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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2018-02-09 10:06:01

View 16, Vol. 16

View 16, Vol. 16


UPCOMING Parshat Mishpatim/Parshat Shekalim By: Rabbi Landsman
At the end of Parshat Mishpatim, there is a narrative that recounts some of the details of
Candle Lighting: 5:04 Matan Torah, but there is a difference of opinion among the Rishonim regarding the timing
Havdallah: 6:06 of the narrative.
Rashi’s opinion is that the narrative occurred on the fourth of Sivan, just prior to Matan
Shabbat, Feb 9-10 Torah. According to Rashi, this section is not located in its proper sequence. It is a classic
8th Grade Yachad example of the principle that one cannot determine the chronology of an event from the
place where it is recorded in the Torah. According to this opinion, the pasukim that are
Shabbaton located at the end of Parshat Mishpatim, actually occurred previously all the way back in
Shabbat Shekalim Parshat Yitro on the fourth of Sivan.
In fact, even the famous expression “We will do and then we will hear” is written here in
Sunday, Feb 11 Parshat Mishpatim. It is not to be found in Parshat Yitro in the midst of the Torah’s main
UPK In Session narrative of the giving of the Torah.
5-8 Grade Parent-Child Rabbi Frand asks why? The Torah does not write chapters out of sequence in order to
Learning Program confuse us. There must be a reason for the narrative to be written out of the actual
sequence. We need to understand why the Torah interjected virtually all of Parshat
9:00-11:30 Mishpatim, with its dozens of different laws, between the narration of Matan Torah in
Parshat Yitro and the narration of the same event at the end of Parshat Mishpatim.
Monday, Feb 19 Rabbi Frand explains that the answer is that this is teaching us two lessons, tying the giving
NO SESSIONS of the Torah and Derech Eretz together. It teaches that if there is no Derech Eretz there can
President’s Day be no Torah and that without Torah, there cannot truly be Derech Eretz.
Parshat Mishpatim lays the groundwork for the culmination of the story of Matan Torah. It
Shabbat, Feb 24 contains the laws of how to treat a servant and how one must treat a thief who stole from
Shabbat Zachor you, and is so poor that he cannot pay you back. Parshat Mishpatim also teaches us how to
carefully treat our animals. It is only after this Parsha that we can move on to consummate
Sunday, Feb 25 the story of “Matan Torah.” If there is no “Derech Eretz,” there is no Torah.
UPK In Session The confusing split in the story of the giving of the Torah is necessary in order to make a
5-8 Grade Parent-Child point. If we want to know how to properly accept the Torah, we must know how to correctly
Learning Program treat a widow, a worker or a thief. We must know how to be a ‘mensch’. Therefore, the laws
of Parshat Mishpatim must be well integrated into the story of the receiving of the Torah,
9:00-11:30 because without them, we have not properly received the Torah.
In addition, one needs Matan Torah to precede the laws in Parshat Mishpatim. No system
YCQ Family News and no society, has ever provided for the protection, and the rights and the feelings of an
individual, like the system set up by the Torah.
Mazel Tov to Morah The Torah legislates that one is required to help load the donkey of his enemy before that of
Gloria Grossman on the his friend. No society has ever made up a law that one must fix the flat tire of his sworn
enemy before he fixes the flat tire of his life-long friend. That is Jewish law! “Who is like Your
Bar Mitzvah of her nation Israel, a unique nation among the nations of the earth?”
grandson! The narrative is written out of sequence. Parshat Yitro before Parshat Mishpatim in order to
teach us that had there not been Torah (Parshat Yitro), there could have never been Derech
Condolences to Mrs. Eretz (the civil law found in Parshat Mishpatim).
Eryn Kaplan (4-306) on Without a Divine Being, we can not begin to erect a fair and kind society (if there is no Torah
the loss of her mother. there is no Derech Eretz). Without Derech Eretz, without being a ‘mensch’, without knowing
how to take care of one’s ox, one cannot possess Torah. Derech Eretz precedes Torah, and
Condolences to stems from it as well.
Morah Osnat Fried
Shabbat Shalom
(5th grade) and
Morah Hadas Vann (6th

grade, administrative
assistant) on the loss of

Yossi Fried a”h.

On Wednesday, January 31, YCQ joined the
Yeshiva of Flatbush, North Shore Hebrew
Academy and SAR for the second meet of the
Middle School Yeshiva Debate League. The
resolution debated was that the U.S. should
adopt a 12-month school calendar.
Eli Canter was awarded the First Place
Individual Speaker trophy and Tzvi Bromberg
and Eli Canter won as the Second Place Team.
We are proud of their efforts and those of
the entire team. We look forward to our next
debate in March.
Special thanks to Mrs. Ben-Habib for
coaching the team.

8th Grade Fashion Show

On Friday, February 1, the eighth grade girls presented their “tzniut fashion show.” The theme was
‫כל כבודה בת מלד פנימה‬. Every Jewish girl should keep tziut in dress and action because she is a real
Jewish princess.” One class presented tznuit fashions according to travelers around the world. The
next class presented timely season fashion, as well as clothes for sports and weekend activities.
Everyone learned about tzniut in a practical and fun way, which they will always remember.
Thank you Morah Beer for organizing the show. Thank you to all the eighth grade girls who

Sunday Learning

This past Sunday, Rabbi Rohr gave a shiur about the mitzvah of kiddush. He explained that although we
are all familiar with the ritual that we perform twice weekly, with a little bit of analysis we gain a
better understanding of exactly what we are doing and what we are accomplishing. He then went on to
explain that kiddush is either a declaration about the specialness of Shabbat or a way in which we instill
the holiness into Shabbat. Either way, he concluded, when we recite kiddush we are partnering with
Hashem to complete the purpose of the world, namely bringing honor and glory to His Name. All of the
participants of the shiur left with a greater appreciation for the mitzvah of kiddush in particular and
the role they play in building the world in general. Thank you to Rabbi Rohr for delivering an
inspirational shiur!

