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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-30 09:22:04

VIEW 30, Vol. 13

VIEW 30, Vol. 13

VOLUME 13 NUMBER 30 MAY 29, 2015 11 SIVAN 5775

UPCOMING Parshat Naso By: Rabbi Landsman
In this week's Parsha, Parshat Naso, we find an important lesson regarding a person's
Candlelighting: 7:59 approach to communal work. The Parsha begins by saying "Count Also (gam) the heads of
Havdalah: 9:01 the family of Gershom.” What does the pasuk mean when it says Also here?
We know that in the previous Parsha, Parshat Bamidbar, we had the command to count the
Wednesday, June 3 members of the family of Kehat. The descendants of Kehat had the job to carry the utensils
Grade 7 of the Mishkan. They carried the Menorah, the Shulchan, the Mizbeach, the Aron, and so
forth. Those vessels constituted the essence of the Divine Service in the Mishkan.
Philadelphia Trip What was left for the family of Gershom? They were like, l'havdil, the "second team." They
carried the boards, the curtains, and the other seemingly "less essential" items. The Torah
Thursday, June 4 is saying, by using the word Also here, as follows: Lest we think that only the people
Literacy/Writing charged with carrying the important items, are themselves important; lest we think that
only for them is it appropriate to use the terminology "Naso et Rosh" (literally 'lift their
Festival heads' or 'elevate') in reference to counting them, the Torah tells us otherwise. The Torah
Grades 1, 3 says, "Elevate Also the family of Gershom." Don't make the mistake of thinking of them as
mere porters. Do not think that they are any less important because of their apparently
Monday, June 8 more menial task.
Grade 6 Chagigat This is a great lesson in community service. The Torah tells us that in Hashem’s opinion,
what counts is that the job gets done. For the job to get done it requires a team effort.
B’not Mitzva According to Hashem the person who sets up the chairs is no less significant than the
person who gets to present the plaque at a Tzedaka event. As far as hashem is concerned,
Tuesday, June 9 it was the same Mitzvah whether one was carrying the Aron of the Mishkan or the wood
PA Meeting 8:30 boards of the Mishkan. The Torah makes that point by stressing here: “elevate Also the
heads of the children of Gershom”.
Wednesday, June 10 Rabbi Frand compares this to what we find with regard to the tribes of Yissachor and
Literacy/Writing Zevulun. We see there, that those who help financially are mentioned ahead of those who
Festival sit and learn ("Rejoice Zevulun in your going out and Yissachor in your tents" [Devarim
Grades 2, 4, and 5 33:18]) because Hashem knows that in order for there to be Torah in the Jewish People
there have to be both Learners of Torah and Supporters of Torah. The Torah teaches us
Monday, June 15 that they are equally important. So too here, the family of Gershom are just as important as
Senior Awards the family of Kehat in the carrying out of their Mishkan related duties and responsibilities.
Whether it is a glamorous job or a seemingly menial job, whether it gets honor in this world
YCQ Family News or not, when a person does something for the community, it is always equally important in
Hashem's eyes.
Mazel Tov to
Oren Betesh Shabbat Shalom
on his Bar Mitzvah!
Writing/Literacy Festival Schedule
Mazel Tov to
Josh Phillips on his Thursday, June 4: Grades 1, 3

Bar Mitzvah ! 6:00: 1-200, 1-201, 1-202. 3-212
6:45: 1-203, 3-209, 3-210, 3-211

Wednesday, June 10: Grades 2, 4, 5

6:00: 2-204, 2-205, 2-207
6:45: 2-206, 4-304, 4-305, 4-306, 4-307
6:00-7:15 5-300, 5-301, 5-302, 5-303

Limited Parking Available in the Yard

Chess Club 
This  year’s  Tri‐State  Chess  Program  has  been  such  a  success!  Students  in  grades  1‐4  meet 
with their coaches once a week to par cipate in a program that includes lessons and    
prac cal play. Chess is a great ac vity that helps the children calculate, create combina ons, 
and develop their crea vity skills as well as pa ence, focus, and concentra on. It also helps 
in achieving in mathema cs and science. Looking forward to seeing some old and new faces 
for next year’s chess club! Have a great summer! 

Cheesecakes for Shavuot!
Class 1-201 had a blast on May 21 preparing for Shavuot. Students worked in
groups to make yummy, delicious cheesecakes. Each student even got to make
their own mini cheesecake! Morah Fendel’s students decorated their yummy
desserts with different fruits, sprinkles, and cookies. Thank you to Morah
Rena and the parent volunteers for making this activity so successful and fun!

The Library Goes Green!

