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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-30 09:24:07

VIEW 32, Vol. 13

VIEW 32, Vol. 13

VOLUME 13 NUMBER 32 JUNE 12, 2015 25 SIVAN 5775

UPCOMING Parshat Shelach By: Rabbi Landsman

EVENTS Parshat Shelach contains the "low point" in the history of the Jewish people, the incident of

CANDLE LIGHTING: 8:08 the Meraglim, the nation's balking at entering the Promised Land, and the Divine
HAVDALAH: 9:10 punishment that followed these events. The event was an unmitigated disaster. As a result

MONDAY, JUNE 15 of the needless crying on the night the spies returned, that date was set aside for crying

GRADE 8 SENIOR throughout the generations.
AWARDS DINNER The Torah says that there were two spies that did not follow in the path of the others, Kalev
and Yehoshua. Chazal make a point of telling us that these two spies had special help in
TUESDAY, JUNE 16 being able to stand up to the rest of the spies. Yehoshua was given a special name change by

KINDERGARTEN Moshe indicating a prayer to save you from the counsel of the spies. Moshe anticipated
GRADUATION/LAST through Divine Inspiration that Yehoshua would need extra protection to stand up to the
DAY CLASSES evil report of his fellow spies. Similarly, Chazal say that Kalev went to the grave of the
Patriarchs in Chevron and prayed for Divine Assistance. This prayer is what gave him the
GRADUATION fortitude to withstand the "counsel of the spies".
LAST DAY CLASSES Rabbi Frand quotes the Rambam who says that "a person's nature is to be drawn in his

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17 opinions and his actions after his friends and companions." Man is the only creature who

TRIP DAY GRADES 1-6 speaks. Man is a social animal who must interact, and in order to interact it is necessary for

LAST DAY CLASSES him to communicate. In order to communicate, man was given a form of intelligent speech.
The downside of this trait is that man is greatly influenced by the speech and communica-

THURSDAY, JUNE 18 tion he receives from others. "Therefore," the Rambam continues, "man must dwell among

LAST DAY righteous and wise individuals so that he may learn from their actions and distance himself

CLASSES GRADES from the wicked who walk in the ways of darkness so that he not learn from their ways" In
1-6 short, the Rambam teaches that a person must be exceedingly careful regarding the
company he keeps. Ultimately, a person will become who his neighbors and friends are. If
1:30 DISMISSAL the friends and neighbors are looking out for spiritual growth, then he too will grow

YCQ Family News spiritually. If the reverse is true, then the outcome will be reversed as well.
Therefore, Kalev and Yehoshua needed special Divine Assistance (s'yata d'shmaya) to stand
Mazel Tov to
Morah Reut up to the other spies. Without s'yata d'shmaya, they would have been swept away by what
Berkowitz (2-205, the other spies reported.

2-206) on the Sociological studies have been done where 20 people are in a room and 19 of the
birth of a baby participants are "in" on the study and they are told to answer a question in a patently false
way (e.g. – that orange is blue). Invariably, the 20th person, who is the actual subject of the
boy! study, when asked to answer the same question, answers it in a way that is absurd, just to
make his answer correspond with that of everyone else in the room. So profound is the
Mazel Tov to influence of society that something can be black and white and a person will change his
Morah Sarah response just to conform to everyone else!
Kesherim (K-102) This is precisely why the Rambam counsels us to dwell among the righteous and to seek the

on the
engagement of

her son!

Mazel Tov to counsel of the wise. We must be particularly careful who our friends are and we must be
Meytav Finkel-
stein on her Bat even more particularly careful about who our children's friends are. Adults are somewhat

Mitzvah! less susceptible to the pressures of society, but for children especially teenagers and

Mazel Tov to adolescents the influence of their environment is all that counts. It is particularly
Itamar Besalel on
his Bar Mitzvah! important to ensure to whatever extent possible that our children's friends are kind,

sensitive, caring and wise. Have a Great Shabbat!

Writing Festival
On June 4th and June 10th students in grades one through five participated in our
annual Writing Festival! Every student had a chance to share their wonderful writing
from throughout the year with family and friends. We are so proud of every child for
all of their incredible accomplishments in literacy this year. Special thanks to their
amazing teachers for putting together such an enjoyable and outstanding program! Spe-
cial thanks to Mrs. Cohen for organizing this event!

