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menggambar ilustrasi

menggambar ilustrasi


Seni Budaya Kelas 8

Apa yang dimaksud

Ilustrasi adalah gambar yang
memperjelas ide cerita atau
narasi. Tujuan dari ilustrasi adalah
untuk memperkuat, memperjelas,
memperkaya, memperindah,
mempertegas suatu cerita atau


Jenis-jenis gambar ilustrasi


Dapat berupa toko manusia
atau hewan


Mengandung karakter yang
dilebih-lebihkan,lucu, unik.


Rangkaian gambar yang
saling melengkapi dan
memiliki alur cerita

Jenis-jenis gambar ilustrasi

Karya sastra

Pelengkap puisi, sajak, dan


Gambar ilustrasi berbentuk
dekoratif yang berfungsi
sbg pengisi bidang kosong
pada kertas narasi

Bentuk objek gambar ilustrasi

Manusia Hewan Tumbuhan

Dalam menggambarnya Proporsi dan anatomi Tumbuhan dalam gambar
kita harus memperhatikan masing-masing ilustrasi dibuat dangan cara
anatomi agar gambar yang binatang yang
disederhanakan dengan
dihasilkan tidak kaku digambar harus jelas. menggambar detailnya.

Alat dan Bahan

Teknik kering Teknik basah

Menggunakan alat Diawali dengan membuat
dan media kering sketsa pada bidang, kemudian
diberi warna dengan media
dan diawali dengan basah yang telah ditentukan.
membuat sketsa.
Teknik basah
Teknik kering
Cat air, cat minyak,
Pensil, pulpen, tinta
crayon, arang

Proses menggambar ilustrasi

01 02 03 04 05

Menentukan Menentukan Menentukan Menggambar Memberikan
tema gambar irama, sketsa global arsiran atau
berdasarkan jenis gambar warna pada
ilustrasi yang komposisi, yang objek gambar
cerita atau akan dibuat proporsi dan disesuaikan
narasi dengan cerita sesuai
kesatuan karakter
pada objek narasi.

Contents of This Template

Here’s what you’ll find in this Slidesgo template:

1. A slide structure based on a marketing plan, which you can easily adapt to your needs. For more info
on how to edit the template, please visit Slidesgo School or read our FAQs.

2. An assortment of illustrations that are suitable for use in the presentation can be found in the
alternative resources slide.

3. A thanks slide, which you must keep so that proper credits for our design are given.
4. A resources slide, where you’ll find links to all the elements used in the template.
5. Instructions for use.
6. Final slides with:

● The fonts and colors used in the template.
● More infographic resources, whose size and color can be edited.
● Sets of customizable icons of the following themes: general, business, avatar, creative

process, education, help & support, medical, nature, performing arts, SEO & marketing, and

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01 02 03

About Us Analysis Goals

Here you could Here you could Here you could
describe the topic of describe the topic of describe the topic of

the section the section the section

04 05 06

Content Budget KPI
PlanHere you could OverviewHere you could
Here you could
describe the topic of describe the topic of describe the topic of
the section the section
the section



You could enter a
subtitle here if you

need it

“This is a quote.
Words full of wisdom

that someone
important said and
can m—SaokmeeontehFaemorues ader

get inspired.”


A Picture
Reinforces the

Images reveal large
amounts of data, so
remember: use an image
instead of long texts

Market Share

Market 1
Market 2
Market 3

If you want to modify this graph, click on it, follow the
link, change the data in the spreadsheet and paste the

new graph here

Buyer Persona Profile


30 years old Sociable
Madrid, Spain Cheerful
Hard worker
Brand Manager Animals
$50,000 Music


Buyer Journey

Awarene Mars is actually
ss a cold place

Mercury is the Consider
smallest planet ation

Decision Jupiter is the
biggest planet

Sales Funnel

Mars Mars is actually a cold place
Venus Venus has a beautiful name
Jupiter Jupiter is the biggest planet
Saturn Saturn is the ringed planet

Competitor Analysis

Saturn Mars Venus Pluto

Saturn is composed Despite being red, Venus has a Pluto is now
mostly of hydrogen Mars is actually a beautiful name, but considered a dwarf

and helium cold place it’s terribly hot planet

SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesse
sMars is actually a
Jupiter is the
biggest planet in cold place full of
our Solar System iron oxide dust

Opportuniti Threats
esVenus has a
Saturn is composed
beautiful name, but mostly of hydrogen
it’s terribly hot
and helium

Our Goals

Long Short
Term Term

Goal 1 Goal 3

Mercury is the Earth is where
smallest planet we live on

Goal 2 Goal 4

Saturn is the Mars is actually
ringed planet a cold place

More Concepts

Earth Venus Mars

Earth is the third Venus has a beautiful Despite being red,
planet from the Sun name, but it’s hot Mars is a cold place

Ceres Saturn Pluto

It’s the biggest object Saturn is the ringed It’s now considered a
in the asteroid belt one and a gas giant dwarf planet

Key Action Items

First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter

Key Action 1 You can describe your You can describe your You can describe your
Key Action 2 items for the quarter items for the quarter items for the quarter
You can describe your You can describe your You can describe your
items for the quarter items for the quarter items for the quarter



Total budget available

Budget Allocation

25% 50% 35%

Design Advertising Online

Growth Factors

Do you know what helps you make your
point clear? Lists like this one:

● They’re simple
● You can organize your ideas

● You’ll never forget to buy milk!

KPI Overview

Outreach Engagem

+60% +30% +70%



Factor 1
Factor 2

Our Team

John Doe Richard
RoeYou can replace the image
You can replace the image
on the screen with your on the screen with your
own own


You can replace the
image on the screen with
your own work. Just
delete this one, add yours
and send it to the back

Tablet and

You can replace the
image on the screen with

your own work. Just
delete this one, add yours

and send it to the back


Do you have any questions?
[email protected]
+91 620 421 838

CREDITS: This presentation template was
created by Slidesgo, including icons by
Flaticon, and infographics & images by

Please keep this slide for attribution.

Alternative Resources


Did you like the resources on this ● Great background with fantastic
template? Get them for free at our marketing doodles
other websites:
● Modern sale banners for social
VECTORS: media

● Hand-drawn sales infographic PHOTOS:
● Lovely pets composition with
● Doodle animals and words pattern white cat
● Hand drawn people avatar
● Lovely white cat at home
● Digital marketing background with

blue doodles

Instructions for use

In order to use this template, you must credit Slidesgo by keeping the Thanks slide.

You are allowed to:
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Task 1
Task 2



Task 1

Task 2

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