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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-30 09:37:24

The VIEW 9, Vol. 12

The VIEW 9, Vol. 12


UPCOMING Parshat Vayeishev By: Rabbi Landsman


Candle Lighting: 4:14 In this week’s parsha, our father Yaakov marks a moment of great transition in the story

Havdallah: 5:14 of the establishment of the Jewish people as a national entity. Rabbi Berel Wein teaches us
how until Yaakov’s family appears on the scene, the story of Judaism and Jews is one of lonely

Motzai Shabbat and singular individuals. Avraham has to break away from the idolatrous home of Terach and
Nov. 23 wander to fulfill his dream of monotheism and morality. He is forced to make hard choices with-
in his own family circle as to who his successor in this mission of nation building will be.
His faithful servant Eliezer is eliminated from the succession contest as is Yishmael and

Melave Malka the numerous other children that Avraham sired. For only in Yitzchak will Avraham find a

3rd Grade 7PM successor to further his ideals, beliefs and value system of life. Yitzchak is also faced with a
winnowing process in designating an heir to the vision and destiny of his father Avraham.

Sun., Nov. 24 Though he attempts to somehow salvage Eisav, in the end he fully recognizes that only

B.J.E. Entrance Exam through Yaakov can the mission of uniqueness and Godliness that is to become the Jewish
Judaic Studies people, be fulfilled. Until Yaakov’s family arrives on the scene, the heritage and vision of moral-
8th Grade ity and monotheism is entrusted only to one member of the family, while the others so to speak
are discarded by the wayside of history.

Fifth-Eighth Grade But Yaakov fathers twelve sons and a daughter. Is the pattern of only one of them
being the true heir of Yaakov’s dream and mission to be repeated in his family as well? Past
Parent-Child Learning family history seems to indicate that such a scenario was possible if not even probable.

Program This perhaps explains the reaction of the brothers to the favoritism exhibited by Yaakov

9-11AM towards Yosef. The brothers were apprehensive that the mission of Avraham, Yitzchak and
Yaakov would again be entrusted to only an individual, only to one of them and, the other

Wed., Nov. 27 members of the family would again be historically discarded. That chosen brother, judging by

Erev Chanukah their father’s favoritism to him, would be Yosef.
Regular Sessions They felt that Yosef was the incorrect choice for solely carrying on the heritage and mis-

sion that began with their grandfather Avraham. What they failed to grasp was that Yaakov and

Thurs., Nov. 28 - his family now marked the great transition, from Judaism being the faith and belief of

Mon., Dec. 2 individuals to now being the religion which would be embodied in a people, a society, and a
Thanksgiving— national entity.

Chanukah Since no two individuals are alike physically, mentally, or emotionally, the people that
would emanate from Yaakov and his family would be made up of diverse individuals and ideas.

No Sessions The cement and glue that would bind them all together would be the vision and faith of Judaism

that was their common heritage and would be their common destiny as well.

YCQ Family News It is much more difficult for a large group of people to retain a special identity and sense
of mission than it is for an individual alone. The story of Yosef and the brothers that marks the
Mazel Tov to Abraham concluding sections of the book of Bereshit is the supreme illustration of the challenge of mold-

Kariyev on his Bar ing individuals who are inherently different into a common and effective nation. This challenge

Mitzvah! still remains with us millennia later.

Have a great Shabbat!



Wednesday November 27, 2013: No a er school programs except for E2K and 4:30 Room 
Thursday November 28 ‐ Monday December 2, 2013: Thanksgiving/Chanukah ‐ No Sessions 
Tuesday December 3, 2013: No a er school programs, except there will be 4:30 Room 
Wednesday December 4, 2013: No a er school programs, except there will be 4:30 Room 
Thursday December 5, 2013: No a er school programs, except there will be 4:30 Room  

Former Soviet Refusnik Yosef Mendelevich Visits YCQ

Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich, a former refusnik from Soviet Russia, came to speak to the seventh and
eighth grade students about his experiences. Rabbi Mendelevich also told us the incredible story
about how he tried to escape Soviet Russia by attempting to hijack a plane. The mission failed and
landed Rabbi Mendelevich and the other refusniks in prison. The students heard about how Rabbi
Mendelevich first learned about Judaism and the active practice of it. He expressed to the
students how fortunate they are to be raised religious, and live in a country that allows them to
practice religion freely. The students and teachers greatly enjoyed this life changing experience.

