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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2017-04-20 22:36:15

View 25, Vol. 15

View 25, Vol. 15

VOLUME 15 NUMBER 25 APRIL 21, 2017 25 25 NISAN 5777

UPCOMING Parshat Shmini By: Rabbi Landsman

Candle Lighting:

Havdallah: 8:24

Monday, April 24
Special Programs

Yom HaShoah

Tuesday, April 25
PTO Meeting 8:30

April 26-27
Rosh Chodesh

Monday, May 1st
Yom HaZikaron
Special Programs

Tuesday, May 2
Yom Ha’atzmaut
Special Programs

YCQ Family News

Mazel Tov to Mr.
Yehudah Sommer on

his engagement!

Mazel Tov to Morah
Osnat Fried and to
Morah Hadas Fried on
the Bar Mitzvah of

Avi (7B-2)!

Mavel Tov to
Mrs. Natalie Kovan
(Assistant Teacher

2-204) on the
Bar Mitzvah of her
son Daniel (7B-2)!

Mazel Tov to Morah
Zahava Stemp on the

birth of a girl!

Mazel Tov to
Michael Levy on
his Bar Mitzvah!

Mazel Tov to Yael
Itzchakov on her Bat


YCQ Elementary School Students Model Seder

Our 1st graders enjoyed a beautiful model seder. Rabbi Landsman led the seder as the
students enjoyed asking, finding, dipping, eating, leaning, and singing. Fortunately for the
students Rabbi Ribalt could not find the afikomen and he therefore gave them an ice cream
treat as a reward for their super hiding skills. We hope your sedarim at home were as much
fun as ours were at school.

Pre-School Model SedARIM

The preschool students participated in their annual model sedarim. The kindergarten had
their seder in the lunchroom and the nursery had their seder in the shul where they enjoyed
going through all the rituals of the seder. Under the direction and musical accompaniment
from Morah Karen Daitchman their music teacher, the children sang the Ma Nishtana and
other Pesach songs. They listened to the story of the exodus from Mitzrayim and hid the
afikomen. They were eager to answer questions and show off all they have learned about
the holiday of Pesach. They couldn’t wait to attend their own seder and show all the
knowledge they have gained in yeshiva.

Grade Six Participates in E-Waste Collection

The 6th graders sprung into action spreading the news about the importance of disposing of
electronic/poisonous waste properly. The students designed and hung posters, wrote speeches,
and created PowerPoint presentations to show how improper disposal of electronic waste can
poison the environment. The YCQ E-Waste collection program was a huge success. Thank
you to Mrs. Andrea Muller for coordinating this special event.

Queens College Makes Books Come Alive

The 1st and 2nd grade classes visited Queens College to enjoy a live performance depicting
several children’s books, including Teacher from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler and
Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes. The students were thrilled to see some of their
favorite characters come to life on stage. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful show. Special
thanks to all of the teachers and parent chaperones who accompanied the students on this
enjoyable trip. As well as, Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Friedman who helped organize this
wonderful learning experience.

Kindergarten Visits Junie B. Jones

The kindergarten students went to a live performance of Junie B.
Jones. They followed the adventures of Junie as she started first grade and
had to learn to read and make new friends. It was a subject the children could
really relate to. Both the music and the comedy in this performance made
it most enjoyable. The author, Barbara Park keeps her students laughing and
enthralled through the creativeness of her characters.

Yachad Shabbaton

Students in the 8th grade had the privilege of hosting Yachad kids and advisors for
Shabbat at YCQ for the annual YCQ/Yachad Shabbaton. The Shabbat included
inspirational tefilot, meaningful divrei Torah, delicious Shabbat food, and incredible
zemirot and ruach. Each and every participant had an amazing time. It was a
tremendous honor spending Shabbat together with friends, new and old, from Yachad,
and we look forward to continuing our friendships for many years to come.

Eighth Grade Visit Author Irving Roth

The grade 8 students had the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Resource Center of
Temple Judea, in Manhasset to meet with Survivor, Irving Roth, the author of Bondi’s
Brother, a memoir about his experiences in the Holocaust, which the students had read
in class. He is a survivor of Auschwitz and Buchenwald Concentration Camps and the
Death Marches that preceded the end of the War. On April 11, 1945 Mr. Roth was
liberated and in 1947 he immigrated to the United States. He has documented his
experience through art, writing, lectures and teaching. This experience and others like it
are so vital to keep the teachings of the atrocities that took place during the Holocaust
alive so that we never forget.

