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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-30 09:25:09

VIEW 33, Vol. 13

VIEW 33, Vol. 13

VOLUME 13 NUMBER 33 JUNE 19, 2015 2 TAMUZ 5775

UPCOMING Parshat Korach By: Rabbi Landsman

Candlelighting: 8:11 The Midrash on this weeks Parsha goes to great lengths to extol the virtues, greatness
Havdalah: 9:12 and importance of Korach. It naturally does so in order to place into juxtaposition the
foolishness and meanness of his behavior towards Moshe and Aharon, behavior that
Wednesday Sept. 2 leads to his destruction. Yet, in describing the greatness of Korach a leader of the tribe of
Faculty Workshops Levi, one of the bearers of the holy Ark, one of the the wealthiest men in Israel, a close
relative of Moshe and Aharon the Midrash is probing to discover the great fault and

Thursday Sept. 3 flaw in his character that eventually dooms him to destruction.
First Day of School 2-8 On the surface at least, there is little that separates him from Moshe and Aharon. His
Orientation Grades claim to leadership apparently has enough merit to it that hundreds of leading Jews join
N, K, 1 him in his complaint against Moshe’s rule. His populist slogan, that all of the people are

Friday Sept. 4 holy and worthy and Moshe has no right to rule over them in a single-handed fashion,
First Day of School resonates amongst the Jews. If all of this is the case then what is Korach’s problem? Why
does his seemingly justified stance lead to such an abysmal downfall? What trait of Jew-
N, K, 1 ish leadership is he so lacking that its absence negates all of the positive qualities that

Motzai Shabbat Sept. 5 seem to surround him?
Rabbi Wein explains that the answer to this question is provided in rabbinic writings,
JHS Selichot especially in the works of the great Chasidic masters as well as in the teachings of the

YCQ Family News men of Mussar. They explain that Korach is destroyed by his own hubris, He never
doubts his holiness, he is smug in his righteousness, and he sees himself as being almost
Mazel Tov to Mrs. Criss infallible. He is confident that Hashem will follow Korach’s plans, for how can it be oth-
(4-307) in the birth of erwise? He is so convinced of his rectitude that he actually believes the inner voice that
propels his quest for power and station is, so to speak, Hashem’s voice instructing him to
a grandson! rise up against Moshe’s rule.

Mazel Tov to Morah
Silverstein (4-307)
on the birth of her The Torah taught us a few weeks ago that Moshe was the most humble and modest hu-
granddaughter! man being on earth. Moshe’s refrain, even in this crisis with Korach, is that he and
Aharon are nothing. Moshe has no opinion of his own he is only the faithful servant of
Mazel Tov to Tzvi Hashem. Jewish leaders require self- confidence, though they should never confuse this
Zigelstein on his Bar confidence with infallibility. Even after decisions have been made and policies actually
executed, the leader must review his plans and ideas. He must always ask what does
Mitzvah! Hashem want of me rather than what do I want of Hashem. The essential difference be-
tween Korach and Moshe is reflected in their approach to this matter.
Mazel Tov to Noah
Wqrshaw on his
upcoming Bar

Mazel Tov to Tzvi The rabbis in Avot warned us not to trust ourselves in our holiness and piety even to the
Zigelstein on his last day of our lives. Self-righteousness breeds arrogance and hubris, which in turn spell
upcoming Bar disaster for the individual and the community. Modesty and humility can temper hasty

Mitzvah! and ill-advised policies and decisions. All of the Jewish people may be, in the words of

Mazel Tov to Batya Korach and his supporters, holy people. But unfortunately not all of them are blessed
Levy on her with the quality of modesty and true self-analysis that alone can save otherwise great
upcoming Bat
people from unforeseen disaster. Have an amazing Shabbat!


Kindergarten GraduaƟon

The Kindergarten classes held their annual graduaƟon ceremony this past
Tuesday. Each class performed a play including singing and dancing from the
knowledge they have aƩained this school year. The students truly made their
Morot proud! Thank you to Morah Sharon, Morah Suri, Morah Sara, Morah
Janet, Morah Rhona, Morah Rivky, Morah Selma, Morah Raina, Morah
Marion and Morah Shifra for an incredible school year and graduaƟon

Nursery “Moving Up” Ceremony

This past Nursery, Morah Shana and Morah Ilyce prepared an outstanding presentation
depicting all that the Nursery students have learned throughout the year. The students
performed beautifully and are now properly prepared to move up to Kindergarten in the
Fall. A special thank you to Morah Sharon, Morah Shana, Morah Peshie, Morah Ilyce,
Morah Cindy, and Morah Karen for an amazing school year and Moving Up Ceremony.