YCQ Hosts Torah Bowl

On Thursday November 14 YCQ had our first Torah Bowl game of the year,
held here at YCQ. We hosted Ashar, Shulamit Brooklyn, Ramaz, & Westches-
ter Day School. YCQ girls did an excellent job by defeatong both Westches-
ter & Ramaz. Special thanks to Yael Laks, Talya Lisker, Rebecca & Dina
Inoyatov. The boys did an excellent job as well with the help of Natan Alon
& Benjy Gottesman by beating Ramaz & Westchester as well. We would ike
lto give a big thanks to our amazing coaches Ms. Rosenblum &
Rabbi Hammer.

JHS Boys Shabbaton 

This  past  Shabbat,  Parshat  Vayishlach,  the  JHS  boys  enjoyed  a  memorable  and  meaningful  Shabbat  together  at 
the Raleigh Hotel. On Friday a ernoon the students had fun playing outdoor sports and swimming.  Shabbat be-
gan with a beau ful Kabbalat Shabbat, a delicious dinner and divrei Torah. A er learning groups, an oneg Shab-
bat, and a ba le of the grades compe on, everyone re red to their rooms for the night.  On Shabbat morning 
a er Shacharit, everyone par cipated in a Torah sports trivia compe on.  During lunch, students enjoyed more 
delicious food and divrei Torah. The Rebbeim par cipated in games with their students. At seudah shlishit there 
was beau ful singing and Divrei Torah. Havdallah was filled with ruach and dancing, and the fun con nued a er 
Shabbat  at  Sport  Time  USA.  The  students  had  a  wonderful  Shabbat  where  they  built  las ng  rela onships  and 
memories with their Rebbeim and peers. The Schnitzel Boys really enhanced the ruach over Shabbat. Thank you 
to all of the Rebbeim and chaperones for making this Shabbaton so special!  

Kindergarten Visit the Jewish Children’s Museum

On November 18th, the Kindergarten went to the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn. Students had
the great opportunity to make their very own candle and learned how to make olive oil using a press. The
students also played on a game show all about Chanukah In the last room, students were prompted to do
different mitzvot to help bring Mashiach! Thank you to all the Morot and chaperones for making this such
a successful trip!


Please bring NEW toys to help keep        2013 
children occupied and happy during  

difficult  mes in their lives.   
Please make sure to: 
 Not wrap the toys 

 Not donate toy guns or  


Turkey Raffle To Support the 

YCQ Eighth Grade Yearbook


tickets will 
be sold from 



A percentage  1 raffle ticket for 
of the money  $1 
raised will be 
donated to  3 raffle tickets 
for $2 
10 raffle tickets 
for $5 

Raffle will 
be held on 


Parent Teacher Conferences, Tuesday, December 10, 2013  

Class  Time  Sign In  Loca on of Conference  
5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
1‐200, 1‐201,  
1‐202  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

2‐204,   5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
2‐206, 2‐207  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom  

3‐209, 3‐210, 

5‐302, 5‐303  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
(Finkelstein, Rosen, Orlanski, 


JHS Girls  6:00‐9:00  No Sign In   Lunchroom 
First come first serve 

Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday, December 16, 2013 

Class  Time  Sign In  Loca on & Conference 
N‐109 & N‐208  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

K‐100, K‐101  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
5:30‐9:30  Classroom 
K‐102, K‐105  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
1‐203  5:30‐9:30  Classroom 
5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
(Blass, Greenwald)  5:30‐9:30  Classroom 
6:00‐9:00  Sign in Online  Lunchroom 
2‐204, 2‐205  Sign in Online 
(Kupferman, Berkowitz)  Sign in Online 

