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How can you say there is no God -Shang Di

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Published by Words of Love ❣️ and Hope ☀️, 2022-01-01 11:08:55

The Good News 9 (a)

How can you say there is no God -Shang Di

How can you say
there is

no God, Shang Di?

Scientists widely believe that
the universe originated from

the Big Bang Theory

“ ”and from the
“ ”Theory of Evolution...

Do you agree ?


of the

Human Beings

through the universe and the

mysteries of mankind,
let us search together for the

origin of the universe and

Mysterious Since ancient times, it has been human nature to
explore the unknown world...
1 Universe
Driven by a strong curiosity,
as mankind continues to accelerate its exploration of
the universe using existing science and technology,
their findings and discoveries so far have been really

The universe within our research limitation is the largest
celestial system we have ever seen.

Various celestial bodies, including planets, solar systems,
stars, clusters, galaxies, galaxy clusters, and galaxy
groupings are constantly changing in their motions.

But how big is the Universe?

To illustrate the extent of the Universe,
Scientists made a calculation or estimation:

The sun is 1.3 million times the size of the earth,

There are about 100 billion more stars
as big as the sun or even larger than the sun in the

Milky Way.

Right now
Astronomers have discovered about 1 billion more

similar star systems in the Milky Way.

These star systems are only part of the universe.

As you can imagine,
the universe is really indescribably vast!

2 The center of the solar system is the sun!
The sun uses a powerful gravity to bring all the objec
The enormously in the solar system (e.g. Earth and other planets) to
bright sun’s make them rotate around itself.

rays extending On the surface,
to all directions the sun seems to be a spherical solid ball,
In fact, the opposite is true.
Most of the material that makes up the sun is mainly
Hydrogen is an extremely efficient energy source,
Hydrogen provides the earth with the right amount of
light and heat.

Therefore, "everything grows by the sun".
Earth is a living planet,
Whether it's ordinary earth life or human beings,
To survive, one cannot live without the light
and heat supplied by the sun.

Although the sun seems like a behemoth,
In the vast world of stars,

The sun is just a very ordinary star,
Because there are many solar systems outside the solar system.
In comparison, how very small then are the sun and the earth...

Earth is the third largest planet in the solar system. 3 Planet of Life
The temperature of the sun is as high as 12 million - Earth
degrees Fahrenheit.
The sun is the earth's heat energy,
The earth is 93 million miles from the sun.
That's the right or correct distance!
About three-quarters of the earth is covered by
water, so the earth's temperature is suitable, not
too high or too low.
If we don't live in this environment,
we'll either burn or freeze immediately.

The moon is the closest celestial body to the earth, 4
It is also the only natural satellite on Earth. The moon
It has no air, no water, and no living things. that
It is about 3,400 kilometers in diameter, the same size as waits
the United States area map. in silence

The average distance between the earth and the moon is
380,000 kilometers.
It orbits the Earth in an elliptical orbit for about 27 days.
It marks the passage of time: signs, seasons, days and

Since the self-rotation of the moon is equal to the cycle of
The moon always faces the earth on the same side.
We can't see the other side of the moon unless we go to
the moon.

The universe is formed under a
systematic arrangement and order.

do you think the universe occurred
in an accidental explosion?

do you think the universe
has a Designer/Creator?

The universe came to us from the Creator.
The purpose of its creation is to reveal the majesty of the Creator!

The Scripture, Psalms 19:1
“ declare the glory of God,

the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”

Q:Why use ?

A:In the heavens or universe,

we can discover the Amazing creation by the Creator

Even though the vastness of the universe
makes us marvel,

It is not the

pinnacle of the creation

So what exactly is the
pinnacle of the creation?

We'll reveal it next time...

Dear friends, we sincerely invite you to contact us,
A nearby church or a Christian.

We are happy to help you get to know and understand this Creator God.

[email protected]

Peace be unto you

# stay safe, stay healthy

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