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Published by AKA - Alpha Kappa Omega Newsletter, 2019-12-16 22:32:24

AKOmega Newsletter 122019 FINAL

AKOmega Newsletter 122019 FINAL



Volume 1 Number 10

2019 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Greetings Sorors,

BASILEUS I feel the excitement in the air as sorors are bustling around
Cherise Story preparing for the Holiday Season. Love and joy of family
and friends fill our hearts. As we look to the end of the
ANTI-BASILEUS of PROGRAMS year, it’s also time to reminisce about the chapter’s
Staci Taylor Fullmighter remarkable events. It’s been an exciting year with all that
our sorors have done in 2019 Exemplifying Excellence
ANTI-BASILEUS of OPERATIONS Through Sustainable Service. From events such as: #CAP sponsorships of student
Diedra Fontaine college visits; Stop the Silence award for largest national donation; partnerships
with HISD, the Houston Library System and the Houston HBCU Alumni
GRAMMATEUS Association for the HBCU Stony the Road event; Inner City Nutcracker for
Pippa Brown-Andrews underserved youth in collaboration with City Ballet of Houston; Literacy
Advancement of Houston donations; Open Door Missions Spring Fling in
ANTI-GRAMMATEUS partnership with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. We also hosted an effective Leading
Mary Smith Johnson with Excellence Workshop for the Executive Committee; phenomenal Pink Road to
Excellence Chapter Retreat; and so much more! Read more about our stellar
EPISTOLEUS programming in this month’s issue of The Jewel.
Felicia Wright
Please RSVP for sorority meeting. An accurate count is necessary for an
ANTI-EPISTOLEUS appropriately organized and successful meeting. I look forward to seeing you at
Michalyn Demaris Porter sorority meeting on Saturday, December 21, 2019.

TAMIOUCHOS Thank you to the Executive Committee, committee chairmen, co-chairmen and
Monica Baynard sorors who participated in making this a successful year. It’s been a great year.
Remember, all sorors working together in sisterhood can make a difference in our
ANTI-TAMIOUCHOS chapter and community. We are Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter!!
Yavaunda White
With a Heart for Service,
Tishauna Washington Soror Cherise Story

Latosha McGill Clayton

Shalondra Moore

Laura Rousseve Allen

Jocquelyn Henry Roberson

Donna Miles

Erica Smith (Gamma Psi)

Patricia Roberts (Epsilon Lambda)

Dina Williams (Omicron Gamma)

Veronica Johnson

Charlyn Kyles

Cynae Johnson
Andrea Miller
Marsha Penn
Mary Shockley
Connie Steward

In Memory of Soror Jewel McFarlin Thomas

DECEMBER 2019 

Committee: Weston - Young Soror Melva Christian Soror Hilda Gentry
Chairman: Thearodesia Williams
Soror Karen Demaris Soror Carol McCree

Soror Yolanda Fontenot Soror Ivy Ricketts

December 2019 Service Project - Target 3: Building Golden Soror Shirley Session
Your Economic Legacy CPS Holiday Drive

The Building Your Economic Legacy Committee asks

you to bring Christmas gifts to the meeting for youth The Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter has a permanent
mailing address. This address should be used for all
ages 13 to 18. Gifts are often purchased for babies and correspondence.

young children, but teenagers typically receive very Our new address is:

few. Help us make this a special Christmas for P. O. Box 35438

teenagers. Items requested include: Gift Houston, Texas 77235-5438

Cards: Target, AMC Movie, iTunes, Forever 21 and

Individual items: Makeup, Perfume/Cologne, Journal,

Computer, Basketball, Wireless Earbuds, Art Supplies,

and Bath & Body Works.

