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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2018-09-07 09:10:05

View 1, Vol. 17

View 1, Vol. 17

VOLUME 16 NUMBER 1 SEPTEBER 7, 2018 28 ELUL 5778

UPCOMING Rosh Hashana By: Rabbi Landsman
There is an age old practice mentioned by Chazal to eat certain foods on the night of Rosh
Candle Lighting: 6:59 Hashanah. These are known as simanim - signs that we pray will symbolize a good year.
Havdallah: 8:00 Short tefillot accompany the simanim and the poskim comment that the intent and thoughts
Sun. September 9 of teshuva that occur at this time can help make the simanim a reality. Perhaps the most popular
Erev Rosh Hashana of the simanim is the custom to partake of an apple dipped in honey. At this time, we fervently
Candlelighting: 6:56 beseech Hashem for a shana tova u'metukah, a good and sweet year. By analyzing what this
Mon. and Tues. dual request of "good and sweet" represents, we can gain a greater appreciation of what to
September 10-11 concentrate our thoughts on at this opportune moment.
Rosh Hashana
NO SESSIONS Rabbi Tzvi Sobolofsky, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva University explains that the Rabbis teach
us that when events occur that are especially good, we are required to recite the bracha of Hatov
Wed., September 12 V'hameitiv - Hashem is good, and does good. There is another bracha that is recited when
Tzom Gedaliah something bad happens, the bracha of Dayan Ha'Emet - Hashem is the true judge. These
1:30 Dismissal N-8 different berachot are only recited in this world; in the world to come, only the bracha on good
will be recited. The future is described as a day that is only good. Creation was originally sup-
Tues. and Wed. posed to be this way. When Hashem began the creation of the world with the creation of light,
September 18-19 the Torah tells us that the light was good. Unfortunately for us, this light could not be retained in
this world and Hashem hid it away for the righteous for days to come. When we ask Hashem for
Yom Kippur a shana tova, we are not just asking for good things in this world. We are elevating our thoughts
Candlelighting:641 by beseeching Hashem for a world that is all good. We are dreaming about a world in which the
original light of Creation of Hashem's presence is discernible.
In addition to a good year, we also ask for a sweet one. The words of Torah are compared
YCQ Family News to gold and honey. "More precious than gold and sweeter than honey" is Dovid HaMelech's
description of Hashem's words. What is the significance of comparing the Torah to honey if it is
Mazel tov to Rabbi already comparable to gold? Isn't gold obviously more valuable than honey? Rabbi Sobolofsky
Lonner on the marriage explains that gold and honey are fundamentally different from one another. Although gold is
more valuable, it is only significant because of what it can purchase. It does not provide actual
of his son! pleasure, but rather it enables one to purchase worldly pleasures. Honey, although not
particularly expensive, is intrinsically enjoyable. The words of Torah are compared to both gold
Mazel tov to Morah Reut and honey. Torah is like spiritual gold in that the acquisition of Torah knowledge enables one to
(2-205/206) on the birth better perform Mitzvot, and Torah study helps perfect a person's character traits. Like gold, it is
valuable for what it can accomplish. However, Torah is also much more than spiritual gold,
of a baby girl! because the words of Torah are sweeter than honey. Even without any other advantages gained
by Torah study, learning Torah is the sweetest gift Hashem has given us. It is both more
Mazel tov to Morah Tali precious than gold and simultaneously sweeter than honey.
Spector (music) on the
The Ohr HaChaim has a remarkable comment wherein he describes how we would react
birth of a baby boy! to the goodness and sweetness of Torah if we truly appreciated it to the fullest. We would be so
overwhelmed by the sweet taste of Torah that we wouldn't be able to pursue anything else. As
Mazel tov to Mr. Yoni we dip our apple in our honey on Rosh Hashanah, we should be focusing on the lofty dreams of
Goldstein (JHS Science having a good and sweet year. We beseech Hashem to see His light and taste His Torah.

and Math) on his May this year be a year of only goodness and sweetness for all of Klal Yisroel.

Mazel tov to Mrs. Elana
Joffe (Social Worker) on
the birth of a baby girl!

Mazel tov to Morah
Aliza Willig (associate
teacher) on her marriage!

