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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2017-10-27 01:19:08

View 5, Vol. 16

View 5, Vol. 16


UPCOMING Parshat Lech Lecha By: Rabbi Landsman

EVENTS Relocating one's self is a challenging task at any age. Doing so in the later stages of life
Candle Lighting: 5:39 is doubly challenging. It is no wonder that the rabbis of the Mishnah characterized our father

Havdallah: 6:38 Avraham's move from Mesopotamia to the Land of Israel as being one of the ten major tests of
his turbulent life. Leaving all that is familiar and attempting to integrate one's self in a new and

October 29 strange environment is a very taxing experience. We are all aware of the immigrant experience
UPK in Session of our forebears, whether in Western countries or here in the State of Israel. The language is
different, the streets are unfamiliar, the customs of everyday life are foreign to us and one has
5-8 Grade
Parent-Child a feeling of being a permanent alien.
Learning Program Avraham himself expresses this feeling when, after decades of successful living and

9-11:30AM earning the respect of the local population, he describes himself as a mere stranger and a
sojourner in their midst. He is not native born, he speaks the language with an accent and
November 1

8th Grade Parents though his inner spiritual self tells him that this place, the Land of Israel is his true home, he
High School Night
8:00PM nevertheless feels the angst of being considered a stranger in a strange land.
Avraham becomes the prototype for Jewish existence throughout the millennia. Even
Friday - Shabbat
November 3-4 when returning home to the Land of Israel, it has taken generations for Jews to fully realize
that they are finally home and are no longer strangers or aliens in someone else's country. If
JHS Girls Shabbaton Avraham had been born in the Land of Israel, perhaps all of Jewish and human history would

YCQ Family News have been different. However, the Torah itself describes Avraham as a wandering Aramean
and so he remains throughout Jewish tradition and Torah commentary. Hashem, in telling
Mazel Tov to Morah
Beer (JHS Morah) on Avraham to leave his home, does not specify the exact location where he is now allowed to

the birth of a great reside. Hashem promises him that He will yet show him the new place. Avraham instinctively
travels to the Land of Israel and it is there and only then that Hashem confirms that this is to
be not only his place of residence but the eternal home of the Jewish people.
Mazel Tov to Morah There is an inner drive of holiness within human beings that brings them to come to
Adi Arshadnia (JHS
Ivrit Assistant Morah) the Land of Israel. Whereas it was persecution and the absence of other options that brought
on the engagement of hundreds of thousands of Jews to settle in the Land of Israel in the twentieth century, the

her son!

Mazel Tov to overwhelming trend of new immigration to our country today is by choice. The inner drive of

Mrs. Merry Rosman connection to our homeland, to our past and future at one and the same time is the driving
(Enrichment Teacher)
on the birth of a force of the recent increased immigration of Jews to the State of Israel. Rabbi Wein explains
granddaughter! that the rabbis taught us that Avraham's personal greatness could only be realized in the Land
of Israel. The truth be said, the development and fulfillment of the greatness of the Jewish
Mazel Tov to Charlie people apparently is also contingent upon their living in the Land of Israel.
Mann and Lior
As such, we have only to emulate our father Avraham, in his attitude, fortitude and
Brintauch on their

Bar Mitzvah! love for the land that spoke to his soul!!

Mazel Tov to Shira Shabbat Shalom!

Rosoff on her Bat

Spot Light on New Faculty!

Hi! My name is Mrs. Michali Fuchs and I am so excited to be joining the YCQ family this
year as a second grade general studies teacher. I graduated from the education program at
Hunter College with a degree in childhood education, grades 1-6. My first year at YCQ
has been incredibly special so far. I have gotten to know many exceptional students and
their parents and look forward to a wonderful year! The administration and faculty have
been so warm and welcoming and I truly feel privileged to be part of such an outstanding
and remarkable family and team. May we share a year of much growth and meaningful

Eighth Grade Visits Ellis Island

This past week, the eighth grade students visited Ellis Island and the September 11th
Memorial. The students sailed past the Statue of Liberty on a beautiful ferry ride. The
students took a tour of the Ellis Island Museum and learned about the history of the
island. They ate an outdoor lunch overlooking the Statue of Liberty and spent time at
Battery Park. At the 9/11 Memorial Museum, the students toured, and observed all the
meaningful exhibits and displays, followed by dinner at Bravo Pizza. The eighth grade
students had a wonderful educational day of touring lower Manhattan!

YCQ Sixth Grade Visits Chofetz Chaim!
Last week our sixth grade boys visited Rabbi Grunblatt, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim to receive
their first Gemarah. Together with their Rabbeim the boys had an opportunity to hear special words of
Torah and chizuk from the Rosh Yeshiva. Rabbi Grunblatt then presented each student with their Gemarah.
Mazel Tov to all our learners! May we see many great things from all our students! Special thanks to Rabbi
Hamel, Rabbi Finestone and Rabbi Rosenfelt for organizing this beautiful and momentous trip!

