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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-29 12:31:45

VIEW 6, Vol. 13

VIEW 6, Vol. 13


UPCOMING Parshiot VaYerah By: Rabbi Landsman

EVENTS A famous story is told regarding Rav Yisrael Salanter that is connected with
this week's parsha. The founder of the Mussar movement was once invited to
Candle Lighting: the home of a distinguished community leader for a meal. The host noticed that
4:26 when his guest washed netilat yadayim before eating bread, he only washed

Havdallah: 5:26 up to the point where the fingers meet the palm. He was surprised that Rav

Sun., November 9 Yisrael did not adhere to the preferred practice of pouring water on his hands
Preschool Open up to his wrists. During the course of their meal, he asked the great rabbi why
he sufficed with the minimal standard of washing. Rav Yisrael explained that it
is very nice to be stringent and wash until one's wrists. However, that is all fine

Tues., November 11 and good if one does not have to worry about someone having to transport
No Sessions the water for him.
Veteran’s Day In those days, before the development of running tap water, there was a
whole industry in Europe of manual labor to bring barrels of water from the
Wed., November 12
source to private homes. Rav Yisrael was not willing to make someone else
Bat Mitzvah need to bring extra water to the house just because of his own piety or desire
Workshop to fulfill mitzvot in the most optimal way. The principle he practiced was "Don't
6th Grade Girls be a tzadik on someone else's calculation."
7PM Rabbi Frand notes that the source of this anecdote is in our Parsha. Parshat

Sun., November 16 VaYerah is the parsha of hachnasat orchim. Avram sees three passing
wayfarers and can not do enough for them. He prepares a tremendous amount
JHS Parent- of food meat and bread for their comfort. Everything he does for them is in
Child Learning great quantity. The one exception is when he provides them with water. He

Program 9-11:30 requests: "Let a bit of water be taken and wash your feet, and recline beneath

Tues., November 18 the tree."
Why is Avram suddenly stingy with water, when he was expansive with meat
Picture Day and bread? The answer is that the Talmud relates that Avram had the water
brought for the guests via messenger. When he was preparing the food
Grades N-5

Wed., November 19 himself, he spared no effort or quantity. However, because the mitzvah of
Picture Day JHS providing the water was done through a shliach, Avram did not want to

trouble the shliach more than necessary and sufficed with providing "a bit of

YCQ Family News water". Who says the comfort of the guests is any more important than the
comfort of the person who has to transport the water?
Mazel Tov Mrs. Esther What this points out to us is that the chessed of Avraham Avinu was based on
Lowinger (JHS Math)
on the birth of a the fact that he perceived HaShem’s Image in every human being. He had the
granddaughter! capacity to treat people in such a gracious fashion, because he saw a portion of

We regret to inform Divinity in everyone. This is not always an easy thing to accomplish, to put it
you of the passing of mildly. Since his chessed was based on this appreciation and awareness, it
dictated that his manifestation of kindness not be blindly dispensed. He had the
Mrs. Judith greatness and sensitivity of spirit to realize that it is sometimes necessary to
Rottenberg a"h. balance our display of kindness to one party so that it does not impinge on the
Beloved wife of Rabbi

Rottenberg, longtime honor or respect due someone else. Have a great Shabbat!

YCQ Executive
Director and beloved

mother of Mrs. Simi

Lonner (Wife of our
Executive Director
Healthy Tip Number 6:
Rabbi Lonner) Shiva

will be observed at Serve small portions.
the Rottenberg Home, It's not necessary to get rid of all sweets and desserts. Show kids that a small

222 11th St. amount of treats can go a long way.
Lakewood, New Jersey Use smaller bowls and plates for these foods.

08701 Shiva will
conclude on Monday
Have them share a candy bar or split a large cupcake.
morning Nov. 10, 2014

In honor of Election Day, the YCQ Library displayed its own voting box
with selections placed by Kindergarten through Grade four on Favorite
Book Characters, Book Series, and Fiction Book Genres. The results of
our exciting book-friendly election will be determined next week and
displayed on our massive bulletin board. May the best book win in each

Eighth Grade Visits Ellis Island

This past week, the eighth grade students visited Ellis Island and the September 11th
Memorial. The students sailed past the Statue of Liberty on a beautiful ferry ride. The
students took a tour of the Ellis Island Museum and learned about the history of the island.
They ate an outdoor lunch overlooking the Statue of Liberty and spent time at Battery Park. At
the 9/11 Memorial the students took parchment paper and etched the names of particular
victims that they researched, followed by dinner at Bravo Pizza. The eighth grade students had
a wonderful educational day of touring lower Manhattan!

“Would you Like to Know HaShem’s Phone Numbers?”