Torah Bee!

Our elementary school students culminated their year-long study of Yedioat Klalioat with the
annual Torah Bee. One by one, students from each class came up to the front of the shul and
answered questions. Each class eagerly cheered as their class representative competed. The
competition was exceptionally close with the final question often proving to the decisive fac-
tor separating the winning class from the runner up. An exciting time was had by all! We can’t
wait until next year’s Torah Bee. Congratulations to all of the students who studied all year! A
special Yasher Koach to the following teachers for their assistance with the Program: Morah
Fendel, Morah Reut, Morah Kadosh, Rabbi Soffer, and Rabbi Finkelstein. Special thanks to
Rabbi Eisenberg for coordinating this beautiful event.

Chagigat Bnot

The sixth grade girls had a
wonderful experience this
past Monday evening as they
celebrated becoming Bnot
Mitzvah. The girls wrote
beautiful essays about their
namesakes, and raised money
for a girls orphanage in
Israel. The girls performed
for their guests and ate a
delicious dinner. Each girl
received a “Women’s Siddur”
along with a copy of her
namesake in a beautiful
frame, and a booklet
containing the namesake of
all their peers. Many thanks
to Morah Hadas Goodrich
and all of the Morot for all
their hard work in making
this evening so special.

SET³ Engineering Program Participants Made YCQ Proud

The YCQ SET³ engineering program students completed their project of a model warehouse according to guidelines set by
the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE). They learned about mechanical energy and mechanical advantage and
incorporated it into a working model that will move and store packages for emergency use. They presented it at Yeshivat
Noam in Paramus, NJ where they competed against about a dozen other Yeshivot from NY, NJ and CT. The students
created an amazing, well thought out project, showing both a working knowledge of what they learned and the ability to
acclimate the information into a real-life design documented in a PowerPoint presentation that was admired by the judges
and coaches of all the other schools. The students, their parents and the YCQ family should all be very proud of the hard
work and achievement of all participants. Special thanks to Mrs. Jaffe for the great program!

JHS Siyum

The entire JHS completed Mishna Masechet Megilla. The students were treated to a gala
breakfast event in the YCQ main ballroom. Hannah Shedlo, Lauren Weitz, Hillel
Golubtchik, and Yonah Rocheild made the final siyum and all spoke beautifully in front
of the other JHS students. Rabbi Pearl said Kaddish, and the students enjoyed their
scrumptious meal. Mazel tov to the entire JHS and we look forward to many more years
of learning. Special thanks to Rabbi Hamel and all the Rabbeim for teaching the students
in order to make this program possible.

Judaic Studies Enrichment Breakfast

Eighty students from grades 3-7 who attended the Jewish studies enrichment program,
concluded the school year with a festive breakfast on Wednesday morning June 10th.
Rabbi Landsman, Rabbi Rothberger and Hillel Golubtchik spoke to the students. They
emphasized the importance of experiencing joy that Torah learning brings, appreciating
the beauty of the world HaShem created, especially during summer vacation, and on
behalf of the students for what they accomplished during the past year. The program
concluded by wishing everyone a wonderful summer and returning to an even more
productive school year. Special thanks to Rabbi Rothberger for all his hard work this past

Annual YCQ Junior High School
Table Tennis Tournament

Class Division First Place Second Place
8B1 I
8B1 II Benjamin Friedman Daniel Abraham
8B2 I
8B2 II Gabriel Mammon Joey Finkel
7B1 I
7B1 II Aytan Waxman Akiva Richman
7B2 I
7B2 II Jonah Rocheeld Ethan Moriber
6B1 I
6B1 II Seth Spitzer David Matatov
6B2 I
6B2 II Josh Roth Yitzchak Socol

Joseph Gross Sam Spitzer

Ashy Goldberg Amit Azizian

Zachary Matatov Yosef Levitt

Joshua Shamalov Sam Verstandig

Benjamin Kandhorov Yair Oxenhandler

Benjamin Peretz Elazar Orenbach


Spend one minute
to help Yeshiva

Tuition-Paying Parents.


