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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-29 13:50:30

VIEW 17, Vol. 13

VIEW 17, Vol. 13

VOLUME 13 NUMBER 17 FEBRUARY 13, 2015 24 SHEVAT 5775

UPCOMING Parshat Mishpatim/Parshat Shekalim
By: Rabbi Landsman

Candle Lighting: The mitzvah of Shabbat is repeated many times throughout the Torah. The reasons usually associated
5:09 with Shabbat are straightforward: Shabbat is a zecher l'ma'aseh Beraishit, and a zecher l'yetziat Mitzrayim.
It serves as a sign of the unique relationship between HaShem and the Jewish people. Shabbat appears to
Havdallah: 6:11 be a classic example of a mitzvah which is bein adam lamakom.
In Parshat Mishpatim, the Torah presents Shabbat in an entirely different light. Its appearance in the con-
Mon. February 16 text of Parshat Mishpatim, which is devoted primarily to mitzvot bein adam lachaveiro, indicates that there
President’s Day is an additional dimension to Shabbat. Rabbi Tzvi Sobolofsky , Rosh Yeshiva , Yeshiva University ex-
No Sessions plains that the reason given for Shabbat in Parshat Mishpatim appears to be very different from those to
which we are accustomed. Shabbat is given to us so that all members of society can rest; even servants are
Wed. February 18 to be given a day of rest. "Vayinafash ben amatcha v'hageir" is also a critical component of Shabbat. Even
Western animals are to be given a day off.
This dual aspect of Shabbat, as a day to enhance our relationship with HaShem and a time to ease the pres-
Hemis”fair” sure on the downtrodden members of our community, is also true of a mitzvah similar to Shabbat which
5th Grade also appears in Parshat Mishpatim. The mitzvah of shemitah is referred to in Parshat Behar as a "Shabbat
leHaShem " a year dedicated to HaShem. Yet in Parshat Mishpatim the social aspect of shemitah is em-
Thurs. February 19 phasized. It is a year in which the poor have free access to all fruit. Whatever remains can be eaten by the
Western animals. Similar to Shabbat, shemitah serves as a Shabbat leHaShem and a time for social equality.
This theme of Shabbat being a time to dedicate ourselves to helping all members of society is repeated
Hemis”fair” several times in Yishayahu. The haftorah read on a taanit tsibbur beseeches us, "Shamru mishpat veasu
5th Grade tzedakah," act justly and perform acts of charity. Immediately following this calling to assist our fellow
man, the navi speaks of the significance of being the shommer Shabbat and the machzik bebrit of HaShem.
Fri. February 20- A similar connection between improving our ben adam lechavero behavior and enhancing our shemirat
Shabbat Feb. 21 Shabbat is found on the haftorah we read on the morning of Yom Kippur. After reprimanding the Jewish
people for not caring properly for the poor and the oppressed, Yishayahu concludes by extolling the proper
JHS Girls observance of Shabbat. It is the combination of helping the downtrodden and sanctifying the Shabbat that
Shabbaton will win us favor in the eyes of HaShem.

Sun. February 22
5th-8th Parent
Child Learning

YCQ Family News What is it about Shabbat that is so directly connected to tzedakah and mishpat? How does a mitzvah which

Mazel Tov Margalit appears to be only bein adam lemakom impact upon our observance of mitzvot bein adam lechaveiro? How
Levine (School nurse) does Shabbat sensitize us to the necessity of caring for our fellow man, particularly those who are op-

on the birth of a baby pressed and downtrodden?
girl! Rabbi Sobolofsky explains that in every society it appears that there are distinctions between its members.

Mazel Tov to Eitan Zar There are the fortunate, seemingly blessed members, and the less fortunate ones who are constantly strug-
and Dylan Saltzman gling. Those who succeed tend to view their success as stemming from their own abilities. Those who are
on there Bar Mitzvah! not as blessed are viewed with disdain and not as equals. This sense of inequality can lead to the taking

Condolences to Mrs. advantage of the less fortunate members of society. The message of Shabbat is the remedy to this miscon-
Margorie Wein on the
loss of her mother. ception. One who truly accepts his role in the world as a creature rather than a creator can never succumb
to this error. Our equality with our fellow man derives from HaShem. In the eyes of HaShem there are no
Shiva will be observed
at 137-47 76th Avenue distinctions between the different segments of society. It is the Shabbat which instills in us the fundamen-
in Kew Gardens Hills, tal truth of HaShem that enables us to view each individual properly. It is the Shabbat and shemitah that

11367 until Tuesday call out a simultaneous message to remember HaShem and let your servants and even your animals breath
morning, February
17th. Phone number easier. Honor the Shabbat and care for your fellow men who are your equals in the eyes of HaShem.
Have a good Shabbat!

Condolences to Mrs. Attention YCQ Parents:
Andrea Muller (JHS
Language Arts) on the Kindergarten registration for the 2015-2016 School year is now Complete !
loss of her mother. interviews are currently being set up for the 2015-2016 waiting list!
Shiva will be observed
in Florida. Mrs. Muller Our Nursery classes Are quickly filling up! There are a few spots left, don’t miss out!
can be reached at Please be in touch with Morah Sharon Korn ext 313 or Hadas Goodrich ext 310 for an

917-576-0906. appointment !

