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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2018-11-02 04:32:47

View 7, Vol. 17

View 7, Vol. 17


UPCOMING Parshat Chayei Sarah By: Rabbi Landsman
Perhaps the most difficult challenge we face as parents and educators is
Candle Lighting: 5:32 how to effectively transmit Torah values and ethics. The Torah ascribes
Havdallah: 6:32 greatness to Avraham Avinu because of his ability to communicate these moral
Sunday, November 4
Preschool Open House Rabbi Yonasan Sacks, Rosh Yeshiva, Landers College for Men quotes the
Ran who explains Avraham's insistence that the wife of Yitzchak be chosen from
10:00 am Charan rather than from Canaan. Avraham's rejection of Canaan was not
predicated upon their idolatrous practices, for his extended family in Charan
Monday, November 5 served idols as well. Rather, as the Ran explains, Avraham's objection to
Bar Mitzvah the Canaanim was based on his familiarity with their flawed moral character. As
Workshop difficult as it is to disseminate Torah knowledge, molding and developing a
Grade 7 Boys Torah personality is an even more formidable challenge. Hence, the prime
7:00 pm concern of Avraham Avinu was that his daughter-in-law embody ethical and
moral excellence.
Tues., November 6
Election Day Rabbi Sacks quotes the Kli Yakar who emphasizes the need to create an all
-encompassing environment conducive to Torah life. The Kli Yakar explains that
Regular Sessions Avraham's concern was the potentially negative impact of an improper
Regular Bus Service environment. Were Yitzchak's wife to be chosen from Canaan, the very place
where she would continue to live throughout her married life, she would
Wed., November 7 constantly be subjected to the pressures and influences of her youth. Avraham
Bat Mitzvah therefore insisted that her family not live in Canaan.
Grade 6 Girls How can we cultivate and nurture this sense of ethics and morality so vital
7:00 pm to effective parenting? The Gemara explains (Sotah 3a) that "R'Chaim, son of
R'Chaninah said: What is the meaning of the verse “You should walk after the
November 9-10 Lord your God?” Is it possible for a human being to walk after the shechinah?
JHS Boys Shabbaton
The meaning is to follow the attributes of Hashem. Hashem visited the sick,
YCQ Family News as it is said, “And Hashem appeared to him at Elonei Mamreh. So shall you visit
the sick."
Mazel Tov to Mrs. Dua
(4-304) on the Unlike most mitzvot, which are generally conveyed through imperatives and
instruction, moral and ethical tenets are taught by example. Instead of
engagement of her son commanding us directly to visit the sick and comfort those who mourn, the Torah
Shelby (06’) to Aviva records how Hashem performs such deeds and implores His people to do the
same - acharei Hashem elokeichem teileichu.
Our mandate v'halachta bidrachav, to follow in His ways, requires of each of
Mazel Tov to Mrs. us to convey and transmit the substance and beauty of Torah in a similar way, to
Lowinger (JHS) on the teach and impart Torah values by example, not merely through instruction.

birth of a Shabbat Shalom!
granddaughter to her
children Steven (05’) ATTENTION YCQ FAMILIES!

and Estee! Space in our 2019-2020 Early Childhood classes are limited.
UPK Classes are almost full. Kindergarten classes are filling up quickly.
Mazel Tov to Lauren
(02’) and Isaac Ganz on Please call Morah Sharon Korn (718-793-8500 ext. 313) or Mrs. Rebecca
Blum (718-793-8500 ext. 310) to make an appointment as soon as possible.
the birth of a son.
Mazel Tov to

grandparents, Howard
and Reize Sipzner!

This week, the YCQ Library celebrated our yearly Fall Reading Club with dragon-themed stories. The
project was accompanied by an animated dragon posted on the bulletin board, enhanced with the
names of all the honored participant’s names on the dragon scales. Each name in Grades 1-5 added
to the number of scales on the library dragon. Notable stories included a poetry book by Jack
Prelutsky called The Dragons are Singing Tonight, How to Draw a Dragon by Douglas Florian, and
The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.

JHS Girls Challah Bake

This past Friday, the JHS girls had a very special opportunity to participate in this year’s
International Shabbos Project through a Challah Bake hosted by Chazaq. The tables were
set beautifully with all of the ingredients. The recipe was displayed with the meaning
behind every ingredient. Esther, a representative from Chazaq, delivered an inspiring
introduction to the girls as she guided them through each step of the Challah baking
process and it’s significance. Each girl was able to take home her own loaf pan of Challah to
bake and ultimately share at their Shabbat table. This was a very special zechut for our
Junior High School girls and their Morot.

YCQ Hockey Season Begins With A Big Win

The YCQ Wildcats hockey team got its season off to a great start last week with a
dominating 12-2 win over the Shaare Torah Stars. Led by their captain, Aaron Sisser,
the team performed on a high level with only having six returning players from last
year’s championship team. Sisser tallied six goals and had three assists. Also
contributing with goals were Eli Opoczynski
(2), Daniel Steinman, Eli Dyckman, Tani
Lichtman, and Haim Abayev. YCQ goalie,
Gavriel Kramer, made his first ever start in
goal, playing like a seasoned veteran, giving
up only two goals.
YCQ played a strong defensive game as well
with eighth grade starters Avi Beylus and
Abe Nisanov. Family, fans, former coach,
Elliot Weiselberg, as well as alumni and
championship teammates Rephael Gemal
and Nati Itzhakov, were also in attendance
to cheer on their former team.
Special thanks to coaches, Aaron Dua and
Josh Wengrofsky, for their help and
guidance. The YCQ Wildcats are looking
forward to another successful season!

