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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-30 09:19:15

VIEW 28, Vol. 13

VIEW 28, Vol. 13

VOLUME 13 NUMBER 28 MAY 15, 2015 26 IYAR 5775

UPCOMING Parshiyot Behar/Bechukotai By: Rabbi Landsman
One of the overriding themes that is reflected in this week’s parsha is the
Candle lighting: 7:47
Havdalah: 8:48 impermanence of all human ownership, reflected in its accompanying agreements

Monday, May 18 and contracts. The Torah specifically states that property in the Land of Israel
Transition Night
cannot be sold in perpetuity. The laws of shemitta and yovel preclude permanent
Grade 5
sales of land, and as far as houses in walled cities are concerned the seller has a
Tuesday, May 19
PA Meeting 8:30 yearlong right of redemption and repurchase.

May 22-25 The Torah emphasizes the reason for this overriding value which restricts
Shavuot: No Sessions
permanent sale, that “all of the earth belongs to Me.” As long as people are
YCQ Family News
convinced that somehow their property really belongs to them and that that they
Mazel Tov to
Gilli Richman on her somehow are more than temporary dwellers, then they will have a false view of life

Bat Mitvah! and society.

Mazel Tov to The only permanence in human affairs is its impermanence, just as the only
Yitzi Socol on his
certainty in human life is its uncertainty. Hashem told us that we are only strangers
Bar Mitzvah!
and sojourners within His realm. To think otherwise is hubris of the worst sort.
Mazel tov to Rabbi
Lonner on the Bar Rabbi Wein explains that by limiting our control of property and curtailing our
Mitzva of his grandson!
proprietary rights, the Torah emphasizes to us the view that a person should have
Mazel tov to Morah
Sarah Kesherim regarding one’s life and possessions. We are no more than tenants, trustees if you
(K-105) on the
will, but never the real permanent owners of what we temporarily possess and
engagement of her son!
Mazel Tov to
Morah Shoshana That is really the import of the famous first comment of Rashi to the Torah – that
Kadosh (3-210)
on her marriage to Hashem owns all property and territory in this world and He distributes and
Dr. Michael Goldman!
redistributes it amongst nations and peoples as He so desires.
Mazel Tov to Morah
Aliza Solomon Judaism is a this-world oriented faith. Nevertheless, one of its basic tenets is its

(2-207) on the birth of belief in the immortality of the soul and its place in the World to Come – the eternal
a baby girl!
world of the spirit. There is a Chasidic legend about a wealthy man who was

traveling and found overnight lodging in the hovel of an impoverished Jew. The bed

was hard, the blanket was flimsy, the house was cold and the breakfast consisted

of meager gruel and water. The wealthy visitor complained to his poor host: “Is this

the way you live always?” The poor Jew replied: “And are these your usual accom-

modations?” In response the rich man replied: “Certainly not. I have a sixteen-

room home with heat and food aplenty where I truly reside. But I am now traveling

and on the road I must accept whatever accommodations come my way.”

The poor Jew then said: “I also have a mansion for my permanent home. It is being

built for me in the World to Come. In this world I am but a traveler so I also must

accept whatever accommodations come my way.” We are all only travelers on this

journey of life. A traveler always has a sense of impermanence, of living out of a

suitcase, of being merely a tenant or guest in the great hotel/inn that we call this

world of ours.

Mount Sinai and the Torah that emanated from there emphasized this truism of life

to us. Would that we would see ourselves this way and thereby spare ourselves

needless frustration and aggravation. Shabbat Shalom

Important Update

Mazel Tov to Yaakov If you have not yet submitted your class placement form online for the
Kakuriev (chef) on the 2015-2016 school year, please do so as soon as
birth of a


YCQ's choir, led by Morah Tali, performed at Congregation Etz Chaim in honor of Yom Hazikaron and Yom
Ha'atzmaut. The students' parents proudly watched together with Rabbi Landsman, Rabbi Eisenberg, Rabbi
Hamel, Mrs. Cohen and members of the community. The third and fourth grade students, adorned in blue and
white, beautifully sang Hebrew songs about Israel, Emunah and hope. Their hand motions and enthusiasm
greatly enhanced the celebration. The performance ended with the entire audience singing along in unison "Le
Shana Haba'a B'Yerushalaim"- "Next year in Jerusalem!"

6th Grade Science Fair
Our 6th grade science fair winners competed in the inter-yeshiva science
congress. Congratulations to all the participants! A positive learning experience and good time
were enjoyed by all! Congratulations to Meytav Finkelstein and Dovid Rosoff (second place);
Yonathan Evgi, Shira Schwartz, and Ari Anselovics (third place); Rachelle and Tzvi Winkour
(honorable mention). Great job!!!

Elementary School Color War!
Last Thursday, Lag B’omer, was color war at YCQ! Grades 1-5 participated in a fun- filled
day of sports, trivia, fitness competition, and a variety of other exciting activities. Blue and
white team spirit filled the hallways, lunchroom, and school yard! Thank you to all of the
faculty members who ran the activities and made the day so special. Congratulations to both
teams for showing such wonderful sportsmanship!

JHS at Flushing Meadow Park
On Lag B’omer, the Junior High School students took a trip to Flushing
Meadow Park. The boys played some organized baseball games while the
girls participated in a variety of sports activities. Some students were
selling water bottles to benefit the Hatzala organization. The students
all joined together for a BBQ prepared by Rabbi Pearl back at YCQ.
Thank you so all the Rebbeim and Morot for organizing a wonderful day!