This past Sunday, we had
an amazing shiur given by
Rabbi Russek. The topic
was “Would you like to
know HaShem’s phone
number?” Over one
hundred parents and
children attending to got
the number! Rabbi
Russek spoke about
Tefilla and the importance
of always asking and
speaking to HaShem.
HaShem is always
available for each and
every heartfelt Teffila.
Looking forward to seeing
you all at next weeks
Parent-Child Sunday
Learning Program!

Election Day

This past Tuesday, the JHS students were able to experience the voting process hands-on as
they stood in their private booths to vote for their YCQ student government. Mazel tov to
Presidents David Salvit and Talia Wein, Vice Presidents Josh Nektalov and Julie Malakov,
Seventh grade representative, Jack Ruben, Sarah Rafael, sixth grade representative
Jonathan Sherman and Shira Schwartz. Thank you to all the participants for a job well done!


Please Join Us With Your Child* at the


Sunday, November 9, 2014
10:00-11:30 AM

Sibling registration for YCQ families has begun.
Please call Mrs. Sharon Korn 718-793-8500 x313 or Hadas
Goodrich at ext. 310 to make an appointment. Don’t delay! Our
preschool fills up quickly and we don't want you to miss out.

*If your child attends, he/she must be accompanied by at least one parent and
another adult who will remain with your child during the children’s program.

Dear YCQ family:
Prior to the start of Yom Kippur, Rabbi Landsman presented me with a very special
plaque. This plaque commemorated the memory of my late son-in-law, Matthew
Kirschner, a”h.
I was so overwhelmed when I read its message and realized orchards of trees were
planted in Israel in his memory. So many of you made such generous contributions in
honor of his memory, which truly comforts us all and allows him to continue to be a
source of blessings.
I displayed the plaque when friends and family were in my home to breakfast when
Yom Kippur ended. It was passed around the table for everyone to hold. My daughter
has the plaque in her apartment for all visitors to see.
My daughter and Mathew’s parents and brothers appreciate all that you have done in
his memory. May he continue to rest in peace, and his memory be a source of blessings
to the Jewish people.
May we only know from simchas.
Larry Cohen

Invites you to our

Chanukah Boutique 2014

Sunday, DECEMBER 7th, 2014

2:00 – 6:00 p.m.
at the

Young Israel Of Kew Gardens Hills

(Corner of 150th St and 70th Rd)

Handbags; Hats and Accessories; Judaica;
Gifts; Jewelry; Clothes; and Much More!
Also Exciting Raffles! You don’t want to miss it!!

All are welcome!


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2 3 5 6 7
6 LA (essay writing) 4 7 Math (Sider) 6B Gemara 6G Chumash
9 6 LA (essay writing) 8B Gemara (Howitt) 8 Math (Brody)
8 Math 6B Gemara 14
16 12 8G Halacha 6B Halach
23 10 11 6B Chumash NO 7B Tests 8 Vocab
6 Math (Cigan, Walz) 7B Chumash 13
6B Ivrit 18 8 Science 7G Chumash 21
6G Math (Goldstein) 6B Navi 6G Ivrit
7G Navi 8G Navi 7B Navi NO 6G Tests 28
8G Navi 8G Halacha 19
7G Ivrit 20
17 7 Social Studies 8G Chumash
8G Halacha 8 Ivrit 6G Navi
7G Halacha
8 Social Studies

24 25 26 27
8B Navi 6 Science 8 Algebra Brody
6G Halacha 7B Ivrit
8B Navi 8B Chumash

Please join us for an inspiring shiur by

Rabbi Jeremy Kagan

On a special visit from Eretz Yisrael

Tuesday, Nov.11 at 10:15am
136-05 72nd Rd. KGH

Fee: $10

The Structure of Emunah

Rabbi Kagan, principal of the post-high-school seminary Midreshet
Tehillah, was born in Boston and raised in Hawaii. Rabbi Kagan
attended Yale University and graduated with a BA in philosophy. He
began studying Torah at Ohr Sameach while traveling in Israel during
his college years. Following the completion of his degree at Yale,
Rabbi Kagan returned to Israel to pursue Torah in earnest, eventually
becoming a student at Heichal HaTorah and the Mirrer Yeshiva. He
received rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nechemiah
Goldberg and has regularly attended the classes of Rabbi Moshe
Shapiro. In 1998 Rabbi Kagan published The Jewish Self: Recovering
Spirituality in the Modern World. He recently published The Choice to
Be: A Jewish Path to Self and Spirituality, which was awarded the
2011 National Jewish Book Award for Modern Jewish Thought.

Ellis Island

9/11 Memorial

Introducing the NEW YCQ G.O.!

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