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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-30 09:38:12

The VIEW 10, Vol. 12

The VIEW 10, Vol. 12


UPCOMING Parshat Miketz/Shabbat Chanuka By: Rabbi Landsman

EVENTS The uniqueness of the holiday of Chanuka is apparent in the fact that it is so widely cele-

Candle Lighting: 4:11 brated amongst the Jews the world over and no matter what their level of Jewish observance is. It is

Havdallah: 5:11 not only that Chanuka has the "good fortune" of always falling in the month of December that ac-
counts for this level of interest in it. This is definitely a factor, but Rabbi Wein says that he does not

Thurs., Nov. 28 - believe it to be the deciding factor. Rather, Chanuka represents the last refuge of Jews who want to

Mon., Dec. 2 be Jewish but are unable to verbalize or express in their actions that inner desire. So, Jews allow
Chanuka to speak for us. Chanuka declares clearly that HaShem is in the world, that there are
Chanuka basic principles of faith and godly behavior that are worth great sacrifices. That a little light can

overcome a sea of darkness and that HaShem demands a certain greatness from the Jewish people

No Sessions and He will perform miracles to guarantee human realization of His presence in world events. Cer-

Tues., Dec. 3 tainly in this century when Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and other representatives of the new, modern,

progressive world, were ascendant, the lights of Chanuka were certainly dim and the ideas they

Sessions Resume represented were only capable of being whispered but not proclaimed. So the Jewish person re-
treated into Chanuka and let the holiday itself speak for them and their inner being and hopes.
Rosh Chodesh One of the qualities of Chanuka, which the Talmud emphasizes, is the concept of pirsumay

Wed., Dec 4 nissa the requirement to publicize and make known the miracle of Chanuka. Thus the lights of

Rosh Chodesh Chanuka are lit in a window that opens to the outside street. In Israel they light the lights of Chanu-
ka in the passageway of their outside doors so that they shine on the street. The lights of Chanuka,

Thurs., Dec. 5 are the symbol of the miracle and the lessons of this holiday, thereby become a public statement of
Jewish faith and of our deepest instincts and godly intuition. What we cannot say in words, either
Chanuka Presentation out of ignorance, shame, or weakness, we say therefore with the lights of Chanuka themselves.
The problems in Jewish life that Chanuka records for us are still present today in the Jewish

Sun., Dec. 8 world. The Hellenistic Jews no longer go by that name but their program of advocating unchecked
5-8 Grade Jewish assimilation, no matter what the cost, still lives on. There are other Jews in our time that ad-

vocate putting all of our trust in our own might and power, even though all of the history of the
Parent-Child Learning events of this bloody century seem to deny the validity of such a strategy. There are still other Jews

Program that are blind to the realities of being subjugated and are unappreciative of the benefits, spiritual

Tues., Dec., 10 and physical, of being an independent nation. All of these groups existed within the Jewish world of
the Hasmoneans almost twenty-two centuries ago. The victory and miracles of Chanuka stand as a

Parent Teacher stark reminder to all of us that we have been through this trial once before. A wise people learn

Conferences from its past history. Chanuka and its lights are a powerful memory aid for all of us.

3:45 Dismissal K-8 The Torah records for us in this week's reading the story of the fulfillment of Yosef's dreams.
The Torah reading of Miketz almost invariably coincides with the Sabbath of Chanuka. The mes-

sage here is also clear. Chanuka and Jewish dreams are inseparable. In order to have a meaningful,

YCQ Family News spiritual, Jewish life, one must be a dreamer. One must have a maximum vision of one's self and
one's importance and contributions to Jewish life and destiny. Without that vision, it is difficult to
Mazal Tov to Josh appreciate the lights of Chanuka. For Chanuka not only commemorates our past, it is meant to

Weinstein on his Bar illustrate our future. It gives hope for our dreams' fulfillment and a sense of confidence, Jewish confi-
dence that somehow all will yet be right for us and for all of humankind.
Mitzvah! Shabbat Shalom, Chanuka Sameach, and Happy Thanksgiving!



