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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-05-12 19:32:24

View 20, Vol. 14

View 20, Vol. 14

VOLUME 14 ISSUE 20 MARCH 4, 2016 24 ADAR 5776

UPCOMING Parshat VaYakhel/Shabbat Shekalim/
Shabbat Mevarchim By: Rabbi Landsman
Candle Lighting:
5:32 One of the main questions that all of the commentators rasie to this week's Parsha is

Havdallah: 6:34 why the Torah again discusses the prohibitions of the Sabbath. The Torah has done so a

Sun., March 6 number of times in the previous parshiyot of Shemot, so one might question this seemingly
5th-8th Parent
Child Learning unwarranted repetition, especially right at the beginning of the Parsha. Rabbi Wein explains

9-11:30 that we do not find that at the time of creation the Torah sanctified any given place or

Monday March 7 location on the face of the earth. The entire idea of the uniqueness of the Land of Israel does
PT Conferences
not appear in the Torah until the time of our father Avraham. Even there, it appears as a
YCQ Family News
promise of a homeland to Avraham's descendants, without any mention of holiness or
Mazel Tov to Mrs.
Levine (2-207) on the sanctification.

wedding of her Holiness only appears regarding a place and location in the story of our father Jacob
and his heavenly dream at Beit El. However, already in the first section of the Torah, in the

story of creation itself, we read that Hashem sanctified time. "Therefore did Hashem bless

the seventh day and sanctify it.” Time is the holiest of all factors in human life. It is the one

thing that since creation has been blessed, sanctified and made very special. It is no wonder

therefore, that the holiness of Shabbat is emphasized over and over again in the Torah. In

human behavior and thought, time is not as important as wealth or location or the

accomplishment of any human ends. The Torah comes to warn us not to succumb to such a

viewpoint or behavior pattern.

The holy Mishkan according to most commentators was ordered and built after Israel

sinned in the desert by worshiping of the Golden Calf. These commentators saw this

Mishkan as an accommodation, so to speak, of Heaven to the human condition. People

somehow require a tangible place of worship, a holiness of space and locality, something

solid that can represent to them the invisible and eternal. So the Mishkan in a sense came to

replace the necessity for the Golden Calf created by human beings.

Hashem gave Bnei Yisrael detailed instructions how this Mishkan and its artifacts

should be constructed and designed. Even though holiness of space, location and of actual

structure is necessary for human service of Hashem, it must be done solely under Hashem's

conditions. There can be many designs to build a golden calf. To build a Mishkan to Hashem

there can only be one ordained and holy design and plan. Even when building a Mishkan

according to Hashem's plan, the Jewish people were instructed and inspired to remember

that holiness of time is always greater than holiness of place and of structure.

Shabbat, which has accompanied us from the time of creation, takes precedence

over all else except for human life itself. The Mishkan and its succeeding Temples were all

temporary and subject to the events of time. Even the holy Land of Israel disappeared from

Jewish history for millennia. Shabbat never stopped accompanying the Jews wherever they

lived and whatever their circumstances were. This is why this lesson is drummed into us

over and over again in the narrative of the Torah. Shabbat Shalom!

The YCQ Calendar was published with an error.
The clocks will be changing next week, March 13th
2016 at 2:00AM, not this coming Motzai Shabbat!

YCQ Family Fun Night

The YCQ PTO sponsored the first Family Fun Night at the Yeshiva. It was our hope that we would bring the entire Yeshiva
together with a fun, interactive program - and we did just that. Students and parents were split into four teams and the
excitement began. The emcee asked teams questions and contestants hit their buzzer to ring in on the answer. The red team
was pretty much off and running and they ended up being victorious - but not after some physical challenges like the card
game and the dance contest!!! Although we were small in numbers - we were definitely large on fun. Special thanks to
Simon Landsberg, Sherri Katz, Mrs. Golubtchik and the Zakry family who were there to lend a helping hand. The PTO is
definitely looking forward to planning more family events in the future.


