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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-04-19 10:17:41

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VOLUME 14 ISSUE 24 APRIL 1, 2016 22 ADAR II 5776

UPCOMING Parshat Shmini/Parshat Parah

EVENTS By: Rabbi Landsman

Candle Lighting: The parsha begins, "And it was on the eighth day..." To which eighth

7:02 day is the Torah referring? The Torah is discussing the "eighth day" after

Havdallah: 8:04 the previous seven, during which the Jewish people performed the Seven

Tuesday April 5 Days of Inauguration Offerings. It was a "Chanukat HaBayit" [inaugural
Science Fair dedication], so to speak, for the Mishkan, with Moshe Rabbeinu acting as
6th Grade
the Kohen Gadol.
The "eighth day" referred to in the above quoted pasuk was the
Mon.—Thur. day when Aharon took over from Moshe, and the Mishkan began
April 11-14 functioning in its normal way with the Kohanim performing the services.
Terra Nova
Rabbi Frand quotes Rav Dovid Feinstein who notes that it is
Achievement Test peculiar that the Torah refers to this occasion as the "eighth" day. It was
Grades 3-7 really the "first" day. The first seven days were merely a dry-run

Thur. April 21— rehearsal. Every day, they put up the Mishkan and then took it down,
Sunday May 1 and the
Pesach Vacation Shechina, the Divine Presence, did not rest within it. This was the real
No Sessions "Day One" of the functioning of the Mishkan, when the Shechina came
down, yet the Torah insists on calling it the "eighth day". The Torah
Monday May 2 emphasizes the previous seven days nonetheless, even calling the whole
Sessions Resume Parsha “Shmini (meaning eighth). What message is the Torah giving us?
Lice Check He suggests that the Torah is teaching us the following important

Thursday May 5 lesson: in spiritual matters, preparation is almost as important as the real
Special Programs thing. If the Torah had called this "Day One", it would have been sending
Commemorating the message that all the preparation was merely practice. That may be
Yom HaShoah how it works in worldly affairs, but not regarding matters of spirituality.
Preparation is vital for spiritual matters. Preparations place the mitzvah
Monday May 9 in its proper perspective. Therefore the Torah emphasizes that this is day
PTO Supperette 8, not day 1.
At a Siyum marking the conclusion of a tractate of Talmud we say
Wed. May 11 "We toil in our task of Torah learning and they toil in worldly tasks. We
Yom HaZikaron work and receive reward and they work and do not receive reward."
Special Program What does this really mean? Those who work are paid for their work.

YCQ Family News What does it mean "they work and do not receive reward"? The answer

Mazel Tov to Drew is that in other areas of life, a person only receives reward if he
completes the task, if he is successful in his endeavor. A person is only
Greenfield on her Bat paid for producing. It is not the effort or preparation that counts; it is the


Mazel Tov to Judah results: "What's the bottom line?"
Regarding matters of spirituality, however, if a person attempts to
('04) and Tova Plaut

on the birth of a do a mitzvah, but does not achieve the end result, the person still
daughter Leah receives reward for his attempt.
So too regarding the Mishkan, the months of preparation and the
Esther! Seven Days of Inauguration Offerings are not merely past events that

Mazel Tov to David ’00
and Simone Zwany on

the birth of a son! are forgotten on "Day One". The effort of that preparation will pay off.
There will be reward for it.
Mazel Tov to Michal We toil and receive a reward. "Opening Day" is already "Day 8" “
Kupchik (‘11) on her
engagement to Aryeh because all the thought and preparation that led up to that day also play
a very important role in Hashem’s plan.

Final Sunday Morning Learning Program!
This Sunday was the final parent/child Sunday morning learning program of 5776. The shiur was
given by Rabbi Finkelstein on the topic of "If you see something, say yourself".
The shiur was about the messages that Hashem sends our way for us to internalize and use to make
ourselves better Jews. The audience was given the task to change one small detail of the story of Purim
and how that detail would have changed the entire story of the Megilah and the holiday of Purim. We
were also asked to change a small detail in how our parents or grandparents met and how that detail
would have changed the story of our own lives. We all walked away with an awareness of the details of
the things that happen to us and how we should "say something. ourselves" and not let the
messages get past us.

Digital Citizenship Program
This past Monday and Tuesday, students in grades 5-8 participated in a Digital Citizenship workshop
run by the YCQ social work department. The students had an opportunity to hear from Rabbi Landsman,
Mrs. Cohen, Mrs. Golubtchik, Rabbi Hamel, Mrs. Davidovics, and Mrs. Friedman about what it means
to use technology in a moral, safe, and healthy way. Students were also given handouts with the
program’s takeaways and useful tools including a survey, log, and magnet that they can use to improve
how they navigate their technology use.

First Grade Learns About the Publishing Process
Francie Goldberg came to the first grade classes to teach us what happens in the book
writing process. She spoke to us about editing and binding. We learned terms like ARC
“Advanced Reader Copy” and “Folded and Gathered” this is when a book looks like a
book but it isn’t bound yet. We learned that every book has a release date and that every
book is read over by many many people and edited many many times before it is printed
and bound. Thank you Mrs. Goldberg for teaching us about the book writing process, and
for Mrs. Blass for inviting this special guest!