Torah Bowl

Can you believe it?! An undefeated season!! The YCQ boys Torah Bowl team finished up the year a
perfect 12-0 in league competition. They enter the playoffs as the number one overall seed in the
league. Instead of a parade of two million people trying to get a glimpse of the Lombardi Trophy as
was the case in Philadelphia, we had a parade of 18 people down Main St. trying to fill up their
Slurpees. The most successful season in YCQ Torah Bowl history was lead by Ari Schick, Eliya
Alcoby, Eli Dyckman and the Canter brothers (Eli and Eitan). Students were asked hundreds of
questions on the Parshiot (and respective Rashi's) of Vayeitzei, Vayishlach and Vayeishev. As has
become the norm, the YCQ Boys team plowed through the competition winning all four of its games
scoring over 75 points in the process. After finding out the team had clinched the number one overall
seed before the day's competition , Rabbi Rosenfelt debated resting his starters to prevent a potential
injury. After weeks of media scrutiny, Rabbi Rosenfelt simply could not contain himself and was able
to have every member of the field see the field. However as the 2007 Patriots found out, an
undefeated regular season does not make you a champion. The countdown to the playoffs (six weeks
away) begin now.

Historic Hockey Season!
The YCQ hockey team finished with a historic 10-0 undefeated
season as the divisional champions! The last game of the season, the
Wildcats played North Shore Hebrew Academy and dedicated the
game to the memory of Mr. Yossi Fried, father of team member Avi
Fried. The game began with Tehilim and each YCQ Wildcat wore a
sticker with the initials YF on his helmet. The stickers will remain

through the
Huge thanks to
coaches Avidan
Berman, Elliot
Weiselberg, and
Josh Friedman.

Special Shiur this Sunday in memory of

Mr. Meir Mishkoff a”h
Yitzchak Meir ben Gershon a”h

Long time YCQ officer and trustee



February 11, 2018

26 Shevat, 5778

9 AM - 11 AM
11-11:30 3-on-3 Boys
Basketball and Girls Zumba



Rabbi Finkelstein,
Fifth and Seventh Grade Rebbe


“What if…...”













‫משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה‬

The International Young Israel Movement (IYIM - Israel Branch) has a number of innovative and enriching
programs that empower and educate Jews in Israel across socio-economic and religio-political divides.

Purim is a major time for positive programming at IYIM and it is with great joy and pride that we invite you and
your congregants to take part in our unique Purim projects. These projects are being organized in memory of
Meir Mishkoff z’l who founded and worked tirelessly on these projects for the last 15+ years.

● 10,000 Mishloach Manot for the Brave Soldiers of the IDF – in conjunction with ZOA Brooklyn,
Yashar LChayal and World Mizrachi. With your help, we are hoping to break the 10,000 mark in this
annual campaign.

Packages are hand delivered in a 5-day operation to bases all over Israel. A card denoting your shul or
congregant’s name will accompany your donated packages.

Price per Mishloach Manot is $18 and any shul donating $500 or above will receive a certificate of
recognition. To participate/contribute please use our web order form at

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you or a representative of your shul to
participate in the Mishloach Manot distribution on IDF bases - programming uniquely offered by
IYIM. Visits to IDF bases will take place the week of Purim. Please contact us at
[email protected] for details.

● Draw for a Soldier Campaign – Our soldiers love receiving warm letters/cards/drawings from Jewish
children and youth from all over the world. As such we have instituted this special campaign in
conjunction with our Mishloach Manot project. We collect these pictures and letters from schools and
shuls and place them into the Mishloachei Manot that are given out to the soldiers. If you are interested
in having the children of your community participate, kindly inform your youth or educational director to
contact our office for drop-off details and timetables as soon as possible ([email protected]).

● Person-to-Person Mishlochei Manot Anywhere in Israel – in conjunction with the American Friends
of Yisrael Hatzair, Mishlochei Manot can be sent to friends or family anywhere in Israel. All profits from
this project are directed to the educational, social welfare and empowerment projects of IYIM. For full
details or to place orders please refer to

We would greatly appreciate your sharing our campaigns with your congregants and hope to have the
opportunity to partner with you for Purim and in the future!

With wishes of a Chag Purim Sameach for you and your yeshiva,

Daniel M. Meyer

Executive Director

Pre-Purim Music and Magic
“Morah Rena”



“Yitz the Great!”

When? Sunday Feb. 18th, 2018 (President's weekend)
Time?: 2:00 – 4:00 PM [Magic 2-3 PM, Music 3-4 PM]
Where? Etz Chaim, 147-19 73rd Avenue
Cost: $5/child (Family cap $10 Youth Members/$15 non-Members)

* Light refreshments will be served
* Children under age 6 must have a female chaperon
* During the concert, boys over age 8 [open to older girls as well] will have a hands-
on class with Yitz the Great to learn Magic tricks and how to make Balloon animals!

* For Questions leave voice/text message @516-962-1052

And the Purim Festivities continue
with Purim Megillah Highlights

The most exciting parts of the Megillah, read and dramatized by
Rabbi Saul Erlbaum. Prizes for the best costumes and loudest
groggers will be awarded, and snacks will be served.
Children 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Wednesday Febuary 28th – Concurrent with Etz Chaim’s first Megilla Reading.


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