Congratulations to top earning class 2-204 with 567 total collected Box Tops. Special thanks to the two top
collectors in that class, Sammy Rosenblatt with 187 and Tzippora Gold with 139 Box Tops. Special mention to the
other top school collectors: Rafi Tabenfeld in 2-206 (101), Dina Milchman also of 2-204 (92) and Moshe Laub in
6B2 (92). We submitted a total of 2,664 Box Tops and 60 Bonus Box Tops for the months of December, January
and February for a total of $272.40. Please continue to send in Box Tops and PLEASE write your name and class
on the bag or envelope. It would also be helpful if the bag was labeled with the amount of Box Tops in each bag.
A special thank you to all those who cut neatly around the pink lines and made counting and bagging the 1000's
of Box Tops so much easier! Please continue to cut around the dotted lines and be mindful about the expiration
dates as well and continue to send in Box Tops to help the school make money for you!
A special thank you to 6th graders Joshua Friedman, Moshe Laub and Michael Wein for giving up a night to help
cut, count and bag the Box Tops!

Seventh Grade Trip to the Museum of Tolerance

The Seventh Graders had a meaningful trip to the Museum of Tolerance. With a private guide,

they attended many interactive exhibits on bullying, anti-Semitism and more. This experience
enhanced their current Language Arts unit on tolerance and gave plenty of opportunity for open
discussion and participation. Thank you to Mrs. Maisel Maisel for organizing the meaningful trip.

Sunday Morning Learning

This past Sunday, we had the honor and privilege, of learning from Rabbi Taub, the Rabbi of
the Young Israel of Holliswood, on the topic of Torah Exceptionalism. Rabbi Taub explored
various halachic areas and told numerous inspiring anecdotes to keep the childrens’ attention.
Rabbi Taub interacted extremely well with both students and parents as each of them came
away rejuvenated.




March 6, 2016

26 Adar 1 5776

9 AM - 11 AM
11-11:30 3-on-3 Basketball



Rabbi Krammer,
JHS Rebbe

“Chesed is a Prerequisite to Torah!”

Western Hemis”fair”

The Western Hemis“fair” is one of the highlights of the school year, and this year was no exception. Students learned
about the provinces of Canada, states of the United States, countries in Central and South America, as well as various
Native American regions in the US. The Fair began on Wednesday in the classroom as the students presented their boards
to their peers . On Thursday, the fifth-graders brought in their models and set up the fair in the Multi-Purpose Room,
welcoming parents and students to learn about their topics. Some students even served as tour guides, taking small
groups of students around to see each project. A special thank you to all the faculty who helped make this fair a huge
success. We are so proud of our fifth-graders!


Dear Parents:

FAIR will take place on MONDAY, MARCH 7th and TUESDAY, MARCH 8th

in the J.H.S. building multi-purpose room.

The Book Fair will have a large selection of Scholastic English and Judaica books. There
will be a variety of computer software, videos, and cookbooks available. All purchases benefit our
school and our library.

All classes, nursery through grade 8, are scheduled for visits to the Book Fair. Parents of
children in nursery, kindergarten, grades 1-3 are welcome to come and shop with their children. All
parents are welcome to come to browse and shop each day. Please remember to send money along
with your child on the day of his/her scheduled visit. Books range in price from approximately
$7.00 to $15.00. In accordance with NYS tax law, sales tax will be charged.

Please note that the Book Fair will also be open during Parent-Teacher Conferences
on Monday, March 7th.


Mon. 3/7 Tues. 3/8

9:30-9:50 4-304, 4-305 4-306, 4-307
9:50-10:10 K-102, K-105 1-202, 1-203
10:10-10:30 2-204, 2-207
10:30-10:50 2-205, 2-206
10:50-11:10 5-302, 5-303
11:10-11:30 N-208, N-209
11:30-11:50 K-100, K-101 1-200, 3-209
11:50-12:50 LUNCH LUNCH
12:50- 1:10 1-201, 3-210
1:10- 1:30 7G2, 6G2 7B1, 7B2
1:30- 1:50 8B1, 8B2 8G1, 8G2
1:50- 2:10 7G1, YESS 6G1
2:10-2:30 5-300, 5-301 3-211, 3-212
2:30- 2:50 6B1, 6B2


Adena Dyckman 323-385-0450 [email protected]
[email protected]
Shandi Glaser 718-551-7112 [email protected]
[email protected].
Tzipora Laub 917-742-9469

Suri Sokol 917-838-4674


The YCQ-PTO is proud to
present its first ever
Pesach Wine Sale!