Wednesday November 27, 2013: No a er school programs except for E2K and 4:30 Room 
Thursday November 28 ‐ Monday December 2, 2013: Thanksgiving/Chanukah ‐ No Sessions 
Tuesday December 3, 2013: No a er school programs, except there will be 4:30 Room 
Wednesday December 4, 2013: No a er school programs, except there will be 4:30 Room 
Thursday December 5, 2013: No a er school programs, except there will be 4:30 Room  
          Mishmar and hockey prac ce.  

Bat Mitzvah Workshop

This past Wednesday the sixth grade girls and their mothers shared a special evening to-
gether in honor of the girls becoming Bnot Mitzvah. The program began with a Dvar
Torah from Rabbi Landsman, then Mrs. Golubchik spoke about the “3 P’s” of a Bat Mit-
vah (preparation, procedure and party). Mrs. Marcy Davidovics, our school social work-
er led a “Values Clarification Session” with mothers and daughters. Mrs. Tzirel Gold-
chmeidt, YCQ dance instructor, led the girls and their mothers in simcha dancing, Atara
Teitelman gave a beautiful Dvar Torah, and everyone partook in a delicious dinner ca-
tered by “Carlos and Gabby’s”. It was a most beautiful and memorable evening.

Names Not Numbers Visits  
The Museum of Jewish Heritage  

On Tuesday, November 19,  8th grade students in Names not Numbers visited the Museum of 
Jewish Heritage as part of their training.  Students were given a special tour tailored to the pro‐
ject and then had a seminar about ethical wills.  Later that week, three groups interviewed their 
survivors, while grandchildren, friends, and spouses looked on.  It was an incredibly inspira onal 
week for all.   



This past Wednesday, the YCQ Debate Team hosted SAR Academy, and Yeshiva of Flat-
bush for an intense debate. The resolution the student’s debated against was “The Nation-
al Security Agency should stop monitoring the use of the cell phone as well as of the In-
ternet by Americans”. After a debate well played, YCQ won the competition. Congratula-
tions to our individual winners Shir Levy, upon receiving 1st Place Speaker, Josh Wein-
stein, upon receiving 2nd Place Speaker, and a tie between Marnie and Michelle
Weingarten, upon receiving 3rd Place Speakers. Congratulations as well to our team win-
ners. 1st Place Team: Shir Levy and Marnie Weingarten. 2nd Place Team: Josh Weinstein
FIRST PLACE SCHOOL! It was a great debate!

Third Grade Melave Malka

This past Motzei Shabbat our third grade students enjoyed the Intergenerational Melavah Malkah. With beautiful
musical accompaniment from Rabbi Lipsker, the students proudly climbed the stage and sang songs about Shabbat.
Afterwards, the students and parents enjoyed a beautiful slideshow featuring all of the third grade students. The
performance ended with a beautiful ceremony recognizing Morah Patchen’s 25 years of dedication to YCQ. A
beautiful collation was set up in the gym where the students and families enjoyed an entertaining magician. We
would like to thank the following volunteers who ensured the success of the program, Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Lubeck,
Morah Maxine, Mrs. Leah Shedlo, Mrs. Hillary Landsberg, Dr. Eve Sullivan, Mrs. Ziva Besalel, Mrs. Nancy
Schindler, Mrs. Flamenbaum, Mrs. Shachar, Rabbi Todd Sullivan, Benjy Schickman, Dr. Josh Sisser, Mrs. Sima
Anscelovics, Mrs. Shelly Peretz, Mrs. Carrie Beylus, Rabbi Eisenberg, Mrs. Jodi Tanzman, Rebecca Konigsberg,
the eighth grade girls for setting up on Friday and the 6th and 7th grade siblings who acted as waitresses.

