinuedtobeloyaland hardworking in her efforts to keep our chapter running.
She serves as our Treasurer and ensures that all our meet- ing dates are publicized in our focal paper.
Our outgoing President Pat Bojinoff has worked for years for Portland Alumnae Chapter. She also works hard on the Portland Panhellenic. W e salute her
ToDragma [Summer2004 ]
Palouse Washington commitment to volunteering
Doreen Jones has been a tireless worker for Alpha Omicron Pi as an Alumna. She has served as our treasurer for as long as I can remember as well as serving as financial adviser to the local chapter. Her efforts cover at least 4 0 years.
and to Alpha Omicron Pi!

San Antonio
Bernadette Garcia is our Wonder Woman. She is Vice-President of our chapter, and Chapter Relations Adviser and Corporation Board mem- ber for Upsilon Lambda. Her titlesarenotjustforshow,she isamazingatwhatshedoes, consistently working hard for our Fraternity and our ideals.
San Diego
San Diego is proud to salute Danyte Mockus (Lambda Iota, '91) for her dedicated service as the chapter's delegate
to San Diego Alumnae Panhellenic (SDAP). She has been SDAP Secretary, Treasurer, Collegiate Liaison, and Newsletter Preparation Chair. She also serves
as SDAP's Mailing List Administrator. Imagine the amount of effort it takes to maintain the mailing list of all Greek women in the seventh largest city in the nation!
San Jose
Karen Ryan is a member of ouralumnaechapterand our ANS. She helps with fund raising, overseeing the sale of entertainment coupon books. She also serves
on the Northern California AOII Committee which organizes our Founder's day activities. As our ANS she always updates us on what other alumnae chapters in
our region are doing that is successful, reminds us when our reports our due and keeps us updated on any changes at Headquarters.
San Mateo
W e recognize Christine Hollingshead as an outstand- ing AOII. Talented, smart, generous, a n d dedicated
to AOII sisterhood, Christine
is a tireless worker for our chapter and the Northern California Council of AO!!. In true Panhellenic spirit she has served on the board of Northern California Council of Alumnae Panhellenics and isa "moverandshaker" intheSanMateo Alumnae Panhellenic. San Francisco Bay Area. Christine's contribution to our chapter
is without measure, her qualities boundless, andher actions exemplary.
South Bay/ Palos Verdes
I would like to salute our Vice President of Membership & Recruitment, Cher Serhal, for doing anamazing jobrecruit- ing n e w members a n d retain- ing existing members. She has encouraged our current members to make personal contact with prospective alums in the area to get them to join our chapter.
Southern OrangeCo.
Our chapter has unanimously selected Carin Sieff Adler, Sigma Phi 7 6 , as the
officer w e most wanted to salute. Her first job in our chapter w a s to organize the Entertainment Boob Sale, next she accepted the position of Programs Chair, then served as President for two terms,
and finally became our Social Chair. During this same time period, she was Vice-president and then President of AOII's Southern California Council. She has twice been the
Emcee at Founders'Day.
She volunteers for the Arthritis Foundation fund raisers each year and worb diligently to make our Holiday Boutique a huge success every fall.
iLisa Dutt and Melania Harris both w o n the Rose Award at Convention this summer. Needless to say, we love having both of them in our chapter. They are suchvibrantwomen,and givemoreoftheirtimeand effort to our chapter a n d to AOII as a whole than any- one else in the chapter.
Suburban Maryland
she has made many contribu- tions. Previously, she served
as our Financial Resources co-chair where shewas responsible for helping the chapter raise funds for operat- ing expenses. Currently, she is servingasourFounders'Day Chairperson. Karenalways comes with a positive attitude, is willing to get involved in activities, and has fresh ideas.
IThe Triangle Alumnae Chapter website would not
be up and running if itwas not for our webmaster Joy Lashley. She updates the website on
a weekly basis with changes to our meeting or additional information thechaptermay need. She also responds to all emails that comes through the chapters account.
The Tucson Alumnae Chapter would like to honor Sharon Deiringer Campbell. Sharon has supported the Tucson AlumnaechapterandAlpha Omicron Pi for years in posi- tions ranging from Panhellenic delegate to Tucson Alumnae Panhellenic President to Corporation Board Member. Sharon has also served as an officer on the Internationa! level for our fraternity. Thanb for all you do, Sharon!
W e honor Carofyn Rhee- Thompson for doing such an amazing job as Alumnae President for the past few years. Her contribution is greatly appreciated a n d w e wish her luck with her new job as mom.
