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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-10-05 10:33:11

The VIEW 19, Vol. 12

The VIEW 19, Vol. 12

VOLUME 12 NUMBER 19 FEBRUARY 14, 2014 14 ADAR 1 5774

UPCOMING Parshat Ki Tisa By: Rabbi Landsman

EVENTS This week's parsha contains the unfortunate sin of the Golden Calf. We are taught about the

famous incident when Moshe stood at the gate of the camp and called for volunteers to punish the

Candle Lighting: 5:10 people involved in this grievous sin: "Who is for HaShem? Let them gather to me." The Torah

Havdallah: 6:12 testifies that "all the children of Levi gathered by him."
Sun., Feb. 16 Moshe instructed them based on the word of Hashem: "Let each man put on his sword and

go from one gate to the other in the camp. Let each one kill all those involved in the idolatry, even his

There will be NO own brother, close friend, or relative".
Parent-Child This is the first of a series of times when the Tribe of Levi rose to the occasion, putting aside

Learning this Sunday their own personal considerations of family and friends and heeding the call of HaShem to punish the
people who deserved punishment. At the end of the Torah, Moshe recognized the Tribe of Levi's

Mon., Feb. 17 actions saying, "He was the one who said of his father and mother, 'I do not see them', not
No Session recognizing brother or child. They thus kept Your word and safeguarded Your covenant."

Rabbi Frand tells a story about when Rav Shimon Schwab was a young man, and he spent

Presidents Day a Shabbat with Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan zt"l, the Chofetz Chaim. That Shabbat left an indelible

Wed., - Thurs., impression on the young Rav Schwab, who told many famous stories regarding the events of that
Feb. 19-20 weekend. One of those stories contained the following powerful ethical lesson.

The Chofetz Chaim asked Rav Schwab if he was a Kohen or a Levi. Rav Schwab responded

Western Hemis”fair” that he was neither. "Moshiach will soon come and the Kohanim and the Leviim will have a premiere
function in the Beit HaMikdash. The rest of the Jewish people will all be excluded, it's a shame you
Fifth Grade are not from the Tribe of Levi, you will miss out on all of these holy privileges."

Friday, Feb. 28— The Chofetz Chaim then asked Rav Schwab a very strange question: "Why are you not a
Shabbat March 1 Kohen?" Rav Schwab gave the obvious answer, that his father was not a Kohen. However, the
Chofetz Chaim persisted, "Why wasn't your father a Kohen?"

JHS Girls By this time Rav Schwab grasped that the Chofetz Chaim was leading to a concept that had

Shabbaton nothing to do with Yichus or genealogy. The Chofetz Chaim asked, "Do you know why your father
was NOT a Kohen and my father WAS a Kohen? Because there was once a time in Jewish history

Tues., March 4 when our teacher Moshe called out 'Who is for G-d? Let them gather to me.” My great-great

Parent/Teacher grandfather answered the call and your great-great grandfather did not. That, is why my father was a
Conferences Kohen and your father was not a Kohen."

The Chofetz Chaim was not trying to tease, saying "Hah, hah! I am a Kohen and you are not

Mon., March 10 a Kohen," as the Chofetz Chaim did not engage in this type of behavior. Nor was he trying to ‘rub-in’
Parent/Teacher the fact that Rav Schwab's ancestor did not respond to Moshe's call. The point that the Chofetz
Chaim was driving home was that sometimes there are occasions in life where the call goes out to

Conferences rally around HaShem. If upon hearing that call, one rises to the occasion, his actions can have
ramifications until the end of time. If one fails to heed the call and does not respond, that too can

YCQ Family News effect not only the person, but his children and his grandchildren, for all generations. The lesson that

the Chofetz Chaim was trying to teach to Rav Schwab, is that one day he might receive such a call,

Mazel Tov to Amir perhaps not in the exact same words, but in a similar way. The Chofetz Chaim was telling Rav
Arabov on his Bar Schwab to remember this lesson, so that he would not repeat the mistake of his great-great
grandfather with negative consequences until the end of time.
Shabbat Shalom!

Spotlight on New Faculty  

Hi! I am Mr. Yoni Goldstein, YCQ’s newest JHS science and math teacher. I’m incredibly excited 
to be part of the faculty here at YCQ. I a ended YCQ for kindergarten, so it is especially won-
derful to return to YCQ as a teacher. I really love science and enjoy sharing informa on about 
our world with my students. The best part about teaching at YCQ, is when my student’s  faces 
light up when they discover something new! I look forward to many more learning opportuni-

es with all of my excep onal YCQ students!  