The JHS Enrichment students were privileged to experience a living memorial to all
the victims of the Holocaust. The museum’s focus is on the perspectives of the
observant Jewish community. The experience allowed the students to make a
connection to the travesties of the Holocaust through understanding the role of faith
and identity during the annihilation of European Jewry. Hakarot Hatov to Rabbi

Rothberger for bringing this important trip to fruition.

YCQ Junior High School League Awards

MVP Best Offensive Best Defensive Sportsmanship Most Improved
8B1 Natanel Abramov Matthew Nektalov Benjamin Kandorov Benjamin Abramov Yosef Levitt
Yehuda Gur-Arie Rafael Yushuvayev Eli Feder
Daniel Winchester Zachary Matatov Rafael Yushuvayev Yonatan Evgi Jonathan Sherman
8B2 Eitan Cohen David Nissani Yair Oxenhandler
Elad Biniaminy Sam Verstandig Avraham Hochster Ethan Davidson Yosef Dahan
7B1 Daniel Zar Yair Shalomoff
Lior Brintauch Jacob Zar Benjamin Ariav Nathaniel Mavashev David Borukhov
Jacob O' Connor Eli Canter Jonah Weinstein
7B2 Michael Levy Ravid Levy Gabriel Warshaw Leor Mullakandov Menashe Yeshuva
6B1 David Azulay Netanel Basalel Daniel Gol
Adam Aranbaiev Jacob Aranbaev Yosef Lubeck Yonatan Dahan Yoav Basalel
6B2 Eliran Elishayev Ariel Ariav Amit Kahlon
Elyashiv Shalom Israel Katayev Ilan Younatanov Daniel Babayev Mikhael Likhtsior

Shachar Koller Eitan Adler

Daniel Haim Emanuel Izrailov

Yaniv Oxenhandler Eldad Besalel

Yehoshua Marciano Yitzchak Nissani

Daniel Yushuvayev David Haim

Jacob Yakubov Joseph Yakubov

Hockey Zachary Feldman Elazar Orenbuch Mordechai Schmerler Moishe Rechester
8B1 Dovid Rosoff Yosef Flamenbaum Jeremy Haviv Natanel Luria Ariel Zaurov
Binyamin Peretz Joshua Shalamov Aaron Poulad Zachary Kleiman
Jeremy Goodman Ari Schick Noah Orlofsky Zachary Stein Dovid Kasnett
8B2 Eitan Hoschander Netanel Leitner Eric Stiefel Avi Fried Tzvi Bromberg
7B1 Chaim Simon Joshua Bellehsen Matan Avitzedek Avi Beylus Yitzchak Inoyatov
7B2 Sam Korman Abraham Nisanov Avi-Chayn Goldberg Azariah Greif Yosef Shedlo
6B1 Aaron Sisser
6B2 Meir Flamenbaum


8B1 Daniel Winchester Yosef Flamenbaum Zachary Feldman Eitan Reyhanian Jonathan Sherman
Eli Feder Zachary Matatov
Rafael Yushuvayev Yehuda Gur-Arie David Nisanov Etan Davidson Yosef Dahan
Aharon Reyhanian David Arshadni
8B2 Elad Biniaminy Ravid Levy Gabriel Warshaw Jeremy Varnai Nathaniel Itzhakov
Michael Nisanov Jared Roth
7B1 Ari Schick Zachary Stein Chaim Simon

7B2 Sam Korman Eli Weiss Andrew Haller

6B1 Avi Beylus Aaron Sisser Matan Avitzedek

Soccer Shlomo Schwartz Yoni Dan Dylan Roos Benjamin Fuzaylov
8B2 Tzvi Winokur Eric Stiefel Michael Kwitkin Eliya Alcoby Leor Mullakandov
7B2 Netanel Leitner David Azulay Yaniv Oxenhandler Daniel Gol Eldad Besalel
6B1 Netanel Basalel

Handball Dovid Zamft Azariah Grief
6B2 Avi-Chayn Goldberg Abraham Nisanov Ariel Cohen

Thank you to Mr. Gary Schwartzman, for organizing our League Program.


