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View 12, Vol. 18

View 12, Vol. 18

VOLUME 18 NUMBER 12 DECEMBER 13, 2019 15 KISLEV 5780

UPCOMING Parshat Vayishlach By: Rabbi Landsman
In this week’s parsha, our father Yaakov, fresh from his successful escape from Lavan,
Candle Lighting: 4:10 prepares to encounter his brother and sworn enemy, Eisav. He sent malachim to deal with
Havdallah: 5:14 Eisav before he would actually meet with him face to face. The word malachim signifies two

different meanings. One is that it means agents, messengers, human beings who were sent
Sunday, December 15 on particular missions to do Yaakov’s bidding. The other meaning is that the word malachim
Chumash Presentations signifies angels, supernatural messengers of HaShem who were sent to Yaakov to help him
207-9:00am in his fateful encounter with his brother.
Rabbi Berel Wein explains that Rashi cites both possible interpretations in his
204-11:00am commentary. When Rashi does so, he is teaching us that both interpretations are correct at

Tuesday, December 17 differing levels of understanding the verse involved. The message here is that the encounter
PTO Meeting 8:30pm with Eisav, in order to be successful from Yaakov’s vantage point and situation, has to have
both human and supernatural help.
Eisav is a formidable foe, physically, militarily, culturally and intellectually speaking. He
Wed, December 18 cannot be ignored nor wished away. He has accompanied us from the time of Yaakov until
Parent Teacher
Conferences this very day. At times he threatens our very existence and at times he appears to have a
Dismissal K-8 3:45pm more benevolent attitude towards us.
Yet at all times he is there, hovering over and around us, and he has never relinquished
Sunday, December 22 any of his demands upon us to either convert, assimilate or just plain disappear. While it is
UPK In Session Yishmael that currently occupies the bulk of our attention, it would be foolish of us to ignore
Grades 5-8 Parent Child the continuing presence of Eisav in our world and affairs.
Learning Program Yaakov’s strategy is to employ both possibilities of malachim in his defense. He prepares
9:00am-11:00am himself for soothing Eisav by gifts and wealth, pointing out to Eisav that it is beneficial to him
Erev Chanukah to have Yaakov around. He also strengthens himself spiritually in prayer and in appeal to
Hashem to deliver him from Eisav. And finally as a last resort he is prepared to fight Eisav
with his weapons, the sword and war.
Monday, December 23 Two of these strategies, gifts to Eisav and war against Eisav, require human endeavor,
First Day of Chanukah
talent and sacrifice. They are the representative of the interpretation of malachim as being
NO SESSIONS human agents and messengers. The third strategy, prayer and reliance upon heavenly

Tuesday, December 24 intervention to thwart Eisav’s evil designs, follows the idea that Yaakov’s malachim were
2nd Day of Chanukah heavenly, supernatural creatures.
No Queens Bus Service
In the long history of our encounter with Eisav we have always relied upon both
3:30 Dismissal K-8 interpretations of malachim. Neither interpretation by itself will suffice to defeat Eisav.
Without human endeavor and sacrifice, heavenly aid is often denied or diminished. It is
foolish to believe that a small and beleaguered people can by itself weather all storms and
Wed., December 25 defeat Eisav’s intentions solely by its own efforts.
3rd Day of Chanukah Without Hashem’s help, in vain do we attempt to build our national home. Thus the
Preschool Chanukah double meaning of malachim in this week’s parsha has great relevance to ourselves and our
situation. Shabbat Shalom.
3:30 Dismissal K-8

YCQ Family News Parent Teacher Conference Schedule
Wednesday, December 18, 2019

3:30 Dismissal K-8—NO 4:30 Room, NO After School Programs

Mazel Tov to Gilad Nursery and Kindergarten– 5:30PM-9:30PM in your child’s classroom by appointment.
Levy on his Bar 1-203, 2-206, 2-207- 5:30PM-9:30PM in your child’s classroom by appointment.

Mazel Tov to Lauren 3-209, 3-212- 5:30PM-9:30PM in your child’s classroom by appointment.
Ross on her Bat 5-300, 5-301- 5:30PM-9:30PM in your child’s classroom by appointment.
Mitzvah! JHS Boys– in the lunchroom, first come, first serve

Fourth Grade Visits the Cradle of Aviation Museum

On Wednesday, December 4, fourth grade went on a field trip to the Cradle of
Aviation Museum in Westbury. Each class went on a guided tour where the
students were able to see, touch and interact with many of the exhibits. They saw
the model of the first airplane created by Orville Wright. They also were able to
sit in the cockpit of one of the earlier planes and learned that the pilot steered
using his upper body movements. Then each class went to a workshop called the
"Physics of Toys." We were shown simple toys like yo-yos, balloons, and Slinkies
and how science can be learned from them. The Students used their knowledge
of common toys to explore inertia, kinetic energy, laws of motion, and many more
physics principles in this amazing hands-on class.

Kindergarten Trip to the Jewish Museum

The kindergarten went to the Jewish Children’s Museum where they
went to the Bereishit floor and experienced the days of creation.
They also got to shop in the kosher supermarket and got to be
contestants in a Jewish game show. Students participated in an oil
making workshop and made their own Chanukah candle. It was a
great hands-on experience to prepare for Chanukah! The students
learned so much and had such a great time.

