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View 19, Vol. 14

View 19, Vol. 14

VOLUME 14 ISSUE 19 FEBRUARY 26, 2016 17 ADAR 1 5776

UPCOMING Parshat Ki Tisa By: Rabbi Landsman

EVENTS One of the most persistent and troubling questions regarding the event of the Golden

Candle Lighting: Calf, as recorded in this week’s Parsha, is: “How could Aharon have done what he did?” Did
he not realize the consequences of his action for himself and his family, as well as to the
Havdallah: 6:26 people of Israel generally? After all Aharon is to be the paradigm of Jewish priestly
leadership for all generations to come.
Sun., February 26 The Torah records for us that Aharon rose from this debacle, albeit at a tragic and
5th-8th Parent
Child Learning heavy price to him and his family, and became revered as the ultimate High Priest of Israel.
In this, he resembles the story of Yehudah, who also inexplicably falls into strange and
unacceptable behavior and yet arises from his situation to become the leader of the tribes of

YCQ Family News Israel and the founder of the royal house of Jerusalem.

The Torah seems to emphasize the recuperative powers of these individuals as

Mazel Tov to examples for us, while dealing with their negative actions and consequent punishments in a

Jonathan Sherman more indirect fashion. The Torah excuses no sins and gives no one a free pass on one’s
on his Bar Mitzvah! negative behavior.

Mazel Tov to Yosef Yet, all of the leaders of Israel have trials associated with their stories and
Levitt on his Bar descriptions of character as portrayed in the Torah. Yet, even accounting for human frailty,
the question begs itself as to the cause of Aharon’s behavior regarding the construction of
Mitzvah! the Golden Calf. Over the ages, the commentators to the Torah have wrestled with and
attempted to solve this problem.
Mazel Tov to
Benjamin Kandhorov Rabbi Berel Wein explains that it was Aharon’s great and unconditional love for the
Jewish people that drove him to cooperate in the construction of the Golden Calf. Moshe’s
on his Bar Mitvah!
love for Israel was also unbounded and unconditional, but Aharon was incapable of Moshe’s
Mazel Tov to Eitan
Gavarin (’05) on his
marriage to Yakira

Fruchter! tough love approach. He therefore sought to mitigate the evil act that he felt was inevitably

Mazel Tov to Teena coming and tried to soften its eventual consequences.

(Wertenteil) (’77) and He was willing to provide Israel with the excuse, “Look, Aharon was with us and he
Stuart Rubinfeld on participated in the Golden Calf, so it was not entirely our fault, and it could not have been

the birth of a that bad.” There is a concept in Judaism called aveirah lishmah – a sin committed knowingly
grandson! but for a higher purpose, for the sake of Heaven itself, so to speak.

Mazel Tov to Max A sin committed for the sake of the eventual salvation of the Jewish people from
Baruch (’04) on his
engagement to Elana destruction is still a sin - but, it has a moral content to it that allows the sinner to rise and

Rosen! recover after participating in that sin. Aharon’s love of Israel, in this case misplaced and

Mazel Tov to Scott exaggerated, was nevertheless the cause of his redemption and of his becoming the High
(’91) and Ronit
Priest of Israel for all history.
Orlanski and Rachelle
Orlanski on the Bar Such an insight aids in understanding the complexities of personality and
Mitzvah of their son circumstance that this week’s parsha discusses. It is beyond human abilities to make such

Judah! reckonings and judgments. However, the Torah does allow us a glimpse as to how Heaven

Mazel Tov to Rebecca deals with such issues and we should be most grateful for having had a role model and
(Schwartz) (’92) and leader such as Aharon HaCohen. Shabbat Shalom
David Herman on the

Bat Mitzvah of their

daughter Gabriella!

Mazel Tov to Moshe
(’03) and Ilana Peters

on the birth of a

Mazel Tov to Josh (’03)
and Chaya Kohn on
the birth of a

Rebbe-Talmid Game

This past Friday, the Rabbeim took on the Varsity Basketball Team. Jack Ruben dominated the paint and Oren
Betesh was a lights-out shooter form the three. Joseph Gross dominated on defense and Noah Goldstein contributed
many assists. On the Rabbeim’s side, Evan Daniel the varsity coach had a big impact on the Rabbeim’s comeback,
with the intense defense on Mr. Walz and Rabbi Rohr’s big appearance in the paint. At the start of the game the
students got off to a quick lead and kept it throughout the half. Towards the middle of the third quarter the
Rabbeim retained the lead by going up nine points. Then the students got into the rhythm and took over the game,
ultimately winning 88-79. This was the second time in YCQ history that the students defeated the Rabbeim!