Yeshiva of Central Queens Chanukah Schedule 2013-5774

Sixth Day of Chanukah   Seventh Day of Chanukah  Eighth Day of Chanukah   
Friday, December 6 
Rosh Chodesh Tevet  Rosh Chodesh Tevet  Thursday, December 5 
Tuesday, December 3  Wednesday, December 4  9:20 Fourth and Fi h Grade Hallel in the Shul 
4th and 5th Grade Hallel in Class  JHS Rosh Chodesh/Chanukah  Chabad Olive Oil Workshop  ‐ Shul  AZAMRA DJ 
Breakfast  9:00 ‐ 1st Grade   9:00‐9:30 Grades 2 & 3 
JHS Rosh Chodesh/Chanukah 
Breakfast  9:20 Fourth and Fi h Grade Hallel in the Shul   10:00 ‐ 2st Grade   9:30‐10:00 Grade 1 
10:00‐10:30 JHS Girls 
    PRESCHOOL PLAYS  10:30‐11:00 JHS Boys 
11:00‐11:30 Grades 4 & 5 
Rabbi Nat and the Neshama   Chanukah Chocolate Making‐Shul  9:00 K‐102                               10:00 K‐105  11:30‐12:00 Grades N & K 
(Program  in the gym) 
Orchestra  10:30   4‐304 and 4‐307  11:00 K‐100                             12:00 K‐101 
9:00—9:45 Grades N‐4  11:00   4‐305 and 4‐306  1:00 N‐109                                 1:30 N‐208 
10:00—10:45 Grades 5‐8   
(Concert in the gym)  12:00   5‐300 and 5‐301     
  5th Grade Chesed Trips    
  12:30   5‐302 and 5‐303  10:15 ‐ 5‐301 ‐ Franklin Nursing Homes    
    11:00‐1:00 Third Grade Chanukah  10:15 ‐ 5‐300 ‐ Meadow Park    
Dreidel Spin Off ‐ Shul    
10:30 ‐ 4th Grade  Extravaganza Utopia JC   10:15 ‐ 5‐302 ‐ Holliswood Center 
12:00 ‐ 3rd Grade 
SMALL WONDER PUPPET THEATER    10:15 ‐ 5‐303 ‐ Margret Teitz  
1:00 ‐ 5th Grade 
JHS MPR  Amazing Race  
4:45 Third Grade Sings at JFK    10:00 ‐ Grades 1, 2  1:30 Fourth Grade   
10:45 ‐ Grades N, K  3:30 Fi h Grade   
Chanukah Par es  
6th Grade Boys at Rabbi  Dreidel Spin Off ‐ Shul  
Russek’s Home ‐ 7:30  
1:15 ‐ 1st Grade  12‐4 6th Grade Boys Trip to the MET 
2:30 ‐ 2nd Grade  4:30 8th Grade Boys Rebbe Party 

  in MPR 

JHS Chesed Trips   7th Grade Boys Chanukah Party 
(During first and second period) 
10:30 ‐ 6G1 ‐ Rego Park Senior Care 
10:30 ‐ 6G2 ‐ Queens Center     
10:15 ‐ 6B1 ‐ Cliffside Nursing Home    
10:15 ‐ 6B2 ‐  Wavecrest Nursing Home 

9:30 ‐ 7th Grade Boys ‐ Bais Ezra  

10:30 ‐ 7th Grade Girls ‐  QJCC Food Pantry  

10:45 ‐ 8th Grade Boys and Girls Hos ng Otsar 

4:30 JHS Girls Chanuka Party MPR  


A Message from the YCQ Parents 

Dear Parents: Association 

As Chanukah approaches, please join us in showing our Hakarat

 dtocvotmo the adm inistration , teach ers i and s t aff f o r the dedication
mitment they show t o our ch ldre n eve r y day.

We ask that you send in your gift of $25.00 per child,
with a cap of $60 per family of three children or more.

Please keep in mind that these funds are distributed entirely to
staff at YCQ, including principals; Rabbeim; teachers; assistant
teachers; all specialty teachers, such as art, computers, dance,
gym, library, music, resource room; the nurse; administrative,
kitchen and custodial staff and building guards. There are over
150 staff members in all.

This is an opportunity to show your support and gratitude.