Faculty Development Program

The YCQ faculty professional orientation took place last week and set an exciting tone
to begin the new school year. The teachers were greeted by Rabbi Landsman, Dr. Joel
Wein, and Rabbi Lonner. Rabbi Landsman conducted a professional development session
on the topic of responsibility centered discipline and how to implement it in the
classroom. The faculty met with our new school psychologist, Dr. Sara Asher, who
discussed the programs she will introduce this year. Rabbi Nosson Greenberg, Rabbi of
the Congregation of Kahal Machzik Torah, spoke to the faculty about ways to inspire
students and help them become more engaged in their learning. A representative from
Global Security also spoke to the faculty about school safety protocol. The
professional development program was informative and educational, helping to make this
year a true success! We are looking forward to an exciting school year!

Preschool Welcome Bash

The YCQ PTO sponsored a new event this year, the Preschool Welcome
Bash. Nursery and Kindergarten teachers, students, and their families came out for
a delicious dinner and craft project. Students had a chance to meet their new
classmates; parents were able to meet other parents and speak with the teachers. A
good time was had by all! Thank you to the Bash committee members: Daniella
Gemal, Mrs. Jennifer Jaffe, Ariella Levine, Rachel Orenbuch, Daniella Rafaeloff, and
to Rabbi Landsman, Morah Sharon and all the Nursery and Kindergarten teachers
for making the event a success! Thank you also to Rabbi Lonner and Rabbi Kovitz
and to the YCQ lunchroom staff for all their hard work.

YCQ Parent-Child Selichot Learning Program

On Motzai Shabbat September 1, over 100 students in grades five through eight, along with
their parents, and Rebbeim joined together for a meaningful learning program. The evening
began with a beautiful shiur by Rabbi Shmuel Marcus, Rav of Young Israel of Queens Valley.
Rabbi Marcus was extremely invigorating and enlightening. The evening concluded with an
uplifting recitation of Selichot led by Rabbi Hamel with the instructions and explanation by
Rabbi Pearl. It was a most inspiring evening.

New Student Program

On Thursday, Dr. Sara Asher, YCQ’s school psychologist, facilitated a new student
program welcoming YCQ’s new students. Each new student was paired with an eighth
grade mentor who was handpicked based on his or her leadership qualities. The
program commenced with each mentor introducing himself or herself to one or two new
students by phone and handing a school gift to his or her assigned new students.
Together with their mentors, the new students participated in a group activity and en-
joyed a snack. Dr. Asher and Rabbi Landsman warmly introduced each student and
welcomed them to the YCQ family. We look forward to a productive and exciting
school year!




‫יחיאל אברהם אביגדור בן אלי ז''ל‬




PENINA ('06)), AVRAHAM ('08), SHIRA ('11), TALIA ('15), AND MICHAEL WEIN ('18)




‫רייזל מלכה ע''ה‬



The YCQ Sefer Torah Campaign

In honor of

The Paknoush family has partnered with the YCQ community to write a new
Sefer Torah in her honor. The Sefer Torah will be housed in our very own Beit
Midrash, and our students will be using the Sefer Torah on a regular basis. We
have the honor of welcoming a beautiful Sefer Torah into our YCQ home,
and we urge every family to participate in any way possible. Even a small

contribution will merit tremendous zechus as a result of participating in this
unique mitzvah. Please see below for a list of dedication opportunities.

Visit our website at and
reserve your dedication before the Yom Tovim!

Letter….$36 Perek…. ……. $613 Parsha….$720
Word…..$180 Amud………. …$613 Special Parshiyot…$1,800
Pasuk…..$360 The First Pasuk…. $720 Dedicate a Sefer….$5,000
Aliyah….$613 The First Letter…..$720


Sunday, October 14th
Sunday Morning Learning in honor of Adeena, with Rabbi Shy Shechter as a guest speaker

Tuesday, Octobr 16th
All students in YCQ will be given an opportunity to write a letter in our Sefer Torah

Students will be given a picture of this special moment.
Wednesday, October 17th

A school wide YCQ Hachnasat Sefer Torah will be held with live music and dancing

You can sleep late and still daven with a minyan!

Teen Minyan is back!

Join us for our kick-off minyan!

September 8

Participate! Parshat Nitzavim
Get involved! YIKGH Beis Medrash
9:30 AM
70-11 150th Street (side entrance)

Under the leadership of Rabbi Yaakov Abramovitz

- Hot Kiddush –- Hot Kiddush - - Hot Kiddush - - Hot Kiddush -- Hot Kiddush -

Preschool Welcome Bash

5th-8th Grade Selichot and Learning Program

We had an Amazing First Week at YCQ!

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