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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-29 12:43:11

VIEW 11, Vol. 13

VIEW 11, Vol. 13

VOLUME 13 NUMBER 11 DECEMBER 19, 2014 27 KISLEV 5775

UPCOMING Parshat Miketz By: Rabbi Landsman

EVENTS Shabbat Chanukah!

Candle Lighting: “At the end of two years, Pharoah dreamt that he was standing by the Nile."
4:12 Pharoah was very disturbed by the dream wherein seven lean cows ate seven fat
cows. None of the wise men of Egypt were able to interpret the dream for him,
Havdallah: 5:13 and this troubled him even more.
Even if we assume that the Egyptian Pharoahs were much more superstitious than
Monday Dec. 22 modern man, it seems rather odd that a head of state should get so upset about a

Wed. - Wed. crazy dream. What is so upsetting about seven lean cows swallowing seven fat
December 24-31
NO Queens Bus Rav Shimon Schwab provides an insight into this question. Pharaoh's whole
Service Regular dominion, like that of any dictator, was based on the premise that the mighty will

Long Island Bus

Service (except for dominate the weak. "I have the troops. I have the force. Therefore I can impose
Dec. 25)
my will, because no one can do anything against me."

Sunday Dec. 28 Pharaoh was so bothered by this dream because it portrayed a situation wherein
JHS Parent-Child
Learning the weak dominated the powerful. It was the seven lean cows that swallowed the

Program 9-11:30 seven fat cows. He understood that as not just a silly dream, but as a terrible

Thurs. Jan 1 omen from heaven. He saw this as a Divine message that his dominion was not
secure despite his power. This message shook him to the core, for it undermined
No Sessions the premise of his whole monarchy.
Rav Schwab further points out that Parshat Miketz always coincides with
Asara B’Tevet
New Years Day

Chanukah. This is a constant of the Jewish calendar. It is not just a coincidence.

YCQ Family News One of the major themes of Chanukah is the idea that "the mighty fell into the

Mazel Tov to hands of the weak, the many into the hands of the few," as we say in the Al

Binyamin Ancelovics HaNissim prayer.
on his Bar Mitzvah!
Have a great Shabbat and a Chag Urim Sameach!
Mazel Tov to Batsheva
Solimani (Business
office) on the birth of

a son! Sunday 12/21: 5th Day of Chanukah - No Sunday Learning -
No basketball practice
Mazel Tov to Morah
Raina Popowitz
K-101 on the birth of a Monday 12/22: 6th Day of Chanukah - No Sessions
granddaughter! Tuesday 12/23: 7th Day of Chanukah - There will be 4:30 Room - No
Condolences to Morah after school programs - Boys Varsity Game vs. Barkai @ YCQ 7:30
Rivka Weinberg Wednesday 12/24: 8th Day of Chanukah - No after school programs
There will be no 4:30 Room - 3:30 Dismissal Grades K-8
(4-305) on the passing

of her brother. Shiva

will be observed at Boys Junior Varsity vs. HAFTR @ HAFTR 6:30 - NO Queens Bus
the Weinberg home Service, regular Long Island Bus service
915 E.17th St. Apt.
602 Brooklyn, NY until Thursday 12/25: NO Queens or Long Island Bus Service! No 4:30 Room
Monday morning. 3:30 Dismissal grades K-8
Morah Weinberg can Friday 12/26: No Queens Bus Service - Regular Long Island Bus Service!

be reached at 1:00 PM Dismissal Grades N-8

Sixth Grade Talks Chesed

While our students, Baruch HaShem are thinking of what gift they will be receiving
tonight, the girls at Bait V’Tikvah orphanage have other things on their mind. The sixth
grade girls had another visit from Rabbi Thau, the director of Bait V’Tikvah in Israel. They
discussed more possible ways to help the girls during their special Bat Mitzvah year. We
hope to start a skype relationship with the girls so that we can practice our Hebrew skills
as well as make friends in Eretz Yisroel! Thank you Rabbi Thau for coming to speak to us!

Cupcake Wars, Edible Menorot, and Morah Wonka

In honor of the first day of Chanukah the elementary school had a great time making different
Chanukah related food projects! Under the direction of Morah Lubek, the first and second grades
made edible Menorot using wafers, jelly beans, and colorful Cheerios. The third grade
competed in Cupcake Wars, making their best depictions of Chanukah, while the fourth and fifth
grade students made beautiful chocolate lollipops with Morah Wonka also known as Mrs.
Beylus! Thank you for making the first day of Chanukah so memorable, and a special thank you
to Morah Wanka’s Umpa Lumpas, Shira Schwartz, Gilli Richman, Rachelle Winokur, Samarah
Kirschbaum, Dylan Roos, and Tzvi Winokur!

Fifth Grade Chesed Trip!

The fifth grade had an amazing day on Tuesday, Erev Chanukah playing
Bingo at four different senior citizen homes throughout the community.
The students visited, the Holliswood Health Care Center, Rego Park
Health Care Center, Cliffside Nursing Home, and Meadow Park Nursing
Center. Thank you to Morah Fried, Rabbi Rohr, Mrs. Orlanski and Mrs.
Hoffman for chaperoning the trip!

