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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-05-05 16:39:31

View 14, Vol. 14

View 14, Vol. 14

VOLUME 14 NUMBER 14 JANUARY 8, 2016 27 TEVET 5776

UPCOMING Parshat Va’eira By: Rabbi Landsman


Candle Lighting:

Havdallah: 5:28

Sunday Jan. 10


Sunday Jan. 17


YCQ Family News Sunday January 10, 2016
Siddur Presentations
Mazel Tov to Rabbi
Kramer (JHS Rebbe) on 9:00AM - 1-201 Morah Fendel; 11:00AM - 1-200 Morah Elana

the wedding of his

Mazel Tov to Jeremy
Goodman on his Bar


Mazel Tov to Mrs.
Samantha Kramer (PTO
Vice President) on the

birth of a baby boy!

Mazel Tov to Elana
(Goldstein) Horwitz (‘83)

and Rabbi Dovid
Horwitz on the
engagement of their
daughter Shani Horwitz
to Ben Goldstein!

Mazel Tov to Nachum
(’96) and Danielle Braun

on the birth of a baby

Mazel Tov to Ari (’96)
and Ruchel Gelernter on
the birth of a baby girl!

Mazel Tov to Sheila
(Brody) (’68) and Daniel
Langermann upon the

marriage of their
daughter Miriam to
Judah Rosenblatt!

Mazel Tov to Gideon
(’68) and Sharon Bari
upon the marriage of
their daughter Rebecca

to Ari Zucker!

Mazel Tov to Howie (‘87)
and Shana Beigelman
on the birth of a

Sunday Morning Learning with Rabbi Rapp

Rabbi Daniel Rapp, associate dean of Judaic studies at Yeshiva University, expanded on a major theme
of Parshat Shemot regarding the Chartumy Mitzrayim. He introduced the controversy between the
Rambam and the Ramban about the true ability and power of sorcerers and black magic. He continued
by describing the contemporary view's of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein and Rabbi Ovadia Yosef with regard
to hiring a magician for a party. Rabbi Rapp concluded with a story about the Tolner Rebbe that
highlighted the idea that more than any other power in the universe, is the ability for each one of us to
Daven to our father in Heaven.

Healthy and Wise

This month in Healthy & Wise we learned about eating a healthy lunch to boost our energy for the afternoon. We want to try
and get all 5 food groups into our lunch, except of course when we are eating meat for lunch. The nursery and kindergarten
read a story about Picky Nicki who only eats spaghetti, but when she hid the vegetables and fruits in her spaghetti, she ate
them all up. Pizza is a favorite lunch of many children. We discussed different ways that we can still have pizza for lunch, but
make it healthier. For example, eat broccoli on your pizza, only eat half the slice and have carrot sticks with it, have pizza
with less cheese and dab off the extra oil. The second graders made brown paper bag lunches to display on our bulletin board.
What’s in your lunch?

Fifth Grade Overnight Trip to

The Greenkill Environmental Center

The fifth graders had an exciting opportunity to have a hands-on learning
experience in the wilderness on their trip to Greenkill in Upstate New York. The
students arrived to a scenic camp site with beautiful log cabins where they lodged
overnight. Their experience included learning about wildlife studies through the
show “Birds of Prey” and a forest ecology hike, and crossing the hanging bridge.
The trip continued with an interpretative walk through the woods where the stu-
dents learned about different types of trees and leaves. They also enjoyed a
campfire, crafts, and survival skills classes. Through team building and coopera-
tion the fifth grade learned how to survive in the wilderness. Thank you to Mr. Ed
Kahn and all the chaperones including, Rabbi Landsman, Mrs. Cohen, Rabbi
Finkelstein, Rabbi Rohr, Mr. Mondrow, Mrs. Orlanski, Miss Devorah Hagler and
Mrs. Hoffman, for making this trip so memorable. Special thanks to Rabbi Lonner
and Rabbi Kovitz for providing all the delicious food and snacks that the children

YCQ Sports!

By Hillel Golubtchik

This season, YCQ’s sports teams have all been off to a great start. Both boys and girls basketball
varsity are 5-0 so far, the hockey team is 8-1 and has clinched a spot in the playoffs, and the JV
basketball team is 2-3 with a two game winning streak. There have been some specific players
who have really stepped up to lead their teams. The hockey team, led by Coby Casden and Seth

Spitzer are leading there team to a championship
run. Oren Betesh, Noah Goldstein, Jack Ruben,
and Joseph Gross have combined for over 100
points in a four point stretch. The JV team led
by Yosef Lubeck, Daniel Zar, and Akiva Sokol
had a rough start, but they are now starting to
get rolling. The girls basketball team has been
very good, blowing out each opponent they have
faced. Each team couldn't have done anything,
without the help of their great coaches. With a
good portion remaining in the season, each team
hopes to make a run for a championship and put
a banner on the wall.

Bugging Out!!

On Monday the kindergarten was visited by two park rangers from Fort Totten Park. They
taught them about bugs and insects. The children learned about the different body parts of
the insects and even learned a song to help them remember. The rangers used puppets, as
well as a live walking stick bug to show the children what an insect looks like and how they
can hide in their surroundings. The children even got to hold the bug. In the spring they will
go to Fort Totten Park for a bug hunt. Bugging out is so much fun!

Coming Soon from the YCQ

The Winter Reading Club
Scavenger Hunt!!!!

Biographies! Book Series!
Fairy Tales! Ivrit!

Fiction/Nonfiction Fun!


⇒ Shop year round at the following local vendors
⇒ Pay by check payable to the YCQ-PTO
⇒ The PTO makes a percentage on each sale

Suhag Wine & Liquor
60-30 Main Street, KGH
Hours: Sun. 12-8, Mon.-Thurs. 10-10, Fri. 9:30-8

Main Sweet
72-54 Main Street, KGH

Hours: Sun.- Thurs. 10-9, Fri. 10-3

Jewish Quarter
Kew Gardens Hills
Hours: Sun. – Thurs. 8-10, Fri. 8-2
Kipot, Benchers, Books, Seforim, Tzitzit
[email protected]

In addition to shopping at these vendors, don’t forget
to continue using your Red Card when you shop at
Target, logging into Amazon through , and sending in your Box Tops.

Bugging Out!

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