On Wednesday, May 27, Reba Linker, Author of The Compost Heroes: A (Mostly) True
Fable for Modern Times, presented a show-and-tell lesson about the topic of composting to
the second grade students. Mrs. Linker introduced her slimy “friends”, live worms that are
directly involved in helping new plants begin to grow. She also showed the children a
plethora of items found in her own indoor compost bin, helping them differentiate between
the “greens” (wet things like carrot peels) and the “browns” (dry things like laundry lint).
The author’s animated interest and knowledge of this overlooked, yet crucial subject,
intrigued the students, who can now take an active part in helping preserve our precious

Grade 7 Bar Mitzvah Workshop
This past week, the annual Bar Mitzvah Workshop took place. The seventh graders, visited Rabbi
Pinchus’ factory where t’fillin are made. The boys also had a chance to see t’fillin, mezuzot, and
sifrei Torah be repaired. What made this trip more special this year, is that a mitzvah was
involved. The boys helped purchase t’fillin for a young man in Israel named Nuri, whose family was
unable to afford them. The seventh graders worked hard raising money this past month in order
for Nuri to be able to own his own pair of t’fillin. At the factory, students got to help put
together the t’fillin that they purchased. Thank you to Rabbi Bernstein for organizing an
extremely and memorable experience.


Celebrate Israel Parade

Sunday May 31, 2015

13 Sivan 5775

Assembly Time 11:15 AM

Location: 55th St. Between 5th Ave. and 6th Ave.

9:30 AM Register and board assigned buses
10:00 AM Buses depart YCQ for Parade
11:15 AM Assemble at 55th St. between. 5th Ave. & 6th Ave.
along with those not traveling by bus from school
1:45 PM Estimated return time of arrival at school.

Reminder: All students must be wearing this years YCQ Parade T-
shirt in order to participate!

We are so excited to inform you that the celebrate Israel Parade Committee has selected our
Yeshiva, YCQ to march amongst the first contingency in this year’s parade up 5th Ave.

We have been chosen as a direct result of our consistent excellence in both our artistic
presentation as well as our organized marching formation!!!

We are scheduled to step off at 11:15am

Please meet in the YCQ yard at 9:30am.

Buses departing at 10:00am

Please keep in mind the following:

1. If you have not already submitted your parade form, please do so by TODAY!!

RADE ROUTE! Keep in mind, that we have been informed by the parade committee
that last year we were chosen as the best school presentation, but the honor was taken
away from us as a result of strollers on our parade route at a loss of an approximate
$1000 gift to our yeshiva!

3. Please wear this year’s Parade t-shirt to the Parade. Girls must wear a navy blue or black
skirt and boys must wear navy blue or black pants.

4. Please wear your YCQ kippa if you have one.

5. Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers.

6. Please bring a snack and drink for the bus ride. No backpacks are permitted along the pa-
rade route.

7. Drinks will be provided for participants returning to YCQ by bus.

8. Don’t forget to apply sun screen.

9. Children may only be removed from the parade route after walking the entire parade
distance. No earlier pick up is allowed. (NYPD policy)Please notify a school adminis-
trator or bus representative before taking your child!!

The YCQ Parents Association

our first annual pre-camp LABEL SALE

featuring the labels of

These are easy to use, stick on labels that last wash after wash.
No more hours of ironing on labels or writing in your child’s name

with a marker that will fade after a few washes.
Also available are bag tags and a large assortment of dishwasher-safe,

waterproof labels.

The following link will take you directly to the
YCQ Parents Association Campaign page

There you can place your order for all of your camp labels,
have them shipped directly to your house,

and the YCQ-PA will make 20% on each sale which will go
directly to programs for the children.

The sale will be running through June 21, 2015

Email us at [email protected] or

[email protected]

Yeshiva of Central Queens




You will be receiving a letter in the mail from the
New York City Board of Education.

If you have not received the letter please contact
Mrs. Debbie Bermish

at 718-793-8500 x326 and she will send one home.
In order to guarantee services for the

school year 2015-2016 this letter MUST be signed!