3‐212   No Sign In  
(Patchen, Chuback)  First come first serve 

4‐306, 4‐307 
5‐300, 5‐301 
(Fried, Rohr,  Hoffman, Kahn ) 

JHS Boys 

147-37 70th Road • Flushing, NY 11367 • 718-793-8500


Dear Nursery ‐ 5th Grade Parents: 


As Parent Teacher Conferences are approaching, we would like to extend an invita on for you to u lize the conference op on  
ParentLocker. ParentLocker allows you to select the  me slots and create your schedule prior to arriving at school on Parent Teach‐
er night. The scheduling system is first come/first serve, so the earlier you sign up, the more availability there will be for appoint‐
ments, and the more likely you will be able to customize a convenient schedule for yourself.  


Before beginning the process please check the following schedule of conference dates and  mes in order to know when the teach‐
ers you would like to see will be available: 

Please Note: Fourth grade parents should not sign up for a Math Conference. Rather it should be done via phone or e‐mail. 

Date  Grades  Times  Slot length 

Tuesday,  1‐200, 1‐201, 1‐202, 2‐206, 2‐207, 3‐209,  5:30pm to  10 Minutes per appoint‐

December 10, 2013  3‐210, 3‐211, 4‐304, 5‐302, 5‐303   9:30pm  ment 
   5th Grade 5 Minutes per 

Monday,  Nursery, Kindergarten, 1‐203,2‐204,         5:30pm to  10 Minutes per appoint‐
December 16, 2013  2‐205, 3‐212, 4‐305, 4‐306, 4‐307  5‐300, 
5‐301  9:30pm  ment 

   5th Grade 5 Minutes per   

 The online registraƟon system will only be open for registraƟon beginning at 11:00  AM on Tuesday, November 19th.

Please remember that the system is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE and registra on should be completed as early as 
possible to help ensure the most convenient schedule possible for you.  

For Parents without access to a computer or internet connec on, Hadas or Liron (contact info below) will be avail‐
able by email or phone to assist in the registra on process. Those parents who use this method will be provided 
with a printed schedule which can be picked up from Hadas in Rabbi Landsman’s office. 

If you have any ques ons or comments at any point in the process, please contact Hadas at (718) 793‐8500 Ext. 
310  [email protected] or Liron at Ext. 330 [email protected].

Thank you, 

The Yeshiva of Central Queens 


Yeshiva of Central Queens


10/13 Rabbi Rietti True Happiness
10/20 Rabbi Bernstein
10/27 Rabbi Kramer The elements of creation

11/10 Rabbi Shay Schachter Jealousy, do you really want to be
11/24 Rabbi Nat like him?
12/8 Rabbi Russek
12/29 Rabbi Hammer vnhn, wv ,ru,
2/2 Rabbi Rohr
2/9 Rabbi Hamel vru,v ,ruxn
2/23 Rabbi Pearl A letter from the grv rmh
3/2 Rabbi Finestone Practical vfkv
3/9 Rabbi Glatstein The purpose of the asenv ,hc
3/23 Rabbi Finkelstein The process of making ,hmhm
Practical vfkv
usckn sug iht
euzhj hrcs


Weekly Prizes




November 24, 2013

21st Kislev 5774

9 AM - 11 AM
11-11:20 3-on-3 Basketball



Rabbi Nat,


“‫”מסורת התורה‬

A Message from the YCQ Parents 

Dear Parents: Association 

As Chanukah approaches, please join us in showing our Hakarat

 dtocvotmo the adm inistration , teach ers i and s t aff f o r the dedication
mitment they show t o our ch ldre n eve r y day.

We ask that you send in your gift of $25.00 per child,
with a cap of $60 per family of three children or more.