Senior Awards Dinner

This past Monday evening the eighth grade students and their teachers
enjoyed a beautiful evening at the Young Israel of Hillcrest. Each student
received a specific award designed especially for them. During the awards
ceremony, students and faculty ate dinner, and enjoyed ruach filled kumzits.

Eighth Grade Graduation

This years eighth grade students graduated this past Tuesday evening at
Queensborough Community College. Mr. Glaser, Rabbi Landsman, Mrs. Golubtchik,
Dina Inoyatov, and Jonah Rocheeld (valedictorians) addressed the graduates and
their families. The girls performed a beautiful dance routine led by Mrs. Tzerel
Goldschmiedt and the boys choir sang beautifully led by Rabbi Hamel. All those who
attended enjoyed the beautiful video made by Mrs. Yusupov. Diplomas were awarded
to each student followed by the recessional. Thank you to the entire eighth grade
parent committee for organizing the collation at YCQ and the gift to the graduates.
Mazel Tov to all the eighth graders and their families as they embark on their future

YCQ Band Final Performance

On Thursday, June 11th the YCQ Band had their final performance. The violins played: Mary Had a
Little Lamb, 3 Note March, Song for Christine and Mississippi Hot Dog. The entire band played,
Hatikva, Purple Cows on Tour, Centurion, Simon Tov, Chunky Monkey, and Let’s Go Band. Thank
you to our wonderful director Tracy Brooks of the Paul Effman Music Service for a year of hard

Blast Off

What a wonderful year we had in science! Under the guidance of Mrs. Jaffe the first and
second grade students learned so much science and about the world we live in. The final
unit was all about the solar system. The students learned that the only way to reach the
planets is via a rocket so they each built one! On each class’s respective last day of
Science, they blasted them off and watched the chemical reaction that had to take place
to makes sure the rocket send off was successful! Thank you for an amazing science
year Mrs. Jaffe!

Hockey Tournament

This past Sunday the YCQ Hockey team participated in the Martin Wieselberg Memorial Hockey Tournament.
YCQ came in second place and broke
the record raising the most money of any
other school in the history of the tourna-
ment. YCQ played competitively win-
ning the shoot outs, and even won two
games leading to the playoffs. In the
playoffs YCQ were down in the
shootouts and advanced to the champi-
onship, unfortunately we lost 2-0 in the
championships. Congratulations to the
entire team and special shout out to Eitan
Waxman, Ezra Perlmutter, Coby Casden,
Sam Krup, Seth Spritzer and Sam
Spitzer. We are looking forward to a
great season next year!

Natural Scavenger Hunt

The sixth grade students engaged in a cross-curricular ELA/Science structured inquiry activity that pro-
moted movement, exploration, discovery, cooperative learning, academic vocabulary; and they made text-
to-text, text-to-world, and text-to-self connections. Open-ended questions were posed prior to the Nature
Scavenger Hunt exposing their prior knowledge and opening their minds to a variety of possibilities.
What’s a scavenger hunt? “We get to look for things. When we find the prize we keep it. They have clues.
I love them, we get to run around and find things outside.” How would Hellen Keller observer these
items? “By touching, smelling, and tasting,” they responded. And, What can you discover, or find, that is
part of nature during a scavenger hunt? They made a list of: flowers, bugs, grass, trees, bushes, leaves,
rocks, dirt, etc. only to be shocked with a list of adjectives (descriptive words) to push their minds to in-
vestigate a variety of possibilities