Please inform the Basileus as you become aware of Congratulations to the following
those who are ill or otherwise challenged. sorors:

Please continue to pray for all sorors and Soror Lucy Bremond who was
their families who are experiencing challenges. inducted into the 2019 Greater
Soror Mary Daffin and Soror Pamela Cormier in Houston Women’s Chamber of
the loss of Mr. Ernest Johnson Burden, Jr. their Commerce Hall of Fame.
brother and uncle , respectively. Soror Deirdre Holloway who was appointed to the
Sam Houston State University Alumni Association
Soror Berna Greer, International Financial Officers’ Board of Directors.
Certification/Foundations Committee Chairman,
and Former Supreme Tamiouchos, along with her Soror Cherry Gooden who was the December
sisters Sorors Karen Greer and Mary Alice Greer- 2019 Commencement Speaker for Texas Southern
May, who mourn the loss of their mother, Mrs. University.
Mary V. Greer.
Soror Code of Ethics (Page 6)
The family of Soror Edna Greene, who became an
Ivy Beyond the Wall. Number 3 – To respect our elected/appointed leaders
and support them in conducting the business of Alpha
Soror Kimberly Miller and Soror Bobbie Frazier in Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.
the loss of their mother Mrs. Lucille Miller.

Soror Faye Bryant who has returned to Houston
and is recuperating nicely at home.

Page 2 In Memory of Soror Jewel McFarlin Thomas

DECEMBER 2019 

For the nation’s democracy to function correctly and The Health Committee held its
for the government to provide fair representation, all first Alpha Kappa Omega
eligible Americans must have the opportunity to vote. Walking Works! Event
To that end, the chapter has worked diligently Saturday, November 9, 2019, at
throughout 2019 registering voters. Hermann Park. The purpose of
the event was to bring chapter sorors together to walk
In conjunction with the outdoors as part of an ongoing Get Active, Stay Active
committee’s Candidate campaign. Sixteen (16) participants including Sorors
Forum in October, we held a Laura Allen, Andrea Bonner, Mary Thi Bui, Donna
voter registration drive; Clay, Pamela Cormier, Staci Taylor Fullmighter,
which placed many new Rhonda Haralson, Barbara Hayes, Gail Lewis, Jennifer
voters on the voting roll. In Meeks, Rebecca Savoy, Patricia Sibley, Barbara Smith,
partnership with The League Cherise Story, Pamela Tatum and Honey-Do, Rhodrick
of Women Voter’s New Citizens Voter Registration Haralson gathered around 7:30 am for registration,
Project, the committee attended numerous photos, and a spirited warm up session. The weather
naturalization ceremonies. At the naturalization was absolutely picture-perfect and at 8:00 am, the
ceremonies, the Committee assisted in registering participants moved to the Marvin Taylor Trail to begin
thousands of new citizens on-site. Thus far, more than the 2 mile walk. Collectively, the walkers completed
31,000 new citizens have been registered to vote 73,300 steps, 33.8 miles and 654 active minutes.
through our combined efforts.
Walking Works! grew out of the chapter’s Walking
In support of “Rock the Vote,” and our partnership with the Supreme Basileus Challenge featured in the
with National Voter Registration Day, the committee September 2019 Newsletter. Walking, with a target of
registered high school students at Madison High achieving 8,000 to 10,000 steps each day, can help
School, Sterling High School, and Houston Academy reduce stress, blood pressure, blood sugar and
for International Studies. At the schools, our sorors cholesterol. Other benefits include improving bone
offered voter registration to eligible students during and muscle health, strengthening the immune system,
and improving mental performance and sleep.
their lunch period. Several
of our volunteers also went Walking Works! is an ongoing program and between
into the lunchroom and September 1 and November 30, 2019, participating
explained the importance of sorors accumulated over 4.2 million steps, 2,031 miles
voting to seniors. Many and 17,242 minutes (287.4 hours). Now, the combined
students were eager to learn totals for the Challenge and Walking Works! exceed 13.5
about where and how to million steps, 6,092 miles, and 59,686 minutes (983
vote in Texas. hours). To sign up to participate in Walking Works!
contact [email protected]

Thanks to Soror Barbara Hayes for her leadership in
the Walking Works! Event and Soror Andrea Bonner
for assisting with registration and other activities.

