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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2017-05-19 10:26:27

View 29, Vol. 15

View 29, Vol. 15

VOLUME 15 NUMBER 29 MAY 19, 2017 23 IYAR 5777

UPCOMING Parshiot Behar/Bechukotai By: Rabbi Landsman


Candle Lighting:

Havdallah: 8:53

Wednesday, May 24
Yom Yerushalayim
Transition Night

Monday, May 29

Memorial Day
No Sessions

Tuesday, May 30 -
Thursday June 1

Shavuot NO Sessions

Friday, June 2

Sessions Resume

Sunday, June 4

Celebrate Israel Day

Grades 4-8

June 7-8

Washington Trip
8th Grade

Monday, June 12

8th Grade Finals


Grades 2, 4, 5

YCQ Family News

Mazel Tov to Morah
Beer on the birth of a


Mazel tov to Morah
Sharon on the Bat

Mitzvah of her

Mazel Tov to Mrs.
Rosensweig on the
birth of a baby boy!

Mazel Tov to Ashley
Landsberg on her Bat


Mazel Tov to Michael
Gersten, Josh

Friedman, Jacob
O’Conner and Yosef
Lubek on their Bar


JHS Color War

The JHS students spent Thursday, Friday of last week and Monday of this past week
showing school spirit and enjoying the games associated with color war. They played many
competitive games of football, dodgeball, kickball and many others. The students
participated in a Torah Bowl competition, divrei Torah, a grand finale banner, skit and
song. The JHS displayed great camaraderie throughout the color war competition.
Congratulations to the red team, for defeating the blue team. Thank you to Mrs. Katz for
all her hard work!

Kindergarten End of the Year Lag Ba’Omer Trip to Fort Totten Park

On Wednesday, the Kindergarten went on a trip to Fort Totten Park. They played in the
absolutely beautiful playground and went on a bug hunt. They were given books and
magnifiers to help them identify the insects. The Kindergarten students are now experts in
the field of bug hunting! They had a fantastic day! Thank you to the parents who
chaperoned and to all the Morot!

First Ever YCQ Soccer Teams

The first ever boys and girls YCQ
soccer teams have kicked off their
season in grand style. The girls team
have cruised through their first three
games easily defeating Northshore,
Flatbush and HALB. They are lead
by captain Daniella Noah who has
not had a difficult time putting the
ball through the net. The boys team
has also adjusted nicely to the soccer
league as they have won four of their
first five games. They have been lead
by Benji Abramov who is
overwhelming opposing defenses
with his incredible skill. We are
looking forward to continued success
on the soccer field!

Spring Band Concert

On May 11th, the YCQ band members under the direction of Mr. Hynes of Paul
Effman Music Services, gave a spring concert. Violinists, trumpets, xylophone, and
all the other instruments were really played beautifully! The performance was
amazing and the music was heard as it reverberated through the halls of YCQ.

Healthy and Wise

Our Healthy & Wise program has come to an end for this year. The first, second, and third graders read
the Cat in the Hat book “Oh, the Things You Can Do that are Good for You”. This book taught us the
importance of brushing our teeth twice a day, washing our hands to prevent the spreading of germs, and
the importance of sleeping 10-12 hours each night to reenergize ourselves for the next day. We learned
that these things are all part of the package to being healthy, along with eating foods from the different
colors of the rainbow and all five food groups, as well as exercising to keep our heart healthy, our muscles
strong, and our bodies growing. The nursery and
kindergarten students learned about the people who help
us to stay healthy,
including the
doctor, nurse,
dentist, coach,
grocery store clerk,
and dietitian. We
will see you all
bigger and stronger
next year!

Lag Ba’Omer Trip to the Park!

On Monday our 1st through 5th grade students participated in an activity filled Lag Ba’Omer day. In the morning they
participated in color war where the blue and white team competed in various races led by our Gym instructor Mr. Lahijani. In
the afternoon our students went on an outing to Cunningham Park where they engaged in a round robin of activities such as
bean bag toss, Freeze Dance/Zumba, “steal the ball”, and dodgeball. The students where then treated to ices to cool them off
after a fun filled day in the park. Thank you to Morah Naomi, Morah Shevi, Mrs. Jaffe, Mr. Benjamin and our administrators
for coordinating this wonderful event.