Ventura County
Ventura Alumnae are blessed with Mary Newman, a presi- dent who always goes the extra mile. Hercaring attitude spreads throughout the group and into the lives of her family as well as the school children for whom she conducts safely programs as a community ser- vice officer in the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept.
The Williamsburg Virginia Alumnae Chapter salutes Mrs. Deborah Anne Smith Noonan (Alpha Theta 70]. Our Treasurer since the chapter's start in 1997 Debbie is a steadfast officer that does an excellent job. A s a teacher
at the College of William
and Mary, active participant in the Williamsburg Players (drama/theater production), great mom, a n d ardent quilter, we're glad Debbie still contin- ues to find time to dedicate as a chapter officer.
Pam Karpejs Chapter Treasurer has done a great job keeping our chapter finances in order. She isvery organized andon time with reports.
Youngstown Area
Suzie Paden, our treasurer,
has been a great help with keeping our records up to date and finishing forms on time. Suzie is very busy with her job as a Chemical Engineer, but she makes time to spend with our AOII alumnae chapter
and keep up with being
the treasurer.
[Summer 2004 ]
llnstead of saluting a chapter officer, SMAC would like
to salute a member w h o passed away this year. Bogosta Gilbert, 8 4 w h o died onJuly 13,2003. Fromthe time she w a s initiated with the Chi Chapter, Helen was an active AOII. She attended many AOII Conventions a n d conferences. She w a s a long-standing member of the Washington, DCACand Washington Area Panhellenic as well as a charter member
of the Suburban Maryland AC. Helenwasatrue example of what it meant to be anAOII fora Lifetimeand will be missed by all w h o knew her.
Tampa Bay
Julie Bishop has been the Treasurer of TBAC for a long time and agreed to remain
for another 2 years or until w e can find someone to 'fill' her shoes. She is also the Corp. Board President after serving as Treasurer of the Corp. Board. Julie truly exemplifies AOII a n d the lifelong pledge she made in college. W e are honored to haveJulie as an officer with TBAC.
Toledo Area
Karen Reynolds-Stigall has been involved in the chapter for only a couple of years, but

fent/i' Philadelphia Alumnae D a y Celebration, {below): lota Phoenix's Alum Munch.
Chapter Chapter

To Dragma
[ Summer 2004 ]
(above): Acadiana Alumnae Chapter Cookie Swap (left): San Antonio Alumnae Chapter members helping Upsilon Lambda during recruitment.

"To me, fair friend,
you can never be old, for as you were when
first your eye I eyed, such
seems your beauty
. -William Shakespeare
One of the most heartwarming and touching experiences of attending an AOII Founders' Day celebration is when an alumna member is honored with her 50 year pin. W e have a beautiful Ritual written to com- memorate this milestone and it is truly a privilege of member- ship to share this special occa- sion with our sisters. Many of our chapters also take the time to honor those sisters that have reached the 60 year and 75 year milestones of their mem- bership. Often times when these wonderful women are honored, they reward the group in attendance by sharing fas- cinating stories of what it was like to be an AOII in the earlier days. AOII currently has over 9,100 alumnae who have been members for 50 years or more. These women are an integral part of AOH's history and have intriguing and captivating memories to share. Many of the following memories are of a dif- ferent era, before Panhellenic changed "rush" to "recruit- ment" and "pledge" to "new member." The terminology in these stories have not been changed for the sake of today's political correctness.
Mary Ruth Whiteley McKnight
Beta Phi '35 (Indiana U) fondly remembers RushWeek on her campus. It was a Panhellenic rule on campus that those
interested in joining a sorority needed to have a recommenda- tion from an active collegiate
or alumnae member. Girls interested in rushing were assigned temporary rooms by the University. They attended all ofthe rush parties thefirstday and then attended parties the second and third day by invita- tion only. Final selections were made after the third party and bids were delivered. Some girls would get more than one bid and could choose the sorority they wanted. Pledging started immediately and giris moved right into the sorority house or permanent rooms.
MaryJoNoeMcClaran Alpha Pi '37 (Florida State U) shared her sisterhood in the best pos- sible way! Her own sister, Hazel Noe Smoak (Alpha Pi '36), had pledged AOII the prior year. When Mary Jo was a freshman, the chapter president was a senior and an only child who had always wished for a sister. She and Mary Jo became fast friends and she wound up intro- ducing Mary Jo to her future husband. Mary Jo recalls that Sunday dinner was served on campus after everyone returned from church. It was quite a sight to see the students in their Sunday clothes walking to and from the various churches. She alsoremembersthat no cars were allowed on campus. Mary
Jo believes that sororities are wonderful for freshman off at col- lege - a home away from home
- and friends who will remain lifelong friends!
