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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-29 12:18:00

VIEW 2, Vol. 13

VIEW 2, Vol. 13

VOLUME 13 NUMBER 2 SEPTEBER 19, 2014 24 ELUL 5774

UPCOMING Parshiot Nitzavim-Vayelech By: Rabbi Landsman

EVENTS According to the standard order of the weekly Torah readings, Nitzavim is always read
before Rosh HaShanah. There could be no more appropriate parsha to read at precisely this
Candle Lighting: time of the year. Nitzavim contains the following series of pasukim:
"For this mitzvah that I am prescribing to you today is not too wondrous for you, it is not
Havdallah: 7:38 too distant. It is not in Heaven that you should say 'Who shall go up to Heaven and bring it to us
so that we can hear it and keep it?' It is not over the sea so that you should say 'Who will cross
Motzai Shabbat, the sea and get it for us, so that we will be able to hear it and keep it?' It is something that is
Sept. 20 very close to you. It is in your mouth and in your heart, so that you can keep it."

Selichot Begins There is a difference of opinion among the early commentators as to which Mitzvah the

Selichot Program

Wednesday— Torah is referring to in this pasuk. Rabbi Frand quotes the Ramba"n and others who follow his
Friday September opinion, that the Torah is referring to the mitzvah of Teshuvah. Teshuvah is the Commandment

24-26 that is "within our capacity and within our reach to fulfill".
Rosh HaShana The Sforno, concerning this verse writes: "It is not too wondrous for you" that you would

No Sessions require prophets. "It is not too distant" that you would require distant wise men of the

Sun., September generation to explain to you that which is necessary to accomplish it, even while you are still
28 in exile".

Fast of Gedaliah A person should not think, "In these times, I am incapable of doing Teshuvah. Had I

Fri., October 3 lived in the times of the prophets who could have directly told me exactly what I was doing
wrong then I could have repented properly. Unfortunately, I live in a period of history when
Erev Yom Kippur there are no prophets." To counteract such thoughts the Torah assures us "It is not in Heaven"
No Sessions

Wed., October 8 implying that we do not need prophetic words from heaven to allow us to do Teshuva. This is no
Erev Sukkot
No Sessions Likewise, we cannot argue "If I had a real Maggid Mussar then I might be inspired to

Thur., October 9 – repent. If the Chofetz Chaim or the Vilna Gaon were here and would tell me to do Teshuvah, I
Sun., October 19 would do it!" To counteract such thoughts the Torah informs us "It is not across the Sea". This,

Sukkot Vacation! too, is no excuse.

Wed., Oct. 20 "For the matter is very near. It is within your mouth and your heart to do it." We do not
Sessions Resume need prophets or wise men. It is all up to us. This pasuk is a double-edged sword. Teshuvah is

Sun., October 26 easy. It is accessible. On the other hand, it is all up to us. We have no external excuses to fall
5th-8th Parent back upon. We cannot wait for others to do Teshuvah for us, and we cannot blame others for
our failure to do Teshuvah. It is not because our parents raised us poorly. It is not because our
Child Learning
environment was bad. There are no excuses! The ability to do Teshuvah is within our own

mouths and hearts. Shabbat Shalom! Ketiva V'Chatima Tova! May you be Inscribed and

YCQ Family News Sealed in the Book of Life!

Mazel Tov to Solomon Healthy Tip Number 2:
Scheiner on his Bar Make treats "treats", not every day foods.
Mitzvah! Treats are great once in a while, just don't make treat foods an every day
thing. Limit sweets to special casions. But don't go overboard on those special
Mazel Tov to Morah occasions either! Be careful not to have too many treats over Rosh Hashana.
Beer on the marriage

of her

Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier Gives T’shuvah Lecture At YCQ

The Yeshiva of Central of Queens Alumni Association hosted Rabbi Shafier on Sunday evening, September 14
for an inspiring T’Shuvah lecture. Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier, is an alumnus of the school and the Director of the
Shmuz and of Tifereth B’nei Torah (Queens, Brooklyn, and Monsey). He raised a few engaging questions, which
he answered over the course of the shiur. Why don’t we recite Hallel on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur? We
know Hashem is sitting in judgment on those days. Rabbi Shafier explained Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur are
days when it is easier for us to feel Hashem’s presence to experience His sovereignty. We can sense in our heart
that Hashem is acting as judge or king. It is easier to daven and to learn during this time and Elul. It is true that
there should be that feeling of joy, but it must be tempered with the realization that every creation is being judged.
We know our future is being decided. We therefore should approach these days with a sense of anticipation and,
at the same time, a realization of the judgment taking place. Rabbi Shafier suggested that we take two pieces of
paper. On one paper, list all the events that happened over the past year and note how Hashem interacted in our
life. On the other paper we should list all our needs for the upcoming year. This year, he taught, we should think
about both lists when we daven. He pointed out how this year in particular held such an unusual string of events,
starting with the kidnapping of the three boys and everything else that has occurred after that. Rabbi Shafier em-
phasized that we possess a powerful tool: tefilah. When we beg Hashem for mercy, we can change outcomes.