YCQ Parent AssociaƟon Chanukah Chagigah Was a Huge Success!
The YCQ Parents AssociaƟon’s first annual Chanukah Chagigah took place this past
Motzei Shabbat. The event was a huge success. There was food, music, art projects,
doughnut decoraƟng and carnival games. We would like to thank the Junior High School
students who helped by running the carnival booths. It was a wonderful evening and a
great opportunity for YCQ families to get together and celebrate. We would like to thank
the Chanukah commiƩee; Aviva Adler, Tzipporah Laub, Shandi Glaser, Sheryl Varnai and
Simone Zakry for all of their hard work at this event. A special thank you to Lisa Fishbein,
for organizing the whole event. We look forward to other YCQ family events in the future.

2-207 Chumash Presentation

We are proud of class 2-207 for receiving their first Chumash this past Sunday. They
have worked so hard by rehearsing their parts and practicing singing the songs. The play
was about the first days of creation and each child had a part that had to do with each
day. They sang beautifully and acted out their parts perfectly. They had a lot of fun
dancing, laughing and learning about the creation of the world. The children wore
costumes and took pictures for the Chagigat HaChumash. We want to congratulate the
class for doing so well and making Morah Rachel and their parents very proud. The
Chumash play was a success and they cannot wait to learn the Torah from our
new Chumashim. Way to go class 2-207!!!

2-204 Chumash Presentation

This past Sunday class 2-204 received their Chumashim for the very first time at the
annual Second Grade Chumash Presentation. The class put on a spectacular play revealing
just how much Ivrit they have learned this year. After the play, the children were called
up to the stage individually to receive a Chumash with their name engraved on it, a goody
bag and a beautiful framed picture taken with their Morot and principals. Following the
ceremony, everyone was invited to the gym for a collation. Many thanks to Morah Dina,
Morah Tali, Rabbi Hamel, and parent representatives for making this day so memorable!



Dismissal from Main Lobby (3:00)


Classrooms (3:30)

1st, 2nd & 3rd Grades:

Classrooms (3:30)

4th & 5th Grades:

Classrooms (3:30)

JHS Students:

Will be dismissed from their classrooms. (3:30)

ALL Long Island buses will be running on 3:30 schedule,

Thursday, December 25




Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7 1 2 3 5
14 6G Chumash 6 Social Studies 4
21 6B Gemarah 12
28 7 Science 6B2 Halacha
Math (Lowinger) 6 Vocab
7B Navi
8 9 10 11 8 Vocab
8G Chumash 8 Science 7G Navi
8 Algebra 19
Math (Lowinger) No Tests

15 16 17 18 26
7 Language Arts 7B Gemarah No Tests No Tests 6B Ivrit
Math (Sider) 8B Navi
8G Ivrit
22 23 24 25
No Tests No Tests No Tests 6B Navi
6G Ivrit
29 30 31 7B Ivrit
6G Halacha 7G Chumash 6B Chumash 8B Chumash
7G Ivrit 8B Gemarah 6G Navi
Math (Sider) 8G Navi 8G Ivrit
8G Halacha 6 Science 7B Chumash
7G Halacha
8 LA
7 Social Studies

Yeshiva of Central Queens Chanukah Schedule 2014-5775

Erev Chanukah First Day of Second Day of Third Day of Seventh Day of Eighth Day of
Tuesday, Chanukah Chanukah
Wednesday, Thursday, Chanukah Chanukah Chanukah
December 16 December 17
December 18 Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
5th Grade Chesed December 19
Trips December 23 December 24
8:00 - JHS Boys and
(Grouped by Math 8:00 - JHS Boys and 8:00 - JHS Boys and Girls Davening Rosh Chodesh Tevet 8:00 - JHS Boys and
Classes!) Girls Davening Girls Davening followed by breakfast 8:00 - JHS Boys and Girls Girls Davening followed
followed by followed by breakfast Davening followed by by breakfast
Mrs. Hoffman - breakfast 9:20 - 4th & 5th grade breakfast
Holliswood Health 9:20 - 4th & 5th 9:20 - 4th & 5th grade Hallel in the Shul 9:20 - 4th & 5th grade
Care Center grade Hallel in the Hallel in the Shul 4th & 5th grade Hallel in Hallel in the Shul fol-
Mrs. Orlanski - Rego Shul Azamra DJ the classrooms
Park Health Care Preschool Plays lowed by breakfast
Center Chocolate Making 9:00-9:30 Grades 2 & 3
Mr. Kahn (in the lunchroom) (in the classroom) 9:30-10:00 Grade 1 JHS Chesed Trips 11:30 - 1:00 - 3rd Grade
(chaperoned by 10:00-10:30 JHS Girls Chanukah Extravaganza
Mrs. Fried) 1:20 - 4-306 & 4-304 9:00 - K-101 10:30-11:00 JHS Boys 10:15 - 6B1Margaret (Anshe Shalom Chabad)
Cliffside Nursing 2:10 - 4-307 & 4-305 10:00 - K-102 11:00-11:30 Grade 4 & 5 Teitz Nursing Home
Home 3:00 - 5th Grade Boys 11:00 - K-105 11:30-12:00 N-K Olive Oil Workshop
Mrs. Hoffman 3:45 - 5th Grade Girls 12:00 - K-100 10:15 - 6B2 Meadow
(chaperoned by 1:00 - N-208 Park Nursing Home (In Shul)
Rabbi Rohr) - 1:30 - N-109
Meadow Park Nurs- 10:00 - 6G1—Atria Kew 9:00-Grade1
ing Center Dreidel Spin-Off Gardens Assisted Living 10:00-Grade 2
Program will take place 9:30 - 7th Grade Boys - Small Wonder Puppet
10:30 - 4th grade in the gym Bais Ezra Theater
12:00 - 3rd grade
1:15 - 2nd grade 9:30 - 7G1 - Bobbie’s (in the MPR)
3:00 - 1st grade Place
3:45 - 5th grade
9:30 - 7G2 - Met Council 1:30-Grades 1&2
JHS Mix-It Up Lunch! Food Warehouse 2:30-Grades N&K