Mohy Barnett BolesHillFolken
Omega '43 (Miami U ) remem- bers during her junior year when her sister, Jean, pledged AOII. It was an historic year for legacies in the chapter as there were six younger sisters of current active members pledging. The Dayton Alumnae Chapter began the tradition of awarding a pin with an all ruby "A" to the outstand- ing members of that pledge class at formal initiation. Because
it was war time, men students wereinshortsupply.Mollyleft Miami at the end ofher junior year to become a Navy wife. Her husband was first stationed at Newport, Rhode Island where Molly immediately visited with the women ofthe Providence Alumnae Chapter.
EleanorBeshgetoorDihiigi Psi
'45 (U ofPennsylvania) warmly recalls attending her first and only AOII Convention in Roanoke, Virginia in 1947. Stella George Stem Perry invited the young women to a room where she went to the effort to set the stagefora special evening with candles lit around the room and incenses burning. Founders Jessie W allace Hughan and Elizabeth Heywood Wyman were also present Stella
By Kimberly McGowan, Phi Beta (East Stroudsburg U) Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter
ToDragma [ Summer 2004 ]

told the young women that she
and the otherfounderswere just
organization that would last more
than their lifetime. They wanted
tobefriendsforlifeandnowsome groupofyoungwomenwhowere 50 years later, they still were. Stella
also talked to the young women
about writing our Ritual. Eleanor
remembers that her roommate at
the Convention was a collegian
from Bozeman, Montana who
had arrived at Convention as part
ofa three car caravan. Eleanor
invited them all to her home in
New Jersey and all three carloads
of these newfoundfriendsarrived
at her home and stayed for several
days to visit and see the sights
in the area.
Elizabeth Devine Flynn Omicron '45 (U of Tennessee - Knoxville) states that rush today is entirely different than it was in 1945! There were smaller groups of girls attending college then so
it was easier to get to know one another. Elizabeth recalls her crowning memory as her total surprise and delight at being voted the Outstanding Senior in the chapter. She received a white Bible which she carried at her wedding and which still occupies anhonoredplaceinherhome. Elizabeth treasures her mem- ory of attending her first AOII Convention and discovering how many women there were that shared the same goals. She was
Jean (Betsy) Boles Smith Omega 45 (Miami U) was the fourth in her family to become an AOII after her mother, aunt, and older sister. During the spring of her freshman year, she recalls sit- ting on a bench on Slant Walk
on campus with other sisters when someone came by and told them that President Roosevelt had died. Betsy attended the 1947 Convention with two other members of her chapter. They drove to Roanoke, Virginia from Oxford, Ohio stopping overnight at a boarding house. She fondly remembers sitting at the feet of the three living founders to hear their first hand stories of the early days of the fraternity. During
her junior and senior years in college, Betsy worked at AOII's Central Office earning $.50 an hour the first year and $.55 the second year.
MaryJaneBellSharp Omicron 46 (U ofTennessee - Knoxville) also attended her first (ofmany) Convention in 1947 in Roanoke. Mary Jane remembers this as truly a mountaintop experience
"Anold friend is like a full-blown rose, each velvet petal
a pleasant memory.
It's fragrance recalls sweetness that grows with years
of love, understand- ing, and sympathy."
~Margaret Crawford
fortunate enough to meet found- er, Stella George Stem Perry, and tohearfromherdirecdyabout the founding of AOII and her amusing stories of the marvelous
as she was able to get to know three of thefourfounders. As thefounders toldoftheirfound- ing AOII, they asked all of the CPs to sit on the floor right aroundthem.MaryJanehap- pened to sit right at the feet of Stella. She recalls it to have been an awesome experience to be patted on the head by Stella and be called a precious rosebud! That was Stella's truly loving character. They called all of the collegians, "their rosebuds" and spoke of the young ones growing and caringforone another to
be full blown roses as they got older. They told of what each one of them had meant to each other all of their lives in support- ing each others' endeavors and desired achievements and how they always tried to be available whenever any one of them need- ed a loving friend as they went through both difficult times and joyous times. This is what being an AOII is all about - being a friend when you are needed and when you are not. Our founders set the example.