Celebrate Israel Parade

Sunday June 4, 2017
10 Sivan 5777

Mandatory attendance for all
students in grades 4-8
Schedule and location

information coming soon!!!!



• Please be aware that YCQ does not receive your child’s IEP/IESP
(Individualized Educational Plan) from the DOE/CSE.

• According to the CSE, the only way that we can get a copy is
parent generated.

• We recommend asking for a second copy at the meeting.
• As soon as you receive the IEP, please make a copy and send it

to school, attention Mrs. Deborah Bermish.

Why does YCQ need a copy of the IEP?
• All therapists will be aware of your child’s goals.
• YCQ will be aware of the services your child should receive.
• Teachers will be aware of the testing accommodations for the
Terra Nova tests, as well as classroom modifications.
• All IEP’s are confidential and kept in a locked file.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this urgent matter.

Mrs. Deborah Bermish
Director of Student Services



If your child receives SETSS (NYC Department of
Education Resource Room), speech and language,
occupational therapy, physical therapy, or counseling,
you will receive a “Parent Notice of Intent” letter in the
mail. If you would like to continue the services in
September, you must do the following:

1. Sign the letter, write in the school name, and write
that the school is in District 25.

2. Take a picture of the letter and save it on your
phone in case there are issues in September.

3. Mail it return receipt to the CSE address included
in the letter.

4. If you do not receive a letter by the middle of May,
please contact Fabiana Czemerinski via email:
[email protected] or at 718 281-3529



2017 rn¤ Igv¨ ,r©hp¦ x§ f"ryz

:rn¤ Igv¨ ,r©hp¦ x§ kg© UbU¨m¦ u§ uh,¨ Im§ n¦ C§ UbJ¨ S§e¦ rJ¤ t£ o¨kIgv¨ Q¤kn¤ Ubhe¥«kt¡ wv vT¨ t© QUrC¨

:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vg¨C¨r§t© u§ ,IgUcJ¨ vJ¨ kJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ va¨ «n¦ j£ oIHv© rhht wh Fri. eve. 5/5 25
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «n¦ j£u© ,IgUcJ¨ vJ¨ kJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ va¨ «J¦ oIHv© rhht t"h Shab. eve. 5/6 26
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «J¦ u§ ,IgUcJ¨ vJ¨ kJ§ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ vg¨c§ J¦ oIHv© rhht c"h Sun. eve. 5/7 27
:rn¤ Ig¨k ',IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ v¨bInJ§ oIHv© rhht d"h Mon. eve. 5/8 28
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'sj¨t¤ oIhu§ ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohr¦«a§ g¤u§ vg¨J§ T¦ oIHv© rhht s"h Tues. eve. 5/9 29
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h hb¥J§ U ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ oIHv© rhht u"y Wed. eve. 5/10 30
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vJ¨ kJ§ U ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U sj¨t¤ oIHv© rhht z"y Thurs. eve. 5/11 31
rhht z"h Fri. eve. 5/12 32
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vg¨C¨r§t© u§ ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U oh¦b©J§ oIHv© rhht j"h Shab. eve. 5/13 33
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «n¦ j£u© ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U vJ¨ kJ§ oIHv© rhht y"h Sun. eve. 5/14
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «J¦ u§ ,IgUcJ¨ vg¨C¨r§t© ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U vg¨C¨r§t© oIHv© rhht wf Mon. eve. 5/15 34
rhht t"f Tues. eve. 5/16 35
:rn¤ Ig¨k ',IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U va¨ «n¦ j£ oIHv© rhht c"f Wed. eve. 5/17 36
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'sj¨t¤ oIhu§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U va¨ «J¦ oIHv© rhht d"f Thurs. eve. 5/18 37
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h h¥bJ§ U ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U vg¨c§ J¦ oIHv© rhht s"f Fri. eve. 5/19 38
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vJ¨ kJ§ U ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U v¨bInJ§ oIHv© rhht v"f Shab. eve. 5/20 39
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vg¨C¨r§t© u§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohJ¦ kJ§ U vg¨J§ T¦ oIHv© rhht u"f Sun. eve. 5/21 40
rhht z"f Mon. eve. 5/22 41
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «n¦ j£u© ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© oIHv© rhht j"f Tues. eve. 5/23 42
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «J¦ u§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «n¦ j£ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ sj¨t¤ oIHv© rhht y"f Wed. eve. 5/24 43
iuhx wt Thur. eve. 5/25 44
:rn¤ Ig¨k ',IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ oh¦b©J§ oIHv© iuhx wc Fri. eve. 5/26 45
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'sj¨t¤ oIhu§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ vJ¨ kJ§ oIHv© 46
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h hb¥J§ U ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ vg¨C¨r§t© oIHv© iuhx wd Shab. eve. 5/27 47
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vJ¨«kJ§ U ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ va¨ «n¦ j£ oIHv© iuhx ws Sun. eve. 5/28 48
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vg¨C¨r§t© u§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ va¨ «J¦ oIHv© iuhx wv Mon. eve. 5/29 49
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h vG¨ n¦ j£u© ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ vg¨c§ J¦ oIHv©
:rn¤ Ig¨k 'ohn¦ ¨h va¨ «J¦ u§ ,IgUcJ¨ va¨ «J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ v¨bInJ§ oIHv©

