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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-10-05 10:38:09

The VIEW 26, Vol. 12

The VIEW 26, Vol. 12

VOLUME 12 NUMBER 26 APRIL 4, 2014 4 NISAN 5774

UPCOMING Parshat Metzorah By: Rabbi Landsman

Candle Lighting: 7:05 The parsha discusses a type of plague that settles itself in the walls of

Havdallah: 8:06 one’s home. If the plague spreads along the walls of the house in a certain ha-
lachically defined pattern, the house eventually may have to be destroyed. Rabbi

Fri. April 11 - Wein teaches that there is an opinion in the Talmud that this plague in the walls

Wed. April 23 of a house remains a purely hypothetical case, since the halachic requirements

Pesach Vacation for the plague’s pattern of spreading in those walls are so technically exacting as

Thur. April 24 to make this a case impossible of actual fulfillment. Nevertheless, the Talmud ad-
Sessions Resume monishes us to study this matter in order to be rewarded for so doing. Apparently
the Torah wishes us to understand the consequences of plagues in the walls of
Lice Check one’s home. Rabbi Wein connects the appearance of a plague in the walls of a

Sun., April 27 house to the biblical verse that states that a stolen stone in a wall and an ill-

Yom Hashoah gotten beam in the ceiling continually shout that they are stolen. Strictly speaking,

Mon., April 28 Jewish law would require the demolition of the wall or the ceiling so that the stone
Special Programs or beam can be returned to its rightful owner. However, the rabbis lightened the
burden of the thief by saying that monetary compensation would suffice, doing so
Commemorating Yom in the hope that this would lead the thief to repent of his deed more easily. Yet, a

Hashoah house that has a plague in its walls, in the sense of stones that constantly pro-

Wed., April 30 - claim that they are stolen, is doomed to destruction. Technically, the plague may
Thurs., May 1 not be able to bring the house down. But morally speaking, the house is doomed
at some point of its existence.
Rosh Chodesh Iyar
The entire concept of tzaraat, the plagues discussed in last week’s parsha
Mon., May 5 of Tazria and this week’s parsha are related to the issues of speaking poorly and

Yom Hazikaron slanderously against others. A house filled with bad language, poor speech and

Tues., May 6 slander of others is truly a wrecked and wretched home. There are plagues that
Yom Ha’atzmaut descend on one’s clothing, one’s outside appearance, and one’s public standing
in the community. The person who is known as a slanderer and tale-monger is
Thurs., May 8 eventually reviled by his or her own community. The plague of personality that

BJE Early Childhood slander inflicts on its perpetrators becomes visible and obvious to all. However,

Conferences the worst of all forms of this plague of tzaraat is the one that infects the person,

NO SESSIONS N, K the slanderer, directly. For it corrodes one’s soul and renders one a cynic, a

Mon., May 19 mocker, a person to stay away from.
Lag B’Omer Just as the plague of tzaraat was deemed to be a contagious one by most
of the biblical commentators, so too, is the weakness of slander a contagious
condition. The Talmud teaches us that the slanderer is a triple murderer. He kills

YCQ Family News himself by speaking negatively, he kills the person he is speaking to who will now
accept the slander, and he kills the victim of his slander about whom he is speak-
Mazal Tov to ing. These twin causes of tzaraat in one’s home and slanderous speech must be
Gabriella Borokhov combated at all levels of our lives and beings. Only by so doing can we aspire to

and Rachel Harris on have a plague-free home and communal environment.
their Bat Mitzvah!
Have a great Shabbat!

Torah Bowl    By: Rabbi Hammer  

Diligence, hard work, pure Ameilut BaT  orah, coupled with exemplary Midot Tovot is what made this years Torah 
Bowl Team so unique and so special. Our sages tell us, “ we toil and they toil.” We toil and receive reward and 
they toil and do not receive reward. The reward that both Torah Bowl Teams have received and will con nue to 
receive is immeasurable. With the guidance of their coaches, Morah Rosenblum and Rabbi Hammer, the stu‐
dents have shown that with a lot of effort and team‐work, they were able to master Sefer Devarim. They are an 
inspira on to their coaches, parents, YCQ family and should be proud of them selves. We wish much Hatzlacha 
to the long  me pillars of the teams, the eighth graders, as they go on to compete next year in the MilC  hama 
Shel Torah a special thank you to the coaches and all the members.  

Yachad Shabbaton

This past Shabbat, the eighth-grade students were privileged to attend the
annual YCQ/Yachad shabbaton at the Young Israel of Hillcrest. Shabbat
was filled with ruach, zemirot, and outstanding divrei Torah given by both
YCQ students and Yachad members. The shabbaton ended with an inspir-
ing musical Havdalah. Thank you to Mrs. Ayelet Katz and the Young Israel
of Hillcrest for coordinating and hosting a most memorable Shabbat.