YeshivaofCentral Queens

September 2015 Sat September 2015-2016 Sun Mo February 2016 Sat
Tue We Thu Fri
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri 5 1 New Faculty Orientation 1 6
12 2 Faculty Workshops 78 2345 13
1234 19 3 First Day of School Grades 2-8 14 15 20
6 7 8 9 10 11 3 Student Orientation Grades N, K, 1 21 22 9 10 11 12 27
13 14 15 16 17 18 26 4 First Day of School Grades. N-1 28 29 16 17 18 19
5 JHS Selichot Learning Program Sat
20 21 22 23 24 25 7 Labor Day (No Sessions) Sun Mo 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 8 Bus Service Begins 5
13-15 Rosh Hashanah (No Sessions) 67 March 2016 12
October 2015 16 Fast of Gedaliah (1:30 Dismissal) 13 14 Tue We Thu Fri 19
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri 22 Erev Yom Kippur (No Sessions) 20 21 26
23 Yom Kippur (No Sessions) 27 28 1234
12 24 No Queens Bus Sevice K-8 3:30 Dismissal 8 9 10 11 Sat
456789 27-6 Succot (No Sessions) Sun Mo 15 16 17 18
11 12 13 14 15 16 22 23 24 25 2
18 19 20 21 22 23 October 34 29 30 31 9
25 26 27 28 29 30 12 Columbus Day– No Bus Service 3:30 Dismissal K-8 10 11 16
12 JHS Back to School Night 7:30 PM 17 18 April 2016 23
November 2015 13 Back to School Night Grades 2-3 7PM 24 25 Tue We Thu Fri 30
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri 13 Grades 4-5 8 PM
14 Back to School Night Grades N-1 7:30 PM Sun Mo 1 Sat
28 Grade 8 Parents High School Night 8 PM 5678
12 12 13 14 15 7
Sat November 89 19 20 21 22 14
3 Election Day Regular Sessions 15 16 26 27 28 29 21
3 6-7 JHS Boys Shabbaton 22 23 28
10 8 Preschool Open House 10 AM 29 30 May 2016
17 10 Bar Mitzvah Workshop 7th Grade Boys 7PM Tue We Thu Fri Sat
24 11 BJE Conferences (No Sessions) Sun Mo
31 17 Bat Mitzvah Workshop 6th Grade Girls 7 PM 3456 4
17-18 Picture Day 56 10 11 12 13 11
Sat 21 Grade 3 Intergenerational Melave Malka 7PM 12 13 17 18 19 20 18
22 Judaic Studies Grade 8 BJE Exam 19 20 24 25 26 27 25
26-27 Thanksgiving (No Sessions) 26 27 31

December June 2016
2 & 15 Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30 Dismissal Tue We Thu Fri
6 & 13 Chumash Presentations 2 Classes
14 Chanukah - No Sessions 123
22 Asara B’Tevet (1:30 Dismissal) 7 8 9 10
25 No Bus Service 14 15 16 17
24, 28-31 Regular Bus Service 21 22 23 24
28 29 30
No Sessions
123456 1 New Years Day (No Sessions)
8 9 10 11 12 13
15 16 17 18 19 20 7 5-6 Grade 5 Greenkill Overnight Trip
22 23 24 25 26 27 10 & 17 Grade 1 Siddur Presentations
29 30 14 18
MLK Day (No Bus Service) K-8 3:30 Dismissal
December 2015
21 21-31 Winter Vacation

28 15
President’s Day - No Sessions

17-18 5th Grade Western Hemis-Fair

19-20 JHS Girls Shabbaton

Su Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sat March Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30 Dismissal
1&7 Book Fair
67 123 4 5 8-9 Grade 8 Yachad Shabbaton
13 14 8 9 10 11 12 11-12 Ta’anit Esther (1:30 Dismissal)
20 21 15 16 17 18 19 23 Purim - No Sessions
27 28 22 23 24 25 26 24 No Queens Bus Service
29 30 31 25
YCQ 75th Annual Dinner
January 2016 April Grade 6 Science Fair 7 PM
3 Grades 3-7 Terra Nova Achievement Test
5 Pesach (No Sessions)


24 Grade 5 Transition Night
Grade 7 Philadelphia Trip
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sat 25 Memorial Day (No Sessions)

1 2 June
678 1-2 Grade 8 Washington Trip
345 13 14 15 95
10 11 12 20 21 22 Celebrate Israel Parade
17 18 19 27 28 29
24 25 26 6 Grade 6 Chagigat B’not Mitzvah 7 PM
Literacy/Writing Festival Grades 1 and 3
16 7
8 Literacy/Writing Festival Grades 2, 4, and 5

