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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2018-03-09 00:40:24

View 19, Vol. 16

View 19, Vol. 16

VOLUME 16 NUMBER 19 MARCH 9, 2018 23 ADAR 5778

UPCOMING Parshat VaYakhel—Pekudei
Shabbat Parah By: Rabbi Landsman
Candle Lighting: 5:37
Havdallah: 6:38 One of the main questions that all of the commentators raise in this week's Parsha is

Sunday, March 11 why the Torah again discusses the prohibitions of the Sabbath. The Torah has done so a
UPK In Session
number of times in the previous parshiyot of Shemot, so one might question this seemingly
5-8 Grade Parent-Child
Learning Program unwarranted repetition, especially right at the beginning of the Parsha. Rabbi Wein explains
that we do not find that at the time of creation the Torah sanctified any given place or
Sunday, March 11
YCQ 77th Anniversary location on the face of the earth. The entire idea of the uniqueness of the Land of Israel

Scholarship Dinner does not appear in the Torah until the time of our father Avraham. Even there, it appears as
4pm The Sands
a promise of a homeland to Avraham's descendants, without any mention of holiness or
Monday, March 12
Parent-Teacher sanctification.
Conferences 3:45
dismissal Holiness only appears regarding a place and location in the story of our father Jacob

Tuesday, March 13 and his heavenly dream at Beit El. However, already in the first section of the Torah, in the
Science Fair Grade 6 7pm
story of creation itself, we read that Hashem sanctified time, "Therefore did Hashem bless
Thurs-Fri, March 15-16
Grade 5 the seventh day and sanctify it.” Time is the holiest of all factors in human life. It is the one

Western Hemis’fair’ thing that since creation has been blessed, sanctified and made very special. It is no wonder

Thursday Night, therefore, that the holiness of Shabbat is emphasized over and over again in the Torah. In
March 15
human behavior and thought, time is not as important as wealth or location or the
Hockey Championship
Game at accomplishment of any human ends. The Torah comes to warn us not to succumb to such a

HAFTR High School viewpoint or behavior pattern.
389 Central Avenue
The holy Mishkan according to most commentators was ordered and built after Israel
sinned in the desert by worshiping the Golden Calf. These commentators saw this
Tuesday, March 20
Parent-Teacher Mishkan as an accommodation, so to speak, of Heaven to the human condition. People
Conferences 3:45
dismissal somehow require a tangible place of worship, a holiness of space and locality, something

YCQ Family News solid that can represent to them the invisible and eternal. So the Mishkan in a sense came

Mazal Tov to to replace the necessity for the Golden Calf created by human beings.
Aaron Sisser on his
Hashem gave Bnei Yisrael detailed instructions how this Mishkan and its artifacts
Bar Mitzvah
should be constructed and designed. Even though holiness of space, location and of actual
Mazal Tov to Morah Ivgi
(JHS Ivrit) on the structure is necessary for human service of Hashem, it must be done solely under Hashem's
engagement of her
conditions. There can be many designs to build a golden calf. To build a Mishkan to
daughter Danielle to Ari
Levine of Teaneck, NJ Hashem there can only be one ordained and holy design and plan. Even when building a

Mishkan according to Hashem's plan, the Jewish people were instructed and inspired to

remember that holiness of time is always greater than holiness of place and of structure.

Shabbat, which has accompanied us from the time of creation, takes precedence

over all else except for human life itself. The Mishkan and its succeeding Temples were all

temporary and subject to the events of time. Even the holy Land of Israel disappeared from

Jewish history for millennia. Shabbat never stopped accompanying the Jews wherever they

lived and whatever their circumstances were. This is why this lesson is drummed into us

over and over again in the narrative of the Torah. Shabbat Shalom!