Annual Yeshiva Dance Festival

On Monday, the seventh grade girls returned from Magen David Yeshiva, after having rocked and wowed the audi-
ence with their dance performance at this years annual Yeshiva Dance Festival.
With the theme "Am Echad," our girls joined with six other participating yeshivot celebrating Achdut through dance
and by giving tzedakah to MaaGalim, an Israeli organization that guides at-risk teenagers and assists them in getting
their lives back in order through customized programs designed for them.
They then enjoyed a fun 'getting to know you' activity followed by lunch.
Thanks Mrs. Tzerel Goldschmiedt for coordinating and teaching the girls, and to Morah Beer and Morah Maxine for
accompanying them.

5th Grade Organizational Program
YCQ is happy to announce a brand new program that began Monday, February 10th to teach our 5th grade students organizational
time management, and study skills as they get ready to enter Junior High next fall. We’ve been discussing creating such a pro-
gram for many years, and we thank Ms. Michali Wiener, LMSW for creating the curriculum and Mrs. Marcy Davidovics, LCSW
for overseeing the implementation of the program. Thank you to the entire Social Work team for teaching the program as well.
The students were very enthusiastic and interested in the material and handouts and asked important and relevant questions. They
were exceptionally participatory and enjoyed the raffle where we gave away supplies that were used in the workshop. We will be
following up with part two in two weeks, including a Chesed and behavioral expectation program for Junior High. We are
thrilled to have added this component to YCQ’s excellent programming.
















SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 2014


Parent Teacher Conferences, Tuesday, March 4, 2014  

Class  Time  Sign In  Loca on of Conference  
1‐200, 1‐201,   5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

2‐204,   5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

3‐209, 3‐210,   5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

5‐302, 5‐303  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
(Finkelstein, Rosen, Orlanski, 
No Sign In   Lunchroom 
JHS Girls  6:00‐9:00 

Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday, March 10, 2014 

Class  Time  Sign In  Loca on & Conference 
N‐109 & N‐208  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

K‐100, K‐101  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

K‐102, K‐105  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
1‐203  5:30‐9:30  Classroom 
5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
(Blass, Greenwald)  5:30‐9:30  Classroom 
5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
2‐205, 2‐207  6:00‐9:00  Lunchroom 
(Kupferman, Berkowitz)  Sign in Online 
Sign in Online 
(Borochoff, Chubak)  No Sign In  
First come first serve 
Fourth Grade 

5‐300, 5‐301 
(Fried, Rohr,  Hoffman, Kahn ) 

JHS Boys 

147-37 70th Road • Flushing, NY 11367 • 718-793-8500


Dear Nursery ‐ 5th Grade Parents: 


As Parent Teacher Conferences are approaching, we would like to extend an invita on for you to u lize the conference op on on  
ParentLocker. ParentLocker allows you to select the  me slots and create your schedule prior to arriving at school on Parent Teach‐
er night. The scheduling system is first come/first serve, so the earlier you sign up, the more availability there will be for appoint‐
ments, the more likely you will be able to customize a convenient schedule for yourself.  


Before beginning the process please check the following schedule of conference dates and  mes in order to know when the teach‐
ers you would like to see will be available: 

Please Note: Fourth grade parents should not sign up for a Math Conference. Rather it should be done via phone or e‐mail. 

Date  Grades  Times  Slot length 

1‐200, 1‐201, 1‐202, 2‐204, 2‐206, 3‐209,  5:30pm to  10 Minutes per appoint‐

Tuesday,  3‐210, 3‐211,   9:30pm  ment 

March 4, 2014  5‐302, 5‐303     5th Grade 5 Minutes per 

Monday,  Nursery, Kindergarten, 1‐203, 2‐205, 2‐ 5:30pm to  10 Minutes per appoint‐
March 10, 2014  207, 3‐212, 4th Grade   
9:30pm  ment 
5‐300, 5‐301     
   5th Grade 5 Minutes per 

 The online registraƟon system will only be open for registraƟon beginning at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, February 12th unƟl
February 20 at 11:00 AM .

Please remember that the system is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE and registra on should be completed as early as 
possible to help ensure the most convenient schedule possible for you.  

For Parents without access to a computer or internet connec on, Hadas or Liron (contact info below) will be avail‐
able by email or phone to assist in the registra on process. Those parents who use this method will be provided 
with a printed schedule which can be picked up from Hadas in Rabbi Landsman’s office. 

If you have any ques ons or comments at any point in the process, please contact Hadas at (718) 793‐8500 Ext. 
310  [email protected] or Liron at Ext. 330 [email protected].

Thank you, 

The Yeshiva of Central Queens 

Yeshiva of Central Queens


February 28-March 1, 2014


Raleigh Hotel, South Fallsburg, NY

Cost $115

Departure from YCQ Friday Morning: 9:00 AM 
Return to YCQ on Saturday night: 10:15 PM (approximately) 

Please check the YCQ Hotline (718‐518‐3075)  
on Saturday night for up‐to‐date informa on about return  me. 