23 10-13 Shavuot (No Sessions)
14 Senior Awards Dinner
Grade 8 Graduation (Last Day Grade 8)
30 15
15 Nursery Moving Up Ceremony (Last day N Classes)

31 15 Kindergarten Graduation (Last day K Classes)
No Bus Service
16 Last day Grade 7, Trip Day Grades 1-6

17 Last Day of Classes (Grades 1-6) 12:00pm Dismissal

September 2015 17 Elul 5775 - 17 Tishrei 5776

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 417 ELUL 520 ELUL 21 ELUL

3:30PM N: 9AM-12PM JHS Parent-Child
K: 8AM-12PM Selichot Program

23 ELUL 1025 ELUL 1227 ELUL 28 ELUL
6 7 8 922 ELUL
24 ELUL 1126 ELUL

Selichos Begin Labor Day QUEENS BUS 6:54 Nitzavim


Erev Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah - Day Rosh Hashanah - Day Fast of Gedalyah 6:42 Vayelech
6:48 7:40


Erev Yom Kippur Yom Kippur 6:31 Haazinu

6:33 YOM KIPPUR 7:28


6:24 Succos - Day 1 Succos - Day 2 Succos - First WINTER




Please return this slip to the The YCQ Administration and Parents Association are now preparing the School
business office by July 1, 2015. Calendar for next year. The calendar includes the school schedule for the
After this date, you will still be upcoming year as well as important information for you as a parent; it will be
able to submit listings, until distributed to all YCQ parents and advertisers.
mid-July, but a late fee may apply!
The calendar is a great way to note a birthday or anniversary as well as commemorate
Make checks payable to “YCQ PA”. the yahrzeit of a loved one; it’s also a great place to advertise your business. The
fees are listed on the cut-off slip below. If you are planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah
Thank you in advance for your in the upcoming school year, we will print a “Mazel Tov” in the calendar free of
timely response. Do it now; don’t charge! (You must fill out the slip below and tell us the Bar/Bat Mitzvah date.)
be left out!

Please note: The placement of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah date in the calendar does not

secure your date on the school’s main Bar/Bat Mitzvah calendar; all Bar/Bat

Mitzvah dates must be secured with Rabbi Landsman or Rabbi Hamel.


Gail Reichwald

Calendar Chairperson
[email protected]

- - - - - - - Please mark “CALENDAR COMMITTEE” on the front of the envelope - - - - - - -

Contact Number: __________________________________________ BUSINESS AD
Email Address: ______________________________________________ (business card size)

BIRTHDAYS/ANNIVERSARIES/YAHRZEITS Payment must be included with business

Fee: $5 per listing (four listings for $18) card for ad to be printed in calendar.
Fee:____ 12 months /$250
Name (Please print clearly!!!) Date Occasion
____ Inside Cover
________________________________________ ______________ ____________________ Simcha Page /$150

________________________________________ ______________ ____________________ Business Name: __________________
________________________________________ ______________ ____________________ Email: _______________________________
Phone #: ___________________________
________________________________________ ______________ ____________________ Please attach business card/print copy
and any special instructions.
BAR/BAT MITZVAH ( Bar Bat) Ad size: 1.5” x 2.75”
Please indicate if you are a YCQ parent
Fee: No Charge! and would like that noted on your ad.

Name (Please print clearly!!!) Date

________________________________________ ______________

Reserve Your Advertising Space

in the 2015-2016

YCQ Calendar

The YCQ Administration and Parents Association are now preparing the
School Calendar for next year. The calendar includes the school schedule for
the upcoming year as well as important information that every YCQ Parent
and staff member relies on.

The YCQ Calendar is the perfect way to advertise your business to the
more than 800 YCQ families living in Queens, the Five Towns, Great Neck,

West Hempstead and beyond – and the price could not
be better!

Please return this slip to the business office by July 1, 2015.
All checks should be made payable to “YCQ PA”.

Thank you in advance for your timely response.
Sign up now; don’t be left out!

- - - - - - - Please mark “CALENDAR COMMITTEE” on the front of the envelope - - - - - - -

Contact Number: _____________________________________________ Email Address: ____________________________________________________________

(business card size)

Payment must be included with business card for ad to be printed in calendar.