Sixth Grade Boys Visit Yeshiva Chafetz Chaim

Last Thursday, the sixth grade boys had the privilege to meet the Rosh Yeshiva of the
Yeshiva Chafetz Chaim, Rabbi Grunblatt. He gave the boys a beautiful message about the
importance of learning Torah from a Rabbi and attending a proper Yeshiva. The boys
were then able to partake in a question and answer session on any Torah topic. Thank you
to Rabbi Finestone for organizing this incredible experience.

Sunday Learning

This past Sunday, Rabbi Russek and Rabbi Nat delivered beautiful and inspiring
Torah sessions to a large group of parents and children at our Sunday learning
program. Rabbi Russek spoke about the importance of HaKarat HaTov through
interesting stories, videos, and songs. The students and parents practiced saying
“thank you” for a variety of gifts that have been bestowed upon them by
Hashem. Rabbi Nat gave a very interesting Jewish history class to the parents
and students of the honors Gemara shiurim.

Mix-It Up Lunch

This week we had the 7th annual Mix It Up lunch. As part of our Mix It Up Club, we plan events and work
hard to put an end to bullying both in school and on social media, promote diversity and inclusivity. The
theme of our lunch this year was "Sweet.” As the students arrived to the lunch room, they were each given
a different type of candy. Then, they sat at the table that had that candy on it. All of the JHS kids were split
up in order to get to know new kids and sit apart from their typical seats. We played fun ice breaker games
and then watched a moving video by Yaakov Shwekey called "I Can Be.” After being given a special dessert,
we ended with signing a No Place For Hate pledge through the Anti Defamation League. It was a wonderful
experience and after reflecting in our ELA classes, everyone shared their own feelings about the day. Thank
you to all of the Mix it Up members for a very successful day! Thank you to Mrs. Maisel, program advisor,
Mrs. Golubtchik and Rabbi Hamel for making the program such a success!

Names, Not Numbers Trip

The eighth grade Names, Not Numbers program went this past week to The Jewish Heritage Museum.
The tour started with the tour guides giving over the history of the Holocaust by showing photographs and
artifacts. Students also saw a video featuring survivors telling over their personal stories. One moment that

stood out was seeing a dress that was made by a survivor before
being liberated. She also made a bag out of the uniforms from
the concentration camps. Thank you to Mr. Barasch, eighth
grade Social Studies teacher, for organizing a memorable trip for
the students.

147-37 70th Road • Flushing, NY 11367 • 718-793-8500


Dear Parents,

As Parent Teacher Conferences are approaching, we would like to extend an invitation for all parents in grades N-5 to
utilize the conference option on ParentLocker. ParentLocker allows you to select the time slots and create your
schedule prior to arriving at school on Parent Teacher night. The scheduling system is first come/first serve, so the
earlier you sign up, the more availability there will be for appointments, and the more likely you will be able to
customize a convenient schedule for yourself.

Before beginning the process, please check the following schedule of conference dates and times in order to know
when the teachers you would like to see will be available:

Please Note: Fourth grade parents should not sign up for a Math Conference. Rather it should be done via phone or

Date Grades Times Slot length

Wednesday, 1-200, 1-201, 1-202, 2-205, 2-207, 5:30pm to 10 Minutes per appointment
December 12, 3-210, 3-211, Fourth Grade, 9:30pm
5-302, 5-303 5th Grade 5 Minutes per appointment
2018 JHS Girls 6-9 PM
No Sign-up required

Monday, Nursery, Kindergarten, 1-203, 2-204, 5:30pm to 10 Minutes per appointment
2-206, 3-209, 3-212, 9:30pm
December 17, 5th Grade 5 Minutes per appointment
2018 5-300, 5-301 6-9PM
No Sign-up required
JHS Boys

The online registration system will be open for registration beginning on Wednesday, October 31 at 10:00am.
If you have any questions or comments at any point in the process, please contact Mrs. Blum at
(718) 793-8500 Ext. 310 or Mrs. Friedman at (718) 793-8500 Ext. 330.
Thank you


Yeshiva of Central Queens


10/14/18 Rabbi Shay Schachter

10/21/18 Rabbi Eitan Katz
10/28/18 Rabbi Russek
11/11/18 Rabbi Kramer
11/18/18 Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky
12/23/18 Rabbi Finestone
12/30/18 Rabbi Nosson Greenberg
2/3/18 Rabbi Howitt
2/10/18 Rabbi Rosenfelt
2/24/18 Rabbi Yehuda Deutsch
3/3/18 Rabbi Kravetz
3/10/18 Rabbi Rohr
3/17/18 Rabbi Jonathan Rietti


Weekly Prizes

The Third Grade of the Yeshiva of Central Queens

cordially invite you to our

Intergenerational Family & Friend


‫עבנטירבתניזקםנויתםפארת בנים אבותם‬

November 17, 2018 • ‫ט׳ כסלו תשע׳׳ט‬
HECHT 7:00* PM


147-37 70th Road, Flushing, NY

Couvert $15 per person

There will be no charge for the Third Grade Students



* Program begins prompty at 7:00pm
Students should arrive no EARLIER than 6:30pm



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