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Amfico Digital Brochure


Keki Byram Cooper An entrepreneur par excellence started his career
with one of India’s prominent shipping companies. After a long &
successful career in shipping in Mumbai and Gujarat, entrepreneurship
became his choice. Today, the K.B.Cooper Group of companies has
interest`s in International Representation, Shipping, Wellness and

Duringuring his illustrious career, Keki has garnered many awards, citations
and appreciations, some of them being:-

The National Safety Award- For outstanding performance in Industrial
Safety. He was instrumental and actively involved in the development of
ports of Kandla, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Magdalla, Dahej and Pipavav.
The JPI’s Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Shipping Performance Award
The Indira Gandhi Sadbhavna A
The Indira Gandhi Sadbhavna ward
The Rashtriya Rattan Award.
The Lifetime Achievement Award

Chairman .

Managing Director


AMFICO AGENCIES PVT. LTD. is a leader in innovative solutions for
liquid logistics in India and the preferred all India representative of
many international companies to whom we provide a wide array of

services products and business solutions giving them a smooth entry
into the lucrative Indian markets & ensuring that their products reap

rich dividends

Amfico’s marketing division specialises in innovative products and
services sourced from all around the world and are handpicked for sale

in India.

From liquid bulk solutions, ISO tank Spare parts and Barrier Safety

Systems. Our range of products are carefully picked to be some of the
best in the world.


Amfico Agencies Pvt. Ltd. are sole agents and proud partners and
international logistic and supply chain specialists Suttons Group

Suttons own a fleet of more than 6000 highly sophisticated ISO tank
containers used to transport; chemicals , gases, mineral oils and food for
many of the worlds largest manufactures


ADVANCED POLYMER COATINGS is a US based manufacturer of ChemLine 784/32 a
coating that delivers significantly improved product performance and
anti-corrosion resistance.

Product Highlights: Industry Applications:

Superior Corrosion Resistance Exceptional Toughness • Chemical Processing: Vessels, Tanks, Hazardous Waste,
Superior bonding qualities Secondary Containment, Chemical Plant Floors etc.
Paper & Pulp: Digesters, Black Liquor Tanks, Bleaching etc.

Applied to pitted and/or corroded steel
Maximum versatility; product cycling • Mining: Acid Tanks, Scrubbers etc.

Ambient or low temperature force air cure • High Technology: Clean Rooms, Floors, etc.

V Very low VOC- 98 grams/litre (0.8lbs.per gallon)
• Power Generation: FGD Systems, Ducts

Non – permeable and Stacks, etc.

Steam cleanable and field repairable • Steel: Picking Tanks, Acid Storage, Acid Waste
Resists hydro blasting Neutralization, etc.

Excellent UV resistance • Waste Water: Tanks, Clarifiers, Flocculation Basins,
Complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.300 for food handling Neutralization Chambers, Concrete Containment, etc.

High impact resistance
W Wear and abrasion resistance
Dry heat resistance to 4000 F (2040 C)



Gröninger Cleaning Systems is a global supplier, designer and manufacturer of
cleaning systems and equipment. The company has been supplying complete

systems since 1947, from ready-to-use units to complex turnkey solutions.

The business activities include design, development, engineering, installation and

service of the complete cleaning technology and the required infrastructure
around it. Custom-made solutions meet the highest customer specifications.
Gröninger has an active role to play throughout the life of the installation. The
oldest installations have been operational for more than 40 years! In 2019


Flexibag Solutions Available :-

Special Beta Tanks (Basic)
A 20’ Bulk container liner made from 2 layers of 250
micron polyethylene sewn into a woven
polypropylene outer.
Gamma Tanks ( economic)
A 20’ bulk container liner made from 3 layers of 125
micron polyethylene sewn into a woven
polypropylene outer.
Delta Tanks (Standard)
A 20’ bulk container liner made from 4 layers of 125
micron polyethylene sewn into a woven
polypropylene outer.
E Epsilon Tank ( Superior )
A 20’ bulk container liner made from 5 layer
(4 lers of 125 micron polyethylene + 1 layer of EVOH
(4 lay
barrier im of 100 micron) as an oxygen barrier and
protective layer that prevents chemical/ vapor or gas
from in ltrating into the product. Sewn into a woven
polypropylene outer to support the exibag and sta-
bilize the liquid dynamic. The Flexibag has a strong
yarn court that is able to withstand an elongation of
about 15% and te
about 15% and nsile strength of
190kg (wrap) and 130kg (weft)

Flexi-Bag is bulk packaging material

which offers an alternative to ISO tank containers
for shipping oils, juices, wines, food-grade

liquids & non-hazardious chemicals across the globe.

Sizes range from 16,000-26,000 litres.