8th Grade Hosting HASC
for a Chanukah Work-
shop and a Chagiga

11:00-1:00 Faculty
Appreciation Lunch in

the Library

Chanukah Party Chanukah Party Have a great Shabbat! Shlock Rock! Chanukah Party
4:30 PM JHS Girls 7:30 PM 6th Grade 7th and 8th Grade
Chanukah Party - Boys Chanukah Party (gym) Boys Chanukah Party
MPR at Rabbi Russek’s (1st and 2nd Period
home 2:00-2:45 Grades N-4
2:45-:45 Grades 5-8 (In Classrooms)

A Not –to-be-missed event for Queens Parents! Magen is proud to present


An innovative program designed to teach all of our children about
responsible digital citizenship


Monday, December 29
8:00 PM

Young Israel of Queens Valley
141-55 77th Ave.

This informative evening is about so much more than
internet safety

Come learn about:
◊Safe texting
◊Pros and cons of connectivity
◊What to do about cyber-bullying
◊Effects of devices on kids and teens
… and so much more!

Understanding today’s reality aligned with timeless Torah living.
For more info call 347-455-1669

Another Quality Community Center of the Samuel Field Y

67-09 108th Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375


Youth Basketball League Basketball Skills Clinic Indoor Instructional
Co-ed Soccer League
HOOP IT UP!!! For Boys & Girls Ages 8-11 yrs.
Ages 3 ½ - 5
Co-Ed Ages 5-9 Your child will learn skills and strategies to
improve their full court game and become a Held in our Gymnasium
ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST ATTEND more active and significant team member.
9 Sundays beg. January 11th Beg. Sunday, January 4th
10 Sundays beg. January 4th
3:00 - 3:50 p.m. 12:00 - 12:50 p.m.
Ages 5-6 Co-ed 1:00-2:00 p.m. $90 members $115 non-members
Ages 7-9 Co-ed 2:00-3:00p.m. An instructional program
Sign up for Hoop it Up and developed for your preschooler.
It’s exciting, fun-filled and action packed! receive $10 off the Skills Clinic. Or
Give your child the opportunity to learn basketball While incorporating age
CQY Girls Team 10U appropriate drills and mini-games,
skills in a competitive and fun environment.
Each session will include practice time and game play. CQY Girls Team 10U children will learn the
For Girls Ages 8-10 yrs. FUN-damentals of soccer.
Children will be grouped by age.
T-shirt and individual trophies are included in the fee. A new division for girls 5th grade and under, T-shirt and trophy included in the fee.
coached by Carlos Arteaga, open to all skill
$140 members $165 non-members levels. This new team will increase the athletes $140 members $165 non-members
stamina and strength with challenging fitness
Registration Deadline December 30th REGISTER EARLY,
or until spots are filled. and basketball workouts. SPACE IS LIMITED!

9 Sundays beg. January 11th

3:00 - 3:50 p.m.
$90 members $115 non-members

All Leagues are limited to enrollment in each age group and if filled, will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. We are sorry that teammate requests cannot be honored. T-shirt and trophies fee are
included. $15 insurance is mandatory. Discounts are available for immediate siblings of the same family only. 20% discount if you find a sponsor for our t-shirts. Volunteer coaches needed!

CHANUKAH SC!AVENGER HUNT!!Make-your-own-Dreidel!!
Chin2esndeAAnuncutaiol n!!

!Delicious Sunday,(December(21st,(2014

Sufganiot!! 10:15-11:45 am

Start the fun early by participating YIJE YD members get in FREE + get
! 5 bonus tickets for the Chinese Auction!
in Chanukah Coloring Contest -
our YIJE YD non-members: $7

Register to become a YD member at!


details now posted at!!


Edible Chanukah!

2-204 and 2-207 Chumash Plays!

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