In Memory of Soror Jewel McFarlin Thomas Page 3

DECEMBER 2019 

The Arts! Committee partnered with the City Ballet of The second annual
Houston for their 2019 Inner City Nutcracker Project. Caregivers’ Day was hosted
On Tuesday, November 12, 2019 and Wednesday, by Alpha Kappa Omega
November 13, 2019, 44 sorors volunteered for the dress Chapter’s Health Committee
rehearsal and two performances at the Wortham at Westbury United
Theatre. Event chairman Soror Krystle Simpson led Methodist Church on
sorors as they assisted the children with registration, Friday, November 15, 2019.
hair and makeup, putting on their costumes, and From 12:00 noon—3:00 p.m.,
supervising the children for the duration of the over 40 caregivers were
performances. honored and received activity filled hours of respite.
This included: food, salsa, yoga, hand massages, door
Alpha Kappa Omega and prizes, a panel discussion, resources, blood pressure
the Ivy Educational and screenings, an opportunity of prayer in the church’s
Charitable Foundation of chapel, and bags filled with goodies. Many thanks on a
Houston also presented the successful event which was in collaboration with
Ballet a check to the City AARP, Alzheimer’s Association, AAA, Area Agency
Ballet of Houston, in the on Aging, Chick-Fil-A, Methodist Hospital, Westbury
amount of $3,250, at the United Methodist Church, YMCA Yoga, and many
evening performance. hard-working volunteers. Thanks to our Event
Sorors who volunteered were presented a token of Chairmen, Sorors Laura Allen, Charlene James and
appreciation from Sorors Tracy Warner, Detra Alton, Idaena Wade for a job well done.
and Taylar Lewis — The Arts! Committee chairman
and co-chairmen. In addition, the cast of 54 children
were presented with nutcracker ornaments on behalf of
The Arts! Committee.

City Ballet of Houston was very grateful for Alpha
Kappa Omega’s partnership with this project and said
that without volunteers the show would not have been
possible. Sorors truly enjoyed the rewarding
experience of helping expose children to the world of
dance and are looking forward to participating with
the project in years to come.

Page 4 In Memory of Soror Jewel McFarlin Thomas

DECEMBER 2019 

During the month of November, Receipts for over $120,000 have
the #CAP teams worked with been submitted to the chapter’s
students from Madison, Sterling HBCU for Life Committee. We
and Yates High Schools on are making a tremendous impact
completing successful and competitive scholarship on the ability of students to attend college. If you
applications. Students were supported with successful made a donation to any Historically Black College or
scholarship essay samples and given tips on the University during the year, please forward receipts,
qualities of a winning application. Approximately donation letters or other documentary evidence to
thirty students attended the sessions. Also, seven [email protected]. Be counted in the amount
undergraduate sorors from the Epsilon Lambda and we report to show the chapter’s commitment to
Gamma Psi chapters were there to support and provide protect, preserve and promote HBCUs. Remember, it’s
encouraging words to our high school scholars. A total not too late to make a 2019 tax deductible donation to
of twenty-eight sorors from Alpha Kappa Omega your favorite HBCU.
assisted with essay writing and wise tips for success.
Two parents were present to glean from the Sorors, our new communication vehicle
information shared with students. Students were was used to pilot two phone messages to
engaged by asking questions and participating in the you. The phone number 405-548-2251 from
activities presented. Students also received the latest Oklahoma City, OK should be added to
scholarship information and were encouraged to begin your phone contacts. Thank you to Soror Laurie
Wright for being the elegant voice.

Please send written announcements to
be read at chapter meetings, to the
attention of the Epistoleus ([email protected]).
Announcements may also be handed to the Philactor at
the beginning of the meeting. Only approved
announcements will be read to the General Body.

To assist in the orderly preparation of weekly eBlast
messages to the chapter, please submit articles ready
for publication along with any flyers, etc. by the times
noted below.

Monday eBlast; submit by Saturday at 9:00 p.m.
Friday eBlast; submit by Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.