We now have an extraordinary opportunity to have New York State
provide tax credits and scholarships for Yeshiva tuition-paying parents.
We have LESS THAN ONE WEEK to convince the State Legislature
and the Governor to pass the NYS EDUCATION TAX CREDIT BILL.

Please send ONE EMAIL which will automatically go to your
Assemblyman, State Senator, and Governor Cuomo.

All you have to do is:
1. Click on the following link:
2. Left click the red bar that says “TAKE ACTION NOW - EMAIL YOUR LEGISLATOR”
The three letters will immediately be on their way.


Please encourage your family and friends to do the same. Thank you.

YeshivaofCentral Queens

September 2015 Sat September 2015-2016 Sun Mo February 2016 Sat
Tue We Thu Fri
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri 5 1 New Faculty Orientation 1 6
12 2 Faculty Workshops 78 2345 13
1234 19 3 First Day of School Grades 2-8 14 15 20
6 7 8 9 10 11 3 Student Orientation Grades N, K, 1 21 22 9 10 11 12 27
13 14 15 16 17 18 26 4 First Day of School Grades. N-1 28 29 16 17 18 19
5 JHS Selichot Learning Program Sat
20 21 22 23 24 25 7 Labor Day (No Sessions) Sun Mo 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 8 Bus Service Begins 5
13-15 Rosh Hashanah (No Sessions) 67 March 2016 12
October 2015 16 Fast of Gedaliah (1:30 Dismissal) 13 14 Tue We Thu Fri 19
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri 22 Erev Yom Kippur (No Sessions) 20 21 26
23 Yom Kippur (No Sessions) 27 28 1234
12 24 No Queens Bus Sevice K-8 3:30 Dismissal 8 9 10 11 Sat
456789 27-6 Succot (No Sessions) Sun Mo 15 16 17 18
11 12 13 14 15 16 22 23 24 25 2
18 19 20 21 22 23 October 34 29 30 31 9
25 26 27 28 29 30 12 Columbus Day– No Bus Service 3:30 Dismissal K-8 10 11 16
12 JHS Back to School Night 7:30 PM 17 18 April 2016 23
November 2015 13 Back to School Night Grades 2-3 7PM 24 25 Tue We Thu Fri 30
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri 13 Grades 4-5 8 PM
14 Back to School Night Grades N-1 7:30 PM Sun Mo 1 Sat
28 Grade 8 Parents High School Night 8 PM 5678
12 12 13 14 15 7
Sat November 89 19 20 21 22 14
3 Election Day Regular Sessions 15 16 26 27 28 29 21
3 6-7 JHS Boys Shabbaton 22 23 28
10 8 Preschool Open House 10 AM 29 30 May 2016
17 10 Bar Mitzvah Workshop 7th Grade Boys 7PM Tue We Thu Fri Sat
24 11 BJE Conferences (No Sessions) Sun Mo
31 17 Bat Mitzvah Workshop 6th Grade Girls 7 PM 3456 4
17-18 Picture Day 56 10 11 12 13 11
Sat 21 Grade 3 Intergenerational Melave Malka 7PM 12 13 17 18 19 20 18
22 Judaic Studies Grade 8 BJE Exam 19 20 24 25 26 27 25
26-27 Thanksgiving (No Sessions) 26 27 31

December June 2016
2 & 15 Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30 Dismissal Tue We Thu Fri
6 & 13 Chumash Presentations 2 Classes
14 Chanukah - No Sessions 123
22 Asara B’Tevet (1:30 Dismissal) 7 8 9 10
25 No Bus Service 14 15 16 17
24, 28-31 Regular Bus Service 21 22 23 24
28 29 30
No Sessions
123456 1 New Years Day (No Sessions)
8 9 10 11 12 13
15 16 17 18 19 20 7 5-6 Grade 5 Greenkill Overnight Trip
22 23 24 25 26 27 10 & 17 Grade 1 Siddur Presentations
29 30 14 18
MLK Day (No Bus Service) K-8 3:30 Dismissal
December 2015
21 21-31 Winter Vacation

