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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-30 09:18:14

VIEW 27, Vol. 13

VIEW 27, Vol. 13

VOLUME 13 NUMBER 27 MAY 8, 2015 19 IYAR 5775

UPCOMING Parshat Emor By: Rabbi Landsman
A recurring theme in Parshat Emor is the incompatibility of the Beit
Candle lighting: 7:40 HaMikdash and Tumah. The Kohanim, those designated to serve in the Beit
Havdalah: 8:42 HaMikdash, must refrain from contact with a dead body which constitutes the
highest level of Tumah. Although a regular Kohein does defile his sanctity to bury
Sunday, May 17 his immediate relatives, the Kohein Gadol, whose bond to the Beit HaMikdash is
Yom Yerushalayim greater, is prohibited to defile himself even under these circumstances.
A Kohein is prohibited from serving in the Beit HaMikdash in a state of Tumah.
Monday, May 18 Even a person that is not a Kohein must be tahor when entering the Beit
Transition Night HaMikdash or eating korbanot. The complete separation between the Beit
HaMikdash and tumah requires that even terumah, the holy food of the kohein,
Grade 5 and ma'aser sheini, the tithe eaten in Jerusalem, must be preserved in the state
of taharah. Why is tumah the antithesis of the Beit HaMikdosh, thereby requiring
Tuesday, May 19 scrupulous care that anything associated with the Beit HaMikdosh remain tahor?
PA Meeting 8:30 Rabbi Tzvi Sobolofsky, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva University explains that all forms
of tumah are linked to a loss of life. The highest level of tumah is linked to the
May 22-25 most profound loss of life, the death of a human being. Dead animals also
Shavuot: No Sessions emit tumah, albeit to a lesser degree. Even the loss of potential life such as when
a woman becomes a niddah is associated with tumah.
YCQ Family News According to the Ramban in the beginning of Vayikra, the primary purpose of
bringing a Korban is a reaffirmation of life. One who sins deserves death according
Mazel Tov to Sam to the strict rules of justice. Hashem in His mercy wants us to offer an animal in
and Seth Spitzer on place of ourselves, thereby reminding us that it is the kindness of Hashem that
grants us another opportunity to live.
their Bnai Mitzva! The Beit HaMikdash and everything surrounding it represents the gift of renewal of
life. Tumah, which is synonymous with death, has no place in the Beit HaMikdash.
Mazel Tov to The Kohein who serves in the Beit HaMikdash must be a symbol of this renewal
Adelia Yusupov on her and have no association with the loss of life. The message emanating from
the Beit HaMikdash is clear: come back to Hashem, begin your life again, and
Bat Mitzva! celebrate this renewal in a state of holiness and taharah.

Mazel Tov to Shabbat Shalom
Morah Shoshana
Kadosh (3-210)
on her upcoming

marriage to
Dr. Michael Goldman!

Mazel Tov to Dr. Joel Important Update
and Marjorie Wein on
If you have not yet submitted your class placement form online
the birth of a for the 2015-2016 school year, please do so as soon as
granddaughter to possible.

their children ALL FORMS ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015!
Penina (‘06) and Jacob


Second Grade Visits the Botanical Garden

On May 4th, classes 2-205 and 2-206 visited the Queens Botanical Garden. It is a
hidden gem located just minutes from YCQ. The children walked through the beautiful
grounds and saw all types of flowers and plants. Once inside the educational building,
the children learned about the different parts of plants and which parts we eat. Each
child planted corn and bean seeds and brought their plant home. It was the perfect
spring activity and a great way to connect to our science unit on plants and flowers.

The Nursery Visits the Fire House
Last week, the nursery went on a trip to fire station! They met real firefighters and were taught
very important fire safety rules. The children got to go on a fire truck and practiced squirting
water from a real fire hose! They even received their very own fire hats and coloring books. The
end of the trip was the most exciting when the real bell rang and the children watched the firemen
quickly get into their uniforms and leave the fire station! What a fun and exciting trip!