Although we must live in the present and plan for the future, in order to stay on the path that ourfounderslaidoutforuswe must remember and honor the past. Our alumnae members who were initiated in the first half of the twentieth century
are the key to ensuring that our earlier days as an organization are not lost or forgotten. We trust that these extraordinary women will continue to regale us with memories and tales of AOII's past. They were momentous times that we must always appreciate and cherish.
our founders.
To Dragma [ Summer 2004 ]

Volunteer Directory
The following is a condensed version of the AOII Volunteer Directory. Ifyou need a mailing address, or a volunteer not listed here, you can find complete information on the AOII website (
Executive Board
International President Sally Wagaman (215)698-4140 H (215)698-4140 W
(215) 887-3463 F [email protected]
Vice President of Operations Krista Malmquist Whipple (440) 498-3929 H
(800) 999-2624 34408 W (440) 498-3608 F [email protected]
Vice President of Development Toni Flowers Morgan
(256) 880-1544 H
(256) 824-6701W
(256) 824-6829 F [email protected]
Vice President ofFinance Renee Pugh Smith
(317) 569-2889 H
(317) 872-8113 W
(317) 569-5156 F [email protected]
Director of Programming Kimberiy Altemus Carroll (610) 485-8583 H
(610) 853-5900 X5710 W (610) 485-0602 F [email protected]
Director of Collegiate Chapters Susan Danko
(972) 248-1013 H
(972) 479-7720 W
(972) 248-1016 F [email protected]
Director ofCollegiate Chapters Phyllis Casteel Gilson
(818) 887-934:4 H
(818) 677-3740 W
(818) 677-7676 F [email protected]
Director of Alumnae Chapters Kathy Jensen
(713)942-9402 H [email protected]
Foundation Board
Carol Miller Stevenson
(215) 968-7772 H
(615) 370-0920 W
(215) 968-9726 F [email protected]
Dian Poole Volkmer (573) 221-0042 H [email protected]
Gayle Fitzpatrick
(973) 267-8802 H
(973) 257-2093 W
(973) 257-2208 F [email protected]
Frankie Frazier Nordlund (501) 221-1825 w [email protected]
Joanne Williamson Earls (540) 788-9051H
(703) 893-2660 X323 W [email protected]
Mary Ann Davies Jenkins (919) 789-8023 H
(919) 696-6554 (cell) W [email protected]
Caroline Craig Lazzara
(212) 439-0007 H
(212) 218-7463 W
(312) 444-4517 F [email protected]
AOII International President Sally Wagaman (215)698-4140 H (215)698-4140 W
(215) 887-3463 F [email protected]
AOII Properties Board
Renee Pugh Smith (317) 569-2889 H (317) 872-8113 W (317) 569-5156 F [email protected]
Shirley Pinneke Knipfel (515) 292-5805 H
(515) 294-1250 W
(515) 292-4620 F [email protected]
Laura Mann (904) 992-8856 H
(904) 234-0390 w [email protected]
Sally Wagaman (215)698-4140 H (215)698-4140 W
(215) 887-3463 F [email protected]
Past International Presidents
Ginger Banks
(512) 454-8572 H 512-793-2647 (lake) W [email protected]
Linda Peters Collier (703)242-0560 H
(202) 756-8618 W
(703) 242-0561F [email protected]
Peg Kramer Crawford (708) 671-1091H
(708) 671-1109 F [email protected]
Ann McClanahan Gilchrist
(317) 849-6142 H
(317) 585-4911 w (317) 585-4907 F [email protected]
Barbara Daugs Hunt
(262) 377-7766 H
(262) 243-4533 w [email protected]
Carole Jurenko Jones (256) 864-0509 H (256)864-0807 F [email protected]
Joan Deathe MacCallum (514) 631-4092 H
(514) 637-3545 W [email protected]
Nancy Moyer McCain (586) 463-4124 H
Mary McCammon Williams (309) 829-3656 H
(309) 827-4371W
(309) 827-5639 F [email protected]
International Standing Committee Chairmen Rituals, Traditions & lewelry Ginger Banks
(512) 454-8572 H 512-793-2647 (lake) W [email protected]
Constitution Interputation and Revisions Committee (CIRC) Julie Brining
