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Brooklynn Lanphear - Bad Day FINAL REVISION and EDIT (3)

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Published by Brooklynn Lanphear, 2019-05-15 13:12:41

Brooklynn Lanphear - Bad Day FINAL REVISION and EDIT (3)

Brooklynn Lanphear - Bad Day FINAL REVISION and EDIT (3)

The Craziest 
Day Ever 

By: Brooklynn Lanphear 

​ Why did this even happen to me? Why do I 
deserve this? 

Bob the fish died the night before school. Bob 
the four-year-old was very ​heartbroken.​ He had 
Bob the fishes funeral, That went to 10:00 to 2am! 
Bob the four-year-old had to go to sleep because 
Bob was very e​ xhausted​ and ​sorrowful​ because 
his bedtime was 8. So Bob locked his eyes shut 
and slept.

Bob locked his eyes and slept so hard, Bob 
overslept! It was 9 in the morning! Bob was gonna 
be late to school! Even worse, it was thundering 
and lightning outside. Bob hooped in his toy car 
and drove off. The music was blasting, but then the 
radio started on fire. Now Bob had to walk to 
school, so he was even more late to school.  


Now Bob was very frightened. He felt like a 
nervous wreck because the other kids said if they 
were late, the teacher would give them a detention 
and call their moms. 

¨My mom would be super mad at me, and she
might disown me,¨ thought Bob.

Bob made it up to the school. Bob was
terrified and for some reason he fainted because
he was so dizzy. Someone found him and
brought him to the nurse's office. He was
terrified because he was going to be even more
late. He got better, but he felt more scared and

It was already 10:00! He walked in his
classroom, Mrs. Teacher looked at him. Bob
dropped to his knees and cried.

He was super​ apologetic​ and he explained 
everything. Mrs. Teacher was shocked. She said 
everything was just fine it happened to the best of 
us. Bob was joyful and relieved that he did not get 
in trouble, and Bob never would be late again. 

The End

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