28 15
President’s Day - No Sessions

17-18 5th Grade Western Hemis-Fair

19-20 JHS Girls Shabbaton

Su Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sat March Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30 Dismissal
1&7 Book Fair
67 123 4 5 8-9 Grade 8 Yachad Shabbaton
13 14 8 9 10 11 12 11-12 Ta’anit Esther (1:30 Dismissal)
20 21 15 16 17 18 19 23 Purim - No Sessions
27 28 22 23 24 25 26 24 No Queens Bus Service
29 30 31 25
YCQ 75th Annual Dinner
January 2016 April Grade 6 Science Fair 7 PM
3 Grades 3-7 Terra Nova Achievement Test
5 Pesach (No Sessions)


24 Grade 5 Transition Night
Grade 7 Philadelphia Trip
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sat 25 Memorial Day (No Sessions)

1 2 June
678 1-2 Grade 8 Washington Trip
345 13 14 15 95
10 11 12 20 21 22 Celebrate Israel Parade
17 18 19 27 28 29
24 25 26 6 Grade 6 Chagigat B’not Mitzvah 7 PM
Literacy/Writing Festival Grades 1 and 3
16 7
8 Literacy/Writing Festival Grades 2, 4, and 5

23 10-13 Shavuot (No Sessions)
14 Senior Awards Dinner
Grade 8 Graduation (Last Day Grade 8)
30 15
15 Nursery Moving Up Ceremony (Last day N Classes)

31 15 Kindergarten Graduation (Last day K Classes)
No Bus Service
16 Last day Grade 7, Trip Day Grades 1-6

17 Last Day of Classes (Grades 1-6) 12:00pm Dismissal



Please return this slip to the The YCQ Administration and Parents Association are now preparing the School
business office by July 1, 2015. Calendar for next year. The calendar includes the school schedule for the
After this date, you will still be upcoming year as well as important information for you as a parent; it will be
able to submit listings, until distributed to all YCQ parents and advertisers.
mid-July, but a late fee may apply!
The calendar is a great way to note a birthday or anniversary as well as commemorate
Make checks payable to “YCQ PA”. the yahrzeit of a loved one; it’s also a great place to advertise your business. The
fees are listed on the cut-off slip below. If you are planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah
Thank you in advance for your in the upcoming school year, we will print a “Mazel Tov” in the calendar free of
timely response. Do it now; don’t charge! (You must fill out the slip below and tell us the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date.)
be left out!

Please note: The placement of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah date in the calendar does not

secure your date on the school’s main Bar/Bat Mitzvah calendar; all Bar/Bat

Mitzvah dates must be secured with Rabbi Landsman or Rabbi Hamel.


Gail Reichwald

Calendar Chairperson
[email protected]

- - - - - - - Please mark “CALENDAR COMMITTEE” on the front of the envelope - - - - - - -

Contact Number: __________________________________________ BUSINESS AD
Email Address: ______________________________________________ (business card size)

BIRTHDAYS/ANNIVERSARIES/YAHRZEITS Payment must be included with business

Fee: $5 per listing (four listings for $18) card for ad to be printed in calendar.
Fee:____ 12 months /$250
Name (Please print clearly!!!) Date Occasion
____ Inside Cover
________________________________________ ______________ ____________________ Simcha Page /$150

________________________________________ ______________ ____________________ Business Name: __________________
________________________________________ ______________ ____________________ Email: _______________________________
Phone #: ___________________________
________________________________________ ______________ ____________________ Please attach business card/print copy
and any special instructions.
BAR/BAT MITZVAH ( Bar Bat) Ad size: 1.5” x 2.75”
Please indicate if you are a YCQ parent
Fee: No Charge! and would like that noted on your ad.

Name (Please print clearly!!!) Date

________________________________________ ______________

Reserve Your Advertising Space

in the 2015-2016

YCQ Calendar

The YCQ Administration and Parents Association are now preparing the
School Calendar for next year. The calendar includes the school schedule for
the upcoming year as well as important information that every YCQ Parent
and staff member relies on.

The YCQ Calendar is the perfect way to advertise your business to the
more than 800 YCQ families living in Queens, the Five Towns, Great Neck,

West Hempstead and beyond – and the price could not
be better!

Please return this slip to the business office by July 1, 2015.
All checks should be made payable to “YCQ PA”.