(251) 634-3106 H
(251) 432-9741W (251) 634-2405 F [email protected]
Extension Committee Patricia Curran-Dengler (937) 392-4576 H
(513) 561-6020 W [email protected]
Education and Training Committee
Lori Hart Ebert
(404) 816-0111H
(404) 816-0111W [email protected]
Fraternity Development Committee
Ann McClanahan Gilchrist (317) 849-6142 H
(317) 585-4911W (317) 585-4907 F [email protected]
To Dragma [ Summer 2004]

Joan Deathe MacCallum (S14) 631-4092 H
(514) 637-3545 W [email protected]
Human Resource Committee Susan Reid Mattem
(919) 942-4308 H
(919) 968-4516 F [email protected]
Perry Award Committee Nancy Moyer McCain (586) 463-4124 H
Programming Carolyn Whittier (804) 550-2719 H (804) 752-7318 W [email protected]
NPC Delegate
Carole Jurenko Jones (256) 864-0509 H (256) 864-0807 F [email protected]
NPC First Alternate
Mary McCammon Williams (309) 829-3656 H
(309) 827-4371W
(309) 827-5639 F [email protected]
NPC Second Alternate Robin Mansfield Wright (850) 937-9212 H
(850) 595-3055 W
(850) 937-9002 F [email protected]
NPC Third Alternate Linda Peters Collier Page 5
(703) 242-0560 H
(202) 756-8618 W
(703) 242-0561F [email protected]
Ingrid Latimer Schulz (715) 848-0787 H
(715) 848-0787 W [email protected]
Foundation Committee Chairmen
Ruby Fund Committee Mary Batman Converse H: (703) 978-9617
W: (703) 893-2660
F: (703) 893-2123 [email protected]
Grants Committee
Joanne Williamson Earls H: (540) 788-9051
W: (703) 893-2660 X323 F: (540) 788-1724 [email protected]
Scholarship Committee Gayle Fitzpatrick
H: (973) 267-8802
W: (973) 257-2093
F:(908) 385-3274 (cell) [email protected]
Major Gifts/Endowment Committee
Mary Ann Davies Jenkins H: (919)789-8023 W:(919) 696-6554 (cell) [email protected]
Loyalty Fund Committee Caroline Craig Lazzara H: (212) 439-0007
W: (212) 218-7463
F: (312) 444-4517 caroline_craig_ [email protected]
Finance and Budget Committee Frankie Frazier Nordlund
W: (501) 221-1825 [email protected]
Marketing Committee Dian Poole Volkmer
H: (573) 221-0042 [email protected]
Collegiate Network
Collegiate Network Directors Allison Allgier
(513) 871-3791H
(513) 636-3816 W
(513) 636-3939 F [email protected]
Katherine Leach Andrews (732)866-0668 H
(212) 250-9401W
(212) 469-4653 F [email protected]
Rebecca Braatz Bair
(419) 885-3363 H [email protected]
Louanne Watson Condreay (765) 567-2234 H
(765) 772-4700 W
(765) 567-2235 F [email protected]
Linda Schwartz Grandolfo (847) 543-4880 H
(847) 989-1551 W
(847) 543-4882 F [email protected]
Kristy Manchul
(403) 275-6062 H
(403) 275-8631W
(403) 275-8632 F [email protected]
Susan Anderson Morgan (251) 343-5619 H
(251) 633-1369 W
(251) 639-2810 F [email protected]
Collegiate Network Specialists Sally Rowell Becking
(404) 378-0543 H
cell 404-849-0606 W [email protected]
Shala Schweitzer Berry (416) 222-0039 H [email protected]
Jennifer Bussman
(660) 376-2624 H
(573) 499-20O0 W [email protected]
Heidi Schmalheiser Butler (716) 885-4656 H
(716) 632-3633 W [email protected]
Amber Williams Countis (504) 258-2496 H
(504) 861-5459 W
(504) 842-7119 F [email protected]
Jessica Covert
(414) 331-3559 H (414) 566-2977 W (414) 566-4647 F [email protected]
Joanna Crews
(423) 517-0842 H (423) 364-2910 W [email protected]
Kristina Crichton
(925) 371-5445 H 925-468-6060 W [email protected]
Laura Jones Dunlap (225) 665-4870 H
(225) 216-8700 W (225) 216-8010 F [email protected]
Michelle Finley
(678) 296-7403 H
(770) 492-3552 W
(770) 908-5698 F [email protected]
Karen Fredericks
(317) 575-0231H [email protected]
Tammy Childress Glenn (336) 286-5734 H
(336) 805-3971W [email protected]
Laura Monegan Haran (718) 727-4503 H