Once Upon A Treetop

On Wednesday morning the nursery loaded big yellow school buses, and took a trip to Once
Upon A Treetop! Once Upon a Treetop is an interactive city designed for imaginations! The
students experienced different play environments such as a fire house, a classroom, and a
restaurant. This trip is in conjunction with our unit on community helpers.


On Monday, February 16th Chinese people throughout the world will begin celebrating their New Year.
They will usher in The Year of the Sheep. As YCQ’s fourth graders learned when they read a wonderful
book by Bette Bao Lord, 1947 was The Year of the Boar. It was also the year that Jackie Robinson became
the first African-American to play major league baseball. On February 11th, the students traveled to
Queensborough Community College where they saw an inspirational show about Jackie Robinson and his
struggle for equality. They learned that it was no accident that Jackie was chosen to break the color bar-
rier. Branch Rikey, the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, had decided to add a black person to the team,
and he knew that the person he chose had to be special. Jackie Robinson was strong enough to stand up to
the teammates who ridiculed him, the pitchers who deliberately threw at him, and the fans who threat-
ened him. He was a fabulous athlete and, more importantly, he was brave enough to turn the other cheek.
The boys and girls learned about Jackie’s struggle to gain acceptance, and the tremendous obstacles he
overcame on his way to changing the face of our nation and our national pastime, baseball. They saw that
one person can make a difference, and that everyone should be treated with kindness and respect.

Sunday Morning Learning with Rabbi Kramer

The topic of this past week’s Sunday morning Parent-Child Learning was “The Yetzeer
Harah”. After Tefilah and breakfast, the source booklet was distributed and the ruach of a Beit
Midrash could be felt as the parents and children learned from it together. Rabbi Kramer then
led a follow up discussion in which the lesson that learning Torah is the way to fight the Yeter
Harah was brought out. The morning finished off with a raffle and 3 on 3 basketball. All
walked away feeling that it was a fun and inspiring Sunday Morning.

Annual Dance Festival

On Wednesday, the seventh grade girls returned from Magen David Yeshiva, after having rocked and
wowed the audience with their dance performance at this years annual Yeshiva Dance Festival. With
the theme "Yachad" our girls joined with six other participating yeshivot celebrating Yachad through
dance and by giving tzedakah to Achikim, an Israeli organization that guides at-risk teenagers and
assists them in getting their lives back in order through customized programs designed for them.
They then enjoyed a fun 'getting to know you' activity followed by lunch. Thanks Mrs. Tzerel
Goldschmiedt for coordinating and teaching the girls, and to Morah Beer and Morah Maxine for
accompanying them.

Varsity Basketball Wins in the Final Second!

By: Hillel Golubtchik and Oren Betesh
On Wednesday, February 11th the YCQ Varsity Basketball Team pulled of a 39-37 win
against North Shore. The game was going back and forth the whole game; nobody was
getting a big lead. Everybody was playing hard when they were in the game and the
bench was supporting the team as well. With 4 seconds to go the game was tied and on
the line. Ethan Aaron
inbounded the ball to Noah
Goldstein who dribbled up the
court and hit the game winning
buzzer beater shot to win the
game! The Varsity team is now
4-3 with a tight schedule
coming up to the playoffs.
Hopefully Evan Daniel and his
team will pick up their intensity
and make it to the playoffs to
have a shot and going even

The Kindergarten Goes to the Theater!

The kindergarten went to the see Skippyjon Jones at Queens College this past week! Skippy-
jon Jones wants to be the best Chihuahua ever. The only problem: he’s actually a Siamese
cat! Before you can say “holy guacamole,” Skippyjon’s wild imagination transforms him into
El Skippito Friskito, the greatest canine sword fighter in Mexico. A new musical based on the
book by Judy Schachner. The students had an amazing time!

With great pleasure we would like to present our
Honorees for the

74th Anniversary Scholarship Dinner of

Yeshiva of Central Queens

Guests of Honor
Dr. Joel and Marjorie Wein

Educator Award
Mrs. Esther Ben Habib

Keter Shem Tov Award
Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary Reunion
of the Class of 1975


Sunday, April 19, 2015,
Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5775, at
The Sands of Atlantic Beach,


Parent Teacher Conferences, Tuesday, March 3, 2015 

Class  Time  Sign In  Loca on of Conference  
1‐200, 1‐201,   5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

1‐202  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
2‐206 (Chubak, Berkowitz) 

3‐209, 3‐210,   5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

3‐211 (Halpern, Borochoff) 

5‐302, 5‐303  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

(Fried, Orlanski, Finkelstein, 

JHS Girls  6:00‐9:00  No Sign In   Lunchroom 

First come first serve 

Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday, March 9, 2015 

Class  Time  Sign In  Loca on & Conference 
N‐109 & N‐208  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

K‐100, K‐101  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

K‐102, K‐105       
  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

2‐204, 2‐205, 2‐207  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
(Chubak, Berkowitz)  6:00‐9:00  Lunchroom 
No Sign In  
3‐212   First come first serve 

(Halpern, Borochoff) 

Fourth Grade 

5‐300, 5‐301 
(Fried, Rohr,  Hoffman, Kahn ) 

JHS Boys 

147-37 70th Road • Flushing, NY 11367 • 718-793-8500


Dear Nursery ‐ 5th Grade Parents: 


As Parent Teacher Conferences are approaching, we would like to extend an invita on for you to u lize the conference op on on 
ParentLocker. ParentLocker allows you to select the  me slots and create your schedule prior to arriving at school on Parent  
Teacher night. The scheduling system is first come/first serve, so the earlier you sign up, the more availability there will be for   
appointments, and the more likely you will be able to customize a convenient schedule for yourself.  