YCQ Parents' Association Kickoff Meeting was a HUGE Success!

Thank you to everyone who made Tuesday night so special. We had to bring extra chairs into the library
and people were still standing!! Moms and Dads turned out to a night full of energy and ideas. Rabbi
Landsman, Mr. Sruli Glaser and our new Assistant Principal Mrs. Melissa Cohen helped us kick off the
new school year. Topics we discussed include safety/dismissal procedures, food at lunch and in the
classrooms, Box Tops, Target Card and other fundraisers like a Family Portrait Day and Chanuka Cha-
giga. New committees were formed based on parent voice, such as the Education Committee and Day-
time Moms. WE WANT YOU! Check Parent Locker emails for news. E-mail [email protected]

September 20, 2014

25 Elul, 5774
9:30 PM - 11:30 PM



leIandspbiyriRnagbSbeiliHchaomtel. MeanPirnoggfural mle.arning
Delicious Snacks

Join your classmates ExtFraivCe rPeodiinttCard



Elul 5774/ September 16, 2014

Dear Parents:

We would like to extend our best wishes to you for a happy and healthy New Year --
Ketiva V’chatima Tova.

In order to give our families and students the opportunity to begin the new year by
observing the mitzvah of Lulav and Etrog the yeshiva is providing lulavim and
etrogim sets at a nominal cost. “Standard” (kosher) set is $35 “Deluxe” (mehudar)
set is $40.

Please note that last year we had the privilege of being able to acquire high quality
sets and we believe that

Please fill in the form below and return it to your child’s Judaic Studies home room
teacher with a check made out to “Yeshiva of Central Queens”.

Order on line – All orders must be received by – Wednesday, October 1, 2014.

Inside YCQ - Thank you in advance. Chag Sameach!
Delivery of lulavim will be on Monday, October 6th.

NAME OF STUDENT: (Please Print)_____________________________
TELEPHONE NUMBER: ( )__________________________________
Enclosed is: $_____for_____ “Standard” Lulav and Etrog set(s) at $ 35.00 each set.

$_____for_____ “Deluxe” Lulav and Etrog set(s) at $40.00 each set.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
21 25
28 22 23 24 26
6 math Cigan/Walz/Goldste6B Gemara 7B Vocab Quiz 3
5 7G1 Vocal Quiz
7 Science 7G Chumash Quiz
19 8 Gemara (Howitt) 7 Math Sider
8 Math Cigan/Sider

29 30 1 2
8 Science 6 Science 6 Math Lowinger
7B Chumash
8B Ivrit 7 Math Cigan Lowinger
8 Algebra Test  7B Ivrit
8B Navi

6 7 8 9 10

6G Halacha 7B Halacha Rabbi 
7B Gemara Bernstein

20 21 22 23 24

6B Chumash 6G Ivrit  8B Ivrit

7G Halacha 7G Ivrit 8G Ivrit

8B Trip 8G Trip

8G Chumash Quiz

8G Halacha



You have seen the ads and signs for the Shabbos Project, and perhaps heard Shul announcements and
received emails about it. Undoubtedly, you have questions, and we hope that many of them are
answered below.

1) What is The Shabbos Project?

Reprising last year’s incredible South Africa Shabbaton, we in Queens are joining hundreds of other
communities around the world on Parshas Noach (October 24-25), when we will invite our
unaffiliated Jewish neighbors, acquaintances and relatives to experience an inspirational Shabbos in
our community.

2) How can I participate in The Shabbos Project?

While there are a number of ways you can participate in the Shabbos Project, first and foremost is to
invite your secular relative, co-worker, friend or neighbor to join you for the Shabbos. Of course you
may keep your guests with you at home for any or all of the Shabbos but you also should consider
joining us at some or all of the activities we have planned for your guests. (For help with making an
invitation, please refer to attached step by step invitation guide.)

3) What is the itinerary for the Shabbos Project in Kew Gardens Hills?

The tentative schedule of Shabbos activities is as follows:

 Our own spirited Communal Friday night davening at Yeshiva of Central Queens (with
concurrent option of beginners’ prayer service).

 Friday night Seuda for hosts and guests at YCQ, followed by community Oneg Shabbos dessert

 For those guests who do not want to ‘sleep in,’ Shabbos morning beginners' service at Jewish
Heritage Center.

 Shabbos lunch Seuda at various homes, with combined groups of hosts and their guests.
 Shabbos afternoon events (speakers, interactive panels, children’s activities, one-on-one

learning, game room/lounge for adults, etc.) at various venues in the community.
 Seuda shlishis for hosts and guests at YCQ.
 Communal havdalah and concert, with refreshments and wedding-style dancing.