(212) 747-5866 W [email protected]
Melania Harris (636)536-0234 H (314) 313-4155 W [email protected]
Melissa Parsons Healy (513) 523-3677 H [email protected]
Rebecca Heaman
(403) 730-3426 H
(403) 319-2350 x 204 W (403) 295-5020 F [email protected]
Brooke Green Holtzman (303) 432-3776 H [email protected]
Jaynellen Behre Jenkins (973)748-9427 H
(201) 358-4016 W [email protected]
Kim Adkins Keaton (864) 213-9574 H (336) 605-2188 W [email protected]
Stephanie Curton Kenley (501) 803-3012 H
(501) 228-4433 W
(501) 223-2977 F [email protected]
Laura Burcham King (205) 870-1184 H
(205) 592-1249 W [email protected]
Stephanie Kinser (216) 228-8436 H (419) 450-30ll(cell) [email protected]
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Holly Kunkel
(904) 285-2953 H
(904) 633-6335 w hollyo4o6@earthlinkjiet
Andrea Smythe LaFleur (609) 735-9919 H
(609) 894-4856126 W [email protected]
Terese Maurer (708) 535-2677 H [email protected]
Rachel Maris Miller (505) 899-5394 H
(816) 505-6513 w [email protected]
Brandi Nunnery
(615) 315-0829 H [email protected]
Julie Pare
(317) 821-8480 H [email protected]
Ann Muenzmay Phillips (386) 672-5071H
(386) 238-4990 W
(386) 238-4997 F [email protected]
Stephanie Rendon
(830) 228-5391H
(210) 335-2743 w [email protected]
April Bugarin Robles (513) 851-1053 H
(513) 259-4613 w
(513) 529-1504 F [email protected]
Becky Greer Rogers
(859) 384-2848 H
(513) 872-2481W
(513) 872-3473 F [email protected]
Kelly Schlieder (717) 312-0656 H [email protected]
Liesl Reiners Schutt (334) 826-3869 H
(334) 887-4192 W
(334) 821-0223 F [email protected]
Marjorie Stevens
604-879-0255 H
(604) 691-4742 W
(613) 594-5754 F [email protected]
Sandy Alford Stewart (270) 843-6158 H (000) 000-0000 W [email protected]
DeChelle Duran Summers (314) 369-4041H [email protected]
Anne Marie Toy (615) 417-3316 H
(615) 890-8677 w [email protected]
Karen Weigel
(717) 657-9809 H
(717) 691-5500 W [email protected]
Chandra Yeoman Whaley (480) 821-4597 H
(602) 266-5976 W [email protected]
Lori Wilder Williams 251-473-7686 H
(205) 479-5674 00 W [email protected]
Colony Development Network
Colony Development Network Director
Lisa Dun
(636) 329-1300 H (314) 702-7631W (314) 702-7133 F [email protected]
Colony Development Network Specialists
Amy Jones Ashley
(317) 253-4443 H
(317) 571-4084 W [email protected]
Veronica Luna Kentish (562) 920-9922 H [email protected]
Linda Siegrist Mahfouz
(225) 664-5873 H [email protected]
Lori Roberts Miller (225) 654-1146 H (225)929-8628 W [email protected]
Tasha Phillips Sherwood (813) 933-1643 H [email protected]
Alumnae Network
Alumnae Network Directors Karen Snyder Galehan (724) 695-8474 H
(412) 854-4700 EX631W [email protected]
Ann Schmidt Lampe (310) 373-7032 H [email protected]
Alumnae Network Specialists Ann Brislawn Beardsley
(425) 743-2368 H
(425) 743-2368 W
(425) 745-2729 F [email protected]
Rene Strong Fitzgerald (512) 442-4181H
(419) 793-7786 F [email protected]
Lori Kom Goede (813) 920-5486 H (813) 792-9237 F [email protected]
Martha Leonard Harrison (407) 886-1922 H
(407) 886-1331F [email protected]
Kathy Blackburn Hillyard (859) 543-1700 H
(859) 232-3371 w [email protected]
Kristina Hunt
(416) 256-2881 H
(416) 424-2422 W [email protected]
Lauren Turner Mehalik (203) 881-9308 H [email protected]
Marie Carlile Newberry (256)883-0536 H
(256) 883-5000 204 w (256) 883-5004 F [email protected]
Judith Wright Rose
(713) 868-2884 H
(713) 963-3470 W
(713) 964-5640 F [email protected]
Karen Youngman Ryan (408) 268-2831H [email protected]
Yvonne Archibeque Sams 630-739-5663 H [email protected]