Holocaust Remembrance Day

“Life Under the Gathering Storm in
Pre-War Europe”

Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld

Rabbi Emeritus, Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills

Sunday, April 23, 2017 / 27 Nissan 5777
7:30 - 9:00 PM

at the

Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills

Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, YIKGH David Reich, President
Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg, Cong. Etz Chaim Rabbi Stuart Verstandig, Chairman

We are grateful to
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Hartstein and Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Weintraub

for their sponsorship of this program

Parnes Hayom



‫הרב יהודה ליב בן בן ציון פערל ע"ה‬
‫נעכה בת משה ע"ה‬


2017 rn¤ Igv¨ ,r©hp¦ x§ f"ryz

:rn¤ Igv¨ ,r©hp¦ x§ kg© UbU¨m¦ u§ uh,¨ Im§ n¦ C§ UbJ¨ S§e¦ rJ¤ t£ o¨kIgv¨ Q¤kn¤ Ubhe¥«kt¡ wv vT¨ t© QUrC¨

:rn¤ Ig¨k sj¨t¤ oIh oIHv© ixhb z"y Tues. eve. 4/11 1
:rn¤ Ig¨k ohn¦ ¨h hb¥J§ oIHv© ixhb z"h Wed. eve. 4/12 2
:rn¤ Ig¨k ohn¦ ¨h vJ¨ kJ§ oIHv© ixhb j"h Thur. eve. 4/13 3
:rn¤ Ig¨k ohn¦ ¨h vg¨C¨r§t© oIHv© ixhb y"h Fri. eve. 4/14 4
:rn¤ Ig¨k ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «n¦ j£ oIHv© ixhb wf Shab. eve. 4/15 5
:rn¤ Ig¨k ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «J¦ oIHv© ixhb t"f Sun. eve. 4/16 6
:rn¤ Ig¨k sj¨t¤ g©UcJ¨ ov¥ J¤ ohn¦ ¨h vg¨c§ J¦ oIHv© ixhb c"f Mon. eve. 4/17 7
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'sj¨t¤ oIhu§ sj¨t¤ g©UcJ¨ ov¥ J¤ ohn¦ ¨h v¨bInJ§ oIHv© ixhb d"f Tues. eve. 4/18 8
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h hb¥J§ U sj¨t¤ g©UcJ¨ ov¥ J¤ ohn¦ ¨h vg¨J§ T¦ oIHv© ixhb s"f Wed. eve. 4/19 9
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vJ¨ kJ§ U sj¨t¤ g©UcJ¨ ov¥ J¤ ohn¦ ¨h vr¨«a¨ £g oIHv© ixhb v"f Thurs. eve. 4/20 10
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vg¨C¨r§t© u§ sj¨t¤ g©UcJ¨ ov¥ J¤ oIh r«a¨ g¨ sj©t© oIHv© ixhb u"f Fri. eve. 4/21 11
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «n¦ j£u© sj¨t¤ g©UcJ¨ ov¥ J¤ oIh r«a¨ g¨ oh¥bJ§ oIHv© ixhb z"f Shab. eve. 4/22 12
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «J¦ u§ sj¨t¤ g©UcJ¨ ov¥ J¤ oIh r«a¨ g¨ vJ¨ kJ§ oIHv© ixhb j"f Sun. eve. 4/23 13
:rn¤ Ig¨k ',IgUcJ¨ hb¥J§ ov¥ J¤ oIh r«a¨ g¨ vg¨C¨r§t© oIHv© ixhb y"f Mon. eve. 4/24 14
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'sj¨t¤ oIhu§ ,IgUcJ¨ h¥bJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh r«a¨ g¨ vG¨ n¦ j£ oIHv© ixhb wk Tues. eve. 4/25 15
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h h¥bJ§ U ,IgUcJ¨ h¥bJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh r«a¨ g¨ vG¨ J¦ oIHv© rhht wt Wed. eve. 4/26 16
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vJ¨ kJ§ U ,IgUcJ¨ h¥bJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh r«a¨ g¨ vg¨c§ J¦ oIHv© rhht wc Thurs. eve. 4/27 17
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vg¨C¨r§t© u§ ,IgUcJ¨ h¥bJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh r«a¨ g¨ v¨bInJ§ oIHv© rhht wd Fri. eve. 4/28 18
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «n¦ j£u© ,IgUcJ¨ h¥bJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh r«a¨ g¨ vg¨J§ T¦ oIHv© rhht ws Shab. eve. 4/29 19
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «J¦ u§ ,IgUcJ¨ h¥bJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤ oIHv© rhht wv Sun. eve. 4/30 20
:rn¤ Ig¨k ',IgUcJ¨ vJ¨ kJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ sj¨t¤ oIHv© 21
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'sj¨t¤ oIhu§ ,IgUcJ¨ vJ¨ kJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ oh¦b©J§ oIHv© rhht wu Mon. eve. 5/1 22
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h hb¥J§ U ,IgUcJ¨ vJ¨ kJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ vJ¨ kJ§ oIHv© rhht wz Tues. eve. 5/2 23
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vJ¨ kJ§ U ,IgUcJ¨ vJ¨ kJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ vg¨C¨r§t© oIHv© rhht wj Wed. eve. 5/3 24
rhht wy Thurs. eve. 5/4