Fourth Graders Mentor Third Graders on Social Studies Unit
The fourth graders are finishing up their Native American unit in their social
studies curriculum. As part of the unit, the students had to make creative
projects to show what they have learned about the Algonquian or Iroquois

tribes. On Friday, December 6,
Class 4-305 displayed all of
their projects for Ms. Kessler’s
Class 3-209 to come in and see.
The fourth grade girls did a
wonderful job at explaining
their projects, and showing the
current third graders what they
could expect next year. The
students had a wonderful time
learning together.

Seventh Grade Girls Inter-Yeshiva Dance Festival

Healthy and Wise

This month’s Healthy & Wise lesson was all about the three meals we eat each day: Breakfast,
Lunch, and Dinner. We learned that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it boosts
our brains and gives us energy for the day. The nursery and kindergarteners learned a song called
“Healthy Foods Should Start Our Day.” Our third graders created their own healthy cereals and
cereal boxes. Try to have at least three food groups in each meal. Dinner is a great time to try new
foods. You never know if you might like something new and it might be healthy for you. Our
vocabulary word for this lesson is moderation. Don’t have too much or too little of something, even
if it is healthy. Eat only as much food as your body needs. There is no such thing as a “good” food
or a “bad” food.
Tip of the Week: Get kids involved in meal planning and cooking. Use
this time to teach about nutrition.

Second Grade Chumash Presentation

This past Sunday, classes 2-205 and 2-206 were incredibly excited to finally receive
their Chumashim! For the last couple of months, the classes had been preparing for this
momentous day. They learned about the Chumash, how to find the Psukim, and how to read
and understand the words. They put on a beautiful show about what the children learned
in kitah bet and the creation of the world. After a wonderful and exciting presentation,
each student received their very own Chumash with his or her name engraved on it. Each
class learned the first Pasuk together in front of their families and friends, and
afterward, enjoyed some treats and cake at a Chumash party. Mazel tov to all the second
graders! It is so inspiring to see their love for Torah. Many thanks to Morah Reut, Morah
Leora, Morah Shoshana, Morah Tali, Rabbi Ribalt, Rabbi Hamel, Morah Maxine, and PTO
parent representatives for making this day so memorable.


12.16.19– 12.27.19

Please bring NEW toys to help keep
children occupied and happy

during difficult times in their lives.
Please DO NOT:
 Wrap the toys

 Donate toy guns or other violent games


Week of December 23rd

Monday, December 23 NO SCHOOL

- 1st Day of Chanukah

Tuesday, December 24  NO QUEENS BUS SERVICE

- All out 3:30pm dismissal grades N-8
- Long Island buses are all running at 3:30pm only
- No 4:30 Room or afterschool programs

Wednesday, December 25  NO QUEENS OR LONG ISLAND BUSING

- All out 3:30pm dismissal grades N-8
- No 4:30 Room or afterschool programs

Thursday, December 26 NO QUEENS BUS SERVICE

- All out 3:30pm dismissal grades N-8
- Long Island buses are all running at 3:30pm only
- No 4:30 Room or afterschool programs

Friday, December 27  NO QUEENS BUS SERVICE

- Long Island buses are running
- No First Shot Basketball

Monday, December 30 NO QUEENS BUS SERVICE

- All out 3:30pm dismissal grades N-8
- Long Island buses are all running at 3:30pm only
- No 4:30 Room or afterschool programs

Tuesday, December 31st  NO QUEENS BUS SERVICE

- All out 3:30pm dismissal grades N-8
- Long Island buses are all running at 3:30pm only
- No 4:30 Room or afterschool programs
- BV Game @ HAFTR 5:30

Wednesday, January 1st  NO SCHOOL


Week of December 23rd




1st and 2nd Grade:


3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade:


JHS Students:

Will be dismissed from their classrooms

Doors for pick up will be open from 3:15 pm-3:45 pm for grades N-5
JHS dismissal will begin at 3:30 pm

The yard will be open for parent parking.
Double parking is prohibited! Violators will be

ticketed by NYPD Officers!


Yeshiva of Central Queens


11/17/19 Rabbi Paysach Krohn

11/24/19 Rabbi Kravetz
12/22/19 Rabbi Rovner
2/2/20 Rabbi Rohr
2/9/20 Rabbi Becher
2/23/19 Rabbi Nosson Greenberg
3/1/20 Rabbi Finestone
3/8/20 Rabbi Finkelstein
3/15/20 Rabbi Howitt
3/22/20 Rabbi Kramer
3/29/20 Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein


Weekly Prizes

33rd Annual Ski Shabbaton

Winter Break at Mount Snow, Vermont
With Rabbi David Algaze

Wednesday January 22nd — Sunday January 26th, 2019

Complete package includes:
• Skiing: Lift tickets for Thursday, Friday, Sunday.
• Shabbaton: An unforgettably intense Shabbat experience with lots of

singing and ruach.
• Lodging: Four nights in our own private country inn (arrive Wednesday

evening, depart Sunday). Free shuttle bus to the mountain.
• Meals: Delicious kosher meals at the inn, plus sandwiches to take along skiing,

professionally catered and supervised.
• Orthodox Services: Minyanim every day and warm Shabbat services with sefer Torah.
• Learning: Shiurim and informal discussions every day, all levels.
• Many Nearby Activities: snow tubing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, swimming and more!

A great way for families to spend quality time together, with friends and a warm friendly
Jewish community, and without the hassles of dealing with all the details!

For special family pricing and further info, please contact:
Serge Merkin, Shabbaton Chairman, 917-656-2722 / [email protected]

Havurat Yisrael Synagogue
106-20 70th Ave. , Forest Hills, NY 11375



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