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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-29 13:42:40

VIEW 14, Vol. 13

VIEW 14, Vol. 13

VOLUME 13 NUMBER 14 JANUARY 9, 2015 18 TEVET 5775

UPCOMING Parshat Shemot By: Rabbi Landsman

EVENTS There are four, seemingly distinct, areas in which Moshe excels. First, he is the

Candle Lighting: "anav mikol adam the humblest of men". Second, upon his death the Torah
4:27 testifies about him "v'lo kom navi od b'Yisroel k'Moshe no greater prophet
arose in Israel than Moshe". Next, Moshe is referred to throughout the
Havdallah: Tanach as the eved Hashem the servant of Hashem. Moshe's eved Hashem
5:29 status is expanded upon further when Hashem states, "lo kein avdi Moshe;
bechol bayti ne'eman hu my servant Moshe is different and is trusted
Sun. January 11

Siddur throughout my home." Lastly, to his people he is known as Moshe Rabbeinu
Presentations Moshe our teacher; he is the rebbe par excellence. Moshe's essence is
described as prophet, loyal servant of Hashem, teacher and yet forever
1-200-9:00 humble. Do these traits just happen to coincide to make up this great man, or

1-203-11:00 is there a common thread that unites these different aspects of Moshe's

Thur. - Sunday personality?
January 15 - 25 Rabbi Tzvi Sobolofsky, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva University explains that it is
the humility of Moshe that enables him to reach the great heights he attains
Winter Vacation in the other areas, for his ultimate greatness lies in his ability to not focus on
No Sessions himself. Notwithstanding his great talents and abilities, Moshe's humility is

Mon. January 26 an expression of his conviction that everything he has accomplished is
because Hashem has been assisting him. He sees himself as an eved Hashem,
Sessions Resume and just as a loyal servant doesn't focus on his own desires but strives to
Lice Check please his master, so too Moshe the anav is Moshe the eved.

Sun. February 1 The heights of prophecy and Torah knowledge reached by Moshe were a
5th—8th Parent direct result of his humility. Similarly, the days of Moshiach are described as
Child Learning a time when "ki mal'ah ha'aretz da'at et Hashem kamayim layam mechasim
Program Resumes the earth will be filled with the knowledge of Hashem as the water covers
the seas". Knowledge of Hashem is described using an analogy to water
Mon. - Tues. Feb. because water can only collect when a hole exists. So too, one must nullify
2-3 one's self to Hashem to receive His knowledge. Moshe who was the

Overnight greatest anav reached the highest level of prophecy and also reached the
Greenkill Trip highest level of Torah attainable by man.
This characteristic of not focusing on oneself not only shapes our relationship
5th Grade
with Hashem, but also molds our interactions with our fellow man. Moshe
Wed. February 4 models this selflessness in the area of interpersonal relations as well: Putting
Tu B’Shevat himself at risk, Moshe saves the life of a Jewish slave; rather than living the
life of a prince far away from the plight of his brethren, he negates his own
Shuk Tu B’Shevat

needs to care for others; Moshe refuses to let the daughters of Yitro suffer at

YCQ Family News the hands of shepherds who mistreat them, but rather intercedes to protect
these total strangers; Moshe hesitates to become the leader of the Jewish
Mazel Tov to people fearing it will offend his older brother; He will not begin his mission
Raymond Tawil on before receiving permission from Yitro to whom he owed a debt of
completing the entire gratitude. This selfless sensitivity to both relative and stranger is an

Sefer Tehillim! expression of the trait of humility that personified Moshe. Shabbat Shalom!

Kindergarten registration for the 2015-2016 School year is now Complete !

interviews are currently being set up for the 2015-2016 waiting list!
Our Nursery classes Are quickly filling up! There are a few spots left, don’t miss out!
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1-201 and 1-202 Siddur Play

This past Sunday, Morah Fendel and Morah Leah's kittot received their very first Siddur and
put on a beautiful performance! We are so proud of them! They worked very hard, singing their
songs, practicing their parts and rehearsing on stage. The play was executed to perfection and
the songs sounded amazing!! They then watched a slide show highlighting the children learning
and practicing for the play! Then, each student received an engraved siddur with his or her
name on it! Everyone then enjoyed cake and treats celebrating receiving their siddurim! Mazel
tov to all first graders!

Ari Ancselovics and Tzvi Zigelstein
Present to the Entire Fifth Grade!

This past week all the 5th graders were treated to a
very meaningful presentation. Tzvi Zigelstein and
Ari Ancselovics taught all about their special siblings
who were born special but different then the brothers
and sisters we may have. They taught us many
important lessons including: not bullying, being
sensitive to all people and to be appreciative for all
the abilities that Hashem has given us. The
presentation was enjoyed by all.

Congresswoman Grace Meng Visits YCQ!

Congresswoman Grace Meng of the 6th District in Queens, was sworn into her second term in
the House of Representatives for the 114th Congress on January 7. The day before however,
she was visiting YCQ. She joined in a lesson on the letter J with the Nursery and spent time
answering questions about what she does in congress for students in Mrs. Chubak, Mrs.
Halpern, Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Orlanski's classes. The students learned about the importance
of the Congresswoman's position and how she strongly supports the Jewish community.

We Are Getting Ready To Live In Israel! YCQ Learns About Shmita!

Live from Yerushalyim (via video conferencing), our 3rd & 5th Graders learned all about
keeping Shmita in Israel. Rabbi Joel Cohen, a noted educator, live from Yerushalayim,
explained some of the reasons and messages behind Shmita. The students watched how families
keep Shmita at home: how to care for their gardens, shop for vegetables, and throw away food
that has Kedushat Sheveet. The students also heard from farmers about the unique ways of
keeping Shmita. One of the highlights of the presentation was when Rabbi Cohen ate a tomato
that had Kedushat Sheveet.


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1-201 Siddur Play!

1-202 Siddur Plays!

Congresswomen Grace Meng
Visits YCQ!

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