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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2017-12-28 13:28:31

View 13, Vol. 16

View 13, Vol. 16

VOLUME 16 NUMBER 13 DECEMBER 29, 2017 11 TEVET 5778

UPCOMING Parshat Vayechi By: Rabbi Landsman

Candle Lighting: 4:18 The book of Bereshit comes to its conclusion in this week’s parsha. The

Havdallah: 5:23 story of the creation of the Jewish people through the development of one family

Monday, Jan. 1 over a number of generations and by the perseverance of the great personalities of

No Sessions our patriarchs and matriarchs is now complete.

Sunday, Jan. 7 This raises the question originally posed in Rashi’s commentary to the very

Siddur Presentations beginning of the book of Bereshit which is why does the Torah, which appears to

Tues.-Wed. be basically a book of laws and commandments, bother with all of this detailed

Jan. 9-10 description of creation and continued familial based narrative? Why is this

Fifth Grade Trip to seemingly anecdotal knowledge of the lives of our ancestors so necessary to be

Greenkill included in the eternal Torah and how does it register in the survival of the Jewish

Sunday, Jan. 7 people throughout the ages?

Siddur Presentations In response to this question of relevance, the rabbis taught us that the

Monday, Jan. 15 events that occurred to our ancestors are indeed the harbingers of happenings that
Martin Luther King will occur to their descendants. Many times though it is difficult for later generations
to make this connection, except in the most general way of experiencing historic
Jr. Day repetitions of circumstances.
No Bus Service
The book of Bereshit, which comprises a substantial part of the entire written
3:30PM Dismissal N-8
Torah, contains within it almost no commandments and is basically a book of
Tuesday, Jan. 16 narrative tracing the development of one family eventually seventy in number and
PTO Meeting of the difficulties that this family encountered over generations. So what therefore is
8:30PM its main message to us living in a far different world, millennia later?

Thur. Jan. 18 - Sunday Rabbi Wein explains that the message of Bereshit is the obvious one of
Jan. 28 family and its importance. The Torah purposely and in minute detail describes for
us how difficult it truly is to create and maintain a cohesive family structure. Every
Winter Vacation No one of the generations described in Bereshit from Kayin and Hevel till Yosef and his

Monday, Jan. 29 brothers is engaged in the difficult and often heartbreaking task of family building.
Sessions Resume
Rabbi Wein teaches us that there are no smooth and trouble free familial
Lice Check
relationships described in the book of Bereshit. Sibling rivalry, violence, different
Wed., Jan. 31
traits of personality, and marital and domestic strife are the stuff of the biblical
Shuk Tu B’Shevat narrative of this book. The Torah does not sanitize any of its stories nor does it
Sunday, Feb. 4 avoid confronting the foibles and errors of human beings.
UPK In Session
The greatest of our people, our patriarchs and matriarchs, encountered
5-8th Grade Parent severe difficulties in attempting to create cohesive, moral and cooperative families.
Child Learning
Program Yet they persevered in the attempt because without this strong sense of family
there can be no basis for eternal Jewish survival. There is tragic fall out in each of
9-11:30AM the families described in Bereshit and yet somehow the thread of family continuity

Fri.-Shab. Feb. 8-9 is maintained and strengthened until the family grows into a numerous and
8th Grade Yachad influential nation.
This perseverance of family building, in spite of all of the disappointments

inherent in that task, is the reason for the book of Bereshit. It is the template of the

YCQ Family News behavior of our ancestors that now remains as the guideposts for their
Mazel Tov to Shachar descendants. The task of family building remains the only sure method of ensuring
Koller on his Bar
Mitzvah! Jewish survival. Shabbat Shalom

Tenement Museum

Fourth graders toured the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Students
learned about the difficulties immigrants faced in this new country. They saw restored
apartments of families who lived in the tenement from the 1870's to the Great
Depression. They also learned about working in Sweatshops and figuring out how to
survive in this new land.

Eitan Katz at Sunday Morning Learning!

This past Sunday, YCQ had the honor and privilege of hearing or rather singing
with Eitan Katz, a world famous singer! He led the students and parents in a
beautiful and inspiring kumzitz! The students and parents greatly enjoyed. It was
all recorded and emailed earlier this week. A clip is in this week’s video if you
would like to relive the inspiration!

YCQ Hockey Team

By: Andrew Haller, Eric Stiefel, and Sam Korman

The YCQ hockey team has gotten off to a great start! This seasons record is already 6-0. YCQ
opened up the season with three games on the road in Brooklyn, playing the Barkai Blizzards,

YDE Falcons, and the Flatbush Falcons.
YCQ slipped by Barkai, by defeating
them by the score of 5-3. Next, YCQ took
on YDE and demolished them 11-1. YCQ
then made their trip to Flatbush victorious
by defeating the Flatbush Falcons 9-2.
YCQ then came home, to take on the
Magen David Warriors. YCQ came out
winning once again by the score of 6-3.
YCQ then made their last trip to Brooklyn
with confidence beating the Shaare Torah
Stars 13-1. YCQ made their long trip back
home, to take on the HANC Hurricanes.
After a hard fought battle YCQ came out
on top with a victory and a final score of
8-1. Come and cheer on your YCQ
Wildcats this coming Motzai Shabbat, as
they take on the undefeated HALB Lions
8:00 @YCQ!!! The remaining YCQ
hockey team schedule is as follows: YCQ
@ HAFTR on 1/3/18 at 7:15. YCQ vs Har
Torah @YCQ 1/11/18 at 7:15. YCQ vs
North Shore @YCQ on 2/4/18 at 1:00.



‫ר‘ יוסף בן אליעזר ע"ה‬





ASHIRA (‘08), ALIZA (‘13) AND LEORA(‘14)


Eitan Katz!

The Tenement Museum

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