Please be sure to list your child(ren)'s name and grade/class

Thank you for your participation,
The Officers of the Parents Association

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Please address envelope to YCQ PA - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Child's Name _________________________________________ Grade & Class _______________

Child's Name _________________________________________ Grade & Class _______________

Child's Name _________________________________________ Grade & Class _______________

Child's Name _________________________________________ Grade & Class _______________

Child's Name _________________________________________ Grade & Class _______________

Total Amount: ($60 cap for families with 3 or more children) $_________


Please bring NEW toys to help keep        2013 
children occupied and happy during  

difficult  mes in their lives.   
Please make sure to: 
 Not wrap the toys 

 Not donate toy guns or  


Parent Teacher Conferences, Tuesday, December 10, 2013  

Class  Time  Sign In  Loca on of Conference  
5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
1‐200, 1‐201,  
1‐202  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

2‐204,   5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
2‐206, 2‐207  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom  

3‐209, 3‐210, 

5‐302, 5‐303  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
(Finkelstein, Rosen, Orlanski, 


JHS Girls  6:00‐9:00  No Sign In   Lunchroom 
First come first serve 

Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday, December 16, 2013 

Class  Time  Sign In  Loca on & Conference 
N‐109 & N‐208  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

K‐100, K‐101  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
5:30‐9:30  Classroom 
K‐102, K‐105  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
1‐203  5:30‐9:30  Classroom 
5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
(Blass, Greenwald)  5:30‐9:30  Classroom 
6:00‐9:00  Sign in Online  Lunchroom 
2‐204, 2‐205  Sign in Online 
(Kupferman, Berkowitz)  Sign in Online 

3‐212   No Sign In  
(Patchen, Chuback)  First come first serve 

4‐306, 4‐307 
5‐300, 5‐301 
(Fried, Rohr,  Hoffman, Kahn ) 

JHS Boys 

147-37 70th Road • Flushing, NY 11367 • 718-793-8500


Dear Nursery ‐ 5th Grade Parents: 


As Parent Teacher Conferences are approaching, we would like to extend an invita on for you to u lize the conference op on  
ParentLocker. ParentLocker allows you to select the  me slots and create your schedule prior to arriving at school on Parent Teach‐
er night. The scheduling system is first come/first serve, so the earlier you sign up, the more availability there will be for appoint‐
ments, and the more likely you will be able to customize a convenient schedule for yourself.  


Before beginning the process please check the following schedule of conference dates and  mes in order to know when the teach‐
ers you would like to see will be available: 

Please Note: Fourth grade parents should not sign up for a Math Conference. Rather it should be done via phone or e‐mail. 

Date  Grades  Times  Slot length 

Tuesday,  1st Grade, 2‐206, 2‐207, 3rd grade,           5:30pm to  10 Minutes per appoint‐

December 10, 2013  4‐304, 5‐302, 5‐303   9:30pm  ment 
   5th Grade 5 Minutes per 

Monday,  Nursery, Kindergarten, 1‐202, 1‐203,        5:30pm to  10 Minutes per appoint‐
December 16, 2013  2‐204, 2‐205, 3‐211, 3‐212, 4‐305, 4‐306, 
4‐307  5‐300, 5‐301  9:30pm  ment 

   5th Grade 5 Minutes per   

 The online registraƟon system will only be open for registraƟon beginning at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, November 19th unƟl

December 3 at 11:00 AM .

Please remember that the system is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE and registra on should be completed as early as 
possible to help ensure the most convenient schedule possible for you.  

For Parents without access to a computer or internet connec on, Hadas or Liron (contact info below) will be avail‐
able by email or phone to assist in the registra on process. Those parents who use this method will be provided 
with a printed schedule which can be picked up from Hadas in Rabbi Landsman’s office. 

If you have any ques ons or comments at any point in the process, please contact Hadas at (718) 793‐8500 Ext. 
310  [email protected] or Liron at Ext. 330 [email protected].

Thank you, 

The Yeshiva of Central Queens 

Third Grade Intergenerational Melave Malka

YCQ Debate Team

Sixth Grade Bat Mitzvah Workshop

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