Please keep in mind that these funds are distributed entirely to
staff at YCQ, including principals; Rabbeim; teachers; assistant
teachers; all specialty teachers, such as art, computers, dance,
gym, library, music, resource room; the nurse; administrative,
kitchen and custodial staff and building guards. There are over
150 staff members in all.

This is an opportunity to show your support and gratitude.

Please be sure to list your child(ren)'s name and grade/class

Thank you for your participation,
The Officers of the Parents Association

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Please address envelope to YCQ PA - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Child's Name _________________________________________ Grade & Class _______________

Child's Name _________________________________________ Grade & Class _______________

Child's Name _________________________________________ Grade & Class _______________

Child's Name _________________________________________ Grade & Class _______________

Child's Name _________________________________________ Grade & Class _______________

Total Amount: ($60 cap for families with 3 or more children) $_________

{o makecelebrations

EduatoSn erhs

10 tips to creatinghealthya, ctiveevents

gatheringasreeasyto havewhentasty,healthyfoodsfromallthefoodgroupsareofferedina fun,activeenvironment.
Aboveall,focuson enjoyingfriendsandfamily.

makehealthyhabitspartof your makemovingpartof everyevent

celebrations Beingphysicallyactivemakeseveryonefeelgood.
Dancingm, oving,playingactivegames,wiggling,
Foodand beveragesarea partofan andgigglingaddfunto anygathering.

event,buttheydonothavato bethecenter try outsomehealthier
oftheoccasionF.ocusonactivitietso get recipes
Findwaysto cutbackon sugar,salt,
dish,serveup a newrecipe,or adda '"-t' I and fat as you prepareyourfavorite
sprinkfeof almondsor greenonionsto ''-J '' recipes.Try out someof the recipeson
addjustan extrasomething.

offerthirstquenchesthatplease r, ," O X*P itsimPle

Makefun icecubesfrom 100%juiceor addslicesof 1 n Haveothor$participataby contributirqg
fruitto makewatermoreexciting.Createa "float"by V a prepareddieh,helpingwiththedeanup,
or keepingthe kidsactiveand moving.
addinga scoopof low-fatsorbetto seltzerwater.
I shopsmarto eatsmart
savorthe flavor Savemoneyby offeringfoodsthat fit yourbudget.
Buyin-seasonproducewhenit costslessandtastes
Taketimeto payattentionto thetasteof eachbiteof better.Planin advanceandbuyfoodson sale.
food. Makesmatfchangesin yourotd recipesortry
dishesfromanothercultureto liventhingsup. A tl bea cheedeadeforrhtoesaelatthneyhxaabimtspre
I U ll:ffffii::;#J"';tT:rts
fromthe foodgroupsfor your party followwhatthe adultsaround
themdo-even at parties.
Offer whde-gnaincraekers,s€fvo a spicy boan c$p
anda veggietray,makefruitkabobs,layeryogurtandfruit
to createa sweetparfait.Usewholegrainsandveggiesto
makea ssvory,heaffisalad.

Go to IlGTipsheNete.20
for more information.

USDAisanequaol pportunity

Save the Date


Sunday evening December 8, 2013   
8:00PM in the YCQ Dining Room 



will be speaking on topic of  
“Sanc fying HaShem’s Name: 
Making a Kiddush HaShem Against All Odds” 

The proceeds of this event will go to  

an organiza on that helps fund Yeshiva tui on 

for children who would otherwise a end  
public school. 


Please join us. 
For more informa on, please call  





Chanukah Vacation Tours of

The Lower East Side

A fun- yet meaningful- tour, led by a
Shomer Shabbat, licensed NYC tour
guide. Geared especially to families

with kids ages 9-16.

Tour dates and times:

Thursday November 28 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM
Friday November 29 10:30 AM

Sunday December 1 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM.

Each tour is 2 hours long.
Sign up online at
Cost: $22/person. Buy 4 tickets and get the

5th free.
For more information call 917-968-3355 or

email [email protected]


Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich Visits YCQ

YCQ JHS Boys Shabbaton

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