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Published by YSZ Teamwork, 2019-11-14 09:13:20

ysz oneg - noach

ysz oneg - noach

SHABBAT ‫בס"ד‬
YSZOneg!‫שבת שלום‬

Parashat Noach ‫ד׳ חשון תש״פ‬ November 2nd 2019

In this issue

Candle Lighting: 5:33 Parsha Summary & Trivia P.1
Shabbat Ends (Tzait YSZ in Pictures P.2
Hakochavim): 6:33
Story of the Week P.2
Trends & New Software P.4
Sun, 11/3: Daylight Savings
Time Ends - move clock back Parsha Summary - ‫פרשת נח‬

Wed, 11/13: Teacher 1st Aliya: Noach, a righteous man, is Parsha Trivia!
Professional Development - no introduced in contrast to a generation that “has
school perverted its ways”. Hashem instructs him to 1. How much above the tallest
build the Tayvah. mountain did the teiva go?
Tue-Wed, 11/19-11/20: Parent (7:20)
Teacher Conferences 2nd Aliya: Noach is told to enter the Tayvah
along with all the animals. On Cheshvan 17, 2. What was the first animal
Thu-Fri, 11/28-11/29: 1656 the flood began. Noach sent out of the teiva?
Thanksgiving - Sunday schedule (8:7)
3rd Aliya: For 40 days and nights the waters
Parnes increased, destroying all living things. The water 3. How long was Noach in the
Hayom raged upon the surface of the earth for 150 teiva? (8:14)
days, and then diminished for the next 150. On
Day of Learning Nissan 17, the Tayvah rested upon Mt. Ararat. Hand in the answers to Rabbi
Noach sends out the Raven and then the Dove, Amster on Sunday for a prize!
Each day, week, or month of and on Cheshvan 27, exactly 1 solar year after it
sponsored learning will be began, the earth was dry.
recognized by a schoolwide
email, and a sign of recognition 4th Aliya: Noach and his family exit the Tayvah,
in our lobby. and offer karbanot to Hashem. They are
commanded to keep the 7 Noahide mitzvos.
Visit our website, 5th Aliya: Hashem promises to never again
hayom, to register your date! destroy the world and designates the rainbow as
the symbol of that covenant.
Donations are tax deductable.
6th Aliya:The story of Noach, the vineyard, and
the subsequent blessings and curses is related.
The descendants of Cham, Yefes, and Canaan
are listed.

7th Aliya:The story of the Tower of Babel and
Nimrod’s world dominance is told. The 10
generations of Shem, culminating in the
introduction of Avram and Sarai, are listed.

Yeshiva 718-268-3444
Sha’arei Zion [email protected]

Forest Hills, NY Your feedback is appreciated!

1st Grade – Rabbi Barth Brain Teaser!

The Nekudot Shuffle! A frog is trying to reach
1st Grade is learning how to pronounce all The frog is at the bottom of
the hebrew nekudot. Rabbi Barth tried a 20 foot well. It manages to
confusing the boys by taping letters to climb 3 feet each day, but
their noses, shuffling them around, and it slides back down 2 feet
asking the class to read the newly formed overnight - so it can only
"word"! gain 1 foot total per day.
How many days will it take
Story of the Week The Scientist the frog to get out of the
There was once a science Then, a young boy got up and
conference, and the scientist who (hint: the answer is NOT 20 days!)Ra
was speaking was explaining said he also has three questions:
everything based upon science, “Has anyone here ever seen your Scan the QR code after Shabbat for
not Hashem. At the end of his brain? Did anyone ever hear the answer to the Brain Teaser!
talk, he said: “Let me ask you your brain? Did anyone ever feel
three questions: Did you ever your brain? No! So then you Humor 
see Hashem? Did you ever hear don’t have a brain!”
Hashem? Did you ever feel Humor: Did all of
Hashem? No! So there is no the animals come
Hashem!” Everyone was to Noach in
stunned, and they didn’t know "pairs"?
what to say. No, the worms
came in apples!

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