:rn¤ Ig¨k ',IgUcJ¨ vg¨c§ J¦ ov¥ J¤ oIh ohg¦ C¨r§t© u§ vg¨J§ T¦ oIHv©

:v¨kx¤ in¥ t¨ /Ubhn¥¨hC§ vr¨v¥n§ C¦ Vn¨ Ien§ k¦ JS¨e§ N¦ v© ,hC¥ ,s©Ic£g Ub¨k rhz¦j£h© tUv in¨ j£r©v¨

ihhyakgebhp /s /h wr

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Class Placement Request Form

We hope this letter finds you well and that your children have had a meaningful academic
school year, one of intellectual growth, maturity and social development. As the school year
comes to a close, we will once again begin the important task of properly placing our children in
the most appropriate academic and social environment for the upcoming school year.

Our Yeshiva maintains a philosophy of grouping students in a heterogeneous setting. The
heterogeneous classroom is rich in diversity; academically, socially, culturally and

geographically. Studies have shown that heterogeneity cultivates a variety of skills that assist
our students in each stage of development. Children learn to adapt to new environments, build
social skills, and benefit from exposure to other learning styles.

We are fully aware of how important it is for children to feel a sense of familiarity and

belonging as they begin a new school year with new teachers and a more challenging

curriculum. As our Yeshiva is firmly committed to maintaining strong communication and a
partnership with families, we are asking you to suggest three names of students with whom
your child would feel comfortable in the classroom setting. Please make sure to complete a new
form for each of your children. We will guarantee at least one of those three students, but three
students MUST be listed in order for us to help you. This information will assist our teachers
and administrators as they work on creating the best possible atmosphere for each child. When
children sense that their parents, teachers and administrators are working closely together in a
sincere effort to best place them, the results are sure to be positive.

We recognize that children grow and develop from year to year. For this and other reasons, we
will reassess our groupings on an annual basis, with continued input and communication. It is
important to remember that when students meet new people and learn in new environments,
they are less likely to form inappropriate group dynamics and more likely to redefine their
individual roles maintaining their identity.

Please click on the link to access the class placement form
ClassPlacementForm to be completed no later than Friday, May 19. Feel free to include any
pertinent information that will assist us in the placement process. Should you be interested in
discussing your child’s class placement please feel free to make an appointment with Rabbi
Landsman, by contacting Hadas Fried at 718-793-8500 ext 310.
Thank you for your cooperation and your patience in this matter. We wish you a safe, happy
and healthy summer.


Yeshiva of Central Queens Administration

Kindergarten Lag Ba’Omer at YCQ!

Elementary Lag Ba’Omer at YCQ!

JHS Color War at YCQ!

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