Torah Bowl Meet at YCQ

On Monday, February 22, YCQ hosted the 3rd Torah Bowl meet of the season. The teams were asked questions on Parshiot
Chukat and Balak. The teams competed against four other schools, HANC, HAFTR, SHAGN, Shulamith LI. Both girls’ and
boys’ teams won multiple games. We couldn't have done it without our amazing coaches Rabbi Rosenfelt and
Ms. Rosenblum. Special thanks to all the team members who helped make this meet a success. We look forward to the

Bracha Bee

Since winter vacation, our grade 1-5 students have been eagerly practicing their brachot. This practice culminated with a
very exciting Bracha Bee. Each grade will participate in their own bracha bee. Contestants from each class were called up
to win points for their class. The students chanted enthusiastically each time a new contestant competed. A wonderful time
was had by all. Although some classes answered more than others, everyone who learned their brachot were the true
winners. The 4th and 5th grade will have their bracha bee next week. Thank you to Mr. Nadelbach, for being the

I Am Having A Bad Day!

This past Sunday, Rabbi Russek gave a very meaningful talk at our Sunday Morning Learning Program on
staying positive, and reflecting on emunah and bitachon. Rabbi Russek told inspiring stories about having
unconditional trust in HaShem and how this is the best way to avoid having a bad day.


Congratulations to our Varsity Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, and Boys’
Hockey teams for making the playoffs! All 3 teams have games next
Monday night, February 29, both at home and away, and we are
inviting all YCQ students to show their support.

JHS Students who attend BOTH boys’ games at YCQ will receive a
free homework pass to be used for every class the next day, Tuesday,
March 1. Passes will be given out after the hockey game.

Varsity Basketball- 6:15 PM

Hockey- 8:00 PM

JHS Students who attend the girls’ game at HALB 6:00pm will
receive the same homework pass. There are 25 spots on the bus to
HALB. The bus will leave after school and return to YCQ after the
game. Students can sign up for the bus with Mrs. Golubtchik. It is
first come first serve.

Let’s go Wildcats!!

Mix-It Up

This past Friday was the third annual Mix-it Up Basketball Tournament. The boy's in the Mix-it Up club worked hard to create
teams made up of boys in grades 6-8. Sportsmanship was the theme of the afternoon. It was spectacular to see the JHS
participating in a fun and intense bracket-tournament. Everyone was included and it made for a truly special afternoon. Thanks
to the many teachers and Rabbeim who helped to make this program a success.




February 28, 2016

19 Adar 1 5776

9 AM - 11 AM
11-11:30 3-on-3 Basketball


Rabbi Taub

“Torah Excellence!”

YCQ PTO Presents

Straight from Pennsylvania!


Interactive Fun for the Entire

Feb. 27 7:45 PM

$10 in advance - $15 at the door
$50 max per family



Unique Game Shows is a multimedia,
fun filled interactive activity for all
involved! There are trivia questions,
multimedia interactive questions and

physical challenges! Think Double
Dare and Minute to Win It all
wrapped up in one!

FAMILY NAME Amount enclosed _____


_________________ _________

________________________ _____________

___________________________ ______________

Parent Teacher Conferences, Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Class Time Sign In Location of Conference
1-200, 1-201, 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
1-202 (Mrs. Blass, Morah Leah)

2-205 (Mrs. Chubak, 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
Morah Reut) 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
3-211 (Mrs. Halpern,

Morah Etty)
Fourth Grade

5-300, 5-301 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
(Fried, Rohr, Hoffman, Kahn )

JHS Boys 6:00-9:00 No Sign In Lunchroom
First Come First Serve

Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday, March 7, 2016

Class Time Sign In Location & Conference
5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
Nursery & Kindergarten 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom

(Mrs. Blass, Morah Leah)

2-204, 2-207, 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
2-206 (Morah Reut, Mrs. Chubak) 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom

3-210, 3-212
(Morah Etty, Mrs. Halpern )

5-302, 5-303 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
(Finkelstein, Rohr, Fried,

Orlanski, Hoffman)

JHS Girls 6:00-9:00 No Sign In Lunchroom
First come first serve


Dear Parents:

FAIR will take place on MONDAY, MARCH 7th and TUESDAY, MARCH 8th

in the J.H.S. building multi-purpose room.