Ruth Ann Whitehead Shorter (804) 272-5213 H
(804) 272-5669 F [email protected]
Cynthia Gehrls Skiver
(419) 893-3576 H
(419) 842-9000 W [email protected]
Mary Ann Kidder Smith (919) 460-9877 H [email protected]
Wendy Mayo Wang (909)860-0904 H [email protected]
Alumnae Network Extension Specialist Kristi Sell Kiene (912) 330-9478 H (912) 330-9476 F [email protected]
Linda Martin McLaughlin (817) 788-8856 H
(817) 581-3755 F [email protected]
3 6
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Alpha Pi
Florida State U
Mary Davis Americus, GA
Rene Shown Monagham Fort Lauderdale, FL
Alpha Rho
Oregon State U
Dorothy Marsters Johnson Portland, OR
Elsie Jones Lytton Bellevue, WA
Alpha Sigma
U of Oregon
Hellen Ashliman Siegmund Eugene, OR
Virginia Grone Swan Portland, OR
Beta Phi
Indiana U
Edyth Mallory Jarrard Port Saint Lucie, FL
Beta Theta
Butler U
Lucile Wright
Sun City West, AZ
Syracuse U
Helen Downing Nothoff Holly, MI
U of Colorado
Ruth Stewart Anderson Poulsbo, WA
Tufts U
Fran Heald Litdeton, NH
Beth Ringer Moran Laguna Hills, CA
Win Blackmer Reynolds Wilbraham, MA
Louise Hawkins Wilcox Lakewood, NJ
Cornel U
Catherine Laney Beyland Neptune, NJ
Martha Arthur Starke Orchard Park, NY
Barbara Rogers Tichy Greenwich, CT
Epsilon Alpha
Pennslyvania State U
Ruth Gohl Carpenter Leechburg, PA
E Louise H Porter PhD Federal Way, WA Josephine Schellenberg
Lewistown, PA
U of Wisconsin
Julia Carr Crenshaw Libertyville, IL
Carrol Thompson Philen Brownsville, T X
Helen Bartel Reilly Elm Grove, WI
Betty Mathewson Strassburger
Milwaukee, W I
Jessie Richmond Swaney
Scottsdale, AZ
U of Maine
Muriel Freeman Brockway Yarmouth,ME
Thelma Gibbs Long Billings, MT
Hildreth Matheson Palmer Laguna Niguel, CA
Ruth Treworgy Tuck CocoaBeach, FL
U of Illinois
Wilma Haeger Kendrick Santa Barbara, CA
Evelyn Home Schark Downers Grove, IL
Randolp Macon Women's College Marie Collens Bernstein
Monroe, LA
Adele Hope McConnell
Thomasville, GA Emily B Mitchell Arlington, VA
Kappa Omicron
Rhodes College
Gertie Mayo Terry Tucson, A Z
Kappa Theta
U of California
Los Angeles
Dorothy Woodbury Linn
Thousand Oaks, CA Jean Cook Steinberger Sherman Oaks, CA Lenore Edwards Stone Incline Village, N V
New York U
Marjorie Jervis Shull Raleigh, NC
Nu Kappa
Southern Methodist U
Winona Bringhurst Hall San Diego, CA
Vanderbilt U
Elizabeth Wenning Davidson Princeton, NJ
Katherine Dudney Nashville, T N
Frances Ewing Nashville, TN
Margaret Lamb Stumb Riverside, CA
Margaret Rawls Yoars Newburyport, MA
U of T ennessee
Isabel Baptist Kennedy Covington, TN
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U of Michigan
Jessica Norton Bunce Commerce Twp, MI
U of Kansas
Helen McMorran Adams Lamed, KS
Leah Kimmel Cobum Kansas City, MO Anita Munford Ward
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Margaret Dorr Schutt Memphis, TN
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Leo Bloomquist Wolf-Martin Scottsdale, AZ
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Mary Pond Baker
Danville, CA Marjorie Helms Variel
U of Minnesota
Josepha Knutson Melgaard North Oaks, M N
Helen Strand Wollan Hingham, MA
Tau Delta
Southern College Hetcher McArthur Gary
Pensacola, FL
U of Washington
Dorothy Hall Bolton MenloPark, CA Jean Bishop Waite
San Jose, CA
U of Nebraska-
Marie Robertson Deeter
Coronado, CA Madeline Wostoupal Kerkow
West Point, NE Harriet Nesde Smith Minocqua, WI
To Dragma [ Summer 2004 ]
The following women are celebrating their 75th year of membership with AOII. We congratulate you! Each was initiated during the school year of 1928-1929 and our records still indicate a current mailing address.