Yeshiva of Central Queens 

JHS Girls Shabbaton Permission Slip 

Please Return to Ms. Gordon in the JHS Office 
by Friday, February 21, 2014


You may request two people for your room at the Raleigh Hotel .

You will definitely receive at least one request.

______________________ _______________________


I am coming to this Shabbaton with a positive attitude, ready to have a
really great time. I plan to dress appropriately and participate in all of
the programs of the Shabbaton.

Student’s Signature

Students Class ____________________


I hereby give my daughter __________________ permission to
attend the YCQ Girls Shabbaton at the Raleigh Hotel on February 28 &
March 1.
I have enclosed $115 for the Shabbaton.

Parent Signature


Do you know any YCQ Alumni
who graduated 50 years ago from the

Class of 1964?

If you do, please contact, or have them contact, our Alumni Director,

Rabbi Marc Merrill

718-793-8500 x304
[email protected]
so that we can include them in the upcoming

50th Year Class Reunion

in conjunction with

YCQ’s 73rd Anniversary Scholarship Dinner

Sunday, March 30, 2014
Sands Atlantic Beach

PA Purim Mishloach Manot Program

Dear Parents,
We invite you to participate in the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot and Matanot L’Evyonim through our
annual Purim Program.
A scroll listing your child’s name will be included with every Mishloach Manot distributed to each one
of the YCQ teachers and staff members, including all specialty teachers and staff.
This years Mishloach Manot packages have been purchased from Keren Aniyim. For 25 years Keren
Aniyim has supported hundreds of needy families in the New York area through their fundraising ef-
Although your children will not have to bring individual bags to present to their teachers, they will
still be fulfilling this very important mitzvah. This and other fundraising efforts help sponsor the Pu-
rim Carnival and other activities that the Parents Association undertakes to enhance our children’s
experience at YCQ.
PLEASE help us make this a success by completing the form below and sending it in with your child to
the school’s business office by Monday, March 3, 2014.

Thank you,

Any forms/payments submitted after the deadline will be included in an addendum.
If you have any questions please contact Tania Kanarek at 917-405-7519

YCQ PARENTS: Please make all checks payable to YCQ PA
$10.00 per child / $30.00 cap per family of four or more children
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
***YCQ TEACHERS & STAFF ONLY - You may also participate and have your
name on the scroll, please submit $7.00 and fill in your information below.
Staff Member Name: ________________________ CASH _____ CHECK ______


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2 7
JHS Parent- Child Learning 3 4 5 6
6th Gemara 6th Math 14
Overnight Greenkill Trip 7 math/ 8 math (Sider) 7th Boys Navi Purim Katan
8 boys math (Schwartz) 7th Girls Navi Test
9 10 11 12 13
JHS Parent- Child Learning 28
6th Boys Ivrit 6th Girls Ivrit 19 20 JHS Girls Shabbaton
16 6th Girls Chumash 8th Boys Chumash 6th Boys Chumash Western Hemis"fair"
7th Gemara 8th Girls Chumash 6th Vocabulary 6 Girls Navi
7th Language Arts 6/7/8 Math
7th Girls Halacha 8th Boys Ivrit 7th Boys Ivrit
8th Social Studies 8th Girls Ivrit 7th Girls Ivrit

17 18
No Sessions - President's 6th Math

Day 8th grade Algebra test &
Western Hemis"fair"
Parents Association

23 24 25 26 27
JHS Parent- Child Learning 6B2 Science 7th Boys Chumash 6th & 7th Social Studies 6 Math (Sider)
6th Halacha (girls) 8th Girls Halacha 7th Girls Chumash
7th Science 8th language arts 8th Gemara
8th Boys Navi 6th Boys Navi
8th Girls Navi

The YCQ Social Work Department invites you to attend another
parenting workshop entitled:

My Child Says


Now What???

Monday, March 10, 2014
11:30am‐12:30pm prompt at YCQ

$15 per person

By: Harriet Cabelly, LCSW

Harriet Cabelly has been a social worker for 20 years, in the school system and in private practice.  She is 
currently involved in coaching, blogging, facilitating parenting and coaching workshops, and interviewing 

people.  Four years ago she added life coaching to her repertoire of skills. In her private practice as a 
therapist, she worked with clients around issues of grief and loss, from people who lost loved ones in 
9/11 to people going through divorce and illness. Her specific area of interest is helping people create 

good and meaningful lives beyond their challenges.  

Please contact Marcy Davidovics, LCSW or Michali Wiener, LMSW of the

Social Work department at [email protected] to reserve your spot!

YCQ Seventh Grade Dance Festival

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