In Memory of Soror Jewel McFarlin Thomas Page 5

DECEMBER 2019 

On Saturday, November 23, 2019, Born in Gonzales, Texas in 1913,
the African American History Azellia White followed her
Committee and Target 5: Global husband Hulon “Pappy” White to
Impact Committee performed a Alabama as he pursued a career as
remarkable service project: Books for Development. a mechanic with the Tuskegee
The organization formally known as Good Steward Airmen. While at Tuskegee Field,
Initiative, is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation that White took to training and flying
addresses the book famine that exists in many in a Taylor Craft Airplane and earned her pilot’s
underdeveloped countries. The corporation distributes license in 1946. She would frequently take trips around
books and builds libraries around the world. the South in pursuit of better shopping opportunities.

The committees working At the completion of World War II, White and her
together were able to husband returned to Texas. White continued to fly, and
compile over a pallet of along with her husband and two other Tuskegee
books to be shipped to Airmen, started the Sky Ranch Flying Service in South
Africa. Sorors sorted, Houston. Sky Ranch served as an airport for the
organized, packed and segregated black community and provided instruction
labeled boxes of donated to veterans interested in flying. The company closed its
books. In addition, the African American History doors in 1948 but the pioneering aspect of Sky Ranch
Committee donated a large container of primary made its mark on the community.
through high school books for such a worthy cause.
Mrs. White continued to serve as an inspiration to
aspiring aviators. The Aviation Science Lab at
Houston’s Sterling High School is named in her honor,
“No one can stop them."

Azellia White died on September 15, 2019, at the age of

Page 6 All Committee Chairman are asked to
submit any documentation you have for
the scrapbooks. Documentation includes,
but is not limited to, pictures, minutes,
agendas, sign-in sheets, and artifacts from the event.
Our scrapbooks must include documentation to win!

If you are interested in joining the Scrapbook
Committee, please email Soror Jocquelyn Roberson at
the [email protected] .

In Memory of Soror Jewel McFarlin Thomas

DECEMBER 2019 

Chapter dues for the year 2020 were approved as $411, Like us on
graduate member dues, and $286, life member dues,
allocated as noted below. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @AKOmega1928

$ 125 $ N/A Per Capita (to Corporate Office) Use these hashtags with your posts #AKA1908
10 10 EAF (to Corporate Office) #Excellence #AKOmega1928 #ServiceandSisterhood
Hostess Fees
135 135 Chapter Operations Chapter Programs
121 121 Housing Fee Soror Staci Taylor Fullmighter, Anti-Basileus of
20 20 [email protected]
$ 411 $ 286 713-471-4706

Payments may be made by three methods; Chapter Operations
Soror Diedra Fontaine, Anti-Basileus of Operations
1) Checks may be received by the current Pecunious [email protected]
Grammateus on or before December 31, 2019 at the 832-332-8013
address below.
Change of Address, E-mail, or not Receiving
Soror Tishauna Washington “The Jewel”
14426 Obra Lane Soror Felicia Wright, Epistoleus
[email protected]
Houston, Texas 77045 713-504-0955
2) PayPal on the chapter’s website.
Dues, Reactivation, Transfers, Golden/Silver/Life
3) Cash, check or credit/debit card at sorority meeting. Members
Soror Tishauna Washington, Pecunious Grammateus
Thank you to the Editorial Team Members/ [email protected]
Contributing Writers/Proofreading Team – Sorors Nell 832-582-5590
Cline, Jo-Carolyn Goode, Thelma Harmon, Barbara
Hayes, Helen Houston, Angela Lundy Jackson, Death of a Soror or someone in a Soror’s immediate
Clardina Jones, Andrea Miller, Angelee Moody family and/or information to be published in
Rhynes, DiAnn Robinson, Krystle Simpson, Idaena “The Jewel”
Wade, and Felicia Wright. We appreciate you for Soror Cherise Story, Basileus
making our newsletter a success. [email protected]

Soror Laura Rousseve Allen, Hodegos
[email protected]

Minutes of Chapter Meeting
Soror Pippa Brown-Andrews, Grammateus
[email protected]

In Memory of Soror Jewel McFarlin Thomas Page 7

 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated
Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter
Soror Cherise Story
P. O. Box 35438
Houston, Texas 77235-5438

December 2019

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