The Book Fair will have a large selection of Scholastic English and Judaica books. There
will be a variety of computer software, videos, and cookbooks available. All purchases benefit our
school and our library.

All classes, nursery through grade 8, are scheduled for visits to the Book Fair. Parents of
children in nursery, kindergarten, grades 1-3 are welcome to come and shop with their children. All
parents are welcome to come to browse and shop each day. Please remember to send money along
with your child on the day of his/her scheduled visit. Books range in price from approximately
$7.00 to $15.00. In accordance with NYS tax law, sales tax will not be charged.

Please note that the Book Fair will also be open during Parent-Teacher Conferences
on Monday, March 7th, prior to the Fair itself.


Mon. 3/7 Tues. 3/8

9:30-9:50 4-304, 4-305 4-306, 4-307
9:50-10:10 K-102, K-105 1-202, 1-203
10:10-10:30 2-204, 2-207
10:30-10:50 2-205, 2-206
10:50-11:10 5-302, 5-303
11:10-11:30 N-208, N-209
11:30-11:50 K-100, K-101 1-200, 3-209
11:50-12:50 LUNCH LUNCH
12:50- 1:10 1-201, 3-210
1:10- 1:30 7G2, 6G2 7B1, 7B2
1:30- 1:50 8B1, 8B2 8G1, 8G2
1:50- 2:10 7G1, YESS 6G1
2:10-2:30 5-300, 5-301 3-211, 3-212
2:30- 2:50 6B1, 6B2


Adena Dyckman 323-385-0450 [email protected]
[email protected]
Shandi Glaser 718-551-7112 [email protected]
[email protected]
Tzipora Laub 917-742-9469

Suri Sokol 917-838-4674


YCQ-PTO Purim Mishloach Manot Program

Dear Parents,

We invite you to participate in the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot and Matanot L’Evyonim
through our annual Purim Program.

A scroll listing your child’s name will be included with every Mishloach Manot distributed to
each one of the YCQ teachers and staff members, including all specialty teachers and staff.

This year’s Mishloach Manot packages have been purchased from Keren Aniyem. For over 25
years Keren Aniyem has supported hundreds of needy families in the New York area through
their fundraising efforts.

Although your children will not have to bring individual bags to present to their teachers,
they will still be fulfilling this very important mitzvah. This and other fundraising efforts help
sponsor the Purim Carnival and other activities that the Parent-Teacher Organization
undertakes to enhance our children’s experience at YCQ.

PLEASE help us make this a success by completing the form below and sending it in with
your child to the school’s Business Office by FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2016 or paying online via
PayPal at the following link:

Thank you,

Any forms/payments submitted after the deadline will be included in an addendum.

Questions? Please email [email protected]

YCQ PARENTS: Please make all checks payable to YCQ-PTO $10.00 per child / $30.00 cap
per family of four or more children
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________

***YCQ TEACHERS & STAFF ONLY - You may also participate and have your name on the
scroll, please submit $7.00 and fill in your information below.
Staff Member Name: ________________________ CASH _____ CHECK ______ or online via
above PayPal link.


⇒ Shop at the following local vendors
⇒ Pay by check payable to the YCQ-PTO
⇒ The PTO makes a percentage on each sale

Suhag Wine & Liquor
60-30 Main Street, KGH
Hours: Sun. 12-8, Mon.-Thurs. 10-10, Fri. 9:30-8

Main Sweet
72-54 Main Street, KGH

Hours: Sun.- Thurs. 10-9, Fri. 10-3

Jewish Quarter
Kew Gardens Hills
Hours: Sun. – Thurs. 8-10, Fri. 8-2
Megillahs, Megillah Cases, Seder
Plates, “Plagues”, etc.
[email protected]

In addition to shopping at these vendors, don’t forget
to continue using your Red Card when you shop at
Target, logging into Amazon through , and sending in your Box Tops.

JHS Girls Shabbaton!

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