4) I can’t explain Shabbos well enough, how am I going to host secular Jews?

You would be surprised how little you need to know and how much you already know. Your usual
Shabbos table is a powerful and eye-opening inspiration to people who have never experienced a
Shabbos. Also, the Shabbos Project has great “How To” guides for both you and your guests that we
will be distributing before the Shabbos.

5) I have someone I would like to invite but I have no room for them in my house; what should I do?

Just let your Shul representative know and the Shabbos Project committee will find the right place for

6) My co-worker will not come for the whole Shabbos, can I invite her for Friday night dinner?

Regardless of the Halachic opinion one generally follows on this matter, the Shabbos Project
Organization that created and put so much effort into this initiative is asking everyone, on this one
particular Shabbos, to join together in a full ”sundown to stars out” Shabbos (without driving). They
are respectfully requesting that you only invite your guests for the entire Shabbos.

Explain to your guests that the beauty of the Shabbos Project is that tens of thousands of Jews all
around the world and from all levels of observance will be joining to keep this entire Shabbos in unity
(hence the slogan, ‘Keeping It Together’). Kiruv experts tell us that experiencing a whole Shabbos is
infinitely more powerful than a single meal. Why not just go ahead and ask; they may surprise you
and agree to come.

7) I have asked my secular friend to come for Shabbos many times and he always refuses. Why
would this time be any different?

The Shabbos project is a unique opportunity. You are not just asking your friends to come for a
random Shabbos, you are inviting them to participate in a global day of unity with tens of thousands
of Jews all over the world. Send them a chatty email (see sample below) including a link to one of the
Shabbos Project videos, such as:

 The Shabbos Project 2014:

 Shabbat UK Promo:

 Mexico Cartoon:

to show how Jews just like them in all corners of the world are coming together to create the Shabbos

8) How do I sign up as a host?

The mechanism for enrollment is via the The Shabbos Project website. When landing on the home
page, host registration is termed “Individual” at the center of the page. It may not be intuitive, but it
does work.

9) October 24th is more than 5 weeks from now, isn’t it way too early to invite people?

NO! People often plan their weekends far in advance and if you wait, it may be too late. Additionally,
it may take them some time (and more than one conversation or email with you) to get comfortable
with the idea of spending a whole weekend at someone else’s house. And don’t forget, the Yomim
Tovim are coming up, and you will be quite busy yourself.

You can speak to your Shul representative or contact the Committee at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Shabbos Project. We are confident that it will be a
really inspirational event and a tremendous Kiddush Hashem.

Appendix: Sample invitation email:

Long time. I hope you and ________ are well. We are great, [add chitchat about yourselves.....].

We have certainly been remiss in keeping up with you, and way overdue on getting together. We
would love to have you over for a Shabbos when we can catch up and spend some quality time
together. I don't know if you guys have heard about last year's Shabbos Project in South Africa, where
thousands of Jews of every level of observance got together for an amazing Shabbos of Unity. (Check
it out at It was so exciting and inspiring that it is
being reprised this year, simultaneously in hundreds of cities around the world on October 24-25.
Queens will be hosting its own version of the Shabbos Project that week, and _______ & I would love
to have you & ______ join us. Many guests are expected in the neighborhood from all backgrounds
and walks of life, for what promises to be a fun-filled, unpressured inspirational experience. We hope
you will accept this invitation, and we know we will enjoy a really pleasant Shabbos together. Looking
forward to hearing from you soon.


Dear Parent,
I am contacting you about a wonderful new project we have started to
show solidarity with the IDF – Israel Defense Forces.
The IDF SOLIDARITY SUKKAH POSTER is a limited edition vinyl
banner that is easily displayed in private and public sukkahs
throughout the country. It is a tangible and meaningful way for Jews
in the Diaspora to connect with our dear soldiers and keep them in
mind during the upcoming Yom Tov.
We all know the danger that faces every one of these brave men and
women on a daily basis. This poster is a way to internalize this during
our “Festival of Joy,” especially during this difficult year.
The moving photograph is inscribed with the age-old words of our ancestor Rochel, Vshavu
Banim, a fervent prayer that her children safely return home, and a song which has more
recently been adapted as a prayer for our soldiers.
The poster is water-proof and weather-proof, and with proper storage can last for decades of
sukkah use. It also comes with convenient metal eyelets for easy hanging. It is lightweight and
easily rolled for simple shipping.

The cost of the poster is just $10.

In addition to raising awareness and money for our school, a portion of the proceeds will be
donated to One Israel Fund, which does wonderful work on behalf of our soldiers and
vulnerable communities in Eretz Yisrael.
There are a very limited number of banners available this year in the USA. Therefore, we need
to receive your order immediately to ensure shipment.
We hope to hear from you soon!


We had an Amazing Week at YCQ!

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