On Monday, evening May 4, Basketball Hall of Famer, Nate “Tiny” Archibald visited the
YCQ students to give them an inspirational talk on the importance of staying fit, focusing
on their education and following their dreams. He was here on behalf of the NBA, which
along with Snap Sports, donated the new gym floor to YCQ. All of the school athletes
participated in a fitness event where they were separated into groups and participated in
not only basketball , but all areas of physical fitness activities. The students had fun,
received autographs, and learned a lot. We have so much gratitude to the NBA for
donating the floor and participating in this event, as well as the NYC Department of
Education for their assistance in connecting YCQ with the NBA through “Project NBA Fit.”
Students were encouraged to keep in mind the NBA Fit theme; Be Active , Eat Healthy,
Play Together.


Rabbi Rothberger’s enrichment program students attended a field trip on Wednesday. They visited
the YU Museum on the Lower East Side, where children saw exhibits on different synagogues and
participated in different projects. Grades 3-4 made challah covers for Shavuot. Grades 5-6
worked on beautiful Jewish themed stained glass that they designed themselves. Grade 8 learned
about paper cutting reflecting Jewish designs and created their own projects. The students saw
scale models of synagogues from all different time periods in Jewish history and from all different
locations throughout the world. The museum had different subjects represented though different
art mediums. Students learned about the diversity through cultural exhibits and activities involving
both art and history.

Holocaust Survivior Speaks to 6th Grade
Sixth grade students were privileged to meet Mrs. Hochster, grandmother of our very
own Avraham Yaakov Hochster, and a survivor of the Theresienstadt concentration
camp. They prepared for her visit by researching life before, during, and after the
Holocaust; as well as, coming up with a variety of questions.
Students were able to compare and contrast Mrs. Hochster’s experience to their
research and the historical fiction novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, as they
eagerly listened to her stories through a perspective of a young girl. She shared
through imagery, objects, and stories. The support of her parents and a very special
doll Trudy (whose name means Universal Strength) kept her hope alive.

During the week of May 11th, all students in grades 3-7 will be taking the

TerraNova Achievement Test. This test will assess the students in Math
Computation, Math Problem Solving, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary,

Spelling, Language, and Language Mechanics.
Students must come in prepared each day of the test with #2 pencils and a

ruler. It is also suggested that they bring in tissues and a water bottle.
Thank you for your support in this matter.

Yeshiva of Central Queens

September 2015 Sat September 2015‐2016  February 2016
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sat
5  1 New Faculty Orientation
    1  2  3  4  2     Faculty Workshops   1  2  3  4  5  6 
3       First Day of School Grades 2-8 
3       Student Orientation Grades N, K, 1 
4      First Day of School Grades. N-1
5 JHS Selichot Learning Program

7 Labor Day (No Sessions)

8 Bus Service Begins
13-15     Rosh Hashanah (No Sessions) 
16 Fast of Gedaliah (1:30 Dismissal)
22    Erev Yom Kippur (No Sessions)
23    Yom Kippur (No Sessions)
27-6 Succot (No Sessions)