YCQ 73rd Annual Scholarship Dinner

The YCQ 73rd Annual Dinner took place this past Sunday, March 30th, at the Sands Atlantic Beach. Opening remarks were giv-
en by Mr. Sruli Glaser, Chairman of the Board. Our JHS Assistant Principal Rabbi Moshe Hamel led us beautifully in our nation-
al anthems followed by the recitation of Tehillim by Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld of the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills. Mr. Gla-
ser, Rabbi Lonner, and Rabbi Kovitz than presented the “Hakarat Hatov Award” to The Gruss Life Monument Fund, accepted by
Mr. Jason Cury, president, and Mr. Joel Beritz, executive vice president. The “Leadership in Education Award” was most hum-
bly received by Mr. Lawrence Cohen for his years of selfless and committed service to the YCQ family. Rabbi Landsman gave a
heartfelt speech honoring this man who never stopped giving to ‘his’ children. Upon accepting the award, Mr. Cohen spoke,
bringing both laughter and tears to the room filled with family, friends and members of the YCQ community. Mrs. Reize Sipzner
the VP of the Board, then saluted the Class of 1964, awarding the members with a beautiful Sefer Tehillim and Dr. Paul Brody,
Ben Blumenthal and Tova Cohen with “The Alumni Award.” Ruach and dancing ensued while the wait staff cleared and served
dinner. Following the meal, a video presentation was shown, followed by, Dr. Joel Cohen, presenting Mr. and Mrs. Eli and Ilana
Gutenmacher the “Parents of the Year” award. Mrs. Gutenmacher accepted the award on behalf of both herself and her husband
with gratitude and words of thanks. The beautiful dinner was concluded with Birkat Hamazon lead by Rabbi Menachem Rotten-
berg. The dinner could not have been as successful as it was without the guidance and hard work of Reize Sipzner, Dinner Chair,
along with those on the Dinner Committee: Ruthie Besalel, Pearl Cohen, Lonni Fried, Shaindi Glaser, Robert Greenberg, Ilana
Gutenmacher, Hana Haim, Rabbi Moshe Hamel, Adina Hativi, Jennifer Jaffe, Chaya Bryna Kier, Rabbi Avraham Kovitz, Caryn
Kramer, Rabbi Mark Landsman, Tziporah Laub, Rabbi Yaakov Lonner, Debbie Margolin, Rabbi Marc Merrill, Ruth Quint,
Shelly Peretz, Leah Shmino, Batsheva Solimannia, Jodi Tanzman, Lauren Tanzman, and Moshe Simcha Weinstock. To all those
who gave their time and more, Thank You.

Eighth Grade Visits Holocaust Center

In conjunction with the Eighth Grade’s Holocaust curriculum, the students visited the Holo-
caust Center in Searingtown, Long Island, to view their Holocaust exhibit. They were also
honored to meet Professor Roth, author of “Bondi’s Brother,” a book that is being studied by
our 8th grade. It is the story of Professor Roth’s experiences during the Holocaust. The stu-
dents felt privileged to be a part of such an important and inspiring learning experience.

Do you have any old used
books that you don’t want


Well the YCQ 6th grade girls want them!
We are starting to prepare for our annual
used book sale so please feel free to bring
in any books that you would like to donate.
The JHS girls’ will go around to all the

other classrooms and collect the books.
Thank you in advance for your

*All proceeds from this book sale go to


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13 -6 boys Ivrit 6 boys gemara -7th grade Map quiz -6th grade social studies test -6b2 halacha
-8th grade science 7th Language Arts -8th grade trip
-Bedikas Chometz 8th math (Schwartz) -7th grade girls chumash
20 -8th grade Algebra test
-No Sessions
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-Yom Hashoah 6 girls Ivrit -Lowinger math (6,7)/ -6g chumash -No Sessions-
6B2 Science Muller (7)/Schwartz -7g Navi Pesach Vacation
8th Social Studies Begins

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-8th grade Science term -Math- Mrs. Sider (6,7) 6th Vocabulary
Math- 8g (Sider)
paper due 6th Girls Navi

-Special Programs For

Yom Hashoah

2013-2014 YCQ JHS Boys
Annual Table Tennis Tournament


Class Division 1st Place 2nd Place

8B1 I Benjy Gottesman Aaron Namdar

8B1 II Itai Eliach Gavriel Haviv

8B2 I Yonatan Schiller Mordechai Balankhaneh

8B2 II Natan Alon Hillel Merkin

7B1 I Akiva Richman Aytan Waxman

7B1 II Yehuda Levy Mordechai Flamenbaum

7B2 I Binyomin Ancelovics Jackie Glaser

7B2 II Rafi Czegledi Sammy Joseph

6B2 I Seth Spitzer Ari Ostrow

6B2 II Elad Elazar Jonathan Schwartz

(Note: 6B1 to be completed in the Spring)

Yeshiva of Central Queens 73rd Anniversary Dinner

Kindergarten Celebrates Rosh Chodesh Nisan

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