The YCQ-PTO has teamed up with Suhag Liquors to
bring you an opportunity to buy your Pesach wine and
support the PTO at the same time. For each sale made,
Suhag will donate 10% to the PTO.

All orders must be prepaid to the
YCQ-PTO by Thursday, April 7.

Orders will be ready for pick up
at Suhag Liquors starting
Monday, April 18.

For order forms and more details check your
emails and the YCQ-PTO Facebook page.

Contact: Stuart Verstandig at (718) 544-4047

(evenings only)
Or email: [email protected]

YCQ-PTO Purim Mishloach Manot Program

Dear Parents,

We invite you to participate in the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot and Matanot L’Evyonim
through our annual Purim Program.

A scroll listing your child’s name will be included with every Mishloach Manot distributed to
each one of the YCQ teachers and staff members, including all specialty teachers and staff.

This year’s Mishloach Manot packages have been purchased from Keren Aniyem. For over 25
years Keren Aniyem has supported hundreds of needy families in the New York area through
their fundraising efforts.

Although your children will not have to bring individual bags to present to their teachers,
they will still be fulfilling this very important mitzvah. This and other fundraising efforts help
sponsor the Purim Carnival and other activities that the Parent-Teacher Organization
undertakes to enhance our children’s experience at YCQ.

PLEASE help us make this a success by completing the form below and sending it in with
your child to the school’s Business Office by FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2016 or paying online via
PayPal at the following link:

Thank you,

Any forms/payments submitted after the deadline will be included in an addendum.

Questions? Please email [email protected].

YCQ PARENTS: Please make all checks payable to YCQ-PTO $10.00 per child / $30.00 cap
per family of four or more children
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________

***YCQ TEACHERS & STAFF ONLY - You may also participate and have your name on the
scroll, please submit $7.00 and fill in your information below.
Staff Member Name: ________________________ CASH _____ CHECK ______ or online via
above PayPal link.


⇒ Shop at the following local vendors
⇒ Pay by check payable to the YCQ-PTO
⇒ The PTO makes a percentage on each sale

Suhag Wine & Liquor
60-30 Main Street, KGH
Hours: Sun. 12-8, Mon.-Thurs. 10-10, Fri. 9:30-8

Main Sweet
72-54 Main Street, KGH

Hours: Sun.- Thurs. 10-9, Fri. 10-3

Jewish Quarter
Kew Gardens Hills
Hours: Sun. – Thurs. 8-10, Fri. 8-2
Megillahs, Megillah Cases, Seder
Plates, “Plagues”, etc.
[email protected]

In addition to shopping at these vendors, don’t forget
to continue using your Red Card when you shop at
Target, logging into Amazon through , and sending in your Box Tops.

American Friends of Yisrael Hatzair &
The International Young Israel Movement, Israel Region (IYIM)

Add family & friends in Israel to your Mishloach Manot List
Send Mishloach Manot to Soldiers at IDF bases
throughout Israel

This is your opportunity to send Mishloach Manot to family & friends anywhere in Israel, while
supporting IYIM's chesed, educational & social activities. For more information:

Donate Mishloach Manot packages which will be hand delivered to IDF soldiers.
Support our Chayalim protecting our land and people!

Donate Matanot L'Evyonim to the Mercaz Chesed of Sderot.
All products are Mehadrin - Prices include delivery

The deadline to order Mishloach Manot to family and friends is March
18, 2016

Matanot L'Evyonim and IDF deadline is March 21,2016

For orders, payment, package options and further details visit

For further inquiries: [email protected]

Western Hemis“fair”

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