6  7  8  9  10  11  12  October 7  8  9  10  11  12  13 
13  14  15  16  17  18  12 Columbus Day– No Bus Service 3:30 Dismissal K-8 14  15  20 
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20  21  22  23  24  25  19  12 JHS Back to School Night 7:30 PM 28  29   
27  28  29  30      13 Back to School Night Grades 2-3 7PM 23  24  25  26 
Sun Mo      Sat
October 2015 13 Grades 4-5 8 PM
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri Back to School Night Grades N-1 7:30 PM    March 2016 5 
26  14 6  7  Tue We Thu Fri 12 
        1  2  26 New Family Welcome Reception 8 PM 13  14  19 
4  5  6  7  8  9    28 Grade 8 Parents High School Night 8 PM 20  21  1  2  3  4  26 
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25  26  27  28  29  30  Sun Mo 22  23  24  25  Sat
3  3 Election Day Regular Sessions 29  30  31   
November 2015 10  6-7 JHS Boys Shabbaton    2 
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri 17  8 Preschool Open House 10 AM 3  4  April 2016 9 
24  10 Bar Mitzvah Workshop 7th Grade Boys 7PM 10  11  Tue We Thu Fri 16 
       11 BJE Conferences (No Sessions) 17  18  23 
1  2  3  4  5  6  17 Bat Mitzvah Workshop 6th Grade Girls 7 PM 24  25        1  30 
8  9  10  11  12  13  17-18 Picture Day 5  6  7  8 
15  16  17  18  19  20  21 Grade 3 Intergenerational Melave Malka 7PM Sun Mo 12  13  14  15  Sat
22  23  24  25  26  27  22 Judaic Studies Grade 8 BJE Exam 19  20  21  22 
29  30          26-27 Thanksgiving (No Sessions) 1  2  26  27  28  29  7 
8  9  14 
December 2015 31  December 15  16  May 2016 21 
Su Mo Tue We Thu Fri 2 & 15 Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:45 Dismissal 22  23  Tue We Thu Fri 28 
Sat 6 & 13 Chumash Presentations 2 Classes
    1  2  3  4  14 Chanukah - No Sessions 3  4  5  6 
6  7  8  9  10  11  22 Asara B’Tevet (1:30 Dismissal) 10  11  12  13 
13  14  15  16  17  18  24-2 No Queens Bus Service - 3:30 Dismissal K-8 17  18  19  20 
20  21  22  23  24  25  24  25  26  27 
New Years Day (No Sessions)

5-6 Grade 5 Greenkill Overnight Trip

7  10 & 17 Grade 1 Siddur Presentations

18 Martin Luther King Day (No Bus Service)

14  21-31 Winter Vacation

21  February
28  15 President’s Day - No Sessions
  17-18 5th Grade Western Hemis-Fair
19-20 JHS Girls Shabbaton
5  1 & 7 Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:45 Dismissal
12  8-9 Book Fair
19  11-12 Grade 8 Yachad Shabbaton
26  23 Ta’anit Esther (1:30 Dismissal)
24 Purim - No Sessions

April YCQ 75th Annual Dinner
3 Grade 6 Science Fair 7 PM
5 Grades 3-7 Terra Nova Achievement Test
11-14 Pesach (No Sessions)

27  28  29  30  31      May Grade 5 Transition Night 29  30  31         
Grade 7 Philadelphia Trip
January 2016 24 Memorial Day (No Sessions) June 2016
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sat
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri 25 Grade 8 Washington Trip
Celebrate Israel Parade       1  2  3  4 
        1  30 Grade 6 Chagigat B’not Mitzvah 7 PM 5  6  7  8  9  10  11 
3  4  5  6  7  8  Literacy/Writing Festival Grades 1 and 3 12  13  14  15  16  17  18 
10  11  12  13  14  15  Sat June Literacy/Writing Festival Grades 2, 4 and 5 19  20  21  22  23  24  25 
17  18  19  20  21  22  Shavuot (No Sessions) 26  27  28  29  30     
24  25  26  27  28  29  1-2 Senior Awards Dinner
Grade 8 Graduation No Sessions
31            2  5 Trip Day Grades 1-6
Nursery Moving Up Ceremony
No Bus Service 6 Kindergarten Graduation
Last Day of Classes 7 Grade
9  7 Last Day of School Grade 1-6


16  10-13


23  15


30  16




Celebrate Israel Parade will take place on May 31, 2015.

Grades 4-8 are required to march with YCQ. Please fill out all the information by
Friday, May 8, at

The cost for the t-shirt is $10. It is mandatory for all marchers to purchase and wear
the t-shirt for the duration of the parade as per NYPD security regulations.

Payment can either be made through PayPal, or via cash/check to be given to your
child’s parade representative. Checks made payable to YCQ.

Each class will be assigned a parade representative who will collect the money at the
start of each day. The first class with 100% response will receive an ice cream and
donut party. Each subsequent class that gets 100% response will receive an ice cream
party. Any child who will not be able to attend this mandatory event must bring a note

from a parent to Rabbi Landsman that will be collected by their parade reps.
Transportation will be subsidized by the school. Please make sure to fill out how each

member of your family will be getting to and from the parade.
As per NYPD security regulations, NO strollers are permitted on the parade route!
If you bring a stroller, you will be UNABLE to march with YCQ and asked to stand with

the spectators!!
Thank you in advance!
Looking forward to seeing you at the parade!