The YCQ Calendar was published with an
error. Sessions resume after Pesach on

Second Grade Makes Mishloach Manot for Holocaust Survivors

To help students understand the full meaning and importance of Purim, Rabbi Nafi Orlofsky
from the Gift of Unity organization, visited a group of YCQ second graders to lead a hands on
activity teaching the students the importance of giving. On February 22, class 2-204 had a
shalach manot letter writing activity. The mishloach manot packages were distributed through
‘Project Lead’ an organization that distributes to those in need. The letters from the
students at YCQ will be given to Holocaust survivors for Purim. Rabbi Orlofsky shared
information with the children about Purim and the importance of helping the less fortunate;

followed by
students writing messages on
cards that they designed
themselves. Prior
to the visit, the
students were given a lesson
from their teacher on how to
properly write and address a
Special thanks to Mrs.
Michal Fuchs for organizing
this beautiful program.

JHS Chesed Day

On Tuesday, February 27 the JHS students participated in a chesed day in honor of Purim.
Grade 6 students decorated masks with residents of several local nursing homes; grade 7
girls worked at local food pantries; grade 7 boys ran Purim carnivals at Otsar and Bais Ezra;
class 8G1 decorated masks with children at HASC; 8G2 worked at Bobbie’s Place sorting
donated clothing; and the boys in grade 8 visited and made Purim masks at HASC. These
Chesed trips organized by Mrs. Ayelet Katz afford the students the opportunity to volunteer
and to learn how to be giving members of YCQ and all of klal Yisroel.

Sunday Morning Learning

This past Sunday, March 4, there was a special shiur during Parent-Child Learning by
guest speaker and author, Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland, Rebbe and Maggid Shiur at Yeshiva
Sh’or Yoshuv in Far Rockaway. He spoke to the students about the importance of being a
Jew and what it means to be a Jew. He kept the students attention by telling a variety of
funny stories. One of the favorites was when Rabbi Kurland told them that one day he
found a box of eggs in a duct taped box. When he asked his wife about it, she said it was
one egg for each bad speech. The most important lesson that he taught though was that
if we are responsible Jews and follow and trust in Hashem,
He will always give us more than we need.

YCQ Wildcats Hockey is Heading to the Championships

The YCQ hockey team beat Har Torah in the semi-finals, 7-3. Refael Gemal and Aiden
Weiss were the teams goalies. Goals were scored by Ari Schick, Eric Stiefel, Sam
Korman, Andrew Haller and Eli Weiss. The boys went in to the semi-finals with a 10-0
record and will be heading into the championship game against HALB, with an
impressive 11 wins, 0 losses. YCQ will be supporting the team with a pep rally on
Monday. Please join us for the championship game on Thursday, March 15 at HAFTR
at 7:30 .



March 11, 2018

24 Adar, 5778

9 AM - 11 AM
11-11:30 3-on-3 Boys
Basketball and Girls Zumba



Rabbi Pearl,
JHS Rebbe


“Hashavat Aveida, finding what
is really missing.”

Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday, March 12, 2018

Class Time Sign In Location & Conference
Nursery & Kindergarten 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom

1-203 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
(Mrs. Blass, Morah Leah)

2-204, 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
2-206, 2-207 (Morah Reut, Mrs. 5:30-9:30 Classroom
5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
Chubak) 6:00-9:00 Sign in Online Lunchroom

3-210, 3-212 No Sign In
(Morah Etty, Ms. Laffer ) First come first serve

5-300, 5-301
(Fried, Rohr, Hoffman,

Rosenblum )
JHS Boys

Parent Teacher Conferences, Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Class Time Sign In Location of Conference
5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
1-200, 1-201,
1-202 (Mrs. Blass, Morah Leah)

2-205 (Mrs. Chubak, 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
Morah Reut) 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
3-211 (Ms. Laffer, Morah Etty)

Fourth Grade

5-302, 5-303 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
(Finkelstein, Rohr, Fried, Lunchroom
6:00-9:00 No Sign In
Orlanski, Hoffman) First Come First Serve

JHS Girls






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