:v¨kx¤ in¥ t¨ /Ubhn¥¨hC§ vr¨v¥n§ C¦ Vn¨ Ien§ k¦ JS¨e§ N¦ v© ,hC¥ ,s©Ic£g Ub¨k rhz¦j£h© tUv in¨ j£r©v¨


2017 rn¤ Igv¨ ,r©hp¦ x§ f"ryz

:rn¤ Igv¨ ,r©hp¦ x§ kg© UbU¨m¦ u§ uh,¨ Im§ n¦ C§ UbJ¨ S§e¦ rJ¤ t£ o¨kIgv¨ Q¤kn¤ Ubhe¥«kt¡ wv vT¨ t© QUrC¨

:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vg¨C¨r§t© u§ ,IgUcJ¨ vJ¨ kJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ va¨ «n¦ j£ oIHv© rhht wh Fri. eve. 5/5 25
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «n¦ j£u© ,IgUcJ¨ vJ¨ kJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ va¨ «J¦ oIHv© rhht t"h Shab. eve. 5/6 26
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «J¦ u§ ,IgUcJ¨ vJ¨ kJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ vg¨c§ J¦ oIHv© rhht c"h Sun. eve. 5/7 27
:rn¤ Ig¨k ',IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ v¨bInJ§ oIHv© rhht d"h Mon. eve. 5/8 28
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'sj¨t¤ oIhu§ ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ vg¨J§ T¦ oIHv© rhht s"h Tues. eve. 5/9 29
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h hb¥J§ U ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ oIHv© rhht u"y Wed. eve. 5/10 30
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vJ¨ kJ§ U ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U sj¨t¤ oIHv© rhht z"y Thurs. eve. 5/11 31
rhht z"h Fri. eve. 5/12 32
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vg¨C¨r§t© u§ ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U oh¦b©J§ oIHv© rhht j"h Shab. eve. 5/13 33
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «n¦ j£u© ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U vJ¨ kJ§ oIHv© rhht y"h Sun. eve. 5/14
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «J¦ u§ ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U vg¨C¨r§t© oIHv© rhht wf Mon. eve. 5/15 34
rhht t"f Tues. eve. 5/16 35
:rn¤ Ig¨k ',IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U va¨ «n¦ j£ oIHv© rhht c"f Wed. eve. 5/17 36
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'sj¨t¤ oIhu§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U va¨ «J¦ oIHv© rhht d"f Thurs. eve. 5/18 37
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h h¥bJ§ U ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U vg¨c§ J¦ oIHv© rhht s"f Fri. eve. 5/19 38
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vJ¨ kJ§ U ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U v¨bInJ§ oIHv© rhht v"f Shab. eve. 5/20 39
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vg¨C¨r§t© u§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U vg¨J§ T¦ oIHv© rhht u"f Sun. eve. 5/21 40
rhht z"f Mon. eve. 5/22 41
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «n¦ j£u© ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© oIHv© rhht j"f Tues. eve. 5/23 42
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «J¦ u§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ sj¨t¤ oIHv© rhht y"f Wed. eve. 5/24 43
iuhx wt Thur. eve. 5/25 44
:rn¤ Ig¨k ',IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ oh¦b©J§ oIHv© iuhx wc Fri. eve. 5/26 45
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'sj¨t¤ oIhu§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ vJ¨ kJ§ oIHv© 46
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h hb¥J§ U ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ vg¨C¨r§t© oIHv© iuhx wd Shab. eve. 5/27 47
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vJ¨«kJ§ U ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ va¨ «n¦ j£ oIHv© iuhx ws Sun. eve. 5/28 48
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vg¨C¨r§t© u§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ va¨ «J¦ oIHv© iuhx wv Mon. eve. 5/29 49
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vG¨ n¦ j£u© ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ vg¨c§ J¦ oIHv©
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «J¦ u§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ v¨bInJ§ oIHv©

:rn¤ Ig¨k ',IgUcJ¨ vg¨c§ J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ vg¨J§ T¦ oIHv©

:v¨kx¤ in¥ t¨ /Ubhn¥¨hC§ vr¨v¥n§ C¦ Vn¨ Ien§ k¦ JS¨e§ N¦ v© ,hC¥ ,s©Ic£g Ub¨k rhz¦j£h© tUv in¨ j£r©v¨

ihhyakgebhp /s /h wr

Visit to Mr. Irving Roth
8th Grade Yachad Shabbaton

YCQ Getting Ready for Pesach

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