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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2020-01-09 14:32:30

View 16, Vol. 18

View 16, Vol. 18

VOLUME 18 NUMBER 16 JANUARY 10, 2020 13 TEVET 5780

UPCOMING Parshat Vayechi By: Rabbi Landsman

Candle Lighting: 4:28 The book of Bereshit comes to its conclusion in this week’s parsha. The
Havdallah: 5:33 story of the creation of the Jewish people through the development of one family
over a number of generations and by the perseverance of the great personalities
Sunday, January 12 of our patriarchs and matriarchs is now complete.
Siddur Presentations This raises the question originally posed in Rashi’s commentary to the very
(1-202, 1-203) beginning of the book of Bereshit that is why does the Torah, which appears to
be basically a book of laws and commandments, bother with all of this detailed
Thursday, January 16- description of creation and continued familial based narrative? Why is this
Sunday, January 26 seemingly anecdotal knowledge of the lives of our ancestors so necessary to be
Winter Vacation included in the eternal Torah and how does it register in the survival of the Jewish
No Sessions people throughout the ages?

In response to this question of relevance, the rabbis taught us that the
Monday, January 27 events that occurred to our ancestors are indeed the harbingers of happenings

Sessions Resume that will occur to their descendants. Many times though it is difficult for later
generations to make this connection, except in the most general way of
experiencing historic repetitions of circumstances.
The book of Bereshit, which comprises a substantial part of the entire
YCQ Family News written Torah, contains within it almost no commandments and is basically a book

Mazel Tov to Mrs. of narrative tracing the development of one family eventually seventy in number
Ayelet Katz (JHS and of the difficulties that this family encountered over generations. So what
Resource Room and therefore is its main message to us living in a far different world, millennia later?
Rabbi Wein explains that the message of Bereshit is the obvious one of
Chesed Coordinator)
on the Bat Mitzvah family and its importance. The Torah purposely and in minute detail describes for
of her daughter, us how difficult it truly is to create and maintain a cohesive family structure. Every
Michal (7G1)! one of the generations described in Bereshit from Kayin and Hevel till Yosef and

Mazel Tov to Temima his brothers is engaged in the difficult and often heartbreaking task of family
Katz (6G1) on her building.
Bat Mitzvah!
Rabbi Wein teaches us that there are no smooth and trouble free familial
relationships described in the book of Bereshit. Sibling rivalry, violence, different
Mazel Tov to traits of personality, and marital and domestic strife are the stuff of the biblical
Gabriella Badalov narrative of this book. The Torah does not sanitize any of its stories nor does it
(6G1) on her Bat avoid confronting the foibles and errors of human beings.

Mitzvah! The greatest of our people, our patriarchs and matriarchs, encountered

Mazel Tov to Eliana severe difficulties in attempting to create cohesive, moral and cooperative
Gomberg (6G2) on families. Yet they persevered in the attempt because without this strong sense of
her Bat Mitzvah! family there can be no basis for eternal Jewish survival. There is tragic fall out in
each of the families described in Bereshit and yet somehow the thread of family
Mazel Tov to Yuval continuity is maintained and strengthened until the family grows into a numerous
Wortzel (7B1) on his and influential nation.
Bar Mitzvah! This perseverance of family building, in spite of all of the disappointments

Mazel Tov to Noam inherent in that task, is the reason for the book of Bereshit. It is the template of
Traeger (7B2) on his the behavior of our ancestors that now remains as the guideposts for their
descendants. The task of family building remains the only sure method of
Bar Mitzvah! ensuring Jewish survival. Shabbat Shalom!

1-200 Siddur Presentation

Mazel tov to 1-200 on receiving their very first Siddur. They performed beautifully. The
children had a part depicting how they learn each day in YCQ. Aside from a performance, the
children learned how their siddur will be a tool enabling them to connect to Hashem
throughout their lives. They are so excited to be davening each day from their brand new
Siddurim! Many thanks to Morah Elana, Morah Shira, Morah Tali, Rabbi Ribalt, Rabbi Hamel,
Morah Maxine, Mr. Weinstock, and the PTO volunteers.

1-201 Siddur Presentation

This past Sunday, Morah Sophia’s kittah received their first Siddur and put on a
beautiful performance. We are so proud of them! They worked very hard, singing their
songs, practicing their parts, and rehearsing on stage. The class looked amazing in
their beautiful gold crowns. The play was executed to perfection. A slide show was
shown highlighting the children learning in their classroom. Each student received an
engraved siddur with his or her name on it and then enjoyed cake and treats to
celebrate this momentous occasion. Mazel tov to all first graders. Special thanks to
Morah Sophia, Morah Netanya, Morah Tali, Rabbi Ribalt, Rabbi Hamel, Morah
Maxine, Mr. Weinstock, and the PTO volunteers for all their hard work.

Fifth Grade Overnight Trip to The Greenkill Environmental Center
This past week, the fifth grade students attended an overnight trip to the Greenkill
Environmental Center where they had a chance to experience nature, teamwork, and survival
skills. Students were placed in groups and assigned a ’naturalist’ who taught them how to work
together to accomplish multiple tasks in addition to confidence building activities like crossing a
rope bridge over a brook. They went hiking on trails in the mountains to see a beautiful waterfall
and built their own fires without matches. This trip gave them an insight into wildlife through
the show “Birds of Prey” and a forest ecology hike.
Thank you to all the chaperones including, Rabbi Landsman, Mrs. Cohen, Rabbi Finkelstein, Mrs.
Jaffe, Mrs. Orlanski, Morah Leah Solaimanzadeh, and Mr. Lahijani for making this trip so
memorable. Special thanks to Rabbi Lonner and Rabbi Kovitz for providing all the delicious food
and snacks that the children enjoyed and to Jonathan Pleshty (Class of 2012) for serving as an
EMT for this trip.

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