San Mateo, CA

168 Navy "Perfect Tee" w/columl)ia blue and white design. Fined. 100% cotton.
M, L. $17.00
123CB Columbia Blue Sweatshirt Blanket. 1 [eavyweight. 54X84inches. $35.00
12 3H Heather Grey Sweatshirt Blanket. Heavyweight. 54X84 inches. $35.00
123C Navy Sweatshirt Blanket. Heavyweight.54X84inches. $35.00 Each blanket ties tcith string for storage or carrying.
order toll free:
Monday thru Friday 9to5 est
Or Call: 615-370-0920 -axTo:615-695-2677
nail order to:
AOn EMPORIUM AOn International Headquarters 5390 VirginiaWay 3rentwood. TN 37027
email order to: [email protected]
order online:
Emporium's online catalog:
76 Beach Towel. 30 X 60 inches. Sheared, woven terry cloth. $ 2 4 . 0 0
p Flops. Cushioned arch support.
Sizes 5-10 (no half sizes).
$20.00 Most orders shipped within 4 8 hours. W e guarantee quality merchandise
' Address: ! City:
Daytime Phone:f Evening Phone: (
) )
Price Each
TN residents add 9.25% sales tax
! • !
Total Price 1
^ ] Mastercard
Exp. Date: Card # :
S ze
f__ Visa
~J Discover
"Shipping & Handling $0to$5 $4.00 $5.01 to $25 $8.00 $25.01to$50 $9.00 $50.01 to $75 $10.00 $75.01 to $100 $11.00 Please add $2fl0 for
every $25 after $100.
•Canadian customers pic; double amounts bf shipping &
handling charges.
102B Black Hip Flops w/rhinestones and platform sole. Sizes S (6-7), M (8-9), L (10-11). $24.00
102 Tote Bag (Kate Spade look alike). AOll's favorite tote! $32.00
Shipping& Handling (seechart;
Total amount enclosed
Thank you Emporium sales benefit AOIT!

104N Mini Tote w/university design on outside pocket. Great "back to school" gift! (16X12X5) $12.00 SALE $10.00
104B Black Tote Bag. Perfect for Gift Packs and Bid Day! $10.00
222 Red Shorts. Jersey knit w/side stripe detail- ing. S,M,L,XL. $14.30
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188 Oxford Athletic Running Shorts w/distressed screen print Jersey knit. S, M, L. XL. $14.00
xford "Perfect Tee" w/burgundy and
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\.u\ Mesh Running Shorts w/ath-
etic design screen print M,L. $17.00
79 Spira Notebook, loo j ^^^^ sheets - college rule
^ • • • ^ ^ 1 >a|HTw/llowerand AOII letters. Cover reads. ")an ran always A /(•// mi 1 0 // - Von m il It'll liar by liar walk. You ran alirayj^M tall an 1011 - Youran tall hat by bar talk. )im ran l<-ll , 0 0 ^
bar In lift alliludr anil hrr jliantUy smila
• bat van
360 Oxford Triple Letter T-Shirt w/navy, Columbia blue, &
white letters. S, M, L, XL. $24.00
235 Oxford T- Shirt w/red & white letters.
S, M, L, XL. $22.00
234 RedT-Shirt w/black &white letters S,M,L,XL. $22.00
151 Navy T-Shirt w/columbia blue &white letters. S.M.L.XL. $22.00
rannal tall liar
nilJ MI<7;. )'>it can alirn\s Icll
an 1 0 / / $ 9 . 5 0

Have you moved?
Changed your name?
Has your daughter graduated
ana established her own permanent address?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions,
please fill out the form below and send it to International Headquarters.
If you prefer, you may make an address change on the AOII website.
• Moving? • Changing your name? • Reporting the death of a member? (Date of death:_ complete thisform, iinlicating the change above and return to:
Zip/Postal Code:_ Chapter/College where initiated:_ Place of Employment:
Zip/Postal Code:_
Alumnae Chapter:_ Special Interests:
Year Initiated: _Occupation:_
-)- email:
AOII International Headquarters 5390 Virginia Way, Brentwood, TN 37027 -or-
email the following information to: [email protected]
Current AOTT Office:
Please help AOII save money! Each issue that is returned to us due to an incorrect address costs the Fraternity 70*. in addition to the original cost of mailing. If you are moving or changing gour name please notify us in advance. If you know of others who are not receiv- iny their magazine, chances are we have an incorrect address for them as well. Encourage them to notify us as soon as possible.

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