Fee: ____ ____ 12 months /$250

____ inside cover simcha page /$150

Business Name: ___________________________________________________________ For more information please contact:
Valerie olsen, Calendar Chairperson
Email: _______________________________ Phone #: ___________________________
[email protected]
Please attach business card/print copy and any special instructions.
Ad size: 1.5” x 2.75”
Please indicate if you are a YCQ parent and would like that noted on your ad.

YCQ Students Receive Presidential Fitness Test Awards

Eleven years ago, YCQ enrolled in the US Presidential Fitness Program to encourage and promote
healthy and active lifestyles for it’s students. The results eleven years later are evident in the higher test
scores that all of our children are reaching during the challenge. And, there are many more “National” or
“Presidential” certificates then those first years. All four physical tests must be passed at a higher level.
The tests are designed to measure muscular strength (push-ups), cardio-respiratory endurance, (the
quarter, half, and one mile distance run), agility (the shuttle run), and flexibility (sit-ups). We begin intro-
ducing all parts in the fall at a moderate pace. By the spring, the students are ready for their final tests.
Everyone should be congratulated for doing their best. The following names are of the students who
achieved the National and Presidential Awards:

1-200 *Ariella Aranbayev, David Borukhov, Eliyah Farpour, *Yehuda Gol, Debra Gross, *Joshua Levy, *Alan Linker, Ethan
Mulokandov, Layla Pinson, Ellie Reznik, Emunah Savetsky, *Elie Setareh, *Racheli Simanowitz, *Eliyahu Yunaev. 1-201
*Maxim Askari, Benjamin Bellehsen, Rachelli Glaser, *Yonatan Itzhakov, Temima Katz, Corey Kwitkin, Simcha Matatov, Ahuva
Perl, Eytan Richman, Lauren Ross, Tehila Shabtai, *Dahlia Singer, *Rebecca Sisser, Nicole Stiefel, *Temima Teitelman, *Fay

Wolf. 1-202 Oren Avramov, *Simcha Begun-Kramer, Shira Canter, *Max Chubak, Becky Feygin, Nava Gazal, *Betzalel Hativi,

Yaffa Inoyatov, Sharona Masheyev, Gabriel Mosheyev, Shimon Musheyev, Niyazov, Maor Paz, Chani Samet, Jake

Schikman, Sarah Sullivan, Binyamin Teitelman. 1-203 Ariella Engelhardt, *Moshe Feldman, Yehoshua Gherman, Shane

Gottfried, *Eliana Kutscher, Dina Milchman, Sarah Nagorev, Max Olsen, *Rachel Reznik, *Samuel Rosenblatt, *Julian Schnei-

der, Eytan Shussheim, Eyal Traeger, Menachem Weiss. 2-204 Tali Aliav, Nataniel Aranbaiev, Eli Bokhour, *Gavriel Khaimov,

Shirelle Levi, Ayal Levine, *Gilad Levy, *Michael Levy, Noam Lichtman, Yosef Haim Ovadia, Liam Sasson, Sagiv Shoshani. 2

-205 Daniella Abraham, Benjamin Aranbayev, *Shira Dahan, Joshua Elishayev, *Avi Finkel, Maytal Gigi, *Shabtai Granek,

*Aaron Haiimpour, Hudy Hartstein, Michal Katz, *Eliyahu Kaykov, Yaakov Kessler, Chaya Lubeck, *Ariel Marciano. 2-206

*Joseph Aaron, *Eliyahu Abramov, *Uriel Babev, Heidi Birnbaum, *Noah Blum, *Noam Edri, *Eleanor Finkelstein, *Jordana Fu-

zailof, *Danielle Goldglancz, Jonathan Haim, Gavriel Kramer, Jonathan Levy, Netanel Mammon, *Yair Nissel, Joshua Noah,

Ariel Shabtai, *Rivka Sonbolian. 2-207 Ethan Abraham, *Cecelia Aulov, Daniel Avramcheyiv, Eliyahu Emergi, *Shira

Fisher, 3-209 *Max Bakhcki, Eva Bokhour, Shira David, Eli Dyckman, *Ariel Fried, *Shlomo Inoyatov, Ohr Jacoby, *Daniella