Matza Bakery

The kindergarten classes experienced first hand the process of baking matza from
separating the chaff from the wheat and grinding it into flour, to mixing the dough and
baking it all within 18 minutes. The children also created their own Pesach project. They
decorated aprons that they can wear at the seder! The matza that they baked was then
eaten in school but everyone was given a mini shmurah matza that they will take home
and can be used for Pesach.

Shushan Purim Carnival

On Shushan Purim all of the YCQ students adorned in their Purim costumes,
enjoyed a day of games, obstacle courses, popcorn and cotton candy. This
year we had DJ Eli entertain us as we jumped on the PTO sponsored bounce
houses that were brought in for our yearly event. With the prize tickets
earned, the children entered a drawing for some really cool prizes. The
eighth graders were hard at work all day making sure the kids all had an
amazing time. Some of the costumes were really creative and many teachers
dressed up, as well as all of the administration.


⇒ Shop at the following local vendors
⇒ Pay by check payable to the YCQ-PTO
⇒ The PTO makes a percentage on each sale

Suhag Wine & Liquor
60-30 Main Street, KGH
Hours: Sun. 12-8, Mon.-Thurs. 10-10, Fri. 9:30-8

Main Sweet
72-54 Main Street, KGH

Hours: Sun.- Thurs. 10-9, Fri. 10-3

Jewish Quarter
Kew Gardens Hills
Hours: Sun. – Thurs. 8-10, Fri. 8-2
Megillahs, Megillah Cases, Seder
Plates, “Plagues”, etc.
[email protected]

In addition to shopping at these vendors, don’t forget
to continue using your Red Card when you shop at
Target, logging into Amazon through , and sending in your Box Tops.

The Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills

is pleased to invite the community to a

Scholar-In-Residence weekend


Lt. Colonel (res.) Rabbi Yedidya Atlas

Rabbi, IDF Central Command (res.) Head of Special Projects, IDF Chief Rabbinate

Shabbos Parshat Shimini April 1-2, 2016

Lt. Colonel (res) Rabbi Yedidya Atlas will give the drasha before Musaf
on Shabbos morning, and speak on Shabbos afternoon at 6:00PM

Shabbos Morning Drasha:
"Leadership, Responsibility and Mesirut Nefesh-Defining Today’s IDF”

Shabbos Afternoon 6:00PM:
“The IDF Rabbinate: How to Make a Jewish Army Jewish”
Sponsored by the National Council of Young Israel

Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills is located at 150-05 70 Road in Kew Gardens Hills
Men and Women are invited to attend.

Chometz Burning Stations &
Sanitation Bin Locations in
Community Board 8, Queens

Date: Friday, April 22, 2016
Time: Approximately 6 a.m. to approximately 11 a.m.

 Across from the Torah Center of Hillcrest located at 171-05 Jewel/Harry Van Arsdale Ave.
 In front of the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills located at 70-11 150th Street.
 In front of the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates located at 83-10 188th Street
 In front of the Young Israel of Queens Valley located at 141-55 77th Avenue, near the parking lot.

In addition, remember to place your garbage out
the night before for the special collection.

Borough President, Melinda Katz Deputy Borough President, Melva Miller

Chairman, Alvin Warshaviak Community Board 8 District Manager, Marie Adam-Ovide

197-15 Hillside Avenue
Hollis, NY 11423-2126
Telephone: (718) 264-7895

Fax: (718) 264-7910
[email protected]

Memo to: All religious institutions
From: Alvin Warshaviak, Chair
Date: March 24, 2016
Re: Chometz Collection Burning Stations in CB 8

We are pleased to announce a special service Community Board 8 has arranged with the
Department of Sanitation. This service will assist the Jewish residents of our district by
providing a special pre-Passover trash pickup for all homeowners living within the
neighborhoods of Hillcrest, Utopia Estates, Jamaica Estates, Holliswood and Kew Gardens

On Friday, April 22, 2016, all houses in these areas will have a curbside trash pickup
between midnight and 10:30 a.m. Be sure to have all your trash/chometz out at the curb
in front of your house for pick up before midnight on Thursday. Please separate your
garbage and recycling. Please share this information with your friends, neighbors and
members of your organization. This is in addition to the special Sanitation Department bins
for chometz that will be stationed at the following locations. (Please ask your members
NOT to park in front of these locations so the sanitation bins can be properly situated.)

To create a safe environment, a burning station will also be available at each location

Date: Friday, April 22, 2016
Time: Approximately 6 a.m. to approximately 11 a.m.

 Across from the Torah Center of Hillcrest located at 171-05 Jewel/Harry Van
Arsdale Ave.

 In front of the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills located at 70-11 150th Street.
 In front of the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates located at 83-10 188th Street
 In front of the Young Israel of Queens Valley located at 141-55 77th Avenue, near

the parking lot.

We wish to thank Mayor Bill DeBlasio and the Department of Sanitation for their
cooperation. For further information, please call Community Board 8 at 718-264-7895.


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