Thank you in advance for your timely response.
Sign up now; don’t be left out!

- - - - - - - Please mark “CALENDAR COMMITTEE” on the front of the envelope - - - - - - -

Contact Number: _____________________________________________ Email Address: ____________________________________________________________

(business card size)

Payment must be included with business card for ad to be printed in calendar.

Fee: ____ ____ 12 months /$250

____ inside cover simcha page /$150

Business Name: ___________________________________________________________ For more information please contact:
Valerie olsen, Calendar Chairperson
Email: _______________________________ Phone #: ___________________________
[email protected]
Please attach business card/print copy and any special instructions.
Ad size: 1.5” x 2.75”
Please indicate if you are a YCQ parent and would like that noted on your ad.

Yeshiva of Central Queens




You will be receiving a letter in the mail from the
New York City Board of Education.

If you have not received the letter please contact
Mrs. Debbie Bermish

at 718-793-8500 x326 and she will send one home.
In order to guarantee services for the

school year 2015-2016 this letter MUST be signed!

The YCQ Parents Association

our first annual pre-camp LABEL SALE

featuring the labels of

These are easy to use, stick on labels that last wash after wash.
No more hours of ironing on labels or writing in your child’s name

with a marker that will fade after a few washes.
Also available are bag tags and a large assortment of dishwasher-safe,

waterproof labels.

The following link will take you directly to the
YCQ Parents Association Campaign page

There you can place your order for all of your camp labels,
have them shipped directly to your house,

and the YCQ-PA will make 20% on each sale which will go
directly to programs for the children.

The sale will be running through June 21, 2015

Email us at [email protected] or

[email protected]

GIVE BACK UJA-Federation of New York
BACKPACK 2nd Annual

Supplies for SuccessInterboro Tov B’Yachad Backpack Assembly

Queens Backpack Assembly Tov B’Yachad is a UJA-Federation initiative that communicates the shared values
Chair of UJA-Federation and the Orthodox community. UJA-Federation of New York is
Judy Rosen working to ensure that disadvantaged children in Queens return to school this
September with the tools they need to succeed.
Interboro Tov B’Yachad
Help sort supplies and assemble backpacks
Chair for disadvantaged Jewish children in day
Judy Kaufthal schools and yeshivot.

Committee Sunday, August 23, 2015
10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
(in formation)
Young Israel of Jamaica Estates
Dorothy Berman 83-10 188th Street
Marla Cornejo Jamaica Estates, New York
Eva Galpern
Tova Hirsch Donate school supplies or a filled backpack. Please bring them with you to the backpack
Karen Hochberg assembly at Young Israel of Jamaica Estates.
Roberta Kaylie What to Donate: Backpacks • Binders • Filler Paper • Spiral Notebooks • Marble Notebooks
Candice Koerner Pocket Folders • Book Covers • Index Cards • Pencil Cases • Crayons • Markers • Highlighters
Kevin Leifer Colored Pencils • Rulers • Scissors • Glue Sticks • Protractors • Calculators
Judy Tuchman
Stuart Verstandig Volunteer with your kids in our backpack assembly on Sunday, August 23.
Rachelli Weiss We’ll fill backpacks with the collected school supplies. R.S.V.P. by Wednesday, August 19, 2015.
To respond and for more information, including a complete list of school supplies, please
Community service contact Adrienne Rubin-Prince at 212.836.1674 or [email protected].
letters will be provided
upon request. Participating Shuls and Schools: Young Israel of Jamaica Estates – Young Israel of
Holliswood – Young Israel of Hillcrest – Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills – Young Israel of
Queens Valley – Yeshiva Ketana of Queens – Yeshiva Har Torah – Yeshiva of Central Queens
Bais Yaakov Academy for Girls – Yeshiva Tifereth Moshe – Solomon Shechter of Queens
Bnos Malka Academy of Queens – Congregation Kehilat Sephardim

The world’s largest local philanthropy, UJA-Federation of New York cares for Jews everywhere
and New Yorkers of all backgrounds, connects people to their Jewish communities, and
responds to crises — in New York, in Israel, and around the world.


Chagigat Bnot Mitzvah!

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