Liquid cargo`s That Can Be Transport In A Flexi-Bag

Industrial Oils Non-Hazardous Liquid Chemicals Foodstuffs
Transformer Oils Detergents Salt Solutions Edible Oils
White Oils Printing Inks Surfactant Vegetable Oils
Lubricants Natural Latex Feed Additive Fruit Juices
Mineral Oils Synthetic Latex Printing Oil Water
Tung Oil Plasticizers Propanediol Wine
Glyc C Concentrates Polyether Gluose
Base Oil Additives Herbicide Tallow
Coconut Oil Synthetic Reins Fertilizers Liquid Sugar
Castor Oil Silicates Rust Inhibitors Food Additives
Industrial Gear Oil Emulsions Disinfectant Pharmaceuticals
High-oil Fatty Acid Glycols Polyols Palm Oil, Sauce
M Malt Extract.



TransHeat by DIRAC Industries offers two different types of heating systems for
moving tank containers or trailers filled with liquid that need to be maintained at a
certain temperature or has to be heated up during or after transportation.

Both solutions are covered with

insulation to limit the heat losses
and to protect people touching

the container unit.


Bottle in Cage
Intermediate Bulk Containers filled with
coagulated products (e.g. oils, fats) are equipped
with electrical heaters. The application can be
either single or multiple use.

For multiple use in a foldable box

the specific Base Board Heater
(BBH) or heating jacket will

guarantee the controlled melting
of the product.
IBC Jackets


VSP Technologies is USA’s leading manufacturer of
Gasket`s and Fluid Sealing Material.

They are recognized as a premier choice when it
comes to reliability, performance, and trust for their

ThThey are best known for their popular designs of
anti-buckling spiral wound gasket and SS corrugated
insert gasket extensively used for ISO tanks.

Girard Equipment Inc. is recognised throughout the
world as a superior choice for ISO tank and tank trailer

Girard has a large product range covering equipment
parts and acessories tank contrainer transport, IBC, Acid
road tankers, Rail cars, chemical and petroleum road

Yuyao Sunpass International Trade Co. Ltd. is a
specialized manufacturer of high quality customized
seals and gaskets for use with chemical and food grade
tank container.

They also manufacture other tank related items and a
large number of parts for dry box containers.

Taizhou Zhongsheng FRP Co. Ltd. is a leading provider of
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic composite material in china.

The FRP cladding plate is a composite of new resin and
high strength glass fiber. It is corrossion and impact
resistant and easy to repair. Making it the best choice for
external cladding of tank containers and chemical
tank trucks.




Dunnage Bags, also known
as airbags, air cushions, and
inflatable bags, are used to
secure and stabilize cargo.

Dunnage bags provide

convenient and
cost-eost-effective cargo
stabilization in Cargo
Containers, Closed Railcars,
Trucks, and Ocean going

• Exporters prefer using Dunnage
Bags as they are versatile and
prevents scratches and damage as
they restrict movement in transit.

• Suppleness of air accommodates
irregularities of the load.

• Acts as a shock absorber in load Acts as a shock absorber in load


• Once inflated no load movement is
possible during transportation.

Without Dunnage Air Bag With Dunnage Air Bag
Without Dunnage Air Bag
With Dunnage Air Bag

• The outer shell of kraft dunnage air bags
is made from multi layers kraft
matierial which gives it even more
strength. The inner bladder of Zerpo
dunnage air bags is made from multiple
layers of co- extruded LDPE film, which
increases the extensibility.

• The one way valve design allows

dunnage air bags to rapidly inflate and
deflate while maintaining strength and
integrity of the product.


DyMac Global is an acknowledged leader in a field of fuel storage tank.
A safe and constant fuel supply is paramount to the success of any
mordern industrial organisation.

DyMac is renouned for using the higest quality material and
engaging in first class manufacturing processes, resulting in a
pattented range of bunded storage tanks. From mining to oil and
gas, construction, rental industries, military or municipalities,
DyMac Global can satisfy the worlds refuelling needs.

DyMac Globals range of bunded steel tank refuelling an ancillary
dispencing equipement are designed to ensure the safe storage and
efficient transfer of industrial lubricants and hazardous liquids and
are the fuel tank of choice for industry leaders worldwide


Lodax is a manufacturer of high quality
pads and ground protection mats

Lodax ground protection mats protects
the soil ( lawn, interior of building) They
are also used to creat temporary
roadways, paring lots or work platforms
on vulnerable or muddy grounds.

Lodax Mats and Pads are

. Ecological
. Lightweight
. Easy to handle
. High duriability
. High flexibility
. Water repellent
. Water repellent
. Nearly unbreakable
. No Rusting
. No Rotting

Lodax outrigger pads offer a safe support
for your mobile cranes, concrete pumps,
truck mounted cranes, hydraulic hoists,
scissor lifts, machines, containers, etc.


LODAX Outrigger pads: lifetime guarantee

Standard LODAX ground protection mats: 10 years guarantee

Ecomats: 1 year guarantee

If it may ever occur a LODAX product breaks, please read our guarantee policy
If it may ever occur a LODAX product breaks, please read our guarantee policy
and provide us with as much information as possible. This will help us treat
your case the best way possible.


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