Before beginning the process please check the following schedule of conference dates and  mes in order to know when the    
teachers you would like to see will be available: 

Please Note: Fourth grade parents should not sign up for a Math Conference. Rather it should be done via phone or e‐mail. 

Date  Grades  Times  Slot length 

Tuesday,  1‐200, 1‐201, 1‐202, 2‐206, 3‐209, 3‐ 5:30pm to  10 Minutes per appointment 
210, 3‐211,  
March 3, 2015  9:30pm  5th Grade 5 Minutes per appointment 
5‐302, 5‐303     


Monday,  Nursery, Kindergarten, 1‐203, 2‐204,        5:30pm to  10 Minutes per appointment 
March 9, 2015 
2‐205, 2‐207, 3‐212, Fourth Grade,   9:30pm  5th Grade 5 Minutes per appointment 

5‐300, 5‐301    


 The online registraƟon system will only be open for registraƟon beginning at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, February 11th unƟl

February 25 at 11:00 AM .

Please remember that the system is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE and registra on should be completed as early as 
possible to help ensure the most convenient schedule possible for you.  

For Parents without access to a computer or internet connec on, Hadas or Liron (contact info below) will be   
available by email or phone to assist in the registra on process. Those parents who use this method will be      
provided with a printed schedule that can be picked up from Hadas in Rabbi Landsman’s office. 

If you have any ques ons or comments at any point in the process, please contact Hadas at (718) 793‐8500 Ext. 
310  [email protected] or Liron at Ext. 330 [email protected].

Thank you, 

The Yeshiva of Central Queens 

Pesach Chocolate Sale

Is Here

Orders are due Wednesday March 4th

If your child has not brought home an order form
please contact the PA at [email protected]

Questions? Call
Judy Rosenblatt (516) 732-0730

PA Purim Mishloach Manot Program

Dear Parents,

We invite you to participate in the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot and Matanot L’Evyonim
through our annual Purim Program.

A scroll listing your child’s name will be included with every Mishloach Manot distributed to
each one of the YCQ teachers and staff members, including all specialty teachers and staff.

This year’s Mishloach Manot packages have been purchased from Keren Aniyim. For over 25
years Keren Aniyim has supported hundreds of needy families in the New York area through
their fundraising efforts.

Although your children will not have to bring individual bags to present to their teachers,
they will still be fulfilling this very important mitzvah. This and other fundraising efforts help
sponsor the Purim Carnival and other activities that the Parents Association undertakes to
enhance our children’s experience at YCQ.

PLEASE help us make this a success by completing the form below and sending it in with
your child to the school’s Business Office by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2015 or paying online
via PayPal at the following link:

Thank you,

Any forms/payments submitted after the deadline will be included in an addendum.

Questions? Please contact Aviva Adler at 917-545-9860 or email [email protected].


YCQ PARENTS: Please make all checks payable to YCQ PA $10.00 per child / $30.00 cap per
family of four or more children
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________
Name of Student: _______________ Grade/Class: ___________________

***YCQ TEACHERS & STAFF ONLY - You may also participate and have your name on the
scroll, please submit $7.00 and fill in your information below.
Staff Member Name: ________________________ CASH _____ CHECK ______ or online via
above PayPal link.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 2 4 6
6g Halacha 3 5
8 Math (Sider) 6 Math (Goldstein)
8g Navi 8 Algebra

89 10 11 12 13
7 Math (Sider) 6B Chumash
6 Science Test
7G2 Mishna 7B1 Bar Mitzvah
8G Chumash Workshop Test
8 Math (Cigan)

15 16 17 18 19 20

Presidents' Day  8B Gemara 7G Halacha  7B Gemara (Bernstein)

8 Science 6/7 Math (Cigan/Walz/

No School Lowinger) 7G Chumash

7B2 Bar Mitzvah 

Workshop 8 Algebra

22 23 24 25 26 27

No Girls Test 6B Navi 6 Social Studies 7 Science 8B2 Halacha

7 Social Studies 7G Ivrit 8G Ivrit JHS ELA Mid‐term

8 Social Studies 8G Halacha 6G Navi 

7 Math (Sider)

Save the

The next meeting of the
YCQ Parents Association

will i”yh take place
this coming Tuesday evening

February 17, 2015
8:30 pm

in the YCQ library

Guest administrator:
Rabbi Moshe Hamel
JHS Assistant Principal,

Judaic Studies

Once Upon A Treetop!

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