YeshivaofCentral Queens

September 2015 Sat September 2015-2016 Sun Mo February 2016 Sat
Tue We Thu Fri
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri 5 1 New Faculty Orientation 1 6
12 2 Faculty Workshops 78 2345 13
1234 19 3 First Day of School Grades 2-8 14 15 20
6 7 8 9 10 11 3 Student Orientation Grades N, K, 1 21 22 9 10 11 12 27
13 14 15 16 17 18 26 4 First Day of School Grades. N-1 28 29 16 17 18 19
5 JHS Selichot Learning Program Sat
20 21 22 23 24 25 7 Labor Day (No Sessions) Sun Mo 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 8 Bus Service Begins 5
13-15 Rosh Hashanah (No Sessions) 67 March 2016 12
October 2015 16 Fast of Gedaliah (1:30 Dismissal) 13 14 Tue We Thu Fri 19
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri 22 Erev Yom Kippur (No Sessions) 20 21 26
23 Yom Kippur (No Sessions) 27 28 1234
12 24 No Queens Bus Sevice K-8 3:30 Dismissal 8 9 10 11 Sat
456789 27-6 Succot (No Sessions) Sun Mo 15 16 17 18
11 12 13 14 15 16 22 23 24 25 2
18 19 20 21 22 23 October 34 29 30 31 9
25 26 27 28 29 30 12 Columbus Day– No Bus Service 3:30 Dismissal K-8 10 11 16
12 JHS Back to School Night 7:30 PM 17 18 April 2016 23
November 2015 13 Back to School Night Grades 2-3 7PM 24 25 Tue We Thu Fri 30
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri 13 Grades 4-5 8 PM
14 Back to School Night Grades N-1 7:30 PM Sun Mo 1 Sat
28 Grade 8 Parents High School Night 8 PM 5678
12 12 13 14 15 7
Sat November 89 19 20 21 22 14
3 Election Day Regular Sessions 15 16 26 27 28 29 21
3 6-7 JHS Boys Shabbaton 22 23 28
10 8 Preschool Open House 10 AM 29 30 May 2016
17 10 Bar Mitzvah Workshop 7th Grade Boys 7PM Tue We Thu Fri Sat
24 11 BJE Conferences (No Sessions) Sun Mo
31 17 Bat Mitzvah Workshop 6th Grade Girls 7 PM 3456 4
17-18 Picture Day 56 10 11 12 13 11
Sat 21 Grade 3 Intergenerational Melave Malka 7PM 12 13 17 18 19 20 18
22 Judaic Studies Grade 8 BJE Exam 19 20 24 25 26 27 25
26-27 Thanksgiving (No Sessions) 26 27 31

December June 2016
2 & 15 Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30 Dismissal Tue We Thu Fri
6 & 13 Chumash Presentations 2 Classes
14 Chanukah - No Sessions 123
22 Asara B’Tevet (1:30 Dismissal) 7 8 9 10
25 No Bus Service 14 15 16 17
24, 28-31 Regular Bus Service 21 22 23 24
28 29 30
No Sessions
123456 1 New Years Day (No Sessions)
8 9 10 11 12 13
15 16 17 18 19 20 7 5-6 Grade 5 Greenkill Overnight Trip
22 23 24 25 26 27 10 & 17 Grade 1 Siddur Presentations
29 30 14 18
MLK Day (No Bus Service) K-8 3:30 Dismissal
December 2015
21 21-31 Winter Vacation

28 15
President’s Day - No Sessions

17-18 5th Grade Western Hemis-Fair

19-20 JHS Girls Shabbaton

Su Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sat March Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30 Dismissal
1&7 Book Fair
67 123 4 5 8-9 Grade 8 Yachad Shabbaton
13 14 8 9 10 11 12 11-12 Ta’anit Esther (1:30 Dismissal)
20 21 15 16 17 18 19 23 Purim - No Sessions
27 28 22 23 24 25 26 24 No Queens Bus Service
29 30 31 25
YCQ 75th Annual Dinner
January 2016 April Grade 6 Science Fair 7 PM
3 Grades 3-7 Terra Nova Achievement Test
5 Pesach (No Sessions)


24 Grade 5 Transition Night
Grade 7 Philadelphia Trip
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sat 25 Memorial Day (No Sessions)

1 2 June
678 1-2 Grade 8 Washington Trip
345 13 14 15 95
10 11 12 20 21 22 Celebrate Israel Parade
17 18 19 27 28 29
24 25 26 6 Grade 6 Chagigat B’not Mitzvah 7 PM
Literacy/Writing Festival Grades 1 and 3
16 7
8 Literacy/Writing Festival Grades 2, 4, and 5

23 10-13 Shavuot (No Sessions)
14 Senior Awards Dinner
Grade 8 Graduation (Last Day Grade 8)
30 15
15 Nursery Moving Up Ceremony (Last day N Classes)

31 15 Kindergarten Graduation (Last day K Classes)
No Bus Service
16 Last day Grade 7, Trip Day Grades 1-6

17 Last Day of Classes (Grades 1-6) 12:00pm Dismissal

Programs for Jewish children attending public school
directed by YCQ’s 6th grade Rebbe, Rabbi Finestone.

at 9 AM


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