Early Childhood Lag BÓmer Fun!

In honor of Lag B’Omer, the Early Childhood went on great trips! The nursery
went to the Queens Zoo where they enjoyed riding the carousel as well as
seeing and feeding the different animals! The Kindergarten enjoyed Green
Meadows Farm where they milked a cow, went on a hayride, and even rode on
a pony! It was an exciting day for all the children!

First Grade Enjoyed The Berenstain Bears Production
This week, the first graders attended a Broadway style performance based on
one of their favorite book series, “The Berenstain Bears” by Stan and Jan
Berenstain. The show had music, dancing, and a many great stories! We learned
different lessons from the show as well! At the end, the whole audience stood up
and learned one of the fun dances from the show. It was a great day!

Mishna Siyum

This past week, the Mishna after school clubs made a beautiful Siyum! The Siyum took place in Cho-Sen Garden
restaurant in Forest Hills. The boys complete Masechet Bava Batra. It was the completion of the series of three
Talmudic tractates in Nezikin that deals with civil matters such as damages and torts. The Siyum was sponsored by
Mrs. Robin Schick in memory of her parents. Over the course of the year, the boys learned Mishnayot every Tuesday
evening after school with Rabbi Nat until they completed the entire Masechet. They really enjoyed learning the
Mishnayot which further enriched their value of torah knowledge and Halacha. On behalf of Ethan Aaron, Michael
Arshadnia, Itamar Basalel, Eli Feder, Jonah Fishbein, Mordecai Flamenbaum, Yosef Flamenbaum, Eitan Friedman,
Jackie Glaser, Hillel Golubtchik, Eitan Gutenmacher, Avraham Yaakov Hochster, Gavriel Kaplan, Marc Landsberg,
David Nisanov, Yair Oxenhandler, Akiva Richman, Yosef Sonbolian, Eitan Waxman and all the parents, we would like to
thank Rabbi Nat for all of his hard work, dedication, and commitment towards making the learning this year so

A Visit from Mrs. Block

On Monday, May 11th, YCQ celebrated Mrs. Margie Block’s retirement. Mrs. Block,
along with two of her daughters and a granddaughter, came to YCQ for a faculty
luncheon. It was so nice to have Mrs. Block back with us at YCQ. Rabbi Landsman
spoke about the warmth and motherly presence that Mrs. Block brought to the sec-
ond floor. Mrs. Block was presented with flowers, a framed picture collage by Rabbi
Eisenberg, and a cake with the following inscription, “Thank you for your twenty six
years of service to your YCQ family, we love you!” Although Mrs. Block no longer
works with us at YCQ, she promised to come back to visit us. We will miss her dear-
ly and will always remember her warm smile.

We are so excited to inform you that the celebrate Israel Parade Committee has selected our
Yeshiva, YCQ to march amongst the first contingency in this year’s parade up 5th Ave.

We have been chosen as a direct result of our consistent excellence in both our artistic
presentation as well as our organized marching formation!!!

We are scheduled to step off at 11:15am

Please meet in the YCQ yard at 9:30am.

Buses departing at 10:00am

Please keep in mind the following:

1. If you have not already submitted your parade form, please do so by TODAY!!

RADE ROUTE! Keep in mind, that we have been informed by the parade committee
that last year we were chosen as the best school presentation, but the honor was taken
away from us as a result of strollers on our parade route at a loss of an approximate
$1000 gift to our yeshiva!

3. Please wear this year’s Parade t-shirt to the Parade. Girls must wear a navy blue or black
skirt and boys must wear navy blue or black pants.

4. Please wear your YCQ kippa if you have one.

5. Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers.

6. Please bring a snack and drink for the bus ride. No backpacks are permitted along the pa-
rade route.

7. Drinks will be provided for participants returning to YCQ by bus.

8. Don’t forget to apply sun screen.

9. Children may only be removed from the parade route after walking the entire parade
distance. No earlier pick up is allowed. (NYPD policy)Please notify a school adminis-
trator or bus representative before taking your child!!


Celebrate Israel Parade

Sunday May 31, 2015

13 Sivan 5775

Assembly Time 11:15 AM

Location: 55th St. Between 5th Ave. and 6th Ave.

9:30 AM Register and board assigned buses
10:00 AM Buses depart YCQ for Parade
11:15 AM Assemble at 55th St. between. 5th Ave. & 6th Ave.
along with those not traveling by bus from school
1:45 PM Estimated return time of arrival at school.

Reminder: All students must be wearing this years YCQ Parade T-
shirt in order to participate!

Yeshiva of Central Queens




You will be receiving a letter in the mail from the
New York City Board of Education.

If you have not received the letter please contact
Mrs. Debbie Bermish

at 718-793-8500 x326 and she will send one home.
In order to guarantee services for the

school year 2015-2016 this letter MUST be signed!

On Wednesday , May 20th , grades 1-5
will have an opportunity to come and buy
used books and cool prizes!

All the money raised will go to “Lev”, an or-
phanage for girls in Israel.

Book prices will vary between .25 cents to
$2.00 (no books will be more than $2)

Save the


You are cordially invited to
the next

YCQ-PA meeting
Tuesday, May 19

8:30 pm
YCQ Library

Guest Administrator:
Rabbi Mark Landsman,


The Officers of the YCQ-PA





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