The YCQ Parents Association
would like to thank

the following dedicated volunteers
for making our

Mother’s/Father’s Day Boutique
an unqualified success

Sima Ancselovics Sharon Avitsedek

Cheryl Eckstein Ronit Farber

Lisa Fishbein Stacey Frank

Daniella Gemal Michelle Jacoby

Simon Landsberg Zhanna Shiman

Dina Silber Clara Steiman

Simone Zakry

Shelly Peretz, Boutique Chairperson

Tracy Landsberg,YCQ-PA President


Dear Parents,  

We hope this letter finds you well and that your children have had a meaningful academic school year, one of 
intellectual growth, maturity and social development.  As the school year comes to a close, we will once again 
begin the important task of properly placing our children in the most appropriate academic and social environment 
for the upcoming school year.  

Our Yeshiva maintains a philosophy of grouping students in a heterogeneous setting.  The heterogeneous 
classroom is rich in diversity; academically, socially, culturally and geographically. Studies have shown that 
heterogeneity cultivates a variety of skills that assist our students in each stage of development. Children learn to 
adapt to new environments, build social skills, and benefit from exposure to other learning styles. 

We are fully aware of how important it is for children to feel a sense of familiarity and belonging as they begin a 
new school year with new teachers and a more challenging curriculum.  As our Yeshiva is firmly committed to 
maintaining strong communication and a partnership with families, we are asking you to suggest three names of 
students with whom your child would feel comfortable in the classroom setting.  Please make sure to complete a 
new form for each of your children. We will guarantee at least one of those three students, but three 
students MUST be listed in order for us to help you.  This information will assist our teachers and administrators as 
they work on creating the best possible atmosphere for each child.  When children sense that their parents, 
teachers and administrators are working closely together in a sincere effort to best place them, the results are sure 
to be positive.     

We recognize that children grow and develop from year to year.  For this and other reasons, we will reassess our 
groupings on an annual basis, with continued input and communication.  It is important to remember that when 
students meet new people and learn in new environments, they are less likely to form inappropriate group 
dynamics and more likely to redefine their individual roles maintaining their identity. 

Please click on the link to access the class placement form, to be 
completed no later than Friday, May 15.  Feel free to include any pertinent information that will assist us in the 
placement process. Should you be interested in discussing your child’s class placement please feel free to make an 
appointment with Rabbi Landsman, by contacting Hadas Goodrich at 718‐793‐8500 ext 310. 

Thank you for your cooperation and your patience in this matter.  We wish you a safe, happy and healthy summer. 


Yeshiva of Central Queens Administration 


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


3 4 5 6 78
8G Halacha 6th Math-Lowinger
6th Math- Walz 8B Gemara 7B Gemara 7G Navi
7B Chumash 7G Chumash 6th Math-Cigan
7G Halacha 8G Chumash 8th Vocabulary

10 11 12 13 14 15
8B Ivrit 6G Ivrit 6G Chumash 6B Ivrit

Terra Nova Testing (6,7) 8th Social Studies 7G Navi 7th Social Studies

Terra Nova Testing (6,7) Terra Nova Testing (6,7)

17 18 19 20 21 22

6B Chumash 7th- Language Arts 6B Gemarah

7B Navi 8G Ivrit

7th Math- Cider 8B Ivrit

8th Science

24 25 26 27 28 29

6B Navi 7th Social Studies

6th Social Studies Test

The YCQ-PA is excited to be able to be giving our parents an opportunity to
participate in our first annual Tzitzit Sale.
The funds raised from this sale will go directly to subsidize programs such as
the upcoming end of year grade trips, gifts for the 8th grade graduates, and
year end gifts for the teachers and staff of the Yeshiva to show hakarat
hatov for all of their hard work on behalf of our children all year.
This Tzitzit Sale is the perfect occasion to stock up for your sons before camp
and to replace your husband’s old pair.
The order deadline is May 21, 2015. You may pay by cash/check sent into
the Business Office in a clearly labeled envelope. You may also pay via
PayPal at the following link:


Size Material Ashkenazi Sephardi Quantity Total

Parents Name__________________________________________________________
Best Contact Number___________________________________________________
Delivery will be made to:
Student Name__________________________________________________________
Questions? [email protected]

2015 Tzitzit Order Form
R = Round neck style V = V-neck style
Ages Size Material Ashkenazi Sephardi Quantity
Kids 3-4 2 Poly/Cotton R V $ 9.50 R $ 8.50
Kids 4-5 3 Poly/Cotton R V $ 9.50 R $ 8.50
Kids 5-7 4 Poly/Cotton R V $ 9.50 R $ 8.50
Kids 7-9 5 Poly/Cotton R V $ 9.50 R $ 8.50
Kids 9-11 6 Poly/Cotton R V $ 9.00 R $ 9.00
Kids 11-13 7 Poly/Cotton R V $ 9.00 R $ 9.00
Adult 18 Poly/Cotton N/A
Adult 20 Poly/Cotton N/A N/A
Adult 22 Poly/Cotton N/A N/A
Adult 24 Poly/Cotton N/A N/A
Adult 26 Poly/Cotton N/A N/A
Adult 28 Poly/Cotton N/A N/A
Kids 3-4 2 Cotton R V $ 10.50 N/A
Kids 4-5 3 Cotton R V $ 10.50 N/A
Kids 5-7 4 Cotton R V $ 10.50 N/A
Kids 7-9 5 Cotton R V $ 10.50 N/A
Kids 9-11 6 Cotton R V $ 11.50 N/A
Kids 11-13 7 Cotton RV $ 11.50 N/A
Adult 18 Cotton RV $11.50 R V $11.50
Adult 20 Cotton RV $11.50 R V $11.50
Adult 22 Cotton RV $12.50 R V $12.50
Adult 24 Cotton RV $12.50 R V $12.50
Adult 26 Cotton RV $12.50 R V $12.50
Adult 28 Cotton RV $13.50 R V $13.50
Kids 4-5 3 Mesh R $10.00 R $10.00
Kids 5-7 4 Mesh R $10.00 R $10.00
Kids 7-9 5 Mesh R $10.00 R $10.00
Kids 9-11 6 Mesh R $11.50 R $11.50
Kids 11-13 7 Mesh R $12.00 R $12.00
R $12.50
Adult 18 Mesh R $12.50 R $12.50
Adult 20 Mesh R $12.50 R $14.00
Adult 22 Mesh R $14.00 R $14.00
Adult 24 Mesh R $14.00 R $15.00
Adult 26 Mesh R $15.00 R $13.00
Kids 3-5 3 T-Shirt R $13.00 R $13.00
Kids 5-7 4 T-Shirt R $13.00 R $14.00
Kids 7-9 5 T-Shirt R $14.00 R $14.50
Kids 9-11 6 T-Shirt R $14.50 R $15.50
Kids 11-13 7 T-Shirt R $15.00 R $16.50
Adult 30-32 18 XS T-Shirt R $16.50 R $16.50
Adult 34-36 20 S T-Shirt R $16.50 R $17.50
Adult 38-40 22 M T-Shirt R $17.50 R $17.50
Adult 42-44 24 L T-Shirt R $17.50 R $18.50
Adult 46-48 26 XL T-Shirt R $18.50 R $19.50

Adult 50-52 28 2X T-Shirt R $19.50

The YCQ Parents Association


our first annual pre-camp LABEL SALE

featuring the labels of

The following link will take you directly to the
YCQ Parents Association Campaign page

There you can place your order for all of your camp labels,
have them shipped directly to your house,

and the YCQ-PA will make 20% on each sale.

The sale will be running through June 21, 2015

Email us at [email protected] or

[email protected]



We Also Offer: Games, Photo Booths, Dancers, Party Favors, MC’S,
Instrument players, Motivators, & Full Lighting Packages

Contact Us Now For Your Next Occasion:

  Dj 9E1l i75- 7774@y9a- 3050 m

hoo. co‐eli/152037758209576 




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