Kalantarov, Simcha Orenbuch, Oriel Paz, Eli Ruben, Gabrielle Ruben, *Ilana Schwartz, Gabriella Shamalov 3-210 Haim Aba-

yev, David Babayev, *Eliana Fuzaylov, *Eitan Goldberg, *Avigail Izgel, *Michael Kikov, *Kerenna Klein, *Eliana Kovan, Aron

Koyenov, *Ariella Miles, *Jacob Natanov, *Solomon Saidov, Mordecai Simhaee, *Maxwell Stein, *Daniel Steinman, *Elnatan

Yagudayev. 3-211 Lior Aranbaiev, Esther Brintauch, *Eitan Canter, *Daniel Emergi, *Raphael Farber, Rachel Khaimov, Zacha-

ry Rosenthal, Ezra Schick, Noah Segelnick, *David Yakubov. 3-212 Joshua Aminov, Mikhal Haimov, Hillel Hativi, Gabriel

Khaimova, *Jonah Kirschbaum, Daniel Matatov, *Elisheva Mokhtar, *Daniel Oxenhandler, Yonantan Perlmutter, Shlomo Rosen-

thal, Liorah Soleimani, *Lior Weitz. 4-304 Adam Aranbaiev, Matan Avitsedek, Daniel Babayev, *Joshua Bellehsen, Avi Beylus,

Yonatan Dayan, Eliran Elishayev, Meir Flamenbaum, Benamin Gigi, Amit Kahlon, Yehoshua Marciano, Yaniv Oxen-

handler, *Jared Roth, Aaron Sisser, *Jacob Yakubov, Joseph Yakubov. 4-305 Ariel Achrak, *Skyler Askari, *Jordan Gottfried,
*Sydney Schneider, Danielle Shamalov, Ahuva Singer, 4-306 *Jacob Aronov, David Azuay, Abraham Baruch, Nadav Davidov,
Elliot Dayan, *Ilan Goldtein, Azariah Greif, *Abraham Haiimpour, David Haim, *Itai Itzhak, Jonathan Ivraghimov, Abraham Ni-

sanov, *Joshua Schindler, Corey Spitzer. 4-307 Orli Betesh, Hila Biniaminy, Ilana Kramer, Coral Levy, *Rivka Sullivan. 5-300
Michael Aizenfratz, Tzvi Bromberg, *Eli Canter, Rephael Gemal, *Yehoshua Goldglancz, Leeon Jacoby, Shachar Koller,

*Netanel Leitner, *Charles Mann, Jeremy Vamai, *Eli Weiss, *Jason Yushuvayev, *Daniel Zar. 5-303 Jacob Aranbaev, Daniel
Haim, Andrew Haller, Nathaniel Itzhakov, Emanuel Izrailov, Moshe Katz, Samuel Korman, Michael Levy, Jacob OConner, Noah

Orlofsky, Aharon Reyhanian, *Yair Shalomoff, *Chaim Simon, *Akiva Sokol, Zachary Stein, *Eric Stiefel, Ilan Younatanov, Ben-

jamin Abramov, Ari Ancelovics, Elad Biniaminy, Yosef Chaim Dahan, Ethan Davidson, Yehuda Gur-Arie, Avraham Yaakov Hochster, Yosef

Levitt, Ravid Levy, Zackary Matatov, Eitan Reyhanian, Michael Rubin, Joshua Shamalov, Gabriel Warshaw, Daniel Winchester, Benjamin

Ariav, Jeffery Chernigoff, Eitan Cohen, Ariel Fatir, Yosef Flamenbaum, Benjamin Fuzaylov, Jeremy Goodman, Jeremy Haviv, Kivi Hord-

ish, Eitan Hoschander, Matthew Nektalov, David Nissani, Yair Oxenhandler, Benyamin Peretz, Dylan Roos, Dovid Rosoff, Tzvi Winokur, Na-

thaniel Yushuvayev, Rafael Yushuvayev, Jacob Zar, Eitan Guttenmacher, Jason Kochman, Menashe Korrori, Sam Krup, Arthur Malakov,

Emanuel Masheyev, David Metatov, Solomon Prince, Dylan Saltzman, Seth Spritzer, Matthew Welgrin, Ariel Biniaminy, Coby Casden, Elad