JHS Girls Challah Bake

Last Friday the JHS Girls did the beautiful mitzvah of Hafrashat Challah as our kick off Rosh
Chodesh program. The girls learned from Rabbi Hamel about the importance of Challah and the
reason behind making it being a women’s mitzvah. When preforming the mitzvah it is also an Eit
Ratzon to ask HaShem for anything we may need or want. The students all had Adeena Chaya bat
Aviva, one of YCQ’s recent graduates, in their thoughts and prayers while the Hafrasha was being
done. May we be zoche to perform many more mitzvot together. Special thanks to the morot who
organized and facilitated this special and beautfiul program!




October 29, 2017

9 Cheshvan 5778

9 AM - 11 AM
11-11:30 3-on-3 Boys
Basketball and Girls




Rabbi Howitt,
JHS Rebbe

“The Post Chagim Blues”



‫ר' יצחק ב"ר נחום ע"ה‬


NYOoUvAeNmD YbOeUrR 1CH2IL,D2(0TW1O7A1D0UL:0TS0PaEmR C-1HI1LD:3) 0am

Separate from Queens,
on Yirat Five Towns,
classes for boys Shamayim, Great Neck and

and girls 4th Midot Tovot West Hempstead

grade through and love for provided at

8th grade Eretz Yisrael no charge!


77 Years Of Excellence In Limudei Kodesh & General Studies
147-37 70th Road, Kew Gardens Hills, New York 11367
718-793-8500 ext. 313 ● Visit us online at


Our very own alumna of 1973,
Randi Beeber Luxenberg
is being honored at

the Shaare Zedek Heart of Jersualem Dinner
at Guastavino's on November 15, 2017.

She is receiving the Heart of Jerusalem Award for all the work she has done for
many years for the American Committee for Shaare Zedek Hospital.

You are invited to sign up for the dinner, or simply make a donation for a great
cause by using the link

Yeshiva of Central Queens

November 3-November 4, 2017


Raleigh Hotel, South Fallsburg, NY
Cost $135

Departure from YCQ Friday Morning: 9:00 AM
Return to YCQ on Saturday night: 11:00 PM



Yeshiva of Central Queens 

JHS Girls Shabbaton Permission Slip

Please Return to the JHS Office
by Friday, October 27, 2017


You may request two people for your room at the Raleigh Hotel .

You will definitely receive at least one request.

______________________ _______________________


I am coming to this Shabbaton with a positive attitude, ready to have a
really great time. I plan to dress appropriately and participate in all of
the programs of the Shabbaton.

Student’s Signature

Students Class ____________________


I hereby give my daughter __________________ permission to
attend the YCQ Girls Shabbaton at the Raleigh Hotel on November 3 &
November 4.
I have enclosed $135 for the Shabbaton.

Parent Signature

YCQ-Parent Teacher Organization Vendors

The following vendors support YCQ programs.
We encourage you to support these businesses.

Shop at these vendors year-round, pay for your purchases at the location with a
check made payable to YCQ-PTO and the store will donate a percentage

back to YCQ.

Suhag Wine & Liquor
69-30 Main Street
Kew Gardens Hills

The Jewish Quarter
Stuart Verstandig
Tzit tzit (all sizes and styles), Seforim,
books, mezuzot, kipot, benchers,
Succah decorations, laminated posters
Purim supplies, Pesach needs,

& gifts for all occasions

ICCJ If interested contact Paul at:
167-11 73rd Avenue, Flushing, NY 11366 [email protected]
718-591-5353 mailman668(3@4g7m) 5a0il2.c-3o6m12

Come along and have some FUN SPLASHING, LEARNING,
DRIBBLING and RUNNING around the GYM!!

SCHEDULE for 2017 -2018 SEASON:

Swim Lessons Swim & Gym Program
½ Hour Classes per Session Children must know how to swim

Tuesdays (Boys only)

Sundays All Boys have Gym 6:00pm – 7:30pm
then Swim
Swim Lessons 9:00am - 3:30pm

Thursdays (Girls Only)

Mondays & Wednesdays All Girls have Gym 6:00pm – 7:30pm
then Swim
Swim Lessons 5:30pm –8:00pm

Tuesdays (Boys Only)

Swim Lessons 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Swim Lessons 7:30pm – 8:00pm Basketball

Thursdays (Girls Only) Sundays

Swim Lessons 5:30pm – 6:30pm Middle School and 2:00pm – 3:30pm
High School Boys:
Swim Lessons 7:30pm – 8:00pm

Help the PTO Help YCQ

By shopping through Amazon Smile at NO cost to you,
money will be raised for YCQ.

(This is no different than your regular Amazon Account)
Money Raised Goes to:

 Gifts for teachers and staff to say Hakaros Hatov for all they
do for our children throughout the year.
 Supplementing cost of end of year trips
 Purchasing equipment and supplies throughout the year to
create the best environment for our children to learn an grow

To sign up is simple

Just type in this link and follow instructions

When you shop you must log on at

Note: This site maintains your privacy. No one but the buyer can see
purchases. YCQ receives a check only.

Chesed Day!!

Eighth Grade Trip to Ellis Island!!

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