Elazar, Jonah Fishbein, Eitan Friedman, Daniel Gross, Hillel Golubtchik, Joseph Gross, Jack Ruben, Zackary Schindler, Yosef Sonbolian, Sam-

uel Spitzer, Yosef Sullivan, Eitan Zar, Tzvi Zigelstein, Jonah Spielman, David Abginesaz, Daniel Arshadnia, Joey Finkel, Sruli Frank, Benjamin

Friedman, Elyav Itzhakov, Gavriel Mammon, Ariel Noy, Yosef Chaim Pleshty, Amir Aranbov, David Aranbayev, Benjamin Basal, Jack Glaser,

Daniel Goldstein, Yehuda Levy, Matthew Makharadze, Ezra Perlmutter, Akiva Richman, Aytan Waxman.

GIVE BACK UJA-Federation of New York
BACKPACK 2nd Annual

Supplies for SuccessInterboro Tov B’Yachad Backpack Assembly

Queens Backpack Assembly Tov B’Yachad is a UJA-Federation initiative that communicates the shared values
Chair of UJA-Federation and the Orthodox community. UJA-Federation of New York is
Judy Rosen working to ensure that disadvantaged children in Queens return to school this
September with the tools they need to succeed.
Interboro Tov B’Yachad
Help sort supplies and assemble backpacks
Chair for disadvantaged Jewish children in day
Judy Kaufthal schools and yeshivot.

Committee Sunday, August 23, 2015
10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
(in formation)
Young Israel of Jamaica Estates
Dorothy Berman 83-10 188th Street
Marla Cornejo Jamaica Estates, New York
Eva Galpern
Tova Hirsch Donate school supplies or a filled backpack. Please bring them with you to the backpack
Karen Hochberg assembly at Young Israel of Jamaica Estates.
Roberta Kaylie What to Donate: Backpacks • Binders • Filler Paper • Spiral Notebooks • Marble Notebooks
Candice Koerner Pocket Folders • Book Covers • Index Cards • Pencil Cases • Crayons • Markers • Highlighters
Kevin Leifer Colored Pencils • Rulers • Scissors • Glue Sticks • Protractors • Calculators
Judy Tuchman
Stuart Verstandig Volunteer with your kids in our backpack assembly on Sunday, August 23.
Rachelli Weiss We’ll fill backpacks with the collected school supplies. R.S.V.P. by Wednesday, August 19, 2015.
To respond and for more information, including a complete list of school supplies, please
Community service contact Adrienne Rubin-Prince at 212.836.1674 or [email protected].
letters will be provided
upon request. Participating Shuls and Schools: Young Israel of Jamaica Estates – Young Israel of
Holliswood – Young Israel of Hillcrest – Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills – Young Israel of
Queens Valley – Yeshiva Ketana of Queens – Yeshiva Har Torah – Yeshiva of Central Queens
Bais Yaakov Academy for Girls – Yeshiva Tifereth Moshe – Solomon Shechter of Queens
Bnos Malka Academy of Queens – Congregation Kehilat Sephardim

The world’s largest local philanthropy, UJA-Federation of New York cares for Jews everywhere
and New Yorkers of all backgrounds, connects people to their Jewish communities, and
responds to crises — in New York, in Israel, and around the world.


Yeshiva of Central Queens




You will be receiving a letter in the mail from the
New York City Board of Education.

If you have not received the letter please contact
Mrs. Debbie Bermish

at 718-793-8500 x326 and she will send one home.
In order to guarantee services for the

school year 2015-2016 this letter MUST be signed!

The YCQ Parents Association

our first annual pre-camp LABEL SALE

featuring the labels of

These are easy to use, stick on labels that last wash after wash.
No more hours of ironing on labels or writing in your child’s name

with a marker that will fade after a few washes.
Also available are bag tags and a large assortment of dishwasher-safe,

waterproof labels.

The following link will take you directly to the
YCQ Parents Association Campaign page

There you can place your order for all of your camp labels,
have them shipped directly to your house,

and the YCQ-PA will make 20% on each sale which will go
directly to programs for the children.

The sale will be running through June 21, 2015

Email us at [email protected] or

[email protected]

Nursery Moving Up Ceremony!

Kindergarten Graduation!

Eighth Grade YCQ Graduation!

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